Ballet (1989) - full transcript

Young American ballerina enrolls in a prestigious ballet school in Hungary. She suddenly becomes inexplicably obsessed with Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and her personality completely changes. A young man in love with her investigates.


Fraulein Fraulein....

Yes, it's mine. Thank U.

Thank you.

You American? From Where?

From New York.


I do.
And we met before?

I do not often go out.

My name is Jason.


Nice to meet you.


You came here to dance?

I hope.

Jason, you sleep too long.

I did not sleep all night eyes.

I could not dismiss this Stikermana

I need it. Need!
Whatever it takes.


Stikermana You saw in the catalog?

Yes. It is that of white marble?

What ?!

This Baldeo!

Stikerman bronze, remember!

Covered with black patina with gold

dials and numbers in the Rococo style.

This is Stikerman!

Let's sit down! What are you waiting for?

Stikerman of white marble...

And what did not hear in my life!

Your tea, sir.

Good morning, Carol.

Good morning, maestro.

're Ready to trial?

Yes, sir.
They should start in half an hour.

How many candidates this year?

Around 50.

Not too much choice.

It's a letter from Vienna,

from the theater "an der Wien".

What do they want?

They want to invite you to open their season

one of your ballets.

You know what they say. Is not it?

Yes, sir.

We could take advantage of this chance to live

prestigious location.

I have never suffered thrust
to the prestigious places.

Come on, faster!

Sarah Weiss.

What did they say? How did it go?

Awful. They did not take me.

They are so strict.

They are forced to do the impossible.

The woman said that from
I did not come out of a ballerina.

Claire Hamilton.

Claire Hamilton.

Alicia Cameron.


A complete set?

Now, are you sure?


I think.

You know, now you can Baldeo
buy at every step,

But I'll call you back in any way.
Wait, I can not hear you.

Yes, Mom, I went to audition.

Like a good idea.

No, no, they did not say whether I will.

Asked to come in a couple of days.


Okay. Kiss me dad.

Yes. So Long.


Jason, are you ready?

Auction starts in 15 minutes.

What do you mean? It's three in the morning.

Are you crazy?

Now a quarter to ten.

As long as we get there, everything is
snap up!

= = Okay. I am now.

Devil hours.

Oh, God!

Again, this countess.

Just a nightmare - it pursues
me everywhere!

Vienna, Prague, Budapest.

Wherever I went - it was right there!

She knew nothing about hours,
just repeat after me.

Know what I'm in this case the dog ate.

I lift a finger - she buys
whole lot.

Okay... Okay...

We fool it.

What if the bargain is
other people...


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

Today we are happy to put out a huge

Auctioned antiques from the collection

Each piece goes to the buyer, to the highest

Rates in accordance with the conditions set forth in the catalog

Let's start with the lot ¹1.

Fireplace Austrian
hours late 18th century

with painted dial
and calendar

With exquisite mechanism with two bells,

with two figures on the sides of Poseidon

lacking the trident,

while the siren is missing forearm.

So, who will offer for them
15,000 florins?

15000? 20 thousand?

Anyone suggest more than 20 thousand?

I think I see... Yes, 25, 25 thousand.


Yes, 35,000.

40,000. 45 thousand.


Who will offer more than 50 thousand?


Who will offer more than 55 thousand florins?

55,000. 1, 2, 3!

Sold for 55,000
gentleman in the plaid jacket!

The next lot, lot ¹2 -

beautiful bronze table clock from the Second Empire

a globe
incumbent upon the shoulders of Atlanta.

The watch is in inlaid enamel,

ball decorated with patterns in the neo-baroque,

clock strikes every hour.

Begin trading with 30 thousand?



Who will give 35? 35 thousand.


40,000. 45 thousand.

45000, gentlemen.

Who will offer more than 45?

Yes, 50,000.


60,000! Who is the greatest?


60 thousand have already suggested, sir.

What are you doing?

I would say 70 thousand.

