Bajo la Rosa (2017) - full transcript

Sara, the daughter of Oliver and Julia suddenly disappears. Days pass by without any news about the girl. But one morning, the family receives a letter from someone who claims to have retained Sara and wants to talk with them that night.

For nothing is hidden
that shall not be made manifest,

nor anything secret
that shall not be known. Luke 8:17.

OK, friend...

you wanted something
simple and reliable.

- Do you have it?
- Yes, right here.

Can I see it?

Let's see what you think.

Is this a real one?

Of course it is,
I only work with good genre.

It is a nine millimeter semiautomatic,
is oiled and works perfect.

It's bigger than I thought.

It had not been used, right?

No, because it has its serial number,

You can see it...
A dirty weapon has it erased...

and you don't know
what you have on you.

It can be a robbery, a murder...
You're gonna jail in a moment.

Clean is how legal weapons are,
so, no problem dude.

Where did it come from?
Where did you get it?

What the fuck is that question?

Are you a snitch or what?

Do you wanna fuck me?

Are you interested on the gun or not?

Yes, I'm interested.

And the money?

And the bullets?

Don't worry... that's my gift for you.

It's all included in the price.

Here is the money.
Take and count it.

It's perfect.

This is for you.

Here we close the business...

Now, this is your thing...

Don't ever contact me...
And forget my face, pal.



Come on!
Get up!

I don't know why you want the alarm,
if you ignore it.

I was about to get up.

Yes, for sure.

Honey, what are doing with your socks?

You don't have a pair, Sara.

I'll look for it.

Then you wear these.

Mom, I'll choose my own outfit.

No honey, we don't have an hour
to choose an outfit.

We're already late...

and I must take you to school.

Tomorrow, you wake up at your time...

and you wear whatever you want.

This is not yours.

Oh no! It's Lucia's,
she left it the night she slept here.

OK, then...

you'll take it to school
and return it.

I keep it.

No, I'll do it!

When did you get the report card?

I've asked you a question?

On Friday.

Do you have a week with the report card?

You're grounded, no cell phone
and no permission!

- But it's just a pass mark, mom!
- Just a pass mark?

Do you think?

What do you think you're gonna do
in the future if your grades drop, Sara?

What do you want to be?
A supermarket cashier? Waitress?

- No.
- No?

Well, those are the jobs
for girls who don't study.

How your mom has become
head of the firm?

With pass marks?

No, studying a lot...

and striving every day
to be the best at work.

So, if you want to be someone
you better start to get diligent.

Have you understood me?

Is not fair!

Bad luck.

Get dressed and go to breakfast.
In 15 minutes I'm leaving in the car...

so you better hurry up.


I can't stand it, really...

What is going on?

These shoes, that's what's going on.

If I could, I would go every day
in slippers.

What a torture!

To get that you'll have to be
promoted a couple more times...

at least.

That or to own Playboy
and being at the house all day...

in robe, around women.

I'm gonna stick with the
first option, thanks.

I'm staying with the second one,
for sure.

I think you're staying without dinner.

Has Sara shown you her grades?

No, when she got it?

I found them this morning,
she had them in her bag since Friday.

And why she said nothing?

She got a pass mark in Math.

A pass mark?

Yes, I spoke to her and I punished
her without cell and not going out.

Julia... don't you think
that you're over reacting a little?

- A pass mark isn't a fail mark.
- Well, but it's close.

It's better to get a solution for it now
than when is late.

Is she on her room?

No... she's not here yet.

How come she's not here yet?
If you had to go and get her, Oliver.

The school transportation strike
is this week, I told you!

- Sorry, I completely forgot.
- OK, perfect!

I'll go and get her now...
Sorry, I don't know where my head is.

- What are you doing?
- Call the school, what else?


Hi, I am Sara Castro Frances mother...
from third B.

We have forgotten the transport strike
and we haven't got the kid.

She'll probably be out there, waiting.

Could you tell her that
we're going to pick her up?

Yes, I'll wait.

What a clueless.


She might be with her teacher,

could you do me the favor of...?

There's no one left?
She has to be somewhere,

she couldn't had left by herself.

No, she couldn't have left
because no one has picked her up,

got it?

I know what you've told me,

I'm just asking to, please, check to see
if my daughter is there somewhere!

What's going on?

She overslept and...

we had a discussion...
So we ran late from the house.

