Ballabhpurer Roopkotha (2022) - full transcript

King Bhupati Ray of Ballabhpur is almost bankrupt. He plans to sell off his dilapidated ancestral mansion to repay his debts. But the ghost of an ancestor decides to play spoilsport.


Your mother, the Queen, used to say...

"Rashid, I have cancer.

Once I'm gone,
look after my son.

Keep an eye on him
when he rides your boat."

I miss His Highness, your father.

He handed me a fancy bottle once
and said...


Drink this instead of the local hooch.

A favourite with pirates."

My goodness!

After drinking it,
I was sloshed for three nights.

- Then I--
- Rashid, just stop it.

I've heard this story hundreds of times.

I'm in a bad mood.
Don't bug me.

You know, Your Highness...

My grandfather was a seer.

He used to say...

"A story completely changes over time.

It keeps changing
just like our lives."

- Don't tell anyone I've come back.
- Yes, sir.

- Or else 200 lashes for you.
- As you say, sir.

Collect today's fare from Manohar
in two weeks.

I don't have change.

- Hey! What's wrong?
- I fell.

- Come on, get up.
- Help me up.

- You should've been careful.
- I was careful.

Damn it!

Oh my God!



There was a playwright
named Badal Sircar

He was renowned the world over
for his writing razor-sharp

There was a playwright
named Badal Sircar

He was renowned the world over
For his writing razor-sharp

Here we are
shooting Bengali cinema

Our dear Bengali cinema

Producer's wish
a new story must be told

Done with dark tales and light comedies
Done with detective thrillers

Done with massy and classy

We were lost
in search of a new story

Done with dark tales and light comedies
Done with detective thrillers

Done with massy and classy

We were lost
in search of a new story

All of a sudden,
Bengali theatre to the rescue

Guru of theatre, Badal,
to the rescue

All hail Badal!
All hail Badal!

There was a palace
in the village of Ballabhpur

A fairy tale unfolds there
when the dark night falls

It's not just comedy

There's an element of horror too

A happy ending awaits
once fear is conquered

Long live the king!
Long live the king!

All hail Badal!
All hail Badal!


Long live cinema! Long live theatre!
Long live the people!


Wake up, young master.

Come on, get up.

Put this on.

No one from the Roy dynasty
sleeps in a towel.

You're the first.

How about some tea
instead of trousers?


Did you end up on the terrace
last night?

You know...

Can't stop once he starts.

- How did you return?
- Obviously, by train.

Why are you lying?

Did you go to the station?

You walked so much
with your bad knees?

Want to die?

Everyone dies one day.

Stay alive till I pay off the debt.

Give me a cigarillo.

A cigarillo?

Cigarette smoking causes cancer.

- I'll get cigarettes when the shop opens.
- Let it be.

No need to incur more debt.
Give it to me.

(chanting prayers)



Let's go, Paban.

So early in the morning--

It's better to go early.

Remember we reached
at 9:00 a.m. last time?

And His Highness had taken
the train at 8:40 a.m.

The first train leaves at 7:30 a.m.

- What's the time now?
- It's 6:50 a.m.

- Hurry up.
- Let's go.

Hey, Jaga.
Watch the store.

I'll buy you a flute
if I get my money back.

- Please watch the store.
- Come on, quick.

- Hurry up.
- Let's go.

Oh my God!

Stop honking.

It's impossible to leave on time
with you.

Just impossible!

It's early enough.

We had to sleep well
before the long journey.

Chowdhury will buy the house
if we're late.

You don't know him.

Are you going to leave
your daughter behind?

Ask her to hurry up.

Hey, Chanda.

- How much did he offer?
- For what?

The Marwari you met in Jalpaiguri...
How much did he offer to pay?

Didn't even want to see the house.
Forget about an offer.

Get me my bag.

I owe Rs. 900 to Srinath.

And Paban, Rs. 757.

Saha, Rs. 320.

I owe you Rs. 1200.

And I have to pay Rs. 9000
for my chamber.

I would've sold the house
for 10,000 bucks.

You would have?

But no one is willing to pay
even that.

Couldn't convince anyone
to even take a look at the house.

- Huge garden, two-storeyed house--
- Yeah, I know.

The garden is covered in weed.

Only two rooms are liveable.

A palace in the middle of nowhere.

The market and the station
are miles away.

Even the doctor is a train ride away.

It's just a haunted house.

Forget it.
I'll get you some tea.

Thought we'd run out of tea.

No, we didn't.

I've got everything
from Saha and Srinath's shop.

Just didn't go to Paban's shop
to get the cigarettes.

- They gave you on credit?
- Why not? Only...

- Manohar!
- Manohar!


- So early in the morning?
- Yes.

I was out on a walk.

Met them on the way.

So thought of dropping by.

But His Highness is not available.

We saw him coming home last night.

- I mean he's not awake.
- Oh!


Come in.

I'll wake him up.

What do you think, Saha?

I'm certain
we'll get our money back.

He'll pay us back
once he sells the house.

But look at the house.

Who will buy it?

Your grandfather, idiot!

- Why are they bothered about my house?
- Keep it down.

I walked through the forest
instead of the main road.

But they were right behind me.

I just kept walking.

I knew they'd avoid the house
at night.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Didn't get the time.

How'd I know
they'd be here so early?


- Do you owe the peon anything?
- No.

- Did you call me?
- There's a telegram for His Highness.

- Where's it?
- The peon will hand it over to only you.

There's a telegram for His Highness
from Kolkata.


Give back my money
before you leave for Kolkata.

- It's been six months.
- Hey!

Only thinking about money.
Money, money, money.

You should be proud that you lent money
to the royal family.


Have a cigarillo.

Royal cigarillo.

"Royal cigarillo"!

What do you think?

He got a telegram
early in the morning.

Maybe someone is sick.

Not the right time
to talk about money.

We'll come back later.

Let's find out what the matter is.


What are you doing?

Hey, I'm old.
Let me go. I'll fall.

Maybe he'll have to rush
to Kolkata again.

He's going to wake up
to bad news.

He's going through a hard time.

No time.
We don't have any time at all.

We have a few hours only.

Manohar, look in the cupboard.
I'll check here.


I totally forgot about you.

Don't worry.
We're not here for money.

I found these.

- So dirty!
- I'll wash and put them to dry.

Okay, hurry up.
We've got a lot of work.

Even the dust is centuries old.

- Do you have a tablecloth, Srinath?
- Tablecloth?

Or a good bedsheet?

- Yes, I have it. But--
- Lend it to me for tonight.

Saha, I need some groceries.

- Groceries?
- Yes, groceries.

- Tonight?
- Yes, tonight.


You've always given things on credit.
Why not now?

Paban, I need cigarettes.
Do you have cheroots?

- Maybe he smokes cheroot.
- I can get it. But who is it for?

B. P. Halder.
Owner of Sapna Chanda Soaps.

- Does he smoke?
- Doesn't matter. I must keep it.

It's a matter of life and death.
Has to be perfect.

What about the crockery, Saha?

Do you have a bone china tea set
or a cutlery set?

Damn it!
I was in Jalpaiguri yesterday.

Had I known...

How will I get all these by evening
in this remote village?



Hang on.

Get me some roses.

- Why?
- I'll bathe in rose water.

None of your concern.
Can you get me some?

I need four big roses tonight.

These are for the Poddar wedding.

- Can't you get just four?
- I'll see.

I'll give them on my way back.

But if it gets dark,
I won't come this way.

Try to make it before 6:00 p.m.

He'll be here at 8:00 p.m.
Must ask him to have dinner.

But what will I serve him?

Who will have dinner?

Paban, are you an idiot?

B. P. Halder will have dinner.

God knows if he will.

He's driving down just for a night
from Kolkata.

I must ask him to have dinner.

