Bakuto tai tekiya (1964) - full transcript




The Kikuya Group is the leading
group in Asakusa when it comes

to vendors at festivals.

Let's talk about that later.

Where's Yumeko?

Go and call her.


Yumeko, Boss Takioka
wants you at his table.

How annoying.
He's not the only customer.

Why don't you go over?

Apparently he desperately
wants you at his table.


I won't leave here if you
keep playing hard to get.

I told you not to be so flirty with me.


I said cut it out.


Cut it out, you bastard!

Komatsu, let me introduce you to
the eldest son of Kikuya, Kijima Ryutaro.

Although, he's not a vendor anymore.

So what?

He was disowned by his father.

What are you talking about?


Screenplay by OZAWA Shigehiro

Music by
SAITO Ichiro




OKI Minoru
KONOE Jushiro

FUJI Junko

TANBA Tetsuro

Directed by
OZAWA Shigehiro

You can get this anywhere
for less than 15 yen and

please take this one
for your husband as well.

I'd like you to be in good
harmony as a couple.

I'll give you both for only 15 yen!

Fifty sen. You don't have any?
All right, 40 sen.

I'm not an evil vendor that will
tell you to pay just for touching.

Now take a good look at this
knitted shirt, it's no ordinary shirt.

It's been soaking in water for five days
and an ordinary shirt will surely tear.

But if you're convinced
how strong this material is

by watching how difficult it is to tear,

then please go ahead and buy one.

How about it?

I bet you're going to sell me
one that's going to tear easily.

What are you talking about?

Why don't you try for yourself?

You'll be humiliated if
I tear it without a struggle.

I'll flip all this over if
you're able to do that.

- Go ahead and try.
- Really?

This will just--

This is pretty strong...

You need to adjust your strength.

Those of you who are still sceptical.

Rest assured, this is the button hole.

How much is this?

I would really want to
sell it for 2 yen, but

how about 1 yen and 50 sen?

Isn't that too cheap?

I bet you're going to
ask me for more later.

Of course not!

Really? I'll take two.

This is a good buy.

This is a bargain.

It's almost free!

How long are you
going to keep that up?

You don't have any customers.

Where did they go?

- They're like summer clams!
- What?

The meat is rotten,
but the shells are fresh.

You didn't even know
your customers were gone!

- I didn't...
- That's right!

We've come to collect your rent.

He hasn't sold anything yet.

Never mind.
How much?

- Twenty sen.
- Could you give me a break?


We start with the Rat
and finish with the Boar.

In between we have the Ox,
Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake,

Horse, Goat, Monkey, rooster and Dog.

This is what we call the Chinese Zodiac.

The Boar is the most
scatterbrain of them all.

Everyone, this sign...

No one is listening...
How sad.


It's my lucky day to
have a female customer.

Let me see.

I quietly predict as you sit on the nose.

- You have that backwards.
- Oh, yes indeed.

What line of work are you in?

- Café Madonna.
- Madonna?

- What is your name?
- Chiyo.

I see...

I see something forbidden
standing in front of you.

You're right!

Can you pay me your bill from last night?

Last night?
Are you that woman from last night?

I am.

Your big mouth that I would
like to forget but I can't.

Leave me alone!

Why does it have to be now?

Pay me!

The big mouth coming
to collect a small tab...

Stop complaining and pay me!

I don't have any
customers as you can see,

so how do you suggest I pay you?

That's because you're
not inviting them here.

I'll do it.
I'm very good at this.

Quietly have a seat and
I will hit it on the nose.

Sneak a slap and it will surely hurt.

I've already discussed
the plan with Boss Takioka.

We're going to start a fight
near the Kikuya stand and

then Takioka will step
in to finish the deal.

Let's rough them up.

How about it?

You're sure to get charged
six yen anywhere else,

but I'll sell it to you for five yen.

Look at this! It's silk.

- Please take a look.
- Saki!

You won't make any sales for that price.

Where's your father?

His arthritis is acting up again.
This is so difficult.

You're somewhat established
when you can make some profit.

