Bakuchi-uchi: Inochi-huda (1971) - full transcript



With the exchange of this
sake cup, I hereby name you

part of the Kanto Sakurada Group.

Once you have taken this oath,
you must attest your

Once you have taken this oath,
CAST you must attest your


loyalty to the group.

Michiyo YASUDA You must sacrifice your
family for your group and your boss.

You must attest your loyalty
to the group even if you must

sever your ties with your own family.

Never wear two hats.

Never become an evil man.

Never shame your boss.

It is our fate to sometimes
sacrifice our lives in this world.

Never forget your obligations.
Always be a support to your boss.

Tomisaburo WAKAYAMA Never forget your obligations.
Always be a support to your boss.

Directed by: Kosaku YAMASHITA Never forget your obligations.
Always be a support to your boss.

Directed by: Kosaku YAMASHITA


You sure don't have much
guts for someone who

says they're Jirocho's boys.


I was waiting for you.

Come on!

Get him!


This is a gift from that man...

Is he here?

Yes, hurry.
Go out there to see him.

I'll watch that.

Can you share that with everyone?

For me?

I'll treasure this.

Do you like the ocean?


I was born in the mountains
of Fukushima Prefecture.

Did you want to join
the theater troupe?

I was adopted by the troupe
leader when I was little.

My family are poor farmers.

I'm sorry for asking...

How about you?

I'm from Tokyo.

What do you do?

What do I look like I do?

Are you a stockbroker?

Or a fishmonger?

I'm sorry.

I guess it doesn't really matter.

To Tokyo?

There's something I
need to take care of.

I won't be able to see you again...

We're going to Sado tomorrow.


...and where will we be able
to see each other again...

Shizu... I neither work for a
stockbroker nor a fishmonger.

I'm not that respectable.

Can you just remember the
name Seijiro Aikawa?


I don't want just your name.

Will you be my wife?


...My real life...

Don't say anything.

I just need your name.

Just leave without saying anything.

If you tell me where you
are and what you're doing,

I won't be able to hold myself back.

I'm responsible to support
the Nakamura Theater Troupe.

I can't ever be someone's wife.

I just want this one day.

If you see our sign in another city
again, please stop in to see our play.

I can't do that.

We're already husband and wife.

My life isn't something
I can boast about, but

would you be willing to wait
for a year and believe in me

and come back here to
Naoetsu this time next year?

I'll think about how to
take care of the troupe at

that time and ask for
your hand in marriage.

Would that be all right?

Are you serious?

I promise I'll be back.

I'm so happy-

I'll be so happy if that happens.

I'll come back here.

I'll be sure to be back here.

Who are you?

I'm from the Iwai Group.

Are you Amano of the Shinjikai?

Could you come with
me for a minute?

I'm sure you know what today is.

The 10th of January is a
festive day for the Iwai Group.

Are you making a ruckus
knowing what day it is?

Get out of here immediately and
I'll pretend this never happened.

We need to survive, too.

I came here alone because I
didn't want this to become a brawl.

You're not going to listen?

The defendant will be
sentenced to five years.

I'm so happy-

I'll be sure to be back here.

Shizu, I'm sorry.
Please forget about me.

That would be best for you.

This money is the
most I can do for you.

Please use this to
become a good wife

and find happiness.
I wish you the best.


Shizuka, would you consider
dismantling the troupe and

taking on a patron?

He lost his wife and is
willing to marry you

as long as you're
all right with it.

That gift is from that man.

He offered to refer you
to a good hospital for

your father as soon as
he heard about his illness.

Refer my father to a hospital?


Please don't talk to
her about such things.

Please leave.


Please pay a visit to him
when you make a decision.

How are you?

This is unusual for you to come here.

Did something happen?

The Iwai group is fine.

The other leaders have
stepped in for you and

we're solid as ever.

We're going to be busy
soon with the Omori landfill.

I see. I'm relieved.

I'll be able to request for
early parole in six months.

I see.
Hang in there.

The reason why I'm here today...

It's a pretty funny story...

I found someone and I
was wondering if it's

all right with you if I marry her.

Is that all?
That's all up to you.

Yes, but I should
discuss it with you.

Everyone will be happy
if there's a lady of the house.

You think so?

She's a pretty strong
woman for her age.

What did she do before?

She's an actress.

She was a part of
a travelling troupe.

