Baksa Badal (1970) - full transcript

A hilarious romantic-comedy where two people have their luggage exchanged during a train journey. One of them (Soumitra) is a psychiatrist, and he develops a keen interest in knowing the other party (Aparna Sen). His experience as a psychiatrist helps him to understand the happy-go-lucky and pampered Aparna Sen and woo her love.

The Switch

We're about to reach

Come on, get packed now.
- Yes, Ma

ln the back of beyond places like this
practising must be tough

Why ?
- Can't hope to find patients here

Demented minds belong only in cities ?
- Absolutely

The expansion of a civilisation
catalyses diseases ofthe mind

Really ?
- No laughing matter

Sweden is civilised, you accept ?
Sweden has the highest rate of suicide

What reason, except the diseased mind ?

Why didn't you bring your brother ?

He dislikes mountains. Says, change of
altitude isn't good for sportsmen

Still at cricket ?
- With all his heart and soul

Cricketing engagements
are too engrossing

So much so that he can't spare
even ten days ?

l've a photo for your mantelpiece.
Brother and l


And the other one's photo ?
- Whose ?

You pretend innocence ?

Niru, l seriously protest if l'm
introduced to the groom at the altar

He's coming in the winter.
You can look him up

You won't approve of him, Uncle ;
he has no interest in greens

As strongly as l disapprove
ofyour disinterest

Next time you come, which l hope
will be before you're married...

bring him along. Ifyou're married
by then, the honeymoon is on me

l was looking forward to escaping
the city grind for ten days. Disgusting

Disgusting ? Let's read your face

What have you brought for me ?
- Wait, the wait will be worthwhile

l see, you haven't unpacked yet ?

Lady, we plan to banish ourselves
to the forests

ln a flash of self-denial ?
- A temporay dislike of mankind

So suggestively, l've been prodding
your husband to spend a day or mo...

amongst the beasts,
in one ofthe nearby reserve forests

Banish that thought. There's no place
for a lady like me among beasts

Chances are we'll find someone
with a better temperament

Ever put a thought to the justification
of demeaning animals ?

Why are inhuman acts called
''bestial'' ?

Ever heard of pet dogs betraying men ?
Do find out about men betraying trust

Once you're married, you'll see
for yourselfwhich zoo you end up in

What giRs have you for me ?

Begin with how much the bag cost...?
- Fim nine

Such prices...!

l've a fine bush shirt for you

For me...?
- Like l said, patience

What's this ?

Oh my dear, dear brother-in-law !
So much for you being a psychiatrist !

A switch ?
- Indeed ! This is funny

All my belongings ! Funny indeed

Notjust another wench,
this one's so smart

Come on, we got to solve this mess.
- As if it's a fortune ?

Sweets. And a dress.
Especially for you

Sweets ?

And look, here's a nice dress

Don't you touch all that !
What a shame, it ought to be returned

Returned, to whom ?
- There might be an address, somewhere

Let me take a look

Water, chilled

You want a drink ?
- No, a bath

Why are you cying ?

My holiday is ruined !

Then think ofthe person who's lost it.
We must find a way of returning it

Have a heart, he could be in trouble.
- Why, oh why should l have a heart ?

Look, to get back his,
he'll have to return yours

But how ? Where, where is he ?

Sleeping dress



Brother, when l was packing,
l put your last letter in...

l'm sure, inside the flap.
- End ofworries

Now, if only l can find his address.
- Calls for a tea

What we need first, is his address

Eureka !

Show that to me

Dr Pratul Bhattacharji, psychiatrist.
Ramoy Road, Calcutta

Sumitra Majumdar, but no address ?
- Won't you ever buy me...

something like this...?
- Stop carping

And now, a photograph !
My dear brother-in-law...

she is really exotic

Photograph ? Let me see

The boy is a sportsman, extrovert.
- The girl ?

Was she in the train ? Seems familiar

Any address ?
- Still looking

Must be gone to a hill station,
by that woollen wardrobe

Darjeeling or Kurseong...
- Or Kalimpong ?

Can you lend me something to wear ?
- More than enough

lndecisiveness over what one expects
of life is perhaps the greatest tragedy

Those who know what to want
and those who have nothing to want...

find happiness easily. Exceptions.
- Please...

Take mo

What vain rose can say,
''Love me, despite my thorns''

l think many blossoms can outshine
the rose's beauty

ln fragrance,
the jasmine is unequalled

l like to wear blues and greens because
l see so much of it in skies and trees

lt's wrong and you persist in doing it
because you're human, not beast

But she isn't worthless,
here's a lady of some parts

Have you lost sense of propriety ?

What might he think ?
- That l ate because l was hungy

Lost luggage ! l got to rave and crave

Minu, l too am craving

Then gorge

Girlfriend !

