Bala Bharatam (1972) - full transcript

The great king. .

. .the victorious Panduraja. .

. . is entering the courtyard. .

. .after defeating the enemies.

Salutations, brother.
- May God bless you !

I am happy to receive you after
your victory in the battlefield. .

. . but I can't
accept your salutations.

What's my offence?
- When the head of the dynasty. .

. . Bheeshma is here,
how can you salute me. .

. . before saluting him?
- He hasn't done anything wrong.

Do not doubt Panduraju's propriety.

Dhrutarastra, you are
the king of this kingdom.

And we are all your servants.

You deserve the first salutations.

Though I am the king, you
are the head of this kingdom. .

. .and brother uses his talent.

I am just a fortunate
person to be in your company.

Brother, you are
undermining your strength.

Your physical strength is matchless.

Your intelligence is as
high as the mountains.

If you had eyes the rival
kings wouldn't have dared. .

. .to come in front of you.
God did injustice to you.

You are right. Your
words are true, brother.

Brother Vidhura, how are you?

I hope your worshipping and
ceremonies for the deity. .

. .are going on
without any obstacles.

Gods are pleased with
Vidhura's devotion. .

. .and a blessing for the world.
- Blessing?

Who knows how happy Gods
are with Vidhura's devotion !

Brother-in-law Shakuni is
right here? I didn't see you

This person is not that important.

The brother-in-law of the
king gets more respect. .

. .than the king.

Enough. This is the courtyard.
You can't laugh here.

Panduraja, your wives' are
eagerly waiting for you. .

. . in the palace.

Welcome to the palace.

Accept my salutations.

We welcome the victorious king.

Wives' reception is vital for me.

But it's our tradition
to gift the wives'. .

. .who wait for the kings in
the palace. Here they are.

I am presenting these ornaments. .

. .to the queens of this kingdom.

Kunti, you accept that box.

It's not me.
There's another person. .

. .who should get the first gift.
Am I right, sister? - Yes.

Queen Gandhari is reverend for us.

You must present the
first gift to her. - Alright.

You must present the
first gift to her. - Alright.

. . is quite important in a family.

Present these ornaments
along with my salutations. .

. .to sister-in-law.

I can't see anything. Why are
you giving this blind woman. .

. .those ornaments?
- It's for our happiness, sister.

Flower emits fragrance not
for itself, but for others.

A flower and you both
provide us with happiness.

Sister, shall we adorn the
elder sister with these ornaments. .

. .and serve her?
- You shouldn't serve me, sisters. .

. . but you should serve
your husband who returned. .

. .after a long battle.

Brother-in-law might be
eagerly waiting for you. .

. .as he has been away
from you for a long time.

Am I right?

You must go to him immediately.

Sister, your wish is our command.

We shall go now.

Satyasena. Satyasena.
- Yes, sister-in-law.

Have you seen her! Have
you seen Kunti's magnanimity!

It's our good fortune to
have her in this family.

No! It's our misfortune.

From distance even the
mountains appear smooth.

But sister, the filth in the
heart is not visible to eyes.

Brother, why do you have
so much ill-will for others!

Those who cannot see others happy. .

. .are digging their own graves.

I know that. But still I
have been telling you since. .

. .a long time that you
shouldn't show your generosity. .

. .where it is not needed.

Sister, danger is
approaching your husband and you.

Panduraju is
conspiring against your husband.

Bheeshma has made
the younger brother. .

. .the king of this kingdom even
when the elder brother is alive.

Brother, stop throwing
muck on their righteousness.

Great. You have tied
blindfold on your eyes. .

. .as your husband is blind.

Now you want to shut
your ears as well, sister?

Hear and see everything.

Then you will understand
the real nature of Bheeshma.

Enough !

How can you make such
baseless accusations on him!

He's a man of integrity.

And Panduraju is a
great human being.

And Kunti reveres me. Himadri
is an epitome of a human being.

Those who point fingers at them. .

. .will be given death-penalty?

It's only for your welfare
that I left my kingdom. .

. .and came here with my wife.

All I think about is your welfare.

All I want is your happiness.

I can do anything for that.

I won't stop even if you stop me.

Aghori, what is your
canon ball saying?


See this.

He is entering the
forest to fight the monster.

If he enters the forest
there's a threat to his life.

Panduraja, for your
crime of being my enemy. .

. .you will be destroyed by me.

Do you have to ring the
bell to present gifts?

What's the problem
that you are facing !

Ours lives are in danger, lord.

There's a major threat to our lives.

We are unable to live
peacefully in the forest, lord.

The wild animals are
entering our provinces. .

. .and preying on our children.

Please hunt that beast
and save our lives, lord.

Brother, if you permit me I will
go to the forest today itself. .

. .and rescue these people.
- You need not go, brother.

Yes, you returned from
the battlefield yesterday.

You need not leave again today.

Don't leave your
queens for a few days.

Forgive me, lord. We
shouldn't get the scar. .

. .on the reputation of this
kingdom that when the lives. .

. .of your people are in
trouble the royal family. .

. . is enjoying the
company of their queens.

I think Panduraju
should go to the forest. .

. .and rescue these people.

Now it's up to you
to take the decision.

What brother-in-law
Shakuni said is right.

I don't want to hamper the
reputation of this kingdom.

Give me your
permission to go to the forest.

We cannot do anything that
hampers the reputation. .

. .of this kingdom. You
may go to the forest.

You may go. You may go.
- Bless me, lord.

''You naughty beloved,
you mischievous beloved. ''

''Stop your mischief. ''

''I will reveal all your secrets. I
will tell everything about you. ''

''I will reveal all your secrets. I
will tell everything about you. ''

''You naughty beloved,
you mischievous beloved. ''

''Stop your mischief. ''

''I will reveal all your secrets. I
will tell everything about you. ''

''I will reveal all your secrets. I
will tell everything about you. ''

''You married me in
presence of fire-god. ''

''Now you brought the
other woman home. ''

''Even Gods have two wives. ''

''Even Gods have two wives. ''

''What's wrong if your
husband has two wives, O sister?''

''O my beloved one. O my dear one. ''

''Why are you
screaming at me, O girl?''

''Maharaja can hear you.
He can punish me. ''

''Maharaja can hear you.
He can punish me. ''

''You cast an evil eye on him. ''

''Your trapped this kid. ''

''Your trapped this kid. ''

''I didn't call him to me. ''

''You are a shameless girl. ''

''Get out of our lives. ''

''O my beloved one. O my dear one. ''

''Why are you
screaming at me, O girl?''

''Maharaja can hear you.
He can punish me. ''

''Maharaja can hear you.
He can punish me. ''

''Follow me if you love me. ''

''If you love me, come to me. ''

''Come to me.
- Come to me. ''

''Come to me.
- Come to me. ''

''Why can't you live like
queen Kunti and queen Himadri?''

''Why can't you live like
queen Kunti and queen Himadri?''

''Learn something from them.
Live in peace like them. ''

''O my beloved one. O my dear one. ''

''Why do you fight all the times?''

''Let's sing and dance and
salute the king and queens. ''

''Let's sing and dance and
salute the king and queens. ''

''Let's sing and dance and
salute the king and queens. ''

''Let's sing and dance and
salute the king and queens. ''

''Let's sing and dance and
salute the king and queens. ''


Hey, come here.

Take it.

You gave me your
chain for my performance?

May God give you 100 years!

Great. Doing charity
comes naturally to everyone. .

. . in this kingdom. Who is that kid?

He's our son, lord.

Son, may you prosper in life.

Take this.

Great. So you only donate, but don'
t accept anything. - Yes.

Athiratha, what's
the name of this child?

We named him Vashusaina.
But everyone calls him Karna.

Why so? - May be because
he was born with the armor.

How do you know that, queen?

It's clearly visible, lord.
He got this armor with birth. .

. . but it's not an artificial one.

The motherhood inside me
is making me hug this child.

Come to me, son.

Won't you come to me?

Go to her, son.

I am like your mother.
Come to me, son.

You are not my mother.
She's my mother.

You are right. She's
the one got this boon.

Son, not just those who gave
birth to you, but even those. .

. .who see you once in their
lifetime are fortunate ones.

Son, give me a chance to
take you into my arms. .

. .for a moment and pamper you.

Son, come to me once.

My son starts crying
when he is with strangers.

Please forgive me, queen.

Athiratha, you may go now.

Someone rightly said
that we shouldn't let. .

. .childless women hold our children.

She has cast an
evil eye on my child.

- I cast off the evil eye from him.

She's an evil woman.
She's an evil woman.

She can be the
queen of this kingdom. .

. . but she can't take
away my child from me.

Radha, that's wrong.
- Yes. It's wrong.

Separating a mother
from her child is wrong.

How would she understand my pain !

You too won't
understand how much a mother. .

. .suffers when the child is crying.

Radha, you can't forget the truth
because of your love.

We don't know who gave
birth to this child.

We got him at the banks of a river.

Lord, I touch your
feet and beg you. .

. . please do not talk about
that incident ever again.

My Karna is my life.

No matter whoever has
given birth to him. .

. .I won't let her come close to him.

''The saint was
pleased by her service and. . ''

''. .gave her a boon that she would
have children any time she wishes. ''

''She wanted to see. . ''

''. . if that saint meant his words. ''

''She prayered the lord. . ''

''. .and lord
prestended her with a child. ''

''She couldn't enjoy the
bliss of motherhood. . ''

''. .and was scared
of the harsh world. ''

''With the fear of world. . ''

''. .she left her son in the Ganges. ''

''She left her son. . ''

''. .and wept for him
every living moment. ''

Dear, wise people
ignore what fools say.

You shouldn't be upset
that someone else's child. .

. .didn't come to you.

I am not upset about that.

I am upset that God didn't
give me a child like him.

Do not worry, queen.

You will have a child
after we leave the forest.

We will have a big family.

With God's wishes our house
will be filled with babies.

