Bakuto Kaisan-shiki (1968) - full transcript

The story of men devoted to the Yakuza lifestyle and their struggles during a time of fading Yakuza power.







MARCH 1966



JULY 1966








Produced by:
Koji SHUNDO and Hisashi YABE
Screenplay by:
Fumio KONAMI and Norio NAGATA

Photography by: Shichiro HOSHIJIMA
Sound recording by: Tadayuki KOMATSU
Lighting by: Shigeru UMETANI
Art Direction by: Hiroshi FUJITA

Music by: Isao TOMITA
Editor: Osamu TANAKA
Assistant Director: Yukio NODA



Masayo BANRI

Harumi SONE

Seizaburo KAWAZU

Tetsuro TANBA

Directed by: Kinji FUKASAKU



Apologies for my long absence.

- I have returned.
- I was waiting for you.

Thank you. Although this is
a tough time for us,

I apologize I couldn't do
anything for you.

It was you who made the
Family what it is today.

Not at all.

I had some new clothes
delivered to you.

Yes, I received them.

I didn't want to change
into them in prison.

I see.

But I'm glad you're looking so well.

Let's go into the other room.

- You haven't changed.
- But I have. I've gotten old.

- I have health problems...
- Excuse me. A visitor...

Maeda... He's the new police chief.

I'll see him. Put him through.

I want to speak to you alone,
Mr. Iwasaki.

Kuroki is my right hand.
Please speak freely.

You're Kuroki. I've heard about you.
You're out.

I'll come straight to the point.

I want you to disband
the Iwasaki Family.

Chief Maeda, you're young.

You want to make your mark
in your new job.

You're nothing like the
lazy former chief.

I acknowledge that but...

I will not disband the Iwasaki Family.

But the eradication of crime families

is the government's policy.

Public opinion and
the press support it.

Are you going against that?

We are an honorable group
with a strict moral code.

Look at all the police commendations.

We're not like any other
crime organization.

Is your fixer ignoring the
freight limits or

inflating laborer numbers
according to your moral code?

Have you come to ridicule me?

Then let me be frank.

You always want us to disband but

you won't guarantee our
livelihood afterwards.

You'll just have young
hotheads on the streets.

Don't worry.
We'll strengthen our enforcement.

Do you think suppressing
them will work?

Are you kidding? If they don't
have us, they'll go hungry.

Who knows what they'll do
when they're desperate?

We take them into Iwasaki Transport

and give them a law-abiding occupation.

It's because of the family

that they can't really abandon crime.

I intend to have Kuroki supervise them.

This man can control anyone.

They won't cause you any trouble.

I see, use poison against poison?

All right.

But the split between you
and the executives is fishy.

That seems to be certain.


- I don't think I can accept...
- Wait a minute.

I know exactly what you are thinking.

This happened a long time ago...

But I was in prison for nine years.

That's a long time.

My only thought was to go straight

when I was released.

I'm asking you knowing full
well you want to leave.

It doesn't matter how I feel...
but I've been away.

I'll only cause you trouble.

I'm happy just having you around.

Although I said we won't
disband, I'm getting old.

My health is questionable.

I beg you again.
Won't you help me?


Hey man, you're in the way.
Standing in the road...

Well, say something.

- Do you have business here?
- What's going on, Isao?

You have a problem?
Oh, Brother?

Brother Kuroki!

- Brother.
- Oh, One Am.

Let me take that.

We're glad you're out.

Why didn't you tell us
you were getting out?

We'd have gone to greet you.

It was quite sudden.

But... Oh, sorry for letting
you stand here.


- Kasai!
- Hey!

I hear Kuroki's out.

I've crawled out from under the rocks.

The famous Iwasaki.
Three are together.

Iwasaki Three?
Even Kuroki never said that.

Where have you been?

What's it to you?

- The point...
- I know.

That once one gives, they
return again and again.

Are you still using?

Yeah, that's why I need the dough.

