Bait (2019) - full transcript

Martin is a fisherman without a boat, his brother Steven having re-purposed it as a tourist tripper. With their childhood home now a get-away for London money, Martin is displaced to the estate above the harbour.

Evenin', Mrs Peters.

- Evenin', Martin.
- Lovely day.

Yeah, lovely. Feel like autumn's comin',
don't it?

Should have a fish or two for you
in the mornin'.

Proper job.

See you later, Dad.

How was the drive?

Awful. Seven hours.


Never mind. We're here now.



- Can I borrow it?
- No!

- Can I hire it?
- No!

I'll buy one.

- You're not using them.
- Give it 'ere.

Go play on the beach.



When'd you get down?

Just now.

You out tonight?


See you later, then.


Yew, wasson?

Nothin' much.

Gettin' many?

Not enough.

It's a very difficult industry

and remember the margins here are...

...are because of the supermarkets...


Right bud?

Need any help?

- Nothin' doin'.
- No?


Ain't you got better things to be doing
on a Friday night?


Alright, boy?

- Alright, Dad?
- Wasson?


D'you wanna come out with me tomorrow?
Could do with the help.

Nah, you're alright.

- Need the money, don't you?
- Not that much, he don't.

You got something to say, Martin?

Just said it, brother.

What about you?

I'm fishing.

Offer's always open.
You come back whenever you want.

No thanks.

See you later, then.

Back for tea?


- Neil.
- Yeah?

Wanna haul the net with me 'morra?


- I'll give you a knock about six.
- Cool.

Just the man!

I'm going to have to ask you again
not to leave your truck outside.

It is private parking.

And people might bump it.

Don't worry 'bout that,
she's pretty sturdy.

Can I stay in the net loft?

Can I?

It's booked.

Not until tomorrow.

The cleaner's been.

- So?
- Yeah, I'll move it.

I'm going home now, anyways.


- Where are you off?
- Out.



- Yeah?
- Don't be back too late.


Buddin' fisherman, y'got 'ere.

And the pound going up would benefit farmers.

One person said to me,
"I don't think it'll make that much...

They're probably mine.

...I do my shopping
and pay my bills every week

- so it doesn't make much difference.
- I doubt it.

I've lost enough of 'em.

I bought them online.

A question I put to a man...

Didn't like the pantry, then?

Needed modernising.

Nice porthole, though.

It was the response from the director

of the Food and Drink Federation,
who represents some of...

Very nautical.

You didn't have to sell us this house.

Didn't we?


- When'd you get down?
- Last week.

Any parties?

Yeah, a few.


Alright, Mar?

Good night?




Boy 'ere?

Didn't come home.

I went in the house.

- What house?
- The old house.

What's it like?

Been modernised.

All bleddy ropes and chains, though,

Look a bit like a sex dungeon.


...people are estimated
by the government to be victims

- of forced labour...
- They got a porthole.

Wakey, wakey! Hands off snakey!

Fuck off!

Fuck off!

See you on the beach.

So, then what I understand
from you is that Dr Fox's...

...effectively grant ministers the power
to write law behind parliament's back.

Isn't that just a coded way of saying...

Piss off, Hugo.

Well, the bill was published
just 24 hours after the deadline...

Don't forget that Dr Fox wasn't interested
in what businesses

trade unions and other affected parties
had to say on the subject.

Here she is.

Dirty stop out!

So, a wide-ranging
market access agreement with the US

requires a bonfire of those...

You do need to let us know
if you're not coming home, darling.


...does not want to give
parliament any means of obstruction.

Exactly, negotiations will be tough

and Britain, as the junior party,
will be forced into some ugly compromises.

Arguments in Westminster
about the desirability of importing

chlorine-washed American chicken is that
it's an early sign of things to come.

If we think back to the referendum

we remember the economists saying
there will be clear-cut advantages

to leaving the EU.

We would regain control over fishing rights
around our coasts...


How many you got?

- Four.
- Could do with more.

All I got.

How much?

Thirty quid.


Got yourself a helper, then?


You haven't got a boat, Martin.

- Will have soon.
- Yeah, at your prices!

See you dreckly, Liz.

This way.

Sorry about the parking.

That's okay.

But if you park in the car park
for now, we'll reimburse you.

Thank you.

Here we are!

It's an old fisherman's net loft.

This looks lovely!

It was totally derelict when we bought it.


Oh, wow!

There's some milk, some local cheese
and a bottle of fizz in there for you.

And a homemade cream tea.

Thank you.

Shall I leave these here?

- Yeah, they're yours now.
- Yeah?

Yeah, you might wanna wear 'em in the pub,
pull more posh birds.

Shut up!

Mornin', Jacques!

Am I done?



Two sea bass?

Thank you.

Bon app├ętit.

How's Wenna gettin' on, then?

Alright, Mar?

Behavin' yerself, bird?

Yeah, man.

Stayin' out of trouble?

