Bali (2021) - full transcript

This movie is about the life of a middle class, widowed father, Shrikant that takes an unexpected turn when his seven year old Son, Mandar collapses and is referred to Jansanjeevani Hospital for a detailed diagnosis. Things take a turn when Mandar starts talking to a mysterious nurse which he claims to be staying in the abandoned part of the hospital.




Where are you?

Come here, child.


- Come...
- Mom!

Mandar, wake up.

Mandar, get up.
It's getting late for cricket practice.

Mandar, come.

Get up. It's late for the practice.

Mandar, get up.

Wake up now.

Or sir will send Prashant to open.


Fine, let it be.

I'll get a new Mandar...

who'll obey everything I say.

Where will you get a new Mandar from?

I'll manage. Why do you care?

Go ahead.
Who cares!

But the new Mandar won't be like me.

He won't score fast runs like me.

Neither will he hit sixes like me.

There's one thing he'll
never be able to do.

Which one?

He will never call you dad!

He will. Why not?

Because you're only my dad!

And you're only my Mandar.

Get dressed quickly.

- Hurry!
- I'll be first.

Yes, you're first.

He has taken after you.

He won't let anyone take his place.

Dad, hurry up.
We're late.




Take it.




One more.

One more!

Take a second...

- One more.
- One more...

One more...






Open your mouth.

Open it wide.

Put your tongue out.


Lift your shirt.

Don't laugh.

Go, sit outside.

I'll check your dad.

Why? What's wrong with him?

Nothing's wrong with you either.

You're perfectly well.
Sit outside.

Don't be naughty. I'll join you.

I won't say there's nothing to worry.

I'll write down some tests.

Take him to Jansanjeevani.

Jansanjeevani hospital?

Consider this as precautionary tests.

Better to rule out doubts.

Hello, Dr Shenoy.

I'm sending a patient to you.

Mandar Sathe.

- Age?
- 7.

7 years.

He has breathing issues since some days.

He passed out this
morning while playing.

Yeah, that's a possibility.

Yes, I'll write a note.

Please guide.
Thank you so much.

Shall we?

Is something wrong with me, dad?

Are you mad?

You don't have breakfast properly.

Hence, you passed out.
Nothing else.

I can't play cricket anymore, right?

In fact, you'll play much better now.

Way better.

How so?

You know Hardik Pandya, the all rounder.

Earlier he was medium
pacer then he became ill. But...

he took medicines from doctors,
underwent a minor surgery and recovered.

Now he's a fast bowler. Correct?

Likewise, you'll visit a doctor...

take medicines
and once your recover...

you'll hit many more sixes.

And this hospital is my favourite.


Because you were born...

in this hospital.

- Really?
- Of course.

In this very building.

Shall we see it?

Let's go.

Read what's written.

Building under maintenance.

Very good.

Building under maintenance
means work in progress.

The building also looks ill.

Look at this man.

This is Dr Shenoy.

This is his hospital.

He practices in this building.

Shall we meet him?

- Yes.
- Let's go.

Move... move...

- Mandar Sathe?
- Yes.

- You may go in.
- Okay.


Excuse me...

Hello. Is Dr Shenoy in?


Do you mean my dad?

Please sit.


I'm his daughter, Dr Radhika Shenoy.

Dad suffered a paralytic
attack 7 months ago.

So, he doesn't visit the hospital now.

I manage the children's ward.

Tell me.

- Hello, I'm Srikant Sathe.
- Say hello.

This is my son Mandar.

Say hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Take a deep breath.

Once more.


Lie down.

- Careful.
- Hello.

Raise your legs.

Your dad said you were
born in this hospital.

- Yes.
- Wow!

So, you're our guest.

And we take good care of our guests.

- Right, Rajaram?
- Of course.

Rajaram, first pathology...

- then X-ray and ECG.
- Okay.


Mr Sathe, please follow
Rajaram and he'll guide you.

Okay, sure.

Leave me, it hurts.

- Leave me!
- Just a minute.

