Bait (2014) - full transcript

Bex and Dawn dream of opening a café together. Out of the blue, a generous businessman offers them the funds they need to make that dream a reality. Joy turns to crippling fear when the friends discover a vicious loan shark, who expects repayments or for them to suffer the consequences.


[inaudible screams]


[glass breaking]


♪ The best things in life
Are free ♪

♪ But you can give them
To the birds and bees ♪

♪ I want money

♪ That's what I want

♪ That's what I want

♪ That's what I want

♪ Your love gives me
Such a thrill ♪

♪ But your love
Won't pay my bills ♪

♪ I want money

♪ That's what I want

♪ That's what I want

♪ That's what I want

- Come along, we'll play.
- Oh, no!

- It won't take you a minute.
- It's not a time issue, Nev.

WOMAN: Hey Bex!
- Morning, Barbara, love.

Just put on a bit o' lipstick,
put your hair in pigtails

and let me take you full tour.

I understand the request.

It won't be asking the world

to show me a bit o'
stocking and top as well.

I tell you, it'll be
the end of your world

if you don't fucking shut up!

Well, that's not very nice.

Look, I'm not asking you
to nosh me up.

Oh, you've just as much



[snicker] Hey, Bex, did you
hear about Pete Hardware?

- Was he hammered again?
- No, not like you think.

He got jumped on
the other night.

Who by?

I don't know, but, uh,
somebody who really meant it.

Knocked seven bells out of him,
he's in intensive care,

and Ron Tupperware reckons
he could be blind for life.

What? And you only think
to tell me this now?

I'm tellin' you now.

But you've just been
asking me for a blow job!

No, I asked you
for some pictures for a wank.

The blow job was your idea.

- Oh, you're a lovely man.
- Oh, I am a lovely man.

I'm very sensitive, I am,
and I'll tell you this...

I did a speech
at Big C's funeral.

- Who?
- Big Clive, you know,

big barrel of shite.
Oh, creepy bastard.

Yeah. You know what I said
when I heard he were dead.

He was gonna fuck
all the kids?

Cor! Have you heard
what's comin' out of her mouth?

I'm more concerned
with puttin' somethin'

into it actually.
[sighs] Ugh, Jesus!

That'll be a night
your mum's out, is it?

We could have the house
to ourselves.

You know, just... just go.

Make it 50 times wittier
and come back to me, will you?

Love to your mum, which I'm sure
you give her nightly

after druggin' her.
Go on!

Away to fuck!

Ethan didn't want those.

Grandma-ma dropped them off
this morning.

Well, you can tell him
from me, his grandma rocks!

Yeah, I will. [sighs]
it'll make all the difference.

Oh, oh... I nipped back home.

What? You skiving git!
I barely coped!


Is it?




Sorry... Sorry.

[gasps and groans]



Oh, you didn't need
to go through all this trouble.

Two teas
and a packet of biscuits.

I'll have bigger trouble today.

[chuckles] Yeah, I'll bet
they keep you busy.

They'd keep a team
of zookeepers busy.


- Not that I'd change it.
- No.

Well, apart from... [sighs]

Am I gonna regret this?

Hope not.

I value me job. [chuckles]

It's just...
well, you hear things.

Yeah, so do I.

About the companies
you're thinking of.

And you're not one... of them.

We've got a complaints book,
this thick.

Do you know
what it says in there?

- Go on.
- Nothing. Nothing.

The rule is, one complaint,
and you're out.

Can't afford to get
a reputation, not in this game.

There's too many tyrants about,
too many bastards,

pardon my language,
but that's what they are.


I've not told a soul.

I was the same.

The same?

Same as you... when I did it.

I'd lost my job.

I was an estate agent.

A lot of people
made a lot of money

that they shouldn't have.

I worked for somebody else.

I did all right
until I didn't.

Tried to hide it, and then they
came to repossess the house,

and that was the first
my wife had heard of it.

I'm lucky she loves me...

and she sees
that I'm happy now.

Doing a job that matters
actually makes a difference.

[sighs] Look, see these?

I'm going to leave them.

Hang onto them for a bit

just in case
you get the collywobbles

or your lottery numbers come up.

But if you're sure
it's for you,

well, you've got my number.

You just give me a call.


It was a pleasure
to meet you, Miss Lawler.

It's Caroline.

Sit down
and pass me a pen.

[glass breaking]

Tomorrow, right?

[yelling] Right?


Have you read it?
Don't give much away, does it?

Gives away the fact
the meeting is tomorrow.


Sorry about the state of it.

East End's had it.
Yeah, they won't be happy.


Well, it's not like
we're gonna tell them, is it?

It would be a bit weird.

Me son read your letter.

He's autistic, and he likes to
draw circles on everything."

And we're ready?

Of course we are!