Come, dear.

Dear, due to my worries I
forgot to tell you this.

You are about to go to
hunting early in the morning.

Go and take rest.

Lord. - You arrogant king,
you preyed on innocent people.

With your arrogance you predated. .

. .on two saints who
renounced from the world.

I curse you that you will die. .

. .the moment you make
love with your life.

No. Can't I get rid
of this curse, saint?

Will my race end with me?
- No.

Years ago a hunter
separated a pair of birds.

Valmiki saw that and
cursed that hunter. .

. .and then Ramayana
was born from his grief.

Your merciless act
can write history.

Do not worry. I will die
only if I come close to you.

If I take renouncement
from the worldly pleasures. .

. .you won't become widows.

Death can't come close
to me if I become a saint.


You take my armory
back to the capital.

Inform the elders that I
have taken renouncement. .

. .along with my wives.

How unfortunate!
What have we done wrong !

Why has God given this
punishment to Panduraja. .

. .at this age! He should've
been ruling this kingdom. .

. . but now he is leading his
life in the jungle. - Oh lord !

Why has God done
this to Kunti's life?

Why has God done this to Himadri?

Why did they get
such harsh punishment?

Sister, you shouldn't get
upset when you should celebrate.

You should be happy
that Kunti and Himadri. .

. .will be childless all their lives.

My wish will come true when
you will give birth to a son.

All my efforts
will bear fruits then.

You got lord Shiva's
boon at a young age.

Offer prayers to lord
and ask him a boon. .

. .to give you 100 children, sister.

Kulekrusha, what's the rush?

Where are you going?

You are a saint.
First you stopped me. .

. .and then you are
asking me where I am going.

Don't you know that
Gandhari is about to be pregnant?

I know that. And I also know
that you are about to be born. .

. .from her womb as her eldest son.

Then why are you asking me
even after knowing that?

Mother earth will have
to earn a huge burden now.

Hail lord Narayana !
Hail lord Narayana !

''O lord on the
seven-headed serpent. ''

''O incomprehensible being ! ''

''O destroyer of the demons. ''

''It's time you get up
and destroy the demons. . ''

''. .and save your beautiful world. ''

''Get up from your sleep! ''

Narada, what's the
reason for your turbulence?

It's natural. If the
demon takes birth on earth. .

. . before the birth
of your incarnation. .

. .then what will happen to earth !

Did he leave to take
birth from Gandhari's womb?

She's a faithful wife. He
can't enter inside her so easily.

He will enter into her
womb sooner or later.

If you don't take an
incarnation mother earth. .

. .can't take his burden.

In Dwapara age those who
were about to be born. .

Many of them have taken birth.

The demons, the destroyers,
everyone. .

The demons have taken
birth and their destroyers. .

. . have also reached the earth.

Mother earth is
waiting for your arrival.

Innocent Naradha,
you are omniscient.

You have already seen
who is killing whom.

What's the use if I take
birth on earth before Pandavas?

Narayana ! Narayana ! How
will Panduraju have children !

He is cursed, isn't he?

His wife Kunti has a boon.

Remind it to them and
do a favor on world.


''Lord Narayana, your
deeds are incomprehensible. ''

''With your blessings
Bharatam has taken birth. ''

''Bharatam has taken birth. ''

''Lord Narayana, your
deeds are incomprehensible. ''

''With your blessings
Bharatam has taken birth. ''

''Bharatam has taken birth. ''

''The couple that was suffering
from the curse of the saint. . ''

''. .you reminded them
the way to have kids. ''

''With the help of the chant
that the saint Narada told. . ''

''With the help of the chant
that the saint Narada told. . ''

''. .they went to start their family. ''

''Lord Narayana, your
deeds are incomprehensible. ''

''With your blessings
Bharatam has taken birth. ''

''Bharatam has taken birth. ''

''Balarama has taken birth in
Gokul as Krishna's elder brother. ''

''Kunti gave birth
to the Dharmaraja. ''

''And that news made
Gandhari envious. ''

''She destroyed the
child inside her womb. ''

''Saint Vyas brought that
foetus back into life. ''

''And divided that
foetus into 10 1 parts. ''

''Wind-god gave a boon. ''

''Kunti gave birth to Bheema. ''

''The first child was
born to Gandhiri. ''

''The first child was
born to Gandhiri. ''

''Duryodhana's birth
showed all the bad omens. ''

''There was an attack of vultures. ''

''To destroy the enemies. . ''

''To protect the devotees. . ''

''. . lord Hari was born as Krishna. ''

''. . lord Hari was born as Krishna. ''

''Lord Narayana, your
deeds are incomprehensible. ''

''With your blessings
Bharatam has taken birth. ''

''Bharatam has taken birth. ''

''After taking birth
Hari changed the place. ''

''From the prison
he came to Repalli. ''

''And brought another
child to Yashodha. ''

''When Kansa threw that child
she turned into Mother Shakti. ''

''Kunti prayed to lord Amarendra. ''

''And with her
blessings Arjuna was born. ''

''He came to this earth for
the welfare of the world. ''

''Gods and goddesses
showered flowers from the heaven. ''

''Gandhari gave birth to a daughter
after giving birth to hundred sons. ''

''Shakuni also had a son. ''

''And then Panduraja became
father of Nakula and Sahdeva. ''

''Kauravas. ''

''Pandavas. ''

''And lord Krishna. ''

''God incarnated on
earth with a purpose.

''Kansa invited
Krishna and Balarama. . ''

''. . in order to kill them. ''

Krishna, you performed
magical tricks in Repalli. .

. .and deceived the people. .

. .of your province till now.

Uncle, you sent Putana to kill me. .

. .and I killed her in return.

It showed my courage.

Stealing things
from people's houses. .

. . is not mischief, but it's crime.

Sending your soldiers to kill. .

. .the innocent saints
is not called bravery.

Looking after cattle is not courage.

Who is the culprit who
is tormenting his sister?

Krishna, you won't
be alive for too long.

Kansa, your atrocities
will be put to an end now.

Uncle. Uncle Kamsa. I'm here.

Here. No, here. I'm here.

No, I'm above your head.

Salutations to master Tandipalli.
- God bless you !

Balarama. Krishna.
Follow your master. .

. .and learn all the arts.
- As you say, father.

Master, our mobile
pupilage is ready to leave.

Kuchela, you have been
dreaming of meeting. .

. . Sri Krishna since a long time.

- Kuchela.

Krishna, I am so fortunate
to see you. I am blessed.


Vasudeva, can we go now?
- Father, bless us.

Mother, can we go now?

Let us go, son.

Queen. Queen.
- Lord.

Queen, come into my arms.

You are cursed, lord.
- Queen.

You are cursed, lord.
- Queen.

Queen. Queen.
- Lord.

Queen. Queen.

Queen !

Lord !

- Sister.

Sister, it's not my fault.

I reminded him of the curse.

I tried my best to stop him.

I tried my best to save
our husband's life, but. .

But. .

Lord. Lord. O lord !

Why did you leave us alone?

Who will look after
our children, lord?

Will they become
fatherless so early in their lives!

O lord !

Lord, it's a wife's dharma to foll
ow her husband to heaven.

Sister, call the priest.

Make the arrangements for my
departure with my husband.

Sister, it's not you, but I'm
the one who should go with him.

I am of reason behind of his death.

I can't stay alive, lord.

I don't have the
strength to bring up our kids.

You are the elder one. You
have to take that responsibility.

Sister, if not for me, you will at
least have to live for our kids.

I am begging you. Please
give me your blessings.




Mother. Mother.

Sister Dushala !

Whom are you
getting ready to worship?

You are about to
worship this prince?

Prince? You don't
even have a moustache. .

. .and you want the kingdom.

You didn't even get
the prince's throne. .

. .and you want me to worship you?

It's an insult to me.
Uncle Shakuni. - Nephew.

You said that you
would make me the king. .

. . no matter whoever
becomes the hurdle in my path. .

. .and today this enemy of
mine is making fun of me.

And you are silent about it?

What you said is reasonable,
but it's not advisable. .

. .to rush into things.

If we rush into things now we
will have to pay for it later.

You will never
succeed in your plans.

Arrogant girl, you
dared to insult our uncle?

I will punish you with this mace.

Satyasena. Satyasena.

Take me to the reception
chamber right now. - Sister.

So that you could
give reception to Kunti?

Yes, brother.
- Sister, it's wrong on your part.

Your son is about to be
enthroned as the prince. .

. .and you are going
to receive Kunti. .

. .and her sons who
had a doubtful birth.

As soon as those tribal
people step into this kingdom. .

. .your son will lose his
throne and you will be left with. .

. .endless sorrows.
- Brother. Brother.

Is that what would happen?

I won't let it happen.

I won't even let a
fly harm my nephew.

It's true. It's true.
- Your words are so comforting.

Satyasena. Satyasena. We are
not going to the courtyard.

Sister, that's not right.
In politics the left hand. .

. .shouldn't know what
the right hand does.

You must shower her
with love from outside. .

. . but conspire against
her from inside. Go.

Sister. Kunti.
- Sister.

Kunti. Come, sister.

Salutations to the king.

Son, when the head of this
family Bheeshma is there. .

. .why did you salute me first?
- Lord, you are the king. .

. .and we are servants.
You must receive. .

. .the first salutations.

A flower starts spreading
fragrance as soon as it's born.

He got all the great
qualities of his father Panduraja.

God bless you.
Dhrutarastra, have you seen. .

. .Yudhistar's manners!
Suyodhana, you must learn. .

. .such good manners
from your brother.

I need not learn
anything from others.

Suyodhana, if you don't know
the way to talk in courtyard. .

. .you should better keep quiet.

The prince knows the
etiquette of the court.

So you already became the king?

Dharmaraja was born before
you. He's elder than you.

He's the elder of this dynasty.

He will be the
successor of this kingdom.

He will become the future king.
- I won't accept it.

