Balkan Spy (1984) - full transcript

Ilija Cvorovic, a reformed former Stalinist who spent several years in a prison as a political prisoner, is called in for a routine conversation. He returns home convinced that the police is interested in his subtenant, a businessman returning from Paris to open a tailor shop. Convinced that his subtenant represents the greatest threat to national security Ilija begins his own surveillance operation against him.

-Renovate Belgrade!!!Redecorate
Belgrade!!!Paint Belgrade!!!

-Please, come in.

-Yes? When did you notice that?
Sorry, where do you work? Where's he working?

-Why did they ask you to go there?
Is it because...? -Because of what?

-You said they might be checking on you?
-Is he here?-Who? -My late father,
that tenant - who else!

-No. -Where is he? -Ilija, what
happened? -Nothing...

...just not yet. -Will you finally
tell me why they asked you to go there?

-Because of him. -Because of him?

-Have I told you we don't need a tenant?
-You have. -Yes, I've told you 100 times...

...but you insisted as if we're starving,
so you did it, but you did me in too!

-Who placed this sanatorium here?!!

- I've always told you what to do and
what not to do. But you don't listen.

-Do you know who he is? -You mean, by
vocation? -By everything!!!

-He told me he was a tailor in Paris, and now
he wants to open a shop here. -OK, and?

-And what?
-Who is he, what's he doing here?

-I don't ask, he doesn't say, he pays
on time... -How does he afford rent?

-Tell me what happened there, Ilija!

-That man, our tenant, Petar Markov
Jakovljevic, that tenant with three names... a mean and dangerous man. Police's
been watching him for a long time...

...they asked me what he is doing, who
are his friends and who's visiting him...

-Who did you talk to?

-With a police inspector...
-He told you he's dangerous?

-No. -How come you know he is

-Police never inquires about a
good and honest man..

-As soon as he comes back, we'll give
him notice, he'll pack and leave...

-I told the same to inspector, but he
said not to make fuss about it...

...he said he's just suspicious for now.
He's probably done something...

...against our country. If he was common
criminal, they would got him by now...

-Did you tell inspector about your heart?
-Are you nuts, he's not a doctor!

-Than I asked him, because I can see he
didn't tell me everything, I said "Comrade..."

...are you suspecting me? You know I
was in prison for two years..

-He said "I didn't know that". But on
his table, there was this thick blue folder...

...with coffee stains all over....
My case, for sure.

-You'd never tell he's inspector, he's..

...tidy, well dressed, you know...
in my time, you could recognize them from afar.

That was their tactic, as soon as
you see him, you know who is he.

Today, you can't tell who they are.
That way it seems there's more of them.

He also asked me how we're handling
inflation? I said, excellent...

..we accepted stabilization,it's a holly
thing for us. Well, Danica...

..he also asked me did he receieve
any phone calls from Paris, I said... far no one called him...-What are
you saying, they called him...

-A few times...

-Jesus, why didn't you tell me?!?
-I didn't know it was important.

-It is!! If I told them there were no calls,
they'll think I'm working for them!

-Hallo,can I speak with Comrade Drazic?
Ah, it's you...Ilija Cvorovic speaking...

I came by this morning for medical...
Oh, sorry, I frequently go to the doctor's.

...I told you no one called him but my
wife just told me they called him...a few times.

-I've told you our conversation was
purely informative, don't worry, good bye.

-Good bye...

-What did he say? -Not to get upset, easy
for him when that villain isn't in his house.

-When did you clean his room last time?
-Yesterday. -Give me the key!

-What for?
-Give me the key!

-Let's go...

-"Petite paquette"...
...some kind of medication?

-He's a diabetic, his brother sends him insuline
every month from Paris. -Stay on watch!

-This is just a plain calculator.
-Yes, I can see, I'm not blind...

During the war I saw watches and
pens that blow up and cut off hands

-How big is our savings?
-We don't have any savings!

-And do you know how much he saved?
-He worked for 20 years abroad...

-How long have I worked? My whole life.

-They pay well over there.
-"Over there"? You think he earned this...

...French are paying US dollars
to our "famous couturier"!!!

-Here he comes!

-Put on coffee, no sugar for him and
be carefull...

...behave as always, quietly,

...and don't say something stupid.

-Comrade Jakovljevic, hello! -Hello, sir.
-How about some coffee, it's been a while.

-I just told my wife this Jakovljevic
seems to avoid us...

-Are you mad at us??
-No, it's just that I'm constantly in a hurry.

-Please do come in. -Stay for 5 minutes,
have some coffee. -All right.

-A cigarette? -Ah, no thank you I don't
smoke. -So, how's your health?

-Comrade Cvorovic, only my illness
serves me well, nothing else does.

-How about your work? -I'm going
completely crazy, Mr. Cvorovic...

-What's the problem? Maybe we can help?

-It's been 9 months since they've
promised me a location for my taylor shop...

...but yesterday everything fell through.
They said that according to...

...the city developement plan, that
location is reserved for TV sevice shop.

-So what are you going to do now?
-That's nothing, comrade Jakovljevic!

-Do you know we've lived for 25 years in
sheds and basements?...

