Bakuhatsu! Boso yugi (1976) - full transcript

Teruo Ishii's West Side Story, done as a bloody, violent, sexploitative biker gang film. It's the Red Chilis versus the Black Cats, and the chick who just may heal the divide.

- Bakuhatsu! Boso Yugi -

lWASHlMA Junichi

SHlBASHlMA Shoumi, NAKAJlMA Yutaka

Directed by lSHll Teruo

Hey! This is fun!

Keep it up!

Let's go!

You stupid bastard!

Leave me alone!
- Shut up, pussy!

We're gonna kill you!

Stupid asshole!

Come on! This way!


Shin... what's Kuwashima Masami like?

lt will drive you crazy if l tell you.

No way! l'm not impressed by famous people.

Then l'll tell you...

That's him!


He's really handsome and famous!

He won the European Grand Prix.


Good luck! Masami! Good luck!

Asshole! Keep quiet! You're so fucking annoying!

Did you escape from the Planet of the Apes?

Do l look like a monkey?

You fuckin' pigs shouldn't even be here!

Are you talking to me?

Who else?

You've lost your mind...
You're on ourturf.

You bastards never keep the truce, and you know it.

Listen to this! He's talking shit!

He smells like it, too!

Bastards! We won't...

We'll take care of you later.

Run back to your own turf, yellow pisshead.

Stay out of Sumidagawa!

Kuwashima Masami is maintaining first position...

in second place is Hoshina... but...

He's gaining and taking overfiirst position.

Wait! There's a yellow flag...
Masami's car is having trouble.

Hoshina has defeated the
European Grand Prix champion!


Masami... will you give her your autograph?

Let's go, Masami.

Get away. You guys stink!

Go back to the Sumidagawa sewers.

You smell really bad!
- Take a shower...

Shin! Shin!


Those Red Baron bastards put me in a bad mood!

Let's go! Let's beat the train!

lt's finished!

Wow, Yuki! lt looks so nice...

l'll pretend to be the groom.
Let's see how it looks.

How is it?
- Yoko, give your bride a kiss.

What's going on? Why aren't you working?

This is for the upcoming show...
Now what?

l'm sorry... l...
- lt was my fault, too...

Shut up! Don't play with the costumes!

Starting tonight... you must make a new one...

No sleeping! Use this one for your own wedding...

lf you ever have one...

He doesn't pay us enough for this abuse...

Yuki, l'll help you.

Don't worry... l'll work and repair it.

That bald old man!

Welcome! Do you need repair work?

Yes... wheel trouble...

Let him work on it.

Of course... Kazama, check out this car.

l thought you were a sewer rat...
but you're an oil rat!

What did you say? Bastard!

Hey! You've got a short fuse.

We're customers. Treat us with respect.

Next Sunday... we should meet.
At the usual place. Okay... ?

Do you mean near Futago?

Sure, there's room for 300 bikes, right?

Or is your turf too small? Maybe only
half your gang should come.


What about the fee?

There was nothing wrong.

ldiot! You could have made up anything
and charged them!

We aren't rich, spoilt kids...
The bike gives us freedom.

We can't let anybody... like the
Red Barons... stop us!

We should kill them!

Listen! Tomorrow at 1 AM...
we meet here. Understand?

Yeah! We'll kill them!

Don't you like the party?

All parties are the same.

Do they have wild parties in Europe?

Not just Europe... everywhere.

So you're not interested in sex?

Of course. But it should be a private thing.

Then l know of a room where
no one will bother us.


Cover yourself.

Don't you like me?

l guess l'm just old fashioned.

Remember the old saying?
'Take everything you can get'.

There's a better saying...
'Free merchandise is the most expensive'.

Shin! l heard you had a meeting last night.

Are you ready to fight the Red Barons?

Where's my brother?

Bad news...

Don't keep things from me.

Consider my position.

Nobody tells me anything anymore.

Don't exclude me.

Stop talking that shit!

Don't worry. He just went to
find some more members.

We know a big gang is coming.

Shin, is there a way to stop this?

Don't worry. l'll keep an eye on him.
Our leader won't get hurt.

Who are you?

Kazama Yuki.

Nice to meet you.
l'm Kuwashima Masami.

l know. l met you the other day.

Really... where?

At the Suzuka race.

Oh, l'm sorry. l don't remember.

Masami, what's going on?

What do you mean?

You said you'd be ready in an hour.

l told you l couldn't make it.

l want to introduce you to my father today.

Don't you want a sponsor?

Of course... but not today.

Fine. Never mind.

You have good taste in cars...

but bad taste in girls.