Offered 70 million, ladies and gentlemen.

Who is the greatest?



80,000. 85,000.



200 thousand!

Offered 200 thousand florins,
ladies and gentlemen.

Who will offer more?

200000: one, two, three!


Hi, Claire.

So, it is not true that ballerinas
forever on a diet?

In fact, it is.

Just today - an exception.


Because today is very angry.

Then I will not bother you.


No, do not go.

Where are you going?

Yes, anywhere, in general.

Then maybe pobudesh with me?

I would like to talk to someone.

Yes, of course.

I do not know what came over me.

I am a few months preparing for these samples,

and then,

when they called my name...

I could not move,

if my legs paralyzed.

The same thing happened to me
once in college.


The first exam. I knew the subject, I was preparing
days and nights.

And it will all end?

Nothing. It was the first and last day of
in college.

Now I have a job.

Maybe I should do the same...

I do not know.

Maybe I'm just not fit in a ballerina?

Do you want to try it?

I do not know.

Come on. You should.

You did such a long way for this.

If you want, I'll go there with you.

I would like to have a second chance,

But I also really want to
hurry to leave.


Claire, look.

Statue sculptor of the 18th century, Laos Neumann

depicting the myth of Daphne and Apollo.

Daphne, nymph-Orestiada,

was an unwitting object of love
intentions of Apollo.

She ran away from him, but he pursued her

and almost caught up,

When she prayed to the gods for help

and they turned her into a laurel tree,

from the leaves of which Apollo
made a wreath.

Hey, Claire, what are you doing?

Jason, come here.

Look at this house.

Beautiful, is not it?

I wonder who used to live in it?

The guide word.

Go inside!

Weather. Maybe there is someone still lives.

No, here everything is abandoned.


You see.

Maybe there is another entrance...

Look, another door.

Claire, come on. It is closed.

Look what I found.

How do you know that there a key?

I myself do so.

God Stikerman!

If my uncle saw it, he would have gone mad.

I like this house.

I could live here.

I could not.


Claire! Guess who lived here?


Is not surprising that you enjoyed it here.

Ballerina Who Loved Swan Lake.

I want you to check all the scenery.

Of course, sir.

Here the board walk.

I will correct it.

You need to replace the lower soffits.

Curtain some slack.

I want everything to be redone.

What about schools, maestro?

Tell Madame suspend classes.

We close the school.

Every ballerina dreams dancing
in Swan Lake.

The role consists of two parts:

white swan

and black swan...

good and evil.

And in some of them in love with a prince?

In white.

How can you fall in love with a swan?

In fact, this is not a swan.

This beautiful princess, her
turned into a swan evil sorcerer.

And who then black swan?

Black Swan?

Black Swan - a

another woman,

it as two drops of water like a princess

very insidious.

Just like you.

How do I? Am I insidious?

Of course, you ate my cake.


You can set a very personal question?

I have no boyfriend.

I think,

my true love -

this dance.

Yes, I also do not have a girl.

All the time I spend with the clock, but...

they are not my true love.


This is my room.

Good night.

Where's yours?

Further down the corridor.

I'll walk you to the door.

Here we are.

Do you still want to go on trial with me?

Yes, of course.
Will wait for you at eight in the lobby.

Then until tomorrow.

Good night.


Thank you.

Back, Natalie.

How can I help?

Yes. Seems to have brought flowers to the wrong number.

They are not for me, but for some Natalie.

Flowers? I do not know what to say,
Miss Hamilton.

Ever since I made atonement,
not send flowers.

But you have postoyalitsey named Natalie?

No, Miss. Guests with the same name does not.

Hello. Miss Hamilton had not yet descended?

Miss Hamilton was discharged, sir.

Write out?

Yes, more recently, Mr. Forrest.

But... she left it for you.

"I'm sorry, Jason,
but I decided to go home.

Find me when you get back to New York".

Tell me when plane sits in New York?

Arrival is scheduled for 2:30 local time.