I'll do me sad face
and you can wear that,

that dress with your tits
hanging out.

How much more ready
do we need to be?

Well, I'd like to know
what we're gonna say.

You seem nice.
Give us money.

You're not really
all that bothered, are you?

No, no, Dawn.

I want to spend the rest
of my life on this market

freezing me ass off,

fending off borderline sex cases
who drop stock on the floor

in the hopes
that I will bend down

and they can rest
their greasy fucking ball bags

on my head.

Who does that?



Jesus! You know,
I gave up a job for this.

No, no, no, no.

You gave up a job
and then you did this.

Some of us
have already spent our lives

freezing our asses off
in this market

while others,
good luck to you,

have enough to make a fortune.

- I sold cars.
- Posh cars.

And I hated it.

- No, no, but...
- No, no, but what?

If you feel
that I've dragged you back

to do something that you don't
really want to do

because of a sense of guilt
for leaving me in the shit

the first time around?
I don't!

Then, then, I get it.

But I want this, and I need it,
and we've got a chance.

So if you want out
and you've got cold feet again,

and I understand.
I really do,

but I'm seeing him tomorrow.

Ever since that dickhead
left me... stop laughing.

[laugh] I'm laughing because
you're ace when you're mad.

- I'm upset.
- Well, don't be.

We will go and see them,
you and me.

So stop giving me
all this me shit!

And don't we have the plan?

Well, you've certainly got
a comprehensive

set of figures here.

Yeah. We've worked
really hard on it.

But of course,
these are projections.

The real work is
turning it into reality.

Oh, we're perfectly
placed, are we?


We work on the market.


Have you done the market
research for your... uh...

organic tea, coffee,
and specialist cake shop?


And what did you find?

Everyone we've spoken to
has been dead positive.

Well, how many people
was that?

Everyone we meet. I mean,
there's a cup of tea

and an ear-bending
when you come through us.


Yeah, and um, a lot of people
already go to these places.

Oh, competition?

Oh, no.

Not near us.
There's no one.

No, no. Not since
the last one shut down.

[child giggling]

Oh-h-h, what're you
having for your tea?

- Cocos.
- Oh-h-h, good idea.

Bad idea?
What do you think?

I think I should
have a shower and eat.

- No!
- Oh, but Daddy's hungry.

Bollocks hungry!

Our daughter says that now.

Since when?

Since Gracie taught it to her

Gracie, who says
she's rubbish at PE

and her ballet skirt smells?

The latest one is
she has small teeth.

She's six.
What's she meant to have?

Then she slapped her,
didn't she?


And what's the school doing
while this is going on?

Oh, it's just kids, isn't it?


I was going to
drop this off tomorrow.

I trust you.

See you soon.

[birds chirping]

- We'll do it.
- We won't.

It's just gonna take
a bit more time, that's all.

We've not got any more time.

- Oh, here he is.
- Just leave it.

Oh, will you be off
cracking one egg

gettin' off
pissin' on people's dreams.

- Can we just go!
- Oh, come on.

You bug wanker!


[dog barks]

[baby cries]



[gasps and groans]

[gasping for air]

- Where's the fucking money?
- I... I'll get it! I'll get it!

Oh, you'll fucking get it
all right.

[yelling] I'll get it!

[blows landing]

[crying out]

[baby cries]

Hi, [speaking foreign

Hiya, Mama.

[speaking foreign language]


Put some bloody clothes on.

Felt like someone walked
over me grave, that's all.

[speaking foreign language]

[giggles] Mama!

[speaking foreign language]

Nothin's the matter.

Hey, come on.

I know.

Ya-di, ya-di, ya-di, ya-di,
ya-di, ya-di, ya-di, ya-di,

ya-di, ya-di, ya-da!

[bird squaking]

Cover, sweetie.
I'm going to change.

I wish I'd been smart
like you.

What do you mean?

Well, I brought
my best stuff, didn't I?

The banker gonna wonder
what we need the money for.

I brought me best stuff.

- [gasp] I'm sorry!
- Sh-h-h-h! Sh-h-h-h! Sh-h-h-h!

Bex, Bex, you do
the talking this time.

I'll just nod and agree.
[breathless] Okay.

Oh, for God's sake!

Jesus Christ!

Get away!
Come on, get away! Get away!

Go on, then.
Say something smart.

For any right-angle triangle,
the square of the hypotenuse

is equal to the sum
of the other two sides.

- Practice that, do you?
- All the time. Pick-up line.

Yeah. Well, it's better than
"Nice tits. Let's do it."

- [chuckles]
- Go on, make yourself handy.

Hold that.

Keep the hairy hand gang
from getting a look at me.

Do you want me
to go and have a word?

Oh, you being a hard man?

They don't seem
that dangerous.

Well, you won't say
that when they've tazered you.

Well, yeah.