She's a stupid child.

l didn't know there was trouble on
the day of the race.

lt's not your responsibility...
but will you talk to the Red Barons?

Okay, l'll do it. l don't want them to fight.

Thank you so much.

So what do you do?

l make wedding dresses.

l bet you'd look beautiful in one.

l want to see one.

Are you telling me he was with
a girl from the Black Panthers?

l know it was her.

Are you jealous?

Don't be stupid...

He'll dump her after he's fucked her.

So you think he'll come crawling to you then?

lf you don't want me to fuck him... l won't.

Tell me... wasn't l delicious?

Yes. Very much. How about me?

Of course.


NOTE-Japanese bike gangs sometimes
use strange kanji because it looks cool.


Oh, you're home.

So, it was you who was calling all day...

What did you want? ls it important?

l heard there's something going down tonight.

lt's none of your business.

Please, don't do this.


Fighting over turf is ridiculous.

But didn't you use to do it?

l've grown up.

Great. Now you're a famous race car driver. So?

Don't talk shit.

There's a code with bikers...
We must do certain things.

Don't preach to me?
Did you forget the code?

Listen, punk... l'm not an idiot.

Take your hands off me.

As you've grown older, you've
become more aggressive.

Alright, l'll call off the fight.

Thank you.

Seems like you'll do anything for your little girl.

ls she putting out yet?

ls that true?
So, how is the little rat?

Brother! Stop!

- Come here.

Why don't you believe me?
The Red Barons won't turn up.

Masami promised me.

You're still a kid... Don't involve that guy.


So what happened?
-What do you mean?

With Masami...

He's not that kind of person.

Then what kind is he?
He didn't keep the promise.

He's a dirty bastard... just a big talker.


We're going to kill you bastards!

Shut up, little boy... l came about the fight.

The fight?

l'm here about the weapons...
Use anything you like.

Guns, machine guns... anything.

That's fine with us.

Come on time.

Bastards! They called the cops!

What are we going to do?

We've been tricked.
- Don't worry.

Everybody! Get the hell outof here!

You guys leave. l'll take care of things here.

- All right.

You're the leader! Right?

By the way... what's for dinner in prison tonight?

You punk! Get off!

l'm sorry, sir.

The Sumidagawa police infiltrated a gang last night.

They arrested members of the Black Panthers.

What a great trick! Even better than a rumble!

Mako, you should have invited me to the show.

l called you so many times...

You were having your own show, weren't you?

Well... l'd rather not talk about that.

You idiot!

But when they getout of jail, they'll be after us.

lf that happens, it will be great.

So, what's the plan?

Why don't we talk over at Mako's house?

Sounds good. You just want
to see her show, don't you?

The way to hold an eel is like this...

l'm not a pervert... stop that!

Tell Keiji we're meeting at the usual place.
- Okay.

Keiji... there's a meeting at the usual place.

Maybe tonight will be the night.

Show me your strength.

l'll do that. Those bastard Red Barons
won'tget in my way.

l'll get rid of them.
Now, can l suck your tits?

No. Afterthe job...


You're late.

Don't say that... l foughtwith my
boss to get a break!

Enough! Now that our leader is in jail,
we have to do something.

So, what are we going to do?

We're going to rumble!

But the police are looking for
the Black Panthers now...

Yeah, the timing isn't good.

We need to plan it carefully...

Shut up wimp! lf you're afraid...
l'll do it alone!

Hey! Wait... !

Not everyone is afraid.


Can you come outside?

She'll talk to you in here.
What do you want?

Akemi... can l talk to him?

He's a very good looking man!

l used to be against the gang feud, but now...

l guess l owe you an apology.

And l should apologize for your car... l'm sorry.

lt's not yourfault.

Thank you. Bye.

Can we see each other again?

l'll have to talk to my brother.

You're very old fashioned.

That's right. But that's life.

Wait. l like an old fashioned woman.

l'm old fashioned, too.

Look. Aren't they great?

Someday, l want a good bike like those.

ldiot! Let's go.

Wait for me here.

Be careful.

What are you doing, little boy?

How are we going to cook him?

Stand up, sewer rat.

Get up!

Don't be a pussy. Be a man, rat.

What are you going to do for me?

He could pay us with his body.

lf you kill me, you'll fry in the chair.

You're such a yellow dick!

This gun could blow you to pieces.

Why don't we tell him the secret?

The other gun we used against
you was just a BB gun.


You want to go tonight?

lf you're tired... you don't have to.

No. l want to go.

l'm sorry. lt seems you have another
reason for going.

Okay. l'll meet you in front of the police station.


What's wrong? Are you all right?

This is terrible.

Please. Put something on it.

