Balada Si Roy (2022) - full transcript

Based on the novel by Gol A Gong, follows the story of heartthrob Roy as his teenager life is filled with romance, friendship, conflict and sacrifice. is deprecated, please
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Come on, Joe!


Unfamiliar places exist to be conquered.

Come on, Joe!

Like this morning, with Joe...

my best buddy forever.

Come on, Joe!

We will conquer this city!



Can't you tell the time?

Watch out! Excuse me!

Yikes! Rats!

That's a person.

A dog?



Squat jump!


Let's go!

Hey! Are you alright?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.


- Sir, hold this for me.
- Sure.

This new bodyguard of yours is Joe.

He has excellent taste in chicks,

I taught him.

Hey, Joe.


Tell your human,

"Don't stir up trouble."

It's still early.

New dog? I mean…

you a new student?

That dog isn't allowed inside the school.

Here you go.

What a dramatic entrance.

Just like those cowboy films!

Cowboys don't ride dogs!

I know.

I'm Roy.

I'm Andi.

I'm Toni.

I'm Roy.

Where are you from?

I'm from Bandung.

Sorry, I'm not a nicotine
junkie, here's the proof!

Give it to me.

To pay your tribute.

Hey! Are you trying to be Borsalino?

It doesn't suit you!

I don't smoke.

My kind of guy!

What a match.

One has the Zippo and the other,

has the cigarette but both don't smoke.


You're the freak!

But listen,

you made Dullah back down
in front of his goddess!

Watch your back.

Dullah? Who?

Good morning, everyone.

[Students] Morning, Sir!

I don't have any.


- I don't have any.
- Sheesh.

Broke chump!

It's only the one that runs Serang,

not heaven.

He still eats rice too right?

Roy! This is still Dullah's territory.

I like your stubbornness.

Yeah, won't crack when Borsalino strikes.

Well, I'm heading back now.

- Take care.
- Bye.

Mr. Aceng.


Here you go.


No need, you owe me nothing.

He's just hanging out there.

Take this back,

for pocket money.

Besides, he keeps me company.

Alright. Thank you, Sir!

Don't mention it.

Come on.


Joe, go home.

Come on, Joe.

Come on, Joe.

I was born in Bandung, like Papa...

Mama growing up in Serang.

Papa was an activist.


Mama was an artist...

and she raised me just by herself.

Peace be upon you.

And peace be upon you.

Why are you wearing jeans to school?

Also, why did you take Joe with you?

How was school?

If this was Bandung...

I would have been acquainted
with three cute girls already.

Peace be upon you.

And peace be upon you.

Excuse me, Mrs. Tuti.

I would like to ask you a favor.

Mia made another mistake...

Roy! Help me deliver these
tailored clothes after lunch, okay?

Okay, Mom!

You're taking another order?

You still have a lot.

It's fine, we could use the extra money.



don't stay up late sewing again, okay?

I know.

The address is inside the plastic bag.


- Peace be upon you.
- And peace be upon you. Be careful.

Let's go, Joe.



Can I borrow your pomade?

At the dashboard.

Pardon me, Dul.

My shaman told me...

if you want to tell her
about how you feel...

any time is fine.


You bored?


Are you bored?

Are you tired of
2 years escorting boss like this?

Boss doesn't need to confess.

He's going to propose right away!

Did your shaman told
you he's going to come?


Come, Joe.


Is this 7 Jalan Fatah Hasan?



Tailored clothes.

From who?

My mom.


So the famous tailor who has
just moved to Serang is your mother?

No wonder my mother was so thrilled.

I'm Roy.

I'm Ani.

The Goddess Venus, right?


Hey, Joe!

Do you like Serang?


It's raining.

- Your pomade…
- Shut up!

Thank you.



- Mr. Aceng!
- Where's your human?

Here you go,

for your grandkid.

For my grandkid?

Oh, dear.

God bless your heart.


Oh, dear.

Looking for me?

Did you miss me?

Have you been to Anyer?

Is this an invitation?

Somehow, I feel like…

I will see Joe there.

See you, Joe.


You got a shaman backing you up?

You have the guts to hit on your senior?

Know your place!

Don't act up, transfer student!


That's enough!

Come on, Joe.

Nothing can take Joe's place.

