Baise-moi (2000) - full transcript

Manu and Nadine lose their last tenuous relationship with main-stream society when Manu gets raped and Nadine sees her only friend being shot. After a chance encounter, they embark on an explosive journey of sex and murder. Perhaps as a revenge against men, perhaps as a revolt against bourgeois society, but certainly in a negation - almost joyful in its senseless violence - of all the codes of a society which has excluded, raped and humiliated them. Controversial for its violence and real sex scenes: a vividly nihilist road movie set in France.

Seen Francis recently?

Not recently, no.

Been a while, huh?

The social worker
wants you to call in.

Piss off!
I can't get benefit.

You've had mail.
Want it?

It's five days since I saw you.
D'you want to move out?

Having fun
doesn't mean I'm moving out.

Fucking piss off.

I'll buy you a drink.
It's ages since we talked.

Got any cash?

Sure, where d'you want to sit?

Pay for another game.

- Know her?
- You bet! An ace head-queen.


I wouldn't say no.

How about you introduce me?

Nadine! Phone-call.

It's Francis.


Move, you're cramping my style.

We'll talk later, okay.

- You'll be home?
- I don't fucking know yet, okay?

No one's here!

It's been a week.

I don't know where he is.

Manu! Come here!
Where's Radouan?

Come over here!
Where's Radouan got to?

Still watching that smut?

I didn't expect you.

Turn that thing off.

You're sick.
I'd understand if you were a guy.

Go into the kitchen.

I'm sick of having to masturbate
in my room.

- Where's the skins?
- In the basket.

- You smoke now?
- No.

It's for you, from King Radouan.

That jerk Radouan
deals like his brother?

Don't worry.
I can handle it.

I'm not worried.

Trouble is,
you're such a jerk everyone knows.

The cops'll have you in
in no time.

I mean, he's not the horny type.

There's something between us.

I never do it on the first date.

But it seemed so obvious.
Why doesn't he call?

Know what?
I think I scare him.

A girl with character
scares guys off.

She saps their virility.

They're all faggots anyhow.

Manu, get over here!

- Seen Radouan?
- I don't live with him.

Tell him he's wanted.
We're gonna waste his sorry ass.

What's he done?

Tell the fucker
we're out to kill him, okay?

- You got that?
- I've fucking got it.

Watch your mouth
or I'll brain you.

He's always round at your place.

Watch it or you'll get it too.
Now move.


Got any weed left?

- What?
- You've smoked it all?

You're a fucking pain!

Buy you a drink?

Got the cash?

You're lucky,
I just got my welfare.

- You're French enough?
- Yeah.

I'm seeing my brother.

Count me out. I'll get smokes.
Meet me later.

Won't be long.

What you doing
with that fucking junkie bitch?

You're wasting your fucking life.

Go to hell.

You wreck everything.

You're poison.

Gimme 300.

- You've got a nerve.
- C'mon!

Work, you heard of that?

There's no work in France!


Let's split.

Just a second, Manu.
He hit you?

- You're a sharp one.
- You should have smashed his face in.

- I'd have been long gone.
- I guess I'll try anything.

- Let's grab a six-pack.
- Yeah, sure.

Want me to come?

I'd like that, yeah...

You know, there's things, see...

I need to talk to you.
Maybe you'll tell me what to do.

Look, I've got to see someone,

but I'll check the train times
for later.

- OK.
- Where are you?

Hold on.

Juvisy. The station hotel.

- You can't miss it.
- Yeah.

They saw you in a porn movie.

They gave me the spicy details.

It's so sick.

You're always helping others
and then they say that.

Why tell me if you didn't want to?

What can I say?

- I just wanted you to know.
- So I know?

Do I give a fuck?
I shit on them all.

Line them up and I'll take a dump
on them, one by one.

- Hand me a beer.
- Okay.

Well then...
Wanna play rough, huh?

So let's play rough.

Had enough?

Stay there.

Get her out.

Let go!

Let me go!

Let me go! Let me go!

Get 'em off.

Get 'em off or I'll knife you!


Cut it out.

Let me go!


- Wanna swap?
- Yeah.


