Bad Seed (2000) - full transcript

Preston Tylk is an ordinary guy living in Seattle. When he discovers that his wife, Emily, whom he adores, is having an affair, he is devastated. Storming out of the house, he returns later only to find her brutally murdered.

I am sick of this bullshit
rain. Where is my umbrella?

You said
we could talk tonight.

I'll be back in five
minutes. We can talk about it then.

I don't see why this can't wait a
few minutes. This always happens.

Emily, I have a headache.
I'd like to get a fountain coke.

Where is the umbrella?
We have coke here.

I know.
I'd like a fountain coke.

I told you. Coke out of the can
tastes like coke out of the can.

Preston, this can't wait.
Where is that umbrella?

I'm losing my fuckin'
mind. Where... it's important!

I'll talk about it as soon
as I get back. Listen to me.

Forget the coke. Forget the
umbrella. I need to talk to...

You know what? You're
right. Forget the umbrella.

I'm gonna go out. I'll be right
back. Preston, I'm having an affair.

I'm sorry.

I had to tell you.
I couldn't keep hiding it.

Jesus Christ!

I tried to say something before.

It just happened.

He flattered me.

He flat... who?
Who flattered you?

- You don't know him.
- Try me.

- It's not important.
- I think it's important!

- Preston, I love you.
- Thank you for your honesty.

I'm sure it must have been
hard on you to come clean.

Don't do this, Preston.
Don't yell.

I thought I had a problem earlier
when I couldn't find my umbrella.

Now I hear my wife is having
an affair.

Was having an
affair. Was having...

Were you trying
to get my attention?

You got my attention!

You didn't even notice
I was gone in the first place!

I didn't... so it's my fault?

You're having an affair,
but it's my fault.

What is it? Can I talk to Emily,

Who is this?
Can I speak with Emily?

- Who is it?
- You can tell me who this is.

Give me the phone.
Hold on!

Give her the goddamn telephone!
You're the guy, aren't you?

Jonathan, why are you calling?
Jonathan? That's your name?

You write me a letter
saying it's over just like that?

I'm not going to discuss this
now. You will discuss this now.

Where do you get off talking to
her... would you hang up the phone!

Fuck you, Preston. Just because you're
too blind to realize what you've got...

Doesn't change the fact that
I'm the one that loves your wife.

I'm the one who shows her
that every single day.

You're the reason why she
came to me in the first place.

Jonathan, stop it!

Preston? Preston, wait.

I want to talk to you,

And there's
no end in sight for this rain.

Local forecast calls for
light to moderate showers...

In the puget sound area for the better
part of the week.

We're closing in on 7:30,
folks, so stick around.

I got a whole new single from...


Emily, I'd like to talk.


Emily? God!

Emily? Oh, god.

God. Oh.

Will you get in here,
please? She's got bruising around the neck.

Looks like
she hit her head.

We got a subdural hemorrhage.
Significant bleeding. Get her to the Van.

Attention, all units.

Can I get all available units...

Officer! Wait! The man had an
orange car. You saw someone?

No, but I saw his car.
He had an orange car.

Do you know what
kind of car it was? No.

And after all that,
you don't know his last name?

Jonathan's all I know. I had
never met him before tonight.

I hadn't even heard of him.

You're sure she was
seeing him? I'm sure.

Dr. Valentino to the O.R., please.

Dr. Valentino
to the O.R., please.

Dr. White. Dr. White, call your office.

Lower. Nurse,
we need more dressing.

Stand by.

We're holding
on here. Going lower.

Nurse, we need
more dressing here.


There's pressure
on the skull here.

All right.
That's better.

Hold that.

Give me another light over here.

Bring that
over here. Bring it up.

Open the goddamn door!

You don't mind if I come
in your house, do you?

I got a couple of questions
I'd like to ask you!

I'd like to ask you
what happened to my wife!

I want to know
what happened to her!

You fucked up,
pal. You got the wrong guy.

Do you know what
I did this morning?

I spent my brother's 23rd birthday
wiping the blood off of his pillow.

Did you know he was retarded?

Couldn't even brush
his own fuckin' teeth!

That's why there's a camera in his room,
so I could monitor him...

Just like a little baby.

Let me tell you something
about your wife... no...

Shut up!

That's the police.
They'll go away.

No, they won't.


Who's that?
Come on in, Randy!

Get rid of him.

Randy. I'm sorry we missed the reception.

It's okay. We're on our way out of
town. We have to go see my mother.