Oh, he'll be here?
We thought--

The telegram...
And you said it's life and death--

Am I wrong?
Not just for me, for you guys too.


I can pay off my debts
if it works.

I have to show off my royal status.
Be the king!

He shouldn't think
I'm selling my house in distress.

So, he's coming
to see the house.

Finally, you got it, Paban.

Will you guys help me today?

- "Help"?
- Yes.

- Saha, note down the menu.
- Sure.

Fish head--

- Washed my clothes?
- Yes.

- Great! Hung them out to dry?
- Don't worry about it.

Saha, can I borrow your iron?
Ours is not working.

No, we sold it.

Why are you lying to them?

Where will we get the money
to buy meat tonight?

Don't worry about that.

Get three kgs.
And some extra liver.

Don't worry.

If we pull it off,
I'll pay off all my debts.

Then I'll open a chamber in Kolkata
to extract teeth.

Give me a smoke.
I'm sure we'll sell the house.

I'll give them a taste of royalty.
Then quote my price.

- How will you do that?
- I'll borrow money.

Had borrowed money to run the house.
Now, I'll do it to pay off my debts.

Fine, we'll cook a lavish meal.

But will this old man serve it?

- Right. Can't we hire someone?
- Yes, farm labourers.

They can repair the house
or work on the farm.

But they don't know
how to serve.

Can't you teach them?

How can I teach them royal etiquettes
in half a day?


- We'll get going.
- My son must be waiting.

Hey, Paban, Srinath, Saha.

Please put on an act
just for this evening.

- You want us to act?
- Yes, acting.

But how will we work
in the evening?

Don't worry.
They'll be here by 8:00 p.m.

I'll wrap it up by 10 p.m.

What do we have to do?


Why did you stop me
on the way to work?

Meant no harm.

Can you help me?

- With what?
- Need some moustaches.

Will return them tomorrow.

- Moustache?
- Don't tell anyone.

I'll explain later.

I need them by tonight.

- What kind?
- Big a king's.

Like the one you had
for Ravana's role.

I use one for all the roles.
But I need it tomorrow.

You'll get it back tomorrow morning

- Just one?
- Yes, I have only one.

I'll give it to you on my way
to Pratapgarh.

- Keep it carefully.
- Okay, give me the one.

Want a wig or a fake beard?

I have different kinds.

For a monk, bald madman, beggar.

No, I don't need them.
Why dress up like a beggar?

How will you dress up
using a single moustache?

Show yourself

In such a way

So that I can't fathom
what you really are

Show yourself
in such a way

So that I can't fathom
what you really are

Show yourself
in such a way

So that I can't fathom
what you really are

How much of yourself is true?

How much of it is false?

Show yourself
in such a way

So that I can't fathom
what you really are

Don't cage your heart

Because love flies free as a bird


Don't cage your heart


Because love flies free as a bird

Open your heart for love

Open your heart for love



It will be a night of grand revelry!

Show yourself

Show yourself

Show yourself
in such a way

So that I can't fathom
what you really are

How much of yourself is true?

How much of it is false?

Show yourself

Show yourself
in such a way

So that I can't fathom
what you really are

Show yourself


Stand straight, eyes front,
like a statue.

Do it.


What did I just show you?
Why are you holding the gun like that?

- It's a gun.
- What's a guard without a gun?

- What if it goes off?
- There're no bullets.

It's still dangerous.

A gun can't go off without bullets.
Don't be scared.

- I'm not scared. I'll do it now.
- Go ahead.


- Be careful.
- Get up. Stand up.

Don't be at ease immediately.
Be steady.

- Should I keep standing?
- Why?

March to the door,
shout "Attention!".

Open the door and let them in.

Go to the kitchen
once you're out of their sight.

- What about the gun?
- Take it along.

Where's Srinath?
He was right here.

He's cooking the meat.
Someone needs to relieve him.

Should've been done by now.

Paban, help Srinath.
And ask him to come out.

- Can I leave the gun here?
- Yes, please.

How do I look, Manohar?


Emperor Napoleon Saha!

- Attention!
- Hmm?

It's delicious.
Give me a hand.

Keep your back straight and bend.

- Bend it...a bit more.
- I can't. My stomach hurts.

Okay, that's enough.

Paban will march to the door
and open it.

He'll welcome them
and go to the kitchen.

And then you'll bow.
Do it now.

Srinath, show me.

There you go.

Only Paban couldn't get it right.

- Left, right, left, right...
- There he is.

Am I doing it right?

Why did you get the firewood?

- Don't leave it behind.
- Not at all.

- Manohar, all ready?
- Yes.

- Oh, wow!
- Attention!

Stop right there!
Don't do anything.

No matter what they do,
don't even look at them.

Go upstairs.

Come on.
Take your positions.

Let's take it from the top.



"Welcome, our honoured guest!

We're humbled
with your gracious presence.

I shall inform His Highness
of your arrival."

What are you saying, Manohar?

- Do you read historical novels?
- Shut up.

Go to your room.
Come down when I call you.

- Go.
- Fine.

"Hail His Majesty, the King!

His Royal Highness,
Bhupati Roy Bhuiyan Bahadur!"

You can come out now.

- You didn't say my name.
- I did.

You said "Bahadur Chakraborty Bhuiyan" etc.

You didn't say Bhupati Roy.

I did.
Pay attention.

Okay, say it again.

Let's start again.
Paban, take your position.


He's here.
He's here!

Everyone, take your positions.
Hurry up!

Damn it!
He's early.

Don't worry.
Go to your room.

Take the rose in your hand.

Forgot to prepare the welcome platter.

Paban, don't open the door!

What a disaster!


Couldn't you take his bag, brute?

You didn't tell us.

Shut up!


Please pardon us, sir.

The new servant doesn't know.

No, it's okay.

- Srinath, come here.
- Yes? Okay.

Welcome, our honoured guest!

We're humbled
with your gracious presence.

I shall inform His Highness
of your arrival.

His Highness?
Isn't this Bhupati Roy's home?

Hail His Majesty, the King!

His Royal Highness,
Bhupati Roy Bhuiyan Bahadur!

- Is that you, Sanjib?
- Thank God! I'm at the right place.

I was afraid
it's the wrong house.

- What are you doing here?
- I'll tell you. Had a long day...

Saha, take his bag.
Manohar, stand at ease.

This is my college friend, Sanjib.

- Isn't he the one?
- No, he isn't.

- Who's the one?
- A potential buyer.

All this arrangement is for him.

- It's 8:00 p.m. already.
- Oh no!

We have 15 more minutes.

Saha, take your position.

What about the others?

They're probably in the kitchen now
and taken off their turbans.

Damn it!

Saha is not here yet.
He must have messed up.

Manohar will handle it.

Damn it!
I knew it.

Put on your turbans.
We'll start again.

- But he's already here.
- He's not the one.

- Then who is he?
- Will tell you later.

Now take your position.

Srinath, put on your turban.

Give it to me.

It's a piece of wood, Paban.
That's your gun.


So, that's my story.

What's up with you?

Can't believe you're here.

- Bad news?
- No, no.

I'll tell you later.

Tell me now.
Won't get time later.

Want to start a chamber
as my partner?


Great location!
It's in Sealdah.

Only seven days to finalise.

Couldn't think of a better partner
than you.

So here I am, in person.

- Cost?
- Damn cheap.

Just arrange for 3000 bucks.
I have the rest.

- Three thousand bucks?
- Yes.

My creditors have agreed to act
in the hope to get paid back.

And 3000 bucks!

- But the chamber--
- Don't have to tell me.

I've been trying to sell this house
since graduation.

Just to start a chamber.

How would you know?
We're meeting after a long time.

How did you get my address?

Don't even ask.

Had to bribe the clerk in our college.

