Balsinjehan (2021) - full transcript

Sung-Kyu (Jo Woo-Jin) works as a manager at a bank branch. he sets off to drive his kids to school and then go to work, but he receives a phone call without a caller ID. The caller tells him "when you get out the car, a bomb will explode."



Villain of the darkness,
Papa Bravo!

This is the ultra-powerful
legendary gun!

You’re still not up?

You said you’ll wake up.

5 more minutes...

You said that 3 times.

Go away, Min-joon,
I’m really tired.

Mom, he said 5 minutes again!

Vice President

Yes, Mr. Vice President.

You should’ve checked it.

Should I be getting a call
from the VP right now?

FC Class 1’s result is
our branch’s lifeline, don’t forget.

You gotta pressure
and reward the…

Do I need to educate you
on everything?

All right.

In the back.

Min-joon, ball and bag.

Do any of your friends’ dads
get autographed balls?

Aren’t I the best?

Give it back.

You little...

Something smells weird inside.

It’s your fart!

What’s going on?

I’ll take them to school.

You said you couldn’t.

I swapped my appointment.

My meeting got pushed,
go to your appointment.

Yes, boss.

Is the proposal ready?

Yes, it’s perfect.


Bujeon branch is shutting down.

VP told me this morning.

So it’s finally happening.

It hits too close to home.

We really need to reel in Park,
I’ll see you there in a bit.


Hye-in, your phone.

It’s not mine.

Caller ID Blocked

Is this mom’s?


Did the temp driver leave it here?


Good morning, sir,
do you like the vehicle?

There’s a vital information
you should to know.


Dad, take it easy.

When was this taken?

At Jeju Island last year.

Last year?

That’s mom’s Facebook profile pic.


You weren’t there
when we went on that trip.


Aren’t you Bareun Bank’s
PB Center Manager Lee Sung-gyu?

Who is this?

There is a bomb installed
under your seat.

Once anyone gets off,
it’ll explode.

Thank you for that information.

Caller ID Blocked


Didn’t you find it weird
that your car smelled funny?

You care deeply for it,
you must’ve sensed it.

What’re you talking about?

You are sitting on a bomb.

If you get up, boom!

I’m holding the detonator.

I’m tracking your location via GPS,

so don’t act hastily.

Dad, I’m thirsty.

Min-joon, don’t talk
when he’s on the phone.

Oh my, your kids are onboard.

I picked the perfect day.

If you do not follow
my orders perfectly,

you and your adorable kids
will not see another day.

If you don’t believe me,
feel free to get off.

- Yes?
- What’s the hold up?

Aren’t you filling up?

I’m sorry, I’m a bit busy.

Could you fill it up for me?

It’s self service station,
it says so everywhere.

I know, but…

Do me a favor, please.

Sure thing!

Who are you?
What do you want?

You don’t get it, do you?

I get it, so what do you want?

What do I want?

Building our credibility
is the priority.

Reach under and touch
below your seat.

What could be under me?

It’s a pressure-sensitive bomb.

Think of it as
stepping on a mine.

I’m not someone who lies.

I’m the one in control.

So you shouldn’t take
what I say so lightly.

- Sir, your card.
- Ah, right.

So what do you want?

Prep $960,000 in cash,

I’ll text my account info,
so transfer

- $1,726,000.
- What?

If you don’t,
the bomb goes off.

Dad, you missed
Min-joon’s school!

Don’t get off yet!


Put your seatbelt on.

Listen to me and do as I say.

What’s going on?

Don’t lash out on us
for fighting with mom.

Tell the kids about the bomb.


Well, some crazy claims
he put a bomb on this car.

It’s probably a scam.

A bomb? Holy cow!


It’s a crazy world, isn’t it?

Shouldn’t we call the police?

She’s smart like you.

I’ll say this one last time.

Anyone gets off, it explodes,
contact anyone, it explodes,

piss me off, it explodes.


Where’s the autographed ball?

It’s in the back!

Dad, I’ll get off here and show…

Stay where you are!

Just in case,
let’s stay where we are.

Boys, boys!

Min-joon can’t come with you,
you boys go ahead.