Aloka, Kalimpong.
- Not Aloka. Amita

So that's where my luggage is
and l hope they return my luggage

Sister-in-law dear...
- Yes...?

You're as wicked as a witch.
Say, how do l get even for the switch ?

Steal the sweets.
- How pem


Let's grow whiskers on this lad

And l never locked it !
What if something's stolen ?

That's thinking like you

l'm so happy about getting back,
l don't want to open it up

Silly, open it and take a look

Evemhing all right ?


What's this ?

How did this happen ?
- What happened ?

Vandalism ! Whiskers on my brother !

l've lost all faith in doctors

No ! l'm going to write a letter !
- To whom ? What madness is this ?

All over, you know...

a tingling, as ifthis ghost is...

not as if l'm being hurt...

more like someone is tickling me...

it's an uneasy feeling

How would you like
to get tickled all the time ?

Are you feeling it now ?
- What...?

Do you feel being tickled right now ?
- Now...? No, no

When l am talking to someone,
when l'm playing a game of cards...

it doesn't happen

But as soon as l get home...
you see l live all alone...

l never married, so no family members
... so when l'm home, it begins

Tickling, all over

And l see things,
l still see them now... spots

Spots of many different shapes...

there... there...

crawling, eveywhere, you see...
l can see them, when l'm attentive

All menty four hours.
- Even in sleep ?

Pardon ?

Once l become conscious about it,
it's vey disturbing

Here, l see you, a vey handsome face

But all over your face...

they're crawling,

swimming, like tadpoles

At the club the other day
Mohim Chatterji mentioned you...

saying, ''Physical medicine is no use.
Go and see Dr Bhattacharji''

He says, he has greatly benefited.
- How long have you had ear trouble ?

- Ears

Oh ears, of late, a bit aggravated.
- Ty a hearing aid

l'm prescribing a sedative for a week.
Tell me on Saturday how you're doing

Saturday ? All right, thank you

l never expected to find someone so young

You tend to imagine a Freud
when you think of psychiatrists

Hello Stranger,
Thank you for returning my luggage.

l notice something amiss amongst
my belongings.

For which, l cannot lay a blame
upon anyone else except you.

Whiskers, l happen to dislike
and l detest it on men closest to me.

Your artistic oeuvres may be laudable
but questions gravely your tastes.

ln this letter, l express
my felt duty to keep you informed.

Amita Majumdar

What gives ?
- l've been waiting for hours

Why ?
- Relax, l'll tell you

l can't make head or tail
of last night's dream

ls that what you've come up with ?
You ought to visit my chambers

And pay my fees

Do you approve ofwhiskers on a man ?


And no woman does

But some women have moustaches

Do men approve of men with whiskers ?

Men are exhibitionists.
- Facial hair is a male phenomenon

Then grow a beard too.
- Not in fashion

Right Ma ?
- What ?

Are beards nice ?
- Who's growing a beard ?

What if l grow a beard ?
- l'd hate it except if...

it's any help for you
to find a bride. You understand ?

You know what your problem is ?
Obsession, a one-track mind

Cut it out

l need financial support from sponsors
for a play

What ?
- Sponsorships. You must help me

You got a rich clientele.
- l'd rather analyse your dream for free

Will you or won't you ?

Here are the sponsorship rates

One premium spot advertiser

Better, go asking yourself.
l'll give you the contacts

You're better equipped with
what it takes to crack such deals

Get dressed up, wear a nice perFume
and a special smile

You'll be swamped under
a landslide of sponsorships

Many thanks. May l mention you
as one the advisers ?

Good. Which play ?
- Illusions

Which role are you playing ?
- Producer

Are you sick ?
- A wilted romance

Wilted before it began.
- Some affliction. l'll pass you on

Minu, Shobhan is here

Your Romeo is here

Will you give me a liR ?

Why not ?

Come on, why not ?

Because, three is always a crowd

- Yes ?

You ought to tell her. Her bo_riend
ought to socialise with sportsmen

Sportsmen lack grey cells.
- You think he's all grey ?

Hey brother !
- Yes ?

- Why ?

Sit still.
- What are you upto ?

Let's see ifyou suit a role.
- What role ?

Vey romantic role

Bless you, but please don't overdo it

How was the holiday ?
- Fine. Sit

Just a short stay. The heat hits you
as soon as you're back from the hills

Yes, such warm weather...
l hope Minu is keeping well ?

Oh she's been fine what with her uncle,
he pets her and he has invited you

l have been vey busy.
- Is that so ?

l'm expecting a promotion in Januay.
- Really ?

Let's go

Won't be back before nine

Well... bye

l hope you found the weather fine ?
- Lovely

Must say lucky, l believe it rains
this time ofthe year

And you're right.
- And you've come to love rains ?

