Bahen (1941) - full transcript

Continue doing good for all

You are a tourist.
This world is a tourist resort

There's a lot of movement
here day and night

One came and settled
here while the other departed

Continue doing good for all

This life will dawn
in a split second

Daylight claims
it will be dark soon

Look, the sun has set someplace

Continue doing good for all


l've been serving this assembly
for fifteen years now.

Every month l make efforts
to improve your lives.

But it is regrettable that
years of hard work and lectures....

have born no results.

The Ramayan, Mahabharat,
Geeta, and the Vedas...

l completed them all,

l told you stories
of great men and saints...

but all those lectures
proved to be futile.

l can see today sins
are increasing day by day...

at the speed of a swelling
river during the rains.

Charity has completely ceased.

The lord of wealth
is reigning everywhere.

There's nobody to listen
to the hungry, poor and despondent.

Believe me,
this earth and sky cannot endure...

any more transgression.

Crimes against young girls
and widows will have an effect.

Have some shame, friends.
Go drown yourselves.

You call the earth your mother...

yet you sit in the mother's
lap and commit such heinous sins.

Watch out,
reform yourselves, worldly men.

The mother is going
to be mortified.

And the time is near when she
will engulf her shameless sons.

Be careful, be careful.
Perhaps some time still remains.

Child, did you go listen
to the scholar's discourse today?

Yes, Baba, l did. The scholar
seems to be very wise.

Child, the life of a city
is no place for the sage.

- Baba?
-That's right, child.

This township isn't worthy
of living in any longer.

Let's go make a home elsewhere.


That's right, child. God made
the idiot to speak the truth today.

Mother is going to
engulf her sons tonight.

Let's go.

Blessed are you, god!

Why do you have expectations,
stupid man?

Your desires are shattered

Why do you have expectations,
stupid man?

The garden which was
once verdant is a wreck today

The gardener is crying

This is the inanity
of the world

Why do you have expectations,
stupid man?

Your desires are shattered

Why do you have expectations,
stupid man?

My sister. Hush. Hush. Hush. Hush.

Hush. Hush. Hush. Hush.

Hush. Hush.

- Show me your ticket.
- Hush, hush, hush!

Show me your ticket!

Check their tickets first.
l'll show it to you in a minute.

- Show me your ticket.
- Hush, hush!

- Show me your ticket.
- You seem to be in a hurry.

Hold her.
Hold her and l'll show it to you.

Where has the ticket gone?

Give my sister to me!
Give my sister to me!


Send everyone to the asylum, but my sister will stay with me!

Look, look, you people
can't care for my sister!

She'll die without me.
Give my sister to me!

Give my sister to me!

God, who in this world
hasn't committed a crime?

Who hasn't and who won't?

But you are merciful, god.

Why do you reflect on our sins?
Reflect on your mercy.

lf man commits a crime,
your duty is not to punish him.

You should express
the truth to him...

so he is shamed
into giving up crime.


Captain, can you tell me
how my sister is and where she is?

She must be crying. Who bathes her?

Does she get enough milk?
Tell me, captain.

You are such a giant and
you're crying for a tiny sister?

- l was apologizing to god.

l had inappropriate thoughts
for god the day of the quake.

That's why he was upset with me.

Perhaps that's why he
took my sister away from me.

You fool, she's in the ashram
over here. She's doing well.

- How do they feed her?
- Three times a day.

Captain! Captain!

Captain, how's my sister doing?

She gets her feed on time,
doesn't she?

You ask me this
five hundred times every day.

How's my sister?
How's my sister?

What's wrong with your sister?
She's just fine.

Go do your work.

How's my sister, captain?

Your sister died!

My sister died? My sister died?

Why did you come here?

Why are you beating me, mother?
This is my sister.

l'm not here to steal. This
is my sister. l came to see her.


- Why are you beating me?
- Tell why?

But sir, why did he
tell me my sister died?

Do you know breaking
out of prison is a crime?

You're being ridiculous, sir.

lf someone came and
told you your sister died...

wouldn't you do the same?

Okay, okay. Come with us.
The babies are disturbed.

Let's go. l came to see my sister.

By god's grace the
captain was wrong.

And l was going to return.
You didn't need to come after me.

l am not a thief or a
criminal who would break out.

Give the child to me.

But sir, tell them my sister
must be fed three times a day.

Yes, yes, she will.

And mother, all these
women here are untrustworthy.

They're no good.
They sleep all day long.

Mother, they sleep all the time.
l'm telling you.

l'm telling you they go to sleep.

lf a thief came instead of me...

lf a thief had come instead of me,
he'd take off with the child.

Amar is released from jail...

and after looking
about here and there...

we see him working
in an iron foundry.

Apply kohl for you, my princess

Your eyes are like roses,
my princess

Apply kohl on you, my princess

l am cherished by my brother

My dear sister is sweet

l embrace you

Your eyes are like roses,
my princess

Apply kohl on you, my princess

People are coming to see me

Because l'm looking so nice

l'll dress you like a bride

l'll dress you like a bride,
my princess

Your eyes are like roses,
my princess

Apply kohl on you, my princess

My Bina will get an education,
grow up.

Then we'll have
a grand wedding for her.

No, l will get you married.

- Really? And to whom will
l get married? - To me.

No way! l won't marry you.
You are a very bad girl.

l shall marry the best.

Tell me Bina, who is the best?

- Shall l tell you?
Shall l tell you? - Yes.

- My brother.
- You naughty girl!

- Champa!
- Brother!

Yes, Bina. Bina, Bina,
Bina, Bina.

Bina, Bina, Bina, Bina.

Champa, l've told you many
times not to do this daily.

l would like to
clean her up myself.

But you come home weary.

What do you mean l come home weary?
l can manage everything on my own.

bring me some sweet dumplings.

l'll bring you sweet dumplings.
l'll bring my girl toys as well.

l'll bring her
anything she asks for.

Brother, Champa says you,
brother, are the best.

Now you sit here and study for a
bit. l'll fetch your book for you.

No brother, l'm feeling sleepy.

How could you be sleepy?
l took you all this time...

and brought you so many things.

Now study for a little while.
My Bina studies more than the rest.

My Bina is such a good girl,
she recites her lessons daily.

Very good, my dear.
My Bina is not a bad girl.

She does very good work.
She works more than all...

and then she studies.
Tell me what you learned yesterday.

What did you learn yesterday?
Good girl.

- ls Bina asleep? - lt's 10:00
PM but you aren't asleep yet.

l'm waiting up for father.
He's gone to aunt's house.

- Then he must be on the way.
- l heard you don't like my cooking.

- Who says so?
- And l heard you're annoyed with me.

- Why would l be annoyed with you?
- l help clean Bina.

- You said so yourself.
- Yes, l'll start taking her with me.

What'll she do there?

l leave her here
at your insistence...

but you've taught
her many bad things.

- l?
- Yes, you.

Get up, get up. Get up.
Let me sleep. Go on, get up!

You go to bed as well.

But tell me what l've done.

Tell you what you've done?
You told her l'm the best.

Why did you say it?
How do you know l'm the best?

And what makes you
think l'm the best?

You're getting
annoyed with me again.

Look Champa, for the
past few days l've noticed...

you stare at me.
l don't like all that.

What's the reason?
Who says l'm such a good man?

Talk. Talk. Why are you silent now?

- Please forgive me.
- Forgive you. Forgive you.

Forgive you.
First you offend someone...

and then ask for forgiveness.
What nonsense!

You're right.

There's no reason to cry.
And what right do you have to cry?

l'm the best? You love me?

Answer me.
What sort of a game is this?

What am l to understand
from your crying?

Maybe you're unhappy.
That's why you're crying.

Possibly you're bothered
because of your poverty.

lt might not be love
for me that bothers you.

lf you love me,
then just admit you love me.

Talk! Won't you answer me? Talk!

Okay. Touch my hand.

lf you touch it,
l'll know you love me.

And if you don't touch it,
l'll know you're crazy...

and that's why you cry.

Go! Go away! Go away! Go away!

- Who were you telling off, brother?
- Nobody. Nobody.

- Tell me.
- Juju came just now.

He told me to leave Bina
and go with him. l told him off.

l'm frightened, brother!
- No, no, don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.
Juju won't come now.

Go to sleep now.
Rest. Rest. You're a good girl.

- No, brother...
- Juju will never return.

Juju won't come here again,
l'll play a tune.

l'll put you to sleep.
He'll never come.

