Balloon Farm (1999) - full transcript

Uplifting tale about a man who grows a crop of colored balloons.

[ Woman ] Okay, Willow. If
the trees are pleasing purple,
what color would the fields be?

The fields are bloomin' blue
and the sky is yellin' yellow.

And what about
rip two-shot red?
That's my favorite.

The rivers are
rip two-shot red.

The flowers are
orange-ray sun?
The mountains
are jellybean black.

And the people?
Grassy green.

I think you're talking
about wheezle Mayfield.

- Green people aren't farmers.
They're different than US.
- Yeah? They rich, then?

- Jake.
- Hmm?

I'm gonna go find
Marcy and Charles.

What do you think?
maybe three weeks.

It don't rain by then,
the seeds are not gonna grow.

[ Groans ]

I'm afraid you're right,
It is worse than we thought.

[ Woman ] Last pot, okay?
Who wants coffee?
None for me, Maggie.

Give it
to the mayor.

Miss Maggie,
that'll be an I.O.U.
On the p-i-e.

Why don't I just put it
on your t-a-b?

[ Man ]
What is deputy boy
up to now?

[ Siren wailing ]

I sure do miss his dad.

I got a 10-95
and a 6-5-4.

What's goin' on?
Shh. The sheriff
caught a crook.

- License and registration,
please, sir.
- Bet he forgot his ticket book.

I'll be right back.

Told ya.

where're you going?

I'm gonna get
a better look.

Well, Mr. Uh--
I'm Harvey.

Harvey h. Potter.

Mr. Harvey h. Potter.

You can't be drivin' around
these parts with no license
in an unregistered vehicle.

I'm gonna have to give you
a few of these citations
and impound your vehicle.

- You like pecan pie?
- Uh, what's that?

I make the best pecan pie
that ever warmed your gizzards.

I pick the pecans myself.

Sometimes it takes... only one.
That's right.

But I still gotta
make that pie.
I can't give up.

No, I gotta have Patience.

I gotta cook that pecan
just right.

And if I do, that pecan's
got so much flavor,
it just spreads.

And pretty soon
you got yourself
a whole pecan pie.

Oh, I can...
[ Smacks lips ]
Taste it.

- What's he doin', Willow?
- Shh.

Aw, there's nothing better.

There's nothing better
than that pecan pie.

Mr., uh,
Harvey h. Potter.

Thank you.

[ Sniffing ]
What's that smell?

That's my pie.

And it's for you.

Here you go.
Ahh! Ooh!

Careful, it's hot.
[ Sniffing ]

Mr. Potter, being that
you're new here in town, I'm not
gonna impound your vehicle.

You have a nice pie.

[ Chuckles ]
Day. Day.

Bye, bye.

[ Engine revving,
tires screeching ]

Ahh! Tickets!

Boy, if I knew a pie
could get me out of trouble
like that,

I'd be bakin'
every day.

A truck full of pies
seems pretty weird.

Shh. That farmer had
a pie tin on his seat.
He put one pecan in it,

and the whole pecan pie
is there-- a whole,
steaming, hot pecan pie!

Nobody makes a pie
out of thin air.

He's not one of US.

I saw this show
on TV last night...

Where they said they found
a real alien...

After its ship crashed
back in 1950.

It was some old film
someone had been hiding
for years.

They had these experts
from Hollywood
watch the film.

They even said
the alien was real.

[ Wheezle ] Hey, you!
Might as well go back
in the direction you came.

- Nothin's gonna grow here.
Had no rain in over a year.
- Good morning.

Ya deaf?
I said pack up.

You're wasting your time

My name's Harvey Potter.

I don't care what
they call ya, and I don't
wanna know ya, either.

-Just load up and start driving.
-What do you mean, driving?

Ever since the drought started,
wheezle's been gettin'
on everyone.

Why don't you
get on him?

Go on.
I dare you.

Yeah, Willow,
do it!
Go. Come on.

And another thing--

- [ laughing ] Nice shot.
- Hey, you kids!
I seen ya!

- Wasting water again.
I'll be calling your parents.
- [ Laughing ]

And you! I don't know what
you're doing here, but
it better not involve water.

Got my bad eye on you,



Hey, mama!
What's that?
A centennial banner.

Our farm's gonna be a hundred
years old in September.
We're gonna have a big party.

That's great.
But you know the new farmer
that just moved in?

He made a whole pecan pie
out of just one
little pecan!

Maybe he'll swap recipes.

I'm serious, mama.
So am I!

Yes, I know, Mr. Mayfield.
I'm very sorry.
I'm sure it won't happen again.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Okay. Okay.

Bye. Why are you
throwing water balloons
at wheezle Mayfield?

I don't need to be getting
those kinds of phone calls.

I'm sorry, daddy.
But he was being a jerk
to the new farmer.

That doesn't excuse
what you did.

you know our situation.

So next time,
put something besides water
in those balloons.

And if you're gonna throw 'em
at wheezle Mayfield,
make sure you hit him, okay?

Help you with something?

That oughta do the trick.

[ Rings ]

So, digging up
a few weeds today?

No, but I got
a lot of plowing to do.

You may want a bigger tool.

Oh, there goes
the new farmer.

He must have a brain
the size of a corn kernel
to have moved in.

More like the size
of a sesame seed.

He was just in my store and
bought a hand hoe. Said he was
gonna plow his field with it.

That sure ain't
a sane man talking.

Maybe he's got some new way
of irrigating without water.

Irrigate without water?
That'd be what, "air-igation"?
[ Laughing ]

Another slice, please.

All right.
Now, crystal,

I thought
you was on a diet.

I am.

[ Clears throat ]

All right.

Last pot of coffee.
Who wants a cup?
That's me.

