Baladoor (2008) - full transcript

Chanti respects his uncle Rama Krishna more than his father Purshrotam. Rama Krishna has enmity with Umapathi because of something that happened 20 years ago. Later, Chanti is kicked out of...

My dress is superb.
- Mine is also superb.

You look great in these dresses.

Who draped these dhotis?
- Elder grandpa, grandpa.

You too look superb.

Wait! I draped it on our wedding
and I am wearing it now.

- Yes.

What's this, uncle!

Do we need to dress up
for Lord Satyannaraya vow?

Don't talk like that.
God will turn you blind.

Nicely said, father-in-law.
- That's how it's done.

You are looking good in this.

Greetings, madam. Welcome.
- Greetings. - Sit down.

Please sit down.

Kalyani, where's your husband?

Here, Uncle.

He's coming.

Why are you so late??
- What's this, uncle!

Englishmen invented pants because...'s too hard to put on a dhoti.

Shut up!

They say he who wears dhoti
is a Telugu man. Wear it.

Sister-in-law, where is brother?
- There he is.

Mr. Rama Krishna, you sit here.

Madam, you sit next to him.
- You carry on with it.

I will come back.
- You sit there, sister-in-law.

I can take care of this.
Sit down.

He's always like that.

In business he doesn't
let me do anything.

And at home he doesn't
let you do anything.

And yes, where is Chanti?
Did you send him somewhere?

No one needs to send him anywhere.

He is wandering outside all the time.

Why do you scold him, uncle?

Younger brother went to
call the videographer.

Stop. Stop. This house.

Brother is here.

It's not your brother,
it's an idiot.

How much? - Chalis (forty).
- This much!

It's too less, sir.
- It's less? Chalis means seventy, right?

Challis means forty rupees.
- Forty rupees?

Why didn't you tell me
before he left?

I lost 30 rupees.
- It's your money.

It's yours.
You dropped your purse in auto.

Madam. Madam.

Wife should sit on the
left side of her husband.

Why so? - Because men keep their
wallets in their left pockets.

ldiot. Heart is the most
important organ of our body.

And it's on left side.

That's why a wife should...

...sit at her husband's left side
like his heart.

I see. What are you staring at!
Cover everything.

First cover the vow and
then cover the priest.

Cover the uncles and
then cover the aunties.

Cover everyone.
- Hey, first you stop covering the camera.

You brought the cameraman?
Where has this idiot gone?

Someone was to be
admitted in the hospital.

So he went there to help them reach it.

Who are they?
- I don't know.

He doesn't tire praising his
you. He says that we should... helping others
like his uncle does.

No, don't beat me.

I beg you. Please.

Come here.

Take it. Set him on fire.
- No.

If she doesn't confess to you...'ll set her on fire?

You think if you pour acid on them or stab them...

...girls will fall for you?

Set him on fire.
- No, don't do that.

When it came to you,
you are asking for mercy?

If you ever repeat such a thing again...

Forgive me, brother. I beg you.
- Apologize there. Apologize.

Forgive me.
- Go. Go.

Thanks a lot, Chanti.

Thank me later.

First, take her home.
I have to go to class.

Class? Who will give you a class?
- My father.

What is that?
- Lord's holy offering.

That won't be enough for you.
Distribute it among everyone.

Don't laugh so much!

Or I'll apply a 100% discount on your bill.

- Padmavati.
- Yes?

Where is Purushottam?

We need to give offerings to the priest.

Your brother won't let you do that either.

Look there.

You performed the vow really well, priest.

How did you come in, uncle?
- By climbing the pipe.

If you want to come up in life,
you have to climb pipes.

Practice it from now onwards...

...and it will be
useful when you grow up.

One scoundrel a home is enough.

Don't make them like yourself.

Here is the Amitabh Bachchan of this home.

Hey, stop there.
- Leave it, uncle.

Grandpa would scold you and you'd
hang your head in shame.

It's an everyday occurrence, uncle.

Aren't you ashamed?

You fight even
on the day of the vow?

Can't you sleep well if
you don't beat someone?

You won't change.

If that's what you think,
I'll depend on you...

...and stay idly at home.

Aren't you doing that already?

You wake up in the morning
and get into fights...

...and then paint the town red.
- What?

You would never listen to your father.

Can't you be happy
unless he scolds you?

What's your age and what
do you think you are doing?

I talked like that because
your father was here.

You're not hurt, right?
- No matter how much he scolds me, it won't hurt.

But if you scold me even a little...

It hurts a lot, uncle.

Just a bit.

A bit more. A bit more.

''It's realization of a beautiful dream.''

''It's a place with fountain of nectar.''

''My home is filled with
mutual love and understanding.''

''It's the place where Gods reside.''

''Every season is a festive season.''

''Every moment is filled with joy.''

''My home is filled with
mutual love and understanding.''

''It's the place where Gods reside.''

''It's realization of a beautiful dream.''

''It's a place with fountain of nectar.''

''My home is filled with
mutual love and understanding.''

''It's the place where Gods reside.''

''Eyes are different, but we
look in the same direction.''

''Heads are different,
but we think on the same lines.''

''We stand by each other
through thick and thin.''

''Hearts are different,
but reaction is the same.''

''Our prayers are the same.''

''We have immense love for each other.''

''Whoever is in need,
everyone comes forward for help.''

''Whoever sheds tears,
everyone comes to console.''

''There's huge respect for
each other in the family.''

''There's no dearth of
affection in our home.''

''It's a dreamland.''

''It's realization of a beautiful dream.''

''It's a place with fountain of nectar.''

''My home is filled with
mutual love and understanding.''

''It's the place where Gods reside.''

''Our home is always bustling
with activity.''

''Our home is a place where
hostility doesn't enter.''

''Our hearts are spotless.''

''Our doors are always open.''

''Our home knows no fights.''

''Our home doesn't lack compassion.''

''Every raindrop that
falls here is fortunate.''

''Every flower that blossoms
in this garden is fortunate.''

''Heaven is envious of our home.''

''Our home is filled with eternal bliss.
It is divine.''

''It's realization of a beautiful dream.''

''It's a place with fountain of nectar.''

''My home is filled with
mutual love and understanding.''

''It's the place where Gods reside.''
- Hey!

What's that dress?
It doesn't match you at all.

Why, uncle? What happened?

I bought a shirt for you.
It's upstairs in my room.

Go and wear it.

Uncle, matching is superb.

You select my dresses
from tomorrow onwards.

- Greetings, Mr. Nani.

Pappu. - Brother.
- Did anyone come here?

- Who came?

I came. - You are cracking jokes?
I'll break your head.

I'm not asking about you.
Did anyone else come?

Yes. - Who come?
- You came.

What? What?
- Brother.

I am not talking about you and l.

I am asking if anyone else came here.

They are coming.

I didn't ask you about
good for nothing fellows.

Did anyone useful for us come here?

Nani, you are talking too much.

I will hit you and you will...

Order two teas.
- You don't want Boost?

Hey, two cups of Boost!
- Hey, stop it! I was kidding.

Nani, don't mess with it
without knowing about it.

It's the silencer.
You have to fix a new one.

Hello! I know my job well.

When I started out here you
weren't even in your nappies.

You don't wear underwear even now.

Hey, Nani, is the car ready?
- ls the cash ready?

I have the cash.
- OK.

Hey, the party's here.
Already this shed got a bad rap...

...due to your presence.
I talk, quarrel and fight...

...with my customers.
You don't get into it.

Look, you can't cross this line.
You got it? Get out of here.

Hey, bring a chair for sir.
- No, thanks. I need to go fast.

There's a settlement case pending.
- One minute, bro.

Hey, bring a coconut.
- But I don't drink coconut water.

I am not offering you coconut water
to drink, brother.

To ward off the evil eye.
- I don't have such superstitions.

But I have, brother.
I never deliver a car...

...without warding off the
evil eye from the car, brother.

I am getting late.
I need to go fast.

If we don't ward off the evil eye,
you time might be up, brother.

Listen to me.
- OK, carry on.

Hey, bring the coconut.
- Here it is, brother.

Hey, you! I was rushing to go
to the settlement case...

...and you broke my car's
glass with your sentiment?

Hey, you! I will kill you.
I will kill you.

Hey, if you don't repair my car
within an hour...

...and deliver it to my home,
I am going to kill you.

Hey! He beat me up...

...and you didn't come to stop him?

You told us not to cross the line.

We've obeyed.

That is what is called friendship.
- Yes.

You scoundrels! Hey, Pappu!
- Bring some bandages.

22 acres of land near Samshabad airport...

...are being auctioned.

The starting price is 50 crores.

55 crores.
- Rasi Builders, 55 crores.

60 crores.
- Vandana Builders, 60 crores.

65 crores.
- 100 crores.

He's here. It's a disaster now.

He raised it to 100 crores at once.
What's there to say now?

He came here only to
raise the price, brother.

Shall we stop, sir?
- Keep rising our quotation...

...till I stop you.
- 100,00,00,001 rupees.

It's not an auction anymore.
It's a battle.

110 crores.
- Umapati Builders, 110 crores.

110,00,00,001 rupees.
- Buying that land... this price is of no use.
It's already too high.

Let's drop it here.

120 crores.
- Umapati Builders...

He doesn't listen to anyone
other than his wife.

120,00,00,001 rupees.
- He is a crazy man to raise it...

...but what happened to these R.K. guys.

They are raising it like anything.
- 150 crores.

He's in trouble.
- Umapati Builders, 150 crores.

It goes once.
Umapati Builders, 150 crores.

It goes twice.
- 150,00,00,001 rupees.

R. K. Builders,

It goes thrice.

With this, that Rama Krishna lost 50 crores.

Even if I didn't gain anything,
my enemy lost a lot.

I am very happy now.

Hello! - It's me, Murthy.
The land is yours, right?

The matter leaked from
CM's office just now.

The government is about to build
an lT-park near that land.

The papers have been signed as well
in the secretariat.

That land's value is more
than 200 crores now.

Sir, I told you about it as soon
as the papers were signed.

After a woman delivers the baby,

even a ward boy can tell
if it's a boy or a girl.