My stomach is paining. Leave me!

- Leave...
- Don't cry, Bhaskar. Be a good boy.

- Leave...
- Don't cry. Calm down.

- The doctor will be here.
- Don't shout.

- Leave!
- Calm down.

- Listen...
- Just wait a while...

Listen to me...

I'm here.

It's paining.

Calm down, Bhaskar. Done.

Quiet, Bhaskar.

Leave me.

It's paining. Leave me.

That's nothing.

Sorry about that.

We can bear any level of pain...

- but kids mustn't suffer.
- True.

Mandar, let's go.

Excuse me...


Dr Ravish?


Hello, I'm Srikant Sathe.

You won't recognise me...

7 years ago my son...

Mandar was born here.
That's when I met you.

Oh, I see.

What happened to him?

Breathing problems.

We've to do some tests.

- Dr Radhika?
- Yes.

- Get them done.
- Okay.

Thank you.

You've to pay for the tests separately.

Pay it at the counter.

I'll bring Mandar to the ward.

Mandar, I'll be back.

Sit here. Your dad will be here soon.

I'll join you.

I'm Bhaskar and you are?

I'm Mandar Srikant Sathe.

Were you in great pain?

What's hurting you?

Nothing. Dad said...

I didn't have breakfast
on time so I felt dizzy.

Which room are you in?

I'm going home now.

But Elizabeth said you'll be admitted.

Elizabeth who?

My mom.

Your mom?


Do you see that window?

That's where she lives.

If I call her from this phone,
she comes.

Show me.


Do you play cricket?

Yes, let's play.

Where's the ball?

Mandar, come here.



What's over there?

You want to meet Elizabeth, right?

From the window?


You call your mom with her name?

That's how everyone addresses her.

Why does she live there?

She's a nurse.

What does your mom do?

I don't have one.

If you feel dizzy again, tell Elizabeth.

She'll heal you for good.

She knows everything.

She has healed many children.

She'll heal me too.

I too want to meet Elizabeth.

You go back...

and don't tell anyone we came here.


She'll call you to meet her.

The gate is locked.

Look there.



Where were you?
I was looking for you.

Was Bhaskar with you?

Did you see Bhaskar?

Rajaram, look that way.
Bhaskar will be there.

- I'll do that.
- Mandar.

What did he ask you?

Who's Bhaskar?

Who's Bhaskar?

The boy who was crying
because of stomach pain.

He doesn't miss a chance to get out.

Despite his critical illness...

he won't rest even for 2 hours.

What's wrong with him?

Acute lymphocytic leukaemia.


Last stage.

Recovery is difficult and expensive.

He's an orphan.

His expenses...

We arrange for funds.

But in his case, no amount is enough.

I hope we collect
required amount in time...

so I can shift him to Mumbai.

He has to undergo a surgery soon.


I think he climbed
in through the ladder.

You have the key to the main door.

- Open it.
- Yes.


Mandar's reports?

Yes, we'll get the reports soon.

You'll have to wait.

I'll inform you as
soon as I get them, okay?

Sorry, dad.

Don't do that again.

Dad, Bhaskar went to meet his mom.

Son, Bhaskar has no mother.

He does. She lives in this old building.


Why will Bhaskar's mom live here?

Dad, she's a nurse.

I know here name too.

What's her name?


Bhaskar's mother is Elizabeth?

- Yes.
- Fine.







I'm here, son.

Don't get scared.

I'll heal you for good.



Madam has sent for you.


Get up.



Please sit.


Just one minute, okay?


Hope you found Bhaskar.

Is he fine?


Wonder why he went in that building.

He was badly hurt when he was found.

Perhaps he had a fall.

When we brought him,
he was in pain and things worsened...

I had to shift him in the ICU.

How is he now?


Internal bleeding.

People consider doctors to be god.

But if I can't even
save a child's life...

let alone god...

I don't deserve to be a doctor!

Madam, please don't blame yourself.

Doctors like you
who nurse kids lovingly.

That's our good fortune.