In our adventures, we always found doors...

which opened many possibilities.

Sometimes we found danger...

sometimes we found light.


Joe! Where are you going?

Joe, come!

How come you can keep a dog?

Aren't dogs…

You asked the same question as my mom.

When my dad brought little Joe home.

Dogs are najis, right?
[impure in Islam]

So, my dad said...

"Joe is here to guard our house."

After I played with Joe...

I washed my hands with dirt.

To wash away the impurity.

That's how I stay responsible,

for keeping a dog.

Can you teach me how to do it?

Who knows...

I might see Joe more often.



wipe the part of your hand...

that touched the najis with dirt.

Once you're done...

wash it down with water.

What are you doing?


You're out of line, Ani!

I didn't do anything!

You're out of line, Ani!

- Let me go!
- Hei!

Let her go!

Are you okay, Ani?

Stop this! Are you okay?

I'm fine.


Stop fighting!




[Roy] Joe!







Joe, wake up!

Joe! Joe!


At home but it doesn't feel like home.

Laughing but not truly happy.

I'm so sorry, Ma'am.

Forgive us.

We all tried our best.

If I beat off the pompous world...

will this wound heal?


let's go.

Or is it my soul getting fragile?

I lost my home.

I lost myself.

That jerk Dullah!

Andi, stop!


He killed Joe!


Oh, my gosh!

Don't make a scene here.

Why are you
sitting here in the first place?

This is "their" table!

Get up!

Sorry, Ma'am.

How could you?



No one owns this table!

Everyone in here...

has the right to sit here!

Oh my God.

Oh, gosh. He's asking for it.

I hope you're strong enough.

Calm down, Roy.


This entire school is
under Dullah's command, Roy!

No, Toni.

Not all of them.

Over there, the white kid..

Hold a grudge against Dullah for ages.

He's been bullied all year.

And then, Edi, the student
council president..

He's afraid his council might be disbanded.

Listen, Roy.

This isn't about Dullah.

This is something bigger than that.

No one else is as fearless as rats.




You step on a rat...

they bite back!

Not afraid of the dark.



We're freaks.

We are RAT!




I'm sorry, Boss!

I'm so sorry! I tripped!

Forgive me.

What's your name?

I'm sorry, Boss!

Are you Wirakusumah like me?!

The one that runs Serang?


I can buy everything!

"Mysterious Shooters
Run Rampant In Jakarta"

You gonna buy or no?

Of course no. Thank you.

You rascal.

Apparently, they're shooting
tattoed people in Jakarta.

A drunken water?

Drinking is fine, but don't get drunk.

Where is he going?

The bathroom, maybe?

[air leaking]

That crazy Roy!


Bloody hell!

Who did this?

Not my hair!


Take that!


It hurts?

Oh, gosh!


[Muezzin reciting Adhan for public prayer]

Excuse me, Ma'am.

We were...

having a group study.

Lying is a sin!

Auntie, excuse us, we
have to study some more.



Your bag!

We shouldn't have moved.

We should've stayed in Bandung.

You want your paint color
to be exactly like this?

I can't guarantee it'll come out like that.

We don't have
that material in Serang.

That ceiling looks like
it could need some repair.

It's almost rainy season.

I'd say, use the money for...

No, Uwak.

This is the only thing I could do for Roy.

Okay, then.

I'll try my best.

Give Roy my best wishes.

Tell him...

"Uwak Salim doesn't want you
to be a bad boy like your dad."


You can pay me later.

- If you'll excuse me.
- Thank you, Uwak.

- Peace be upon you.
- And peace be upon you.


Recite the Preamble of The Constitution.

A sophomore...

and you still don't memorize The Preamble?


Mr. Headmaster.

Can you recite...

the end of Indonesia
Free by Mohammad Hatta?

Only one land can be called my homeland.

It flourishes with great struggle.

Which is...

my struggle.

Salute the flag!

Mohammad Hatta:
Indonesia Free

"Only one land
can ve called my homeland."

"It flourishes with great struggle,
which is my struggle."

What is this for, Missy?

It's nothing.

Thank you!

You're welcome.

Did it hurt when Mr. Johan hit you?

Just accept it.

At least we're not suspended.

Roy! This is for you.

Next time, try adding some syrup, Wiwik.

