Ballon (2018) - full transcript

Balloon is a German thriller that deals with the crossing of the inner German border of the families Strelzyk and Wetzel from the GDR to West Germany with a homemade hot-air balloon.

Our home
These are not just the towns and villages

Our home
Are all the trees in the forest

And the grain in the field.

And the birds in the air
And the animals of the earth

Shoot! Go on, shoot!

And the birds in the air
And the animals of the earth

And the fish in the river are home

And we love the home, the beautiful

And we protect her
Because she belongs to the people.

Because she belongs to our people

- Gossip, that's your son.
- Yes, and he's having fun too.

Thank you, children. Thank you.

- Can you sing along next time?
- Watch out.

- I can make a new son.
- Maybe he's laughing at your jokes.

Goethe said,

you should every day
to hear a beautiful song,

reading a poem,

see an excellent painting

and speak a reasonable word.

Shorter we can say it with Lenin.
"Learn, learn, learn again."

Today you become in the community
the adult recorded.

- with all rights ...
- Immediately he lifts his finger.

... but also with duties!

will demand more from you.

Like you
always rely on us,

we will rely on you now.

Whether with the hammer, the stethoscope,
the sickle or the weapon in the hand.

For peace and socialism.

This little blue thing
is of great value.

You can not only do that
Order beer in every pub

but you are from now
also responsible for your actions.

And be sure
we will not let you out of sight.

- I'm relieved.
- Pst ...

I'm now in the 8th grade,

become a socialist pledge of allegiance
to raise.

Are you ready,

as a young citizen
the German Democratic Republic

for the big and noble thing
of socialism

to fight and work ...

... and the revolutionary achievements
to protect the people, so answers ...

Yes, we vow.

The Soviet Union ...

That was a nice speech from Meissner.
He always does that well.

And well sung.

We are so lucky with the weather!

The prospects ...

Oh! Listen, the old man!


And when are you leaving?

- What?
- Well, it's almost holidays!

- Oh, um ...
- We drive abroad.

Bulgaria, Black Sea.

The finest.

- Have not you booked yet?
- It's not that easy.

So now I'm getting angry.

Here you come over and say:
"Erik, I want a trip."

And I ask, "Where to?"

And you say? Yes, say something!

Well, come on,
where do you want to go?

Yes, I do not know.

Come on, say something really difficult.

Berlin, capital
the German Democratic Republic.

- What are you saying?
- Well, Berlin would be something nice.

Well, you see?

A call to the comrades
from the travel agency, and Schwups,

sits family Strelzyk
in the hotel city Berlin.

And not in the tour group floor.
At the top.

There you can look to West Berlin.
Or, Beate?


I always have binoculars with me.

For a kiss
For a kiss.

I walk from the North Pole to the South Pole

These are my balloons!
Give it to me!

In the name of the State Security Service
Thank you for taking me.

- I could not have driven anymore.
- No problem, Mr Baumann.

- Oh man, look, the drummers.
- Hello.

- Do you have any plans?
- Yes.

- Maybe another time.
- From today ... I am the Erik.

Really a strong gift.

- Beautiful couple.
- I like your new watch too.

Have a look! They fly to the west!

So what is called airspace violation!

But no worry.
Still, it's just balloons!

The wind has turned.
We have to go to Günter right away.

Fitscher, we'll be right back.

- Are you still coming to us?
- Yes! Come over with me!

- Nice idea.
- Today is celebrated.

- That comes now ...
- Do not be a spoilsport, Peter.

- Not on such a day.
- Where do you go?

We have to go to the train station.
The mother-in-law is coming.

- Maybe later.
- I take you at your word.

- Have you already seen my new watch?
- There's a stopwatch in there!

I also want one for the Jugendweihe.

On your marks, get set, go!

The risk is too high.


Say, Günter, are you kidding me now?

This is not going to work.

Wait, Günter,
you planned that thing.

That was your idea!
The balloon is ready in our basement!

I calculated it again.
It is too dangerous.

Guys, come on! For weeks
let's wait for the right wind!

The balloon is not big enough.
He is too small for eight people.

This is just unreal.

And your sick mother ...

You wanted to go over to her.

I know,
but the kids are still so small.

If something happens to them, that ...

We can not risk that.

Believe me, Peter,
this thing does not carry us all.

Yes and now?

We are staying here.

Is it four?

- Yes. Four could go.
- Oh God...

What will become of you then?

- We are back!
- Günter, we break contact.

Otherwise you get problems.
No calls, no letters.

- Father!
- Well, Peter? How was it?

We let kites fly!

- Hello. Do you have visitors?
- Day.