Quit bellowing.

Get on all fours.

Move it!

Shit, it's like fucking a zombie!

Move your ass a bit.

What's that between your legs, asshole?

Forget it, bitch.

Manu, how could you?

How could you let them do that?

Fuck, Manu, how could you do it?

It could've been worse.

We're still alive, right?

Fuck, how can you say that?
How can you say that?

I don't give a shit
about their scummy dicks.

I've had others.
Fuck them all, I say.

If you park in the projects,
you empty your car

'cause someone's gonna break in.

I leave nothing precious
in my cunt for those jerks.

It's just a bit of cock.
We're just girls.

It'll be okay now.


Turn over.

I'm gonna make you cum.

If you have to take my whisky,
put it away after!

I left you some.

It's always the same.

You give me a smart answer.
You can't talk to people.

Sharing a place means talking,
showing a little respect.

You can't do that.

Sure you're out of weed?

What's up with you?

Quit sulking, okay.

Give me a Jack, will you?


Come on.

Here, Princess.


Fucking grab him!

Fuck him!

Kill him!

Let go, he's just a kid!

Stay out of this!

Shitheads, he's just a kid!

Fucking piss off!

He your boyfriend, bitch?

Wanna get yours too, cunt?

Let go of her, okay?

Let go, I said.


C'mon, you...

- They'll kill him.
- Come on, calm down. Move it!

Move it, I said! Hurry up!

Mother Theresa!
Get a move on! Hurry!

By the way,
your charming friend Francis called.

What d'you see in a junkie like him?

What did he say?

He was wasted.
I don't want him here, okay?

No danger of that.

- When did he call?
- He squats here for weeks on end,

he empties out the fridge...

He can't drink coffee
without spilling half of it.

And he yells at me. Last time,
he laid into me for dumping his cotton.

How could I know he filters it
a second time for a fix?

He's pathetic. Keep him away.

C'mon, calm down.

Calm down.

You're a fucking asshole.

What are these bruises?

Who did that?

Bastards like you
always have to hit someone

to feel alive!

You got done again?

You're always high on something.
Always high.

Were you raped?

Were you?

Who did it?

The guy's a shit.

He's my best mate,
so shut your big fucking mouth!

Know what? You're his slave.
You do what he asks

and he doesn't give a shit,
your "best mate".

Who was it?
Who did that to you? Who?

Fuck you!

You don't even bother
to ask how I feel, shithead!

You make me wanna puke, asshole!

You don't seem too upset.

Fuck, you make me sick.


Good evening.

Could you tell me
which room Mr Godot is in?

Number 26, on the second floor.


He only paid for a single.

I'm just here for his blow job.

- How are you?
- By the way...

I'm out of Subutex, to free-base.

How about doing me
a nice prescription in your fancy...


Hand it over.

At the top, on the right,
three boxes of eight...

Come on,
I could fill this out blindfolded.

Isn't that too much?
You could have problems.

I don't need you
fucking my head with this, okay?

Hold on, before I forget...

- Remember Noelle?
- Yes.

You know what she does,

crossing borders by bicycle,
with acid and all...

I have to get some fake ID to her.

I won't be able to go, okay.

At midday on the 13th,
I have to be at the station bar in Luxeuil.

- Where's that?
- In the Vosges.

Get the picture?
I can't be there.

You give her the papers.

She crosses borders by bicycle,
with acid and all that shit.

You have to do it, okay.

People are in deep shit now.

Count on me.

Right, I'm going down...


Thanks for coming.

You're welcome.

By the way...

Did you notice?

There's a pharmacy just outside.

No kidding?
Trust you to choose the right hotel.


Dunno. Nothing.

The last train's gone.


You're here for the night.

No trains till morning.

You're a talkative one.

Where you heading?

Paris, I guess.

To Paris?

Can you drive?


If you can drive, I've got wheels.

And I don't mind going to Paris.

Anyone expecting you?

Not particularly.

That's handy.

Really handy.

I'm in deep shit, okay.

I know, too bad it has to be you.

I wanna see the sea.
You're gonna drive me there.