I need a doctor who could scan...

...and tell me the gender
when the baby is in the womb.

He might die, sir.
You are getting so upset...

...for losing just one tender?
- It's not a newborn anger.

It's 20 year old anger.

Still, I can't forget how
Rama Krishna insulted me.

I didn't take the water-tank contract...

...being the president of this
village and give it to you...

...and you in return to have
exploited a poor laborer...

...who came to work for a living?

I made a mistake in haste.
Forgive me.

For misbehaving with a female laborer,

I touched Rama Krishna's feet
and begged for forgiveness.

But he instead of forgiving me,
he got me beaten up... everyone in the middle
of the village...

...and expelled me from the village.

I will make him pay for
every blow on my body.

That's why I won't be hurt,
even if I lose 100 crores.

But even if that Rama Krishna
gains one single rupee,

I can't bear it.

This is the only thing your
brother-in-law does perfectly.

If he could hear us,
the hammer would turn this side.

I decided to sacrifice a goat
for the new building. It's done.

- Yes, coming, mother.

Has sister fallen in love?

She didn't tell me such
an important thing?

If she hadn't told me about it
how can she tell our parents!

I will have to talk to
uncle and convince him.

She's my only sister.

Chanti, you are such a responsible guy.

You like him?
- Sorry for the interruption.

You don't get tensed after hearing what I say.
- What?

Love is like a rose.
It gives fragrance if we grow it...

...and it hurts us if we try to cut it.

Love is a feeling.
It's born only one.

And it is there with us till our death.

We shouldn't separate those in love.

Cut the crap. You are in love?

It's not me, brother.
- Then who?

Our Shailu.

What are you saying?
- Yes, uncle. Shailu loves a guy.

Did she tell you?
- Anyone would know it on telling.

A true brother will know before being told.

You want proof?

He looks like a king, right?

Without building the barriers of wealth,
caste and religion...

...get them married
and save your reputation.

Why is everyone
looking at me that way?

Instead of staring at you,
you want us to felicitate you?

He's the guy we've selected for Shailu.

You got us all tensed for no reason.

Tomorrow we are going to our
village for the Shankranti.

We are thinking of fixing a date
for the wedding after we return.

You heard that, didn't you?

The train is at 4 O' clock tomorrow.

Don't go anywhere. Stay at home.

I overacted without knowing the matter.

You idiot.

Hey, you used to ride a bulldozer earlier?

Won't your auto go faster?
Driver faster.

What's the matter?
Are we going to Rajamundry by auto?

Shut up!

We missed the train while you were
covering that ugly face with make-up.

Otherwise we would've gone with them.

Oh really! If we had gone with them
we would've looked like rogues.

Only by being late,
we can maintain some level.

Hey! I bought that with my uncle's money.

We bought this as well with his money.
- Wine?

It's not about the wine.

It's about having what we need
when we need it!

That's what's important.

Listen, for others it's water,
but for us it's a quarter.

Listen, we might travel on
train without a ticket...

But without liquor,
I can't travel anywhere.

We might miss the train.
Get down. Get down.

Here's the money.
- Hey, drunkard, be quick.

I'm coming.

Which platform for the
Godavari Express?

- It's five. Come fast.

Six. Seven. Eight. Nine.

Come fast. Come fast.
- Stop. I can't run.

I am sorry.

Come on!
There's no need to touch my feet.

You already said sorry.

She bent to take her ticket.
You are expecting too much.

You think so?
- You don't think so?

The girl's beautiful.
You won't think so. - Shut up!

I am sorry.
I was getting late for the Godavari...

In the rush, I didn't see you.

We are also taking the Godavari.

Did you see this?
You and we are getting into the same train.

We would also get down from the train.

It's on platform no. 5. Come.

No, the Godavari is on platform no. 3.

Who's the fool who told you that?
- The guy at the counter...

The TTE told us.
- But...

Alright. You may go then.

Get down happily at Kolkata or in Kashmir.

Srinu, the train's moving.

Come. Come. Come. Come. Come on.
- Come fast.

Hey, wait. I will get in first.

Be careful. Be careful. Be careful.

Thanks a lot.

If you hadn't bumped into me...

...I would've missed the train.

- I didn't do it intentionally.
- It's alright.

It wasn't intentional

...but it helped me.

They're some elephants on our seats.

We will kick them out. Come in. Come in.

We were just two minutes late
and you took our seats?

- You didn't know about us?
- Or did you do it intentionally? - Get up!

No, no. These are our seats.
We have reservations.

Check these.

Hey, they took the Godavari Express
to go to Mumbai.

They have huge bodies,
but there is nothing in their brain.

We were late,
but got into the right train.

Were you sleeping while getting in?
Get up.

No, brother.
- No, brother?

What's your problem?
They are getting up. Get up.

Get up.

Hey, before the TTE comes, get down at next station.

Otherwise he will give you a fine.

ldiots. Foolish fatsos.

If you weren't there I would've
also gotten into the wrong train.

Actually... - You were lucky
I bumped into you, is that it?

Basically I have a great helping nature.

That's a bit too much.
- You take as much as you want.

Ticket. Ticket.

Mr. TTE!

These fatsos got in this train by mistake.
Leave them.

Just for the sake of humanity.
- Where is your ticket?

Show them.
- Here it is.

You took the Mumbai Express
with a Godavari Express' ticket?

The TTE also got into the wrong train.

I'm not in the wrong train. You are.

What are you saying, sir!
- This is a Mumbai-train, girl.

Sir, please check it again.

A TTE like you told us the
Godavari's on platform no. 5.

Who is that?
- 998.

Sir, sir, sir, it's him. It's him.
- 1000.

Him? He became mad
after losing his job.

He just gets on and off trains.

I told them the Godavari
was on platform no. 3.

They scared me and brought me here.

Yeah! You're such a hot chick.

We planned on selling you in Mumbai.

You can fight later.
First pay the fine.

- Pay the fine!
- I won't.

Then you can go spend six months in jail.


I never went to jail!
- We live there!

We come out once in a while!

How much is the fine?
- 3,000 rupees in total.

I only have 3,000 rupees.

We will get down at the next station.

Will you refund us 2,000 rupees?

That's what it costs to get down
at the next station.

If you want to go further,
I will come again.

Take it.
- You are a kind man, sir.

You carry on, sir. We will get down.

He's holding my T-shirt.

Are you scared of their size?

If they touch me,
I'll kick them out.

Oh God!

You are alive because you are running away...

- Otherwise, you'll be dead.
- Get up. Get up. Get up.

Among so many people I had to bump into you!

What bad luck!

You bumped into me and
took the wrong train.

Had it been someone else,

he would've taken you
somewhere else... and done that!

I know what to do in such a case.

Yes, you are Bruce Lee.
- You want to see?

Stop, Miss! No need to show him
your manliness.

Hey, I'll go find out when
is the next train.

- Till I return, keep some distance.
- OK.

Why are you telling him?
I'll keep my distance.

I am allergic to even his breathe.

- Get lost.

Hold your breath for a while,
it will go. - Hiccups?

Your life.
The world will be a better place.

Hey, you!

Hey, you! - Me?
- Yes, you.

When there's a scoundrel like you right here... you think I could be calling someone else in that way? Am I crazy?


It's working.
- What's working?

What did you say a while ago?
- What did I say?

That you would take me to Mumbai
and sell me there?

Who do you think I am?
- Bhanumati from Turredu.

When I was just 13 years old l...

Just like that. Everyone in my
village looked at me in that way.

I gave them a hard time.

I will give you as well a hard time.

I will sell you in the market...

...and I will buy a ribbon, a ribbon.

Till now she looked like a city-girl...

...but the liquor brought out her true self.

- I won't give you.

Give me!
- I won't.

Give me. You won't give me?
- I won't.

You won't give me?
- I will never give you.

This scoundrel is not giving water
to a poor girl.

When I was just 13 years old l...

He is not giving me water...

...even though when I was
just 13 years old l...

Brothers and sisters!

Ladies and gentlemen!
- Oh God!

Wait. Wait. Wait. Take the water.

Get down. Get down.

Take it. Take it. Drink it and die.

Oh God!



I need to have a drink or else I won't...

ls this how you keep\your distance?

I left less than two minutes ago...

...and she already fell for you?
- You will fall if I tell you.

Don't worry. Tell me.
- She drank your liquor.

Oh God!

Had I known, I would've bought half a bottle.

She had hiccups and
thought it was water.

Tell me when the train is coming.

What train?
We are on the wrong route.

About two kilometers from here,
we will get buses.

How do we handle her now?

I will carry the luggage
like a donkey...

...and you carry her like an idiot.
- Rascal!

Ticket. Ticket.

Hey, he's asking us to take a ticket.
- Buy one.

If I bring money when I am with you...'ll feel insulted,
so I didn't bring any.

I gave all my money to the TTE.

Then check her handbag.

I've already did a long time ago.

Apart from pins, rubber-bands
and stickers, there's nothing.

Hey, who said women have become modern?

Their clothes might have changed...

...but their hiding place for
money hasn't.

Look there.

But how?
- With your hand.

You need my help for this?
Take it out.

- Isn't it wrong?
- It's not my problem.

I will tore my clothes
and beg my way through Rajamundry.

Meanwhile you will have to
put her on your shoulder and...

Hey, don't scare me. I will try.

Hey, it's very difficult.
- What?

Putting your hand inside. or taking it out?
- Ticket, ticket.

I got it.
- Then take it out.


Ticket, ticket.

Three tickets to Rajamundry.
- Ticket, ticket.

What are you doing?

I'm keeping it back.
- Stop.

I'll buy half a bottle if we find
a wine shop on the way.

Rascal, a quarter with your money...

...but a half with someone else's?

Shut up!

I just need a quarter.

But if she gets up,
she'll start yelling.

Let her drink
and calm down.

It's wrong.
My uncle said that stealing is wrong.

I will put it back.
- OK, put it back. What can I do?

Oh God!

Ticket, ticket! Take your
ticket! Sir, your tickets.

Ten rupees per head
and thirty for you three.