- These are friends. Doris, Peter.
- I am his bad stepfather.

- We just wanted to leave.
- Oh, the spell he always makes.

- I made Sauerbraten.
- the best in the world.

Thanks, but we have to go.
Jugendweihe and so on.


Good luck.

- "Go to jail."
- Ha!

Hey, it's just a game.

- And? Is it going?
- Frank!

- What's going on?
- Please go to your room.

- What is...
- We have to talk to Frank.

- But why...
- Fitscher, off to the top.

Then I will not tell you anything anymore.

What is now?

They do not participate anymore.

What? How so?

We do it alone. Tonight.

Really? Without Günter?

At six we hear the weather report.

I drive up and check the wind.

Until then we pack.

Then I'll get changed, right?

We do the right thing.

that nothing happens to the children.

Trust me.

I'm sorry about that earlier.

But it should be a surprise.

- We go camping tonight.
- Really?

- Where, then?
- In the forest.

- I'll get Fitscher.
- Is good.

- Can I take my bike?
- At night in the forest you can not drive.

But! So full of BMX over the roots!

What are you doing there?

Well, clean.

Doris, we will not come back.

As a kid, I have a summer camp
cried into the pillow every night.

I had such incredible homesickness.

The others were after
two days past, but first with me ...

when I was at home again.

Where are you staying?

We have cleaned up yet.

Nobody want me
call bad housewife.

Keep driving.

Stupid bum.


Our forces

are all provocations
of the class enemy ...

- The son of Paul was drafted.
- Maybe you forget Günter yes.

- I'm not so lucky.
- Werner forgot them too.

Ingrid, he forgot
and there they picked him up.

- Who?
- Those from the military patrol.

Early in the morning at six
they hammered on his door.

- told your sister.
- I did not notice.

If you have an important job,
you may not be drafted.

I'm an ambulance driver.

Only because she is him
do not let physics study.

He was five,
when his father went over.

- Mama!
- I'll go.

- Mom!
- Yes!

I come with.

The pilots
is it an honor,

the party leadership

the combat and maneuver characteristics
to demonstrate the flying machines.

Your mother is worried about you.

- Me too.
- You do not have to.

Your mother has the most beautiful smile,
if you are fine.

So you have an obligation
to make sure that you are happy.

Nothing the people want,
who love you, more.

Are you happy?

Of course I am happy.

I have my house,
a small garden,

I have your mother, I have you.

I did not want more.

But you do not have to want the same thing.

You still have your life ahead of you.

No word to your mother.

I have never heard you speak like this before.

Does not happen anymore.

- What are you doing?
- That's the surprise.

- I thought we go camping.
- That is much better.

With it we fly to the west.

And when the soldiers shoot at us?

- Over there you get a BMX bike.
- Really?


- Lets go.
- Enter.

Nice to hold on to the ropes.

You do not let go, understood?

Looks good!

- Ready?
- Yes.

One two Three.

- Mom, I want to get out again.
- All good. It will be funny.

One two Three!

Frank? Are you stopping the time?

All good?

- Almost 300.
- We are so bright.

You can see us for miles.

Yes, we have to go higher.

Through the clouds.

- I'm cold.
- Come here.

How tall are we now?

- And the flight time?

14 minutes.

Then we have half, about.

Let me know when we sink.

Mom, I'm scared.

When I was your age,
I lay down on a meadow

and looked at the clouds in the sky.

Once there was a cloud

she looked
like a huge jumping horse.

I wished,
that it carries me wherever I want.

And look where we are now.

In the middle of a cloud.

There's another one to say
Dreams do not come true.

Something is dripping.

That's the high humidity.
Certainly coming from the cloud.

Is the fabric waterproof?

When he sucks,
are we getting really heavy, right?

How is the altitude now?


Not higher?

It depends.

Crap. We sink!

800. 700!

We come down too fast!

There is the limit!

Are we over it?


Damn crap!

- That's all.
- The cables are frozen.

- What do you do?
- We have to thaw it.

Matches, fast!

Father! Do we have to die now?

- Hurry up!
- Once again!

Once again! Do it again!

It's not working.

All OK?

Frank? Doris?

- All good.
- Yes?

- Does it hurt you?
- no.

Come here. Come here.


It's over.

- is over ... Sch ...
- Where are we?

How long have we been in the air?

32 minutes. Is that enough?


Only a few meters
and we would have done it.

And now?

- What if they find us?
- Let's get out quickly.

Back to the starting place.

That's at least ten kilometers.

Here could be alarm wires everywhere.

We have to wait until it gets light.

A tow truck.

They discovered our car.

