Ballerine (1938) - full transcript





Like this?

It's still not focused.
Your face is in the shade.

No, not like that.

Like this?

Yes, that's fine.

Don't move.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

What gorgeous sunshine!

- What's the time? I should go.
- No, Miss, it's still early.

I must be at the theatre by 11.


What a shame we can't stay.

You must have loads of work
at the newspaper,

and so have ll
with theatre and rehearsals,

but I don't mind
because I love dancing.

If you cared for someone
more than for work,

your art wouldn't be
the only thing you think of.

There is someone, my old teacher.
I owe my passion for drama to him.

- I'm afraid it's time to go, Miss.
- Let's go.

Ronchetti, the lights are fine,
shall we try the ballet?

Shall we?

So as to take out some of those figures
I find old-fashioned.

But it's the style of the ballet!

Possibly, but we'll see trying it out
on stage with all the dancers.

One, two. One, two...

Once more.

No, it's not right yet.
A little more sobriety.

Ballet isn't about
doodles and flourishes.

More rhythm, for God's sake!

He's mad because Miss Sandri's late.

Piera, some enthusiasm wouldn't hurt,
as you're no better than the others.

- Are you really in a variety show?
- God willing.


- You're the one who's talking.
- Turn and stop being witty!

Aren't we just so edgy!

Not bad, Fanny. The arm movement
should be a little firmer, wider,

it's too old-fashioned.

Mr Ronchetti wants it like that.


Precisely, Ronchetti.

Why do you keep repeating
the same sequence?

Try the scene with Miss Sandri,
it's far more important.

Miss Sandri's perfect.
It's the other girls who...

It's not the girls you're criticizing,
but the style I've taught them,

which is worth much more than the one
of the prima ballerina...

you're so indulgent with.

Hurry up! Get ready for the scene.
We'll try it on stage. Hurry up!

My dear Mr Palesi, Miss Sandri
is never on time for rehearsals either.

Thank you.

In order to wait for her,
you needlessly tire out all the others.

As long as I'm ballet master, the whole
corps de ballet submits to discipline.

Miss Sandri won't be long now.
It's only for this once.

- Yes, it's always the same old story.
- She must be ill to miss rehearsals.

- Hello, Miss Sandri.
- Hello. This place is always a lake!

Our Star is always cross!

Girls, the diva's coming
with the lead dancer.

An applause...

- Gina, may I use your powder puff?
- Here.

- Who's stolen my powder.
- How should I know?

Piera, can you help with my lipstick?

If you can't put lipstick on
you've never fallen in love. Learn.

My face powder's missing again!
Have you seen it?

- I'll try to learn.
- Good girl.

There's who's got my powder!

- When are we due on stage?
- As usual, when it suits Miss Sandri.

- You're never on time!
- I come when I feel like it.

You take advantage of my protection!

It's always the same story!
After all I do for you.

I'd do as I like if you'd defend me
from that fanatic of Mr Ronchetti.

- Don't shout!
- I'll do as I please!

- What will they think of me?
- What they always do, you idiot!

You're wasting more of my time now!


I'm going on stage, girls.

- The bell hasn't rung yet.
- You're always so zealous.

- Fanny's such a child.
- She's so naive.

-I can't stand naive girls.
- No wonder, it's just not you.

Poor Fanny, it's not her fault.
Ronchetti's her adoptive father.

She's like in 2 nunnery with him.

If I were his adoptive daughter,
I'd have fled ages ago.

Poor pussy...

Dancers in place for rehearsal!


Miss Sandri begs you to wait a moment.

See what level of indiscipline
we've reached with your Miss Sandri?

At last you'll learn
what your protégée's worth.

Fanny, you'll take Miss Sandri's part.

You know my ideas. You'll be perfect.

Maestro, please, the entrance again.

Please sirs, letter C.

- But Miss Sandri's coming...
- No, I've decided. Fanny will dance.

You take note of the right style
and teach Miss Sandri if you can.

No, Miss Sandri, no!
It's too late now, please leave.

We're not here to suit your wishes.

I protest! It's not fair,
after all... for a short delay.

- Let's call it... a delay.
- Please!

Come on,
let's not waste any more time.

Enough! The premiere's tomorrow,
there's no point in discussing.

Very true, director,
but this isn't a slight disagreement.

Miss Sandri has a contract
and can't be treated this way.