You've never given your address
to anyone.

Didn't know you had a palace.
Could've come here for vacation.

- Vacation?
- Yes.

Then you'd have to
spend the night here.

I'll make do.
Don't worry.

I'm not worried about you.
But if Raghu...

Is Raghu your brother?

Not really my brother...
How do I explain?

- Is it 8 o'clock already?
- On the dot.

They'll be here any minute.
What to do?

I'll tell you everything later.

But who will you be?

What do you mean?

Who are you?
How will I introduce you?

How else?
As your friend.


I can't fit in a friend
in the royal scheme of things.

Manohar, can the king have a friend
like him?


Yes, you'll announce my arrival.
Then I'll smell the rose.

And introduce him as my friend.

It won't work.

Can I suggest something?

Go ahead.
He's my friend.

You were looking for a manager.

What an idea!
What'd I do without you?

- Sanjib, you'll be Manohar.
- Manohar?

Not Manohar.
You'll be my estate manager.

Don't know anything
about your estate.

There's nothing to know.

What do I have to do?

You'll improvise.
You've acted in plays.

But you look too young.

We need an old manager.

We can make him look like one.

If he doesn't mind.

You can?


How will you do it?


Now, you look like my manager!

They'll know it's fake.

They won't.
You'll hide behind me.

He'll buy the house
for this absurd moustache.

Oh God!
They're here.

Go upstairs.
Hurry up.

- What about Sanjib?
- He'll be here.

He'll be upstairs with you.

- Then?
- You'll come down together.

- Come on.
- Forgot the welcome platter.

- Hey! Take your bag.
- Huh? Oh!


Welcome, our honoured guest!

We're humbled
with your gracious presence.

I shall inform His Highness
of your arrival.



Hail His Majesty, the King!

His Royal Highness,
Bhupati Roy Bhuiyan Bahadur!

- Here.
- Hmm.

- Please have a seat, Mr. Halder.
- Congratulations, Mr. Roy!

You've created an unprecedented history.

We're so busy living in the present

that we're on the verge
of forgetting history.

Let me introduce you to my manager,
Sanjib Basu.


- "Manager"?
- Used a simple term for you.

We address him as the dewan.



Everyone will be stunned!

Where is your family?

They're waiting in the car.

- I'm the vanguard. Advance party.
- What?

- Manohar.
- Yes, Your Highness!

Call them...


Did he call us?

- What do we do now?
- Wait.

- Have been waiting.
- Keep waiting.

- I'll escort them myself.
- Hurry up.

Why is he leaving?

What about the climax?

Don't worry.

Manohar's been the royal butler
since my father's era.

You won't find any flaws
in his service.


Royal butler!



- Won't you have a seat?
- Sure, I will.

Actually, I'm too excited.

This is the court room, isn't it?

- The royal court.
- The royal court!

I'm so sorry.
The royal court, to be sure.

- Must be 200 years old.
- I guess so.

I knew it.

That's what I told Chowdhury.

- Chowdhury?
- Owner of Mandakini Soaps.

We've been competitors
since high school.

He has to oppose me
in whatever I say.

I was sure
this house is 200 years old.

But that idiot
has to contradict me.

But the house doesn't look that old.


What are you saying?


I took a look around the house
before coming in.

A part of the roof has collapsed.

Saw the broken temple too.

It was pitch dark.

The moment I stood there...

Oh my God!
A whole lot of bats flew out.

- Yes, it's a little--
- "A little?"

It's in ruins.

Now, I think it's 300 years old.

- Come on, confess, Mr. Roy.
- They're here, Your Highness.

What took you so long?

Hey, you...
What's your name?

- Manohar--
- Mano-Manohar.

- Why did you come in?
- Why wouldn't I?

- Where is Chanda?
- She's coming.

I'll show it to her.

- Go upstairs. Come on.
- Okay.

Lord Bhupati.

This is my wife, Sapna.
And my daughter, Chanda.

Now you know
why it's Sapna Chanda Soaps.

And he's the dewan.

- Sanjib Basu.
- Right! Sanjib Basu.

He's the dewan.
Mind you, not the manager.

And this is Manohar.

He's the king's...
Who are you?

- Royal butler.
- Yes! Royal butler.

Royal butler!

Feels like it's the Mughal period.
Isn't it?

Keep quiet.

Have a seat, Mrs. Halder.

Miss Halder, please sit.

"Miss Halder"?

I can call you Chanda
if you like.

My Lady!


Do you want a house tour?

What's there to see?

I've already taken a look.

- You have?
- Of course.

- Didn't I tell you?
- What?

Didn't I tell you so?

What did you tell me?

Don't you remember?

I told you at least 10 times
this house is 200 years old.

You did.
More than 10 times.

But Chowdhury said it's impossible
to find 100-year-old houses in this area.

Didn't that idiot say it?

- He did say that.
- Hmm!

Lord Bhupati himself said
it's 300 years old.

- Isn't it?
- Yes.

It might be old
but this part is in good condition.

Might be.

But that part is in ruins.

It's falling apart.

There's another wing
in good condition.

- If you repair--
- "Repair"?

I won't let any mason
lay a hand on this house.


You're too much.

How will we stay here
without renovating?


We can repair this part...

But not the other side.

The ruins! The bats!
Everything must be intact!

Got it?

We must get a great mason
to fix the roof.

But every crack must be intact
despite the repair.

Not a single sign of the repair
should be visible.

- Are you looking for an old house?
- Absolutely.

Why else am I here?

- The older, the better?
- Certainly.

I've looked very hard
but it's difficult to find.

Everyone claims
their houses are centuries old.

All rubbish!
I doubt they're even 100 years old.

- But why?
- Why?

Because they want to cheat me.

- Don't you know how Bengalis are?
- No, I mean...

- Why are you looking for an old house?
- Why not?

Everyone has a new house.

Even the man who makes detergents.

I'll tell you why.

His friend, Chowdhury...

has bought a 300-year-old palace
in Birbhum.

If that house is 300 years old
then my Kolkata house is 100 years!

- That's what he said.
- So what?

Do you want to know
when this house was built?

- When?
- AD 1561.

AD 1561!

Who was the emperor of Delhi then?

- Akbar.
- Akbar.

- Who were reigning in Bengal?
- "Baro-Bhuiyans" or 12 landlords.

Yes but there were
other landlords as well.

One of them was Ramapati Bhuiyan,
the King of Ballabhpur.

- So, this is Ballabhpur?
- Yes, it is.


And right across the river
is Pratapgarh.

Mughal commander Man Singh
destroyed the Pratapgarh Palace.

But he didn't cross the river
to Ballabhpur.

Hence, the Ballabhpur Palace
still stands.

At least, a part of it.


- But can you--
- Prove it?

Yes... I mean...

Chowdhury won't easily believe--

You've already seen the old temple
on your way in.

- Let me show you proof.
- Let's go.

In the dark?
What if there're snakes?

- Are there snakes?
- Snakes?

Let me get a lamp.

No! No way.
Snakes are dangerous.

- Any evidence around here?
- Maybe there is.

But only the experts
will be able to decipher.

If you want proof right now,
come to the temple.

But what's the hurry?


Can we come back two days later
in the afternoon?

You can.

But I was holding on to the house
only for you.

Can't promise anything
if you delay.

Are there other potential buyers?

Sorry, but I can't divulge that.

- Must be Chowdhury's agent.
- There he goes again.

Ask Manohar to get the lamp.

Manohar, get a lamp
and go to the temple.

- Okay, Your Highness!
- You insist on going?

It's 400 years old, Sapna.
Just imagine!

Built in 1561.

I can't let Chowdhury take it away
from me.

- But that doesn't mean--
- Nothing will happen.

We'll clap our hands
and shoo away the snakes.

Mr. Roy, let's go.

