Bahurani (1964) - full transcript

Shyampur-based Vaid, the father of assertive Padma, is approached by the local Zamindar, who proposes marriage between Padma and his oppressive son, Vikram, to which he agrees. On the day of the wedding, she finds that she is to wed Raghu, the older semi-senile son. Though her father is ready to call off the wedding, she goes ahead and re-locates to live in the palatial house of the Zamindar. Shortly thereafter, she will soon find that her husband is being ill-treated and her attempts to assert his right will pit her not only against her benevolent father-in-law, but also against her abusive mother-in-law and Vikram himself.

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- Is Mrs Laxmi Chaudhary in?
- Yes.

Sister, someone has
come to meet you.

- Do come in and sit down.
- Our duty is to keep standing, Madam.

- Yes? What is it?
- We're from the Income Tax.

Your husband has been raided.
Let's go immediately.

- My God! What do I do now?
- Don't worry, sister.

They're only Income Tax officers,
they won't harm you.

I'll accompany you.
Let's go.

- Where's your master?
- He's inside.

We are doomed, Saraswati!
We are ruined!

What do I do now?

How often...

have I asked you not to hide the keys
of the locker behind God's picture?!

We've been raided now, haven't we?!
They'll take all away now!

The gold, the cash...
and this house!

No! Not the house!

They'll take away
everything. Everything!

No! Please save this house!
I beg of you!

Please don't render us homeless.

Very well. Since today is our
25th wedding anniversary...

I can't refuse you anything.

I will do then, that which...

every sensible husband does!

Here's the 100 Rupees...
Get going.

Only a hundred rupees, sir?

Now look; I was born after
the death of a 1000 misers!

Quietly take this...
or you get nothing!

I'll even call the cops
and tell them that...

some guys from the films posed
as policemen and kidnapped my wife!

We've done just as you
asked us to, sir.

But we get more money
to speak our lines!

You ought to be
large-hearted today...

let's the silver jubilee
of your wedding, after all!

Here's 10 more rupees...
and just get lost!

Thank you.

Weren't they from the Income
Tax, brother-in-law?

You were conned, weren't you?

Where was the need
to do all that?

When a wife goes away to
her parents' place on...

her 25th wedding anniversary,
what does a man do?

Your practical jokes will
ruin this home someday!

There's a limit! What if I had
suffered a heart-attack?

A heart-attack? Do you
have the heart, then?

Hadn't you given it away to me
25 years ago on our nuptial night?

Hush! Can't you see your
sister-in-law here?!

You're scaring me as if
she were a gun!

She's only a sister-in-law...
a half-wife!

Now wait...

- Here you are!
- Wow! It's beautiful!

- Is this for me?
- Of course!

Looks like you will always
play jokes and buy gold!

I might get over the
habit of playing jokes.

But to admire the beauty of
the girls from the villages...

who are no less than
real gold...

I will never get over
my admiration for them.

Congratulations on your
wedding anniversary!

See how much your son loves
you both, brother-in-law?

He's bound you both
in just one garland!

It's Amit who will be bound
in matrimony now.

That's the gift I give you
on my anniversary, my son!

There you go again!
Now yet, daddy!

You know marriage is going
to cost me dearly.

I've got to go to London for
my business-management course!

I've got to begin my career!
You know that, don't you?

There's no career bigger than
finding a good wife!

Look at your Mom...

I've had it made, ever since
I got married to her!

And she even gave me
a certificate in you!

I've even found a girl.

I've only got to visit
Nirmal Village to finalise it.

A village?

You speak as if the word
has set your town on fire!

Yes, it's a village!
The Nirmal Village!

There's a beautiful
girl there...

who will be my daughter-in-law!

I even have a picture.
Want to see it?

No thank you!
Because it won't help!

We have a sensible son, Laxmi!

He knows, no one can change
his father's decision!

Now look, Dad...
don't talk about that!

I know how you got used
to liking bitter-gourd!

Don't you know? Bitter-gourd
is fantastic for health!

It cleanses the system!

It's good for the heart
and the brain, you know?

I don't! You're lying!

There's only one thing that's
good for the heart!

You must have a heart, that is!

Tomorrow's the Independence
Day of the India.

I've been invited over
by the Headmaster...

and the girl belongs to
the same village!

That's called killing two
birds with one stone!

Raise your voice, children!

Glory to Mother India!

Glory to Mother India!

I will request our Chief
Guest, Mr Chaudhary...

to say a few words
to the children.

Dear children, you are the
citizens of tomorrow.

I will say more than
a few words.

It has to do with the
slogan you chanted...

Glory to Mother India

I want to know what Glory
to Mother India means.

I want to know the importance
of the word Mother India

I will reward anyone who
gives me the right answer.

I'm surprised, children!

Don't you know the meaning
of the expression...

you were just chanting?

Is there no one in
the village...

who knows what the expression
Mother India means?

Go on... of course!

I can give you the answer!

Do come forward, Madhuri!

She's the one I told
you about, Mr Chaudhary.

I recognised her.


Yes, dear? Should you
know the answer...

you might get the reward.

By Mother India, we are
referring to our nation.

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari...

from the Arabian Seas
to the Bay of Bengal...

all the religions and
faiths that it fosters...

the Bible, the Geeta and the Koran
symbolise the spirit of India.

Mother India is the soul
of the nation...

that is worshipped
even by the Gods.

Which is why it is
called Mother India.

Let's say together then.
To India...

Glory be!


Where are you, mother?!

Madhuri has won a reward!

And the gentleman is personally
coming here to give her the reward!

Let's go out and see!
They must've arrived in their car.

- Mother!
- Come dear.


This is Mr Chaudhary I spoke
to you about, Ganga.

You should've told us about
your visit. I'd have...

Please don't worry.

The Head Master invited
us to the school today.

And we thought we could deal
with both things today.

- Deal with what?
- I'll explain.

I am greatly influenced
by my wife, Laxmi...

because she comes from the villages.
I believe that...

the beauty of the villages has a purity
and nobility that is lacking in cities

We have a son for whom
we had ideas...

after we saw a photograph
of Madhuri.

Now that we have met her and
seen how intelligent she is...

we have a greater idea!
Am I right?

It's time now to give
you the award, my dear.

We want to give our son to you
for life, as your reward.

We consider the alliance
sealed, if you don't mind.

Mr Chaudhary! I can't
begin to express myself!

To think that my daughter will be the
daughter-in-law of a rich household...

is something I couldn't
even dream about!

Madhuri must've done something
good to deserve this.

Let's discuss the dowry first.

Mr Chaudhary! Are you
talking of dowry?!

Of course, I want a dowry!

Because dowry is now
part of our culture!

Even after 25 years in the city,
I have not forgotten our culture.

As part of the dowry...

I want some bitter-gourd,
some green-grams...

snake-gourd, a pickle
of green-chillies...

and before I end my meal...

I want a porridge garnished
with dates and dry-fruits!

As dowry, I need a meal
that Madhuri has cooked.

Fantastic! Your daughter is
good looking and talented!

This food that she has cooked...

will leave me licking my
fingers for years to come!

Won't you have a
wedding date fixed, then?

I'm not a fool!

I even had the wedding date
fixed, before we came here.

Tuesday next is considered
to be very auspicious.

You have no objections, do you?

How can we?
We are fortunate indeed!

Can I've the good-fortune of meeting
my sister's future husband?

My sister answered your
questions and won a reward.

I will question your son, too...

and should he win, I will give
him my sister in marriage!

Certainly! Why not?
Let's go together.

I'm grateful to you, Teacher.

It's thanks to you that my
son's fortunes have looked up.

Your future brother-in-law
is here to meet you!

- What do you mean?
- Yes.

I've met the girl and
even fixed your wedding.

Have you even decided who
my brother-in-law will be?

I've never let anything
be half-done.

Now look...

your brother-in-law wants
to interview you.

- An interview?!
- Yes.

He's a simpleton
from the countryside.

You must deliberately lose...
which will make him happy.

But I've already
lost out, father.

- Shreekant!
- Coming over...!


What misbehaviour is this?!

Not misbehaviour. That is the
tradition of our family!

You look like a film-star!

My sister is indeed
very fortunate!

He's my son, after all.

But hurry up and ask him
whatever you wish to.

My first question is...

what would happen, had we
not had the Himalayas?

That's an extremely
stupid question!

It's a great question!
Answer him, Amit!

Even the kids know that if
it wasn't for the Himalayas...

foreign powers would have
attacked our country.

You're incomparable!

My second question is...

what would we have, if
not the Himalayas?

- What?!
- Of course! Answer me.

- What would we have, if not the Himalayas?
- What?

