Bakkudansâzu! (2006) - full transcript

A cadre of backup dancers is left astray when their star singer moves on with her life and marriage. They each had their own ambition and hope, which subconsciously rested on the star power of the singer. When plan A does not work, they cling to plan B. When that does not work, in an act of desperation, they are assigned to plan C by their agency. A fight and unprofessionalism seems to put the Backdancers on permanent ice.

[Translated by: 8thSin]

[Special thanks: FSS for making this sub possible.]

And, 5, 6, 7, 8,

1, 2, 3, 4,

and, 5, 6, 7, 8,

2, 2, 3, 4,

5, 6, 7, 8,

3, 2,

[Winter, 2010]
Stop, stop, stop.

Misaki and Risa,

You two are always off-sync here.

Can't we like...

Look a bit cooler when we dance?

Dancers have to look cool!

No one would see us here even if we looked cool when we dance.

I'm telling you, we are practicing to get people to see us.

We won't get any better unless people see us first.

Hey, are we like,

doing something extremely meaningless right now?

Don't worry,

even Miu and Yoshika said things like that when they danced here.

Then gathered thousands of audience and performed a live.

Isn't that amazing?

No way!

Here? Really?

Yes, right here.

All right! Let's try again.

- Not too long ago, we were just like them. -

[Autumn, 2002]
- Not too long ago, we were just like them. -

[Autumn, 2002]

Excuse me.


Come on!

Thank you!

Oh, Nick!

Oh, Miu.

You are late.

My parents grounded me, I couldn't get out.

You are still sneaking out of your window?

Shut up! Where's Yoshika?

She's inside.

Thanks. Later!


Hey guys!

You are late tonight.
- Sorry.

Want something to drink?
- Nah, I'll dance.

Hold on to this for me.


You are late!

My bad.

Attention, you rascals! Look over here, all rascals.

Ahh! That was loud.

We are the North Shibuya Police.

We will check over a few things here... Ah! Running away!

Okay, catch him, catch him.

Admission by anyone under 18 is prohibited, everyone knows this, right?

Yes, yes. You know the rest.

We are escaping from the back door.


Ah! My bag! Hold on.


I'm 20 years old.

What's the year of your birth, then?


2? 2?



Sorry, it's my fault.

What are you talking about?

Hurry and get on,

Act like a young rascal and hurry and get in the police car.

Right, right, oh!

Cheer up, minor!

Get on!

Okay, you got on.

Let's go.

- Just by bad luck, we were taken into custody, -

- by bad luck, the words of our shady activities spread, -

- by bad luck, Yoshika and I were... -

- Forced to withdraw from high school. -


What about Yoshika?

She brought the notice of withdrawl this morning.

Stop it.

It's HER fault all this happened.

I have never skipped class before.

Or failed on a test,

alcohol, cigarettes, drugs...

We have never done anything wrong.

We just...

Wanted to dance.


Don't be heaving sighs all day.

You were fired from your high school.
Help out with the store now!

I'm sorry, it was my fault.

You really are slow, Miu.

I'm sorry...

That's what I mean by slow.

If I never taught you how to dance,

you wouldn't have gone to a club.

How did your parents take it?

They are angry and crying.


They were amazed and laughing at my failure.

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

No one under 18 years old allowed.

Come on, let me in.

Do me a favor.

Police are tight with the regulation lately.

Uh, come in.

Why are you letting ugly ones in?


That's not the regulation.

I'm not interested in a crappy club like this, you octopus.


we can ride an airplane alone.

But a high school student can't get into a club...

What a joke!

Hey, if you have nowhere to go, wanna come with me?

Let's go dance.

This is it.

This way.


Oh, Juri!

Who are these girls?

You know...

Ken, did you finish the new track?


New members?



What? We don't have any other place to dance.

I'm Yoshika. She's Miu.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Just by good luck, we joined the team,

just by good luck, we found a place to dance again.

We danced here all the time.

We just wanted to keep dancing.

With a beatup cassette player

and a spotlight from the moon.

That's all we needed to make this place a stage.

Eventually, people started calling this place

the 'Moondance Club'.

Days flew by...


'Booty Records'?

"Chief manager"...

Mr. Takahashi Osamu?


Could this be... Scouting?!

Ah! I'm sorry.

The one we want to scout is...

- Only Juri. -

Juri, who debuted as a fresh gravure idol,

How cute!

Yes, very cute!

She'll sell for sure!

- She didn't sell at all. -

- But one day... -

Excuse me.

We are here to see Mr. Takahashi-san of 2nd Production Department.

Yeah, over here.

Uh, Yoshika and Miu.

And Aiko and Tomoe, okay?

I'm Tomoe.

Starting today, you are a dance unit.

- What?

We are a unit?
- Right.

Dance in Juri's background.

Oh, manager, should we at least give them a unit name?

Let's see...

Backdancers! What do you think?

Oh, it's good!

That's great, good idea!

Okay, then.

Starting today, you are the 'Backdancers'.

Yay! Congratulations.

- And so, we... -

Smile, smile!

Okay, thank you.

Next, solo shots.

[Song: Hasebe Yuu - identity]

~Hey, ~

~Kiss me, I want to have a kind feeling within me~

~So kiss me now~

~STAY, like this forever~

~Fun song will continue playing~


~In my heart~

~I listened to your voice with my eyes closed~

~Soft wind blows by...~



Just wait...

Can you just leave me alone?

Where are you going?

At least tell me how I can contact you!

[Winter, 2006]

Good morning.

I'm quitting.

I'm going to retire and marry my boyfriend!


Juri, Juri!

Just wait a minute there!

Today is my last live.

Get Takahashi and Konishi here.
- Okay, okay.

Let's go back in, calm down, and talk.

Hey, what's Juri bickering about?

She says she's getting married.


Who is it now?

A CEO in the IT industry.

Good catch!

Because I love him...

He's the third one this year.

Isn't it fourth?

I'm serious this time!

Don't say that!

Did you see the audience outside?

They all came because they want to see you in this live concert.

