Baiju Bawra (1952) - full transcript

A young singer, in the time of Emperor Akbar the Great, sets out to avenge his father, killed in a disturbance near the house of a member of the Court.


Glory to Tansen!

Glory to music!

Disperse! Disperse!

Tell the guards at the door
there must be no disturbance.

And listen.
Tell Hathi Singh...

there must beno music playing
around the palace.

l desire absolute silence.

My heart hurts

Wow! What a heart-rending note!


He sings so well. Seems like
the clouds are thundering.

The clouds are thundering!

You are great!

Oh great, sir. lt is you
who is our Tansen.

Even your coughing is musical.

Bless you.


Stop singing! Ghaseet
Khan, stop singing!

Why should l? Even l
have many admirers.

lf sing you must, go elsewhere.
Making noise is prohibited here.

Oh yes, even breathing
is prohibited here.

Mind your tongue!

The royal singer Tansen,
is preparing new tunes.

Don't disturb him.

l know all his tricks, Hathi Singh!

He only twists the
notes a little...

and makes new tunes.

You cannot fool me!

Shut up! lf you act smart...

you'll forever be forbidden
from singing in this area.

Only Your name is true

Here comes another singer.
Go and stop him.

Only Your name is true

ln the entire world,
only Your name is true

What did you bring into this world?

What will you take back?

You came with clenched fists

You will leave with
your arms spread

This world is a sham.
Only Your name is true

Stop, sage!
Singing is prohibited here!

This is not a song, it is a hymn.

Whatever it may be.
Tansen is preparing a new tune.

So as per his orders, singing and
playing music is prohibited here.

Music is the essence of life.

There cannot be any
restrictions on it ever.

Only Your name is true

What are you waiting for?
Drive them out!

Get out of here!

Calm down!

We are free people.
Don't mess with me, guard!

Stop your nonsense!


Son! Baiju!


Son, don't ever forget your father.

lf ever fate grants
the opportunity...

do take revenge of
your father's murder...

from Tansen.

Promise me. Promise me, son.


Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!

That boy ran away with the sword.

Take the sword from him.

You thief!

Spare him.

Why are you hurting a child?

The kid is a thief.
He stole our sword.

l am not a thief.
l'm a learned musician's son.

Have you learnt anything
else apart from stealing?

l have learnt all classical notes.

Oh great!

But why did you steal their sword?

l want to avenge the
murder of my father.

You should not talk like that, son.

On whom do you wish to take revenge
for your father's murder?

ln this kingdom, he is a
very great ... very great...

This boy is very dangerous.
He should be arrested.

He is immature. He had taken the
wrong path out of anger and sorrow.

l will guide him back
to the right path.

Come, son.



That's our village,
across the river Jamuna.

You have a melodious voice.

You immediately got a response.
Where did you learn music?

We lived in Chapaner
village in Gujurat.

My father used to sing hymns.

He even had immense
knowledge of music.

He was taking me to Vrindavan
to Haridas Swami...

to complete my
music training. But...

Haridas Swami?
Tansen's Guru?

lt's okay, son.

So what if you've lost your father?
l'll teach you music.

There comes Gauri.

l always heard your music
on the string instrument.

How come l heard it
through this boy today?

Through this boy?

Who was he calling just now?

You answered his call.
He answered your call.

Hearing your voice, he forgot
the sorrow of his father's death.

- Come.
- Come, son.

l will help him overcome the
sorrow of his father's death.

- What's his name?
- Baijnath.

l'll call him Baiju.

Long names help
nobody in the village.

What good will Baiju do?

Baiju will help me row the boat.

Whereas Baijnath will not even
give a thought to the fact...

that l must be tired
rowing the boat alone.

Now it'll be smooth sailing for Gauri.

Be careful.

Hello, Punditji. Back from Agra?

And brought along this Tansen.

No, no!

Don't you know how to swim?

Father, he only knows how to drown.

ln the seas that is music, there are many
who will swim, few that will dive deep.

Mohan, you'll see. Like Tansen,
even he will become famous.

No! Not like Tansen!

Oh alright, we'll
forget even Tansen.

Spring has arrived

lt has brought along new dreams

There is love in the air

My heart sings with joy, my love

My veil keeps falling off

Spring has arrived

There is love in the air

Your swing sways
higher than my notes

lt is your string of love
that sways my swing

You are the joy of my life

Spring has arrived

There is love in the air

Clouds filled with love
have gathered in the sky

The koyal sings, the peacock
dances in the jungle

We sing the song of love

Spring has arrived

lt has brought along new dreams

Love is in the air

Gauri, on the banks of the
Jamuna, on this dune...

we made and broke
so many sand castles.

Today, in our youth,
dreams light up our lives.

Never let the lights go out, Baiju.

Sir, you have been
left in the lurch.

She is engaged to you, but is
promising marriage to him.

l won't allow that!
lt's a matter of family honor!

l'll have to do something!

- Do what?
- Speak out.

What do l say now?
She already has.


Let's go.

You know the difference between a
musical instrument and a baton?

Shall l tell you, sir?

The strings release
music from the first one.

And the second releases music
when played on someone's head.

Narpat! The strings of the
musical instrument wins hearts.

Whereas you can neither defeat
Baiju nor win me with your baton.

- Forget it, Gauri.
- Look at how brazen she is!

She has grown up but
has no shame whatsoever.

She wanders with this
guy all day long.