I had a very important visit
at first time for a trial and...

we were in such a hurry.

Besides, when we're arriving
at the school...

we got caught in a jam.

We were near from school,
so I asked Sara...

to get down and go walking.

That way I could go around...
And get in time.

So Sara got down and you left.


But she didn't...

Let's see, her teacher said that she
didn't get to come to class,

so, that's why we guess
she didn't even come to school.

I understand.

Julia, you told me that you had
and argument with Sara this morning.

Can you tell me what exactly happened?

Because of the grades.

She hid them
because she got a pass mark...

and I found them.

And... and I got mad...
and I punished her.

A pass mark.

It seems a little over the line...

but she always has had good grades.

Do you think that was the fact that
made her leave?

No, I don't think she's capable...

No... where could she go?

She has always been obedient,
she never had given us any problem.

Children are obedient
until they stop being.

A punishment that may have it seem
unfair or disproportionate...

it could've been the trigger
to decide...

rebel, and not coming back home.

Well, maybe he's right.

Lately she has been more rebel.

Alex, stop the nonsense,
your sister is like always.

The only one that is rebel is you.

Either way, someone should have
seen her.

It's impossible to disappear like this.

If your daughter had go away
is most likely to be back in a few hours.

Either because she returns home or
because someone found her.

There are some patrols looking around...

so I hope that we find her.

Is much more common than it seems.


What happened if she didn't escaped?

And what if someone took her?

I recommend not to think in that
and keep the calm, OK?

Is too soon to draw conclusions.

Are there some things
that I should know?

Something that you didn't tell me?

Are you hinting that we're involved?

- I'm not hinting anything, sir.
- Are we suspects or something?

- Dad, he's not saying that.
- Mr. Castro, calm down, please.

I just want to know something else
that helps me find your daughter,

nothing else.

Does Sara have a cell phone?

Yes, but she didn't have it.

Are you sure?

I took it away
as a part of the punishment.


I think that is enough
for the moment.

I'll leave my card with my number,
so, if something comes up...

or you remember anything,
feel free to call.

I'll do everything that is in my hands
to find Sara.


Mom, are you all right?

Yes, son, go back to bed.

No, I can't sleep.

Do you want a tea or something?

Your sister left because of me.

Don't say that.

Yes, is true...

is true.

I've always has been so strict,
too hard on you guys.

I have spent much more time
scolding and demanding than...

than saying how much I love you.

And now...

You don't have to say "I love you"
all the time.

I know it, Sara knows it.

When I had you, I promise myself that...

that I never behave like
my mom did with me.

And I have ended up...
Being exactly like her.


Don't treat you like this, OK?


I love you... Alex.

I love you both.

You are the prettiest thing in my life.

I don't want to lose you.

Stop, OK, mom? Stop...

No, no, you said that she surely would
be back in a few hours...

and it was something common.

But I... don't think is common
that already passes...

twenty-four hours and I have not had
a single word from her.

So not telling me again...
that my daughter...

has escaped, OK?

No, sir, that's not true! I, I don't...

I don't know how to tell you again.

Listen to me:

Somebody took her, do you hear me?

Someone took her!

Understand it for once
and start looking for her seriously!


We have made statements,
we have told the same story...

over and over,
we've given you her pictures,

other parent's contacts,

what else are we supposed to do to...?

I'm not telling
how to do your job, no...

no, I'm just saying
that I think you're not doing enough.

Please, my daughter is somewhere
retained some place against...

her will.
The only thing I ask...

The only thing I ask
is that you bring her back home...

and that you stop the person
that took her, nothing else!

I have Sara.

I want to go to your house this night,
with speak to the three of you.

If you agree...

let the lights from the porch on
and I'll be there, at midnight.

If I, by any chance, suspect
that you've called the police...

you'll never gonna see
the girl alive again.

What's this, what's this, God?
What is this?

Is that a joke, right?
It has to be a joke.

What would I know, maybe someone has
seen the posters and is making a joke.

Please, Alex, please, Alex, really...

Don't freak out, we have to remain calm,
we have to...

think in what we can do,
think... who can we call...

- Call the police...
- No, not the police...

he says not to, it says it here.

Mom, if this is real we need the cops.

We can't call, Alex!

- Are we crazy?
- Calm down, honey, calm down.


look how your mother is, really...

let's think what we can do...

Exactly, think.
What if that guy is crazy?