That's how he kills
his chickens.

Poor sods.

So, worked here long?

God, you do need new lines.

[chuckles] I'm only
trying to be friendly.

Are you new?

Not... no.

I did go away
for a few years, mind you.

Yeah? Doing what?

[sighs] Selling, um,
selling condoms.

Outside your mother's house.

What's it got to do with you?

Aren't you a bit overdressed
for the part?

What? I work in a market.
I can't look nice?

You'd look gorgeous
wherever you worked.

Going to the bank actually.

Oh, yeah?

You got your gun
and your balaclava?

Something much more scary,
my wit and personality.

No. We're looking
for a loan actually,

and not a prison sentence.

Oh, you star!


I'm just going.

Left, right, left, right.


It's how walking works.

Give it a go.

Nice meeting you.

And good luck with the uh...
[clicks tongue]


- Wish us luck.
- Good luck. You'll get it.

Gracie, now!

[sighs] I have spin class
in exactly 20 minutes,

and if you make me late again

because you're
funnying around...

- Excuse me.
- In fact,

I'm not
going to be late.

You can sit in the car
while I'm in the gym,

and you can be late for school.

Um, I was hoping
I could have a word.

I'm late.

I'm Chloe's dad from school.

Does that somehow
make me not late?

Are you the new driver?
[phone rings]

No. No. Our daughters
are at school together.

I'm standing on my driveway,

and guess what
I'm not looking at.

Well, nearly's no good to me.


Well, I can't do any more
than I already have.

Speed bumps outside the school.

I fast-tracked it, but I can't
just give it the okay.

Well, I could, but uh,
how does that look?

Besides, some of the little
bastards need running over.

[phone rings]

Uh, yeah.

I don't know about all of that.

I... I just wanted to
have a word with you

about your daughter Gracie.

Um, I mean, it's nothing really.

It's just a bit of name calling,
and I'm sure they're all at it,

but Gracie's name
seems to come up a lot.

And now, there's been a slap.

Which hospital
is your daughter in?

- Oh, she's not.
- Well, what did the paramedics

say when you called them?

It's just a kid's slap,
I suppose.


Now I suggest you go
and tell that to your daughter.

Okay. Well, cheers
for all your help with that.

Well, that's
the end of it then.


Do us a favor, Nev.
Consider pissing off.

I'd have to think long
and hard about that.

How much of your stuff
do you sell a day, Nev?

I'll tell you how much.

Close to fuck all.

There you are
moaning every night

about all the stock
you have to give away.

You know what that is?
Look, look, watch watch watch!

You're not even there,
and they're avoiding you.

It just comes naturally to
people to give you a wide berth.

Your store is like
a fucking exclusion zone,

and that's why you sell nothing
and that's why you make nothing

and that's why you look
like a fucking tramp

and that's why
no woman living, dead,

nor not even yet born,
would ever consider you

anything more than a frothy,
rancid, wobbling piece of shite!

You snotty bad mouth!

- Feel better after that.
- Yeah. That was great.

I tell you
the real genius of that...

the fact that he's on
the allocation committee.

So, when my contract's up
in a month,

he'll be well placed
to tell us to piss off.

He's not gonna do that
with all the empty stalls, Dawn.

He'll stick us in death corner
then which is just as bad.

So cheers, Bex, you just added
another five years

to me working in this shithole!

Well, I think we would have
been out sooner

if you'd kept your mouth shut.

"Oh, no, not since
the last one closed down."

So now you're saying
it's my fault.

Well, no. I think that's
exactly what he wanted to hear.

Well, maybe it's as well
he did hear it.

Saves me mum wasting
her five grand.

Hello! My five grand!

What do you think you're doing?

Looks like you were
starting a fight,

so I was gonna YouTube it.

Oh, yeah?

I think you'll struggle
with that stuck up your arse!

[birds chirping]

[car engine starts]

This is not gonna do it.

It's all I've got.

Do better.

I can't.

Well, more incentive
needed then.

No, no!

[yelling] No!
[dog whines]

Well, [sighs] I'm not sure
it'll all look better

with a few dirty butties
inside you,

but at least
you'll be fat and greasy

so you'll have other stuff
to worry about.

There you go.


So, what was the plan then?

Get off this pitch.
Open up a proper café.

That's exactly
what's needed around here.

That's what we told
the bank... sort of.

So, you'll give us the cash

now that you know
what a great idea it is.

[chuckles] Sorry.

Might have contributed
to a holiday though

if it meant
seeing you in a bikini.

You hittin' on my mate?

Oh, mates again, are you?


I was paying her a compliment.
[sighs] It's wasted on me.

Been so long
since I had one,

I wouldn't be able
to recognize it.

That is an outrage
and a tragedy.

Tell me where your husband is.
I'll go and have a word.

