Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi (1966) - full transcript

Jitendra Gupta lives a poor lifestyle in Calcutta, India, along with his elder and widowed sister, and a niece named Sushma. He works in the editorial department of a leading newspaper. He unauthorizedly exposes unscrupulous persons that are related to the newspaper's board of directors, leading to him being reprimanded by the Managing Director, Amita Sinha, and being forced to resign. Amita does have a change of heart, when she finds out that he had printed the truth, not only reinstates him but promotes him as the Chief Editor, and falls in love with him. Amita lives a wealthy lifestyle with her sister, Sunita, and is all set to tell her the good news that she finds out that Sunita has fallen in love with him also. Amita decides to give up on Jitendra in her sisters' interest. Shortly thereafter she receives a marriage proposal from wealthy Vikram Varma, the brother of a Director of the newspaper, for Sunita's hand. Will Amita seek this opportunity to wed Sunita with Vikram - and have Jitendra for herself?

Read the back-page in Jagriti?
- Yes, and I'm wondering. . .

how the news of the mines got to the
presses despite Mr Das being in place

Got to thrash it out
at the board meeting


Hello, my chest is a bit of an
inconvenience for your umbrella

Where's your friend?
- My friend? Jiten. . . ?

Where is he?
- Returned to Calcutta yesterday

Came directly to the office,
after I left for the day

Since then, no news

Umbrella ! On my foot

Please hold it aloft?

Send Jiten to me as soon as he
comes to office. Understand?

Whatever you say. Bye

Profile, first class!

Front, super class!
- What. . . ?

My compliments. I'm Mr Chunilal,
chief photographer. You are. . . ?

Ruby! Pink diamond !

What an apt name!

Pink lips, pink cheeks, pink all over

Since when have you been here?

Day before yesterday.
- I've been here for years

If you have any
problems here, just tell me

I got a link right
upto the managing director

Right upto the managing director?
- I meet her every evening for tea

The managing director

This is no time for tea


Wake up, it's morning

The news editor has summoned you.
- Give me some time

On the double. This morning,
he's missing you dearly

What have you been upto?
- You'll get to know in a while

In a while? Why, what's to happen?
- War. Between truth and falsehood

War. . . ? No, not today, I'm in
the mood for romance. Yes dear?

This dear is cut off for now!

Are you the news editor?
- Yes

Mr Das, Seth Gulabchand says that
the story on his mines is incorrect

Absolutely incorrect, sir! I
didn't give permission to publish it

That Jiten Gupta did it.
- Who is this Jiten Gupta?

One of our reporters.
- It's his news

He forged my signature
and sent it to the presses

Forgery. . . ?

The managing director ought to
take note of the disciplinary aspect

Mr Das, you may leave.
- Fine

Madam, did we invest millions in your
newspaper to bring ourselves to harm?

We ought to profit. Only profit

Is this a request or a threat?

Not to misunderstand

A request

From this newspaper, our
businesses ought to gain. Not lose

Your involvement with the newspaper
is only in the share of profits

Deciding the policy of the newspaper,
running it, is my responsibility

And I am fully aware
of my responsibilities

Got to take a look at
the book before sundown

Drinking in office?
- The office being the problem. . .

here's right where I take care of it.
- I'll do it for you

What are you doing? ! You've
spilled half! Let me have the rest

No, I'm throwing it all away.
- Go on ! I've got money

That was a quarter of a bottle.
I'll buy myself a whole bottle

Let's see how you do that.
- Mr Gupta. . .

What is it?
- Madam wants to see Mr Gupta

Calling you ! For the first time!
You're surely getting a promotion

Give my money back!
- You aren't getting it back

You think I can't buy on credit?
At month's end, I drink on credit

Are you Jiten Gupta?
- Yes

The news about the mines is yours?
- Yes

Without permission of
the news editor? - Yes

Your job is getting the news.
Publishing is the news editor's job

I know, but. . .
- Why are you indiscipline?

For the sake of the
ideals of this newspaper

Isn't this our motto?
''Let the Truth prevail''

My news is correct. The mines
are in a precarious condition

They might collapse at any time.
Several miners might be killed

You shall state your case without
getting carried away. Talk business

I'm not getting carried away.
Tell me, what is more precious?

The lives of the miners?
Or office discipline?

I wish you saw for yourself
the poor miners deep underground

Sans fresh air and the
heat could melt your brains

The work conditions are stifling

You know why? If they don't
work their children will starve

Hapless as they are, they
mustn't be oppressed in this manner

What oppression?
- I have the evidence

The mine-owners are playing with their
lives. Just look at my photographs

Just look at the state. Ceilings,
about to cave in, flooding waters

Do take a look, madam

Why didn't you show
this to the news editor?

I did, but he refused to
publish it. I hear he's their man

Whose man?
- The mine owners'

Enough !

Mr Das has been working with us for
eight years. Not a word against him

As you please. One last thing

I have no more time.
- The working of those mines must stop

You may leave.
- It's a matter of lives

Stop arguing.
- Give me a hearing

I told you. You may leave.
I wish to hear no more

Why won't you? You must.
You can, if you wish. . .

use the newspaper to save lives.
Else, today or tomorrow. . .

the mines will cave in,
crushing miners to death

Women will be widowed,
children will be orphaned

And you will be responsible


I hear this paper fought for
the people, for the truth. . .

in you father's times.
The daughter, I see. . .

has sold out to the capitalists

This insolence has cost you your job.
- Not my life, I hope

As long as I preserve my courage,
employers, there will be many

Maybe you never heard the
saying about the Eternal Spring

The arrival of The
Spring will never cease

Who else is around?
- I'm laughing it out all alone

Just read a lovely joke

I failed?

Complete failure

But the results are expected tomorrow.
How come you've found out today?

A friend told me.
- Your friend is talking rot

He works at the university.
- At the university?

Then. . .

What happened, Baby?
- The telephone

And. . .
- Conversation

And. . . ?
- Don't you see? I'm in tears!