Buy the tickets.

I'll buy the tickets
but give the money.

We took the wrong train because of you.

Buy them.

We've carried you
from Rajamundry.

Should we carry you home?

We don't have any money.
- I don't either.

We know there's no money there.

The 700 rupees are in there.
Take it.

700? But it should be 2,000 rupees.
- That's right.

But in the bus we had to buy
tickets from the conductor.

You were sound asleep.

I didn't want to disturb you,
so I took out your money.

Afterwards, thinking we shouldn't
take others' money, I put it back.

At 9 o'clock the bus stopped for breakfast...

Once again, I took your money out.

We ate parathas.

Since I didn't want to steal from you...

I put it back there.

At 1 o'clock I think...

The bus stopped again for tea.

I took it out again.

Then I thought...

You shouldn't steal from
others and put it back?


To take money from here whenever you wish,
do you think it's some ATM?

Oh God!


You're here?

Yes, I am here...

...but first you stop
keeping money over there.

- Thieves might steal it.

Who would steal it from here?

Both my mom and grandma
used to keep money here.

That's what had put me in trouble.
- What happened?

Nothing really.
- Bhanu, why are you late?

I didn't get the train, daddy.
- There are a number of trains.

Anyway, how much longer will you study?

For three more months.
- Still three more months?

OK, go inside to freshen up
and eat something.

We need to get her married as
soon as her studies are over.

She is a young girl. Find out
if there is anyone in her heart.

So that we can get
her married to him?

No, so that we could
make her forget him.

I didn't get her into a city-college,
so that she can marry some idiot.

But to find an American match for her.

Hey, bring me down.
My head is spinning. Don't kill me.

So Pushpa darling, is that ok?

When I was a kid,
you used to ask me to marry you.

Will you marry me now?

So you wanted to kill me to marry her?

What's the use even if you are alive?

What are you saying!

I heard your husband was the
best wrestler in the village.

That's past history.

You should have seen him
show his tricks with the stick.

But now he can't even lift a stick.

Who is this kid?

My name is Srinu, I am his friend.
- He is so sweet.

I have got some fans in your village.
Am I so sweet?

You are as sweet as our dog.

How rude she is! Who are they?

They look after our farms
and house here.

Let's go inside.
Pushpa darling, we'll catch up later.

I will try my best to avoid you.

Why hasn't this idiot come yet?
- He is here.

Father can't stay without me.
- It's not me, it's your uncle.

He's been asking about you since morning.

Go and meet him.

Uncle, if you select a nice matching shirt,
I'll get ready soon.

Hey, does my brother look like
a fashion designer to you?

Fashion started with my uncle.

I heard when he was young,
girls used to chase him... matter what he was wearing!

I'm thinking of
following the same path.

Great. No one needs to
teach you such things though.

You are plain jealous.

OK, thanks for giving me
the good news, goodbye.

What is it?

He said the land we lost in auction
a few days ago is not worth 250 crores...

...but 400 crores.

Call my brother.

- Yes, brother.

I couldn't harm that Rama Krishna
for the past 20 years.

I heard that he came to our village
along with his family.

You must insult him in the village...

...he was born and brought up in.

Along with his reputation,
he will also lose his hand and leg.

I will give you this news very soon.

He is my brother.
- I hope you can say that tomorrow.

Greetings. - I'm here year round,
but no one salutes me.

And you, in spite of being here
for just couple of days a year,

people salute you and
touch your feet, brother-in-law.

That's my brother's greatness.

Hey, Rama Krishna!

What's wrong with you! You
are calling an elderly man...

...with his first name?
What is wrong with you?

If you enter the battlefield
you will know what's wrong with me.

What are you staring at!

I heard you fought a lot
when you were young.


Let's have a small fight.
- You wanna fight? - Chanti.

Hey, you're getting
angry when I abuse him?

Hey, if you have courage
dare to touch even one of us.

If you win I will leave
this village.

But if I win...

With a garland in your hand, you'll welcome my brother, that you've expelled...

...back into the village.

OK? - What are you still
waiting for, brother-in-law?

Break his hands and legs, this
village will get rid of a nuisance.

We came to this village
to celebrate Shankranti...

...but not fight people.
Come on, Chanti.

What's the matter you are
stepping back like sissies?

You came here on Shankranti.

You should at least have
as much courage as cocks.

Don't you eat saIt and pepper?

Uncle, he is crossing the line.

No, he wants us to cross the line.

Dressing up like a man is not enough...

You also need
to have manliness.

You dared us to hit
at least one of you.

I will leave none of you!
Come forward.

What did you say a while ago?
Cock. Clothes. Manliness.

Show me your manliness.

I want to see your manliness.

If I get that stick again,
I will insert it into you.

Show me.

Take that stick. Take it. Take it!

No, no.

Chanti, stop it.
Will you never change?

Didn't you hear what he said?

When a mad dog barks, I just ignore it.

But I am not like you.

I will bury this scoundrel...

What more can you do...

...except ruining our reputation!

Your father is...!
- Yes.

Don't mind him.
- I don't.

You did a favor to this village
by thrashing this scoundrel.

Don't praise me so much,
I'll get cursed.

I will ward them off,
but first tell me, will you marry me?

Marry you? If your boyfriend
knows about it, he will kill me.

Do one thing. Find the most
beautiful girl of this district,

I will marry her.

Why are you blushing?

''A bit, a little bit.''

''A bit, a little bit.''

''You are a bit mischievous.''

''Your smile is a bit mischievous.''

''Your words are bit mischievous.''

''Your eyes are bit mischievous.''

''That's why I liked you.''

''That's why I liked you a bit,
a little bit.''

''You are a bit mischievous.''

''Your gait is a bit mischievous.''

''Your beauty is a bit mischievous.''

''Your face is a bit mischievous.''

''That's why I liked you.''

''That's why I liked you a bit,
a little bit.''

''When I ask you to wear
a sari you wear a voni.''

''When I ask you to wear a voni,
you come in a nightie.''

''When I ask you to
come through the gate...''

'' jump over the wall.''

''When I ask you to
jump over the wall...''

'' come through the window.''

''I am in trouble
when you are beside me.''

''I am in serious
trouble when you are free.''

''I am in trouble at daytime.''

''I am in serious
trouble at nighttime.''

''I have number of complaints,
not one, two or three.''

''You are a bit mischievous.''

''Your smile is a bit mischievous.''

''Your words are bit mischievous.''

''Your eyes are bit mischievous.''

''That's why I liked you.''

''That's why I liked you...
- A bit, a little bit.''

''When I lay the cot for you,
you ask me for the bed.''

''When I set the bed for you
to sleep, you overwhelm me.''

''When I touch your cheek
you blush and move aside.''

''When I step back
you give me some signals.''

''When I say no I am at trouble.''

''When I say yes
I am in serious trouble.''

''When I pamper you I am in trouble.''

''When I provoke you
I am in serious trouble.''

''I haven't hidden anything
here, there or anywhere.''

''You are a bit mischievous.''

''Your deeds are a bit mischievous.''

''Your stories are a bit mischievous.''

''Your intentions are a bit mischievous.''

''That's why I liked you.''

''That's why I liked you a bit,
a little bit.''

''You are a bit mischievous.''

''Your outspokenness
is a bit mischievous.''

''Your taste is a bit mischievous.''

''Your thoughts are a bit mischievous.''

''That's why I liked you.''

''That's why I liked you a bit,
a little bit.''

Hello, brother!
Purushottam's son thrashed me.

I thought you would
insult them...

...and give a great news,
but you are giving me bad news?

The real bad news is here.
First of all stop digging here.

Why? - Rama Krishna is
digging a hole for there.

Have you gone mad?
- You will get mad if you see them.

Look there.

He is selling flats for
1,000 rupees per square foot.

If he sells for such a low amount
he'll face a great loss.

Has Rama Krishna gone mad?
Why is he doing this?

On the occasion of our
company's 25th anniversary...

...we started this venture to
give you flats for low rates.

Once upon a time we were
also a middle-class family.

My father also wished to own a house.

But by the time we reached
the position to own a flat,

...he wasn't there to see it.

Just like my father...

Lots of people dream of owning a house.

That's why, without expecting
any profits,

...if we build homes for you,

...our father's soul
will rest in peace.

We would finish this
venture as soon as possible.

If they finish this project they
will turn into gods for people.

You mean he is a demon?

I will turn their dream
project into death-project.

Greetings, Mr. Umapati.
Please sit down.

I would've come to you
had you given me a call.

You have reached
another level right now.

You are the one who
helped me reach this level.

I can step down any
number of stairs for you.

I don't care if you have to step
down stairs or kill people,

But I want R.K. Builders' Jana Nivas project... have its approval canceled.

Sir, I will approve your papers
even if there are discrepancies.

But R. K. Builders papers
have no loopholes.

If I cancel it now,
I will lose my job.

So? We need to send you
briefcases without you asking...

...but you won't do anything for us.

We can't cancel something
once we have approved it.

You can't? Hey, call the minister.

Hello! Greetings, sir.
Minister is on line.

I am Umapati speaking.
R. K. Builders are building Jana Nivas.

You have to stop it. Tell me
where you are. I'll come there.

Where will you come?
I am in Bangkok right now.

Meet me when I come back.

There's no Jana Nivas
or anything. I am here.

I will destroy it.
- Come here fast. Come fast.

Clean it properly.

The car-owner should faint after he sees our work.
- OK.

Clean it.

Nani, is the car-servicing done?
- Yes, sir, it's done.

We will ward off the evil eye
and you can take it.

You will ward off the evil eye
from the car? - Yes, sir.

That's a sentiment.
- Very good.

I like people with sentiments.

I am also very sentimental
with this car. - Really, sir?

Who do you think this car is?
It's my son. - ls it your son?

Then how are you traveling
sitting on your son, sir?

Children should carry the
burden of aging parents, right?

Very interesting, sir.
You story has a great sentiment, sir.

You know what happened once?

How would I know it
unless you tell me, sir?

A guy picked the wallet from
my son's pocket. - Come on, sir.

Cars don't have pockets.