...he got heart condition and I got
rheumatic knees...

..then we took a mortgage for this house
and now we are in debts up to here!

-Danica! Our problems are under control!

-One more thing...

...we took one worry off our backs but
another one showed up...

...our daughter graduated 5 years ago.
She's a stomatologist and now she can't find a job...

...people don't have two tooth in their
heads but there's no job for a dentist! -Danica! long as there are jobs for 100 000
politicians! -What are you talking about?

-Do you think their kids are waiting
in line for jobs?

-They first secure them jobs and
then they give birth to them!

-I'm sorry, my friends are waiting for
me! -Please stay, finish your coffee...

-Another time, mr. Cvorovic. -No problem,
come by whenever you can. -Good bye.

-Are you crazy, you stupid woman?
Can't you tell he's provoking us..

..and gathering information? -What have I said
that's untrue? -Shut up.

-As if you know what's true! -I do. -There are
people in this country whose job is to know the truth.

-I thought the same story all over again,
when manager came in and...

..said "Congratulations, we hired you.."

-And I'm looking at him, I almost fainted..

..and I ask him "I got the job?"... know what, if I knew you'll
cry this much, I wouldn't accept that job! Mom!

-My baby doctor!

-Don't tell him yet, first I wanna give
him hard time for what happened before.

-Daddy, is it your heart? -Ilija, what
happened? -Nothing,I fell and I got some bruises

-Where did you fall? -On the ground,
where else?

-Why are you looking at me like that?
I'm fine, give me some schnapps!

-What so funny? Is it because I fell?
-Daddy I got the job.

-You got the job? -Yep, I'm starting
on monday, childrens hospital.

-Ilija...-Ah, yes, here, take your
friends out, treat them, take it!

-And you said a lot of things in front
of that man. OK, OK, cheers!

-Ah the car keys too. -OK, here you are...

...but be careful, there's plenty of
lunatics that don't stop on red.

-Let's get rid of that Moskvitch, he's using so
much gas... -As if there is a better car?

-I'll be back in 3 days. -What car is
better then Moskvitch?

-Finally, something nice happened to me.

-Hallo, can I speak to inspector Drazic?
That is you, inspector? Ilija Cvorovic here.

-I've seen my tenant 2 hours ago at
Dorcol area, there were five of them...

...they were looking at some maps, it
was an organized meeting. Excuse me?

-I accidentally passed by and I saw
them. -Please I told you to relax...

..don't worry about the thing, good bye.

-He doesn't give a fuck that this villain
lives in my house, "don't worry, don't worry..."

-Take it easy, Ilija. -These villains are
roaming around and he says not to worry?!

-Listen you, I've lived honestly and
I'll die as an honest man!

-I don't want fingers pointed at me when it's
found he undermined the country from this house!

-Ilija...-I went to prison once because
I trusted people, it wont happen twice!

-Hallo, comrade, stay out of shady affairs...
you don't know who you're dealing with!

-He's trying to involve innocent people
in terrorism!

-What's that? -Huh?? -What is that pin
doing there? -Erm, I had to patch it up.

-His actions are planned from here...

-When did you start taking insuline?
-2 years ago when he started using heroine... we're both junkies.

-Eh, my Petar, you have such bad luck...

-It's not bad luck, I'm an idiot. God
gave me everything and I didn't take it.

-Health and happiness and brain..

-I don't get it, why are you trying to
start business again? What for?

-Take a vacation, have some rest...

-I'll rest when I die.

-What is it?-I thought someone's
looking through the window.

-He was shooting in for 10 minutes,
with a huge needle, what an addict!

-Why are you taking the whole sallary with
you? -You want me tell you?

-In 5 minutes the whole street would know.
When you learn to keep a secret, I'll tell you.

-Felicitacion Madmoiselle! My congrats
for getting a job...-Come in please. -I'm in a hurry

-Why not, come in for a couple of
minutes...-Ok, thank you...

-When I got back last night
your mother told me about your job.

-Did she cry?
-Well, a little bit...

-Are you sewing this?
-Yes,I'm trying but it's not working...

-I can do it for you in 5 minutes...
-Please don't, that's not why I invited you...

-I'll be just a minute...

-You should try it on...

-What happened with your shop?
-Everything failed...

I've decided to build a house. Now I have
to deal with builders, architects...

...but I'm born as a masochist,
I'll hang on...

-I've never visited Paris.
-Here if you really wanna go, I'll give you...

..keys of my 2 bedroom appartment in
the most beautiful part of Paris...

-You kept that appartment just in case?
-Ah, no, I wont go back to Paris..

...I kept it for my son, but for him
Paris wasn't enough, he left for New York

-Finally,we had a big fight. I have a
lot of problems with him...

-Your parents are so lucky, I wish I
have a child like you.

-Mom...-Good morning!
-Good morning Mrs...

-Let me ask you something. Have you been
to the supermarket recently?

-Yes... -What do you say about these
prices, it's crazy how expensive it is.

-Since a month ago, everything went up 50%...

-These two bags, 280 000 dinars,
that is not worth 80 000 dinars...