And why are you in tears?
- Tomorrow, Didi will scream at me

What for? I've never
heard her screaming at you

That's why I'm so sacred !
No! I can't show her my face

Not anymore

Would it cost you your
tongue to apologise?


Hear that, brother?

Take a good look at him. The
one and only, in all of India

As much fun as an ass has in summer. . .

this man enjoys going broke

- What do you mean? He just got fired

And look at him enjoying himself

Wonderful ! Just look at the
display of sheer nonchalance

Come off it! I'm talking to you.
- Yes, go on

Why didn't you apologise to her?
- Why should I?

Indeed ! Your father left you a legacy!
So you kick the job! Not your ego

Not ego. Ideals.
- Ideals! Indeed !

I'm talking to you.
Just look at him, brother

The world is making money.
And he's after ideals!

And why not? Money isn't as
exciting as the ideal, is it?

Move over

Listen, your ideals won't work,
not in 1 96 2. Not listening, are you?

You'll die starving, soon.
Let's see who gives you a job

Lots Chuni Lal, lots

''Let the gardener be gone''

''But in Eden it always blossoms''

''The Spring always returns''

''Spring will always return''

''Don't let yourself tire,
don't let yourself be stifled''

''Go on, singing your tune''

''Among thorns, make
flowers blossom. . . ''

''use them to fill your emptiness''

''Let the wind fan the flames''

''Let there be venom in the air''

''Yet The Spring always returns''

''Spring will always return''

''Let the gardener be gone''

''But in Eden it always blossoms''

''What is light, what is darkness?''

''I belong to none''

''Your dreams, your desires,
are all you have''

''Let the world treat you mercilessly''

''Let not the climes suit you''

''Yet, The Spring always returns''

''Spring will always return''

''Let the gardener be gone''

''But in Eden it always blossoms''

What are you upto?

Oh how cruel a world this is! - How
cruelly has your world dealt you?

I can't even jump when I want to die!
- Why do you wish to die?

How are you concerned? Intruding
upon someone's privacy is uncivilised

Forgive me this error.
Go on, jump. Go ahead

It's going to take another
three quarters of an hour

In the wait for an auspicious moment?

Worked on it for 4 5 minutes. . .

to get into the mood for the plunge.
In the nick of time, you transpire!

Ruined all my efforts!

Then I have committed a grave crime!

Get out of this madness. Go home.
- I'm not returning

Why is the train stopping here?

Listen. . .

- All because of you

Had you not meddled, I wouldn't
have had to make this getaway

Or I would've been dead by now.
- Sorry for spoiling the fun

Let me drop you home.
- I'm not going home

Then I shall, perforce.
- My foot hurts! Brute!

If you must do it like
a gentleman. Pick me up

Don't you watch films? Are
girls picked up like this?

Yes, this is the way
every burden is carried

Is Babli asleep?
- She locked herself in all evening

Is she all right?
- Yes, you want me to wake her up?

No, let her sleep

You won't give me your name
and address? - No, no and no!

Let's see, for how long.
- Till eternity

Until then I am pursuing you

Look. . .

All you need is the reins

Step down.
- I won't

You aren't on mule-back.
It's my back. Get off

Get off, I say

This man brought me here forcibly!
- I'm taking her home

I won't, won't and I won't!

Why are you limping?
- He gave me the limp

Your woman she won't go home with you.
So you beat her up? Aren't you ashamed?

Why not? If women won't stay at home,
will men not raise their hands?

If men raise their hands,
will women stay at home?

You're right. Please save me.
From him. - Don't you worry, sister

He won't even point
a finger at you. Come inside

You will keep watching !

God save us from these women.
Be nice to them. . .

and they want to perch on your head.
- In my case, it has been the back

Who knows what is in store!

I see. Tit for tat, eh? He
vanishes even without waking me up

When is the next train back?
- Tomorrow

Stood me up for a whole night.
Scoundrel ! I won't spare him

This fellow won't get up so easily

Can I find anything here?

Ticket, ticket!
- I got a pass. You got any problems?

Show me your pass.
- Hold this

Son of a gun !
- What did you say?

Not you brother, not you.
- You just said it

I was describing someone else.
But if that describes you. . .

well, you're a son of a gun !
- Hold your tongue, I say!

Pipe down ! You're talking to a
press photographer, do you know?

Irrespective, the fine is 2. 50.
- Pipe down, I said

I'll pay you double. Plus a tip.
But not today, tomorrow

You want to bribe me? Constable!

The constable takes a cut?

Why not call in the
station master too?

The three of you can freak out!
- No!

Hurts less. . . ?
- Vanished

What a way to treat you.
He must be cruel

Very cruel

Any children?
- Ask him

Him. . . ? Why not you?
- How would I know how many he has?

Goodness! Is he wayward?

- Is that so?

Then he'll mend his
ways before he leaves

Are you human? Or a demon?

You have a woman at home.
Yet you are wayward?

What rot are you saying?
- Shut up!

Poor thing has such bad luck to be
tied to him! I ask her, how many kids?

She says, ask my husband. Such a
demon ! Always running after girls

She's lying ! I've got
nothing to do with her

Then why were you backpacking her?
You think you can fool me? Move

What are you doing?
- You stay back

You'll mend your ways before you leave

In you go. Apologise to your woman.
- But she isn't. . .

She has suffered enough.
Apologise to her

Go inside Bolt the door

Why did you shut the door?
- I'm being forced. . .

to spend the night here.
- Here? With me?

Why did you tell her
we're man and woman?

Is that a lie? A man is one who
grows a beard. The rest are women

Brilliant! In local parlance,
man-woman means man and wife

Once more

Get lost

You're such a savage! You ought
to take a lesson from this couple

No sooner than her man
woos her, she's willing

They love each other so much

Are you begging of your wife now?
Weren't you so brash a while ago?