And wonder where this shameless
guy has come from in our village.

No one knows anything about
his parents or family.

When will you marry Gauri?

Maybe next Spring.

Wonder where she's gone.

Gauri, nowadays you...

The cow is giving very
little milk these days.

No wonder, she's going wayward.

- Right?
- No.



You are no longer a child,
but a grown up woman.

- You understand?
- What difference does it make?

Mohan, keep your daughter in check.

She keeps wandering
around all day with Baiju.

Her conduct will make the other
girls of the village follow suit.

All girls are not like Gauri.
l'll kill them if they do that!

But Mohan will surely
lose face in society.

You heard?
This is the difference.

And how did this shameless fellow
end up in our village?

No one even knows his caste
or his family!

What thoughts are you lost in?

You have taken the 'Veena'
after so many days.

- Let me hear you sing.
- The strings have broken.

- They can be mended.
- l've lost my notes.

You've lost your notes?

Then how will you become
a renowned singer of the world?

With your blessings,
l surely will.

lt's this earth that's taking
my music away.

Gauri, take me across the river.

What are you looking for?

Journey's end.

There is a storm raging all around.

And you've lost your way?

No. l want to stay away from you.

l'll send father. He'll
take you across the river.

You have come to the
boat after so many days.

- Where were you all these days?
- l'd applied henna on my hands.

The henna would lose color
faster if l'd rowed the boat.

Let me see.

l want to stay away from everybody.

For how long?

Until you count all
the stars in the sky.

Stars in the sky?

l finished counting.

- How? lt's day time now.
- Maybe for you.

For me, you got annoyed,
and my day darkened.

Your annoyance is showing
me stars during day.

l understand everything.
Stop flattering me.

Gauri, don't stay away
from me or l'll go crazy.

People are right. Like Punditji,
you know nothing beyond music.

People lie. l know everything.

- What is it?
- You are my eighth note.

Outside of my music,
you are everything.

my song is only half-sung.

You are my music, Gauri.

Don't give me such deep talks.
l'll drown in them.

You can swim, Gauri.
lt is l who'll drown.

A drowning man might take
a swimmer down with him.

Don't row alone...

across the river, oh maiden

We are the streams of two rivers

Our union will last forever

lf you are the sea, l am its wave

l am the one who rows
your heart's boat

You will not be able to row alone

You won't get to the
shore without the oarsman

Come back

Come back surfing the waves

Our union will last

How will these bonds
of hearts break?

Waves once merged cannot separate

They cannot be
concealed in a whirlpool

lf you try to hide, l'll find you

We'll swim...

We'll swim across
this storm one day

Our union will last

We are the streams of two rivers

Our union will last forever

Punditji, Gauri and Baiju
have become infamous.

One day, he was going to
avenge his father's death...

with a sword in his hand.

Now he has turned around.

l have realized today what
Baiju has that l lack.

Oh yes, you have
everything that he has.

- So what if you are fat...
- Shut up!

What l lack is that l
cannot sing like him.

And Gauri is crazy about his music.

How right you are!
You hit the bulls eye!

No, l'm missing the target.

l will have to learn
music if l want Gauri.

We are the streams of two rivers


You'll have to learn to sing.


Where had l...?
ln Delhi? No, not Delhi.

Over there? No, not there.

Not there either.

Now l remember! l came across
renowned music teachers in Agra.

They can teach you to sing.
But ... but ... forget it.

- What is it?
- No, that...

Will you tell me?
What is it?

- No, he won't teach you.
- Who?

- l know who you're talking about.
- Who?

- Shall l tell you?
- Yes.

You're talking about Tansen.

Tansen is a nonentity in comparison.

l'm talking of that great teacher!

He is so good at playing music.

Tell me his name.

He doesn't have one name.

His mother endearingly
called him Lallu.

And his father called him Ghaseetu.

And the king has
several names for him.

The Maestro of Maestros, Creator of Music...

Master of the Sarangi, Hazur Khan,
Ustad Ghaseet Khan.

lf that's the case, l will
offer all my wealth to him.

Go and bring him here. Go!

My beloved is on the mountain

l'm standing
on the river bank below

But l can't go to see him

My feet are chained

Gauri, won't you come to the well?

You must come today.
lt's the Spring festival.

She doesn't step out
of the house these days.

Why don't you go
if he's calling you?

You go.
He must be calling you.

lf l go to meet him, you'll kill me.

The poor girl is herself dying.
How will she kill someone else?

Poor thing.

Basanti, l warn you!

- What are you warning me about?
- Damn you!

Just you wait!

The pot is empty.
Wonder what she's pretending to churn.

Her own heart.

Don't tease me!

Don't tease her!

Are we teasing or is he calling out?


Go and meet him.

Get lost!

Alright, if she's not going
to him, let's bring him here.


Someone sings these words
in the distance

Without you my beloved,
l cannot make music

The fire of love
rages within my heart

l feel so lost

lf this is my state now...

then what will happen later?

l've lost my sleep.
Loneliness torments me...

without you my beloved

My honor holds me back

My feet are shackled

Whenever l think of him,
my heart hurts

My eyes brim over and shed tears...

without you my beloved

Who are you looking for?


The poor fellow is looking
for something he's lost.

Not here, he has lost something
on the dune at the river bank.

But he's come looking for it here.

Then you know what l've lost?

Basanti is hiding it.

l'll give it to you
for a reward.