Is Mandar your son?

Yes, why?

Come with me.

Mandar, what happened?

- Mandar?
- What happened to him?

- He fell unconscious.
- Take him to room 4.

- Take him to room 4.
- Yes.

- Hurry up.
- But what happened to him?

He'll be all right in a bit.

I checked his reports.

There's some phlegm in the chest.

No chances of asthma.

Thank go. Nothing to worry then.

In fact, we wouldn't worry
if his reports were not normal.

Even if the reports seem normal...

he still fell unconscious twice.

He has laboured breathing when asleep.

We mustn't ignore that.

What now?

For further investigation,
we'll get a 2d echo.

If that doesn't help,
we'll go for CT scan and MRI.

So, we'll know if anything's
wrong with the brains.

I'll keep him here for 2 days.

We'll get the reports by then
and he'll be under my observation.

Is it okay?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Mr Sathe...

my dad always says...

doubts tend to
stay forever in the mind.

So, don't entertain doubts.

I hope you agree.


Thank you.

Sonny boy!

Lie down.
Take rest.

Feeling better?

Listen to me carefully.

You will not go anywhere
without informing.

Look what happens when
you left without informing.

But I had gone looking for you.

Then I met Bhaskar...

Then I went with him.

Bhaskar is not there.

He is.

But I promised me I won't tell anyone.

I won't tell.


Bhaskar is hiding in
that room with the red light.

He fell unconscious.

Carry him.

Carry him. Take him to the ward.

Look, Bhaskar obeyed the doctor.

He took all the medicines and recovered.

So, they sent him home.

Now that Bhaskar is not here,
how can you see him?

You're imagining things.


Imagining means...

It means, a certain person
is not in front of us...

but we feel we want them...

so we see them.

Then why don't I see mom?

Dad, Bhaskar's mom lives there.

Bhaskar has a phone.

He calls her through that phone.

He has hidden it there.

Bhaksar's mom means Elizabeth?


I did tell you she's a nurse.

She heals all kids.

She healed Bhaskar too.

If I call her, she'll heal me too.

C'mon! Don't make up stories.

Dad, see for yourself.
It must be there.

How's it possible?
Are you small?

Dad, look there.
It has to be there.

- That's Elizabeth's phone.
- Fine.

We'll check later.
You take rest now.

Dad, please look.

Mandar, please!

- We'll look later.
- Dad, please check.

You won't relent.

It's not here.

Dad, it has to be there.
Look again.

There's no phone.

- Dad, look carefully.
- Fine.

I'll check later. Get some rest.

- Dad, please check.
- I will...

only if you take rest.

- Look.
- C'mon.

I will check.

- Promise, I will check.
- Please!

Close your eyes.
Calm down.

Good boy.


- Hi.
- Hi.

How do you feel now?

- Okay.
- Nice.

Shall we get some tests done?



- No.
- Please?

- No.
- You're a good boy, right?

- He will.
- Okay.

That's like my boy.

Time up.

Visiting hours are over.

Let's go, you too.

Time's up.
Please leave.

Please leave.

Does the injection hurt a lot?

I'll do this. I'll tell the doctor
no more injections for Mandar, okay?

Lie down for some time.
I'll go home and be back.

I will come too.

How can you, sonny boy?

I want to come home.

Does daddy like leaving you alone?

You sleep.
Dad has something important to do.

I'll be back before you wake up.

I'm not sleepy.

Mandar, please don't do that.

Dad is requesting.

Once you recover, I'll take you home.

You go.

Once you go,
I'll play with Bhaskar again.

He will take me to Elizabeth.


Don't take me for granted.

No more arguments.
Go to sleep.

I said sleep.

Don't look at me like that.

Staring at me!

Not a word from you.

Don't get angry, Srikant.

Kids get estranged.

Look at him.

I told him to sleep so he got angry.

I've to go home for a while.

Deposit money...

I don't know how
many days he'll be here.

Will you keep an eye on him?

Sure, don't worry.