Andi! Toni! Come on!

You're the troublemaker one.

Roy, I want to talk to you.

What is it?

[Dewi in distant] Are you sure
this is the school, Mom?

This is crap.

- Excuse me Goddess Venus.
- This is the top school in Serang, Dewi.

Then you go to school here.

Hey, Dewi!

Don't embarrass me.

You're lucky I can transfer you here!

What the heck, Mom?
What's lucky about that?

You are lucky
you can still go to school!


You can rest easy.

I assure you, your
daughter will love it here.

Because I'm here.


Who's that?

Maybe another transfer student?

Mr. Johan loves accepting
transfer students.

It makes a lot of money.

More importantly, it's a girl!

I wish I were one.

You wish you were a girl?

I mean to have a lot of money.

So? Am I qualified?



My name is Roy!

He found his next target.


Orange juice, please.


One more of these!

Hey, slow down! It's
already your second bottle!


What the...

Where are you going?


Hey, Sweetie.

I called you out this morning.

Are you not gonna answer?

Are all Jakartans this rude?

Are you alone?

Hey, Sweetie!


Where are you going?







Come here, Joe! Hey!

Joe! Come here!


Here, boy! Joe!


Peace be upon you.

And peace be upon you.

- Peace be upon you.
- And peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you.

I'm Edi.

Student council president in our school.

If you'll excuse me.


Can you be Roy's friend?

He needs someone to remind him
that he's a good kid inside.

If Allah wills it, Auntie.

Peace be upon you.

And peace be upon you.

And peace be upon you.





You can blame me...

for leaving your comfortable Bandung.

Your father's family are keep pushing me,

I don't want to fight them.

Now you're beaten up.

You forgot about Dad.

When was the last time you write?

Did you forget you promised
him to become a writer?

You're replacing ink with alcohol?

Your daughter-in-law is still here?

Mom, why are they talking about us?

No one's talking about us.

Go play over there, Roy.
I'll be here.

I was defeated...

even before I had the
chance to stand up for Mama.

For her to be accepted by Papa's family.

They never have any room
in their hearts for her.

What is my purpose in life?

To be a tough guy defending the weak?

Making a gang to be cool?

Or is it to fight for
something that I believe in?

Whatever it is...

I must pour out all the anxiety.

I'll write it down so
that it all has its place.

"Fragrance All Over Bandung"

For everybody to know...

that there is no room for feudalism.

- Sir, excuse me.
- Yes?

If it just to memorize the class are...

Enough with that.

Collect the textbook money
as soon as possible, okay?

We can't learn that way.

Oligarchy has to be taken down.

Wait, explain...

what are we doing?

We're going to beat Borsalino,

with this!

I heard Dullah is from
a powerful family in Serang.

But did he understand?

That this school...

has been controlled
by a bunch of people for too long.

I will write all about
Serang on the newspaper.

Digging even deeper than what he knows.

We'll make the system collapse!

Are we really skipping class?


- But it's different.
- How?

Andi, what about your motorbike?

No big deal! It's at the workshop!

Kids, stop fighting!

You punk!

Enough! Stop it!

Thank you, Sir.

[Radio Announcer] The rotten corpse found
near Manggarai caused turmoil.

They are estimated
to be in their thirties to thirty fifths.

The four corpses had roses tattoo,

"et labora" writings, and a mistress
picture tattooed all over their body.

Why are they treating people like trash?

[Radio Announcer] The corpse was found
in a devastating state.

Because someone is establishing the system.-
[Radio Announcer] It was found with gunshot wound...

- Or maybe maintain them.
- [Radio Announcer] on the head.

And that's what we do.- [Radio
Announcer] The identities of the corpses...

We crush the system.- [Radio
Announcer] have not been identified.

What system?

All that's left is Anyer-Panarukan history.

We just skipped history class.

Now you're talking history?

Hey, that topic...

I know that.

The history of Anyer-Panarukan.

Hey, Juned!

I ordered first.

I'll make yours with less chili.

I am Ajat Sudrajat.

But I'm not the Persib player.

I'm Ajat, national army
retiree, from Bandung.

How come you're in Serang?

Duty call.

But Sir...

didn't you say you retired?

Why are you still selling calendar?

Mr. Ajat used to be a hero.