He's so cool looking... Just like Won Bin!
[Won Bin: A Korean actor popular in Japan]

The guy is just a gorilla.

I saw a photo of him.


But it's just all talk, like usual... Right?

She just has to be constantly in the center of attention.

Why don't you just tell her enough is enough?

But if she was serious,

what would happen to us?

I mean, if Juri retired,

obviously they won't need the Backdancers anymore.

Should we go over the steps again?



She can't be serious, right?


No way!

No way!

We are letting people in, so get off the stage!

Hurry, hurry!

No way, none!

Backdancers, please go change.


Hurry up!

~Hey, kiss me,~

~I want to have a kind feeling within me~

~So kiss me now~

~STAY, like this forever~

~Fun song will continue playing~


~In my heart~

~I listened to your voice with my eyes closed~

~Soft wind blows by...~

I, Osabe Juri will...

Retire after this stage.

No way!

~Suddenly, moonlight~

~Until I float in the air~

~As if showing us the way~

~That light is your love~

Check your mail.

Check your mail.

Check your mail.

[Mr. Chano Akira, meeting at 10 a.m. tomorrow.
Attendance is mandatory! From Takahashi]

Good show!

Good job to you too.

You guys rocked the place tonight too!

I seriously cried during the last chorus!

Hey, Chano...
- Yes?

How many people were in the audience tonight?

Around 150.

More like 100... From the look of it.

Hey, Chano...
- Yes?

Did you become our manager last month?
- Yes.

How many years in the company?

This is my second year.

At last, my dream of managing the Steel Crazy came true.

Oh, really?

Oh, by the way,

That demo tape I sent you earlier,

how did it go?

I personally liked it...

The company says it's too much like the '70s...

They said it would be high risk...

Ahhh! I forgot!

I have the next month's tour schedule.

Mr. Ace.

Mr. Tommy.

Mr. Roger.

Mr. George.

I'm counting on you for a good tour!

"Fully White Room",

"Health Land for the Elderly",

"Michinoku Time"...?

Hey, Chano...
- Yes?

Are you...

Someone who doesn't know how to do his job?

I'm sorry!

Just joking.

A joke.

I'm really sorry!

I will get more audience for us before the end of this month.

What's wrong?

No, uh...

I've never seen so many people in a strategy meeting for Steel Crazy.

Steel Crazy?

Steel Crazy,

The rock band...

Uh, what was his name?


Oh, right, right. Chano.

Well, it must have been hard on you.

There's no way such an outdated band can make good sales!

People upstairs are so stubborn, aren't they?

"People upstairs", are you talking about me?

Yeah... Huh?

What's going on here?

Starting tomorrow...

Can you manager them?

Osabe Juri with Backdancers?!


This is the most profitable group in our label!

I can count on you, right?

No, but I still have to manage Steel Crazy...

Um, I joined this company because I wanted to manage Steel Crazy.

Steel Crazy?

Someone with your capabilities can handle way more than Steel Crazy, right?

Well, yes...

Okay, I'll leave the rest to you.

Take care of them to the very end.


I will do my best to manage them to the very end.

What's going on?

Mr. Takahashi, how can this be?

"Shocking retirement"... This is not part of our deal!


How does he look like Won Bin?

Then what exactly am I going to manage?

This is it.

Juri's Backdancers.

Nagakura Aiko, 21 year old from Ibaraki prefecture.

She participated in our audition, and passed as a backup.

She's okay visually, right?

But she thinks this is a connecting bridge to solo debut.

But it's not easy!

Oosawa Tomoe, 20 year old from Jouetsu City of Niigata prefecture...


There's something wrong with the data.

Hostess at a bar in Roppongi.

Our department manager was drunk, and offered her a job.

She took it seriously and quit her job!

We had no choice but to hire her, but...

No matter how you look at it, she's past expiry date!

Saeki Yoshika, 21 year old from Kanagawa prefecture.

She's the leader of the four.

She's the one who does their choreography.

Great dancer!

Lastly, Arai Miu, 21 year old from Tokyo.

Miu, Juri and Yoshika used to dance together as a trio.

One of those 'street dancer' thingy.

Okay then, Chano.

Just do whatever you need to keep them occupied.

For now, at least until Juri releases her second album?

Or even better!

Commemoration for retirement album.

I need you to take care of promotion for that.


How am I supposed to promote her album without Juri?

It's troublesome for me when you push Backdancers out of nowhere for me to manage!

It's troublesome for us too!!

That Juri!

She doesn't repay her debt for everything we've done for her!

Right now,

I can't let this throw me off track from the "promotion course"!

Follow me.

Mr. Takahashi?!

Hey, girls!

This is Chano, who will be the manager for you starting today.

Nice to meet you!


Way better than the old-man band, right?

Well, they have an upcoming event, so I'll leave the rest to you.

Wait, what about you, Takahashi?

I'm busy too with the marketing strategy!

Don't worry,

they are all nice girls, unlike Juri.

They will listen to everything you say.

You guys.

Listen to everything Chano says!


Okay, then!



I'm Chano Akira, I will be managing the four of you starting today.

I know you must be nervous from the sudden news, but

let's work together here and...
- Ah! I'm so relieved!


I was afraid we would get fired!

Hey, hey...

Did they mention anything about me debuting solo in place of Juri?


I want to quit, if they won't let me do the vocals!

Why? Be glad we won't get fired.

Why do we have to wait for someone who quit to come back?

I didn't want to join the Backdancers in the first place!

This is a waste of time for me!

Hey, youngin!

You, you!

Who else is there?

Go buy some tea.

Turmeric tea.


There's an live event for us, right?

Let's get going.

Hurry and change.


Thank you for always helping us out.

My name is Chano. I'm managing a group in Booty Records.

Nice to meet you, I'm Hayashi.

Thank you.
- I'll talk to you later.

You don't gain weight until you are 24, old lady.

I started losing weight after 25, you brat.

This year's Miss Japan finalists are also here today.

This kind of event once every while is not all that bad!

This is more like a party than a live event.

Tomoe, you get drunk fast, so watch yourself. Okay?