I tell you, Maggie.
Limiting bathing is one thing,

but limiting coffee!

Danged arthritis.
You'd think it was gonna rain
by how much it's actin' up.

Wheezle and I were at
the reservoir yesterday.

We don't have more than
two or three months
of drinking water left.

[ Mayor ]
You heard what he said,

We've got to tighten
our belts even more.
No extra water use...

Uh, yeah.



[ Sighs ]
Ahh! This arthritis hurts.

Telling me I can't make
iced tea. Hmph!

Like this little bit of water's
gonna make a difference.

Whoa! Woo, woo, woo!

Oh, that's better.


What's he doing?

Plantin' them pods.

Potter! If you're diggin'
for water, you might as well
go on through to China.

I'm not digging,
I'm plowing.

With a hoe?
A whole field?

You ain't been here but a day,
you're already startin'
to get me bothered.

I've got a notion
to put up a fence.
Keep you off my back.

A fence? Right.

Forget it!

I have no idea
how we're gonna pay these.

Plus the mortgage is due.
Can we get it extended?


[ Sighs ]

You know what I could do?
I could talk to the bank...

And see if they could
work out some kind of deal.

You're not talkin' about
selling, are you? We've been
through droughts before.

if we get foreclosed on,
we have nothing.

If I can get them to buy
the land for half of what it's
worth, we can start over again.

What kind of example
are we gonna set
if we just throw in the towel?

We've got to stick together.
We have to get
everybody's spirits up.

That's great, but i'm
trying to be realistic.

This farm has been in my family
for 99 years,
8 months and 12 days.

I know. Okay.
I'm not gonna give it up.

So, we--
work it out.

All right.
This can wait.

This cannot.
Maybe ten percent to them.

[ Charles ] Look at this fence.
He's building a fortress.
He's hiding something.

I like the way
he made the top look.

I don't like this
one bit!
Here she goes again.

He's being all secretive
'cause of those pods he planted.

Pretty soon, they'll hatch
and start eatin' our brains up,

scooping them out
like they were mashed potatoes.

Before you know it,
the whole town's gonna be
walking around like zombies.

[ Hammering ]

What in the corn nibblets
you think...

You're doing?

[ Hammering ]
It's a fence.

I know it's a fence.

Why're you
putting it up?
'Cause you asked me to.

- [ Wheezle ]
Who says I told you?
- Uh-oh.

[ Willow ]
Looks like he's gonna grow

How'd he plow the field
so fast?

I said I wanted a fence.

Look over there.
Is there a fence around there?

You know why?
'Cause I like my views.

I'm entitled to my view
of your field.

Absolutely right.
No fence because I'm entitled
to a view of your field.

Hey, now.
Why do you want a view
of my fields?

All I need is some nosey farmer
staring at my field all day.

You start hammering
that fence in right now...

Or I'm gonna get steamed.

And you don't wanna see
wheezle Mayfield get steamed.



Oh, shoot!

[ Rings ]

Good morning, Earl.
Hello again.

How you doing?
Can I help you
with something?

Maybe so.
I wanna take a look
at your corn seed.

Well, there it is.

Are you sure
you don't need no help?

No, sir.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

I'll take this one.

You wanna buy
just one seed?

[ Whispering ]
What's goin' on?

[ Indistinct chattering ]

That one?

[ Crowd sighs ]

[ Charles groaning ]

Hold still!
I can't.

[ Willow ]
Shh. He's getting ready
to start plantin'.

- [ Groaning ]
- [ Yelling ]

Hey, where's she going?

[ Marcy ]
Willow, what's he doing?

Is he planting 'em?

He's finished.

Is he an alien?

[ Radio announcer ] The drought
that's been plaguing the
waterston tri-county area...

For the last year, looks like
it's here for the long haul.

No rain in sight.
On a brighter note,
it's my birthday!

Would somebody please mind
explainin' to me...

What all of this
"seed" business
was yesterday?

He's a lunatic
is what it's all about.

Fool thinks
he's gonna grow something.

Not without water, he's not.
Somebody better tell him
the deal here.

All we need is
for some new farmer
to prance in here,

start watering his field
and drain the reservoir.

- Howdy.
- Dang! Maggie!

These are
my favorite trousers.

Hi. I'd like
a coffee, black.

With no sugar.
To go.

[ Crystal ]
T-to go?

Oh, um--

w-we don't have no, uh,
"to go" cups.

But, um, if you promise
to bring it back,

- I'll give it to you
in a regular cup.
- I promise.

[ Chuckles ]
All right, then.

So, uh--

I'm Harvey.

- Harvey.
I'm Tom Williams.
- Hi, Tom.

- What are your plans
here in waterston?
- Gonna farm.

[ Snickers ]

That's gonna be pretty hard.
I mean, we're going through
a darned tough drought.

I know all about that.

We've got some mighty tight
water restrictions here too,
Mr. Uh... Harvey.

I won't be doing any watering.

One coffee to go.

How much do I owe you?
This is on the house.

Welcome to waterston.

Thank you very much.

You're so welcome.

[ Whispering ]


[ Chuckles ]

Bye, now.

[ Indistinct mumbling ]

Shh. I like him.

Child, coffee...
To go!

Two coffees.

Two coffees
and a doughnut.


two coffees,
two doughnuts and
a hard-boiled egg to go.

- To go!
- To go!
[ Rubber duck squeaks ]

We'd have seen pods yesterday
if Mr. Weakling here
hadn't dropped US.

Maybe I tried
to drop you.
Hey, you two.

[ Willow ] I'm still trying
to figure out how he planted
those seeds so fast.

Who says he even planted them?
All you saw was
an empty seed bag.

He could've dumped them
on the ground.

Hey, you kids!

Off of my field!

