Balloons (2016) - full transcript

After being in rehab for two years, Cesar now works in a small balloon factory in suburban Buenos Aires. His former father in law will force him to take care of his young estranged son, whose mother died in an accident. But Cesar has plans to give Alfonso up for adoption.


Good morning.

What's up?



I went out with Sandra last night.
She sucked my dick for an hour.

She's really cool. I have to be nice to her.

She's got a job.


In her uncle's car service.


Cougar. I don't know his real name.

With or without a bun? With!

Remember tomorrow I'm going to Laura's.

Go, it's done. Go.

Go! Like that!


Good, change, change. Grab the hammer.
Good, Monarca.

From behind. Hang on, come on! Change.

Like that.

Good. There.

Who are you texting with? What do you care?

I didn't feel good last night,
that's why I told you not to come.

It's fine.

Don't be mad. I'm not mad

Cesar, the Blonde.

Take this.


I'm working right now.

Yes, but I'm working.

Well, call me later.

I'm telling you I'm coming tomorrow.
Everything's settled.


Yes, I have the car...

... yes, I know. I'll be there tomorrow.
Don't call here again.

There, I'll leave it here. Ok.

It's at ten! Fine.

Good night. Good night.

What's going on?

I want to change clothes.

- No, don' t change clothes. Your old may came.
- Go to your room or go outside for a while.

Leave that.

Come on.


Look at me.

Come here...

No, I don't have a rope.

Is it too much stuff?

Yes, I have a roof rack.

Ok, bye.


Hello. Cigarettes.

Yes. Five packs.

90. How do I get to the highway?

Go straight five blocks. You'll see a church,
make a left, then another left…

... keep your left and go straight.
You'll get there.

Tomorrow, yes. Can they do it?



Don't mind us, mom.

I have to pee.

Ok, we'll stop in a minute.

Are we going on a trip?

Yes. We're going to…

... I don't know, somewhere.

Your grandpa has to work.

Are you going to leave me with grandpa?

What? Are you going to send me to grandpa?

No, your grandpa has to work.

Is he going to a farm where
they don't allow kids?

I think so.

I bought a motorcycle. Did you?

50 cilinder.

I just bought it. I was going to buy a car but
then I decided to buy a motorcycle.

But you also have a car. I sold it.

I sold the car I bought when I worked
at the bicycle shop.

And that car? That's my boss's car.


I'll wait till you finish up. Ok.

I'm sleepy.

Fine, go sleep on the chair.

- I want to go to sleep.
- Fine, I'll take you in a minute.

No, no, give me that.

I'll be back. Ok.

Come here.


Are you going somewhere later? To a pub.

Where? Downtown

I have the car, I'll take you.

Let's go. Maybe.

I'll be at the bar. Ok.

Come on.

My friend od'd today.

Martín. Do you remember him? No

No. Go straight, straight.


Come in.


Lay him down.

Did you buy the bicycle? Yes.

I'll take a look at it later
and tell you if it's good.

I look at the bottom bracket
and realize if the bike is good.




Did you make these?


What are they made of? Meat.

You're a really good cook.

Do you like to cook?

Yes, you? Me too.

I make good stews, escalope...

... as a pastime, you know?


A smoke?


Go pee over there.

This one? Yes

What's happened?

What's up?

I want to ask you if you can handle him.

I have to go back to work. You leave him with them,
then you call me and I come to sign the papers.

No, I can't do it.

You have to do that yourself.

They have to meet you.


They have a big swimming pool.

Do you swim?


Anyway, you can ask for a life vest.

Dad, can you put on the arms?
Can you put the arms on the captain?

They're stuck. Take this one.

Now this one.

- The arms are hard, that's why I can't.
- Here, done.

Thanks. Now we take the head off
and we put it toghether.

You put the head in.

I'll put it in, and you can finish it.

There they are. Let's go. Go, go.

Bless you. Are you hot?

Yes. I'll take your jacket off.

Do you want a cookie?

Let's go meet the dog.

- Was she your girlfriend?
- No, she worked at her dad's party supply store…

... we went out a couple of times.
Then I had to go away for two years.

I was in this place and when
I came out I found out she had died.

How old was he? Two, I think.

What happened? the store burned down.

And the kid? He was saved.

Right, he doesn't remember his mom. Maybe.

And how are you? I'm fine. Focused on work…

... pretty busy. That's the problem.

And who looked after the boy all this time?

His grandpa.

Is he aware of this?

He may have to sign some papers
on behalf of his daughter.

Come, let's have a coffee.

Simple or full.

One is irrevocable, the other one isn't.

Well, I'll speak with a judge later,
he's a friend…

Excuse me...

...his sneakers got wet in the pool.
Do you have another pair, right?

Yes, in the car.

I wanted to see if the
light worked under water.

Come love, I'll change you.

Come with me.