Come on, Miss Sandri.

No way! I'm still the master here
and my contract gives me full power.

Fanny, stay and continue,
you're perfect.

It's not about style,
but about Fanny's interests.

Do you think I can't see
what your goal is?

No! My goal, you dunce,

is to avoid having classical ballet
crippled by an amateur like you,

who actually claims to modernize it!

Do you think
that with my 30 years' experience

I'll be insulted by any newcomer?
Good God, no!

No! I'll show you I can still...

Mr Palesi!

Quick, a doctor!

It's nothing, dear, don't be scared.

Remember, it takes great willpower
to achieve success, great.

Persevere, Fanny.
Persevere... Always.

You've found America, haven't you?
Alittle trip at the paper's expense.

Softly, softly, catchee monkey.
I wouldn't tell anyone if I were you.

You'll never change,
but I'm not superstitious.

Have a look, Mr Brandi.

I wrote, "The audience was very large"
not "very thick".

Mr Proto knows better than you.

If you gave him free rein, this crappy
drama supplement would be wittier.

- You're a third-rate journalist.
- What?

Mr Brandi, something
must've happened at the Opera.

The director asks you
to go there immediately.

What am I to do? Just my luck!
It's today I have the drama supplement.

Calm down, I'll go to the Opera.
I'll tell them.

Listen sir, I'm really sad.

I'd like Fanny to understand that ...

I know, Miss Sandri.
It's logical for you to say so...

After all, Fanny's so kind.

Be strong.

Mr Ronchetti must be an example
of passion and diligence for us.

His last words were
words of encouragement and faith.

Tonight's performance is cancelled,
but let's carry on with the rehearsal.

It's possibly the best way
to remember him.


Fanny, I'd like to be close to you
at such a moment.

I know he was like a father to you.

Consider me as a friend whose devotion
and love you can always count on.

- May I see you home?
- Thank you.

- Have you lived here for long?
- Yes, almost 12 years.

Yet it feels so unfamiliar,
so empty today.

Mementos of his career.

He really was a great teacher.

He was like a father to me.

You must try to forget, Fanny.

Don't stay here tonight.
I can't leave you alone.

What is it? A memento?

He gave me this rabbit as a joke
for my debut, because I was scared.

When I was sad...

he made it dance to cheer me up.

Come on.

Stop crying.

Come now.

#My paradise is high above,#

#among those
thousands lights and glows.#

#A place with no love,
yet no pain or disappointment.#

# want to be here tonight,
in the anguish and pain.#

#into reality,
begging for a little love.#

#If a violin gently sings to me,#

#no more will my life belong to you.#

#My paradise is high above,#

#among lights and brief splendours,#

#where all joy is to fade...#

My dear Miss, you'll get 100 Liras...

if you change song!
This one makes me sad.

Micropulos pushes it too far.

He drinks like a fish and acts silly.

I'm too tired to appreciate
this swindler's feats.

Let's go.

Give my greetings
to the great industrialist.


Here you are, my girl.
Not bad for a debut,

but I never want to hear such
melancholic songs in this club again.

People don't like them.

Don't they? That man was moved
by his booze, not my song.

- Have they left?
- Yes.

Good, or I could've ended up
marrying one of them tonight.

Women are like sugared almonds.

You've got to break your teeth
before you get to the almond.

- They call it love! Cheers.
- Cheers.

A woman!

Hey, Miss!

Please, do have a glass of champagne
with us. We're all alone.

Thank you,
you may keep your champagne.

Your harsh remark gained me
the manager's reproach

and I'm supposed to celebrate
with you? What next?

Did he tell you off? Why?

Don't you see she's the one who sang,
#My paradise is...#

Apologies, I hadn't recognized you!

Can't see much of you in this dress,
but in your ball gown...

You look very pretty like this too,

but I'll see to it that you'll always
have a gorgeous ball gown.

- Waiter! Fetch the manager.
- Yes, sir.

Please, join us at our table.

I'll get you to sing
at the Metropolitan if you wish.

I can if I want. It all comes down
to money in this world, trust me.

- Very true.
- Lovely girl, isn't she?

There are still some lovely girls around
and I'm instantly touched.

Manager, listen,
this lady's worth paradise.

And "Paradise” is very good,
let her sing it every evening.

I'll give you a nice present now.

