Ballad of a White Cow (2020) - full transcript

Mina's life is turned upside down when she learns that her husband Babak was wrongly accused of the crime for which he was executed. The bureaucracy apologizes for the miscarriage of justice and holds out the prospect of financial compensation. As an act of self-respect and for the sake of her deaf daughter, Mina takes up the fight against an apparatus marked by cynicism; she demands an apology. Just as money is running out and she loses her flat, a stranger named Reza shows up. He claims to have owed Babak a debt that he now wants to settle.

And recall when Moses said to his people:
"Allah commands you to slaughter a cow".

They answered:"Do you make a mockery of
us?" Quran - Surah of the Cow (Al Baqarah)

I'm here for a visit.

It's not visiting hours.

He's about to be executed.

Ballad of a White Cow

Are you taking me to a movie today?

No, I can't.

- It's Tuesday.
- I have things to do at home.

We'll watch a film together, okay?

Why are you frowning?

I'm not frowning.
I'm just tired.

- I'm not going back to school.
- Why not?

- I asked why not.
- Because I don't like them.

What did they do?

Do you think you can
stop going to school?

And never learn to read?

And not work?

I don't want to work.

I'll come and speak to your teacher.

My teacher is mean.
I hate school.

Don't you want
a good job when you grow up?

I don't want to work.

How will you take
care of me when I'm old?

I kept calling,
but you didn't answer.

We turn off our phones at the factory.

You turn off your phones at the factory.

Am I no longer welcome in your home?

Bita's asleep. It's 11pm
and I have work in the morning.

I was just joking.

Dad said he misses Bita.

Tell Mina to come visit.

He thinks Babak had some savings
and you are hiding it from us.

Tell him they won't give me time off.

Stop wearing black.
Put yourself first sometimes.

He's been gone a year.

There was nothing
we could've done, it was written.

Put a little fun in your life.

Stop torturing yourself.

Sit here until I come back, okay?

Come in.

- Did he leave a retirement pension?
- No.

When was he executed?

One year ago.

- I've told you all this before.
- When?

A few months ago, when I applied.

I can't promise you anything,
but they should give you something.

- Can you tell me how much?
- The same amount as for having a deaf child.

- Which is?
- Around 200,000 tomans a month.

But you'll need to wait a few weeks for the
Board to decide, hopefully in your favor.

- How old is your daughter?
- She's seven.

- Is her deafness hereditary?
- No.

What happened?

I had a stressful pregnancy.

Why didn't you request welfare then?

We were financially
stable and didn't need it.

Mina, why so late?

- Hello.
- Hello.

- I was at the welfare office.
- What did they say?

We have to wait for the council to decide.

They need a decision
about peanuts!

I made extra dinner if you want some.

You shouldn't have.
I'll make something for us.

I made extra. This is for you.

Thanks, I'll let Bita in,
and be back.

- Okay. I'll wait.
- Thanks.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Don't worry about your late rent.
I spoke to my husband about it.

- I'll pay in the next couple of weeks.
- Okay.

I saved some empty jars for you.
I'll get them.


- Thanks a lot.
- What for?

- Good bye.
- Bye.

- How was school today?
- Bad.

- Why?
- I told my teacher I dropped out.

Why did you tell her that?

She failed me in "discipline".

Why did she fail you?

For not having a gym uniform.

Why didn't you tell
me to buy you one?

Do you have money?

Yes I have.
Don't you worry.

Why don't we ask Daddy for some?

Daddy's gone far away.
He's not there anymore.

To another prison?

Daddy wasn't a prisoner.

He worked there to make money for us.

Now he's somewhere else, studying.

Do you know what prison is?

Mrs Eghbali, Main Office.

- Did you page me?
- There's a call for you.


How can I help you?

Yes, my phone was off.
And you are?

What time tomorrow?


- Hello.
- Please.

- Are you the widow of Babak Parsa?
- Yes.

And are you his brother?

Yes. My father is ill and
I have his power of attorney.

I'm sorry for rushing this process.

Last month the first witness from
your husband's file visited us.

He claimed that the second witness
was in fact the murderer.

We reopened the case
and investigated his claim.

It seems they had
a disagreement over money,

and one of them accused the other.

Based on the eyewitness accounts and the
signed confession of the second witness,

we are now certain that he is
in fact the real murderer.