But now, nobody bats an eye on him.

His home was evicted.

They never recompensate him.

That's fine for me, Juned.

It's for city developments.


have a homework on this topic?

Yes, Sir.

I'm writing about the history of Serang.

That's good!

Young kids these days
need to understand history.

Because history lives...

and a place for a fight...

between right and wrong.

Take that as note.

Sir, what about Anyer-Panarukan?

Is it a mistake?

Even though I grew up in Bandung...

but my ancestor were originally from here.

Their bloods made up that road.

Nowadays, people's sweats
made up that road.

Here's your meat ball Mr. Ajat.

But, don't let your spit
fall in here, Juned.

I put your calendar here,
I'm afraid you'll forget it.

This Keraton Kaibon,

describes tenderness.

This is where Sultan Maulana Rafiuddin,

got his education,

knowledge, and virtue from his mother.

All of this, is our heritage,

the people of Banten.

The descendants of the
dynasty ruling this town...

have poisoned the mental
state of the people here.

Who rises to power...

and how everyone else
must bow down to them.

With the right frame of mind of the people.

Why aren't you in school, Kid?

I even struggle to pay for my meals.

My land was taken,

and there was no compensation
to build a hotel.

I cannot fight Borsalino...

when the people's mind just same like them.

Men world are a harsh world.

So, Mother can be a warm home for us.

Andi was right...

I am too headstrong.

Yes, for things against my conscience...

there is no compromise.

Why did you accept it?

You were evicted without compensation.

You were a hero,
but they don't appreciate you, Sir.

There is no compromise.

But first, I must take control of myself...

to be able to conquer this town.

A corrupt town like this...

shall never give birth
to thoughts of freedom.


Be careful please.

You just skipped school for three days
but your words are becoming trashier.

I'm sorry.

I mean, shit, look how pretty
this chick who just ran into me.

Hey, let's go to the side.

I don't want this pretty chick to get hurt.

Come on.

Do you know what I like about Serang?


It's small.

So it's easy
to bump in to a pretty girl like you.

It's unusual for you
to hit on a pretty girl without alcohol.

How did you know I skipped school?

Are you looking for me?

You wish.

You know,

what do I like about our school?


Every time a jerk is missing,

the school becomes peaceful.

It's good!

That's gross!

Is there a dragon in your stomach?


It's your guts
that's full of grunts.



Are you a rhymer?

A lot of people claims to be one.

For you to easily said that,
how many poems have you read?

I don't know.

Did your mom force you to move here?

What are you talking about?

Just eat.

You talk too much.


who knows we're maybe in the same boat?

My dad is busy with his mistress.

That makes my mom the
dictator in our house.

When my dad still used his old scooter,

they were such great parents.

I'm serious.

Are you blaming them?


What do you mean?

There used to be a foreign investor...

who bought my family's land.

They turned it into a huge hotel.

And then suddenly my household
was filled with a lot of money.

My dad thought...

he could buy anything that
he wants with the money.

Including his love for me.

Cliche, huh?

No, it's not.

That shows up quite often these days.

Just like durians.

What are you saying?

Eat up, how can I eat these by myself?

You're a loser.


What's with you?

Is that your girlfriend or your ex?

Nothing important.

- Mr. Aceng!
- What?

Are you eating noodle
this early in the morning?

I'm not eating, I'm reading a newspaper.
Roy wrote something.

Here. See it. Roy wrote a good article.

- Can I borrow it?
- What?

Alright. I need to clean up, anyway.

Put it back when you're finished.


Where are you going?

Cleaning up there.

Come on, you getting late!

A Dull Portrait.

By Roy Boy Haris.

He's out of his mind.

He's really brave writing
bad stuffs about Serang.

If your dad reads this, he'll be mad.

Bring your children to the health center.

Enough, enough.


Praise be to Allah.

Here's for you.

Thank you.

Please keep healthy.

Praise be to Allah. Thank you.

This way, please.

Please escort them.

Sure, Sir.

Morning, Mr. Aceng!

Morning. Hey, Roy.

Where have you been these last few days?

School is important, you know.
You skip too much.


Actually, I don't have
any problem with you.

I'm happy there is a new
student at this school.

But because of you, the
kids are divided now!

What do you wants?