You have a way to go until you
can play the game of cheating people.

I'll show you.

Hold this.

This is cheap!

I've never seen anything so cheap.

This is 1 yen 50 sen.

How about it?
Isn't it beautiful?

This isn't paper.
It's material.

It's not cotton.

How about it?

That's Kikuya's son.

This is silk!

This will cost you
between 6 yen 50 sen, and 7 yen

at any department store.

Please take a look.

It's only natural for
it to cost that much.

They have to pay their
employees and their rent.

However, today I'm out here
selling this on this open area.

Will you buy it from me if I
sell it to you for 5 yen 50 sen?

Hey, are you going to sell
me an umbrella with a hole?

Don't be fooled everyone!

Katsuo, he just made that
hole with his cigarette.

What a nasty thing to do!
You're damaging the goods.

Are you saying he did it?

I saw him do it.

You hoodlums!

Are you trying to ruin the products?

You seem to catch on fast.

All right!

The Kikuya group is not going
to let hoodlums like you scare us.

I'll deal with you.

- Stop!
- Don't worry.

All right!
I'll teach you a lesson!


Someone help!

The reason why I asked
you all here today is to

discuss the fact that Sugiya
Department Store has been

purchasing property in Kototoibashi.

Are they planning to make a
department store in this area?

That won't be good for our business.

We can't have them buy
any piece of our land.

Yes, but the economy is bad right now,

so it'll be some outrageous amount.

We can't do anything.

I think this is a good opportunity to
bring our organization tightly together.

Do you have any good ideas?

We start by collecting
fees from those that

we've been looking after.

That's not all...

Have them use cheaper products.

I'm against that.


I think collecting ridiculous fees
from our vendors is going too far.

I also don't like the idea
of using cheaper products.

We're already getting
complaints about our products.

Our products are what
bring in income for us.

I don't intend to compromise that.

You need to change your old way
of thinking in this new day and age.

Now, now, let's take it easy you two.

Let's discuss this calmly.

Excuse me...



How could you let this happen?

How am I supposed to face everyone?

I don't like the fact that
you feel you have to settle

everything with a fist fight.

You think everything
can be solved by fighting.

You're such a fool.

Are you telling me to just ignore
them no matter what they do to us?

Don't talk back to your father!

It's my fault for not watching him better.

I'll talk to him.

don't try to take the blame for him.

This is what happens when everyone
takes the blame for him and spoils him.

That's not why I did that.

I couldn't just watch our group
be abased by those hoods!

That doesn't mean you
can cause trouble for others.

Why don't you just disown
me like you did with Ryutaro

if you don't like anything I do!

You idiot!

You can't even tell the difference
between what he did and you did.

I want you to stay put for a while
until you change that attitude of yours.

Katsuo, apologize to your father.



Let him go!

I'll talk to him.

Boss Masakichi of
the Kikuya Group is the

biggest boss of the festivals.

I wonder about that.

I think Boss Takioka is
pretty influential, too.

He even owns a brothel.

Does that mean if we join
the Takioka group we'll be

able to sleep with women?

With all these cops around
I need either one to back me

or else I'll be doomed.

I want to join Takioka.

Don't be too quick to decide.

But, isn't it better if there are women?


Be quiet!

Can't you be more quiet.

We're having an
important conversation here!

Why don't you be quiet?

All you can talk about is women...

Women are evil.
They're mysterious ghosts.

I'm sorry.

Apologizing doesn't do me any good.

When did you all get here?

About 20 days ago.

Wherever you're from, go on home.

but we all have a lot going on at home.

I see.

Well, I'm not interested
in listening to your stories,

but I'm sure your parents won't be
happy seeing you in a place like this.

Kijima Ryutaro, get out.


So you came to bail me out again.

You fought Takioka last night.

I should have just ignored
him but I was so irritated.

Hey, Kijima...

Stop getting into so much trouble.

Next time you will be
going somewhere else.

I'll go to prison or wherever they want...

Stop being so rash.

We're all childhood friends here.

Why don't you take this
opportunity to lead an an honest life.