We have to get rid of that stuff.

We had a giant pig.
What a madness.

- That nothing worse has happened!
- We have to keep our nerves.

- We remember how we go on.
- We do not continue.

- But we were almost over there!
- It's over, Peter!

That's it!

We keep our feet still.

You go to school tomorrow,
we work.

Nobody lets it show.
At some point grass will grow over it.

So I get
no BMX bike, right?

I hope we do not disturb.

We wanted to ask if your home

for the 30th anniversary of the Republic
would decorate.

Do you have a flag?

If not, no problem.
They'll get it from us.

Comrade Lieutenant Colonel, Lieutenant Strehle.

- This is your border section?
- Yes!

You wake up in the morning in front of such a thing?
I want to have her sleep.

- Solid construction.
- Mm.

How long is that here?

Not long.
The grass under the platform is fresh.

Tonight, I suppose.

The tablets were lying next to the gondola.

To the medical service.

The rest
for forensic investigation.

- The whole balloon?
- Everything.

And the entire circumference
500 meters.

I want,
that every shred is documented.

- If necessary, also bunny shit.
- Yes, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel.

A company for searching for space.

- Can you trace the gas bottles back?
- no.

The production numbers have been removed.
They were not stupid.

What an effort.

200 meters further
and they would have been over there.

They will become
bit in the ass.

Why do we leave her?
not just run?

If they mean
that they will be happy over there?

Do not you do that
already asked, Comrade Lieutenant?

Honestly no,
Comrade lieutenant colonel.

Yes, you can ask yourself,
do not you think so?

Every illegal border crossing
will be prevented.

Yes, I know the command.

But what did we do to people,
that they develop criminal energy like that?

We only want justice.

Humanity, a better world ...

We can be happy
when the enemies of socialism run away.

When we get rid of the rabble, right?

- Is that a serious question now?
- Yes.

Surely you have an opinion.

Say your opinion.

Can you see it?

Not easy.

What would we be without this limit?

It makes us what we are.

Who questions you,
questions us.

You and me.

Let's hope that one
Your sentry has seen what.

Because I take this thing
very personal.

Me too, comrade lieutenant colonel.


They could be started from anywhere.

- At every little glade.
- It goes on like this.

200 kilometers
to the Czechoslovakian border.

Who would have thought
that we have so much beautiful forest.

N / A?

Just wanted to watch
if everything is alright with you.

Is everything ok?

Yes. Everything was great.

- How so?
- Well ...

You did not come yesterday.

So I thought

something happened
with the mother-in-law.

Where is she?

Yes, he is not feeling well.

She turned us over at the station.

We had to drive her to the Polyclinic,
to Gera.

We sat there for hours.

- That's not how you imagined it.
- no.

What is with your hands?


Sometimes everything comes at once.

Now I have to ask you something.

You're such a hobbyist.

- I would call it an electrician.
- Exactly.

We have a new TV.
Colour. Nice pic.

But on some stations
is the reception somehow ...

not so good.

You want to look West?

Can you do something there?

You certainly look
also like "Three angels for Charlie".

Yes, you just have a PAL converter
clamp behind the antenna.

Since the three angels are really sharp.

Can you come over on occasion?

Sure, of course.


Actually you should
do not lie, right?

Clear. Lies are shit.

Why are you lying to me then
all the time?

How do you come to this?

Yes, you never tell me the truth.

Watch out, Fitscher,
that with the truth ...

is sometimes a bit complicated.

The truth is,
that you can not say it here.

Here, in our country.

- You know, there are rights.
- I do not mean that.

And about Czechoslovakia or Hungary?

Other people did it.

We can not have four
in the trunk.

And the West German representation?

It is better guarded
as the US Embassy.

Then we try it there.

The Americans are getting
politically persecuted people.

We would have to do it
to contact them.

An old mother
Addresses a People's Policeman:

"I'm looking for the department store principle."
"Principle? Is not there at all."

"Yes!" Says the mother.

"State Council Chairman Honecker
has said,

in principle you can buy everything. "

If you tell the wrong thing,
that is very dangerous.

But I told you,
because I trust you.

And you can trust us.

We did not tell you everything
because we wanted to protect you.

Do you understand that?

Is everything ok?

The medicines.

What about it?

I have the...

... the bag with the medicines ...

"I must have lost in the woods.

Is your name on it?

No, they're numbered.

You can trace that back.
They will check every recipe.

We have
our fingerprints on the gondola.

We should not have done that.

What are we only for parents?

Doris, we are not bad parents.

We were just unlucky!

Bad luck? Bad luck?

- That was irresponsible!
- It is irresponsible to stay here.