What would we have,
if not the Swiss Alps?

Had it not been for the alps...

the cool winds would've ruined
the crops in our nation.

Just as I am being ruined!

You're an intelligent man!

You score 101 marks out of 100!

My third is question is
a bit tricky. Be careful.

What would happen, if we
had not the Swiss Alps?

You've trapped him!
Do you have an answer?

I give up to you and to...

this chap you've chosen
for my brother-in-law!

- I don't know the answer!
- I'll explain!

What would Tensingh climb,
if not the Swiss Alps?

Bravo! That's wonderful!

What's up? Why are you
winking at me?

- What's the mystery all about?
- It's a bad omen actually.

A blinking eye is considered
to be inauspicious.

- And I have both eyes shutting up!
- Must be conjunctivitis!

It has spread in the whole city!
Let me put give you some eye-drops.

No thank you! You need
the eye-drops actually!

For what is going on in
the name of Swiss Alps...

should you cure your eyes,
mine will be fine, too!

I spoke of your sight...
and you talk of attitudes!

Let's go and eat, Shrikant.

Wow! I have yet to eat
something so delicious!

Look! Don't we both
share the same tastes?

Tell me something;
my sister will accompany...

your son to London after
the wedding, won't she?

But naturally!

The couple will live
together after their wedding.

Get the Rasagollas for
Shrikant. It's in the fridge.

- Maharaj...
- Go and fetch it yourself!

Please go and fetch it!


Now listen, son...
I have something to ask you.

Yes. Go on...

I'm told that village folks
bury gold in their courtyard.

It's true. I've heard of it, too.

In the marriage of
your sister, then...

Listen! Where are
the rasagollas?

It's in my room. In my
briefcase, actually.

- In your briefcase?
- Yes. Hurry up and fetch it.

Weren't you asking
me something, sir?

I was telling you
something, actually.

It's a marriage, after all.
It's no joke...

so much of the buried gold does
your sister get in marriage?

You will give her at least
200 grams of gold, won't you?

200 grams? But of course!

I must give her that much...

In fact, you can consider
it given to her already!

I'll be back in a minute!

- Won't you have the rasagollas?
- No thank you. I've had enough.

Well... have you been
up to your jokes again?

Not at all!

I've set the stage
for a joke though!

What am I to do now?

Although it's the question
of my sister's life...

where will I bring
200 grams of gold from?

I will have to face
this problem somehow!

My sister will surely be
married! She surely will!

If it wasn't for our jokes...

life would be so dull and drab!

Jokes and laughter add
years to one's life.

Isn't that why both of us
are in the pink of health?

Welcome, Shreekant.

- Do we have a deal, then?
- What is the deal?

That one about the 200
grams of gold, of course!

Naturally! It was a deal the
moment you mentioned it!

Let's shake then...
Come on!

Give this sari to Madhuri
and tell her...

that it's a token of
our affection for her.

We're now waiting for
the auspicious moment...

when she comes here as
our daughter-in-law.

"It's like adding
spice to life..."

"When the groom is
fairer than the bride"

"The one who steals the heart
is fairer than his bride..."

"How do you like them?
Fair-skinned or dark?"

"Tell me how you'd like
your husband to be?"

"Let me go...
don't pester me"

"How do I tell you
or explain..."

"My choice is hidden
deep down in my heart"

"It'll be difficult to
woo the fair-skinned one..."

"And the dark one will
attract taunts from everyone"

"Be he fair-skinned
or dark..."

"It is he.
I will have to live with"

"The fair-skinned one
will be an arrogant one..."

"While the dark one will
suffer from complexes"

"You will lose your sleep
and be restless"

"Do tell me then... what
kind of a husband do you want?"

"Let me go...
do not pester me"

"How do I tell you
or explain this..."

"My choice lies hidden
deep down in my heart"

"Should he be tall
or short in height?"

"Should he be skinny
or plump like a wrestler?"

"Be he skinny or strong..."

"I only hope he is not
evil at heart"

"The tall one will
inflict cruelties..."

"The shorter one will look odd"

"How will you
take the weight..."

"Should you find
a fat husband?"

"Do tell us then... what kind
of a husband do you want?"

"Do let me go...
don't pester me"

"How do I explain
or tell you..."

"My choice lies in my dreams"

"What is this I hear,
my friend..."

"That they've chosen
a city-bred for you?"

"The city-bred have a
colourful nature..."

"They're always chasing
the pretty ones"

"I shall turn myself into
what he'd like..."

"And win over my
husband's heart"

"What if you slip
and fumble?"

"Whom will you tell the
truth, if not to us?"

"Do tell us then...
what husband do you want?"

"Let me go!
Don't pester me"

"How do I tell you
or explain this?"

"My choice lies hidden
in my dreams"

Congratulations on your wedding!

- Greetings, Madam.
- Greetings.

I have a small gift for you.

Look at it through my glasses...

- it's genuine gold.
- You are a jeweller.

Who will bring gold, if not you?

I guessed the moment I saw
your wife...

as to why you suddenly
agreed to the wedding.

To be honest, I don't know how
my wife has approved of me!

She's in Nirmal Village!

A bride for you, as
beautiful as gold itself!

She'll be my daughter-in-law!

Look at Harish!
Isn't he delighted?!

People who don't marry, regret
it all their live, really!

And those who marry
regret it even more!

- Oh, come on!
- I'm already regretting it.

But I'm helpless.

How would a poor goat
face a hungry tiger?

Something wrong, Amit?
You hardly look happy.

How'd I be happy especially since
I'm marrying a village-belle?

A village-belle, do you get it?

Tell me... how can I ever
bring a village-belle...

to a gathering of this kind?

You can always refuse.
Why get worked up?

Refuse, eh?
Refuse my father?!

You don't know my old man!

He strides across like
an elephant...

watches me like an owl
and roars like a lion!

This liquor you're having
is a funny thing, Amit.

Two extra drinks could
dwarf a giant!

Have a couple of
quick ones then...

and call it an attack
on your old man!

What insolence is this?!

This is a gun...
not insolence!

It's loaded with six bullets
which will decide things!

What nonsense are you talking?

Where've you picked up
that piece of junk from?

You're the Junk-seller...

who's saddling me with
all the unwanted things!

You have called me
a junk-seller!

Not even your grandpa
ever called me that!

You, son of my grandpa
in Heaven...

prepare to leave
for heaven, too!

Are you going to kill me
with that toy-gun?

You'll get a slap from me!

This is no toy!
It's a real pistol!

And this last bullet...

will find my father's heart!

Should you insist
on this marriage...

Go ahead and fire! But you
will marry that very girl!

- No way!
- Of course, you will!

- No!
- You will certainly!

What have you done, Amit?
How could you do this?

That which I should have
done long ago!

Note down my last wish, Laxmi.

That which must be followed.

If my last wish is
not adhered to...

my soul will haunt this man
as a ghost, all his life!

Don't say that!
Nothing will happen to you!

Very well, Laxmi...
I must leave now.

Forgive me for any wrong
I've done...

I have a regret, though. I can't
see my son getting married.

Impossible! I can't do it!

Looks like I'm surely
going to get married!

Have you got it, teacher?

I've looked for you all over,
and here you are.

Wow! They look genuine!

If man could help it, he'd even have
fake-men look like real!

By the way, which drama are
you staging this festival?

I'm playing Satyavan Savitri.

I'm going to wear these
ornaments and play the role.

Are preparations for
Madhuri's wedding over?

Should you need help from me,
please don't hesitate.

What more than this
can you do, Teacher?

I need God to help me now.


Your bridegroom is here!

It's considered auspicious to
see him before the wedding!

Is the groom blind? He's wearing
dark-glasses even at night!

He's had it, even before
he has set his eyes on her!

Call the bride.
It's time for the vows.

There she is!

Stop showering petals on us!
This marriage will not take place!

What nonsense are you talking?
The vows are over.

No, father! This is no wedding.
It's a joke! A farce!

Come to your senses! How can
you retract after the vows...

Such a marriage cannot
be called a marriage, dad!

Why not?

You told me that girls from
the village are pure as gold.

Then ask the village-belle, why
are they giving us fake gold?

You have always worshipped
people from the villages, dad.

But you can see for yourself...

how these people have taken
a gullible man for a ride!

When the gold they
give us is fake...

the bride must be a fake, too!

To be honest, I think
everything here...

including her brother and
mother, appear to be fake!

Especially the brother!

Are the ornaments fake,

I'll explain this, my son!

I joked with Shreekant that
I wanted 200 grams of gold.

And that which is given
in a joke is always fake...

not genuine!

You have come to be a
professional joker, dad.

In the process, you were about
to make a mockery of my life!

But not anymore!