Not city-rains.
In the hills, it's exotic

Are you laughing ?
- Not really, but last year...

didn't you say you'd hate to go to
the hills and not find any snow...?

That was last year, don't people change ?
- Of course... hundreds oftime

Then why...?
- But managing quick-change is tough

The human mind is a management subject ?
- Wouldn't it make things easier ?

What happened ?
- Where did l keep the ticket ?

What's happening to me ?
- An affliction, what else ?

Any point standing and gaping ?

How about the nice film at Metro ?
- Not another cinema

Then... an_here else ?

A stroll by the river ?
- So be it

l don't know what's come over me...?

Want me to name it ?
- What ?

See a doctor

You must be angy ?
- Only for your own good

How oRen you keep forgetting.
Unmindfulness can lead to anything

l tell you, see a doctor

There's a fine doctor, you know
... no really,

Dr Pratul Bhattacharji, psychiatrist,
on Ramoy Road

The indicator has been malfunctioning.
- Admit it. You forget all about gas

Yes ?


Go ahead

Now, go on

My memoy is somewhat...

Like what ?

Nothing much really,

like buying tickets to the cinema,
then forgetting to cary them

Or forgetting to tank up on gas,
then right in the middle ofthe road...

Stops ?

You must be finding it outright silly ?
You won't call it a complaint, really ?

Never think that way, trifles sometimes
Iead to major complications

She said exactly that

This absent-mindedness ofyours,
is it a phenomenon of late ?

About a year... it has increased

Any serious illnesses, recently ?

Measles once, when l was a child

Commonplace experience

Nothing to crack up over

Any crisis during the last few years ?

Crisis, notjust mishaps

Any incident, something like
a turning point in your life ?

Could it be the job ?

Getting it or losing it ?
- Getting it !

l'm an accountant,
l've been about four years

Then you're surely feeling secure ?
- Yes, kind of

Are you married ?

Any girlfriends ?

Yes ?

One is required to inform
about liaisons ?

The affliction is in the mind

Without a proper picture of
the condition ofyour mind...

l'd be hard put

What was the question ?
- Girlfriend

Yes... l mean yes, l have a girlfriend

How long have you known her ?

Approximately ?

About a year... and a half

And it's a serious involvement
on your part ?

Have you proposed ?

Proposed to mary her ?

l haven't propositioned her formally, yet

Any objections from her guardians ?

No, not as far as l think

And from her side ?

Making that out... is somewhat tough

ls the state ofyour memoy
any hindrance to the romance ?


But you definitely know that she doesn't
have such feelings for anyone else ?

- Still you haven't propositioned ?

She's in college.
Marying before the graduation...

Mr Mukherji...

until such time that you can unravel
your girlfriend's intention...

absent-mindedness won't leave you

Until now, you're only surmising.
Isn't that so ?


Here's your prescription

Engaging yourself actively
is what'll work for you

You must be more alert,
you must make the first move

A morass of uncertainty is acting
like a mindblock

Cleaning up the garbage
will open up your mind and memoy

Supposing l propose
and then she refuses ?

Some nos can also be
vey close to a yes

You must come to terms
with the finer points of life

What if a no is a negation ?

Then, no hope. No vacancy.
One must look beyond

You seem to have studied
these phenomena thoroughly

Mr Mukherji, such is what
my profession demands

May l remain curious to know the outcome

Sure, sure

What's this ?


Grass ?

From China

Oh, Chinese grass ; might as well
say so. Why must you say grass ?

The mind reacts to wonder
whether l've become four-legged

What gives ?
- So much to do

Would you like pudding ?
- No thanks

Go on, it's nice.
- No

Excuse me


how would you like to mary
a somewhat silly but nice guy ?

lt'd make a nice match

Silly ? Guess how much l've raised
in sponsorships ? Twelve thousands

Not by dint ofyour intellect.
Perseverance yes and something else

But not intellect.
Therefore l have a nice match for you

Not that he might be willing to
consider you from the word go

Because his inclinations are elsewhere
though l don't think he'll succeed

l suggest you give up medicine
for matchmaking

Who can make a better match than
a psychiatrist ?

Why not find a match for yourself ?
You're of age and you earn well

My case is different.
l don't go only by looks

l get to read right through the minds
and that's where the trouble lies

So eveyone is mad or deranged ?
- Take Ratna...

her psyche is as clear as glass

Cut the crap and shoot me a ten

A good match forjust ten ?
- No good matches

One good ticket. Front row.
Seven girls, ty reading their hearts

Are you threatening
to sell me a ticket ?

Sir, will you please help this
unfortunate girl ?


What happened ?
- Who's she ?

- She's one of your class-mates ?

She's playing the lead

Amita Majumdar. You know her ?

