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A singer and dancer par excellence, Lata lives a wealthy lifestyle with her dad, Choudhry Goverdhanlal Patwardhanlal and mom. Her parents would like her to get married to wealthy Shekhar, who she initially approves of. Shortly thereafter she meets with Vasant Kumar and both fall in love with each other. When Shekhar finds out that Lata does not want to marry him, he is enraged and starts to investigate Vasant's background. He finds out that Vasant's real name is Ashok, who is a writer for a magazine 'Bahar, has a relationship with a woman, and also has a son. Watch what happens when Lata and her family are provided with this information and the manner in which they react to this news.

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Vithanage Priyantha Dayakeerthi.

It is five o'clock. The evening dawned.

For those who work
like machines all day.

To bring some rest.

My God!

Learn to drive.

- Sir. - Yes?
- It's your fault.

Can't see?

If Madame did not break on time.

Your master is going to be crushed.

If my master had not broken.

- What happens to your madam?
- Latu.


- I'm spinning him.
- Matt!

Go! or...


- Get out of here.
- You get out of here.

- You idiot.
- you idiot.

- Your father is an idiot.
- Your father's father is an idiot.

- Your mother is an idiot.
- Your father's wife is an idiot.

- Shut up.
- You idiot.

- I'm breaking your nose.
- Madam.

- Sir.
- Madam.

The time is 6:30 pm,
Latha is not there yet.

I'm worried too.

That's it.

Why is Latha so late?

A fool crashed
into a car in my car.

Come on.

Queen with a heart mark.


The queen of my heart.

I can bet my life for you.


Shekhar, do you play your cards again?

Aunt, I only played
two games in my life.

With hearts and with a deck of cards.

Stop talking so much. Your
grandfather sent a letter.

You did not reply
to any of his letters.

Wrote to me that I
was disappointed.

She is not well now.
You must go to the village.

Aunt, do not remind me of the village.

I'm a free bird in the city.

I do not like the village or the food there.

Fool, just stay there
two or three days.

All right, Auntie, if you want, I'll go tomorrow.

Good. Remember before you go.

Shashi has some toys and
Grandpa has a pencil engine.

- Pencil engine or penicillin injection?
- Yeah yeah.

Aunty, you are like...

Where is uncle

He must have gone somewhere.

For exercise in his voice.

He scolds his wife
and lectures to others.

My Latha?

In fact, she is
just like her father.

She must have gone somewhere to dance.

Because I am a stepmother,
I can not say anything to her.

I know if she is my daughter...

Stop, Aunt.
Do not say another word.

Latha anyway, you know
my opinion about her.

I know she's yours.

Not yet, Aunt. But, with your
blessing she will soon be mine.

Be careful.

I will not be disappointed.

Do not be discouraged.
I'll talk to your uncle today.

Thank you, Aunt. you are great.

I swear to you, you are
the best aunt in the world.

Remember that he is the
husband you met at your school.

Latha. Dear Latha.

Uncle we are here.

Where are you, everyone dead?

- Hello Uncle.
- Shaker.

You have a long life.
We just complimented you.

Today not just you but every home.

I was praised in Madras.

I wish you were
listening to my lecture too.

It's like a lightning strike.

Lord, it is like a blazing fire.

Yes, great. Thank you.

Yeah yeah. why not?
These flowers are proof of that.

They are so fragrant.

These are nothing. When I was.

They were used to
learning in college.

Lord, they used to get flowers.

Came from Kashmir.

Matt, how much is your salary?

Matt, get out of here.

How many times have I told
you not to praise employees?

- So you came? - Uncle? - Yes?

Was it congested?

People were...

... on each other to see.

Were there loudspeakers?

Loudspeakers? I am no
less than a loudspeaker.

Who do you think Chowdhury is?

When I was in college at that time...

... lectured to about
200,000 people at once.

Without loudspeakers.
My voice reached every ear.

Obviously you feel it now too.

As long as Chowdhury Govardhan Lal is there...

... Patwardhana Lal's throat is good,

You have to kick
the loudspeakers.

Yeah yeah. Several times.

Whatever you say Shekhar...

-... You are an intelligent person.
- Thank you, uncle.

- Do you speak English?
- some time.

It's a very bad habit.

Yes, uncle.

Has Latha not come back yet?

Why do you ask,
you do not know it?

She leaves in the morning and
comes back after sunset, right?

I, her little mother.

If I say something, I'm to blame.

I want to see your idea too.

My daughter came.

- Latha, shall we eat ice cream?
- Absolutely?

- Good evening, Latha.
- Good evening, Dad.

Long live you, daughter.
Where are you going

I'm not talking to Dad.

Why didn't you come to the dance concert?

It's a beautiful show.

Great and amazing one!

So is my lecture.

People clapped like crazy.

When I cried, people cried with me.

They laughed with
me when I smiled.

Amazing and great.

- Is that so, Dad?
- Yes, daughter.

When I was in college...

... was known as the uncrowned
king of the crown students.

In advance, people occupied
the lecture hall for four days.

To listen to what I say.

Sadly you and your
mother were not there.


I hope all the fathers
in the world are like you.

Shall we go now

You all go and play.

Hey Matt. Distribute
almond ice cream to them.


Put this aside Latha. It's more
of a nuisance than anything else.

Prairie, give me the magazine back.

Here is Ashok's story.

Good luck to Ashok.

From him, you will not be well.

Priory. Not Ashok but
Ashok's stories move me.

He could win this year's
first prize for this story.

No matter what gift he gets,
why are you going crazy?

I will say something. She
must have seen Ashok's photo.

As a result, her heart pounded.

Suda, you are too much.

I told you, several times.

I am not interested in Ashok.

I did not even see his face.
But I like his stories.

Be careful girl.

- Love his stories...
- Shut up.

Do not make it your story.

Shut up.

This is the village of Amuwa,
the village where love rains.

There are flowers everywhere.

But where there are flowers, there are thorns.

Also, in this village,
there are people.

Love money and
heart is not good.

I came to ask you one last time.

Do you not lend ten thousand rupees?

What do you mean, sir? I will
repay you every penny you owe.

- But when?
- when?

Very soon. Let this harvest.

I'll bring you home money.

If you're the kind of person
who comes home like that.

- Am I coming here?
- Yes.

Do not be angry. Like
you've been waiting so long...

I can not wait any longer.

I do not want to hear anything from you.

Refund my money now, or.


Sir, come on in.

Dad, look at this. I
made it. Isn't it beautiful?

Yes, daughter, that's great.


Hey, win sit down. Why
are you standing? sit down.

Who is this girl?

What do you mean, sir?
She is my daughter Malathi.


Sir, did you not recognize me?

You are a big man now.

I did not recognize you.

Sit down Malathi.

Don't be angry sir.

Do not count the trouble that comes to my house.

Did not win. I mean,
you should know too.

That we should live too.
Give it back soon anyway.

I will not be late now.
I want to marry her.

Look, she's embarrassed.

Mr. Dindayal, do not worry.

About her wedding.

I will take care of everything.

But, I feel something is wrong...

-... When calculating interest.
- What is it?

All right.

Yes, everything will be fine.

I do not interest you.

Do I do that to the poor?

Mr. Dindayal, there
is no change now.

Between the two of us.
Malathi what do you say?

I will send my accountant.
He will reconcile everything

I'm leaving now.

thank you so much.

Malathi, should I go now?

Well, Grandpa.

She calls me Grandpa.

- Grandpa.
- Stupid girl.

- Stupid girl.
- Stupid girl.

Stupid girl.

What does he say?

They are people who worship money.

They can say whatever they want.

Yes. And we are dumb.

Is this a roadblock
or a broken promise...

... of an unfaithful boyfriend?
Driver. Stop the cart, I'll walk.

Cursed be he.

Alas, look at me once.

Take a look here.


Driver, who is that Nightingale?

- Like a mother.
- Mother...?

Yes sir. This is a village. A
girl is considered a goddess.

A goddess, not a nightingale.


Uncle. Are you here

Shashi, you have grown up.
How are you?