Damn you!
You're pinching me so hard.

- What do you want?
- l came to ask...

Father isn't home.

Here's my card.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...


Where is Ustad?

Did you hear that?
He's preparing a new Raga.

New Raga?
What Raga is that?

Oh yes, the Coughing Raga.

But why behind closed doors?

Singing is forbidden in this area.

Only the one who can sing better
than Tansen can sing here.

What if someone can
sing better than him?

We are two...

He'll have to compete with Tansen.

But if he is defeated,
he will be beheaded.

lf he wins,
Tansen will lose his life.

What a strange law!

Who is the idiot who
is talking so much?

- Sir... - Do you know how it
feels when you cannot compose?

l know. lt's real bad.

Shut up! Your nonsense
broke my concentration.

- What do you want?
- My master is a very rich man.

He wants to learn to sing from you.

Damn your master!

l'm not some street singer.

Go ahead to Tansen's mansion
if you want to learn music.

l don't recognize Tansen.
l follow you.

The guy seems intelligent.


l am an acclaimed singer.

- You'll get whatever you ask for.
- Alright, l'll come.

Arrange for two horses.

ls your family coming along?

You moron!

l'll ride one horse,
and my Sarangi rides the other.

That is how l travel wherever l go.

lf this is not acceptable
to you, you may leave.

That's Tansen's mansion.

l am no ordinary singer.
l am a knowledgeable singer.

l am good.

l have no music sense.
l'll always be tuneless.

Narpat, making arrangements
to get married?

l am waiting for Ustad Ghaseet Khan.

l'll get married as
soon as Ustad comes.

- With Ustad?
- Damn you all!

Not with Ustad, but with Gauri.

After l learn music.

- l wonder when Ustad will come.
- Next Summer.

l'll be married by next Summer.

He's right. Until he
learns music from Ustad...

Gauri will teach new Ragas
to Baiju at the dunes at night.

What nonsense! Gauri has
stopped meeting Baiju.

Only during day, not at night.

At night?

Where is Gauri's father?

- Why?
- What is it?

- ls that so?
- What?

- Very shameful!
- What?

Gauri goes to meet Baiju
at the dune every night.

You should drown in shame!

Before that, l'll kill the one
who falsely accuses my daughter!

Then whoever he may be!

Alright, l'll take my complaint
to the village committee.

Let them decide this matter.

Where did she go?

Oh Lord

- What brings you here at this hour?
- Where is Baiju?

He must be at the dunes
on the river bank.

The moment it is evening, he goes
to the dunes with his 'Veena'.

And returns back very late.

He is concentrating so
much on his practice...

that he will defeat even
Tansen one day, you'll see.

But Punditji...

Truly speaking, Gauri is the
inspiration behind his success.

lf l am his teacher,
Gauri is his inspiration.

She goes and sits with him everyday.

He composes for Gauri.

And Gauri inspires him
to reach for the skies.

That means what
l have heard is true.

Yes, it's true. Absolutely true.

l myself have seen them
there several times.

You have? But who will stop
the villagers from talking?

What reply will l give
the village committee?

l'll have to get Gauri
married soon ... to Narpat.

Gauri is already married.

- To Baiju.
- Baiju?

Yes. Baiju is a composer,
Gauri his music.

Baiju is a singer,
Gauri is his song.

Baiju is the melody,
Gauri his 'veena'.

And where Gauri is his music,
Baiju is her crescendo.

Their union has been brought
about by the Creator...

who promotes
selfless, pure love.

Accept this as a marriage, Mohan.

No one can separate the two now.

The village committee can.

l have already given
my word to Narpat.

You'll have to pay a fine
for breaking your promise.

But if you try to take the light away
from the lamp...

the lamp will be extinguished.

The light will be no more.

There will be darkness everywhere.

l'll pay the fine, l will!

Gauri is the light of my life,
and Baiju the light of hers.

No one can separate them now.

Where are you going
so late at night?

- You?
- Yes, it's me.

Caught you today.

What have you lost on this dune?

You have lost your senses to
have gone and told father...

that l go to meet Baiju
at the dune every night.

He is looking for me
carrying a sword in his hand.

l'll leave the
village and run away.

Listen! Gauri, wait!

l am such a fool! l was influenced
by the villagers' gossip.

Come Gauri, let's go and
convince your father.

No! He'll kill you.
He's probably coming this way.

We've reached the village, Ustad.

This is called Agra door.


My master's house is
not far from here.

- Burn down that house!
- Why?

He's a cad and a knave!
lmpudent ass!

Who are you abusing, sir?

lt was your master's duty
to come and welcome me...

on the outskirts
of the village...

and salute me.

l am not the kind to
go and salute someone.

l am no ordinary singer.
l am a knowledgeable singer.

My master must not have
expected you at this late hour.

Don't you know that l arrived
in the world at a late hour.

And go everywhere at a late hour.

Don't talk of going, sir.

l'll inform my master
while you water the horses.

l'll return soon.

Gauri ... listen ...
Don't be angry.

- But Narpat...
- Listen.

lf your father comes, tell
him you came to hear me sing.

l'll set everything right.

Hear me sing.

Do you know what this called?
'Sarkari Kangra'.


Why did the girl go crazy?

Who is the idiot who is
singing so tunelessly?

Who is that?

You ass! Asses don't sing.

Put that down!

Don't murder music!