Now who's the fool ? You or l ?
How can l not ? Classmate

Do you know her ?
- By name and appearance, yes

And the mind...?
- In parts, yes

Haughty, spoiled

Perhaps the only daughter of her parents,
doesn't know what she wants out of life

Avoids wearing greens and blues,
likes mysteries

What gives now ? A mystey ? l'll ask her.
- Don't you dare

First, how come you know ?
Have you met her ?

- Start talking

No, listen...
- You're talking

Come inside

Three, instead of one.
But on one condition

Ask me nothing
and tell her nothing about me

- What else ?

How well do you really know her ?
- Not too well

She joined the music school
only six months ago. Sings well

My tickets, please

You must have patience.
- l'll ty

Have you no patience at all ?

l'm a doctor, not a patient.
- Ifthat's humour

Come inside, the act is beginning

l want a straightForward answer

Can you get whatever you want ?
- Yes or no ?

ln November, l'm getting
a nice apartment in Swinhoe Street

Come December, why can't we
be married ? You have any objections ?

Why do you need to know that so early ?
l'll tell you in November

You aren't saying no ?

l'm not saying yes, either

At least l have your company
these four months ?

Ratna calling

She has a bo_riend.
- What ?

Bo_riend, paramour, lover

l know, l know, but...
how did you come to know ?

By asking.
- And what did she have to say ?

l think she's strange.
l saw her arriving with him

What does he look like ?
A sportsman of sorts ?

Quite handsome, and not a whisker.
- Obviously

l'm giving up on you.
- Good. But don't give up on her

l want evey information,
vey interesting case

You're putting no thought to it.
- Now's no time to think

No harm thinking, even ifyou're
deciding in November,

first of November, do you remember ?


Holiday in Kalimpong.
October 2nd

Father is dead, so she has her mother
and elder brother, fine cricketer

A maternal uncle in Kalimpong.
- What's this maternal uncle about ?

Didn't ask.
- What an idiot

Too many queries can raise doubts.
- Find out tomorrow

l'll ty.
- How do you find her ?

What use ? You've no chance.
- Still, l'd like to know

Nice, if a bit wild.
- You leave that to me

Would you object
if l went to Kalimpong ?

When ?
- Whenever you're there

ln Kalimpong,
l never leave my uncle

Fine. Neither shall l

How about driving faster ?

l'm driving slowly because ofyou.
- No, faster is better

Yes ?

Horonath Chatterji.
Used to be a professor,

now retired in Kalimpong,
researching mountain herbs

Botanist ?
- Also an author

Published ?
- Yes

Where is the book available ?
In Kalimpong or Calcutta ?

How would l know that ?
You do that finding-out

l'm no Pratul Bhattacharji...

if l can't find
the right match for you in 3 months

- No, nothing

- Water

Let's go


Why are you standing like
a wooden doll ? Move something...

this is a movie.
- How about a jig ?


Take a break. Give me an hour and a half
then we'll head back

How about a short trip to Gangtok ?
l'll show you some rare orchids

You'll love it there,
it's vey picturesque

l'd love to go.
- Not before l've seen the rains here

l'm hoping the weather
will turn clement in a day or mo

You must be Professor Chatterji ?

Yes... and you are...?
- Will you please autograph this book...

What are you doing with this book ?
- A subject of my interest

My name is Pramod Bhattacharji

My sister, Nirupama and niece, Amita
- Greetings

So sir...
- Please, no formalities

Fine, are you staying here ?
- l'm put up in Siliguri

l'd never been to Kalimpong
and besides, l knew you're here

Then come over to my place,
ifyou have the time ?

About mo hours...
- Join us for tea, l live nearby

Yes Niru...?
- Fine, do come along

- Come along

This niece of mine asks me
why l live in solitude

l say, what solitude ?
l'm always surrounded...

by 200 varieties of friends and
acquaintances at the least count

You know that feeling, don't you...
can't expect them to understand

Holidaying here...?
- My daughter's college vacation

Then it'll be a long vacation.
- No, just about ten days


Nice, finding you right on my way

Oh you...!

Just like l warned you.
l only had to manage leave from work

May l assume that he is...?

Shobhan Lal Mukherji, yours truly

And like this other friend of ours,
you wish to escape soon enough ?

No, l'll be for about four days

Excuse me, where before...?
- Excuse me...?

No, l just wondered...
- l am Pramod Bhattacharji


Are you headed back home ?
- Do you propose a hotel ?