What are you saying?

It seems that the victim, Rashedi, was
only knocked out by Babak's punch.

He was alive when your brother
ran away from the scene of the crime.

The second witness noticed
and killed Rashedi with a blow to the head.

Apparently both witnesses
owed Rashedi a lot of money.

That's why Babak
thought he was guilty,

and why the judges did too.

So a mistake has been made
and we are very sorry about it.

We take full responsibility and compensate
you with the full price for an adult male.

270 million tomans
will be paid to the heirs.

Of course, nothing can replace
your husband and brother,

but it was, after all, God's will.

If you wish, you may see the murderer.
He has asked to beg for your forgiveness.

You're still very young.

You have to accept your fate
and raise your daughter with dignity.

You have to be strong.
You're all she has.

She reads your face
to see how you are.

Drink this.
It'll help you relax.

You need to find a way to forget.

Some use drugs, some get drunk,
some like me watch Turkish series.

Guilty or innocent, the poor man is gone.

It makes no difference now.

What was important
is buried in the ground.

Don't waste your time.

Judge Amini isn't here,
neither is his clerk.

If you have a complaint,
complain about the judge.

Why do you keep coming here every day?

- Where should I go?
- To the judge's court.

And complain to them about themselves?

My innocent husband was executed!
Who should I report it to?

Why are you asking me?
I'm only a guard, I'm no one.

So who should I ask?

Can you give my letter
to the Court of Appeals?

What will a letter be good for?
Sit and write.

- Hello.
- Hi.

My name is Reza.

I'm a friend of Babak...
May he rest in peace.

How are you?

I was sorry to hear about Babak.

I came to see you
about a debt I owe him.

He never mentioned being owed money.

Actually, he gave me
the money to do something.

What was your name?

I'm Reza... Esfandiari.

We were spending more time together
before he married you.

I visited him in prison once.

I shouldn't have spoken
in front of the child,

I'm sorry.

Bita can't hear.

Did you know that
Babak was innocent?

The real murderer confessed.

Did you know that?

Yes, I heard.

I'm sorry.

How much did you owe him?

Around ten million.

He never mentioned it!

I'm sorry that it took so long,

forgive me.

Don't apologize.
What's important is that you came.

Here it is.

There was no need to rush.

I didn't need the money that much.

It had to be done at some point.

Is it all right if I leave?
I'm running late.

I could give you a lift.

I need to pick up
my daughter and go to work.

We can go and get her.

It's not fair to you.
I work far away from here.

You'll get there faster with me.

And actually, there's something else.

I changed my shift
to go to the bank today.

What about your daughter?

They said I could bring her with me.

Do you have relatives in Tehran?

We have a neighbor I get along with.

Thank you for the money.

It was the right thing for me to do.

"The right thing" doesn't
mean much these days.

Those who wrongly executed my husband don't
believe that it's the right thing to answer me.

How was he wrongly executed?

No one believed him
when he said he was innocent.

In the end, they made him
believe that he was guilty.

Now they think that they can fix things with
money and send another person to the gallows.

From now on,
it's out of your hands.

It's never been in my hands.

I wish I could get my hands on them.

But they didn't know.

We have no control over death.

Then what about Babak's death?

I don't know,

maybe it was ordained by God.

We all die someday.


But the way we die is important.

Didn't you want to say something?

No... that's all.

He wants to sue you
for being an unfit mother.

I told him I'd talk to you
to convince you to live with us.

We'll use this damned "blood money"
to rent a decent house,

where we could live together.

But he won't listen,

and neither will you.

You've been alone long enough.
You need to get yourself together.

If you pull yourself together,
that'll shut him up.

But you won't listen.


- Hi!
- Hi, come here, please.

I was coming to tell you that I have
the rent and will pay it tomorrow.

Thank you. There's no rush.

I'm sorry it's late.

Mina, one more thing.

My husband saw you let
an unrelated man into your home.

He's furious.

He wants you to move out
by the end of the month.

I am so sorry.

It might be better for you.

Go live somewhere where you can relax.

My husband is crazy.
He's paranoid.

- Hello.
- Hello. Yes?

I want to place an ad
demanding an official apology for slander.

- Did you bring your documents?
- Documents? Yes.

Is it for yourself?

My husband.

What happened?

He was wrongly executed.