Should these fake people
still appeal to you...

you can take to them.

You can indulge them
and the fake bride!

Do as you please!
But I'm leaving now.

Sir! Please save us
from ruination!

God alone is the saviour, son.

But I have made a very
big mistake, too.

I didn't know...

that a small joke would
lead to such a calamity.

That a spark could
ignite a raging fire!

My son is a hot-blooded youth.

It'll take him time
to cool down.

But please don't worry.

Very soon, I shall take
my daughter-in-law away...

with all due ceremonies
and honour.

This is my promise to you.

You've saved a friend today.
You've saved me from being ruined.

That's okay. But I'm terribly
angry at your father.

How could he decide anything
without his son's consent?

I will decide things for
myself, in the future.

You sinner!

You have ruined your
sister's life!

Hit me, mother!
I have sinned!

I have ruined my sister's life!

No! Before you hit him,
you must realise...

that he did it all
for my welfare.

You must forgive him.

There's no point in crying
or regretting anything now.

A controversy which began
with fake-jewellery...

eventually boiled down to
faces he didn't like.

But don't worry, Mom.

If there is sacred
anything in my marriage...

it will break the shackles
of falsehoods...

and help me settle down
with my husband one day!

There are women waiting
for the interview, sir.

- Have all the ladies arrived?
- Yes, sir.

I'll be there in a moment!

My name is Kumar Chatterji.

I happen to be the whole
and soul of the company...

where nothing moves
without my permission!

So you'd better give me...

all the crucial information
about yourselves.

My name is Manju Chaudhary.
I stay at Vakola, Santacruz.

Have you come for the view...
I mean, for the interview?

- Yes.
- Please sit down.

Sit here.

- Can you give me your contact number?
- Why?

I might need it in
an emergency, you see!

Let me land the job first.
The contact comes later.

You can consider yourself employed!

- Who's the gentleman?
- Our boss!

He's the one who will
interview all of you.

- This is Bhagat here.
- Yes, Mr Bhagat?

I have decided to employ the
Minister's niece as the secretary.

She will assume charge on Monday.

But I've summoned many girls
for the interview, sir.

- What will I say to them?
- Do as you are told, Amit.

This has to do with the
minister's niece.

Have Kumar sent to me.

It stops. And...

Mr Kumar! The boss wants you inside.

See? Nothing moves here
without my permission!

Excuse me, I'll just be back.

- Did you send for me?
- Yes. Go and cancel the interviews.

I get it! You must've got
a call from the M.D.!

Sure. You're a smart guy!
Now go and call off the interviews.

And see that none of them
takes offence.

Don't worry, sir! I've called off
so many interviews... in the past!


I have bad news!

My boss received a call
from his doctor just now.

And that which he feared
has turned out to be true!

What's wrong with him?

He's suffering from
a cancer of the piles!

Strange are God's ways!

Such a tall and handsome man,
fair and broad-chested...

suffering from cancer...
that too, of piles!

Please convey our
best wishes to him!

That's a contagious disease!
Let's return.

Haven't you left, Madam.

No, sir. Because I want
to rush you to the hospital.

I'm sure it's you who has
the cancer, not your boss.

Hats off to you, madam!
You're a smart one!

But I'm no less.

So let me tell you what
the man inside has cooked.

Our boss received a call
from a superior...

to employ someone he favours.

Which is why I had to
fake the illness.

But you...
you're incomparable!

But I promise to set you up
the moment I get the chance!

You're an interesting man, too.

My name is Malti Chaudhary.
I came here for the interview.

But your assistant said that
you're suffering from cancer.


Cancer?! Who? Me?!
He's a bloody liar!

Of course! All the girls prayed
for you, before they left.

But I stayed back to find out...

the nature of the cancer
afflicting you.

Is it the cancer of bribes?
Of employing a relative?

Or is it the cancer
of influence?

What exactly is the nature
of your cancer?

You are accusing me.

I will expose the truth behind
your so called interviews!

I will take this story of
deceit to the newspapers!

Let people know how
rich people like you...

take advantage of
the deprived class!

It's sad that I haven't even
got to tell you that...

I've practiced hard to improve
my typing speed to 80 wpm.

I have won a distinction
in shorthand...

and I've topped in my course
of Secretarial Practice.

But I will not spare you!

Stop the girl who has walked
out of my office.

And come inside immediately.

Mr Bhagat? A girl just stormed
into my office.

She has threatened to expose
us all in the newspapers.

This thing about employing the
minister's niece...

can give us a bad name.

Okay. Thank you.

Give the girl her
appointment letter.

- You're a great man, sir.
- And you're a cheap guy!

If you lie ever again, you
will discover my greatness!

You are a great man, no doubt.

But by employing the girl...

you have driven away
my disappointment!

- You're done!
- What?!

Naturally! With someone
like me for a fan...

everything had to pale
into insignificance!

After I lectured the
boss about you...

he begged at my feet!

Please employ her, he said!

And so... here's your
appointment letter.

Listen... this is important.

We will be working
together, no doubt.

But if I may be able to help you
economically or physically...

I'll be pleased to oblige,
and so will you!

Pardon me?

Very well.

Very well indeed!

- Sister! How are you?
- I'm fine.


How did it go?

- I'll tell you...
- What happened?

Just what I wanted.
I have got the job.


Have you got a job as
his private secretary?!

- Yes!
- Didn't he recognise you?!

No. He hasn't still got rid
of his dark-glasses.

All this has happened
because of me, isn't it?

Hadn't I done something
so foolish that day...

you'd have been living
peacefully with your husband.

Stop cribbing and crying!

All you did was to care for
your sister's well-being!

I need your help right now.

I can't succeed in this
drama without your help.

You will help me, won't you?

I'd do more than laying
down my life for you, sis.

It won't come to that,

- Look at Madhuri going!
- She's got the city airs!

The high-heeled sandals,
the swaying gait...

And look carefully!

She has even wiped out the
matrimonial vermillion!

There's no dearth of
vermillion in Bombay...

nor that of people who'd
be interested in her!

Look at her ways!

The Bombay-bird indeed!

Have some tea, dear.

Why are you looking
at me like this, mom?

It's nothing, dear.

I know what you have to go
through, for my sake, mom.

You have to put up
with a lot of jibes.

How far have you gone away
from our culture, Madhuri?

You have even wiped away
the matrimonial vermillion!

Of what use is the vermillion...

that returned after
reaching my forehead?

If there is any strength in
my belief of my marriage...

the vermillion will return
to my forehead one day!

Your son-in-law is the
boss of the company...

where I've been employed.

Really? Hasn't he
recognised you, then?

No. He's just been
introduced to me.

He'll get to know
me very soon, too.

I only need your blessings now.

O Goddess Mother! Just as You can be
pleased and angry with your devotees...

Your devotees have the
right to...

be angry and happy
with You, too.

I'm terribly angry with You
for what You've done to us!

My son has been married...

but my daughter-in-law
hasn't come home!

I will not pray to You
till such time...

as Madhuri comes here
as my daughter-in-law!

Do come...

Have you never been in love?

I want a rose with fragrance and
you bring me one that stinks!

Do you want one that has
more fragrance than this?

I'll get it for you.
But do talk to me!

Sure... No!

- Go outside and attend to the forward and backward...
- What?

I mean, the inward and
outward correspondence!

That's what I'm always doing!
What a bore!

How often have I told you
not to call me Uncle?

What do I call an uncle,
if not Uncle?

Don't you try to act
smart with me...!

And if you must really
call someone uncle...

you can always call
Anthony that!

The score's 30 for no loss, sir!

- What was he saying?
- He asked me to call you uncle!

I always steal a rose from
the neighbour's garden...

brave the ferocious dog there
and bring it to you!

It's beautiful, isn't it?

But although I have presented
you with 25 roses...

I have still to win over
your heart!

I always spray a perfume
on it...

so its fragrance
never wears off.

But alas! The fragrance
of my love...

never reaches your
beautiful nose!

- That's a beautiful rose!
- Isn't it?

- Who brought it?
- I did.

It's a strange thing,
isn't it...

that the rose always smells
of different perfumes.

Brut, Charlie, Sex Appeal,

Henna? That's right!

I love roses!
So does my mother.

And she'd love to meet you.

So why don't you come over
to my place next Sunday?

But don't tell Boss about it.

He's a good man.
But he's dull and boring.

He knows nothing of romance
and wouldn't understand this!

- We have an urgent meeting to attend.
- Go ahead, sir.

- You will come along, too!
- I?

Come on!

The lady is here, sir.

I'm going out.

There are some papers in the
file which I want you to type.

There's another thing.

I'm happy with your work.