Hey! Hey!
Hud! Hud!

- Your dad is impossible!
- Don't worry. He'll be fine.

I should be worried.

We should've brought the driver.

My brother
wouldn't have been so worried.

We could've spent the night here.

Oh my God!

Where are you going?


I'm going with Lord Bhupati.

- How can you leave us alone here?
- Alone?

What's the problem?

Stay put.

- This house is spooking me out.
- Same here.


It used to spook me out too.

Please sit, dewan.


What do you think, Srinath?

Will we be able to leave on time?

It's almost 10 p.m.

I don't know.
It depends on them.

They're city folks.

- They don't have a train to catch.
- Right.

I've already told Manohar.

We'll leave once their dinner is over.

Won't we have dinner?

We haven't had such great food
in a long time.

How long have you been working
in the estate?

A long time.
It's been a long time.

Why didn't Lord Bhupati
renovate the house?

- Renovate?
- Yes.

Call it a whim.

He's fond of old things
like your father.

He must be very attached
to the house then?

Of course, he is.

After all, it's so old.
And it's his ancestral home.

- Then why is he selling it?
- Why...

is he selling it?

He's selling it for...

Maybe he needs money.

Such a huge estate.

Why'd he have to sell the house
for money?

- Chanda!
- Wait.

- Does he feel lonely here?
- Yes!

You're absolutely right.

He doesn't like staying alone
in such a big house.

So... He stays alone.

He has his servants.

- Didn't he marry?
- No.

Does he have relatives?



- No one?
- Oh! There is someone.

Who is it?



Is Raghu his brother?

Yes... I mean...

No, not really his brother.

You can call him his brother.

Yes, he's his brother.

Chanda, stop it.

I'm sure he doesn't want to say.

- Is that so, dewan?
- Dewan... Dewan.

No, it's nothing like that.

I mean...

I'm not supposed to talk about it...

I really don't know.

- You don't know?
- I stay away most of the time.

Busy looking after the estate.

I don't know much about the house.

- Don't you stay in this house?
- No, I stay at my house.

- Where is it?
- That way.

Is it nearby?


You can say so.

I didn't see any other house around.

It's not that close.

- It's near the station.
- Oh!

- What's taking them so long?
- Let me check--

Four hundred years!

- Built in 967 Shaka era.
- Why are you jumping?

We're in 1368 Shaka era.

Chanda, do the maths.

Four hundred years!

Chowdhury won't dare to counter.

Oh! Mr. Roy...

Can you kindly quote your price?

- I...
- It's 1561.

You mean, 1561 bucks?

Built in AD 1561.

- You were right.
- Oh!

So tell me the price.

I haven't thought about it yet.

But the other potential buyer...

Did he say how much he'll pay?

How much did he offer?

Did you give him your word?

No, I didn't.

He'll come by later.

- How much did he offer?
- Ten thousand rupees.

Listen to that.

It has seven acres of garden too.

Listen to that.

Ten thousand rupees for seven acres.
He's a cheat! Swindler!

You should know
who Chowdhury really is.

Don't be swayed by his soap company.

Built in 1561 AD.
Seven acres of land.

Bats and ruins!
And he offered only Rs. 10,000.

What an idiot!


Here's the cheque for Rs. 10,000.
That's 50 percent.

I'll pay the rest
after the deed is registered.

- Rest?
- Okay, fine.

Consider this 40 percent.

- I'll pay Rs. 15,000 later.
- Fifteen thousand?

I know this house means a lot to you.

But don't worry.

We will keep it intact.

No one will find any sign of repair.

You can visit whenever you want.

Stay for as long as you want...

as my most respected
and honoured guest.

Mr. Roy...

Chowdhury won't give you a better offer.

I'm not thinking about him.

No one else will.

They'll your raze your house
to the ground.

They'll build factories or film studios.

They'll get rid of the bats and the ruins.

Mr. Roy...
Lord Bhupati...

Accept it.




There you are.

Sapna! Chanda!
AD 1561!

What about the contract?


Take my word for it.

Forty percent means forty percent.


- I'll sign the cheque for the rest.
- No.

I don't need more than Rs. 10,000.

What are you saying?

AD 1561--

Dinner is served, Your Highness.

Why did you take the trouble?

Couldn't have let you go
without having dinner.

- Dinner is ready.
- So nice of you.

Won't you have dinner?


No, I'm not well.

What's wrong?


I have a cold.

- So you won't have dinner?
- Yes... No, I'll have it.

I'll have dinner later.

I'm not feeling well.

Please carry on.
I'll join you later.

- Can I say something?
- Go ahead.

I love your moustache.

- Moustache?
- Yes.

I've never seen such a moustache
in Kolkata.

This place is so different
from Kolkata.

- I'm loving it--
- Where did she go?

Miss Halder,
everyone's waiting for you.

- Dewan, please.
- Yes.

He won't have dinner.
He's not well.

Oh, is it?
Then it's okay.

This way, Miss Halder.

"Miss Halder"?

Forgive me.

Please come with me.
Everyone's waiting.

Looks like you're dying
to get rid of me.

No, not at all.

Why would I?

You have a long journey back home...

So you're forcing me to have dinner.

You didn't introduce me
to your family.

I don't have a family.
It's just me and Manohar.

And my servants.

- And me too.
- Yes, the dewan too.

- Dewan?
- Yes.

- He stays near the station.
- Station...

- He often goes out of town for work--
- So I stay at home.

When he has work in the estate--

I stay at the station.

He stays over here often
so he's family.

What about Raghu?

Did I say something wrong?

- Who told you about Raghu?
- Dewan.

Rasc... Dewan returned
after a long tour.

So he didn't know.

Raghu is no more.

Let's go, Chanda.


- Why did you tell her about Raghu?
- I don't know anything.

Then why did you say anything?

I'll be doomed
if they find out about Raghu.

- What's the matter? Raghu--
- Shut up!

Don't even say that name.

See, here's our cheque.

We'll lose everything
if they get to know about him.

- If you don't tell me anything--
- I'll tell you everything later.

Let me first get rid of them.

I'll join them.

- I'll send your dinner here.
- Okay.

Hey, listen.

The moustache...

Take it off.
But don't get out of your room.

Must be your father.

I look like him, right?


Who is this?


One of my ancestors.

Quite old, right?

Yes, around 400 years old.

Why is his face scratched out?

Must have been the rats or bats.

Everyone's waiting for you.
Let's go.

Let's go.


You pulled off the act so well.

- Paban--
- Let's talk tomorrow. Goodbye.

- Be careful.
- Don't run.

- Watch your step!
- He fell again.

- I can't help him up. Bye.
- Get up.

Let's go.

Help me up.

Please help.

- Is there any food left?
- Of course.

Let's have some.


- Sanjib...
- Huh!

Ten thousand.


Our chamber...


What's the time?

Almost 11 p.m.

I managed to get rid of them
before 11 p.m.


What would've happened
if you didn't?

It would've been a disaster.
No money for the chamber.

Anyway, forget it.

I finally have a cheque
for Rs. 10,000.

I feel like the king!

But I refused
to take the rest of the money.

- What do you mean?
- He offered to pay 25,000 bucks.

- Huh?
- Hmm.

- Twenty five thousand?
- That's what he offered.

- Then?
- Couldn't have accepted it.

Why not?

He offered it willingly.

- You didn't con him.
- Didn't I con him?

- Isn't the house 400 years old?
- Of course, it is.

- I proved it to him.
- Then?

I didn't tell him
the most important thing.

- What is it?
- Raghu.


Haven't told you about Raghu.


- Oh my God!
- Oh gosh!

- What's wrong?
- Hang on.

- Damn it!
- What?

Oh damn!

Check what happened.

- Idiot!
- Wait, let me check.

Be careful.