It's out of my hands.

We'd like to take your money,

but landlords won't
rent to a single woman.

But I have a child.

You're divorced, that makes it worse.

My husband passed away.

Hello, Haji. How are you?

I sent someone with the keys.

He'll be there soon.

Good, I'll take care of it.

Yes... God bless you.

Widows, dog and cat owners and junkies
will be rejected.

If you hide information, it's risky.

Some people recently
lied to the landlord

and he threw their things
onto the street.

Everyone is on edge.

I don't want you to run into problems.

I will never forgive myself.

How could I've been so sure
that your husband killed mine?

Now my husband is dead
and they murdered yours.

I haven't slept since I heard
your husband was innocent.

I was too ashamed to visit you.

You have the right to keep your door shut.

Today, we forgave
my husband's real murderer.

I beg you to forgive us.

- How much for three copies?
- 6,000 tomans.

- Hello.
- It's you!

- How are you?
- Fine, and you?


What are you doing here?

A friend's office is nearby.

- Really?
- Yes.

I came to buy a paper.

I demanded an official apology for Babak.

Do you want to see?

Mineral water, please.


- I'm happy to see you.
- Me, too.

But I have to go.
I'm meeting a real estate agent.

What for?

I have to find a new place.

See you later.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Mrs Eghbali!

Is this place really that cheap?

It's very nice.

It's what the last tenants paid.

They've just moved out.

I think you can get a lot more.

It's very old.

- I'm going to tear it down.
- Too bad.

You could fix it up.


I'll have someone clean it up.

You can bring your things in a few days.

I have some furniture in storage,
you could use it if you want.

I can tell the cleaner to bring it up.

- Please don't trouble yourself.
- It's no trouble.

- Have you had lunch?
- I had a late breakfast.

- I'll go and get some take-out.
- Don't bother.

I'm hungry.
I'll be right back.



You're too kind.

Let me know if you change your mind.
It's okay.

It really is nothing.

You should start packing.

How can I repay you?


Sorry that I don't have my car today.

You need to go this way.

The subway station is a block away.

I'll be on my way.

- Goodbye.
- Bye.




Where've you been all week?

I was busy.

You wouldn't even answer your phone.

What did you want?

What did I want?
I was worried.

Why did you cut your hair?

For my military service.

When are you leaving?


Where to?

- South.
- What part?

What do you care?

Wasn't I supposed to get you
an exemption from service?

No need.
You're busy enough with your job!

I resigned.

After you sentenced that poor man to die?

How do you know about that?

His wife's letter was on your desk.

I read it.

I didn't know that he was innocent.

The other judges agreed
to the death sentence.

You're all the same.

Someone has to do the judging.

What would all these criminals
do if there were no death penalty?

What they do in places
that don't have the death penalty?

It was my first death sentence.

You'll soon get used to it, then.

I'm trying to help
his wife and child.

I told them that I made a mistake,

and they forgave me.

Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?

I don't want you to do anything for me.

I'll stay out of your way.

The boss asked me to come see you.

He's very upset by your behavior.

Since all the judges made the same mistake,
it must have been God's will.

We can't deny people their rights.

The death penalty
is a human right.

- How are you so sure?
- Allah, forgive us our doubts!

God's word cannot be wrong!

God's retaliation is the essence
of our lives. Surah of the Cow.

The Prophet himself made a judgment
based on the testimony of two witnesses,

and you did the same.

- Two witnesses who were murderers.
- Were you aware of that?

I should never have moved
to the criminal court.

Why does it bother you?
He confessed.

He confessed to a crime he didn't commit.

We are to blame.

If we had given him a life sentence,
we would be able to release him now.

We can't change the law for one person.

You're saying that the death penalty
is irreversible,

but a life sentence isn't?

Can someone get back
20 years spent in prison?

It's only your first death sentence
and you're losing it already?

I don't want this job anymore.

If you don't come back now,
you can never come back, Reza.

Just ask Haji to send
the blood money to the widow.

As you wish.

Inshallah you won't end up
paying for this.

Good bye.

Sir, I need to pour some water.
Could you get up?

Go ahead.

I'm not feeling well and I'm a bit hoarse.

I had the apartment cleaned.

It was no trouble.

You can move in tomorrow.

The upstairs neighbor has the keys.