I'm sure you wouldn't know
her even if I told you her name,

but it's Shizuka Nakamura.
I call her Shizue now.

Have you heard of her?

No... I've never heard of her.

We will have a grand ceremony
later, but today we just wanted

to have a private ceremony
with the Sakurada group.

Sir, could you say a few words?

Congratulations on your marriage.

I want you all to support them
by bringing life to the group.

Iwai, why don't you
say a few words, too.

She's a novice at this,
so please take care of her.

Kanji, why don't you
say a few words, too.

Sir... Ma'am... Congratulations.

That's Kanji, one of the leaders.

The men here are our
immediate subordinates.

I hope you can eventually
learn everyone else's names.

I am pleased to meet you all.

It's a little lonely without Seijiro.

Seijiro is absent right now
because he's serving

his time right now, but he's
the leader of the younger members.


Seijiro Aikawa.

He's one of my subordinates.

I realize the correct way to
do things would be to talk to

the Sakurada group, but I was
hoping you could talk to them.

No problem.

I hear the Iwai group is the
only reason why the Sakurada

group is still around.

These are the details of
the landfill construction.

I hope you can be of support to them.

Is that the Omori landfill?
No one told me anything.

It's a job that came directly
to you, so you should take

care of it on your own.

Sir, I took this job on for
the Sakurada Group.

I apologize if there were
any misunderstandings.

Don't worry about me.
You exchanged vows

with the late boss and
Omori was an island that

you created.
It's none of my business.

Please come by and
show face at the site.

It's been settled as a
temporary employment,

so could you relay
that to everyone?



Tell them there will be
absolutely no fighting.

Sir, I have good news.

I just heard that Brother
will be let out on parole soon.


I see, he's coming home.

I want you to prepare for
a welcome-home party.

I don't care how much you spend.

The Tokuno's are living
in his old house, right?

I'll let them know right away.

It's all right.
I'll take a look...


Come on...

I quit.

It can't be helped.
I have more skills than you.

That'll be 4 yen and 50 sen.

Put it on my tab.

You're such a poor loser.
Can you just pay up?

You're my wife! What are
you talking about, old lady?

Gambling and marriage
are two different things.

You're a gambler and
you don't even know that?

What are you saying?

Who do you think you
owe this life to, you old hag.

Who was it that begged
me to marry him?

Why can't you speak
in the Tokyo dialect?


What are you doing?

How dare you complain when
you can't even pay your debts!

I can't pay you because
I have no money!

That's enough!

I'm going out.

What are you doing?

I said I don't have any money.

I'm really going to get mad!

Cut it out!


Can you refrain from fighting
in someone else's house?

I'm sorry.

Seijiro will be coming home soon.

Brother is?

He'll be back after
having a rough time.

Can you please clean the place
up and welcome him home?

Did you put all his
things away for him?

Yes. It's over here.

Please come inside.

I'm sorry it's a little messy.

This is it.


We're celebrating the upcoming
parole for our brother.

Drink up.

It's my treat tonight.
Why don't you have a drink, too?

I've already started...

We are obligated to Seijiro.

I'm so excited, I
have to have a drink.

I'll have another.

If he didn't rescue me
when I messed up in Osaka,

we would both be dead by now.

Me, too. I would be dead
or in prison by now if he

didn't rescue me from
my rebellious days.

Young lady, I'll
treat you to a drink.

I see you here often.

You should think about
stop working at night.

How about some oden?

Eat up and get some energy.

Thank you.

Thank you.


It's all been set up.
You'll be staying over.

I want to go home tonight.

You'll be staying over.

Please finish that at least.

We're running a business.

Why can't you just let her eat?

She's my woman.
Stay out of this.

Hey... Where are you from?

I'm with the Shinjikai.

You're in the Iwai territory.

You should refrain from
treating women badly here!

Bro, What's going on?

The Iwai group is interfering
with our business.

Trying to act like a hero!


You can't do that!

You idiot!

Didn't I tell you not to
make a ruckus before

this important job?

What don't you understand?


That's enough.

I'll take full responsibility.
I'll be sure to punish him.

You fool!

Takeshi. You shouldn't cut your
finger for your own mess.

Stop being foolish.


I'm sorry!


Shinjikai seems to be laying low.


I want you to come with me
to settle this with them.

But... I don't think you should
have to go there to do that.

This is an important time.
I don't want any problems.