All right.

You'll have it.


Do you want to see Kuroki?

- No, what's the point?
- He wanted to see you.

But you shouldn't let him
see you like this.

- But we could bump into...
- I'm telling you to stay out.

Not just Kuroki. I don't want
the Iwasaki guys to see you.

I'll find you a place so
stay there quietly, okay?

All right.


Sorry about that. I didn't know.

Don't worry about it.

I've heard your name since
I was young.

I really wanted to meet you.

Isao... Right?

Is the bar Anchor in
Nishimachi still there?

- Hi, Isao!
- Hey.

Shall we go in?

It's been a long time.

Brother, you know her?

Yes, an old acquaintance.

- I'll leave you two alone.
- It's okay.

- When?
- Today.

I see. Have one?


I'm sorry.

I didn't go to greet you.

It doesn't matter now.

So you own this place?

- Is that funny?
- Not at all.

Don't you have to go?

Don't go away.

Do you want more?


I've changed, haven't I?

We've both changed.
It's only natural.

It's been eight years.

You stopped coming to visit.

- I'm sorry.
- That's not what I mean.

It's just that I got used to
staring at the four walls.

But I didn't expect an
apology from you.

I have no idea what your
life has been.

You've taken over this place.

I decided this is what I wanted.

Don't know if I wanted to
settle down or was just tired.

But there was one thing
I was missing.

I'd be lying if I said I was
waiting for you.

But it's not a total lie.

There was a hole in my heart.

Only you can make it whole.

It's not a lie.

- We haven't changed.
- No.

You went to prison before
the tattoo was finished.

Brother, you don't have to
inspect the operations.

All you have to do is come
to the office once a day.

We all feel better now that
you're heading the place.

- Right, Isao?
- Absolutely.

- I want to see.
- Oh, okay.

They used to belong to
other families.

Our family took in all those
that were thrown out

when other groups were disbanded.

Iwasaki Transport is now a
group of outcasts.

But they're good on-site supervisors.


Hey, you there.

- Stop.
- It's not going to hurt you.

- Look the other way.
- Fool!

We're the ones who'll be blamed.

Hey, wait.

I said stop.

You're so square, Koike.

You've been rehabilitated.

Never kill a laborer again.

- Damn you.
- Hey, don't.

Hey, it's not worth it.

Don't think you're too
high and mighty.

Tamaru, how can a union
chief condone theft?

Get back to work.

You may not know, but he
was inside for four years.

He killed a laborer.

That wasn't all.
He got involved with the widow.

It was really love, so it
was even worse.

The laborers set against him.

Iwasaki Transport pads

their payroll by five men per gang.

Maybe that's your way in.

The cops will do that.
What about the laborers?

The work's hard so they
are dissatisfied

but not enough to ignite a riot.

You have to fan the flames.

No matter how trite,

all complaints should be
reported to Iwasaki Transport.

Then a single spark could ignite them.

I'll decide when.

Would be interesting to see
Kuroki's reaction

but he's just a yakuza.

The ports are changing.

Operations are being streamlined.

Those who don't see it
will be left behind.

Not just yakuza, same goes
for longshoremen.

- How is it?
- What?


- Can you make it work?
- Don't know.

Hard for a prison returnee
to make sense of it.

All I can do is try.

You can do it. Even I could.

I, who lived out of a suitcase
started wanting things.

I did a lot of things.
I saved a lot of money.

That's how I got this bar.

I went through a lot of men...

getting their money.

- Aren't you angry?
- About what?

The old you would have smacked me.

You're kinder now.

I still feel I'm a guest out here.
I'm not used to it.

It's late.

I see. I got it.

Since times are tough I'll
halve the monthly fees.

So things are that tough?

Yes, the cops are watching

and they don't believe
we've gone legit.

Chief Maeda summoned

the head of Transport companies
the other day.

That young fool?

He requested that yakuza related
companies not be given contracts.