Vey well, put your luggage down
and then come over

l'm on the right incline,
second cottage on the leR. Aloka

Aloka... l'll be back

Come quickly.
- Sure

Let's proceed

Amita, l'll be with you soon

Get there in time for tea

Minu, come along

ln these forests, l discovered mo new
species of orchids, all in ten minutes

Chances. This chance meeting
reminds me ofthat find of mine

As of now you may not discuss orchids.
- Accepted

You don't share this interest a bit ?
- What with her sole current interest...

discussion on any other topic
is absolutely intolerable for her

Uncle, you won't !
- You see Pramod...

music, literature, films,
she is an all-round expert

How interesting would it be if she
had an interest in plant life

Don't you even like flowers ?
- l do but some flowers...

are given undue importance.
- True

You think so too ?
- Indeed. Like the rose

Exactly ! Rose.
- So oR deliberated in poety...

a certain allergy
can be attributed to it

l'll leave you to keep Pramod busy with
stories, while l organise the tea

Stay here, l'll make tea

ARer tea, l want to show you
something before you go

Movies. Of orchids in their natural
surroundings. Let me get these ready

Of course

Okay, l'll tell you about the incident
during our last holiday

- My luggage was misplaced

A switch of suitcases, at the
railway station. He was a doctor...

l can't recall the name now...
- And then...?

Fortunately, we found his address
and the suitcase was couriered to him

And this gentleman happened to find
my Kalimpong address in my suitcase

But those mo days were terrible for me,
l felt so irritated and helpless

He must've felt the same way.
- Could be,

but l wasn't in the frame of mind
to think about his situation

You must've searched his belongings.
- How could l not ?

To find the address, l went through
his luggage with a toothcomb

And having done that, you couldn't
make a guess on the nature ofthis man ?

Belongings, you see, are indicative.
- Yes, young. Also tasteful

But quite, in fact, vey uncouth.
- Is that apparent from belongings ?

No, a photograph in my suitcase,
of me and my brother

He drew a moustache on my brother's face
before returning it. What if not uncouth ?

How are you sure that he did it ?
- Who else ?

A child at home, perhaps ?

Oh grief, it never occurred to me.
l even wrote him a strongly worded letter

ln that, you were justified.
Nomithstanding who did it...

this man should've apologised to you
in writing

Correct, he should've done that.
No, l was justified

No further contact or correspondence ?
- l didn't feel any such need

An author would've started a romance
around this incident...

beginning with the switch,
both characters are irritated...

followed with restitution,
then introductions and aRerwards...



Anything is possible in a tale

Maybe you had no need for romance ?
- Neither did he, maybe

No way l could've made out if he was
unmarried or if he had no girlfriends

There were ladies' dresses in his bag.
- A sister-in-law's...?

Come for tea

So you've heard the stoy ofthe switch ?

You should've seen my daughter cying,
like a schoolgirl

Tell me, isn't it irritating ?
- l too felt the same...

l mean, l would've felt the same
in such a situation

lt won't be dark before six.
Ifyou're in a hury...

we can darken a room to
watch the movie

The reel l shot in Sandak Fu
is fascinating

The place for rhododendrons ?


Here comes Shobhan

Get a chair, please


l hope you had a nice journey ?
- Yes, but next time l'll fly

When did you arrive ?
- Half an hour before you

Where before have we...

Shobhan, how much sugar ?
- Two spoons

One for Minu, none for brother
and you ?


Do visit us in Calcutta, this meeting
is too brief even for introductions

Oh yes, do give me your address.
We must stay in touch with each other

A new book of mine is being published
next month, l must give you a copy

lt's about flowers
in and around Kalimpong

Well Shobhan, what about you ?

Do you like music ?
- Especially your niece's

You know, Minu knows about this
vey picturesque spot here

lt offers a spectacular view of
Kalimpong town and the Kanchenjunga peak

lfwe are to watch this film ofyours...

- l mean, why not take a quick look ?

Evemhing's arranged.
l think you might like it

And l hope Niru won't object to
watching a movie about flowers ?

Have l ever dissented ?

Let's not drag you into this, and
you'll be around of course. See you

ln that case...
l'll look you up in Calcutta

l certainly won't be amazed. It's
progressively becoming a small world


sit, while l adjust the projector.
- Be seated

My brother has always regretted
how no one appreciates his work

According to him, eveyone keeps happy
with fragrances of flowers. No one...

is interested in knowing about flowers.
- True

Your son, is he ?
- Yes, that's mymosome

He's Minu's elder by mo years
and he has a fancy for sports

How many siblings are you ?
- Brothers. Two. He lives in Siliguri

A married sister, settled in Kanpur

Ma lives in Calcutta.
My father died in '52

Are you... angy ?

Why ?

Because... l'm here...?
- You said you might

Yes... l may have said so


l get a feeling...

- The name of this tree

Tell me...

What ?
- Are you...?

ls that a new cardigan ?

Doesn't it look nice ?

That yellow on a man...

ls deep brown better ?
- Passable

Now ?


Unmarried ?



Please sit

You mean you've given it no thought ?
- You're forcing me to think

Then why aren't you saying it ?

Amita, until l know ofyour decision...

you know how much l...
- What's there ?

