Bairavaa (2017) - full transcript

It is an action-thriller, which revolves around an ordinary man who takes up his girlfriend's fight for the justice against unscrupulous, depraved man who had created a Multi Million Dollar business by deceiving ambitious Medical students and their parents.

Extracted by-A. R. XOY

The truth that we understand by
closely observing the history is that

There were more wars between
rich and poor rather than between

different religions and castes.

When the atrocities of the
masters reached intolerable peaks,

a rebellion would be born in the
those communities that are oppressed.

The masters would create a complete mayhem

to suppress that rebellion.

But nobody can stop any rebellion
which is meant to prevail justice.

When the atrocities of
the masters becomes fire,

the anger of the
oppressed become a volcano.

There would be a motivational story

in every revolution that
took place in the world.


this is the love story
of the factual conflict

that took place few years ago near the
border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

The story of a revolution which started

due to a girl named Geetha falling in love
with a guy named Bhairva is nothing but

Bhairava Geetha


Oh God!

Hey Bhairava,

Wake up

I told you we need to leave early

It's already late, get up.

What happened to your hand?

Wooden splinter got stuck in my finger
while bringing wooden logs in the morning.

Just like your father,

blood is not a new thing for you

Eat quietly.

Don't go to fetch
wooden logs from now on.

Hmmm, well said.

We both are used to bloodshed.

You eat

Come soon as you finish your work

- Flat tyre again?
- Yes

Where have you been yesterday?

The new girl who came to sell liquor

She smiles and winks at me

Been to enquire whether
it is love or infatuation.

Why are you staring like this?

Men's life will be at stake
if it doesn't rain in the desert

Women spoil by hinting
Men spoil by not grasping it

You have no idea about love

and I am explaining this to you! Move on.

Shall I cut you?

Who kept this here?

I did

Last year same day, Chanmallappa's
men killed our men at Kumbalgudda


Who told you to worship
these son of witches slaves?

Throw this to the gutter

Listen to me

Because they saved your life...

To whom else these slaves
sacrifice their lives other than me?

Just because this cock dies
for me in cock fight

You want me to worship this cock?

I feed it, so that
it dies for me in the field

Labours must be ill treated

Or else, these son of witches
demand equality

Greetings, Balaramanna

Hey, Shankarappa

You should join hands with
the person who is elder

and about to become your in-law

should not face in the bet.

Please don't mistake me, Balaramanna.

This is a bet.

This bet has a value,

only when we fight with
a wise person like you.

Let's see.

Elder's say, we should always grow
a relationship with a reputed family.

Where else my daughter can get
a reputed family other than your's?

My wish to get my only daughter Geetha

married to your son is
fulfilled with this bet.

There is no other wise family than yours.

When is your daughter coming back?

She's coming home next week
as she's done with the studies

Greetings, Balaramanna


Why are you dull?

Even after knowing everything

you are getting Geetha married to Nanjamari

Power is like a shadow on the wall

Even if weak person, stand properly in
front of light, he looks like a super man

If we are building a
relationship with Balaramappa,

it means we we are standing
properly in front of light

Nanjamari is not light,
master. He is fire.

They know nothing about you, master

master, please don't.

Master, please don't whip him.

No, master...

He did not know what he was doing.

Master, please don't beat

I beg you, please don't beat

He did not know what he was doing
please spare him, master

Will it not the fire burn you
if you touch it without knowing?

It will burn

No, master...

Fire can not understand your plead.

You should understand
how and where it burns

Please spare him, master...

Open your eyes.

Open your eyes.

Don't think it ends by closing eyes.

If you are thinking like that,

it means that you don't
know about me properly.

Watch without blinking,

how that crow-bar
slowly pierces into his body.

Watch how it comes out
from his head at the end.

I am killing him now because
your son fathered such a son.

Will he die when it reaches intestine?

Will he die when it reaches chest?

Will he die when it reaches the skull?