But you'd better not waste
time in unnecessary things.

I'm sorry, but I didn't
notice you coming.

How would you? You were busy
admiring the photograph.

Is that your boyfriend?

He's a boy, all right.
But he's still not a friend.

He's my boss, actually.

It's a cakewalk for you,
in that case!

Men are usually very careless.

If they find someone taking
proper care of them...

they could even make
good husbands!

In any case, a beautiful
girl like you...

can be had only by a very
fortunate man!

Here's your rent.

Mark my words.

This boss will one day
be a slave to you!

Just you watch!

Care for some tea?

Don't bother about bringing it.
I'll fetch it myself!

Here's a set of
handkerchiefs, sis.

I've bought them with the
salary I've received.

Tell me something.

You're normally scolding me
for being careless...

and not looking after my things.

But where have you lost
your hanky today?

- Have you sent for me, sir?
- Yes.

I wanted to thank you.
Do sit down.

May I fetch a pad if you
want to dictate a letter?

Have you ever met
a careless man?

What? Oh yes, I have...
I'm meeting one right now.

Me, you mean?

I wonder when I'll
stop being so careless.

You have considered my cabin
as your own...

and cleaned out all the mess.

But your carelessness can
lead to a setback.

You could lose something
precious, out of carelessness.

Won't that be a pity?

Your cabin was in bad shape.
Especially your files.

I remembered it from my
very first day here.

No matter what you remember...

but you also have
a very bad memory.

Pardon me?

- You've forgotten something, too.
- Have you remembered it then?

Naturally. How can I forget
something I possess?

What are you staring at me for?

It's the handkerchief
that you forgot!

- Excuse me...
- Yes?

You're participating in the
badminton matches this time.

Why don't we have a match, too?

I always lose miserably,
while you're a champion.

Okay. But one who wins
can always lose...

and the loser might
even win a game.

Let's a question of playing and
you must have a match with me.

You can consider me game.

You?! What are you
doing here?

Funny! But I was about to ask
you the same question.

Are you to here to
make a match with someone?

Not to make a match...
but to play one!

Am I not a loyal man, sir?

I've come all the way to
watch you play goodminton!

Goodminton? What on earth is that?

When a super-player like
you plays bad-minton...

it's bound to earn the
name of good-minton!

Welcome, Ms Malti!

The shuttlecock is here!

Get cracking, sir!

- What are you doing here?
- I came here for the fragrance.

But since you are here, you bring
the spring with you!

Should we start the game?

What do you think, Mr Kumar?
Should we start?

- Why are you asking him?!
- Get cracking, the two of you!

The ideal moment of the day!

Get, set and go!

- How'd he get here?
- I wouldn't know!

- Who's into service, sir?
- Service?

Who'll serve first?

Let's get started!

You've lost a love-game!

Oh no! He's the champ.

He lost because
he wanted me to win.

You have a heart then?
I wear it on my sleeve!

Keep your promise now and
treat us to some Chinese food.

That's a good idea!
Let's go.

But you don't eat Chinese
food, do you?

How about your allergy?

Anyway, thanks for the game.
I must leave now.

Keep this, sir.
You can play with it!

It's good that you
called me over, madam.

Or they use badminton
as an excuse for rape!

The other day, a sixty-year
old woman was lured...

Why did you plant the
cauliflower in my cabin?

The roses are always passed
on to the other girl!

You can have this cauliflower
and give her some, too!

If I had to give her
vegetables, why would...

I give her a cauliflower?

I could give her bananas,
bitter-gourd or anything!

Give anything you wish!
To hell with it!

I wonder where they come from!

Come in.

The score is 340 runs for
9 wickets, sir.

Did I ask you for the score?
Go and fetch me a flower.

- What file, sir?
- Not file! A flower! A rose!

- What colour?
- A red one will do!

One like your cheek...
No! Like mine!

Here's the money.
Hurry up.

I'll personally give her
a rose today.

Welcome, Mr Kumar.

What perfume does your
rose have today?

But this is the first time
I've brought you a rose!

Now look; you bring me
a rose everyday.

Why don't you admit that?
I haven't turned it down, have I?

Yes, I bring one everyday.
You like roses, don't you?

Yes. I love them. Where do you
bring such beautiful roses from?

- I steal them!
- Speak softly!


- What if someone hears you?
- I'm not scared of anyone!

- But I'm scared.
- Of whom?

The boss, of course.

The boss?

Tell you what? Put the
rose in my hair...

and return to your cabin.

When will you meet me again?

- Tonight?
- Tonight?! Where is that?

- In your dreams.
- Dreams?

Wonderful! That's the best place!

Neither will the evil
boss hound us...

nor will the fat girl be around!

Just you and me...
just the two of us!

Sit down, Mr Kumar.

I've got to ask you some
important questions.

I've already put in 10 years
of service in this company.

Do you intend to interview me
all over again?

Yes. You could say that.

How many branches do we
have all over the country?

- 22 branches.
- We have 23.

We are starting a new branch
on the Nicobar Islands.

You mean, the one called
Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Fantastic! Congratulations!

Ever since you've joined the
systems and communications...

our company is making
great progress!

- Congratulations to you, too.
- Thank you. But what for?

You have been given a promotion.

Have I? Thank you very much.

You are being appointed
manager of the new branch.

The new branch at Nicobar?

You mean, I'll have
to go there?!

We need a responsible man there.

And who could be more
responsible than you are?

You have been misinformed, sir!

I am the most irresponsible man in
the organisation! It's the truth!

How can you say that?

Although our office opens
at 10.00...

you usually walked in
at 11 or 11.30 a.m.

But nowadays, you are here
on the dot at 9.30 a.m.!

That too, with a rose in hand!

You've worked wonders with our
systems and communications!

But isn't Nicobar Island
very far away, sir?

That's okay. You won't
be swimming across anyway.

We'll give you an
air-ticket instead.

Even out there, you will
have no real problems.

Although you will not
find any roses around...

there are girls aplenty.

Of the man-eating variety!

I'd gladly be a peon
in this office!

But please don't banish me
to Nicobar, sir!

I'll be ruined, sir!

There's a condition.
No more roses!


Sit down.

Let's begin with the dictation.

What was he doing to you
behind the glass-panel?

He was putting a rose
in my hair, sir.

A rose? I see!

- I've written that, sir.
- Really? Let's proceed...

Did he cuddle up to you
in the cab?


What else did he do to you
in the cab? Did he talk a lot?

Yes, he did.

He told me that I look very
beautiful in a pink sari.

He's right!
You do look beautiful!

How far did he take you
in the cab?

- Far... far away.
- Very far.

He wanted to take me home
to meet his mother.

He has no parents!
They are dead!

That's how he lures gullible
girls into visiting his house!

And then... have you seen
the film Insaaf Ka Tarazu?

Yes, I have. So?

So it's... rape...
twice in succession!

- And then?
- It's the Courts!

But I've already jotted
that down, sir.

You will have to
concede my request.

My mother has sent some
special food for you.

- Your mother has?
- That's right.

She's a great cook!
Check it out for yourself!

I don't doubt that.

Has someone poisoned
your ears against me?


In that case, you must
try the food.

That's a request from me
as well as my mother!

Sit down.

- What will you have?
- Anything you wish.

How's the restaurant?

You choose the menu today.

A vegetable-rice, a steamed

a radish-pancake, and
a seasoned lentil-curry.

- Listen...
- Yes.

Also include a dish
of bitter-gourd.

Something wrong?

Except for the bitter-gourd,
we have common tastes!

Do you know, when I saw you
for the first time...

- Where was that?
- At the interview, of course.

I had a feeling that I had
met you somewhere.

- Where could that be?
- In my dreams, perhaps.

You could really
have met me earlier...

and forgotten me like
a bad dream?

Perhaps. But I won't
ever forget you now.

What are you doing?
Won't you eat?

You finish your food first.

That's the worst thing
about Hindu women!

Like my mother, for instance.
They serve others first...

and themselves eat later.
That's not fair.

Who else do you have
in the family?

- It's just my parents and me.
- Is that all?

Why? Must I have more?

I see what you are
getting at. But, no...

I'm surprised that even after
so many years in England...

you still haven't forgotten
your old customs.

I haven't forgotten
anything, except...

for some terrible memories
that I want to forget.

Thank you, O Lord!

- Did you see that?
- See what?

Amit has been whistling!

It's a whistle of joy
and happiness...

that which spells melody!

It's after 2 years that
Amit has whistled again!

- Do you understand?
- No, I don't. Please explain.

You're an ignorant man.

Don't you remember Amit
whistling all the while...

even as he walked,
talked and ate?

Since the wedding, however, he
forgot his favourite whistle.