- The boys should grow up in freedom!
- We almost killed the kids!

- We had a dream!
- I trust you!

- Our dream!
- Do you know what I'm dreaming?

For weeks, almost every night?
That they take my children away.

My brother came to the penitentiary at 14.
After that he had no teeth!

Exactly because of the shit we want to get away!

What do you think, what they do with us?

They make us disappear.

Fitscher put her in the home.

I do not want to lose my kids.

I do not want to go home.

Come on, my sparrow.
You do not have to be scared.

We take care of you.

Do not worry.
Nobody comes to the home here.

We pull this through.

- Morning, Doris.
- Morning.

Everything OK?

The kids are a bit sick.

- I have not been blindfolded.
- Oh, you poor thing.


You can stay seated.

Is much better here, right?

Does not always have to be the interrogation room.

They are soon finished with the army.

Thank you, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel.

Want to study?

Then something like that, shortly before your release ...

Only that I understand correctly.

You call your supervisor
and need binoculars.

Exactly. I saw something in the sky.


Why do you have
no own binoculars?

- So...
- Yes, it can happen.

Leave it lying.

And you?
Why did you not give it to anyone?

Off duty?

End of working day?

In your mind already at the new girlfriend?

Maybe you do not look at me

but I was a swimmer

During my studies I have
as a lifeguard deserves what.

There was this fellow

tanned, good looking,

such a very relaxed guy.

And one day

he was a bit too relaxed then.

And what do you tell parents
when her eight-year-old drowned?

"I was tired."?

I marked it. Read on.

"It is your duty

Your individual fighting skills
so to use

that you put the border violator
or liquidate,

about the planned border violation
to thwart.

Act prudently and consistently,

because the practice
the dangerousness of the traitors proves.

Do not hesitate with the firearm,

not even at border breakthroughs
with women and children,

what the traitors
often to take advantage. "

You know your tasks.

They know how to look in the case
from frontier provocation.

You are not stupid.

Yes, Comrade Lieutenant Colonel.

Nevertheless, you have the message
Ignored by Private Klenner.

Because they
knew about the planned border breakthrough?

No, I had no idea.

Or was he just lazy?

- So...
- If it was aiding, say it now.

- We'll find out anyway.
- no.

- Why, I have ...
- stepping away.

Did NCOs enjoy?

Do you see, comrades?

Exactly, that's what I mean.


"Europe internally"
is the keyword ...

There! There it is!

She has red hair!
The brunette looked black and white.

- Aha. Yes. Everything is very colorful.
- Yes, no?

If the cover falls on your head,
come over

and we look at the sharp three angels.

You're fine, Peter.

Oh, Erik? I almost forgot.

You have
told by the comrades in the travel agency.

Is the offer still valid?

Where do we want to go?

The seams were
made with professional machines.

We identify all farms,
where such machines are.

The comrades have calculated

that the balloon no longer
when 40 minutes was in the air.

Due to the wind conditions

do you have to
be started in this area.

I suppose,
the whole area is searched?

Well, it's huge.
There are about 100 glades ...

- What else?
- The truck that was seen at night.

- Could she have driven.
- Give the manhunt out.

- And the fabric shops?
- We get the list today.

Maybe bring us
the thyroid tablets continue.

According to medical service
is the woman between 30 and 40 years old,

possibly overweight

and could be a scar
have thyroid surgery on the neck.

- Human!
- Strong.

Not bad.

- Have a look!
- For that we write him a card.

- And how do we find the message?
- as inconspicuous as possible.

Is that the West back there?


Pretty close, right?

Here, very close.

"We are being followed.
Please help us."

"lnterhotel Stadt Berlin, room 3507."

You can not just
walk in the American Embassy.

They have a kind of library.
Everyone is allowed in there.

We do not speak to anyone
but we leave the box lying.

Why do not we just call?

The message is guaranteed to be heard.

And you believe the Americans
come here and pick us up?


Just keep going.

Shit, they control people,
the come out.

Here it is teeming with Stasi.

They are watching us.

Wait a moment...

We are totally wrong here!
Let's see.

- You know what I mean?
- I know...

- Give me the box.
- What?

The box.

- Distract him.
- Frank.

- Frank!
- Come along.


- Could you help us?
- We want to go to the Pergamon Museum.

There you go
the Clara-Zetkin-street long.

To the end, and then left.

In which direction?

- How long do you go there?
- Ten, fifteen minutes.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

Come on.

- That way.
- We are in it.

- You are crazy!
- Has worked!

- That was monkey strong!
- We have a warhorse here.

I do not know if I like that.