I'll apologize to your father for you.

Stay out of my business.
Don't tell me what to do.


How's business?

It's all right.

Your father is agitated these days.

Don't talk about my father.

Do you want to watch a
movie or go for a drink?

Actually, Katsuo is waiting to see you.

- Katsuo?
- Yes.

- Katsuo.
- Brother.

- What happened?
- Brother.

I'm leaving home.

I'll divorce that
unreasonable father of ours.

- Don't you think so?
- Katsuo...

You left five years ago.

Didn't you say you never
wanted to see him again?

Me, too.

Stupid old man!

- What are you doing?!
- You fool.

Stop being so conceited.

Acting like an adult and drinking.

You have no right to
talk about dad like that.

He put you in confinement
because he cares about you.

He wants to protect the Kikuya Group.

Can't you understand that?

How can you be telling me that?

You're the eldest son!

You have some nerve lecturing me
about the Kikuya Group after you left us.

I was disowned.

You were disowned after you left.

Weren't you the one
who killed Shinoyama?

They didn't get the police involved,

but I saw right through it.

Look at you...

You've been ruining dad's
reputation ever since then!

You've become rebellious ever since then.

There's got to be a reason behind it.

I want you to tell me what it is.

Or else I can't forgive you
even if you are my brother!

Katsuo, calm down.

My words came out wrong.

You're my only brother.

I'm saying this for your benefit.

Just go home quietly.


I'm not going to listen to you.

I won't forgive you!

You're so selfish!

Stop crying.
You're embarrassing yourself.

Brother, tell me...

You don't really hate dad, do you?

You don't get into fights
because you want to, right?

What's with the interrogation?

Please tell me!

I promise I won't tell
anyone no matter what.

Brother, please.




I vowed not to tell anyone about this

but I don't want to lose you.

So I want you to listen well.

My real father...

Is not Kijima Masakichi.

I'm an illegitimate child.

You know very well what
would happen if people

found out about an affair
amongst the vendors.

My mother took her secret to her grave.

But five years ago,

Uncle Shinoyama told me
about that for the first time.

I was so confused and
didn't know what to think.

Uncle Shinoyama was
dead when I finally came to.

My biological father was Shinoyama.


I killed my real father.

No one knows.

This is just between you and I.


Please don't say anything
and just go home to dad.


I can't go home even if I want to.


Please excuse me for
any rudeness beforehand.

I'm from Osaka.
More specifically, Tennoji.

I was fortunate to have been
taken in by the Ooya group

whose led by the second generation
boss of the Maedaya, Kimura Tamegoro.

I am still green at this.

My surname is Ichihara and
my given name is Goichi.

I deal with trades and
may cause you trouble here,

but I hope you will welcome me...

Allow me to continue and
request a favour of Aramen.

I am Shichibei.

I am from Osu, but more
specifically Aomori Bay.

My family is Hirosaki Kobaya,

whose leader is sixth
generation, Mitamura Tsuroku.

Ichihara, it's been a while.
Thank you for coming.

I'm sorry for being so out of touch.

Bro, this is Okinu,
she's like a wife to me.

This is Mizuno,
the one I always talk about.

Nice to meet you.

Can you come with me?

I hope you're not doing
anything to make trouble.

What are you saying?

I know you too well.

I'm serious this time.

I want to be happy with Okinu this time.

I have relatives in Sapporo,

so we want to go to Hokkaido
and live a normal life.

I've decided to wash my
hands from this nomadic life.

This is my last job.

I'll disappear out of your
sights once I get to Hokkaido.


She's pregnant, on top of that.

All right.

She seems a bit complicated,

but I'll try to help you with what I can.

Thank you!

Don't mention it.

we were able to gather a lot of tools.

That's a lot more than I thought we'd get.

We're a little short on the Miyaba,
so we need to work on that.

Try not to get into any arguments.


- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

Sir, everything is looking good.

Make sure there aren't any mishaps.


Next, Saito from Maebashi.

Thank you.

- Fujita, from Hirosaki.
- Yes!


It's the hoodlums!

Be quiet!

