Balik Jakarta (2016) - full transcript

A grumpy German tourist, with a help from a motorcycle taxi driver, search his childhood house in Jakarta, with an old picture as the only clue.

What an interesting match!

Indeed. By the way, whose playing at tonight's football match?

Tonight is Germany vs Poland.

Don't talk to me unless you paid up your debt.

You still owe me money too.

Your debt yesterday, pay it off first,
then you can bet on another match.

If the Germans win tonight,
I'll pay up all of my debt to you guys!

Huh? You better pay off your motorcycle's installment first!

That's true, have you fill up your gas tank?

Hey, even though it's ugly, it's been paid off.

Unlike yours, still on installment.

It's a gift from my mom in Siantar.

Wow, it's not an
inheritance Keris (Indonesian traditional dagger), Gar!

- How can a bachelor become a taxi bike driver?
- We feel sorry toward your mother, Gar!

- Bro, it's your turn.
- Woi, Mas Bule (Foreigner)!

- Bule, come here!

- Can you speak english?
- Can, english, can.

Can you help me? I am looking for this place here.
It's in Kebab Joran.

Kebocoran (leaking)? I think it's there.

Can I help you, sir?

Yeah, do you know this place?

Oh yeah, I know this place!

You know?

I know, maybe I can take you there?

I am looking for taxi.
I can speak English too.

No, no taxi. Taxi is macet, traffic. This is Jakarta.
We take Ojek.

My name is not Jack.

- No, motorcycle driver.
- Show me, show me.

This is very safe.

Are you sure?

Has to be safe, do you have helmet?

Oh, I have. Wait a minute.

I have helmet, don't worry.

This is good helmet.

No, not clean.
It has to be clean.

Okay, wait!

- Hei, that's my helmet!
- Don't be stingy!

Wait, I do this the first time.
I never did this, you have to be careful!

Hah? Oh, don't worry, sir.
It's very safe!

Yes, Mas Londo (foreigner)!

- Wait.
- I'll bring some money back!

- So, who's your name, Mister?
- Günther.

- Sunter?!
- Günther!

- Bunder?
- Güntherrr, did you hear this?

Ya, ya, Gunter.

Call me whatever you want.
What's your name?

- Togar.
- Gokart?

- Togar!
- Toll guard (penjaga tol)?

- Togaaar!
- Tol Karl?

Yeah, whatever!

Sorry, it's hard to hear you.
You see these cars, not easy.

- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

- What did you say, Mister? Kebocoran?
- Kebab Joran.

Kebab Joran? There is no place called Kebab Joran in Jakarta.

It is Kebab Joran.
I've showed you the picture!


- Yes, but look straight!
- Alright.

It's not Kebab Joran, Mister!

Yeah, whatever.

Kebayoran apa Kemayoran?


- Kebayoran?
- Yes, yes.

Why don't you say so earlier?
I know the place.

Yeah, good.
Take me there.

Why do you want to find that house, Mister?

- It's my house, actually.
- Oh, it's your house?

It's house of my family, my Mom and Dad.
I lived there twenty years ago. Twenty!

When I was 5 or 6 years.

Now I want to go there and take a photo.
It's like a nostalgia!


Traffic jam everywhere, Mister. Bad traffic.

Yes, lot of traffic here.

It will takes a long time, Mister!

- What's that? Gecko?
- What?

- What is that? The sticker.
- Oh, in Indonesian it's called a Cicak.

I never heard this.
But, I saw this in my hotel.

Cicak is a symbol of my tradition.

Oh yeah? What does it mean?

- Symbol of my tradition.
- Where are you from?

- I am from Batak, Medan, Sumatra Utara.
- I don't know.

My mother always says to me,
“Hei, Togar, be a cicak!”

But, you don't really look like a cicak.

It's a symbol, Mister.

Cicak means you have to be adaptable in every place you stay.

- Yes, even here in Jakarta?
- That's right.

Let me guess, you are from Germany, aren't you?

- How do you know?
- I know your accent from Youtube.

You saw me on Youtube?

No. I watch German football interview on Youtube.

Oh, okay. I sounds like them, or what?

Do you like football?

Not really, I was not so good when I was a child.

Oh my god! You have to watch German football, Mister!

I watch. We are world champion, of course I am proud.

- You know Osil?
- Özil? Yes, I know, very good.

Mesut Özil is very good player.

Good skill, good eye, good face, just like me, Mister!

- Which city you coming from?
- Me? Aachen, do you know?


Ah, I know! Habibie, Habibie!

- No, I don't have a baby.
- No, Habibie! He was my president.

I don't know him.
Is he now president?

No, it's been a long time ago.
He studied in Aachen, Mister.

He studied there?
Very clever man.

Yes, very clever, very smart, very good.

He studied there because
we have very good universities in Germany.


Traffic, Mister.
Jakarta always traffic.

- Yes, Jakarta, noisy city.
- Noisy city.

I must find another way, Mister.
I will find another way.

- Why are we here?
- I'll find another way, Mister.

- Yeah, but a quick one.
- Yes, avoiding traffic, Mister.

Just relax, enjoy.

- It's very small.
- This is the quickest way.