-I'm walking down the street and I'm
wondering who stole my 200 000 dinars

-No meat, no medications, no coffee,
they don't have clear bulbs, only red ones...

-Mom, he's got his own problems.
Look how he helped me with my dress...

-Why don't you walk around naked?
-OK, I'm gonna go now...

-Goodbye Madame.

-I'm sorry you waited.
-Now I know why you live here...

-I don't understand?! -Nothing,
nevermind, we're just friends right? -Sure...

-I'm shortsighted but I'm not blind,
you're fooling yourself if you think I'm blind.

-Ilija, aren't you working today?
-Not today nor tommorow, nor the day after!

-Why? -No way I'm gonna tell you, you
can't keep you mouth shut!!

-Daddy! -What???
-How can you talk to mom like that?

-She deserved it!

-I told you a 100 times not to say
stupid things...

..who asked you to solve goverment
issues! -I'm concerned about the inflation!

-Whole nation is suffering but only you
talk and talk, one more thing out of you...!

-Mom what's the matter, why is he
insulting you?

-Sonja, ask that tenant to leave,
to pack his things and move out...

-Why, what happened?
-Will you ask him to leave, Sonja?

-I will, if you tell me why and
what happened!

-How long it took you to open your store?

-2 years. -2 years?
-And 32 documents...

-Have one, try it! -No. no, thank you,
I'm diabetic.

-Do you want one with celery? -No,
no, thank you, bye. -Goodbye...

-You bought the house, let's celebrate!
-He doesn't wanna listen to me...

-What happened? -Owner returned my deposit.

-Why? -Someone called him and told
him not to do business with me...

...because he can have problems, so he
got scared.

-Someone called my boss yesterday... warn him of me, what I do
and whom I see...

...he almost halted my trip to London.
-What are you going to do now?

-I don't know.
-Who made you come back here?

-What are you doing there?

-Why are you taking photos?
-None of your business!

-Leave the hotel immediately!

-You sold yourselves for trinkets!!

-Do you want to lose your sight?

-Don't we have any clear bulbs?
It's like in a brothel...

-Did you hear my question? Danica!!!

-You don't wanna speak to me, huh?

-You don't wanna say hello, like I'm a
dog... you'll talk to me in due time... wont close your mouth when
you see the photos I've taken... this camera is all the evidence...

...I took photos of them swimming at the
pool of hotel "Jugoslavija".

-Did you swim too? -Ahh, now you're
talking to me...

-Why do you ask?
-He's allowed to go to a swimming pool...

-Fuck the sun that shines on you! You
think he's suspicious cause he's swimming?

-They went swimming just to get together
and to make plans, he ordered them what to do...

-His mistress went to the airport and
than straight to London...

-She passed the customs without check, but
I was apprehended for photographing!!

-Me they suspect! Criminals just pass
them by, but they arrest me!

-This society always suspected me...

..and he's networking all over
the country...

...that guy that opened pancake stand
in our street is working for him!

-He's financing spying activities!

-Yes? Who? Ah, wrong number...

-Who was that? -Wrong number...
-Man's voice? -Yes.

-Who did he ask for? -Who?
-That man who callled wrong number!

-Someone called Nikola Popovic. -Nikola
Popovic, ahh, you're so naive!

-And stupid, say it! -What else can I say
when you're behaving like crazy!

-They called me! -You???
-Yes, me and they'll call again!!!

-What did I tell you?

-Hallo? I'm sorry, can you speak louder,
I don't understand anything you say...

-Excuse me, did you called a minute ago?

-Yes, an operator can make one mistake,
but to do it a 100 times is impossible!!!

-Listen,comrade,maybe you've got the wrong
number but you've got the one you asked for.

-You don't get it? Oh, you'll get it!
Fuck you and I fuck you mother, get lost!

-Do you know who was that? -Who?
-The tenant.

-It wasn't his voice. -Yes, it is,
he put a sweater over the microphone!

-They will try to liquidate me...

-What do you mean "liquidate you"?
-To kill me.

-To kill you? -Go and see who is it.

-Who is it?

-Who was it? -A beggar.
-Are you sure it was a beggar?

-Now I'll get visits from his beggars,
postmen and those who ask about adresses.

-He'll keep my house under surveillance,
but he's messing with the wrong man.

-He was trained for every situation,
but not for ME.

-OK, we'll fight, my friend,
to the very end, it's me or him.

-I wasn't born alone on this world!

-Hallo, Djura? Djura, my brother,
come here immediately.

-No, it's not that, I can't talk about
it over the phone.

-Come, hurry...

-I'm going to get some vodka and you,
if you can, make us a cheese pie.

-Lock yourself in, tommorow I'll put
bars on doors and windows.

-Who's there? -It's me, open up!
-Who is it? -ME, open the door.

-Ilija!!! Ilija, my god!

-Sit, sit down!

-I told you, didn't I?

-I told you they'll try to kill me!

-Is it true? -Yes, it is, they waited
for me in front of the supermarket

..they tried a hit and run assasination,

-Who is it? -It's me!

-Is that you Djura?
-It's me!

-Ilija!!! -Djuro, my brother!