Thank you.
I'll be back in an hour or so.

Call me if you need anything.

- Why this?
- No problem.

Is there a nurse called Elizabeth here?




If you need anything, call me.
I'll leave.


Hello, Elizabeth.

Hello, Elizabeth.

Hello, Elizabeth.

Child, how are you?

Bhaskar said you heal everyone.

I'm bored of being here.

When will you come?

Look at me.

I'm right here.


Look at me.


Hi, Elizabeth.

Come to me.

Right now?



I'll be there.







Did you see my son?

- No.
- What happened?

Where's Mandar?

- He's not there?
- What were you doing?

I went for an emergency
for 10 minutes and he left...

- My son missing.
- Why yell at him?

- Look for him.
- Where could he go?

He's not here.

- Mandar?
- Look in the garden.


I'll check downstairs.

Sir, Elizabeth was seen again.

Which child?

Mandar Sathe.

Okay. Keep an eye.

And keep me informed.

Okay, sir.


You haven't slept yet?


Is everything all right?

- Yes, absolutely.
- Sure?

- Yes, don't worry.
- Let's go.

Did you see a child?

No, sir.

Sister, did you see a child?

No, sir.


Excuse me, did you see a child?

Wearing patient's clothes...


Hello, did you see a small boy?










Don't be scared.
I'm here.

I will heal you forever.


Mandar, don't go inside.
Come out.

Come out.
Your dad's calling.

Let me go. I've to meet Elizabeth.
Leave me.

- Leave me. Leave me.
- No screaming.

Leave me. I've to meet Elizabeth.

Let me go.

Leave me...

Rajaram said you were
asking about some nurse.

Yes, Elizabeth.

There's some nurse who heals children.

Mandar insists on meeting her.

I don't know what's going on.

I do.

Elizabeth wasn't a nurse or some person.

She was in Bhaskar's imagination.

Perhaps he saw her as his
mother because he was an orphan.

He believed she really existed.

She takes care and heals kids.

She lives in that old building.

He believed it all.

He called her his mother.

That's easy with kids.

Whenever possible...

Bhaskar would try
going in that building...

and we'd stop him.

I feel, when Bhaskar met Mandar...

he must've narrated Elizabeth's
story in an interesting way.

Mandar too doesn't have a mom, right?


Both kids facing the same situation.

Everything that Bhaskar imagined...

is now part of Mandar's imagination.

We found Mandar in the old building.

He must've gone to meet Elizabeth.

Mandar will now consider
Elizabeth as his mom.

That's for sure.

Doctor, this...

This is scary.

Don't be scared, Mr Sathe.

Sometimes imagination
could be infectious.

In medical terms,
we call it shared psychosis.

Shared psychosis?

It's common in children.

These imaginations are short-lived.

Gradually, Mandar will forget Bhaskar...

and then Elizabeth.

Just make sure to keep Mandar happy.

Thus, he'll recover and go home soon.

Get these medicines.

I have a request to make, Mr Sathe.

Tell me.

Please don't tell Dr Radhika
that Mandar can see Elizabeth.


Dr Radhika is emotional.

She worried about Bhaskar too much.

When she learnt Bhaskar
saw Elizabeth...

she tried many remedies.

But Bhaskar never
stopped seeing Elizabeth.

She has been impacted
badly by Bhaskar's death.

Perhaps you haven't noticed...

Mandar has now taken
Bhaskar's place for Dr Radhika.

Hence, it'll be better
if she doesn't know.


Thank you.

Let us know when Mandar comes to.

See you.

Mandar! Don't do that.

What are you doing?
Don't take that off.

Dad, I know where Elizabeth lives.

Is it? Fine.

I was about to meet
her but Rajaram stopped me.

Rajaram is not a nice man.

Don't say that, Mandar.

He found you and brought you back.

If you meet him, thank him.

I won't.

He calls Elizabeth names.

There is no Elizabeth.

Anyway, forget it.

What will you eat?

Why are you lying?

She exists. I saw her.

I'm not hungry.