Gate ¹12. Planting will begin
30 minutes.

A nice flight, Miss Hamilton.

Thank you.

Well, Miss Hamilton.

Total 82 dollars.

Sign here, please here.

Thank you.

But... you have signed a different name.

What is another name?

You wrote "Natalie Orvat."

Miss Natalie Orvat,

urge you to go to the information desk.

Miss Natalie Orvat,

Please, go to the information desk

You Miss Natalie Orvat?

Your car is waiting for you.

My car?


The chauffeur is waiting for you at the exit.

Maestro expect.

Here everything remains exactly,

as it was then.

You American?


Take a look?

You interested?

It is a rare thing.

18th century.

Is in the 18th century were able to do
clock with spring suspension?

Although if you think about... Home 19th.


Second Empire.

End of the 19th.

How much you want for them?

Well... In fact, they are not for sale.

But, just for you... Say
80,000 florins?

If you can throw a century,
can throw off 30 thousand?

30 thousand florins? This is not possible.

- I'll pay in dollars.
- In dollars?

Let's see how much is in dollars...


Jason! Where are you zapropastilsya?

I am here, Uncle.

How much will 50 thousand florins in dollars?

- 50?
- Yup.

1233 dollars.



Do you accept credit cards?

- I prefer...
- What about traveler's checks?

Yes. Yup. Wonderful.

No, I will pay.

This is a win-win deal.


Buy old - it is very profitable.


So you did not go?

Where have you been?

I always thought of you.

Why did not you call?


You must have taken me
for someone else.

Claire, what are you talking about?

I have to go.

What is it?

You're not yourself?

Let me go.


My name is Natalie.

Can I help you, sir?

Yes, I would like to make an international call

New York, please.

Number, please.

State code 212.

891 4265.

- booth number 2.
- Thank you.


Hi, this is Claire...

Claire is Jason!

I'm sorry, but now no one can answer the call

If you leave a message, I'll call you back

Good morning.

I would like to apologize for yesterday.

You come here often?

Every day.

I enjoy swans?


I love watching them.

You've found the girl you were looking for?


Not yet.

What is your name?


I stopped at the Gellert.


Do you know him?


I do not think.

What are you doing here?

I do not know myself.

This is me.

I have to go.

No, wait.

We can talk some more?

I can not.

I have rehearsal.

What rehearsal?

I prima ballerina.

Where do you dance?

In the theater Brukentor.

And what a ballet?

Swan Lake.

You should get rid of his body.

I do not want to see any tension.

You have to fly,

Freely as if the air itself.

Now you're white swan...

and soon you will meet the prince.

And his dance

you pray it:

"Save me".

This is the love that you have to dance,

pain of love.


- Hello.
- Hello.

Ticket to the premiere of Swan Lake, please.

Excuse me?

Ticket for Swan Lake.

But Swan Lake this year, do not give.

It should give a few days in the theater

But Brukentor closed.

How close?

There are already many years did not give an idea.

Good evening.

Good evening.

I am looking for a man named Jason.

Jason Forrest?

I think he stayed at this hotel.

Mr. Forrest at,

but I saw him recently.

He must be here somewhere.

One moment, please.

Mr. Forrest?

In the lobby waiting for you young lady.

25000. 30 thousand. 35 thousand.

Who will offer more?




Faster! Faster!

Who will offer more than 60 thousand?


On the ball! Sit down!

Where have you been ?!

Straightened his tie!

And Lot sold for 110 thousand florins!

And now we come to the lot number 28.

Portrait of a Gentleman by an unknown artist

Hungarian school of the late 19th century.

This painting is owned by the family of Festetich

priceless collection was part of the castle Keshteli

Lake Balaton.

Bidding for this picture
start with 15,000 florins.



What ?!



Jason! What are you doing ?!


What ?! 80000 ?!

So, 80 thousand florins, ladies and gentlemen.

Who will offer more?

80000: one, two, three.

