Balahibong pusa (2001) - full transcript

Sarah (Joyce) is not happy about the idea of her mother Vivian (Elizabeth) getting married to Michael (Julio Diaz). But when she confronts her and Vivian describes how happy she is, Sarah eventually gives her consent. Sarah is hesitant about Michael though. She feels that Michael desires her but is helpless because he has Vivian's trust that Vivian even goes out of her way to the two comfortable with each other. All these Sarah confides to her ' friend' Nick (Jay Manalo) with whom she has a relationship which her mother disapproves of. Ironic but Nick also happens to be a mechanic at Michael's shop and is at the same seeing Becky (Rica). What Michael witnesses one fateful night turns out to be a revelation which eventually decides their fate

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Hey Dude!

Stay there,

your mom might come.


Your mom might come.

She won't be coming, I've
already waited long enough.

I know, but she might still come.

Your sexy mom might get mad at me again.

You know you're crazy!

You have been here all this time?
Bring me home now.


Miyo! That's enough!

You're so noisy

♪ It is only you ♪

I missed you, Dude.

I missed you too, Dude.

♪ It is only you ♪

They might not let you in, it's already late.

No, just take me home.

Just give me 5 minutes.


- Just 5 minutes.
- No, let's go now.

- Let's go.
- Please, just 5 more minutes.

Give us 5 minutes boss.

- Just a kiss, okay?
- Okay, bye!


The cab is waiting. Bye

Take care.

Hello Yaya Aning.

Gosh Sarah, what time is it?

You're mom has been waiting for you.

Take this, I will just lie beside mom.

You can't go in, she's with someone.

Who is she with?

Michael, her fiance..

Never mind, she's just with somebody.

What is this?

Just talk to her tomorrow.

Go sleep in your room,

it is ready.

Those are vegetables

Is that her Boyfriend? Damn it!

Just talk to your mom tomorrow.

Ok, I will take a bath, I got soaked in the rain

Okay, go ahead and take a bath,
just turn off the lights after.

The plates, Trining.

Good morning Yaya Aning.

Good morning.

Trining, make sure to prepare the table properly.


The cutlery?

Sarah can't you understand?

I already told you the our car broke down.

and there was a heavy downpour,

you know that our place gets flooded.

I waited so long that my eyes turned white.

I said I'm sorry.

Who's with you in your room last night?

It's Michael.

Your boyfriend?

Mom, give me soap.

Saring, it's my Boyfriend, fiance,

just ask your nanny.

Are you getting married?

I just stayed with grandma for a few months.

And now you're getting married?

It's been 8 years, Sarah.

Maybe, I can marry someone already.

Are you sure about…


Are you sure about him?

Of course.

I am easy to talk to,

for as long as you are happy, I am happy.

Are you happy?

Yes mam.

Okay, kiss mommy.

You want me to slap you?

Come, let me introduce you to Michael.

He is handsome.

And he's a good person. Come on.



Michael, come here.

I'll introduce you to Sarah, come here.

Michael this is Sarah.

Sarah, your uncle Michael.


Come on.

Gosh she came from a vacation,

she's close to her grandma.

Mother of Naro.

She is treated like a princess there.

I don’t know if dad would
agree with mom's decision.

And I don’t know If I'll be happy about it.

Just let her be.

Just leave your mother alone.

She can't keep on fingering herself, forever.

Damn you, I'm serious,

I hope that would fall off.

You're mom is still young, right?

She can still marry someone.

She can still...

She also needs to enjoy.

Relax, your too tensed

Maybe you're right.

Mom is inlove. I can't blame her.

The guy isn't bad at all.

So it's fine.

And whoever he is.

He cannot replace your father.

Extra rice please.

Rice here.

How much is this Miss Vivian?

Are you done?


65 pesos only.

Miss Vivian, please give me 2 adobo.

Hey, tell your father he
owes me two pesos yesterday

Yes mam.

Yaya, take charge, I'll just call Michael.