You must watch it

If you don't want that to happen,

send your daughter-in-law tonight

I will make her a fine girl and send back.

Come in

Go down and bring madam's luggage

Let us bring the luggage, come

Let's go

I would have brought them
on my own, if I had proper legs

Had dinner?

I was waiting for you, my son

I told you many times, not to wait
for me, but you don't listen

Have I ever had food with out you?

You please eat

Geetha is back

Got late due to shopping in town

Oh! Geetha came back?

How does she look like

She looks like an educated girl

Do not speak like this in front of Geetha

Learn to speak properly

I am what I am,
Why should I fake in front of her?

It's not like that

Rich men care about their
daughters more than their property

That's why I said

Alright, leave it

Geetha, you just came home yesterday.

Instead of resting,

you are ready to roam around!

Did I cam from so far, just to be at home?

Hmmmm, in that case

- Malla
- master

Send few boys with her

Okay master

No need of them.
I'll go alone.

There is no need in town,
but here you need them

You are the daughter of Shakarappa.
You must take our men with you

Geetha ma'am

Bairappa on the hill
is a very powerful god


Slicing three lemons on the steps

apply Kumkum and turmeric

Go round the boulder

place one on the trident

My wish must be fulfilled

or else you are not Bairappa at all

if you pray in this way,

Your prayer will be answered

I do not believe in God

What did she say?

O Bairappa, grant me a girl

I don't mind,
even if she has no left hand

What is that?

It is a very strange sound! Isn't it?

Stop it.

It is the sound of dove.

It makes sound when it
sees anything strange.

What did it see that made it
sound so strange like that?

Probably it's you.


You are so surprised by dove sound,

You will feel overwhelmed
when you see blackbucks

Blackbucks are there!

A lot of black bucks would
come and hop around here.

Two eyes are not enough to see them.

Let's go there tomorrow

Get up slowly,

this is where the blackbucks come.

I don't see any blackbuck

Hey wait man...

Be quite

Blackbuck you said!
Where is it?

Rama went in search of a deer
Ravan kidnapped Sita

What if you go behind a deer
and someone kidnaps you?

That is why deer is not showing up

You cripple!

If you keep fooling around
I'll break your another leg

Not the second one, please!

Will we keep quite, if someone
tries to kidnap Geetha ma'am?

We will sacrifice them to Bairappa

Is there no one in this village?

Shanka, tell her what happened.

Don't know exactly what happened!

Don't know from they came!

They massacred
even children and aged people.

They torched the town.

The whole town turned to
cemetery before sunrise

I feel goosebumps by imagining it.

Few people escaped with their children.

All that is left is burnt walls
and memories of dead people

That old lady stay here as a sole witness.

Hey old lady,

fruits don't fall for prayers.

She is waiting for those flowers.

She worship in that abandoned temple

Hey Bhairava, pluck those flowers

Geetha ma'am

Old lady's son, daughter and
grandchildren were murdered that day

Her whole family got killed.

What did you pray to God?

I prayed to God to behead the one who
brought this situation to this village.

Hey old lady

Can't you just leave this place and
get settled in a neighbouring town?

Even vengeance is aging.

Was I able to reach these
flowers ten minutes ago?

Didn't your friend plucked
them and placed in my hands?

Similarly, the head of the person
who brought havoc to this village

would be in my hands.

Who is the person responsible for this?

Who else? It is Shankarappa

He is hiding behind the
swords of hired slaves

he is forgetting his death

We should remind him of his death

Is Shankarappa a child to get scared?

We should take off those
swords in right time

Fear is stronger than swords, Jangaiah

Right opportunity should come

Right opportunity should come

Brother, the daughter of Subba Reddy
is wandering in the village hillocks.

I have found a match for you

His name is


Shall I once...

You should only think of
what to study and wear

I decide in marriage matter

Just do what I say

You told your mom that you want
to go to the town tomorrow

Yes, I will go with our men

Car stereo: "John Denver's
You filled up my senses song"

Shanku, why you look dull?
Don't you like the song?