[ All yelling ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Knocking ]

Hello, neighbor!

All right, partner.
I know she's here.

Don't play dumb
with me!
Oh, the little girl.

Stop fooling around
and get her.

She's already skedaddled.

She ran right through here
and up over the other side
of my fence.

She's long gone by now.

But you're welcome. You can
come in and keep me company.
Wanna do that?

Not in this lifetime, Potter.
Willow Johnson!

Where are you?

[ Gasps ]

Oh, wow!

Bloomin' blue.
Rip two-shot red.
Grassy green.


My name's Willow.

Hi. I'm Harvey.

Is that a real plant?

Yeah, but this one needs
a little extra care.

- A balloon that grew
on a stalk?
- Mm-hmm.

A cornstalk?

A balloon stalk.

A balloon stalk.

I'm gonna replant it.
You wanna help?

Okay, sure.

I have to say, by far,
this is the strangest thing
I've ever seen.

This puts wheezle Mayfield's
200 pound watermelon
to shame.

Ah, that's a big watermelon.

Yeah, but that was
a long time ago.

Wheezle and his wife
grew it.

But she's dead,
and nothing ever grows
around here anymore.

Till now, of course.

I gotta ask you something
kinda odd.

Sure, go ahead.

Are you an alien?
[ Chuckles ]

Marcy said you probably
came down here
to start breedin'.

After a while,
the whole town's gonna be
walking around like zombies...

After you scoop our brains out
and eat them
like mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes?
No! Mashed potatoes
are for gravy.

You magic then?
I'm just a farmer.

Well, if you're not an alien
and you ain't magic,
how'd you grow 'em?

Sometimes you just have to use
what you have.

You didn't water them,
but you used
regular corn seeds?

Everything starts
as a seed.

That tree.

Grass, flowers, cows.

Me, you.

We all start out
as a seed.

Hadn't thought of myself
as a seed before.

Unless you count the time when
I was six, and I got stuck up to
my neck in mud by the reservoir.

- I sure felt like a seed then.
- I bet you've grown since then.

You know, I have.

Bye, Harvey.
Bye, Willow.

Hey, wait.
What you gonna do
with all them balloons?

[ Chuckles ]

Oh, great!

Seven, eight,
nine, ten.

I saw 'em.
I saw all the colors
of the rainbow!

You hit your head or somethin'?

Earl, you be nice.
Go on, honey,
tell US what you saw.

They're at
the new farmer's place.
He grew a whole field of them.

I don't know how he did it,
being that he didn't use
no water.

But they grew
on a regular stalk
just like corn.

Only it wasn't corn.
I'd know corn if I saw corn,

and it was definitely
not corn.

So, Willow, you sayin'
that this new farmer,

grew a crop...

With no water.

And what exactly
did he grow?

Well, balloons.

[ All laughing ]

That's a good one, Willow.

[ Tom laughing ]
That's the "air-igation"
I was talking about.

- Balloons?
- Right there on stalks.
Big round ones everywhere.

I hope they've got
my favorite color.

Yeah. I saw a ton
of rip two-shot red ones.

Why don't you have your friend
bring his magic wand here?

Because if he can grow balloons,
I'm sure he'll have no trouble
with our plain ol' corn crop.

- Jake.
- It's no joke, daddy. But you
don't have to believe me.

You can see for yourself
tomorrow at his sale.

Oh, please!
A balloon sale?

I know you don't believe me,
but that's okay.

'Cause you're all
just gonna miss out!

- Uh, I'll take this later.
- Hey, crystal.

What's your hurry?
Uh, I just gotta
do my hair.

- Put that on my tab.
- But you didn't even
drink any.

- Gotta go.
- Hey!

Wait up!
This requires the attention
of a police escort.

[ Sheriff ]
Thank you.
[ Earl ] Sue! Wait up!

[ Sheriff mumbling ]
Wait for me!

[ Knocking ]

Hi, Harvey.
Hello, Willow.

Can we come in?

Hey, everyone, come on!

We got a good crop!
Come on in.

[ Gasping,
excited chattering ]

It's like the county fair
in there.
Let's just keep an open mind.

Oh, yeah.

[ Girl ]
Look, mom!

See? I told you
there were balloons, daddy.
You told me all right.

Come on, mommy.
You need to touch 'em.
Hi, sue.

Well, this is better than
the annual pumpkin throw.

Yeah, yeah.
I'd about say it is.

He could've spent all night
tying these balloons to stalks.
Balloons don't grow.

Maybe these aren't balloons
at all.
Maybe they're pods.

And this here?
This is their larvae stage.

[ Gasps ]

Orange-ray sun.
My favorite color!

What do you make
of this?

[ Tom ]
Feels like rubber.

And the stalk--

leaves look like corn,
but it turns into
what seems to be...

A string.
Come on,
tell US already!

What can I say?
They're, uh--
they're the real deal.

They're... balloons.

They're balloons.
[ Laughing ]

It's an amazing thing here.
Thank you, Maggie.

Mr. Potter,
excuse me.

If I had known this is
what you were doing here, sir,
I never would've stopped ya.

But now that I have you here,
I was wondering if
I could trouble you...

For another one
of those... pies.

Y-You see, my, uh...

my wife, she really
liked that pie.

If I could bring one home,
boy, I'd score
some major points.

I mean, I liked--

she... liked it.

Of course.
The wife.
The wife.

[ Tom ]
Hey, Mr. Potter.

Hey, Tom.
Just call me Harvey.
Thank you, Harvey.

This, uh--
this is pretty amazing.

We were wondering just how--
he's trying to ask you
how the heck you did it.

Hey, Harvey.
Hello, Willow.

- How much for this one?
- Let's see here.