- What a troublesome car!
- Now it's the car's fault!

Stuck in the forest
with a faulty car!

- What will we do now?
- Let Dad check.

He's not a mechanic.

- Don't burn your hand.
- It's okay.

- Hang on, let me check.
- Hurry up.

First, a haunted house.
Now, a haunted forest.

Stuck because of him.

- How would he know?
- Brother will be so worried.

- Let him check.
- Don't lecture me.

- Mom.
- What?

- Who is that?
- Who?

Oh my God!

Oh gosh!

What happened?

Planning to push the car
all the way to Malda?

I told you a hundred times
to bring a driver along.

But you didn't listen to me.

Told you we'd get into trouble.

Will you please shut up, Sapna?

- For God's sake?
- No, I won't.

I can't keep quiet
after all this.

Keep yelling.

- Dad, can't we go back to the palace?
- What?

I don't think
Lord Bhupati will mind.

What do you think, Mr. Balai?

- Hail Lord Shiva!
- Oh my!

Yes, the whole country was in chaos.

Akbar was sending his troops
led by the likes of Man Singh.

That's when Kedar Roy
and Chand Roy from Sripur

tried to get all the landlords together.

Their messenger first went to Pratapgarh
to meet Indranarayan.

- You mean the place across the river?
- Exactly.


It made sense
to go there first.

It was on the way.

But Ramapati wouldn't understand it.

Even Indranarayan was at fault.

He decided to send another messenger
to Ballabhpur.


Write a letter to Ramapati,
the landlord of Ballabhpur.

My messenger will convey
Kedar Roy's message to him.

Is it necessary, Your Highness?

Ramapati is not on good terms
with you.

This might instigate a war.

You think he has the guts
to go to war with me?

He is a wheezing old idiot.

And his son is a daydreamer.

Apparently, he wants to be a poet.

He's a landlord's son.

Soon there'll be a war
against the Mughals.

It's high time
he should prepare himself.

What's he doing instead?
Reading poetry.

Send him a messenger.


Ramapati wasn't just old.
He was a drunk too.

He was always at competition
with Indranarayan.

When Indranarayan sent him a messenger,
he got furious.


Two hundred lashes for the messenger.

How dare he surpass me?

You mean, bypass you, Your Highness?

- Don't lecture me.
- Why?

Call Raghu.


- My God!
- Two hundred lashes.


His Highness has called for you.


That hurts!

That idiot, Indranarayan,
has sent me a message.

What audacity!

Besides, he has called you a daydreamer.

- So what, Father?
- Shut up!

I want revenge.

I will be avenged!

But Your Highness,
at your age...

Did I say I'll fight?

Then who will?

- Raghu will.
- I see.

But, Father, I've just started reading
Kalidasa's "Meghaduta".

To hell with Kalidasa!

Listen, Raghu.

You must raise your sword...

and make Indranarayan
rub his nose on the ground.

You'll not be "revenge"
unless you take "free".

He means you'll not be free
unless you take revenge.


- But, Father--
- No buts.



Raghu didn't have a choice.

He prepared himself for the battle.
Said goodbye to his girlfriends.

Then he started off in despair.

Before the battle with Man Singh

he was on his way
to teach Indranarayan a lesson.

It was on the same day
that in Pratapgarh

Indranarayan's soldiers were testing
a newly-brought cannon from Delhi.

Harekeshto, don't point the cannon
towards Ballabhpur.

A single shot will start a war.

Stop acting smart, Harinath.

I'm a pro at handling cannons.

- Don't undermine my experience.
- But...

a great engineer made it.
It fires really far.

"Fires really far", huh?

The cannonball won't go
beyond the river.

- I can bet if you're interested.
- What?

- I'm not interested.
- Okay.

Haradhan, load it.

You'll not be "revenge"
unless you take "free", Raghu.

You mean, Raghu will not be free
unless he takes revenge.

It's the same...

So, that's what happened.

King Ramapati cursed his son.

And no one knows
if Indranarayan has any descendants.

Why on earth would they come here?

- For 400 years, Raghu--
- Bhupati...

You've made up a great story.


What's that?


Mr. Roy!

They're back!

- Why did they come back?
- I don't know.

- Now what?
- Sanjib, our dreams will be shattered.

Answer the door.
I'll beg Raghu--

Hey, wait!

What do you mean?
If he starts laughing...

Make something up.
They must not find out.

Go. Go. Go.

There you are.

- Has Lord Bhupati gone to bed?
- Yes.

Hey, aren't you the dewan?


You shaved off your moustache?

Yes, I shaved it off.

You shaved off
such a beautiful moustache?

You must have loved it a lot.

Not at all.
It was Bhu--

I mean Lord Bhupati liked it.

You kept a moustache
because he liked it?

Kings are whimsical, you see.

- Why are you here?
- We're in big trouble.

Or else wouldn't have disturbed you.

- What trouble?
- Actually--

I told you a hundred times

not to drive
and bring the driver along.

Would that have done any good?

You think the driver
can charm the car engine?

Did your car break down?

- No. It's my fate.
- Don't talk rubbish!

I take good care of my machines,
still they break down.

- They're not the same.
- Aren't they?


What's that?


Who laughed like that?



I mean...

- What do you call...
- Is it Lord Bhupati?


It's him.

Who else would laugh like that?




(reciting in Sanskrit)

Does he recite to himself?


I mean...
Not always.

- Only at times.
- At this hour?


This is the best time, isn't it?

It's quiet and peaceful.

This is when
one gets poetic inspiration.

But his laugh was not poetic at all.

There's Lord Bhupati.

Lord Bhupati,
apologies for disturbing.

Actually, our car broke down.

My goodness!

What was that sound?

I shouldn't keep it a secret anymore.

You can see that it's a palace
just on the surface.

I can't even offer you a bed.

I'm completely broke.

Wouldn't have sold this house


I'm trying my best.

Please don't mind.

Let's go, dewan.

You must be wondering
about his moustache.

He told us about it.

As I was saying...

I shaved it off
because you didn't like it.

You really didn't like it?

If I'd known you liked it,
wouldn't have asked him to.

- Dewan, put it on.
- What?

- I mean, start growing it again.
- Okay.

That reminds me.
Do you know any motor mechanics?

You'll find one in Pratapgarh.

Where's your car?

Near the bridge.

That's not too far.

You'll find someone to help you.

Please get some rest now.

- I'll see what I can do.
- Okay.

- Let's go, dewan.
- Hmm.

Bhupati, can't you keep me out
of this?

- I'll spend the night elsewhere--
- Shut up!

Don't make a fuss now.

What will happen
if they see Raghu?

My goodness!

Stop shouting.

- Manohar, it's a disaster!
- I know.

I've arranged the other room for them.
Now do as I say.

All of a sudden
he didn't like the moustache.

That's it.
Off with it!

Royal whims you see.

Shut up!

Something's wrong.

Or else, why'd he sell the house
so cheap?

What do you mean?

What's wrong with it?

The house isn't brand new
that we'd have to check the faults.

The main thing is "1561".

He has shown me undisputable proof.

Why'd he laugh like that?

Where's the problem?

It's his house, after all.

You can do whatever you want
when we buy it.

Come, Mr. Halder.
Mrs. Halder, please come.

I've made some arrangements.

Go to bed.
But I don't know if you can sleep.

I don't have proper bedding.
On top of that...



I have a disease.

Can't control my laughter.

It might bother you.
Don't be afraid.

Please go to bed.

- But I'm not sleepy.
- You will be.

You need rest
if not sleep.

Must have been a tiring walk.

Please, Chanda.

Please come along.

This way.
Watch your step.

- Uff!
- Careful, Mom!

- What happened?
- It went over my foot.

- It's just a rat.

Hey, rat, go away.