Southampton, last I heard,
but that was seven years ago,

and he was getting on a boat.
So, good luck.

Man's an idiot.

[phone beeps]

Excuse me.


Don't let them get cold.

Hope to see you again.


Fucking pulled.


♪ We get one arm in
And the other one through... ♪

♪ And we have a look
And what have we got? ♪

♪ We've got two

[speaking foreign language]

- Mom!
- What?


What are you afraid of?
That he will copy me?

I wish!

I wish he would say anything.

[speaking foreign language]

Nyet, Mama!

I'm only trying
to help the boy.

Hey, what's this?

Your money back.

I told you
when I want the money back...

When you are earning
and you can afford it.

Well, it's not going
to be happening, is it?

[speaking foreign language]
One problem.

There was only one plan.

I don't know how
you're living as it is.

Oh, we go making shoplifting.

How else do you think
we spend our days, huh?

We go and do the burglary,

and we lift from the shops,
[speaking foreign language].

We are rolling in it.

[speaking foreign language]

Just take it.


Check... no check.

I'll just write you another.

Well, I will just do it again.

I trust in you.

You must learn to
trust in yourself.

[speaking foreign language]


[speaking foreign language]

Oh, get a room,
the pair of you.

Mind you, you'll have to
fight for space

with the man from the market.

- Oh?
- Shut up!

Hey, have you got
a new boyfriend?


Tell Mama. Has she?

No, no, no. I mean,
he just gave her his number

and he wants to
see her half naked,

but no, definitely not.

Hmmm. Is he blind
or mad or both?

Oh, thanks, Mom.

[speaking foreign language]
I'm joking.

- Come on!
- Dawn-ka, listen to me.

If you think Ethan
is a problem now,

you wait until
I kick that bucket,

and then you will really
have your work cut out.

You are young.
[speaking foreign language]

- Same again?
- Yeah. No, no, I'm fine.

Yeah, go.

You sure?

You want to phone a friend?

I want to phone a dickhead.

You wanna use my phone?


Oh. Am I the dickhead?

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- No. Don't be.

It's my fault.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Might be normal,
for all I know.

An hour after we said.

I only go out
about once a decade,

so I don't really know
the um... rules.

Rule number one is, don't keep
a beautiful woman waiting.

It was a work thing.
Still, no excuse.

So, um, what do you do?

- I'm a spy.
- No, you're not.

- I'm an ice cream man.
- Oh, right.


Well, I can see you in
the little vans, that's all...

Listen, I'm not buying you
a drink until you're nice.

Don't need one now.

So. You thought
you were being stood up,

but you were staying anyway.

Well, don't let me stop you
if you've seen someone better.

I'm staying because
I've got a babysitter,

so I thought might as well.

So, you've got kids then, eh?

Be mad if I hadn't,
wouldn't it?

No, one boy, 18.
He's autistic.

- Oh. That must be nice for you.
- What?

All the little pictures
he must draw.

Sorry. That was
a terrible joke.

I'll let you off.

So, um, what about you?

No, I'm rubbish at art.

- Kids!
- Oh! No.

Vodka and tonic. Cheers, mate.

You look even better at night
than you do during the day.

That's because
it's dark.

Because you're gorgeous.


I love you.

I love you.

Sorry. Sorry.

I overslept.

- I bet you did, you dirty tart.
- No.

Is he a shouter?
I bet he is.

You know, "Take it, take it,
take the lot!"

He was extremely polite.

Well, he didn't even wipe it
on your curtains, no?

Well, he might have done it
in his own house

because that's where he slept,
I presume,

while I slept in mine.

I'm so disappointed in you.

I did get drunk though.

First time since
the new year before last.

What? And he didn't
take advantage?


He's nice.

And you'll think so too,
when I tell you me news.

He fancied me
all along, didn't he?

He's gonna be our backer.

Backer as in...?

The shop.


That is nice, after one date.

No, no, no.
It's what he does.

What, just give money
to random strangers?

No, no, no. He's um,
he's an investor bloke...

a venture capitalist
or whatever.

Although he said no
when I said that.

Well, only small time.

So not a twat then, no?

Unless it's twatty

to come up with
the 10 grand we need.

- Well, just like that?
- No, no.

He wants to meet us,
see the place and that.

Well, when?

Why are you not excited?

I don't know.
I mean, I should be.

I... I... oh, I am.

But, we don't know
anything about him.

Well, we didn't know anything
about bank wanker.


Look, he bought me a meal.
He put me in a taxi.

He didn't so much as
try it once.

His name is Jeremy.
And he's a nice man.

[car door closes]

[birds chirping]

Excuse me, can I help you?

Who are you?
What the hell is going on here?

That man just punched me
in the fucking face!

I'm going to get the police!


Go easy with this, right?

You care more about your bike
than you do about me?