He had Iwasaki in mind.

Are you kidding, we're legit.

Kuroki, there's a party for
port-related companies.

Let's go shake the shipping
executives there.

- Mr. Iwasaki, how are you?
- Oh, hello.

I didn't expect you to
show up here.

Why not? I'm one of the vendors.

I've contributed to the
development of the port.

How about development in the future?

I hear Iwasaki Transport
violates port laws.

Why do you single out our
company like this?

You have us to thank for the
smooth operation.

Oh, just ask those shipping
executives there.

You may not know that
other ports experience

strikes and sabotage by
the longshoremen.

There's not been a single
incident here.

That's because I crushed
the communist labor union

and never let them control this port.

That doesn't mean I didn't
take care of the laborers.

I created insurance for those
who are out of work.

And those injured in the
Norwegian sailors incident...

Call an ambulance.

It looks like it's time to disband.

What? Cancelled?

The Daito shipbuilding job?

They cancelled it out
of the blue today.


We've tried to negotiate
but can't make headway.

- They're old customers.
- This is ridiculous.

First of all, your firm...
What? Fool!

Do as you please.

You, too?

Yes, it's the ship Asahi
of Azuma Shipping.

It's supposed to go out immediately.

I hope no one else cancels on us.

Hello, Iwasaki Transport.
Oh, it's you.

Something strange is going on.
I checked.

It seems my information was correct.

How about it?
We could send some jobs your way.

What's the cargo?
Wheat and sundries?

Yes, but there's a two day deadline.

If you think you can do it
I'll give the job to you.

Yes, think it over and
get back to me. Bye.

Will it go according to plan?

Yes. This is such a hard job
that there will be a rift

between the longshoremen
and Iwasaki Transport.

Finally, the time is near.

Shall we do this?

I don't want the job.
Since Karasawa's involved.

Even now the laborers
won't work for us.

If we say it's a rush job
of two days,

no one will work for us.

You have to get the men.

Many forces are trying to
eliminate us.

If we don't fight back, we're
playing into their hands.

Maybe the job is tough.

But we have to do the job,
there's no other way.

All right then.
Isao, Koike go find the men.

Find 60 laborers.
Do whatever you must.

If the unemployment
agency doesn't work

entice them with money.

Nakamura, charter the barges.

Also get some cash together.

Go it?

Hey third deck,
you're falling behind.

Step on it.

We're not horses. Do it yourself.

What the...?

How dare you goof off?

- How's your wife?
- What?

Marrying the widow of the
man you murdered...

you think you're something.

She must be a good lay.


It's him. He killed him.


Don't say that again.
Now go back to work.

What was that about?

- Sorry I'm late.
- It's okay.

- Something wrong?
- It's nothing.

He's rubbing it in.

Get out of the way!

It's him.

No, it wasn't me.

Let him go.

But he's a murderer!

How do you know without
an investigation?

This doesn't concern you.

I said go!

Do you want to fight?


- Gondo. Let him go.
- Brother.

- But he killed Koike.
- I said let him go.

They get spoiled because you're soft.

Please get back to work.

We have to finish before
tomorrow morning.


But Kuroki, we can't go back
to work feeling like this.

Right, accusing him of
murder without proof.

This is an accident.
An accident.

I'll take care of it.
So go back to work.

As long as you understand.

Come, everyone.

Lend me a hand.

So the laborers are really unhappy now.

Good, let's use this.

Let's swamp them with lots of demands.

If it goes well, they won't
be able to function.


Help me!

That's enough.

Oh no!

That wasn't good.
What shall we do?

Boss, I can't go back to
Iwasaki Transport.

We never got used to Kuroki.

I have to go out.
Shimizu, hear them out.

Boss. We'll do anything for you.

We pledge our lives. So, Boss...

- It's them.
- Yep. It's the Iwasaki guys.

- What shall we do?
- Let's go.

- Why are you here?
- What's the meaning of this?