What kind of a song?
He has a voice of of an ass

Hey, do you who the singer is?

Whoever it may be!

They are nothing compared
to Bhairava's songs

Bhairava, you sing!?

He sings so well

The crops swing by listening to his songs

Hey, sing now

"You turn red
if you take bath in anthill"

"You turn black
if you go with flock of crows"

"You turn ghee
if you dip into silver"

"Forgive me, I can't sing so well"

"Oh clever horse!"

"It is difficult to mount and get down.
It is a king's horse"

"You turn red
if you take bath in anthill"

"You turn black if you
go with flock of crows"

"Clothes to sell and clothes
to wear, you have granted"

"Tie jingle to a bird
and fly it to the sky"

"Sami's wedding is a monkey's play"

"I sang irrelevant lines
you will say good bye to me"

"Monkeys trouble in fair too,
I want nothing"

"Shall we make the moon sell snacks?"

"Let's play hopscotch with him"

"Where did you to learn to smile,
O Channapattana doll?"

"Sun feels thirsty seeing your smile"

"Lake replaced the river
and canal replaced the lake"

"You turn red
if you take bath in anthill"

"You turn black
if you go with flock of crows"

"You turn ghee
if you dip into silver"

"Forgive me, I can't sing so well"

"Oh clever horse,"

"It is difficult to mount and
get down. It is a king's horse"

"You turn red
if you take bath in anthill"

"You turn black
if you go with flock of crows"


Probably, they are Kote Veerappa's men.

There is no one left in his gang.

We killed all their
men in the recent fair.

When they came to know
we are becoming in-laws to Balaramappa.

Those cowards left
the village out of fear.

Can it be Gowda's men
whom we killed in Mavingudda?

His people are educated.

The hand which holds a pen
wouldn't have guts to hold a sword.

Who can it be?

Is it Rudrappa?
Channamallaiah or Changalraya?

It's a shame, master

What did you say?

When our girl has been attacked

we are just thinking about who did it,
instead of chopping heads

is it not an insult, master?

If we catch hold of the one
who attacked my daughter,

what should be done?

He should be burnt alive, master

what if, not burnt?

People will think, Shankarappa is a coward

If people think that way,
will anyone fear me in this town?

I swear on Geetha, master

it means I am dead

Get me petrol, Malla

Why master?

What did I do, master?

Please don't, master!

You told me to burn,
I am burning you see

One who attacks my
daughter should be burnt

Why did you do this, master?

How dare he touch my daughter?

He is one among us, master

Everyone must know this will happen
to the one who touch my daughter

Throw his body in city centre, saying
he was involved in yesterdays's attack

If I don't do anything to the
people who attacked my daughter

my reputation will be spoiled

Find out who did it and slit their throats

The attacker must realise
how big his mistake was

What happened?
Why are you bleeding?

Some men tried to kill Geetha ma'am

Oh God! Come, sit here.

Sit here.

Didn't notice even
after blood got clot?

Geetha got hurt too

While protecting her

People are there to take care of Geetha

But did you forget that I have only you?

You are the one who said
bloodshed is not new to us

then why do you cry?

Shut up

What if something bad had
happened to you today?

What could have been my condition?

Can't dare to imagine!

Enough of all this.

We don't need fighting and bloodsheds

Your uncle is living peacefully
He is farming in neighbouring village

Let us go there,
do farming and live peacefully


I walk my father's path,

whether I take life or give life,

it will be for only Shankarappa.

- Geeth
- Yes.

I told you to try that dress
for tomorrow's engagement.

But, what are you doing?


I don't like this engagement.


I don't like this engagement.

Everything is arranged

Without any reason, how can you say
you don't like this engagement?

Did you think about
your father's reputation?

People will gossip that
Shankarappa's daughter revolted

reputation matters the most to your father

Get ready instantly

Water, master

Control yourself
till the engagement gets over.

You are free after that.

She has an attractive frontal.