We have no idea of who that is...

So for that same thing...!

- But he has your sister...
- Let us, let us...

Let's see... when he comes...

No, no, no.
When he comes, dad?

I wanna know who is, I want to meet,
I want to see the face.

You're gonna bring him?

No, I'm going to receive him at the door.
I don't know, I don't know!

And if he's crazy, dad?

Surely, if he has done it
is because he's crazy.

- But you...
- So... I want to see him.

What if he brings Sara?
What if he brings her?

- What if he doesn't have her?
- We don't know.

- What if...?
- But, where is she?

Where is she? It has been
two days since she's missing.

She couldn't have gone by herself,
someone had to take her.

If not, who would she be with?

Someone had to take her!
Someone had to take her!

- Calm down, honey, calm down.
- Let's see...

Let's wait...

No, we're not gonna wait,
we're not going to wait!

- We must call the police!
- Listen...

Are we smarter than the cops?

Alex, don't talk like that.

We're not going to call the police.
I decide what we do.

So calm down, please!

Don't ever raise your voice to me!

Forget me, go to hell.



This is taking too long.

What time is it?

It's almost half past twelve.

- This is unbelievable.
- No, this is a joke.

I told you so, this was a joke.

We are stupid, we let the light
on and now we believe...

Alex, please!

Please, shut up, shut up.

Really, son, help me... help us.

We should have called the police.
And if it were a joke, they would...

have done something with this guy.

Let's wait, let's wait.

It doesn't make sense, no, no...


Good evening, Oliver?

Yes, it's me, good evening.

- Tell me.
- I'm the one that send you the letter.

I see you took my offer,
I have to thank you for it.

We have left the lights on...
Hey, please...

Do you have my daughter, please?

Little Sara is OK, calm down.

My girl!

Bring her.

Tell me...

Before going to your house
I wanted to make sure...


- Yes.
- Of what...

everything will be calm and peaceful.

That no one will get nervous,
that we'll have a talk...

like civilize people.

- Yes, don't worry.
- I don't want anybody do any...

stupid thing.

Because I'll have to go
and everything will come to an end.

OK, we're going to be calm, really.

We're willing to talk with you.

We've been waiting since midnight,
we've been waiting here.

I want to know if my
daughter is alright, please.

I need you to commit that
everything will be calm.

- I want you to engage your family...
- I swear to you...

I give my word
that everything will be calm,

we're calm, we're quiet
and we want to speak with you.

The girl, the girl,
did you bring the girl?

Please, bring my daughter.

If everybody collaborates
this will be quick...

and all will be back to normal.

- That is.
- I assume that you will not...

call the police, because in the case
they arrest me...

you'll never see the girl alive,
and you will not be able to do anything.


- That won't happen.
- We're not going to call...

the police. I have given you my word
that we won't call the cops.

So... you can come calmly,
we're waiting for you.

Bring the girl.

- Do you hear me?
- Hey?

Did he hang up?

Oh, my girl!

Oh, my girl!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Calm down, calm down?

Calm down Julia, calm down... Julia!

Mom, mom, please... mom, please!

Mom, mom, mom, mom,
It's OK, It's OK, OK?

Wait, wait, wait, wait!

No, no! Please...

I'm going to open it, we have to do
what he told us to do.

What he told us to do.

- Calm down.
- Be careful, please, be careful.

OK, OK, OK! Mom, I'm here... I'm here.

Stay with your mom.

Good evening.

Can I come in?




Thanks for having me tonight.

Since now I want you to know
that I understand the situation...

that you're living.

And I'm sorry.

But I'm sure that if you
listen carefully...

and you're willing to help...

everything will be alright.

Where is Sara?

How do we know
that you really have Sara?

Son of a bitch!
What have you done with my girl?


Fuck you, mother fucker!

Where is my daughter?
Where is my daughter?

- Please!
- Sick bastard!

- What have you done to her?
- Please, Julia, calm down... honey...

Calm down.

Sit down.

Sit down... sit down...
sit down, honey, sit down.

Calm down.

What do you want to talk about?
What the hell do you want?

- What do you want?
- Alex! Alex...

Alex, let me talk... calm down.

What do you want from us?

One of you three hides a big secret.

Something very...

very bad that hurt someone.

Something that he or she
hasn't told anybody,

and therefore, believes that
no one else knows,

but I know.