Love can only be paid back with love.

Who deserves it more than Bina?

You raised her. She has
nobody but you in this world.

Bina's life might be affected
if you fall in love with Champa.

You expect her to forget it.
ls that possible?

But how do l suppress
this sudden storm in my heart.

How do l end it?

You can put an end to this storm.

Leave this city right away.

So Champa and you might
never see each other.

lf you don't forget Champa
then you must forget Bina.

- Silence!
- Brother! Brother! Brother!

Bina! Bina!

- Brother! Brother! What
are you doing? - We're leaving.

- Where to?
- Elsewhere.

- Will Champa go with us?
- No, no! Champa won't go with us.

- When will we return?
- Never.

Who will dress me
if Champa won't be there?

l will. l'll dress you myself.

l'll dress you myself.
Sit on my shoulder.

Brother, l'd like to see the owner.

- Why?
- l have business with him.

What business?

l've come because l have business.

- Why else would l come?
- Go.

But l would like to see
the manager of this company.

So, who's that?

But a lady is seated there.

She's the manager
and owner of this company.

- Brother.
- Yes.

She looks just like Champa.

Be quiet. Don't say that.
You want me to be beaten?

- Who is it? - l don't know.
He wishes to see you.

Send him in.

She will see you.

Greetings. Say hello.

- What do you want?
- l've come to see you.

And who is this child?

My sister.

You don't appear to be from Mumbai.

That's correct. l'm from Munger.

The place of the earthquake?

Yes, there was an earthquake.
Our house collapsed.

Both my parents were lost in it.

l went far and wide looking
for them but they weren't found.

- But why are you worried?
You have your brother. - Yes.

- Brother, she talks just
like Champa. - Be quiet.

Pardon me.
l've wasted your precious time.

l'm bothering you simply
because l read an ad...

in the newspaper about your firm.

l felt l should give it a try.
l hoped you might consider me.

Yes. The position is still vacant.

But may l ask what
your qualifications are?

My qualification.
l failed the eleventh grade.

- Failed the eleventh grade?
- Yes, yes.

- What is it?
- Ma'am, these are job applications.

The post is taken.

Why didn't you tell me before
the post had been filled?

You wasted both your time and mine.

Excuse me.
You have filled the post.

- Meaning, meaning, meaning,
you are employing me? - Yes.

Junior! Junior! l'm an employee!

How do l thank you?

Where are you going?

- l'm going inside.
- There's nobody inside.

Do you know l'm an employee?

- Ma'am, this is no way to...
- Come in.

What did you wish to ask?

l wish to ask you where
my seat is and my job description.

You said you'd tell me today.

Starting today,
you're my private secretary...

and that's your desk.

You mean l must sit here?
ln this room?

That's right. Why? Any problem?

Oh no. No problem.

- And where will l sit?
- You?

l'll show you
your place, too. Come.

Brother, please bring
me sweets worth two paisa.

And who will man the post here?

- Run and get it while l stay here.
- That's not possible.

Look brother,
if you don't bring it...

l'll tell your boss
you don't do any work.

You only sit here
smoking all day long.

You know she's a good
friend of mine, don't you?

Oh no, junior. Don't be upset.
l'll bring it right away.

Brother, bring the red and green ones.

My heart chirps

lt chirps. lt chirps.
My heart chirps

Youth is carefree

lt does as it pleases.
Youth is carefree

When the weather is pleasant...

my heart chirps

- Tell me, did you like it?
- Yes.

But it sounds like
you've learned it recently.

Come here, Bina.
l wish to tell you something.

Yes, ma'am.

Ask your brother
if his heart is empty or filled.

Brother, she asked...

Yes, yes, yes. Tell her,
brother's heart is totally deserted.

lt's in ruins. lt has moss
growing on the doors and walls.

- Brother says...
- Okay, tell him, if that's true...

why doesn't he
find someone to fill it?

The ruins will turn into
an immaculate place. Go.

Brother, she says
why don't you fill it?

Then the immaculate
place will turn into ruins.

- Huh? - No, no. lt'll turn
into an immaculate place.

Okay, okay. Tell her, brother
is afraid of an immaculate place...

and he loves the ruins. Go.

Brother says...

Okay. Tell him, sensible
people don't say such things.

lf the heart remains
vacant a little longer...

it will be occupied
by witches and bad spirits.

- Brother, she says...
- Okay, okay. Listen.


Brother says a witch has
occupied his heart for a long time.

Really? Didn't you ask him
what the witch's name is? Ask.

What is the witch's name, brother?

- Bina.
- Bina.

Mr. Amar, do you know
how far we are from the city?

What kind of question is that?

We're in the car,
so how would l know?

l could have told
you if we were walking.

Haven't you been in a car before?

Yes, l've been in a taxi a few times.

But this is a taxi as well.

lf that's the case,
please tell me the fare in advance...

lest there be a dispute later.

Why did you stop the car?

To tell you the fare.

Mr. Amar,
l would like you to permit me...

to win you, with your blessings.

Well, this isn't a bad deal,
but, it is strange ma'am...

travelling fifty to sixty
miles from Mumbai...

has brought about
such a change in you.

- l pray the car stalls.
- lt did stall finally.

Are you implying
l deliberately stalled it?

You think l don't understand?

How could you possibly
stall such a huge car?

lt's not a human being.

My darling is naive.
He doesn't comprehend love

My darling plays with
my younger sister-in-law...

while the mood goes to waste

My beloved,
he doesn't comprehend love

My darling is naive.
He doesn't comprehend love

l spread the blanket
on a high scaffold

My darling went to sleep

l sat there alone.
l felt offended

He doesn't comprehend love

My darling is naive.
He doesn't comprehend love

Greetings, brother.

Greetings, sir.
Greetings. Please sit.

l learned your car broke down.

Yes, it seems so.

But tell me, can we find
a place to spend the night?

Oh no, finding a place
to stay is difficult.

As you can see, there's only one room.

l see. Then we
can sleep out here.

Yes, that's possible.
You won't have any problem, nor l.

And food can be arranged.
Will you have cannabis?

Oh no. No cannabis. No cannabis.

What is your caste?

l? l'm a Brahmin but
l don't know about her.

You mean you got married
without knowing her caste?

We aren't married.
l keep proposing but he refuses.

Oh lord!
You proposed marriage yourself?

What choice did l have?
l tried hinting...

but he wouldn't understand.
Finally l blurted it out.

- Have you studied English?
- Yes.

Well, then, that's okay.


What a moonlight!

l wish l could
come here every day...

and the car runs
out of gas every time.

Right, Amar?

That's your wish.

But you must bring another companion.

Why do you detest me so?

Detest? How could l detest you?

You're my boss and
l your employee.

But l don't want you
to remain my employee.

That can be remedied easily.
Fire me.

Why won't you understand
what l'm trying to say?

l understand everything.
lt's late. Go to sleep.

Or if you wish l
could go to Mumbai...

and send both, the driver
and gas by the first train.

Just the gas would do.

l see.

Give me.

Give me. Give my coat to me.

She's going to irritate
me all night long.

Bina's temperature went up
last night, sir. lt was very high.


Why didn't you summon the doctor?

Ass! l go out one day
and he aggravates my daughter.


- Brother.
- Bina.


Hello. Hello. This is Amar.

Dr. Joshi, please come quick.
Bina is ill. Please be quick.

- Doctor?
- The child has caught cold.

That's why she's running a fever.

Send the servant over
and l'll give him the medicine.

- There's no reason to panic,
is there? - No, not at all.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Narayan, why are you
nodding off over here?

Go to bed.

Go on, go to bed.


Bina, open your eyes.

Look, Narayan is heating
milk to bring to you.

My Bina will drink her milk.
Bina is a very good girl.

Open your eyes, Bina.

Please have your tea, sir.
You've been awake all night.

You get some rest
while l sit next to her.


Hello. Oh! lt's you.

l cannot come.

- Bina's had a fever since yesterday.
- That's no reason to panic.

Children keep getting ill.

Look, attending the party
this evening is imperative.

No, l can't come.


Bina. Open your eyes.
Get up. Drink your milk.

Narayan has brought
hot milk for you.

The doctor said Bina will get
better when she drinks hot milk.

My Bina will drink hot milk.

- Hello! - You mean you won't
go to the party this evening?

- l told you Bina is very ill.
- You must go.

ls that an order?
How can you expect me to leave her?

l gave my word.