Mr Pramod...

The film is over ?
- The film tore

Are you leaving ?
- Yes, goodbye

Did you change that cardigan ?
l nearly didn't recognise you

Goodbye and best of luck

Did you happen to know him before ?


And l thought he's familiar,
but l can't quite place him

lt has happened thrice

The same dream, you know

You know...?

What do you make of it ?

No, l mean, interesting


Nothing more... the door opens

But l couldn't make out who pushed
the door open. Someone tall, turbaned

You seem worried

Any outstanding loans ?

Could he be a creditor ?

Shobhan Lal Mukherji speaking.
- Yes, what news ?

Don you remember me ?
- Of course

Sharp memoy

What's news ofyour memoy ?
- Better. Your treatment has worked

Then evemhing is fine ?
- It'd be nice to meet you once more

Vey well...
- Will you be able to spare time ?

Now ? Where are you situated ?
- Vey close by

Then come over

Amazing ! You guessed correctly

A loan, which l had all but forgotten.
- Your subconscious never forgot it

You think, l'll be rid ofthis dream
once l've repaid the loan ?

Ty and see

- Goodness ! What gives ?

What are you upto ?
- Gossiping

With whom ?
- Shibani

Who's that ?
- Neighbour

Friend ?
- Not really

Can you get rid of her ?
- Why ?

To get yourself here in fiReen minutes.
This is urgent

l could ty.
- Give it that, for your own good


What news, Mr Mukherji ?

Dr Bhattacharji, would l make
a bad choice for a husband ?

Why should you be a bad prospect ?
That isn't the real question

The question is husband to whom ?

Not evey groom is a perFect match
for evey bride

Did you propose ?
- Yes

Take a look at this guy. Stay as long
as l don't ask you to leave. Come in

Come in

Please wait for a while


She is assisting me

You may speak freely

So, did you propose ?

l did

Vey soon aRer you told me to,
l propositioned her. But...

she isn't about to tell me anything
before first of November

Do you feel hopeless ?

The situation is such, if she says no,
l'm in for a shock. If she says yes...

You're still leR worying
about the future ?

Yes, you know...

the way she changes from one moment
to another, it's hard to tell

Day aRer tomorrow,
she might say yes,

but what if she refuses
a day before the wedding

Maybe l'm unable to explain clearly,
she's a vey unusual type

l think, Dr Bhattacharji, it'd be good
ifyou were to meet her

Meet her... as a patient ?

No, ifyou were to accompany me
when l go to her house...

l'd introduce you as a friend...

someone who has just returned
from London or something like that

Keep this note

Send the man who did the make-up for
your play to my house tomorrow evening

Go through the file.
You can return it tomorrow

Have women entered this profession ?

The problem is, they don't stick around
for long. In no time, they're married

This lady is quite intelligent

Would you like to go ?

Yes, unless l address your case soon...

You see, of late, she's been
avoiding meeting me alone...

ifyou're with me, then maybe...

l'll organise it so that
you can have a quiet chat with her


evenings are better

Tomorrow ?

Fine. And day aRer tomorrow
is first November

One minute

Three... seven... rose

Give me a number bemeen one and five


Bemeen one and ten ?
- Seven

Name a flower.
- Rose ?

What do you make of it ?

A simple, straightForward girl
would've been best for you

Well let's look up...
what was her name ?

Amita Majumdar

May l take your leave...
shall l come tomorrow at six ?


What are you upto ?

Secure job

Nice pay

No drinking, no smoking

Not ugly either

And l'm to take him offthe rebound ?

Amita Majumdar's bo_riend, isn't he ?

Bo_riend, my foot

Three questions. Quick answers

A number bemeen one and five.
- Three

Bemeen one and ten ?
- Seven

Name a flower.
- Rose

What's this in aid of ?

l just need a make-up man.
- Why ?

l need my whiskered face back
for a while

Amita, is she in ?

Yes, but the ball has a bounce.
Got to play carefully

- What ?

Who ?
- A mosome

l don't know one, you know the other.
- Coming

Aren't you going ?

Who's tagging along ?

- What ?

l'm going to turn him down

You don't have to give a reply today.
- l'm telling you beforehand

Matter ofyour choice

Then l don't like him

Now l don't even know why
l've been going around with him

My friend Jayanto Sengupta.
- Greetings

Miss Majumdar


He has been in London.
Studying. Accountancy

Oh l forgot my car keys.
Be seated, l'll be back

Are you an actress ?

ls that your photo ?

Yes, a perFormance
at the music school. Illusions

Then you like acting ?
- Particularly when l'm appreciated

l didn't mean it that way

l mean, considering that
acting is make-believe...

and you are to be what you aren't,
doesn't it create a conflict ?