The only thing that I want...

is that person confess what he did
in front of the rest of the family.

Nothing else.

When this happens...

Sara will be free and may return home.

That simple.


It's not gonna matter
to make up a story or lie,

the only thing that you're gonna get
is to waste time.

And time is fundamental,

because at six in the morning...

the person that has Sara...

will call me through the phone.

And if by that time I haven't
heard the confession...

that I want to hear...

you can say goodbye to the girl.

I don't know what secret,
what secret, what...

Do you know the term "Sub Rosa"?


Is a Latin expression
that means: Under the rose.

The rose was Horus' emblem,
god of the silence in the old Egypt.

And ever since...

it was considered a confidential
symbol for many cultures.

In fact the Romans used to paint
a huge rose of five petals...

on the ceiling
of the council chamber,

to remind all those present...

that everything that was said...

under the rose,

should be kept as a secret.

It was a tacit agreement.

I promise that
everything that is said tonight...

will not leave
the walls of this house.

Does someone have something to say?



What have you done?


I'm gonna..

Gonna tell what...

you want me to tell.

If you're going to do it, I ask you
to do it... over there.

Next to the TV, in front of everybody.

- What is he talking about?
- Do you know...?

Let's get this over with,
let's get this over once and for all.



Before you start, I would like
to know you a little bit more.

To know something about your past
for example.

Where did you grow up?

I was raised on a town,

in a family... humble family.

Why you wanna know that?

How was the family?

A normal family, humble, workers...

My parents, they...

tried so hard for me to move on,
for me to study...


Did it cost you to move on?


It cost me, yes.

What do you do for living?

I'm a dentist.

I have a dental clinic.

Do you have brothers?

Yes, I have two brothers, yes.

How do you get along with them?

Well, with my sister Elena...

it has been a long time that...

the relationship has...

Anyway, it has been marred.


I don't know, communication problems,
I don't know,

situations between brothers...

Things that has been getting bigger
every time and...

things that have never been told,

I don't know.

Very good,
you may keep going with your secret.

Last year, a friend of mine told me that
he wanted to change his house because...

his wife was gonna give birth and
they wanted to go to a bigger place...

and better. The usual.

What's your friend's name?


By a chance I told a guy I know
that has a...

real estate company and
told me that...

he just got a bargain,

an apartment that had been
impounded and that...

that for me, he could get a...

half off price...


if they paid an advance.

He really wanted an advance for him,
was the money that...

that he wanted to keep for
making me that favor, right?

I told my friend, he saw the apartment,
liked it a lot and...

and he came at...

Well, he agreed to pay that advance.

How much was the advance?

Three thousand euros.

I told him to give me
the money, because...

Anyways, it was a delicate
subject, because of...

With the real estate company and...
Because of the seizure...

And... well, the next day I met
with my friend and he gave me the money.

I was going through a bad moment
at the clinic, I had problems.

An important equipment that
I needed broke,

and I had no money to...

I had no money to buy a new one
because I spent...

a lot of money in a new car.

So, I kept my friend's money.

I kept with the money and...

and I pretended that I got robbed.

Are you sorry for what you did?


And you think you have to
pay for what you did?

Of course.

I can give back the
three thousand euros, I can...

I don't know, if he needs more money...
I can give more money.

You must know the Talion Law.

Basically, consists on paying
a fault with the same thing.

A punishment... of the same magnitude...

that the offense that was committed.

Eye for an eye...

tooth for a tooth, hand for a hand,
foot for a foot.

Exodus twenty-one, twenty-four.

Well, but...
I give back the money, really...

How ironic, isn't it?

You stole three thousand euros from
your friend to keep pulling out teeth.

How much do you charge at your clinic...

To do a...

How you call that? A tooth implant.

Around nine hundred euros
for the implant.

The implant...

Then, six hundred a cover... anyways...

Around one thousand five hundred euros.

It means that...

two dental implants
would be three thousand euros, right?

- Do you want me to rip off a tooth?
- No, two.

Three thousand euros.

I think is a fair payment.

Don't you think?

Do you want three thousand,
six thousand, twelve thousand euros?

We can give it to you!

- Julia.
- Is about money?


- Stop.
- No, no, dad!


- How you're gonna do that?
- We don't have a choice, son.

Let's see, there's gotta be another way.
You wanted a secret? There it is.


Oh, honey!

Very good.

But that was not the secret
that I wanted to hear.