Just tell her your last name,
and she'll give them to you.

I'll come with someone tomorrow
at noon to fix the boiler.

Do you remember the address?


- Hi.
- Hi.

My name is Eghbali.

Panbeh, stay inside!

I'm sorry.

Mr. Esfandiari told me to get the keys
for the apartment downstairs from you.

Yes, that's right.
Doesn't he go by another name?

- I don't think so.
- Are you moving in?

My daughter and I.

- Are you related?
- Yes.

- Do you need any help?
- No, thank you.

I'll be back with the keys.

I won't invite you in,

I had guests last night and
the place is a mess, sorry.

Of course.
I'll wait right here.

Put the wardrobe in the corner.

- Hello.
- Hello, come in.

Thank you.

- Are you well?
- You're working hard.

The house is very clean, thank you.

No worries.

The heater is under the stairs.

What's that dog doing in the yard?

It's from upstairs.
It likes to play outside.

Don't let it inside.
It's impure.

No, he's not. He's a pet.

Sorry, I only have tea to offer you.

- Do you want some?
- If it's no trouble.

- Thank you so much.
- Please, have a seat.

The heater hasn't been used in years.

It needs to be replaced.

Weren't there tenants here before?

- Go ahead and replace it.
- Yes, sir.

- Have some.
- Thanks.

Did you bring the lease?

No, I forgot.

We can write a lease at the agency nearby.

There's no rush.
We'll write it up later.

I won't be able to get
time off these days.

I'm sorry.

Hello. I'm fine.

Bita is, too.

He did what?

The bastard!

Tell him he can do
what the hell he wants!

I'm sorry.

What happened?

It was Babak's brother.

He said his father filed
a complaint against me.

Complaint about what?

They want the Bita's guardianship.

It won't be approved.

How would you know?

What if they buy off the judges?

I have a friend who works at the court.

I can ask him to keep
an eye on things for us.

Shouldn't we do this at an agency?

We could if you'd prefer.

No, I thought it would be in your interest.

It makes no difference.

I need your bank account number,
it's been a month now.

There's no rush.

Read this and sign it, please.

Should I go up and have a talk with them?

About what?

A family lives here now
and they have to be quiet up there.

It's fine.
Our home is always so quiet.

Happy sounds from our neighbors
will cheer us up.

Let's go to the cinema with uncle.

- Uncle is busy.
- What does she want?

She says let's go to
cinema with Uncle.

She loves films.

She watches films all day long.

Babak was the same.

That's why he named her Bita.

Have you seen Bita?
From before the revolution?

Googoosh stars in it!

I don't remember.

It's getting late and I should go.

You keep the lease.

See you soon.

You've been so kind to us.

I owe it to Babak.

It will be one year tomorrow.
I'll visit his grave.

Will you come?

I'm busy tomorrow morning.

We can go in the afternoon.
We'll pick up Bita on the way.

Let's see tomorrow.

- Good bye.
- Good bye.


Yes, speaking.

And you are?

Where are you calling from?

Which security department?

What do you mean?

Is this a threat?

Are you threatening me?



We had a lot of fun today.

It had been years.

I'd never taken her on a picnic.

Should I help you carry her in?

No, I'll wake her up.

Will you come with us
to the cinema on Tuesday?

If I can, of course.

I'll call you to check.


Maybe there is a God who has
sent us a kind friend for no reason.

Maybe there is a reason.

Good night.


We see no evidence
of negligence by the judges.

This was a mistake.

You are only entitled
to claim the blood money.

So the damage can be
compensated with money?

Then why are they hiding from me?

Are they not brave enough
to admit their mistake to my face?

To apologize to me in person and say,

"Forgive us for killing
your innocent husband"?

Seeing them will fix nothing.

A mistake has been made.

This is what the law says.

If you're still unsatisfied,
you must go to the Supreme Court.

But I think you'd be
wasting your time.

- Isn't uncle coming?
- Uncle can't come.


I called you about the cinema.



I'll be right there.

Give me the address,
I'll come to you.

Go ahead...

I'm on my way.

I have to go out for two hours
and then I'll be back.

You'll be on your own.

Don't touch the stove.

Do your homework
until I come back, okay?

I'll have auntie from
upstairs check on you.

Oh, God!

Let's go to the hospital.
Get up.

When did you hear about it?