Tess made lasagna for you.
I'm going to put this in the fridge.

Great. I don't think
we've met. I'm Randy.

Nice to meet you,
Randy. How do you suppose he's holding up?

He's doing okay. Are you sure?
Did you go out to the cemetery?

I didn't make it.

You a friend of the family?
You know Emily? Yeah.

Oh, you know both of them? Where
are you from? You from down at the, uh...

Did you work with them? No,
no, no. I know them from before.

From before? Listen, when he does
that lasagna, tell him high temperature.

You get those nice crispy...
We were having...

I'm sorry. I've got to run myself. Yeah,

Mr. Tylk, Tacoma police.
Open the door.

Mr. Tylk, we just have a few questions.
Will you open the door, please?

All units, be advised.

187 suspect, white male,
six-two, brown hair, brown eyes.

Last seen wearing red jacket
and gray pants.

Last seen at 423 reegan street.
Last name is tylk.

"T" as in Tom, "y," young,

"l," Lincoln, "k," king.

Responding to party stating
suspicious activity at 1800 hours.

Suspect fled scene. Currently
wanted for questioning.

Be advised, code six-David.
187, copy.

Goddamn rain.


I swear to god
I'm going to make you suffer.

How did you get this
number? Your wife.

What are you looking for?
Where are you?

Close enough.

How'd you find me?
I followed you from the diner.

I knew you'd go there to think.
You always go there to think.

Worked out for me though.

Every time you sorted things out over a corned
beef sandwich and a coke I was fucking your wife.

What do you want from me?

I want to watch
you suffer, then die.

I'm going to
the police. Yeah.

Fine. You go to the police,
I'll give them a copy of our home movie.

You know the one where
you murder my brother?

They've already got the tape. The
police are at my house right now.

They won't find anything.
Tape's not there.

Wait a second.

What the hell is going on? What
the hell are you doing in my kitchen?

Hey! Hey!
Hey! What the fuck!

Where's the tape?
Where is it?

Gonna kill me
like you did my brother?

Where's the tape?
Where is it?

Come on,
murderer! Pull the trigger. Do it!

Open sundays, 10:00 till 7:00.

Shut the door, will ya?
You're letting all the hot air out.

Uh, you open?
I'm awake.

My name's Preston tylk...

Do me a favor, will ya?

Will you walk straight from the
door to this chair and take a seat?

It's awfully warm in here.

I'm from Florida. The wife moved
me out here and then dumped me.

Cold air chaps my lips.
That's why I like it hot.

I hate the rain.

Me too.

Before we go on, I should
let you know a few things.

I get a lot of nut jobs
that walk in here.

Pimps, whores, junkies,
winos wanting to get in out of the rain.

Since I am a 24-hour operation,

I take certain precautions
for my safety and yours.

Am I clear?
Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Good, because I store
a gun under my desk.

It's easy for me to grab, and right
now I have it pointed at your dick.

Please don't get alarmed.

After we converse and
I feel more comfortable,

I will extend to you the courtesy of
placing both of my hands on the desk.

This does not obligate you to hire me and
certainly does not obligate you to stay.

Now, my business card says Richard,
but you may call me dick.

Now, please, tell me.
What is your situation?

I'm trying to find something,

and, uh, well,
I'm being blackmailed.


Videotape. Of what?

Well, I can't actually say. I mean,
that's why I came to you.

I just need help finding
the tape... I can help.

I can help.
I can always help.

That is, I can always help
someone with deep pockets.

- Do you have deep pockets?
- How much?

To find the tape?

$300 deposit.
I get $30 an hour.

That's a lot.

The police are looking
for you, aren't they?

Why do you say that?

'Cause they've been talking
about you on my scanner all night.

They think you killed
your wife. I didn't.

Do you have any proof of that?

I don't think that
this is gonna work out.

Do you have any evidence who
did do it? Who might have done it?

Thank you for your time. I
appreciate it. I'm sorry if i...

If I were you, young man,
I wouldn't walk out of here.

I think you need my help.
How's that?

You can't go to the police
because you're being blackmailed.

You can't stop the guy who's blackmailing
you because he's got you by the short hairs.

If I were a betting man, and I am,
I would bet that once you had the tape...

You can go to the police, clear your good name
and they'll catch the real bad guy, right?

Something like that.

Then I'm your man. Please,
sit down. Have a lemon wedge.

I will match or beat
any price out there.

I offer the most
competitive price in town.

However, I will need a $200 deposit,
and my rate is $30 an hour.