I mean he stole petrol from the tank.

I took him to the blood bank...

...took one liter
of blood and sold it.

Sold whom? The thief?
- No, his blood.

Blood for blood. It's a superb title, sir.
Hey, bring the coconut.

No, brother.
He is very attached to his car.

Remember what happened
the last time.

Hey, do not underestimate me.

That's why I made
a special arrangement.

Boys, cover the glass.

Don't feel bad, sir. It's
just a headlight that broke.

That's not a headlight,
it's my son's eye.

You made my son blind?

Oh God! Oh God!

It was car's right headlight,
but he hit on my left eye.

Oh God! I'll stay quiet,
or else he will hit me again. Oh God!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

What are you doing here?
- Uncle asked me to come here.

Which uncle? - Your father is
my father's childhood friend.

He asked me to leave
the hostel and stay here.

So what?

You can't come here and
act as if this is your house.

What's this?

You don't know? - I will make
you leave right now. Father.

Yes, son.
- Who is that in my room?

She's studying here.
Change your language.

First, change her room.
- Not possible.

Till her exams are over,
she will stay there.

If you are so fond of her,
you can even write her exams.

Now tell me where
I will stay. - In my room.

Why? So that you can
lecture me even in my sleep?

I find some place to stay.
But remember... made my room
a scapegoat for your reputation.

You have become so tall,
but your brain hasn't grown.

You aren't even tall!

What did uncle say?
- What will he say?

He said if I don't like it I can
throw you from the terrace.

But since you are a girl,
I said I will go somewhere.

- Yes, you heard it right.

Arrange my clothes and
shift to the room downstairs.

Listen, there's a
small problem in this room.

Why? The AC doesn't work.
- You want an AC as well?

It's not that.
It comes at 12 O'clock midnight.

What will come?
- Tilottama.

A girl with that name used
to stay in front of our house.

She tried to win me over.

Why would she come here at midnight?

That's the time
spirits wander around.


Yes, it's a spirit.

It's been a year since she died.

As I didn't give her a green
signal she turned into a devil.

Midnight at 12 O' clock! Be careful!

Oh God!

Oh God! Oh God!

If I got so scared then that girl...

She would vacate
the room in a second.

Who are you?
- It's me, Tilottama.

I was just kidding with her...

...but you came here for real?
- To take revenge.

In previous birth you
betrayed me in love. - Me?

I just flirt with girls once
in a while. That's all I do.

OK, then, now you love.
- You?

No, love Bhanu
who came to your house.

She is even more dangerous than you.

Hey, if you say one more
word about that girl,

I will bite your throat.
Love Bhanu.

How can you ask me to
love someone at gunpoint!

First I need to get that feeling.

I will think about it and tell you.

I will come here again.
You must say yes.

You may go now. Go.

What a rubbish idea!

Chanti, there's a wedding mall
in Panjagutta, right? - Yes.

Where is it, son? - A flyover
collapsed few days ago, right?

It's in front of it.
- You know where exactly it is?

- Then take us there this evening.

Oh aunt, you put me in trouble.
- It's Shailu's engagement.

We need to buy ornaments.

The groom's family
members are also coming.

Really! OK, then,
I will take you there, aunt.

Take one more idli.
- No, thanks, aunt.

I have some urgent work.
- What's so urgent?

My plans came to a stop.
- But what did you plan?

I never saw you do anything.

No need for your
praises in the early morning.

Tell me what the matter is.
- Drop Bhanu at her college.

You will be doing
something for a change.

Shall I not bring her back?
- Do I have to mention it?

Shall I also buy her
balloons and ice-creams on the way?

I am not going to drop her anywhere.
Ask her to go alone.

Remove your hand.

Your occupied my room
and made me a watchman.

Now you want to get on my
bike and make me your driver.

I will stab you. Get lost. Oh!

Girl, you didn't go to college yet?
- I am going, uncle.

How will you go? Chanti.
- Yes, uncle.

Drop her at her college.

I was just thinking that
when you asked.

Give him money for petrol.

I gave it to him
long ago, brother.

It's been a year since
you gave me 100 rupees.

Madam, come on, let's go.
- Bye, uncle.

If it's not to put me
in trouble tell me...

...what would you
achieve by studying so much?

I'll give you injections.
I will study hard and be a doctor.

So you are trying to get a
license to commit murders.

Did Tilotamma come last night?

Do we really have to
talk about it now?

You're the one who said
that she comes every night.

So I was wondering if she came.

Yes, she came and we
talked for a while.

And when I said that l
am pretty tired she left.

Didn't she say anything else?

Yes, she said she is
getting bored these days.

Will you go to her?

I am serious.
Both of you are lovers, right?

I wanted to know if she
talked about love and all.

Yes, she got some idiot. Hey!

Huh? It seems both of you
are maintaining great distance.

Where did you find her?
On the street or in a bar?

Hey, if you talk too much
I will break your bones.

Oh God! You're so aggressive.
Are you drunk already?

Hey, you go to the shed.
I will come.

Be careful. If you don't give her snacks with the drinks, she'll eat you.

- Come soon. - OK! OK!

Why do you befriend such idiots?

It makes me feel relatively superior.

Take out everything there in the shop.
They will buy one.

You stay quiet. See this one, dear.

I didn't like it, mom.

Check this one. How is this one?

I don't like this one
either, sister-in-law.

Then what do you want?

Your daughter-in-law
doesn't like our selection.

You select one for her.

- Brother-in-law knows well.
- Me?

How would I know about
these ladies things! - Really?

Would you be signaling her like a
traffic constable if you didn't know?

Actually it's...

What, brother-in-law? You're already
making my sister dance to your tune?

Enough laughing. Do it fast.

Sister-in-law, you go
and see that diamond ring.

We will go there as soon
as we're done here. - OK.

Come on! Come on! Get going.

I'm sorry.

- Show me the latest diamond rings.

One minute. I'll bring them, madam.

Did you like it?
- I haven't seen them yet.

Not the ring, but the touch.

He clashed with you.
Did you like it?

Don't change the expression.
Stay normal.

I don't even know who he is.

If you didn't know him, you should've
held him by the collar and slap him.

Did you like him?

It was just by accident...

It wasn't by accident...

You must've
bumped into him out of habit.

Why do you talk like that?

You're thinking that it would have been great...

...if I hadn't seen it, right?

What's this!

You didn't
say anything when he did that...

...but you feel bad
when I talk about it?

Our family's here.
Wipe your crocodile tears and come.

Bubble gums. Bubble gums.
How many bubble gums... you want? Uncle.
- What?

Will you tell us a nice story?
- Story.

I will tell you a great story.
I am coming.

What sort of a story
do you want to hear?

Tell us a new story, uncle.
- A new story?

Once upon a time there was a king.

That king had seven sons.
One day they go hunting...

And bring seven fishes, right?
- How did you guess that?

ls that a story?

Now I understand why grandpa
is always scolding you.

We thought it was only between you and grandpa...

But the generation gap
exists even between us!

I will tell you the story. Hear it.
- Tell me. - It's a dark night.

Complete darkness.

Nothing is visible.
- You can switch on the light.

They switched it on. Boom!

The light exploded.

In that darkness a ghost
comes in a white sari.

It came closer.

It came even closer.

The head turned.
- Whose? - The ghost's.

The opening is already frightening.

I wonder what I'll become
if I hear the rest.

- Hey, you continue...
- And that ghost...

Hail Lord Anjineya!
Hail Lord Anjineya!

Hail Lord Anjineya! Hail Lord
Anjineya! Hail Lord Anjineya!

Bhagwad Gita! When we
have so many weapons...

...even if Tilotamma's grandma
comes here she can't harm me.

Oh God!

Hey, switch off the lights.

- Who?

It's me Tillu.
- Tillu?

Uncle. Aunt. Father. Ghost. Ghost.


What? What happened?
- There's a ghost, uncle.

There's a ghost over here.
- You still believe in ghosts?

You must've had a nightmare.
- He himself is a nightmare.

Oh my ATM!
- Have some water and sleep.

Uncle, I am fine now.
You go and sleep. I will also sleep.

- What?

Today I met the priest in the temple.

Those who die unmarried and
without losing virginity...

...they turn into white sari-wearing
ghosts and lose control.

That's why...
- That's why...

If you lose your virginity
now you would reach heaven.

I made up my mind.
Come on, let's do it.

Tillu. Tillu, listen to me.
Stop there, Tillu.

Come, just five minutes.
Tillu, come.

Tillu. Tillu. Tillu.

Where will you go now?

Who do you think
Chanti is? One-eyed demon!

And you dared to scare this Chanti? you.
- What?

- Don't mumble. Say it aloud.

I love you.
- Oh God!

''There's a home in the heart.
It's still vacant.''

''Would you like to stay there?''

''Will you give me a kiss as rent?''

''If there's a home in the heart.
If it's vacant.''

''I definitely stay there.''

''I will give you myself in rent.''

''Can you shift into it right away?''

''Will you open its doors?''

''Will you sign an agreement
to stay in it for hundred years?''

''There's a home in the heart.
It's still vacant.''

''Would you like to stay there?''

''Will you give me a kiss as rent?''

''You are a beautiful devil.''

''I am scared of you.''

''I fought with you. It's the
beginning of our love-story.''

''You detected my problem.''

''You treated it with a smile.''

''I lost my aggression.
Now our love would blossom.''

''You came to me as a
surprise and presented me bliss.''

''You came to me as a boon
and made me intoxicated.''

''You entered my life
and made me fall in love.''

''There's a home in the heart.
It's still vacant.''

''Would you like to stay there?''

''Will you give me a kiss as rent?''

''You were a burden
to me all these days.''

''You burnt me all the times.''

''Today you garlanded me.
Now you are my destination.''

''I used to curse you all these days.''

''I abused you all the time.''

''I understood my fault.
Now you are my world.''

''You are the bright spot of my life.''

''You make me swing in joy.''

''First you tormented me
and then turned into my life.''

''There's a home in the heart.
It's still vacant.''

''Would you like to stay there?''

''Will you give me a kiss as rent?''