Don't cry. Let's go.
Where are your car keys?

Your keys?

In my jacket.

His blood pressure
was very high.

If you hadn't brought him
he might have had a stroke.

He also has trouble breathing.
He should avoid stress.

I gave him a sedative.

You can take him home in two hours.

But please keep an eye on him.

What happened to his son?


Is he alive?

He died.

Why are we here?

The doctor said you
shouldn't be alone.

Why not?

Because someone needs to watch you.

I need to go home.

Please take me home.

I can't leave you on your own.

Is there anyone to sit with you?

This is your place...

We aren't strangers.
Come inside.

Let's go over there.

Let me get you a pillow.

I'll take your jacket off.

Lie down and sleep.


- Uncle is sleeping there.
- Yes.

Uncle was sick last night.
I took him to the hospital.


His son went far away.

Uncle was so sad he got sick.

I asked him to come
here so he wouldn't be alone.

- We'll take care of him, okay?
- Yes.

Now eat your breakfast.

Hurry to your classroom.


I didn't ask you here
because she's falling behind.

I wanted to talk about her behavior.

She's been lying to the class
about her father and family.

She says that her father was very rich,
and donated all his money to the poor.

Or she says that he's studying abroad.

And that his friends bring you money.

I told her these things.

I know I should tell her the truth,
but I can't.

Didn't your husband pass away?


He had a stroke last year.

Oh, it's you?
You scared me.

I'm sorry, my dog went into your yard.
Could you get him for me?

Here he is!
Where have you been?

You naughty puppy!
Bothering uncle.

I apologize. I asked Mina to let him
into the yard through the balcony stairs.

Dogs are banned on the streets.


Say hello for me.


- Hello.
- Hi.

Are you feeling better?

I'm better.

I kept calling you,
but you didn't answer.

I bought fresh bread.
Let's have breakfast.

Please, don't contact me on my cell phone.

Didn't you go to work?

I took the day off.

I should go.

Go where?


The doctor said
you shouldn't be alone.

Stay here for a few days
until you get better.

Let me bring the empty jars.

Here is 200,000 tomans.

- Can you make it?
- Yes, I can.

I'll be back for them next week.
Put hearts on all of them.


I have a lot to do.

I have to make
a whole bunch of gift bottles.

Valentine's Day is coming.

What day?


Lovers around the world
give each other gifts.

It's the same here.

Can I help you?

No, I can do it.
Bita helps me too.

Why are you frowning?


Choose one.

- What should I do?
- She always does this.

She brings three films,
and asks you to pick one to watch.

This pigeon belonged to my father.

He had named it Sofia Loren.

What were all those lies
you made up about Manijeh?

And still, look at what I brought you.

Listen, Bita,
there is something I want to tell you.

Get in, I'll give you a lift.

No, thanks.
I'll go on my own.

You moved without saying a word.

The landlord kicked me out.

The landlord kicked you out!

Why didn't you call me for help?

Where did you find the money?

They didn't ask for a deposit.

You've been summoned
in court next week.

The summons was sent
to your old place.

You should get a text message.

I've tried to change his mind,
but it's useless.

I know, it takes ten years
to get blood money.

But my father is so desperate,
he believes it will come.

When you came last
time and we talked,

I told you that I can't come back.

How many times
do I need to say it?

I can't continue.

Do you understand what state I'm in?

Do you know what's happened to me?

I have no energy, physical or mental.

I don't want to.

I'll call you later.

- Hello.
- You're home.

I got your medicine.

I went to a pharmacy
downtown for some.

I've put you through so much trouble.

You must be hungry.
I'll prepare something to eat.

No, I'm not hungry.

If you'll allow me,
I think I should leave.

No, I won't allow it.

I bought celery to make stew.

You and Bita watch a film,
and we can eat.

For God's sake, stop.

You must know that Cyrus
doesn't love me anymore.

That's enough, father.
Let's gather the feathers, dear.

Let's gather the feathers.

I went to the Supreme Court today.

I filed a formal complaint
against the judges.

They'll get what they deserve.

Will they?
When? In the next life?!

They're bringing my son tomorrow.

Where to?

To the morgue.

- I'll come with you.
- You don't have to.

I want to.

Don't you have to work?

- They fired me.
- What for?

The workers are on strike.

Some were arrested,
others were fired.