Are you a sadist or what's this?

- Why did you let him to do it, then?
- I haven't let him from doing anything.

He decided to pay and so he did,
and you agreed.

No, you said two teeth
and there are two fucking teeth!

I came to hear a secret
and that's not it,

I said that once I heard it...

Sara would be free
and come back home.

You are the ones mumbling around
and not saying it.

What fucking secret do you want?

Alex, Alex...

I had up to here.

Please, don't, please, don't go!
Please, please! Please...

Don't you have enough proof?


Every punishment has its prize.

Here's a thought... that maybe
helps you refresh your memory.

It was at night.

What are you saying?

It doesn't make any fucking sense.

I know, I know
what you're talking about.

You have to do me a favor, Alex...
Go to your room, go.


- Please.
- No.

- Please.
- I'm not leaving.

- Alex, obey me.
- No, mom.

- Obey, please.
- I'm not leaving!



- Do what your mother says.
- Alex.

Remain sited.

What is going to be said...

is told for the whole family.

Very good.

There, too?


I would like to know
a little bit more of you, Julia.

In what kind of family did you grow up?

In a family...

wealthy, is that what you mean?

Yes, in a wealthy family.

How was your childhood?

My father died when
I was six years old, so...

there was a before and after... that.

How did you meet Oliver?

In a party.

We met at a party, in a friend's house
that we have in common.

I lived alone,

I was working...
As an advisor in a firm,

I just ended college and...

and I just had become independent.

And what happened next?

We got married shortly and...

and immediately came Alex.

And years after, Sara.

And how do you think
your marriage works?


Goes good.

Would you say...

that you're still in love with him?


I'm still in love with him.

Very good.

I appreciate your honesty, Julia.

What do you have to tell us?

Seven years ago...

I work for an international law firm,

pretty important.

A couple of months ago...

my department was restructured,

because my direct boss
was getting a promotion...

head of a branch office.

So, his position was open...

and it would probably be given for
some of my colleagues, or...

or myself.


I was the lawyer with more cases won
since I got into the department and...

I had all the ballots for it...

for it to be mine.

But a couple of weeks before,

appeared a new peer, in...

in the firm.

That causally was the boss' wife.

Immediately the rumor scattered
that she would be the one...

that gets promoted,

for obvious reasons.

And for me was terribly unfair,

because I had worked very hard,

very hard,

and I wanted that promotion.

On Fridays, after work,
mi boss and some associates use to...

go to a trendy place,
to get some drinks.

I knew that the wife... is not used to
accompany him, that she head home.


I hire a...

client who I represented.

That was a mistress of a high level.

I contacted her and pay her...

so that she seduced my boss.


one of these Fridays,


got there.


it wasn't long before she...

did her job.

She was a stunning woman.


shortly they got out of the place,

he took her...

to the parking lot where
he used to park his BMW,


Well, when they got in...

they started kissing and...

and she ended up
doing a blow job to him.

The day before...

My boss' wife...

received an anonymous message.

So that day she didn't left home, so...

she was at the parking lot...
And saw everything.

On Monday...

The next Monday she didn't...
She didn't come back to the office.

In fact she never returned.

And a couple of weeks later...

I got promoted, and I got my raise.

Do you regret doing that?


Do you think you have to
pay for what you did?


Stop it, please, leave her alone!
Do anything to me, but leave her.

- Repeat, Julia, repeat.
- Leave her alone.

- Yes.
- Well, that's it! OK?

Do you want to take her place?
Do you have something important to say?

Let's do something.

Let's see if we
change the way of doing things.

Why don't choose your own punishment?

Ever since that happened, I don't sleep
at night for what it's worth.

Half of the world can't sleep.

Come on, Julia, think.

You surprise me,
you have an incredible creativity.

You wanted me to say it
in front of them, so...

I just did.

With that, that's it?

I can't come with anything.

So disappointed.

Oh, so disappointed! Please...
Come on, Julia, come on, come on...

that time runs.

Sara wants to come home.

I can't come with anything.

So much effort and much creativity
to get a position at work,

and you're not capable to use that same
creativity to get back your daughter.

What a shame, poor Sara,
time is passing.

It doesn't come up.


What a disappointment.

Though, maybe I can do something
to help you.

Hello, mom, I'm OK, I miss you, kiss.

- Hello, mom, I'm OK...
- Please!

