Bakugan: Battle Planet (2018) - full transcript

Bakugan Battle Planet follows the adventures of Dan Kouzo and his best friends: the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious creatures known as Bakugan!

♪ Bakugan brawl, it's a big brawl ♪

- ♪ Bakugan ♪
- ♪ Bakugan brawl is for it all ♪

- ♪ Battle Planet ♪
- ♪ Bakugan brawl, standing tall ♪

♪ We're the awesome ones
Power's in our hand, take a stand ♪

♪ Saving everyone ♪

♪ Bakugan brawl, it's a big brawl ♪

- ♪ Bakugan ♪
- ♪ Bakugan brawl is for it all ♪

♪ Battle Planet ♪

♪ Ahhh, Bakugan Battle Planet ♪

[Dan] Easy does it.
Don't blow it, Danny boy.

Come on...

[Lia] I really should have
framed that shot better.

- Hmm.
- [doll squeaks]


Hey, what exactly is going on in here?

I thought you came to tell me how
your work on the connectors is coming.

But you're just lounging around.

Oh, yeah, I beat another level!

[laughs] I love these writers!

No! I can't believe I
deleted that scene!


This isn't a playground for you kids,

Would you just hurry up
and give me your report?


Stop that!


[Wynton] Hmm...

[both] Hmm.

[Dan] I think this is working.

We agree, Benton must be infected
with the V Virus.

Hmm! With the way Pyravian
grew suspicious of us,

that seems to be the case for sure.

We have all noticed that Benton's
been acting really bizarre lately.

- [barks]
- But we have no proof, do we?

Then it's up to us to get that proof.

[others] Right!

If we want him to reveal his true nature,
we need to control the situation.

For sure, but how can we?

- That'll be easy, you guys.
- Huh?

We'll disobey him and get him
really, really annoyed.

And then he'll try to give us the V
Virus so he can make us listen to him.

OK, that's the plan.

Nice throw, Wynton.

Even nicer catch there, Dan.

Hey, cut it out!

- [Shun] Over here.
- [Benton groans]

[Shun] Uh, uh... ah!

Send it, send it back!

Stop playing and give your report
right this instant!

[both] Hmm!

- Lightning, come here, boy!
- [Lightning yowls]

[Lia] Ha!

Huh? Uggh!

[Benton snarls]

Sorry. Are you OK there, Benton?


I'm just fine.

Eating something sweet
will calm me down.

- [Dan] Sharing time!
- [Benton gasps]


Here you go, guys.

[all] Mmm!

Give those back right now!

[munching] Mmm!

OK, now you're in trouble!

Calm down, pal,
it's just some sweets, right?

Sweets are nothing
to get angry over, my man.

You're so weird. [Chuckles]

I am not weird, Wynton!

Benton, it is odd to suddenly start
liking sweets when you didn't before.

No, it's not!


A lot of other strange stuff
has been going on, too, Benton.


Why are you having us set up
the Core Cell connectors

all over the world?

Someone who understands
Vestroia's ecosystem as well as you do

would never get us to do that.

Stop talking.

And you of all people should have known
that isolating the Core Cells

using those connectors
would be bad for Vestroia

and for the Bakugan.

I said stop talking!

You lied to us and told us to do
the exact opposite of what was right,

so explain yourself, Benton.

Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!
Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!


I will not allow you to defy me
so just do as you're told.

Hear me?!

[all gasp]

So there you go.
We are dealing with the V Virus here.

- [Lia gasps]
- Then let's deal.

[Dan snarls]

We'll turn you back
to normal, right now!

[all shouting]

Ooh! [Yells]

We got this vaccine that will take care
of the V Virus from the medical lab.

- Yah!
- [Benton groaning]



Thank goodness for the vaccine.

[Dan] We are definitely lucky
that they gave us some of it for sure.

Now Benton will be OK.

[Benton groaning]

[kids] Huh?

- [kids gasp]
- [Lightning whines]

- [infection hissing]
- [Tiko cackling]

[Dan gasps]

[Tiko laughing maniacally]

D-Did the vaccine not work on him?

[distorted voice]
There's no vaccine in here.

It's empty, fools!

What do you mean, empty?

And not just this one.

I destroyed the entire vaccine stock.

Wha... What are you, anyway?

My name is...


[laughing maniacally]

Tiko has taken over Benton.

[all] What?

What does that even mean?

I did see a strange mark
on Benton's neck.

[all gasp]

You're saying the mark
on his neck is Tiko?

Tiko has transferred
himself into Benton.

