Bahía blanca (1984) - full transcript

Pocho Martin's body is found dead on the shore of a fishing village. According to the forensic Ramiro, Pocho has been assassinated, which alerts the Commissioner Carlos.

Sometimes, I come to this
old wooden jetty,

as if curious about the
world around me.

The truth is, I am not.

I expect nothing.

The passage of ships near the islet
means nothing to me.

This window to the dawn

is just the reflection of my life.

And the old wooden boards
that creak under my feet

are like my old painful bones.

For some years now, the light of the
lantern in my house has been dim.

It doesn't lure the mariners
like it did in the old days.

Those fishermen,

on their way back to the port,
who'd stop for a drink.

And why not?

To spend part of their
money on some love.

I was always willing to give.

Now I am alone, truly alone,

like the old legends from this
islet incarnate in my body.

Perhaps the beginning of the end was one
morning in the nearest town on the islet.

- Give me the bag, Ramiro.
- Take it.

- How are you?
- A little dizzy.

- See you soon!
- See you soon!

We're going for a walk.

- It'll make you feel better.
- It's useless. I'm from a dry place.

- Why did you call me so urgently?
- The mariners caught the body

- of a local guy, Martin El Pocho.
- But El Pocho was a good swimmer, right?

Of course! I'm no expert, but I
believe he didn't drown.

What makes you say that?

He has some weird scratches.
And fishes don't scratch, right?

I guess not, except maybe sirens.


- I'll wait for you at Casa Fuentes.
- I'll be right there.


What's up?

- The rent.
- C'mon, Carlos, tell me.

They found El Pocho's body, and
Ramiro is here to do the autopsy.

Autopsy? What is that?

He's opening his guts to
see if he was murdered.


Father! El Pocho has been killed!

Father! El Pocho Martin has
been killed! Father!


- Father!
- What now? War, earthquake or revolution?

- Hello, Father!
- What's up with you, Silvia, my child?

Ramiro is here, the doctor from Madero.
It seems he's cutting up El Pocho.

- But El Pocho is dead. Didn't he drown?
- It seems he didn't.

The sheriff thinks he was killed.

What times, my child!
Cutting up one of us!

- You have a visitor.
- Who? Where?

There you see him, pretending to be
well-mannered, that thug Andy.

I didn't let him wait for you inside,
because he's capable of hitting me with a bottle.

Dad, don't be like that.
Andy is a good guy.

Good? A guy working for
Raul Sebastian, a good guy?

Why do you hate Raul Sebastian?

I've seen him. He's an elegant man,
and looks like a nice gentleman.

A nice scoundrel.
That's what he is, a scoundrel!

Good morning!

Good morning!

Since the government put him in
charge of the administration of the island,

he's been stealing!
Taking, and even killing, I believe.

I wouldn't be amazed if he was involved
in the death of poor Pocho Martin.

- No way!
- Can I get some service!

But Father!

But nothing!

I don't like you hanging out
with that guy, Andy.

Oh, he's outside!

- Oh, these kids!
- Dad, I'm not just friends with Andy,

I'm going to marry him.
Get used to it! See you!

If your mother were still alive,
she would fix you!

See you later!
Andy, sorry to keep you waiting.

Mr. Leon, do you have
Trujillo's Pisco?

Yes, ma'am, I'll get you a bottle.

- Hey, you silly! Why the rush?
- Didn't you read the sign?

- "Beware of the aggressive father."
- Don't be stupid!

You know how dads are.

I don't. Mine died when
I was very young.

He got mad because I said
we're getting married.

He better get used to it.

You need to ask him for
my hand formally.

Instead he's going to give me a foot,
a really hard kick!

Don't overreact. He's grumpy like
all old people, but he's a nice man.

I'm sure you'll get along.

- Let's walk to the lighthouse.
- Good idea.

I love lighthouses. Especially when they're
empty, and couples can sit there and look out at

the sea and kiss passionately.

You're shameless!

Take it.

You took longer than usual.

So disgusting! Your office doesn't
have running water.

Why did you take so long?

- Because he was killed.
- He was killed?

I told you he had a lot
of scratches.

Besides the scratches,
he had a bullet in his brain.