- Come.
- World is full of rats.

Come, Mr. Halder.


Isn't this Manohar?

- Welcome--
- No!

This is Harihar.
Manohar's brother.

I see. Is he here
from your father's time?

- You're absolutely right.
- Oh!

He's so grief stricken
after his death

that he stands like a statue

Go to bed, Harihar.

Don't stand here like this.
Give it to me.


Just go to bed.
Don't freeze again.


Pass me the cigarette.

Are they asleep?

Will they sleep
in front of me, idiot?

Don't mind.
I'm losing my head.

What if Raghu starts shouting
when I'm with them?

It's okay if he shouts now.
They'll think I'm mad.

- At least, they won't know about him.
- Listen...

Did you ask him to keep quiet?

I tried everything.
Don't know if it'll work.

What did he say?

Asked if anyone is a descendant
of Indranarayan.

He usually does that
for new people.

- He even asked about you.
- Really?

Anyway, now tell me
what to do.

Thought of anything?

- I have to hide.
- Right.

- What about me?
- You stay here.

Have you lost it?

Who'll look after them?

They don't need it.

What if they see Raghu?

He roams around the house.
Who'll deal with it?

- Are you asking me to do it?
- Yes.

Are you joking?

You think I'm joking?

- Go to Manohar's room. I'll stop Raghu.
- Okay.


Come along with me.

- Do I have to?
- Yes.


(reciting in Sanskrit)

- What a disaster!
- Bhu...


Oh my God!

What happened?

Why are you surprised?


Why are you here?

To hear...

Hear what?

Lord Bhupati was reciting.

I've come here to hear it properly.

I'd have missed it
if I'd have fallen asleep.

Do you like the recitation?

Of course.

It's a 400-year-old house.

There's silence everywhere.

And he's reciting
such beautiful Sanskrit verses.

Who wouldn't like it?


Hey, Raghu.

Don't do it today.

(reciting in Sanskrit)


- You know what I feel?
- Hmm?

I feel it's not Lord Bhupati.

It's a cursed soul...

who's roaming around the palace
for ages in search of his lover.

Are you unwell?


It's nothing.

Why are you hiding it
from me?

You think I don't understand?

What did you understand?

I've understood...

why Lord Bhupati didn't let you leave
and why he's roaming around the palace.


Because of Raghu's death.

- What?
- Isn't that the reason?

I don't know who Raghu was.

But must have been someone
he loved a lot.

You must have loved Raghu too.

From the time you heard
about his death--

Please let it be.

Don't know why he's so restless today.

He's just hovering around the house.

He has seen people
after so many days.

- A young woman too.
- What?

There's a woman in the house
after a long time.

Go to sleep.

Who's there?




Please go to bed.
Don't loiter.

Yes, I should.

What's the point anyway?

What do you mean?

Someone's staying up all night
with a heavy heart.

I just wanted to share his grief.

But I'm not worthy.

- I'll try to sleep instead.
- Right.

I was saying...

Will you wait for a bit?


Just a second.


My Lord!


Why didn't you dress like this before?

(reciting in Sanskrit)

It's Kalidasa.


The verse from "Meghaduta"...

Will you recite that again?


(reciting in Sanskrit)



How dare you?

Misbehaving in everyone's absence?

- Listen to me--
- Just shut up!

Go to your room.

Where are you going?

Aren't you ashamed?

Trying to take advantage
of a young girl?

What a disgrace!

What happened?

Why are you still here?
Didn't I ask you to leave?

Go to your room.


Where did you go?

Where are you?

Can't you hear me?
Where are you?


Answer me.

Where the hell are you?

Bloody pervert!


- I'll teach you a lesson.
- What happened, Chanda?

Where did you run away?

What happened?

Don't have any guts now?

Come out.

Try flirting with me, will you?

Bloody hell!

Why are you shouting?

What else should I do?

What's the matter?

I saw Chanda crying.

You're here.
What's going on?

You've brought us
to a bloody pervert!

What are you saying?
It's my dream house!

That's what deceived you.

And his verses and royal attire
deceived your daughter.

Whose royal attire?

There's only one king here.

Lord Bhupati...

You mean, Lord Bhupati
is in his royal attire?

Ask him yourself.

What do you mean?
Lord Bhupati...

Reciting verses, huh?

Where'd I find him now?

Lord Bhupati!

Mr. Roy!

Mr. Roy.

Please listen to me.

Lord Bhupati.




There you are!

- You've changed?
- Yes, I...

Surprised, huh?

Everyone's appreciating you
since evening.

- They barely know about your character.
- What?

You take advantage of young girls
by reciting verses.

We didn't know that earlier.

Hey, you're here?

I'm here.

- You just went that way.
- You're mistaken.

Am I?

But I clearly saw you
in royal attire.

It was me.
This is my royal attire.

How's it possible?

He went that way.
But you're here.

What's wrong with you?
He's admitting it himself.

Why are you covering up for him?

What's there to cover up?

- Why are you getting worried?
- No. She's right.

It was my fault.

It wasn't your fault.
You're innocent.


Why will you be insulted
because of me?

Is roaming around in your own house
a mistake?

I wanted to hear you recite.

It wasn't your fault.

Don't talk rubbish!

Think I didn't see anything?

What did you see?

Who recites like that?

Like what?
He didn't even touch me.

It wasn't even possible.

Tell them what you did.

He's innocent.

Keep shut!

Speak up, Lord Bhupati.
Do you have the guts to admit it?

I admit I was wrong
if you say so.

Did you see that?

Why will you admit it?

There's no option.
I don't even know my mistake.

Were you doing everything
in your sleep?

Yes, I was.
I'm a somnambulist.

What did you say?

I walk and recite verses in my sleep.

But I do it unconsciously.


That's it.
That's what I was thinking.

But what about the royal attire?

I wear it while sleeping.

- But he went that way.
- I do go there.

- But you're here.
- I come here too.

How's that possible?

It's possible when I'm sleeping.
You don't know.

Hey, Chanda.

- Chanda.
- Miss Halder.

- Chanda.
- Wait.

Hey, Chanda.

It's dark there.

- What happened?
- Don't go there alone.

I have no idea.


It's such a chaos.
I'm getting puzzled.

Mr. Halder, I've made a mistake
in my sleep.

- But for that--
- No, Mr. Roy.

It's true that I don't understand
all this chaos.

But I do understand
what I've seen myself.

- Do you?
- Yes, I do.

See, I was here all alone.

But when I looked towards the door,
I saw someone in royal attire.

He looked like you.

I called him.
But he left.

I chased him.

I crossed the courtyard

and followed him to a balcony
on the other side.

From there, he started walking
towards this room.

I followed him.

Lord Bhupati.

And what did I see
when I came here?

Hey, you're here?

I'm here.

- You saw me.
- Exactly.

And mind you.
You weren’t in the royal attire.

You were wearing the same old dress.
How's it possible?

I changed in my sleep.

Come on.
Is it possible to change

and come here
while you're sleeping?

- No.
- Exactly.

So, what do we conclude?

Someone else is behind the chaos.
Not you.

- Am I right?
- Yes.

I must be.

Now tell me who it is.

And why do you want
to cover up for him?

Speak out.
Who is he?


Is he your elder brother?

- No. He's my ancestor.
- Ances...

- What?
- Yes. His name was Raghupati.

He was the son of Ramapati

and the grandson of the man
who built this house.


This house was built
in AD 1561.

Raghu died in AD 1587.

Come on, Mr. Roy.
Be serious.

That's the truth.

I tried to keep it a secret.
But that's of no use now.

Do you mean to say,
this Raghupati...

I mean, your Raghu
is a ghost?

The poor fellow has been cursed.

So, he has been trapped here
for the last 400 years.

And I'm entrapped with him.


What's this?