Please, bring her home!

Hello, mom, I'm OK, I miss...

I'll do whatever you want,

I'll do whatever you want.


Do you want to piss already!

Holy mother.

Hello... can I get a cigarette, please?


What a funny dog.

Is a girl dog.

- What's her name?
- Thor.

Can you give me fire?


Do you live around here?

Up there... with my mother.

- What's your name?
- Bruno.

And you?

My name is Julia.

What do you do for living, Bruno?

I'm on informatics.


Hey, Bruno...

I thought...

Would you like to come to my place?

Come on.

- Come.
- Now?

Yes, man...

it's really cold?

- Yeah.
- OK.

Are you coming? I live right next door.

Don't be afraid, nothing is wrong!
Nobody is doing anything to you!

Really, nobody is doing anything,
you're just going to be with me.

You're just going to be with me.


I promise.


Give me your coat.

Don't be afraid, really.

Don't look at them.

Don't look at them, don't look at them.

You're very far away, Julia.

In front of Oliver.

Easy, easy, easy!

I know this is being
very hard for you, Alex.

But you're doing it good,


There are moments
during the life that...

that marks us forever.

Everybody, the most, the least,
we've been through... situations...

fucked up, traumatic.

But they are just the ones...

that builds your character,
your personality.

The ones that make you who you are.

Excuse me.


When I was your age...
Or maybe a little bit less.

Next to my house...

there was a sugar factory.
Well, a place where...

trucks full of sugar...

were arriving every day, a lot.

And inside they were in charge of...
Of bottling it and sell it.

Next to that factory there was...
There was a house, a chalet,

where three little brothers lived...

and there two grandparents, who were
the ones that took care of them.

I remember that I was sitting...

there on the sidewalk, don't know if
waiting for a bus or what.

It was noon.

The grandfather went out at that time
every day, because it was the...

time that the two older brothers come
back from school with the grandmother,

and he went out with the smaller one,
he was like five or six years old,

Blond... pretty.

He went out to wait for
his brothers, and..

And that day... The grandfather
talked to the neighbor, or something.

At the moment their brothers arrived...
on the other side of the avenue,

with that child's innocence,

without being aware of the danger,

went running.

And when he went crossing the street...

didn't see that...

a truck full of
sugar was coming in...

the factory.

All of the sudden...

the universe... mutes.

The space and time stopped.

And I listen to the most
horrible sound...

most cruel... most indescribable...

That up to now keeps taking my sleep.

The skull of a creature...
Destructed by a wheel...

Against asphalt.

Can I ask you for a favor?

Can you make me a sandwich?

I'm hungry.

It can have cheese and jam.

And take off the borders, because
I don't like them, OK?




Can you bring my daughter now, please?

That was not the secret.

Please, please! What else do you want?

I'm begging you, I'm begging you...
Please, bring my girl,

bring my girl, I've told,
I'll do whatever you want.

- Please.
- He is playing with us.

Can't take it anymore.

I'm gonna give you another clue...
Let's see..

If it helps.

It was a physical damage.

I haven't touched anybody in my life.

We haven't hurt anybody, ever.
What damage?

Please, end this up.

Don't move.

- Alex, Alex!
- Alex! Alex, the girl...

Alex, don't hurt him, the girl!

- Bring something to tie him up!
- Alex!

Alex, Alex!

Bring something to tie him up!

- The girl, the girl!
- Shut up!


Obey me and let him go!

- Pay attention to your mother, Alex.
- Let him go right now.

- Let him go!
- Dad, look upstairs!

- Look upstairs.
- I'm telling you to let him go!

Calm down!

Don't hurt him.

Don't you find it?

- Look on the archives.
- I'm doing that.

- On the audio archives.
- I'm already looking.

He had to erase it.

How can you think that? How can
you think that? How can you think that?

What have you done?
What have you done? What have you done?

Do you realize what you've done?
Do you realize what you've done?

How can you play
with your sister's life...

after what you father and I did?

But what were you thinking, Alex?

What were you thinking? God!

He has mistaken, that's it,
he has made a mistake, that's it.

But it's Sara's life
that is in danger, fuck.

We know.

We have to do something, because he...

can't keep humiliating us
like this?

- We have to call the cops.
- Stop saying that, please...

this guy isn't affected
by the police or anything.

He's mocking us.

You put a knife on him
and he was laughing, fuck.