Hello? Hello?

What are you doing
over and over again?

You hang up before our
conversation is finished.

l'm free from this transgression.

Goodbye Narayan. l am leaving.

Hello. There's no Amar over here.

l don't know any Amar.
Only Mr. Narayan is here.

Hang up! Shut up!

And once more his
great love for Bina...

drives Amar away from
his life of ease and luxury...

and after five years of hardship
and struggle we find him.

Sir, this man is very hardworking.

Sir, this man does
his job very well.

Sir, this man works day and night.

Sir, this man is a scoundrel.
He doesn't do any work.

l'd fire him at the end of
this month if you gave the word.

Sure, but the man
appears very well-built.

The basis of his anger
is something else, sir.

- lf you don't mind l'd like to tell you.

Sir, our homes are
in the same vicinity.

My Shera barks at him
when he passes my house.

He's angry with me for that.

Lies! Complete lies! His Shera
is my Chameli's offspring, sir.

No way would he bark at me.
You're lying.

He didn't bark at him earlier, sir.

He barks at him ever
since he sold Chameli.

Do you see how
rude he is, sir?

He doesn't greet you properly?

Don't you see the
boss is standing here?

So what should l do?

Did he hire me to work
or to salute him?

You're back to your work?

Can't you at least bow to the boss?

Mr. Rajender, l'd like
you to settle this matter today.

Did you hire me here
to work or to salute you?

You need not ask.
l've employed you to work.

Lend me your ears, sir.

Please don't compare
me with your other employees.

lf you bother me
one bit hereafter then...

What will you do?
Hang me? Murder me?

l'll skin you and stuff
you with sawdust, get it?

Do you see that, sir?
The new generation.

This man hadn't eaten for three days.

He came to me looking for a job.

l felt sorry for him
and employed him and today...

And why don't you also tell him...

you took his ancestral silver
ring he was left with as a bribe.

Not true, sir, it was brass.

- ls your name Amar?
- Yes.

l'd like to know if man can
survive three days without food.

Mr. Rajender,
l can't speak for others...

but many times l've starved
three days at a time and survived.

And you never tried to beg?

No. Coincidentally
l didn't get a job...

but l couldn't bring myself to beg.

You seem to be a respectable man.

That's right. As long as
l had good luck and had money...

l was respectable.
Ever since l became poor...

and troubles besieged me,
l'm a disgrace.

How's that?

Mr. Rajender, apparently
you don't know the laws of society.

Mr. Amar, give me your address.

- Brother.
- Would you like some betel leaf?

Does Mr. Amar live here?

Mr. Amar...

Do you know his address?

- You know, the tall strong man who
works at the factory. -Yes, yes.

Look, the address is written here.
Number 45.

- Forty-five. Forty-five.
- l get that, sir.

- You have business with him?
- Yes, business.

l don't know. l'm new here.
l came here only yesterday.

l see.

Where does Amar live? The tall man.

- This way.
- ln this lane?

- Yes.
- Okay.

Does Mr. Amar live here?

You want to know about brother?

l see. So Mr. Amar is your brother?

Would you tell him Mr.
Rajender wishes to see him?

Lies. My brother has no friend
by the name of Rajender.

Excuse me.

What's it to you? Just tell him.

- l won't do that. - lf you don't
tell him, l'll call out to him.

- Call.
- Mr. Amar!

Mr. Amar!

Mr. Amar!

- Call him again.
- You'll make a noise again.

Certainly. Tell me what
business you have first.

l have very important business,
but l can only tell him.

l won't call brother
unless you tell me.

But you wouldn't understand.

Why wouldn't l understand?
Am l a child?

- l'll be fifteen this year.
- You are an obstinate girl.

l am writing a book about
all people around the world...

with diverse customs,
the condition of their lives...

their happiness,
and their problems.

So tell me,
what's going on with your trial?

lt's god's grace. The hearing is
the day after tomorrow, brother.

God willing, l'll win.

Yes, you have a strong case.

And even more importantly...

my lawyer is very good.

Where you going, brother?
Come have a betel leaf.

- Uncle? When did you return
from your village? - Today.

- Are your kids well?
- Yes, god is merciful.

And my youngest son Shankar
misses you very much.

Yes, he must be grown now.

Brother. Brother.
Something strange has happened.

- A strange man?
- Yes. He's wearing a suit.

He asked about you.
l told him no Amar lives here.

Then he questioned your sister.

l signalled her not to tell.
l hope she understood.

What's the harm even if she tells?

lt could be harmful. He
looks like a secret police to me.

He carried a small book, too.

- So why didn't you punch him?
-What are you saying, brother?

l'm a thief.
How can l assault him?

To hell with him!
l'll deal with him right away.

Are you going to write
so many details in that book?

- Yes.
- Will you also write about...

the potato peels l tossed at you?

Yes, l'll write that as well.

Will you call your brother now?

The fact is, my brother hasn't
returned from work, mister.

He hasn't returned from work?

But he left the factory
at 4:00 PM today.


What factory?

l guess you're mistaken.

My brother Amar
is a school teacher.

You must be looking
for another Mr. Amar.

- Schoolteacher?
- Yes, yes.

Give me a description
of my brother Amar.

Your brother is fair skinned,
burly and very tall.

That's untrue. My brother
isn't like that. He isn't.

My brother is dark skinned,
thin and as short as me.

- Oh, what a blunder!
- Yes, sir.

- You speak English?
- Yes, sir.

- Then why didn't you tell me before?
- No sir.

Mr. Rajender?

- Mr. Amar, is this your house?
- Yes.

Come in, come in.

Mr. Amar,
before l say anything else...

- l have to complain.
- Complain? Tell me.

- Call your sister.
- Apparently my sister was up to mischief.

Junior! Bina! Come here.

Why don't you come here?
Come here. Come, come.

Mr. Amar, you won't believe this.

Your sister told at least
150 lies in thirty minutes.

That's why she's hiding her face.

You hear that?
Mr. Rajender says you lied to him.

Come. Come here. Look. Come, come.


Closer. Closer. Closer.

- Did you lie?
- Yes, brother.


Brother, he was enquiring about you.

l thought, if l tell
him brother isn't at home...

he might say he'd wait inside.

And when you'd come home...

you'd ask me why
l let a stranger into the home.

Then again if l told him
you didn't live here and he left...

and he turned out
to be your friend...

who has some business with you...

then you'd get upset
l didn't invite him in.

l thought about that
and kept him busy.

So you could get here
and speak to him personally.

l just said whatever l
could think of during this time.

Do you hear that, Mr. Rajender?
l hope you have no grievance now.

No sir, not at all. l didn't
know your sister was so intelligent.

Very good!

Bina, this is my boss, Mr. Rajender.

l work at his factory.
Say hello. Go on.

Say hello. Come on, say hello.

Brother, so he made a mistake.

Had he told me this earlier...

l would you have invited
him to sit and offered him tea.

Very good!

Okay, take this and put it away.

Take care you don't
cut your finger.

Mr. Rajender, my sister is all
l have left to keep me going in life.

You've heard all the details...

and you can imagine
the troubles l went through...

to raise her.

She was so little
when l left the house.

Mr. Amar, frankly speaking your
character is worthy of writing in a book.

Actually that's the reason l came.

l'm writing a book.
l'd like some help from you.

What are you saying?

Book and laborer
are like chalk and cheese.

Anyway, that shouldn't bother you.
That's my concern.

Just come to my house with me...

so l may speak
with you undisturbed.

Look, l am in no condition
to visit a bigwig's home...

but l guess l'll accompany
you since you asked.

Brother, please come back soon.

- Why? Are you afraid?
- No, l'm not afraid.

But l get very hungry.
And l don't eat without brother.

That means you love
your brother very much?

That's right.
And brother loves me, too.

Liar! l don't love you.

You don't? Okay.

Then l'll do the dishes today...

and my face and hands will get dirty.
And l won't eat either.

- Then who will get a beating?
- And who will cry? Me or you.

You wouldn't understand.

l slapped her once
over some mischief.

She seemed to take
it in her stride...

but l continued to cry
for two hours. She only moped.

Mr. Amar, it's normal for
siblings to love each other...

but your case is praiseworthy.

That's nothing, sir. Come with me.

Look at this, Mr. Rajender.

All this is memorabilia
from Bina's childhood.

No matter the hardships l face...

all these items are always
with me. For example... this knife.

She persisted until
l got it for her.