Fresh news! Newspaper

- Money. . . ? Keep it

Address. . . Siakhala

Name. . . Chuni Lal

Where's Babli?
- Still asleep

Hasn't come out of her room yet.
- What a silly girl

This is sleeping a bit too long

Is she all right?

Coming, Didi ( Didi = sister)

- Hello

Hi Didi ! Where's Bubbles?

She has passed. In second division

But where is she?
- Inside. Should be coming out

Yesterday, I made
such a fool of Bubbles!


Were you saying something, Mr Verma?
- Yes, as I was saying. . .

now that Babli has passed. . .

makes it twice as happy a day

Bubbles isn't out yet!
Why don't you call her out?

Sushma ! You tell your
uncle to give me my wallet

Ma. . . uncles Jitu and
Chuni are at it again

Take that

Fighting again, Chuni?
- For the last time

Not a chance of another quarrel !
Never again will I see his face!

Never again will I talk to him!
- Don't worry, Didi

In 5 minutes, he'll start talking.
- Not in 5 lifetimes!

Didi, you tell him not to talk
to me. Our friendship is over

But what happened?
- What not?

He deserted me on the train,
while I was asleep

Curse you ! You'll never land a job!

All night, I was
locked away in the lock-up

This morning I pawned my camera to pay
the fine! He'd rather I was in jail !

* * *Now I know why you said
I'd talk to him in 5 minutes

You wanted to swallow
my money! Cough it up!

I didn't even open your wallet,
Johny. I swear it on you

Why swear on me. . . ? Find someone else!

Nine bucks yesterday and eight today.
Where did the ninth one go?

Could she have. . . ?

Out with it. Fast. I got to go to work

Didi, unlike him, I haven't been
fired. - What did you say, Chuni. . . ?

It's true

You want me to lie to Didi?

Stop blabbering. Here's money

Have you really lost your job?
- So what? He hasn't compromised. . .

on his ideals! Now he and his
ideals are going to sit at home

And so what if he gets nothing
to eat? He can live off his ideals

When will you come to your senses?
Inflation is soaring

How will we make ends meet?
- As long as I'm capable. . .

we won't starve

135 workers killed in mine collapse

You can, if you wish, use
the newspaper to save lives

Else, today or tomorrow, the mines
will cave in, crushing miners to death

Women will be widowed,
children will be orphaned

And you will be responsible

I hear this paper fought for
the people, for the truth. . .

in you father's times

The daughter, I see. . .

has sold out to the capitalists

Are you all right?

In my father's times, this newspaper
fought for the truth. Always

I came to tell you exactly that.
135 miners killed

It's in all the papers. Except ours

Let the Truth prevail

My father's legacy.
Reduced to mere sham? Perhaps

Going looking for a job. Bless me.
- May God give you success

Come on

Uncle Chuni ! In a grand car?
- Whose car is it?

Riding in the backseat! Door held
open by the chauffeur! Didn't you see?

Come on.
- Where to. . . ?

Let me give you a ride
on the backseat! Come on !

Oh you. . . ? One minute

It's full of dust. I haven't
been in here in a long time

A vast business is
sometimes an aberration too

How did I ever forget this place?

Looks like an ancient press office.
- Yes. Daddy's. Years ago. . .

this is where he started out from,
publishing the paper

- This used to be Daddy's table

I've left everything as it was.
I do the cleaning and dusting myself

I don't let anyone else in here.
- Forgive me, I didn't know that

I'll wait for you in your office.
- No, for you, no bars

Don't leave
- Why have you called me?

After the other day, I wonder
what you might be thinking of me

I'm sure it's nothing nice.
- I have no complaints against you

- Yes

You know, there was never
anyone who dared to talk me down

For the first time,
the other day, it was you

When I think of it, you were right

You haven't told me
why you have called me

I. . . this newspaper needs you.
- I too need a job

But working with your news
editor might be difficult

Mr Das has been taken off the job. In
his stead, the news editor will be. . .

- I. . . ? News editor?

Yes, you. With you, my father's ideal
will flourish again. I am confident

Thank you

That was the ideal I was born into

I feel so calm when I come here

I relive my childhood

As if Daddy is still here. For hours
I talk to myself, I talk to him

Talking to yourself?

Don't you tell anyone.
People will think I'm mad.

Maybe you like solitude

Solitude? Who ever likes that?
But slowly, it becomes a habit

The sun comes in here
quite late in the day

Better late than never

Mr Chuni Lal. . . hereabouts?
- Yes, come in

He lives here?
- No, over there

But he has his meals with us.
Ma, someone's here for Uncle Chuni

You're his niece?
- Not his own

Uncle Chuni is my uncle's friend.
This is my mother


Greetings. Sit

Sushma, take this inside

Please sit.
- Be seated

Are you from town?
- Yes. I wandered a bit

But I'm steadfast in my resolve.
I had decided not to return. . .

until I found Chuni Lal's address.
- Chuni is away in Calcutta on work

Won't be back before ten tonight.
- Ten tonight? Blast

Waiting that long. . .

I'm a girl you see. Had I been a boy,
it'd be different

What's your name?

Please be informal
with me. You are my elder

May I address you as my sister?
- Sure

Look at me Didi, I'm all grown up.
And they still call me by my pet name

No one uses my real name!
Sunita. Isn't that a nice name?

Lovely name.
- My name's Sushma

Sushma's a lovely name too.
But Chuni Lal. . .

You even have a guava tree?

Lovely house, Didi ! Sushma, you
must be eating raw guavas everyday!

We only get the ripe ones.
The ones in the marketplace

Would you like to eat guavas?
Let me get you some fresh ones

Everything's nice about
Uncle Chuni. Except one thing

He bosses over girls.
- No. He drinks

Booze. . . ?
- You didn't know?

Don't you say I told you !
He'll twist my ears!

Didi !
- What happened?

Come here! Open your mouth !

What's this?
- Open your mouth

Sushma ! For you too! Take this


Still got the sweets. Take it

What are we celebrating?
Are you getting married?

