Baksho Bondi (2018) - full transcript

Job aspirant Bimal gets desperate, when his friend Adil applies for the same profile. Few horrifying incidents and a yellow suitcase, leave him stranded.

Kolkata became witness to
two gruesome murders last night.

The first victim is a girl
called Purba Shome.

According to Police reports,
she was raped and stabbed.

The residents of the area saw her
body floating in a pond this morning.

The police recovered the body
once they were informed.

Nothing more has come up in the investigation
yet about who can be the killer.

The next murder happened in a factory
area. The victim's name is Aloka Sanyal.

She was killed because of repeated
blunt force trauma to her head.

The possible assailant is her husband
Barun Sanyal, who has run away.

Based on a few witnesses, the
police have arrested a taxi driver.

The couple was last seen
traveling in his taxi the previous night.

The police have requested any witness to
come forward to ease the investigation.

This is Srirpua reporting on behalf of
News 10, Kolkata. With Tuhin on the camera.

Right sir!

Adil Islam?

Bimal Shaw!

Do you really need to appear
for the interview tomorrow?

Just want to see the office. If I
like it, will give it a thought.

But you know that
I badly need the job.

How long will I stay unemployed?

If you are really qualified,
you'll crack it.

Give it your best shot.

You already have
ten jobs in your hand.

What's the use of
cracking one more?

Others are not getting a chance
because of you.



The suitcase's yours, right?

Looks wonderful.

Will you get down nearby?

No. The last stop.

Are you going travelling somewhere?

Why do you care?

Hello Mom! Tell me!

No, I am yet to pack.


I bought a suitcase yesterday.
It's cheap.

Yes, one will be enough.

There's no time to visit the temple, Mom! If
I get it, it's fine. Else will apply again.

Okay. I'll talk later.
It's quite crowded on the bus. Bye.

Is it that your mother?

I want the full rent today!
Else I'll inform everyone around.

I have given my share of the rent to Adil.

To Adil?

Yes. Let him come.
I'll pay you then.

Where is he?

He's gone out. Come later.
I'll give you the money.

You can afford a pricey suitcase. But you
don't have the money to pay the rent, huh?

Adil left it back.

But Adil never goes out
without his phone.

He was in a hurry.

You always apply for the same job,
which I also apply for.

Why? I didn't cause you any harm!

What's the use of scoring a goal
in an empty field?

So you will go to the interview tomorrow!
Won't you?

Hey, don't be childish!


When is your interview tomorrow?

Why are you awake so late?

Are you outside?
It seems you are on a bus.

What do you want?

Dad's trying to get me married
somewhere. How long will I resent it?

Isn't Adil appearing for
the same interview tomorrow?

I will get the job!

How? Overconfidence really
doesn't suit you.

You have been rejected in eight
interviews already! Don't forget that!

I'll talk to your Dad day after tomorrow.
Will even come and visit him. Good night.

Is this the last stop?

Why the hell didn't you say that?

Why are you roaming around
the streets late at night?

What is it?

Are you deaf or what?

Lost your way or are you mad?

I’m just returning home from office.
Got late.

Do people carry suitcases
to the office these days?

I actually went outstation.
The bus was late.


Your house? Where is it?

It’s close. Just looking for a cab.

The suitcase looks good.

Will be holidaying with my wife next
month. Thinking of buying one like this.

How much does it cost?

700 rupees!

Only? Did you get it on a sale?

Let me have a look!

How long will it take sir? Been waiting
for long. You promised to drop me home!

Let Sir finish his fag. Told you
to be patient. We’ll surely drop you off.

We’re going in a different direction.
Else would have dropped you off.

Get going now!

Why are you stopping the cab?

Told you I’ll pick up other passengers!
Ah! Come on! Hurry!


Its 400 rupees!


Why are you getting in
with the suitcase?

It’s alright! Drive!

Buzz off! It will be
difficult for me to drive.

Give me the suitcase!

Who called?
I asked who called!?

Answer me!

Am I stupid? How dare you….

No! No one is listening!

Look here! Look at me!

You applied for the job
without telling me?

How dare you?!

Say something! Damn it!

Calm down!

I have literally nothing
to do all day at home.

Cook! Watch TV!
Do anything for fuck’s sake!

Then it’s about money!
Money? Really?

Yes! You are greedy for money!

It’s not about money, Barun.

Doesn’t Arjun work in the same
office? So you applied there for him, huh?

Seriously? Arjun is a
married man, Barun!

You think I’m fucking stupid?
Trying to fool me?

Listen…They have called me tomorrow
and I am going! That’s it!

No! You aren’t!
Yes! I am!

No! You dare not!

Listen at me!
I said listen to me!

Stay put. I’ll take care of
you later. Just wait!

What’s that in front?

Police check post. The highway’s close.
They check all the cars at night.

Stop! Stop the cab!

I’ll get down here.

But you said you’ll go
to the station?

No. It’s fine.
I’ll get down here.

But you have to pay
the full fare.

That’s fine.

So irritating!


Take the coins.
See if it’s alright.

Open the suitcase!
Come on!

Where’s the key?

Give me the key!

Messing with me? Huh?

You here? Have been calling you
for so long. Didn't get through.

I went to your house last evening.

Yes. I know.
Mom told me.


What happened?
You look angry!

You got a call from
the office tomorrow?

And you also called Mou, right?
What did you tell her?

Who is he?

Don't bullshit me, Shiraz!

You merely got called for an interview.
And you told Mou that you got the job?

My father called you to
his factory yesterday.

He knew people. You would have got
a job yourself. Why didn't you go?

You jolly well know how much
I love Mou! Don't you?

Okay, tell me something.
What will you feed her?

And where will you put her up?

You can't even take care of yourself,
and you will take a woman's responsibility?

Don't you dare act smart with me, Shiraz!

It's not right to roam around
the streets like this at this hour!

Don't mess with me!

There is no dearth of jobs for me in
this city. Now let's go! I need to leave!

Bapi.... Listen...

Come no now!
Let's go!

Put on the helmet.

We'll talk on the way! Let's go!

Excuse me.
What's wrong?

Last night, a bike accident
took place nearby!

It's terrible!

A guy was on his bike with
his friend at the back.

He died on the spot.

But this is not an accident!

It's a MURDER! Yes, a MURDER!

The friend stabbed him from the back!
And the bike rolled over at once!

Huh! Can you imagine?

Today's youth I tell you!

So, where are you headed to?

Adil Islam?

Bimal Shaw!

Oh! My bad!

Okay, come with me!

Well, you can keep that outside!

No, it's fine!

Okay then. Let's go.

Come in!

Didn't the others show up?

Adil didn't show up.
And couldn't reach Shiraz on the phone.


Do you believe in "Luck"?


You arrived in Kolkata
this morning or what?

Sir, I don't know anything!

The couple got down last night hastily.
And left this...

Wait right here!

Sir, can you please come?

The couple carried a similar suitcase
like the other guy last night!

And either of them left this back!
I don't know anything else, Sir!

Send this to the forensic
lab for fingerprints.

You need to come to
the police station!