What do you mean by this?


Before I was here, they
were already divided.

There are kids who like Borsalino,

and kids who are bullied by them.

And now you want to blame me?

You should blame yourself, Edi!

As the head student council,
you can't bring them together.

Oh, I know.

You have no guts
to confront him, right?


I need to talk to you.

Tell the newcomer,

to accept this place's tradition.


take this.

For your business.

And this...

I'm giving you more.

Oh my gosh, Sir.

Praise be to Allah.

But, don't you forget,

send some of the meatballs here.

Of course.

Of course. Thank you, Sir.

Excuse me, Sir.

Mr. Beni.

Have you read this morning's newspaper?

That's it, Mr. Beni.

So, can you help?

Where is it?


What are you looking for?

My motorcycle's key.

Did you see it?


Come with me tonight.

For what?

You're scared of Dullah, aren't you?

It hurts Edi!


I don't want it to come to this...

but both of you are so stubborn!

Follow me.

Where are you going? Hey.


Hurry up!

Serang is filled with
descendants of champions.

School fights are not just about bravery.

A never-ending conflict...

must be resolved by in a customary manner.

Traditions that must be respected.

This is not only about a fight.

But it makes the tough soft.

Using Jawara's tradition.

So everyone can accept the result.

Win or lose,

you have to accept it.

Are you up for it?


Please, Ki Suro.



Both of you have to be fair.

Don't cheat.




[Crowd] Go Dullah!

[Crowd chanting] Dullah! Dullah! Dullah!

Boss, you okay?



Come on, Boss.

Boss, come on.

How come you losing? It's embarassing.


You are son of a Jawara.

Did you know the meaning of "Jawara"?




Deal with it yourself.

I'm sorry.

Victory for them is not only
something that can be achieved...

but can also be seized.

Let's go.

I used to have a dog,

a best friend since I was a kid.

The name was Halley.

But it died

because of kidney disease.

So, Roy,

I understand you the most.

I know we're matched

since you and Joe
created a fuss in basketball court then.

Ani is from Bandung.

Dewi is from Jakarta.

I came from here, Roy.

I am a true Serang girl.

What you wrote on the newspaper...

could've been a more deeper issue…

If you knew me.


I want to be your girlfriend.



Try it with another guy.

I want someone different.


As the treasurer and Edi, as the
head student council, we hope that...

What are you hoping, Ani?

You know what?

What my mom did?

She protested to her boss! She's crazy.

I'm so pissed.


So her boss moved her to Manado...

and I'll be accompanying her.

I hope its the best for you.

I'm sure you'll be happy there.

What do you know?



Later, when we'll meet again,

let's compete in eating durian.

I'll beat you.


It's possible.

No. No.

Give me a high-five.

That's right.

What's with you?


I'll give this letter to the school.

Take care.

As a conqueror,

separation is not the only dead end.

Sometimes we are destined to meet...

but sometimes, destiny can be realized,
it's just a matter of time.

I'll catch you.

Where ara you going?


What's wrong?


Tell me...

who should I punish?

What's wrong?

There's someone following me.
There's a ghost.

- There's a ghost. There.
- There's nothing there.

There's nothing.
You just had a nightmare.

There's nothing. Calm down.

Go to the mosque now, okay?
Do the prayer together.

Ritual is an important thing
for the people.

Something that is very sacred.

For example, when we're going to do...

Respect the teacher!

Don't sleep!

Did you get drunk last night?

One of ritual's example

is every Monday,
before we start the school,

we always do a flag ceremony.

It's one of ritual example
that happens around us.

Let me take you to the infirmary.

There's a religious ritual
and cultural ritual.

One of cultural ritual is,
in Baduy community,

there's a religious ritual…

Where are you going, Roy?

Excuse me, Sir.

He needs to do his ritual
at the infirmary.

A ritual at the infirmary?

It should be at the toilet.

Who else want to do ritual?


It's me.

Luckily it's me who's in charge today.

Here. Drink this.

Let me help you.



It's good, right?


Wiwik! I need you, Wiwik!

Just you today, Roy?


What's wrong?

Roy. Hey.


Sit here.

- [Merchants] What's wrong with him?
- I don't know for sure.



What's wrong?


There's a bad news.

My dad was shot dead in Jakarta.

