Bai She 2: Qing She jie qi (2021) - full transcript

At the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Xiaobai was forced by Fahai under the Leifeng Pagoda after saving Xu Xian. Xiaoqing was accidentally driven into a strange fantasy of Shura city by Fahai. In several crises, Xiaoqing was rescued by the mysterious masked youth. With the obsession of going out to rescue Xiaobai, Xiaoqing went through the calamity and growth, and together with the masked youth to find a way to leave.



Don't worry, I'll save you, Xian.


If you really insist on doing this,

then you'll need your sister by your side.

Let's destroy that temple.

the power of stillness.

All living things are within me.


Take her!


Aum mani padme hūm.

Xu Xian!

Xu Xian!

Master! Master, please!

You know she's not a threat.
Master, you are far more powerful.

Have mercy on her.


- Verta.
- Hold on.

All this was my choice.

He's not to blame.

That man isn't Xuan anymore.
Why can't you see that?

Verta, I believe you won't
make things difficult.

So please...

deliver this child to his father.



You must keep going!




Imprisoned under Hangzhou's
Leifeng Pagoda,

till the end of days.

My... how sinful.

Fahai, you're one to talk.

Lust, murder...

Your hands aren't clean either.

What gives you the right to persecute us?

Even men of faith fall prey
to our base of nature.

I'm human.

I am not worthy.

But Dharma is eternal,
and far greater than I.

I administer its justice as its servant.

You liar!

You hide behind Dharma.

We were just living our lives.

We were peaceful, harming no one.

And you destroyed us.

You're not more righteous.
All you are is strong.

You just abuse those weaker than you!

I will not take it.

You ought to leave.

You are so useless.

And you've always been useless.

You just failed her... every incarnation.

You think
becoming a monk frees you

from your worldly attachments.

I won't go.

At least not until I kill you first!

Tangled fortunes, lives of falsehoods.

The pursuit of illusion...

bars the way to Nirvana.

Go seek enlightenment
in a world devoid of one's self.





What is this place?

Am I inside the Pagoda as well?



Are you here?

Fahai, you coward.

Where did you send me to?

Show yourself!

My powers?

Who's there?

Answer me!

Come on!

I'm all out.


Get in.

Hey, thanks.

So you must be new here?

Name's Sun. Well, last name.

- Come on.
- Sun...

M... Ms. Sun.

Can you tell me where we are?

This place? It's Asuraville.


Hurry, we should get inside.

Those damn Ox-Heads
and Horse-Faces can't be far.

The one who saved us, who was he?

That guy?

He thinks he's some kind of hero.

But he's really not that strong.

And he doesn't take any sides.

Here, if you don't take sides, you die.

Come on.

This area's our home base.
It's Octopus territory.

- You saw how dangerous it is outside.
- Please, I'm sorry.

- It's way safer in here.
- Keep going, huh?


We're somewhat safer.

Hey, what era are you from?

- Um, what era?
- Mm-hm.

Uh, Song.

Which dynasty are you from?

Way after Song. By like a thousand years.

It's not like you get it, okay?

The folks here are from every era.

Humans, demons,
and those Ox-Heads and Horse-Faces.

I actually haven't been here that long.

I went rock climbing two months ago,

then six feet from the summit,

I suddenly slipped and fell. It went dark.

Opened my eyes, and I was here.

Demons and monsters

actually exists. And there's also...

Come here!

So you see,
demons and monsters aren't that tough.

I mean, yeah, they're strong,
but they can't shape-shift.

And they have no magical powers
like in the legends.

I don't get it.

What is Asuraville?

Not heaven or hell,
and not really the human realm either.

But just like in the human realm,
it's all about survival.

And whether you're human or demon,

only the strong survive.

Oh, yeah, baby.
That's how it works around here.

Just like I keep telling you.

Just be my girl and you'll be fine.

Why risk it when you could be
with a big, strong man like me?

- Ooh, you've got a friend for me.
- Get lost.


Why are you all so emotional?

Maybe you really should think
of my invitation.

- Back off. It's mine.
- Let's go.

No, it's mine.

- Give it to me! Just a little piece.
- Got it.

- It belongs to me. I saw it first.
- Finder's keepers.

- In here.
- Stop!


Let me show you some books.

They'll give a crash course

on the thousand years
since the Song dynasty.