-My poor Ilija, what happened?
-Nothing, sit down, I'm fine.

-How did you get hurt? -In front of
supermarket, someone hit me with a car.

-Are you hurt, no broken bones? -No, it's
nothing, I feel a little bit dizzy, that's all.

-You could've been killed.
-It can still happen to me.

-This is just the begining, sit down.
-How can I sit down, when I see you like this???

-Why is she crying? -Now she understands
what evil forces are against me.

-Sit down. -Danica, what happened?
-Djura, sit down...'re smart, Djura, help him,
advise him what to do.

-Sit down Djura, my brother,
bad things are happening to me.

-Are you sick? -Ahh, if only I was,
there is a cure for every illness.

-Than what is it? Tell me what is it,
I'm nervous and I'm sweating like a pig!

-You know we have that tenant?
-Yes, I know.

-A month ago, I got a call from the police.


-Of course, I know I didn't do anything...

...and thought they're checking on me..

-Once you've done time,
you're never sure with yourself,

even if I know I didn't do anything
wrong, there's this crisis in the world...

...they write a lot about it. -Did they
mention me?

-You, why would they mention you?
-Because of that thing before,...

...even than they arested you first,
than me...-Explain him what this is about...

-Shut up, when I said we don't need to
rent, you wanted to pluck my eyes

-So I go to police, "Good afternoon",
"Good afternoon"...

-"You're so and so?" "Yes, that's me."
Danica, turn up the volume, someone may be listening.

-And then....

-Danica...Danica, go to bed.

-What do you say about it, Djura?
-C'mon, go to bed.

-Don't trouble yourself with this, this
is our problem.

-There, I told you everything, and
the rest of it you'll see on photos.

-And? What do you think, huh?

-What do you mean "nothing"?

-As I said, nothing. What can I tell you
when you're hiding things from me?

-Don't say that, Djura...

-You called me to take care of your family?
You should've asked my wife to do that.

-I swear on my life - I feel like leaving
now never to see you again!!!

-I didn't know...-You're all lying to
me, lying!!!

-We should part ways and than at least,
I'll know I don't have a brother anymore!!!

-Djura...-If you came to me in the first
place and we got organized and planned this...

Our family is big! But no,
you're fighting on your own again imperialists!


-Is IT still there? -What?
-That thing in the bassement.

-Ah, you think THAT? -Yes.

-Well, since we took it there I didn't
touch it. Let's get it. -Let's.

-Who is it?

-Who's there? -We brought the bars!

-Leave it here, is it paid?
-Yes it is, goodbye...

-We were cleaning the basement...

-Are these old people howling all day long?
-Yep, all day long!

-They are old reactonaries.

-They founded this quire just to get
together and make plans to destroy the regime.

-What are they singing? -They don't
care what they sing, they are just provoking us..

-Just to spite me...

-HE brought them songs and lyrics...

-You're about to see what kind of mafia
it is, where they meet and their acitivities.

-Ada Island, 12:25, november 5th, I took
this shot from the car cause I was too close.

-Danica, what would you say when you see
them walking and talking like this?

-Nothing much, just some people
walking and talking.

-My Smiljka would say exactly the same.

-Don't say that, Djura, everyone would say the
same until they become familiar with the spy world...

...they can make plans in front of you
and you wouldn't know what are they saying...

-In this game, there is one sacred rule-
everything is opposite from what you believe it is.

-Danica,what would you say when you look
at this man and you see him for the first time in your life? ordinary man...-A clerk, teacher,
that's what you'd think Danica, am I right?

-Right. -There, Danica, you're so naive.

-He's a scientist, works at Vincha
institute, a profesor of nuclear fisics!

-Ahhh, now I get it. -Do you know Danica,
what is Vincha?

-I've heard about it. -Just like you heard
about Madagascar! That is a nuclear institute!

-A scientist walks with the spy and talks.

-Who's that woman? -She's a reporter,
tenant's mistress, mother of two children.

-Auhhh, he's tough.

-Two hours later, scientist explains the map
of Vincha...

...and our tenant listens and memorizes...

...he was taught in terrorist-spy
camps to memorize everything...

-Here I'll have a balcony... I can have some sun in winter.
-This is not a summer house, it's a castle.

-A castle of 60 square meters?

-You capitalists call that a castle??

Boom!!! There goes Vincha, nuclear centre
explodes, that's how smart people do it!!!

-There are other guests in the
restaurant...what about them?

-Right, they do it in public, so it doesn't
look like they're hidding something...

..when they studied thier plan well,
the profesor throws it in the river...

-it looks like an empty pack of cigarettes...

...why did he do it, Danica?

-Well...-If he burned it, he'd be

...river carries it on, I follow it...

...I get into the river and I
swim towards it...

-My Ilija, you bathed in the river
in this time of the year? -I have...

...for this kind of evidence I would
jump into the frozen river!

-That evening they went to opera house...

...scientist's mistress showed up, too..

-They all have mistresses...-All of them.

-If they are betraying their wives, why
wouldn't they betray their own country?

-As soon as they came in,
I bought the ticket and followed them in.

-So you went to the opera house for real?