Until then, the coffee is all.

- The apricots even more.
- Earlier...

I hope he does not come to the limit.

- Imagine he had to shoot.
- Oh! Heads up!

- Time is running around very fast.
- What balloon?

There are some
tried with a hot air balloon.

- Really?
- came down just before the border.

No idea if they got it.

Well, they are moldy now
in a damp stasis cellar.


Should we drive past them?

If they got caught,
her house is turned upside down.

And we run straight into their arms.

We said, no contact.

Not knowing what's going on,
makes me mad.

These are our friends.
They will be holding tight.

I do not mean that.
What if they crashed?

- Maybe they did it.
- That would have been rumored long ago.

We should not have let her go.

I'm so afraid.

- Won!
- As?

Well, so, so, so, so and so.

Come again.

Room service!


Peter! Peter!

Go away!




man} Mr. Strelzyk?
there? '

Here at the reception
something has been delivered for you.

I'm coming down.

You stay here.

You also.

Be careful.




Did you receive our message?

The cigarette box. That's us.

The cigarettes.

Right there.
There you go, buddy. You can keep 'em.

- Come on.
- This one's driving me nuts.

Sorry, Strelzyk.
Here was what was submitted?

Yes, Mr. Strelzyk.

Her wallet was on the phone.

Since you have had luck again.

Don `t blame yourself.

We were so close.

- We were so close.
- I know.

Only a few miles further.

Or half.

300, 400 meters.

Why could I do this thing
no longer hold in the air?

That was not your fault.

So far everything in my life has
what I did, somehow worked out.

And now that.

The most important thing in my life.

You and the children.

I have failed.
I totally failed.

Peter, no ...

Sch ...

But we flew, dad.

- You did not fail.
- Yes?

You brought us up there.

Without the wetness of the clouds
we would have done it.

And now?

Do we want to wait
until the Stasi is at the door?

We could
to build another balloon

Yes. Why not?

We do not have that much time.
It took us two years.

But now we know how to do it.

- We can not do that without Günter.
- Then we ask him!

They also wanted to leave.

We just have to build it bigger.

Maybe they are right.

You do not want to
get in a balloon again.

No, I really do not want to.

But I'm afraid we have to.

We do not have tent nylon, but taffeta fabric.
How much do you need?

200 metres.

Oh, I have to ask in the warehouse.

That's at least 200 meters of taffeta.


- Let's go.
- How so?

Come on, go. Come over.

- What was that?
- She did not have to ask in the warehouse.

The fabric was lying around there.

They have to report,
if someone buys larger quantities.

Then we get smaller quantities.
Ten meters, 20 meters.

- Then we are not finished Christmas.
- We can split up.

If we each one after another
Buy 20 meters,

that does not strike.

Petra and Günter too.

With distance
we can go to the same stores


We probably have no other choice.

Message from Berlin.
A family wanted to buy 200 meters of taffeta.

But then they disappeared suddenly.

They want to try again.

What ... you mean a second balloon?

You can not be so stupid.

Not stupid.

But desperate.

They start making mistakes.
That makes it easier for us.

- You could have come from Berlin.
- no.

They come from the area down there.
They know each other.

That's why they take
the shortest route to the south.

For that they need north wind.
That is rare.

You have to be able to react immediately.

Oh God!

Come in, come in.

Well, the balloon works.
He flew!

You say the balloon could catch fire.
When the gas goes out, we crash.

Is there something,
what could reassure me?

Yes. They can not shoot us.

We are too high for that.

That's what you say to a woman with a fear of heights.

Petra, if you join in,
then we can do it.

They took me in

- From when?
- In six weeks.

- He can not even get out on the weekend.
- We have to give gas.

I can not sew every night.

Günter, the Stasi is after us.
They do not give rest.

Sooner or later they will get us.

All right then.
I could get a sick leave.

Then I get the thing
maybe sewn.

But the opportunity
the right wind is zero.

If necessary, you have to leave without me.

- I'm not leaving without you ...
- I have to report to the barracks.

If I do not show up,
pick me up

At least you would be
and the little ones over there.

You may see your mother.

But I can not do that without you.

We use
Umbrella silk and tent nylon.

We can not be too heavy.

You wanted to build an airplane?

- That is not the problem.
- So what?

The runway.

I had already calculated that.

For the new balloon we need 4200 m3,
that means 1300 m2 of fabric.

Enough for that
the stuff shops are not here.

Buy seven, twelve
or 15 meters at a time.

The less I have to piece,
the faster it works.

With luck we'll get the propeller
for the fan running again.

We have to take care of Brenner.

We have to solve the gas pressure problem.