[laughing maniacally]


- brawl!
- [clangs]

[feet pounding]


[kids shrieking]

[kids] Uggh!

I was planning on keeping you all
uninfected by the V Virus

while you did my work
in order to fool the golden Bakugan,

but that plan must change.

It seems you realized what was happening
far sooner than expected.

[Bakugan grumbling]

Is this happening?

Has Benton been...

I don't wanna believe it, but...

Neither do I. This is very bad.

It's beyond bad.

My original plan got derailed,

but I'll just turn you into my puppets
with the V Virus.

Right here and now.


Dan, time to battle.

I... I know it.





- [thuds]
- [Drago gasping]


This is where I wipe you out completely.


[Drago groans]

- Torching Cyclone!
- Oh, yeah!


Last time we battled,
I was so surprised seeing Hydranoid

that I didn't notice, but look there!

Benton's controlling his Bakugan
without using a device.

- [others] Huh?
- You're right, Shun.

That must be Tiko's power.

- [energy pulsing]
- [Drago groaning]

Now what?

- [Drago] Focus, Dan!
- [gasps]

[Drago] We have to do something.

[power sparking]


[Drago] Uggh!

Drago, no!

[Drago] Uh... I'm fine.

[Dan] OK.

[Drago] Right now we need to defeat
the opponent in front of us: Hydranoid.

Dan, this is a Bakugan battle.

Huh? [Groans]

I'm sorry, Drago, I'm blowing it!

[Drago] Don't apologize.
This battle isn't over yet.

You with me?

- Yeah!
- [groans]

We've got the power
to take Hydranoid down!

[energy pulsing]


Pyrus Super Evolution!

[Drago roaring]

Titan Drago!

[Drago roaring]

- We're up, guys!
- [Shun] Yeah!

[both] Bakugan...

- [Wynton] ...bra-a-awl!
- [Lia] ...brawl!

- [Lightning barks]
- Bakugan...






[all] Ah!

Evolution Time!

This is Evolution!

Hyper Trox!

Haos Evolution!

Hyper Pegatrix!

[Pegatrix whinnies]

Aquos Evolution!

Hyper Hydorous!


[Lightning snarling]

Darkus Evolution!

Hyper Howlkor!


We will defeat Hydranoid.

And we will defeat you as well,
hear me, Tiko?


I'm happy to take you on all at once.

[Bakugan growling]


Hmm! At least that's
what I want to do, but...

[Drago] Huh?

[kids coughing]

[Wynton] A smoke screen!

This human brain has determined
that battling you all here

is not a wise move.

So this battle will not take place now.

- But it will later. [Laughing]
- Drago!


[Drago] They're gone.

They ran away?

I wonder why they decided to do that.

What are we supposed to do now exactly?

- [Wynton] Hmm...
- [Dan] Hmm.

[Lightning whimpers]

[Drago] I guess that depends
on what Tiko's next move is.

I can't believe Tiko
has taken over Benton.

[both] Hmm.


- Cheers!
- [laughing]

[both] Cannonball!

[kids laughing]

We really need to help the guy.

Yeah. We will get the real Benton back.

[others] Hmm!

[energy pulsing]

It's creepy being here.

Coming in this way is sure
to get us spotted by security.

[energy pinging]

[all gasping]

[alarm blaring]

See what I mean?

- [others sigh]
- [laughs]

Why didn't you come in the regular way?

We couldn't get through the front door
since we don't have our IDs anymore,

and making an appointment
would be a hassle.

In the end, we figured this was
the fastest way to see you,

and that turned out to be true,
am I right?


As always, young brawlers, you come up
with the most ridiculous ideas.

- [Dan] We kind of need to talk.
- Hmm?

It's about Benton.
Your brother is in real trouble.

[Philomena] So Benton was...

taken over by Tiko?

I wanted to tell you right away.

I know you two don't get along,
but... you know.

He is your family.


[clears throat]

So, do you have any ideas at all,
some way to get Benton back to normal?

AAAnimus has been researching Bakugan
from the start.

And you're still constantly collecting
info on Bakugan from around the world,

isn't that right?

Huh. We've done lots of research,

but I've never heard of a Bakugan
taking over a human.

[Tiko chuckles]

[Philomena] No one even had any clue

a Bakugan as monstrous as Tiko existed
until you encountered him.


Tiko once pushed Vestroia,
the Bakugan planet,

to the brink of destruction.

And now that Vestroia has actually
fused together with our planet,

he's back to spreading the V Virus
and infecting the Core Cells.

[Lia] All that while making enemies

of the super-powerful golden Bakugan.