-What kind of tortures you had to suffer
because of these villains!

-What did you watch? -Them! Opera was
not important to me...

-I was wondering why they went to
theatre, but when they started singing...

...I understood everything, they can
make plans cause those...

...those singers on the stage
were yelling non stop!

-Thay stayed till the end of
the play so they don't cause suspicion...

...they were sure no one will
follow them to the opera

-They are not aware there are people
ready to do everything, even to go the opera!

-Who's paying for all this, lunch at
the restaurant, opera...?

-C.I.A., Danica, C.I.A., they ruin
countries all over the world

--What about the nuclear institute-
anyone suspects something there?

-They are warned, I sent them a letter
to increase security levels in the objects...

...and among workers...

-At fields under Kosmaj mountain,
they exercise their military skills...

...pretending to go pheasant hunting.
First of all...

...the've practised shooting
at moving targets...

...secondly, they walked 15 miles
which means they are trying to stay fit...

...third-they are organized as a "troika"...

-Djura, what are "troikas"?

-Basic units of terrorist groups.
-Along the way, they talk to locals...

-Danica, why are they talking to locals?

-They ask them where they can find
pheasants..-Danica, Danica...

-They talk to locals to learn
what people think...

-Move on!

-These are some local shepherds, idiots!

-Is it a boar? -Get him. -Yes, it is a
boar, 300 kilos at least!

-Here they lost track of me and I ran away.

-Ilija, they could have shot you!
-That's what they wanted.

-Murder while hunting is not covered
by criminal law-it's consideres as accident...

-In our village, when someone hates
someone, he just invites him to go hunting and...BANG!

-Next day, he went to French embassy,
carrying a bag...

..and he went out without it,
which you can see for yourself...

...everything he found out,
he sold to the French secret service...

which was then sent through diplomatic channels
to Paris, and on to that cowboy in Washington!

-They have me under constant surrveilance.
Danica, check who is it!

-Who is it?

-Who is it?

-A man, asking for Davidovic family.
-There are no Davidovic's in our street.

-He's checking to see if you are at home... he'll see it.

-Who are you looking for?
-Davidovic family...

...Serdar Jole street.
-Oh you, motherfucker!!!

-I'll show you now, I'll kill you all
if you show up one more time in my yard!

-Dear Lord...

-So you're not coming with us tonight?
-Why do you need me?

-We'll go to dinner, have some laughs...
-And then cry when we get drunk.

-You should buy drinks for not graduating.

-Why? -Cause if you graduated,
you would be poor as we are...

-What do I have from my diploma,I hardly
make ends meet every month.

-You have an ulcer as well??

"-You should treat us for not graduating."

"So you're not coming with us tonight?
-Why do you need me?"

"We'll go to dinner, have some laughs...
-And to cry when we get drunk."

-Hawk's calling Eagle, over!
Hawk's calling Eagle, over!

-Hawk's calling Eagle, over!

-Hawk's calling Eagle, over!!!

-Eagle's receiving Hawk, over!
Eagle's receiving Hawk, over!

-Come to my position, over.

-Eagle's coming.

-Eagle, answer, Eagle answer me, over!

-Eagle fell, Eagle fell.
-Hawk is on his way, over!

-What happened?
-It's not a big deal, I'm OK.

-Where are they?-Overthere,
exchanging plans and instructions.

-Let's go!

-What happened?

-They eliminated him.

-That's what they wanted
to do to you, too.

-I can't believe that...

-How long has this been going on?

-That whole thing with
the tenant and spies.

-40 days but it seems like 40 years now.

-Dad took days off from work for this?
-No, he's on sabathical, Djura is on leave.

-Dad should retire...
-And we would live on what-his pension money?

-He's financing this out of his own money,
he took loans. -Cause of the spy?

-Why he went to Nis? -To enquire about that
villain's family...

...he heard his father and brother
were imprisoned, so he went to find out why.

-Djura is with him, too?
-No, Djura stayed here to follow them.

-And to get more loans from the
bank, next week they're going to Paris.

-Mom, what do you think about all this?

-Would Dad agree to see a doctor.
-For his heart? -I can make it look that way.

-What for then? -Cause of his head. -And?

-And to get treatment. -Cause of his heart?

-Tell me clearly why he should see a doctor.

-His nerves are frayed, he's paranoid
and he haunts unknown people on the street.

-You think your father's crazy?

-Can you hear me-do you think he's crazy?

-Yes, I do. -Crazy?? -Yes, and he'll feel
worse as time passes by...

-If you think so, this conversation
is finished. -Mom, please...

- I don't know why are you saying
this, I'm well informed... went out with villain a few times!!
-Mom, please, let's talk seriously about it.

-He called me to ask what's going on.
-And you gonna tell him everything?

-I won't, If father stops following him..

-And let him ruin the whole country
and our nation, is it so?

-So, while he worked to pay
for this house...

...for you, for your education,
he was smart!

-Now, when he's working for the whole
country and our nation, he's crazy!

-Your father often had hard times
in his life, he lived like a dog...

...he worked hard, but they insulted
and humiliated him...

-Now is the toughest time for him,
we have to help him!