And we need a new gondola.

- How thick is the floor now?
- 0.8.


- That never stops us.
- Of course that holds.

Can you jump?


- That stops.
- Yes, that holds!

Are you coming with me?

Fly a kite?

- I'm actually busy.
- Is that so important?

Well, I have to help my dad.

- Build something.
- What are you building?

- A surprise for my mother.
- It can not be done alone.

Take a break.

Where do you want to go?
We have to get ready.

- We just go kite flying.
- I'll be right back!

- Finished.
- I'll go, right?



Come on!


Want to hold him?

Do you want to kiss me?


I do not give a damn!

Over 300 people in action
and you talk about sewing machines!

Find these bandits!

After all, we have now
Backing up to the Politburo.

Resources are there. We need time.

We do not have them.
The old man is right.

If they can do that,
we stand there with pants down.

Then our asshole
to the state coat of arms.

I have my career
presented differently.

Let's enjoy the capital,
as long as we can.

- Damn it!
- Why can not we keep the pressure?

- Because the bottles freeze.
- Then we have to heat them.

We can not connect a heater.

- I can not think of anything more.
- You are with the thoughts elsewhere.

- You do not mean Klara, right?
- But.

The water is up to our necks.

- I suppose ...
- Nah!

- Her father is at the Stasi!
- She can not help it!

You will not meet her anymore.
Do you understand?

- Wait a moment.
- What?

That's it!

We just turn the bottles over.

- Then the gas comes out liquid.
- It does not matter, it evaporates immediately.

Below, the gas is liquid and freezes.
That's why the pressure is missing.

Sun floats
the liquid gas out below.

This will give us a bigger flame,
because the gas has more pressure.

- Is open.

- Yes! We made it! Yes!
- Yes!

And if it is us
do not like in the West?

Then we can not do more
back home, right?

We will definitely like it.

I will miss my friends.

And we will be grandma and grandpa too
never see again, right?

They will understand.

Can we
not at least say goodbye?

It is better if they do not know anything.

Otherwise they will go to jail.

Do not worry so much, right?

You will find many new friends.

- What is the?
- We sew on here.

- My neighbors ask questions.
- The Stasi lives opposite us!

Yes, Günter has to sew quietly.

I'm going to the lake. Are you coming with me?

- I can not.
- Just the two of us.

Nah, really does not work. Unfortunately.

Maybe tomorrow?

I'm tying an apron

And swept the room out

Great, you did that.
Lena is on it.

Mom works at the post office.
I collect stamps.

- And the dad?
- Also.

- He's also at the post office?
- He also collects stamps.

And you, Peter?

- What is your dad by profession?
- My dad is closer.

I thought he was driving an ambulance.

Yes, too, but he sits all day
on the sewing machine.

- Really?
- Yes.

What is he sewing there?

- You do not know?
- I'm not allowed to say that.

But you can tell me everything?

The weather forecast:

Tonight in the north and in the middle
overcast and sometimes rainy.

Cloudy to clear in the south.
Lowest temperatures around eleven degrees Celsius.

Cloudy during the day ...

In five days he has to
report in the barracks.

We can never do that.

We get the balloon ready before.

Then we need the right wind.

You can forget that.

He has to join the army,
and then we have to go over without him.

And then the children grow up
without her father.

The kids were today
asked in kindergarten

what their parents do by profession.

And Peter said
his dad is nearer.

I told them

that we sew a tent
for the campsite.

A tent.

I hate camping.

I can not feel my fingers anymore.

We have over half.

- The man is a sewing machine.
- Are you taking me home?

- The sewing machine has to go to bed.
- Clear.

Wait a minute.
The Stasi is still burning light.

We should come up with something,
when you come out so late every night.

That was again ...
a very nice evening ... I have to say.

Honey ... Can you drive at all?

- A little bit, right?
- They should hear us.

- That was pretty close!
- Come home well!

Bye, you two! Bye!



Can you tell me
what are you accusing me of?

What could be it?

I do not know about a balloon!
How many times should I say that?

Look ahead.

- You had a breakdown with your truck?
- Yes.

The engine is constantly limp.

There are no spare parts here.

So you stand there in the middle of the night.

- What time again?
- just before eleven.

- Many cars can not pass, right?
- No, only one.

With trailer.

The tape recorder can not see you.

Yes, with a trailer.

Can you describe the people?

Well, that was pretty dark, so ...

A Wartburg with a trailer.

Man, woman, two children.

- As in the textile business in Berlin.
- Now we make her nervous.

"The People's Police
asks for help. "

- "The Enlightenment ..."
- We do not let us go crazy.