And back away from the car, okay?

Back away! Now!


Why did you scream
at my friends?

It doesn’t hurt to be cautious.

Just in case, okay?


It should be your deputy.

Answer it.

Deputy Ahn Jung-ho

Yeah, what is it?

Wait, honey.
Sir, something came up.

Could you get to the meeting
by yourself today?

Cut the crap, I told you
it’s an important meeting.

A guy claims he put
a bomb on my car,

Wait! Let me finish!

he wants my lifesavings,
or he’ll blow me up!

Hello? Sir?

I got that call too,
where are you?

In front of my wife’s gallery.

Rendezvous with him,
calm him down,

and get the money ready,
I’ll call you back.

No, no, please!

- Mr. Lee! Sir!
- Wait!

He said we’ll die
if we get off.

What’s wrong with you?

Could you stop him?
He won’t let me go to work.

Any idea who’s behind it?

No idea. He knew my address,

phone number, and my kids’ names!

Those could come up
on online searches.

All right, fine,
just stay put, okay?

And there’s no bomb in Korea.

Aren’t you going?!

All right, I’ll move!

Could you stay put
just for a second?

What’s with you too, Mr. Lee?

We’ll die if we get off!

Jung-ho, hold on,
give me the proposal.

I’ll try to delay Park’s meeting.

Dude, why is that
important right now?!

Get it together,
you know what’s at stake!

Dad, I gotta pee.

- Okay, hold it a little.
- Move it, asshole!

I hear you, I’m going!
Just one second.

Stay put for a minute,
let’s chat after I move my car.

- Do you own this street?
- Go away please.

You have to let others pass!

How many times
do I have to tell you!

I’m sorry,
I’ll move right away.

My apologies, sir.

No, no! The car will explode!



Stop it!

Could you stay put?
Let’s talk after I park.

It’s very important day for me!

OK. Jung-ho, calm her down,
let’s sort this out!

Let’s just close the door!
Just the door, please!

I’ll call you after I park,
so try to calm your wife down.

What will you do
if I ruin my work today?

It’s just for a moment!

Listen, it’s an important day for us, too.

Shut the door
and let’s sort this out.

Come on.

Do me a favor. Please.

- Jung-ho, hold on.
- Okay.

She might be right,
what if this is a prank?

I’ll look like a dumb.

What if this goes up on YouTube…

- I have to pee!
- Pee your pants!

Kids, I’ll take care of this,
just hang in there, okay?

Oh… Jung-ho…

Oh my god…

Dad, my pants are wet…

Did you pee your pants?

- Dad!
- What?

His leg! Look!

- Dad! He’s bleeding!
- Min-joon! Oh Christ…


- Dad! What should we do?
- Daddy!


- Do something!
- Okay, okay…

Min-joon, look at me.

Sweetie, look at me.

He’s bleeding too much!

Do something, dad!

Tie this above the wound.

I’m right here,
hold my hand!

Where are you going?
The bank is the other way.

ER! I have to get to the ER!

You really don’t get it.

You can’t even get out,
what will you do when you arrive?

You saw what happens
when you get out.

I’ll give you the money!

I’ll give you whatever you want,
let me first go to the ER.

No, no, money first.


Give me the money first,
then I’ll let you go to the ER.

Goddammit, my boy is injured,
who cares about the money!


What’s that
got to do with me?

I won’t say this again.

If anyone gets out of that car,
as you saw before,

it’ll just explode.

Hye-in, tighten the tie even more.

I can’t…

I can’t do it myself,
so I need your help, please.

Above there.

It hurts!

Please let me go to the ER!

Don’t you get it yet?

You need to pay up first.

$960K in cash,
$3,456,000 in bank transfer.

It was $1.7M earlier!

Dead man can’t pay.

You’re the co-signer.

You’ll have to pay me
your deputy’s share too.

Shall we start with
transferring $3,456,000?

The bank will flag and track
the accounts immediately.

Mr. Lee, I did a lot of research
because of this.

You can open an offshore account
in Cayman Islands.

For the cash of $960K,
it’s in your personal safe.