I am going mad thinking about her back.

Groom Mr.Nanjamari
son of Balaramappa,

Bride Ms.Geetha,
daughter of Mr. Shankarappa

Engagement is about to
be conducted between them

Engagement is duly performed, master

Did I ask you?

You bloody slave!

Hey Nanjamari!

Nanjamari, leave her

Geetha, you go inside.

She studied abroad

She is not aware of our customs.

I pampered her, that's my mistake

She slapped you out of ignorance,

she will adopt after the wedding

Please forget this matter right here.

Start the vehicles

Hey Geetha

Is your brain working or did you
left it at the city while coming here?

Don't you know
how to behave with people?

I did what I felt right, father.

What is right?

To slap Mr Nanjamari
for the sake of that dog?

He can't judge what is right
or wrong when he loses his mind.

He would just behead people.

He would have burned you
if he didn't respect me.

Try to understand.

Bhairava is one of us.

He can sacrifice his life to save me.

How can I keep quite, when such a
person is beaten for no reason?

Even he knows to beat
without any reason.


Nanjamari is your husband to be.

He will pet the dogs if
he likes or kills them

Those dogs are here for us

You are not a kid to make you understand
the difference between a king and a slave

Instead of marrying an
unpredictable mad dog

it is better to marry loyal
and loving Bhairava, dad.


You are crossing my line, Geetha.

Those boundaries are for you, dad

What happened, brother?

My heart is burning like hell, Vishwa

How dare she,

raise hand to me in front of the crowd!

I am not able to bare it!

I should do something to her.

I must do something to her

Can anything be spoken

without any slightest
thought in the mind, Malla?

It can't be, master.

Can that rebellious thought be killed?

Only a thought can't be
avoided or killed, master.

What do we do if we cannot kill the
person in whose mind the thought was born?

It is enough we kill the person
about whom the thought is about.

In that case,

kill Bhairava

Don't ask me anything.

Just do what I say.

Make sure that the dead
body would be untraced.

Follow orders without
any second thought.

This is Shankarappa's order

This job must be done before sunrise.

Only the men who just blindly go for a
kill without any questions come with me.

It's not easy to stab the
person whom we work with.

But remember, it is master Shankarappa
who is paying us for our living.

- Shanku! Why are you here late night?
- Bhairava


What happened?

Run away from here as soon as possible

Are you drunk?

Shankarappa has
ordered Mallaiah to kill you

He is on way with a gang.

Run away, don't get caught.


You must be hallucinated

Why would Shankarappa want me dead?

I don't know that.

It is true that Mallaiah
is coming here to kill you.

Enough, I'll go and
enquire Shankarappa now

Try to understand.

You will be dead

Mother, make him understand.

Wait, I'll go and enquire.

Bhairava, we don't need
reasons now. We need our life.

He is a powerful man.

Who knows what strikes in his mind?

Listen to me

Bloody, he escaped!

Geetha ma'am

Geetha ma'am

What happened?
Why are you here at this time?

Ma'am, master Shankarappa has
ordered Mallaiah to kill Bhairava.

You must stop your father somehow.

Where is Bhairava?

Geetha ma'am is at Bairappa temple.
Come fast, she wants to talk to you.

Mother, I'll go and
find what's the matter.

You don't leave this place at any cost

Take care, mom.

Okay Bhairava.

You don't worry about me.

Cover yourself with this
blanket. You won't be recognised.

- Let's go
- Be careful, my son

Bhairava left the village
out fear I guess, master

His mother is not home too.

Master, we searched for him everywhere.

Geetha is missing.

I want his dead body here by
morning no matter where he is hiding

Go find him


No one should come to
know that Geetha is missing

What's happening?

I told my dad that I will marry you.

Have you gone mad ma'am?

What's your status and mine?
How could you say that?

Because I believed that

it is far better to marry
you than Nanjamari, Bhairava.

You have really gone mad.

How could you say like that?

Tell your dad that
you didn't mean it.