When's our interview? Are we next?

Is there time to fix my makeup?

Probably yes.
- Bartender!

She finished hers already.

It tastes great!



Oh, there you are.

It's time,

get them to change.

Mr. Hayashi, what's that supposed to mean?!

You didn't really think they were special guests?

You don't even have Osabe Juri with them.

Here's the costume.

Come on, move it.

We have your costume ready. Please change.

Once you finish changing, you will get into standby.

Wait inside the car.

Hurry, hurry up!
- Ow, ow!

Wait, Mr. Hayashi!
- It's so cute!

So cute!


We are all ready, we should begin soon.

Is everything perfect?
- Yes.


Please pay attention to the stage at the center of the room.

It's a performance by the Backdancers.

That is one strange dance.

Are they dancing to Pink Lady?

Is it Pink Lady?

Isn't it the "UFO" move?

Aren't they cute?

That's the "Strange Old Man" comedy dance, isn't it?
- Yes, it seems.

Should we stop them now?
- Yes.

Can I ask you to stop them for me?
- Yes!

No, it wasn't supposed to be like this.

It seems like it's really fun!

"Drunk dancers performs bewitched dance"!

Chano, you are in the picture too.


Come on, let's just forget about the incident this time.

Department manager?

Why are you protecting Backdancers like this?

I told you, it's to get Juri back.


How many years have you worked in this industry?

Idols who ran out on their label like Juri for a man, and never come back...

Yamaguchi Momoe is probably the only one!

The rest are all the same.

They get bored of the man, lose their place to live, spent all their money...

It's when they lose everything, they realize for the first time:

"I want to get back on the stage."

"I want to perform with my friends again."

Think about it.

Women are simple creatures!

Mihama, you are an exception.

You need to show your ID.

Please line up with your ID ready.

Here, take this, I made an awesome one.

Use it in your next event.

What?! Every time you make it, there's always some weird folk songs mixed in!

Make tracks that are easier to dance for us!

Fool! Don't underestimate the '70s!


the music we listen today are all evolved from the '70s.

So, you are not fit to criticize music unless you know the '70s music!

Have you ever even heard of Yamaguchi Momoe's song "Yokosuka Sunset"?


Ginger ale and Salty Dog with no vodka.

Huh? That's just ginger ale and grape fruits.

That's right.
- You sure?


Oh, Teru.

Hey, what's up.

How you been?

Oh, Teru!

Hey, Miu.

You guys are in bad shape!

It's a good thing you made a major debut, but what are you guys going to do now?

Well, they can still dance here.

Even if you dance there, they'll just treat you like Juri's sidekick.


Well, let us know if you are in a fix.

We already are!

Good luck.

Maybe I'll just quit.


Well, graduate?

I joined this group as a connecting bridge anyway.

It's not like it will bother anyone if I'm gone.

It will bother me.

Maybe I'll go back to the bar.

You can probably earn more there anyway!

Oh, hey Mayu!

Hey, Toriken!


It's been a while.

Hey, how are you?

Looky here, it's the Backdancers!

Too bad.

There's no place to show your skills now.

This is what happens when a group debuts before they are ready.

Twenty-something and retiring already?

But Tomoe is 29, right?

What? What are you talking about?

Please share us some of your wisdom, senpai.
[Senpai: Someone more experienced in same line of work.]

We are not your senpai.

You haven't heard it from Takahashi?

We will debut with Booty Records.

Kisaragi Mayu with Super Tigers.

We will be busy with PV recordings starting tomorrow.

Well, then.


Shall we go?


All right, all the guests here today.

We'll party up until dawn tonight!

Drink a lot,

and dance a lot, and party up to the very end!


Where's our PV?


What does our schedules look like?!

Uh... Nothing much other than dance lessons.

What a useless manager...

Well, either way, I'm glad...

When don't give a damn! Do something if you are our manager!

I understand.


Don't complain no matter what!

We know.

Have we ever complained before?



Hello, hello. I'm Isobe, your promoter.

Let's see here...

I'll explain the tour course in the car, so please get on.

Okay, okay.

Let's have a fun trip.

Hey, we are not going on tour with them, are we?

Who are they anyway?

Everyone in Zenza, please hurry too.
[Zenza: Person who entertains the crowd before the main performance.]

[Zenza: Person who entertains the crowd before the main performance.]

Without Osabe Juri,

We are not in position to go on tours by ourselves...

By the way, who is that over there?



Nice to meet ya!

We can't go on a tour without a DJ, right?

- Right?

He says he'll do it for free.

- Right...

Nice to meet you.
- Yes.

Okay, here.

It's our schedule table. You two share one.

Here you go.

This is yours. Are you okay?

Here you go!

Everyone from Steel Crazy... Don't need one, right?

Want some?

Thank you uncle, I'll take one!
[In Japan, younger people call old man who are not strangers "uncle" even if they are not related.]

I'm an uncle already?
[In Japan, younger people call old man who are not strangers "uncle" even if they are not related.]

What? George?

Oh, there he is. He's here.

That, is his home.

Are you serious?

He lives in that thing?

Eww! How creepy!

Isn't that amazing?


[Steel Crazy live tour schedule table]

Okay, let's get going!

Wait, hold on!
- Why? What's wrong?


What is it? Chano?

Okay, Steel Crazy with Backdancers. Let's go!

Let's get going!

It's been a long ride.

It's cold!

Thank you.

It's been a long ride.

Is it 2 p.m. tomorrow?
- Yes, it is.

We have a rehearsal at 2 p.m. tomorrow!

When do we eat dinner?

7 p.m. at the dining hall.

Carry rest of my baggage.
- Okay.

What about shower?
- There's a hot spring.

Do we get our own refrigerator?
- Yes, you do.

There's a hot spring?

Don't forget, there's a rehearsal at 2 p.m. tomorrow!



Let's make this tour a big success!


You work hard.
- Just me?



Stop messing around!

Please stop!

Isobe, why are you with them?

What are you guys doing?

Ow, ow, ow!

It's Ace and others! Ace!

Hey! What are you guys doing there?!