I'll get you a nice dinner, right?
Leave it to me.

No "leave it to me"! Nothing
for the stomach, but for the heart.

An idea... That bottle.

It may be empty, but you'll see...

You'll like it
once it's sealed properly.

- Like this. Let's go, my friends.
- I'll meet you at the notary's at 11.

- I'll wait for you at the bank.
- The notary at 11, the bank at 12...

- The option expires tomorrow.
- And you at 3 at my hotel, on time.

Come on, tell me something,
about an adventure, a dream.

I'll come to your place, we'll have
caviar and listen to the radio.

Are you tired? That's what we lack
in our cultured and decrepit Europe.

We sleep too much here.
I live in America...

As for me, it doesn't show,
but I almost never sleep.

Do you know what's the first thing
I'd do if I were rich? Guess.

I'd sleep for days on end,
for whole weeks, until sated.

And no one should wake me.

Not to say
what I'd do to my alarm clock.

Tell me, you who know everything,
who invented alarm clocks?

What an invention!
The worst ever made.

I won't fall, I'm wide awake.

Come on!

- Who's there?
- Ah, it's you, Miss Fanny!

They put you in this room.
I'm sorry, I came in for the pen.

I knew you'd be at the hotel,
but not that you were here.

Tell me, why was the key in the door?

-I don't know, but leave now.
- Would you like that?

- I didn't know where to go, you know.
- I understand.

- I couldn't stay in that house.
- You did the right thing.


Dear Fanny, I'm your devoted friend.


I apologize.

Thank you, Mario.
Let's stay good friends.

You believe me, right?

My life has been very different
from what one would think.

Up to today,
Ronchetti saw me as a child,

and I only live off my work,
for my art.

This art is my only passion.
Don't think I want to mislead you.

- Please leave, you understand.
-I do.

Go now, I'm so tired.

- I feel so sleepy.
- Farewell.

- Farewell, Mario.
- I'm going.


Poor Fanny, close your eyes and
sleep well. I'll switch off the light.





Miss, come. You're an angel.

- Miss...
- Miss Piera left ages ago.

She must be rehearsing.
She's so good.

Well, not that good. You shouldn't
be here this morning, sir.

I shouldn't allow it, it's not nice.
But Piera's young and has to enjoy life,

though that's not
how she'll make a fortune.

She's too kind, too sentimental.

I keep saying so, too unselfish,
that's what she is.

Take me, I could have married
a great industrialist.

- Really?
- But what do I do? I rent out rooms.

Listen, put all her stuff in a trunk.

The driver will come later
to collect everything.

From now on Miss Piera
will live at the Excelsior.

Send everything except the alarm clock.
This is for you.

I can't marry her. Unfortunately
I'm an industrialist too. Farewell.

#Far away, this wandering heart,
on the false paths of the world...#

Sorry, am I disturbing?

Having read your letter
I wanted to at least say goodbye.

I've had enough too. There's never
been any jealousy between us.

- Isn't that true, Mario?
- No, you know me well.

This is serious, it's the first time.
It's so serious I must leave you.

I don't mean to blame you.
It's been a lovely period for me.

Let's part as good friends,
as we've always been.

Thanks for your understanding.
This is something different.

I can see that.

One last kiss then.

You're very kind to come
with me every morning.

- But I don't want to waste your time.
- You know I'll soon be leaving.

I'm only sorry each day that goes by
takes me a little further from you.

Gorgeous flowers, aren't they?

Jump on too, Mario.

- Nice coat, isn't it?
- You bet, it's a model.

You can't imagine the hell Palesi
and Sandri are putting Fanny through.

But this morning
Fanny told the director about it.

I handled the director with a few words,
"Glad not to see you again!"

- Trust me, I said it with all my heart.
- You were jolly well right.

- Hello girls!
- Fanny!

- We're all dying to know how it went.
- What did you tell the director?

- Has Miss Sandri been dismissed?
- Are you to be the prima ballerina?

Was the director nice to you?

Yes, very, but it's useless,
I'm leaving.

How can that be?

The director knows I'm right,
but Sandri has Palesi, the contract,

the so-called favour of the public,

so unfortunately, as you well know,
it's the same old story.

You don't need anyone Fanny,
you'll make it on your own,

and you'll enjoy such successes
Miss Sandri wouldn't even dream of.

My friends, Fanny will be famous.
Don't you think?