You old man! l'll thrash you!

- You ox!
- You called me an ox?

Even you called me an ass.

You are a tuneless, stupid ass!

You impudent, stupid fellow!

Go away!
Or l'll hang you up side down!

You brazen fellow!

Wonder where they
come from uninvited!

Father gave his consent!

Oh God! What calamity
has befallen me!

Present 2000 coins before our chief.

Or we will burn down
the whole village!

Only last year, you
took 2000 coins from us.

We will come every
year to claim this tax.

Tax? We pay taxes to
King Man Singh every year.

How can we pay taxes to two people?

Say whatever you want to our chief.

One who can force it out
of you, taxes are his!

Present 2000 coins!

Or the moment l fire, my people
will go on a looting spree.

Have mercy. Please
reduce this amount.

Those who rob don't make deals.

Where do we get such
a huge sum from?

Oh looters of the poor

Loot the heart's love instead

Love is that precious wealth...

in comparison to which,
every other wealth is worthless

Practice humanity

Practice humanity.
Do something good

You will leave but your
name behind in this world

Even the sunrise is gloomy here

Even dew sheds tears
seeing the flowers here

There is some joy
and some sorrow here

Where are you lost?

Awaken! Think of the consequences

Many come here in all their glory

They throw their weight around...

forgetting they are just
guests in this world

Some come...

Some come, some leave
this world every day

Practice humanity

Why have you spread terror?

You can't carry any wealth with you
when you die, so why loot?

Why torture the poor?

You commit sin...

You commit sin and
Satan earns disgrace

Practice humanity

Wonderful! Bravo, son!

A guru must get a pupil like you!

A pupil so good at music!

What is it?

You invited Ghaseet Khan
from Agra to tutor under him.

Let me finish.
What was l saying?

ln a year or two, you'll be
able to compete with Tansen.

l agree that you succeeded in
deterring us from our mission.

l will accept l've
been successful...

only if you and your men leave
without looting the village.

l'll accept even that.

But on one condition.

What condition?

You will have to come with me.

- l'll have to come with you?
- lt's not a costly proposition.

You have saved your village
from ruin at a very small cost.

What are you thinking?

You have gained everything.

lt's l who has lost something.

Tell me, do you
accept the condition?


No Baiju! No!

No Baiju!
l will never let you go!

Plunder the village!
We aren't staying here forever!

Wait! l am coming with you.

No! You cannot go!

- l'll have to go, Gauri.
- Never!

No Baiju! You will not go.

Please make her understand.
l'll return soon.

Let him go. He is saving
the entire village today.


Don't worry, dear. l am
confident Baiju will come back.

But l could not say
what l wanted to.

Father, gather courage.
And give me your blessings.


Baiju! Baiju, listen.

Gauri, l will return soon.


Even though we are separating...

do not forget our childhood love

When you think about me...

pray that we meet soon

You are leaving me alone and lonely
in my house of hope

As you leave you are taking away
the hope of love we shared

The sorrow you are giving me,
pray for that sorrow

When the bird sings during the rain,
l will think of you

l will sing my complaints
of separation for you

When you hear me singing,
l hope you feel a stirring in your heart

Even though we are separating...

do not forget our childhood love

When you think about me...

pray that we meet soon

Will you talk to me
for a few moments?

- Who are you?
- Don't you recognize my voice?

l don't think it necessary
to recognize your voice.

Do try to acknowledge
this voice once.

- What do you want?
- Just a song.

Music that will reverberate
through the emptiness of my life.

ln my songs is a calm that will
contain the storms of life.

Not songs that raise a storm.

Singer ... leave that decision to me.

l know what storms lie
hidden in your songs.

lf my songs can bring storms...

first build bastions
to withstand the storms.

Don't insult my love like this.

ln this world, there is nothing
stronger than a woman's heart.

Maybe, but why should
that bother you?

You are no woman.

You are a dacoit,
a brute, a monster!

ls that all you see
in my eyes right now?

The one who loots people,
cannot win hearts.

Take your ill intentions
with you and leave from here!

l neither have a song, nor any
wealth that l can give you.

l am not a plunderer. lt's not
my profession to loot people.

Your village was my father's estate.

King Man Singh seized it from us.

My father was killed.
l was orphaned.

l was raging with anger.

l picked up the sword and vowed...

that l would avenge
my father's death!



Baiju, if you get
the opportunity...

do take revenge for your father
from Tansen!



What did l say that
hurt you so much?

Tell me.

Did l make some mistake?

- No. l had forgotten.
- What?

Even l want to seek vengeance!
That's my life's main goal!

Gauri's affection made
me forget my duty.

You reminded me of it today.

The village girl who l cannot
forget despite your wooing me.

That love has been
replaced by vengeance now.

- Vengeance?
- Yes.

From Gauri, l picked up
the fragrance of love.

From you, l have taken
a razor-sharp resolve.

Gauri is like a flower,
whereas you are a sword.

You could not have given
me anything better.

Are you using this as an
excuse to go to Gauri?

lf l am alive, l will surely
go to meet her one day.

But right now, l just want
to forget about her love.

Father's voice of vengeance
is calling out to me.

- Let me go!
- Then take me along.

- Maybe l can help you.
- No, l will fulfill my duty.

Stop Baiju. He is leaving.

But wait!

Let him go. An artist
cannot stay in bonds.

Who are you?

l have come to behead you!