I’ll withdraw the cash first,
so let my boy go to the ER.

I’ll get the rest
in a month, no, a week.


You won’t get anywhere near the ER
if you’re short even a dollar.

I’m not playing game with you!

I want to pay you,
but I got nothing right now!

PB Center manager who manages
only VIPs can’t get ahold of $3.4M?

Hey, think about
your priorities right now.

Min-joon, sweetie?

Look at me,
it’s all right.

It’s okay, Min-joon.
Look at me.

Can you hang in there?

I need your help.


Yoon, I’m in the meeting
with Chairman Park,

we got the Woosung project.

Really? That’s great,
congratulations, sir!

But we’re a little short on funds.

Clients need to approve
additional investment.

I want you to take care of it
from the office.

- Me?
- Yes.

It would be better
if you handle directly…

You’re not coming in today?

Woosung’s RoR is huge,
we need to jump in ASAP!

Call our VIP clients immediately.

Okay, how do I explain
this to them?

Uhm, let’s see…

Estimated return is 9-10%,

get $700K from Jung Yoon-ok,
$500K from Mr. Choi,

and $300K from Lee Sang-ok.

And tell Mr. Kim
that it’s an insider tip.

And tell him it’s a secret to Mr. Yoon,
he’ll go as high as $800K

$100K for the rest depending on
their investment size.

What’s the total?

- It’s $2.6M.
- $2.6M…

I said $3.456M.

I’ll send you an account number,
send all as soon as you get it.

Yes, I’ll follow the protocol.

How long will it take?

I’ll do it before noon.

An hour,
can you do it in an hour?


Uh, I’ll try.

Okay, thank you.

- Mr. Lee?
- Yeah?

What is it?

Could you…

allow me to join you
in the next meeting?

Yeah, it’s about time
you get a feel of the real deal.

Come to the next meeting.

Thank you.

You certainly lie convincingly.

- Hello?
- Hello, Mr. Lee.

Did you get home okay
that night, madame?

What’s up at this hour?

I’m calling about
a 10% return investment.

It’s a blind fund we’re managing,

so I called you first
because there’s an opening.

10%? That’s good

We actually sold a plot
since my husband is retiring.

How much was that?

About $1M.

Allow me to manage it!

That’s what’s left
after giving it to the kids.

It’s a sizable sum,
I can’t invest it without a meeting.

We’re actually in a rush…

I’ll tell Mr. Yoon to call you
to explain it.

- All right.
- Yes, madame, yes.

Have a great day.

Collection not going well?

Should we do cash first then?

$960K, wait a minute.

How do I give you that money?
I can’t get out of this car.

You got a wife.

Wife is family, you can’t have
secrets between family.


2 passengers died instantly.

We’re securing witnesses.

The cause of explosion
is likely an improvised bomb.

What’s he doing?

It’s as if he knew it’d explode.

Yes, commissioner!

We’re investing it, sir.

It doesn’t...

seem like...

a simple accident.

Mom’s not home,
do you know where she is?

Here, try this number.

- This is Clear Mind Clinic.
- Where?

Is Ms. Park Yeon-su there?
It’s urgent.

One moment.


It’s me.


Listen carefully.

How did you know
I was here?

There’s no time,
just listen to me.

Go to the bank at once
and make a withdraw.

What for?

What’s going on?


Isn’t that Min-joon?

Why is he still with you?

There is no time,
listen to me first.

My car is rigged with a bomb.

The one who did it
is asking for money.

So get to the bank
and withdraw, okay?

What are you talking about?


- Mom…
- Min-joon!

Why is he crying?

What about Hye-in?
Is she with you too?

Kids are fine.

Let me talk to Hye-in!


We’re fine.

She wants to talk to you.

- Yeah.
- I’ll call the police.

No, not the police!

If we notify the police,
he’ll kill us!

No one can know,
just us, okay?

What if something
happens to the kids?

It’s fine, we just need to pay him.

So I need you to
go to the bank right away.

Can you do that?

I have to!

How much and where
should I go?

$960K, Bareun Bank,
Haeundae branch.

I think the bleeding stopped.

Where are you going?

I’ll be right back.