Even if you don't accept
it that is what will happen.

It's wrong. The one who
returned from the forest. .

. .will get the throne
and the one who was born. .

. . in the capital will be dethroned?
I can't tolerate it.

It doesn't matter if you
can tolerate it or not. .

. . but as per dharma
Dharmaraja will be seated. .

. .on prince's throne. - What!
He will become the future king?

We don't know when he was
born, where he was born. .

. .and to whom he was born,
and you call him. .

. .the eldest of the kids?
- Shakuni !

You can shut my mouth, but
you can't shut the mouth. .

. .of this world. Before
the birth of these children. .

. .I heard that
Panduraju was cursed. .

. .that he would die if
goes close to his wives.

Then how were they born?

Who will believe it if you say he
is the father of these children?

Who will accept it if that
child gets this kingdom!

An illegitimate child
can't become the future king?

The eldest of the Kauravas
deserves to get that throne.

Suyodhana will be the
future king of this kingdom.

What's this quake? What does
this inauspicious sign means?

This is not new for us.
The moment your eldest son. .

. . Suyodhana was born,
there vultures celebrated.

And today when you are
thinking of making him the king. .

. .foxes are howling
and the earth is quaking.

If you observe these
inauspicious signs. .

. . it seems that your son will
be the destroy of this dynasty.

Yes. If you
denounce him immediately. .

. . it will save this
family from destruction.

We need not punish anyone.

Let there me
atonements and religious vows. .

. .to get rid of
this auspicious signs.

It would be appropriate if my sons. .

. .and Panduraja's
sons live together.

That's what is good for this family.

Didn't you hear what
happened in the courtyard. .

. .today? They are saying
that my son is the destroyer. .

. .of this family, and
that when he was born. .

. .vultures were celebrating,
and that today. .

. .the foxes were howling.
That this kingdom. .

. .will be in safe hands
if it's given to your son.

Then why do they need us here?

I will hand you over
the comforts of kingdom. .

. .and I will go to live
forest with my sons. - Sister.

Had I known that we would
be hurting you so much. .

. .we wouldn't have
returned to Hastinapur.

The women of the royal family
can't go to live in the forest. .

. .due to the issues
in the royal court.

Sister, I swear that
as long as I am alive. .

. .you will the king's mother.

Sister, your blessings are
very important for my sons and me.

Sister, I know your nature.

I can give you my
blessings only if you assure me. .

. .that you will keep
your sons in your control. .

. .and that the
differences between the cousin. .

. .won't lead to
drastic consequences.

Sister, I want you to live
happily for hundred years.

I too want Kauravas and Pandavas. .

. .to live harmoniously.

Suyodhana, dare to stop me.

It's against the rules.
It's against the rules.

Shutting the nose is
against the rules.

You will get the
punishment for doing this mistake.

You can't play for some time.
- Who are you to punish me!

Questioning the
umpire is another mistake.

Get out of the line
of play immediately.

I won't move.
- But still you will have to go.

How arrogant! The hand
that is raised on my brother. .

. .will have to break into pieces.

Oh God !

Brother-in-law. Brother-in-law.
I am your uncle Shakuni's son.

Leave me.

Mother. Mother.

Mother. Mother.

Mother. - What happened?
How did this happen?

He broke my leg.

That evil Bheema twisted
my head and immersed me. .

. . in the water. . And. . Oh God !

Bheema bashed all of us, brother.

You must have done something.

That's why he bashed you up.
- Sister.

You shouldn't take the enemy's side.

Mother, we haven't
done anything wrong.

I warned to behave themselves. .

. . in front of the future king
of this kingdom. That's all.

And he bashed you up
for such a simple matter?

Oh God ! Oh God !

That Bheema wanted to kill my sons.

This can't his idea.

It's Kunti who
must've instigated him.

Satyasena, come. We
will decide it right now. .

. . if Kunti or I will
stay in Hastinapur.

Mother, I taught them a lesson.

Now those hundred
brothers won't trouble us.

It's wrong, son. They gave
us a shelter to live here.

Do not forget that we are orphans.

Promise me that you won't
repeat such a thing again.

- Promise me, son.

Alright, mother.

You are asking me
to control my anger?

I cannot bear it anymore.

I will have to get that Bheema
thrown out of this province.

Just out of the province?

You think small.
Sister, throwing him out. .

. .of this province
won't solve the problem.

Is that possible! Do you
have some other solution. .

. .to get rid of that demon?
- Yes, there is.

There is even a
single for the snake-bite.


if you do as I say we will
get rid of the problem. .

. .called Bheema.
- Tell me.

Tell me what I will have to do.

Brother Akrura, I didn't
know that kids' mischief. .

. .will create
differences among the elders.

I try my best to keep
my children in control. .

. . but there is some fight
or other with their cousins.

Because of their
differences with their cousins. .

. .I fear how the
future will turn out to be.

This is something that
is deeply troubling me.

God is there for those
who don't have anyone.

Sri Krishna is the
lord visible to everyone.

His grace is eternal.

In Repalli, in Mathura, you will
find this statue in every house.

This is the statue
everyone's worshipping.

Be his devotee and worship him.

Sister Kunti.
- Sister. You came here?

I would have come to your chamber. .

. . had you called me there.
- Those who apologize. .

. .should go to those whom
they beg for forgiveness.

Your sons and you must forgive us.

What are you saying, sister!

You are elder than me. How
can you apologize to us!

Because mother gets the punishment. .

. .for the kids' mistakes.

Suyodhana misbehaved
on the playground.

I told him that he should apologize.

He listened to me and
came here to apologize.

Son. Suoyodhana.

Brother, forgive me.

Bheema, you will
forgive me, won't you?

Suyodhana, I forgot what
happened a long time ago.

Let bygones be bygones.

I hope that the
affection towards each other. .

. .stays there forever.
- I too want the same.

Sister, my children want to go
to the forest and also eat there.

Will you send your
children as well? - Sure.

Dharmaja, go there with
your brothers. - Ok, mother.

''There will be a feast.
There will be celebrations. ''

''We will have lunch in the forest. ''

''There will be a feast.
There will be celebrations. ''

''We will have lunch in the forest. ''

''There are garelu.
There are burelu. ''

''There's pulihora and
there is Paramannam. ''

''There are garelu.
There are burelu. ''

''There's pulihora and
there is Paramannam. ''

''There are Appadalu,
and soups and curries. ''

''And the mouth-watering pastries. ''

''. .the pastries. ''

''There will be a feast.
There will be celebrations. ''

''We will have lunch in the forest. ''

''There's sufficient food to
keep us happy for six seasons. ''

''Brothers will gorge
on this good together. ''

''Even a demon's stomach will
be filled with this food. ''

''Even a demon's stomach will
be filled with this food. ''

''The food is made with the
grains fresh from the harvest. ''

''. .grains fresh from the harvest. ''

''There will be a feast.
There will be celebrations. ''

''We will have lunch in the forest. ''

''Bobbatlu. Minapatlu.
Pongallu. Nanjullu. ''

''These laddoos are
as big as coconuts. ''

''Bobbatlu. Minapatlu.
Pongallu. Nanjullu. ''

''These laddoos are
as big as coconuts. ''

''The aroma of these
dishes pulled us till here. . ''

''. .and we will have a nice meal. ''

''. .a nice meal. ''

''There will be a feast.
There will be celebrations. ''

''We will have lunch in the forest. ''

''There will be a feast.
There will be celebrations. ''

''We will have lunch in the forest. ''

Bheema, I wanted to
ask you something.

How much can you
eat among the dishes?

I can eat as much as you
hundred brothers would eat.

Is that so!
- You bet. - I bet you.

Dushyasana, divide
the food in two parts.

Bheema will eat one
part and the rest of us. .

. .will eat the other part.
- Alright.

Come, Dushyasana.

Bheema, this is
yours and this is ours.

I will see how much you can eat.
- O yes, you can see.

Ok, then, come.

Suyodhana, this is poison.

None of us should eat these dishes.

Now get going.

It's so tasty. This is how
dishes should be prepared.

You are praising it so much. Is
it that tasty! - Yes. Taste it.

No, brother.
- Brother, he's a greedy fellow.

Let him have some. Brother
Bheema is not giving him. .

. . poison, is he? Brother
Bheema, give him some.

Take it.
- Bheema, did you forget the bet?

You said that you would
eat as much as we would eat.

Yes, I won't give you
even a single grain.

The lunch is over.
- Hail lord Shankar.

Hail lord Mahadev!
- Hail lord Mahadev!

Suyodhana, I heard that these days. .

. .a festival going on
in Repalli and Mathura.

What's that? - Everyone
is hailing Krishna's name.

Alright. We shall also follow them.

Brother, we shall also do it.

Govinda ! Govinda !
- Govinda ! Govinda !

What happened?

Brother Bheema. . Brother
Bheema. . Brother Bheema. .

Brother Bheema what?
- He is. . He is. .

He is in deep slumber.

He's still alive?

Uncle, did you mix poison
or something else? - Poison?

Shut your mouth.

Suyodhana, nothing
has gone out of limits.

This is the right opportunity.

Tie him down and throw him
in the lake full of snakes.

Your problem is solved. The
problem is thrown in the lake.

It's such great news.
It's such great news.

Have you now started believing me!

Brother, your
intelligence is unmatchable.

Uncle, finally I got
rid of that Bheema.

Duryodhana, do not shout in joy.

Even the walls have ears.

Mother. Mother.
Bheema has gone missing.

He has gone missing? Where is he?

My right eye is shaking. I
pray that my son's life is not. .

. . in any danger.
- Aunt. Aunt.

It seems that my brothers
have done something to Bheema.

What are you saying,
Dushala ! What have they done?

I don't know, brother.
They are murmuring something. .

. .about him and laughing.

Oh God ! Have they
made my son scapegoat. .

. . because of their jealousies?
- Mother. Mother.