Verily we belong to Allah.

Are you drunk?


Roy, we'll go to Jakarta this evening.

Right after maghrib prayer.


Alright. I'll catch you later.

I want to find myself a
pretty one to go out with.

Hey, Roy!

I'll catch you later.


Hei! Andi!

You punk!

I'll bring you home.

Roy, what's wrong with you?

Peace be upon you.


Peace be upon you too.

Wait a minute, Mr. Ajat.

What's wrong, Sir?

Excuse me, Ma'am.

How's your son?

Is he okay?

I know...

where to bring Roy.


Tell him.

Even though I'm a whore,

I'm still his mother.

Let's go home.

Where are you going?

Hey! Whore's son!

Fuck you!

Whore's son! Come on!


Whore's son!



Son of a bitch!

You're done.

- I'll be going.
- Be careful, Sir.

Excuse me.


Who did this to me, Mom?

This is other people's land, Roy.

You should learn to apologize.

Be polite.

Come in. Do your Isha prayer.

Now I got the cigarette.

The door was locked too, Ton.

I should've taken care of Andi.

I should've been there that night, Ton.

I should've been more understanding
of other people's heart.


Toni. Why is it locked?

Toni, open it.

Take him. Serang is not able
to cure him anymore.

He should go to Jakarta.

Let's go. Be careful.

You're still a rat. Fight them, Roy.


Even when you're alone,
you're still a rat.

We find when we get lost.

The meaning of life,

and warm companionship.

Hope the journey...

will give you meaning.

You have a lot of good books.

Where did you buy them?

Those are old books.

Did you read them all?

Of course.


[slurping sound]

You can play chess too?

Put that down.

Let me borrow these.

Give your friend a drink, Roy.

So, who did that to Roy, Ma'am?

It's easy right, Wik,

if you write something wrong,
you can just erase it.

But if it's the matter of the heart,

you can only apologize.

I've found out.

You're Faisal's sister, right?

Ical, right?

I'm sorry, Wik.

If I hurt you.

I hope you can accept my apology.

I'm also sorry, Roy.



I feel guilty about Joe.

- I'm sorry.
- Ani.


It's not your fault.

But it's René de Clercq.


It's not Mohammad Hatta who has a citation
on Indonesia Vrij,

but he cited a Belgian writer,

his name is René de Clercq.


can we ever talk like this again?

It starts now.

Good bye, Ani!

Bye, Roy!


Get out.



What a close one.

Set it.


Set it!


Not everything is over
with a checkmate!

You must be good at chess.

Trust me.

This will be useful.

Are you gonna let that bike rusty?

I know a good repair shop here.


You're cheating!

If you can't accept losing,
let's play again.

Okay, then.





- Last two games, each of us has won.
- Hmm.

One more game, then. As a decider.

Okay, set it.

- Send my regards for Mr. Beni.
- Yes, Sir.

- Tell him thank you.
- Yes.

- I'll excuse myself, Sir.
- Go.

Please, come over here.

- Mr. Ade, how's your Durians plantation?
- Looking great, Sir.

Ma'am, how's your childrens doing?

My childrens are doing well, Sir.


come here.

Keep doing well.

Here you go.

Here you go.

Mr. Cecep...

- how's your heart conditions?
- Praise be to Allah.

- It's doing great, Sir.
- Don't forget your check up at the community health center.

- Thank you, Sir.
- Don't mention it.

- Please take them to the exit door.
- Sure, Sir.


Let's play again another time.

Yes, Sir.

Then, I'll leave now, Sir.

- It's late.
- Sure.



Yes, Sir?

Do you like fishing?

No, Sir.

Let's fish sometimes.

Okay, Sir.

I'm going home now.

Goodnight, Ani.

Sweet dreams.

Roy, take care!

It's okay.

I'm giving him an extra points.

His last.

Dad never invited anyone else fishing.

Does that mean he likes me?

Semoga keselamatan terlimpah untukmu.

Peace be upon you too.

Are you Roy's friend at school?

Yes, Auntie.


No, I'm a senior.


The one he's meeting up in Anyer?

It's not your fault.

Roy wakes up really late every Sunday.

He goes back to sleep
after morning prayer.

Wait, okay? Roy!




Mom said you can sew it
when you have the time.