''Can you shift into it right away?''

''Will you open its doors?''

''Will you sign an agreement
to stay in it for hundred years?''

''There's a home in the heart.
It's still vacant.''

''If there's a home in the heart.
If it's vacant.''

''Would you like to stay there?''

''I will give you myself in rent.''


What's this, sister-in-law!

Everyone is eagerly awaiting
the engagement tomorrow...

...and here you are...
- I don't want this family... lose its reputation
because of me.

But what happened that we'd
lose reputation, sister-in-law?

When we went shopping
for the engagement...

...I went to the trial room
to change the dress...

...and someone shot me
there with secret camera...

...and is blackmailing me?

He calls me everyday and abuses me.

He says if I don't go to the
place he asks me to come...

...he would release
it on the internet...

...or send a copy to your brother.

And for that you want to die?
What's your fault in this?

Why didn't you tell my brother?

You don't know your brother well.

In the beginning of our marriage...

...he said there shouldn't
be any secrets between us.

I told him about a guy
who liked me in college.

From that day onwards
he tortures me everyday.

And now if he learns about this...

...he would think that
I did it intentionally.

Instead of telling him about it,
it's far better to commit suicide.

What's this, sister-in-law! You want your
children to be motherless like me?

Never ever think such a thing again.
Forget everything.

I will take care of him.

Hey, where is your boss?
- He's there upstairs.

Who are you, sir?

You shoot women with
secret cameras, scoundrel!

You blackmail family
ladies in such a way...

...that she could not
tell anyone! Rascal!

Hey! Tell me where that reel is.

Give me that reel
or I will break your legs.

Where is it?
- I'll tell you. I'll tell you.

Take it out. Take it out.
- I'll take it out.

Take it out.
- I will. I will.

Here... Here is your CD.
Take your CD.

You record such things?

I am not filing
a police case against you... it would ruin our reputation.

If you do such a thing again
I will kill you, scoundrel.

Who did this to my son?

Greetings. Please come in.

Sir, did you tell the
groom's family to leave the house...

...exactly at the time I told you?

Our Chanti went there to bring them.

Greetings, uncle.
- You are Purushottam's son, right?

It's his good fortune, uncle.
- What do you do?

Not one thing, uncle.
But office work, house-work, site-work,

without a pause,
I want to do everything!

But since my family
doesn't leave it for me...

...I just supervise them.
- So you're a good-for-nothing fellow!

Uncle has got a great sense of humor.
Get in. Get in. Get in.

It's my engagement.
- My time will also come.

Why? Your family didn't
give you the green signal yet?

If they had, I wouldn't have
taken this loop line...

...the vehicle would've
already been running.

Sir, the formalities are done.

You can exchange the betel leaves
if the groom's family comes.

The groom's family is here.

Go and bring auspicious water.

Why are they coming here?

Stop there. Stop there.
Please. I am talking to you.

Stop there. Stop there.

Find out that Chanti.

Brother, he's there.
- Please come. Please come.

Come here. Come here, scoundrel.

What do you think you are doing?
Get lost from here.

You want me to get lost?

Uncle. Uncle. Uncle.
- What?

He raised his hand on my uncle...
- Enough.

You gave us a great reception.
- Please tell him...

Father, at least hear him out.
- You're mad or what! Come.

He's saying something...
- Shut your mouth and come...

Get out of here. Get out.

Until now your fights
were confined to the streets...

...but now you brought them home.
Get out.

He made a mistake.
That's why I thrashed him.

What has he done wrong?

You said you thrashed him
because he made a mistake.

What has he done wrong?

What will he say, brother!

Fathering him was my mistake.

- No. Don't call me that.

The moment some goon
dared to touch my brother...

...this family lost its reputation.
Get out!

Purushottam. - No, brother.
Don't support him today.

I can't tolerate the disrepute
he brought to us today.

I beg you. Don't stop me.

Hey, get lost! Why are you
still standing there? Get lost.

What? First you broke
your sister's match...

...and now you're standing
here shamelessly? Get out!

Hey, if you really want to do
something good for this family,

get lost from here.
Get lost from here.

All these days
you didn't have a mother.

Now you don't have a father as well.
Get lost. Get lost.

Get lost.

Stop there. Stop there.

Take it.

Get lost. Get lost.
What a useless car! We can't repair it.

Hello, Nani!
- Greetings, sir.

ls my car ready?
- It's ready, sir.

Sir, listen to me. Sell it
for 10,000 rupees...

...add 90,000 to it and buy
a new car for one lakh, sir.

But I need to get rid
of the old one, right?

ls it sentimental, sir?

No, it's attachment.

I see. - I got this car in dowry
when I married my wife.

In the beginning I used her lot,
later I got bored and left her.

You mean your wife?
- No, the car.

Then one day she created a big scene.
- The car?

No, my wife. That I neglected her.
- Your wife?

No, the car.

Then I looked after her for a while.
- The car.

No, my wife.

Then I got fed up and left her in the outskirts...

Sir, what have you done!

You left your wife
on the outskirts of the town?

What's wrong with you!
I left the car. - The car.

Then police found my address
and brought her back home.

Sir, I will guess it right this time.

It's the car that the police
brought back, right? - Correct. - Yes.

I am unable to get rid
of my wife and this car...

...but I'm losing money.

It's difficult, sir.
Everyone has their sentiments.

Pappu, bring that coconut.

Brother, this sentiment
won't work out for us.

Leave it, brother.
- Shut up!

Just because Sachin
was getting out in 90s,

he didn't stop hitting centuries.

Mine is also the same policy.
Just keep on watching.

Boys, come on! Cover the entire car.


Oh God!

Did you hear the sound
that the coconut made?

It's not the coconut that broke...

Hey, forget whatever happened.

It's easier said than done.

Did your father ever
kick you out of the house?

I too used to hate
when someone got emotional.

Only when you are away
from your family... understand how hard it is
and the value of family.

Sister-in-law and Bhanu are coming.

Come, sister-in-law.

You are hanging out with this ghost?
She will scare you.

You are facing this
only because of me.

It's not new for me.
The only thing is that father...

...increased the intensity
and asked me to leave. That's all.

You take everything lightly.

And why should you stay outside
and suffer for me?

I will tell everyone the truth.

Sister-in-law, you know what
will happen if you tell the truth.

My brother doubted you and you tried to commit suicide...

If uncle learns that...

...he'd kick my brother out
and the entire city will know about it.

Then not yours,
but uncle's reputation will be gone.

Instead of you separating from brother,
it's better if I stay here.

Even my own brother
wouldn't have done this much for me.

I don't know how to thank you.
- What's this, sister-in-law!

Would you make me an outsider
by thanking me?

Do you know something?
My father can stay without me,

but uncle can't. He would call for
me in a day or two. I'll be back.

Tilottama, take my
sister-in-law back home.

You carry on, sister-in-law.
I will be back! You carry on. Go.


Check these documents
and I'll send them for approval.

I will check them later.

First you go and bring Chanti home.

Why should he stay outside
as if he doesn't have a family?

He will work hard.
Let him work hard, brother.

Only then will he know what life is.

Our home lost its luster
since he's gone.

If he is here this home will lose
its reputation, sister-in-law.

Brother, I never went
against your word.

Please let me take this one decision.

Nani, you are really great.

Even Bill Gates can't beat
you in helping others. - Why?

Bill Gates? Where is his shed?
- I will slap you.

He is not a mechanic!
He is a billionaire!

A few days ago he donated half
his wealth and it was in all the news.

Brother, give me this shed
and get your name in the papers.

If he gives you his shed...

He won't be in any paper!

But he's sure to become a pauper
and die on the streets.

Right, Nani?

Keep talking. Both of you carry on.

Why are you dragging me into it now?
Get lost, scoundrel!

Stop here.

Oh God! She's coming here?
- Take it.

Why? ls it not proper to
drink in front of a lady?

If she sees this we won't
have anything to drink.

She drinks?

She drank a quarter of gin
like water once.

Oh God!

Then let's hide it in the bottle.
- Last time we hid it in the bottle.

Let's hide these glasses. Come.

Hi! - Hi!
- What are you doing?

I swear on him we are not
drinking, just some snacks.

Where is Chanti?
- He went out.

Wherever he has gone,
he will come back here.

I will wait for him.

Why did she settle here?
- She will give us a hard time.

Let's go to somewhere else.
He would get bored and leave.

She might finish the snacks.
- The liquor is enough for us.

ls that so? OK.

We will be back in a while, ok?

It must be too spicy for her.

Oh God! I can't drink water
from their water bottles.

Oh God! Look there.

You can't bear to see this sight.

Who is she? People eat stuff
after having a drink.

But she is drinking after
eating stuff. - Our misfortune.

Oh! - What's the matter?
What happened?

We don't know if she does it
intentionally or not,

but that girl is drinking again.

She is drinking in broad daylight?

You tell that to her. Go.

Why are you here?

I came for you.
- For me?

Exams are over.
I will go our to my village...

...and tell my father
about our love story.

If he says yes, we'd directly
consummate our wedding.

She brought up the
topic of marriage?

Quite natural. She is drunk.

You are too drunk.
Come with me I will tell you. Come.

''Colorful rain,
it's bewitching rain.''

''I am overwhelmed
when it touches me.''

''Vivacious rain,
it's overpowering rain.''

''I am set on flames when it wraps me.''

''Shall I come?
Shall I come close to you...''

''...and remove all the shackles?''

''Shall I take you into my arms?''

''Shall I kill the cold?''

''Shall I shower you with kisses?''

''This is the root cause
of fights between you and me.''

''Colorful rain,
it's bewitching rain.''

''I am overwhelmed
when it touches me.''

''Vivacious rain,
it's overpowering rain.''

''I am set on flames
when it wraps me.''

''One like cotton,
another like a needle...''

''...these raindrops
are tormenting me.''

''One like a pebble,
another like atom bomb,''

''the first raindrops
are hitting my heart.''

''Rain wants to come with you.''

''Rain wants to see
what is in your heart.''

''Come and conquer me like the rain.''

''Vivacious rain,
it's overpowering rain.''