Do you see that window?
That's where she lives.

If you go there, you'll see her.

I'm telling the truth.

You know, when you were asleep,
the doctor came.

Do you know what he said?

He said, you'll recover
in 2 days and then we'll go home.

Do you know what happens next?

Dad will get you a new cricket kit.

New bat, ball, pads, gloves...
Great fun!

Dad, why don't you understand?

If you don't meet Elizabeth...

I won't get recover.

Tell her what's ailing me.

She'll heal me right away.

What are you saying, Mandar?

Nobody gets healed like that.

You take medicines,
obey the doctors and dad...

so you'll get healed.

Dad, meet her once, please!

I'll be healed forever.

Fine, I'll meet her, okay?

What are you doing?
Careful, Mandar.

Bhaskar gave me a map.

Look at this.

What map?

The map to Elizabeth's room.

Fine, I'll go meet her...

but on one condition.

You will stay here until I come back.

- Got it?
- Promise.

Is this map correct?

Or I'll go looking for Elizabeth...

and get lost!




Don't take that off, Mandar.

Wear that.

Shut your eyes and sleep.

I'll be back.

Jimmy D'Souza?

Elizabeth D'Souza?

Jimmy D'Souza?

Elizabeth D'Souza?

- Help me.
- Who is it?

Who is it?

Help me!

What's happening to you?

Help me...

Don't cry, I...

I'm coming.

Where are you, sister?

Wait, I'm coming.



Wait, I'm coming.





Who's inside?

Let's go, Mandar.
Time for some tests.

I won't come.

What do you mean?

- Let's go.
- Wait till dad comes.

Dad told us to take you.


He came to.

Srikant, I'm really sorry...

for bringing you here like this.

You see, I don't like
some thing becoming public.

It's better to have one on one...


Dr Shenoy?



I know what you want to discuss.

I want to talk about your son's health.

And I want to talk about Elizabeth.

I think Dr Ravish has already
talked to you about that.

Dr, I don't know if
you're aware of the truth...

or you've been informed but...

in the old unused building...

I saw a woman cry for help.
I saw her!

You didn't, Srikant.

It was your imagination.

I understand when it comes to kids.

They're gullible.

They believe things easily.

But you too?

Believe me, Srikant.

There's no such person there.

There's no such nurse?

So your hospital gets forms
filled by non-existent people?


A map drawn by kids?

Shared psychosis.

From Bhaskar to Mandar...

and from him to you.

This is spreading...

like an infectious disease.

It's contagious.

We have to stop it somewhere.

Dr, I have no evidence.

But believe me, I saw her.

I saw that woman crying for help.
I did!


let's go then.

Let's see what you saw.



I'll open the gate.

Go ahead.

For more than 40 years...

I'd been practising.

When Radhika was born...

I bought this building...

and stared a hospital.

This building is close since 8 months.

I thought things will
stop after Bhaskar died.

But Mandar came here
searching Elizabeth.

See if you find anything.

Look, this is closed.

So is this.

Look here.

Is anyone here?

Where are the secret stairs?

Come this way.



Take a look.

See anyone?




Did you see Elizabeth?

Dr, if you don't mind...

I want to take Mandar home.

Srikant, don't be a fool.

To save Mandar...

Radhika is working very hard.

She won't let Mandar suffer
the same fate as Bhaskar.

Believe me...

I won't let it happen either.

This is why we're
taking these precautions.

Thank you for the precautions.

But I've decided.

You're making a mistake.

Mandar's life is at stake.

I'm his father.

I'm capable of looking after him.


I won't stop you.

Do meet Radhika before you leave.

She has some of Mandar's latest reports.


Don't tell Radhika...

that you also saw Elizabeth.

Mr Sathe, these two spots...

are tumours.

Mandar has swellings in both his lungs.

I got a biopsy done.

It's positive.



might have cancer.

Mr Sathe, please don't panic.


For such a small boy?

Many treatments are available.

How's this possible, madam?

Mr Sathe,
this is the beginning of cancer.