Can any girl ever like him?
Look at this face. Vegetable

I'm a non-vegetarian, you snake

Your brother is such a snake!
I buy sweets to celebrate his job

Still he bites!
- Has he found a job?

He can't even beg for a living !
My recommendation worked

Ms Sunita was here.
- Who. . . ?

Sunita ! What's that?

Stop joking. I liked her

Came looking for you this afternoon.
- A girl. . . ?

She left this letter for you

Not light enough to read

Didi, serve us dinner. I'll be back


Burn in jealousy. I got the letter

That's a fitting reply.

You'll be even more
jealous if you were to hear

She writes,
''You must be wondering. . . ''

''how I found your address''

''7 : 30 pm tomorrow''

''At Brijwasi Sweets on Chowringhee''

''Make sure. . . ''


''Make sure you see me''

''You may not know me by name''

''I'm the one who had
a sprained ankle''

One with a sprained ankle?

Keep your hands to yourself.
It's a lady's letter

You see. . .

she's as dainty as an angel,
as delicate as a blossom

The day before yesterday,
when I held her hand. . .

her wrist seemed to elude me.
- Congratulations

So you're going to see her
at 7 : 30 tomorrow evening?

Oh, hello

Forgive me, I was engrossed

Lovely novel

Get on with it.
- Now. . . ?

I'll keep it for later

After you

My name is Amita

You can call me Ms Amita,
instead of Madam

Not on every occasion would
I like you to defer to me. . .

for being the managing director.
- Not out of awe. I do regard you

I see. . . ?
- Yes. I respect you a lot

Any particular reason?

I think you're good at heart. . .

a beautiful person

Beautiful. . .
- What's on your mind?

You fancy grams?
- Sometimes I miss breakfast

Grams for breakfast?
- I just make do

Very crisp. Would you like some?

I think the phone's
ringing in my office

All dressed up and going to meet whom?
- No one. Just trying out the fit

Then come to the club with me.
- With you?

You must.
- Of course I will. . . but. . .

there's a murder case
I must take some photos

What if you're late?
- Just photographing a corpse

Readymade pose!
No posturing before the camera

Pull away the sheet and shoot.
Five minutes' job

Let me come along too.

No killing looks. This is pure murder

No place for a lady to be.
- You just said it's a 5-minute job

I'll wait outside in the cab.
- First let me find out the address

Wait here. I'll be back

You asked for me?


Yesterday I read your article
about the northeast situation

You've been rather harsh.
Are you forgetting?

Government policy is
brotherhood with China

But our brethren carry knives.
Before 1 96 2 is over. . .

they will surely do something.
- I see. . . ?

You didn't like my article, madam?
- Not madam. Amita

Tell me Ms Amita. My article. . .
- I like it

I'll have it composed for publishing.
- Wait

Tea. . . I ordered for you too

Sit. . . be seated

Have a sandwich.
- No, thank you

A sweet?
- I don't like sweets

Shall I ask for grams?

No, tea will be enough


Dark, isn't it?
- Yes

Let me get a candle.
- Wait. . .

I think my orderly kept
matches and a candle in this drawer

Or is it the upper one?


What happened?


Babli. . . ?

I called home and I find
you aren't at home yet

I'm kind of held up

With work

I would've been back by eight.
But my friend isn't here yet

Not Bela. Rosie. She was
supposed to be here by seven thirty

Seven thirty?

7 : 30 ! Goodness!

What happened?
- It's past 7 : 30

So what?
- Nothing

Got to put this in for composing.
It's getting late

You make sure you're back home early

Mr Gupta, wasn't Chuni with you?
- No

She has the sprain. . .

What are you saying?
- Nothing

She has the sprain. . .

Hey, you know me?

Let go!


But you are wearing a frock

Sunita-Sunita. . .

Are you the one who had the sprain?
- Yes

Glad to meet you !
Might a look enhance the pleasure?

Show me your face, my love.
- I hear it's someone else. Ruby?

Is she any girl? A girl is
no girl unless she's coy!

Just look at you ! Been trying forever
to take a look at you, but no go. . . ?

Reason? You're coy. That's a girl !
And that Ruby! Imposes herself on me

Imposes. . . ?

- But people say. . .

Gossip! They malign a gentleman !
All because of Ruby! She fell for me

Chuni Lal might be handsome.
But don't you stop being coy

Chuni darling ! My ears are
sick of hearing Chuni-darlings

And what a horrible voice!

So this is the set-up

But who is she?

My cheek!

Blood ! Hospital !

Stop staring. Ask me why
I called you. - What for?

Here. To return your money.
- For only this?


May I stop the cab and get off?

Am I to leave now?


What happened?
- How are you concerned?

You want to leave? Just go on.
- But why are you in tears?

Crying over my foolishness!
I should've posted you the money

Why did I have to scour your
village in the midsummer sun?

I could've left the money there
for you. Why did I leave a note?

Why did I call you here and wait
for you so long? Why, why and why?

Worth wondering. Why?

Perhaps. . .

Goodness! Could I be. . .

in that with you?
- That. . . ?

- Looks somewhat like that


Bela is in love with someone.
She says, when he touches her. . .

her whole body is electrified.
Touch me

- Nothing

Thank your stars!
You're saved ! Else. . .

This time. . . something happened?


Don't stare
- I will. Even in my dreams

I'm in a fix.
- Why?

Because you're a drunkard.
How will I face the world?

I'm neither a drunk, nor Chuni Lal.
- Then. . . ?

My name's Jitendra.
- Sushma's uncle?

Yes. Surely you can face
the whole world on that?

''Tell the world. . . ''

''I fell in love. . . ''

''because I was scared''

''Alas, I am in love''

''Let the world be jealous''

''Our story is written''

''We won't be afraid''

''Hearts we have traded of love''

''Why should we be afraid?''