One day, she was sharpening a pencil
when she cut half her finger.

For three months it was bandaged.

And... Look at this. This shoe.

You might wonder where
the other shoe is.

lt's like this. She got blisters
on her feet with that shoe.

She got angry, got rid
of it and limped around on one shoe.

Bina! Bina! Where did
the pacifier disappear?

That's with me, brother.

Why? Why remove it from here?

l tried it to see how it tastes.

ldiot. Put it back.

She's a weirdo, sir.
l used to bring such pacifiers...

and within an hour
or two she would chew them up.


Have some.

- Brothers! l've been robbed!
- What happened?

- Yes, yes!
- Silence please.

First ask him how much he lost.

You want to know how much?

- You would hurt if you
lost that much. - Tell us.

Listen. 5975 was the
number on the five rupee note.

The five rupee note was
real and a fake two rupee note.

And... fifty paise.

Oh Ram! Thank god! Thank god!

Thank god! Thank god! Thank god!

What's the matter, brother?
What happened?

What can l tell you, my girl?
Just thank god! Thank god!

Take this. Look at it.

Tell me, how can one
trust anybody in this world?

There's no more faith
in this world, my dear.

What happened, brother?

l worked through the month.
Toiled day and night...

and when l demanded money,
he made excuses.

When he finally gave it to me,
he gave a fake two rupee note.

Now tell me, to whom do l complain?

Ram! Ram! Ram! Thank you, god!

That's no reason to worry, brother.

Neither will the boss be able
to build castles for two rupees...

nor will we become rich.

As long as you
are fit and healthy...

god will give us
thousands of rupees.

God is my sole support.
He sends it to me somehow.

And from places where there's
no hope at all. None at all.

Yes, brother.
Only god knows his ways.

Thank you, god! Thank you!

Mr. Amar,
l have no leisure pursuits.

By god's grace l have everything.

All l want is to write a book
that will make a name for me.

l pray it happens.

Yes, l'm doing my best.
lf only you would help me, too.

Please excuse me.
This isn't my cup of tea.

You don't get it, Mr. Amar.

l want you to come
stay here for a few days...

so l might study your life.

Mr. Rajender, l can't do that.

But you won't have any problems.

Look, Mr. Amar,
this drawing room, that bedroom...

and this good quality furniture,
all for your convenience.

Mr. Rajender, are you trying
to entice a child with toys?

You should know some time
back l, too, had a house like this.

lt was furnished. l willingly
left it to my servant Narayan.

Have you ever considered the fact...

if you evaluate
this furniture justly...

roughly 100 people could
be provided food and shelter.

People who have no place
to live or food to eat.

Mr. Amar, quite frankly, this
has never occurred to me before now.

That means you've been
living life with your eyes shut.

- Who's it for?
- The master's guest.

So a new creature is here today?

Back. Back. Take it away!

- Rajen!
- Yes, father.

- l tell you, you've lost your mind.
- Excuse me, father.

Didn't you find a saint today?
You brought yet another man.

ls this house a
sanctuary or a hotel?

l've told you so many times...

if you want to open a sanctuary...

why not do it at the factory?

Why do you ruin the
furniture in the house!

Father, you interfere without
understanding a thing.

You don't know. My book can't
be completed without their help.

So who asked you to write a book?

You harp about the
book all day long.

The father never wrote a letter
and the son is writing a book!


Mr. Amar,
please don't be offended by father.

He just rambles on.

Quite possibly, Mr. Rajender.

Some people pass out
after consuming alcohol...

while others are comatose
under the influence of money.

Pardon me but you're one of them.
l'll take your leave now.

As you wish. l can't force you.

But promise me something.

Our friendship won't
be affected in any way.

Look, there's a great
disparity between you and me.

Nonetheless, l shall do my best.
Well, goodbye.

Do you have to play the drum
even if there's no audience?

You're hurting my ears
for no reason whatsoever.

That's all well and good, brother...

but l composed
a beautiful song just now.

Shut up! A tone deaf
person can't compose a song.

No brother, you must listen
to it or l'll get upset.

Okay. Sing. Let's hear it. Sing.

But brother,
don't laugh or make me laugh.

Okay, l won't. Sing.

Brother doesn't eat with me

How is he to feed
himself or feed another?

There are no groceries
in the house

Brother doesn't eat with me

He won't let me eat
and doesn't eat himself

He acts high and mighty

He thinks Bina is still naive

His ears are red with anger

Brother doesn't eat with me

What do you think, brother?

- How much is this?
- A quarter.

- This?
- One rupee.

- This? - A quarter.
- This? - Thirty-five paisa.

- This. - Fifty paisa.
- This? - Seventy-five Paisa.

- This? - One rupee.
- This? - A quarter.

And what if l don't have a quarter?

- Then don't buy it.
- Listen.

Can't we make a deal?

Look, my brother gives
me two paisa every day.

So take the two paisa
and give me the item.

Then you take two paisa tomorrow,
the day after, and so on.

And this way your
money will be paid off.

Oh no, no need for that.
You take what you want.

Don't worry about the money.

No, mister. l can't take it.

- Why?
- Brother will get annoyed.

l know how scared
you are of your brother.

- Tell me what you want.
- Mister...

don't talk to me that way.

- Why not?
- You aren't my brother.

- Okay, tell me what you want.
- l want nothing.

You won't take it?
l'll complain to your brother.

- Don't hold me responsible then.
- l'm not afraid of that.

But l'll take it
if you do as l say.

- What's that?
- l'll take these things now.

You pay him.

But l'll owe you the money.

Either l'll ask
brother to give it to you...

or l'll pay back two paisa a day.

Okay, tell me what you want.

This, this, this, this, this.

Please pack all these items, brother.

Okay, sir.

Now calculate the money.
How much did you pay him?

Why are you concerned
about the money?

Consider these a gift from me.

Why would l do that?
Why would l accept gifts from you?

But strangers can
come close this way.

But how's that possible?
You are rich and we are poor.

How can we come close?

- Who told you that?
- Brother said so.

Bina, why don't you
suggest to your brother...

to come stay with
me for a few days?

And you come and
stay there as well.

What do you have in your house?
Do you have very nice stuff?

l have lots of stuff.
A big house, many servants...

and good quality furniture.

What furniture?
You mean tables, chairs and beds?

Yes. And l have two
or three cars as well.


lf l stay at your house,
will you take me for a drive every day?

Never mind taking you for a drive,
l'll give you the car.

You'll give me a car?
For sure? - For sure.

You rich men tell lies.

- Who told you that?
- Brother says so.

- From where did all this stuff come?
- l bought it.

And who paid for it?

Mr. Rajender showed up.
He paid for it.

Damn Rajender!
Why did you ask him for money?

l didn't ask him.
The vendor was there.

l was asking him the prices.

He came along and bought
this stuff against my will.

l told him l don't want
it but he wouldn't relent.

So l told him l'd
tell brother to pay him.

Why did you go out
of the house at all?

You want to paint your
face with red make up, too?

l'll slap your face
until it becomes red.

lnsolent girl! You want to wear make up?
Throw everything out!

This too!

During the ancient ages
a man lived in a big city.

He used to work in a factory.

He had a kid sister
who was very nice.

She never got up to mischief.

Her brother reprimanded her daily
for no good reason.

And... And... And...
And... What's written here, brother?

- Brother, you aren't annoyed
with me now, are you? - No.

Then will you bring me something?

- What?
- Rouge make up.

My girl!

Oh! You're so late, brother.

When will l cook
and when will you eat?

My girl, we eat food every day...

but one doesn't
find god every day.

God? What are you saying, brother?

l mean it.

Oh no. Not yet.
Close your eyes first.

- Close your eyes.
-Oh no, brother. Show me first.

Never mind.


l'll close my eyes.

- God.
- God.

Every day you complained
that god's throne was vacant.

lt won't remain vacant
any longer, will it?

That's right, brother.

See how nice it looks.

how much did the alter cost you?

How much? Are you crazy?

You can't buy god.

He goes to the home of
the person on whom he shows mercy.

All that is very well,
brother, but how did you get it?

Did you ask someone for it?

You could say that.

lt was in a place where
nobody offered flowers or water.

l thought it best
l take it with me.

l didn't really take it.

Nobody can take
god against his wish.

That's true, brother. That's true.

lt's true, but why don't
you sing a bajan for god.

You provoke me every day.