Come on down!

He's so fast!

Ahh! Ahhh!!

Ace, are you okay?

My wonderful baby!

Fold it, push him in the car.


Everyone, follow Isobe's instructions.

I'll go with him!

Hurry, go.

I got it. Drive safe!

Yes, yes, yes...

Okay, be careful on the way back.

Attention guys! Mr. Ace broke his right arm.

2 months to fully recover... What should we do?

What can we do?

What are we going to do?

Seriously, what can we do?

Maybe we can still perform without guitar?

Bass, drum, vocal. It could be a fresh idea!

That's not possible.

Ken, put something on.

I'm going to put on a classic one.

22 years ago, the legendary songwriter who disappeared without trace after this one single song.

Suzuki Joutarou!

Ah! I've heard of this song before.

You leave me no choice...

Then, we'll have to cancel it.

No, wait! We will do something about it.

But a rock band without guitar is not a rock band!

No! Wait! Don't rip that off.

Then, at least let the Backdancers perform.


What's the point of having only Zenza?

But that Zenza is really wonderful.

Don't be ridiculous!

Chano, Chano!

Hey, Chano, Chano, Chano!

It might, might, might be pretty good.

What is?
- Yeah, yeah.

It's pretty good!

Thanks for covering for me.

~The spring will probably pass one day and we will grow up to be adults~

~Under a tree called love, we exchanged sweet and painful kiss~

~On the other side of that shining night sky~

~Fighting off that overwhelming nervousness and loneliness~

~Your warmth and your kindness is starting to scare me~

~We had good times~

~We laughed and cried~

~In the parking lot, middle of the night~

~I kept waiting for something~

~If I let go of your hand, what will happen to my future?~

~I want things to stay the same, but also the urge to change something~

~"Are you happy right now?"~

~That's the only thing I couldn't ask out of you~

~Dreams can't be reached without courage~

~The image of our dream shine throughout the city at dawn~

~I'm sure you can spread your wings one day too,~

~as long as you live the present to the fullest~

~Always, in the clear sky, I seeked for the love that can't be seen~

~In the mirror that shows the transparent my own self...~

Great performance!

George, you were amazing!

I didn't know Steel Crazy can do something like that too!


That's my song.

I knew it! You are Mr. Joutarou!

Don't call me by my real name, you idiot!

Ah, I'm sorry!

How do you know that song?

Oh, that?

My mom used to sing it all the time.

Well, let's just party!

Good job, everyone!

Go, go!

Go out that way.

Steel Crazy is the best!

You can tell? Great, great!

Let's go drink!



Shouta, how did you get here?

Grandpa took me here.

Where's grandpa?

He says it's too noisy, so he'll wait outside!


I was being a good boy, listened to everything old man and old woman told me.

Mommy will do her best in Tokyo,

and get you a rich daddy, okay?

Give me an autograph instead!


When I told my friends my mom's a dancer in Tokyo,

Everyone said it's so cool!

I'm bragging it!


Mommy was really cool!

Pretend you didn't see that.



Want to go in hot spring with mommy?


Let's go.

Great performance.

Great performance.

Great performance.

Where's Momoe?

She says she's tired, so she's going to bed.


Hey, hey, I need to talk to you for a minute.

I really like Joutarou... George's that song.

Why did you stop writing songs like that?


There were certain circumstances...


You don't want to know?


About what happened.

Oh, yes I do.

If you want to know that much, I'll tell you...

That debut album you had,

the sales on that thing was so-so but...

It was quite a hit among the critics.

The production of next album was approved right away.

But in the end, it was never finished.

Why not?

After I wrote all the songs, and about to record them...

My wife...

Left me.

... And?

What? That's it?

I had no right singing about love and romance and all that stuff.


So that means there are still unrecorded songs?!

I want to listen to them.
- No!!

They are locked away for good.

Hey, "uncle",

Do you have more songs like that one?

I wanna sing more...


Don't make it sound like you want to sing another song in karaoke..

There are certain circumstances that bother George...

I want to sing.

You want to sing?



Then let's go in the trailer.


Okay, uh... We'll be leaving early.

See you tomorrow.

I wonder if it'll snow?

[Song: hiro - I will take you]

~Oh, yeah, come on~

~On nights I spent with you~

~It always makes me think~

~The time we spent together~

~I wanna be with you again indeed~

~'Cause you know it's not fairy tale~

~I don't want yesterday to be just a memory~

Good job.

It's so much fun!

Want something to drink?

Uh... No, thanks.

Hey, can I keep this?

- Thank you.

Hey, George,

Do you always live here?


it's been more than 20 years.


How old are you, George?




Anyone under 50 is OK for me.

How old are you?



Really? What a coincidence!

Well, I have a policy too...

I've decided that I would only go for girls over 21 years old.

I don't have a father.


Maybe that's why I like older men.

I think that's a good preference.

[Saeki Naomi]

Hello, mom?

Yeah, I'm doing good.

Sorry, I'll call you back later.

Okay, okay, bye.

What?! Uh... No, uh... What?

You! Go back to your room!

You can't!!

A girl your age...

Can't be in another man's room at this hour!

Why are you suddenly acting like an old man?

Later, bye bye!

Oh, Yoshika!

What are you doing here, Ken?

I just happened to walk by.

What are you doing here?


I was recording this. Give it a listen.


Ken, I'm hungry! Let's get something to eat!


Ken, I want cheese risotto.


Cheese risotto.

What about cheese risotto?

I want to eat it.

I want to eat cheese risotto!

Nothing else!

I want risotto with 4 kinds of cheese!

4 kinds of cheese,

I want risotto with 4 kinds of cheese!

I won't talk to you unless you get me cheese risotto!

You are drunk! It's dangerous!

No, Miu, watch out!

No, no, don't!

It's so much fun!

It's not funny.

You are drunk, let's go back.

I'm fine! Don't worry about it.

You are so stupid!

I'm not stupid! I graduated from university.

Really? You are? Was it useful at all?


If you are not stupid, then why?


You know,

You seem to work so hard for us, as if your life depended on it.