''Oh, my heart skips a beat''

''Alas, I am in love''

''Tell the world. . . ''

''I fell in love. . . ''

''because I was scared''

''Alas, I am in love''

''Let's paint the town red''

''Let's show the world. . . ''

''the magic of love''

''Hearts speak. . . ''

''flowers blossom. . . ''

''in a world anew''

''What I've done, I had to do''

''Alas, I am in love''

''Tell the world. . . ''

''I fell in love. . . ''

''because I was scared''

''Alas, I am in love''

Who's that?

Where's Jitu?
- Don't even mention him!

Why are you looking away? Turn around

It's sultry

And the breeze is blowing this way

And these long plantain
leaves swaying in the breeze

Ma, look at this

What are those three
lines on your cheek?

You see, I revere these godmen.

Today, I met one on the way

One of those who say ''Alakh Niranjan''

He was walking

I stooped to touch his feet,
but he got it wrong

He lunged at me with his trident.
Lucky for me, I took it on the cheek

Could've been the eye. . .

It wasn't a godman. He was
about to fall at a woman's feet

Don't you force me to open my mouth.
I'll use my foulest, in front of Didi

Fighting again?
- He, not I

Snake! He's trying to malign me!
The whole world knows. . .

Chuni Lal won't even let a female get
close. And he tells her I'm a Casanova

- Sunita

To become Chuni Lal,
you got to be born again

The very name bowled her over!
But how do I face the world?

They'll say, Chuni Lal is
after girls! I should drown myself

Not even in my dreams will
I ever see your face!

If ever, I'll wake myself up

End of the friendship! Out of my way!

Let him be, Didi.
He'll be fine tomorrow

Yes. . . ?
- Sunita came to see you?

I liked Sunita very much.
When is she coming again?

Go and play

Lofty ideal. And I swear by it.
I always lend the other cheek

At your service

If you have any anger left,
you can take it out on this cheek

Come on, Ruby.
- Don't you dare Ruby me

Will it be the surname, Ms Chatterjee?

Let's go
- Listen. . .

''Calcutta girls don't get angry.
This matter is no better''

''Listen Ms Chatterjee,
this is a matter of my heart''

''All dressed up and
going somewhere at 50 mph?''

''Don't you make romantic
souls jump out of running cars''

''On your way out, read
my heart's open letter''

''Tear up that letter in your heart''

''You think you can make a fool of me?''

''You swore you love me''

''And you go fishing?''

''You tell me now, what is the matter?''

''Don't you try to evade me''

''I'll strangle
myself on your red veil''

''But before I die, I'll
write a letter to the government''

Be seated. I'll inform the lady

You. . . ?

Here on business. . . ?

No, I was just. . .

Working on a holiday? Or
did you want to see me?

I didn't know you live here.
- Then what brings you here?

Didi. . .

She's like a tempest!

This is my naughty sister, Babli

Our news editor, Mr Gupta

Never seen him before. . .
- How could you. . . ?

He's here for the first time

Please. . . be seated

Yes, you never told me,
what brings you here. . .

I. . .

It's so hot today

Visiting one of our neighbours?
- Yes. A friend

I was looking for his address
when I found out that you live here

I. . . ?
- No, your sister

So you wanted to see my sister?
My sister's such a darling, no. . . ?

Some tea for you?
- No thanks

Mr Gupta, how many children have you?

Have you. . . ?
- No. Not married yet

You don't like the idea of marrying?

Didn't. Until lately that is

Have you chosen a girl for yourself?

Next, you will surely ask
who it is? I don't mind saying

Weren't you playing the piano?
- En passant

En passant? Playing the
piano isn't easy, is it?

She thinks no one can play it better
than she does. You teach her a lesson

He'll play the piano?

Let me try

''I see your face in a new light''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

''Your eyes must be saying something?''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

''The beauty amidst dark tresses''

''Like the morning sunshine
filtering through clouds''

''Wherever you look. . . ''

''Wherever you cast a look,
it's intoxication all the way''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

''I see your face in a new light''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

''Downcast eyes, so
dangerously enticing''

''In hidden smiles,
there lurks lightning''

''Your beauty. . . ''

''Your beauty intoxicates you''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

''Your eyes must be saying something?''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

''At your every footfall,
the seasons change. . . ''

''as if The Eternal
Spring flows forth from you''

''Who else is as attractive. . . ?''

''Who could be as charming as you are''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

''I see your face in a new light''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

''Your eyes must be saying something?''

''If I'm swayed, am I at fault?''

Not just the music. A lot of
heart went into that song. For whom?

For you. . . ?

May I leave now, Ms Amita?
- Today's a holiday. Leave after lunch

Thanks, some other time. As I told you,
I have an appointment with a friend

I'm rather late. Bye

Wait. . . let the car drop you.
- I'll tell the chauffeur

Who was this?
- Mr Jitendra Gupta

The Chinese have attacked.
Buy up everything

We'll sell
everything on the black-market

Only if the war deepens. In
the last war, we made millions

This time, we'll make tenfold

Sunita, you might've
heard of the Chinese attack

I'm leaving for Tejpur?
- Tejpur. . . ?

Yes Tejpur. If I get permission,
I'll go right to the front

No! You can't go there.
Send someone else

I told the editor, I'm going myself

Nearly time for the flight.
I won't be able to see you

I'll see you when I get back.
- No! I'm not letting you go

What's up? Why are you so disturbed?
- You know Didi. . .

Don't you leave without seeing me.
- Who's going? Where?

Friend of mine. Leaving Calcutta.
I must see her

What's come over you? Take the call

One minute

For you

Yes Mr Shukla

What did you say? Mr Gupta is going?

No! How did you take such a
big decision without my say-so?

I tried to convince Mr
Gupta about sending a reporter

But he said he was sure,
you'd let him go

Never! I mean, stop him.
I'll come and decide who goes

Chini Lal? Not Chini Lal. Chuni Lal

Chuni Lal has ''chini''
( sugar) every morning with tea

Not even a smile? Fought
with your wife this morning?