Yeah. Exactly.
So be careful.


No, I don't.

Good. It means
I'm not wasting my time.

Yeah, you are.

See you later, smiley.


God, there's
loads of room up there,

for you and your design room.

More space than last time?

Or the time before that?

Uh, um, can I ask you


Are you always
such a complete snatch?

Maybe you'd like to
wait outside.

I wouldn't.


I bet he's amazing.
Dead spiteful.

I'm just on High Street.

Don't know,
some tire kickers.

I reckon a big glass
cake cabinet here.

The drinks chiller's
going there.

Yeah, as well as I mean.

Do you know what
I'm thinking now?

I'm thinking a little
raised stage area here.

We can hold little music nights
and poetry readings.

Oh, yeah, yeah, because we're
massive, pretentious wankers.

It'd cost though,
wouldn't it?

Well, you've got to speculate.

Hey, what do you think,

For the culture? You don't mind
if I call you Jezbob,

do you?
I've heard worse.

- Yeah? How bad?
- Bex!

What? Johnny breath,
kitten dick?

- Don't!
- I'm sorry.

You'll let me know about
that last one, won't you?

You'll have to
excuse my friend Rebecca.

She has an unfortunate way.
Woo, totally passed me by.

So, uh, um, Jezarino.
This... this... this money,

it's on the straight, right?


I'm just one of those weirdos
that likes standing around

in empty shops
getting insulted.

So how does it work? You know,
the um, the arrangements?

You pay me back
on the dot every week

or I break [yelling]
your fucking legs

and then I start
on your faces!


- I think I need a lady nappy.
- No, no!

She doesn't, she doesn't!

She's tight as an gnat.
Stop it!

Don't tell people you're
wide, girl! Never!

How long you going to be?

Uh, are we
inconveniencing you?

Yeah. You are.

Ages then.


Ten grand from me.
You'll put five grand each in.

If you need 20,000,'s enough
to get you started.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Slow down now. I mean,
[sighs] what's the catch?

What? [laughs]

I want it back.

Wh... when? How?

Well, how long do you think

before you get it
up and running, do you reckon?

Um... uh, a month.

Six weeks, tops.

Start paying then.
A grand a month.

[sighs] A grand's a bit steep.

Uh, can I...
Can I have a minute?

Yeah. Of course you can.
Take your time.

It just might not leave us
loads for ourselves, to start.

Oh, I mean, I guess it was
always going to be difficult,

to begin with.
But a year down the line,

we'll be keeping what we make.

Um... I'm assuming we'll be
paying you for a year.

Not quite.

Well, we would pay you
interest though.

There's no way we're not.

- How many payments is that?
- Forty.

- Forty grand?
- Forty months?

Both correct.

I should award
some little trophies.

You want four times
what your lending us?

Your math is amazing.
You're going to do so well.

We can't pay you that.

[snicker] He's setting us up.

It's Jezzball, the joker.
I mean, 40 fucking grand!

You know, I, uh...

Well, is this what you do?
Is it?

You make promises
to lonely women, is that it?

I'm not lonely.

Just so you can get a shag,
be the big I am,

and then when she doesn't,

you're gonna pull a stroke
like this on her?

God, you're a dick!

It's over!

Not yet.

Look, you don't want to do it,
that's up to you.

I'm not going to force you.

Well, that's very nice of you.

Maybe you'll have better luck
next time with another bank.

What do you care?

But, there is
this small matter

of the funds I've secured.

- What funds?
- The £10,000.

Which last night
you specifically said

you wanted me to lend you.

- No, I didn't.
- Yeah, you did. [snickers]

"We've got ten.
We just need the other half."

"I can get that for you."

"Oh, my God! Yes, please.
That would be amazing."

I've kept up my end.

I'd had a drink.

Look, I'm not going to
force the money on you,

but there are costs
to me securing it.

Hey, listen, I mean, once
you've paid the finder's fee

and the cancellation policy...

It's been set there for
90 seconds, you fucking tit!

You've incurred
a few months' interest.

You might as well take it.
It's there.

You can touch it.
Start your business.

When work is a pleasure,
life is joy.

When work is duty,
life is slavery.

I'll waive my charges,
by the way.

Well, fair enough.
You're very good.

Now I've got something
for you, yeah.

Yeah, right here.

Keep the change, all right?
Oh, one more thing.

[kisses] Ah!

Enjoy that, ya penis.

You don't think it's because
I called him names, do you?

No. He's just...
[clicks tongue] a ball-bag.

Seemed dead up front.

"When work is a pleasure..."
I mean, what a prick!

What was he on about,
we owe him money?

He's just trying it on,
isn't he?

Like I've got money
to be throwing away on him.

Forget about it. I mean,
[sighs] what's he gonna do?


Left, right,
left, right, Liam.


Hey, I didn't think
I'd see you today.