You are lying.

lf you wanted to behead me,
you would have beheaded me.

Why did you destroy my instrument?

What did you achieve by doing that?

Your music had begun to
deter me from my mission.

lt had begun to lure my sword.

Oh. You have a heart
that understands music.

Music doesn't belong
only to you, Tansen!

Music may not belong to me,
but it surely is my life.

l will not die by your sword.

lf you have decided to kill me...

sing out the pathos in your soul.

Tansen will die just hearing it.

Sir! Who is this crazy man?

What do we do with him?
Should we behead him?

Only the heart is allowed
to bleed in this house.

That too, because music demands it.

Then what punishment
have you decided for him?

His punishment is that he
live for years to come.

And be hurt by life again and again.

Escort him out as
you would a guest.

But young man...

you didn't tell me
why you wanted to kill me.

What is the point
in telling you now?

You will know when the time comes.

And that time will surely come!

Music filled with pain.

Bring music filled with pain.

But from where?

From the high mountains?
Or flowing streams?

From the dry deserts?

But no. You cannot attain
wisdom without a Guru.

Only a diamond can cut a diamond.

The diamond that was polished
at the hands of Swami Haridas.

Baba, people say that this world,
which is God's creation...

is full of music.

l tried learning music
from every creation of God.

But now l have come into your fold.

Because no one can attain
knowledge without a teacher.

And without knowledge,
man cannot fulfill his desire.

What is your desire, son?

l want to learn music and
take revenge from someone.

Revenge with the help of music?

- Yes.
- You're making a mistake, son.

Music relates heart to heart..

lt elevates the soul.

lt turns hatred to love.

Music doesn't extoll revenge.

But l do want to take revenge!

That too, with the help of music!

As long as you have the desire
for vengeance in your heart...

you can never learn music.

To learn music, one needs
to have love in his heart.

Rather than hurt others,
generate pathos in your own heart.

Love and pathos l have forgotten.

lf you don't take me as your pupil,
l'll die at your doorstep.

Son, fire cannot extinguish fire.

lt needs water to extinguish it.

Darkness cannot eliminate darkness.

Light eliminates darkness.

Hatred cannot be overcome
with hate, but with love.

l am giving you my symbol of love.

Take, play this 'veena'.

When its music moves
your heart strings...

and brings peace
to your heart...

then come to me.
l'll impart whatever l have to you.


l've heard the entire creation revolves
around the three notes of 'aum'.

This is the first
sound of the universe.

lt is from these three notes man
derived the seven notes of music.

l want to immerse myself
in these seven notes.

But in the fires in my heart
all seas are dried up.

l didn't get anything
from the world.

My Guru spurned me.

l have come to you now.

There is only you and me here.

Either l will melt your heart
of stone with my music today...

or l will kill myself.

But even after l die, my ashes
will wait for that day...

when you will recreate
me from those ashes...

and l will still tell you to
give me the knowledge of music!

We are the streams of two rivers

Our union will last forever

Our union will last forever.

Where is that union?
Baiju, where are you?

Here, at this very spot, you
had showered me with love.

This is where you'd
made promises to me.

Have you forgotten all of those?

Don't feel dejected, son.
l may be away from you...

but l am always with you.

Get up, son. Sing.

This is 'Lalit'.

The bird sings

How do l hold myself back?

This is 'Gaur Malhar'.

The rains falls joyously

My heart craves without her

This is 'Puria'.

l saw your glory in
Your creation, oh God

ln gardens, in jungles,
in the blue skies

l see Your glory in it all

This is 'Bhageshree'.

How do l come back, my beloved?

Your love puts hurdles in my way

Father! Father!

You're back!

Father, any...

What your craving,
searching eyes are asking...

you cannot ask with words.

The one who l have been
looking for in vain...

who became a
dream even for me...

with what words do
l give you hope for it?


- Mohan...
- l have heard everything.

l heard Narpat had called the
village committee for a hearing?

- Yes.
- What decision was taken?

The village committee
expressed gratitude to Baiju.

But also says that one's daughter
is not a trophy to be won.

They say Gauri's engagement
with Narpat cannot be broken.

Not even on paying a fine?

What can be achieved
by paying a fine?

Where is Baiju with who people
link my daughter and disgrace her?

lf l break her engagement
with Narpat...

and even Baiju
doesn't turn up...

then who will marry her?

lf l die without getting
my daughter married...

l will not be
able to face even God.

She herself is responsible
for her disrepute.

And now she's crying over it.

You only tell me Punditji,
should l console her...

or shut people up?

Her tears will not allow
me to do what is right.

Have patience, Mohan.
Man desires several things...

but ultimately,
what happens is what God wills.

Come. Come inside.

Had l known this...

that love gives only pain...

l'd have declared
to the whole village...

that no one must fall in love

My beloved has forgotten me

He'd said he'd come today,
but he hasn't returned yet

He hasn't even bothered
to inquire about me

Why did he cause so much pain...

and destroy the palace of our dreams?

Oh heartless soul,
after giving me hope...

why did you turn your eyes
away from me?

My beloved has forgotten me

Crying and saying we know...

that love is nothing but a dream

Love is false and so is the lover

The whole world is a sham

My beloved has forgotten me

Baiju, you did not return.

And the people here decided my fate.

But l will break this
decision, this bond.

Here, at this very place...

l used to wallow
in the elixir of love.

Today, at this very place,
l am consuming poison.