This person got
brother Bheema's crown. .

. . near Nagulagundam lake.
- Nagulagundam lake?


Krishna. Krishna.

O lord ! O lord !

There's a storm. There's a storm.
- Krishna. - Kuchela.

It's the end of the world.
- Krishna. Krishna.

Do not worry, Kuchela. I am here.


''Krishna ! ''

''O young Krishna ! ''

''O savior of the weak. ''

''O savior of the devotees. ''

''My heart is
suffering from deep agony. ''

''Show me your greatness. ''

''Save my son. Save my son. ''

Lord. Lord.

What happened?
- A kid entered our province.

He created mayhem and
broke our spines. - What!

Is he that courageous!

Come. Let us see how strong he is.

Arrogant child, how dare you
to raise your hand on my men !

I see. So you are the
king of these cowards.

I will destroy your
kingdom that dared to offend. .

. . Panduraja's son.

You are Panduraja's son?

Son, who's your mother? Is it Kunti?

She's my mother.
- I am very pleased to see you.

Son, I am your
mother's great grandfather.

Come here, son. Come here.

You are the great
grandfather of my mother.

Accept my salutations.
- May you win all the conquests!

Son, he is king of the serpents.

He's Nagaraju.
He's a friend of ours.

My salutations to the king
of Nagalok( serpent-world).

Welcome, O great warrior! Welcome!

Baladi, a child from the
royal family came to our kingdom.

The guest shall
receive the reception. .

. .the food, the
celebrations that he wishes for.

''The serpent-lady
is dancing for you. ''

''And the valiant child
is watching my dance. ''

''This reception is for you. ''

''We will dance and
sing for you today. ''

''. .for you today. ''

''The serpent-lady
is dancing for you. ''

''And the valiant child
is watching my dance. ''

''Our king carries the burden. . ''

''. .of this world on his head. ''

''Our king carries the burden. . ''

''. .of this world on his head. ''

''A serpent forms the
bed of lord Hari. ''

''A serpent forms the
bed of lord Hari. ''

''And a serpent is always
there around lord Shiva. ''

''And a serpent is always
there around lord Shiva. ''

''We are close to the lord. ''

''The serpent-lady
is dancing for you. ''

''And the valiant child
is watching my dance. ''

''The humans worship the serpents. ''

''The humans worship the serpents. ''

''A serpent was crushed
by the gods and demons. ''

''A serpent was crushed
by the gods and demons. ''

''It gave poison and
then gave nectar. ''

''It gave poison and
then gave nectar. ''

''We serpents are
present in the three worlds. ''

''The serpent-lady
is dancing for you. ''

''And the valiant child
is watching my dance. ''

''And the valiant child
is watching my dance. ''

''This reception is for you. ''

Balati, bring the juice.

Juice? What's that?
- It gives you great strength.

One pot of juice will give you
the strength of 1000 elephants.

Great. I can drink as many
glasses you can provide.

You already drank
seven pots of juice.

You are trying to drink one more?

Bheema, till now no
one couldn't drink. .

. .one complete pot.
You drank eight pots.

If you drink more than
that you might faint.

That's enough, son.

My head is spinning.
Everything looks so strange.


Aunt, I brought milk.

You will have to drink
some at least for me.

No, dear. No.

I don't want anything
till get my Bheema back.

Snake. Snake. Snake.
Snake. Snake. Snake.

Arjun, do not harm it, son.

Mother Kunti, your son is safe
in the Nagalok( snake-world).

My son is alive? My son is safe.

Yes. Do not worry at all. Your so
n will be back in a while.

Dharmaja ! Arjuna ! Bheema is alive.

Nakula. Sahadeva. Your
brother Bheema is fine.

Dushala, your
brother will be back soon.

Krishna, you answer my prayers.

You rescued me, Krishna.

- Bheema.

Grandfather, you are all so small?

Yes, son. Everyone is
small in front of you.

You drank eight pots of
snake-nectar and gained. .

. .the strength of 8,000
elephants and that size.


Bheema, if you look
so big at this age. .

. .evil eyes will fall on you
and it will be harmful to you.

what's the solution now?

Do not worry. I am giving
you the boon that you can. .

Bheema, come back
to your normal size.

Hail Kaka Aryaka !

Hail Kaka Aryaka !

Hail Kaka Aryaka !

Grandfather, mother
will be very happy. .

. .when she will see the
divine powers I got. - Yes, son.

If you permit me I
shall go home now.

Alright, son. Your
mother is worried about you.

You shall go now.

Mother, Bheema is here.

Bheema is here? Bheema is here?

- Bheema - Mother.

- Mother.

You are back, son? You are back.

Son, I was so worried
when you went missing.

You scared me, son.
You really scared me.

Do not cry, mother. Do not cry.

Mother, look how
many diamonds I brought.

I will worship your
feet with these, mother.

Son. Bheema.

Mother, I drank snake-nectar
in Nagalok( snake-world). .

. .and got huge strength, mother.

With this power I will
destroy all my enemies, mother.

Son, do not rush into anything.

No, mother. We
shouldn't forgive them.

That day they mixed poison in my
food during the feast in the forest. .

. .and tied me with ropes
and threw me in the lake.

Who told you so, son !

And also, who would
believe these words?

Your great grandfather king Aryaka. .

. .told me in the Nagalok.

King Aryaka?
- Yes, mother. He said that. .

Don't tell anyone about it, son.
- Mother!

Yes. You must behave
as if nothing happened.

What are you saying, mother!
You want me to hide the truth?

You shouldn't.

No one can hide the truth.

No one can.

Kunti, you are a
woman of great integrity.

But if we don't curb
the sins there can be. .

. .disastrous consequences.

If we can't mould a plant. .

. .then we can never mould
it when it becomes a tree.

The culprits must be
found and punished.

Vidhura, call for a royal
meeting tomorrow morning.

Dhrutarastra, you have to
take come harsh decisions. .

. . in the courtyard today.

First of all decide that you
will take some tough decisions. .

. .and we hear what happened.
- As you say.

Everything is
quite surprising to me.

I can't believe that
my son Suyodhana. .

. .can do such a thing. I can't
believe it. I can't believe it.

Dhrutarastra, emotional
attachments in courtyard. .

. . lead to drastic consequences.

It's your dharma to
forgot your blood ties. .

. .and punish the culprit.

This can't just be
the deed of the kids. .

. . but there might be some
elders' evil intentions behind it.

That's why the culprits
must get the punishment.

I am unable to understand it.

You pass the verdict.


Suyodhana, what did you
during the feast in the forest?

Why aren't you saying anything !

Don't you have words to
explain your evil deeds?

It's injustice. Even
before passing the verdict. .

. .you cannot call
his deeds evil deeds.

Suyodhana, do not be scared.
Tell him as it is.

So you already told him what to say.

Dhrutarastra, Shakuni will
spoil your son. Be careful.

Why is this gathering called !

To talk about what happened or
to predict what will happen?

Both are important, Shakuni.

Suyodhana, tell us
what you did that day.

I tried to do a good deed
and I am accused of this crime.

I don't know anything.
- You don't know anything?

First you commit crimes and
then you lie in the court?

Tell me the truth.
- Lord. Lord.

Lord, will you punish
my son with the sword?

Have mercy on me and
don't destroy my legacy.

Dhrutarastra, it's because of
you and to save your legacy. .

. .I took the oath to
stay unmarried all my life. .

. .and not to have children, so
that you can sit on this throne. .

. .and be the king of Hastinapur.

It's only to save your
legacy that I am staying here. .

. . in this kingdom and
looking after the daily affairs. .

. .of this kingdom.

It's only for you that I
got your father remarried. .

. .with king Kashi's daughter.

I made you the
king of this kingdom. .

. .only to save your legacy,
but not to ruin it.

Dhrutarastra, as
much as I protect you. .

. .I will punish your
sinful, immoral sons.

If he accepts his evil
deed I will forgive Suyodhana.

Suyodhana, he never
goes back on his word.

Touch his feet and
tell him the truth.

Save your life and my life,
son. Save our lives.

Tell me the truth.
- Alright, it was a mistake.

Mistake? Is searching for
poison purposely a mistake?

Is mixing it in
Bheema's food a mistake?

Or tying him and
throwing him in a lake. .

. .to hide your evil deed a sin?
What's a mistake? Tell me.

How unfortunate! I can't
see this. I can't see this.

Suyodhana, do not have any
doubts. Tell him the truth.

Yes, I searched for
poison to kill Bheema.

I mixed in his food.
- Did you get this idea. .

. .or did someone
asked you to do this?

No one told me to do this.

I conspired against Bheema
as he is stronger than me.

It's my mistake. Forgive me.

Don't touch my feet.
Touch Bheema's feet.

Bheema, forgive my mistake.
- Suyodhana, elders forgive us.

But it's not me.

Because of you I was
able to drink snake-nectar. .

. .and gained immense strength.

For that I thank you.

Suyodhana, Dharmaja is
the eldest of you all. .

. .and he's the one who has
the rights to forgive you.

Give him a hug and say you
will live harmoniously. .

. .and play together
and never fight again.

Brother. - Suyodhana,
you need not say anything.

From today onwards
we are 105 brothers.

'Offense. Offense. It's an insult. '

'Instead of leading such life
it would be far better to die. '

'It would be far better to die. '

Suyodhana. Suyodhana.
- Leave me. Leave me.

Suyodhana, it's the way of
the wise to kill oneself. .

. .every time there is a trouble.

You need not die till
I am there with you.

I felt really proud of you
when you hid the truth. .

. . in faced the insult in the
courtroom. I am proud of you.

If possible I will make you
the emperor of this kingdom.

Pandavas might have
respect in this kingdom. .

. . but we have the power of
these numbers. See this.

Suyodhana, ask me for a number.

Do not doubt. You can see
what the result will be.



Have you seen this! These
dices will get you the throne.