And he has been whistling today!

Which means he is
truly delighted!

This is when I must
talk to him...

about bringing our
daughter-in-law home!

- My son...
- Yes, Mom?

I'm delighted to see
you happy today.

On this happy occasion then,
I've something to say to you.

- Sure. Go ahead, Mom.
- Can we bring Madhuri home?

I've forgotten the past.

I can't be blamed if it
continues to haunt you.

It isn't my fault either for
remembering the past.

I can't help it, if you
have a bad memory.

Do you get the point?

When a young man whistles
after a gap of 2 years...

it has to be for an
altogether new woman!

Come closer...

Why are you feeling shy?

Not at all. Why would I
come to you, if I were shy.

But your eyes say
something else.

I wish you'd look into them.

Your hand is freezing.

- What's wrong?
- I've swallowed a mosquito!

"Here we meet...
away from prying eyes"

"Here we meet...
away from prying eyes"

"I'm afraid, someone
might see us"

"We meet here, away
from prying eyes"

"I'm afraid, someone
might see us"

"A little bit of fear..."

"And the overpowering
magic of love"

"A little bit of fear..."

"And the overpowering
magic of love"

"Meeting on the sly
has its own charm"

"Here we meet...
away from prying eyes"

"But I'm afraid...
someone might spot us"

"No one recognise us here
in this isolated place"

"But our hearts would still
be lonely, meeting on the sly"

"The fear in your eyes
and the anxiety within"

"The fear in your eyes
and the anxiety within"

"Meeting on the sly
has its own charm"

"What a great weather"

"And the intoxicating winds..."

"I've been longing for you"

"Oh, do sate my thirst"

"We can always meet again;
why make haste?"

"We can always meet again;
why make haste?"

"Meeting on the sly has
its own charm, after all"

"Let's continue to meet
away from prying eyes"

"But we're afraid,
someone might see us"

"Where would these longing
hearts go anyway"

"The world is anyway
against lovers"

"Let's hide from them...
but don't hide love from me"

"Making love on the sly
has its own charm, too"

"What do we gain from
meeting on the sly"

"Here we meet...
away from prying eyes"

"But we're afraid,
someone might see us"

"Let's romance openly
if we must"

"Let's romance openly
if we must"

"Why fear the world
when we've fallen in love"

"Here we meet...
away from prying eyes"

"I'm afraid, someone
might spot us here"

"Here we meet...
away from prying eyes"

"I'm afraid, someone
might spot us here"

"Here we meet...
away from prying eyes"

"I'm afraid, someone
might spot us here"

"Here we meet...
away from prying eyes"

I've told you a thousand
times that you're...

making the wrong entries!

The right total is 53987.
And you write 33987.

Doesn't that make a
difference of 20000?

There's someone to see you, sir.

When I asked him to sit
at the reception...

he insisted on waiting
in your cabin.

He claimed to be
a relative of yours.

You've caught a cold, sir.
Would you want a pill?

So, haven't I told you...

You've caught a cold.
Would you want a pill...

That's not necessary.

What is it?

I'll go and pop a pill!

Where's the guy you said
was waiting for me?

That's what I'm wondering!
Where could he be...?

There he is!

What have you been doing
in my toilet?

I'll leave now.

Greetings, brother-in-law!

Now tell me what would we have,
if not the Himalayas?

Himalayas, my foot!

And keep standing!
Don't sit down!

- Are not well?
- I've caught a cold.

You shouldn't be shouting.

I wanted to know when you're taking
my sister away, brother-in-law.

To begin with, stop
calling me brother-in-law!

- Okay, brother-in-law...
- There you go again!

I've come to you with hopes,

I thought I'd meet you and
have a chat with you!

That I'd have something
to drink!

But never mind...

I'll go and show these
pictures to your parents.

There's no point in tearing
them! I have the negatives!

Do you think you can
blackmail me with this?

Go ahead and show them to
my parents! I don't care!

Sure, I'll go away. But
I won't stop tailing you!

Not there! This way out!

I have learnt something
absolutely explosive!

Really? What is it?

I will tell you
when the time comes.

Whom is it about?

It's about the boss,
Mr Amit Chaudhary.

But I will tell you only
when the time comes!

The right time, my foot!

What's wrong?
Aren't you well?

I think I have a fever.

You're running
a high temperature.

- Come on, get up.
- Yes madam.

Take this bag away.

- Go home and relax.
- Who'll complete my work?

- I will.
- Okay.

But call me at home, if
you have any problems.

Who is this girl?

That's precisely what
I want to ask you.

I hope you haven't got
your son married again!

- What do you mean?
- I mean...

this girl was clinging
to your son as if she were his wife!

What are you talking about?

They were having a ball
in the seas...

and were even singing a duet!

We meet on the sly,
away from prying eyes

We're afraid, someone
might see us

You should be ashamed
to accuse my son!

Although you are visiting
us after a long time...

I will not enquire
after your health!

But I want to know what
insolent behaviour is this?

I will not tell you about
my welfare either.

And this is no insolence!

I've taken pictures
to back my claim!

- It's Amit.
- Of course.

- Who's the girl?
- It's his private secretary.

- Miss Malti Chaudhary.
- How do you know that?

I had been to his office.

But he even refused
to acknowledge me!

- Didn't he acknowledge you?!
- Yes, he didn't!

And he threw me out,
short of pushing me!

He dare do that!

It's good that he
didn't push you out.

Or I'd have thrown him
out of the house!

- You live up to my expectations!
- How is our daughter-in-law?

How do I tell you?

She's miserable, thinking of
your son all the time!

Her hair is unruly
and uncombed...

her cheeks are dry!

Her eye-balls seem eager to
pop out of the sockets!

And she goes around the
village in a trance!

And she cries and
wants to know...

why her husband
has deserted her!

He will come, won't he?
Won't he accept me she asks!

Hey, stop it...
Don't cry.

Stop crying, Shreekant!
He will certainly accept her!

I will deal with the ass now!

If I don't impose a curfew
on his love-affair...

I won't claim to be
a good husband!

Go on now and continue
playing the private-eye.

Let me know, if you
smell something fishy.

Only you can save my sister's
life from ruination, sir!

Or your son is making
attempt to destroy her!

I must leave now.

Why did you attend office,
when you aren't keeping well?

How'd I have met you, if
I didn't attend office?

You don't have to attend
office till I come, too.

How can I possibly bunk office?

Very well. But do call me
from the office.

- You will call me, won't you?
- Sure, I will.

What will happen now.

- A wedding.
- What?

If Amit loves that girl, he'll
surely want to marry her.

I'll throw him out of
the house for that!

The ant has sprouted wings!

That sounds like Amit's car.
But at this hour?

There's a girl with Amit.
Can you see?

How can I? I'm not
wearing my glasses!

I can't see properly
without my glasses either.

But I'm sure it's
the same wretch!

What's wrong, son?

You're running a temperature!
Come along quickly...

Lie down on the bed.

Call the doctor.
My condition is worsening.

Yes, I will.

But who was the girl
with you, Amit?

It was my secretary.

She came to drop me home,
because I wasn't well.

You could have called
us over to fetch you.

Greetings, sir.
The keys.

Who was the girl, Biharilal?

Who was she?

It was Miss Malti.
The master's private.

- Private what?
- His private secretary.

What were they discussing
in the car?

Don't feel shy. Tell us what
they were talking about.

I couldn't hear them well.

But the master called her
by the name Darjeeling.

Could they be going
to Darjeeling then?

Shut up! You're an idiot!

He's called her a darling!

Did you see anything
for yourself, Biharilal?

I could watch them in the
rear-view mirror, madam.

The young master lay in
the girl's lap!

The lady was muttering
sweet-nothings to him...

while the master's
temperature kept increasing...

and I kept feeling embarrassed!

- What happened then?
- The master then gave it to her.

- What?
- Two time.

Twice kissed.

- Gave what?
- Don't you understand?

Your son has kissed her!

- She dare do that!
- How's the girl to blame?

It was your son who kissed her!

The question is why did she
allow him to kiss her?

And why did this idiot
watch them kissing?!

Let me deal with you,
you peeping-tom...

Who's Malti Chaudhary
in this office?


- Who are you, sir?
- And who are you?

Kumar Chatterji, the chief
accountant of this company.

- Chief accountant?
- Yes.

My name is Sadanand Chaudhary.

The boss's father?
Greetings, sir.

I want to meet Malti Chaudhary.

She's in her cabin.
Please follow me.

She seems to have
gone out on some work.

But do sit inside
and wait for her.

Please sit down.
You too, madam.

I want to ask you
something, Chatterji.

I'll explain everything
without any questions.