I used to...

Have a bunny as a pet.


It was being sold near the train station.

A tiny bunny.

My parents told me I can't have it because it needs too much care,

but I wouldn't give up.

I promised them,

"I'll look after it to the very end", and they let me have it.

But eventually...

I discovered video games,


And many other fun things.

Gradually I stopped caring about it.

They say bunnies die when they are lonely...

It's actually true.

What about you?



You complain, but you work really hard too.

It might be rude for me to say this, but...

Dancers usually don't have a future as a career.

They treat us that way too.

That's not entirely true...

Not just the Backdancers,

It doesn't seem like dancers have many paths to success...

Or goals.

We used to talk about those things too, in Moondance Club.

"Moondance Club"?

An unoccupied space, basically a parking lot.

That's where...

I danced until dawn with Yoshika.

"One day, just with our dance, we will have a live performance in front of thousands of spectators."

Improbable story.

If that's what you think,

why does everyone continue dancing?

Why do you dance, Miu?

Because dancers look cool.

That's not it...

Because I want to look cool.


I think that's the benefit of being a dancer.

All right!

Let's ride.


No, no, we are not riding, let's go back.

You'll catch cold!

Chano! Ride! Hurry.



Let's go.


Miu, too fast! Miu, Miu, Miu!!

It's over there, it's over there...

That was so fast! How did it...

It's snowing.

Should we head back?



We don't need Backdancers anymore.



The speed of time flow is rapid, isn't it?

Ever since then, Juri's website's access numbers plummeted,

instead, their numbers are off the roof!


Kisaragi Mayu with... Super Tigers!

Debut single sales is ranked number 7 on the day of release,

Their event's tickets are sold out on the same day.

By the numbers, it seems like Juri's old fans moved on to Mayu.

There's no need to wait for Juri's return.

You tell the members.

We've already prepared their last stage.

[Song: Mai - My Generation]

~In the town where light and darkness intersect~

~In the time that flows rapidly~

~I'm leaving my future up to fate~

~What kind of landscapes await for me?~

~In this era when it's not easy finding you...~

Good morning.

Good morning.
- Good morning.

Mayu's Zenza after Steel Crazy?

I want to get back to the tour!

Good morning.
- Good morning.

Hurry and change, so we can stretch.


Wouldn't it be cool if they cheered for us louder than for Mayu?

Yeah, let's do that!

What's wrong? Chano?


Are you nervous?

Uh... I need to use the washroom.

He really is nervous!

Chano's been using the toilet whole day!


We are all over the entertainment newspapers.

For TV, we have offers from all stations other than NHK.

Why not NHK?
[NHK: The only publicly funded broadcaster in Japan]

Why? NHK doesn't have entertainment news!
[NHK: The only publicly funded broadcaster in Japan]

- You didn't know?

Mr. Takahashi...

Did you tell them already?

About that...

Ah! Mr. Ishida!


Is everyone ready? Oh, already in standby.

It will begin shortly.

Whoa, it's full!

It's unfortunate,

but everyone do your best.

I just heard from Takahashi.

Backdancers is being disbanded after today?

... Disbanded?

What are you talking about?

What am I talking about?

Don't tell me... You guys... Didn't know yet?

Ahh! Sorry, I have to use the washroom.

We are so stupid...

This is our last stage?

Sorry, but I'm leaving.

Who cares?

You will be free to do whatever you want starting tomorrow.


Let's have fun together in our last dance.

I don't want to BECAUSE it will be our last!

With a label of "ex-Backdancers that never sold",

I'll never have a solo debut!

You can't have a solo debut as a singer...

Because you don't have what it takes.

Wake up already.

I'm not same as you, Tomoe.

How are we different? We are same.

No matter how much you flirt, you still can't catch a decent man.

You are just dancing to get guys, right?

Hey, why don't you think about your age?

You are 25, right?

Don't be raising the average age of our group by yourself, bitch!

Who's the one holding everyone back?

You are an eyesore, you little idol-wannabe!

Shut up!

Zenza or main performance, a stage is a stage!

You two...

How long are you going to act like this is a afterschool dance club?

Because of idiots like you,

we'll never get anywhere in this industry!

What are you doing? Stop!

Excuse us, we are very sorry.

Please return to your seat, we apologize.

We are sorry to disturb you!

Okay, thank you for waiting.

Let me introduce...

Kisaragi Mayu with Super Tigers!

~In the town where light and darkness intersect~

~In the time that flows rapidly~

~I'm leaving my future up to fate~

~What kind of landscapes await for me?~

~In this era when it's not easy finding you...~

We'll be fired, after all.

They said you can go home for today.

Maybe it's all for the best.

Even if we kept on like this,

we still wouldn't have achieved anything.

Our time was up.

You don't want to dance anymore?

You don't want to dance together?


you are capable of dancing in a team with higher skill level.


Why are you apologizing?

Why are you apologizing?!

That's what I hate about you!

You blame everything on yourself so that you can feel like the victim,

you avoid facing reality that way.

You still feel guilty for what happened back then, don't you?

You think I got caught too because were too slow to escape?

And because of that, your parents hate me?

It bothers you because you think it's all your fault, don't you?

Those things... They don't matter anymore!

I hate how you never let go of the past like that!


Are you fine with it?

Are you fine with ending it like this?

It doesn't matter!

There's no benefit in being a dancer anyway.

Weren't you going to become cool?

The way you are acting is horrible, it's low,

it's so uncool!

You are no different!

You can't do anything about it either.

You were just looking after some burden to the company because your superiors told you to!

You weren't working for us,

you were just working to get yourself promoted, right?

You used us to get Juri back, isn't that right?

Then leave us alone already!

Yeah, that's right.

I did it for myself.

What's wrong with that?

What about benefits in my job?

I've decided... That I would look after all of you to the very end.

That was what I had to gain from all this.

What the hell?

We have decided to start a new label.

I'm sure you have lots of spare time with just Steel Crazy.

Why don't you go look for some new talents?

Just someone who sells. I'm counting on you.


Yoshika? What are you doing here?