My friend...

We're designating the plots right now.

We can't have you
doing what you please.

We decided to take this
place on our own because

we don't like the way
you designate the spaces.

- What?!
- Stop!

What kind of complaints do you have?

Our weaker friends are
out of luck because you

decided to insert 150
other merchants here.

We'd like you to make
it fair for everyone.

We only have 400 spaces here,

so if we too many vendors we
have to ask them to unite.

So is that how the Kikuya group operates?

Anyone can manage a property like that...

If all they have to say is, "this is it,
the rest of you are out of luck."

Try using your head more!

Don't be foolish!

If you can't take care of this fairly,

you should consider having
someone else manage this property!

I'm sure there are a lot of
other groups that can do this!

Mr. Takioka would never
let something like this happen!


What did you just say?!

Mizuno, cut it out.

What's with your
attitude to our friend here?

It seems we haven't formally met yet.

I met with your son a few days ago.

I see.

But, I'm the fourth
generation leader of Kikuya.

Are you saying you can
greet my son, but not me?

I can greet you as many times as you want.

I'm from Joshu, and my
name is Komatsu Genzo...

You idiot!

That's not what I'm talking about!

I'll show you how it's done.

This is the greeting you will get from me!

I'm not that old that
I can't take you guys on!

Why, you!

Lay off of them!

I'm doing this greeting myself.

I want you to take care of our friends.

Don't you ever come into
the Kikuya property again!

Just when I thought he was going to
greet them all I heard were fists flying.

The five of them were
knocked out in no time.

Is he that strong?

I guess he takes after his father.

Who is he?

It's none of your business.

I'm sorry.

That's how a man should be.

I'm going to join the Kikuya group.

Seko, Go...
What are you going to do?

That old man is a little scary.

I don't want to give up on the girls.



Please come this way...

What are you doing?

I'm a customer.

So what?


Hey, so are you pulling a fast
one on me here in Yoshiwara?


Why are you all ganging up on me?


Give me my money back!


No, money.


No, Idiot.

Making fun of me?

All right, I got it.

You have a short tongue, don't you?

Be quiet!

Can you help me?

I'm from Osaka and wanted to have
a nice time tonight in Yoshiwara, but...

That guy with the short
tongue is picking on me.


Stop picking on this guy.

Please listen to me.

I was walking here and they called me in,

so I followed them.

There was a picture of a
pretty girl so I went in.

But the girl that was waiting
for me was nothing like

the girl in the picture!

She left the room after a
while and never came back.

I was waiting but lost my
patience so I tried to leave.

I asked for my money back
and now he's playing dumb.

I asked him again and that's
when he called me a fool!

I'm from Osaka!

He didn't know what he was
getting into so why don't you

just give him his money back?

What do you know about our business?

- Stay out of it!
- Wait!

Watch who you're talking to!

Let's go in...

I'm no getting anywhere with you.

Call Takioka!

Where's Takioka?

We have customers here.
Let's talk outside.

Why don't you take better
care of your customers?

- What?
- What do you want?

Let's hear it.

So here's the owner of the brothel.

- Watch your mouth!
- Be quiet!

I don't care what you think of him,

but to me he's just an owner of a brothel.

You should think twice about
the kind of business you're running.

You'll give Yoshiwara a bad name.

I don't need you to tell
me how to run my business!

You idiot!

I'm just telling you this
because he asked me to.


Have them give you your money back.

Come on.

let the police take care of the rest.

Thank you!

Get the story from both sides.

We can't have any
fighting here in Yoshiwara.

You look like you're
forcing yourself to get drunk.


We know that Takioka is
running a dirty business,

but you'll get yourself killed if you
keep trying to take them on by yourself.

You should be more careful.

I don't understand you.

It seems like you're
trying to hurt yourself.

Go home.
I want to drink alone.

All right, I'll leave.

I'll do whatever I can.

I'll help you.

Thank you!

Open up!


Yume, are you all right?

I am.

What happened?

- Watch out!
- Don't worry.

Be careful.


I'm sorry.

Go home.

I told you not to come here.