You! lt was you who took my Baiju!

Tell me! Where is my Baiju?

Has he also come along with you?

No. He left long ago.

- Where?
- Some say he went towards Agra.

Some say a vagrant named Baiju
roams the streets of Vrindavan.

Some say he has become a
disciple of Haridas Baba...

and is serving him.

l was going to look for
him there when l heard...

the village committee has
decided to get you married.

Baiju had termed my love
immoral and rejected it.

l have come here today to
answer that accusation.

You came to ridicule my love?

No, l have come to help you.

One day, l'd shooed away a bird
singing in the garden of love.

Now if l let that garden wither,
that bird will never return.

You will have to
live for your Baiju.

l have come to take you
to him. Come with me.

- But...
- Don't you want to go to your Baiju?

Then trust me and just come along.

Come. Come on.

Oh Lord, please cure
Gurudev's feet soon.

They are craving to come
to your door, Oh Lord.

Who are you looking for?
What do you want?

l want to meet Guru Haridas.

His legs have become stiff.
He cannot move around.

He hasn't even been able to
come to the Lord's temple...

for many days.

And you want to trouble him?

There is no cause for worry.

Apply this ointment and
walk a little daily.

Physician, l cannot
even get off the bed.

And you're asking me to walk?

Until today, unless l had
visited the temple...

l wouldn't even drink water.

And today, l am craving
to see the Lord.

My heart craves to see you

Nothing goes right when
you are not with me

l plead with you, hear my prayer

My heart craves to see you

l am a seeker at your door

When will you honor
me with your blessings?

Hear my ardent prayer

My heart craves to see you

How can l gain
knowledge without a Guru?

lf you bless me,
l'll sing in praise of you

You grant your blessings
to every seeker

My heart craves to see you

Oh Lord, don't break my heart today

Don't leave my side, oh Lord

Grant me an appearance

l have come to polish my
talent under you, Gurudev.

l can sing notes, but l
see nothing beyond that.

Show me light.

Son, your music...

that helped my
yearning eyes see God...

with His blessings...

you will become famous
in the world of music.

- Baba!
- Son.

Son, the music you have been
learning for so many years...

is coming of age now.

That's been possible only
with your blessings, Gurudev.

No, Baiju. The one l thought
to be a worthless stone...

turned out to be a true diamond.

l only took initiative
and polished it.

l made it shine, gave it lustre.

But the light within
was a boon from God.

l'll be right back.

Until then, you sit and practice
the Todi to perfection.


The time has arrived, father.
l will avenge you!

You still haven't got over your
obsession of taking revenge?

Leave the avenging to God, son.

lt is His job.

You forget everything else and
concentrate on your practice.

The time has arrived,
father. l will avenge you!

Oh God, let even my heart
be unmoved like Yours.

Let it be unmoved!

Oh my beloved

O my Lord

Oh Creator of this melodious world,
You exist in every note.

Yet, on hearing my music,
You remain unmoved.

Without love, music is soulless.

lt is love that takes
one close to God.

And love has returned to you, Baiju.

Don't reject love.
God is love.


Oh God, what do l do?
Guide me!



Gauri, leave!

- Go away, Gauri!
- Where do l go?

No one but you can embrace me!

And l will have my recognition
only after you marry me.

Marrying you now will be
akin to making you a widow.

The one l want to take revenge from,
if he defeats me...

l'll be beheaded.

- Revenge? From whom?
- From Tansen.

From Tansen? How?

By defeating him in music.

l can marry you only
after defeating Tansen.

Do you have the power to defeat
a great musician like Tansen?

l'd rather die than break the
promise given to my father.

lf l survive, l'll return to you.

But until then, assume l'm dead.

No, Baiju! l have found you
again with great difficulty.

l won't let you go anywhere now.

Come back with me.

Have you forgotten that hill, that swing,
that river, everything?

lt was on that hill l forgot
the promise given to my father.

Gauri, go back!

Where can l go leaving you?
l had surrendered my life.

You are my lifeline now.

Accept me into your life.

lf we have to face ruin,
we'll face it together.

No. lf you're with me,
l'll forget my life's biggest duty.

lt is you who put a hurdle
in my music practice.

You and your love will
be the cause of my death.

l will never be able
to defeat Tansen.

Gurudev, l'll go mad!
l'll go mad, Gurudev!

That is why l have come
to give you a last piece of advice.

Give up your feelings
of vengeance...

and fill your heart with love.

Without love, there won't
be pathos in your heart.

And without pathos, your music...

will not be able to melt stones.

And pathos will generate
in your heart...

only when you are hurt.


lt would have been
better if l'd died.




What happened to you, Gauri?

What happened to you?

How could this have happened!

l have removed myself
from your path.

Why did you do that?

Now nothing lies between
you and your music.

You'll be able
to defeat Tansen now.

No! l will not let you die!

lnstead of that,
bind me in your love.

The pain of losing your love...

will make your music...


We'll meet again...

in heaven.

God! God!

What have you done, God?

Answer me!

She's sleeping.

She won't talk to you.

She will not talk to
anyone in the world.

She will only talk to me.

- What happened to Gauri
- Snake! Move! Run away!

lt seems she has
been bit by a snake.

- By a snake?
- Yes.

Yes, l remember now.

A snake had bit her.

This snake bit her!

lt was she who separated us!

You've come here again
to separate us!