My dices will come to your rescue.

Gandhara-kumara !

I know why you came to Hastinapur. .

. .and why you settled
at this place forever.

In the past when all
your men were dead. .

. .you took rescue in
the homes of the poor.

Shakuni, I can see the
evil behind those eyes.

Even if this kid hides the
truth about your involvement. .

. . in Bheema's poisoning,
this old man knows it.

I didn't want to kill
you in the courtroom. .

. .and hurt your
sister and brother-in-law.

Your intelligence is
higher than the sky.

Couldn't you
understand such a simple matter?

You want me to believe it?

Shakuni, keep on thing in
mind that I can't bear it. .

. . if you try to destroy
the kingdom I have built. .

. . right in front of my eyes.

Suyodhana, you must
befriend kids of your age.

Go. Go and play with your brothers.

Enjoy the songs and
dance of your sister. Go. Go!

''O Krishna ! O Krishna !
You are our lord. ''

''You are the supreme lord.
You are the dharma. ''

''O Krishna ! O Krishna !
You are our lord. ''

''You are the supreme lord.
You are the dharma. ''

''Gods and demons. . ''

''. .searched for the ocean of milk. ''

''Gods and demons
searched for the ocean of milk. ''

''Then nectar was born
and everyone got greedy. ''

''What did you do then?''

''He took the form of a lady
and that grace and that aura. . ''

''. .and smiled mischievously. ''

''What else have you done?''

''You distributed the nectar
among the deserving ones. ''

''And you gave a big zero
to the arrogant ones. ''

''O Krishna ! O Krishna !
You are our lord. ''

''You are the supreme lord.
You are the dharma. ''

''A demon was proud of
conquering Indra's kingdom. ''

''To destroy his arrogance,
lord Hari turned into a dwarf. ''

''Lord Hari went to him and
asked him for three feet land. ''

''And he destroyed Shukra's eye who
tried to be a hurdle on his path. ''

''He destroyed his eye. ''

''And then grew in size.
- And then?''

''And then he covered
earth with one feet. . ''

''. .and covered sky
with another feet. . ''

''. .and then with the third
feet he crushed Bali into hell. ''

''O Krishna ! O Krishna !
You are our lord. ''

''You are the supreme lord.
You are the dharma. ''

''Brothers, did you hear. . ''

''. .the tales of young Krishna?''

''If there is no envy and jealousy. . ''

''. .everyone's life
will be beautiful. ''

''If we don't listen to others,
we will live in peace. ''

''If brothers live together,
everyone will be happy. ''

''And if God is there with us,
then our lives will become heaven. ''

''O Krishna ! O Krishna !
You are our lord. ''

''You are the supreme lord.
You are the dharma. ''

''You are the dharma. ''

''You are the dharma. ''

Oh ! It's too deep.
What shall we do now?

Bheema is the
reason behind all this.

What was the need
throw you so much force?

Do you want me to throw it
like a skinny guy like you?

Ok, wait. There is no need to fight.

First of all let us
find a way to take it out.

It's too deep. How
do we take it out?

We have to tie someone with
a rope and put him inside it.

You are right.
Viluka will be apt for us.

He's very light. We
can pull him easily.

Oh God ! Leave me. I
won't get into the well.

Viluka, do not get scared. I'm here.

I will hold the rope tight.
- And where's the rope?

Let's use the bands on our bodies. .

. .and tie them. It will
be as long as we want.

Bring your bands.

Viluka is running away. Hold him.
- Oh God ! Oh God !

No. No. I will die.

Leave me. Leave me.

Leave me. I'm scared. I'm scared.

Leave me. Leave me.

Stop it. Stop it.
What's going on over there!

Why are you throwing
that kid into the well?

You came here like God.
They are throwing me. .

. . into the well to take
out the ball. Please help me.

Is there no other way
to take out the ball?

You look like princes. Haven't
your master taught you archery?

Salutations to the saint,
but what is the relation. .

. . between archery and the ball.

He who is good at
archery can do anything.

Anything is possible for him.

See this.

Brother-in-law, what a great talent!

Saint Krupacharya, who
is this great saint?

He's my
brother-in-law saint Dhronacharya.

- Brother-in-law. - Brother.

How are you, sister?
- What shall I tell you, brother!

Your brother has
acquired mastery in archery. .

. . but we still have problems
in earning for a survival.

We don't even have enough
means to buy milk for our son. .

. .and here we are
wandering all over the world.

A master archer is
such a poor state?

Had he gone to any kingdom
he would've been received. .

. .with open arms!
- But it's not in his nature. .

. .to go to someone
to ask for something.

Even when he went to the
great saint Parasurama. .

. . he accepted fruits
that he offered him. .

. . but he couldn't tell him
about his dire financial condition.

You are saint Parasurama's disciple?

He's my master as well.

Dhroncharya, thus we become
brothers. Fellow-disciples.

Do not say no to us and
kindly come to our kingdom. .

. .and teach our
princes the art of archery.

Do not think too much
about it, brother-in-law.

I have taught them all
the arts that I knew.

Now you must teach them archery.

Please accept Bheeshma's offer.
- Alright.

There's nothing more
pleasurable in this world. .

. .than teaching. I
would be happy to teach. .

. .the deserving kids.
- We are happy.

Disciples, first of all I need
to test your present skills.

Look there. There's
a bird on that tree.

I want you to take aim on
the right eye of that bird.


Take aim at the bird's eye.

Can you see the tree?
- Yes, I can see the tree.

Can you see the branch?
- I can see the branch. .

. .and I can also see the sky.

The bird?
- What are these questions, master?

My parents can't see,
but I can see very well.

You can? I don't think so.

Suyodhana, he who
doesn't obey his master. .

. .can never be a good student.

You can't leave this art. Go away.

- Yes, master.

Can you see the bird?
- Yes, master. I can see the bird.

- I can also see the branch, master.

- I can see it very well, master.

Bheema, you can't master
the art of archery. Go away.

As you order, master.


Can you see the tree?
- No.

- No.

- No.

Then what's visible to you?

Bird's right eye is visible to me,
master. - Then hit the bird.

Disciples, did you know it
now how to take your aim?

You must also take aim like Arjun.

Salutations, my lord. Salutations.

My son is dying to
learn archery from you.

Kindly make him your disciple.
- Who are you?

My name is Vasadi Singari.

In my village I am
known as Hiranyadamyu. .

. .and my son is known as Ekalavya.

You are the right teacher for him.

I am sorry, but you
are from a lower caste.

It's against dharma
to teach you archery.

Master, my son came
here with lot of hope.

Kindly do not break his dreams.

I cannot help you. I cannot
teach someone against dharma.

Lord, I came here with many dreams.

I cannot think
anyone else as my teacher.

Have mercy on me
and teach me archery.

I beg you. Kindly do not say no.

I cannot go against dharma.
I cannot teach you.

Master, I treated you as my teacher.

I will make your
statue and worship you. .

. .and learn archery on my own.
Give me your blessings, lord.

Alright. You can do that.
Fulfill your wish.

Great, my son.

Today you made me proud.

Nakula. Sahadeva. Remove the fire.

What's that sound in the darkness?

Forgive me, lord. I am
trying to achieve mastery. .

. . in the art of hitting the
target in the dark. - Great. Great.

How did you think of it, son?

Once at night during dinnertime. .

. .the candles went off,
and since I saw the dishes. .

. .that were there on the
leaf I could eat in the dark.

And I realized that we can hit
the target even in the dark.

Great, Arjuna. Great.

Your dexterity is matchless.

I will teach you
everything that I have learnt.

There won't be a better
archer than you in this world.

It's my oath.

Duryodhana, you cannot hit
a person below his waist. .

. . in the mace-war. It's
against rules. Keep that in mind.

Alright, master.

Duryodhana, it's wrong. You
did it intentionally this time.

It is unpardonable.

How can it be wrong when I did
it for self-defense, master!

You are arguing with me. It's wrong.

I am saying this for your welfare.

If you do such kind
of immoral things. .

. . it will be harmful to you in
future. That's sufficient for today.

In the mace-war Bheema has
beaten up my son mercilessly.

There are wounds all over his body.

You said that that arrogant Bheema. .

. . is as strong as Naga.
How will my son fight him!

I wonder what will happen to my son.

Do not worry, sister. If Bheema
has as much strength as Naga. .

. .we will get
Suyodhana as tougher body.

I made arrangements for that.

You need not worry anymore.


Queen Gandhari, take
Amruta-Varshini's blessings.

Aghori, explain it to
her how the prince's body. .

. .will become as hard as iron.


Here are those
invaluable leaves and roots.

On the festive day, at mid-night. .

. .while worshiping
mother Amruta-Varshini. .

. .you have to crush these roots
and leaves and with your hands. .

. .you have to apply that extract
on each part of your son's body. .

. .and his body
will become iron-hard.

I am blessed. - Sister,
tomorrow it's an auspicious day.

You can perform this
vow tomorrow itself.

It's my responsibility
to bring Suyodhana here.

Welcome, saint Valmiki.

Your arrival has made
our monastery auspicious.

Our disciples are also blessed.
They got an opportunity. .

. .to showcase their
talent in front of you.

Today my wishes have come true.

I wanted to see all
these disciples together.

He is my chief disciple Balarama.

He is Sudhama.
People call him Kuchela.

Accept our salutations.
- Give us your blessings.

Please accept it as a gift from us.
- I am pleased to receive it.

Dharmaja, take it. Share
it with your brothers.


Vayu-nandana( son of
wind-God), greetings!

Cousin, you
recognized me even before. .

. .I could introduce myself!

We don't need
introductions from sun and moon.

- Cousin.

Son of mother Devaki.
- I am very pleased.

I am pleased that
you are a mace-fighter.


Master ordered us to share
this fruit among ourselves.

Brother, make two
halves of this fruit.

We'll get one half and the
Kauravas will get the other half.