Of course. Why not?

l chant your name every day

My dearest Shyam

l chant your name every day

l wander around as
a nun and lose my way

Roaming the streets
looking for you

Where are you my Lord Krishna

My dearest Shyam

l chant your name every day

Hail the revered
one who plays the flute

Hail, hail, hail, Queen Radha

My greetings to you

My dearest Shyam

l chant your name every day

- Hello.
- Brother isn't at home. Goodbye.

So what if brother isn't home?
You're at home.

l'm upset with you.

Upset with me? Why?

Of course. The other day
l told you not to buy me things...

but you wouldn't listen.

Finally brother got annoyed
with me and threw out everything.

l don't know how l'll repay you.

l don't care about that.
You have to repay me.

You won't get one paisa, mister.

- Why should l pay when
l don't have the articles? - Well done!

- You don't make good deals.
- That's right.

Very good.

- Hey, l drank from that glass.
- So what?

Now your mouth is dirty.

- Why's that?
- You drank the same water l did.

And l lie a lot.

Undoubtedly you lie a lot.

You just said brother
threw everything away.

But these bangles are still...

That's not it, mister.
l had hidden these.

You shouldn't have done that.

When brother threw away
all the other stuff...

- lt occurred to me to
toss them away but... - But?

l didn't.

- What will you do with them?
- Nothing. l'll keep them.

Really? Then why don't
you give me two bangles.

l'll keep them with me.

What for?

l will give them to
my wife when l get married.

Here. But give them
to her on my behalf.

Let me help you.

- l pray your wife is a fatso.
- Why?

So these bangles don't fit her.

- l pray she's exactly like you.
- Speak to brother.


- Bina?
- Please leave quickly, mister.

Okay. Bina, l am leaving.

Look, l've brought you
some vermilion. Please take it.

- l won't.
- Why not?

lf you like,
you can pay me two paisa.

Please return in a
couple of days, mister.

Kusum, you worship god so much.

- Do you ever pray for anything?
- Yes, l do.

- What?
- Don't ask me that.

Why are you being coy with me?
Tell me, tell me.

Every day l pray to god...

that a poor husband
would be acceptable...

but not a gambler or alcoholic.

You silly!
Your wishes are lacking.

What if he's a good man and
he isn't a gambler or alcoholic...

but he's a toothless
old grouch who smokes all day long?

Oh no. God won't commit this injustice.

Whether he does or does not,
you must begin praying today.

Pray your husband is only three
or four years older than you...

well educated, not very hostile...

even if he's rich
and has a car...

but someone who's good natured.

One who loves me...

and surprises me
with nice saris and jewelry.

Say these things.

l didn't have all
these things on my mind.

You can keep all these things
in your mind and pray for them.

l was saying it for your benefit.

l have never prayed
or worshipped god to this day.

Brother refuses
to bring home an alter.

He says, Bina is my goddess Laxmi,
goddess Saraswati...

Ganga and Kali.
l don't worship any other.

Many times l told him to
bring a small alter for my sake.

He said,
you are a goddess yourself...

which goddess will you worship?

Now how do l answer that?

Ask your brother
the answer to that.

You ask my brother.
He's a brother to you as well.

No, no.

So that's how it is.

Okay, let's pray.

l'll talk to god today
into fulfilling your wish.

Take me to your town

Lord of Gokul

l'd like to be lost
in your thoughts

l'd like to stay
away from this world

This place is a market
of transgressions

Lord of Gokul

Take me to your town

Lord of Gokul

Keep showing us good things

Show us the correct path

Black clouds loom. Lord of Gokul

Take me to your town

Lord of Gokul

Don't hide it.
l've seen it. Who is that?

Your Bina.

And that?



Good girls don't play such games.

Give it to me.

- l pray she's exactly like you.
- Speak to brother.

l don't trust these rich men!

Bina! Bina! Disaster has struck.

- What?
- A catastrophe. God is missing.

How do you know?

Oh god! What have
you gone and done, Bina?

Why? What's wrong?
l wanted to speak to god privately.

That's why l brought it.

Bina, you've committed a sin.

l don't know about that.
l'm losing my mind these days.

Look Bina, l'm cautioning
you to take control of your mind...

or else, god forbid,
you'll fall ill.

l already know that.
Touch my forehead.

Kusum, l'm going to bring
medicine from the doctor.

l'll be back shortly.
Please keep an eye on her.

l've been robbed.
l destroyed. Run! Run!

Someone picked my pocket!
Run! Run! Thief!

Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief!

Where are you coming from?

lt's nothing, brother.

l was on the night shift.
l got off just now.

Night shift. So you
refuse to quit your antics?

No antics, brother.
The night shift pay is higher.

- Nothing else.
- You should be ashamed of yourself.

Brother, l would if l didn't get hungry.

Listen, brother. How is Bina?

She's the same.
l'm going to bring medicine.


How long has she been unwell?

Three or four days.

- Did the doctor come?
- No, he didn't come.

Her brother has gone
to the doctor to get medicine.

What medicine?
Such medicine doesn't do any good.

Such patients require
a lot of care.

The doctor should tend to her...

and a nurse be here all day.

That won't happen here.

l'm taking her to my house.
She'll have all that over there.

But let her brother
come back first.

No need for that.

When he returns tell him Mr.
Rajender took her to his house...

and he should come there.

Leaving a patient like
this even one minute...

could be hazardous.

Bina, don't panic. l'm taking
you to my house. ln the car.


What do you want?
Let me help you.

- He took Bina with him.
- Who took her?

Mr. Rajender.

Why'd you let him take her?

l tried to stop him...

but he said to send you
to his house when you return.

Send me!

Brother, l wasn't there.

- Had l been he couldn't have taken her.
- Lies!

Even you would lose.

What's this?

- Father, l...
- Damn father! Shame on you!

The house was a refuge until now.

Do you want to turn the
house into a highway now?

What absurdity is this?
Do you want to disgrace me?

Who have you brought
off the streets?

And you rendered her
unconscious and brought her.

Take a good look at her, father.

- Such girls don't live in the streets.
- l don't want to know!

Take her back immediately.

Please calm down.

We'll discuss it later.

No way! l'll create a furor!
l'll set fire to the house!

Take her out immediately!

Okay, l'll take her away...

but l'll stay at this
girl's house until she recovers.

What did you say? Wait, wait!

- She's unwell?
- Yes.

- She's got fever?
- Yes, a high fever.

So what are you waiting for?

Why you standing here holding her
in your arms? Go! Put her down inside.

Rajender! Call doctor
Bhatia and tell him to hurry.

Why don't you call him, father?

- Please call him.
- Very well.


Hello. Who is that? Doctor?

- Who brought my sister here?
- Silence!

- Silence? Why?
- Look, Amar...

lt's not what you think.

No, no, l'll take her home.

She won't get good
treatment over there.

She will. Who treated
her when she got ill before?

Who stayed awake through
the night then? You?

- l've brought medicine.
- Amar...

you don't understand.
She was a child before.

She's an adult now.
She needs a nurse.

No, no, no, no!
She's still a child to me, get it?

l'll take her away with me.
l'll take her.

She's still unconscious.
Her temperature is 104 degrees.

She could get pneumonia.
She needs rest.

No, no. Nobody in this world but
l can bring relief to my sister.

l'll take her with me.
l'll take her with me.

Wait, Mr. Amar. Listen to me.

Mr. Rajender,
if this girl is troubled so much...

in this condition,
she might not make it till morning.

She might not make it? Bina?

Bina... might die?

Just like the rest of them. No. No.

Okay, doctor.

- What are you doing, brother?
- l am vacating the house.

Make some sense, brother.
Where will you go at 3:00 AM?

Anywhere. But l must
evacuate the house by morning.

What's the reason
for all the hurry?

Reason? No reason.
l can't keep Bina here.

lf l don't leave by morning...

he'll come again and bother her.

You're leaving over such a trivial matter?

And with a patient?

- What else can l do? Tell me.
- Are you a small child?

Why are you so afraid of him?

Moti, l'm afraid because
l might beat him in a fit of rage.

And then he might die
and there'd be hell to pay.

Who would look
after this girl then?

You don't have to
go into such detail.

Just pick up your luggage and
put it in my place and stay there.

lf he comes asking l'll
tell him you crept away at night.

Where, l don't know..

He'll leave and you
can return to your house.

That seems to be a good idea.
Let's go.

- C'mon, pick up the luggage.
- Let's go.

Do you know where Mr. Amar went?