I didn't come here
to go back, Bhairava

If I go back, they will definitely
get me married to Nanjamari

I'll not marry him at any cost

Nanjamari belongs to a reputed family

His dad is going to
be a minister in future

He is a billionaire.

I know about them better than you

you too know about Nanjamari

If you were a father

would you get your daughter married
to him for only money and wealth?

Tell me Bhairava

I'll jump and die if forced.

But I will not go back.



Shankarappa came to know somehow

his men are on the way

What are you thinking?

Leave this place now, immediately

Find him wherever he is and kill him.

Master, we could not find them.

I should not hear again
that they are missing.

Our servant Bhairava

took my daughter Geetha by force.

Before you come to know from other sources

I came here to tell you


Did he kidnap her or
she ran away with him?

Don't you know how to behave?

A bloody slave kidnapped king's daughter

It is an insult to all of us.

Let's search for them as
a team from this very moment.

Thank God, we escaped

No. We escaped for a moment, that's it.

This is the place where even
eagles work for them and

Escaping from here is a day dream

What to do now?

I don't know.

Where to go now?

I don't know.

Are you angry on me, Bhairava?

Angry on you?

I can't even think
of getting angry on you.

Then, how can I think of love?

Sleep now,

you are tired

I can feel your love, Bhairava.

But you are not realising it.

"The day I saw you first,"

"I lost myself"

"Next time when I saw you"

"I was dumbstruck"

"Third time, out of blush"

"I felt unconsciouses"


"I fell in love"

"This love is a new experience"

"A feel good emotion"

"It is is feel good emotion"

"This love is a new experience"

"The moment I saw you first,
I could not even wink"

"Next time when I saw you"

"I could not breath"

"I saw you again, I lost myself"


"I fell in love"

"This love is a new experience"

"A feel good emotion"

"This love is a new experience"

"A feel good emotion"

"An existence of heaven in a
hell and comfortness in fire"

"is a possibility only in love"

"Let's join our hands
and bind our hearts"

"Let's erase our fate"

"and spend the rest of our lives together"

"This love is a new experience"

"A feel good emotion"

Didn't you sleep all night?

I was thinking all night.

I'm unable to understand what to do.

No matter how much we think,
some things won't happen as per our wish.

They just happen as per fate.

I'm very hungry.

Come with me.

I've been doing it for the first
time in my life. It is very thrilling.


"Bhairava Geetha... Bhairava Geetha"

"Bhairava Geetha... Bhairava Geetha"

"Bhairava Geetha... Bhairava Geetha"

"Bhairava Geetha... Bhairava Geetha"


Hey, let's go there.

"Bhairava Geetha... Bhairava Geetha"

"Bhairava Geetha"

Geetha ma'am, come this side.


Stop guys! It can collapse any time.

Geetha ma'am, careful.

- "Geetha... My Bhagavad Gita"
- Damn!

"Bhairava Geetha... Bhairava Geetha"

"Gita... My Bhagavad Gita"

Geetha ma'am

That is my father's hometown

Let's go

- Dear! Bring some water.
- Okay.

Here, have it.

Wash your face with the water in the tank.

That's my son.

He was killed in the fights for master.

By the way, why are you here?

This is my father's hometown.

Is it? What's your father's name?

Bharani Veeranna

Are you the son Veeranna
who used to work for Shankarappa?


She did not want to get married,
so she ran away from home.

Your dad was a fighter,

not a weak person to die.

Where is mom?

I kept her at a safe place.

You should have brought her.

Shankarappa's men are
patrolling every village.

It's very risky to come out.

- Let the issue cool down.
- Okay.

There is a well out there,
everyone baths in that

You are tired.
Take bath and rest.

Shall I ask something?

Yes, Geetha ma'am.

Why do you call me 'Geetha
ma'am' after so much happened?

Call me Geetha.

Look, don't call me Geetha ma'am.

Call me Geetha!

Do it.


Hey Bhairava, I told you
what I feel about you.