What are you saying ! The five
of you will get one piece each. .

. .and the rest of the fruit
will be ours. - No. - Yes.

Krishna, come here.

You already started
creating differences between them.

What have I done, brother?
- Today you are making them. .

. .fight for a fruit,
tomorrow you will make them fight. .

. .for the kingdom.
- No, brother.

Do not make such
baseless accusations on me.

Krishna, I know you very well.

Suyodhana, you know how it
feels to get beaten up by me.

If you trouble me, I
will bash you up again.

Bheema, you shouldn't
fight with your brother.

Suyodhana, you can have this fruit.

If you want to give us,
you can give us a share.

Krishna, you are the father,
mother, guru, god. .

. .and everything for my children.

It's your
responsibilities to look after them.

That's my dharma. You
can live peacefully.

May I go now?

Hail Mother Amruta-varshini !

Satyasena. Satyasena.
- Yes, sister-in-law.

Is it not mid-night yet? Hasn't
the auspicious moment arrived yet?

No, sister-in-law.
There still some time left.

Is Suyodhana here? Is he
getting ready? - Yes, he is.

Look, Satyasena. No one
other than Suyodhana. .

. .can come here.

Go and close the gates.
- Alright, sister-in-law.

Aunt Gandhari, accept
Krishna's salutations.

It's Krishna?
- Yes. - Welcome, son.

You came here after a long time,
but I'm not in a position. .

. .to give you a good reception.
I am in the middle of the vow.

Aunt, you need not
worry about the reception.

It's enough if you are
happy to see me here.

By the way, what's that vow about?

It's a ladies' vow, son.

- Yes, aunt.

I heard that you have
a great understanding. .

. .about the political
affairs of the kingdom.

Son, the envious world
might tell you some lies. .

. .about my son. I want you
to help my spotless sons. .

. .when they are in trouble.

I am always on the
side of dharma, aunt.

Sister-in-law, the
auspicious time is passing by.

She is right. You
should complete your vow.

Shall I go now?

- Sister-in-law.

Did he leave?
- Yes.

Close that door and
call Suyodhana. Go.

Brother. Brother.

What's this! Why did
you remove your clothes?

Dushala, what are you doing here?

This is my chamber.
What are you doing here?

Suyodhana, come fast.
- Go there.

The auspicious time is passing by.
- Suyodhana.

Son, from today onwards your
body will become as hard as iron.

Even if the mountains
crush you, you won't die.

Bheema has great strength.

He won't be able to do anything
now. After touching your body. .

. . his mace will be
broken into pieces.

What's this! I
ordered you to come here. .

. . removing all your clothes.
- You are right.

But I felt ashamed to
remove all my clothes. .

. . in front of that Dushala.
- O lord !

What have I done wrong in my vow!

Will your thighs always be weak?

How unfortunate!

Greetings. Offer my salutations. .

. .to the king of Gandhara.
- O Krishna !

Your greetings have won my heart.

I learnt greetings people from you.


I never knew that my own
daughter will be our enemy.

How can she do such a thing !

There she is. She's
coming here with uncle.

Dushala !

Why are you shouting at me!
What have I done wrong?

You can't do anything worse.
- You came to the chamber. .

. .and stood in front of me.
- You had spoilt all my wishes.

What are you saying, sister!
In order to avoid such mishap. .

. .I felt her with me all day long.

Now I understood it. This
is Krishna's conspiracy.

Saint Dhronacharya,
your reception is great.

Shall we go now?

Balarama, where is Krishna? Krishna.

Arjuna, you must be the best in
this art form. - Alright, cousin.

I will be the best in archery.

Foolish cousin, a better archer
is there in this forest itself.

Take your master's
permission and go to hunting.

You will know it on your own.

Lift it. Lift it.

Stop there. This is our province.

To hunt here you need to
take our permission first.

Who are you? This is our kingdom.

We will do whatever we wish.

I just warned you, if you
still don't listen to me. .

What will you do? If you don't
stop talking we will hunt you.

Is that so!

Fire. Fire.

Master. Master. Help! Help!

Master. Master. Help! Help!

Fire. Fire.

Arjuna, use the
rain-arrow and put off that fire.

Fire. Fire.
- Hail the master!

Fire. Fire.

Fire. Fire.

Rain. Rain.

Master, give me your blessings.

Ekalavya, it's you? From
which master did you achieve. .

. .such proficiency in archery?

The master who taught you
has taught me these skills.

Saint Dhrona is my master.
- It's me?

I taught you the archery?
- Yes, lord. Yes.

I built your statue and
treated it as my master.

I worshiped you day and night.

You always kept whispering
your invaluable guidance. .

. . in my ears.

'There won't be a better
archer than you in this world. '

'It's my oath. '

Master, it's only because I
built your statue and worshipped it. .

. .that I mastered
the art of archery.

Kindly come to my
house and honor it.

It's an auspicious day. My
master came to my province.

Today it's a festive day.
Today it's celebration time.

Everyone come here.

''Here it is. Here it is. ''

''Here it is. Here it is.
The festive season is here. ''

''My master is here. ''

''My master came to our province.
It's a delight for the eyes. ''

''He came here for the
first time. He is my master. ''

''He came here for the
first time. He is my master. ''

''I shall bring the Ganges
here and wash his feet. ''

''I shall bring the Ganges
here and wash his feet. ''

''I will blow the drums.
I will ring the bells. ''

''I will blow the drums. I will ring
the bells. I will blow the conches. ''

''I will garland him.
I will garland him. ''

''Here it is. Here it is.
The festive season is here. ''

''He's the greatest master.
No one is as good as he is. ''

''I learn everything from him. ''

''There is no such
person in this world. ''

''We shall worship him one by one. ''

''We shall worship him one by one. ''

''We shall offer him our lives. ''

''Here it is. Here it is.
The festive season is here. ''

''My master is here. ''

''My master came to our province.
It's a delight for the eyes. ''

Master, this is your disciple.
This is our land.

And these are our men. Tell me what
I shall offer you. I will give you.

You won't go back on your
word after I ask you, right?

Master, if your disciple
goes back on his word. .

. . it will be an insult to you.

And your disciple
will never let you down.

Then cut your right thumb
and give it to me as my fee.

Is that all? I will offer it to
you from the bottom of my heart.

I will give it to
you right now. Saint.

This is not right on your part.

Asking for his thumb is
like asking for his head.

After teaching him the
art do not waste it.

You can ask for anything else.

Take my finger. Take my
land. Take my reputation.

I will offer you
everything that I have, saint.

I will offer you my tears.

Have mercy on my son.
Have mercy on him.

Father, you are
the one who told me. .

. .that one should not
go back on his word. .

. .and death would be
better than doing that.

If your son doesn't
offer him what he asked for. .

. . it will bring defame to you.

I cannot let you down, father.

I have to fulfill master's wish.

Wipe out your tears and
bring a smile on your face. .

. .and help me offer him my finger.

Yes, son. Yes.

You are my son. You
will never say no.

You will never say no.

I might not know why you
asked for such a thing. .

. .why you become so merciless. .

. . but lord definitely knows it.

You will definitely
bear the consequences.

Why did you do such a thing !

Why did you bring such a
scar on your spotless life!

I never knew that you
would behave so ruthlessly.

Fate is the most ruthless.

There is a strong reason
behind every action of a human.

It's God's wish. Even the
best of the human beings. .

. .can't go against their destiny.

Do not worry about my deed.

Witness the great
talent of my disciples.

Come with me.

The future king of this kingdom. .

. .the eldest son of the dynasty,
queen Kunti's son Dharmaja. .

. . is about to showcase his skills.

He has already crowned
Dharmaja as the king.

It's just his love for him, sister.


Now Bheema and
Suyodhana will participate. .

. . in the mace-fight.
Bheema. Suyodhana.

Suyodhana, great!

Great, brother!

Who's winning?
- Sister, it's not a battle.

It's just to showcase their skills.

There is no question
of winning or losing.

That's not possible. When
two people are fighting. .

. .only one person can win the fight.

Save yourself, Bheema. I
will break your hands.

I will break your head.

They are baying for
each other's blood.

Ashwadhama, go there and stop them.
- Stop it. Stop it.

Master ordered you to
stop the fight. Stop it.

I am punishing you
for not listening. .

. .to your master's order.
Get out of the field.

Now the great archer
Arjuna will showcase. .

. . his archery skills. Arjuna.

What happened? What happened?

My son has set fire
with his archery skills.

Hail Arjuna !
- What happened now?

Arjuna put off the
flames with the rain-arrow.

I am proud of
Arjuna's archery skills.

There is no better
archer in this world.

No. There is one.

If you give me a chance I
will prove it to everyone. .

. .that I am a better
archer than Arjuna.

Who is your master? - Which
master teaches the birds flying. .

. .the fishes swimming? Who
is the master of the flowers. .

. .which emit fragrance
and the volcanic mountains?

God is the master of
all the living beings.

He is my master.

Great. First he created
clouds and then he dispersed them.

Saint, do you accept it
now that I am better. .

. .than your disciple?
Give us your permission. .

. .to fight each other
and showcase our skills.

Give him a chance.
- Give him a chance.

Why are you silent, saint?
- I know the meaning. .

. .of the saint's silence.
Karna, princes fight. .

. .only with the equals, but
they don't fight with others.

It's against their dharma.

You can tell which caste and
tribe you belong to. .

. .and then you can fight Arjuna.

Why are you silent?

It's injustice. To
save Arjuna from him. .

. .the saints are shielding
Arjuna with this excuse.

Saint Krupa, he who is
born in high caste. .

. .and he who has courage
and army is called a king.


Father, I heard that there
is no king in Anga territory.

I beg you to make
Karna the king of Anga. .

. . let him give a fair
chance to showcase his skills.

What do you say?
- Giving someone a fair chance. .

. .to showcase his
skills is not wrong.

Give him your permission.

Right now, at this
stage I am making. .