Uncle. Why do
you speak English?

Sister Malathi.
Look, my uncle came.

who is she?

You do not know She
is our neighbor Malathi.

She is so beautiful.

She's really beautiful.

- Are you here, Shekhar?
- Hello, Grandpa!

Come on

Uncle... Uncle?

- Please, uncle.
- Hmm?

Your name hurts.

Can't you stop looking there?

What is this?

You do not know This is a wolf.

He wants to catch this sheep.

Does the wolf want to hunt sheep?

It's not that easy, uncle.
The sheep are strong.

Yes Shashi. But the wolf
does not spare the sheep.

- Show Malathi toys.
- Yes.

Sister Malathi.

- Why, Shashi?
- Come and see this wolf.

- do not.
- Go yourself and get her. She is not coming.

- All right. Come on Malathi.
- No, Shashi.

You are like a sheep.
That's not a real wolf.

It's just a toy.

Yes, they are just toys.

This is a sheep, this is a wolf.

This is a hen. She lays eggs.

One... two... three...

what's this?

Little baby.

Shashi, it's so beautiful.
Can you give it to me?

- Uncle, will you give it to me?
- You don't care?

Malathi, you take it.

It's a toy. You take it.

- Shashi, very beautiful. How much does this cost?
- Twenty rupees.

- How much?
- Twenty rupees.

Twenty rupees for such a toy?

If it's as big as me,
it's about 420 rupees.

- 420 rupees?

420 rupees?

You do not trust me?

I believe.

Everyone in town is crazy.
- Why is that?

Because, in the village we have no money...

... even to buy seeds for farming.

People in the city also
spend a lot of money on toys.


Coming mom.

- Here Shashi, take this.
- Malathi, you keep it.


Coming mom.

I do not want this.

Doesn't she want it?

- Ready, Shashi?
- ready.

Do not stretch the tongue.

If it does again, I will
not take your picture.

All right, uncle. I swear, I
do not stick out my tongue.

- You're right again.
- But uncle...

... I did not do the same thing.

I just showed teeth.

If you show your teeth again...

- I'm not photographing you.
- No, uncle.

I promise.
This time I am silent.

I feel like I'm dumb.

Yes, good.

- Shashi, your sister Malathi.
- Yes...?

Should I photograph her too?

- Yeah yeah.
- Go and get her.

Malathi, uncle has a camera.

He will take your picture.
Oh, what?

Wait Shashi. Put this below.

- Come on.
- Come on, let's go.

Stand here.
Shashi, you come here.

See here. Towards me.

Towards you or the camera?

You keep quiet. Yes,
look here, at the camera.

Take a picture.

Look here, yes.

Here it is.

Laugh, great!

My camera is very lucky.

It has all kinds of beauty,
sometimes the beauty of the city.

The uniqueness of the village.

Okay Shashi, I'll go now.

Your wish will come true soon.

What to do now?

What is left to do
now? He went.

That is after lighting
a fire in our hearts.

What do we do if this is fate?

But, my daughter is Malathi.

Do you think I'm happy...

... giving Malathi to him?

But where do I get
another good son-in-law?

If anyone comes he...

... asking about my sister who escaped.

We have to lose this house
or Malathi to pay off our debts.

We have to marry
Malathi to Lakshmidas.

- There is no other way.
- Lakshmidas?

Should I go Malathi?

Go, Grandpa.


Malathi, what happened daughter?

- Malathi, what happened?
- What happened to you?

Oh... why are you here?

I came to see you in the forest
because you are not in the village.

I thought I would
find you somewhere.

Are you crying

no no. all right.

I can not stand your tears.
Do not hide anything from me.

tell me.

What can I say? My
fate is written in tears.

So, they are constantly flowing.
Let me cry.

no no. I want to make you smile.

Can anyone live their life crying?

Tell me the sadness of your heart Malathi.

Maybe I can find a solution.

tell me.

My father owes Rs.
10,000 / - to Lakshmidas.

Now, that old man
wants to marry me...

... in lieu of that loan.

I can see. Wanted to be
crushed into this cruel world...

... a beautiful flower like you.

They have bid 10,000
rupees for your youth.

How did your parents agree?

What do you know about
the plight of the poor?

How do they repay these loans?

This is illegal. How can
this world be so cruel?

A 70-year-old man with a
17-year-old innocent girl.

It's a dry autumn wind...

... something like a combination
with the gentle, calm breeze of spring.

It does not fit.
Wipe away your tears.

I, if you change your
tears into a smile.

They are the enemies of the poor.

There are those
who care for the poor.

I will pay the debts of
that miserable Lakshmidas.

I will marry you too.

Take this here.

2,000, 4,000, 6,000, 8,000, 10,000.

Malathi, what do you think?

- I do not want to deceive you.
- Cheat?

Our family is in disrepute.

Became infamous...?

Yes. My father's sister
ran away from home.

No one in society sees us well.

I leave this club for you.

Why should you pay
for someone else's sins?

Such things are not a hindrance to love.

Malathi, you will be mine.


This fire bears witness.

- Are you paying off that debt?
- Yes.

- Will you marry me?
- Yes.

I'll be back. Stay here.

Malathi, where are you going?

I'll call mom and come back.

What is an emergency?

She will take it now when appropriate.

But, now she has to tell. A large
weight will be removed from her chest.

But it does not
suit a young girl.

Telling his mother.

You are really very innocent.

Dear mother-in-law,
Grandpa is well now.

I'll be right back. I do not
like to stay in the village.

I think you arranged
my marriage with Latha.

To this - Shekhar.

Can you hear me Shekhar
is hopeful about Latha.

Even when he was in the village...

... always asking about her.

why not? Young people today...

... make a lot of mistakes.

I do not praise Shekhar...

... because he's a relative of mine.

He thinks of no one but Latha.

This is where he went wrong.
Someone should see.

Both eyes look at the world with open eyes.

Again you make jokes.

Make a decision and
let him marry Latha.

Do you want to send me to the portal?

Mrs. Umadevi, you
are a wonderful person.

- Sir?
- What, Lattu?

This card.

Mr. Panditha Sudarshana is here.

- Hello, Mr. Ashok.
- Welcome!

Why are you out there? Get in.

take a seat. Tell me,
Mr. Pandit, did you come here...?

Your story won the first prize.

The Bahar Press has
decided to honor you for that.

A ceremony has
been organized for that.

is it?

I came to invite
you to a tea party.

Mr. Pandit, I do not
like festivals like this.

There are times when
promotions are important.

Someone sell something
for ten rupees...

..Doing a hundred rupees advertisement.

Yes you are right.

- So, do you accept our invitation?
- On one condition.

- What is it?
- You call me Kumar at the ceremony.

Do not say Ashok's name.

why so?

Do that.

- Okay, I agree.
- Promise?

- Yes, Mr. Ashok.
- What's Ashok's name again? Say Kumar.

- All right, Mr. Kumar.
- Yes.

Do not forget.

Editor of Bahar Magazine,
you have the author Ashok...

... If you have a
photo, send a copy.

Also, for the best story...

... let us know who will be
the first prize winner this year.

- Latha! Good news.
- What is that, Suda?

Look, Ashok has won the
Best Story Award this year.

Is the first prize for Ashok?

Awesome! Ashok won the first prize.

Did I not tell you that
Ashok will get the first prize?

You called him an idiot...

... and many other names.
Let me tell you now.

- Matt.
- Yes?

Pour some water on
your madam's body.


Water, not tomatoes.

- what?
- water.


Crying again.
You need to give up this habit.

Tears, my Nightingale.

I'm going, but only for a few days.

I'm coming back to stay forever.

I have to go and get
ready for our wedding.

It's only been a month.

After that it was just the two of us.

A month... why a month?

Did you forget, my
Nightingale, this...

My wedding was
not for a lawn mower.

You are about to get
married to a very rich man.

It will be advertised in
newspapers and on the radio.

Visitors come from India,
Pakistan, China and Japan.

Turkey and around the world.
Kings, poets are coming.