Time jumping like that
must be weird, right?

I did it before.

By 500 years.


This one's not bad. Have a look.

This has some good stuff in it too.

Someone saved a whole lot of info on it.

You'll see what you missed
in the last millennium.

Okay. Maybe you didn't miss much.

Here, try it.

Wide stance.

Line up your sights.




The city is literally alive.


And that's not the weirdest thing.

Not by a long shot.

I don't really care what it's like here.
I just want a way out.

I have to save my sister.

Well, to get out

you gotta survive first.

Damn. All the Ox-Heads
and Horse-Faces are here.

Let's go.
They wanna take over the building.

- Why?
- I don't know.

But they'll kill every last one
of us to do it.


This way's blocked. The roof!

Come on! Bring it!

Mr. Ox.

Well, Simon. So we meet again.

You know,

every second since I showed up,
I've been in danger.

Staying alive this long...

...not easy.


You really wanna spend your time fighting,
you wanna rethink that.

They're already up here?

Asuraville only needs one leader.

Go! Go! Go!

As you know, gang fights,
they never end well.

Just so we're clear,
I'll be the winner here.

I guess it's time we find out.

After all,
there's no time like the present.

Got that right.

Stay close.

Ms. Sun!


Let's go!


Let's go!

Hurry! Get in.

Why does he keep taking in strays?

Seriously, what the heck?
Who's side is he even on?

These spirits
and demons are out of control!

When I first arrived,
they'd appear maybe once a month.

But no.
Now, it's happening every few days!

Yeah, Third Lieutenant.

Whether of storm,

fire, flood, or even poisonous gas.

Every kalpas cycle
brings more spirits and demons.

They're cycling faster and faster.

We're doomed. They'll destroy us all.

We need to present a united front.
It's our only hope.

That's why we need to band together,

instead of opening our doors
to just everyone.

That's right!

'Cause this is Raksha territory.

You worthless humans and demons
should leave.

- Why should we listen to you?
- Say that again if you dare!

You think I won't kill you?

Well, I'm not a Raksha,

and I'm not some monster either.

Yeah. If Simon hadn't come along,
we Raksha's would've been wiped out.

Or did you forget
why we made him our leader?

You all swore a blood oath.

I expected way more out of you,
Third and Fourth Lieutenant.

We welcome all these... we can use.

What about her? How is she useful?

You damn little demon!

Listen Raksha, you don't wanna try me.

I'm not scared of a little mud,

or you either.

Or those Horse-Faces and Ox-Heads.

Arrogant demon scum!

You were the ones who made me your leader.

And ever since,
I've done what I could to keep you safe...

...and make you proud.


things will happen no matter what.

Evil spirits of pure disaster strike.

But our priority is getting supplies.

That's right.

Thank you.

We should have enough food,

but our fuel is in short supply.

At sunrise, when the spirits retreat,

I'll hit up All-Good Market.

All-Good Market?


and this one's coming too.

All right, Boss.

If she can bring us all back supplies,

then let it be settled.
The Raksha will embrace her as our own.

As soon as you're ready,
we'll hit the road.

I'll wait outside.

It's pretty freaky
when the buildings fall down.

But in the rubble, there's cars, food,
tons of stuff.

A couple of fish get washed up
after a low tide.

Is this a punishment? Who ends up here?

People who can't accept reality.

Instead of being reincarnated,

you cling to this life.

Well, then...

it's true of me.

She knew she could rely on me.

Then my sister ruined our bond
by falling for a pathetic human.

If she had to fall in love,

then she should've at least picked a man
who was strong enough to protect her.

You're stronger than most, small pool.

What's up with the Ox-Heads
and the Horse-Faces?

Oh, them?

They're monster clans.

Here, we have humans and demons,

and the Ox-Heads, Horse-Faces
and Rakshas are monsters.

And those evil spirits?

They were humans, demons, or monsters.

Or at least we think they once were
a long time ago.

If they get their teeth in you,
then you turn into one.

Your driving really needs work.

Everyone agreed

that the area from here on
belongs to All-Good Market.

Neutral grounds. No one's turf.

This place.

The owner of this land,

she's the one to talk to.

Hand it over.


What are you doing?

Stop him!

Watch where you're going!



You know that guy?

When I first got here,
he saved me.