. . Karna the king of Anga.

Hail king Karna of Anga !

Hail king Karna of Anga !

Hail king Karna of Anga !

Arjuna, I, the king of Anga am
challenging you to fight me.

If you have the courage to
fight me, you can step forward.

So you think you are a king?
You are challenging me?

You got pride as soon
as you got the crown?

Your pride will also
disappear like the disappearing sun.

The sun is setting. We
shall stop it here today.

Aswadhama, ask them to
blow the final horn.

Karna, from today
onwards we are friends.

Our friendship
shall survive forever.

How can I forget you who
rescued me at the right time. .

. .and made me the king !

I will offer my life,
skills, fame and everything to you.

I swear on the Sun-God.

Salutations to the king.

Mother, my friend Karna,
the king of Anga. .

. . is offering you salutations.
Give him your blessings.

Salutations, mother.
- You fame may raise manifold, son.

Son. Karna. Come here, son.

Take your mother's blessings.
- What!

My enemy's mother is blessings me?

If sons fight each other
people will accuse the mother. .

. .of improper upbringing, son.

I want everyone to live happily.

May you lead a happy life, son.


King of Anga, come
with me. We shall go now.


Cast off the evil eye from
your son as soon as you go home.


Mother, your son won the battle. .

. .and you are shedding tears?

These are the tears
of happiness, son.

Stop the chariot.

What's this? - There are
the presents for the master.

We were waiting for
these. Give it to us.

Not to you, but your
Bheeshma said that. .

. . Dharmaja should
present them to your master. .

. .on behalf of all the disciples.

Has grandfather become mad?

When the future king of
this kingdom is here. .

. .why did he ask that
Dharmaja to go this honor!

Pandavas are
surviving here on our mercy.

Brothers, get hold of the presents.

How arrogant! He dared to go
against grandfather's order!

They will regret it
later. You stay calm.

Master, accept these diamonds,
these ornaments. .

. .this wealth as fee and
give this courageous prince. .

. .and his brothers your blessings. .

. . before we leave this place.

Where are the Pandavas?
- They are the poor. .

. .who cannot give you any
presents. They must be. .

. .ashamed of themselves and
must have left this place. .

. .without informing anyone.
- I know Pandavas well.

They will never step
out of this place. .

. .without their master's permission.

May your fame increase manifold !

Arjuna, you are your
master's favorite disciple.

Why are you so upset?
- That's the reason, mother.

Master said that there will
not be a better disciple than me.

But Ekalavya gave him
the invaluable fee. .

. .and left me far behind, mother.

We are unable to
understand what we should. .

. . present our master as fee.

I cannot tell you what he wants,
but there is something. .

. .that has made him
upset since a long time.

What is that?
- When Ashwadhama was an infant. .

. .our condition was so bad
that we couldn't even afford. .

. .a glass of milk and I
couldn't bear this poverty.

Your master and Panchala's
king got education together. .

. .from the same master.

He said that he can even
give half of his kingdom. .

. . if your master ever needs it.

I reminded your master of that
word and sent him to that king.

Then. .

I am king Dhrupata
whose fame is spread. .

. .across the world. And you
will tell me what I should do?

You came here to ask me for help?

You will get nothing.

You arrogant king, you
will definitely get punished. .

. .for this insult. Then you
will learn what you've done wrong.

I assure you of that.

He couldn't punish him till now.

And he is suffering from that pain.

Father, your son returned
after mastering all the arts. .

. .and offering you his salutations.

Mother, I returned after offering. .

. .the invaluable
presents to my master.

Suyodhana, where are the Pandavas?

Didn't you all offer
the presents together?

They didn't come with us.
We waited for them. .

. . but when they didn't come
we gave away the presents. .

. .and came back.

Our soldiers said that
they went out of this kingdom.

Master, this is what you
wanted since a long time.

We took your revenge as the fee.

Please accept our fee
and give us your blessings.

Arjuna, today my
teaching has borne fruits.

Who is he?

You are the same king. .

. .who fame is spread across
the world? Are you king Dhrupata?

You are lying at the
feet of a poor man?

Friend Dhronacharya, forgive me.

I became arrogant
because of my throne.

Forgive me.
- Arjuna, untie him.

Hail the master!

King Dhrupada, though I
regret that you were. .

. . brought to our kingdom
in this manner I am happy. .

. .that your childhood
friendship has renewed.

Lord Bheeshma, I am happy
that I got an opportunity. .

. .to see you, even though
it's in these circumstances.

King of Panchala, my grandchildren. .

. . imprisoned you only to
take their master's revenge. .

. . but they don't have any
personal enmity against you.

- Grandfather.

Ask him forgiveness.
- Forgive me, king.

Son, your dynasty
who got you as a son. .

. .and my friend Dhronacharya
who got you as his disciple. .

. .are blessed.

Son, I wish I had a son like you.

I would've been blessed.

You are right. They
met in the battlefield. .

. . but still you can take him
your home as your son-in-law.

Pitamaha, am I that fortunate.

I need to pray lord to get
a son-in-law like Arjuna.

Friend, start praying
to get such a blessing.

Arjuna, your fee is matchless.

No disciple can give
better fee to his master, son.

Master, I wonder what
fee my cousin Krishna. .

. . is about to give his master.

How is he who dared to call me. .

. .the God of death !

Who wants to get death-penalty!

Who is that arrogant fellow!

Yamadharamraja( God of
death ), enough of it.

You are insulting the
lord who incarnated. .

. .for the prosperity of the world?

You can see my brother's greatness. .

. . if you open your eyes and see him.

Lord, what's the
reason behind your arrival.

Send my master's son back
with me whom you brought here.

''Lord, how is possible to send back
a human being who has already died. ''

''Is it possible for the rivers
to go back to. .

. .their origins after
meeting the ocean?''

''This is the law of nature. ''

''O lord, how shall
I break this law?''

''Dharma, death and lives
occur according to my wish. ''

''What I do is dharma ! ''

''To serve my master
on planet earth. . ''

''. .I have to save my master's son. ''

''Send back my master's son. ''

As you wish, lord.

Sandeep Kumara.

Sandeep Kumara, your
parents are waiting for you.

We shall go now. May I
take your leave now?

Master, here is your son.

- Son.

- Son.

- You are back, son. You are back.

Dear. Dear, our son is back.

Krishna and
Balarama brought him back.

- Mother.

- Mother.

Son. Son.

Krishna. Balarama. I
wonder how we shall thank you. .

. .and how we will repay your debt.

Krishna. Balarama. I am
blessed to be your master.

May all your wishes come true. .

. .and may your name be
famous till eternity.

True. True.

How true it is.

This sight is a boon to eyes.

Today it's a festive day.

Human and God both
achieved great victories. .

. .on the same day, and
offered fee to their masters. .

. . in the same way.

Human being also
offered fee to his master?

Narada, what are you talking about?

Arjuna defeated and imprisoned. .

. .the might king
Dhrupada and made him touch. .

. . his master's feet
and beg for forgiveness.

What's the benefit in destroying. .

. .others' arrogance,
Narada ! One should be able to. .

. . kill the arrogance and
envy of the near and dear ones.

Near and dear ones?

Now I understood it.
Now I understood it.

. .and Gandhari's envy, right?
- Not just that. .

. . but if you offer prayers to lord,
it will make your life prosperous.

I understood it.
You are ordering me. .

. .to start a new chapter in this
act. I will fulfill your wish.

I shall go now. Hail lord Narayana !
Hail lord Narayana !

My sons cannot become as
famous as those Pandavas?

Do not worry, queen.

How can we expect more
fruits by putting less effort!

I am ready to put any
effort for my sons' welfare.

I am ready to perform any vow.

If someone tells me
which vow to perform. .

Hail lord Narayana ! Hail
lord Narayana ! - Who's that?

Saint Narayana ! Please be seated.

You came here on hearing my grief.

Saint, tell me which
vow I shall perform. .

. .for my son's fame and welfare.

There's a great
elephant called Iravatam.

The mother who worships that
elephant gets her sons' welfare.

Iravatam vow? What's the
procedure of that vow?

This vow was started by
Mother Gauri in Kailasham.

That's why this vow is
also known as Gaja Gauri vow.

You need to get the Iravatam and roam
the entire province on that elephant.

. .and you have to give
the holy offerings. .

. .to hundred mothers who have sons.

How will Iravatam
come down to earth?

This vow seems to
be a difficult one.

If you want great fruits you
will have to take great efforts. .

. .for that. The saints and
ancestors knew that we humans. .

. . might face difficultly
in performing these vows. .

. .so they gave some concessions.

They said it every now and then. .

. .that if we don't get
gold we can use silver. .

. . if we don't get silver,
we can use bronze. .

. . if we don't get bronze,
we can use mud.

If you can't get Iravatam,
then build him replica with mud. .

. .and worship it.
- What!

How can one make a mud-elephant. .

. .walk in the kingdom?
- You don't know that?

We can fix wheels to it.
- She is right.

I will get the elephant
build tomorrow itself.

You can't build it.
- You are right.

If uncle touches it the
elephant will become inauspicious.

That's not the thing,
dear. When you build. .

. .the mud-elephant, it
must be done by sons.

That's why they say that any
mother can perform this vow. .

. . if she has sons.
- Great.

So aunt Kunti can
also perform this vow.

Dushala, you stay quiet.

Saint, tell us an
auspicious moment. .

. .to build the mud-elephant.

The next Hasta-star
is an auspicious day.

Get the mud on that day
and build the elephant.

How difficult is that!
We are hundred brothers.

We will get the mud and
build the replica of Iravatam.

May God bless you !
- Saint, you must stay here. .

. .and oversee this vow.
- I will be here.

But it's the Lord who
makes everything possible.

Hail lord Narayana !
Hail lord Narayana !