Keep the cash
and I'll pay for petrol.


Can I ask you something?


Have you shot porn movies?

Straight up?

Yeah, how come you know that?

Is your man into that stuff?

I don't have a man.
I'm into it on my own.

Good for you. What can I say?

Fucking hell, I'm thirsty.

Stop soon, I need to drink.

There's a service station coming up.


Don't try giving me any trouble.

You bet, I won't even think about it.

Take the cash and split if you want.

I'm gonna eat. And you?

Dunno. I'll eat with you.

Weird we should meet like that, huh?

No, it's not weird.

It was then or never.

I guess so.

We could take a trip.

With your ten grand?

I don't wanna go anywhere.

I promised
I'd be in the Vosges on the 13th.

I wanna be straight with Noëlle.
She's cool.

Let's stay together till then.

Too bad for her.

I'm shitless.

Fuck, it's weird.

It happens so fast.

You were too close to her.
I could've ripped your arm off.

Be more careful.

We'll do better in future.

How did it feel?

First, I felt bad...
really bad.

I wanted to cry.

Hell on earth.

But now...

I feel really great.

So great,
I almost feel like doing it again.

Shit, we don't even know
if we're wanted.

cops are basically stupid.

But they work hard
and we've left a trail.

Let's get wasted.

We'll be drinking from now on.

Hot for a good time.

The more you fuck,
the less you think

and the better you sleep.

Know what'd be good now?

To see you two
go down on each other.

Get out.

That calmed that fucker down!
Asshole in a suit.

Hi! Bang!

The look on him!

Fucking bastard!

Where now?


We'll follow our star

and let rip
the motherfucker side of our soul.

I'm cut all over.

It looks stupid like that.

What do you know?
It looks cool.

It's a long way
to get to the Vosges by the 13th.

What'll we do there?

It's a long way,
it's cold and ugly too.

Are you nuts?
We're meeting Noëlle.

Right, I'd forgotten her.

The Beretta 92F
with a Pachmayr grip, totally stainless.

Personally, it's one of my favourites.
I think it's...

...very masculine.
I like it a lot.

Take the magazine
and ram it into the grip.

Then pull the breechblock back
with the safety catch here.

Now it's ready to fire.
One more time?

Remember, when you slip...

when you slip the magazine in,
ram it all the way home.

Fire again,
safety catch and there you go.

There again, if your husband...

What if her wife's the gun-lover?

Fuck, we're useless.
Where are the witty lines?

We've got the moves,
that's something.

We're not that bad, I think.

Yes... No!

I mean, people are dying.
The dialogue has to be up to it.

Good and crucial, like!

We can't write it in advance.

You're right.

That's totally unethical.

Let's grab some drink.

- Got the booze?
- Yes.


I used to stain everything
to piss my mum off.

It made her sick.

Shit, it makes me wanna fuck!


Not playing?

You want to play?

Want one? Go ahead.

Bring me luck.

Your cock, au naturel.

It's crazy to do this
without precautions.

You're crazy.

I can't do this,
it's against my principles.

Your cock's flabby.

Waste of time.

It never happened before.

Maybe you could do it to me
with your mouth.

You're lucky I have my pride, buddy.


I don't see what's so funny!


I choked!


Filthy little cunts!

No one told you to go!

What we don't like about you, buddy,

is the condom.

We know who you are.

A condom dickhead.

You don't follow
strange girls like that.

Know who you've landed up with
this time, pal?

The fucking condom dickhead killers!

It's panic stations out there.

Any pictures?

How the hell
could anyone recognise us?

We're just two girls,
one taller than the other.

Wanna feel my balls slapping your ass?

Son of a bitch!

Know how to get to Biarritz?

No, no idea.

I'm short-sighted.
You'll have to guide me as we go.

You what?

Are you crazy? Just drive.

She wants me to guide her!

Dumping me, are you?

Hello, we'd like a room, please.

- Hello.
- The classiest one.

The classiest one.

There's none classier.

- Any booze up there?
- No, but there is down here.


- How much do I owe you?
- For the classy room?

800 francs.

This is a nice hotel.
I like it a lot.