Hi Love, love.

Have you eaten already?

I'm still cooking.

I told you to eat here.

We have so much work, we have to finish

- Add some water.
- What is that?

Where are you cooking? On the car engine?

- Nanny!
- Yes?

No, something just fell.

Finish this okay?

Love, please pick up Sarah from school.

Le's eat together.


- Leave it to me.
- Toto is on day off.

Just take her home.

I still have a lot of…

a lot of pending work.

Please love, it's not until 3pm.

I need to finish something.

Please love,

it's much better if you'll fetch her.

Just the two of you.

Are you not suppose to be close to my daughter?

Take advantage of this Love.


We might get home late.

Sorry Sarah, I can't drive faster,
the car might brake down

Don't you have a radio or airconditioning.

Sorry but I don't have.

So what's working in here?

The car is fine, but I don't
have what you're looking for.

Sarah, we might get into an accident.

Cellphone, that's okay.

Yes, for phone sex.

I see,

I'll also get one.

Hello, where's mom?

Hello, what happened to Toto?

Gosh mom, don't prepare food
for us, we won't get there in time.

And can you prepare a towel for me,
because I'm so sweaty in here.



Michael, sorry.

Please try to understand,

I'm just not used to this

It's okay, it's really hot.

You want me to teach you how to drive?



It won't be a problem with your mom.

Enough, I'm done.

I'm almost done.

I said enough, dad is coming soon.

Just a bit.

Let's just stop this, don't be persistent.

Damn it.

There's still tomorrow.

Don't get mad,

I told dad to give you an increase.

Don't you want it?

No thank you?

Thank you!

Thank you!

My pants.


Hurry, I'm going to pee.


What's up?

Your dad has something urgent,
this is needed by next week.


Is that so?

Paint it well, no bubbles okay.


It's sticky.

Dad will get mad.

You're really crazy.

I'll leave this to you.


I thought your going to the office earlier?

I dropped by, we just didn't meet.

Aren't you coming home tonight?

I'll spend the night here.


Daddy, you're always staying there.

I told you to get used to it,

in December we might live in here.

I am sure you will like Sarah

Is she here?

You haven't introduced her yet,

when will you do that?


Hey, don't go out.

Okay, I won't.

I want to talk to Fatima.



Yes mam?

He wants to talk to you.

Hello sir.

Don't sit there.

Yes sir?

Just stand up.

Yes sir.

No sir.

No sir.

Yes sir.

Already ate.

Came in at 5pm.

Give me that

Yes sir.


Yeah dad, okay bye.

Okay bye.

Just sleep in the living room okay?

Yes mam.

I thought Michael's car broke down earlier.

But it did not.

Okay, it did not break down, it exploded

Sorry , it is an old car

The car broke down Vivian.

Gosh Michael,

don't mind her, she's just over acting.


Trining! What's that?

The food is overflowing.

Change the plate.

Yes mam.

I will teach her how to drive.

You need patience, because
this kid is a stubborn one.

I just got it from you… Mom

Excuse me.





smells sexy.

Smells arousing.

Stop it!

Can I have water please.

Yes, wait

Let's pray.

In the name of the father,
and of the son, and of the holy spirit.

God, thank you for all these
blessings that you gave us.

Bless the food in front of us.

We ask this in Jesus name. Amen

In the name of the father,
and of the son, and of the holy spirit.


Oh I think I'm seating in the wrong place.


Come here.

Sit here, go ahead. It's just fine with Sarah.

Right Sarah?

Go ahead Michael.


Everybody happy

To remove the creased on your forehead.

You shouldn't have done that.

That's fine.

You will be the head of this family soon.

Yes, but

you surprised your daughter

Sarah understands you, I know her.

This is good.

So young,

your skin is as smooth as your daughter's skin.


I mean,

you look young.

Hello Nick.

Oh bro, you called?

Let's meet at the same place.

It's already late.

Damn it, let's go right now.