''I am set on flames
when it wraps me.''

''Colorful rain,
it's bewitching rain.''

''I am overwhelmed
when it touches me.''

''Draping the rains,
adorning herself with flowers,''

''my lady is coming like a flood.''

''Welcome, my prince.''

''I will turn into
a rainbow and garland you.''

''Rain has drowned me
with you in pleasure.''

''Rain has gifted me my beloved one.''

''I shall conquer you
like the forceful rain.''

''Colorful rain,
it's bewitching rain.''

''I am overwhelmed
when it touches me.''

''Vivacious rain,
it's overpowering rain.''

''I am set on flames
when it wraps me.''

- Greetings, sir.
- You can greet me later on.

First, check my nephew's condition.
- Greetings, sir.
- You can greet me later on.

First, check my nephew's condition.

When can I go out?

It will take a week
for your back to get well.

Three weeks
for your neck to get well.

It might take one month
for your leg to get well.

Totally how many days will it take?
- It might take six weeks.

What's this, sir!

You'd rather commit suicide
than wait six weeks?

Why would I die?
I will kill that Chanti.


Their family is already
half dead in your hands.

You did what I couldn't for 20 years.

One person has gone from that house.

I am very happy.
- Come outside. Come outside.

Come outside. Come outside.

What's that? Who are they?
- Victims.

Flood victims.
- No. The victims of our flats.

The victims of our flats?
I am going to... - Brother-in-law.

You stay here. I will see them.
- Come outside. Come outside.

Why are you shouting?
- You wait a minute.

Stay quiet. Stay quiet. Stay quiet.
Sir is not at home.

Had you come here 10 minutes ago
you would've got sir.

Come tomorrow. - What!
So that you'd shut shop by then?

I will see your end.
- What will you see?

His hand is broken
and the other one's leg is broken.

Beating them is equal to
beating a dog. Go away.

What are you saying!

R.K. Builders are selling flats for five lakhs...

...and you"re taking 15 lakhs for the same flats?

It's not for nothing.

A flat's cost depends on
the cost of the land.

Really? Their flats are
right next to your flats.

We don't need this discussion. Give our money back.
- Impossible.

If you can't,
we will take you by the scruff.

Who will you take?
- What's the matter?

Your voice is rising?
- You went out 10 minutes ago.

You returned so fast?
- Your intentions are clear by this.

Hey, if you raise your voice
I will slash your tongue.

Bring your hand down.
We are giving you one week's time.

By then, if we don't
get our money... -Hey.

Give it back or
we will go to the assembly.

We will ruin your
reputation in the media.

We will shut down your company.

Let's go. Let's go.

Just one week's time.

What's this, brother-in-law!

Even these beggars are
spitting on our faces.

Rama Krishna is trying
to get smart with me.

I will give him a major blow.

I will take the life of his family member.

Kill him without anyone's knowledge.

Srinu. - Yes.

Do you really have to mortgage
your locket to throw a party?

Nani has been asking for it for a long time.

Your family won't say anything?

Why would my family say anything!
It's Nani's chain.


Hey, Bachi is here.

Why is he coming here with his men?

You probably didn't bash
him enough a while back.

So he's here for another beating.

We can throw a party
for Nani later.

Let's give him one first. N- Let's!

You wanted to give them a party.
Why are you back?

My father is buying fruits here.

He kicked me out of the house
because I thrashed him once.

If he sees me thrashing him again...

He will also leave the house?

He won't let me
step inside the house again.

Because of Amitabh Bachchan,
Gabbar Singh has escaped.

Let's go. Let's go.

Come here.

Father, he came to kill you.
- Shut up!

Why would he come to kill me?
Am I a goon like you?

He's the one who came
to our house that day, right?

Hey, you will never change.
- That's not the thing, father...

No, don't show me your face again.

Father. Father, listen to me.

Father, listen...

Have you knocked down Purushottam?

Knocked down?

You are safe only till I am at home.

When I am outside no one can stop me.
I'll slash your heads.

While I am here,
you can't even touch my family.


Why are you like that?

What happened?

I thought he would change
when he is away from home.

He will not change in this birth, brother.
- He will change.

I don't think so, brother.

Every time I see him I think
'why I am still alive'.

Even when I think of him,
I feel like dying, brother.


Sir. What's the matter,
sir? Are you not well?

No, it's not that... Just...

Move aside. Move aside.
What will you settle?

Will you steal at home
or will you sell your home?

Hey, what's going on! Who are they?

Sir, we are cricket bookies.

In 20-20 series that took place
a few days ago...

...they bet 10 lakh rupees
and lost it.

I am asking for that money
and they are making us... around them.
- What is he saying!

It's not that we can't extract it.

We came to your office.

We can even come to your home
to extract it.

But before that we just wanted
to inform you about it.

Please. Please.

Mr. Shivamani.
- Yes.

Settle their account and send them.
- OK, sir.

- Goodbye, sir.

What's this! Do we need all this?

lsn't our hard-earned money
enough for us?

Do we have to gamble
to make a few bucks?

A lot of people depend
on us and our company.

If such news leaks out,
can your father take it?

And what do you lack?

I give you all you want.

Hey, who are you to give us money?

This is our father's property.

You are behaving as if you
are giving us money.

We will spend our money
the way we want to.

Who are you to question us?

If we want to buy saris for our wives...

or undergarments for our kids...

We need to ask you for money.

What an unfortunate life!

After your wife died...

...our father sheltered you and your son.

Hey, you are a worker
in this company like everyone else.

They get a salary
and you get respect.

You are a worker.
Don't forget your limits.

If you try to get smart with us...
Let's go.

Doctor. - Why is it that
the first attack is so serious?

Did he hear some shocking news?
- No, doctor.

My brother is worried
only about his son.

He put himself in trouble
thinking about his son.

His condition is critical,
Mr. Rama Krishna.

Whatever amount it costs,
my brother must survive, doctor.

We will try our best, sir.

Even when I think of him,
I feel like dying, brother.

You came to see if he is
dead or alive? - Uncle.

I could fill
your pocket with money...

...but I couldn't fill
your heart with love.

He might even die if he sees you.

You might not need your father,
but I need my brother.

I need him.

Why are you sitting here, Chanti?

I can't see father
in such condition.

Nothing will happen to you, uncle.
Have faith in God.

You will get well soon.

What's the use
if I get well, dear?

I couldn't even
bring up my son well.

Don't talk like that
about Chanti, uncle.

You are a fortunate man
to get a son like him.

If he wasn't there,
I wouldn't have been alive today.

What are you saying, girl?
- On the day of engagement...

...he fought those goons for me, uncle.

I went shopping for
Shailu's engagement and...

Even though you mistook him,
insulted him...

...Chanti left home silently
only to hide this truth, uncle.

You should be happy about Chanti,
not be upset!

I want to see him immediately, dear.

Chanti, your father wants to see you.

Really? - He called you immediately.
Go fast.


Sit down.

Forgive me.
- What are you saying, father!

By the time I came
to know about you... time has... - You will be
fine, father. You will be fine.

I don't mind.

I am happy to know
that I fathered a great son.

Don't talk like that, father.

All these days
I couldn't understand you.

I feIt upset that you
hadn't done anything,

But I didn't think even once
about doing something for you.

Let's not talk about that now, dad.

As a father,
I haven't given you property.

I am giving your responsibilities.

Both your brothers are trying
to make money though shortcuts.

I know that, father.

Take good care of...
Take good care of uncle.

I will, father.

Doctor. Father. Father.

Father. Father.

Father. Father.


Father. Father. Father.


Sir, our Chanti...

Who does he have
other than you, sir!

All those relations
died with my brother.

When he is not there,
I don't want anyone else!


Open it.

You never donated even
a single rupee till now!

And today you donated ten lakhs?

We spent 25 lakhs,
but couldn't kill Purushottam.

Without a knife,
without any spilling of blood,

without any case,
without spending a single rupee,

he killed him just like that.

I took a decision today,
God is my partner!

You are so happy that it
seems like you would...

...donate a golden crown for our Lord.
- Just a crown?

If his family is destroyed,
I will even build a temple.

His brother is not there.

I will trap that Rama Krishna
in a new problem everyday...

...and play with him.

Hey, Nani!
- Hey, Nani?

Thank God she didn't call me coolie.

Why did she come here at this time?

Do you have any sense?

I should be the one to look after him
when he is down, right?

Bring the luggage in.

Is it a shed or a lodge?

Someone is checking-in everyday.

I told father about our love affair.

He ignored it and is
looking for a match for me.

We have our own sketches.

I told him that I want to study
more and got into Godavari.

You came here to study, right?
Go to uncle's place.

To uncle's place? I should be
with you at such times, right?

Why are you standing like a donkey?
Tell him, uncle.

Donkey? OK, girl.

Being called 'a donkey' hurt...

...but being called 'uncle' makes me happy.

You stay here, girl.
You stay here.

No matter what,
she will stay here.

She will stay here?
You are recommending her?

Do we need more problems?

I won't be a problem.

You sleep in one room and l
will sleep in another room.

This is not Mysore Palace
to have so many rooms.

There is only one room.
- Then in that room,

I will sleep on the floor
and you sleep on the bed.

Then your studies
will be ruined.

Don't you understand what I say?

You can't stay here. Go away.

And then...

She's alone here. It seems she
came straight from her village.

Shall we ask her?
- Come on.

Let's go.

Will you come with me?

Yes, I will. - What's this?
She agreed to come so soon?

She's an item. Can't you see that?

Talk about her price beforehand,

otherwise she will give
us trouble later. - Right.

How much?

I mean what's the rate.
- I don't know all that.

My man is there inside.
Go and ask him.

The mediator is there upstairs.

Who's that?

Who are you? Why did you
come here at this time?

There's one item outside.
Just wanted to know its rate.

What's there outside?

They are talking about the old
Hero Honda bike. Sell it.

Didn't you have some
other time to negotiate?

You come at your own time?

What's this got to do
with time, sir?

It depends on our mood, right?

What? You liked it?
- We liked it a lot, sir.