If Tiko is that powerful
and has gained control of Benton's mind,

we may all be in trouble.

Together, they will be a force
that will be nearly impossible to stop.

[Wynton sighs]

[Lia] Hmm.

Tiko is after the Core Cells.

That's sure to include the Core Cell
here at AAAnimus.

- [alarm sounding]
- [kids] Huh?

There's trouble!

An intruder is moving
the Bakugan control system.

[kids gasping]

Looks like he's here. And so it begins.

[all] Benton!


[doors whirring]

[laughing maniacally]

I didn't think he'd come here this soon.

[gasping] Even all their
increased security couldn't stop him.

But it will still take time for him
to infect the Core Cell.


Then we need to get him quickly!

[kids sigh]

[Philomena] That's a Hydranoid!

Why did he bring the Bakugan
control system to the surface?

He's using Benton's mind.

He must have some kind
of strategy in play.

What are you plotting?

Ah, now that all the players are here,
we can begin!

AAAnimus is about to be mine forever!

- [monitor chimes]
- Just watch.

I've made some minor changes
to your systems.

[laughing maniacally]

[power sparking]


Oh, no, they've all become Bakuzon!

I don't get it.

How did that Core Cell get infected
with the V Virus?

[distorted voice] You see, your friend
Benton was infected by the V Virus

long before I took him over.

[Strata shrieking]

[Benton groans]

So when he used this machine earlier,
the V Virus spread to the Core Cell,

which was convenient, to say the least.

Hmm. When we sent that Core Cell energy
into the Maze...

I was wondering why you came back
from the Maze by yourself.

The V Virus responds
to Core Cells above all else.

Even this human didn't
realize it himself.

He was slowly but surely infecting
all the Core Cells one by one,

which was perfect!

It helped to spread my V Virus

So you've taken over Benton
and Dusk Industries

and now you want to control AAAnimus
and their technology.

Is that your plan?

This human's mind
is certainly useful to me.

Not on my watch.

I won't hand AAAnimus over to you!

Bakugan brawl!

- Apollyon!
- Let's win this!

[all] Bakugan brawl!

[Bakugan growl]

Time to evolve!

[energy pulsing]

[kids groan]


Pyrus Super Evolution!

♪ Bakugan, Bakugan brawl... ♪


- ♪ Bakugan brawl, it's a big brawl ♪
- Let's do this, Drago.

- ♪ Bakugan brawl, it's a big brawl ♪
- Got it!

[Bakugan roaring]


Sonic Shockwave!

[gears clanging]



- Guess it's our turn.
- Here we go!

[Wynton] Sonic Cyclone!


[Lia] Pegatrix! Drill!


- Time to roll.
- [barks]

Double Hydro Blast!

- [Lightning yips]
- [Bakugan] Double Prismatic Bolt!




- Yeah!
- Yes!

[sparks buzzing]

[all] Whoa!


- [snarls]
- They're growing back

as fast as we can get rid of them!

They really are like zombies.

[Bakugan grunting]

Venom Vapor, go!


[Dan] Inferno Shields!

[Drago roaring]


Titan Combustion!

[Drago roaring]

- Huh?
- Nice job, Drago.

We just have to finish off Hydranoid.

And then we deal with Tiko.

[Drago] Got it!

- You, Maximus!
- [Drago] Hmm.

When I first awoke on this planet,
I lost to you in battle.

I'll never forget that.

[Drago roaring]

- [roaring]
- And then you defeated my servant as well.


now that I have the Core Cell powers,

I will be the victor in this battle,


Does he mean... Drago?

No matter how many times we defeat them,
they just keep coming.

If this keeps up...

[all] Huh?

[Lia] An airship?

[Shun] That's Shargo Ronin!

We battled him one other time.

He's highly skilled.


Return, Apollyon!

You should all get out of here, now!

Everyone, get on Pegatrix!

- [Wynton] Trox!
- [Shun] Hydorous!

[Lightning barks]




- [Wynton] Dan!
- Huh?

We have to retreat for now!

But Benton is still...


[distorted voice] Maximus,
you cannot stop me this time!

Dan, come on!

[Drago] What do we do?

We don't have a choice.


AAAnimus is...


[Dan] Gone.

[evil laughter]

♪ Bakugan ♪

♪ Battle Planet, Bakugan brawl
It's a big brawl ♪

♪ Bakugan, Bakugan brawl
It's a big brawl ♪

♪ Battle Planet ♪

♪ Bakugan ♪

♪ Battle Planet ♪

♪ Ahhh, Bakugan ♪

♪ Battle Planet ♪