You should go to the hospital.

l don't have enough money.

Please go to the hospital.
l have a little money.

No. The doctor would tell the police...

We can't involve the Black Panthers
in more trouble.

lt's going to hurt.

l'll be all right.

Be strong.

Are you okay?

Yuki, l'm glad l hurt myself...

Now l can be alone with you...
in this room.

You mean... because l'm a girl?

l'm very happy.

Don't be so sure... l can be rough.

Please... it hurts.

Shin, does anybody know about this?

No. Only two people.
Sagu knows l got caught.


That stupid pussy ran off without me!

So, everyone will listen to him
and there will be another fight...

Sagu is probably hiding.
lf the gang finds out...

He'll get some shit.

Poor guy. l wonder if he has a place to go.

No! l'm the poor guy...
He took off with my bike...

That's the 2nd most important thing in my life.

Don't tell anybody about this.
Not even my brother.

What did you say?
Look at me...

l don't want any more fighting.

Sagu, you bastard!

l'm sorry... l'm such an idiot.

Stupid asshole! Do you think
'sorry' can make it better?

l'm sorry.

You pussy!
- Please forgive me.


Stop it, Shin!

He's high. He'll never understand you.

Tell me why you did it!
l want to smash something!

Try to getalong...
Let me take care of Sagu.

A woman can't understand!

What do you want? Afight with me... ?

Let me take care of him.

Stupid idiot!

How did you know l'd got out?

l've come here every nightwith Yuki.

Shall l give you the bad news?

l heard from Yuki...
You were fired from the shop.

l thought that might happen.

You can take it easy for a while.
l'll take care of you.

How about my bike?

l guess so... your bike is number 1...
and l'm number 2, aren't l?


You must have missed me.

No, it's been great. No mess in the house.

Bitchy sister!

You're late.

l was eating dinner.
- Eaten already?

Now you can eat alone. l'm being nice.

Oh, nice.
- See you later. Take your time.

That little girl... great sister.

Do you want to come to my house for dinner?

Yeas, but first...
l want to see my captain.

l love you.

You had nothing to do with what
happened, did you?

So you want to see me in a wedding dress!


Next time Masami comes...
please introduce him to me.

He'll probably never come again.

Don't tell me that... he's my type.

Maybe you're not his type.

lmpossible. My kind of face is popular now.

You mustn't own a mirror.

Forget it. Girls always choose the wrong men.

And what about that girl, Junko?

You haven't done it yet?
- Everybody else has!

l didn't tell you... but l
got a job starting next week.

That's great.

l'll work hard and repay you.

l don't mind spending money on you.

l heard Masami came to see you.

Yeah. He was mad about you guys painting his car.

That's funny. l'll do it again.

Don't do it again. You might get caught.

l'm notafraid of anyone.

l won't be a coward!

ldiot! Do you want to die?



Sagu! Keep it up!
- All right!

l'm so tired!

l wonder where Shin is...
Why didn't he show up?

He hasn't been around since
last week at the beach.

l heard he's on four wheels now.

So, he's no longer a biker?

He gets tired of things quickly.

Sometimes l don't understand what he's thinking.

Yuki... Yuki.

lt's Masami.

Five minutes. Don't let Baldy catch you.

Please introduce me.
- Okay, come on.

This is my friend, Minakami Yoko.

Hello, l'm Yoko.
l really wanted to meet you.

Oh, l see. Afriend of Yuki?

Yes, but... Yoko...

Oh, that's nice.

Ahh, l'm in the way, aren't l?

l'm sorry if l was rude.

l guess l forgive you. Next time
give me your autograph.

l could do it right now.

No. Maybe next time. Yuki can only
talk for a few minutes.

Seems like you guys are busy.

Yes. We're making costumes for New Year.

l was in London for a race...
here's a gift.

l can't accept a present from a man...

ls that what your brother said?
Why don't you introduce us?

l'd like to meet him. l used
to be a biker, too.

Let me think about it...
we'll see.

l'm looking forward to meeting him. Bye.

Wait a minute, Masami!

Yuki... the old man's coming.

Look! How pretty!

lt's nice, isn't it? lt will
look great on you...

He asked me out.

Hello. l haven't seen you for a long time.


Whose car is this?



ls it strange for me to have a car?

What's with your attitude?
You don't ride with us anymore.

l'm finished with bikes.
l want to be a racer.

Really? And you think that's easy?

l've gone this far.

Oh, yeah. l forgot... You used to
work on race cars at the shop.

By next year, l'll have a racing license.

Don't try too hard...
You like speed too much.

Don't worry about me... you should
be worried about your sister.

What are you talking about?