Not really, in fact, that's the fun

You suppress your personality,

then you use your imagination
to enter into someone else's persona

There's a challenge
and there lies the fun

Have you never enacted a role ?
- Yes, l've had to, at times

You didn't like doing it ?

Not bad, if it works

Uncle Haren !

How have you been ?
- Fine. But it's been ages

Where's your mother ?

Ma... Uncle Haren !


Please, be seated

You... here ?

You are acquainted ?
- l'm his patient

So you are a doctor ?

You don't know ?
But you were having a conversation

l've been greatly benefited by him

Your luggage and mine, in the switch !

You painted the whiskers

What's the matter ?

Excuse me... l should leave

l'll be back, Amita.
- No, don't come back

And not you, either

l don't understand...

The audacity ! He came to examine me !
Fraud ! Cheat !

How can l apologise enough...?
- How are you to blame ?

l went of my own volition. And
l never expected Haren Ganguli

lntellect lies powerless before chance

Professionally however...
- Not your fault

But l'll tell you something

lfthis leads...

to a break-up it will be for the better.
But she isn't the wrong sort

Not the wrong sort ?

But she might pair off better
with a different sort

Do come to see me again. But not as
a patient, l don't think it's necessay

Reminds me, the three questions which
you asked me, what were they about ?

An elementay psychological test.
- Will you please explain ?

One-to-five, one-to-ten, name-a-flower...
- Ask ten people. Nine out of ten...

will answer three-seven-rose.
- Then l fall within the average ?

You might also say normal.
People like you needn't visit me,

except of course when affairs go awy

What's up ?

Weren't you shaven ?

Yes, l'm shaven

l thought l saw...

A letter bearing your alias
has landed up in my house

From Kalimpong ?
- Yes, Horonath Chatterji. The uncle

Long letter ?

''My dear Pramod,
l'll reach Calcutta on November 10.''

''My new book is published.
l' carying one for you.''

''Have you been visiting Nirupama?
l think they approve ofyou.''

''l'll also cary a cactus. It's yours
ifyou see me on 10th evening.''

''l hope you are fine.
With best regards.''

Will l get the cactus ?
- Yes

What happened ?

This has been going on and on,
dancing, singing, smiling, frowning

ls psychoanalysis a hoax ?

How would l know, l live in cool climes,
l never get a hot head

But you might label my involvement
with botany as an obsession...

which makes scientists
like Jagadish Bose, insane

l can answer the bell, uncle

l don't know why l just felt, it's you.

How have you been ?
- Fine

And you ?
- Likewise

Now you see who the cactus if for ?

How have you been ?
- Fine

What took you so long ? Or did you
make friends with only my brother ?

No, l had hoped to come
for a proper feast

That can be tonight, yes Minu ?

Tea ?

No thank you, l've just had tea.
- Have another cup

No, he'd rather only feast

Please, be seated.
- No formalities please

Okay, sit

How is the music shaping up ?

l've been playing records

Such deterioration ?

You remind me of someone

Who ?

You may not care to know, but
unfortunately, you share similarities

Let's hear, who ?

The doctor who's to be the subject
ofyour author's romance

Pratul Bhattarcharji, psychiatrist ?

You know him ?
- Closely

The man in my luggage-switch ?

Sit down

This is an undeserving giR

l'll be the judge ofthat

Let me sign the book

Minu, give me a pen

ln the meanwhile, have some sweets

You know Ma, he knows the doctor

Doctor who ?
- Dr Fraud, who else

He came with an alias, to examine Minu.
Then comes a relative of ours,

who happens to be one of his patients
and he is exposed and what a scandal

You may tell your author that doctors
are no good in romantic leads

Because their psyches are misted

When did you arrive ?
- Today


Just what l anticipated

The man has given up practice

Are you taking further treatment ?

Are you taking further treatment ?
l heard that you had improved

But of late, l've been noticing
the spots again

And also that sticky,
tickling sensation...

like a swarm of ants
walking over me

Uncle, you imagine it all

l'm saying that you imagine it

l imagine ? Imagination ?

Can imaginay diseases be cured ?

He had virtually healed me

But aRer the relapse, l went to him

But he isn't giving an appointment

Vey busy doctor

So polite, so courteous

And also a real genius,
his type his rare

Minu, you should apologise to him

Why did he paint whiskers ?

Why did he come posing
with a pseudonym ?

Are you leaving ?
- Yes, please excuse me

The tea is nearly done.
- Not tonight

l'd like to visit
the horticultural gardens with you

When would you like to go ?
- Whenever you say

Then come on a Sunday, stay for lunch.
Then we'll go out together

- Of late...

Minu is cultivating an interest in
flowers. The cactus was all but lost


Let me introduce you

Excuse me, have we met before ?
- l think not. Goodbye

Mr Pramod...

l hope you aren't offended.
- No, why...?