- Shotgun?
- Revolver,.38.

- Who could have done this?
- No fucking idea,

but he was really drunk
when he was killed.

- It's possible to know that?
- Of course it's possible!

When the medical examiner
performs the autopsy,

he can look into the corpse
like an open book.

But you don't know that,
my poor sheriff.

Of course, Mr. Oscar,
I'm a stupid idiot,

but I'm lucky you're here.
Please, enlighten me with your wisdom.

You don't take me seriously,
but I can tell you a lot about that crime.

Huh? Ramiro!

This is Mr. Oscar. Let me introduce you.
Dr. Ramiro Sarmiento.

- Nice to meet you.
- Pleased to meet you.

- Are you a doctor?
- Yes, a medical examiner.

How can a doctor be friends
with this ignoramus?

Well, you see...

- You look foreign.
- My grandma was English.

How degrading! The grandson
of an English lady,

fraternizing with these nobodies.

If your grandma was here, she'd
perceive the strange magnetism

of these lands, the strange call
of the islets that surround us.

Cursed islands, with a scary telluric force,
especially Deer's Island.

The most ancient legends about these lands
are about Deer's Island. It looks uninhabited,

but strange women live there at night.

They come out from the sleeping crater
and lure the fishermen with a strange light.

With magical chants, they seduce the
men who dare to go near,

and they kill them.

Laugh, you imbecile! But that's how
Pocho Martin was killed.

Andy! Andy! Have a nice trip!

Carlos! Carlos, wait!

- Where are you going?
- To Deer's Island.

Can I go with you?

But your work is done.

Can I go with you, yes or no?

Okay, let's go.

I don't understand why you
want to go. I don't even want to.

Because of all those things
the guy at the tavern said.

- Don't pay attention to that idiot.
- Oh, really?

- Then why are you going to the island?
- Well, you see, just because.

How long are you staying?

I don't know. Go back to work and
pick us up later, when you can.

Let's go, Ramiro.

- It's just water. Are you dizzy again?
- A little bit.

Let's go to the old tavern.
I was told it's open sometimes.

Creepy place.

I've seen worse.


Anybody here?

Open up.

Anybody here?

Come on!

Can I come in, yes or no?

Listen, some music.

Nice chick!

Good morning, outsiders!

Good morning.

Who are you, and what are
you doing on this island?

- You don't know how to say good morning?
- No.

Who are you, and what are
you doing on this island?

I do whatever I please.

This island is mine.

And who are you to come and
disturb a lady at this time of day?

I'm Sheriff Fernandez, Commander
in Chief of Cochinos Bay.

Aren't you...

- And aren't you...
- Carlitos, the hairy one!

- And you're Mandanga.
- Carlitos.


You're heavy!

Who's this friend of yours?

That's Ramiro,
the medical examiner.

Of course, that's why he
has that sad face.

No way! You should see him when
he's working. He's like a cyclone.

I'm sure I'll see him.

Oh, sorry.

Like a cyclone, huh? The truth
is, he looks like a fool.

Not at all! He's a doctor.

So, what about you?
You're a sheriff now?

Life is full of surprises.

Last time I saw you, you were in your
underwear, escaping through a window,

being chased by the police.

And what about you?

Do you remember when the community
of women of grace

expelled you from Valparaiso?

I said to the lady with glasses,
"You can kick me out of Valparaiso,

but I'll kick you out
of the continent."

She punched her, then she
fell in the sea.

She looked so funny when they
took her out of the water.

- Funny, right?
- And how did you become a sheriff?

Do you remember when
Governor Madero fell from grace,

and they replaced him
with Meliton?

- And Meliton made you a police officer?
- Meliton fucked me. He incarcerated me.

A personal vendetta.

Of course!
You slept with his wife.

How did you know that?

Everybody knew, except Meliton.

- And the day he found out!
- He put you in jail!

- But Meliton fell from grace too?
- There you go.

Madero returned and made
me a police officer,

but he sent me to
the fifth hell!

Of course! So you don't
fuck his wife.

- Hey! How about a beer?
- Beer? Is this thing for beer?

Oh, you didn't know?

A client brought it as a gift,
and he put it there.