All right.
I'll go with you.

Good evening.
I'm Amano of the Shinjikai.

I'm very humbled that you
would come out here for

something small like this.

Could you use this to
take care of his wounds?

I would like you to forget
about what happened tonight.

You don't have to do this.

I was thinking of going
over to apologize to you.

I'm glad you understand.

Please don't rush.

There's something I'd like to
discuss with you since you're here.

What is it?

I was hoping you could
help the Shinjikai...

Amano, don't get carried away.

I'm just saying I
want us to get along.

We lost one of our boys
last year in that incident

with Aikawa and I do have
boys who will want to

seek revenge now that
he's being released.

Amano... your boys were
able to do business here

in Omori because I
turned a blind eye to you.

If you don't get that, I don't mind
cleaning this whole place up.

Father, he's going to
be released soon.

What should I do?



I was in the area, so I thought
I'd visit your father's grave.

I'm sure he'll be happy.

I'm so jealous.

You're the Madam of the Iwai Group.

My husband is just a drunk gambler.

He uses my earnings
all for his gambling.

What group is he with?

He works alone.
Well, that's what he says.

I heard there's a man named
Seijiro Aikawa in the Iwai Group.

How did you know that?

I heard from my husband.

Is it the same man
you met in Naoetsu?

It's a totally different person.

Suzume, I have a favor...
Could you forget about Naoetsu?

I don't even want to think
about those days.

This isn't much, but please
use it for something.

Thank you.

Please promise me about Naoetsu.

Your long lost love...

We can't ignore how the Iwai
group has been acting lately.

He hasn't even come to
pay his respects to me

when his group is doing
a job right in front of me.

Vendors lately don't have any manners.

How dare they go directly to the
Iwai group without coming to us first.

Not to mention Iwai who
just accepts the work

without any hesitation.

We should be wary of our
subordinates doing better

than the main group.

Sir, I think it's best if you
put an end to all of this.

Omori is becoming a prime
spot for development.

We'll be answering to Iwai eventually
if we don't do something.

I'm not that ignorant.
Just wait and see.

Is there something you
want to talk to me about?


Because we're all alone here.

Why not?

I have to take care of you, too.

It's not that I don't have
anything to talk to you about.

I'm thinking about retiring when
Seijiro comes back and have

him take over the group.

I was 30 and he was 18 when the Iwai
group first established in this area.

We did it together.

He's struggled so much and
I haven't done much to help him.

The least I could do is
hand over the reigns to him

and live somewhere quietly with you.

Is that all right with you?


Let's do that.

Could you hang in there until then?

Is Mr. Iwai here?

Who's there?




I won't make it.

You do what you want to do
with your life.

Forget about me...


Tell Seijiro to complete
the job for me.


...that I was a foolish Boss...

Thank you very much.

Brother is home!




It must have been rough.

This is the leader of the
Iwai Group, Seijiro Aikawa.


I've just returned.

He asked you all to be sure to
complete the job for the landfill.

He wanted to give you a huge
welcome home party.

It's become so lonely.

I'm sorry for not preventing this.

I'll take responsibility
for all of this.

Kanji, let's not say that anymore.

I just want to thank you
all for your loyalty.

Brother, we're sure it was
someone from the Shinjikai.

I'm the cause of all of this.

Let me take care of this.

Me, too.

I understand how you feel,
but it's as she says...

...We need to finish the work
that he started.

Don't get into any trouble with the
Shinjikai until I'm prepared to do so.

Let's drink.


Could you come and see me later?

Please forgive me.

I was a fool.

I should have believed in you and
waited as many years as I needed to.

I found out who you were
for the first time after

marrying into this family.

Please don't say anymore.

I'm the one who broke our promise.

No one will understand.
Please forget it ever happened.



The boss?

What did he say?

He said to tell you that
he was a foolish boss.

I don't want to stay here.
I can't stay here.

I want to live by myself
once this is over.

Please let me do that.

I don't want you
to see me like this.

The other members are
watching your every move.

Could you let me handle this?

Will you understand?

I do.


You do understand?

The only issue is the project
that Iwai had accepted.

I'm sure you're in a bind now.

I discussed it with everyone
and we decided that the

Sakurada Group will take
care of everything until

Iwai's services are over.
Is that all right?

Sir... we thank you
very much, but we

have a very good leader.

We won't cause any problems
for you with the Omori project.