- It’s Auntie Ji-hye.
- What?

Did your wife
come with someone?

I told you, you can only
inform your family.

How are the kids?

They’re fine,
are you there?

Yeah, I just arrived.

You didn’t tell anyone, right?
No one can know.

No, I know.

I talked to the branch manager,

tell him you’re my wife,
he’ll give you the money.

If he asks anything,

don’t say a word,
and say you don’t know.

Tell her not to do
anything stupid.

Your kids are in the car.

Call me right away
when you get the money.


Dad! Outside!

Go Away!

What’s going on?

I said go away!

Who’s with you?

Don’t do anything stupid!

Go away!

Hye-in, is something wrong?

Move! Get out of there!

I got the money,
what do I do now?

You got it?

Put it by a delivery box
near the convenience in the back.

Behind the bank,
you’ll see a convenience store.

Leave it by the delivery box there.

Tell her to go there by herself.

Do it alone, got it
You have to be alone.

- Is something wrong?
- It looked like…

I’m in front of the convenience.

So just leave it here?

I see your wife.

- Tell her to leave it there.
- Yeon-su, he sees you.

Just leave it by
the delivery box, okay?

I see a tall man.

Don’t look at him,
and walk away.

It must be him…

Honey, walk away!

What’s wrong?




We got him!

Where are you?

Is that him?!

Let go of me!
What did I do?!

I told you I’d detonate

if you call the police.


it’s not him.





Honey, honey?



You okay?
Are you injured?

Your wife’s not hurt?

That’s too bad.

At least you saw her
before you die.

What’s the hold up?
Let’s get the money.

Leave my wife out of it,
she’s innocent.

Innocent people have
more to lose, that’s life.

Why are you doing this?

Wait, are you blaming me?

You’re the one
who didn’t keep your promise.

Resent your wife,
she ruined it all!

We didn’t call the cops!

Well thanks to that,
ER is a done deal.

Please, let my child
go to the hospital.

Fuck, you really don’t get it.

I told you again and again,
pay me, then ER.

Am I speaking Chinese?

I’ll pay you,
I’ll give you whatever you…

You owe me $4,416,000!

I haven’t received
a single cent yet, asshole.

The victim is Bareun Bank
deputy manager Ahn Jung-ho,

the other SUV is his boss,
Lee Sung-gyu.

According to witnesses,
they were arguing for a while.

Look into any animosity

between them at work.

Yes, sir.

Chief, another explosion
was reported in Woo district.


Lee’s wife was at the scene,
she was ordered to get money.

Pull up the explosion footage.

Rewind it.


Zoom in on that vehicle.

It’s Lee’s, right?

It seems so.

Attention, all units!

APB for black SUV,

Yoon, how did it go?

I took care of it just now.

Did you get Ms. Jang’s approval?

She wants to think it over
for another day…


I gave you a done deal,
you couldn’t close it?!

I’m sorry…

Call her back and say
there won’t be a tomorrow!

Say investors are lined up!

Okay, I understand…

No, I’ll call her.

Just send me the VIP list.

Uh… Mr. Lee?


Is something wrong?

It’s nothing,
I’m tired, that’s all.

I’ll call you back.

The money’s sent,
please check it.

Was it that easy?

Wait, it’s only $2.6 million,
where’s the rest?

Hold on.


I’m right here, son.

It doesn’t hurt anymore,
am I okay now?


Min-joon, hey!

I think he can’t feel his leg.

Min-joon, look at me,
sweetie, look at me!

What if I can’t play
soccer anymore?

Min-joon, snap out of it,
don’t fall asleep!


Oh Lord…

I’ll pay you later,
let me take him to the ER.

Not this again.

Pay up first.


My son bled too much,
please save him!

Dad, hurry!

He’s gonna die!

I’m begging you,
please help my son.

My kids are innocent.

Your kids are innocent?
What about you?

It’s all my fault,
this is all on me.

I don’t care about me,

please let them go.

I’m begging you.

2602, turn off the ignition,
and get out of the vehicle.

It’s the police.

- You can lose them.
- I have to go to the ER.