There should be dancing, music
and all kinds of entertainment.

See what happens to you.

- Shekhar.
- Don't be a baby.

A girl should be smiling when
she says goodbye to her boyfriend.

I'm going to laugh,
come back smiling.

It's always good to have a smile.
But, will it be so?

I wish I had told my
dad about this marriage.

You do not understand.
I have ten thousand rupees...

... give it to your father to pay off the debt.

Then think of his happiness.

I receive his blessing.
Lakshmidas will be sad.

When your father
happily shakes my hand...

... Shekhar, you
keep my pride. "

- Uncle?
- Shashi is coming. - Uncle?

Come on, give me a
smile now. One smile.

Are you talking to your sister?

Uncle, look at the time.

The train will leave.

Take care of her, Shashi.

If you care about her,
why not go with her?

why not? But not now.

Another month later, with festivities.

Come on Shashi.

All right Malathi, hello!

- Matt.
- Yes?

What nonsense is this?

This tea was brought...!

Not tea, can you
hear this tabla?

Tabla player, do
you live near us?

I don't know if anyone has settled down recently.

I ask, is it okay to play
the tabla for ten nights?

I will tell him...

... to start playing
at 8pm tomorrow.

you idiot.

- Sir. Hey sir.
- Yes Miss.

Do you want to talk to me?

Ah... are you? That day
you hit my car. today...

After playing the tabla tonight...

-... Are we disturbing our sleep now?
- Are you asleep now?

Going to bed early at a
young age is very bad.

- You can get sick from nightmares.
- Shut up.

Who rented a house to you
in this colony of good people?

A girl told me something good.

- She said I was good at accidents.
- You should be ashamed of yourself.

Even if you are educated, you do not know how to speak.

Yes, I do not know how to speak well.

You do not know how to listen well.

Sir, what do you want?
Do you want to fight?

Fight? The battle
between beauty and love.

Something that has been going on for ages.
Okay, I admit defeat.

I will not be playing the tabla from today.

- You can sleep peacefully.
- Thank you.

But, I would love to see you.

Is it ok

Doesn't count?

Sir, did you, a
man, lose to a girl?

You embarrassed all the men.

- Lattu!
- This house is ours.

We pay the rent.

We have to do what we like here.
We cry, we laugh, we sing.

Play the tabla.

you idiot. You do not know.

Want to hear what a woman has to say.

But she is not a woman.

- So, who is she?
- A girl.

Your thinking has changed.

Your mind changes as soon
as you see a beautiful girl.

You accepted defeat. Listen to this, sir.

I want to play the tabla in this house.

My lord, Shekhar, it has
been two months since you left.

But, you did not send a single letter.

I do not understand why.

The life of this helpless
girl is in your hands.

This is your love, Malathi.

I did not even ask his address.

He said... yes. Melapur.

Management Madras.

You are great, Ashok!

There is no one like you.

Very talented.

Miss... Miss... Hey Miss.

Hey sir, what is this?

I wanted to know the time.

- What time is it on your watch?
- Twelve.

Twelve... is it noon or night?

Are you blind and do
not see day and night?

If you're not in front
of me, it's like daylight.

But you are standing here.

It must have been tonight because
the full moon was out on the balcony.

You think you are very talented.

But did you know that
you can be punished?

Because of misbehaving with
a girl in the middle of the night.

I really don’t know about that.
But, I know...

... that neighbors are punished
for disturbing and dancing.

It is twelve o'clock.

Who rents a house to
such girls in a decent state?

One can dance at night.

Because definitely not.
Let us stop these arguments.

Your dance is very good.

If I had known about it before.

Reading nonsense!

The world says so
to those who love.

Your aunt ran away.

Why did you do this now?


Before doing such a thing.

Didn’t you think what would
happen to your parents from that?

Three months pregnant...?

If your father hears this.

Will he not commit suicide?
Malathi, what did you do?

what have you done?

Mom, Shekhar is very good.

But how can he marry
you when you are pregnant?

He does not think
about social stigma.

He doesn't care about
our aunt escaping.

Mom, he's coming.
He is definitely coming.

When he comes he will
pay our debt and marry me.

Oh, my God. You are
deceived by sweet stories.

Ruined our reputation.

Tomorrow the whole village
will talk about it and condemn us.


Oh, my God. Why didn't
you give me death before?

Why do I see all this?


Wouldn't your father commit
suicide if he heard this?

Wouldn't your father commit
suicide if he heard this?


You deceived us with sweet
stories and ruined our reputation.

Tomorrow the whole village
will talk about it and condemn us.

The whole village will talk
about it and condemn us.

Did you hear Malathi is not
married but she is pregnant.

So, her aunt also escaped.

Munni. Where did you go

- To Malathi's house.
- Shut up.

Don't go to that poor
girl's house again.

If you go there I will break your legs.

Why only Malathi?
Her whole family is like that.

Yes. What she did
embarrassed the whole village.

The whole village is ashamed.

Poor girl.
Aren't you ashamed to come out?

Even after you have been discredited.

Go, you die.

Jump into any well or pond.

Go, you drown.

Immerse yourself.

Immerse yourself.

Immerse yourself.

Immerse yourself.

Immerse yourself.

Immerse yourself.

Yes, it is.

Oh dear. What did you do here?

How do you get married?

Mom! Forgive me.


Oh the traveler of life

Do not lose hope

The night of mourning will end.

The world will definitely change

"Tourist of Life"

"Why does the darkness of
the night scare you so much?"

"Your destination is calling you"

"I have to come back
to your house someday"

"The night of mourning will end"

"The world will definitely change"

"Tourist of Life"

Dad, because of my stupidity...

... I brought your name into disrepute.

Now, I'm not even worth
showing my face to you.

I will leave you and
this world forever.

This daughter, Malathi.

I will leave this world forever.

- Malathi.
- Malathi.


Oh, my God! Malathi's father.

Malathi's father.

Malathi's father.

Madras Post.

Indian Express.

Bahar on display from today.

"Chod Gaye Balam"

Sir, do you know
where Mr. Shekhar lives?

no I do not.
Ask the rickshaw driver.

Yes, come and sit in my rickshaw.

I have to go to Mr. Shekhar's
house in Melapur.

Mr. Shekhar's house?
Come and sit down. I'll take you there.

Do you know him?

I know everyone. You
come and sit in my rickshaw.

No, thank you. Give me his address.

- The rickshaw puller.
- Coming, sir.

Listen to this.

Hello, sir.

Welcome! Sit down.

I sent you a letter
about Ashok's photo.

Welcome! Mrs.

Welcome! May I have that photo?

Why do you need it?

If you come with me...

... I will introduce him to you.
He is a very good friend of mine.

Thank you.
All I want is a photo.

I'll come another time.

Ma'am, I will do
my best for that.

Latha will definitely
like this photo.

What do you want to know?

Uncle, I'm asking again.

When do you come with a beautiful aunt?

Aunt? Shashi, anyone
can be your aunt.

She must be a good person.

- So good?
- Yes.

- Shall I tell you who?
- Yes?

Sister Malathi.

Shashi, have you not gone to school yet?

Did you come from the village
to stay like this? Come on, go.

I'm leaving. Bye!

Tell me, Shaker. What are
you going to say this morning?

Aunt, what are morning and evening?

For me it was just night and darkness.

I'm still single.

Everyone is looking for
good unmarried people.

If anyone sees me, he
will make me his son-in-law.

Then, you do not come to say anything.

I will give you Latha's hands today.

Aunt, by God, for
the last 25 years...

... I was holding only my own hand.

May I speak with my
uncle if you allow me?

Yes, it's good.
You can talk openly.

Unmarried sir.

"If a girl is given the
freedom to marry"

"Such a marriage is
ultimately very successful."

- Uncle... Uncle!
- why?

- Uncle, I wish you a long life.
- I know it.

- We just talked about you.
- Talk about something new.



I have something to know.

Did you make a decision about Latha?

- About Latha?
- Yes.

Why, what did she do wrong?

No I mean Auntie you
must have talked about me.