You too tell me what you feel about me.

Tell me. Come on, tell me.


I fell in love with you at first sight.

But what's my status and what's yours?

After spending time with you,

I understood your
nature and loved you more.

But you are from rich family.

Now that I came to you,

Stop thinking about my rich family.

Do what you feel in your heart right now.

What are you thinking about?

"Play with your hands"

"The body is waiting to make influence"

"My fingers showcasing it's
talent in your fingers"

"Seductive drum making Eros
sound in the heart of aphrodite"

"Play with your hands"

"Clothes getting tightened"

"Why these clothes behave mischievous?"

"Arms are getting hotter"

"Why these arms behave mischievous?"

"Let's open the closed doors"

"Let's write light onto darkness"

"Let's indulge in pleasure to the core"

"Play with your hands"

"Play with your hands"

"It is a lustgame"

"Oh body parts, stop your games"

"Hurricane has touched the depths"

"of naval and underarms"

"When the body drench in sweat"

"will it not the clouds envy?"

"Innocent lower lip
is biting upper lip"

"Play with your hands"

"Play with your hands"

"My fingers showcasing it's
talent in your fingers"

"Youthfulness became youthful.
Barren land is now emitting fragrance"

I pity you sometimes Bhairava.


even animals fight to
survive till their last breath.

But people like you take
slavery for generations...

and are living in bondage
without being aware of it.


Shankarappa'smen are
searching for you from to town to town.

I am scared, I will bring mom.

I will come with you.

No Geetha, you better stay here.

Don't know when
Shankarappa's men can attack.

It will be difficult to escape
if you are with me.

Be careful,
I'll be waiting for you

- Let's go
- Okay.

Speak up

Speak up now

If you don't speak up,

I'll slit your throats,

burn you to ashes.

Let's see if they
speak up after he dies.

Mallana, I don't know anything.

I swear on Bairappa,
I don't know, master.

Everyone who went behind him
would face this same situation

and they should know it.

I will tell you
where Lakshma'amma is

Master, please leave them. I beg you

Bring this filthy birth along!

Please spare my son, master.

He hasn't done anything wrong.

My husband gave his life for you,
spare my son for his sake.

He did not die for me for free.

I fed him everyday,
paid him every month.

You people are meant to die for me.

Is there no value
for my husband's life?

Your son betrayed the one who fed him.

Speak up

Where is he? Speak up

- Speak up.
- Stop it

How would she understand
our pain if you beat her?

How will she know our pain?

It's very hot here.


My fiancee slapped me

for slapping your son.

- Speak up, you witch!
- She's no more, master.


Mother... Mother!

Mother... Mother!


Shanku... Shanku!

Shankarappa and
Nanjamari beat her to death.

I could not save her, Bhaira.


"The one who sang lullaby to me"

"The one made swing in her turn saree"

"No one should suffer performing"

"last rights of such a mother"

"O mother, you are my world"

"Tell me mother, why did you leave me?"

"I will cry like a baby,
if you don't open your eyes"

"You used to cry when I had any cut"

"You used to clean me,
pamper me and sing for me"

"My mother is sleeping,
don't call her a corpse"

"Do I have to cover the
mouth of the one who fed me?"

"Do I have to send off in
palanquin the goddess who gave birth?"


"Mother please talk, tell me a story"

"Your son is all alone now"

"Oven is still hot, the leaf is not cut"

"I know you are not dead"

Why are you crying?

It is not their fault

You people are bonded labours
to Shankarappa for generations.

We are born slaves,
we live like slaves and we die like slaves

They will fix plough to a calf.

These people take life
and die on their orders.

Have you ever thought why
these people are living?

Your type of people
blindly obey their orders.

You live like slaves
without any self respect.

You'll kill on their orders,
you'll burn on their orders.

Because of us, these people
have become herd of sheeps.

Today you suffered, yesterday it was us,
tomorrow someone else will.

Till you come out of the slavery,
this fire will keep you burning.