I told you, didn't I?
You did, Lena, you did.

Come on. Sit down.

I'm fine.

You don't look fine, Mishka.

Hey, I've been
telling this one off

because he doesn't
take you out.

But I have a bone
to pick with you.

Why didn't you tell your Mama
you have new boyfriend?

Just happened to be here,
did you?

You know me.
Don't work if I don't have to.

I saw Ethan.
Recognized him from pictures.

I don't remember
showing you any pictures.

Oh. Well,
must be a good guesser then.

- I'll go and get him.
- No!

I could shout,
but it's a bit hit and miss.

- [speaking foreign language]
- But you know it is.

Leave him. I'll get him.
We need to go.

[speaking foreign language]

He's cold.

[speaking foreign language]

Well, I'll be off.
See you soon, Dawn.

Really lovely
meeting you, Lena.

The pleasure is mine.

[shouting] Looking forward to
meeting you properly, Ethan.



[phone rings]

Uh, yeah, Dawn.
Look, can I, um...

uh, can I call you
a bit later?

Okay. Thanks, love.

Said he thought
they were waiting for him.

Oh, it might not have been
a "they."

It might have just been one.
You know what blokes are like.

Fucking ten men.
Took them all on.

You know, he just went to go
and get the bike to pick us up.

They put a bag on his head...
a plastic one.

He could be dead
right now, Dawn.

All right then.

Don't be shy if anything
comes back to you.

You didn't tell them much.

There's not much to tell.

You told me more.

There's no point, is there?

I'm sick of this place.
Let's go.

I think we better
ask the doctor first.

Well, ask, please.

This town is a shithole.

It's our shithole.
We live here.

We don't have to.
We can live anywhere.

We belong here.

That's why I came back,
you know.

I don't want this to sound...

but we've only been together
for five months,

and I've... I've known Dawn
for a lot longer.

I cannot, I cannot leave her
in this shit again.

They'll kill me
next time.


They knew things.

He knew things.


[sobs] The guy
from the market.

He knew my name.

Where I lived.

He knows you.
Where you live.

[sobs] All sorts of things.

I-I thought you said
he never spoke.

Well, he did!
[sobs] He spoke plenty...

About what would happen
if I go to the police.

You don't believe him?
Don't do it.

Don't you fucking dare! Right?

Okay, love, okay.


Oh God! It's okay.


[muffled groans]

[groaning, crying]

Your payment's due.

I don't owe you any money!

- I say you do.
- [grunting]

Let's have more of a can-do
attitude, shall we?


I could have come asking
for the cash first,

but I find my business
works better

when the warnings
come unannounced.


[sobs] I knew it was you!

You could have killed him.

You're right, I could.
I could have done anything.

I told him not to tell anyone.

Might need to have
another word.

Yeah, well, good luck.
He is gone. He is gone!

I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm glad you stayed.

Three now. Grand.

- You didn't lend me anything.
- Yes, I did.

Albeit briefly.

Like I said, there's
charges to consider.

Plus... I gave you my goodwill.

And right now, I'd say
that was priceless.


Oh God! I...
I don't have that kind...

that kind of money.
Yeah, you do.

You've got five grand.

There is another way.

[sobs] Let's do that, then.
Let's do that.

It would take you
a while though.

It's okay.
What is it?

Fuck off!


It's okay.

But now it's five.

Hang on a minute.

Five enough.

Face it.

Come on.



[birds chirping]


[no audible dialogue]

Where have you been?

Work. [sighs]

Need more details?

Will you tell our daughter
to get ready for bed?

Get ready for bed, darling.

Is that top new?

- Yeah.
- Do they have it in navy?


- Bex!
- [sobs]

Lock it.

I've been trying to
ring you for ages.

[Bex sobs]

It's all right.
It's all right.

It's over.
It's finished.

Does it look finished?

Does it?
He's a fucking psycho!

No. No.
I've solved it.

He's gone.

He's never... he's never
gonna bother us again.

I've paid him me five grand,

And he said he'd accept it
as full and final payment.

I can't have anything
happen to me mom or Ethan.

They've not done anything.

So, that's the end of it.

I can save it up again.

It... it might take a while,
but I will.

We could open up
a café next year,

or the year after.

I've done it.

I've done it for us, Bex.

It's over.

[church bells toll]

Where is it?

[whispers] Where is it?

Where's what?

[heavy breathing]

Where is it?

[heavy breathing]

I don't...
I don't know what you mean.

Where's my money?

I paid you!

I left it in the box
where you said the box was,

where you left your number.

I hid it where you said.
[heavy breathing]

At the market, in the stall.

The deadline was this morning.

[heavy breathing]
I left it.

You bastard!
You know it was there.


I've got nothing left!

You'll find a way.




[evil laugh]

[on phone] Hiya.
Hiya, Bex.