- No, not without paying me first.
- I have to get to the hospital!

Step out of the car.

I made myself clear.

Think this through.

Hye-in, hold onto Min-joon.

Let’s get to the ER.

Don’t forget that I’m
holding the detonator…

Get out!

Suspect’s car heading for
Jwa-dong intersection!

810, all patrols,
dispatch at once!

810, suspect’s car heading for
Beobjo town.


Hye-in, hold onto him!

810, suspect’s vehicle
heading for Haeundae Hospital.

Hang in there,
we’re almost there.

Hospital entrance blocked!

810, this is Swallow-1,
suspect’s vehicle confirmed.

Patrol 42, push against
Haeundae three-way intersection.

Patrol 32, right of square blocked.

Dad! Up ahead!


810, suspect’s vehicle
inside the square.

810, suspect’s vehicle
completely surrounded.

You son of a bitch!
You really wanna die?!

I told you not to
hang up on me!

Do that again,
you’re all dead, got that?

Don’t you dare hang up!

Stay put.

What are you doing?
Get out of there.

There’s no way out.

Like hell you don’t,
just drive through them!

I can’t do that,
I’m completely surrounded.


Mr. Lee!

Turn your car off
and step out slowly!

Say exactly what I tell you.

Hands up.

Step out at once.

I can’t.

Tell him there’s a bomb
in the car.

Tell him.

Step back, there’s a bomb
under my seat.

It’s the same bomb
that went off earlier.

Tell him to let you go.

Step back if you don’t
want to die!

Tell him you’ll detonate
if he doesn’t let you go.

Tell me!

If you don’t let me go…

I’ll detonate the bomb!

Aren’t they your kids?

You’ll detonate with
your kids in the back?

For real?

I will detonate.

It’ll explode.

‘I’ will detonate!

I will detonate…

Stay 50m away from this car,
and secure the exit!

Find out EOD’s ETA,
and have the SWAT on standby.

Right away, chief.

No, no, no, no…


Gather around.

Do not use tranquilizer
until we’re close.

None of the passengers
can get off their seats.

And snipers,

when you’re given an order,

fire at once.

All right, to your positions!
On the double!

If he seems to run away
after the kids get off,

y’all are good to fire anytime.

Never let the car with bombs
go downtown.

Mr. Lee, I’m the head of EOD.

If you let me take your son,

we’ll treat him immediately.

No, no one can
get off the vehicle.

They can’t go.

Caller ID Blocked

Let me give you this.

I’ll be nearby.

Hye-in, wet his lips with this.

And drink some too.

There’s no way out,

please let my child get off.

Let my son off,
can you hear me?


Toss the walkie outside

Mr. Lee.

Don’t ever think that
no one’s smart,

except you.

Toss the walkie outside


Just let my kids get off.
Can you hear me?

That’s your problem.


Always doing your best.

Had you lived ordinarily,
this wouldn’t have happened.

What do you mean?

You don’t remember?
6 years ago, Bareun Bank…



There’s no signal.

My cell signal is out!

We blocked all cellular signals
near the square.

They can do nothing
on-line now.

You blocked the signal?

Are you sure?

Tell me now.

What happened?

Someone rigged a bomb
under my seat.

If I get off, it’ll detonate,

he said he has a detonator,
and can blow us up remotely.

Even with my kids in the back,
I couldn’t do anything.

That man was definitely nearby.

It’ll be okay now.


Let’s hold back a little.

Okay, I’ll take your word for it.

So you have to trust me
and follow my lead, got it?


It’s a homemade bomb.

Don’t move.

Another one here.

We’ll find and remove the detonator.

It will take some time.

First, give me your phone.

Why didn’t you
give her yours?

The perp is nearby,
he’ll try to make contact.

Thankfully, our dog found
the bombs only in front seats.

The kids can get off.




- Min-joon!
- He passed out.

I’m getting the boy out!



Hye-in, it’s your turn
to get out.

What about dad?

He’ll get off after you.

Yes, Hye-in.

I’ll be right behind you,
do as she says.

Hye-in, out you go.

No, I’ll get off with him.

You have to get off now.