I've spread the word of
your son's love-affair...

in the whole city!

Since when has this
affair been going on?

Since it began, sir.

- And when did it begin?
- Since it got going.

That woman, who has
enticed my son...

has she been into this sort
of a thing even earlier?

You're mistaken, madam.

There's nothing wrong
with the girl.

In fact, she was madly
in love with me.

It was your son Amit...

who threatened me with a
transfer to Nicobar Islands...

and won the game by
unfair means!

It is I who will send the
girl to the back-waters!

You will be happy to know,
Mr Chatterjee, that...

I'm not against occasionally
beating up silly women!

- Am I not right?
- Nonsense!

It's always the men
who are at fault!

- It's they who deserve a thrashing!
- You're right, madam!

It's the boss who ought
to be beaten up!

As for Malti Chaudhary...
I'll handle her myself!

Well, all right.

Do warn Malti Chaudhary then,
that if she doesn't relent...

I'll make life difficult
for her!

What are you weighing
in the scale?

The pros and cons, naturally!

Won't you listen to me?

My in-laws visited the
office today.

And from what I've heard...

they're longing for their

I don't like this anymore!

Tell me, Shreekant...

why must we punish them,
when they are innocent?

You are right!

- What do you mean?
- All I mean is that...

had you not been secretary
to him, someone else would.

And whoever she
might have been...

she'd have weighed
heavier on his mind!

Somewhat like this!

You have the upper hand today
because he's smitten by you.

Or else, he'd have fallen
for another woman by now.

Let's continue with the game.

There are many days and
nights yet to come.

There's a lot to speak about.

- Is the driver here, Ramu?
- Yes, sir.

But the Master's
taking the car away.

- Where to?
- Nirmal Village.

- Chandanpur?
- Yes.

Yes. I suggest you take
leave, and accompany us.

- What for?
- To bring your wife home.

What's made you decide
this, all of a sudden?

It wasn't sudden.
We made the decision...

only after hearing a lot and
seeing it for ourselves, too!

Sure. Go ahead.

I must attend the office
to check the accounts.

I've already checked that out
at your office yesterday!

They don't speak highly of
you; in fact, you're infamous!

You'd better correct that or
the company stands to lose a lot!

We'll go ahead, if you
don't want to come along.

Let's go.

Daughter-in-law, my foot!

- What are you dressed in?
- I want to marry you!

- What?!
- Yes! Right now!

Right now? But I'd have to
seek my parents' consent.

Introduce me to them.
Everything's going haywire!

- Haywire?!
- Yes! I can't wait anymore!

Won't you seek the blessings
of your own parents, then?

I'll manage with your
parents' blessings!

So when are you introducing
me to them?

- I'd have to find them, I guess...
- Find them?!

They must've gone shopping.
But I'll find them.

I'll come at 6 this evening
to meet them then, okay?

Have you spent the night
at the office, sir?

Why are you in your
night-dress, sir?

Your in-laws have gone to the village
to bring you home?

And your husband is
coming here...

to meet your so-called
parents, right?

What will we do now?

If both secrets are out,
all hell will break loose!

Don't worry!

I suggest you handle
your husband.

You're a great actress anyway!

And I'll handle the
problem in the village.

- What do you think of that?
- That's okay.

But where will I find
a fake-Mom from?

There's a solution
to every problem!

When everything in the city
is available on hire...

won't we find a pair of parents?

Please come...

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Kantibhai! He has arrived!


How are you?

Where has she gone...?
She's a strange woman!


Where the hell are you?

Where are you?

They appear to be brother and sister.
And where are your parents?

They're are my parents!
My mother is a Gujarati...

which is why she addresses
him as bhai (brother).

- Are you a Guajarati then?
- Yes.

My Mom is Guajarati;
my father is a Bengali.

- Greetings!
- Greetings!

- Do sit down...
- Please sit.

Sit on this chair.

Evening is all right!

You're just as my daughter
described you!

Tall and fair-skinned;
those blue eyes...

they remind me of
film-star Raj Kapoor!

Our daughter is no less!

She's fair-skinned
and beautiful...

a real princess!

Do you know what is
special about you?

It's your moustache!
It's real, isn't it?

Of course! As real
as yours!

Mine are real, too!

That's because my wife
loves a moustache!

Undoubtedly! A moustache
spells masculinity.

I married Kantibhai only
because he had a moustache.

And since you have a moustache, too
my daughter has approved of you!

We will certainly give you
our daughter in marriage!

But you will be a responsible
man, won't you?

Of course! I will!

How much of a bank-balance
do you have?

My bank-balance? What for?

It has to do with responsibilities.
Only a moustache won't do!

I must have about
3 or 3.5 lakh Rupees.

- Not 4.5 lakh Rupees?
- Sure. Must be.

He has about 4.5 lakh Rupees.
We can easily ask for 80000 Rupees!

- No! We need a lakh!
- Let's settle for 80000!

- Well okay. One lakh, it will be.
- A lakh? What could that mean?

A lakh must be paid, since you're
marrying our daughter.

No thank you! I will
not accept a penny!

Not accept! You will have
to pay us a lakh instead!

Pay you?!

As dowry. How can there be
a marriage without dowry?

This is a totally wrong system!

On the contrary, you
ought to be happy...

that I'm willing to marry your
daughter without any dowry.

And here you are... asking me
to pay the dowry!

What are you talking
about, Mom?!

We're marrying since
we love each other!

Haven't we toiled to
bring you up, my dear?

Do you wish to light up your
house after your marriage...

and plunge our home in darkness?

- A lakh of Rupees!
- A lakh?

Or 50 thousand cash and 200
gram gold.

If have then give it or get go.

Radhe Shyam Jhunghun's son has ready
to give 2 lakh rupees for our daughter.

- Am I right, darling?
- Yes.

It's a very reasonable deal!
Grab it!

- That's not much for love, is it?
- Do you believe that, too?

Actually, to accept dowry is
considered a social crime.

Besides, we love each other.

We'll give you a 10/o
discount, in that case.

I know it's a crime to
ask for dowry, son.

I know that very well
because I'm a woman!

I know how the cancer of
dowry is destroying us!

Our parents are coerced
into paying dowry!

And thereafter begins
a sage of atrocities!

What is that for? Because men
consider women to be worth nothing!

You think women are weak
and helpless parasites!

But it's not true!
We will prove otherwise!

We will prove that women are
not weak and helpless!

Long live, Women's Lib!

Well, all right!

Please give me some time
to think it over.

Listen to me, darling.

Don't take offence at what
my parents said!

Don't take offence?! Your father's
a butcher, as far as money goes!

How can I help it?
That's how all parents are!

Why I can't figure this out is
because ours is a different case!

There's no money
in a love-marriage!

You don't know my old man!
He wouldn't part with a penny!

But if you want to marry me...

you'll have to agree to the
conditions of my parents.

I suggest you find
a part-time job.

I? A part-time job?

They're the only parents I have!

Besides, what don't people
do in love?

Can't you do even
this much for me?

Sure, I will.
I will have to!

- Where could they have gone?
- How would I know!

Mr Chaudhary?! Greetings!

What brings you here?

Where have they gone, Teacher?

How do I narrate their
tale of woes.

Ever since that shameful day...

Madhuri and her mother
left the village for good.

For good?!

After the humiliation they
were subjected to...

they chose to leave the village.

They should have died
of shame, actually!

No! Please don't say that!
Shreekant called on us in the city.

But he didn't tell us
a word of this.

See the lock your jokes
have put on the door!

Do you have the keys
to unlock it then?

It will never open again!

You can open locks
made of iron...

but never one that opens
the doors to the hearts!

Come on out.

What farce is Shreekant playing?

My daughter's in-laws have
returned from our door!

They had once returned because
their son asked them to.

And they return today,
since your son wants them to.

Let's go inside.

Thanks a lot, Teacher.

I was looking for you!
Here's a bouquet!

What's up?

How have got to the bouquet
from a single rose?

For what the boss has done,
you deserve a bouquet!

And I also want to
congratulate you!

- What for?
- I'll explain.

Amit has lost! I've won the
day! And you're a free bird!

I wasn't a captive earlier,
was I?

It is something of the sort.
I'll explain. Sit down.

Amit wanted to imprison
you in a marriage...

and wanted to have
all the fun by himself!

But his plans have flopped!
Do you know why?

Because he's already
a married man!

His brother-in-law came here
to meet him the other day.

And without even divorcing
the village belle...

the rascal's trying to
lure you into wedlock!

We are both free now!

The love-story that had
just begun will now blossom!

But remember! I will not
spare the hypocrite!

I am throwing a party
tomorrow to expose him!