Yeah, man.

Check that out.

Ell up.

- Know who that is?
- Yeah.

He's wasting his time with her.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Ow's she gonna suck his dick
with that plum in 'er mouth?


Can't understand
a bleddy word she says, neither.

There's one over there, right,
who's so fuckin' posh

I honestly thought he was speaking German.

Scuse me, are you serving?


Ya, ya, ya, ya!

Shit pub anyways, innit?


Can't even get on the pool table.

I'm warning you!

If only we had something to cook on the fire.

Hey, Hugo?

Piss off.

I'm gonna go.



Nothin' much.

New net?

Another net.

More money in lobsters.

With what boat?

Shoot a pot in the old ring bolt.

Alright, Mar?

Boss lady around, is she?



Down in a sec!

I'll have a shot.

- No.
- Go on, I'm playing next anyway.

There's money down, squirt.

Don't matter, it's winner stays on.

- No it isn't.
- Tis.

- Pot anything?
- No.

Go away.


Want some lobster?

Maybe. How many you got?

None yet. Couple of days, though.

You got yourself a boat?


Shootin' a pot down the gully.

One pot?

Tis a start.

Oh, Martin.

Oi, what you doin'?

Why don't you just go back
working with Steven for a bit?

No way.

- Oi.
- Earn a bit of proper money.


- What?
- I got bleddy principles.

I'm playin' you now.

No, I'm going to give him one more chance.

Oh, come on, Martin.

Nah, it's winner stays on.

- Usin' father's boat to take anglers out?
- Look.

'Ee'd be spinnin' in his grave
and you know it.

- Shut up.
- You could be a bit more supportive, Martin.

- Supportive?
- You can play in a minute.

- Yeah.
- Supportive of 'im?

- Come on, play fair. Winner stays on.
- It's not your turn.

He lost his wife, for God's sake!

- You've been on here ages.
- Yeah.

Because we had money down.

- Don't work like that.
- Yes it does.

- He's got a boy to bring up on his own.
- I'm playing you.

- He idn' doin' that very well either, is he?
- You're not!

- I am!
- D'you think 'e gives a shit

how he earns his money?!

- Well, he fuckin' should do.
- I'm warning you.

Fuck off, dickhead.

Will you lot shut the fuck up?

Now you do it!

Take it off, now.

We can't.

- It's the parking company.
- You own the street!

- You have to phone the clamping company.
- I'll get the number for you.

I don't want the fuckin' number.

D'you want me to bust it off?

If you want to.


It's not something we can get involved with.

You own the bleddy street.

You can't just park there all day.

It's fine you picking stuff up
and dropping stuff off...

I work at the harbour.
I'm a bleddy fisherman!

Are you? Where's your boat?

Parking needs to be controlled.

- There's usually room in the car park.
- Why can't they park in the car park?

Because they pay to be able to park outside.

Never been no issue
til you party come along.

Now all of a sudden...

- Not really sudden...
- It is all of a sudden.

- Y'only been 'ere five minutes.
- Martin.

I'm going to end this conversation now.

We're sorry, Martin, but losing your temper
isn't going to help.

I haven't lost me temper yet.

Okay, Martin.

Keep it.


Bugger idn' hardly worth anything anyhow.

Okay. It's up to you.

I'm just tryin' to earn a living, you know?

So are we.

Scuse me.

- What you doing, Mar?
- Nothin'.

You been clamped?

I think so, yeah.

Who done that?

Who do you think?


What you doing?

Kicked out the pub.

- What for?
- Dunno.

- You work there.
- I know.

- Put up a fight, did yer?
- Nah, shit pub, anyways.

I got the last laugh, anyhow.

What are you doing, Martin?

It's between me and the clamping company.

Why don't you just fuck off?


Wouldn't it be more sensible
if you just paid the fine?

And wouldn't it be better
if you just fucked off?

Wenna, shut up!
- Do you want me to call the police?

Do you want me to get you a medal?

That's enough. Leave it, Tim.

It's alright, Tim, we're going.

- We don't have to go, Mar.
- I know, love.

But we are.

For God's sake!

Come here.

Get in! Oh!

I'm fine.


Excuse me!

Scuse me!

Do you know what time it is?

It's not even seven o'clock!

You've just woken us up!

This is supposed to be a relaxing break!

What's going on?


Scuse me!

E's gotta go to work,
what do you want him to do?

Well, do it later!

Shouldn't be making this kind of noise
til at least eight o'clock.

I think it's actually illegal.

You gonna change the tides for 'im?


Do they really have to do that now?

I'm afraid they do.
They're fishermen. It's a fishing village.

You're actually making more noise
than they are.

Make sure you leave some fish
for the rest of us.


What about these lobsters?


We'll haul the pot tonight.

Back in a minute.


Alright, Mar?

Let you out then, did they?


Charge yer?

Nope, not yet.

Right, well, keep your bleddy head down
from now on.