- Almost everyone has that.
- The converted barometer not.

We finish the thing quickly.
It is only on the fabric.

- How much do you have left?
- For today.

- Maybe something for tomorrow.
- We do not buy anymore in the area.

We could try it in Halle.
Or direction Erfurt.

We must not allow ourselves any more mistakes.

It is strange that the
buy the same substance in succession.

I have an eye for that.

My husband says too.
But he could also face something ...

- Do you know what that car was?
- No Trabi.

- A Wartburg maybe?
- Yes!

Parked there,
where now the comrade stands.

Do you happen to have the license plate?

- Definitely an N, district Gera.
- Are you sure?

Yes for sure.

My niece is from Pößneck.
It also has such a mark.

I wondered,
why buy here!

District Gera. The hint came
from the shop assistant from Naumburg.

We could
reconstruct a gas bottle label.

It is pretty safe
around a gas station in Pößneck.

And that's exactly ... here.

From there
It is not far to a launch site.

Schirra should all employees
put in readiness.

- We take the medicines.
- The doctor's offices are already closed.

Then only the pharmacies.

I'm trying,
to find out something about the children.

- You can unpack right away.
- How so?

The guys with the balloon
are from here, from Pößneck.

- For sure?
- Yes.

The comrades from Gera
are already on the way.

I'm all drumming together.

I understand,
what I ask, believe me.

I only do it,
because it's my last hope

to prevent something very bad.

What do you want to know?

Has one of the kids
something tells from home?

- Something unusual?
- What do you mean?

For example, that the parents
to tinker with something bigger.

Or sew something.

Who are you, then?

For the ball
you have to tell me what your name is.


And how next?

- Here, Peter.
- Thank you.

Yes, there is something sewn.

Flags for example. And pennants.

For the celebration
for the 30th anniversary of our republic.



There are really many involved.

You can be really proud of that.

Are you nuts?
Send your neighbor an invitation!

In the weather you can forget it.
They'll get us anyway.

if it is because of this Stasimädchen ...

- She is not at the Stasi!
- You put us in danger!

you slip out something!

You do not trust me!

But. I do.

- But the whole family ...
- Then stop without me!

Just pull yourself together.

- There you are.
- Did you get stuff?

Yes, everything is there.

- I have a starting place too.
- Well. I'm finished the day after tomorrow.

- After that, I pause for a week.
- I'll make you coffee.

Six people have
get the thyroid remedy.

How many relate the drug?

- I can not say that.
- Approximately.

Here in the area maybe there
200 patients with the diagnosis of goiter.

I have to search this all.

- What about the other pharmacies?
- There are two. Both smaller.

Both check.

We are looking for persons
with a workshop and a sewing machine.

When gas bottles are around, jam.
Alfeld, Sperlingweg. Altmann, poplar avenue.

The storms
follows a cold front at night.

- Dad, I wanted ...
- Pst!

... sink in Bavaria.

Until the beginning of the week
There is steady wind from the north

at a speed of 30 km / h.

North wind.

Günter! It starts! We get north wind!

- Day after tomorrow!
- What?

I just heard it on the radio.

I go fill up the gas bottles.
Can you help Günter, yes?

So much pig.
I've already seen myself in jail.

- And who carries us all?
- Sure, of course.

There could be three more.

Hello Frank.

- Are you alone?
- Yes.

What is it?

If we could get away to the west,
Would you come with me then?

- What are you talking about?
- We have a place for you.

- You want to go over?
- You can come with me.

You just have to decide quickly.

- What?
- I'm serious.

You have a bang!

Hello Frank.

- What are you doing here?
- I'll get my coat.

- Are you going to the pharmacy?
- Yes.

- Do you bring me headache pills?
- Yes.

- What is your father doing in the pharmacy?
- They are looking for someone.

The Stasi is in the pharmacy.
They are looking for someone.

- How do you know?
- From Klara.

- Frank, I have you ...
- They check the recipes.

We can not wait until tomorrow.

- Can you make it until tonight?
- You gotta.

- Someone has to tell Petra.
- I'll do it.

- You can take my moped.
- Come on, Fitscher, we invite the trailer.

Can we come in shortly?

Did something happen?

Forget keys. Petra is waiting for us.

And who is this?

You are that.

That's the grandma.

Here we go.

Stop, stop!
Peng! Peng! You are dead!

Stop, stop, you traitor!

The wind is getting stronger.
Then we are over there faster.

The tracks are not the same length.
They do not match up.

- That's a huge hole.
- The pressure is on the ropes.

If they are well knotted,
it should work.

We sew that over.