The department manager called me here.



Ah, this way, this way.

Let's get some tea.

Takahashi, come with us.

You can finish that later.

I really feel bad about what we did to you.

So now that Backdancers is gone,

Can I ask you to join the Super Tigers?

Super Tigers?
- Yep.

During their rehearsal,

Mayu and Rika... Or was it Rika and Mika? What was it?

It's Reika!
- Oh, yeah.

They got into a fight.

Anyway, we want you to replace her.


The debut event will continue.

I'm sure you can fit in right away. Right?

Can you at least think about it?

How about it? Would you like to take a chance with this?

8 pages... In color?
- Right.

You can use this as an opportunity.

There are plenty of girls out there,

who started as a gravure idol, and became popular enough to debut as singer or actress.


I'll give it a try!



I see, you were fired.

Yes, and...

I still have to send money to my family...


I knew you would be back, Tomoe.

Thank you.

Okay, why don't you start today?

- Okay.

That's why,

for a while, we won't be recording any new songs.

I'm sorry!

Well, it can't be helped.

We have to be thankful they'll at least let us continue playing our music,


I have to put more hours in my part time job.

At this rate, my part time job will become my main job!

Let's eat. Eat!

By the way, those girls from last time,

what happened to them?

About that...

One thing lead to another... They were disbanded.

I see...

They were kind of interesting.

Chano, Chano!
- Yes?

Help us out, over here. It's burning!

You are late! Yoshika! I'm gonna spin next.

What? Are you nervous for me?

What's wrong?

They asked me to join Super Tigers!

Really? Why don't you give it a try?

Don't make it sound like such an easy decision!

What's there to hesitate about? You can dance again.

That's true, but...

This is where I got caught with Miu...


But still, Yoshika...

You don't have any education if you quit as a dancer.

It will be really difficult finding another job!

Hmm... What will you do then?

What about marrying a DJ?



Miss Mihama.

Working hard still?

Advertising campaign?


Hey, if you would like,

you want to check this out with me?

You've heard from the department manager, right? About finding new talents.

In this dance contest?


You are sick of dancers?


Okay, yes, that's good. Great, that's cute!

Open up the vest now.

The vest?



Now turn, turn and look this way!

Good! That's great!

Can you sit down?

- Yeah.


Okay, can we start soon?

Hmm? We told you this was for the fold-out section in the magazine, right?


Then, take it off.


Ex-Backdancers alone is not enough.

You have to make a bigger impact than that.

Just show it all!

Fine, you don't have to take off the bottom half. Just the top will be fine.

We don't have much time left.

Hurry, and get ready.

You probably didn't get paid too much anyway!

In the end, girls like you, Tomoe...

Fit best as a hostess in a bar like this!

That's right!
- That's right!

Here's another.

Okay, bottoms up!

"When I told my friends my mom's a dancer in Tokyo,"

"Everyone said that's so cool!
I'm bragging it!"

Hey, Tomoe? Are you listening to me?

Of course I am, Takeshi!

How about we go to Karaoke after this?

Good idea!

I'll sing, and you dance in the background!
You were in the Backdancers, right?

I'll tip you!


Plenty of tips!

Hey, owner!

We are going to Karaoke, we will take all these girls with us!

You want to take them with you?
- I'll pay you extra.

Oh, I see. Then I'll add it to your tab.

Okay, let's go!

Let's go!!

Where are we going?

Let's get on that!

I don't wanna.

Come on!

Let's go clubbing.

I want to dance so much it itches.

Let's go.

Then just agree to join the Super Tigers!


You feel bad for Miu and others?

Yeah, back then you guys seemed to have so much fun for no reason.

In that empty parking lot.

Moondance Club, was it?

You guys danced until morning like idiots.
No one's even looking at you!

Yeah, it seemed fun.

I'm saying it, so it has to be true.

I've been looking at you more than anyone else.

I know it's lame for me saying things like this, but...

I love Yoshika more than anyone else!

Ahh! I said it out loud!?

It's embarassing, huh?

... Yoshika?

You suck.

Shut up!

Hey, do you remember when...

When they won't let us in the club,

so we wanted to turn this place into a club to get back at them.

That's why we named this place.

I remember.

Because there's only moonlight in place of spotlights,

'Moondance Club'

Who named it?

Wasn't it you? Miu?

It's not me, it's you!

No way!

Yoshika... I...

There's something I wanted to tell you for a long time.

Don't apologize!

That's not it.

About what happened,

I felt bad about it the whole time.


I was really happy you came back for me.

Thank you.

I didn't come back for you, Miu.

It's because I wanted to be with you...

That's why I went back.

Back then,

and also now.


Thank you,

for being there for me.

It's vexing.

It's vexing for me too.

It's really vexing!


Oh, there you are!

Yoshika, don't disappear all the sudden!

Oh, what's up? All 4 of you are here.


Make a dance track for us!

Make a really cool one!


Here we go,

a dance contest for females only!
Let's party up!

Thank you,

Thank you.

Let's give them a round of applause!

I was starting to wonder if you weren't coming!

Don't tell me you came here for scouting.

For some reason...

I felt like watching people dance.

You better get used to it.

In this industry,

more people disappear than those who don't.

You won't last if you let it bother you.

But it's just... Vexing.

Want something to drink?

And now, I would like to introduce the last team of the day!

Backdancers!! Give them a round of applause!

[Song: LISA & Mao - Precious Message]

Yes, yes, yes! Let's give it for the Backdancers! Applause!


It's vexing!

It's frustrating for us to end it like this!

Do something!

You said you'll look after us to the very end, right?


I promise I'll do something about it!

I knew you'll crawl back to me for help.

So? What do you want to do?

We want to have a big live performance, with just the dancers.

A big live performance?

So what are you going to do?

I don't know.

You don't know? Chano, Chano, Chano...

You are not an amateur!

First things first.



I know we caused a havoc earlier, and caused you a lot of trouble...

We understand we are asking you the impossible...

But we don't have anyone else we can depend on!

I agree!

He really is a shameless man!