We have new guests, I see.

Simon tells me you want to know
the origin of Asuraville?

Yes, I do. What exactly is this place?

And why did I end up here?

You can have this back.

Since you know two of my old customers,
and I feel generous today,

fine, I'll tell you.

The most agonizing feeling in the world... an unfulfilled desire.

Asuraville was created

by the potent resentment brimming
from all of humanities' unmet luck.

No reincarnation.

No. Not for you, time travelers.

Your incessant obsessions
landed all of you where you are.


It's not what you seek and can't renounce.

It's what tortures you
and fills you with resentment.

You're obsessed.

When that desire is unsatisfied,

it latches onto something material.

A token. Everyone arrives here with one.

And that token is a manifestation
of your one great obsession.


This medicine gourd
has been a pain in my ass.

Then, how do I get out of this place?

This way.

Since all obsessions stand from
a lingering attachment of some kind,

to release the obsessions hold,

you must first release your hold
on the attachment.

The water before you

is called, Release.

Dive in and you'll escape Asuraville.

It's that easy?

Of course, silly.

Impressive, right? However...

...everything just fades away
when in these waters.

That includes those little obsessions.

They all hesitate before jumping.

Every last one of them.

See for yourself.

Why do they pause?

Because before jumping,

the water confronts them
with the very thing that torments them so.

I don't accept this. I can't.

I just need more time.
I know I can pass the exam.

I'll pass it for sure.

I know I can do this time.

♪ So much sorrow ♪

♪ Who can I tell ♪

♪ A misplaced love and there I fell ♪

♪ How to put aside ♪

♪ Such a beautiful infatuation ♪

♪ In the rain and wind ♪

♪ I dwell ♪

Very nice!

The Peach Blossom Fairy has freed herself!

And there you have it.

A piece of her soul was attached
to that jade.

Now, it's over. Easy as that.

Both her obsessions and soul are gone.

The water washed away
all that tied her to this realm.

Once unburdened,
she was free to leave Asuraville.

Why can't I see my obsession?

How could you expect to?
When you can't recall what it was.



Whatever he looks like,

whether he remembers me or not,

I have to find him.

After all,

I remember.

Why couldn't you let go of him?

Just tell me why!

Tell me why!

Just tell me why!

Ready to take the leap?

If you do,
you'll finally leave Asuraville.

You'll forget
the person in the water.

Forget everything and finally be free.

Don't worry.

It's hard.

I knew you wouldn't jump in.

I mean, if you're here,

it's clearly 'cause you can't let go,
am I right?

Take care.

Same to you.

A kalpa!

It hasn't even been 24 hours yet!

Let's go! It's heading our way!

Come on!

- Get inside!
- These kalpas, what are they?

Calamity cycles.

It's Asuraville inhaling and exhaling.

Between breaths,

it makes sure its work of eliminating
those poor conflicted souls

who refuse to leave.

It won't hold!

To the Pool!

- Come on! Quick, hurry!
- Get in!

My brush!



They're impossible to kill,

unless you cut off their heads.


Everything was burned!

Guess we're walking!

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Simon, why don't we take him with us?

The guy you saved just turned around

and put you in danger.

We're stuck in Asuraville.

Do you think you're a bodhisattva
or something?

Do you have any other powers?

You're nothing but a bad imitation.

Good hearted yet weak,

who hurts himself and others.

I knew someone like that.

But he saved me, so there's that.

Let's take him back to Raksha territory.

I'm not taking someone
who won't even show me their face.

Walk around here with a face like that...

...rather appropriate.


I'll take him.

Where did they go?

Something's wrong.

Let's go around.

Go! Get out of here!

- Retreat!
- Leave!

I'll take you all on!

Let's go.


You die tonight.
It's the end of the Rakshas.

Where is Simon?

You missed him. Sorry.

Don't worry, though,
he'll be back for your head.

Victory! Victory! Victory!

A great victory over the Rakshas

is thanks to your efforts.

Laws of heaven and earth dictate,

all must die and be reborn.

So, like the city of Asuraville,

all forms are temporary.

Existence is short.

Kalpas must run their course.


For you are now Defenders.

The moment has arrived.
Reveal to them your new chosen form!

Victory! Victory! Victory!

This isn't the end.

I'll make them pay.

Run! Flood kalpa!