It's annoying in here.

Okay, okay, I'll see.

Just wait for me there.

Who's playing tonight?


Oh Trish! Candy!

I thought you're going to be late again.

Remember Nick?

Hi Nick!

We have a reservation upstairs so let's go.


- Yes?
- I'll just buy cigarettes outside.

What? Just buy in here, they have here.

Right Vic?

Yes ma'am, we have it here.

I'll just buy outside.

They have a lot in here, all is imported.

I'm fine with local.

We don't have local sir.

Beki, Trish, Candy, I'll just go outside first.

Hurry up.

Come on girls.


Where's your guy, Beki?


Yeah, where's Nick?

I don't know,

never mind him, let's just dance okay?

That's the spirit girl!

Sorry Dude

I went to pick up the key,

nobody might open the door later

- Dude Nick, how are you?
- Hey dude, give me a beer.



You look bothered.


You have a problem?

No, no, nothing.

You? What's your problem?

My mom,

I can't get used to the fact
that she has a boyfriend.

He even sleeps at home

So someone is ahead of me

I don't have anyone to talk to,
I am bored in here.

I thought you're okay with the guy?

He's okay, but not for my mom.

So for whom?

For you?



By the way, what's your job right now?

Nothing, the same as before.


thank you

So, we split the bill?

Yeah, split like a vigina.


That's enough, my turn.

I thought we're gonna divide it.





Wake up.




Wake up.

Mom, what time is it?

It's 9 am. Michael is already waiting for us.


Get up!

Just go ahead, I'm still sleepy.

Toto we are here, the gate to the left


Saring! Wake up please.

Come on, brush your hair.

Saring we're here, come on.

Saring, let's go, it's raining.

- Ma'am Vivian!
- Hi Dave, where's Mike?

He's there, I'll go with you. Boss!

Saring, please.

She's pretty, right?



You have a visitor.

Let them in.

Come in ma'am.


Hi Love..

Hello Love.

Sorry we're late.

It’s because of Sarah.

Gosh, I almost dragged her
out of the bed. You know.

That's fine.

Even if we almost got caught in the rain.

No, it's fine, it's still early.

Sarah, this is Beki my daughter.


Beki this is Sarah.



So how's your vacation?

- It's okay.
- Dad please hand it over.

Let's hang out some other time, come with me.

Do you have a boyfriend?


Don't worry, I'll find you a date.

Auntie, can we hang out some other time?

It's up to you.

Okay then, we'll go out soon.


Gosh, if you only know how
hard it is to wake her up

I need to slap her ass,
just to wake her up.

You're not listening to me.

Just don't be late, okay?


Bye Dave.


Just continue your work.

Text me, oh, you should buy a brand new model.

The latest, I'm sure you can't stop texting.

Text me okay?

Bye auntie, bye Sarah.

Here it is, my friend.

Mildred, come on, give me a discount.

Please, you'll be making
my daughter's dress too.

Okay fine.

But I can give you the final price tomorrow.

Do you have a pen? Can I borrow.


Where's that? Oh here.


plus 1,600.

Do you have a calculator?

Of course.


Hey, take care of your daughter Vivian.

A lot of guys will go crazy for her beauty.

Less 15%

It's 15% less, right?


after you're married to Michael,

I can no longer sleep here?

You can still sleep here.

That's fine.

If you want we can tell Michael
to sleep in your room.

That's not possible.

I'm sure you're gonna miss him.

I'm missing this.



Do you miss dad?

Sometimes, I miss him.

Why Michael?

Saring, please.

We've talked about this.

You're dad is long gone.

And you've already agreed, right?

I just want to hear it again.

I just want to know if

you're really sure of Michael.

Dude, drink up.

Bro, drink it up.

Have a coffee, here.

I'm gonna show you how a champion hits.

You distracted me.

Wait, wait, wait.

Before we forget, who's turn it is?

- My turn.
- Not me.

- The shot.
- Yes.

Me first.