- Rest assured of it Fanny.
- Miss Sandri's scared of Fanny.

- And we'll all be against her.
- We'll avenge you, Fanny.

Great, thanks. Honestly I don't care
about success that much anymore.

After all, I wasn't sad to say goodbye
to that old ballet school.

I always got treated so badly.

I'm only sad for you.

You'll have to find
somewhere else to work.

- You could do with a recommendation.
- You're right, but whose?

I'll recommend you
to the manager of the Kursaal.

Paper please.

Then Micropulos will introduce you
to the dancer Alexa.

You're so kind, dear.

You always take care of everyone,
but never tell us about yourself.

We can see you're happy.

I am and I don't even really know why,

as luxury and money
aren't enough to be happy.

I hardly ever see him.
He's always away for business!

But I love him.
I've been deeper in love in the past,

but this time, at least for me,
it's very different... More serious.

Good morning, ladies.

Hello, darling.

Please don't move.
You're surprised to see me.

I got a few unexpected
moments of freedom.

Dear friends, I know you all.
Piera has told me a lot about you.

You're all pretty and I'm very glad
you keep her company,

because unfortunately,
I'm an awful companion.

Please, feel at home.

Fanny, you stay.

How wicked to leave me so soon.

- Bye.
- Goodbye dear.

I'll be waiting for you tomorrow,
right after rehearsals.

Shall we eat together and then have
a ride in the car, just the two of us?

I'd love that dear, but I can't today.

I see! You're meeting Mario.

- He'd like to marry me.
- And you're in love with him.

What an idea!

Say the truth, I'm never wrong.
I've some experience in these affairs.

No, he's leaving in a few days.
He only wants to say goodbye.

And you want to say goodbye
day after day so that he stays.

You'd do better to think about your work
which is more dependable.

Don't trust him.
I'm an expert in heartbreaks.

Thank you dear.

- Farewell.
- Good luck.

- Good morning ma'am.
- Good morning.

- I've brought the photos.
- Really? Let's have a look.

There's nothing good, my friend.

I already know all these dancers.

Look at this one.

- Listen, Piera.
- Tell me.

Help me with this damn button,
I never can.

Thank you dear. So I'll go down
and introduce Fanny to Alexa,

but I'll do it fast because
I have the board of directors at six.

Have a good rest.

But I'm already perfectly rested.

Then rest for me too.

- See you later.
- See you later.

By the way, there's something
I meant to tell you...

What was it?

It was very important
and I can't remember it now.

Come in.

Yes, I remember now!
It was that hat for you. Bye!

Look, you can choose either of them.
They're all good dancers.

No, you see, I need
an outstanding prima ballerina.

Look at this one.

- Let's see... No.
- Why?

- Do you like Alexa?
- She's my ideal teacher.

You can always talk
to an ideal who drinks Vermouth.

I'll introduce you now.

Here you are.

- Mrs. Alexa.
- Oh, Micropulos.

May I introduce
a fervent admirer of yours?

She's the best dancer
of the new generation.

Nice to meet you.

Me saying this wouldn't count,
as I'm no expert,

but I vouch for her.

Well, we'll see about an audition
one of these days.

No, right now.
Either you do it now or never.

I'll take you to the theatre in my car.
Let's go right now.

Why such haste?

- Are you an agent too?
- Yes, a secret agent!

- That was good. What's your name?
- Fanny.

- Well done, Fanny.
- She comes from a good school.

- Shall we sign her up?
- Certainly.

Really? Thank you!

Shall we go?


Let's drink to our love.

And how long will it last?



Mimi's sad farewell.

This passionate music
has always touched me,

but this evening...
I don't know, it disheartens me.

I love you.

I told you it was
a very interesting opera.


Don't stop, dear. Let's go.


You here?
Why don't you come to my loge?

Allow me to introduce Mr Varandi.

And allow me, ma'am,
to introduce my fiancée.

Congratulations, Fanny.

I can assure you, Mr Varandi,
your wife will have a great future.

I'm sure of it ma'am,
but not as a dancer.

- You don't mean...?
- Yes, ma'am.

Fanny won't be other than Mrs Varandi.

Don't take it badly, but it seems
too little for talent like Fanny's

and you'll share my view.
Just wait.

Impossible, ma'am.
I'm sailing off on Thursday

and Fanny's success
wouldn't benefit our love.