He probably stole it
from some tavern.

I have some wine,
guajolote, or rum.

- Wonderful.
- I have everything in this pigsty.

You haven't told me how
you ended up on this island?

Long story.

Do you remember Maria?

Of course, your sister.

Did something happen to her?

No, she's fine.

But she was caught in a raid.

She was with me, but those pigs
took her in for prostitution.

I tried to explain to them that
she had nothing to do with it,

and she was too young,
but they wouldn't listen to reason.

They took us both!

I can imagine the reasons
you gave them.

Well, I did hit a cop's head
with my heel.

So did they let
you go right away?

No way! We escaped,
and we ended up here.

Your friend doesn't talk at all.

Yes, but I'm cautious.

Well, I'm here because
in the town...

- What town?
- Conejera.

So you're the sheriff of that
shitty little village?

Little village?
Show some respect!

Population: 700.

701, including the son of that tart
who gave birth yesterday.

Oscar el miserias, he insists
this islet is cursed,

and there are some sirens.
- Oh, thank you! Bring him here.

Jokes aside, Pocho Martin,
he was a good guy, my friend,

and he was killed.
Oscar says it happened here.

You're speaking a foreign language.
Only Maria and I live here.

Wasn't it an accident?

Yes, he met with a
.38 caliber bullet.

And who the fuck said
the bullet was from here?

Don't freak out, Mandanga.

I have to ask questions.
It's my duty.

Do you have a lot
of customers around here?

Fridays and Saturdays,
some fishermen come.

Besides, I have someone
to protect me.

You're amazing!

You've found a protector
in this deserted place.

But around here, the only
one who has more than a dollar

is Raul Sebastian.

You're right!


Don't fuck with me!

Have you been able to
hook up with that bastard?


Raul, so proper and respectable.
He goes to church every day.

He pisses holy water!

Hey, Mandanga!

I can assure you, he knows
how to do other things,

but he doesn't demand a lot.

He only comes once a week, and he
gives me money to keep my mouth shut.

- It seems it doesn't work.
- Hey, you! No insults.

This one here,
he's like my brother.

And me?

Friends of my brother are
like brothers to me too,

or little sisters.

And if your tongue loosens, you
can meet a.38 caliber by accident.

- You don't mean that, right?
- Of course I mean it.

But it doesn't matter, you're the special
friend of the government administrator.

- Right?
- Of course, it doesn't matter.

Are you going to write 'accidental
death' on the death certificate?

No! They put a bullet in the guy's skull.
It was a crime.

A bullet! A bullet!

Why do you care, one bullet
less or one bullet more?

Especially if one bullet less
means your peace.

Of course, because if
I say to Raul Sebastian,

while he's about to come on me,
that you tried to rape me, what then?

Would you dare to do that?

Yes, she's capable of it.

Then I'll sign that certificate.

To the happiest medical
examiner in the whole country!

If Raulito were to leave with another man,
I'd follow him by land and sea.

If by sea, in a military train.







Maria, have you been listening?
Have you?

What's up with you? Have you heard
that I killed that son of a bitch?

So what? He deserved it.

Or maybe you liked what
he did to you?

Quiet! Quiet!
I can't joke with you?

- Take my hand, Mr. Raul.
- Thank you.

What a damn life!

Ramiro, you're drunk.

Did you notice that
you're drunk? Ramiro!

- Get in!
- Miss Alida must be in bed already.

Is that you, Raul?

Wait for me in the bar.
I'll be upstairs with her.

I'll be done in an hour and a half.

- Yes, sir.
- Yes.

How are you, my darling?

I thought you'd never come.

- I'm tired of babysitting!
- But you get good pay for it!

- Don't you? It's always like that.
- You get better money for jobs you dislike.

Ramiro! Ramiro!

- I'm Raul Sebastian.
- Shut up! There's someone there.

It's probably him. Raul Sebastian.

Oh my god, what do we do now?

C'mon, let's go. We're leaving
through the back door.

Oh, my head!

- Let's go!
- My head!

It reeks of alcohol in here.

Yes, somebody was here earlier.

Some drunk fisherman.

How gross is the boss!