You chase me out every time I come.

This is probably the fifth time.

No, sixth.

But I'm not going home tonight.

I don't care what you say.
I'm not going home.

You're drunk again.

Don't come near me or I'll hit you!

Go ahead and hit me.

Are you the kind of man
who hits a defenceless woman?

Yumeko, go home.

I'm sure you don't know why I'm so drunk.

No, how could I?

Of course not.

You're so insensitive.

But I'm drunk because
of that insensitive man.

That man Komatsu, who you got
into a fight with the other day,

made me drink with him.

Let it out...

You are...

Actually a kind person, aren't you?

What are you saying?

What about Komatsu?

He told me he's going to kill
your father tomorrow at the festival.

My father?

He boasted about it.

He said he was going to kill him.

Did he say anything more specific?


I kept pouring him drinks
trying to make him talk..

But I got drunk before he did.

I see...

But I felt I should tell you, so...

I'm leaving.

I have to go or you'll scold me.

It's all right.

Good night.

I'm going home...


I'm sorry, it's so heavy...

No problem!
We have to hurry and decorate them.

That's wrong.

- What?
- Here.


Can I talk to you?

I'll follow dad around all day today.


I don't know when and where,
so don't let your guard down.

Thank you for letting me know.

I guess your confinement is
going to last for a while longer.

That's not a problem.

I feel as though I've been enlightened.

I'll do anything for dad and the group.

Compared to what you're going through--


I'm counting on you.
Don't do anything rash.

You don't have to buy that here.

There's a lot more on the other side.

It's cheap!

There's no difference in
the products just because

we're not inside the festival.

It's those guys again!

They're taking our customers
away from right under our nose.

They're selling the same
products as we are out there!


If you can't settle this, then
we'll have to do it ourselves...

- Right, you all?
- Yes!

Wait a minute!

We're holding back because we don't
want this to turn into a huge fight.

The boss can settle this.
Please wait until he comes.

He came to call him just as we thought.

Please excuse my introduction
here in front of your place...

Wait a minute!

I don't know what you want,
but I'm in a hurry.

Can you ask him what he wants?

I'm from Koshu...

More specifically, Takeyama.




Dear, the baby just moved.

Your baby...

Okinu, are you regretting this?

Isn't it about time that your
husband is coming back to Osaka?


You promised not to talk about him!

I can't...

Are you regretting this?!


Okinu, don't cry.

I was wrong.

We'll be able to go to Hokkaido soon.

The three of us can live
there like normal people.

- Take me there now.
- Don't be impossible!

I want to repay my debt to Mizuno.

It's not for long.
Just a few days.

Please understand!

I am assuming that
you are Takioka's men.

Please excuse my rudeness.

I am from Osaka...

More specifically, Tennoji.

We can't let a man who steals the wife
of one of our friends get away with it.

Are you sure he's a
friend of Mizuno of Kikuya?



We don't have much here,
but make yourself at home.

Kokubu, building a department store
isn't just a sole proprietor's issue,

it's something that must be done
to get through this bad economy--


I'm just a small time gambler.

I can't comprehend all of
those technical business terms.

I will try to be of help in any way I can.

But, please promise me one thing.

The reason why Asakusa
is the way it is today,

is due to the hard work of all
the small vendors who work there.

Please don't forget that there are many
merchants who sacrificed their lives here.

I understand that very well.

I've talked it over with Takioka as well
and he's going to support us in this.

We're counting on you.

I can't accept this.

I don't move just for money.

Why didn't you stop your father?

We haven't lost yet.

We're all fighting together.

Why do you have to sell your property?

What's in Shikoku for you?

What kind of life will you have there?

That's not all.

My mother lives on in my father's heart.

He wants to live where
my mother is buried.

So are you saying you don't
care what happens to us?


I don't want to break up with you.

I'm very sad.

But, I'm the only family my father has.

I decided to let my father
do what he wants to.

You fool!

This business is too hard for me.

But, I was able to get through
each day because you were there.

But I guess that won't
be the case anymore.

That's right...

Hold on a second.