Um, can you do tomorrow?
I've got a sore throat.

What we like...

Anyway, um, I hope you've had
a good rest, and I'll...

[soft sobbing]


[knock on door]

[pounding on door]

Hi, how you feeling?

I'm all right.
I'll come back tomorrow.

- Oooh!
- Just need a day, you know.

[sighs] Yeah.
Uh, do you have any whiskey?

I'll make you
one of my famous toddies.


Do... do you want
to nip out and get some?

No, no, no.
We'll make do.

Hey, how's Ethan?

- He's in his bed.
- He's not with grandma?

No. Not today.


[heavy breathing]

You have a sore throat,
do you?

Try taking his fucking cock
out of it.

She has now, thanks to you.

You got my 5-1/2?


- [smack]
- Oh!


Now why did you do...






A little bit inconvenient, this.

Thanks for trying.
But the debt still stands.

But y-you said...

[yelling] I'm saying the debt
still st-a-a-a-a-nds!

Cash only.

Love to your mom.



He tried that on me, too,
you know.

And you didn't go for it.

Well, well done, you.

You said it was over, Dawn.

Look at me.

I'd rather not.
I'm sorting it.

[laughs] What do you mean?

I wasn't fucking him for fun.

You think a ride's
going to fix this?

Oh, no. No, I don't.

I need to do it
again and again and ag...

And again, and I would.

Do you know why?

He knows where she works.

He knows where she lives.

You know he's not
pretending, Bex.

This is what he does,

and he's just gonna
go on and on and on.

I can't stand it.

I'd go to the police, but...

I'm too scared.

I want it all to just go away,
and [sobs]

I want it all to be
dull and shit again.

Do you not think I want to give
me son the life he deserves?

So yeah, yeah, I'd do it,
as much as it took,

but now you've gone
and fucked it up.

I was doin' it my way.

Yes, Dawn.

It's your way, Dawn,
that got us in this state.

[sobs] I thought
he was all right.

Yeah. That's 'cause you're
a stupid fucking bitch!

Well, so are you [sobs]
for getting involved.

I'm getting
uninvolved right now.

You know what, I should never
have come back here.

Liam is right.

[yelling] This place
is a fucking shithole!

So are you.

Oh, I'm done with you!

Well, fuck off!

Aw, fuck you!

[door slams]



I'll make you that hot toddy.


I'm sorry.

Someone will be with you
as soon as they can.


[screams] Help me!

Ten minutes, girls.

[phone rings]

Open it.
It can only help us.



I don't care.


[phone rings]

It's pathetic.
Just ignore it.

I mean, who's going to
see it anyway?

You know, half his mates and
a farmer in Venezuela.

You know, I mean,
it's not ideal,

but it's not gonna
make the news.

It's not that.
It's her.

Dickhead's mum.
Ethan's nan.

I thought she was
out of the picture.

She's only out of the picture
because she's got nothing on me.

But he lost the case, Dawn.

[sobs] I can't go through
with all that again.

Every year, every year, I still
get a Ch-Christmas card saying,

"I'll get you, you bitch.

You'll know what
it's like to lose a son."

I might be combining a few
there, but you get me drift.


Oh, she was always
very stable.

It'll kill me mum
if she found out.


[whispers] Go!

Of course, you can meet me.

I'm a bit busy now though.

Yeah. I'll be in touch.


What are you worried about?
It's not even Friday yet.

Sit down.

Five grand.

It doesn't even cover
what you owe.

Never mind her.

It was a joint agreement.

Joint agreement?

What am I, a building society?

I've probably got
more morals than them.

Anyway, I don't remember
you doing much agreeing.

Well, we are doing now.
If you'll take that, please.

It's five grand for nothing.

Nothing... nothing?

You're forgetting
all the work I've put in.

Mental and physical, including
jumping your rancid bones.

Nobody forced you.

You did kind of beg.

Just leave her alone,
will you?

Aw-w-w-w, touching.

[sighs] Well, who am I
to deny some little spastic

a day at the roller coasters.


That's it?

Am I leaving?

Good job.



Well, I wouldn't have thought

you could fit
another person there.

Tell you what though,
this woman lives at the Humbley.

Pretty ways down the back end
so you can hammer the bends.

You moving in there permanently
or are you coming out?



I don't do deals.
I don't do favors.

You don't ask to meet me

and tell me how much
you're gonna pay.

Who do you think you are?

You entered into an agreement!

[sobs] No! Stop!




You got an easy five.
You just need the same again.

Sell the bike.
Remortgage the house.

Steal. Suck off dogs.
I don't care what you do.


[gasping] I can't,
I can't, I can't.

I think you can!


I can't do it!


[moans] Oh shit!

There's nothing more
you can do to me.

Of course there is.

There's loads.