She always talks about everyone.

I mean, she must have talked
to you about our marriage.

Yes, yes, why not? Do it.

- Thank you, uncle.
- all right.

But, young man, 10 years
before India gained independence.

I decided on one thing.

What is that, uncle?

That a girl should have
complete freedom...

... in matters relating to her marriage.

What a wonderful idea.

Uncle, if you allow
me to talk to Latha?

What a wonderful idea.
You have my permission.

- Thank you, uncle.
- all right.

- Good morning Latha.
- Hello, Dad.

Yes Dad, I'm going to college.

Wait a minute, sit
here for a moment.

Shekhar, I want to talk to you.

Sir? Rationmal comes
from Ganeshan's shop.


Sir, Ration Mall is coming
from Ganeshan's shop.

no no. Ganeshmal, from the ration shop.

He will not leave without meeting me.

You sit here. I'll be back.

Come on. Let's go.

So Latha, have you made up your mind?

- about what?
- About your marriage.

My marriage? It will
happen, surely it will happen.

But when?

What's urgent?
I'm still learning.

After two years of FA
degree, I am doing BA degree.

I have completed two years
of BA and then I am doing MA.

Then I will complete two
years of MA. If it fails...

After that, another two or
three years of MA. After that...

Are you going to
Oxford for your PhD?

Yes. 2 years later I
came back from there...

... I'm thinking about getting married.

They are long plans.

Okay, do it. But, will
you marry me after that?


You...? Get in.

- Am I bothering you?
- No, not at all. Sit down.

thank you.

So Latha, our conversation.

I'm sorry, you were in an
important conversation, were you?


I do not want to be a milk fly.

No, sit down.
Who is getting married here?

Meet him. He is Miss Shekhar.

V. Kumar He is a very nice man.


Welcome! Okay Latha,
I'll be back another time.

Sir, are you going out now?

You, did you tell me?

Yes, V. Mr. Kumar. Get out.

You are so weird.

I was complimented a
lot, come on in, sit down.

Now get out.

Are you a girl or a dictator?

Awesome. When I was in college they...

I was called the dictator of the youth.

Who is this?

- Dad, he came to see you.
- To meet me?

I'm glad to meet him.
Come on, young man.

Sit down. tell me.

I received a letter from the Bahar Press.

What did you say, Bahar...?

Yes. This letter.

Yeah yeah. Take it out.

Someone gave me this article...

... to my address by mistake.
And yesterday I...

... met its author.

- Yeah yeah. tell me.
- No, nothing more. Read the article.

Okay, but it's in an envelope...

Dear Miss Latha, We
have received your letter.

We will send you a photo.

Daughter, this is your exam time.

Do not waste time
writing articles like this.

Yes, it is very bad to do
things like this during exams.

No, Dad, this must have
been written by a friend of mine.

But daughter, this address is yours.

They must have planned a
joke and written my name.

Yes, it should be. Yesterday
I saw in the editorial office...

A girl like me, right?

Yes, just like you.

Whose photo is this?

Ashok. Who is that

- Ashok Yadav.
- The Hon. Ashok.

Is this Ashok Yadav?
Is this the great Ashoka?

Age, 19 months and about 8 days.
Great Ashok?

Did you see, Dad? Not
only in Ashok's story books...

... is he like that in real life?

When I was in college
my friends used to...

... Call me the King of Humor.
There were people everywhere I sat.

People gathered wherever I was.

- Maybe.
- No. That is not possible.

It just so happened.

- Where do you live?
- In the nearest place.

At the nearest place... your name?


Kumar? You must have a name like mine.

Chowdhury Govardhanlal Patwardhanlal.

My full name is V Kumar
or Wasantha Kumar.

Wasantha Kumar!

- Where are you from?
- Mandwa.

Mandwa? Dad, is
there no friend of yours?

What a wonderful
memory you have.

You reminded me of him.

My friend Hanuman
Prasad lived there.

He had a large clothing store.

God knows what happened
to him after he sold it.

It is said that he left his
country and went to Rangoon.

He's gone, he's not coming back.
He left this world.

Why this?

- He's mine... - Yes, what?
- That's my dad.

- Is Hanuman Prasad your father?
- Yes.

- You, his son?
- Yes.

Awesome. You are exactly like him.

Son, from today I
think you are Hanuman.

If you need something, let
me know if you are in trouble.

You can come here.
Imagine that this house is yours too.

Latha, he is one of our own.
Think we are yours and you are ours.

It is now 10:30. It's time to go to college.

Yes, daughter, you go to college.

But, how are you going?
The car went to Nazim's house.

Mr. Chowdhury,
I will go now too.

If you don't mind I can
take her with me in my car.

No, Dad, I'll walk.

No daughter, don't do that.

Is Chowdhury Govardhanlal
Patwardhanlal's daughter walking?

What do people say?

You have to go with him.
He is now a member of our family.

- Okay sir, hello!
- All right, son.

You should come back here whenever possible.

Go daughter, go with him.
It will be too late to go to college.

Or what do the professors say?
The naughty girl.

Oh, my God! Don't you have a brain?

Sent your daughter with
someone you don't know.

What do you know about such things?

When I was in college.

pardon me.

Latha. What an interesting name.


And your dance that day was so beautiful.


Good ones, everything is beautiful.

Am i right


what is this?

Dil Ki Dhak Dhak is a useless book,

Do you know what you
said and who wrote this?

Yes, I know very well.
Isn't that Ashok?

He does not know how to write.
He may be able to mow the lawn.

Respect such an
outstanding personality.

Ashok, is he an outstanding personality?

Madam, you are misunderstood.

When you asked for his photo,
he sent one from childhood.

If I am Ashok, I will send you...

... a handsome photo.
One of a kind that strikes your heart.

Okay, that's enough.

all right.

Here is the college. Stop the car now.

There should be girls' colleges...

... out of town.

- Thank you.
- all right.

When I was young in college.

I made a prediction.

- what?
- It's in the future.

That girls will surpass boys.

Sir, how is that?

In everything. That
is, singing in lessons.

Embroidery, swimming and dancing.

Look at our own Latha.

She sings...

-... and dancing.
- Yes, exactly three years.

And she has a daughter...

... by Chowdhury
Govardhanlal Patwardhanlal.

Dad, you too are being
influenced by Mr. Kumar.

He's trying to catch you.

Do you too


If I have to show my thoughts.

If you have such
a heart, so be it.

Sir, do you know Mr. Shekhar's house?

Shekhar...! Is he a refugee like me?

- no I do not.

Hello, Mr. Kumar.

Come on Miss Latha. Sit down.

Are you ready Then let's go.

- Where?
- You do not know?

Oh... I forgot to invite you.

Today a ceremony has been
organized to pay homage to Ashok.

I came to invite
you to the ceremony.

But how do you
relate to Ashok's work?

My father was the
chief guest at the event.

In addition I present a
dance there. Let's go.

Please Krishna, go,
go, let go of my hand

Run, run, let's run,
my mom is waiting

You are evil and stubborn.

Do not touch my hand

I'm a very shy girl.

Mine fall at your feet.

Let me stay.

Please Krishna, go,
go, let go of my hand.

Stealing is not good.

Beautiful, you have to use force

My mother-in-law makes fun of me

Do not pull on my scarf

Do not break my delicate tunes

Please Krishna, go,
go, let go of my hand

When I was in the middle of the market.

Don't bother me

Believe it or not, whether
you believe it or not.

I'm driving you crazy

Come, come to where I live

Please Krishna,
go, my hand, give up

Latha. Come on, your
dad's lecture is about to begin.

Is coming.

Dear brothers and sisters and children.

This honor given to
me is nothing new.

I have always been respected.

Enough, enough.

People in those days
when I was in college.

I was always respected.

As a king among the nobles,
people spoke fondly of me.

Latha, I think he's
the writer, Ashok.

- We'll get to that soon.
- is it.

Even the kids appreciated me.

Today I am not only
happy but also proud.

Ashok, that took my place.

He was just a father figure.