Fucking a woman that fucks until
the last filthy stevedore is done.

She's hot.

She has nice tits,
but her ass...

She's hot.

You should come by
yourself and fuck her.

Good idea, I'll come
and fuck her.

She'll teach you some tricks
for your wedding night.

I don't need any tricks. I know
everything I need to know.

Don't forget, I'm the official
handsome lover of Paca the bunny.

Paca the bunny! What an
ordinary bitch!

You left me alone for
so long this time.

I have tons of work. A lot of work,
and a lot of responsibilities.

You drive me crazy.

- I can't live without your touch.
- My love.

- I brought you a present.
- What a joy! Give it to me.

No, no, first undress.

Don't be like that.

No, undress.


Undress now!

You're a fucking whore!

Oh, this damn thing.


What's wrong? Why are
you laughing?

See for yourself.

Look at you!

My present...

Help me put it on.

It's gorgeous.

Take it! Take it, you whore!
Take it! Go on, go on.

- And Silvia, she's a virgin, isn't she?
- If you doubt it, I'll kill you! She's a saint!

- Haven't you fucked her yet?
- Asshole, who do you think I am?

I have a lot of respect for her!

- Do you want advice from an experienced guy?
- No!

If I were you, I'd sample her
before taking her to the altar.

You're crazy!

What if she doesn't taste
good after you try her?

She's the most beautiful of all
the girls on all the islands.

That don't matter at the
time of the deed.

- I think she's ordinary.
- Ordinary?

You wish you could have
fun with her! Admit it!

I admit it! But I still
find her ordinary.

Sometimes fruit looks good, but
that doesn't mean it tastes good.

Leave Silvia alone, or
I'll break your neck.

Okay, okay, forget what I said.

Chill out, that's just the first one.

Normally he gets three.

This drink isn't strong.

I said this drink isn't strong!

It's good alcohol.
I almost finished it.

It is really good.

You drunk bastards!
Aren't you ashamed?

- Yes, sir. We're sorry.
- Wait outside!

Hey, girl!

Hey, girl!


Little one, wait!

Come here!
Wait, don't run!

Don't be stupid. Now you're gonna know
what it's like to have a big man.

Don't move! Don't move!

Leave this island immediately.

And if you come back,
I'll kill you!

Do you understand?

- Were you at Deer's Island?
- Of course!

Did you see the women
who live there?

They're old friends.

- Listen to me, you idiot.
- Go on.

You're in danger,
don't you realize?

Death is waiting for you.
Certain death.

If you don't get rid of them soon,
you'll die like El Pocho.

I had a revelation. Listen to me,
you'll die otherwise.

You've been warned.

Thank you, Andy.


Look who's here,
our dearest sheriff.

How strange! You aren't
into someone else's affairs.

The one and only Raul Sebastian!

What are you doing in
this part of town?

Occasionally, I like to
remember the old times.

I used to be scum, just like you.

That's how I like to
hear you talk.

You know Alida, from
the islet, right?

Of course.

A little bird told me
you're courting her.

Stay away from her, if you
wish to keep breathing.

And what are you gonna do?

What a braggart! I'll do nothing.
That's what friends are for.

- No.
- But dad!

- No, my child!
- Father!

You know I only want the
best for you.

I've dreamed that you'd marry
a hard-working, serious guy.

- But I want Andy!
- Well, I don't.

- You're not going to marry him.
- And neither are you.

Father, why are you so stubborn?
You never take my side.

You're like your mother.

She always did as she pleased,
until one day she exploded

like fireworks.

But she was happy until she did it!
Didn't she run away to marry you?


- Then I'll run away to marry Andy.
- Not a chance.

- I'd accept that jerk before losing you.
- Thank you, Dad!

Hey, that's not what I meant!
Damn it!

- My love, it was good, right?
- Yes, even though it was painful.

- Was it painful for you too?
- Yes, in the flesh!

But the most important thing was
to make sure I was the first one.

Could you think anything else?

You're the only one.

I can't say the same for you.

It's normal, men having
previous adventures.

I suppose you had great ladies,
important women.

Of course, like Paca,
The Countess of Coneja,

and Alida, a millionaire who owns
her own island.