Who's your leader?


Seijiro, this job will reflect
on the Sakurada group, too.

Do you have enough confidence
not to screw anything up?


...I just returned from
serving my sentence and

I'm still very young within
the Sakurada group.

But, we have Boss Iwai's wife.

We would like to support
her and overcome this.

Please watch over us.

That's great, but she hasn't
been in this industry very long.

I think it would be in her
best interest not to

send her out into the world.

She's not like that.
She's prepared.

We won't get anywhere with
you answering for her.

Madam, how do you feel?

You can still go back to
being a commoner.

It'll be too late once we
announce you

as the leader to everyone.

Nothing good ever came out of
a commoner leading the group.


...Isn't that going too far?


It seems...

...we've said some
unnecessary things.

Bro, I'll see them out.

I think they're underestimating
us a little too much.

The late boss wasn't getting
along with the new chairman.

We just have to make sure they
can't criticize anything we do.

Shinjikai is the problem.

I can help you if
you want to get even.

It's not just Shinjikai.

There may be more
dirty rats out there.

Kanji, I'm counting on you
to help me out.

Bro, you should know! would
always help you.

I'm ready to sacrifice
my life for you anytime.

She's here again...

Takeshi, is that her?

You idiot.
Are you in love with her?

She's in love with me.
That's all. It's all right.

It's not all right.

You're such a hopeless fool.

Sir, this is Mr. Aikawa.


I've heard a lot
about you from Iwai.

I'm counting on you.

Thank you.

Mr. Aikawa, you have a phone call.


The Madam?

She asked me to give this to
you and left early this morning.

Where did she go?

I don't know.

I realize I'm being selfish, but there's
only one option for me to choose.

I am prepared. Please forgive
me for being inconsiderate.

Shizu, you must not die.

Shizu... you must not die.




I'm so glad.

I couldn't die.

I just couldn't do it.

What should I do?

Please come home.




I don't want you
to call me that forever.

Please listen to me.

We don't know when the Sakurada
group will go against our group.

You're our only hope to
protect the Iwai name.

I don't want to go home!

I'm just a normal woman.

Please let me stay that way!


Please run away with me.

Run away?

Somewhere no one can find us.
Just the two of us.

That's my only option.

Please take me.

You're the only one for me.

I don't care if we
are an embarrassment.

I don't care if they kill us.
That's my only choice.



Once this project is over,
I'll reconsider your request.

Please just come
home with me this time.

Is the Iwai family
that important to you?


That's the only family I have.

You're not going
to listen to my request?

You don't want to?

Then please die here.

You're the only one for me.

If that's what you want me to do,

then that's what I'll do.

I'll become the woman
you want me to be.

You're making me do this.

You fool. Who gave you
permission to put this up?

The Iwai group gave
us the permission.

Iwai? There's no one by that
name in the Shinjikai.

Clean it up immediately.


You're with the
Shinjikai, aren't you?

Let me hear what
you have to say.

I don't have anything to say to you.

I'll take you on
if you want to fight.

Did Amano order
you to do this?

I don't know...

Tell Amano to come and pick him up.

I'm sorry for the trouble.

Thank you very much.

Take him away.


I paid you big money
to take down Aikawa.

How dare you come back here
when he's still alive and kicking?

Stop getting so upset.

I went all the way
to Naoetsu while I

was chasing after him and
saw something interesting.

What's so interesting?

I'm saying you have a better
hand with him alive than dead.

It took me a while to
do some research on that.

What did you find?

How much are you willing to
pay me for it?

Don't get carried away!

Let me tell you this... I have
no intentions of being

friendly with you guys.

I'm risking my life for the money.

My wife is involved in
the story in Naoetsu, too.

I'm sorry for calling you out.

It's fine, but can we make this
the last time?

Aren't you the
Madam of the Iwai group?

I'm Amano, of the Shinjikai.

What do you want?

We heard stories about your
days in Naoetsu from her.


Please forgive me. I didn't
plan on any of this, but...

I understand the wife of
the boss of the Iwai group

had a relationship with one
of his subordinates.

Not just that...

I also heard you both went on a
getaway to Naoetsu just recently, too.

What do you think would
happen if this rumor spread?

We can forget about it if you're
willing to listen to our conditions.

I don't know what she told you,
but I don't have anything

I should be ashamed of.