I could not even bare when
my mom got hurt by a thorn.

They cut her face with a knife, tied her
like an animal and beat her to death.

I feel rage thinking about
the pain my mom suffered.

What wrong did I do,
which made them torture her to death?

I was their slipper when they walked.

I watched over them when they slept.

I took life when asked me
to take out the sword.


It started because of me,
it will end when I die.

Have you gone mad, Geetha?

Do you think it is all because of you?

Do you think it will end with your death?

You asking me to get married and
coming with me is not the issue.

I obeyed every orders
without a second thought,

That's my mistake.

What I did was wrong?

Your death is not the answer, Geetha.

Killing every man who treat
humans as slaves is the right answer.

You can't live fighting
them, you will lose.

I've nothing left to live or lose, Geetha

except slavery.

Why do you want to fight them
if you are going to die?

I am realising now, Geetha.

Rather than living like a slave,
it is better to fight them and die.

Geetha, don't think that
you are the reason for all this.

It was suppose to happen long back.

It is happening now because of you


We don't realise the sharpness
until sword is in the sheath.

We know it when we stab
the opposite person.

Now, it is the time to show the sharpness.

It is the right time.


He is Irabhadra

he is a bomb expert

He makes bombs which can
turn boulders to dust

Bloody Nanjamari molested and killed
my daughter in young age.

I am living in helplessness

He is Krishnappa

He is capable of killing
four men in a single blow

He is Basavanna

He is an expert boar hunter

He is Kempanna

Madesha, Rudrappa, Siddappa, Enktesa

They are all waiting from long time
for the opportunity to kill them

You faced it yesterday

today it's me

if we keep quite till
someone else face the same

then our lives
will not have any meaning

Let us not spare anyone

Must kill each and everyone

We must beat them such a way that
everyone should weep like a baby

We must shed blood

We must anoint the city with blood

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Let this fist of slavery clench"

"Let those lord's fear"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Let the grieving soul hold a weapon"

"Let the evildoers heads fall off"

"Slavery days are over"

"Revolting time has begun"

"We hold umbrellas
to the rich lord no more"

"We chop off heads till end"

"We are not a herd of sheep to run away
for your roaring"

"We are the ferocious tigers
who stab your heart"

"We are not children to
obey on your shoutings"

"We are the destructive weapons
You wait and watch"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Let this chain of slavery break."

"Let those lord's fear"

"They told us to
tie lungi and bend down"

"They told us to keep scarf
in underarms and squat"

"Vande Mataram!"

"They told us
to leave the slipper outside"

"Seeing us surrendering
they slaved us"

"Time has come
to clear the black clouds"

"A new hope is born in our hopeless life"

"Let this fist of slavery clench"

"Let those lord's fear"

"Let the grieving soul hold a weapon"

"Let the evildoers heads fall off"

"We must get freedom"

"We must get freedom"

"Does the lords have thick skin?"

"Is his bones and muscles made of steel?"

"Vande Mataram!"

"If he stab him he will die instantly"

"If he realises this
He will correct himself"

"Bhairava incarnated as
Bhargava to wage war"

"He is going to create a chaos"

"When we wage war"

"You all will learn a lesson"

"When we wage war"

"You all will learn a lesson"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

"Vande Mataram!"

Bloody Bhairava!

Provoking everyone against us

Just because slaves
got united against me

I am not going to get scared

Wait and watch

I'll chop off the heads
of all those revolting dogs

Flame in their hearts may be
a tiny one, Shankarappa

if we don't extinguish that flame now

it will grow into wildfire and
burns entire forest

Wild fire has no mercy, Shankarappa

Whether it's a tiger or a deer...

it will burn them to ashes


I've told Nanjamari...

to extinguish that flame

Bring out everyone from their homes

We searched everywhere

No one is here, all have escaped

No one is here

They were ready to face us and fight

Is this your bravery?

Why are you all hiding? Come out.