Amar left the house last night.

But he must have left
a forwarding address.

That's just the problem, mister.

He didn't leave an address.

l had only one support
and that's gone.

- Lord knows what will
become of Bina. - You mean...

Yes sir, they used to
give me a few rupees a month.

l used to manage with that.

What will become of me now? God!

Look, don't worry. Four or
five rupees is no big deal. Here.

Be happy, mister.
May you enjoy the joys of youth.

May you have many children.

Find happiness.

Just as you've pleased
an old widow's soul.

Bina. Come on, Bina. Eat your food.

No, brother.
l won't eat this stuff.

You won't eat!
You think l cooked this for myself?

What can l say? l'm not hungry.

Why won't you admit you've
eaten at Kusum's place?

What would l eat there?
l went there for worship.

All you do is worship.
You don't talk to anyone.

You don't know if
it's morning or evening.

You don't eat or drink.
You sit in worship all the time.

What's happened to
you since your recovery?

- l don't know.
- lt's also okay.

Don't eat if you don't want.
Even l won't eat.

Brother Amar, what's the matter?

For the past fifteen
days l've noticed...

you've been lost in deep thought.

By God's grace Bina has recovered.

Recovered, like hell!
Your sister gave her another disease.

- Kusum? - Yes, Kusum!
She taught her to worship.

She prays every day and every night.

She doesn't think of food or drink.

She doesn't bother
combing her hair all day.

She's quiet all the time.

She doesn't laugh or have fun.

Even you've observed her.
She doesn't have fun.

She is not the same.
She's not the same Bina.

God knows what she's contracted.

That's true. That's true.
This is a very bad disease.

Ask me how l know. Ask.


My Kusum has had this disease
for the past five years.

And she still has it.
The irony is that l know the cure.

But poverty is a terrible malady.

lf l don't have money to sate
the stomach, how do l get a cure?

Will you tell me what the cure is?
Where can l find it?

God knows, brother,
but there's only one remedy.

- Get her married as
soon as possible. - What?

Get her married?
Hand my Bina over to a stranger?

Why are you talking like a child, brother?

Brother, the truth is, neither
is Kusum mine nor Bina yours.

Love and affection are
good during their childhood.

Once they come of age,
they are like the bitter pill.

Without marriage, there's no solution.

lt's all a lie.
What can you or l do about it?

lt was something else
when they were young.

We could make them happy
by giving them sweets and toys.

lf they still didn't come round,
we'd take them to the fair.

They'd settle down.

But brother,
sweets and toys won't work anymore.

Now they're better off
in the rags their husbands provide.

The finest attire their maternal
family provides isn't good enough.

Brother, that's why the elders say...

sons are your own wealth...

and daughters are the wealth of another.

Sure, you love Bina very
much but just bite the bullet...

and get her married.
Bina is grown up now.

Have you gone blind?
She's still a child!

Bina! Bina! Bina!
Bina! Bina! Look here. Look here.

l've brought you
something very nice today.

Something you love.

- What?
- l won't just give it to you.

lt's marvelous. lt's your favorite,
but l won't show it to you.

- l'll give it to you
on one condition. - What?

l'll give it to you if you
laugh continuously for two minutes.

Show it to me first.

l'll show it to you if
you first promise to laugh.

- Show it to me first.
- First promise me you'll laugh.

Then you'll see it..

l'll laugh if you
show it to me first.

Okay, okay. Okay, okay. Okay.

Look, look, look, look, look.
Your favourite item. Rouge.

l was wondering what it was. Rouge?




Why? Don't you want rouge anymore?

A few days ago you
picked my brains for rouge.

That was different.
l'm not a child anymore.

My Bina has become an old grandma.

Amar. Come take a seat.

Uncle, l wish to ask you something.

How does one make
a grown up girl happy?

That's easy. Get her married.

What? Get her married!
Everyone talks about marriage.

Uncle, did you buy your
experience at the shop?

Why don't you think
before you speak?

Son, l did contemplate
before speaking.

l have seen a lot more
of the world than you.

Like hell you've seen it!
You call that good advice?

Telling me to cut up my
heart and give it to another.

Gouge out my own eyes
and give them to the blind.

- Sever my head and die.
- My boy...

the irony is, even
if you do all these things...

she still won't be happy.

That's right, uncle,
that certainly how it seems to be.

But for god's sake, uncle,
please tell me another solution.

Uncle, what will you
gain if l lose my Bina?

Why are you advocating marriage?

Try to understand, uncle.

How do l take the
light out of my house...

and place it another's home...

and darken my house forever?

That's true, son,
but that's the way of the world.

- What can one do?
- What can one do?

- Moti.
- Yes, brother.

There's something l don't understand.


Either the whole world
is a fool or l'm the fool.

Oh no, brother. Not you. Not you.

The entire world is a fool.
But what's the matter?

What could the matter be?

Everyone l approach suggests
l get Bina married...

swallow poison or die. That's it.

Brother Amar,
you won't understand this way.


There's one more test.
Try it and you'll know for certain.

Tell me. Listen.

Go to Bina and tell her...

you don't think she'll
get better this way.

Apparently, she's fed up with this house.

You'll marry her to anyone she likes.

Just say that and remain silent.

Watch how she gets
better the very next day.

And if she doesn't,
you may punish me.

Bina, l understand you're
fed up with this place.

l can get you married
to whoever you wish.

That way this daily
problem will be settled.

Kusum! Kusum!

What? What?

- Really?
- Really.

- With whomever you wish?
- Yes.

But how do l tell him...

Hey Kusum, why are you moping?

You think l'll leave you?

My name isn't Bina if l
don't personally make you a bride.

Where will brother go?

l just have to fast one day.
Quit eating and brother caves in.

l'm swirling, for l've grown up

l'll go to my darling's home.
l'll go to my beau's home

My heart is no longer
with my parental home

l'm swirling, for l've grown up

My friends and pals are married

l am tempted

Everything seems
forlorn without you

l am like the divine wind

l'm swirling, for l've grown up

l'll go to my darling's home.
l'll go to my beau's home

My heart is no longer
with my parental home

l'm swirling, for l've grown up

Did you see that, brother?
Do you believe it now?

Sometimes your disciple
can come up with things...

that would cause
the best of gurus to bow.

Brother Amar, trust me,
girls are like little rivulets.

They don't find peace until
they merge with the ocean.

mountains, valleys and ruins...

they cut through, go over,
under, swirl and get ahead.

They don't stop for anyone.

They become calm the moment
they unite with the ocean.

Moti, l could never
separate Bina from me.

Then you are doomed.


Can't there be a way
to get Bina married...

and still live with me?

Brother, you want a live-in
son-in-law. That is difficult.

Only the wealthy can
find live-in sons-in-law.


Why don't l get...

Bina married to you?


Brother. Brother.

l'd rather you hit me
with the shoe fifty times...

- but don't tease me in this way.
- l'm not teasing.

You swear?

But brother,
l have no source of income.

- The girl will live at your house?
- Of course!

Forgive me, brother.
That was your first condition.

- l forgot.
-Pay attention to me, Moti.

Bina will always stay with me.

Certainly. Certainly.

But brother,
please don't complain later.

You know what my line of work is.

Everything depends on god.

Don't concern yourself with that.
l've thought that over.

A cane works wonders.

Okay. Okay.
lt works, it works. lt works.

My girl! My girl! Hurry up.

- What is it?
- Hurry, hurry, hurry.

- Hurry what?
- Hurry, hurry.

- Hurry what?
- Hurry up and make arrangements.

What arrangements?
Are you leaving this house?

- Shall l pack your things?
- l'm not leaving home.

l'm setting up a family.

- You swear?
- l swear.

- With whom? - l won't tell
you that now. But you like her.

- So why won't you tell me?
- Make the arrangements first.

How do l make arrangements?
Where's the money?



God willing, the money
will be arranged.

You need to do something.


Look, you perform your worship...

and the labor
will be my department.

- Don't you dare move!
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello.

One moment, sir. Just one moment.

- Why?
- Just listen to what l say, sir.

- What? - Sir, don't you
love anyone in this world?

- What do you mean?

if you send me to prison
l'll be out of trouble.

l'll get my daily meals.
But l have a sister.

Younger than me.

She won't have anyone
to take care of her.

Either she'll starve to death
or she'll find a means to survive.

Sir, you're aware there are
bigger fools than me in the world.

They'll push the poor
thing into a life of sin.