It's because of that talk
about the department store that

your father decided to move to Shikoku.

If we can stop them from
making a department store,

then we can be happy again.

That's right.

Wait here!

So you're the one...

Who are you?

- You murderer!
- What?

Am I wrong?

You're planning to drive the
people of Asakusa to starvation.

But we won't let that happen!

Get this crazy person out of here!





This is my brother.

I apologize for his rudeness.

You should watch who you're talking to.

- Brother...!
- I know what you want to say.


Now you want to complain
about something to me, too?


I'm just a bodyguard sent
by the Kokubu group, but...

But what?

For those of us who grew up
here in Asakusa, I feel I have to

agree with what my brother is saying.

You're drunk!

I may be drinking, but I'm not drunk.

If I may be frank...

You're a dirty man.

I don't like how you go about
destroying the small vendors

with the power of money.

The economic state
of Japan right now is...

Who cares!

What you're doing now
is murder, like he said!

How dare you!


Do you want me to kill you for my brother?


I know how much you all love Asakusa!

Then why don't you back down?

Let me go!

I understand and that's
why I did what I did!

I've paid for the compensation
of all the workers in Asakusa!

Are you telling the truth?

Of course!

I paid 100,000 yen through
Takioka the other day.

Why don't you ask him
if you think I'm lying?


How dare you, without
knowing the whole story!

You sure are a violent one!

I understand how much you love Asakusa.

Why don't we discuss this more?

I am against the building
of Sugiya Department Store!

I've made up my mind to
tie explosives on to me and

jump into the construction
site if they go through with this.


Let us all come together
and stop them from

building the department store
which will destroy our lives!

- Dad! We have a problem!
- What?

I just learned that Takioka received
cash from the department store guys.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.


This is set in a bar on an autumn day.

The owner receives payment.

Thank you.

There's nothing, sir...

There's nothing.

I don't have a cent on me.

Just then a masterless
samurai enters and says, "Wait."

I will get him to pay his tab.

Get out of my way!

What? Step outside!

Don't talk so big!

Hey, are you sure his tab is all right?

After hearing that...

Hey! What did you just say?

Listen well. This bar and
this whole area is my territory!

Really? I didn't know that.

He pounded his chest and said,

I don't need a dharma name yet!

Hey, haven't you heard of that before?

No, never.

Where are you from?

From the China Sea side.

So you're a pig that came through Korea!

What, you cow?

Step outside!

They both went outside and
the people gathered around them.

They both drew their swords...

Are you Ichihara?


Stand up.

Takioka received 100,000 yen
from Sugiya Department Store?


Is that true?

Are you sure?

My son, Katsuo, said he
heard if from President Oshima,

so I went to verify it and he
said he did give him the money

as compensation for
the workers of Asakusa.

Takioka, what did you do with that money?


I did receive 100,000 from Present Oshima.

Why didn't you tell us?

I have my reasons.

I couldn't watch my vendors suffer,
so I had to use that money.

I will definitely pay them
back in the next few days.


You need to tell us these things earlier.


That's why I said I'll
get the money somehow!

What's going to happen to our reputation?!

You're talking big now,
but there's something could

tell everyone about, that you
won't be able to back out of!


Some guy named Ichihara in
your group ran off with the

wife of one of our friends!

You can't just tell me you didn't
know about it after you let him

do business on your property.

My two guys found him and
I have him at my place.

The broad's husband, Murakami,
wants me to settle this for him.

How do you plan to settle this matter?

This has nothing to do
with the matter at hand.

Don't try to run from this!

Weren't you the one who was
lecturing me about reputation?

Why don't you clean up your act first?

All right.

I'll settle this.

All right, I'll be waiting for you.



Let me settle this matter.

You don't have to go.

Ichihara is my brother.

I'm sure he wanted to be happy
but had to break the rules.

I would like to help
them be happy together.

Please let me do this.

I'm the one who let him
rent a space when I knew

there was something going on with him.

I won't be able to do business
anymore if I don't settle this.

Please, sir...

Let me do this!


I guess I have no choice.