Quick, that door.

He's just dead weight.

Verta, let's leave.

Then we can live to fight another day.

And together,

we'll find a way to leave Asuraville.

Don't worry about me.

You should just leave.

Simon, help us.

- Simon?
- I was wrong.


Just like him...

...a dead weight I refuse to shoulder.


All men are all the same, it turns out.
Strong or weak.

Whenever things get difficult,

they fail you.

Why did I end up in Asuraville?

I've often struggled at death's door.

So why do I fight? Why hold on?

If I know one thing,

it's that this is the way the world is.

I'm sorry...


Verta. Verta.

If I were to get bitten
by these creatures,

and fade into nothingness,

that would be a release too.




Look at me!


You must keep going!

You're her!

You're Blanca!

Watch out!


Look at that, it's another twilight.

How many have you and I seen together?

You have no memories
of being trapped under the pagoda?

How'd you escape?

If you're her,

then why are you in the body of a man?

I don't know.

I can't recall.

All I know is
when I tried to cross the street...

...the light changed back.

And there was a truck.

I flew into the air.

It was as if time had stopped.

What happened to me?

Why was I floating there?

I sensed someone was waiting.

Everything stood still.

I actually know the feeling well.

Then I hit the ground.

When I woke up,

I was faced down on the concrete.

There was fire. Fire was everywhere.

And here I was.

This bone flute was there as well.

But I still can't figure out

why this thing represents my obsession.

All I know

is I have to leave here...

and find that person.

The one whose face...

I couldn't make out in the water.


It's no different from the outside world.

Only the strong survive.
Even here, that's true.

My sister loved a man who had a big heart,

but a weak body.

That's when I decided

that one day, if I ever fell in love,

it would be with someone strong
and capable.

One who, in times of trouble,
would be able to protect me.

I thought I found that when I met Simon.

But he was also useless.

In the face of danger,

he betrayed me

and left me to die.

So maybe my sister was right.

In love, strength doesn't matter.

And so then,

the only thing that matters
is them having a good heart.

You don't remember me.

So when I got here,

why'd you save me?

I'm not sure.

I just knew I had to.

No matter how dangerous it was.

Really, that's the truth.

And you...

felt familiar.

Though you forgot the past... still felt our bond.

I understand.


All that matters is that you're here,

and that we're together again.

Just us.

The owner of All-Good Market.

Does she know of other ways
to get out of here?

Of everyone here,

she can come and go of her own freewill.

I'm sure she would know of a way.

Would she help us?

I heard she came here...

because humans and demons

all possess things she wants.

She's a business woman.

It's true, I'm a business woman.

So you say you want to leave Asuraville,

but can you afford to pay
what it will cost?

What do you want? Just say the word.


In the human realm,
I run a small business, you see.

It's actually a workshop.

And this little workshop of mine
has smelters are hard at working,

which means the forge
requires a lot of fuel.

So I power it by deriving fuel
from your little obsessions.

The stronger they are,
the more intense the obsession,

and the harder they burn.

So what I from you and you...

...are your obsessions.

Just before you both got here,

another disillusioned soul
at its wit's end, quite coincidentally,

came to conduct some business.

He also wanted
to leave Asuraville.



Oh, that's awkward. Let me guess,
Simon and you are having a little feud?

No way.

Well, Simon,

have you thought about our deal?
What do you wanna do?

Let's go!

If you desire to leave this place,
there is another option.

Via the Wish Bridge.

It's harder,

but the advantage

is that you get to leave Asuraville

with body and memories still fully intact.

Simon's choice though

was obviously this one.

His obsession is quite fierce.

It will make
an excellent source of fuel.

If I take away your pesky,
little obsession, be forewarned,

you'll then lose every last ounce
of your will

and be weak like him.

Are you still interested?

Weak or strong, it doesn't matter.

As long as we can get out of here,

and the two of us can be together.

I'll do anything.

And what does our other guest say?

Yeah, it's a deal.

Good, let's start.

Watch closely.

The layout of Asuraville
is almost the body of a live serpent.

See how its head and tail
almost connect at that section there?

The intriguing thing

is that the tail

is where all the evil spirits nest
and congregate.

Even more intriguing

is that from time to time,

the snake's tail grows a little bridge
right off the end.

That is the Wish Bridge.