What are you on about?
Fanny mustn't abandon her work.

- And what do you have to say?
-I can't say anything.

I'm sorry to cause such trouble,

but I think you'll find a way
to replace Fanny.

I can't believe
this is actually your last word.

It's the last.

- We can't talk about this here.
- Goodbye.

Do you mind?

I don't want to think about it,
I'm so happy.

If she doesn't comply with the contract
she'll have to bear the consequences.

Fanny's in love,
nothing else matters to her.

I think dancing does, she's too
passionate about it. Leave it to me.

I'll convince her.

After all the work and sacrifices,
to give up such an opportunity!

It would be an unforgivable mistake.

But I love him.

If he really loves you,
how could he ask so much of you?

You can't see it's a useless sacrifice.

Trust me, this renouncement
would lead to a hopeless clash.

Stop tormenting me, I beg you.

You've been fighting
since you were a child.

This is possibly the chance of your life
and you give up? You renounce?

This is madness.

You're an artist, you must consider
your life as linked to a mission,

that only an artist can appreciate.

Art is the only path to happiness.

You've almost reached your goal
and want to back out.

But I want to...
I have to stop you at all costs.

- Please leave.
- I will, but with you.

Think about what your poor teacher
would say if he were here.

Think about it.

What would he say,
if he were here, listening to you?

All the cabins are booked,

you can leave on Saturday,
on another ship.



I think the ballet is just right.

- I'm satisfied with you.
- Thank you.

If you dance like this tomorrow
we're sure to be a success.

Rest now and tomorrow
come to the theatre eagerly.

- You've got the message, right?
- Goodnight.

- Thank you too, maestro.
- You're welcome.

Very good, Fanny,
but don't get tired for tomorrow.

Go home now, I don't want to see you
here before the performance.

I'm not at all tired,
it feels like a dream.

If you're really not tired
I'd try the finale again.

As you please, but you'll excuse me,

we rehearse in the morning
and I need a few hours of sleep.

- I'm rather tired. Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

- Where do we start, maestro.
- The second part of the finale.

- Good?
- Indeed.

You've been marvellous today, Fanny.

Tomorrow will no doubt be a success,

but what really counts is the joy and
the certitude, that you've accomplished

something that not even
tomorrow's ovations could better.

Only we can understand this.

It's true, you were right.

I'm glad I got back to my work.

Very good! Congratulations!


Don't go back to the hotel now.
I'll take you to Piera at the Excelsior.

No, I must go to him.

You should understand, Mario.

I've understood it all and I'm not sad
about leaving any more.

Don't say that. You know I love you,
but you're asking too much, Mario.

I've perfectly understood,
we're too different.

You're a star, a genius,
and geniuses need understanding.

Ambition consumes you.

You can't give up the ovations.

You care more for success
than for my love,

so we'd better each follow
his own destiny, do you understand?

No Mario, listen.

You can't leave me like that.

Tell me, do you expect me
to come and applaud you?

Don't be unfair.

Dance has been
my only purpose in life...

Until now.

You don't see. How could I
have confidence in the future,

if this damn dance
drives us apart that much now?

Do you think I could marry a woman
whose purpose in life is the stage?

No, my dear!
You're not the right wife for me.

Is this what you have to say?
You're a poor bourgeois!

And you're a poor little dancer
who'll never understand me.

Couldn't you try understanding
each other tomorrow? We'd like to sleep.

- You're a bourgeois and vulgar!
- And stupid too

for having illusions about you,
thinking you'd prefer something nobler.

Here's eternity for you.
Like these flowers!

Good morning ma'am,
may I ask if you slept well?

- Well, thank you.
- The sun's lovely.

What's the time?
It must be late, I've slept a lot.

It's you, dear. Yes, thanks.
Are you sure you're free this evening?

I want to go to Fanny's premiere.
No problem, don't worry, see you later.

- Good, get my breakfast.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Are you happy, Leone?
- Nobody's happy.

- Really?
- I'd think so.

- How long have you been at this hotel?
- Almost two years.

- Where were you before?
- Far away, in America.

Really, how was it?

Nice, but all that matters there
is business.

I don't find it strange.

Industrialists are always
very busy here too.

That's true,
but it's a passion for Americans.

Such a strong passion
they pass it on to whoever lives there.

- Really?
- To the point they neglect even love.