Where's Mr Gupta?
- I went to stop him. . .

as soon as you told me.
- And. . . ?

But. . .
- Where is he?

He had left already.
- Left already?

You know how important his presence
is for me. . . for the newspaper

Why did you give him the
chance to endanger his life?

Don't leave! Please! Stay,
for my sake!

Or tell me you don't love me.
- I do

But I also love my
country and my profession

The Army is there to save
the country. Why are you going?

To tell my countrymen how
bravely they fight the enemy

After all it's for us
that the Army is fighting

Until we back our Army to the last,
our independence is at stake

That maybe so. But my
heart doesn't permit me. . .

Silly! Nothing's going to happen
to me. Send me away with a smile

''With a smile he greeted me''

''I thought it was love''

''Oh so mistaken I was''

''I thought it was an
expression of amour''

''I wasn't destined to have someone. . .

''I could call my own''

''Oh why did I think. . . ''

''I deserve love?''

''Oh how can I weep?''

''Oh how do I speak?''

''I'm afraid. . . ''

''for the conclusion
the world might jump to''

''I was mistaken. . . ''

''I thought it was an
expression of amour''

''With a smile he greeted me''

''I thought it was love''

What is the matter Didi? Your eyes. . .
- No, it's nothing of the sort

My eyes are a bit fatigued

Another sleepless night?
- I'm anxious, Didi

Anxiety? Because of the war?
- Are you anxious too?

Me. . . ? Well. . .

Tell me

Everyone's anxious, Babli.
Go to sleep

I'm so anxious,
Didi ! Oh I'm so anxious

You don't know who might die!
- What are you saying?

Silly! Don't bring these
things to your mind. Don't!

Didi, why are you so worked up?

I. . . For your sake,
Babli. You were in tears

I hate wars. It makes me cry.

Tears sometimes are a blessing

What do I do?

I can't cry, I can't laugh.
Go to sleep

Captain, I hear this
bridge was built only last year

How come it has collapsed so soon?

Under the weight of
refugees crossing

An incident like this in times of
war? Could it be a traitor's work?

Traitors are what we should call them.
Those who built it, used bad cement

Adulterated cement?

I must expose those who
have betrayed the country

Read that?

And it's our
newspaper that publishes it

Must be mere suspicion.
How can they find evidence?

That fool Jitendra Gupta is out there.
He might've unearthed some evidence

I have the key to his silence

News from Tejpur brings hope.
Our forces have put up. . .

a determined resistance
against the Chinese aggressors. . .

forcing the Chinese
into retreat at Tejpur

A ceasefire has been announced

Hello Didi.
- Hello Ms Amita

You know, the Chinese are in retreat!
They didn't reach Tejpur

That's great news!
- Great news!

I can't tell you
what great news this is!

She's so happy! This is your chance!

Say it. Shoot
- Shut up

Did you say something?
- No.

Why don't you say it?
- What is the matter?

Bikram has been
pestering me to tell you that. . .

You won't ever say it! Let me say it

Didi, I want to marry Babli

What. . . ?

No, you can't marry Babli

Why not?

I thought you loved me like a
brother. - That may be so. But. . .

I want to see Babli happy.
- Babli will be very happy with me

I'm certain !
- No, you are mistaken

How come. . . ?
- Is she in love with someone else?

No. . . she has told me nothing.
- Then you know something?

Is there anyone else in her life?

Didi, I want to listen to the radio

Your sister was saying. . .
- Never mind. Go on

We could've found out from her.
Why did you send her away?

I don't think I'm answerable to you.
All I'm telling you is. . .

as long as I'm alive, you
won't marry Babli. Never

I know why! You don't want
your sister to be loved.

Because, for yourself you
haven't had a man's love

I apologise on his behalf

Fool ! Get out of here

You haven't had a man's love

Hello Ms Amita

You might be surprised
seeing me here. I've just returned

Be seated

My suspicions about the
bridge turns out to be true

I've found the evidence.
I want to do a series of articles

Do that

Think it over, Ms Amita. The person
who supplied adulterated cement. . .

is your partner in the paper

I have no partners

For the sake of the truth,
publish whatever you want

I'm with you

I mean Mr Gupta, when
did you return from Tejpur?


Didi. . . I knew he went there.
Now who told me. . . ?

Who else? I might've been the one?

Yes Didi ! You were the one

- What a lovely day!

Lovely weather

Isn't that so, Mr Gupta?
- Oh yes

Beautiful weather

Let's go out somewhere,
Didi ! Oh, but how can you?

You got to go to the office. Mr Gupta,
my sister likes nothing but work

Liking anything else is no good,
Babli. One ends up a loser

Go on, take a day out.
- I'll leave after lunch

But where. . . ?

Where should I go, Mr Gupta?

Wherever you feel like.
- Just go somewhere

Mr Gupta, you must be tired.
You can join office from tomorrow

The fish ! Brilliant!

I love gazing at fish

The lake at botanical gardens is full
of fish. I'm going there after lunch

''At heart I was always ecstatic''

''You've added to it a dash of madness''

''There's a bit of
craziness in our age''

''And some of it, because we're young''

''And it puts a fire in our my breath''

''And you've added to
it a dash of madness''

''True, at this moment,
I'm not in my senses''

''In the ecstasy,
I might swoon in your arms''

''Those eyes have devoured me''

''At heart I was always ecstatic''

''These dancing tresses,
this fiery beauty''

''Oh stop yourself, please''

''My emotions are caught in a storm''

''You've added to it a dash of madness''

''At heart I was always ecstatic''


Forgive me for interrupting.
- I have the whole day ahead

This article has to
be in by this evening

About the cement factory?
- Yes, please have a seat

No thanks, I got to get back early

Early this morning, the owners of
the cement factory paid me a visit

They want me to ask Ms
Amita to have you fired

Then you should've
gone to Ms Amita directly

How I wish you understood me
as well as I understand you

I come in hope. Hoping that you will
never do a disservice to Ms Amita

How can she get hurt?