No Baiju, it was l who
brought Gauri here.

No, you only brought her body here.

What do l do with her body?

l'm going in search of her.

Come to your senses!
Where are you going?

Leave me! Even l
will die with Gauri.

- No, Baiju.
- Why? Aren't you satisfied yet?

Then cremate that body and
sprinkle the ash over yourself...

and dance with abandon!

ln the fight between heart and
brain, he lost his brains.

Baiju has gone mad! He has
become mentally deranged!

Laugh! Laugh, Oh God!
l am crying.

lt won't be right to delay.
We must take her immediately.

- But Baiju?
- There's no time for him now.

We'll come later to collect him.

Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord

Oh protector of the world,
hear my pain filled plea

You created this world
with both hope and despair

You also created a storm
of meeting with separation

l saw your wickedness

The village of my love has been taken away.
Shed a tear

Oh protector of the world,
hear my pain filled plea

The rain is scorching like a fire,
and flowers seem to be only thorns

This lovely night
has become as a poisonous snake

All support has crumbled

Take back the life You've given me

Oh protector of the world

The crazy sun is
searching for the moon

Night is searching for the morn

l am looking for that beloved one
who has not become mine

Oh God, may you be blessed

My destiny has been shattered
and there is no hope

Oh protector of the world

He's come! My disciple has come!

Where has this mad man come from?

He seems to be someone crazy.

Don't you know the law of this land?

Someone stop him!

Continue to sing!

The palace is dejected,
the streets desolate, the walls all silent

As the heart broke,
the world was shattered

How can we live this life?

A temple destroyed
can be rebuilt again...

but can a broken heart
ever be mended again?

Oh protector of the world,
hear my pain filled plea

Stop singing!

You want to die?

- You'll be killed!
- Stop that song!

Don't you know, singing
is prohibited here.

l don't know. l don't know anything.

l am not singing either.

lt is someone else
singing within me.

He's not in my control.

You can stop him if you can.

But no! Let him sing.

We need to hear his woeful plea.

Let the heart pour out.

Let me also cry.

And along with me, the sky,
earth, walls, houses, everything.

Very good, Baiju! Sing! Turn
towards the mansion and sing.

Honestly, there is more pain
in your voice than before.

Why are you staring at me
like that, Hathi Singh?

He is my pupil!
No ordinary fellow this.

He is your pupil?
Didn't you warn him...

that only the one who can sing
better than Tansen can sing here?

Or he is punished with death.

Then let the one who has the
courage stand in competition!

lt will be clear as to
who is the better one!

ls that so?
Then arrest him too!

Why are you arresting me?
lt is he who will sing.


Did you hear me?

lf you don't compete with Tansen...

we both will be hanged to death.

We'll be sent to the gallows.

We'll be killed.

What have l got myself into?

This crazy fellow
doesn't even answer me.

How do l answer, Gauri? People
have forbidden me from singing.

They haven't forbidden
you from singing.

They are asking you
to sing! Understand!

You will have to sing
before King Akbar.

No, l will not sing
before anyone now.

l will sing only for Gauri.

l am not Gauri, l am
Ghaseetu. Look at this beard.

- Are you a magician?
- Magician?

Turn me into a moth.
l want to burn in this flame.

Oh my God, l'm not
going to survive now.

Gauri has left.

What are these noises?

The gallows are being readied.

Oh my God!

Baiju, come! l have
come to release you.

She is the same dacoit! You will
take him away and l'll get killed!

Keep quiet! Or even you will
be killed like the soldiers.

Baiju, my selected men are
waiting outside for me.

Baiju, what wrong with you?
We cannot stay here for long.

Baiju! Come with me.

No. Once earlier, too,
you told me to come with you.

Don't go, Baiju. She is fooling you.

But this time, l have
come to take you to Gauri.

You are a lair! Gauri is waiting
for me in the other world

Will you take me to her?

Not in that world, in this world.

Gauri is alive.

We took Gauri to a man
who removes snake venom.

- And he...
- You are lying!

No Baiju, l am speaking the truth!

l had gone to give you the
news in the temple ruins.

But l didn't find you there.

lts true she's alive.

Yet she is saying that
she doesn't exist for you.

And that you shouldn't
be told she's alive.

Or her sacrifice
will have been in vain.

That you want to defeat Tansen...

but she's a hindrance
to your goal.

Yes, that's what she said.

Gauri is alive!

She's gone to her village.

And you've come to tell me.

So that l can meet her?

That shouldn't have happened,
but that's what the heart desires.

That heart which you
thought to be useless.

l think someone is coming!
Come Baiju, don't delay!

She's the leader of the dacoits!
Capture her!


She's been wanted for ages.
Got her now!

- Where are you going?
- Home with you.

This is your home.

- Let me go!
- Get in! - Let me go!

Get in!

Let me go! Gauri is alive!
Let me go!

Baiju! Baiju! Baiju!
Where did he come from?

He brings my daughter to disgrace,
and me to dishonour!

Come the time to marry her,
he absconds!

The rogue!

- Father!
- Shut up!

Don't you feel ashamed to
raise your voice with me!

All this is your doing!

Without a thought,
you did whatever you wanted!

The marriage has been fixed
for the next full moon.

l made an excuse and quashed
the issue right there.

Or people would say...

that hearing the decision
of the village heads...

l plotted your
escape from the village.

You didn't even care for my honor!

That is why l am back.

lt would have been
better if you'd died.