It's diagnosed pretty early.

Both the lumps can be removed
through a minor surgery.

If need be, some sessions
of chemotherapy can be done.

There's nothing to worry, Mr Sathe.

What are you thinking of?

What will an ordinary man think of?

I understand.

It will cost around 1 million.

How much does your insurance cover?


It must've overdrawn by now.

Don't worry, Mr Sathe.

We have a tie up with an NGO.

If you don't mind...

I can refer your case.

They will manage all the expenses
of the surgery and medicines.

You needn't worry about the expenses.

Trust me.

But Mr Sathe, delay won't help.

We need to decide at the soonest.

Is that okay?


Hi, Mandar!

- Look who's there!
- Dad!

My car.


Mandar, look up.

Look at the camera.

- Say hi.
- Hi.


Sit here.

Keep an eye on him.

Sir has said so.

Mr Sathe, Mandar is fine.

- Please don't mind.
- Thank you.

Dad, I've recovered.

Mandar, you...

You've recovered?

Yes. I'd told you so.

Elizabeth will heal me too.


- Where is she?
- Yes.

There she is.



Save me!

Mr Sathe, congrats.

The funds have been arranged.

All arrangements are done.

Mandar will be under
observation tonight.

We'll operate tomorrow morning, okay?

How long will the surgery take?

3-4 hours.

Don't worry, Mr Sathe.

Everything will be all right.

Thank you.

Mandar is indeed very lucky.

People wait for months to get donations.

But look here...

Your son's amounts were
collected within 4 days!

Thank you very much.

Why thank me?

You should thank Radhika.

This is all thanks to her.

I'll leave now.

I'll transfer the donation
amount to the hospital.


- Okay?
- Thank you.

Thank you.

One minute...


feeling better, sonny boy?

You know I scolded Dr Radhika.

I asked her why Mandar is unwell.

What is everyone doing?

She told me something funny.

She said she found a
magical medicine for Mandar.

She'll give it tomorrow morning...

and then you'll sleep peacefully.

Once Mandar wakes up...

he'll be healed forever.

He won't know where he was hurting...

and what was paining.

He'll be fine.


find a new Mandar.

Don't say that, son.

You didn't meet Elizabeth, right?

I won't recover.

Sir, it's late.
Sit outside.

Meet her, dad.

Meet her.

Sir, please go out.


How are you, son?

Don't worry.

Look at me.

I'll heal you forever.

You guys are no good.
Where did he go?

I asked you to keep a watch, right?

All you do is sleep!

Stop staring and find him.

Hurry up.

You carry injections!
I'll show you!



Stand there.

Who's this?

I don't know...

- You...
- I'll tell you.

A nurse named Elizabeth
worked here earlier.

In the old building?


That building is closed
since a long time.

But Dr Shenoy kept her in that building.



Her three year old son...

was admitted in this hospital.

His name was Jimmy.

He was diagnosed with cancer...

of the last stage.

He died.

And Elizabeth went mad.

Given her madness, she injected three
kids in the hospital with morphine.

When asked...

she said she healed them forever.

She wasn't handed over to the police...

keeping the hospital's
reputation in mind.

So in one of the rooms of
the old building... Dr Shenoy...

locked her up.

But within 3 days she fled.


I don't know, sir.

I wasn't here.

I had gone to my village.

What is this shared psychosis?

No idea.

Since 8 months...

2-3 kids said...

they can see a nurse.

Her name is Elizabeth.

I informed Dr Shenoy about it.

He said the kids are imagining things.

But those kids started visiting
the old building to meet Elizabeth.

- And...
- And?

All those kids died.

Yes, but you needn't worry.

Dr Radhika has arranged
for the Mandar's surgery.

He'll surely get better.

Once he's better, you can take him home.

Gradually, he'll forget Elizabeth.

You too forget her.

What if Elizabeth doesn't forget Mandar?

- Move...
- I told you everything...

What more do you want?

Let's go meet Elizabeth.

- Move.
- Let me go.