Yeah, man.

You got any money, Mar?

- Wardy y'tuss?
- Alright, Brian, wasson?

Ah, not much.

- Still fishin'?
- Nah, do this now.

- Full-time?
- Yeah.

Bleddy hell.

- Alright, is it?
- Spot on, bud.


You still fishin' the Buccaneer
with your brother?

Nah, he takes trippers out now.

Ah, pretty.

Fleece 'em for all them worth, I say.


What's 'e doin' in winter?


Soon find out.

- You got a boat, though.
- Eh?

You got a boat.

Yeah. How much do I owe?

Hundred. On the nose.

- 'Ow much?
- Hundred.

You get a cab all the way back
from Cambourne?

Yeah, man.

No wonder you stopped fishing, Bri.


See y'gen, Wardy.

Hope not.

Keep comin', boy.

Keep haulin'.

We've been had, 'ere.

Fuck it!

Chill out, mate!

Fuck off, prick!


Calm down.

Get changed.

- Right?
- We not shooting the net?


Get on with it.









? Paul and Silas thought they were lost ?

? Dungeon shook and the chains come off ?

? Keep your eyes on the prize
and you roll right on ?

? Hold on ?

? Hold on ?

? Keep your eyes on the prize,
and you roll right on ?

? Well, the only chain
this girl can stand?


? Keep your eyes on the prize ?


? I'm gonna board that big greyhound ?

? Carry this love from town to town ?

? Keep your eyes on the prize ?

Martin. A word, please.

? Hold on ?

? Hold on... ?

I just wanted to check in about your truck.

You lot gotta be in charge of everything,
ent yer?

How's yer head?


Not been knocked out
by any more teenage girls, then?

You can't just park where you like,

you live in this community.

Oh. "The community".

Yeah. The community.

"Your" community.

Our community!

- Do you wanna take this outside, gentlemen?
- I can't speak for everyone...

You give it a bloody good go, though,
dun't 'e?

I don't speak for everyone,
but as a resident...

- Tourist.
- As a homeowner...

- As a tourist.
- As a business owner...

- And a tourist.
- As someone...

A tourist. Chairman of the pretty committee.

- As someone who spends a lot of time...
- About two months.

- Investing a great deal of money...
- In yer tourist business.

- In supporting local industry!
- What fuckin' industry?!

- Oi, oi, oi!
- The tourism industry!


- Where's the industry?
- All around!

There in't no industry.
We don't see a penny.

What are you talking about?

You fuckers bring everything down with yer
and take it home again!

- What about the people who come in here?
- She pay slave wages

and spend the profit in the Maldives!

I buy fish off you, Martin!

For a few weeks in the summer, then you
piss off the other side of the world!

Your old man wouldna shut the pub
in the winter.

Bleddy disgrace, you are!

- Sell-out!
- Get out!

Why don't you go home?

Was gonna say the same to you, you prancin'

Lycra cunt!


I'm gone.

? Hold on ?

? Hold on... ?

Shit pub, anyways.

Don't even play "Winner Stays On" no more.

? Hold on ?

? Hold on ?

I'm not happy about this.

The boy's finally used some initiative.

What we gonna do? Put it back in the sea?

Put it in, woman.


Hugo, I saw your sister
with that kid again earlier?

No, you didn't.

In Spar?

Fuck off.

I did as well, actually.

He better not have touched her.

Course he has.

Shut up.




What is it?

Thank you.

Scuse me?

Which one is Martin Ward's house?

One on the end, my love.

Go round the back.

Thank you.





You wanna be shooting strings at tens,
not singles.


Buy the boat.

Ain't got the money.

Yes you have.

Alright, Mar?

Where are you off to now?

- For a walk.
- Wear a condom.


Alright, my love?

I'm buying a boat of me own.


Just a punt, but 'tis a start.

Fuckin' 'ell.

Alright with you?

What, so I'm on the crew?

You are the fuckin' crew.

I want you on the quay first thing,
start sorting pots.


First light, you prick.

Chill out, mate.

If he could see you now,
he'd be spinning in his grave.


Yeah, you know it.

Do I?

In there somewhere.

Is that right?


D'you know what he'd say, don't ye?

What the fuck do you really know
about anything, Martin?

I know he'd still be fishin'.

Yeah, yeah.

I'm getting a new boat.

Are ya?

Cause we ain't gonna work this one no more,
are we?

Like I said, offer's open.
You come back whenever you want.

I'm talking about fishin',
not fuckin' hospitality.

I'm takin' Neil on, too.

- Don't talk daft.
- It's what he wants to do.

How does he know what he wants to do?

And you do know?

Open your eyes.

What you doing?


What are you doing?

What are you doing?

I'm telling Mum
you're hanging around with him.

Don't be such a baby, Hugo.

You go home now.


You're disgusting.


- Mornin'.
- Yew.


They knocked Mother's pantry down.