Okay, folks.
All balloons are $10.

[ Woman ]
Ten? What?

Ten dollars?
For a balloon?

Dad, can I have this balloon?
I don't know, sweetheart.
That's a pretty pricey balloon.

- But, dad, it's a balloon
that grew on a stalk.
- Even if it grows on a stalk.

[ Casey ]
I'll take one.

I know money is tight,
and we're all not doing
so good right now.

But take a look around.
We are standing next to
a field of balloons!

Balloons that grew
out of this
dry-as-death soil.

Maybe I'm crazy,
but this field is by far
the most amazing thing...

That I have ever
seen before in my life.

I don't know why it's here
or how it's here, but it's here.

And for $10 and the chance for
some of this magic or whatever
it is might rub off on US,

I think it's
a pretty good deal.
Bless your heart.

Thank you.
I'll take one.

Thank you, Maggie.
All right, who's next?

- I'll take this nice red one.
- Okay. Thanks, crystal.

We'll take this blue one.
I hope that covers inflation.
Thank you. Who's next?

I'll take three.
Hey, the mayor's
taking three!

And it's my money.
It's not out of
the town budget.

Get your favorite--
hello, Earl.

You got me, Mr. Potter.
Okay, get your
favorite color.

Mr. Potter, I'll have six.
Get your favorite color.
They're goin' fast.

I'll make a half a dozen
for 50 bucks.

But I only have six.
Well, that's different.

All right.
Thank you very much.
All right.

You got it here.
Thank you, sir.

What the heck?


People, people!
What are you doin'?

We got a drought here,
remember? You can't go
throwing your money away!

We're farmers!
We grow corn and vegetables.
Not balloons!

Gimme that balloon.
Could be a poisonous plant.

You all wanna go broke,
go ahead.

This is wrong, Potter.
Dead bug wrong.

You're darn tootin' it's wrong.
You owe me $10, Mr. Mayfield.

Sue me, Potter.

[ Mayor ]
Excuse me.

Hello. Can I have
everybody's attention
for a minute?

I just got a phone call
from a firm...

Up in buxton.

And, well,
they're gonna send a man...

Down here tomorrow
to speak with US
regarding the drought.

So why don't we all
meet tomorrow
at the church at noon?


All right, muffin.
It's time for you
to go to sleep.

Daddy, why do you think
balloons grew in waterston?

I don't know, sweetheart.
You have sweet dreams.

What do you think,

I think it means
that waterston
is a very special place.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Doesn't make me feel special.
Makes me suspicious.

Growing things without water,
let alone balloons!

You saw exactly what I saw.
You touched 'em too.
Yeah, I know.

It's not every day
that balloons grow!

balloons don't grow.

Hey, what's going on?

What are you doing here?

Did you just
fly over here?

You did, didn't you?

Must be cold in that corner.
You can stay here if you like.

You can understand me?

We can't tell nobody
about this. No way.

We gotta keep it our secret.
Come on.

[ Rooster crowing ]

Who does he think he is?
Mr. Fancy-shmancy farmer.

Gettin' people all stirred up,
actin' like fools.

[ Woman ]
Federal bureau
of investigation.

I'd like you to send
some people down here...

To investigate
some strange happenings.

Hey, it's him again.

Yes, Mr. Mayfield.
How can I help you, sir?

We got a new farmer here,
and he's growing... things.

Ah, well, yes, sir.
That is quite odd,
a farmer growing things.

Dang right, it's odd,
with no water,
in the middle of a drought.

Uh-huh? And could you
describe these things
for me, sir?

He's growing balloons.

Good-bye, Mr. Mayfield.
[ Phone disconnects ]

Uh, okay, everybody.

Let's give a warm
waterston welcome
to our visitor from buxton,

Mr. Keiner.
Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

Thank you.
Thank you.
[ Applauding ]

I represent a firm...

That is interested
in purchasing your land.

I can offer you all
very competitive prices,

close to your original
purchase value.

But I do need
your decisions this week.

I'm leaving my business card

So that anyone interested
can contact me immediately.

Thank you.

My goodness.
What does everybody think?

I'd like to know
what they want our land for.

I think we're pretty lucky
to get any kind of offer.
That don't seem lucky to me.

We either sell to him,
or we get foreclosed on
by the banks.

Think about it.
Balloons don't just grow.

We ain't forgot about 'em.
It's just we got a guillotine
hanging over US right now.

But they grew here
in waterston.

So, what are you saying,

I think...
That it's a sign.

don't do this.

- A sign?
- Like we've been chosen?

We are in the midst of the worst
drought in 50 years, and some
strange man comes into town...

And starts growing balloons.

Don't you think that
seems a little timely?

What if these balloons
really do mean something?
What if they are a sign...

That things
are about to change?

Most of US have lived here
our entire lives.

Don't we owe it to ourselves
and our families to at least
see this thing through...

And find out
what it all means?

- Maybe it is a sign that
things are gonna get better.
- Yeah.

If those balloons ain't a sign,
well, then, I ain't a libra.

[ Laughing ]

[ Mouthing word ]

So, how do you know?

Well, you can just
feel it.

How about this one?

Out of the way.
Let me through. I want
to see what's going on.

[ Sighs ]

That's a good one.

[ Wheezle ]
People, come on.

We're farmers. We don't
pick seeds like this.
Open your eyes.

[ Man ]
Get out of the way,
you crazy old coot.

Thanks, Earl.
Bye, Earl.

How ya doin'?

Here you go.
One cup of coffee, to go,
on the house.

[ Laughing ]
Oh! Thank you.

Bye, Harvey.
Bye, Harvey.

Bye, Harvey.

[ Together ]

Bye, bye.

So, what do you want me
to do?

Well, it's gettin' late.
You better get on home.