-No one from this house will destroy him!

-I worship your father, he's like
a god to me!!!

-Mom, is it possible...-What?!
What do you want to say?

-It's not enough for you to
declare him crazy?

-Now I'm in your way, I'm crazy too, right?

-I forgive you. Maybe we weren't
good parents, but...'ll regret this when your
father proves he was right!

-Your father is a great man,
I knew that all along...

...but I didn't know you're so
ungrateful and inhuman.

-I didn't know that!!!

-Leave her be, let her go!

-What's with her?
-I tought her what respect is...

-She didn't have that subject at college!

-Bring me some rope, quickly!

-Kids can cause you so much worries like
no one else in the world. Here...

...I don't know what to do with her.
-I'm afraid Ilija's been caught and liquidated.

-I haven't heard from him for 3 days now...

-I haven't slept for 3 nights, as soon
as I fall asleep, I wake up with this feeling...

...twins, we are connected spiritually.

-What happened?
-He's drunk...

-Poor man...
-He's a swine, let him rot!

-C'mon, why do you have to look at him,
hurry, what are you waiting for?

-Where's Ilija?

-Did you hear my question-where's Ilija?
-Who is Ilija?

-I'll fill you with led, you motherfucker,
where's my brother, say it!

-You don't know who my brother is?

-You don't know who my brother is, you


-Uncle of our tenant is a very nice man

-He said about him "This country is not
big enough for such a bandit"

-He didn't wrote to his own aunt
for 20 years now...

...just cause she lives on Lenin's
boulevard..What's that got to do with anything?

-It has, he doesn't want to write Lenin's
name on the envelope, that's how far he'll go.

-She said "If our adress was Churchill's or
Roosevelt's boulevard, he'd write twice a week"...

-It's a shame, everyone knows that and
no one does anything about it...

-How did you get this information from
his uncle? -I told him I'm a reporter...

...who writes articles about enemies
of our coutry

-Your car!!! -What happened?
-She ruined my shop!!!

-Calm down, forget about car, we'll buy
another one! -Villains ruined my car...

-Leave it alone, let people see what
these villains are doing to me!!


-I wish you called and told me where
you are, I freaked out...

-When I followed the professor last night,
I swore to kill them all if they touch you!

-That's why I imprisoned the professor...

-Leave him be, Djura, he's upset about
the car. -What have you done to professor?

-I imprisoned him in my cellar. The doctor
too! -You're out of your mind...

-Now they'll allert others...-They
admitted everything, everything...

...that they are hired to plan and
organize terrorist actions.

-That's why he's flying to New York.
-Who is? -The tenant.

-Where is he now? -At lunch with
that reporter woman!

-We're busted if they run
away now, let's go!

-Stop it!

-What are you doing in Belgrade? -We
came to help you. -Help us with what?

-We heard you're in trouble. -Nothing
special, I'll explain along the way, let's go.

-These are our sons.


-Renovate Belgrade!!!Redecorate
Belgrade!!!Paint Belgrade!!!

-Renovate Belgrade!!!Redecorate
Belgrade!!!Paint Belgrade!!!

-I have to get my things, I'll be late.

-What's the matter? -You said the
same thing when you went to Paris...

"I have to get my things, I'll be late"
and you stayed there 20 years... long will you stay in New York?
-As long as my son needs me, he's in a hospital...

-So it's for the rest of your life...
...and stay there...

...don't disturb me anymore,
don't call me, do not write to me...

-All right.

-I have to get my things...

-Landlady can take you to the airport,
I'm not your chauffeur!!!

-Who's there?

-It's you? -Yes, it's me.

-Please, come in...

-Sorry to disturb you but I must,
I'm leaving tonight.

-I know. -How do you know that?

-Well..I don't know, I thought...
-Don't worry, madam, it's not your fault.

-I came to get my things
and to pay my rent, here...

-Madam? -Yes? -Can I ask you
something before I say goodbye?

-Yes. -Why is your husband following me?

-My husband follows you? What do you mean?
-You don't know?

-No, I really don't know that.

-A week ago another one joined in - a spitting
image of you husband. You don't know about that?

-One goes in front of me and one
behind me, they scared me as hell...

-"They" who? -Your husband in 2 copies.
How many of him are there?

-OK if you don't know what he's doing outside,
do you know what he's doing at home?

-Have you noticee this wired?
He sprunt it to my appartment...

...and he hanged laundry on it, there,
do you see that?

-However, that's not all. My friends
started complaining that some man haunts them...

..goes to their work places, takes
photos of them and their families...

...follows them, makes
anonyomous phone calls...

-Why is he doing that? What have
I done to him?

-You don't know what you've done to him,
right? -No, I don't. -Than, I'm going to tell you...

-I'm not afraid of you and your
gang, you've ruined our lives...

...our house, Ilija was fired
because of you...

...our daughter doesn't speak to us,
we are in debts up to here!!!

-Madam, what are you talking about?
-Stay away, get lost, out, out...

-Get out right now!

-Ilija!! -Calm down Danica,
calm down, c'mon...

...big hero, now you're attacking women, huh?