Clap your hands!

Thank you.

But friends, I have
not seen Ashok yet.

Like all of you, I look
forward to seeing Ashok.

As I was saying, Ashok
is a very good writer.

Like me, he is a
very good writer.

Forgive me. I am sorry.
You know...

... I do not talk much.
Give me some water.

So dear, as I said...

... as a habit I am a
less talkative person.

Now I ask.

As Ashok, the author of
Bahar, presents to you.

Here, I presented to you.

Editor, is there a mistake?

- Come on, Mr. Ashok.
- Now you have seen Mr. Ashok, haven't you?

Mr. Ashok...
son of Hanuman Prasad?

Come on son!

Editor, he's like my son.
Friends, he's really my son.

Wasantha Kumar is Ashok Kumar.

In fact, my son, you're
just as talented as I am.

Come with me.

Clap your hands!
Ashok, I am very happy today.

Today I went even higher.


Did you call me Sir?

Thank God! Does
anyone see me as a sir?

- Do you know about Mr. Shaker?
- Shekhar?

The card player?

- Who is that?
- Chakkar?

After a long time, I saw you.

When did you come from Rangoon?

- Seven years later today.
- Seven years later?

Let's go have some tea.

Ma'am, aren't you talking?

There are lies in your books
as well as lies in your life.

- Yes.
- Everything is a lie.

Maybe your heart
rate is also a lie.

Does not make sense.

When did I say 'Dil Ki
Dhak Dhak' is good?

But I want to know
why you lied to me.

Because every girl
likes these little lies.

But, I am not such a person.

If our fathers were not friends.

I give no importance
to a liar like you.

That suggests my father was wrong.

- Absolutely.
- No, ma'am.

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, madam"

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, madam"

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, madam"

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"Turn left, right,
left right, right"

"Turn left, right,
left right, right"

"Do not be angry, speak softly,
dear madam, open your eyes"

"Forget about fashion for a
while and come to your senses"

"Do not deceive anyone
because you are very young"

"What's the point of all
these makeup jokes?"

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, madam"

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

Sinhala Subtitle Editing: -
Vithanage Priyantha Dayakeerthi.

"You need to weigh your
words before you speak"

"Also, you should look before jumping"

"You are proud of your beauty"

"But I tell you,
beauty is not eternal."

"Where will your pride go
when you lose your beauty?"

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, madam"

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"Left, right, left right, turn"

Do you know Mr. Shekhar's address?

tell me. You need to know.

The time is 5:30. Why has Latha not come yet?

Hello, Miss Kumar!

How are you? Why sir,
are you still in Madras?

Yes, I am still in Madras.

- Didn't you recognize me?
- Yes. You, you...

What, you, you...?
Did you forget?

We were in class together when we were little.

Yes, classmates.
Now, I recognize you.

Miss Kumar. Are you an animal?

If I were a girl you
would never forget it.

Don't remember the men?
You are Hanuman Prasad's...

... son, right?
Rangoon was gone.

Yes. Now, I understand.

How do you know?
Let us conclude this argument.

Are you still single
or have 8-10 children?

I do not want to be
involved in a marriage.

Children's troubles.

Who wants to be tied up
like a buffalo in the garden?

Where did this guy come from?

What are you here for?

- For a wedding.
- A marriage?

God bless you!

- Thank you.
- all right.

She is a wonderful girl from a beautiful family.

Everyone in Madras
knows about her father.

But I do not know.

That person.

When I was in college in those days.

Is this about Chowdhury
Govardhanlal Patwardhanlal?

Yes, his daughter. Latha.


It was a romantic marriage.

is it.

- She is very beautiful.
- Yes, she really...

So, will you marry her?

Why do you wonder?

Looks like your
hopes are dashed.

Like someone took your thing.

- So, did Latha agree?
- my friend.

She loves me so much.

Just now she secretly
came to see me.

But she went away.

A friend of her family
said she was here.

- And said he would see us.
- So, where did she go?

- That way
- There...?

Where are you going?
Latha, I'm getting married.

Why are you running after
her, aren't you ashamed?

If you say another word.

I will not keep you.
Are you going or not

Okay, I'm going.

What is this nonsense?

What a strange world.

Promise me, now
she's met someone else.

Hello Mr. Why is this?

- Who, Latha?
- Yes.

You did it to me then.

If our fathers were not friends.

I will never talk to you.

It's my father's fault.

- Yes, of course.
- No, sir.

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, sir."

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, sir."

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"Turn left, right,
left right, left"

"Left, right, left right, turn"

"As a man you lost to a girl"

"Tell me, sir, how
you were deceived."

"Improve the
way you think first"

"Then go to the hospital
and get some medicine."

"I'm sure you're
lost your mind."

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, sir."

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

Sinhala Subtitle Editing: -
Vithanage Priyantha Dayakeerthi.

"Wipe your sweat, remove
the dust from your clothes."

"Do not look at me with
strange and big eyes"

"I agree, I'm a fan of yours."

"But if you think big, so do I."

"Now tell me, how are your thoughts?"

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"The fault is yours,
entirely yours, sir."

"Do not drag my or
my father's name into it"

"Turn left, right,
left right, left"

- I'm not talking to you.
- Why is that?

Why did you lie to me?

Because every young
person likes these.

The lies of young girls.

- is it?
- Yes.

Do you know about
Mr. Shekhar of Melapura?

Melapur? Sister, you passed
it and came a mile ahead.

Friend, who do you call this sister?

It's a trick to hear about this place.

The real reason is something else.

Look, she's a prostitute.

"my goodness"

"God, you need to know
what a human being feels..."

"... came to earth as a stranger"

"Look what we're doing."

"You need to know about well-being"

"Those who trust you"

"Oh Almighty, in
heaven, look at this."

"Once upon a time the poor"

"You must strive to be
the will of a poor heart"

"Come to earth as a stranger..."

"... see what we do"

I'm sure you can see
"anything that happens here"

"Come and see
how honorable I was."

"This is something to be questioned"

"Do not try to ignore
what you already know"

"Come to earth as a stranger..."

"... see what we do"

"You don't know
how depressed I am."

"I'm like a drowning man..."

"... like trying to grab a branch"

"You have to be human
to understand that"

"To my sorrow, do something
in your power as God"

"Come to earth as a stranger..."

"... see what we do"

"God, you need to know
what a human being feels..."

"... came to earth as a stranger..."

"... see what we do"

Take her to a hospital.

Don't worry sister.
Everything will be fine.

Let's go.

My good son, why are you crying?

Now you can go back home.


Nice boy.

Mother's name is Malathi right?


Father's name... Does he not have a father?

do not say that.
He lives in this city.

In this city? What a man.
He never came...

... to see his wife and newborn baby.

Now I understand.

Go sister, try and
straighten your ways.

Ram Singh.

Bring my glasses.

Bring quickly.


My Shekhar. That's it for sure.



Brother! Is this Shekhar's house?


Why did you come in?
Beg, right? Get out.

Did you see that, son?
What a bad employee he is.

He scolds the wife of this house.

Let's say your dad comes home.

To fire him. Is it ok

When your father comes home, he will kiss you.

Will bring you valuable toys.

After that, we all go
to the village by car.

Your grandfather will
be very happy to see you.

You will forget me when
you go to Grandpa's lap.

My son, you do not, do you?

Latha is mine. I
lived on this hope.

Will you ruin my dreams and
marry Latha to someone else?

Young man, do not be discouraged.

Without this Latha you
will find another Latha.

If not this one, another.

Son, there are more
girls than boys in this city.

One of them is
written in your destiny.

But what do I have that
Kumar does not have?

Am I not handsome?

Please no, son. A walking
ad for you to be handsome.

Am I educated?

You are like a professor.

- Am I not respected in society?
- No, son.

Not only humans but
donkeys respect you too.

But son, I'm not
Lathai getting married.

My marriage could have done that.

Uncle! You do not recognize my pain.

the pain? So should I
open a hospital for you?

Son, marriage is written according to fate.

Marriage to Latha is not written in your destiny.