I thought you wanted me
to help?
You already did.

I don't see why
you won't let me watch you
plant them seeds.

I'll see ya tomorrow.

It isn't always what you see.
It's what you believe.

Harvey kicked me
off his farm today.

He did?
Why was that?

So she couldn't see
how he's pullin'
that trick on US.

It ain't a trick, daddy.

What do you think it is then?

You think it's a sign
like your mother says?
I don't think so.

I've really had it
with this Potter guy.
I have!

I wish he would take
his stupid balloons
and go away already.

I'll go talk to her.

Sweetheart, I am sorry.

Your balloon is not stupid,
it's your daddy that's stupid.
Forgive me?

Daddy, if I tell you something,
will you promise
to keep it a secret?

Sure... as long as
I can tell somebody.
[ Laughing ]

What is it?
Well, my orange balloon--

It's alive.

Oh, really?

It can fly around by itself,
and it sleeps in my bed.

It even understands me
when I talk to it.

You do believe me,
don't you?

Sure, I believe you.

Between you and Potter,
I don't know who's worse.
Now what's wrong?

He's telling Willow
that her balloon is alive.
You believe that?

It's about time
I had a little talk
with Mr. Balloon farmer.

No, you don't.
That's all I need is for you
to go stirrin' stuff up.

[ Knocking at gate ]

Mr. Potter.
Call me Harvey.


You wanna come in?
It seems
we have a problem.

Me and my husband Jake
are concerned that you
might be telling Willow...

Something about her balloon
being alive.

I don't know anything
about that--
you like lemonade?

Uh, but--
what's that?

You like lemonade?
Oh. Well, sure.

Would you like a glass?
Like I was saying--

it's the sweetest,
most tangy lemonade
you'll ever taste.

The secret's in the lemon.
I pick it myself.
You gotta make it pure.

If you're patient,
if you use it right, you got
yourself a whole pitcher.

You wanna have
a little taste?
Uh, well, um--


That is some good lemonade.
Thank you.

I wanted to thank you
for all you've done
to lift our spirits.

We're all not doin'
so good right now.

But you and
your balloons being here
have really picked US up.

Given US hope.
Hope's good.

Next time, why don't you
bring that old boy,
Mr. Johnson, over?

Oh, Jake.
Well, Jake ain't much
for lemonade.

He's a coffee man.


But it was really good.


We'll see about that.

Hey, Jake.
How ya doin'?

Mr. Potter.

Call me Harvey.
Yeah, Harvey. What I wanted
to talk to you about is--

We had lemonade.

Yes, I know.
Listen, Mr. Potter.

I'm not quite sure
what you're up to here,

but I cannot have you
telling Willow
that balloons are alive.


I would appreciate it--
[ Sniffing ]

What is that smell?

All it takes
is one good bean.


That has got to be
the best cup of coffee
I ever did have.

Casey said,
"my Jake's a coffee man."
[ Chuckles ]

[ Groaning ]

Earl, don't even
think about it.

But I sure could use
a hot bath.

[ Groans ]

Ahh. Oh, my!

[ Laughing ]

* [ Humming ]

Oh, hey, balloon, balloon!

[ Chuckles ]
I'm trying to turn
the faucet on. Hey!

Get out of the way!
Out! Out!

[ Laughing ]
You silly balloon!

Hey! Hey!
Come back here.

Come back,
you silly thing!
Come back!

How many times do you think
I can run around this house?

[ Laughing ]
Come here!
You bad thing!

Hey, honey.
You fixed your truck.
I didn't fix it.

It's not making that noise
I know.
I didn't touch it.

Hey, you wanna wash it?

[ Tom ]

Federal bureau
of investigation.

He's at it again.

You know, Mr. Mayfield,
the f.B.I. Is no longer handling
balloon farm cases.

I suggest you take this up
with the c.I.A.

I called the c.I.A.,
the p.T.A., the n.B.A.
And the Y.M.C.A.

Mr. Mayfield.

All right!
I'll handle it myself.
[ Slams phone down ]

[ Snoring ]

[ Snoring continues ]

[ Snoring continues ]

Ohh! Now--

what's going on here?
Get away from me!

Get away!

What the--

[ Maggie ]
Last pot of the day.

And startin' tomorrow,
I'm gonna have to limit everyone
to two cups.

That hurts, Maggie.

Um, has anybody thought

Those investors' offer?

We've only got a few days left
to think about it. Tom?

Yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah.

well, no. I--

I don't know, Jake.
It's just that--

no, please don't say
what I think you're gonna say.

Well, if he don't
wanna say it, I will.

There's somethin' goin' on
with those balloons!

I'm at home yesterday, and
my balloon just floats over...

And rubs against my knuckles.

I tell ya, my arthritis
ain't been this good
in 15 years.

Well, I lost five pounds
in two days.

And I must say that I think
my balloon has been
a big part of it.

- That's great, crystal.
- [ Crystal ] Uh-huh.

[ Tom ] You know
that noise my truck's made
the last couple years?


It wasn't all that bad.

Well, my daughter's balloon
landed on the hood, and...
[ Clicks fingers ]

Thing's runnin'
slicker than slick.

Now that you mention it,
ever since I got my balloon,
I don't know.

I feel like a new woman
and I wanna party!

- All right, girl!
- [ Laughing ]

Casey was right.

Those balloons
are bringing US luck.

Yeah, that's just great.

But we got
bigger problems here.

We got a drought
chokin' US to death.
Or did you forget...

Now that Potter's
got you all brainwashed?

A little word of advice.
You might oughta stop swattin'
those mosquitos with a hammer.

Very funny.
I was attacked.

- By what?
- The balloons!

[ Laughing ]

-Wait a second.
You say he grew more?
-That's exactly what I'm saying.