Can you tell me what are we going to do
when the person that has Sara...

calls over the phone?

We can do something to make him talk.

I saw a thing in a documentary
about Guantanamo.

- But haven't you seen him?
- But it works, they put a towel...

on the face and spill a lot of water,
and it works, everybody talks, mom.

And if you go over board?
And if you drown him?

Please, don't let him hear us,
don't let him hear us.

And if you go over board?

Who's gonna answer the phone
when they call?

Tell me!

Don't you notice? It's crazy...
Is crazy.

They put a towel on the face and
pour water,

and works because they talk,
mom, they all talk.

He's hearing us, fuck.
He's hearing us.

I don't know what to do... apologize,
let him go and do what he asks.

Julia, you have done enough, honey,
you have done enough.

We can do it, is a solution.

No, no.

- Oliver, don't look at me that way.
- What other thing we can do?

- Don't count on me for this?
- Of course not.

Of course not.

Let's try.

- Honey, for Sara, we have to try.
- I don't want to know.

Don't worry.

Don't worry.

Where is my daughter?

Where is my daughter?

Look, if you don't tell me, we'll have
to hurt you, do you hear me?

It's enough.

I'm gonna ask you one more time,
where is my daughter?

Bring the water.

Bring the water, come on! Come on!

Come on, pour it.

Pour it, pour it, Pour all of it!

Where is my daughter?

Tell me where is my daughter!

I'll have to keep going.
Tell me where is my daughter!

Who has her?

Fill the bottle.

Come on!

Where is my daughter?

Pour more.




All, all!

Where is my daughter?

Who has my daughter?




Please, tell me.

This doesn't work.

Dad, we have to do something else.

- What thing?
- Something worst.

Something worst like what?

- What are you saying?
- Cover his face.

- For what?
- Cover his face!

- Come on.
- Alex, be careful?

What are you doing?

Son, please!

We can't kill him.

No, Alex, no, no.
Alex, no, Alex!

Let that go! Let it go.

We can't kill him,
think on your sister, fuck!


Stop, stop!

You're going to kill him!

Oh my God!

How can you think that?

- At six the girl will be dead.
- See? See what you're doing?

Are you doing this for not talking?

That's what you were doing, right?

That's what you wanted?

Hide everything, with this show!

It's over, do you hear me? It's over!

- If you did something, say it now!
- Julia, calm down, please.

They are going to kill Sara!

Don't you see it?

Where are you going?


I'm very sorry.

I'm sorry.

I didn't want this to happen.

If I let him go...

Can we go back to the deal that we had?

Where is my phone?

Bring it.

I want to know a little bit
more about you.

Do you study?


What do you study?

Fine arts.

Oh, fine arts.

Do you have a girlfriend?


But sure you do well
with the ladies, any success?


They are more of using
and tossing, right?

What do you have to tell?

It was a night I went out
with my friends.

We have been drinking a lot and
when the place...

we were closed... we went to...

to the bus stop, to get
a bus to go home.

We were at a place...
Away, where there's just...

empty site and a highway.

We walked up to the bus stop
and there was a guy waiting alone.


Was a guy from college, a...

A gay guy that always is
hanging out with girls from class.

We had... we had drunk a lot
and I thought that...

it would be fun to mess with him.

So I... I approach and started to...

insult him.

I called him fagot and dicksucker.


my friends...

they laugh and
cheered up to keep going.

Since he didn't...
Didn't look at me and didn't...

talk, I...
I asked him if he was deaf.

And he... he replied so funny and
my friends started to make fun of me.

So I...

took him, and hit him in the face
and throw him at the floor.


I kicked and spitted until I...

I told him that I was going
to teach him a lesson.

So I told him to take his clothes off,

and since he didn't do it... I kept
kicking and... spitting on him...

When he finally did it I force him to...

get on doggy style,

naked, on the highway.

While cars kept passing through
and honked...

we took pictures and laugh about him.

I told him that if...
That if he told somebody...

I would show the pictures
to everybody in college.

So he took his things and...

he got dressed up and left...

Do you regret what you did?


Do you think you have
to pay for what you did?


Let's go to the kitchen.

Sit there!

- To the kitchen.
- Please, please don't hurt him.

He's just a kid, for God's sake!


Give me your phone.

Open the fridge and notice
if there are vegetables.

Tomato... peppers...

- Onions.
- Onions don't go on the fridge.