What are you waiting?

Hit it.

Yes dude!


Start counting brothers.


Hey Delia, stay here for a while, for luck.

Suit yourself!



You know who's lucky?

It's our Boss, boss Mike.
You saw his fiance? Sexy!

Hey that's a scratch, I saw that.


Yeah I know, she's my type,

I'll agree for a night.

Right Jugs?

Jerk! She's also your mom,
being Beki's boyfriend.

Your girlfriend.


Go ahead dude shot.

Okay fine.

Looks serious.

The daughter is really pretty, right?

I'm not talking about Beki, Nick.

The other one,

she's hot.

That's the best,

damn it bro. She's so hot. Shit.

Really pretty!

You jerk!

Both mom and daughter are sexy.

Good morning sir. Beki.

Hi Nick!

Have a sit.

Nick, we need to finish the job for Mr. Arnaldo.

He will pick up the car tomorrow
morning, can we finish it?

Yes sir. If I'll render an overtime.

Nice! So do it later okay.

Dad, let the others do it, we will hang out later.

Beki, it's Nick's job.

I need to finish it tonight sir.

Dad, please.

We might not make it to the deadline.

Alright, who's available?

Dave, boss and Wilbert.


- Wilbert!
- Alright call Wilbert.



We need to finish that, tell them.


Hop in Sarah.

Toto is coming

He won't be coming. Your mom asked
him to go to the tailor. Come on.

Sarah, for you.

Go ahead,

take it.

I bought it ealier. Come on.

Thank you.

Open it.


It looks nice on you.

Thank you.

Don't feel uncomfortable,

I just want us to be friends.

Like in laws.

I don't feel uncomfortable.

Okay, so we're close now.

Don’t tell mom.

Alright, it's our secret.

What music do you want?


Disco is so over.

Why did you ask Michael to pick me up?

That's for the best. Go upstairs.

Mom, I don't want surprises.

Hi Love.

You saw my gift for Sarah? The necklace?

No. But I'll take a look later.

You're really sweet.

But I'm gonna leave soon,
I still need to go to the bank.

It's payday today.


Good afternoon ma'am, can I talk to Sarah?

She's upstairs.



Sarah has a visitor.

Escort him upstairs.

Thanks ma'am.

Nanny, look after them okay?


Come on.

Sarah you have a visitor.


Yes, I'll go to the kitchen.

Damn it, I have a headache yesterday.

This is new.

Yes, Michael gave it to me.

What? Is he courting you?

Stupid! He's my mom's boyfriend.

Stop it.

Boyfriend? Not yet married.

What is your problem?


I'm just suspicious about that Michael.

He even gave you a gift.

Are you jealous?

You have a lot of fake girlfriends.

How did you know his name?

I don't know him.

You said it earlier,

that name of the boyfriend
of your mother was Michael.

Change topic.

That's why I came here.

because I have a trouble.

Thank you boss.

This is good, Ouch!

Oh, Mister Anghel.

Look at you.

Mister Anghel.

You're spending it again on alcohol.


Mister Anghel, okay?


Boss, boss.

Don't spend it on girls.

Yes boss!

Here you go Dave.

- Thank you boss.
- Nick, Nick,

don't leave yet, we have something to talk about.

Yes boss.

I just want to ask you something,

nothing important.

Do you want anything? Beer? Juice?


No need sir, what's the problem sir?

No problem,

I just want to ask you if

what do you think is the best

gift for someone your age?

A girl.

It's hard to choose a gift for Beki.

She's picky.

Not Beki, the daughter of my fiance.

- Dave!
- Boss!

- Why sir?
- Dave!

Is it her birthday?

Take this.

Yes sir.

It's not.

I already gave her a gift but she is still aloof

I need to woo her.

Woo her?


Oh Vivian?

Excuse me, wait.

Let's just talk again tomorrow.

And think about what I've said.

Nick, wait.

That's complete. Think about it, okay?

Alright boss.