[ Excited chattering ]


We'll take my truck.
Come on.

Wait for me.
I can't run in these shoes!

Those people are dumber
than a bucket of mud.

[ Excited chattering ]

[ Harvey ]
Yeah, you got it here.

All right, thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Take the one you want.

I'm gonna buy two dozen!

Thank you, now.
Thank you, ma'am.

Pick your favorite color.
They're goin' fast.
Thank you very much.

Pick the one you want!

Let's go.
Get the color you want
before it's gone.

- Thank you very much.
Your favorite color.
-[ Balloon pops ]

Hurry up.
They're going fast.

[ Mayor ]
Can I have your attention,

[ Clears throat ]
For the light which
you've brought US...

In such dark times,

and for the happiness
that you've "cremated"--

[ laughing ]


It's an honor for me
to present you...

With this key
to our town.

Well, really, it's,
it's not a key.

It's a corncob.
Thank you very much.

Thank you, Harvey.

Pretty soon we'll
be celebratin' for you,

Your farm centennial's
coming up.
Yep, it sure is.

Bye. See you later.
Be good.

[ Car doors closing ]

You know what I think?
All that talk between
you and Willow...

About the green people and
the bloomin' blue grass and all,
that's gone to your head.

You can't deny
it's very timely, and could
quite possibly be true.

I know what you're trying
to do, Casey,
and it's not right.

You shouldn't be puttin'
your silly thoughts
into other people's heads...

Just so you can reach
your centennial.

It's selfish.
I'm not the selfish one.

Yes, maybe it is
a little crazy,
but isn't that what hope is?


Ah, Jacob Johnson,
you are losing your mind.

[ Door banging ]

Buxton savings bank.
Harvey Potter.

Yes, it's me again.

I'm calling to see whether
you're going forward
with the foreclosures.

Well, that's great.

The town?

Nah, they have no idea.
All right.

Yes, thank you.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams,

I can assure you
this is a very fair offer.

I know you'll feel better
when this is--

when it's all settled.

What do you think?
By the end of the week,
they'll all sell.

I hope so, because
those waste companies
aren't gonna wait forever.

Hey, can you imagine
the look
on those farmers' faces...

When they find out
their land is gonna be used
as a garbage dump?

There are no faces here.

Just names on a line.

What is with the balloons
in this town?

[ Horn honking ]


What happened?

[ Laughing ]

Now you look happy.

Come on, orange!
Got one!

That one isn't orange.

Got two, three, jackpot!
Yeah, all right.

There it is.
Take a good look.

I got the seed
off the Potter himself.

Planted it a few days ago,
and here it is.

No balloon stalks, no nothin'.
Just what is it
you're trying to say?

That Potter is a fake!

Don't go spreadin'
your nasty rumors in here,
wheezle Mayfield.

Take a look at
what's happenin', people.

We're down on our luck.
We got a drought here choking US
to foreclosure.

And Mr. Balloon farmer
dang well knows it.

But we think of it
as a sign
things are gonna change.

We touched them.

We felt them.
We've seen them.
It's not just some trick.

And Dorothy saw
the wizard with her own eyes.

But was he real?
Has anything changed

Are we any better off? No!
We've been conned, people.

- [ Maggie ]
Oh, no!
- What's wrong, Willow?

- I heard something bad
the other day.
- Tell US. We won't tell.

[ Sighs ]
Heard Harvey on the phone
with the bank up in buxton.

- He said something about
a foreclosure.
- See? I knew it!

Willow Johnson said
she heard Potter talkin'
on the phone with the bank.

Yeah? And?
Was that true?
Did you really hear him?

Well, yeah, but--

[ Willow ]
It's not his--

- I don't know.
- This is terrible, people.
Just terrible!

I don't believe this!
Well, I do.

He's right!
We've been had!

Don't you think
we're jumping to conclusions?

Heck no. Your own daughter
just confirmed everything.
What more do you need?

Some real proof!
Not some runaway gossip.

There's gotta be
an explanation for it.
And I just heard it.

It all makes perfect sense now,

We are about to lose
our farm. I'm sorry.
You made US believe once.

But not again.

And nothing...
Has really changed!


It's all my fault.
No, it's not
your fault, honey.

Get off,
you dang balloons.

Go on, git!

[ Charles ]
I'm gonna pop all my balloons.
How 'bout yours, Willow?

Not mine!


Hello, folks!

I'm fresh out of balloons,
but you're all welcome
to come in.

Don't "hello" US.
We want our money back.

You want your money back?

[ Everyone ]
[ Potter ] Why?

'Cause you robbed US blind.
We know all about
your plan, you--

we don't want any trouble.
And you can forget about
your coffees to go.

[ Crystal ]

So just give US back our money,
and we'll be on our way.
Of course, crystal.

You'll all get
a full refund.

That's more like it.
Well, that's better.

- Just bring
my balloons back.
- [ Everyone murmuring ]

Um, we ain't exactly
got the balloons.

No balloon, no refund.
Sorry, folks.

Oh, now, now, now, now!
I'll take care of this.


It was just a balloon,
Jake. You didn't need
to get rid of it.

I don't wanna talk
about balloons.

We got more important things
to talk about.

I got the offer from
the investors. We can't
afford to wait any longer.

[ Jake sighs ]

The balloons
are not gonna save US.

This right here,
that's gonna save US.

We really have no other choice.
We're gonna have to sell,
and that's final.


- I think that you're forgetting
that it's my name on the deed.
- Don't do this.

- So I guess that means you
don't have much of a decision.
- I'm not thinking about myself.

I'm thinking about how
to feed my wife and my kid.

[ Jake ]
You're gonna bust up
this family.