This newspaper earlier operated
from the small building next door

This new building, all
this new machinery. . .

the rise of this newspaper is
all by dint of Ms Amita's efforts

For which, she has had
to borrow in millions

From whom?
- The very men who want you out

Ms Amita's entire
shareholding is mortgaged to them

And the term of the
loan is running out

So if they want, they
can also throw Ms Amita out

I came to tell you just that.
I leave the decision to you

I am sure whatever you
do will be for the best

No! Mr Gupta doesn't leave!

Is this your final decision?
- Absolutely

Forgive us, we have troubled you

You're making a grave mistake

The paper shouldn't pass
into their hands, come what may

You want me to accept their dictate?

What option is there?

You say, your entire
stock is mortgaged to them

I'm not going to be threatened !

As long as I am, Mr Gupta stays

For how long? If they wish,
they can have you thrown out

Will Mr Gupta be able
to survive afterwards?

Come what may, he will leave. Why
should you leave your newspaper?

But how can I throw out
someone who is innocent? Never!

Must you be so adamant? In your
life this newspaper meant everything !

Today, you don't care?

Does Mr Gupta mean more to you?

Give me an answer!
For the sake of what. . .

are you determined to ruin your
newspaper, your future, your life?

Why can't you fire Mr Gupta?

I won't! I won't fire him!

Why, I ask you ! What reason
is it that's stopping you?

What comes over you at the
mention that he might have to leave?

Could it be that you have
a soft corner for Mr Gupta?

Then my suspicion is true.
You are in love with Mr Gupta

They want to throw you out! Just let
them try! We'll raze this building !

Oh but this is all stone. . .
we'll raze it nevertheless

We'll go on strike, red flags and all !

One of the union leaders
shares a tipple with me

All I got to do is ply him some,
and we have a blockade

Madam is in her office

Where are you going? Listen. . .

I'm no Chuni Lal unless I
fix each and everyone of them

I'll take a photo his folks won't
recognise, forget his neighbours!

Ms Amita. . .

What's this?
- My resignation


Yes. I'm quitting.
- Why?

Till yesterday, you were happy here.
Why, all of a sudden. . . ?

Nothing. I just want to leave.
- Tell me the truth

Has the cement lobby threatened you?
Are you doing this for me?

For the newspaper. More than me,
this newspaper needs you

But. . .

I can't run this paper all alone

You aren't leaving.
- Please appoint another news editor

Why get into trouble for my sake?
Please, let me leave

You are being uselessly stubborn.
Take your resignation back

I'm helpless, Ms Amita. My ego
won't let me work here anymore

All you care for is your own ego?
What about someone else?

The managing director's
words hold no meaning for you?

I don't get any of this. My departure
will help keep your newspaper afloat

What else is your problem?
- Don't trouble me anymore!

For God's sake! I don't accept
your resignation ! You aren't leaving

You aren't and you aren't!
- Irrespective, I'm leaving

Are you going somewhere?
- Yes

At night. . . ?


I'm leaving this house

Come off it! Give me that suitcase.
- No Didi

No. . . ?

You won't obey your sister?
- No! I've always been afraid of you

But you don't scare
me anymore! Get that?

What's all this happening?

Why are you misunderstanding me?

If I ever said anything untoward,
it's for your own good, Babli

I'll be the judge of that, Didi.
I'm not a kid anymore

Think of your own good,
think of your life

My life is for you.
What have I left but you?

If you leave me, this
loneliness will drive me mad, Babli !

It'll drive me mad !
- Who's asking you to be lonely?

Why don't you marry?

Marry. . . ?
- Yes. Get married

How long will I give you company?
Everyone wants to make a family

I too want a home of my own

Babli, sit

You needn't leave home over this

I'll get you married to the man
you want. I'll give whatever you want

Yes, whatever you want.
- Then let me leave

Are you too shy to tell me?
I know where you want to go

I know whom you want to marry.
- You are mistaken

Don't you lie to me.
- You're so old-fashioned

Talking to a man, laughing with him,
doesn't mean I'm in love with him

Try as you might, you
aren't deceiving your sister

You may assume
whatever you wish. I'm leaving

Babli ! I'm not letting you leave!
Never! Tell me the truth !

Why do you want to leave?
- Because you've lost your senses

You want to force Jiten
upon me! Let go of my hand

No Babli ! No! Don't
go away! I beg of you !

Oh why do you hate me?
Babli, have pity on your sister!

Babli ! Stop! For my sake!

What happened?

Babli went away

She too is gone. . .
leaving me all alone

Uncle, Ms Sunita is here

You. . . ? So late at night?

What's the mater Sunita?
Is Ms Amita all right?

Didi. . . ?

She looked harried today.
I was concerned

You care for Didi?
- Who wouldn't? Why do you ask?

She's fine.

You must take care of her always.
Else, I'll quarrel with you

What are you saying? What
has come over you today?

Today. . .

today's a happy day for me

Didi, I'm getting married tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

Jitu, why didn't you tell me earlier?
- Are you marrying my uncle?

Your uncle is just a friend of mine.
The one I'm marrying, is a lovely boy

Why are you silent?
Won't you congratulate me?

Why not? Sushma, get some sweets

Sunita, are you joking?
- Strange of you. . .

to take the truth for a joke,
and you take a joke to be true?

Look into my eyes and say it.
Everything was a joke?

Tell me you don't love me

Is it a must to marry everyone
one has a light romance with?

Life is to be enjoyed.
That's all I know

I'd hate to cry after I'm married.

Were you to marry me
you'd never be happy?

Would it be a life of misery?

That's my lot.

I've been very lucky.
I always liked a comfortable life

I'm marrying a millionaire


How come the millionaire's bride-to-be
is standing in a poor man's hovel?

I don't take you for an enemy.
- Thanks

I shall never forget this courtesy

I'm getting late

Whether you sell your
share or whether you pawn it. . .

you aren't mortgaging my share.