I was lucky to only get fired.

Forgive me.

- I feel as if I'm in the way here.
- Not at all.

I'm feeling better.

I'll go home tomorrow.

Bita and I are happy you're here.

We aren't alone anymore.

You can stay as long as you like.

Will you stay?

I'm going to bed.

What will you do now?

- About what?
- The funeral and everything.

There won't be a funeral.

Is that even possible?

We don't have any family.

What about his mother?

She's not around.

You told me uncle's son
was traveling.

Yes, he's gone far away.

Will we go there, too?

I don't know, maybe.

So my dad is never coming back either.

No, he's not.

But one day when we get old,
we will go to them.

How is it that you had
never seen her?

I was ill during
the first two court dates.

I only read the summaries.

She met the main judge.

Meaning you never saw
the family of the accused?

I only saw his father and brother.

Then you went to her home?

An unrelated woman's home!

I wanted to make amends.

- For what?
- For the mistake I made.

No other reason.

If you wanted to make amends,
why didn't you introduce yourself?

I couldn't.

Why did you give her your house?

Because she needed a place.

Why did you spend the night?

I was ill and went to the hospital.

When I was discharged
the doctor said I shouldn't be alone.

I had no one else.

I had resigned before this.

Why did you resign?

Do you think you could become a judge at the
expense of the system and then just quit?

And what's this statement
you published online?

Have you become
a human rights activist?

For the moment,
you may not leave the country.

Stay in Tehran until we contact you.

You may go.

Hi, Reza.

How are you?

Thanks, I'm fine.

I'm going to court for Bita tomorrow.
Will you come with me?

If you're busy, I understand.

I'll call you in the morning.

Bye for now.

It says: "Welcome".

- Right.
- Right.

It says: "Enjoy your meal".

Enjoy your meal.

Oh, that kind of "Enjoy your meal".

- It's over, Reza!
- What happened?

- The judge ruled against them.
- Thank God.

I can't believe a judge could rule
in favor of the mother so easily.

He said they should be ashamed
to be persecuting this mother

who has no one on her side,
instead of helping her.

It was a miracle!

Thanks to God a thousand times.

Oh, my!

It's good you didn't come.

He said they have no right to appeal,
and they should just let it go.

- It's over.
- I'm happy for both of you.

I'm so relieved.
Oh, my.

And his brother came out saying...

Forget it!
Why am I talking about him?

My mouth is dry from all the stress.

Is there any water in the car?

I don't know.
Look on the dashboard.

Wait and I'll stop
at a market and buy some.

Why did you park so far away?

There was no parking near the courthouse.

So, let's go out for lunch.
My treat.

I have a meeting.
I need to be there in one hour.

Then come over for dinner.
We'll celebrate.

Of course.

There's a kiosk.

I'll get the water and be right back.

All good?

- What were you two doing?
- We were talking.

- Are you bored?
- No.

My dear.


Babak's brother:
Are you happy that you won?

Why are you calling me?

Who helped you?

How did you win?

What tramp sleeps
with her husband's killer?

What are you saying?

Who's sitting next to you, Mina?

He signed Babak's Death Sentence.

It's that bastard Amini.
You said he wouldn't see you.

What can I say?

Do you have a heart?

Babak must be spinning in his grave.
Damn you Mina, damn you!

This is for you.

Enjoy your meal!

There was a CD here.
It was Maysam's.

He wrote his name on it.

It was right here.


I see my face in the mirror,

I ask myself with tired lips,

Who is this stranger?
What does he want from me?

Is he staring at me, or I at him?

Isn't Bita coming?

She's upstairs.

Is something wrong?

I warmed you a glass of milk up.
Drink it.

What a celebration tonight!

Directed by
Behtash Sanaeeha and Maryam Moghaddam

Produced by Gholamreza Mousavi

Produced by Etienne de Ricaud

Maryam Moghaddam

Alireza Sanifar

Puria Rahimisam

Avin Purraoufi

Written by Behtash Sanaeeha,
Maryam Moghaddam, Mehrdad Kuroshnia

Director of Photography
Amin Jafari

Edited by
Ata Mehrad and Behtash Sanaeeha

Production & Costume designed by
Atoosa Ghalamfarsaie

Sound designed by
Hossein Ghourchian

Sound by Abdolreza Heydari