If you take a running leap off of it

directly into the snake's mouth,

you can then escape from Asuraville.

If you want to jump off the Wish Bridge,
you better be careful.

The timing of it is crucial.

What do you mean?

Do you think I'm an idiot?

I am a businesswoman.

Once the deal is done,

only then will I tell you.

But considering we've met before,

even if the deal were to fall through,

sure, why not.
I'll let you in on a little secret.

Now, listen close.
Why does the Wish Bridge grow?

Remember that...

Ox-Heads and Horse-Faces!

They just killed the Rakshas,

and that wasn't enough?
Now, they need to smash my market?

The iron chains!

Let's go. Hurry!


Cut the chain!

Open fire on the fleas!



Fire kalpa, they destroyed our defenses.

Retreat to the Pool?


Well, well, Simon,
your old friend is here.


What could he possibly want?

I'd imagine he wants all of Asuraville.

That was fast.

What a shame. Looks like we're trapped.

What do you do now?

All right, Boss, it's been a good time,

but I'm not gonna make it
to the Wish Bridge.

But I still need to thank you.

After getting rid of my token,

I don't have a care in the world.

No need. It's just business.


I apologize.

Goodbye for now.

Well, Simon,

our little cat-and-mouse game
has come to an end.

To an end?

No way. We're only just getting started.


Watch out!



Today marks the day
I've conquered all of Asuraville.

Tell me Madam Proprietress,

how about you and I form an alliance?

So do all those who join you

need to wear
an incredibly tasteless skin mask?

As a matter of fact,

do you care to venture a guess
as how I found you so quickly?

I know you're an intelligent woman,

and it's common knowledge
that by putting on a mask of this nature,

you can change your appearance

into anything you could possibly imagine.

That's obvious, but...

there's another use
that very few people are aware of.

It gives off a smell
that's rather distinct.

So it doesn't matter wherever you go,

I can track you down.

Indeed, I could smell you.
There was no use in hiding.

You did very well.

It was definitely worth saving your life

and giving you the mask.

What's that mean?

It was only after I've removed
his skin mask

was I able to put two and two together

that this guy was your spy.

Gotta say, Boss, you're really smart.

You're not my sister?

Then who are you?

You betrayed me!

How could I have believed you were Blanca?

Now, select your final form.

Do it. Rise and step into your role
as a Defender.

And like Asuraville,

old forms are temporary.

Old forms are temporary!

My existence is short.

Old forms are temporary!

Kalpas must run their course.

He changed
to the same human face?

That's not right.

Did it now work?

I just realized something.

You lost face in more than one way.

It must be so humiliating for you.

Oh, a little word of advice.

When the next kalpa begins...

...throw yourself in.

A parting gift. Enjoy the water!

Show yourself!



We're drowning!


Over here!


Who are you?

Who are you really?

When I first got to Asuraville,

all I had was a ruined face and no memory.

The Ox took me in and saved me.

I'm only alive...

because of him.

And then, the day I saw you,

I don't know why, but I...

In the Pool of Release,

I saw that face.

You called her Blanca.

So while I was in the tunnel,

I figured

if I could somehow resemble Blanca,

you'd listen to what I had to say...

But you aren't her!

You're right, I'm not.

And it turns out I'm not strong enough

to do very much, let alone help you.

Strength doesn't matter.

The strong can lie,

then again, so can the weak.

But you know what?

I get it.

It was my error.

Why do I always rely on others?

Whether they are weak or strong,

anyone can let you down.

And the way to avoid it
is for me to get even stronger.

So don't apologize.

It's my mistake.

I should've known

the only one I can rely on is myself.

So I won't let go of my obsession,

and I won't rely on anyone else again.

If I get stronger,

then I'll be able to kill Fahai,

topple that pagoda,

and release myself from Asuraville!

Back at the Pool,

why'd you choose to keep her face?


Let's go.

The fox told me what I needed to know.

The secret of Wish Bridge.

The thing that makes
the Wish Bridge grow

is Asuraville's black wind tunnel.

And in that tunnel, they test your karma.

If you somehow manage to survive
everything that it throws at you,

she said a path well extend
from the snake's tail...

and that is the Wish Bridge.

We're here. This is it.


Get in!

That fox loves butting
her nose into things.

All right...

for her sake,

I'll take you. Welcome aboard.