You might know him better, but
l think he's wrong in the head

Why else would he do that ?
- He thinks the same way about you

How so...?

Primarily, he says,
your main shortcoming is...

you ty to construct a man's character
on the basis of some trivial incidents

Which is dangerous

He also says that painting whiskers
is as offensive as stealing sweets

So according to him,
you're just as evil as he is

As for visiting you in disguise, it was
at the instance ofyour friend Shobhan

As far as l know, it's thanks to Pratul
that you managed to escape from Shobhan

l think that you have assumed much
without knowing him

And the conception is wrong

Goodness ! Are you his publicist ?

What then ?
- l'm a well-wisher

According to you, what should l do ?

Would you do what you should ?

What your uncle suggested is right

Shall l take an appointment for you ?

No, you're asking for too much.
l can't apologise

l only spoke my mind

Goodbye for now

Will you come again ?

What happened ?
- Nothing

What do you mean, nothing ?
- What am l, a little girl ?

Why does eveyone come advising ?
- What's come over you ?

Tell me, what's the matter ?
- Sick in the head

l ought to undergo psychotherapy !

Whatever you say,
l happen to like that boy Pramod

l'd like to know more,
his job, his family

Don't you like him ?
- Even if l do, he isn't coming back

Why ?
- That doctor is his friend

Why do people have so many
acquaintances ? Unless l apologise...

What's the frustration ?

l thought you'd be happy.
- Who likes a sordid ending ?

ARer all that l've done for you ?

See who it is

One minute

Go. Miss Majumdar

Amita Majumdar calling.
- Yes, tell me...?

l'd like to visit your chambers.
Will you spare some time ?

What time would suit you ?
- What if l can come at five pm ?

Thank you

Happy ending ? Amita Majumdar ?

Not so easy

Listen to this

The situation is such, if she says no,
l'm in for a shock. If she says yes...

You're still leR worying
about the future ?

Yes, you know...

the way she changes from one moment
to another, it's hard to tell

Day aRer tomorrow,
she might say yes,

but what if she refuses
a day before the wedding

Maybe l'm unable to explain clearly,
she's a vey unusual type

Have women entered this profession ?

The problem is, they don't stick around
for long. In no time, they're married

This lady is quite intelligent


Stop it

Am l a little late



l've come to apologise for the other day

l ought to be apologising instead

Using a pseudonym was a crime.
- So l had thought

But l heard that you are rather upset
for the harm it'd do to your practice,

should it become public knowledge.
- l think your reaction was natural

My respect for you has increased.
- Increased ?

You had already inculcated
this respect for me ?

l have seen you perForm
in Illusions

Then this news about you being upset
is a rumour ?

And l needn't have come to apologise ?
- To tell you the truth...

l wanted you to visit my chambers once,
so that was a ruse

What !

l wanted to take a closer look at you.
- What !

Because, l surmised that you'd be
an interesting psychological study

l was guessing by your handwriting
and by reading your diay

You read my diay ?
- And you read my notebook

Notebook and diay are the same ?

l didn't read the diay,
my sister-in-law read it out

Women are more inquisitive, you see.
- Not at all

l only saw mo, maybe three entries ;
in fact, l never saw, l heard

And in a way, that was just as well ;
in fact, that's how l made out that...

Shobhan is no match for you.
- How much else have you to say ?

Only vey little.
Sit down

Please, l won't take too much time

lfyou won't mind this, let me put
to you, three simple questions

l'm unwilling to answer
any personal questions

Not personal at all

Please pick a number bemeen
one and five

Bemeen one and five ?
- Yes, a quick response


Bemeen one and ten ?
- Ten

Name a flower.
- Bluebells

You may have measured my IQ ?

Now l wish to warn you

About a man

Pramod Bhattacharji

Are you aware that
he is in love with you ?

And this man
isn't entirely honest

He went to Kalimpong
chasing you

He has no interest in your uncle ;
neither he has any interest in flowers

And what he spoke about himself
is untrue

Talk of cheating
and are you any the less ?

And why must l put up with you
speaking ill of him ?

At least l know him,
l don't know you at all

You don't know me ?
- No

Not at all ?
- Certainly not


Oh yes, Mr Shobhan, what news ?

Yes, Ratna Bhattacharji.
l tell you, she'll make a nice match

Come over to my house some day,
l'll introduce you

Miss Majumdar...

do you still believe that doctors
are unlikely to be romantic heroes ?


l'm not talking about tales

May l venture to ask another question ?

Yes ?

Will you mary me ?

There will arise some advantages
out of it, which you ought to note

Firstly, as far as l have seen and
known you, l think our type will match

Also, aRer a marriage, distasteful
incidents like switching luggage...

are ruled out


setting out for Kalimpong
aRer we're married...

for the honeymoon