Can't you manage without stealing?
Why don't you find honest work?

Firstly, jobs are not
available these days.

And it takes a lot
of hard work to steal.

But it is bad. Very bad.
Just forgive me this time.

But how can you convince
me you won't steal again?

Sir, l swear l left the
house today with a plan...

not to steal ever again.

lf l did, then god may punish me...

by not letting
me see Kusum married.

l am in great need of money, sir.

What need? You have
to get your sister married?

No sir, l'm getting married myself.

You mean there are
people in this world...

who are willing to get their
daughters married to thieves?

- Tell me his name.
- Don't ask me his name, sir.

- You know the man.
- l know him?

l knew this was your house, sir.
l recognized you on sight.

- Then you must tell me.
- Sir, it is your friend, Mr. Amar.


- With Bina.
- Yes.

- Amar agreed?
- He said so himself.

- Does Bina know?
- No.

l saw you at their house once.
What's your name?

- Moti.
- Moti. Listen to me, Moti.

lf you want to get the money,
not be disgraced...

and your sister
not to get in trouble...

then you must refuse
this marriage instantly, or else!

Why are you preventing
someone's settling down, sir?

Silence! l know you don't
love Bina, nor she you.

That's true, sir,
but she's a very pretty girl.

l know. How much money do you need?

Five to six hundred rupees
should be sufficient, sir.

You will receive
six hundred rupees...

but you must go
and turn down Mr. Amar.

Make arrangements
to marry someone else.

But sir, please don't
mention this to Mr. Amar.

- Very well. Go.
- Okay, sir.

- And look.
- Yes, sir.

Don't play dirty with me. Don't make
the mistake of thinking you got away.

Oh no, sir.
l wouldn't dare. Goodbye.

- Look here.
- Yes sir.

- You must do one more thing.
- What's that?

lnform me when Mr.
Amar isn't at home.

For sure, for sure, sir.

He's still living in the
house where he was before. Bye.

But sir, which way should l leave?

My umbrella and
shoes are over there.

- From where did you enter?
- From the window, sir.

- Leave from the same place.
- What about the doorman, sir?

Brother Amar, please come here.

Look, please don't be offended.

Will you tell me what it is?

Forgive me for bothering
you so early in the morning...

but there's a reason.

- Will you tell me?
- Please don't be offended, brother.

- Will you say something?
- You're offended.

- Will you tell me or not?
- As you say, brother...

but please don't be offended.

- l can't marry Bina.
- What? Marry Bina...

Brother, please don't get angry.
Listen to me first.

l had a horrible
nightmare last night.

Brother, l say this for
your Bina's best interest.

Listen to me.
Last night l dreamed...

a ghastly man was
facing me with a knife...

and said to me,
'Moti, don't you dare marry Bina!'

'She can't be happy with you.
l have matched her with another.'

'Someone she loves.
He is a decent man.'

'He's rich.'

'He can provide for
Bina all her life.'

He said this and came
towards me with the knife...

and said, 'l'm warning you,
you'd better forget about Bina...'

'or l'll kill both Bina and you.'

That's when l woke up.

l was scared to death.

l felt like coming
right then to tell you...

but on second thought l
decided to wait till morning.

Now tell me what l should do, brother.

Dreams aren't to be believed,
you idiot! They're lies.

Oh no, brother.
My dreams always come true.

l cannot marry. l once dreamed...

someone would give me
four rupees and fourteen paisa.

- That's the amount l got
the next day. - Beat it!

- Brother isn't at home.
- But l've come to see you.

- You were unwell.
- Brother will be annoyed.

Please go!
Please go! Please go, mister.

Please go, mister.

l'll leave in a moment.

Bina, l know you're upset with me...

but l'm not at fault.

The day your brother brought
you back from my house...

l came here the next morning.

The people here told me Mr.
Amar left the house at night.

l looked all over the
city but l didn't get any news.

Finally l gave up.

Just yesterday l learned
you were living in this very house.

l came to see you immediately. Bina.

The last time l saw you,
you were unwell.

God knows l thought
about you all the time.

l always prayed you had recovered.

Mister, please go.
l am still unwell. Go. Go.

For the sake of god, please leave.
You made me unwell.

You have been a foe.

Why did you come the first time?

Why did you buy
those things for me?

Was it so l could
see them all the time?

So that l might give up
food and drink? Make me sad?


Did god make you a good man
so anyone can kill you?

What harm has Bina
ever done to you?

Tell me.

Tell me.
You won't say?

l wish god would
make you a bad man.

Be quiet, Bina.
For the love of god, be quiet.

You don't know this,
but l am a very bad man.

l am a rich man, Bina.
Be quiet. Enough.

Brother is upset with
you for this very reason.

l cannot do anything now.

Brother! Brother!
Please beat me. Your Bina.

'l have matched her with another.'

'He is a decent man.
He's rich. Bina loves him.'

So what am l supposed to do?

Mister Rajender,
do you also love Bina?

Bina is a very polite
and good girl in my opinion.

A good girl! A good girl!
So you may take her away?

So you may take her away?

But what can l do if
both of them love each other?

My Bina has become very mature now.

She's not a child anymore.
She's fallen in love.

And why not?

Mister Rajender is a big man,
rich, decent, good...

and he has two cars as well.

How does Amar get a car
for his Bina? Right, Bina?

What kind of talk is that, brother?

- Doesn't my sorrow bother you?
- No!

- Brother? - Because my sorrow
doesn't bother you anymore.

Please leave forever, mister. Go.

l... Go!

Mr. Amar, l apologize.
l made a big mistake.

Here. l don't take back
things l've given away.

No. Brother's happiness
can only be brought back...

by destroying these bangles.

Take them.

Mr. Rajender, l would
like Bina to marry you.

But l don't think Bina will agree.
Ask her.

Oh no, Bina. Don't cry. Don't cry.

Please forgive me.
l made a mistake.

C'mon, c'mon. C'mon.

Oh no. Don't cry.
Don't cry. Don't cry.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

No, no. No. Don't cry.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

l'm sure you're
very pleased now, sir.

Look sir, please don't forget me.

Please treat me to tea
prepared by Bina sometimes.

My friend is going
to her in-laws' home today

She's leaving her childhood behind

She's severed the bonds of a lifetime

Her dejected brother is crying

Your eyes are red

My friend is going
to her in-laws' home today

Going to her in-laws' home today

Hello, your highness.

l said, hello, your highness.

Please respond.
l know new brides are very shy.


l swear l'll make you
raise your veil today.

So, don't talk.

What are you doing?
Don't you dare touch my feet!

l won't let you touch my feet.

You think l'm an
old fashioned man?

- You'll make me cry even today?
- Oh no, Bina...

for god's, sake please don't start crying.

Remember, this is a two story building.

l'll toss you out that window.

Even if it means
l have to follow suit.

- So l... - Yes, yes, touch my feet.
Touch them a thousand times.

Hold it. Let me take off my shoes.

You want to touch my feet,
not my shoes.

Lord knows which cobbler made them.

He might be a capitalist,
a nationalist, bassist or Nazi.

Who are you?

Oh no, you touched
your face as well.

Go on and wash your face.

Bina, is this the vermillion
that l brought you?

You told me to slip them
onto my bride's wrists.

- Kusum?
- Drink this.

- Why did you take the trouble?
- lt's no trouble.

When leaving yesterday,
sister Bina said...

'Kusum, please take care of my brother.'

She told you?
Look Kusum, when you get married...

who will you tell to
take care of your brother?

Oh no. My brother tells
me l should get married.

Yes, that would be good.

Apparently, you haven't slept all night.

Yes, l couldn't fall asleep.

- Bina.
- Brother!

Bina, are you well?
- Yes, yes, brother.

- Come, come.
- You're well.

Oh, brother?
Welcome, welcome, welcome.

l'm glad you came, brother Amar.
She was missing you.


Mr. Rajender,
l'm ashamed of myself.

You know l'm a poor man.
l couldn't give anything to Bina.

Whatever little l amassed
over the years, l brought with me.

Brother Amar,
it is our misfortune...

you're unwilling
to live with us.

Sure, l might be an outsider,
but she isn't.

Oh no, l could never do that.

l cannot go against my conscience.

Bina, you tell your brother.
He won't listen to me.

- Brother. - Oh no, Bina.
Don't be obstinate over this.

You're a very good girl.
l'm very pleased with you.

l have no problems.
l have no problems.

Well, l'll leave now.