''It's great, elder cousin. ''

''It's great, younger cousin. ''

''We never saw this miracle before. ''

''You are matchless. ''

''It's great, elder cousin. ''

''It's great, younger cousin. ''

''You are hundred brothers. ''

''You are thunders. ''

''You are hundred brothers. ''

''You are thunders. ''

''You brought the mud. . ''

''. .and built the elephant. ''

''. .and built the elephant. ''

''You are brave. You are courageous. ''

''It's great, elder cousin. ''

''It's great, younger cousin. ''

''Your mother expressed a
wish and you are fulfilling it. ''

''A mother can't ask for more. ''

''A mother can't ask for more. ''

''This is not a lie. But such people
won't be born again and again. ''

''It's great, elder cousin. ''

''It's great, younger cousin. ''

''There are drums, there are colors.
There are colorful umbrellas. ''

''There are drums, there are colors.
There are colorful umbrellas. ''

''The entire province is
filled with green leaves. ''

''I offer my salutations. ''

''The entire province is filled
with green leaves. ''

''I offer my salutations. ''

''It's a festive season all around.
Everyone is celebrating. ''

''It's great, elder cousin. ''

''It's great, younger cousin. ''

''We never saw this miracle before. ''

''You are matchless. ''

Mother, won't give you the
holy offering to aunt Kunti?

To that widow? No.

But I heard that it doesn't
matter if the lady is a widow. .

. .and that anyone who has sons
can accept this holy offering.

You don't know anything.

Keep quiet.

Mother, why didn't they
stop it in front of our house?

Why didn't you get
the holy offering?

Radha, take the holy offering.

Mother, you are giving
me the holy offering?

Yes, Radha. You are
valiant Karna's son.

Take it.
- I accept it, queen.

Mother, aunt Gandhari has
given the holy offerings. .

. .to Karna's mother. Why did she
ignore you? - It's alright, son.

I can't tolerate it. We
must teach them a lesson.

It took them 100
brothers to build that elephant.

I can build that
elephant single-handedly. - Son.


Hail grandfather Aryaka !

Brother Bheema !

Bheema. Bheema.
- Do not get scared.

I am throwing the
mud-pieces on the shore. Be careful.

What are you doing here! Go away.

We won't leave.
- Will you leave or not?

Uncle, eat this.

My hunger is
quenched a long ago, nephew.

Defaming Pandavas fills our stomach.

Have it.

Mother, brother
Bheema has grown so big.

He is throwing the
mud-pieces and destroying everything.

Yes, mother. You must come.
- Let's go, son.

Bheema, you are
destroying everything.

Calm down, son. Calm down.

Son. Bheema.

Son, don't bring me the defame. .

. .that my son is
destroying the kingdom.

Mother, no. This is for your vow.

We brothers will
build the mud-elephant.

Our mother will perform
the vow with a mud-elephant?

We will bring the Iravatam.
Come down.

Is that possible?
- Yes, it is possible.

Nothing is
impossible for human being.

You come down first of all.

Iravatam is in the heaven.
How will we get it?

It's not difficult. We will
send an epistle to lord Indra. .

. .to send Iravatam.
- I will send that epistle.

I will bring down Iravatam.

I will make mother perform
the vow. You come down first.

Come down, son.
- Hail grandfather Aryaka !

Where did this arrow come from?

It seems that that
arrow came from earth.

Master, please read it.

This is Arjuna's message
to the king of heaven.

My mother wished to
perform Iravatam's vow.

Kindly send your elephant.

I will send your another message. .

. .after we receive Iravatam.

How can Devendra send his
elephant to planet earth !

How arrogant is he!

We must teach him a
lesson for this misdeed.

Dharmaraja, do not be upset.
You saw it just now.

No human being could
send a message to heaven. .

. .with his arrow.
Devendra, that human is none. .

. . but one of the
lord's incarnations.

He's a human being.

But still we have to
think about it, Indra.

Even if he's a
human being or a God. .

. . he won't get that elephant.

But do not forget
that Arjuna is your son.

I can't have any mercy on
him just because he is my son.

If he is that powerful
ask him to come here. .

. .and defeat it
and take it with him.

Master, send our message to him.

Lord Indra sent
his wishes to Arjuna.

Didn't he send Iravatam?
- He said that he would send. .

. .Iravatam if you
send your man to heaven.

Now it's up to you.

I will build a ladder to
heaven with my arrows.

And I will go to heaven
and bring Iravam here.

May your wish come true!

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''He is strong. He is determination. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''There is no stopping him if
he walks on the righteous path. ''

''A human can even make the
God come down to earth. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''Baghiratha who brought
Ganges to earth is a human being. ''

''Dhruva who turned into a
star is also a human being. ''

''Saint Vishwamitra is also a saint. ''

''All these achievers are humans. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''He crossed the
planets and the stars. ''

''He crossed the
planets and the stars. ''

''He reached the end of the sky. ''

''The Chandralok( world of moon-god)
and the Devendralok. . ''

''He can touch the
Chandralok and the Devendralok. . ''

''. .and come back to earth. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''He is strong. He is determination. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

''The human being is magnificent. ''

Salutations the lord of heaven. .

. .from Pandavas and
Kunti's third son.

As per your wish my
brother sent me here.

Send Iravatam with me.

Son, Iravatam is very powerful.
Everyone can't tame it.

And you are just a kid. If you
have the strength to tame it. .

. .I do not have any objection.
What do you say?

I am pleased with your generosity.

Karma, Bheema must have
reached heaven by now.

You have to destroy the ladder. .

. .so that he could
never return to earth.

Burn that ladder
with one of your arrows.

It's not the right
thing to do on our part.

It's against dharma. - I don't
care if it's against dharma.

I accepted you as my best friend.

That day you made a
promise in front of everyone.

Will you go back on your word now?

Do not worry,
Suyodhana. Do not worry.

I will do anything that you ask for.

Even if the world says
that it's against dharma. .

. .I will bear that
disgrace for your sake.

Karna, that's what
true friendship is.

Do not wait further.


You didn't quit your evilness yet.

You won't get forgiveness
after corrupting children's minds.

Karna, you dared to
commit such crimes. .

. .for the sake of friendship.
Is that why you won. .

. . Sun-god's heart and
learnt your skills from him?

This friendship might
lead to your destruction.

I must punish these evil
forces. Imprison them.

Dharmaja. Arjuna. Do not be scared.

Dharma always wins.

Our Bheema can come back to
earth with God's blessings.

- Bheema. Bheema. Son.

Hail grandfather Aryaka !

Bheema. Bheema. Bheema.

I will send Iravatam with
you. Come down. Come down.

Hail grandfather Aryaka !

O great Bheema, I am pleased.

Your valor is matchless.

I will send Iravatam
with you today itself.

Your mother can
perform the Iravatam vow. .

. .without any hurdle. Iravatam.

Go to planet earth with Bheema. .

. .and help them perform the vow.

Narada, you are the
one who suggested them. .

. .to perform this vow. You
go there and oversee the vow.

Meghadoota, take
them to planet earth.

Hail lord Narayana !
Hail lord Narayana !

Hail Bheema ! Hail the Pandavas!

Hail Bheema ! Hail the Pandavas!

Hail Mother Kunti !
Hail the Pandavas!

Hail Mother Kunti !
Hail the Pandavas!

Hail Bheema ! Hail the Pandavas!

Suyodhana. Suyodhana.

Iravatam is here.

The vow is being
performed in a grand way.

A vow is being performed.
You too go with them. Go.

Hail Mother Kunti !
Hail the Pandavas!

Man proposes and god disposes.

I had so many
dreams to make my sons. .

. .greater than Kunti's son.

All my dreams have crashed.

Pandavas are succeeding
and my son faced disgrace.

And my envy is the
reason behind everything.

Hail Mother Kunti !
Hail the Pandavas!

Hail Mother Kunti !
Hail the Pandavas!

Is Kunti coming to our place?

No. Why would she come here!

She won't come here.

I insulted Kunti without
giving her the holy offering.

I don't deserve to get
the holy offering from her.

I must get punished.
- Mother. Mother.

Aunt came here to give
you the holy offering.

To me?

No, Dushala. I am
not that fortunate.

What are you saying, sister!

With you blessings I decided
to perform the Iravatam vow.

Whom else will I give the holy
offering, sister? Please accept it.

The holy offering? You brought
it for me? - Yes, it's for you.

Accept it, queen Gandhari.

Who is that? Is it saint Naradha?

Are you helping her
perform the vow? - Yes, queen.

I told you that day
itself that it's the Lord. .

. .who makes everything possible.

He just made me a messenger and
helped your sister perform the vow.

You are right. How can I
get the great saint's help. .

. .after bringing a
mud-elephant for the vow!

Sister Kunti, you are
really very fortunate.

You gave birth to great sons.

With their help you
are performing the vow. .

. .and getting fame
and goodwill for them.

We too have sons. We have 100 sons.

But they are of no use.

responsibilities are not over. .

. .just after giving birth to kids.

You must also show
them the right path.

Only then will you get sweet fruits.

You can follow Kunti for that.
- You are right.

I got jealous and greedy.
I wanted my son. .

. .to become the king and
turned into an immoral person.

Father-in-law, forgive me.

At least from now
onwards I will try to lead. .

. .a life without
committing any mistakes.

Give me the holy offering, sister.

Sister, may your sons get
all the fame and happiness. .

. . in the world and you
may lead a peaceful life.

I am blessed.

Dharmaja, come here and
take your aunt's blessings.

Aunt, I am offering
you my salutations. .

. .along with my brother.
- God bless you. God bless you.

- Yes, aunt.

You are the most suitable
person for the king's throne.

You will definitely get
the crown sooner or later.

May that wish come true.

I am so fortunate.

Grandfather, I have a
small request on this occasion.

Why don't you
release brother Suyodhana. .

. .and uncle Shakuni from the prison?

Definitely. Definitely.
- Hail lord Narayana !

Krishna, it's all
because of your blessings.