Did you sleep well last night?

- What do you mean?
- Don't pretend.

- Apologize.
- Don't be stupid.

You get cocky because we were humble.


What's going on? Tell me why?

Does Iwasaki Transport condone murder?

What are you talking about?

Yoshihara is dead.
One of you did it.

Damn you. Where's the proof?

- Have you seen Gondo?
- Nope.

Not this morning...

All right. We're not to blame
but I'll look into it.

So could you break up and
go back to work?

Are you kidding?

You want us to work at
a time like this?

Let's tear this place down.

Get down.

Brother, it's the cops.

How dare you call the cops on us!

You cowards!

I didn't think we'd ever protect you.

Oh Boss!

- Boss.
- They sure play rough.

- I'm sorry. It's all my fault.
- Not true. It's time.

If we were going against
the cops and

shipping companies, I'd keep
on fighting.

But if the laborers turn
their backs on us

this company's had it.

I shouldn't say this after
all I've made you do

but I'm going to ask you
to shut it down.

If some of you want to go
straight, do so.

Thanks for sticking it
out 'til the end.

I'll try to compensate you
as much as I can.


Could you allow me one favor?

What's it?

I want to open a gambling joint.

- Gambling joint?
- Yes.

Use the profits to pay the
company's debts

and give some money to
Koike's widow and the men.

But why go that far?

You don't have to worry about money.

No, this is my job.

But, this is not a good time.

- If it gets around...
- I know.

So we'll just do it with
our executives.

The executives?

I want to challenge Karasawa.


So you really want to go
against the times?

I'm not that brave.

But I want to finish it in
the way I know best.

I see.

What do you think?

- I'll do it.
- Me too.

- Me too.
- So will I.

You're all blockheads...

I'll leave them in your hands.

- Go for it.
- Thank you.


What do you think?

Opening a gambling joint
is a last ditch effort.

Right. If you get caught
gambling now

all our efforts will
go to waste. Right?

Please wait...

Can we get out of this?

Karasawa, what do you say?

I'm a legit businessman.
I don't gamble.


If it's only Kuroki, we could
ignore it but

Boss Iwasaki is backing him up.

Didn't you all cut ties with Iwasaki?

- Well yes, but...
- Right.

It was only a front.

But it succeeded.

Even though it was feigned,
because we cut ties

they didn't shut us down.

But not for long with our
family pulling us down.

What do you mean?

Kuroki opens a gambling
joint and invites us.

What do you think it means?

He's trying to keep us
from going straight.

He's trying to take us down with him.

This is a test.

But why would Kuroki do such a thing?

He's still the yakuza he was
eight years ago.

February 10th.

What would happen if
the cops found out?

- You're going to snitch?
- Must you go that far?

It's because of Kuroki
Boss won't disband.

It's like Kuroki to open
a gambling joint.

He's putting all his chips on this.

So let us put all our
bets on the table, too.

We'll bet against Kuroki
and the Boss.

A test, huh?

All right, I'll accept.

How beautiful.

What is it?

I thought you put color
in your tattoo.

You were looking forward
to it a long time ago.

I was so simple.

I thought it would look beautiful.

But I like it better this way now.

It suits us, I think.

Because we're not complete?

That look...

It reminds me of the old days.

When you were cornered
you always had that look.

I also sense a simmering angst.

You're going to do something,
aren't you?

What is it?

The world is so orderly now.

You're trying to go
against the times.

You won't succeed.

You may be right.

But I have to see for myself.

- This is for this month.
- Thanks.

- How do you feel?
- Not bad.


I may need you soon.

He's doing great.

Thought he'd be rusty after
being locked up

but no, he's too active.

You're talking about Kuroki?

- You want me to kill Kuroki?
- What if I did?

-I can't. I can't do that.
- Don't be soft.

Remember this. You owe me.

I own every inch of you.

Don't. You're not my friend.

Your knife skills are still good.

I'm relieved.