Please fetch Beki too.

Hello Love?

Just relax.

Go girls!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Beki, let him transfer here, so It's more fun.


Stay here, Nick.

Can I kiss him?


You're flirty!




Who's this?

Sarah is sleeping.

Nick, come on.

Who's calling?

That's nobody, just trying to disturb us.

Come on, let's sleep.

Mildred, with the discount you gave me

You will be seated at the Presidential
table during my wedding reception

And you'll have your own cake.

That's not necessary.

Just get me as Sarah's
godmother when she gets married

Gosh, that will take a while

That will take a while

Vivian, good thing Sarah's boyfriend is not jealous.


If there's someone, why would he be jealous?

Your boyfriend is living with you, right?

So what?

Gosh, Vivian you know how men think

Hey Mildred! You have a dirty mind.

Vivian, don't over react.

Seeing how pretty your daughter is.

No man, who would not fall for her

You're not getting the cake.

Is he sleeping over?

What else? It's kinda annoying.

What's wrong with him,
you might become the talk of the town.


You know how it is.

You're a jerk!

Where are you now?

Here with dad.

I miss you dude.

Yes dude.

When will we hang out again?

Whenever you want.

When are you free?

Sarah hurry up.

Your mom is waiting for us.

Who's that? Your mom?

That's nanny.

Okay, I'll call you again later.

To, get the car.

Okay, bye.

Give it to me, give it to me.

Does Michael love you, mom?

What are you? Of course.

Toto, he said water.

Fish sauce, please.

Dude, please pass the fish sauce.

Does he love you, mom?

Here's the chilli.


Come again. Yes, of course.

You're persistent.

What did you say?

Not you Caloy?

Can I have half of this?

There's no half serving.

What's this?


How do you know that it's just you.

Just half of this please.

Toto, where's Nanny?

Please just half for this.

- I can't finish a whole order.
- No half serving

Okay then, you can have a half.


How much for the banana?

2 pesos.

Toto, can you stay here of a while?

Sarah, please, not here, not now.

If you only knew how much this means to me.

Pork beefsteak please.

You'll know how I feel one day.


If not today, someday

Dude, wait, I won't stay long.

Just a moment.

Go home Nick.

This won't take long

They might see us.

Please, nobody is here.

No, Nick.

Come on.

One more.


This won't take long

Just a moment.

Just a moment.


Come on,

don't make it hard for me.


Damn that cab,

he left.

Love, rice?

By the way, you think, 150 guests is enough?

I think that's enough.

Nanny, how many plates do we have there?

About 30.

That's not enough.


we'll use paper plates instead, okay?


Anyway, our cutleries are fine.

For the bowls, we can use those in the cafeteria.

That guy is really something.

And the way he looks at me.

Damn it!

You want me to have him shot?

After the wedding I'll go to my grandma.

Grandma? How about me?

Let's see.

I can't stand the way he looks at me.

If something happens to you, I will kill him.

This, this will do.

Is this good enough?

It's wrinkly and rough.

I want it smooth.

Soft, nothing else?

Do you have other material?

Wait for a while ma'am, I'll check.

The name of Sarah's boyfriend is Nick?


Boyfriend? He's nobody.

Nick is not her boyfriend.

I saw them Vivian.

I saw them in the basement.

Why did you close early? Where's mom?

She's upstairs.

What happened?





what happened?

Mom, what happened?



Why mom?

In our basement?




Why did you do that? Why?


Why Nick?

And in our basement?

It's embarrassing.

It's embarrassing.

Vivian, that's enough.

Vivian, please.

Vivian? Vivian, Vivian.

Vivian, that's enough.

Mom, stop it mom.

Vivian, Vivian.

Nanny Aning, give me the key.
The key for this room.

There's no key.

It's embarassing!

Vivan, I said that's enough.

Don't tell me what to do.

Vivian, open the door.

- That's enough.
- Come on Vivian.


Damn, Vivian, what have you done to your daughter?