We are almost through.

the old woman in the fabric business was wrong.

Or they get the medication elsewhere.

- We overlooked something.
- Doris Strelzyk.

Strelzyk? These are our neighbors.

Do they have a car too?

A Wartburg, blue.

- He also has a pendant, but ...
- Job?

Electrical engineer.

A true inventor.

Down here in the basement!

I have the son, Frank,

still seen this afternoon.

Yes, it was normal, so ...

There was such a guy who ... and his wife,
they have been visiting lately.

Does he have a name?

Wetzei, Günter Wetzei.

Blue Wartburg with trailer.

Roadblocks at local exits.
They take on this Wetzei.

Border troops on alert.
I need a helicopter.

You did not know anything.

Where are they staying?

Fast fast...

I have to do something shortly.

Crap. We drive upstairs.

We really have to go now.

- Where to put it?
- Behind the trailer.


- papers, please.
- What's going on here?

Papers, please.

I ... I still had that ...

Searching for the Wetzei family.

Paul, is this a Wartburg with a trailer?

Continue driving. Go on, drive on!

Where are they staying?

- What's happening?
- The fucking engine.

If it gets too hot,
the piston jammed.

- And what now?
- Push. And wait until it cools down.

Comrade lieutenant colonel! Captain Merz,
Grenzabschnitt 46, ready for property search!

The section of Frankenheim
to the border is on alert!

- What about the helicopters?
- Ready to go.

Shit crap!

- There you are!
- All good.

- Alright?
- Yes.

- Grab the rope in front.
- Fitscher, come!

- What was going on?
- Scrap mill.

- Did you knot everything?
- Yes.

Then I'll throw the engine.

All in position?

All border troops
on alert.

They can not get through here.

Well, you can go.

Come on, let's get the little ones.

It starts.


This is a hot air balloon.
You do not need to be afraid.

The gloves!

Good, let's go.

Ready? One two Three.

And off.

- Oh no.
- Frank, what's going on?

- That will not do!
- Once again!

- cut the rope through!
- The knife!

- Hold tight!
- Help him!

- I can not do it!
- Pull the rope! Take it out!

- Firmly!
- Come on!

Fire! Fire!

- It's burning!
- Crap!


Where is the fire extinguisher?

I have you.

- Everything OK with you?
- Yes.

Frank ... you're bleeding!

west of Blankenstein.

That's here with us.

Here 557. Fly directly to the border.
Turn off on insert section.


There are headlights.

Is that the limit?

- May be.
- That's a long way off.

There. There he is.

Confirm sighting in the mission section.
Property is located at about 1800 m.

All kids are calling alike
Bummi, rubber.

Bummi, Bummi
Humming, humming, grumbling

Bummi, Bummi

- Freeze the pipes.
- That can not be.

- Then the gas is all.
- We had to heat so much.

We sink.

Here 557. Have lost sight line.

What the hell...

- We still need something for the landing.
- I know. Wait a minute.

It comes.

There in front.

That's it.

Cold, mom ...

I'm cold, mom ...

They probably ran out of gas.

- They can not do that anymore.
- Now we can get her.

Pass our position.
Lock the entire area.

Here 557, border section Blankenstein.

The object is coming
down a kilometer before the border.

Goes down pretty fast.

Damn, there's a power line!

Hold tight!

- Damn it! My leg!
- Günter!


Come over.

Günter, I'll help you.

Come here. I have him.

- Here.
- Did we do it?

- Are we over there?
- How long have we been up?

-28 minutes.
- What? Just?

There is south.

Come on, Peter, let's take a look around.
You are waiting here.

- And?
- No sighting yet, Lieutenant Colonel!

What are you doing?

- Are we here in the west?
- no. In Upper Franconia.

- Yes!
- We are in the west!

- We are in the west!
- We made it!

Yes! Come here!


What is that supposed to do now?

What an effort.

- How many are there?
- We are in the west! Yup!

... of the Lobkowicz Palace.

How many cool nights
would you have to spend here?

That was the question that moved everyone,

while Hans-Dietrich Genscher inside
the embassy officials informed.

"Freedom!" chants the crowd,

as the Federal Foreign Minister
announcing the upcoming departure.

We came to you ...

to let you know,

that's your departure today
became possible. "

That evening
she starts.

Five moves to freedom.

No one would have expected it here so fast.

Scenes of Joy.

Would you have told me that a year ago,
I would have put you in the pats.

- Can we go somewhere else today?
- Clear. Where are you going?

Home, to my parents.

With my wife.
She has to overcome her fear of flying.

Well then...

Subtitle: S. Georgi, A. Kellner