- What else?
- Carrots.

Carrot is fine.

Is there butter or margarine?

Hum, yes?

Well, pull it out.

Very good.

Take your clothes off.

The underwear too.

Grab the carrot
and spread it with butter.

No, no, with your hand.

With your hand.

That's it, well spread, good.

And now...

What do we do?

What do you think we can do?

What would you like to do
with that carrot?

Come on.

I'll take a pic and we share it
with your boy friends...

and your girl friends... isn't it?

Come on, come on, come on! Tell me.

What do you think you could
do with that?

When are you gonna decide
to come out of the closet, little man?

Leave it like that.

Take it.

Dress up and get out of my sight.

Alex... Alex! Alex!

What have you done to him?

- What happened, what have you done?
- Answer me.

What have you done to him?

The secret that he said
wasn't the one I was hoping.

Look at the time.

It's nearly six in the morning
and I'm going to tell the last clue.

It happened in this house.

In this same house.

So think...

because there's not much time.

Alex... usually bring
girls to the house.

Is that it?

I don't know...


Alex, open the door.

Alex, please, open the door.

It's not from my son... of whom you want
to hear the confession, right?

Nor my wife.

Not them.

Alex, you have to talk, for God's sake.
You have to tell whatever.


Open, Alex, please!

Alex, we don't have much time, please.

I know what you want to hear,

and I'm going to tell you.

What happened here,

that night.

That is... my secret.

Is my confession.

But you have to promise me something...

Of what I'm telling you
don't say a word to my family.

Let's make that deal, please.

Those aren't the rules.

That wasn't what we agreed on.

I know it's not what
we agreed on, but...

do me that only favor.

Don't tell them anything.

Well, the price must be
higher then, right?

I'll pay whatever you want.

I swear I'll pay whatever you want,
but don't tell my family.

There's so little time left.

Promise me, please.

You have my word.

Two weeks ago...

my daughter Sara
asked us for permission for...

her friend Lucia to have a
sleepover at the house... on Saturday.

We called her mother and...
Well, she agree,

and we brought her home.

We made a lunch in the yard,

then the girls were playing
in her room all afternoon.

And... when the night arrived...


went out with his friends like always
on the weekends.

Julia left to...

take care of her mother, because she
is sick of her heart and that day...

she had a crisis... and needed
her daughter to be there with her.

So I stayed by myself
and took care of the girls.

I made dinner and... then we
watched a movie on TV...

until... they fell asleep.

I put my daughter into bed in her room,

and I took Lucia to the guest room.

I went to bed.

About an hour later, or something
like that, I woke up...


I keep at home a very
strong anesthetic that I use...

on the clinic.

I went with it inside the girl's room,
close the door with lock and...

I gave her a dose of that
anesthetic, a very strong dose.

So I abuse her...

I abuse the girl.

The next morning we all had breakfast
together like nothing happened.

Lucia's mother came and...

took her.

That's what happened.

Do you regret what you did?

Yes... of course I regret.

And do you think you have
to pay for what you did?


Cut it off.


Cut it off.


I can't do that.

Look at the time.

I can't do that.

I don't have the courage.

I'm not capable.

I need an answer.

What should I say?

What should I say?

Say yes.

Say yes.

Give me ten more minutes.

Monday morning
she woke up with a stomachache,

and we found blood in her underwear.

We decided to take her to the hospital,

and after the doctor checked her...

he concluded that she
suffered penetration.

Luckily, she doesn't remembers a thing,

absolutely nothing.

And of course,

on the analysis...

they found leads...

of Sevoflurane,

an odontological anesthetic.

I'm gonna bring your daughter.


For God's sake! What happened?

Oliver, Oliver!

Oliver, what he has done to you?

What happened to you?

- I'm going to call an ambulance.
- ´┐ŻNo! Don't call anybody.

- Put the hand here!
- He's going to bring Sara.

- Hello.
- Honey, what happened to you?



Is all done.

How is the girl?

Good, she has been
sleeping all the time.

She's calmed.

Poor thing.

I'm gonna take her.



Hold up, baby... hold up, Oliver.

Hold a little bit longer, honey.







Are you OK?

- Are you OK?
- Yes.

Get out of my house.

Your daughter has something to tell you.

How could you do something like this?

To your own daughter!

Forgive me.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Forgive me!

Forgive me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Honey, forgive me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.