Go ahead and do as you please.
I'll be prepared for anything.

Are you sure?

A friend of mine is still
seeking revenge against Aikawa.

He's planning to settle things
one day, but I can have him

forget about that depending
on your answer.

I'm not trying to pick a fight.

I would like to work together
with you folks.

What do you say?

Could you start by letting
my boy that you're holding

hostage back to me?

All right.

I'll be waiting.

Who told you to do this?

I don't know.

That's enough.

We need to settle things with
Shinjikai or it'll ruin our reputation.

I'll go and settle this.

You don't need to go.
Let me do this.

It's something I
need to settle myself.

I want you to gather the young
ones and be prepared for the worst.


Let that boy go...

Ma'am, we want to settle
this score with Shinjikai.

Could you let me handle this?

Just let them be.

Stop making a fuss over a bunch
of rebellions.

Yes, but the men at the site
are being inconvenienced.

That doesn't mean I'm going to
let you start a fight over it.


Are you saying you
can't listen to me?

Not at all...

Please tell everyone not to do anything
to the Shinjikai in the future.

Bro, what should we do?

She's a novice at this.
Just ignore her.

You fool!

We have to do as she says.

Good evening!

Tell me the truth
and I'll let you go...

What did you talk
to Shizue about today?


What is it?

I have something I need to
talk to you about.

What is it?

Please don't get upset.

I would never get upset with you.

I would like the Madam to leave.


Don't ask me why.

Or else our reputation
will be damaged.

It's not just that.

We won't be able
to protect our territory.


Be honest with me. Is there
something you have against her?


Are you going to make me say this?

I don't know what it is.

Didn't you have a relationship with her
when she was still with the troupe?

I heard everything.


Who told you that?

An old actress friend of hers.
She's being used by the Shinjikai.

Shinjikai is using that against her.

That explains why she was
acting that way yesterday.


...believe in you.
I want to believe her, too.


...We'll be at a disadvantage if you
both live under the same roof.

We can't go up against Shinjikai
unless we ask her to step down.


I understand how you feel.

But, she's not the same person I had
a relationship with four years ago.

She's the Boss' replacement right now.

Supporting her is my only
way of giving back to

the boss since I wasn't there
to see him one last time.

Kanji, please believe her.

Let me ask you this.

How do you explain Madam
going to Naoetsu?

Someone from the Shinjikai
saw the both of you there.

What did she want to talk
to you about?

Was it something she could
say at the house?

Kanji, please don't talk
about that now.

Once this job is done,
I'll tell you everything.

Please just trust her until then
and forget about everything.

That's not going to go over
well with everyone.

I'm telling you this because I don't
want your name to be brought to shame.

I can't risk my life for a group
with that kind of reputation.

Kanji, so you're telling me
you can't listen to me?


I don't understand you at all.

How do you really feel about her?

Are you in love with her or not?

You would be able to tell her to
leave if you have no regrets.

If you do, then you should
leave this life

with her no matter how much
you're shamed.

I can't stand anyone who can't
make a decision.



If you just won't
listen to me, then...

...go ahead and stab me.

Go ahead.

All right.

Do whatever you want.

But, the Iwai group will
crumble without me.


it seems you're not doing too well.

Use that.

He got drunk and took a fall.

He got drunk and died.


Were you drinking again?

What do you think of this kimono?

Did we have this at the pawn shop?

Don't be silly!

The Madam made this for me
for the New Years.

It's so nice to have a Madam around.

Mine is quite the masculine one.

Well, my man is physically
big, but has no authority.

He's never even bought me a kimono.

I'll make you one.

But why don't you get reborn as a
pretty woman who matches a kimono.



What happened?

He's going to kill me.

I asked if I could rest since I wasn't
feeling well, but he refused.

What should we do?

I thought I would find you here.

Give me back my woman.

Isn't she for sale?
I'll buy her for tonight.

You idiot! We don't take
yakuza as customers.

Get out of here!

Don't let him get away!
Kill him!

Are you running away?
I'll kill you!

How many did you stab?

I only know of one.

I'll take any punishment.

Brother, me, too.

All right.

We can't change what happened.

We fell right into their trap.
We can't go back now.

I want you all to be prepared.

Hide... Go and get Kanji.

Masa... Yasu...

I want you to check on Shinjikai.

I want the rest of you to get
the tools ready.


We'll lose if we wait around.