What do l do?
Even death has shunned me.

Now you only kill your daughter.

l will kill myself not you.

That is, if you don't marry Narpat.

- But...
- But what?

You still want
to wait for that fool?

Shankaranand is tired
of looking for him.

But was he found?

Even you had gone to search for him.

But did you find him?

Then forget about him.

You have just two
options before you.

Marriage to Narpat,
or the death of your father.

This is my final decision!

Gauri is alive.

Open the door.

The door of destiny
doesn't open time and again.

When she came to
get us released...

you were too lost
to pay attention.

Now you'll be able
to meet Gauri...

only if you sing
to defeat Tansen.

Yes, l will have to sing!

Oh God, fill my voice with
such melodious notes...

that l'm able to fulfill
my promise given to my father.

And am able to get Gauri.

l will sing! l will sing!

Wow! Great! Excellent!

ln my opinion,
this competition isn't yet over.

Tansen, l, the king, ordered...

you to sing the Todi
to attract the deer.

Young singer,
even you did just that.

But you haven't yet shown
any miracle of music...

that proves you to be a
better singer than Tansen.

Oh King,
if l may speak without fear...

may l say something?


King, my pupil may look crazy.

But he has such pain in his voice
that can melt even stone to water

My request is that my
pupil and Tansen...

sing the same Raga together.

And then it be decided whose
notes have the power...

to melt stoned hearts.

l like the idea.

And l am sure even
Tansen will agree.

Baijnath, if you get defeated
in this competition...

do you know what the
consequences will be?

l do, King.


- But what if l win?
- You'll get whatever you ask.

And Tansen...

Will be punished with death, King.

Of course.
The law plays no favorites.

A marble piece has been placed
in a glass bowl filled with water.

My patience is wearing thin.

Oh great artists, prove today...

that the melting of stone
from the effects of music...

is not just hearsay.

lt is a fact.

Begin the competition.

l will sing Your praises, oh Lord

Make my ravaged destiny

l will sing Your praises, oh Lord

Make my ravaged destiny

My heart sings joyously today...

in your praises, Oh Lord

lf l'm defeated, l'll lose my life

lf l win, l'll gain the world

Keep my honor intact

My heart sings joyously today

The lover sings for his love

Trying to melt
stone with his notes

To keep my respect in society

My heart sings joyously today

ln the melodious union
of the seven notes...

create magic

Oh Lord of Baiju's music...

light fire in water

My heart sings joyously today


Bravo, son! You have saved
your Guru's honor today.

May God bless you.

Wonderful! Excellent!

Tansen, l suspect your string
didn't break, you broke it.

Play again.

Oh King, l cannot conceal my
defeat by blaming my instrument.

An instrument is a support to music.

Not its reason for defeat.

Baijnath, l acknowledge
your victory.

Tansen, l regret your defeat.

Oh King, in my defeat lies
the victory of music.

The King, Tansen, the whole
of Hindustan be happy today.

That an invaluable diamond has
been found in the chest of music.

Whose sparkle will illuminate
the world of music forever.

You are absolutely right.

The sign of this diamond
illuminated my court today.

l am highly impressed
by your miracle, singer.

Ask for something from me.

lf the King permits,
l ask for only three things.

You have my permission.

One is the freedom of music
from the bonds of law.

Secondly, the release of Roopmati...

and the return
of her territory.

And thirdly, life to music.

Life to music?
l don't understand.

The life of music is Tansen.

Oh King, grant Tansen life
and save music from death.

You have the soft heart
of an artist, Baijnath.

But the law is heartless.

The foundations of law
are based on mercy, King.

l plead for that mercy.

Your attitude continues
to impress me.

The light that granted
me new life...

with the lamination of music...

whose sheen lit up a thousand lamps...

how can l watch his ruin, King?

You are a true artist, Baijnath.

l cannot help but
praise your humility.

Your talent, and your attitude
has forced me today...

to sacrifice law
for the sake of humanity.

Your petitions are granted.

Hail Baijnath!

Yes, that's my Baiju's voice!

Basanti, did you hear?
My Baiju is back!

Baiju, you're back!

Yes uncle, l'm back.

You have come at the right time.
Gauri is getting married today.

- Gauri is getting married?
- Yes.

Uncle, take me to the
other side immediately.

Even l could not go today.
The river is too rough.

How can l take you across?
Our boat will sink.

My life's desires are
sinking! l will have to go!

- Punditji, Baiju is back.
- Baiju? Baiju is back?

My Baiju is back!

Bring the bride.

Don't take the boat
into the raging river.

So you helped her
escape! Where is Gauri?!

You have no shame,
but we are respectable people.

Tell us, shameless fellow!
Shame on you!

Don't sail that boat,
it will capsize in the storm.

- What are you doing!
- Let go, Punditji!

- Don't be crazy.
- Let go! Gauri is drowning.

have you won the contest, Baiju?

Yes Gauri, but l'm losing
the battle for my life!

You won't be able
to save me, Gauri.

- Go back to shore.
- l have found my shore.

You know how to swim.
Swim back to safety.

l may know how to swim,
yet l'd rather drown with you.

ln the waters then,
we are to wed, Gauri!

We are the streams of two rivers

Our union will last forever

How will these bonds
of hearts ever break?

Waves once merged cannot separate

They cannot be
concealed in a whirlpool

lf you try to hide,
we'll find you