Are you staying at Laura's? Yes.

Well, I'll call her on her cell tonight.

We'll have some more details by then.

I have to go now.

Will you call today? Today.


Come this way so he can't see you.

Laura, everything's fine with Horacio.

He'll call you tonight about the documents,
and all that stuff.

Don't call me at work.

Just text me because
I can't talk at work, ok?


Tomorrow we have to make a
delivery to that busty girl.

Ok. 70 and 30 with stripes.

Give me that.

I made boxes all day, for a whole summer.

You didn't like it. No.

- We'll smoke this one together and then this one.
- Fine.

- Did you make good money?
- No, just $15 a day.

A day? From 8 to 8, yes.

In Flores.

I brought you 70.

Let's see.

And the striped ones? Next week.

But Daniel told me he
needed them for tomorrow.

Coco told me to tell you this. Ok, wait.

Hey, stop, fatso, stop! Hey! Stop!
What's happened?

Easy, easy.

Let's place back this jaw. Relax, please.

Relax, Cesar.
Don't move, stay still, please.


Have some water.

Lay down for a while.

Betty, please apply MS...

The Mp3?

It's there...

... in the box.

No, in the box.

Did the Blonde call here?

No, he stopped by and I sent him to the
busty girl's place. Did you see him?

We're starting. Ok, coming.

What's wrong? It doesn't work.

Let me see.

What do you want to play? Whatever…


Change! To the hammer.
Good Cesar. Good girls!

Change! Good!

Don't think about the pain.
Legs higher. Change!

There's no pain, it's all in
your head. Focus.

Come on. Lift that posture.

Otherwise, your abs won't work.
Martín, same for you, up up.

Good guys, come on. 5 seconds left.

Be careful!

Climb! Come on! Go!

Are you ok? Wait, wait.

We are almost done. Change!

Betty called to see how you
were doing. What happened?

Somebody tried to steal my bike,
a couple of blocks from here.

A guy came from behind a tree,
he pushed me and I fell.

We started fighting and he punched me.

Big guy? Like you, but wider.

- And the bike?
- A light and one of the mirrors broke.

Hello. He behaved very well.


Why don't you come home
and speak with Horacio?


Are you coming with us, love?

No, he's coming with me.
I'm going with my dad.

Open the door.

It's locked.


Follow us.

Did you finish work?

Come here.

Why are we going back? We're going to eat.

Excuse me, do I get to the road this way?
No idea, I'm not from here.

We'll stop to eat in a minute. What?

We'll stop to eat.

What a view!

Can we stop and explore before we eat?

Yes. But far away!

We have to put up with the legs because!

I'll stop and you can explore.

- But not alone because I'm going to go far away.
- What if I get lost?

What do I do?

I'll watch you.

But you won't see me becouse of all the tall things.
You have to come with me in case I get lost…

... because I'll go very far away,
I have to go with you.

I don't know where to go.
I'm not like a dog or a cat.

What are chitlins?


A part of the cow. Which part?

The guts, I don't know...

What is meat?

Cow as well.

The skin of the cow?

It has skin, yes.

Do you eat sauce?

What is it? Is it spicy?

Very spicy?

I think so. I don't like it.

Look out for the spikes.

Bend down.

Do you know how they call
those rats they call cuis?

What? The cuis.


And the cougar?

There're no cougars.

What happened? My foot got stuck.

Wait, stay there.

Do you like the jungle?

What I like the most is to explore.

Let's go. Ok.

Did you hear that?

It's a cougar.

I'll handle it, dad.

Dad, it wasn't a cougar, don't be afraid.


Dad! It wasn't a cougar!


Go to your bed.

Is this your room?

Is this your room? Yes.

No. Stay there, I'll be right back.
Stay here.

Come here.

Go back to the room.

Stay here.

Where were you?

Wha's up?

Coco's been calling you. He's mad at you.

You have to answer the calls.

I wanted to speak to him. Is he in?

He's gone to his brother's in Las Heras.

I called you too and you didn't answer.

He's my son.

His name is Alfonso.

Your name is Alfonso?

We have an order to finish.
I did most of it. 100 left to go.

Done. Wake me up at three.

Let's se...

With or without a bun? With... without.

Dogs follow orders, cats don't.

It doesn't matter.

It does matter.

But the cat can jump higher.

And further. And the dog can bite.

The cat can also bite. No.

It bites if you bother him.

The cat also has a lot of
balance in narrow things.

It has balance in pipes like this...

... the cat.

That's the most difficult thing.

But if someone breaks in a dog
can defend you and a cat can't.

But the cat bites him or the cat hides
or the cat stays in the back…

If it hides you get robbed. The thieve robs you.
He takes everything and leaves.

Yes, but the cat can scream and if
the police are nearby they can hear it.

Look, I have blackberries.

Put them away in a bucket.
With water. Yes.