We need to attack now.

No, I'll go over
there and settle this.

Ma'am, we can't let them take
advantage of us.

We have our limits.

Sei... Have you forgotten
the boss' last words to

finish the landfill project?

Sony about this.

Don't mention it.

They'll be coming from Yokohama, too.

Sir, you have a call from Sakurada.

Hello, this is Amano.

It's me. I heard. I have an idea.

Just leave the rest to me.
Don't do anything rash.

All right?

Yes, I'll leave the rest up to you.

Ma'am, please just let me go there.


Sei, you can't get into a fight.

I know about the Shinjikai
blackmailing you.

Ma'am... We have nothing
to be ashamed of.

We need to stop Shinjikai in order
to prove we have nothing to hide.


That's not all there is.

Your life is at risk...

Ma'am, the Sakurada group is
willing to mediate this matter.

Would you let them handle this?

Kanji, did you ask them to?

Everyone knows about it.

This issue has to do with
the Iwai Group.

This is not an issue for
the main group to step in.

Seijiro, the Shinjikai are gathering
rebels from Tokyo and Yokohama.

How are you planning to get
through this without any backup?

The Madam should decide that.

Kanji... Sir...

Ma'am, could you make a decision?


Come with me.


I don't want to owe the Sakurada
group over something like this.

Once we make a debt, we can't
repay him just with money.

It's extremely expensive.

We have to settle
this amongst ourselves.

I thought I told you I would
do it my way.

Kanji, are you going against me?

I just want to protect the Iwai name.

Let me ask you this...

Do you have any idea how to
settle this peacefully?

There are rumors about you
and the Madam going around.

Are you confident you can do it?

I'm putting everything out
there for you.

I want you to break that
sake cup if you don't

like the way I do things.

Is everyone here?

Thank you very much.

We'll split the compensation 50-50.

Is that all right?


I'm not asking you.
Kanji, is that all right?


Seijiro, let me be clear.

It still hasn't been definitely
decided that you'll be the successor.

Please stay out of this today.

Excuse me, but what do you
mean by that?

You've got into a fight
with Amano before.

Sir, that has nothing
to do with this.

Don't talk back to me!

Who is responsible for
all of this trouble that

we're going through anyway?

Isn't it you? How dare you
talk back to me like that.

We can't have you being a leader

after all that's happened.

Kanji, I want you to handle
things today.



You have complaints against
that mediator?

You are right.

Kanji, I'm leaving it up to you.


That's absurd!

Go back there.


Go back!


What was that all about?

What are you talking about?

Aikawa is the leader
of the Iwai Group.

How dare you go along with what the
chairman said and ignoring Aikawa.

And you call yourself a man?

I have my own way of doing things.

Who cares!



Takeshi, stop!

Get out of here.


I hope you're prepared...


I feel the same as Takeshi.

I want you to kill me, too,
if you want to settle this.

Me, too!

You idiot!


This is your sake cup.

You're banned as of today!


Brother, please forgive him.

You stay out of this!

I won't forgive anyone that
goes against the boss.

Do you understand?

Take him home...

Let's go...

We can't do that...


What do you want?

I need to speak to Amano.

We've settled everything.

Go on home.


I'll repay her debt.
Let me clear it.


It's fine.

I should agree to this since
we've settled everything, but

I can't do it if it's you.

You owe me for what you did
four years ago.

How about you pay that debt first.

What do you want me to do?

Why don't you get on your
hands and knees and apologize?

Amano... Forgive me.

You fool...

I'm not letting you take my
business tool away from me.


I just want to hear one answer.

I'll take your head with me
if I don't hear that answer.

Seijiro, are you trying
to bring shame to me?

Sir, I'll settle this
matter with you later.

Amano, what's your answer?

So you're all right with it?

Everything happens for a reason.

Don't hold any grudges and
turn over a new leaf.

That's right, Takeshi.

Who is it?



Bro, what are you planning
to do with Emi?

Takeshi, I settled the debt
with Shinjikai just now.

Her home is in Nagasaki.

I want you to go there
and turn over a new leaf.


It's not much,
but please accept it.

Please turn him into
a respectable man.



I'm so happy !' Yo"-

Could you two see them off before
they start to come after them?

Let's go.

Let's go.

I don't have any way of thanking you.

This was my mother's...

Thank you.

I'll never forget this.


Madam, this is my one and only request.