Forget about her.
I am doing Latha's wedding.

You know I'm single.

Therefore, I would like you
to take charge of this wedding.

Uncle, you talk like
you're salting my wounds.

You will never meet a
son-in-law as good as I am.

I do not want a good son - in - law.

You are handsome. But I
like the handsome nephew.

Uncle, you're kidding me.

If you have ever loved
anyone in your life.

You, I have nothing to say about love.

Now you, are you trying
to teach me about love?

you idiot. When I was
in college in those days.

I gave thousands of lectures on love.

Do you know how many
classes there are in love?

- No.
- Then why...

... are you bragging
so much about love?

Son, there are four
classes of love like the train.

First Class, Second Class,
Inter-Class and Third Class.

Your love is a third class one.

Your thinking is also third class.

All you need is to marry
Latha to get my property.

Uncle. If you do not
think so, I'm leaving.

Then why don't you go?

He was created to teach
me a lesson about love.

I have been in love with
God for the last fifty years.


Son! Look, your father has come.

Father... who are you? get out.

Are you kidding, don't you
remember your Malathi?

I do not know a Malathi.
Get out of here!


It has happened. It definitely happened.

Lattoo! What happened?

What should not have happened has happened.

The train in your heart...

... stopped near the love stop.

- What nonsense is this?
- Only you, as the parent can know for sure.

I know that now too.

1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to
8, then 8 to 16...

Do you keep your mouth shut?

You get married, I keep
quiet. Do you want that too?

It cannot be done.

Get out!

Thank you, thank you!

- Shekhar.
- not.

The trouble started again.
To me, it has nothing to do with you.

Go back the way you came.

Should I go, did you forget that day?

The day you
promised to marry me?

Sweet words spoken
then, happy moments spent.

Wasn't love in your
heart at that time?

It doesn't matter.
Why these reminders?

Are you such a cunning woman?

I lost myself in
spending time with you.

You made a decent person like me worse.

- I am not responsible for your child.
- You are not responsible...?

Shekhar, you are a man.

You can do anything freely.

But I am an innocent woman.

The crime committed by a man...

... the world hides it.
But a woman's slight fault...

... robs her of dignity
for the rest of her life.

Shut up!
What do you know about honor?

You came here to
ruin my reputation.

You are a woman who is tempted.

You mean...

... to a woman who has accepted
your child as a gift from God.

Is this your justice?

You swore to be mine forever.

You have changed, Shekhar.

But, I remember, it was a full moon night.

I told you, ashamed.

Shekhar, before marriage...

You looked at me and said.

Malathi, when it comes to our
hearts, it means we are married.

After that, you are an innocent girl...

I was an idiot. I was
deceived by your sweet talk.

You gave me this baby.

Shekhar. For your desires...

... let two lives be ruined?

Malathi! Just say what you can.

Say you need food and clothing.

Take this money here and get out of here.

Cash...? Shaker!

Are you trying to undermine
a woman's dignity?

Shekhar, if I need money
I will not come to you.

If I kill my soul I can make a
lot of money from anywhere.

I did not come to this house thinking so.

- I think this is a temple.
- Malathi!

I do not have time to
listen to your stupid talk.

- Tell me if you need more money.
- Shaker!

If you want to go
with dignity, go now.

Or I'm going to kick
you out of this house.

Are you going or not?

I will definitely go.
Not just from this house.

From this world.

But first, remove the stigma that has befallen me.

Only accept this
child as yours once.

Tell the world that I am not a
prostitute but that I am your wife.

Wife? If a prostitute like
you says I am my wife...

... the world spits
and rejects me.

You think about your dignity.

Am I an unmarried mother in front of the world?

Doesn't my honor matter?

Tell me, Shaker.

Why are you asking me?
Ask the person who gave you this baby.


Malathi, do not act innocent.
As if you seduced me...

... may have attracted
more young people.

I know you are such a woman.

Think about what you're saying, Shaker.

Do not insult the entire female generation.

That includes your mother and sister.

Shut up!

Poor woman, was she so brave?

I deserve this punishment.

Shekhar, are you going?

If not me, please
accept this baby at least.

I do not care.

Throw it down the drain.
Or jump in the river and die.


Wait, Shaker!


God, a woman! She is injured.

Take her to the hospital quickly.

No need to worry.
But, she was very injured.

It will take her at least two months to recover.

Give the child some glucose.

"My darling, come to
my heart, do not go back"

"Do not go back"

"Come like a king
and take me with you"

"Take me with you"

"It will be a full moon
night with starlight."

"Our love meets for the first time"

"Let's sing and rejoice in love"

"My darling, come to
my heart, do not go back"

"Do not go back"

"There will be little
jokes and little love"

"Sometimes I say yes
and sometimes I say no."

"When I am angry with you,
you will try to please me."

"My darling, come to
my heart, do not go back"

"Don't go back"

"Grief will be gone when you are by my side"

"My heart tells me that all of
this will come true one day."

"Come to me"

"My darling, come to
my heart, do not go back"

"Do not go back"

"Come like a king
and take me with you"

"Take me with you"

Shaker, baby!

With the baby...

... jump in the river and die.

Doctor, you saved my life.

I will never forget your
kindness. Should i go

Go sister, but...

- what?
- You said while unconscious.

It's a terrible thing.

- I am...?
- Yes. You said...

Asked to jump into the river with the child and die.

Never think so.

No, how can that be?
Can any mother kill her child?

Sleep, son, sleep.


All the doors are closed to you.

The happiness of a home, the
love of a father, you get nothing.

One of your mother's faults
has become a disgrace.

Her whole life.

The world thinks of you as the
result of some dangerous act.

Where do I take you?

Why do you suffer with me?

I wish I was dead.

People will call you an
orphan after I'm gone.

They will call you the child
of an unmarried mother.

I'm helpless.

Sir! We have not eaten
anything since yesterday.


Have pity!

Going or not? How many
times do I have to tell you?

You have to donate something.

Here, take it.

- May you have a long life.
- Go, you go.

You have made a lot of money...

... keeping high profits.

You must give something to the poor.

Otherwise you will be
an animal in the next life.

What if she was your daughter?

- Did you miss a banana?
- Yes.

Take two from me here.
Now give me an orange.

Give me an orange too.

Son, there is still some
kind of grace left in this world.

This is too ripe.

Yes, this is not a mess.
1, 2, 3, 4, this is rotten.

Yes, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

This, rotten like you.

Yes, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

How much?

Rs. 2.75.

Rs. 2.75?

But, according to my
calculations, Rs. 2.10.

2 cents for the poor fund.

Fund... Have you left an orphanage?

The beggars in front of
your eyes are coming hungry.

You raise funds by saying that
you are for them. I do not need them.

He came to do business with me.

Help her.

no no. How does a cat get inside?

Again...? No need to look.

Maybe I was crazy.

It's like a donkey's load.

An invited guest!

Am I an invited guest?

Look at the things I brought for you.

You are so weird.

The new guest had
to show his status...

... as soon as he got home.

Where does that voice come from?

- Latu?
- Why, sir?

Whose child is this crying?

It can be heard in
front of our house.

Fool, speak slowly.

Latha is in that house.

Oh my God.

Hey Lattu. Where
did you bring this baby?

What child?

Sir, there was no child
on the shopping list.

But what is this?

- what?
- see.

a child. Lord, the child
is very similar to you.

Shut up, idiot.

Sir! He's good, leave the house alone.

Did you see

Lattu, someone has put
this responsibility on you.

Go and hand it over to the police.

Police... why sir? What
did this poor man do?

Okay, I'll go.

Wait sir, where are you going?

It is 5 o'clock. I have to
be at the party by 5.30.

You go with this baby.

For your lecture, he will applaud.

Stop your nonsense and get my clothes ready.

- Clothes? - Yes. - Sir, baby.


You idiot! God knows
why this happened.

What did I do wrong?

be quiet.

An article!

Sir, did you bring your family too?

The Deepavali festival is approaching.

Tell your dad to
give me a present.