- I've heard of her.
- Who talks about her?

- Crazy Oscar, the healer.
- He knows nothing!

He cured my warts.

He says Alida is a witch, who
seduces and bewitches men,

and when she gets tired
of them, she kills them.

You're the only one who
has bewitched me.

That's why I'll marry you.

You mean it?

You aren't going with that witch?

Of course not!
She's just one of many!

I already have the
wedding dress.

If you dump me for another
woman, I'll kill you!

C'mon, don't waste time.

What do you want?

Again, please.

You have to take me
home before 8:00.

You know people talk.

It's better if you leave now.

My boss will be here
sometime soon.

Andy, why don't you leave this place?
Why don't you leave Raul Sebastian?

- I can't.
- Why not? You can find another job.

Everybody knows he's a murderer.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't say anything before,

and please don't say a word to anyone.

I'm Raul Sebastian's son.

Do you understand now?
I don't want to leave.



- You were here!
- Don't worry about the Jew's daughter.

Any girl would be proud to be your wife.
You have plenty to choose from.

But I love her.

Okay, okay, you'll have her.

Even if you don't like it?

I only want you to be happy.

I told her that you're my father.
That's why she left.

You made a mistake. You shouldn't say
anything to anyone, not even her.

Nobody should know that
Raul Sebastian has a son like you.

Why? Are you ashamed of me?

Do you want everybody to
know who your mother is?

Or my age?

We're alike. Possessive, ambitious.

Don't let words, or that girl, defeat you.

Do what I always do, when
one woman rejects you,

look for another one to
help you forget about her.

If she closes her door of
pleasure to you,

there are many other doors.
Never forget that!

Are you still mad at me
because I killed that man?

I've always looked after you.

I've always taken care of you.

We're alone, and I'll never let
anyone hurt or abuse you.

Are you crying?
You have no reason to!

I couldn't let him abuse you,
I couldn't.

I don't want what happened
6 months ago,

shortly after we arrived on this
island, to happen again.

I'll kill anyone who disrespects you!

You don't understand, I can't
allow everything to fail.

Don't worry.

Everything I do is for you.

I can't allow anyone to
lay a hand on you.

I swear it will never
happen again.

You haven't noticed, Maria.

You're pregnant.

You didn't realize you're
having a baby.

Yes, and I'm protecting him.

Do you understand now?

- Do you love me?
- I don't love you.

What did you say? Don't you
love me, you bastard?

I've never loved you.
I've never missed you.

- I don't desire you.
- Oh, really, you bastard?

I don't like fucking you.

I've never liked it.

Very well, excuse me.

What are you doing? C'mon!
Keep doing it!

- But you don't like it! What for?
- I don't dislike it either.

Damn it! Why I do have big
emotions and a big cock?

You know, I've been watching
you for a while.

Oh, really. I eat a lot!

I'm leaving you all out
of cookies.

I'm not surprised, knowing you.

I don't mind.

I don't mind, you can eat the cookies,
the eggs, and the beans.

Thank you, this is enough.

You don't understand,

or maybe I didn't explain myself.

It's hard for a man to
understand certain things.

I felt euphoric today,
and I didn't know why.

But now I understand,

- seeing you there, eating.
- What do you understand?

I felt euphoric and happy
because you're here.

Because there's a man
in the house.

A reason to wake up
and keep living.

- By the way...
- Hello!

It gives us women
stability and security.

It doesn't matter if the man
is uncouth or elegant.

Nice, or a mess like you.

It starts feeling like
a serious thing.

- I think you're overreacting.
- No.

Do you understand me, Maria?

You women all dream too much.

- Why don't you stay, Carlos?
- Nah.

Stay with us.

If you were here with us,
everything would be different,

even this business.

If I were here,
it would be your ruin.

Neither Raul Sebastian, nor other customers,
would set foot on this island again.

Maria, have you had
breakfast already?

You're getting too pretty.

It seems the wildlife suits you.

Let's go for a walk.

The worst part about a
sedentary life is becoming static.

I'll turn slow and fat as a pig.

And you, Maria, don't you get
bored here all the time?

Wouldn't you like to
leave this place?