Listen to her,
I’ll be right behind you.


No, I’ll get off with him!

- Hye-in!
- Please!

- I’ll be fine!
- I won’t go!

I’ll get off shortly, okay?

Dad! No!

- Hye-in, please!
- Please get out!



I won’t go without you.

Why did you do that?

There’s a bomb under you!

They’ll shoot dad when I get off.

The snipers there!



I’m so scared...



It’s okay... it’s okay...

Open the door!


Prep for surgery.

You can’t go in there,
please stay outside!

Okay, okay...

One, two!

Do not provoke him with the snipers.

Please withdraw your order.

There’s no single call
with caller ID blocked.


His brother has arrived,
we’re verifying his ID.

It’s been a while
since we came to the beach.

I’m really sorry,
for always saying I’m busy.


Don’t your bum feel numb
after sitting so long?


Pull your big toes
toward you.

You’ll feel better.

Mom told me to do it
when I’m in class for so long.


Let’s watch a movie
this weekend.

Action, thriller, horror,
pick one.

Nothing else.



The suspect’s brother
wants to convince him.


Giving himself up would be the best,

but at least free the girl.

Do you understand?


Hello, Mr. Lee.

That’s right.

It’s me.

Losing cell signal was
not part of the plan,

but it’s nice to meet in person.

I was so nervous that
you’d get killed by the police.

Who are you?
Why’re you doing this to me?

It’s a big mess,
getting surrounded like this.

You became a heartless man
who took his children hostages.

You mentioned something
6 years ago!

Did you lose money
by investing with me then?

Is that why?

You made that choice,
what’s that got to do with me?!

You’re a killer!

Don’t bullshit me!

If the bomb goes off,
you’ll die too.

Fine, let’s die together,
I got nothing to lose!

Let’s all go to hell!

Dude, you still have to
save Hye-in!

Will you kill her too?!

Don’t you dare!

Don’t you dare say her name!

Get Lee’s wife on the line.

Yes, ma’am.

Bomb ingredients were found
inside the suspect’s home.

He took deliveries of
all ingredients he needed

straight to his home,
where he resides with his family.

The suspect’s brother seems
to be negotiating with him.

Please let Hye-in get off,
none of this is her fault.

You’re ultimately after the money.

I’ll do whatever it takes
to get the money, so please...



If you do anything stupid,
we’re all dead.

My brother will let Hye-in go!

He deactivated
the passenger seat bomb!

Hye-in, please get off.

I’ll sort this out
and come home.

Open top of the glove box.

When the timer runs out,
the bomb will go off.

When you get the money,
I’ll tell you where to come.

I’m gonna keep her
until you arrive.

You can smash through
the back barricade.

If you notify the police,
it’s all over.

If you tell the police about this,

your dad will die here,
he’ll be gone for good.

Stop him at all costs!

Don’t let him flee!

The suspect is taking off!
Open fire!

I saw the news,
that’s not his brother!

He’s in Nepal now.

Move! Out of the way!


He’s not the brother!

He’s the bomber!

Grab him! Stop him!

Come on, come on…

- Hello?
- Hello, madame!

Who is this?

It’s Lee Sung-gyu!

Yoon tells me you wanted
a day to think it over.

I should discuss it
with my husband first.

What’s with you today?
I’ll come visit next week.

I’ll see you then.

Answer it!


It’s me, Lee Sung-gyu!

Are you all right?

Mr. Vice President,
please lend me some money!

Why are you asking me that?

Please help me out, sir.


You know the corporate
regulations well.


You withdrew $2.6M
without approval,

that’s embezzlement.

From this moment forward,

our bank is not responsible
for any action you take.

And we’ll freeze
all your accounts.

Sir… please!

This call is being recorded.

All actions you have taken
concerning our bank

or our clients’ funds
are solely of your doing.

I’m sorry for your situation,
but I can’t help you.

Honey, it’s me,
is Min-joon okay?

Where are you?

Are you okay?

Are you injured?

I’m all right...

Yeon-su, don’t be startled.


She’s been kidnapped.

Honey, I’m sorry...

I’ll get Hye-in no matter what...