Sold for 80,000
gentleman in a plaid jacket.

You need to be treated, you know that?

This stuff is not worth a cent! Why do you need him ?!

Want to take now or we will send it to you?

I'll take now.

You do not know a damn thing about the watch,
, though he spent three years with me,

And now decided to hit the painting ?!

80 thousand florins!
It's more than a thousand dollars!

Your salary
4 weeks - do not forget about it!

Theatre Brukentor.

November 1891.

Swan Lake.

Choreography -

Mariusz Balaka.

Prima Ballerina -

Natalie Orvat.

Natalie Orvat.

Good evening.

Good evening.

I heard that you were looking for company.

Well, I do not know...

I guess I was wrong bathroom.

No, no, no. You read that right.
Come in, please.


You say in English?

Yes, I say.

Translate this for me, please?

"Last night at the theater Brukentor

prima ballerina Natalie Orvat

was the victim of a tragic accident.

Before his going on stage,

she inexplicably
ran out of the theater building

death and was knocked down to passing
crew ".


Yes, please.

"Choreographer Marius Balak,

promised an unusual version of Swan Lake with a new ending,

canceled all representations.

He refuses to see anyone

And as a comment on the incident

That's all?


Thank you.

And what ended the story?

I'm not sure that it was over.


Where have you gone? I was looking for you all morning.

I have collected your bags - we're leaving.

What do you mean?

Your mother was in the hospital.
Here, take this.

- What happened?
- I'll tell you later.

Leave it, I'll watch.

How is she? Really bad?

Not good.

We must hurry. Reach an hour.

Wait, I'll call home.

There's no time.

- How did you know?
- Telegram.

Where is she?

Then tell. At the airport, fast.

Well you stand ?! It not only
your mother, she's my sister.

Get in the car!

Can you tell me what happened?

Car accident.

Car accident?
But she did not drive!

Behind the wheel was her friend.

Show telegram.

I guess I left it at the hotel.
Such a rush...

Hey, podnazhmi a minute!
I said - we hurry!

Stop! I need to call!

No, go.

Stop, I said! I have to go out!

Wait here.

Hello. A Mother ?!

Yes, it's Jason.

I have a right, but how are you?
You hit hard?


Thank God.

And Uncle Joshua said you were in the hospital...

I told you not to call.

Your mother is calling you.

She needs you. She needs you!

I just talked to her, she's fine.

Your mother dies and is calling you.
Did not you hear?

Do not you hear ?!

Are you so heartless ?!

We have to go right now!

You'll come back with me to America!



Someone call for help!
Call an ambulance!

Jason... Jason...

Do not talk.

Now we'll take you to the hospital.



What night?

Swan Lake...

they will show it in the evening.

What does this mean?


I do not understand.

What do you want from me?
I said that I do not understand!

What you tell me ?! Wait a minute!

Yes you wait! The Curse!

Claire! Claire!




I waited for you.

Thought you would never come.


What happened to you?

I was...


Very far.

But now I'm back.

I was so lonely.

I miss you terribly.

I always thought of you.

I love you, Claire.

Lower backdrop.

Extinguish working lights.

Give me the night.

Now the moon.

This is where I want to
narrow beam of light... for her...

When to start?

"Dance - is as old
as humanity itself.

I - memory...

I remember...

I see.

I can see through the darkness of time.

Men with painted faces

and the naked bodies

dance on circle.

In the center - a scarecrow,

God depicting animals,

waiting for its prey ".

" I was elected...

called back to the ancient ritual of life...

My Swan Lake
will be different from others.

It's not a pretty tale ending
triumph of God.

I will bring evil on the scene .

And when it was finally over,

behind the curtain will have no choice,

but emptiness ".

Claire Listen...

Claire, listen to me.

You do not have to dance.

You must leave here with me.

This theater is cursed.

Come with me.

Come on.

Here is dangerous.

We need to escape.



Claire, wake up.

Talk to me.

Say something, please.