Let me go.


Sir... I'll open it.

Where's Elizabeth's room?

Where's the room?



Open the door.

Rajaram, open the door.

- Don't mess with Elizabeth.
- Open the door.

- Rajaram, open the door.
- Don't mess with Elizabeth.

- Rajaram...
- Don't mess with Elizabeth.

Rajaram, open the door.

- Don't mess with Elizabeth.
- Rajaram!

Hello, Elizabeth.


- Dad!
- Mandar!

I met Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, you'll heal me, right?

My dad met you, right?

Don't worry.

You'll be fine now.




Why don't people understand?

- Ward boy!
- Madam...

Take Mandar to the OT.

We need to operate now.

- Dad!
- Madam...

Leave me.

- Dad...
- Stop!

- Madam...
- Hurry up.

- Mandar!
- What are you doing to him?

Where are you taking him?



Stop it.

Stop calling Mandar.


How did you kill Bhaskar?


Mandar is not your son, Elizabeth.


Your son was Jimmy.

- Son!
- He died of cancer.


You know that but
you refuse to accept it.


Jimmy died.

Jimmy died, Elizabeth.
Accept it!

Jimmy died.



Elizabeth, let go.

Mandar is unwell, Elizabeth.

Mandar is unwell, Elizabeth. Leave...

I won't let you kill Mandar, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, Mandar is waiting for me.



Doctor, you...

You want to see Elizabeth?

- What is he saying?
- There she is.

She's sitting there.

Doctor, I'll show you Elizabeth.



Rajaram, what's this?

This will break in 2 minutes.
Change it.

Yes, madam.

Couldn't you give stronger dose?

He'll come to in 5 minutes.

Don't you understand, Dr Ravish?

So, you will teach me?

Stronger dose would've killed him.

It would get detected
in the post mortem.

Sir, please spare me from this.

I'm done...

managing this hospital
and your daughter.

I was and still am the senior
most after you in the hospital.

Thus, as per the rules,
I should handle the management.

But no!

Your daughter became
a doctor suddenly...

and you were blinded in love.


This is my father's hospital.

Since the last 8 months,
business has grown by 300%

Who did that?


Children's mortality also increased 300%

Can't you see that?

Take credit for that too.

I made one or two mistakes.

So what?

I didn't do it deliberately.

Dad, I've planned Mandar's
treatment properly.

You'll be very proud of me.

- You'll see once the surgery is done.
- Yes.

You'll be really proud of me, dad.

- It's true...
- Mandar doesn't need surgery.

You know that well.

You don't have to operate all the time.

We just pretend.

We've done it many times.
Don't you get it?

I know that.

But I only operate
on orphans and poor kids.

That's how we get funds.

If I don't operate...

how will I practice to perfection?

You needn't practice.

Do you understand?

To practice, you have no medical degree.


Dad, see what he's saying.

You failed three times!

- Hope you remember.
- Dad, say something. What is he saying?

That has affected her mentally.

She goes mad when
Elizabeth is mentioned.

Why not?

Why won't I go crazy?

She was just a nurse but
she was dictating a doctor!

She used to help my patients...

and kids escape.

Hey! You're not a doctor.

I am a doctor.

Who are you tell me otherwise?

What have you done...

- I have managed things...
- Please stop it!

Both of you.

Mistakes have been made.

And we need to correct it.

And Radhika...

there's no need to operate on Mandar.

- Dad, practice...
- Yes...

Just make a cut on his chest...

stitch that up and
say he was operated upon.

That's all.


I think, Ravish you should do this.

Dad, I can do this!

What about him?

He knows more than he should.

Kill him.

What if someone asks?

Just say...

he left his son and never came back.


Why did you have to do this?

I was helping Mandar, right?

I collected funds in 4 days.

And what did you do?

I was only going to operate on Mandar.

But now...

I'll do his post-mortem too.

- Finish him.
- Yes.

Because you're only my dad!


I won't play cricket anymore, right?

In fact, you'll play better cricket now.