I don't think that's what
you want, but that
is what you're doing.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Hi, sweetheart.

Listen, I'm sorry
about your balloon.

I really didn't have
any choice. It would've
been wrong to have kept it.

What Mr. Potter did,
it was just wrong.

[ Sighs ]

I'm sorry, sweetheart.


Do you still love mama?

Sure I do.

We just haven't been seeing
things eye-to-eye lately,
that's all.

I don't know why.
We all start out as seeds.

The trees, the corn,
you, mama.

We start out small,
and we just keep growing
and growing.

You and mama
are just growing.

Well, that's how Harvey
would put it.

You have sweet dreams,
okay, sweetheart?

[ Sighs ]

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Wailing continues ]

What are you doin'?

This here road
is closed.

And being that it is closed,
I'm gonna need to see
your driver's license.

You know I ain't got one.

Seems like you haven't
taken care of those plates,
have you, Mr. Potter?

No, sir.
I want you
to do me a favor.

You want me
to fix you a pie?

It's good, isn't it?

[ Clears throat ]
No, I do not want you
to make me a pie, Potter.

I want you to leave.
I want you to go away, far away.
I live here.

Nobody wants you
around here, Potter.
I'd throw you in jail...

For what you've done to US,
but I can't 'cause you
ain't done nothing illegal.

I suggest you go home,
you pack up, and you leave.

Or things could get sticky
around here. Sticky.

Like those pecans in the middle
of those sticky
little pecan pies of yours.

Thank you.

You have a nice day now.

Only two days left
on that investor's offer.

Maybe we should've been
selling balloons.

"No balloons, no refund."
He must think he's some kind
of department store.

We should've seen this coming
from the start.

How could we have?
Jeez, sue, he was growing
balloons, that's how.

- Can I get a refill here?
- Nope. You've already had
your two cups today.

- Come on, just one more?
- No! You know the rules.

- Like everybody else, you gotta
cut back on your use of water.
- Like you do?

What's that
supposed to mean?

I guess washing
your truck every day
doesn't count.

At least I don't make gallons
of iced tea.

Hey, that's for my diet.
I need my iced tea.

Yeah, to wash down
the cake.

Well, excuse me, Mr. Bubbles.
How many gallons do you think
that uses up?

What are you
talking about?

About those baths you be takin'.
Your skin's pruned to death
every time I see you.

Those are just wrinkles.
Libra's wrinkle.

[ Laughs ]

That's it!
Everybody stop the fightin'
or get out.

How in blazes could he know
about me washing my truck?

Maybe because
it's always clean!

Excuse me!
Next time you're in
that old, broke-down tub,

why don't you try soakin'
that big ol' head of yours?

What's with everybody?
It's Potter.
He's ruined everything.

It's about time we
did something about it.
Come on.

Do what?

[ Girl #1 ]
Give me a tomato!
Come on!

[ Girl #2 ]
Throw me one.

[ Boy #1 ]
Good throw!

It's him!

[ Charles ]
Grab your tomatoes!
Let's go, let's get his truck!

[ Shouting ]

[ Shouting continues ]

[ Yelling ]

Here, Willow, throw it.

[ Marcy ]
Yeah, throw it, Willow.

What are you doing, Willow?
Throw it!

No, you're wrong.
Harvey's balloons are real.

You're on his side!

Well, fine!


Sue, what happened?


- They took everything.
- Sue?

Don't you come near me, Casey.
This is all your fault.

Having US spend our savings
on those balloons!

Because of you,
Tom couldn't sell.

He truly believed
your nonsense.

- But I just didn't think--
- you didn't think of anybody
but yourself.

But that's okay...

Because you got a centennial
to worry about.

You okay?

No, I'm fine.

No, I'm not fine.
I, I wanna know why,

Why did you do this
to US?

I only wanted
to help you.


You conned US.
You robbed US blind!

You really believe that?

You got what you came for.

And now we have nothing.

No, you just don't realize
what you got.

[ Jake ] That's great,
sweetheart. I'm glad
you came to your senses.

It is the best thing
in the long run.

I don't wanna talk about it.
Just call the investors
and tell them we'll sell.

You're gonna thank me
for it. It really is
the best thing.


[ Jake ]
Our house,
it's like a landmark.

It's nearly 100 years old.

Hey, sweetie.
How you doin'?

It's very nice.
Now tell me about
this land out here.

My property's from
the road clear on up
to the foothills.

Very nice.
We'll draw up an offer.

We'll be in touch.
Okay, thanks.
We'll see ya.

Mommy, you can't
just give up now.

Remember what
you told me?

That balloons just
don't grow in any old place.

We're special.

You don't believe that
anymore, do ya?

[ Gasps ]
You're back!

I'm so glad you're back.
I miss you so much.

We got some
big problems here.

[ TV, indistinct ]

The forecast,
mostly sunny skies today
with brisk easterly winds.

What would Harvey do?

Harvey would make something
like... lemonade or a pie.

Or he'd grow something.

That's it!
[ Kisses balloon ]

[ Whispering ]
I hope we're doing
the right thing.

[ Willow screams ]

[ Bell jingles ]
[ Gasps ]

* [ Humming ]

[ Seeds splattering ]
[ Willow ]

[ Grunting ]

It's too heavy.
We're never gonna make it.

What are you doin'?


Hurry up.
Come on.

Oh, no!
We lost all the seeds.

There's gotta be one
in here somewhere.
Please, find one.

What would Harvey do
if he only had one seed?

Harvey would use
what he had.

I've got it!

Oh, great.
It's locked.

What do we do now?

Oh, wow!
[ Laughs ]

It's stuck.

Can you help me?


All right!
Yes, it's working!
It's working! Yes, yes!

This better work.
We're gonna be
in a lot of trouble.