- Okay.
- It's okay, Mister.

- It's like a living room here.
- Is there another way, Sir?

Togar: Is there another way?

Are you sure he knows?

- What's that? It's like wash room here.
- Just relax.

What a noisy Bule!

[Cheering] Bule! Bule! Bule!

No, it cannot be now…

Sorry, Mister.
Wait a minute.

Do you know about this?

It cannot be now.
I take this one time, and it's broken. Cannot be, right?

Ya, wait a minute, Mister.

Yeah, a minute more.

I've been taking a good care of you,
now look what you're doing to me.

- You don't know what's the problem?
- Yes, wait a minute.

- Is that broken?
- No, it's super fine, are you blind?

- Plug, check the plug!
- Still okay.

- Are you sure you clean it?
- it's new, I just replace it.

- What about the carburattor?
- Recently serviced!

What about the cables?

Seriously, this is an ugly motorcycle, just like you!
You should take good care of this!

You're embarrassing our country in front of this foreigner!

Does he know anything?
Say to me what's wrong.

- Mister, my motorcycle is broken.
- Yes, I can see it's broken.

- It will take a long time.
- How long?

- I don't know, but I will fix it, Mister.
- When? Already late.

- I think you must take another transportation, Mister.
- Really, here? I have to search for another one again?

- I can call you taxi or ojek?
- Ya, how can you call a taxi? You saw the street we are coming from.

- But, it will waste your time, Mister.
- It's all wasting my time.

You must take another transportation, Mister.

I don't want to take another one,
then everything starts again!

You saw that crazy street!

And everything! My name, your name, your mother,
talk about football, Habibie, everything!

I don't want this again.

I trust you, now let's just fix it!

Hey, come and see this. Look at the tank!
Do you see any gasoline?

- There it is!
- So, it's been gasoline all along?

- Yep.
- Please don't tell him it's because of gasoline.

Benzene (gasoline)? So, it's because of bensin?

Oh, God.

You can refuel the tank at that corner.

- Are you sure this is gas station?
- Yes, it is. What do you think?

I don't know, it doesn't look like.

- 1 liter, please.

Hey, watch it!
Be careful, bro!

- Sorry, I am an intern.
- Intern.

Hey, Mas! Hey, stop! Don't!

I am paying, give it back.

- What's this?
- Just chill.

I experienced similar thing in the past.

Just imagine, I ran out of gas in the middle of the night.

Then, suddenly there's a guy who helped me and buy me gas.
For free.

Since then, I promise to myself that, in return of his kindness…

… I'd help others in need.

- So, this is free?
- Yes, don't worry.

- You have no debt to me.
- What a kind man you are!

- Come on, don't overreact.
- Very kind and handsome!

- Just go! Eh, bule.
- Gratis? Wow, thank you!

Hey, be safe!
Take a good care of this old motorcycle!

Yes, sir!

- We can go again, Mister!
- Yes.

Hey, see ya!

Excuse me, do you know this house?

- Do you have the address?
- No, I don't, but it should be around here.

- Then it's impossible.
- You don't know? Thank you.

- He doesn't know as well or what?
- Yes, he doesn't know where your house is.

Nobody would find this.
Maybe it doesn't exist.

Yes, it's hard to find your house.
Jakarta is changing a lot, Mister.

I can see it, 20 years ago.
A long time.

When is you visited your house the last time
over there in Medan?

- Maybe 5 or 6 years.
- 5 or 6 years?

I thought in Indonesia it's easy to travel everywhere.
Go to Bali, back to Jakarta, I thought it's easy.

- No, it's too expensive for me to go back to Medan.
- You miss your family?

Yes, especially my Mom.

- But, I think Jakarta is my home now.
- Yes, this crazy city.

- Yes, I am working here, I studied in here.
- Study?

- Yes.
- You study?

- Yes.
- I thought you are a number one motorcycle driver here. But study? No.

- What did you study?
- Accounting.

- A guy with a number, yeah? Did you finish?
- Of course!

- Your mother proud of you, yeah?
- I hope so.

- I think so, I am sure.
- We should continue our journey?

Today? We tried so many hours.
Look at our tired faces.

Do you think this face can find the house now?

I don't think so. Not today.
Sometimes, it's enough. We try another time.

- This is your picture. I am sorry, Mister.
- Yes.

- See you, sir!
- Thank you.

Whoa, I think it's raining, Mister. Let's find a place.
You wanna eat?

One fried rice, please. Not spicy, okay?
You want a fried rice?

- Yes, same as you.
- Okay, make it two, please.

Excuse me.

Hey, your country, your country!

- Oh, Germany?
- Yes.

Watching Germany in Indonesia.

- Where is he from?
- Huh?

- Where is he from?
- My friend from Germany.

- Mister, football, mister!
- Ya?

- Football… Do you play football?
- No, I don't play. I just watch.

- Gomes, Gomes!
- Gomez.

- Muler, Muler, Muler…
- Müller.

- Ojil, Ojil.
- Özil.

- Your relatives, Mister?
- Huh? Sorry?

- Relatives?
- Huh?

- Friends?
- No, not my friends, I don't know them…

… in person.

Hi, Mom…