Please allow me to have
my sake cup back.

Stay out of this.

Ma'am... The Sakurada group will
come to settle what I did tonight.

This is for the sake of the Iwai group.



Will you understand?

It's for her to decide.
I can't say anything.

Seijiro, I can't accept this.

Ma'am, I broke rules of this world.

Please understand.

This is my apology to Boss Sakurada.

Please settle everything with
the main house with this.

Boss, please forgive me.

thank you for everything.


Take care of everything.

I want you all to take care of
the Madam and the leader.


Are you leaving me?


I've made my decision.

I finally understand your way of life.

I'll plant my roots here
in the Iwai family and

become the woman you would
want me to be.

I'll protect the Iwai name.

So please don't do anything rash

no matter what happens
to the Iwai group.


This is it...

I appreciate your coming
here, but I don't have

anything I can give you.

We have something for you.

This is from the Madam
for you for the New Year.

The Madam?

And, this is a New Years
card from Takeshi.

He said he started a
restaurant in Nagasaki.

He said Emi is the best wife
in the world.

I see...
That's great.

Once the New Year's festivities
are over without incident,

we can finally say that
the Iwai group is safe.

To Manchuria?

I'm disgusted with Kinbara.


My ex-husband.

I thought I would leave everything
and live a simple life.

I thought I would tell you everything
as a way of apologizing to you.

I told one of your leaders
about you and Seijiro.

To Kanji?

I couldn't help, he was so
upset at the time.

But, moreover... It was
Kinbara that killed Iwai.

The Shinjikai paid him off.

Kanji, I have to talk to you
about the festivities tomorrow.

I want you to handle the
festivities with Amano

now that we've settled
everything with him.

Sir, that is an Iwai group tradition
and I just can't agree to this.

You don't have to worry
what others say.

This is just within our group.

What do you mean?

I exchanged sake cups with Amano.


Omori Island belongs to the Iwai Group.

Kanji, do you even know
the Madam's background?

She had a relationship with Seijiro.

We can't support such a group.

The Sakurada Group will
manage Omori Island

from now on and Amano
will be my assistant.

I'll let you continue your group,
so just do as I say.


Do you understand?

The fireworks?

He wants us to give
it to Amano tomorrow.

The Sakurada Group
is after our island.

Kanji, Iwai was murdered by a man
named Kinbara who was hired by Amano.

Is that what happened?

So the chairman ordered it.

So Aikawa was right after all.

I'm such a fool.

Ma'am... please forgive me.

I suspected the two of you...

You knew about us, right?

Please listen to what I have to say.

What you heard is true.

I couldn't forget about
him no matter how hard

I tried and even went to
Naoetsu to die, but I couldn't.

Seijiro came to get me, but
I asked him to run away with me.

But... he never gave in.


I was able to accept this life
because I finally understood

Seijiro's way of life.

I don't care what
people say about me.

But, please believe Seijiro.


Please let me take care of
the fireworks tomorrow.

Good evening...

Where did you hide Suzume?

What are you doing?

Kinbara, I won't let you do
what you please.

Get out of Omori immediately!


What do you want, Kanji?

I brought the answer to you.

Who cares about that.

I can't have you not care.

But I'm looking for a man named
Kinbara before I do anything.

I'm Kinbara...

What's the matter?

We're in trouble!






Some guy named Kinbara
killed the boss.

Amano hired him.


Please go home to Iwai for me.

Madam told me what
happened in Naoetsu.

It must have been hard for you.

Kanji... hang in there.

Forgive me.

Please stay with her.

She needs you.


Please forgive me, too.

I should have done what you
told me to do no matter

how much shame it brought to me.

This wouldn't have happened
if I had just listened.

Please forgive me.

Ma' am!

What is this about?

Madam Iwai, I'll take care
of tomorrow's festivities.

You should know why.

We took care of Kanji.

All he went there for was to
settle the score for Iwai.

Let's end it here if you want
to say that he was wrong.

Do whatever you please with me.

Taking your life won't settle anything.

I'm sure Seijiro was behind this.

Where's Seijiro?

I'm in charge of the Iwai Group.

I'm right here.


Amano, let me thank you on
behalf of Iwai and Kanji.

Have you gone mad?

You're the one that's gone mad!



Ma' am!

Shizu, hold on.

Shizu, let's get out of here.

Get out of this life.