And on the occasion of his
fourth wedding anniversary...

you will see how the
guests ridicule him!

What are you getting
angry at me for?

You should be angry
with the fraud, who...

I'm coming over.

Let's continue playing
the game, sister.

There's a lot more yet to come.

A lot more to discuss.

"What was he in reality..."

"And what did I take him for"

"How could I revere
a stone-hearted man?"

"What was he in reality"

"And what did take him for"

"All he wanted to do was
to play with my feelings"

"All he wanted to do was
to play with my feelings"

"And I thought I was
betrothed to him for life"

"What was he in reality"

"And what did I take him for"

"The face was supposed to
reflect a man's heart"

"The face was supposed to
reflect a man's heart"

"I mistook every expression
that his face registered"

"What was he in reality"

"And what did I take him for"

"I lost everything and was
still heart-broken"

"I lost everything and was
still heart-broken"

"And I took the pain
as a gift of love"

"What was he in reality"

"And what did I take him for"

"How could I revere
a stone-hearted man"

"What was he in reality"

"And what did I take him for"

"What was he in reality"

"And what did I take him for"

Get up, brother-in-law.

Let me rest. My son has
laid me out flat!

Your wife wants to touch your feet,
today being the Karva Chauth day.

Very well.

This is the only day I get
her to touch my feet!

Bless you with
all the happiness!

My son was the rose who
has now become a thorn.

Today is the day of the
Karva Chauth fast.

Had Madhuri been here,
we've have been together...

Anyway... we're going
to the temple.

Sure. And pray that
you're together next year.

You haven't touched my
feet, Saraswati!

Today's not Holi!
It's Karva Chauth.

I have my husband's picture
with me, although he's away.

I'll pay my respects to him.
Let's go.

Great is Indian culture!

If not man, his picture will do!

- Look at that, sister!
- What is it?

There! Right in the front!

Why don't you wear your glasses?

What is it?

There's a girl with Amit's
picture in her hand.

I think it's the same girl
Amit's in love with.

I suspect Amit has
married her on the sly.

That's possible!

Or what would the wretch be
doing here on this day?

Let's go! I'll teach her
a lesson today!


Madhuri! It's you?!

When did you come to Bombay?
You didn't even inform me!

How have you been?
Where are you staying?

It's your blessing that has
me happy wherever I am.

This is my daughter-in-law,

Although my son has
not accepted her...

she still revers her husband
on this day!

This is my sister, Saraswati.

- Hello, aunty.
- Bless you.

Am I not unfortunate to
have such a useless son!

He has forsaken a beautiful
wife like you...

and is lusting after
the city-bred girls!

It's true. Although it's shameful,
it's necessary to inform you.

Amit is caught in the clutches
of a secretary in his office.

While you are doing your
duty as a wife...

that man is enticed
by a shameless wretch!

This is the sign of
impending doom!

No, Saraswati!

Now that we've found her,
we will not let that happen!

Come home with me, Madhuri.

Let's take a decision
on this day!

I beg of you! Save Amit
from this destruction!

Please don't worry, Mother.

Everything is okay, by
the grace of God.

The woman who has enticed
your son in her trap...

is none other than me.

You? Are you Amit's private
secretary, Malti Chaudhary?

Yes. I'm Madhuri...
and also Malti.

How did you work this miracle?

It is the result of a woman's
sincerity and dedication.

I had made up my mind, that
should I have the strength...

and should my marriage
be sacred...

my husband would himself
come back to me.

And that is what has happened.

I always knew that you and
your husband dote on me.

But I was scared whether
my husband would accept me.

But I've had enough of this now.

- Please take me to my house.
- No, my dear.

The game isn't over as yet.
Our husbands are yet to be punished.

My husband has played
practical jokes all his life.

In fact, he reduced our
lives to a cheap joke.

And my son kept looking for
wisdom, through his glasses.

Be patient, Madhuri.

Let us both teach our
husbands a lesson!

Let's shake hands on that,
daughter-in-law! Go on!

Is the cold war between
father and son still on?

Must you show how silly you
are, the moment you arrive?

Do I? You're the sensible ones!
You will learn a lesson now!

What kind of a wife are you?

You're always rubbing salt
in my wounds!

You deserved to be thrown in a sea
of salt for what you've done!

Who's that?

This is his private secretary
Miss Malti Chaudhary.

Malti Chaudhary?!

So you are the wretch who's
trying to rape my son!

How's Amit keeping now?

Don't you know?
He died of a heart-failure!

God-forbid! What nonsense!

- Let me speak to her...
- No! I won't!

Go away!

Haven't you disconnected
as yet, you wretch!

How can you say that,

I'm still trying to connect...

and you're talking of

Don't you dare call me

Bloody sinner!
Bloody lady bandit!

Listen carefully to me!

Should you even dare
to look at my son...

I'll use hired goons to
hack you to pieces!

You're a liar, father-in-law!

You call me father-in-law
again! What do you mean?

Didn't you lie that
Amit is dead?

I'm alive, darling!

Our love is alive, too!
No one can separate us!

Who's that speaking on the line?

Can't you hear me speaking
to the wretched woman?

You witch! Sorceress!
Bloody bandit!

Amit is as good as dead for you!

This is a cross-connection!
Just hang up!

So what were you saying,
you cursed woman?

All I want to tell you,

is the truth that love is blind!

- You're right!
- Right, my foot!

Aren't you ashamed
to eavesdrop on us?

So what did you say?
That love is blind, eh?

That could be the case.
But I'm not blind!

If a whore dares eye my son...

I'll have her eyes pulled
out of the sockets!

Why must you take the trouble?

If my love is true...

I will send my eyes to you
on a platter!

Very well. Have them
sent by this evening.

Don't do that! It will
plunge my world in darkness!

Now listen, you cursed woman!

We will very soon bring our
daughter-in-law home...

and have her compete with you
in a beauty-contest!

Just you wait!

I can't wait.
Bring the village belle here.

If I don't rob her
of her marital status...

I will never boast again!

Either of us lives now!

Are you asleep or awake?

I don't know whether
I'm asleep or awake!

Whether I'm alive or dead!

I understand it, Amit.
I understand it all.

Your father will never
accept me.

Isn't that what you're
trying to say?

Give me one last chance, Malti!

I'll somehow try and
bring my father around!

But you love me, don't you?

Yes, I do. I love you more
than I love my life.

Will you still love me, even
if I'm not in a position...

to pay your parents?

- You don't need to ask.
- That's it then!

Let's have a registered
marriage in court!

My Mom will stand witness.

I'll give your parents
a written undertaking...

that they can have half
my salary...

till such time as their
demand of dowry is met!

- Isn't that okay?
- Okay.

No power on earth
can stop us now!

Not your parents...
Not my cruel father!

Let's meet at the Registrar's office
at 4 p.m. the day after, then. Okay?

You will come there, won't you?

But remember.

This will be the last
scene of our love-story.


We are doomed!

What are you doing here?

Can't you see me
reading the newspapers?

You can read the news

when our son figures
in the headlines!

Why? Is he being given
a national award?

- He's my son, after all!
- Your son? Big deal!

Let's hurry up... Amit is
about to play courtesan.

What?! Courtesan?
Has he had a sex-change?

He's going to commit suicide
the way the courtesan did!

He's burying himself alive!

He dares!

What are you up to, my son?

I'm sacrificing myself
in the name of love!

You are about to undertake
a great deed, my son!

It will immortalise
our family name!

But to bury yourself in sand
and cement is a cheap way.

You should have thought
of a better way.

No! This is how I will die!

Those last bricks...

will cement my death,
the moment I signal it!

The path of my life
will be shut forever!

My darling son!
Deign to tell me...

- whom are you dying for?
- For Malti!

Scoundrel! I must place
the last brick then!

- You will be hanged for that!
- I'll bribe my way out!

Don't kill our son!

I've had every experience in life
except that of murder.

Let me satisfy myself today.

Let's prepare to leave
for the crematorium!

What a bloody father!

That's 200 grams of gold, okay?

Okay, aunty.
I get it!

Go on! He's coming
this way!

He'll end his life,
he says! Big deal!

But I'm no mean father...
I'm a dictator myself!

What's this?

Come and take a look!
We have stolen gold in our house!

That's not stolen gold, Mister!

It's my hard-earned savings!

What nonsense are you talking?

It's not nonsense...
I'm telling you something!

Okay. Go on.

Take a good look, Mr Chaudhary!

Or show it to a jeweller!
The gold is for real!

I know that. I'm not blind.
But what is it for?

You had once asked for
200 grams of gold...

to accept my sister as
your daughter-in-law.

There is the 200 grams!

I've kept my promise.
You must honour your word now.