One of these days,
I'll take you to the city,

and I'll buy you a thong, and then
we'll go to the beach to show off.

Well, I'll show you off, for sure.

You're too hot.

How are you, big man? Too proud to
hook up with an imbecile?

Were you spying on us?

Yes, revolver in hand.

Why didn't you shoot?

I was about to, then Maria
started moaning in pleasure,

and I realized I have no right
to deprive her of your services.

- That's why you didn't shoot?
- That's right.

Perhaps you're in love with me.

Me, in love? I don't know
what that is.

Don't lie! You're like other women,
like everybody else.

You love, hate, and all the rest.

Did you have a good
time with her?

Poor thing, she's like a
frightened animal.

She needed it!

How altruistic!

More than you, anyway.

You wanted to save your sister
from being like you,

so you kept her in the shadows.

Yeah, so what?

You should've asked her if she
wanted to be a martyr and a virgin.

- She can't tell. She's retarded!
- She's mute!

She's mute, but she's
also a woman, like you!

Better than you!

- She's a little girl.
- You're crazy, she's a woman!

A pregnant woman.


I love you.

- You shouldn't have come here.
- I'm sorry, it wasn't my fault.

I was jealous of you two together.
Why, Carlos? Why her?

I don't know, poor thing.

It happened so fast.
She threw herself into my arms.

Say you love me.

I don't say those things!

Say it!

I don't want to. Leave me alone.

You have no shame!

I can't leave you alone.
And you, with that big belly,

but having a good time.

I'm not mad at you. No, no.

I'm not mad at him either.
Such is life.

Better you get off with him,
than with any other man.

At least Carlos is clean,
and he smells good.

He's a stallion, and handsome.

I've always had a
good time with him.

But you already know
that, you whore.

You've heard us, admit it!

Well, it's normal.
You know what it's like.

I have such an amazing
time with him.

It's been a while since I
had a man like him.

I must confess,

I thought no man
could make me come again.

I've had many pigs in my bed,
but you'll never know.

I admit it, this one
turns me on a lot.

I wish we could keep him.
It would be useful too.

It's nice to have a good
man by our side, and strong.

Both of us could be pleased.
And he's cute, right?

Oh, a ship! Customers!
Better get ready soon!

Don't say she isn't elegant.

She's like a countess.

Have you ever seen a countess?

No, but they have to be like her.


- She's singing to me!
- Really?

- Yes.
- I like it.

- Let's go, Mr. Sebastian.
- Thank you.

Good evening!

This place is closed.

All of you out.

- C'mon, everybody out!
- C'mon, it's closed.

Get out.

Was that for us too?

Especially for you.

- Communication is important.
- C'mon, get out of here!

I'll be back.

Let's go.


The boss is upstairs,
he's waiting for you.

Plenty of undocumented
around here.

What do you want?

- I want to see Andy.
- I'm sorry, he's not here.


He hasn't called me in days.

If he doesn't want to see me,
at least tell me!

I told you, he's not here.
We never see him after work.

Wait. Rufo, let her in.

Come in.

You haven't seen
Andy in days?

Four days to be exact.

You mean since the last time
you were here.

So you knew we were
in his room?

It doesn't matter, he's madly
in love with you.

We had an argument
because of you.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

For real?

My son is too important for me
to joke about with you.

- Don't you want us to get married?
- No.

And it makes me happy that he
can be with another woman.

I see.

I'm sorry to disturb you.

- Wait! Where are you going?
- Why do you care?

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

- It's because of Andy.
- It's nothing.

I told you he's no good.

Good afternoon, Leon.

El Miserias!

What are you doing here?

I know you don't like me,
but I'm here to warn you.

A tragedy surrounds your home.
I read about it in the coffee grounds.

Be very careful.

I don't believe in superstitions.

That's not my problem.

It's my duty to come here
and warn you.

Be careful with your daughter,
she's in great danger.

Hey Miserias, where are you?

Is anybody here?


Is anybody here?

Who are you?
What do you want?

You know very well who I am.
Where's Andy?

Andy? I don't know who
you're talking about.

And sorry to disappoint you,
but you're not that famous.

I don't have any fucking idea
who you are, either.