-Make some coffee, litar of it, and
go to sleep at Smiljka's house.

-You make him coffee!!!
-Ohhh, she lost it completely...

-Do you know my brother Djura?

-We saw each other a few times...
-Old pals, huh?

-Sit down. -I'm leaving tonight for...

-For New York, to visit you son in the
hospital, sit down for a couple of minutes.

-Let's have a few drinks after this chase...

-And? How long has this
thing been going on?

-What thing? -Come on, I tracked you down,
that thing...

-You mean, you following and haunting
me, I just don't kow why...-Drink this!

-We know everything now,
you don't have to pretend anymore....

..we know you're not a diabetic, that
you're a drug addict but we have no drugs..

-Drink this! -When did you suspect
that we know everything?

-That you know what, mister?
-I'm not a mister, first of all!

-If I was a mister, I'd never be able to
uncover you, I'm a comrade for you, MISTER!

-Well?! -I really don't have time
to play this game...SIT DOWN!!!

-Sit down, "your son is in
hospital in New York"...

...that's your code for action?

-I did the same with mine!

-Who told you that my son is
in the hospital?

-That's just a code for you to
come to the meeting with your bosses...

-We know everything...

-Stay put!

-You wont order me... -When I say
sit down, you stay down!!!

-We'll let you go when you
answer these 5 questions...

...slowly, letter by letter. What is it,
is this light bothering you?

-Light is bothering him, sure,
he's used to dark, read this!!!

-Who put together these questions? -Me!

-No one helped you? -No, my mister...

..I invested in this business all of me... money, my knowledge
and my experience...

...I'm not a hired mercenary like you are..

...that's the difference between us!!!

-Yes? No, no, mr. Jakovljevic isn't here...

-He took the cab 5 minutes ago
and left, yes, yes..

-That reporter, huh?

-Wait a minute..

-Did she wrote this? Take a good look,

-Mhm? -Yes, she wrote it. That's an
article about problems in our country... knew about these problems
before she wrote it. -Mhm.. come she's suddenly so interested
in it, after seeing you every day, huh?

-She's a columnist for economic issues..
-We know that...

How come you picked her to be your mistress,
not some cleaning lady, a woman of your class...

-I know her for 20 years, even before she
became reporter...-Yes, you were engaged...

...but you left to Paris for 5 days,
found some whore and made her pregnant...

..with that idiot son of yours!
-You swine...

-Calm down, take it easy Djura,
if someone should kill him, that's me...

...he ruined my home...Do you know
what she wrote about?

-Huh? She published your conversation you
had with that asshole professor under my roof!

-Do you remeber what you said?

-Haven't you said that our economy
is on the verge of destruction?

-That our leaders took loans from the
West, so they can lead luxurious life?

-How are grandsons will spit on our photos,
and sons won't dare while we're still alive?

-That double standards are
brought almost to perfection?

-That young people are asked for opinion
only when they're blamed for some criminal actions?

-"Everything could have been fixed during
1950s' with a big turnaround in our economy..."

.."we should be world #1 exporters of
food today, with our furtile land in Vojvodina..."

-"I'm afraid we didn't have experts...
-"Nationalisation wasn't the best solution.."

-It's not because you're my brother,
but you're real genius!

-We weren't investigated as skilfully as this..

-And this is the cause of all this
commotion? Is it?

-Is this yours? -Have you heard
him, is it yours???

-No, it's Polish.

-Djura, stop it! He's provoking us, he wants
us to kill him just so he doesn't confess...

-Wait a minute...Listen...

Do you know who, after 600 years, brought to
the throne a foreign pope ? And a Polish one!

-By accident, huh? And Leh Valensa
got the Nobel prize for peace by accident?

-Is it by accident you didn't
write to your aunt for 20 years?

-And by accident, you gave your appartment keys
to my daughter and encouraged her to emigrate?

-You're out of your mind, you're a lunatic.

-Djura, stop it, you'll kill him Djura!

-Djura stop it...Djura, STOP IT!!!

-Go get the professor and doctor to confront
them! -I'm not going anywhere, he'll attack you!

-Look! -OK, that's better, if he
tries something...

...fill him with lead!!!

-OK, well done...

-I apologise,but this is all your fault!'re constantly provoking us,
humiliating us, insulting us...

...and Djura is a nervous type...
let's have a cup of coffee... surely know, you've got that
from your bosses before you moved in...

...that I was in jail for 2 years...

...I don't know if they mentioned Djura,
probably they have...

...he was in jail too, for 4 years... see, they informed you right
and I admit it...

...whenever someone asks me,
I say "Yes,...

...I adored him! Stalin was for
my idol, everything in the world.." they say he did a lot of bad
things, some if it true, some of it not..

...they accuse him for crimes he didn't
commit. some of it is true and I admit it...

...but back than, I thought
he's pure like Virgin Mary...

...I was a young fool, I'd take a gun and
fight,thinking that I fight for justice...

...I needed sobbering up... stop and think about and to say to myself
"The one who put you in jail wanted good for you"...

..and I'm very grateful for that today... I know exactly
where I made a mistake...

-Are you in pain? Well, Djura
knows where to hit...