- Nanny, get ice.
- Yes.

Vivian, what's this?


Get an ice.

You owe me a lot Nick.

I'm done with you.

What do I owe you?

About Sarah?

You thought I don't know?

What do you know?

Damn you! Get out! Get out!

Dad relax.

Nick get out.

The way you look at Sarah.

This is your money, we're over. Get out!

Why? What's up with Sarah?

If something happens to Sarah,
I'm gonna kill you.


What will happen to Sarah?

- Nick, please close the door.
- Jerk! Get out!



If that's you Nick, stop calling here.

Don't waste your time.



Give me Sarah's phone,


I'll get it, wait.

Hello Mike?

Can you fetch Sarah?

Yes, Nick might show up there.

Please, leave now.

Hello Beki, I closed the shop today

Yes, I closed it early.

About the money,

just wait for it there, it will be delivered.

Might be caught in traffic,
it is raining hard here


Boy, boy, boy. Boy.

Menthol candy please,


No turning back, brother

Go ahead.

What's taking you so long?

Dude, I have to pass for now,
I need to fetch someone

I'll leave first.

Where are you going?



Sarah, hop in.




is she still there? The girl I'm fetching here?

She left.

Come on, let's go in for a while.

We can't pass tru, the area is flooded

Come on.

Come on,

we can't go on the water is high.

If you want, we can call your mom. Let's go.

Come on Sarah.

Stay in the room, you can dry up in there.


there's no towel.

Let's call mom first.


there's no line.

Why do you look nervous?

Don't you trust me?


Why is it ringing?

Michael, what is that?

Why do you have that?

Michael why?


Let's continue this.


- Come on, I can't handle it anymore,
- Michael please.

Please let me do this.


Come on, let's do it now,

- your mom wouldn't know.
- Michael please.

Michael No.

Don’t fight it, you're no longer a virgin right?

What are you complaining about?

Michael please, you're gonna marry my mom soon.


Just come with me, I'll leave your mom.

If you continue to resist,

or if you tell anyone about this,

I'll kill your mom.

I'll kill you too.

I'll kill your mom infront of you.

Damn you!

When it's Nick,

you automatically give in.

Damn you!

Damn you! Jerk!

- I saw you!
- Damn you!

I thought you love me?

- I thought you love me.
- Bitch, what are you saying?

Stop talking.


Hello Love.

She's with me,

we're here,

she's just in the comfort room.

We can't leave right away, the rain is so heavy.

We can't go on driving, we'll just call you there.

Hello love, what's our food for tonight?

Wow, that's nice, alright. Okay.

Come in.

Nick, you have a visitor.

Come in.

What are you doing in here?

Nick, let me sleep here, I miss you.

Are you gonna use? Or play?


Just go home.

Bring me home.

You know Beki,

you're drunk.

Go home now!

Bring me home. I'm afraid to go home alone.

And you reached here alone.

You're a bitch!

- Come on, I'll send you home.
- Let's buy a burger.

Nanny, slice some ripe mangoes.

I want the same one as yesterday, that's sweet.

Love, go ahead and eat.



Nanny, that uniform looks so good on you.

I didn't noticed right away.

I look like a security guard.

No. You look pretty on it, right love?

- What?
- Love.

Go on and eat,

where's Sarah?

Nanny, call her, where is she?

I don't know.

Oh! Rice cake! What's that?

Gosh, nanny, get a rag.

Sarah, come on.

- I'll just change.
- The rag nanny.

Sit there.

You can't be sad infront of the food, Saring.

Let's wait for Michael.


Let's pray first.

In the name of the father, and of the son,.

Damn it Sarah,

what's your problem again?

It's Michael.

Michael? Damn it!

How many times do I have to tell you

that he is not marrying you

But me.

If you have a problem with that,

I can't do anything.

If you can't take it seeing us together in this house

Stay with your grandma.

You girl! Come here, let's talk.

What is your problem with Michael?