You and the kids are
in trouble because of me...


No one will help me...

You’re the only one who can.

Please help me...

I believe you.

What do I have to do
to save Hye-in?

$960K you withdrew earlier.

I’ll send you a text,
transfer it there.

Mr. Lee!

Mr. Lee!

Stop the car!

We know you’re not the perp!

I told her to transfer it,
please verify.

Please let my daughter go.

Jangho Chemical, remember there?

Be there in 10 minutes,
or you’ll die before seeing Hye-in.

Get there.

You sold that much
because it was selling?

I’m sorry, sir.

It’s a bit crazy because
we haven’t explained loss…

What do you mean
it’s minus?

The exchange rate surpassed
the upper limit.

We had to sell double amount

because knock-in option was applied.

I was told that
this was risk-free.

We didn’t know
it’d turn out like this.

Good, you sold it
as per protocol.

Congrats, Ahn got promoted,
and you’re going to the HQ.

The boss complimented us
for the highest performance.

Did you make defective sales?
That’s just their claim.

Wrap it up and get going.

Mr. Lee!

Could we talk for a moment?

I’m a little busy.

I’m not here to complain.

Then could you tell me
what I should do?

I just need the principal back.

Sir! Or tell me a way
to cover the losses!

If the factory goes under,
we’ll all die!

Please roll down this window.


Mr. Lee!

Mr. Lee, please!

Please, one moment!


Is everything okay?

Yes, but I’m driving right now.

A big sum was deposited
to the victims’ joint account.

Where did it come from?

I told you before,
I’m putting together a lawsuit fund.

- A lawsuit fund?
- Yes, well...

The ruling changed a bit,
so we recovered some.

I couldn’t get it all though.

We lost at the supreme court,
did you by any chance…

The street light changed,
I have to go.

Don’t worry too much.

Take care of yourself.

If my dad did something wrong,
I’ll apologize for him.

Please forgive him.

Jangho Chemical

The Factory Must Run Again!

Bareun Bank Sold
Fraudulent High-risk Fund!

Discretionary Trading
by Bareun Bank

Bareun’s Fraudulent Sale
of Foreign Funds!


You okay?

How does it feel to have
everything taken from you?

Do you know
what that money is for?

It’s the money we spent
on lawsuits.

We lost everything to a bank

but took a loan from a bank to fight it.

I didn’t know…

I really didn’t, even so...

Hye-in is not involved in this!

My baby died before he was born.

When you shunned my wife,

he died with her mom here…

Mr. Lee!

Please! Wait!


Hye-in, listen to me.

I’m really sorry.

I knew...

what we were selling.

I knew it was wrong,
but I still sold it.

So people got hurt,

and some even died.

People died because of me,

but I...

looked the other way.

I’ve thought about why
this was happening all day.

Now I know.

It’s all my fault.

I’m going to take
responsibility for what I did,

so tell mom and Min-joon
that I love them.

My lovely daughter, Hye-in,

I love you.

I’ll take care of this.

Lawsuits, the losses,
I’ll do whatever I can.

So give me a chance.

Give me a chance
to right the wrong.

A chance to right the wrong…

The last thing Eun-young said
before she killed herself was…

wanting to turn everything back,
or something like that,

but it’s too late.

There is a way.

Record me,
I can become a witness.

Get off right now,
you can do that.

Do whatever…

it takes to live.

Stay alive to accept apologies,
and forgive us.

Forgive for what?

I realized that the forgiveness

is reserved only for the weak.

Aren’t we going?

Wanna blow up next to your daughter?

Mr. Lee!

Dad! Dad!

Dad! No! Dad!

Mr. Lee! Mr. Lee!

Is he alive?

Mr. Lee Sung-gyu! Mr. Lee!

One comment please!

Is it true that you’ll
side with the victims?

You destroyed the evidence yourself,
is there anymore evidence?

There is more evidence.

I am the evidence.

Make way, please!


Sung-gyu, it’s me,
can we chat?


I know you’re angry,
but you can’t do this to us.

You’re at fault too,
you can’t beat us at the trial.

You have legal obligation…


Directed by KIM CHANGJU