I see.

Do you think that's nice? Come on!

Hurry up, grip!

The spiral goes next to the lift.

It's you! You haven't left then
and you were right not to.

It would be too unfair for Fanny.

I'm here to avoid giving my departure
such an excessively tragic tone.

I'm leaving at midnight.

Mrs Alexa!

- Should the second arch be brighter?
- No, it's fine as it is.

Why didn't you try convincing her too?

You're young, Varandi, and don't know
what you're losing for stubbornness.

My fault? What next?

I'm saying you can only blame yourself.

- Set the lights!
- Bring that reflector over.

Varandi, you have to understand
the woman you love.

There's no point in going on,
we don't agree. You're on Fanny's side.

- You're selfish.
-I said there's no point in discussing.

If she'd quit the theatre
I would have married her.

I think it's pointless to discuss too,
your ideals are so different.

- Tell Fanny... No, I'll do it. Farewell.
- Farewell.

- But are you sure you won't regret it?
- More than sure.

Chin up Miss, don't be intimidated.

You've worked hard, but you'll have
the joy of asserting yourself.

Relax, you're not
due on stage for a while.

Success is assured.
Nothing else matters.

I am to deliver them
personally to you, Miss.

Hyacinths. You see? Someone
still remembers my favourite flowers.

- Maestro, just a few minutes to go.
- Yes.

Chin up and no regrets.





A grand audience, Miss.
Come and see from backstage.

- What are you doing?
- I'm leaving.

- Where are you going?
- I'm quitting theatre forever.

Where's Miss Fanny?

In her dressing room, there's time.
Do you want me to call her?

No, leave it, I'll go.

- Have you gone mad, Fanny?
- Yes, mad.

Have you heard? Fanny doesn't want
to dance. Alexa's replacing her.

She won't make it in time.

- Is it me you want?
- No, Fanny.

Who are you looking for then?

Why do you want to know?
What do you care?

Nothing, I thought
you'd already left for America.

I'm leaving. Weren't you supposed
to be on stage this evening?

I'm going to be!

I'd said you wouldn't leave. It happens
when you get your ticket too soon.

You're wrong, it's just a short delay.

Mr Varandi, would you take the mike?

- No.
- Just one moment, please.

Congratulations. Would you deign us
with a few words about your plans?

- Hurry up.
- Why hurry?

Our kind listeners are curious
to hear about a new star's plans.

Follow my artistic career
and preserve my personal freedom.

Poor Fanny, you're nothing
but a little ballerina.

- It's for such a man that you...
- Leave!

Platform three, this way.
The train's about to leave.

I have my ticket.

Have a safe journey!

- So the theatre was packed?
- Yes, it hadn't been so full for years.

Fanny was great, really.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Hello? Room 25, please send up two
cocoas and plenty of pastries. Thanks.

- What's up? Are you leaving?
- You're right.

Why's the room still untidy?

- Haven't you seen Mr Micropulos?
- No, I was sleeping.

- Do you mind, ma'am?
- He was busy as usual.

- But Mr Micropulos has left.
- Left? Where for?

Madam doesn't seem to be informed.
Mr Micropulos has left for Genoa.


- When?
- Without telling you?


What a sweet way of leaving.
But it's no surprise after all.

I'm not the kind to have illusions.

I wouldn't have blamed him,
but leaving without a word...

Don't torment yourself, Piera,
you'll come back with us.

Must I leave now?
Couldn't I stay another few days?

Mr Micropulos has paid up to today.

I think he also left
a letter for you downstairs.

I must beg you. Good day, ma'am.

I'm terribly sorry, Miss,
but ll can't do anything about it.

Who is it? Ah, it's you Fanny!

I was in there for a contract.

Sorry, I don't want to disturb you.

No, I'm going back to dancing.
Wait for me at the café. Do you mind?

All right, I'll wait for you there.

We're back
to the variety music program.

"You're my paradise”.

#My paradise is high above...#

- Anything else?
- No thanks.

#Amid those thousands lights
and splendours.#

#A place with no love,
yet no pain or disappointment.#

# want to be here tonight,
in the anguish and pain.#

#into reality,
begging for a little love.#


#If a violin gently sings to me... #


#no more will my life belong to you.#

#My paradise is high above,#

#among those lights
and brief splendours.#


#Where all joy of a new love is to fade.#