See you later maybe.

Isn't it odd nothing's happening?

You have a weird idea of nothing.

No, I mean,
here we are hanging out in a hotel.

We can do anything.

it's bad thinking that.

Right. We have to think positive.

Stop ruining your Jack with Coke.

I will if I want.

- Excuse me.
- Yes?

- I'm thirsty.
- You're thirsty?

- Want a beer?
- Please.

Hi, I'd like a beer, please.

Thank you.


Going somewhere?

To the club.

I'll come along.

Thanks. Bye.



Too bad for them.

- Good evening.
- Good evening. Police.

- Can I see your registration, please?
- Of course.

Let me see.

Maybe in my bag.


You can't leave me here all alone!

Besides, I know who you are.

For girls on the run,
you're pretty laid back.

It's because we lack imagination.

You're full of shit.

Everyone's scared of dying
or going to jail for life.

That's what it comes down to,
it can't be avoided.

Still, I'm no judge.

But on TV they said
you shot a family man

and a woman, for no reason.

What if we were after money?

We've got no excuses.

If I met you on the bus,
I'd never guess.

That's the trick of the trade.

Little sister...

Let's go.

Time for bed.

Are you coming?

We're going to bed now.


Good night.

See you in the morning.

He reminds me of my brother.

This reminds me
of the home we'll never have.

- Here.
- Thanks.

Want some?

Why don't you leave the country?

What the fuck would we do
someplace else?

Someplace else...
It won't work.

You can't just croak like that
without fighting back. You can't!

- We can.
- I don't agree.

You can't just wait for them to get you.

I've thought about taking a jump
or burning alive.

Self-immolation is pretty pretentious.

After we finish in the Vosges,
let's do the jump without the bungee.

It's a miracle we're still on the loose.

I want it to end as good as it began.

You know,
with a great punchline, like.

You'll have to push me.

I couldn't do it on my own.

I dunno, I don't realise...

Don't worry, I'll push you.

We'll need
to leave the press something.

"They jumped without the bungee."

Those shits will use anything.

Yeah, we need to work
on communication.

Concentrate, I haven't got all day.

Look what you made me do!

Just concentrate, okay.

Watch your tone with me.

Think you're big, huh?

What's the guy like?

A real shithead.
I'm glad you're going round there.

- He fucked you over?
- Yeah.

He pissed me off bad.

I wouldn't like to piss you off.

The safe's just here.

Fuck, this asshole's got a fancy place.

- Hello.
- Hello.

What can I do for you?

We work
for the IPSOS polling organisation.

Would you answer a few questions
on your cultural expenditure?

- I'd be delighted. Come on in.
- Thank you.


I'm ready.

Let's get started if we may.

I don't have a TV.

But I've heard about you.

- Move.
- I was... extremely intrigued.

I imagined you differently.

In fact,
I didn't imagine meeting you.

I won't ask how you heard about me.

That would be unseemly.

Yes, it would be unseemly.

I don't know anyone like you.

You're not like anyone, I suppose.

What you're doing is...

...terribly violent.

You must have suffered
to have come to this.

I don't know
what you've been through.

And I don't know
why I feel that I can trust you.

C'mon, open the safe!

I can read you like an open book.

I'd gladly do a deal with you.

Out of the way, asshole!

Fuck, he didn't make any fuss
about opening this shit!

Right, fuckwad?

Not so sure of yourself now,
are you, dickhead?

- I won't kill you.
- Thank you.

Hey, girl.

Waste this fucker!


- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- Champagne, please.
- Coming up.

I'll look round.


Fuck you, motherfucker!
Keep your hands off me!

This is a fuck club here.

It's not a mosque.

C'mon, grunt, asshole.


Drop your pants.

Yeah, they've probably got coffee.

Maybe sandwiches too if we're lucky.

Let's stay together till then.

This is no time to crack up.

What use would it be?

Freeze, bitch! Freeze!

Get a fucking move on, guys.

Hurry it up!

Everybody keep back!

- Stop!
- Stop! Stop!

Bitch! Freeze!

Where's your friend?
Where's the other bitch?