Please wait a little longer,

Go prepare tea for your brother.

You remembered?

- Greetings, father.
- Bless you, bless you.

- Why did you come a day early?
- lt's nothing.

My business was concluded, so l came.

- Anything special?
- Nothing special.

Rajen, l killed a nine
and half foot tiger yesterday.

Nine and half feet!

Father, even l killed
a four and half foot tiger.

- Who's this? - Be gentle, father.
This is your daughter-in-law.

- Daughter-in-law?
- Yes.

What daughter-in-law?
When did you get married?

Where's the dowry?

How much property
and cash did you get?

The property and cash is
the same amount mother brought.

- So, she's from a poor family?
- That's right.

Bina? Bina? Where has she gone?

Take this. Take it. Come here.

Come on, junior.
Eat your food. Food.

You won't eat?
Don't eat. Even l won't eat.

'lt's your favorite
but l won't show it to you.'

'l'll show it to you if
you first promise to laugh.'

'Look, look, look, look, look.'

'A good girl!
So you can take her away?'

Kusum, how many days
is it since Bina left?

Four or five months.

To me it feels like four
or five years have passed.

Okay, here.
Please take your medicine.



- More.
- Don't dring too much.

Give it to me.

l'm going.


l'm going.

- Where you going in the
middle of the night? - l'm going.

- But you have fever.
- Fever. Who has fever?

Please don't go for the
sake of god. Get some sleep.

- No, it's too hot here.
l'm going. - Don't go!

- Don't go.
- l'm going.

- l'll go with you.
- 'l'll go with you.'

'l'll go with you.' l'm going.

Brother! Brother Amar!

You got your sister married...

and you didn't tell me?

Please forgive me, Pandey.
l totally forgot. Forgive me.

Well, l'm glad she's married.

Do you have a sister, Pandey?

Yes brother, l have one.

- ls she married?
- No.

Look, Pandey,
get her married quickly. Get it?

lt brings great joy.
lt brings great joy.

- Lala, do you have a sister?
- Why, brother?

- l asked if you had a sister.
- Yes, l do.

Go get her married, get it? Go. Go!

Get her married, l say! Go! Go!


Yes mister.
What you doing here at this time?

- Do you have a sister?
- Yes, mister, l have one.

- Have you got her married?
- Where do l get the money...

to get her married, mister?

And she's been ill for
the past four or six months.

She's been ill. May
l tell you something, Shamu?

- Yes, mister.
- Girls are like little rivulets.

They don't find peace until
they merge with the ocean.

They don't find peace. Get
her married as soon as possible.

Go! Get her married!

God, the world
functions upside down.

People bless the
corpses with death.

Are they blind? Can't they
see l am dead? l'm finished!

God, you bless man with love.

So why can't every brother
in the world love like Amar?

This isn't just!

But what do you care?

All you want to do
is play games. Play.

God, you are the
protector of the world.

Don't be offended, but you
aren't a protector of the mind!

You are immortal but do
you have a sister like Bina?

Ram! Ram!
Why are you determined to die?

My legs have given way
looking for you all night long.

l looked all over the city.
Let's go home.

- What do l have to go home to?
- Have some mercy, brother.

Come home. You have a fever.

No, l'll go visit Bina.

Ram! Ram! Look at your condition.

- How can you walk in this condition?
- No, l'll go visit Bina.

- Brother...
- No! l'll go visit Bina!

Okay. Let's go, let's go.

- Bina, do you recall
the day we first met? - Yes.

What happened, Bina?

The gentle breeze
of spring was blowing

The cuckoo was cooing

l was playing in
a world of my own

Laughing, singing and carefree

Someone came to visit

He charmed me and planted
himself in my heart

And then?

l left my parental
home with tears in my eyes

l came to a strange place.
l left my parental home

How long? For how long will
this place remain strange?

Clouds of peace loom
over this place, my darling

How long? For how long will
this place remain strange?

The bee buzzes around the buds,
kissing each stalk

Showering pearls along every path

My love has arrived

How long? For how long will
this place remain strange?

Moti, let's go. Let's return.

The rivulet has
merged with the ocean.

l'm very pleased. Let's go.

She'll get upset if she sees me.
Let's return.

She is very happy.

Sister Kusum, brother is so ill...

and you didn't
bother to inform me?

What can l tell you, sister?

He told me,
'Don't you dare inform Bina.'

l'll create a ruckus.
l'll leave home.

When you sent the servant,
he said to tell you he was well.

You could have snuck
a message to me.

That's why l sent brother
Moti today. Here, let me wash this.

Oh no, l'll wash it.
What has brother done?

God, l've committed many
sins to protect this innocent girl.

But l can't carry this
burden any longer, my lord.

Please find a solution for me.

l am a sinner, an idiot.
l don't want anything for myself.

But Kusum is your devotee.
Get her settled somewhere nice.

- Greetings, sir.
- Greetings, brother.

By god's grace, brother
Amar is better.

l panicked when l saw
his condition the other day.

Yes, you had reason to panic.

And you did a lot
of running around.

And for a rich man like you
to put up in a house like this...

for six or seven days is amazing.

- What's so amazing about it?
- That's very generous of you, sir.

Sir, please don't be offended
but you've forgotten your word.

What? l don't understand.

Let me explain. Look sir,
you had your way but the money...

l completely forgot, brother.
You can have it any time you like.

Can't we amend this deal?

- How?
- l don't want money.

- Well?
- Look sir, your problem is solved.

Now you do something for me.

Tell Bina to push
Amar into marrying Kusum.

He could never refuse Bina.

You don't need to tell me this,
brother. l'm aware of it myself.

- Here.
- Take it, sir. Take it.

Don't take the trouble now, sir.

And we'll talk about
the money later.

Brother, you didn't inform
me about your illness.

Tell me,
if Kusum hadn't been here then...

what would become of you?
But you won't admit it.

Why wouldn't l admit it?
l'm very grateful to Kusum.

What's the point
of simply admitting it?

lf you admit it... Why are
you eavesdropping on us? Go.

Brother, a house seems
horrible without a woman.

- Get married now.
- No, l won't get married.

Then how will you
return the favor?

ls that the only way
to return the favor?

You don't know this, brother,
but she loves you very much.

- But l don't.
- You should be ashamed of yourself.

ls this how you return her favor?

l'm not claiming to be her foe.

Foe or not, l would be happy
if you got married to Kusum.

Look brother,
she's a very simple girl.

God will bless you if you marry her.

And l'm in great
need of a sister-in-law.

- But...
- No ifs and buts. You must.

And if you delay,
l'll be very upset with you.

What will you do if you're upset?

The same old ploy. Hunger strike.

And l'll send a
messenger to tell you...

'lt's been three
days since Bina has eaten.'

'lt's been four days
since Bina has eaten.'

'She's getting weaker.
Her face is ashen.'

She's unable to
get up from the bed.

'The doctors are distressed.'

'They say if Bina doesn't eat
for another two or three days...'

Enough, Bina.
Enough. Be quiet. Be quiet.

l'll get married.
l'll get married.

Sing cuckoo, sing.
Sing a sweet song, cuckoo

Open the door to my heart

Sing cuckoo, sing.
Sing a sweet song, cuckoo.

Sing a sweet song, cuckoo.
Sing cuckoo, sing

Coming. Someone is coming...

bringing a new message

Tell me how to love

Teach me the words of love

Sing cuckoo, sing.
Sing a sweet song, cuckoo

What are you sucking, Bina?


Have you lost your mind?
Doesn't it taste tart?

lt tastes good.

Thank god you didn't
eat mud or coal.

- Where is my Bina?
- Don't panic. Everything is okay.

- Where is she?
- Come, come. Come, come.

- Why are all these people so quiet?
- lt's nothing. Come this way. Come.

Why are they quiet?

- What's going on?
- Lord knows. lt's her first child.

- God help her.
- Her life seems to be in danger.

- That's what l think, too.
- Yes.

What did you say? My Bina!

Where is she?
l must see her!

- Where is she?
- Brother.

l want to see my Bina.
Let go off me! Let me go!

Let go!
l want to see Bina!

l want to see my Bina!
l want to see my Bina!

- Let go of me!
- Brother!

Let go of me! Let go of me!
l want to see my Bina!


lt's a boy! A boy.

- lt's a boy.
- Hold it, sister.

- Bina...
- Wait there, wait there.

You are blessed, god!

Take this, son. Take it. Take it.