Go ahead.

Thank you very much!


I have two children, but as you know...

Ryutaro left this house
and Katsuo is still young.

You're the only one I can depend on.

I'm honoured!

I'm thinking of having
you take over Kikuya.

Don't be rash!

I understand.

I'm still a nobody, but I promise
I will settle this matter!

That broad, Okinu, hung herself.

Where's Ichihara?

Don't worry, he's not dead yet.


Mr. Takioka, I'm from the Kikuya group.

I've come for Ichihara.

So you're the one who's
going to take over Kikuya.

I'm still an apprentice.

You sure have a troublesome brother.

He broke a sacred rule in our business!

The broad took her life,

but we're just appalled
by this guy's thick skin.

Isn't your reputation going
to be ruined by this guy?

No matter what you may say about us,
Ichihara and I are are brothers.

We can't just end that.

Brother, I'm sorry.

Thank you so much.

I'd like to request that you
hand over Ichihara to me.

Don't be so naïve.

That broad's husband asked
me to settle this for him.

My reputation is riding on this, too.

I'll settle that matter.

Can someone prepare
for my finger cutting?

I don't want to dirty your tatami.


Wait a minute.

Murakami, is his finger
going to settle this for you?

I didn't think so.

Your wife was stolen from
you and now she's dead.

Why don't you do as you please?

What are you doing?

I settled the matter.
What do you think?


I was talking to you,
and to have my brother killed!

Have someone turn themselves in.

Take this guy back to Kikuya.

Hey, let me have your best alcohol.

You wouldn't be able to handle it.

Let me have some.

Were you jilted?

No, there's going to be a fight
between the Takioka and Kikuya group.

I haven't officially become a
part of the Kikuya group,

but I want to show the Takioka
group who they're dealing with.


What did you just say?

Mizuno was killed by Takioka and...

Mizuno was killed by Takioka?!

Don't let any yakuza through.

We can't get out of here!

Ryutaro, are you going to
take revenge for Mizuno?

Please, don't!
You'll get killed!



I heard Kikuya and Takioka
are at war with each other.

Boss, I have a favour to ask of you.

I'd like you to release
me from your group.

What are you planning?

Mizuno, who was like a brother
to me, was killed by Takioka.


Vendors need to settle their own battles.

It's not a place for
gamblers to butt into.


I don't want to cause anyone any trouble.

I didn't take you into my
group to let you go that easily!

I want you to take over Kokubu.

There's no other guy who can do the job.

I want you to take over as soon as possible
as long as you're all right with it.

You're the successor of the Kokubu Group.

I can't have you ruin our
name by doing something rash.


It seems the police raided
the vendors and the ruckus

prompted old man Yamagata to step in.

I see.

Ryutaro, you can't do anything
now that the police are there.

I'm telling you this in desperation
for not wanting to let you go.

Can you listen to me?


I'm very honoured but could you
wait until tomorrow for my answer?

I promise to give you my answer tomorrow.

Why don't you wait upstairs?

You'll catch a cold.

I'm so glad you're all right!

Let's go inside.

I'll get some warm soba.


I have to talk to you.

Do you want to take a trip with me?

Let's leave this place.

I never trusted any woman, or maybe
I should say I hated all women.

But, I give up on you.


I guess it was wrong of me
to stay here for 30 plus years.

Are you serious?

Of course.

I can't take over the Kokubu group.

I'm not suited to be a boss.

I want to start over where
I don't know anyone.

I'll go with you.

I go wherever you go.

Can you buy two tickets for
the night train to Osaka tomorrow?


There's one thing I need
to settle before I leave here.

Hello, Kikuya.
Just a minute.

Boss, it's from President Oshima.


This is Kijima Masakichi.

I understand.

Boss, what did they want?

He wants to see me tonight
and wants me to go to Tachibana.

President Oshima and
Takioka are partners in crime.

- I'm sure they're planning something.
- It may be a trap!

You can't be suspicious of everyone.

He says he wants to meet
with me tonight before

he meets with Takioka tomorrow.

He's meeting Takioka tomorrow?