I'm telling you this because I think you're
in a simmilar position like I was long ago...

...but my friend, you're not
that young as I was back than...'re old enough to know better,
pull yourself together...

...confess it and I swear...

...whatever you tell me,
will remain within these 4 walls...

Wait! I turned on the tape recorder,
here, I turned it off.

-I know you had to take your father's
and brother's side when you were young.

...and you tuned to the wrong side,
where foreign agents just waited for you...

...they are creating chaos in our country,
stirred up by English and Americans

-Americans waited for you in Paris
and took you under their wing, right?

-And you were young, you wanted to eat,
to fuck and those things cost money...

...also drugs...-Mr. Cvorovic, I'll miss
my plane. -Don't worry, you won't.

-You won't miss the plane if we reach
a compromise. -About what?

-To confess all of this to me...

..I'm telling you this as if you're
my brother Djura, confess it...

...we'll sit in my car, I'll take you
to police and you'll say " I did it...

"I'm guilty, I ate shit", exactly
like I say it now, no begging...

.."I ate shit, I did this and that,
I was blind.."

..."Punish me, I want to pay
for my sins and be a man again..."

-Why are you grinning?
-I can't believe there's a man like you.

-Can I ask you something nicely?
-Please do.

-Help me not to kill you,
do you understand me?

-With lots of reasons, and to
answer to no one...

...I was always on the verge to kill
someone, don't let it be you, I beg you!!!

-I don't want you to pay for all
the others who humiliated me...

...who tortured me, please
don't let you be the one.

-And you will confess everything
to the police and they will think about it...

...than we'll come back here, Danica
will make lunch, we'll invite Djura, too...

...he'll forgive you for
beating you...

...and you go back to Paris to work,
but on our side...

-And me - if they remember to give a public
citation - good. If not, that's OK too.

-It was my civic duty.

-My greatest pleasure will be to know
that I brought one man to the right path...

-Can I ask you something as a friend?
-Go ahead...

-Let's go to the City hospital.
-What for?

-Do I look like I'm not well?

-I got tired, I'm chasing you
all over Belgrade...

My heart is failing. -Your nerves..
-My nerves? -Yes, they are failing.

-Jakovljevic, you're nuts! I should go to
hospital where your people are waiting for me?

-Your doctors, who would lock me up... a madman. You think I'm crazy?

-Take me to the police, I don't want to
talk to you any more. -Wait a minute!

-We have to clear this up.

-Jakovljevic, do you think I'm crazy?
-You're certainly a very sick man.

-What kind of illness do
you think it is, Jakovljevic?

-I can't see myself objectively and
it's not nice to be crazy, Jakovljevic...

...and not to be aware of that.

-I lived as a normal person for 60 years
and suddenly I went crazy when I met you?

-You're not so special to make a man crazy!

-You imagine too much, as if
you are very significant...

-Jakovljevic, I'm not crazy, Jakovljevic!

-I'm perfectly normal,
not crazy, Jakovljevic.

-Than it's terrible. -What's so terrible?
-Not being crazy and yet behaving like this...'s worse than being crazy.
-What is it than, Jakovljevic?

-What? Won't you tell me what it is?

-Jakovljevic, that's hate and disgust..

-You wounded me in WW2,
I hardly stayed alive. -Who's "we'?

-Who's we?! You, your father, your brother...

...and all those who we killed
and those who got away with it...

-When you saw that you can't kill
me in a war, than you sent me to jail... didn't like the idea that
we're all equal...

..and that there are no class
differences between people...

-The war was hardly over
and you're back already...

...with your honestly earned capital,
a thousand such before you and even more coming...

..who will try again to build
castles and mansions... opress and destroy others again... that so? Was I imprisoned...

...just because they made me
believe in the system...

...and you're free because you
don't believe in the system?

-Oh you, motherfuckers,
what does that mean?

-Does it mean I was a fool my whole life?

That I worked against my own principles,
always on the wrong side...

Is that it? Was I imprisoned just because
I shouted "Long live Stalin and World revolution"?

-Is that why you imprisoned me? What was
I suppose to shout "Long live capitalism"?

-Listen to me, Stalin killed you...

..but not enough, obviously, I kept his.. as icon on the
wall and I'll do it again!!!

-You wont win this battle as long as I live!

-Me, my brother and thousands of our men!!!

-Who are you?

-You're not Jakovljevic!

-You are someone else, even
bigger traitor! Who are you?

-Who are you? Who are you?!!

-Comrade Cvorovic, you need your medicine!


-This won't do, you need nitrglycerine!!
-I don't have any...

...I couldn't find it in the pharmacies.

-Halo, emergency? Please, an ambulance... Serdar Jole street 14. Yes it is urgent!

-Man is having a massive heart attack...

...Please, hurry...

-Ambulance car will be here in
5 minutes, I'd stay with you but...

..I can't, your brother would kill me.
Mr Cvorovic...

..I wish you the best of luck.

-Halo, Smiljka?

-Tell Djura to go and block the airport...

..the tenant slipped away...

...I'll follow him...

-Get him!

-Get him!

Subtitles made by SnebivljivaA