Do you hate me? Enough to kill?

Then do it.
Stab me with that knife.

You can't, can you?

That's what being an addict is about.

If you kill me what happens then?

Take care of yourself until
I need you.

Hey, outside.

Something's wrong.
Go see if you can find them.

- Brother.
- Well?

It's no good. They're gone.

All of them?

They all left this evening
and haven't been seen since.

I see.

- Damn!
- Stop it.

I'm going to find him and kill him.

- Isao!
- One Arm.

Go stop Isao.

Then stay with him.


You can leave now.


Go live it up with this.


Thank you.


It's time to disband.

It's time.
That won't be the end of it.

What are you going to do?

People want order.

No one can go against the times.

Why don't they come?

Brother? Why didn't they come?

- All right.
- It's not all right.

I know you want to find
and kill them as well.


- Isao, let's go home.
- No, I won't.

I'm going to find Karasawa
and kill him.

- Let's go home.
- No way.

Damn Gondo.
He was here all the time.


- So they orchestrated it.
- Damn!


- What do you want?
- You know.

You incited the laborers to riot.





Who were the customers?

- Why won't you talk?
- Talk, damn you.

Hey, you can't plead the fifth.

I see. Kuroki, that was a good ploy.

No wonder you tipped us
off on the gambling.

- You were tipped off?
- Don't feign innocence.

You turned our attention
to the gambling

so you could attempt
murder somewhere else.

But your underlings didn't succeed.

Come to the point.

Four people died.

- Why?
- Don't play innocent.

You sent One Arm and Isao
to kill Karasawa.

- Karasawa?
- Yeah.

These two tried to kill Karasawa.

But you know why better than we do.

Kuroki, how about it?

Tell me.

Why didn't you go to
the gambling joint?

Why? Shimizu? Tanaka? Karasawa?

You seem to trust Kuroki

but it's his fault the family
is in this crisis.

Putting aside the fact that
he tried to kill me,

the office was destroyed
by laborers because of him.

He gets arrested at the
gambling joint.

He's totally out of control.

Why blame us and not him?

Karasawa, you talk big,
all of a sudden.

Is that so?

I see. You're conspiring against me.

You, the executives of the family...

Boss, you can't win
against changing times.

Why don't you try to leave cleanly?

We can handle the ports,

without any yakuza tactics.

Get out! Right now!


Boss, disband the family.

Disband the family and
retire in luxury.


We all want you to disband.

That's the only way we can survive.

In championing Kuroki,
you'll destroy us all.

We won't permit that.

- Hey Karasawa!
- Shut up.

Say it. Say you'll disband.

Then everything will be fine.

I will never disband.

Call the doctor.


It was too late.


How about it?

You have no one to rely on.

It looks like condolences
are in order.

Looks like Mr. Iwasaki
died for the moral code.

I say he brought this on himself.

Your end is also near.

Because of the family
you had to break the law.

Now it's nothing but useless resistance.

In a society that won't
tolerate the Iwasaki group,

what value does a yakuza's
self-respect have?

It's just garbage.

Don't worry about the gambling charges.

Concentrate on the murders.

I hear Kuroki's been released.

Not enough evidence.

He would never come here.

Let him come. If he can.

This is the article of incorporation

of our new organization.

Let's not do this here.

Wait until the funerals over.

No, the sooner the better.

If you sign this tonight,
I'll announce it tomorrow.


Hey Kuroki, hold on.

How dare you show your face here.

You must know what your men did.

- How about an apology.
- Stop it.

It's water under the bridge.

I've forgiven him.

But Kuroki... I have one
thing to say to you.

It was you who hastened Boss' death

and shut down the family.

Your yakuza ways did that.

Meaning opening the gambling joint

was useless resistance.

That's funny. You say the
same thing as the police.

Whatever it is, I'm now the
head of the family.

I won't disband nor go out
of business.

I sold the bar.

It took me eight years to
buy that bar.