Or I'll assume that you are
a two-tongued fraud!

I wish you had landed
this slap on me...

when I joked about the gold.

You have slapped me repeatedly
by showing me this gold today!

I had only joked with you!

And my son Amit,
who hates village folks...

cashed in on my jokes.

I want nothing of this!
I already have it all!

Come with me...

Take a look at the
jewellery and money!

I'm perhaps the only man in
these times of robberies...

who keeps no less than
half a million in cash!

Who does it all belong to?
To my son, of course.

And to my daughter-in-law.

My real treasure and the
wealth of this family...

is peace and love and
my daughter-in-law.

I want nothing but
my daughter-in-law!

Listen! We are doomed!

There's terrible news
from Madhuri!

- May I read it?
- Why must you ask! Go on!

My greetings to those who
consider women an object...

of pleasure and
a mere commodity.

I'm sending you
200 grams of gold...

which I want you all to lick
to your heart's satisfaction!

I'm a modern woman, who is
standing on her own two feet.

I am taking my own decisions.

And I have decided
to dispatch to hell...

my useless husband and
my greedy father-in-law!

I'm getting married again,
without a divorce.

The fortunate Madhuri!

No! This cannot be!
I won't let that happen!

You mustn't let that
happen, Shreekant!

It would kill me!
I wouldn't live anymore!

I beg of you, Shreekant!
I beg at your feet!

You are making a sinner
out of me, sir!

It is I who has sinned. To play
such jokes is also a sin.

I am the sinner.

But ask your sister not
to punish me like this.

Only you can help me now.

I swear by God...

I'll never play
such a joke again!

Please forgive me, sir!
I've hurt your feelings!

I can't bear to see
your plight anymore!

You will light the
Diwali lamps tomorrow...

only after my sister
arrives in this house!

That is a solemn promise
I make to you!

Let's embrace!

Malti will surely arrive.
Don't worry.

She must be getting ready
or even feeling shy.

Although this is a
registered marriage...

she can't forget our customs.

I hope we don't miss the
date in the process!

That's what I'm really
worried about.

I have a feeling that she
will surely turn up.

Maybe she's gone to
buy a garland.

I told her that I hate
this hackneyed customs.

If I had to adhere to
these customs...

why'd I get married again
in this manner?

No one knows that you
are already married!

Speak softly, Mom!
What are you doing?!

My left-eye is fluttering, Mom!

I suspect we have a
calamity on hand!

You shouldn't utter such
inauspicious words, my son.

There she is!

What's that, Malti? You have
matrimonial vermillion in your hair?!

It's I who must apply
the vermillion on you!

I see! This is Malti then!

Is it your custom to apply
vermillion before marriage?

What's all that about?

It's vermillion. The marital
status of a woman!

Stop joking, Malti!

You're going to give me
a heart-attack!

You should have had
a heart-attack...

the day you walked out on
an innocent village girl...

trembling and crying, even
after you had married her!

Had you a heart, you'd have
suffered an attack the day...

you feigned love for me...

without telling me that
you're a married man!

She knows everything, Amit!
What happens now?

Keep quiet, mother.

How can you do this, Mother?

Even as your first daughter-
in-law still lives...

how can you stand witness in
your son's second marriage?

I couldn't help it!

My love for my son
has blinded me!

You have put on act with me;
and so did I with you.

You are a married man;
and I'm a married woman.

When you had the right
to fall in love...

inspite of being married,
I have the same right, too!

- She's right, Amit.
- Quiet!

Despite all this, I still
have a lot of respect for you.

Bless me then that my
return to my husband...

be auspicious and God-blessed.

May you be happy.

There's only one
way out now, son.

Let's bring Madhuri home
on this day of Diwali.

The second wife has
fled with her husband.

We only have the first
daughter-in-law now.

There's a great awakening
among women these days.

I hope the your first wife...

doesn't marry someone else, too!

- Why are you laughing?
- I was reminded of something!

Isn't this how you paced up
and down when Amit was born?

What else could I do?
I was expecting my son then.

And I'm expecting
my daughter-in-law now.

- Why hasn't she arrived?
- You have changed for good.

But your son is still as
fickle-minded as ever.

What if he refuses
to accept Malti...

I'm not a fool either!

Look at these documents!

I have bequeathed all my
property and wealth...

to the daughter-in-law!

Let me see how he
refuses to accept her!


Come along...

We have the Goddess here
in person this auspicious day.

Do come in, daughter-in-law
and bless this house.

Come in, dear.

No! I have already sinned!
Do not commit me to anymore sins!

We have all made some
mistake or the other.

But God has forgiven us
and made you return to us.

- Take care of your home now.
- Isn't her husband at home?

Don't even utter his name!

I don't want to hide
anything from you, dear.

Amit has really heaped
humiliation on me.

He has ruined the
family's reputation.

But don't you worry!

If he still does not
come to his senses...

I will throw him
out of the house.

Look; I have bequeathed
everything to you.

All my wealth and estate!

Please don't say that...
that can never happen!

Because I'm Madhuri
and Malti, too!

- What?!
- That's right!

What she says is true.

When our son rejected her...

she had to strive and stand
on her own two feet.

She found a job
in Amit's office...

and enticed him as Malti.

I had to turn Malti in order
to win back my husband.

Fantastic! You are the
epitome of all virtue!

Does the ass know the truth yet?

- Who's that?
- The ass! Amit!

No. He doesn't.

Fantastic! This is
going to be fun!

I have now started believing
in your God, too!

He will come back, all right.
Where would he go anyway?

Take daughter-in-law
upstairs, Saraswati.

I'll deal with the ass!

All my dreams are
fulfilled today, Shreekant.

Of course. You had to
realise your dreams.

As for Amit...

let him return. And see
how I deal with him!

When have I turned Pop from Dad?

Since I've turned what I am.

- Are you drunk?
- What else could I do?

My father has been drinking
to my grief, all my life.

To drown my sorrows then,
I had some liquor today.

I haven't had much...
it's only 10 or 12 drinks.

Listen, son...

There's no son and father
anymore. It's all over!

Throw that cursed bottle away.
And look who's here.

- Your brother-in-law, Shreekant.
- Greetings, brother-in-law!

Damn the brother-in-law!

I'll tell you today what you'd
have, if not the Himalayas!

You'd have a great wall
in my father instead!

Who'd destroy the world with
his misplaced ideals!

And they'd be forced to
like bitter-gourd!

What are you saying, Amit?!

We wanted to give you
a piece of good news.

- What good news?
- You'll get a slap...

You are our only son.

In your happiness lies
our own happiness, too.

We will forget your wife
Madhuri, as you have.

We will also get you
married to your lover, Malti.

Yes! Let's forget everything
else, except Malti!

She feigned love for me!

She has cheated me!

I wouldn't want to set my
eyes on her ever again!

She has betrayed me!

We want to forget just
what you are trying to.

We can even bring Madhuri
home, should you be willing.

What joke is this between
Madhuri and Malti?!

I want neither!

Neither the village-belle
nor the city-bred!

I will remain a bachelor
all my life.

And I will show everyone
how you have ruined my life!

You have! A wicked
father has!

Who has killed and mauled
his only son!

Don't worry!

Everything will be fine,
the moment he goes upstairs.

You?! What the hell
are you doing here?

Forgive me.
I had no other choice.

You scheming bitch!

You first pretended to
fall in love with me!

And you've gotten into my house now!
Get the hell out of here!

Get out, I say!

I will end the
drama you've begun!

Get out!

Not a word from you!

- Listen to me...
- Come on!

Let's go!

- What's that?
- The marriage altar.

- What do you mean?
- I'll explain.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Hold it, you idiot!

How dare you address them
without our presence?

Get on with your speech!

Ladies and gentlemen...

you mustn't have heard or
seen a marriage of this kind.

A man is marrying his wife
for the second time today.

What does that mean?

Just as I had humiliated
my wife in public...

at the wedding-altar one day...

I now apologise to my wife
in your presence with folded hands.

What's that you're doing?

I married Madhuri
during the days...

when I was blinded by the
glasses of stupidity.

My father cast a shadow
in one of the lens!

It did take time.
But I realised the truth.

I was the only filth
around my rose-like wife.

- And also...
- Your father!

Before this sacred fire...

around which we have
taken the vows...

I choose Madhuri as my
companion till eternity!

Please forgive me, Madhuri.

Don't say that!
But how did you...

Don't be angry, my dear.

I couldn't see him upset.

And so I told him
the whole truth.

Forgive him, dear.

I knew the bitter-gourd would
drill some sense into him!

I'll answer you today, Shreekant.
Had it not been for the Himalayas...

What would we have then?

We'd have the daughter-in-law!