Bloody slaves

Surrender Bhairava to me
or else I will burn down your homes

Why you came alone?

Where are you hiding that witch?

Bring her to me

What are you waiting for?

Chop off everyone

Hey Shankarappa!

Nanjamari came to our town thinking
we will bow down to him

We beat them to hell

If you and your men come in our way

I came here to warn you
that this will happen

We all have decided

we will settle down in our villages

Don't come in our way

You will be held responsible
if you raise a sword

Not even a single
soul should be killed by you

If not...

Your dead body will be found
between these dead bodies

Before you treat anyone as slaves,
look at these dead bodies

I will make you pee

One more thing, Shankarappa

Your daughter voluntarily came with me,
I didn't take her

Now we are in love

Forget about her

This is your last chance for you too

We have been slaves
for these bloody fellows till now

Correct your mistake now
and join me

Or else keep you swords at home, work
in fields with your wives and children

If in case, your swords come between
my sword and their heads

I will not hesitate to kill you all

Chenmallappa, what brings you here?

There is an important matter for you.
You will not say no at any cost

We planned to assassin Shankarappa,
two years back

You dad and Shankarappa
hid themselves in bushes

Shankarappa told your dad
to cover his blanket and run

We mistook your dad
to Shankarappa and killed him

You are confessing to us
that you killed our friend!

Can you walk away from here alive?

A smart person will think of the reason
behind the death, not the killer

Come to the point

Bhairava, spirit is not enough
to kill a strong enemy

a strong support is required

An enemy knows the weakness
of a person better than his wife

I've been waiting for ten
years to kill Shankarappa

He is escaping death every time

If your courage and my experience
join hands, we can shed blood

What's your decision?

Let us presume, we kill Shankarappa

What next?

What else you expect?
We will be the lords of this land

This war is not for winning power

This war is to end the power play

If I kill Shankarappa with your help,
tomorrow you will try to overpower me

We don't need another landlord

One more thing

Leave your men
on their own, from now on

If you try to rule them

Your head will fall next to
Shankarappa's head

I came to know about the humiliation
you faced by those slaves

We must eradicate him who built
people against us and his people

Dogs should not snatch food
in a fight between a tiger and a loin

If we keep our egoism at this time

Those bloody slaves will burn our throne

that is why I called you here

Let us join hands and double our power

Let us deal our issues after we kill him

But now, a lion
should join another lion

His followers and his praisers

are all under my radar.

What shall we do now?

His death should be memorable

For generations to come

These slaves should live and die slaves
keeping his death in their minds

Our enemies should be
reminded of his death

They are flirts who fool and
make girls pregnant and ditch

But our Bhairava
can wage war for you

You are very fortunate in this matter

Did you hear any sound?


Probably, that bloody dog


By the way, Who proposed first?
You or him?

In fact, it is enough
for the two to fall in love

Need not express love in words

Expressing love in words
is not love at all

Isn't it?


Run Geeta

Have you left me all alone?

Hey Bhairava

This is the blood of Somiah

I didn't kill that witch yet

I will enjoy and kill her before you.

I dare you to come and stop that. Come!

I will not question your actions

I'll not ask, why you ran away
with that slave

I thought an educated
girl will be of help...

but you ran away like mad!

I beared you on my shoulders and raised
you but you have kicked me on heart.

You ruined my reputation for sake of them.

You think they all changed?!

Once Bhairava is stabbed in heart...

they will become my slaves.

To forget what has happened
you must die

Your pride has brought you death.

As he see that body, to kill us

he will think we will be in village,
so he will come this way, with his men

We will wait here than in village,
and surround him when he comes

Let's kill that witch in
front of him and then kill him

Go now!



Don't cry Bhairava

You proved slavery
is not without but within

Bhairava and Geetha got married
and set an example for everyone

What needs to be destroyed in this
world are the unnecessary wars

but not the good example
this couple has set

Rich people's rule should be abolished
and poor people should be uplifted

The principle of Vande Mataram
should be made true.