[coughing] Like what?

What do you think I should do?

[coughing] Change your career.

[snickers] I did... to this.

What did you do before?

I did this before.

Sort of.

Worked for a finance company.

Arranged loans, other stuff.

Decent rates of interest,
all very fair.

Boring. Hardly paid.

I don't like using these.

Too loud and I can never
work them properly.

Always a last resort for me.

[sobs] Why? Why do you
have to do this?

Because I never want
to be poor... ever again.

But mainly...
[cocks gun]

I'm really good at it.





[heavy breathing]


[pounding on door]


[high pitched ringing]

What are we gonna do?

[dog barks]

[knock on door]

Keeping you up?


How's your ear?


You are in good spirits.

Am I about to be?

Nearly there.

How far short is "nearly?"

Hundreds, not thousands.

What's this?



Bedroom it is, then.

Where's my money?


It'll be safe
once I've got it.

Do you think
I brought you here...

To piss you off?

That'd be a mistake.

Hundreds, yeah?


That's a lot.

We're gonna do a lot.


I don't like a tease.

I don't like a minute man.



[tazer sizzles]

- [slap]
- [bash]




[tazer sizzles]




[tazer sizzles]




[glass breaks]





[heavy breathing]

[groans and grunts]






[jiggles door handle]

[floor creaks]

[knocks lightly on door]

Well... [sighs]

I'm getting the feeling

I'm not really
wanted around here, so...

I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll go.

I'm gonna go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o.

Go for a little stroll.

Hospital maybe.

First though,

First I'm gonna make
a little stop at your mum's.

Say hello.

Say hello to Ethan because
that's where he is, isn't he?

[snickers] Say hello
and then maybe...

take him for a little stroll.

Somewhere nice and quiet.

[door latch clicks]








No! No!










[engine humming]


Bex... grab his book.



[retching and panting]

Thanks, love.
See you again, yeah.

Twenty P's she left us.


New girls, are you?

I'm Mark.

That's nice.

This your new place, is it?


You two, have you
done this before?


Is it hard?

[chuckles] Wants to know
if it's hard.

Do you want something?

I might.

How far would you go?

- Pretty far.
- Yeah?



♪ You better run better run
Better run with me baby ♪

♪ Better run with me baby
Tonight ♪

♪ I got a gun got a gun
Got a gun pretty baby ♪

♪ And I'm gonna use it tonight

♪ I got a lightning hook
A batch of smokes ♪

♪ And if I find you
Before anybody told you ♪

♪ I'm gonna have
Gonna have gonna have ♪

♪ Gonna have me
A woman tonight ♪

♪ Let it go let it go
Let it go let it go ♪

♪ Let it go
While the lights are low ♪

♪ And know this
Know this know this ♪

♪ And know that [indistinct]

♪ I got a lightning hook
A batch of smokes ♪

♪ And if I find you
Before anybody told you ♪

♪ I'm gonna have gonna have
Gonna have gonna have ♪

♪ Gonna have me a woman
And I will woo-ho-ho ♪

♪ You better run better run
Better run pretty baby ♪

♪ Better run pretty baby
Tonight ♪

♪ I gotta gun gotta gun
Gotta gun pretty baby ♪

♪ And I'm gonna use it tonight

♪ I got a lightning hook
A batch of smokes ♪

♪ And if I find you
Before anybody told you ♪

♪ I'm gonna have gonna have
Gonna have gonna have ♪

♪ Gonna have me a woman
Tonight ♪

♪ Let it go let it go
Let it go let it go ♪

♪ Let it go
While the lights are low ♪

♪ And know this
Know this know this ♪

♪ And know that [indistinct]

♪ I got a lightning hook
A batch of smokes ♪

♪ And if I find you
Before anybody told you ♪

♪ I'm gonna have gonna have
Gonna have ♪

♪ Gonna have me a woman
Tonight ♪

♪ Woo-ho

♪ You better run better run
Better run pretty baby ♪

♪ Better run pretty baby
Tonight ♪

♪ I gotta gun gotta gun
Gotta gun pretty baby ♪

♪ And I'm gonna use it tonight

♪ I got a lightning hook
A batch of smokes ♪

♪ And if I find you
Before anybody told you ♪

♪ I'm gonna have gonna have
Gonna have ♪

♪ Gonna have me a woman
Tonight ♪

♪ Yeah I'm gonna have
Gonna have ♪

♪ Gonna have me a woman
Tonight ♪

♪ Gonna have me a woman
Tonight ♪

♪ Gonna have me a woman
Tonight ♪

♪ I can tie my own shoelace

♪ Whiskey jar

♪ Broke my fall

♪ See the writing
On the wall ♪

♪ [indistinct]

♪ This place is the worst
[indistinct] ♪

[dog barks]



[dog barks]


[dog pants]