Just selling my shares won't
help pay back Ms Amita's debts.

Her debts run into millions

I take the responsibility.
You'll get back every cent

At this point of time,
you must help her

Help whom? The person who
wouldn't let me marry Babli?

Why don't you understand?

Helping her now will
pave the way to marry Babli.

I'm sure, she will be happy to oblige

Not afterwards. Before.
First I marry. Then I help

Will you cash in on this crisis?
- Give and take

I'm your little brother
- I'm ashamed of you !

Will you marry me?
- Marry. . . ?

- Tomorrow itself?

Or the day after?
- Right now! Right away!

Come on, let's find ourselves a priest

Have you run away from home?
- Yes, Hollywood style

Eloping is in vogue!
- Stop raving

I'm not about to let this happen.
How will I face your sister?

Just let the wedding get over.
Afterwards, I might even be willing. . .

to help her tide the crisis.
- What kind of crisis?

All because of that Jitendra Gupta.
The directors want him out

Simple. Throw him out.
- Why throw him out?

Because he's worthless.
What is he? Just a news editor

He has got the board warring. I don't
understand why he doesn't leave

I think he's a cheap fellow

What did I say?
- That's what you deserve

Come here

You stay away from him. You will
marry with your sister's consent

Not her consent. Mine!
I'm going to marry Bikram!

Didi's photo? In your bedroom?

Madam. . .

Mr Verma is here

Mr Verma

Ms Amita. . .

Are you all right?

Babli has gone away
and I don't know where

Don't worry. She's fine.
She came to my house last night

Your house?
- Yes

She wants to marry Bikram

Bikram. . . ?
- Yes

Why did she desert me for that?

I told her she can
marry whoever she wants

You said that? Then why
did she have to leave?

I don't understand. . .

if she loves Bikram,
why did she slap him?

What did you say? She slapped Bikram?

Yes, he spoke against Mr Gupta

Then it's true!

Silly girl ! Why did she lie to me?
I knew she doesn't like Bikram

I knew it well !

I'm not going to let her
ruin her life by marrying Bikram


I won't let this marriage happen

Not Bikram. It's me Didi. Your Babli.
Why are you so worried?

You ask me why I'm worried?
You're worried, how can I not be?

But Didi. . .
- You mustn't have slept all night

I did. Had a sound sleep.
- Liar

Did you ever have a sound sleep
unless your sister tucked you in?

You suffer and make
your sister suffer!

I'll punish you ! Just you come home

But Didi, listen. . .
- Not a word

I know. You're crying on the sly

Come back. . . come back to your sister

Coming. . . I'm coming right away.
- Hurry!

And tell Bikram, you
aren't marrying him

But I'm going to marry Bikram.
- But why?

Why are you out to destroy yourself?

You too are out to destroy
your happiness for my sake!

How can I let this happen?
No! I'm not coming

Listen Babli. . .

What happened?
- She won't come

She says, my happiness will
be destroyed if she returns

She said that?

Meaningless drivel ! Let me
see how she won't return

Have I not even this right?
I'm going to drag her here

No Ms Amita ! Stop! I know
why she's doing all this

She too knows that you
are in love with Mr Gupta

Good God !

The only way out. . .
then this is the only way

Where is she?

If you want to see me alive, come
back to me! Babli ! Don't hide from me!

Madam. . .

Where's Babli?

She went out with Mr Bikram.
She left this note for you

Didi, I knew you'd come here for me

But now it's time for you to
think of your own happiness

By the time you receive this letter,
I would've married Bikram

No. . .

Married already?

You must give a month's
notice for a civil marriage

Only afterwards can
I conduct the marriage

But we want to get married today!
- There's the law, lady

I'm a government registrar.
Not a priest

You may fill in the notification.
A month afterwards. . .

you may come to get married.
- But. . .

Your sister left a while ago.
She wasn't in a good shape

What happened to her?
- She read your letter

Then she went insane! Didn't even
recognise me. She's in bad shape

Oh, what am I to do?

The family always
interferes till the wedding is over

In a while, the two
of you will patch up

Didi is in a bad shape.
She's so miserable. . .

Where is she?
- I don't know

She seems to have left here in
a disturbed state a while ago

Didn't you have this shoulder
to weep on? Why that shoulder?

Mr Verma, this is Gupta. I'm
calling from your residence

Has Ms Amita reached home?

She seems to have left a
while ago in a disturbed state.

Where might she have gone?

There's a board
meeting today. Maybe. . .

We've waited long enough.
Maybe Ms Amita and Mr Verma. . .

don't wish to attend this meeting.
- Let them not

Gentlemen, the quorum is full

I request Mr
Gulabchand to chair the meeting

Some members wish to move
a no-confidence motion. . .

against the managing director.

We have to decide. . .

whether Ms Amita
remains our managing director

Welcome Mr Verma. We
have been expecting you


Don't look at me like that!

Don't look at me in anger! No!

I know why you're angry

For my sake, Babli
has ruined her life!

Not here.
- Where might she be?

At home perhaps?
- Let's look in the library

I think. . .

I swear by you !

For the sake of your Babli,
I can even give my life!

Just think. The newspaper we've
pumped millions into, is our enemy

I went along with them
for the sake of the paper!

The ones I trusted
turn out to be my enemies!

They want to throw me out! They
want to grab my father's newspaper

Didi. . .
- Open up

I won't let them have
my father's newspaper!

You hear? I shall never let that be!

Never! Never!

Call a doctor

No Mr Verma ! Not as long as I'm alive!

- What. . . ?

After I'm gone. . .

Mr Verma, call Jitendra

Jiten is right here, Didi
Why can't she recognise people?

You want to tell Jitendra something?

Tell him I haven't
mortgaged Daddy's old office

Let him start a new paper from here.
- I shall tell him that

But don't ever tell him that. . .
- What. . . ?

That I too. . .

Never tell him that! Never!

Just tell him to start a new paper

The Eternal Spring will return