But I don't regret letting it go.

I'll start again.

I'll leave this port and
find a new life.


I can't do it without you.

Eight years ago, you went
where I couldn't follow.

And again, this time...

No, I won't allow it.

Please, come with me.

You have nothing now.

No family, no brothers, nothing.

Please. Live for us, this time.

Akiko, there was a time I
wanted to go away with you.

But I couldn't get use to this.
There was too much change.

- Why?
- Maybe I'm stubborn.

People may laugh at me

but you would have understood,
eight years ago.

Dear? You haven't changed one bit.

You can't change...

Even after eight years have passed.

I'm sorry I made you wait.
I'm sorry.

Long time, Kuroki.

Who's there?


- Is it really you?
- Don't come closer.

I've come to kill you.

It's true. On Karasawa's orders.

Karasawa? What's going on?

Why are you working for Karasawa?

Don't mind me.
Why won't you leave here?

The Boss is dead, the family's gone.

There's nothing to keep you here.

That woman... Akiko, is it?

It's not too late.
Go with her.

- Doesn't matter where.
- What about you?

Kasai, why are you back?

Drugs. I'm in to Karasawa for
the drug money.

And that's why I have to kill you.

The Iwasaki Three has come to this.

Final offer. Get out of this port.

- Nope.
- I figured.

You're not a guy who listens to others.

But as long as you stay,
I have to kill you.

Don't, Kasai.
Why should you and I fight?

Shut up.


Stop this, Kasai.
You're in no condition...

Shut up.


Kuroki, you're still good.

I knew you would be.

Kasai. You came here to die.

Why? Why?

I didn't want to die a pitiful death

in this colorless world.


To die in a fight with you...

is more than I deserve.



You fool...

With the incorporation of
our new organization

I have a request of the media.

We are here because the
times demand it.

It bears no relation to
Iwasaki's death.

And we are also very different from

the yakuza group that was
the Iwasaki family.

Please make sure you understand,

and let the world know.

The goal of our new organization

is to be the transport
company of a new era.

We will work with the
port and harbor people

to co-exist and prosper.

The unfortunate incidents
of the past

have died with Iwasaki
and his family.

That went well.

I truly feel we've survived.

We came out spotless.

Karasawa's smart.

Don't be so sure.

We have to keep on surviving.

Have you thought about that?

What do you see?

You think the cargo business
hasn't changed.

But there's an unseen
arrangement there.

Why do you think the yakuza way

didn't work there anymore?

Because of the cops?
The press?

That's not it. It's because
the yakuza got in the way.

Even the cops and the press
work for them.

- Then...
- Just keep your eyes open.

Or else, you'll end up just
like the Boss.




Kuroki! How...

What's this about?

It's Kasai's knife.
That's his blood.

- Pick it up.

It's your turn.

Have a seat.

I think you have the wrong idea.

I don't know what Kasai did,

but the drugs had addled his brain.

Besides, I had nothing to do with
Boss's death or the group's demise.

It's the age.
It's the sign of the times.

We can't go against it.
You nor I.

Pick it up.

This is idiotic.

I have no use for this.

Enough is enough. I'm legit.

I washed my hands a long time ago.

- How?
- What?

I'll tell you.

You did it with your brothers' blood.

How clean you must feel.

Take it. I won't stop until you do.

Kuroki, let's join forces.

Let's work together.
You're not my enemy.

There's an even larger enemy.

Please, work with me.

You want me to join you?

To suck the blood of my brothers

and grow fat with you?

So you want me to revert to
my yakuza ways?

You're yakuza. No, dirtier.

Stop this. What do you gain
by killing me?

Think about it.
You have nothing to gain.

- Don't you see that?
- I do.

Nothing will come out of killing you.


As long as you live, those
you killed won't rest.

Hold on. Hold on a second.
Can't we discuss this?

Kuroki, you're a fool.

You're a small time yakuza.


How could this happen?