[ Inhales ]

[ Knocking on door ]


[ Water sprinkler spraying,
rooster crows ]

Oh, no!

[ Water gurgling ]

[ Cell phone rings ]

[ Ringing continues ]


W-Wheezle, slow down.

* [ Humming ]

[ Phone rings ]

Mama, daddy, it came back.
My balloon came back.

Hi, mama.

- Willow, what have you done?
- What do you mean?

I just got a call
from the sheriff. Said somebody
drained the reservoir--

listen, it's not what you think.
Just let me explain.

[ Knocking at door ]

Hey, come on in.

Hello, Mr. Johnson.

I just tried to--
Mrs. Johnson.

All the paperwork is ready.

All it needs is your name
on that line.

I have a pen right here.

Right there.

go to your room.


[ Siren wailing ]
[ Casey ]

Sorry about this.
You just stay put.
We'll straighten it out.

Willow Johnson! Whoa!
She's off to Potter's!

[ Jake ]
Casey, hop in.

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughing ]


It worked!
It really worked!

Harvey! Harvey!
They grew!

Harvey, these aren't
regular balloons.

Yeah, they sure aren't.

There he is!
There's the crook!

All right, Potter, you're under
arrest for illegal use of water.

That's right.
You're done, Potter.
You're done.

And you, little missy,
have some serious explaining
to do.

Our water.

Harvey didn't do nothing.
It was me.
I drained the reservoir.

[ Boy ]
Man, why'd you do that?

So you leave him outta this.
These balloons
that you're so upset about,

they're what
we've been waiting for,
they're our sign.

[ Siren wailing ]

[ Jake ]
What's goin' on?

We'll take it from here.

Well, it's about time.

[ Man ]
You kids go back.

[ Boy ]
What is it, dad?

What are they doing?
What is going on here?

[ Jake ]
I can't believe we have--

- Willow, come back here!
- Get her!

[ Jake ]


The balloons!
Oh, my gosh!

[ Mayor ]

Ah, Willow,
you did good!

[ Harvey ]
Ah, yeah!

[ Chattering ]

Freeze! Do not approach
the balloon.

Hand it to me.
It belongs to US now.

[ Grunting ]


[ Thunderclaps ]

Hey! Hey, hey!

[ Laughing ]

Yes, it worked!
It worked! Yeah!

They weren't pods
after all.

No, they were
water balloons.
Totally cool, Willow.

Water balloons rule!

Come on, let's go.
Here we go.


Ah, sweetheart,

I am so sorry
I didn't listen to you.
Jake, I was so worried!

I didn't know
if it was Willow or not.

I didn't know
what was gonna happen.
You were right.

I told you those balloons
were special.

Ah, sweetheart, you sure did.
You made it rain, Willow.

Not so fast, you two.
We had a deal, Mr. Johnson.
Your wife signed that contract.

We've changed our minds.
The deal was--

give him the contract.

Let me take a look at that.
Ha! I knew it.
He's in cahoots...

With the bank.

This is just a big smudge.
I can't see any name
on this contract.

What about you, Jake?

Well, I'm sorry.

Sorry, nothing!
You can't just back out now.

None of you can! I've got
20 different waste companies
breathing down my neck.

Waste companies?
Sounds like he was gonna use
our farms...

For dump sites.

And this waste wouldn't
happen to be toxic now,
would it?

Of course not!
Garbage man!

I guess
you wouldn't mind...

If my boys took a look
at your paperwork
on them companies.

But, but--

I think you should come
with US.

You're goin' bye, bye, bye
with the f.B.I.!
Take him away, men.

[ Keiner ]
Get your hands off me!
What do you think you're doing?

[ Laughing ]
[ Mayor ]
Good job, sheriff.

What? My property's
dry as a bone!

They all sure believed him.
Maybe I should have too.

[ Thunderclaps ]

[ Laughing ]

- I'll be leaving now.
- Leavin'?

- [ Earl ] What?
- Harvey, no!

Why, Harvey?

Well, it's time to move on.
Please stay, Harvey. We need
you here to grow more balloons.

You don't need my balloons now.
You got your farms back.

You've got each other.
So long, Harvey.
Thank you.

That's for being crazy.

I'm countin' on you
to keep things right here.

I'm gonna miss ya,
I'm gonna miss you too, Willow.

This is for your friends,
the williamses.

You bought their farm back
from the bank?

With what?
With the balloon money!

He was calling the bank.
Why didn't you just tell US

'cause sometimes,
it's not what you see,
it's what you believe.

Make sure you catch them
before they leave
in the morning.

Bye, Harvey.

Bye now.
Bye, Harvey.

Bye, Harvey.
We'll miss you.
Bye-bye. Thank you, Harvey.

[ Willow ]
Bye, Harvey.

[ Horn honking ]

I'm so glad I caught you.

What do you want, Casey?

Just a little something
from everybody.

Harvey brought US
this rain.


Welcome back.

How 'bout this?

Doesn't look like
it's gonna let up
anytime soon, does it?

[ Laughing ]
No, it sure don't!


you look beautiful!

Well, everybody's here.

Immediate seating
to your left.
I mean, right.

Look, look, crystal.
Crystal, come here.
Look at this.

Look at who's dancing.
Everybody over there
is having such a good time.

[ Charles ]
Wow, this is a great party.
Everyone's here.

Willow, now that Harvey's
gone, you gonna tell US
how to grow a balloon?

I just use what I have.
Hey, you guys thirsty
for some lemonade?

Sure, but it's gonna take
more than one lemon
to make lemonade.

Not the way I make it.
Come on.

Hey, guys,
she's got a new trick!

[ Marcy ]
Yeah, come on.
Let's see what she's doing.