Did you like the color?
- Superb, sir.

First of all tell us its rate.
We can't control ourselves, sir.

ls it so tempting?
- Yes.

Then pay 15,000 rupees.
- 15,000?

You are surprised to hear 15,000?

It's a great company.
It would be very comfortable.

You saw the seat, right?
- It's superb.

But 15,000 is still too much.
Make it 5,000.

What! 5,000? Then there's
a black one in the other shed.

You can take that one.
- No, we don't want a black one.

We want the white one.
- You want the white one?

Then pay 15,000 rupees and take it.

It's still very new.
Police won't catch you.

Police won't catch us?
- They won't.

All the papers are available.

- You didn't get it?

I am saying we have RC book,
insurance papers and all...

What are you talking about?

It's about the girl over there, right?
- The girl over there?

So you were bargaining
about the girl over there?

I am not the owner of that vehicle.

He's there inside. I will call him.

Hey, someone came for your vehicle.

There are customers for Bhanu.

What's the rate, sir?

Sir, why are you beating us?

She's the one who asked us
to talk to you about the rate.

Go and ask that girl. Don't ask us.

Why are you talking
about rate and all!

What can I do!
You didn't let me come in.

And if I don't? You
will create a scene here?

If you still don't let me come in,

I will send whoever comes here to you.
- Oh God!

Where did I get this girl?
- At the railway station.

OK, come in.

''Tell me where we shall go
and where we shall lay the cot.''

''Tell me fast.
We would definitely go.''

''Tell me where we shall go
and where we shall lay the cot.''

''Tell me fast.
We would definitely go.''

''In the park.
- There would be a number of people.''

''On the beach.
- There would be couples like us.''

''Come to me. Come to me.
Decide the place.''

''The fire can't be quenched
any other way.''

''Why are you delaying, oh beauty?''

''I will find a place
where no one would come.''

''Don't be hasty. I will take
you to the zenith of pleasure.''

''Tell me where we shall go
and where we shall lay the cot.''

''Tell me fast. We would definitely go.''

''When the hand pinches the cheeks,''

''eyes shouldn't be able to see them.''

''When I dribble my fingers on your waist,''

''I shouldn't hear murmurs from you.''

''In this journey of lips,''

''I don't want any obstacles.''

''If you know any such place,
do tell me, girl.''

''I am ready to go there
even if it's far away.''

''On some branch.
- Monkeys will watch us.''

''On the hill.
- Eagles might chase us.''

''I will find a place
where no one would come.''

''Don't be hasty. I will take
you to the zenith of pleasure.''

''The matter shouldn't
leak out come what may.''

''The sound shouldn't
go out when I kiss you.''

''Once we get started...''

''...we can't stop it.''

''Give me a great place...''

''...and I will show you
what heaven is.''

''In Antarctica...
- We will face penguins.''

''In Amazon basin...
- There will be anacondas.''

''In the midst of hugs and kisses...''

''...I will surrender myself to you.''

Sir, Mr. Purushottam insured
his life with our company.

If you check these papers
and sign them... - My sign?

He gave your name
as the nominee, sir.

If you get his death certificate...

...and other documents ready,
we will take it tomorrow.

Goodbye, sir.

Greetings, Mr. Rama Krishna.

You are wondering why the
enemy come to your home?

They say we shouldn't held any auspicious ceremony... a house where something
has gone wrong,

Knowingly or unknowingly
your daughter's match...

...was broken because of us.

I have only one son.

If you don't have any objection,

we came here to ask for your
daughter's hand for our son.

You can't fight him from the front.

So you want to stab him in the back?

They ditched you.
And I came to shake hands with you.

It's not in our culture
to ask our guests to leave.

I think he still hasn't
forgotten the past.

At least you talk to your father.

My father still hasn't
gotten over uncle's death.

We will convince him. You carry on.

What are you saying, sister-in-law!

Hey, who let this goon inside?
Kick him out.

Sir, just listen to me once.

What shall I listen to?
Get out of here first.

Me and my anger are the reason
behind what happened that day.

Scold me or beat me, but don't
show your anger on my sister.

Please. - I won't change
my decision for anyone.

Then you will get your son married
against his wish...

...and ruin his life, sir?

For me, my family's reputation is important.

We also have a good reputation, sir.

I feel like laughing when
you talk about reputation.

A goon like you is Rama!
And your uncle is like Dasharatha!

What sort of a family is yours?
- Hey!

How dare you?
You held my collar in my own house?

I will kill you.

Beat me, sir. Why did you stop?

Beat me till your anger is gone.

You feIt so angry
when I held your collar...

I too feIt the same way when a goon
held my uncle's collar, sir.

You are elders. You might not
have exchanged betel leaves.

But they have exchanged their hearts.

Please make my sister
your daughter-in-law, sir.

If you still think
what I have done is wrong...

...I will touch your feet.
- What are you doing!

A person who touches
someone's feet...

...for his sister's welfare,
is not a goon.

You would conduct this marriage?
- No.

Till my uncle calls me back
I won't be fortunate enough to bless the couple.

Even if I am not there... sister's marriage
should take place well.

It will happen as you wish.

What's this, Shailu,
you are crying like a kid.

I am leaving without meeting
my youngest brother.

He didn't even come to the airport.

How can he come
when everyone is here!

We shall call him as soon
as we reach there. Come.

Excuse me, madam!
Somebody is calling you.

Sorry, you can't go out.

Let's go.

Uncle, I don't know
how to tell you this,

but I saw your
daughter Bhanu with Chanti.

It seems he trapped your daughter
when she was in our home.

Ever since she came here...

Bhanu hasn't been in our house
even once, uncle.

We heard she's been staying at
a mechanic shed along with him.

We have got nothing
to do with that goon.

Don't blame us if something
goes wrong tomorrow.

We called you here so that you can
reprimand her and take her back.



Chanti is not such sort of a person.

They complained to you against him...

...because of their personal enmity.

Chanti is a very nice guy.

You think I don't know that?

My daughter lies to me that
she's still staying at your place.

But the day Bhanu went to him,
Chanti called me.

Nowadays, children elopes
with their lovers...

But when my daughter went to him,
asking to marry him...

He called me and asked me to take her back.

At that particular moment,
I decided that he's my son-in-law.

When your husband called me here urgently,
I didn't know what it was about.

Had I known it was about this,
I wouldn't have come.

Goodbye, dear.

- It's me, Kalyani speaking.

Your father agreed to
your match with Chanti.

Really? Sister, if you were here,
I would've kissed you.

Save your kisses till marriage
and give them to your husband.

''The white sari is ok.
The jasmine flowers are ok.''

''The arrangements are ok.
The music is ok.''

''The parrot is ok. The myna is ok.''

''The wedding hall is ok.
The wedding chants are ok.''

''I'll be ok if you
tie my nuptial thread.''

''I'll surrender myself to you.''

''I will present myself to you.''

''For me, a cot is ok.
Your beauty is double ok.''

''I will make you scream at daytime.''

''The white sari is ok.
The jasmine flowers are ok.''

''The arrangements are ok.
The music is ok.''

''I have gone crazy.''

''I am intoxicated in your love.''

''I was going wild.''

''Just a while ago.''

''I can't resist myself.''

''You are just yummy.''

''I am very eager...''

''...ever since you came.''

''Kill me with your looks
and take me into your arms.''

''Shower me with love
and make me your own.''

''Bring milk, fruits and a pillow
and let's make merry.''

''After my blood started to boil...''

''...I bid goodbye to my sari,
it's ok, it's ok.''

''The white sari is ok.
The jasmine flowers are ok.''

''The arrangements are ok.
The music is ok.''

''The parrot is ok. The myna is ok.''

''The wedding hall is ok.
The wedding chants are ok.''

''When you adorn yourself...''

'' heart skips a beat.''

''I lost my heart when I fell on you.''

''I don't believe your words.''

''You give me a lot of trouble.''

''You have spoilt me completely...''

''...after I fell in love with you.''

''I will show you tonight
what actual spoiling is.''

''Do not rob me of my shyness.''

''Come into my arms before it dawns.''

''When two bodies unite,
we know what mischief is.''

''If you call me again, it's ok.''

''The white sari is ok.
The jasmine flowers are ok.''

''The arrangements are ok.
The music is ok.''

''The parrot is ok. The myna is ok.''

''The wedding hall is ok.
The wedding chants are ok.''

What happened to you?
- I am celebrating.

My brother also turned out to
be a good for nothing fellow.

That's why I am celebrating.

When Purushottam died
you were ecstatic...

...that God was on our side.

What did we achieve from his death?

A marriage took place in
their house and we got nothing.

That day he got you
thrashed by the villagers...

...and today the flat buyers
are waiting to beat you to pulp.

Will you just apply
balm on our wounds
or will you ever get even?

Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.

There's a stay order
from the court. - Why?

This is endowment land.

As per law, nothing can be constructed here.

The papers are very strong
in the petition.

The registrar has showed
substantial proof...

...that it's an endowment land.

Find out how many ways there are... go to court
against the stay order.

Jana Nivas' construction
shouldn't stop at any cost.

We can also go to court.

But we don't know how long it will take!

Even if we wait till then,

there is no surety that the
verdict will be in our favor.

I became a minister after
sucking up to many people.

If I keep on doing social service...

...when will I get back the
money I invested in elections.

No money, no work. Go away.

Because of people like you I get BP.

Hey, people are ruthless! Ministers also have to survive!

How can they do it if they're not
given one or two lakh every hour?

That's how people are, sir.
- Hey, stop nodding your head.

I stopped it, sir.

Tell me the program.
- Yes, sir.

At 10 O'clock there's a
private hospital's opening.

What will they give us there?
- There will take a free HlV test.

I don't want all that. Cancel. Next?

At 11 O'clock there is a Union Leaders' meeting.

Will they give me anything?

They will give their demands.
- Ask them not to bother.

Tell me something that
will get me some money.

There's someone's call.
Ask him how much he will give me.

Hello! - It's me,
the minister's brother-in-law.

Pass the phone to that idiot.
- OK, sir.