Your cheque.
I lied to you.


No, Mr. Roy.
I must confess.

I lied to you.

- You lied to me?
- Yes.

The money I offered you for the house
was quite less.

And it's a crime to buy it for that amount
with Raghu in it.

- Mr. Halder, you--
- Look.

It's true
that Chowdhury got an old house.

He might get an even older house
in future.

But where will he get a ghost?

Mr. Roy, I have two requests.

Tell me.

Firstly, you have to take
another 40,000 bucks.

Another 40,000?

That won't be good enough
for Raghu.

But at least,
I'll get some peace of mind.

You'll take it, right?

If you don't have a problem with ghosts.

Thank you so much.

Secondly, don't tell anything about it
to Sapna and Chanda.

I'll bring Chowdhury next Sunday
and show him everything including Raghu.

That's my only wish.

- Do you agree?
- There is nothing to disagree.

You're a noble king.

Does Raghu come out every night?

From 11 p.m. till dawn.

Capital! Capital! Capital!

I'm so happy.

- Won't you come to bed?
- Huh?

Right after I speak to Lord Bhupati
about the house.

You're obsessed
with this house.


- You don't have to buy it.
- Huh?

Chanda's acting weird
since she arrived here.

What's the matter?

You're not buying this house.
That's it!

- What?
- Don't you get what I'm saying?

If you buy this house,
I swear I'll...

What the--

Damn it!

If only I could've showed it
to Chowdhury...

This had to happen I guess.

I probably didn't have the right
to sell Raghu.

- Lord Bhupati, I--
- Go to your room.

See if you can deal with the mess
Raghu made.

- This way.
- Yes.

Thank you.

Recite your heart out now, Raghu.

This house remains yours and mine.

As it always was.


Good morning.

Why are you sitting here?

I'll leave if you have a problem.

Not at all.
I'll leave.


It's your room.
Why will you leave?


Because of my mom?

You can say that.

Why are you scared of her?

Have you done anything wrong?

- I was sleeping--
- You weren't.

You did everything consciously.

But you didn't have the guts
to admit that it wasn't wrong.

You ran away like a coward.

- A coward?
- Yes.

I waited to say it
to your face.

I've never seen a coward like you.
And I never want to in future.

Isn't that great, Raghu?

You're the one who ran away
and she thinks I'm a coward.

"The Saint".


That was the name of the play
I acted in.

I see.

After that, I acted last night
because of His Highness.

It was nice.

But how long will it go on like this?

- Give it to me.
- Hold it.

- Here.
- Give it to me.

Hey, Jaga...

Lord Bhupati must get married
after the house is sold.

- It has been long.
- Yes. He's a handsome fellow, after all.


She called me a coward.

I couldn't even defend myself.

All because of you.

- What did I do?
- You ran away.

And God knows what Raghu did
with Chanda.

It pissed off Mrs. Halder
and stalled the sale.

Raghu got me into trouble
and disappeared.

What do you mean?
I don't get it.

"Got you into trouble
and disappeared--"

Manohar, please tell me.

Raghu looks exactly like Lord Bhupati.

- So...
- So, you mean...

Are you serious?
Exactly the same?

- Didn't I tell you already?
- You didn't tell me anything.

Oh really?
I gave you the entire history.

Yes, you told me the story.
But not the look--

You look tired, Lord Bhupati.

Haven't you slept well last night?

What's wrong with you?

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Tell my parents
I've gone out.

Miss Halder.
I mean, Chanda.

It's Miss Halder for you.

You're not worthy
of calling me Chanda.

Please make it quick.

I'm not a coward.

May be.

Then I must've seen someone else
run away.

I didn't run away.
It was Raghu.

You said Raghu is dead.

Of course, he's dead.
How can he be alive for 400 years?

- Let me explain.
- Keep quiet, Sanjib.


Lord Bhupati addresses me informally--

Why are you covering it up?

I'd like to say something
if you don't mind.

Lord Bhupati wasn't the man
you saw last night.

He was the prince 400 years ago.
He's a ghost now.

And he looks exactly like our king.
It's easy to mistake one for the other.

- You mean, Raghu is--
- Yes.

He's a ghost...
To put it simply.

He was cursed by his own father.

Couldn't you cook up a better story?


You think that laughter was fake?

Or even the Sanskrit verses?

I must admit.

You might be a coward.

But you recite Sanskrit verses
quite well.

I don't know Sanskrit at all.

You do know.

When you're not worried
about future responsibilities...

you only speak in Sanskrit.

What are you saying?

Why did you run away?

Why did you take the blame
for no reason?

What did you think?

That my parents will force you
to marry me?

Why couldn't you say that you recited
the verses because you liked it?

You had no other intention--

Say something.

I'll make some tea.

I need a smoke.

Jaga, look after the shop.

I'm sure I'll get the money back today.
Then I'll buy you the drums.

- Take care.
- Paban, come on.

- Let's go.
- Come on.

Tell Paban too.

- I was just telling Saha...
- What?

We have a grand wedding
coming up.

Whose wedding?
Oh, got it.

Good morning, dewan.

Good morning, Mr. Roy.

- Where's Chanda?
- She's gone out.


Lord Bhupati, I...

I don't know how to apologise.

I tried to make Sapna understand.
But she doesn't want to believe it.

- She needs to see the ghost herself.
- She did.

And mistook him for you.

What are you doing here?

Where's Chanda?

She's getting some fresh air.

Mrs. Halder--

Get your coat.
I'll wait outside.

Mrs. Halder, you can't leave.

You've insulted Lord Bhupati.

- Stop it.
- Keep quiet.

I've been working here
for the last 10 years.

My ancestors have worked
for the royal family too.

I won't let anyone disrespect
an honourable man.

What do you want to say?

- Raghu.
- What?

It was Raghu...
who approached Miss Halder...

Raghu is not Bhupati.

Get to the point.

I mean...
Raghu is someone else.

He is some other ghost--

- Raghu is a ghost.
- Oh!

Did you cook up this story together?

We didn't cook it up.
I can prove it.

Lord Bhupati will prove it.

Come over at night.

Get your coat.

You have the wrong idea
about Lord--

Not just you
but Miss Halder too.

- Dewan, keep Chanda out of--
- No, I won't.

It's about
Lord Bhupati's moral rehabilitation.

- Sale of the house doesn't matter.
- Really?

I don't want to hear anything
about Chanda.

Why not?

Mistaking Raghu for Lord Bhupati
has caused her grief too.

We must straighten it out.

- What?
- Lord Bhupati's character.

Don't defend him.

I must say this.
Whether you buy the house or not.

But I've already given you
my word and the cheque.

Stop it.

We'll be here two nights later.

I'll bring Chanda along.

If you can show me a ghost
I'll apologise to him in public.


- What if you can't show me the ghost?
- He'll publicly apologise.


Only an apology won't do.

He has to tell Chanda
that reciting verses was an act.

To flirt with young girls
and brainwash them...

- Are you serious?
- I mean it.

He has to admit it.

- Done.
- Huh?

What about the house?

Buy it when you see the ghost.

- Let's go.
- Huh?

Come on.

(song playing)



Want to hurt yourself
and end up in the palace again?

- Hold on tight.
- I'm fine.

Look at him.

It's okay.
I'm fine.

It's okay.

- What do you think happened?
- Nothing.

Let's go.


Please connect me
to Mandakini Cosmetics.

May I speak to Mr. Chowdhury?

No, sir left in the morning.

When will he return?

Tomorrow night.

Do you know where he is?

I have no idea.




You're a wonderful cook.

Learnt it over the years.

Queen Mother was the best cook.

He means my mother.

Her dishes were delicious.


Hey, Sanjib.

Tell Manohar what happened

during our practical exams--

Who is it at this hour?



Tell me.