Way better.

Then why don't I see mom?

Dad, find a new Mandar.

If you don't meet Elizabeth...

- I won't heal.
- Dad, save me. Leave me.

Leave me.


I've talked a little bit about
lung cancer treatment in another video.

In this one I'd like to
talk about surgery in lung cancer.

Surgery is the best treatment
for stage 1 or early lung cancer.

Yes, dad?

Where are you, Radhika?

OT. I'll begin the surgery now.

I told you not to.

Dad, don't worry. I saw the videos.

I can manage.

No, Radhika. You mustn't do that.

Dad, just trust...


What happened, Radhika?

Dad, where's Mandar?

Where did he go?

Dad, I want to practice...

- Calm down, Radhika.
- Where's Mandar? Please find him, dad.

Radhika, relax.

Elizabeth took him away too.


We'll go home.

This is a big expose
about Jansanjeevani Hospital.

Srikant Sathe was sure his
son's cancer reports were dubious.

That led to a whole new story.

The police found evidence
of a nurse's murder...

as per sources.

Whoever finds this phone...

please hand it to the police.

My name is Elizabeth D'Souza.

I work as a nurse in
Jansanjeevani Hospital.

My son...

Jimmy D'Souza was ill.

I got him admitted
in Jansanjeevani Hospital.

But Dr Radhika gave
him wrong treatment...

and performed wrong surgery on him.

She killed my son.

I saw Dr Ravish and Dr Radhika arguing.

Thus I got to know,
Radhika is not a doctor.

I complained to the police.

So her father...

Dr Ramakant Shenoy locked me up here.

I was declared insane.

These people make fake reports and...

and usurp donations collected.

They made fake reports of Jimmy too.

These people will kill me too.

Whoever find this phone, please help me.

I might be dead, but avenge my son!

These people have killed many kids.

Please help me.

Please help me!




Why are you shouting?

- I told you to stay quiet.
- Jimmy!

What a bother!



Open the door.

- You killed my child.
- Keep quiet.

Radhika made a mistake.

I admit it.

But did she do it deliberately?


Mind well...

As compensation...

I'll give you as
much money as you want.

Get your daughter
here and let me kill her.

Then I'll compensate you with money.

You're a two-bit nurse...

and you challenge me!

This is Jimmy's report.


Nothing was wrong with him.

You understand?

Who will believe you?


I'd told you she won't relent.

You murdered him.



Bury her near her son.

Yes, sir.

Dr Shenoy...

to save your daughter,
you killed Elizabeth's child.

You killed Elizabeth too.

What did you get?

Ultimately, Elizabeth got you.

Because of the some ruthless
doctors like them...

all doctors earn a bad repute.

Reports of Jansanjeevani
Hospital are all fake.

Mandar has only mild Asthma..

And he will be feeling
alright very soon.

It's true we arranged for funds...

but we used to believe
the patients' reports.

There was no reason to
believe every report is fake.

We're ordinary people, Inspector.

We sell our homes and jewellery...

and gather every penny we can...

and approach doctors with out woes.

Because we consider doctors to be god.

He just had a stomach pain.

She gave medicines...

but that increased the pain.

One of my relatives was in
this hospital for 3 days on ventilator.

But we have doubts
that he was already dead.

We're sure,
if we consult them, they'll heal us.

And what do they do?
They encash our fears.

They swindle money from
ordinary people using our fears.

Then we consulted another doctor.

Then we learnt,
her medicines caused allergic reaction.

We wasted a lot of money.

Our organisation has
sued Jansanjeevani Hospital...

Shenoy family in the court.

The medical association has cacelled
the licence of Jansanjeevani Hospital.

Strict action is expeced
to be taken by enquiry commission.

These people don't deserve forgiveness.

Doctors like them shouldn't
be in hospitals...

but jail, Inspector.

Move aside.

Take them.

Move aside.


Move aside.

- Since when...
- Hand them to us.

How many patients have you duped?

Doctors are considered as god.

You're a devil.

Good they were caught.