It's your brother-in-law, sir.
- Brother-in-law, you got money?

Truckloads of it.
Come, I will bury you in them.

What's this! Who is he?
- Lord Krishna.

You heard about Tehelka?
- You scoundrel!

You are the guy with camera?

I have all your history
of bribery and affairs...

...on a cassette tape.

I got such threats before.

By 11 O'clock when you go to the Union Leaders' meeting...

...all your secrets will be
out and you'll lose your post.

Hey, who are you? What do you want?

If you come to the place
I tell you within an hour,

I will tell you everything.

Where are you, buddy?
I am here.

Lord Krishna, where are you?
Tell me.

At least play the flute.
I will find out where you are.

Uncle. Uncle Kamsa, here...
- Are you here?

How are you? - What's this, uncle?

You came with your entire family?
You are attending a wedding?

Or did you think of killing me once
you get the cassette?

It's just personal security.
You know the dangers we face.

A few days ago,
on your way to a farmhouse...

...with a beautiful chick,
the media chased you, right?

What did they do then?
- Don't get angry, buddy.

You know my history.
If you wish, you can bring me down.

I'm already already facing
bad times these days.

You do? You spend 20 days
a month in foreign countries...

...and enjoy yourself, right?
- It's just for fun.

I have to take some bribes
to complete the construction...

...of my hotel in Bangkok.
That's all.

Doesn't it pay well to take girls
abroad with fake passports?

It's not running well.

Last month I sent just one girl to Dubai.

Recently, I heard Umapati gave you 4 crores
to halt an R.K. Builders venture.

Did you spent it all, uncle?

He gave me just two crores for that.

That scoundrel told you
he gave me four crores?

Everyone is making me a fool
and playing with me, buddy.

Including you.

ls this your camera?

Did I say everything as you wished...

...or is there anything left?

You tried to expose me and
remove me from my post?

You kid!

Hey, kill him.

I don't think fighting him
is such a good idea.

You shut up! You go and kill him.

We are dead. We are dead.

All out, sir. It would be
better if we jump from here.

- He called me.

I am a bit smarter than you.

Shall I give a finishing touch
to this episode?

I shot you even better
than my friend did.

Are you scared?

There are lumps in your throat?

Lift the stay orders and
clear R.K. Builders route.

Or else my friend Srinu's
talent will be shown on TV...

...and within an hour
your life would be ruined.

Don't go that far, buddy.
I will get it cleared.

Hey, come with me.

Are you out of your mind?

I need to first save my head.
Don't say one more word.

Hey, who is the guy
who filed the case?

Listen, you go there and
say they were fake cases...

...and take them back.

If you are arrested...

...spend some time
in government jails.

What about the money
that you took from me?

Assume that you donated that money.

My condition is pathetic here.

Who is he who scared you so much?
I'll just kill him... - Hey!

Dare to touch me.
I will behead you.

How are you happy now?

Even if you move a stone
from R.K. Builders buildings,

I will bury you right there.

- Hey!

Blade. I am a blade.

By the time you try to hit me
I will slit a hundred throats.

Don't mess with R.K. Builders!

You saw that,right?
A hundred throats.

Your throats would also
be there among them.

Go fast and cancel the case. Go. Go.

We feared that our dream
of owning a house would die.

But you are helping us
realize our dream, sir.

May god bless your family!

There are tears in your eyes?

I saw happiness in
my uncle's face again.

And I will see
happiness in your face...

...when your uncle
calls you back to home.

Even if you donate lakhs
of rupees in the temple,

God is taking their side.

All your plans are
nullified by that Chanti.

I know how to outsmart that Chanti.

Hey! - Yes, brother-in-law.
- Call Bihari.

Terrorists planted
bombs in coconuts.

It's hard to survive
in Hyderabad now.

I wonder who has got
that coconut now.

Brother, warding off the evil eye
isn't working out for us.

Drop this idea, brother.
- What!

You are scared that he would
also beat us? I'll hit you.

What's that, brother?
- There's a flower in it.

So? - If we break it
we would reach the top.

Sir, can I break it?
- Wait a minute, Nani.

There's one more minute left
to the auspicious moment.

Brother. No, brother. Listen to me.
- What?

Don't talk like that fool.
You think I am an idiot? Look here.

What's that, brother?
- It's a bag.

If I put this coconut in it...

...and break it...

...nothing will get broken.

Brother, I am so proud of you.
- Just wait and watch.

Can I break it now?
- Yes, the auspicious moment is here.

You can break it now.

I will break it, sir.
- Wait, Nani! - What, sir?

Come here. This is west.

Break it with your face
towards east. - ls it so?

So that's the matter.


You are out of this world.



What? What happened?

We would be in trouble
if we stay here.

Come with me.

Dear, it's not safe for you
to go there right now.

Father-in-law, the condition
is very critical there. Don't go.

Our sons aren't here either.

If something goes wrong
here right now...

You want me to abandon them
as they are mere laborers?

They are the laborers
who sweated for our company.

I they are angry, they can hit me.

What can be the reason?
I didn't see any earthquake.

It's because lack of quality.

We quoted 3,000 rupees
per square foot in that area...

...and he said
he would give it for 600-700.

How is that possible?

See! It's possible if you
build homes in this way.

I sympathize with the
poor families who lost...

...their loved ones due to
the greed of R.K. Builders.

Open your eyes once.


Sir, why did you come here?

You came to count the bodies?

My son came to work here
for the 200 you give per day.

You built these homes
with the greed for crores...

...and killed my son.
You killed my son.

Sir, that day you said... would
fulfill a poor man's dream.

ls this what fulfilling our dreams is?

Believing your words, we
gave you all that we had...

...and you built such low-grade houses!

Believe me. I didn't betray anyone.

You won't lose your money.

I will find out why this happened...

...and the reason behind this.

This will be done through an inquiry.

As a precautionary action, I am
arresting you,Mr. Rama Krishna.

He's the one who planted the bomb.

R.K. Builders are good people.

He's the black sheep in their family.

Since you didn't
get a share... plant bombs
and explode buildings?

Solve your family matters between yourselves!

Why do you take our lives in your fight?

We don't need to talk to him. Thrash him.

The R.K. Builders collapsed
buildings controversy...

...took a new turn.

Since he couldn't get a share of the property...

...RK newphew confessed that he planted a bomb there in his anger...

He saved the company with just one lie.

What have you done?

I didn't find any other way
to save my uncle.

That's why I lied that l
planted a bomb. - You lied?

But the police report proved
it was really caused by a bomb.

If you don't get the person
who planted the bomb,

you can't escape
from this, Chanti.

Sir, we are in trouble.

That Bihari planted the bomb
even without my knowledge...

...but Chanti found it out.

But Chanti is in jail, right?

He came out on bail an hour ago.

Listen to me and shift him
to some other place.

If Chanti gets him you would
also go to jail along with him.

Find him.

He is right here, brother-in-law.

Hey, get up.
- What happened?

You have to get out of here,
or Chanti will come.

He is here.

They are a bit confused.
You come out.

Listen to me and shift him
to some other place.

If Chanti gets him you would
also go to jail along with him.

May I go now?
- Where will you go?

The real game will begin now.

I was born with eagle eyes.

I am like a satellite.

I will find out wherever you hide.

I will take him to the court,
whoever comes in my path.

And with that you will be
confined to a jail forever.

Come on!

No one will escape.

Now you take him along.
He will tell the truth in the court.

Judge. The one
who planted a bomb... Rama Krishna's
building was I.

I did it on Mr. Umapati's instructions.

He will tell the truth there.

Uma, if you stop it,
I will start laughing.

You don't have a chance to laugh.

Then I will whistle.

Does he have a camera shop?

He is coming here
with a brand new camera.

Like a Spiderman and Superman,

I am a Cameraman.

Hey, I have recorded
whatever you did.

He has got a photogenic face.

When an illiterate goon
like you can be so smart,

I am educated goon,
how smart should I be?

Oh God! He is coming
again to get thrashed.

Oh God! One wicket down.

He is not match-fit anymore.


I wanted to quit the job
when Mr. Purushottam died.

I won't give you a chance
to dismiss me. I will leave.

Hey, you! You are trying
to get smart with us?

You are supporting the guy
who exploded our building.

How much did you take from him?

I'll break your teeth if you say
one more word about Mr. Chanti.

- Forgive me, sir.

I couldn't bear it when they
were talking ill of Mr. Chanti.

When the building collapsed...

...thinking they might get arrested, they fled.

But to save you...

...he lied that he planted a bomb...

...and got arrested, sir.


Your daughter's marriage
that was cancelled...

...didn't happen because the
groom's family came back.

Swallowing his pride for his sister...

...your nephew went to them and
touched their feet to make it happen.

Because your son doubts
his wife and torments her...

...for his brother's wife, swallowing his pride...

...he left home for a mistake he didn't commit.

Your brother who treated you as God...

...didn't die because of his son.

Because these gems' insulted him....

....he got a heart attack and died.

Don't believe him, father.
He is lying.

Shut up, you scoundrels!
Still you want to fool me?

I have only one son. Chanti.

Hey, pour petrol on him.

Chanti, along with you,
your evidence will also be destroyed.

Then your uncle...

Just like your father...

...will die of a heart attack.

The fire of my anger
over 20 years...

...will be quenched
with these flames.

You dared to touch my son?

All these days he toiled for me.

Today I am ready to die for him.
Come on!

Hey! Burn Chanti
right in front of him.


All these days
I couldn't understand you.

For us you did so much...

How do I pay you back?

Don't talk like that, uncle.

- Uncle.

What's that dress!
It doesn't match you at all.

It matches me.

I put a new dress for you in
your room. Wear that one.

A new dress?

It should be bright.
It should be like a dream.

Or else... - I will turn
into a nightmare for you.

Ready. Smile please.
- Stop.

Sir, lot of people had cast
evil eyes on your family.

Let me ward off those evil eyes, sir.

If it goes wrong you would die, Nani.

I am doing this to make
sure nothing goes wrong.


Nani, do it fast.

There's a flower in it, sir.
A flower.

Ready. Don't blind. Smile please.