Bad Tales (2020) - full transcript

A few families living out on a limb in the suburbs of Rome. Tensions here can explode at any time; ultimately it's the children who bring about the collapse.

A curious thing happened to me,
weeks ago.

In the paper bell,
with a "Friday"

and several "TV
Smiles and Songs",

I found a girl's diary.

The fact that it
was written in green

pen made me dismiss
it as uninteresting.

I took it only to the
idea of ​​being able to fill

the several dozen pages
left empty with utility.

I start reading it one afternoon.

After getting used to the
immature and dreamy calligraphy,

I signal to myself that
I am interested in it.

I am not impressed by the facts themselves,
but by

the feeling of mysterious
reticence that provoke me,

as if not everything
was actually on paper,

yet heavily present.

The trivial facts evoked the trivial
man with whom I find it hard to identify

feelings of renewed intensity,
far beyond the quality of the lines.

I feel sincere bitterness at
the breaking of the pages.

I would like all that rest
that I feel to emerge, or

even just other rambling
lines of boyish unawareness

to meditate on.

He arrives at a certain point,
then he does not write further,

without warning and without
writing that he would no longer write.

Maybe he found a better journal,
or a better life.

The fact is that I
kept that diary and

continued it,
because I liked that life.

The following is
inspired by a true story.

The true story is
inspired by a false story.

The false story is not very inspired.

The images you are
about to see are shocking.

A family massacre took
place this afternoon in Spinaceto.

According to the reconstruction,
the parents of a few months old

girl would have killed the baby
girl by drowning her in the bathtub.

A few minutes later,
they would throw themselves

from the balcony of the
room where they were staying.

Both parents have passed away.

Several boxes of
anxiolytics and antispasmodics

have been found in the
room of the young couple.

Other guests at the
facility would have heard the

two parents arguing and
threatening to commit suicide.

Nobody would have intervened, because...

We launched a new
hypersensitive skin soap,

a foaming product,
not at all aggressive.

I collaborated personally both
in the idea and in the realization.

As if that wasn't enough,
a new series of shampoos.

Shampoos designed for children's eyes,
because they don't pinch.

One may think,
"Stressful, as an activity."

However, if you have a job,
you must always try to reach new heights.

If not what the fuck do we live doing?

"You want to continue selling
sugary water for the rest of your life"

"or do you want a chance
to change the world?"

Steve Jobs. How great.
I read the book, "stop".

I lately the only
readings that I

can afford are job

What kind of work are you searching?

Everything. An adequate thing...

Also because I've been
stuck for months now.

It is also not good for the brain.

It doesn't seem to me that
you're standing still. Always run.

Where is it? Inside the house!

Can't you see I'm a housewife?
You work! I do not know...

Let's do one thing,
talk about beautiful things.

are you going to get the report cards?

They took beautiful report cards.

No, there, there.

You start.

Italian, ten. English, ten.
Second community language, ten.

History, ten. Geography, ten.
Mathematics, ten. Sciences, ten.

Technology, ten. Music, ten.
Art and image, ten.

Motor and sports sciences, ten.
Behaviour, ten.

All ten.

Italian, ten. English, ten.
History, ten. Geography, ten.

Mathematics, ten. Sciences, ten.

Technology, ten. Music, ten.
Art and image, ten.

Motor and sports sciences, ten.



Viola, on the other hand,
still has to make some small efforts.

He must correct two small deficiencies,
but we are working on it.

Is that his support
teacher is a jerk.

- Come on...
- He's not a jerk, he's stupid.

Maybe he is good with the disabled,
but not with normal children.

It's true, it's a little stupid.

What trouble, huh?

"I once liked the market,"

"but the last ones have become mushy."

"It doesn't interest you to see that
neighbours sell, it's always the same stuff."

"Nobody buys and
you just burn your face."

How much?

Like... a lot of money.

- How much do you have?
- Nothing.

It is not enough.

Yes, but how much does it cost?

Thirty Euros.

- Can you give me 30 Euros?
- Eh?

- Can you give me 30 Euros?
- What are you gonna do?

- A didactic thing.
- Ask your mother.

Mom, can you give me 30 Euros?

Just because we have
already sold two things.