But, department manager,

Right here, a big one,

We'll have a big screen right here, and...

Sure, let's do it.

I know! But maybe you'll change your mind when you see...


You know that performance earlier,

It gave a people a lot to talk about!
Our customers reacted positively to it too.

I was just thinking of some ways to repay them.

Thank you so much!
- Thank you so much!


We've heard of plans to have a live performance with just the dancers.

But in the end, they all fail.

If you make pro debut,

you'll have directors, choreographers,

and plenty of other people to create a live performance, but...

But in Japan, dancing in clubs is about as far as you can go.


Not only that, dancers always bring in some annoying policies,

never listen, and...

More importantly, there's not enough audience.

For sure.

Sorry, see ya!

Are the mics here yet?
- I don't know, where are they?

That's why I want to show them!

To people who thinks dance is just an extra,

and to people who thinks it's just playing around at night.

And to people who has already given up on dancing...

I want them to get closer to dancing!

I want them to see it!

To tell you the truth,

I have wondered why they continue dancing before.

That's what I used to think.

But Miu told me,

she wanted to look cool.

It may sound stupid, but...

It may be a stupid reason,

I want to make them look cool!

I want to make everyone admit that Backdancers are cool!

Especially to Konishi and Takahashi!


Takahashi, huh?

They are pathetic people who are only interested in things that sell!

I want to give them a revenge!

Hey, Chano...

You are a retard.

What should we do, Teru?

Okay, we'll do it.


We are two people... Who were fired by them too.

They piss me off!


Thank you!

Please write a song for us.

I want you, George, to write a song for Backdancers to use in a live performance.

I told you,

I don't write that kind of songs anymore.

I want to see them!

I want to see them dancing to the song you wrote again!

I want to see it!

Thank you!

Thank you.

Long time no see.

Uh, um... You know.

Yoshika's acquaintance... What is he, boyfriend?

He told me you have a store somewhere around here...

Um... Sorry to showing up all the sudden.

You are not surprised?

Yes I did!

What are you thinking? Bringing flowers to a florist?

He said a store! I thought... Maybe it's a bar...

You haven't changed!

There are only bars, girls, and...

Music in your head.

I've heard about it from Yoshika,

that she's going on a tour with a weird band.

I had a feeling, but, who would've thought...

Yoshika is...

I didn't...

A nice girl, isn't she?


She's just like me.

Yeah, Chano...

Wanna do...

The live performance?


Thank you!

Let's make it great!


We have to build all this, right?

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

I have to go somewhere.
- Wait!!

Chano, Chano!!

5, 6, 7, 8,

1, 2, 3, 4,

5, 6, 7, 8,

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6, 7, 8,

1 and 2...

- What?

1 and 2 and...
- Twice?

1 and 2 and..

Your hand is wrong too! Fix that!

1and 2 and...
- Make it look sexy!

We'll do the live!


Yes! You did it!

Okay! Let's have the live performance!

Whoa, it's done!


We did it.

Shin, can I talk to you?
- Yes.


This is awesome!

It's impressive.
- My thoughts exactly.

Hey, Ken!

All these people?

Yo, Ken. How are you?

He's the main DJ, get along guys.


Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

- Yes?

That mirror ball, raise it straight up, straight up!
- I'm sorry!

Thanks for the hard work.

Thanks for the hard work.

It's incredible.

It's going to be crazy!

Who are those people...

Our members?


I'm in 5 different bands.

Boss, we are done.


Okay! Raise it up!

Yes, sir!
- Okay, go!

Yoshita, you are the "boss"?

Haha, you are making me blush.

When you are in a rock band for a long time,

of course you are working part time jobs a lot too.

I turned into a veteran before I noticed it.

Hey, be careful up there!

Yoshio! Takahashi! Be careful!


We can't put up a big time advertising campaign with our money left from the budget.

Two days left, huh?

Yes, 2 more days.
- We would like to gather at least 2000.

2000 people?

No we need at least 3000.

Good day's work everyone.

Good day's work everyone.

Two more days until the big day. Don't get hurt no matter what.


Leave to promotion to us.


Word of mouth is all we have to rely on, huh?

What are you talking about?

I have acquired 45 commercial timeslots for FM radio stations.

They start airing today.

I also got you guys lunch!

And the poster design...

- This!

Get 1000 color copies.

- Got it.

We are going to have a live performance.

I'm dancing with Yoshika.

That's why...

Come see us.

Just once,

I want you to see me dance with Yoshika.

Please come see us.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.


That's it for today's rehearsal. Good job!


I got dinner from Miss Mihama!

Good job, everyone!

Here you go.

Ken, you sure you can handle it?

Don't put on some oldies by mistake!

Fool! Don't underestimate the '70s!

Thank you!

What's your group called?

It's Minibacks.

We are the Backdancers!

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

Backdancers, huh?

Don't you think our group name sucks?

You think so? I kind of like it.

Say what?

Aiko, I thought you were going for solo debut?

What? I thought you were going to get married, Tomoe?

Leave me alone.


Here you go.

Dinner from Miss Mihama.

Let's eat.



Uh... Thanks.


Hey, are you staying here tonight too?

This is my home.

Oh, that's right.

You want to live together when it's over?

In this thing?

You don't want to?



What all the sudden? You chickened out last time!

Of course I would be shocked, you are my...

I don't care how poor he may be,

but I want someone who cares about me more than anything else.

I see...

Yoshika, let's go.


Bye, see you tomorrow.

Ken, I'm hungry.

Cheese risotto with 3 kinds of cheese.

You are missing 1 kind.

It's 4 kinds of cheese.

4 kinds?
- Find it!

But I do care about you more than anything else...

It's already spring season.

I wonder if people will come see us tomorrow.

Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter...

If tomorrow's live performance is a success,

I wonder if we'll get to a higher ground.

Probably not.

There's no such thing as path to success for us.

But I think it doesn't matter.


Look after us to the very end!


I sent them all the way to New York for recording, and Nozaki's song still won't be ready in time?

Next month, we only have Kisaragi Mayu's new song for revenue!