Demon girl, know why you're in Asuraville?

Could be karma or fate.

Hard to say.

But there's a reason
for all your fear and loathing.

And whatever it is, it's in that tunnel.

Trial by fire, and I mean, literally.

If you don't have what it takes,

you'll be disintegrated.

Hm. Do you still wanna go?

My fear and loathing...

I need to understand it.


Sure. Well, good luck, girl.

Thank you.

Here I go.

Verta! Verta! Are you all right?

What was in there?


How long was I in there?

A few seconds.

Then you flew out.

It's a barren void,

and I was in there for two hours.

Two hours?

I'm going in.

So, Little Demon, you've returned.

You lousy monk.

I have wiped out so much evil,

yet a few always manage to slip through.

You should release yourself
from this obsession, Little Demon.

You wish I would.

You and the Ox are connected?

It is the natural order
for beings to reincarnate,

not stay trap in their own resentment.

This city shouldn't exist.

I gave him a golden aura

to help him conquer Asuraville.

My desire was for him to exterminate
all those there, one by one.

So they'd be driven out.

And be reincarnated.

So he worked for you?

What did he get in exchange?

When he's task is complete,
Asuraville would disappear.

In exchange, I will spare him damnation,

keep his body intact,

and he'll go back to his world.

Little Demon.

You should release yourself too.

My sole purpose is to ease others
into their next lives.

I don't need any help
and certainly not from you!

Aum mani padme hūm.


Aum mani padme hūm.

Stay back. I'm okay.

Years have passed,
yet still you keep fighting.

When will you give up and let go?

When you're finally defeated,

and your tower lies in ruins!




Here, hand it over.

How's that?

It's fine.

It has been 20 years,
Little Demon.

And you have proven to be
quite the annoying thorn.

I told you I won't quit.

Not until both you and the pagoda
are gone.

Dharma embraces all,
though even it comes to an end.

Not all is granted
for that which is sought.

So I'm not immune.

I no longer possess the strength,
so be it.

This is for the best.

Come on!


You and I can leave Asuraville now.

"When the next kalpa begins,
throw yourself in."

Twenty years in there
is only one day here.

You're karma free.

Asuraville won't hold you any longer.

Do your thing, Demon Girl.


My aura's vanished.

You lied to me, you wretched Monk!

You lied to me!


The Wish Bridge.

What did the fox say?

"When the kalpa begins,
throw yourself in."

You never told me your name.

I don't know it, remember?

Hey, you can call me whatever you want.

It's just a name.

Right. It's just a name.

After I leave,

I'm going to find my sister.

And you can search for...

the one you saw in the water.

Let's go!



Hurry! Gas kalpa!

Help me!

Someone help me!



Let's go!

The bridge is collapsing.

I still haven't turned.

Must hang in.

I got to get out of here!

Just to climb on the...

No! I won't end up stuck here!


Hold on. I can go back.

Just need to jump.

I can still be saved.

And I can finally go home.


Why'd you let him bite you?

You didn't have to do that.





Don't do this!



I'm afraid that I can't leave Asuraville.

Tell me why!

It's not fair!

That day, it was cloudy...

but the air was filled with petals

just like right now.

I can see it...

...the blurry face in the water.


Come back!


I left Asuraville...

and returned to the human realm.

But I also left someone behind.

It's impossible to go back.

No one even knows where Asuraville is.

And then, there's my sister.

The Pagoda fell...

but where is she?

Are these new?

- I haven't seen these before.
- Yeah, you noticed.

- Hey, let's take a selfie.
- Sure.

I'm so sorry.

You always keep me waiting forever.

Come on. Baby, don't be mad.

Sir, is that Leifeng Pagoda?

Huh? Why yes.

It didn't fall?

So then it's still standing?


It was rebuilt. That's not the original.

You must not be from here.

Everyone here knows the story.

The old tower fell centuries ago.

Wait, it did?

That's right. So if the legendary
White Lady was trapped underneath it,

she would have long been freed.

Perhaps she cleansed her karma
and reincarnated as a human.

Who could really say though?

She could be anywhere.

Hey, if you can,
try to check out the exhibition.

After the pagoda collapsed, they found
all kinds of treasure underneath it.

You can see them on display.

The colored patterns
you see on the wall

mostly used traditional painting method.