Let's go!

Here's 100,000 yen.

But I'm not going to give
this money to those guys.

What are you going to do?

I'm going to give it back to Oshima.

But, brother...

I know you want to tell me it's a waste.

I've never met anyone
who didn't want any cash.

I'm actually going to pretend
to give this back to him

and ask him for another 100,000.

Then we'll have to be
able to control this area.

That's where I need your help.

I'd like you to each take
half and lend me a hand.

President Oshima has been going
along with everything I've said so far.

But Kikuya...

If Kijima makes a wrong
move then I'll just finish him.

That'll take care of one rotten apple.

Please accept this.

We'll discuss later.

Dad, please take us.
It's too dangerous for you to go alone.

we can't barge in there with all of us.

President Oshima just wants to talk to me.

But, we haven't settled
our business with Takioka.

You don't know what kind of
dirty trick they have up their sleeve.

Do you want me to avoid President Oshima
just because I'm afraid of Takioka?

I don't have time.
Go and get the car.


Boss, please don't go tonight.

You shouldn't go!

I appreciate how you feel,
but if I don't see him tonight,

he'll be meeting with Takioka tomorrow.

Takioka may get him to agree
to something that will destroy

us all for his own greed.

No matter what happens,
I will meet with Oshima and

plead with him for you all.

Then at least let us go with you.

As I said before, it'll look as though
we're threatening him if this many of us go.

That won't work to our advantage.

But if something should happen...

My life is a cheap price to pay
if that means you'll all be saved.


Tanigawa, I want you to come with me.

Katsuo, I'm counting on you.





Go ahead.

I can't thank you enough
for obliging my request.

I was touched by your
love for Asakusa and your

dedication to your father.

I appreciate your kind words.

I just desperately felt the need
to ask you to meet with my father

who is trying so hard to keep
it together for the vendors.

Please try to listen to
what my father has to say.

I should have come to you and
your father in the first place.

I'll discuss this matter
with your father tonight.

He'll be here shortly,
so I'll excuse myself.




- Ryutaro...
- Dad, hang in there.

Ryutaro, get me up.

I have an important matter to tend to.

Ryutaro, call President Oshima.

Call him.

Hey, call the president!



Mr. Oshima...

- Come inside.
- Dad!


What are you doing?
Call a doctor!

Sir, it's no use calling a doctor.

There's nothing he can do for me.

More importantly, can you
please hold off on building

the department store until
the vendors find a place to go.

Sir, please!

Just two years.

Fine, I will wait.

I'm glad.

Aren't you happy?



I've always wanted to hold you like this.

I'm very content now.



Take care of Katsuo.


The boss!



Who did this?


Who did this?

I'm sorry...

Komatsu did this.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


I didn't think I'd be coming home
after five years to see you like this.

Takioka is behind this.
Let's take revenge!

- Let's go!
- Be quiet.

Stop making a commotion
in front of the deceased.




He said he's going to settle this with
Takioka and went there on his own!

They will kill him!

Ryutaro, please save him.

This is dangerous.

I don't want anyone to follow me.


Hey, Kijima, hold up!

Don't get in my way!
Katsuo is in danger.

- My father was murdered by Takioka.
- Your father?

Katsuo went by himself to
take revenge for my father.

Leave it to the police!

- No way!
- Kijima!



Komatsu! Come out here!

- Wait!
- Let me go!

I can't let Katsuo get killed!

He's by himself.
This should be no sweat.



Is this Asakusa station?


- Brother!
- This is no place for you!

I just need you to take over Kikuya.

You idiot!

Just leave these kinds of things up to me!

Come get me!



Dad was worried about
you until the very end.

You need to take over after dad!


Let me go!


Let me go!

Stop it!



I'm taking revenge for
my father and Mizuno!

Get out of the way!

Hey, get them!



Get out of my way!

You bastard!

Stay back!

Hold it!

I'm not going to be killed
by some scum like you!



I may be scum...

But so are you!




You don't have to suffer anymore.

Be sure to hold...

Dad's hand when you
cross to the other side.