- Postman.
- Yes?

- Is that Mr. Kumar?
- Yes.

- That child...?
- Mr. Kumar.

Kumar's child?

Suicide is crazy.

Isn't that right?

Life and death are in
the hands of God alone.

You jumped into the sea and
tried to commit suicide but...

... he saved you.

Forget what happened, daughter.

Need to find your lost child.
Do not lose hope.

Consider this house yours.

If you find your son,
go where you want.

Will I ever see my son again?

Why don't you find him?
God is with you.

My child.

Miss Latha's Indian Dance
Performance for Orphans.

Chief Guest, Chaudhary
Govardhanlal Patwardhanlal.

And Miss Ashok.

The time is 5.30. Ashok has not come yet.

Today's generation does not work on time.

When I was going to college...

... I'm leaving on time...

... taking care of food, drink and everything.

You are a really good person sir.

Sir, trust me.

If my wife is a minute
late for the wedding...

... she will not be my wife.

Need to work on time.
And we have to be on time.

I always have been.

Mr. Ashok is present.

Is Ashok here? I said
he would come on time.

Whose student is he really?
Chowdhury Govardhanlal Patwardhanlal.

Why is he not coming?

Ashok, son!

Shekhar, where is Ashok?

Ashok did not come.

Didn't come... okay.
Chowdhury is there.

Ashok has no need.

Let’s start our program.

"Oh... an outsider"

"Oh... an outsider"

"Come, bring the spring of love"

"Take comfort in my
heart, come, outsider"

"It's not my fault."

"Then why are you so
far away from my eyes?"

"Bring the love in
your eyes and dream"

"Oh... an outsider, come on"

"Where did you go leaving me alone?"

"Remember all the promises of love you made"

"Where did you go leaving me alone?"

"Bring a bouquet
of roses and spring"

"Oh... an outsider, come on"

"Come with the spring of
love and comfort my heart"

"Oh... an outsider, come on"

Social work... helping
refugee children and orphans...

... Ashok is useless as chairman.

Calm down daughter.
Our elders have said...

... a little anger is a sign of intelligence.

you are correct!

But for Kumar, Latha has to
endure a lot of disappointment.

Yes, you are telling the truth too, Shekhar.

But sometimes despair
is good for health.

In those days when I was going to college.

At least once a
week I get frustrated.

You are right.

Where does Kumar spend
time helping orphans?

He does not even have time for his child.

Kumar's child... what is that?

You do not know
these, this news is old.

But it just fell on deaf ears.

How can that be?

Chowdhury Govardhanlal
Patwardhanlal's eyes and ears...

... has been open for
nearly twenty-four hours.

But your future son-in-law...

... father of a child.
- Shut up!

Calm down daughter. Stay tuned.

You may have an accident.
As our elders have said...

... we should even listen to
what disgraceful people say.

Say, Shaker!

Do not ask me? Now I just
said that Kumar is a father.

He must have had half a dozen young women.

Latha can be against me.

Yes, this is possible.

Daughter, what will you do?

Turn the car towards Kumar's house.

Silence and sleep.

You missed the
opportunity to go to my party.

Shut up! Your mother will come...

... take you.

Your mother will come and take you by the hand...

... heard this.

Miss Kumar!

Latha has arrived. Take this baby.

There! The mother of the child.

Come on, Dad. Let's go home.

Wait sir, a little.

Come on!

Latha, come closer to the door and go back?

Mr. Chowdhury, wait a minute.

- Latha.
- What happens to me now?

- What are you saying Latha?
- I did not know this.

You are really a sinner

Sinner! Who do you call that?

Who else but you?

Did you think you could keep
this a secret? Come on, Dad.

Mr. Chowdhury, listen to this.

- Tell me!
- Do not make yourself sick because of this bastard.

Your blood pressure can go up.

Mr. Go in and take
care of your child.

We will take care of our baby.
You take him.

The baby is ours! Do what you love.

Come on, sir.

I thought a lot, but this
point is a little weird.

Suppose the child does not
belong to Kumar. But the woman.

Who was in his house, and who was she?

Forget it.
You are a humble person.

You believed what Shekhar
told and showed you.

Sir, he is a complete cheater.

what did you say? Shekhar is a fraud.
Get out of this house right now.

Come on, sit down.

If Shekhar is a liar,
is this picture a lie?

Open your eyes Chowdhury.

How lovingly Kumar
is holding the baby.

Does someone else's
child take more than this?

The child is Kumar's.

The woman is Kumar's wife and...

... she is the mother of the child.

Umadevi, your voice is great.

You speak rhythmically.

Sleep now! I bow...

... now baby, go to sleep!

Oh my God, what the
hell are you doing to me?

God, what to do now,
where to go and die?

Phone 2,4,6.

Hello mom, talk to dad now.
Hello, hello.

Where did you get this?

I brought this from
our neighbor's car.

Can this silence the child? Not only
the child but also his father is silent.

I do not believe in that.

This is a strange problem.

You are a very good boy.

You started crying again.

The baby started crying again.

Where is your mother,
where is your father?

Where did you come from?

You put our lives in trouble.

My back hurts.
God what can I do?

- I'll tell you what to do.
- What do you say?

My baby! I am your uncle.

He does not want it.

The birds go to sleep.

A bunch goes to sleep.

The birds go to sleep.

A bunch goes to sleep.

- Sleep.
- Shut up.

- Thank you.
- Sleep, my baby.

He does not sleep. give me.

You put him to sleep.

Go to sleep, Princess.

Shut up.

- Is he a princess or a prince?
- Princess brother.


Sleep, he talks like this every day.

Who knows where you came from?

You are made of earth
and fall from the sky.

Stand up and sleep.

A bunch goes to sleep.

Am I singing for
the baby or for you?

- to me.
- what?

- For the child.
- For the child's child.

To the older child.

You messed up my life.


Oh, my God!

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

Go to sleep, go to sleep.

Go to sleep, go to sleep.

God bless you! God bless Sita!

God bless you! God bless Sita!

God bless you! God bless Sita!

Give alms.

God bless you! God bless Sita!

- Did you find the baby?
- No.

Fear not, God is with
those who have none.

You will definitely have a baby.

God knows when
I will have a baby.

I want to see him.

Definitely, meet him.

Find the baby every day.

Mr. You were someone like Charlie.

Has now become a miserable person.

I have heard.

Women cry for men.
But you become a man and cry...

-... for a woman.
- Lattu!

If I can, I will sacrifice
for one of your tears.

Latha, shed a hundred tears.

Latha has no one to see these.

Then not even a flute will play.

Latu, you're right.

- pardon me.
- Why sister?

Who was that kind person
who helped the beggar then?

I do not know.

There are oranges,
grapes. Buy or go.

If I get to meet you...

... So, I'm happy.


I would like to open
my heart to show you.

Only if you have a heart.

Yes, that person is the one going...

Do you not drink?

How do you live?

Your mother is not here. Drink.

Here, Lattu came.

He brought you a
horse and a balloon.

Great, good boy
drink son, drink.

I brought a horse
and a balloon for you.

Come on baby.

do not Cry.

When the father is with the
mother, the child drinks...

- Are you shut up?
- Thank you.

Take the baby out.
I have things to write.

What is this, sir?
Do you write all morning, noon and night?

Just writing every day.
Come on son, let's go out.

Sir has to write.

My son.

Who are you

Sir, I...

Are you begging

Why are you looking at the baby?
Don't look like that.

If the baby's mother finds
out, she will not leave you.

Get out!

My baby is good to be here.

I will not interfere with your happiness.

I'm glad to see you like this.

Wow, son.

The horse is dancing.

The horse fell.

The child has become a soldier.

I have become his horse.

On the way, the soldier
turned to face him.

The little kid grew
up and I got older.

Sit down, son.
On horseback we go to Bombay.

I do not hate Kumar.
But that child...

That child must belong to someone else.

He cannot be Kumar.

If you want happiness...

... try to find the
truth behind this.

Instead of moving away
from Kumar, go to him.

Try to understand him.