- So you're Bhupati Roy?
- Yes. And you?

Do you want to sell this house?

Yes, I've already sold it.

We'll sign the contract
day after tomorrow.

- How old is this house?
- It's 400 years old.

- How much did he offer to pay?
- Fifty thousand bucks.

Paid 50,000 bucks
based on your word?

What do you mean?

I proved it to him.

Showed him the date
on the plaque.

You think he trusted me blindly?

You said the payment is due.

Who is it now?

- Sanjib, get the door.
- Okay.

- You? What--
- Good evening, dewan.

And excuse me.



I knew it.

I knew you would come here.

You can go to any extent
to beat me.

- Stop the nonsense!
- What do you mean?

I came to know
about this house first.

How dare you try to buy it
behind my back?

I didn't.
I've got nothing to hide.

Wouldn't have stalled the sale
if I wanted to buy the house.

Your schemes won't work now.

I've already bought the house.

Mr. Roy, this is Chowdhury.

I knew he would come here.

His office told me
he won't return tonight.

That's it!
I just knew it.


I'm not interested
in your 400-year-old house.

- Really?
- Yes.

I knew about this house
way before you.

For your kind information...

I've already bought
a 487-year-old house.

Four eighty seven?


Unlike you
we've signed the contract too.

Come and take a look next week.

So what
if you bought an old house?

Does it have a ghost?

There he goes again.

What do you mean?

Does this house have a ghost?

Halder, didn't take you for a fool.

Can't believe you bought that fake story.

I won't say anything now.

Just wait for two more minutes.

- Four minutes.
- Yes, four minutes.

- Four minutes.
- What?

Will the ghost come out
in four minutes?

Mr. Chowdhury,
please show some respect.

It's the ghost of my ancestor.

Mr. Roy,
who dresses up as the ghost?

I hope he's not on leave today.

I've had enough of your taunts.

Why make up ghost stories
to sell the house?

- You can fool Halder--
- Who's the fool?

We'll soon find out
who the fool is.

Let the clock strike 11.

A punctual ghost.


It's 11 o'clock sharp.

He's here!

Here he is.

He's here!

(reciting in Sanskrit)

- Listen, Mr. Roy.
- Oh my!

I'm not a simpleton like Halder.

Do you know what's this?

- Revolver.
- Right.

I got my license
when I was the honorary magistrate.

And my aim is not too bad.

But it won't work on Raghu.

(reciting in Sanskrit)


Sanjib, check there.

- Don't leave me alone.
- Please go.

Don't go, Bhupati--

- Raghu.
- Raghu...

- Raghu!
- Dewan.

- Where are you, Raghu?
- Where are you going?

- Dewan.
- Raghu!

- Raghu!
- Sanjib.

Sorry, I'm very sorry.

Didn't mean to spoil the fun
by scaring him away with the revolver.

I saw the ghost
in the balcony yesterday.

We don't want to know
what you saw.

Come on, Halder.

Russians are going to space
and you're stuck with Ballabhpur's ghost.


- Wait! Just wait!
- What?

- Where are you going?
- Halder.

- Raghu!
- Look at him.






Just once.

It's me, Sanjib.
Where are you, Raghu?



Oh my God!




Mr. Raghu!


Who are you?

Harihar or Manohar?

I'm Manohari.

Harihar's brother?

Brother of Manohar.

I see.

Where is Raghu?

He's here.

Go inside.



Mr. Chowdhury, will you shoot at the guy
pretending to be the ghost?

Don't worry, Chanda.

The revolver will scare them off.
Won't have to shoot.

Did you find the ghost?

I think the ghost has found him.

Mr. Roy, what happened?

Raghu won't come.

Damn it!

Why won't he?

- He's scared.
- I told you so.

- The revolver can scare off--
- He's not scared of the revolver.


Last night, Mrs. Halder scared him off
to the temple.

- I scared him away?
- Yes.

When he saw you again tonight,
he ran back to the temple.

Must say the ghost is quite brave.

Can't you convince him
to come in once?


How can you place your request
after the excuse he made?

It's not an excuse.

- He'll come in if she's not here.
- No.

That wasn't the deal.

- Do you remember the deal?
- Yes.

But it's the absolute truth!

Raghu exists!
He's been here for 400 years.

Mr. Roy, I know this area well.

Never heard the 400-year-old
Ballabhpur Palace still stands.

You don't know anything.

What do you know
about Ballabhpur?

Not less than you.

My ancestral home is in this area.

- How long have you been here?
- Me?

This is my ancestral home
since the age of "Baro-Bhuiyans".

Don't have to tell me
about "Bhuiyans".

My ancestors were "Bhuiyans" too.

Why are you bluffing?

It's not a bluff.

We were given the "Chowdhury" title
during Alivardi Khan's reign.

We were known as the Bhuiyans
before that.

Read up on the region's history.

The Bhuiyans of Pratapgarh
are as famous as "Baro-Bhuiyans".

- Pratapgarh?
- Yes, Pratapgarh.

Have you heard of it?

- Indranarayan Bhuiyan.
- There you are.

At least, you know that much.

Are you
Indranarayan Bhuiyan's descendant?


I have preserved
the ancestral family history.

- But nowadays no one cares --
- Raghu!

Raghu, did you hear him?

He's Indranarayan's descendant.


- Raghu!
- Hey, Bhupati.

- Where are you going?
- Raghu!

What happened?

What else?

A new story to con us.

Once you're free of the curse
you won't be around anymore, right?

Then I won't see you again.

Indranarayan's descendant has arrived.


It's almost midnight.

But Mr. Ghost is still missing.

Stop laughing
and look that way.


I'll shoot you
if you put your feet down.

How will he do it?

He's in the air, idiot.

Mr. Chowdhury,
thought your aim is not bad.

- Shoot him.
- Yes.

Rub your nose on the ground.

Beg for his forgiveness.

Rub your nose on the ground.



Raghu, stop it.

She's 400 years younger than you.


- Should I splash some water?
- Yes, go ahead.

How're you feeling?


This is Mr. Roy.
Not Raghu.

Put on your glasses.
See for yourself.


- I'm sorry.
- Please don't be. It's okay.

I'm sorry for your trouble.

You're not only elder to me.

Our ties go long back.

Wow, Chowdhury!

So, you'll beat me to it
because of your ancestral ties?

I told you
we've always been rivals.

We've put this 400-year-old rivalry
behind us, Halder.

Let's be friends too.


I should apologise, Lord Bhupati.

Please forget it.
Raghu is free because of you.

And I'm relieved too.

I know you and Chowdhury
share a long relationship.

But there's another relation
waiting for you.

Only if you and Chanda
don't have any problem.

You know I don't have anything.

How can I have a problem?


(indistinct chatter)

Can you get us some sweets?

(indistinct chatter)

Open your mouth, dear.

We knew
he would settle all our dues.

We knew he was an honest fellow.

But thanks to you,
Ballabhpur got rid of its curse.

That's a blessing.

I've been hearing the story
about the curse on the palace

since I was a kid.


Right, it's a story now.

My grandfather was a spiritual man,
you know.

- He became a monk.
- Look at him.

- He used to say something.
- There he goes again.

It's okay, go ahead.
Let's hear it.

He used to say...

A story completely changes over time.

It keeps changing
just like our lives.


Okay, I'll get going now.

- Take care.
- Okay.

Manohar is getting old.

He's the one who raised me.

I'm worried about him.

I've never said this to anyone.

Is it?
You never told me this before.

I haven't told you
a lot of things before.

You have to tell me everything
from now on.

- Really?
- How else would I know?

- Okay, I will.
- Fine.

Manohar doesn't share anything
with me.

- I have something to tell you.
- Go ahead.

This house--

(speaking Sanskrit)

- Hey?
- What?

Why are you still here?