She met with Masami while she
was at work.

ls that the truth?

Don't take my word for it...
find out for yourself.

So, are you going to go or not?

l guess you're not as we're close to your house.

You're driving me crazy!

Then you do want to go...

l guess l understand. lt's natural to have a boyfriend.

lf l tell my brother, he'll be pissed off.

He thinks Masami is connected to the Red Barons.

That's true. And ever since he got out of
jail, he's been mad.

What should l do?

You don't have to tell him.

Sooner or later, he'll find out that
Masami isn't in the Barons.

lt's not that l have to go.

l'll coverfor you. l'll tell him
you're working late.

Thank you so much.

What's wrong with you?
You look upset.

Where is Yuki?

Who is Yuki with?

There's no boyfriend.

l hope she doesn't have a boyfriend...
where is she?

Listen to me. lt's no big deal.

Seems like you're having fun.

Things aren'twhat they seem.

Ah... so this is the girl...

She doesn't even compare to Mako.

She's a member of the Black Panthers.

She was there at the Suzuka race.

lf Masami weren't here, we could
have some real fun.

So what if he's here...
We're not afraid of Masami!

Are you joking?

Who is he?
- He's my brother.

l'm Masami.
- Yes, l know you.

l heard that you are fast with
both cars and women.

What are you talking about, Brother?

Let's go home.

Come on.

No. l won'tgo until you apologize to Masami.

Yuki, let's go.

Don't make a scene here.

Are you telling me what to do?

Get up!

Brother, stop. l'll go home.
Please stop!

l'm going to leave with her.

l'm sorry, Masami.

l'm sorry l asked you to come.

Yuki, hold on tight.

Asshole! Wait for us!

What are you doing?

Would you understand if l said l
was taking revenge for Masami?

Let's party with her!

Shin! Shin!

Let's go!

Brother! Are you okay!
Be strong!

Yuki, didn't l tell you that Masami
wasn't a good man?


You scared me!

l was surprised, too. You called and
said you wanted to meet me.

What's wrong?

Did you know my brother was hurt?

What? You're joking.

The Red Barons did it.

l was almost raped by them.

Those bastards!

Shin... you told my brother about me, didn't you?

Why did you do that? That's what
caused all the trouble.

No. This all happened because you
wentoutwith Masami.

You're not being fair. l don't like
people who talk that way.

All right. l understand.
l'll take care of it.

l'm not suggesting that!

But l want you to tell my brother that
Masami did nothing bad.

Yuki, do you like him that much?

That's not important...

But if you don't tell him...
another fight could break out.

Brother said he was going to get
revenge once he got better.

l'm afraid.

That's why l said l'd take care of it.


Keep still.

Don't you have to go back soon?

lt's still lunch-time... it's okay.

That place doesn't give you a lunch-break...

Yuli is always complaining about it.

l have a better position.

Aren't you worried aboutgeting fired?

l don'tcare.

Yuki, there's a man calling for you...

Tell him you're busy and not to call again.
-Yes, sir.

Where's Akemi?


We aren't worried about what happened...

Don't make a big deal out of it.

We're very busy... this time of the year...

Don't call me. Bye.

You're giving me stress!
-We're both going bald.


Oh, it's you Masami...

Yeah, l messed him up.

Okay, l'll see.

Shit. ls that you Masami?
lt's open.

Who are you?



Self defence!

lf there's an emergency, call me.

Shin, your mother's coming...
be strong...

Shin, it's me...
Do you recognize me?

My back.

Shin, what are you talking about?

My back... look.

Shin! Shin!

Shin... l was stupid to let you live in Tokyo.

There were no gangs in our old town.
You were so nice.

Just because you wanted to impress the leader...

You became like this.

Are you the leader?
Give me back my Shin! Give him back!

Shin! How can l live by myself?
Tell me how?

Look carefully. This is the river
you used to tell me about.

You'll never see it again...
once you go back to my house.

l'm sorry l lost my temper.
l couldn't help it.

l'm sorry.

We have news that the Red Barons
are on their bikes.

Okay. Let's go!

Yuki! You can't do anything.

But if l don't try, what will happen?

Aren't you worried about your brother, too?

Aren't you?

But there are things men must do.

There are things...

l will stop them. l'd do anything for him.


You asked him didn't you?

lt was the only way.

Please, l'm doing what l think is right.

Okay, l'll go with you.

We'd better stop soon... .
Everyone is low on gas.

Okay, we'll stop at the nextstation.

Hey! The Black Panthers are on our tail.

There they are!

Kill them!

Faster! Let's get moving!

l loved you.

- Go away!

Whose fault? Who's to blame?

Subtitled by Marukomu