The result is the great example
of the simple elegance valued

by ancient scholars. Gather round.

Here, we have on display
one of Leifeng Pagoda's little mysteries...

Whoa! Is that a hairpin?

Correct! It is a hairpin.

But there's something rather unique
about this one.

You see, this one is not only
incredibly ancient,

it's made of bone.

Legend has it,
this item belonged to the White Lady.

But what was it doing
under Leifeng Pagoda?

Why was it broken?

Where's the missing piece?

We may never know what actually transpired
or how it ended up there.


You have no memories
of being trapped under the pagoda?

How'd you escape?

I don't know.

When I first got to Asuraville,

I had a ruined face and no memory.

There was fire everywhere.

If you don't remember me,

- so why'd you save me?
- I'm not sure either.

But I just knew I had to do it.

When I saw you, you felt so familiar.

And this bone flute,

I don't know why
it represents my obsession.


That person in Asuraville...

that had to be you, right?

You escaped the pagoda,

and we found each other there.

If you really insist on
doing this,

you need your sister by your side.
Let's destroy that temple!

Hold on!


Why can't I see
my obsession?

Find that person...

the one whose face

I couldn't make out in the water.

Tell me why!

It's not fair!

That day, it was cloudy...

but the air was filled with petals

just like right now.

I can see it...

the blurry face in the water.

That day it was cloudy,

but the air was filled with petals.


The one you were looking for in the water...

it was me.


What do you want? Just say the word.

Though you forgot the past,

you still felt our bond.

I understand.

I have to leave here.

I sensed someone's waiting.

You never told me your name.

I don't know it, remember?

Hey, you can call me whatever you want.

It's just a name.

After I leave,

I'm going to find my sister.

And you can search for

the one you saw in the water.



♪ Flowers fill the air ♪

♪ So many seasons ♪

♪ So many sunsets ♪

♪ So many cliffs ♪

♪ Will the flower lend me its petals ♪

♪ And scatter me with the wind ♪

♪ Heaven and earth ♪

♪ I must search everywhere ♪

♪ How many promises were broken
In this changing world? ♪

♪ It makes the kite string wander
In the world ♪

♪ Through the darkness ♪

♪ I turned around ♪

♪ And there you are ♪

♪ How many times did moonlight shine
Through the window? ♪

♪ With closed eyes
I travel along the river in spring ♪

♪ Those joyous memories ♪

♪ Fated or not ♪

♪ It remains in my heart ♪


♪ Flowers fill the air ♪

♪ So many seasons ♪

♪ So many sunsets ♪

♪ So many cliffs ♪

♪ For whom do the flowers bloom
And wilt? ♪

♪ So much has happened ♪

♪ When oh when ♪

♪ Will I see you again ♪

♪ How many times did sunsets tint
My thoughts a rosy hue? ♪

♪ When will we reunite?
The flowers don't answer me ♪

♪ Yet I wait to see you again ♪

♪ To talk about the petal-filled sky ♪

It's been another thousand years.

Where is it?


My foe is in sight.

Soon I'll have my revenge!





♪ Half-sober, half-awake ♪

♪ I'm still devoted to you ♪

♪ Let me be like snow in the wind ♪

♪ And give me a cold kiss on the cheeks ♪

♪ Bring out waves of lingering ♪

♪ How much love the world contains ♪

♪ To welcome the changes
In this fleeting life ♪

♪ Just be joyous and free
With the one you love ♪

♪ Don't ask if it's meant to be ♪

♪ How much love the world contains ♪

♪ To welcome the changes
In this fleeting life ♪

♪ Just be joyous and free
With the one you love ♪

♪ Don't ask if it's meant to be ♪

♪ How much love the world contains ♪

♪ To welcome the changes
In this fleeting life ♪

♪ Just be joyous and free
With the one you love ♪

♪ Don't ask if it's meant to be ♪

♪ How much love the world contains ♪

♪ To welcome the changes
In this fleeting life ♪

♪ Just be joyous and free
With the one you love ♪

♪ Don't ask if it's meant to be ♪

♪ Like willow fronds
Like the spring breeze ♪

♪ Accompanying you this spring ♪

♪ Bury your head in the clouds ♪

♪ Release the passion in your heart ♪

♪ Embrace the spring rains
That fall all round ♪