I'll come and take it.

- Okay, I'll let you know.
- Yes.


Hey, sweet lady.

Don't let silence...

once again hurt me.

My tiresome journey must end...

through the hundreds of hour.

The jabbing doubts, and painful days

Send me your everlasting wave...

I will write a poem for you one day.

My Goddess Venus.

I'm going home, Roy.

Goodnight, Ani.


Peace be upon you!

Peace be upon you too.

We made an agreement, to build Serang...

we must put in foreign capital on it.

[Dullah's dad] This arrangement's
been maintained to this day.

Serang is now more advanced.

If there's still
one or two who are left out,


that's a process.

We should take care of our children
so they don't ruin the arrangement.

It's us who has to look after them.

His father troubled us back then.

Now it's the son.

Take care of it.

Turn it around.

Your dad was a descendant
of Bandung's royalty?

Your mom, Astuti,

the daughter of Nanggela Village
in Cirebon and grew up here.

Is that right?

I don't care about dad, Sir.


But you're right about mom.

Mom came from a hardworking family.

- Hardworking.
- Yes.

You should care, Roy.

About your family.

That's important.

So you'd know,

what's black,

what's white.

I'm sorry, Sir.

This sounds like what grandpa said
that made mom uncomfortable.

Then we moved to Serang.

What do you mean?

No wonder your grandpa
is disappointed.

From a Bandung royalty,

to a menace for the country.

Your family shouldn't be here!

Not anywhere!

Someone subversive like your dad

- should've been kicked out!
- But he was fighting for justice!

Your dad and his friends

protested against
foreign investment in 1974!

Dad went to Kerinci that time, Sir!

He died there!

That's because
God still loves our country!

Our country will never advance
if people like your dad still exists!

He went to defend the people
whose lands were being taken away!

Shut up!


Love Ani.


Don't ever come anywhere near her.

Not even her shadow!



Goodnight, Ani.



You're so messed up, Roy.

Shut up!

How long will you be like this?

Ed, you have no idea.

How it feels when your own family
is being insulted, you have no idea!

What should I do now?

You. You kept losing.

It couldn't be helped.

Seriously, that gang had so many tricks.

Let's go up, man.

How will you pay?

This guy's money.

You'll have more debt!

Shut up.

Hey Student Council President.

Our condolences for Andi's death.

Even though we'd just finished his bike.

It's a really great bike.

We're going up, okay.

Mumu and Roni Gultom.

They're great mechanics.

What will you do with the bike?

Andi really love this motorbike.

I want him smiles,

while looking at us from up there.

He already got his peaceful rest in heaven, why
would you disturb him with this motorbike?

This bike means a lot for me.

What do you think?

Can you ride a bike?

Excuse me, Sir.



Everyone, just so you know.

This bike was fixed at GG Speed shop!

So if you want a bike like Roy's...

- come to GG Speed!
- Congratulations, Roy!

Thank you.

Have you heard?

GG Speed has a new racer, his name's Roy.

The talk of the town, he always wins.

When he races, he goes straight...

and wins.

He's unbeatable.

I'll find him tomorrow.

What matters is, that Roy...

He's a winner.

Dullah waits for you.


In five days.

[Mumu] Hey, buy it at Kebon Jeruk.
Don't forget!

- [Somad] Yes.
- Okay?

It's cheap there. What do we need?

- Oil.
- Oil.

Spark plug, brake line.

- Get some throttle cable.
- Throttle cable. Give a good grip.

Serang's weather is weird.

It was hot in the morning,
now it's raining.

But, it's okay,
the rain brings fortune here.

I got this one.

This is an imported bike!

I got it from an official's son,
he paid debts with this!

- All original?
- Oh, a hundred percent!

Hey, turn this into a demon again, okay?

A demon runs fast when
he's being chased by a priest.


Stop joking around.

Will it be ready in two or three days?

Two and three days, that means five?

You're crazy.

Five days? Fine.

Show the bike here and tie up a sign,

"Anyer-Panarukan can be bulldozed away."

All rider wants this bike.

Ten thousands? Add a little more!

Come on! Seriously.


I'll pay for this.

Are you sure?

Pen, give me a pen!

This is the price.




For your cassettes.

How about the typewriter?