What's going on with the release schedule?!

Should we release a best album for Juri?

Best album?

You fool!

She only has two studio albums!


Where did Mihama go? Where's Mihama?

About that... It seems...

It's today.

Their live performance...

That project is just going to embarass our department.

Yes, they are our artist, but...

It's the Backdancers.

They are a dance unit with 4 members.


Yes, yes...

Tickets? Let me see...

I'm sorry, I don't really know.

Location, uh it's...

The live event? Um...

Department manager!

We've been getting nonstop inquiries about Backdancers starting this weekend.

It seems their dance track is being played in clubs and radio stations everywhere!

Mr. Takahashi, when's the album release date?

There isn't... What? Why?


Hey, George... Why?


Those songs were locked away for good, right?

Why did you 'unlock' them?

In my head...

There's only bars, girls, and music.

No matter what people said about me,

I couldn't change that way of living.

If that really was the case...

It's about time I accepted my way of living, and stop running away.

To be accepted by others,

first you have do what you believe is right,

even if it's a mistake,

you have to believe "I'm cool!"

You have to be proud of yourself first.

If you believe that about yourself, and try to the end,

mysteriously, in time, other people will think you are cool too.

I wish my parents were like you, George.

I don't believe I've done anything wrong.

Adults have adult's logic.

Then again...

Kids have kid's logic.

Thanks to the wonderful staff, we have such a wonderful stage here.

All that's left,

is for you guys to give this place a life.

This is not a talent show.

Do it like professionals.



Only 30 minutes left!

I'm starting to get nervous...

Thank you Mr. Takigawa, it's all thanks to you.

- Hey, hey!
Thank you Mr. Takigawa, it's all thanks to you.

Thank you so much for sponsoring us.

It really is an honor for us to be able to help you out.

Excuse me, I have to talk to you about something...

It's so crowded out there!

Department manager?
- Great job, Chano!

I knew you had the potential!

Where are the Backdancers?

There they are!

Get ready to get excited!

We, the 2nd Production Department have decided...

To release an album featuring just you guys!


Backdancers, Backdancers!

Um... Sorry for the interruption,

We have already decided to sign them as the first record by the newly constructed Indies label from Booty Records.

Hey, there?

You haven't heard it from the president?

About what?

The contract expired with 2nd Production Department as of March 31st.

That's not a very good joke, right? Takahashi?

You extended the contract, right?

...What? Me?

I'm sorry to be rude, but for those not involved,

please wait outside with the spectators.

But we are involved!

Please wait outside

with the spectators!

That's cute! Really cute!

This way,

Okay, this way!

Okay then, everyone! Let's get ready for the big show!

Ah! Ah! Ah! Wait!

I forgot to tell you all this, but...

We don't have the permit to use this piece of land.


So this is basicallly a "guerrilla live".

Give them all we got before the authority gets here, and pull out!

That's nonsense! Mr. Isobe!

Don't worry, don't worry!

It won't get us into that much trouble... Or it might...

Hey girls,


Hey boys?


We are Backdancers!!!

Just one chance for the guerrilla live,

Mistakes are unacceptable, let's give them all we've got!

[Song: ARIA & LEO - Ready for you]

Mommy! You are so cool!

What are you people doing here?

You don't have the permit to operate here.

Can't we like... Look a bit cooler when we dance?

Dancers have to look cool!

No one would see us here even if we looked cool when we dance.

I'm telling you, we are practicing to get people to see us.

We won't get any better unless people see us first.

Hey, are we like,

doing something extremely meaningless right now?

Don't worry, even Miu and Yoshika said things like that when they danced here.

Then gathered thousands of audience and performed a live.

Isn't that amazing?

No way!? Here?


Yes, right here.

All right! Let's try again.


Ahh! I want to look cool!

[Translated by 8thSin]

[Ending Theme: hiro - Itsuka Futaride]

[Starring: hiro (ex-SPEED) as Saeki Yoshika]

[Starring: Hirayama Aya as Arai Miu]

[Starring: Sonim as Oosawa Tomoe]

[Starring: SAEKO as Nagakura Aiko]

The spring will probably pass one day and we will grow up to be adults

Under a tree called love, we exchanged sweet and painful kiss

On the other side of that shining night sky

Fighting off that overwhelming nervousness and loneliness

Your warmth and your kindness is starting to scare me

We had good times

We laughed and cried

In the parking lot, middle of the night

I kept waiting for something

If I let go of your hand, what will happen to my future?

I want things to stay the same, but also the urge to change something

"Are you happy right now?"
That's the only thing I couldn't ask out of you

Dreams can't be reached without courage

The image of our dream shine throughout the city at dawn

I'm sure you can spread your wings one day too,

as long as you live the present to the fullest

Always, in the clear sky, I seeked for the love that can't be seen

In the mirror that shows the transparent my own self

If you were here right now, if I was embraced by you now,

My agitated heart would continue beating rapidly

Let's make a promise,

together someday...

On the nights after I've lost my love, my tears filled up the floor

There's no end to it, but I didn't want to forget that day's dream, at least for tonight

[Tanaka Kei as Chano Akira]

[Hasebe Yuu (ex-dream) as Osabe Juri]

[Kitamura Yukiya as DJ Ken]

[Asano Kazuyuki as Department Manager Konishi]

[Koumoto Masahiro as Takahashi Osamu]

[Kajihara Zen as Isobe Gen]

[Kimura Yoshino as Mihama Reiko]

Looking for the light while leaning against the wall

You are swaying on the other side of the beat

When spring arrives,

I can probably reminisce the days that had long passed.

Dreams can't be reached without courage

The image of our dream shine throughout the city at dawn

I'm sure everyone can spread their wings one day,

as long as they live the present to the fullest

[Jinnai Takanori as George]

[Tsnoda*Hiro as Roger]

[Mai as Kisaragi Mayu]

[Maki Kuroudo as Teru]

[Suzuki Kazuma as Seiji]

[Toyohara Kousuke as Takigawa]

[Ishino Mako as Saeki Naomi]

[Director: Nagayama Kouzou]