Latha, come on in, go inside.

By the grace of God
she came to my house.

I think about you, I
care about my house.

You may think that I am not
interested in you or your home.

You were interested earlier. But now...?

First of all, who is the
mother of this child?

Latha, this child is an orphan.

I do not even know
who his father really is.

So how do I find out
about his mother?

That's just an excuse.

Okay baby tell me
who your dad is.

Now tell me why you
hid that secret from me.

Wait, I'll tell you.

Okay baby tell me
who your mom is.

tell me.

Now tell me why you
hid that secret from me.

Bad boy. Am I your mother?

Be my son...

Latha, a love kiss?

- What did you say, a kiss?
- Yes, I meant a kiss.

Kumar, I thought you were a gentleman.

So, did I say something wrong?
All I asked for was a kiss.

Shut up!
If Kumar says that again...

I did not mean such a kiss.

I meant for the baby...

Well, a kiss to the baby.

See baby? Even your real mother
did not give you so much love.

Does this mean you know
who the real mother is?

Yes, I know. Do what you love.

- Then you must be his father.
- Absolutely. I am his father.

- Then forget me.
- All right.

Why are you delaying this?

- Waiting for the darkness to come.
- You treat everything as a joke.

I never took you for a joke.

I will marry you and
keep that marriage vow.

How can I marry Latha
without her consent?

There, Latha came.

Ask her today.

Why should I ask?

- Ask her.
- That request is not my job.

You, her father.

You can order to marry anyone.

You will say anything.

This Shekhar is asking you something.

- What do you think?
- Your wish, Dad.

Look, Latha agreed.

Should we start preparing?

Today you both started
reading at the same time.

Do you know the meaning of marriage?

Marriage is...

Marriage, it will happen just like that.

Lattu, you have helped me a lot to
clear up Latha's misunderstandings.

But I do not know how
to explain this to her.

Her suspicions about the child.

I'm stuck between these two.

Don't worry, sir.
You are an intelligent person.

You know more than I do.

There is happiness after every sorrow.
There is an afternoon after each night.

After every problem... Sir!

The child drank the bottle of poison, sir.

What to do now?

- Should I come with the doctor?
- Yes, soon.

Come on son!

I'm going to the doctor.
The child's life is in danger.

Sir, sir.

Child, drank poison.

What to do now?

Like Doctor.


Take this.

- I'm not a beggar.
- Don't bother us.

- Our baby is very sick.
- That's why I'm here.

Where is my son?

tell me.

My son, what happened?

Son, look at me.

Lady, are you back?

You made our son sick.

You looked at him then and now...

Who are you

I, his mother.

- Mother...?
- Mother...?

Get out, beggar!

- Shut up.
- no no.

My child.

My child, call me mom for once.

Doc came.

Doctor, the child drank the bottle of iodine.

- Iodine...?
- Come on.

Is the child sick?

Yes, Kumar is very
sad because of the baby.


Do not worry.
By evening the child will be well.

Doctor, save my child's life.

Don't worry, baby is fine.

You caused me a lot of trouble.

You are a good man, sir.

I did my duty.

But tell me, are you the
real mother of the child?

Yes, sir! I am his real mother.

No mother in the world
abandons her child in this way.

I did this out of fear of society.

If I had not left, the child
would have been disgraced too.

You saved the child and
lost our peace of mind.

You do not know that
I had to wear a sari.

I took care of the
baby like a niece.

- Not only that...
- Latu! Stop reading.

Sir, did Latha call you
Anumpada because of this child?

Go out.

It was my fault. You two
are separated because of me.

No, it's not your fault.

I suspected him and blamed him.

Did you come to my house, Latha?

You're wrong Latha, this is Kumar's house.

Your lover is not here.

Go there. He is
waiting for you.

Kumar, don't do that to me.

Are you trying to
be innocent now?

Sir, it is not good to hurt a woman.

Now the truth has been revealed.

Thank you, sister.
But is the baby really yours?


Where do you live,
where is your husband?

- Husband?
- Yes.

Is he not alive?

Don't say that, sister.
He is alive.

So where is he?

Don't ask me that.

I do not want to share
my grief with anyone.

Share the pain of
your heart with us.

Yes, tell us.

Do not hide the pain in
your heart. Tell us the same.

Then your mind will get some relief.

He came into my
life two years ago.

If he did not exist...

... I had to spend my
life with my parents.

But because of this I would
have committed suicide.

But he promised to marry me.

There was magic in his words.

Before marriage I accepted
him as my husband.

- Matt.
- Yes sir.

Where is Latha?

She has only one place to go.

Why do not you say clearly?
Where is she

Sir, I must have gone to Kumar's house.

To Kumar's house... why did she go there?

Probably because you're here.

Shut up.

- Uncle, where are you going?
- To hell.

- I'll come too.
- Go!

At first he refused to recognize me.

He then tried to pay
me to raise the child.

But I actually went there
to get my lost husband...

... not for the money.

Disappointed, I returned.

Finally I saw Sir's servant.

I saw a look of
sympathy in his eyes.

Thinking my child will
be well taken care of...

... I dropped the baby in his basket.

Then I tried to commit suicide.

How cruel must he be?


It's a very sad story.

If it happened to me, I would
have shot that poor man.

Latha, what is your connection to this house?

Yes, she is definitely your girlfriend.

Latha, why did you come without his permission?

Shut up! How can I talk
to my girlfriend like that?

- Sister Malathi?
- Shashi?

Sister. Are you alive?

Bad guys, you said you were dead.

It would be better if I died.

Come with me. I'll show you
something beautiful. Come now.

Uncle! Look at this.

- Malathi?
- Shekhar.

Shekhar, do you know her?

Yes, he knows her.

- He, who is yours?
- He is the father of the child.

what did you say?

Mr. Shekhar, is he the father of your child?

Who says that?

- She says so.
- I do not know about a child.

Latha, do not believe what he says.

He writes stories and plays.
These are all his conspiracies.

He makes someone a
father, a son, a mother.

Do you refuse to recognize her?

Definitely. I will
never forget a face.

I saw this woman for the first time.

Uncle, did you see her for the first time?

We played with the sheep in the
village and took photos in the forest.

Promise to bring Malathi to
town, did you forget all that?

Shut up, witch. Come with me.

- No
- Where are you going?

- Leave me alone.
- Sir.

- Sir.
- Uncle.

- Shekhar. - Uncle. - Sir.

God, what happened?


I came here thinking
this was my temple.

I will go, I will go not only from
this house but also from the world.

Erase this scar on my forehead.

For once, tell the world that
you are the father of the child.

I am your wife, Shekhar.

You are my wife, but I never
said I was your husband.

This is my fault. You are my wife.

I was lost in the darkness of sin.

You brought light into my life.

Malathi, forgive me.

You are a goddess.
Can you forgive me

Shekhar, have pity on this child.

At least keep this boy with you.

Malathi is innocent.
I am responsible for her grief.

I stole her happiness.
I am a sinner.

Malathi... Malathi!

Shekhar, why this? Get up!

Malathi, you removed the
veil of sin from my eyes.

Wipe away your tears.
I will make you happy.

Before the world I accept the
child as my son and you as my wife.

My son!

Why are you standing? Sit down.

Come on in, Mrs. Jeeva.

Matt, give them betel.
Your name is Uma Devi, right?

Please Uma Devi? Mrs.
Chowdhury, where are you?

You are so beautiful!

Look, in her old age she
was still dressed like a girl.

Look, how beautiful!

Uma, are they not
like husband and wife?

God bless you daughter!

Shekhar, you have a goddess.
Make her happy.

- Of course, Uncle.
- Do you speak English?

- Maybe, sir.
- It's so bad

In those days when I was in college.

- English people...
- You came to learn Hindi, right?


Look at Ashok.
He writes in Hindi...

... eats, drinks,
speaks, all in Hindi.

From his head to
toes, a real Indian.

God bless you my son!
You too daughter...

...God bless!

Sinhala Subtitle Editing: -
Vithanage Priyantha Dayakeerthi.