Raise it up a bit.


That's the best price in this area.

This is a Germany brand.

Can it type in German on its own?


You don't want it?

Bring it back to Germany, then.

- Try this, Dear.
- Yes.

[Ani's mom] I made rabeg, too.

It's really good.

Eat up, Sweetie.

[Juna] Hey, Bro.

- Tell Roy, I'll pay for the bike.
- [Roy] Bro!


Money for the bike.

[chuckles] Yes!

- Got the pay.
- [Roy] Just the down payment for now,

I'll pay the rest if I win.


I forgot to tell you.

Someone's already paid for it.

But you've made an agreement.

- [Mumu] Why?
- I can't reject this person.

If I did, I would've died.

[Roni] Is it Dullah?

[Juna] I can't say.

Well, you know the person.

[Juna] Roy.

I'm sorry.

[Mumu] Juna didn't have a choice, Roy.

Well, this is life.

Always unfair.

Oh, well.

Let's just be grateful for what we have.


This bike can be faster
than the devil, right?

It can.

[Roni] Race from Serang to Anyer
with Anyer-Panarukan track.

This is a straight road, Roy.

You can speed up here.

This is it, Roy!

The last junction before finish line.

The most dangerous spot.

The other day,

someone hit something here.

[Roni] So many victims here,
none of them survived.

It's mystical.

It's this tree.

[Roni] What are we doing up here, then?

[Roni] How did we get up?

[Mumu] That's the mystical thing.

[Mumu] There's only one key, Roy.


I thought Roy was home, Ma'am.

I don't know where he is.

He's never helped me anymore.

He's busy with Andi's bike.

[Roni] What are you doing there, Mad?

In case of accident.
[soft tapping]

- [Mumu whines]
- You're so mean!

Such a bad wishful thinking!

- [Mumu] It sounds great.
- [engine revving closer]

How is it, Roy? Good?

It's good!

If there's anything that needs fixing...

it'll be fixed immediately
so it'll work better.


Is your brain on a holiday, too,
or do you just not use it anymore?

Ed, you don't understand...

Who does?

You want to race with the bike
that got into an accident?

Andi died on this bike, Roy!

- Do you even think?
- I wasn't there that night, Ed!

I should've been there!

Hey, what are you doing?

- In case a fight is happening.
- Oh gosh.

Think of your mom, Roy.


We should be careful of them.

They're cheaters.

Ani! Hurry up!

I don't want to receive
another bike carcass.

I know, Ed, wait.

Let's go!

The gate, Ed!

- Sir, get in!
- [chauffeur] Miss?

Where to, Miss?

[Ani] Hurry up!

Come on, Ed!

Dullah, ready?

Roy, ready?




[Edi] Go to the finish line, Sir! Anyer!

[seller] Hey! Don't run away!

- [woman] Hey!
- [Roy] Excuse me!

[Roy] Excuse me!

[Roy] Ma'am, I'm sorry!

[Roy] Excuse me, Sir!

Get out of the way!

Dullah is cheating.

Not yet.

What's all this for, Ed?



- [Roni] What are they doing?
- Fighting.

[Roni] They're fighting!


[Roy's dad] Joe, fetch!

[Roy's dad] Joe, come!

[Roy's Mom] Roy, I'm sorry.

This is the only thing I can make.

So you can feel like this is your home.

Thanks, Mom.

I want you to feel comfortable
in your new room.

So you can write more and better.


I have to go.

Out of here.

I want to know more people.

Just like dad.

I failed in making Serang
a home to you, didn't I?

No, Mom.

You didn't fail.

You succeeded, a thousand percent.

I became certain on leaving.

Because I know where to come home to.

Like what dad said.

"A man has to go,

but also has to come home."

"Because there's someone
who he loves and who loves him."

I love you, Roy.

I love you too, Mom.

Adventurer, Ed.

I only need my knees.

[Wiwik] Roy!

Keep studying, Roy.

Put your heart to it.

What do you mean?

Only handsome people understand.

Bye, Roy.

Write everything, Roy.

Write everything for me.

So there will be no end to our story.

If my time has come.

To you, I will come home.

Paying off all my longings...

just for you.

Going home will have more meaning,

when we leave in search of a meaning.

Because my journey is not over yet.

Wandering further.