If you don't like him,

you should have told me

so that you did not have to pretend

Even if I tell you, nothing will happen.

Good you know

It's hard to talk to you.






Come on, I'm hungry.

I'll follow,

just order first,

this won't take long.

Hello Sarah?

Who's that?

Jinky, my office mate, she's persistent.

- Nick give me some change.
- Where are you?

I don't have a money.

Wait for a while.

Go on, I'll follow, I'll be paying.

Hello Sarah.


I called in your cellphone, but it's off.

Don't call that number again, mom took it.

Why is your voice like that?

Let's see each other tomorrow. Let's talk.

Sarah, are you okay?

You have a problem?


Let's see each other again, okay?


Their cheeseburger has no cheese.

Okay Sarah


- Do you have hotdog?
- Hotdog.

They don't have it.

Nick, take me home.

Thank you.

Mister Toto, take over.

Mom, I'll go to dad.

Mom, I'll go to dad.


I won't be long

- Bye sis, I'll go ahead.
- Bye

Telephone sis, please get it.




Hello love.

Hello? Hi Love.

I'll eat there later.


I have a gift for you.

You're so sweet.

Where's Sarah? Can I talk to her?

She left, she said she won't take long

I thought you were not going to allow her to go out?

I'm sorry, I was so sleepy.

she will go to..

Just there in Ledesma.

Where in Ledesma?

The place is big.

In kabalaran, kasipagan.

It's in an alley at the corner of the street.

Just ask around.

Wait, why are you looking for Nick?

I thought you kicked him out?

I just want to talk to him.

To fix something.

You're gonna hire him again?

I need to get something from him.


Something like that.

Come here.



I'll leave for now.

Damn it!

That Michael is a Jerk!

Is Nick in there?

Is Nick in there?

He left.

He left.

Where did he go?

Where did Nick go?

I don’t know.

He doesn't know.


Okay, be careful with the dogs.

Here's the payment.

Don’t be scared Sarah, leave it to me.

I'm nervous Nick.

Your mom needs to know everything.



go upstairs.



go up.

Michael, just wait, I'm just dressing up.

Be quite, don't talk.

Your hands. Your hands.

I said your hands.

Damn you.

Michael please, I beg you

There is nothing??? Nothing will happen

Sarah, don't.

be quite Nick, I'm confused.

Michael, let's talk about this.

How about Beki?

I'm confused.

Sorry Sarah,

sorry Sarah.


good thing you've found Sarah.

She told her nanny earlier

that she will go to the cemetery.


Did you say thank you to Michael?

Good thing he fetched you

Hey Sarah, give Michael some snack.

Ask nanny what she has for snack.


it's almost dinner,

can you still handle it?

Love, but if you’re really hungry, just tell me.

We can eat dinner now.

Damn it!

How did this guy get in here?

Sarah, how did he get in here?

Love. How did this devil get in here?


What's the problem in here?

Why aren't you answering me?

Love, what's the problem?


Love, why are you holding a gun?

Why are you not talking?

What's happening in there?

Why are you not talking?


Damn you Michael!

You're an animal!

Vivian, what's happening in there?

Open the door!




open the door!

Open up!

What's happening in there?



- Sarah!
- Mom.



I already told you Sarah,


I told you to be quite.

I told you to be quite, right?

I told you that,

I will kill your mom in front of you, if you talk.


So there it is.

Damn you, I'm gonna kill you!

Mike, Michael!

Why can't I hear Vivian?

Please, please.

Don't come in here.

Please have mercy Michael,

let's take Miss Vivian to the hospital.

Are you dumb?

You see that she's dead.


I'm sure that all their neighbors are coming in here.

So put it down.


come with me.

You're mom is no longer here,

so come with me

Sarah, I'm gonna die.

Damn you!

Die now!


I gave you that necklace.


you have no way out of here.

Sarah don't!

Sarah, open the door!



Stay there,

don't move.


I'll leave for now.