It's okay, my name is Silvia.
I'm Leon Madero's daughter.

I'm engaged to Andy,
Raul Sebastian's secretary.

You know who Raul Sebastian
is, don't you?

The name rings a bell.

So your Andy is
Mr. Sebastian's bodyguard,

not his secretary.

Don't be a jerk. Call him
whatever you want,

but where is he?

He's come with Mr. Sebastian a few times,
that's all I know about him.

And if you lost him,
search somewhere else.

He could've run away
with anyone.

What do you mean?

Are you saying that he's
a playboy? A womanizer?

He's a serious and
respectful man!

Serious because he rarely smiles,
but he's like the rest of them.

I don't believe you!
I'm going to your room!

- And if I find him...
- You're not going anywhere!

Get out of here now!

Oh, really? Try to get me out!

Get out! Out!

And if you dare to come back to
my island, you'll get a bullet in your head.

Did you hear me? Out!


But if I find out Andy's been here, or that
he's been sleeping with you, I'll be back.

It isn't that difficult
to use a revolver.

Oh, it's you! What are
you doing here?

C'mon, let's go, let's go.

Don't worry.




C'mon, my child.

I'm deeply sorry.


Let's go.

Are you fixing the bassinet?

Do you need some scissors?

Are you okay?

Do you hate me?

Even if I sleep with him?

Would you like us to
leave this place?

Me neither.

And soon we'll have a baby.

I know you don't like
my work as a whore,

but we have to survive.

There is something
I have to tell you.

Everything I do,
the bad and the good,

I do it for you.
You're the only person I truly love.

And the baby in your womb too.

You understand, right?

I know you feel the same way.

We need to stick together,
no matter what.

What are you thinking?

If only you knew how to write!

Sometimes I see fire in your eyes.

I don't like it,
I don't understand it.

Where are you? Alida!

Where are you, Mandanguita?

Do you think we'll be able
to leave this place someday?

Escape from here?

Don't be childish,

I stopped dreaming long ago.

We should hold onto
what we already have.

We have too little.

I'm a whore, I escaped an arrest,
and I take care of an idiot.

You managed to avoid prison,
and you're too beautiful.

You make your living
with your body,

and you're lucky to have me,
and to have a lovely sister.

Soon she'll give birth to a
baby that'll bring joy to our lives.

Maria is an angel.

I know you like her more
than you should.

Don't be stupid.

Stop fantasizing.

For better or worse,

I feel sorry for her. So what?

I'll sleep with her if I have to,
like I did before, without any pleasure.

She's dumb, scruffy, lousy.
I have to think about you to come.

But I don't care, as long
as she's happy afterwards.

I'm not jealous of your men.
I don't think they matter to you.

But Maria is different.

She's younger than me,
more attractive.

All the men who come to me
feel attracted to her.

That's why you protect her.

That's why you're
capable of killing.

It's not about love and mercy,
just jealousy.

Your excuse is being protective,
while you're destroying her life.

You're jealous of
them liking her.

No! It's not that!

I don't know.

It's not easy.
I hate her sometimes!

I punish her harshly,
but then I regret it. I don't know...

I don't know what's
wrong with me.

Please understand me.
I'm wasting my best years

caring for her, and she's useless.

I don't understand her, and I
don't think she understands me.

It's like sacrificing my life
for a selfish wild animal.





- No, Maria!
- No!




I have plenty of time to
talk to myself.

I play it over and over
in my mind.

I don't understand the facts

or the motive, but perhaps
that's just the way it is.

They said I was lucky to survive.

The truth is, I don't know.

We searched for Maria's body
for weeks, without any luck.

She has to be
somewhere nearby,

perhaps sleeping in
a bed of seaweed

under the waters of
these seascapes.

Things have changed
a lot since then.

There are other lights,
and new ships.

And our boat looks
like a corpse now,

rusty and mutilated.

Rusty and mutilated,
like my heart.

The evenings are too cold.

I'm going back to my room,
like I do every day,

to wait patiently for the
date that fate has set

as the last and final
in my schedule.

And who knows, perhaps that
day I'll see Maria again,

wherever she is,
deep in this sea,

seemingly quiet around me.