That, I'm afraid,
is just not negotiable.

You just said you needed
$300 for the deposit.

I'm cutting you a deal.

It just all sounds
kind of like a sales pitch.

The most unique animal
in the world is a u.S. Marine.

The second is a police officer.
Let me tell you why.

Marines take orders. They go into combat,
and a lot of them die.

Police officers do the same thing,
only they look for answers.

Whether it's the right answer
or not doesn't matter.

They leave that
for the jury to decide.

They just need an answer.

For a man in your situation,
that can be a very dangerous thing.

You better face it, Mr. Tylk.

Your number is up,
and you need help.

Now, if there's someone out there with
incriminating evidence you want found,

I'll find it for you,
no questions asked.

But, as I said, my rate...

Well, that's
just not negotiable.

- I've only got about $160...
- I'll take it.

There's a little place just south of town,
the blue spruce.

Get a room. Don't answer the phone, and don't
answer the door until you're sure it's me.

I'll be there in the morning.

You will have the rest
of my money, won't you?


August 3. I
met a woman at the bakery today.

She looked sad, empty,
but at the same time,

she's absolutely gorgeous.

Not gorgeous in a sexy way,

but in a genuinely
pretty, classy way.

She came in for
a poppy-seed muffin.

August 26.
I saw Emily again today.

That's her name... Emily.

She's been coming in
for about a week now.

You know when certain people walk
into your life and just control a room?

She's one of those people.

September 4. I did it.

I finally got the nerve to walk up to her
and say, "look, I know I'm a stranger to you.

"I won't be offended if you
slap me, but I've got to ask.

May I take you out for dinner?" I
swear I about swallowed my tongue.

Emily came over for dinner,
and we had a great time.

Ended up
fooling around all night.

Just kept getting
more and more intimate.

It was light when I closed my
eyes and dark when I opened them.

Emily has a husband.
Never had that happen before.

How slimy. It's so weird.

I mean, to feel that close to someone
and realize they're sharing that intimacy.

I feel a bit betrayed.

I don't know
if I feel guilt or pride.

But Emily wants to be with me and
not her husband. What a character.

I wonder what he'd do if he knew
that she felt this way about me.

Brought you some clothes,
coffee, doughnuts.

You have the rest of that dough
you owe me?

Now, did he try
to call you last night?

He called twice last night.
I didn't answer it though.

But he knows I'm here.

How do you know it was him?
You just said you didn't answer it.

I feel that he's watching

He's not wasting any time, huh?

All right, now, listen, Preston,

I want you to pay careful
attention to the background.

See if you hear anything. Trucks,
music, birds, anything like that.

If he asks you,
tell him you're alone.


You should have seen the look
on your face last night.

Did you tell the detective how
you destroyed the murder weapon?

How did you get this number?
I called the front desk.

Let me talk to the detective.
He's not here.

Goddamn it, Preston! Quit fucking
around and put him on the phone.

- He wants to talk to you.
- What?

He knows you're here.


So you decided
to help my friend, huh?

Yeah, that's right.
What do you want?

I want you to leave him alone.

He's a big boy.
Let him fend for himself.

I'll pay you twice what he's
paying you to walk away.

Pretend you never met Preston. Twice,

That's a very
interesting proposition.

However, I have met him,
and he is my client.

It's not worth it, dick.
You're in too much danger.

Let me be the judge of that.
What do you think I am?

Somebody you can offer a bribe
to and then I'm going to disappear?

Let me tell you. The most unique
animal is a United States marine.

Is that a yes? I told you
I already have a client.

If you'd like to hire me, I'm going
to be tied up for the next few days.

However, give me a call at the end of
the week, I'll see if I can't fit you in.

I am a 24-hour operation.
Do what you want.

But nothing's going to stand
between Preston and me.

If I have to drive a knife through
your heart to get to his, I will.

You think you're going to drive
a knife through my fuckin' heart?

I'll take that same fuckin' knife
and stick it right up your ass!

What'd he say? Cheap,
idle threats. Means nothin'.

Well, this is it.

What are you doing? Find
out where he's calling from.

Operator. What city, please?

Yes, Tacoma, Washington, please.

Would you give me a cross-check
on an address, please?

I have an address listed at
609 1/2 north Jefferson street.

That's listed to
a Mr. Jonathan Casey.

That's where he's at.

609 1/2 is upstairs.
Must be some kind of a loft.

He probably already left. We'll
stick around a little while longer.

I just don't feel that
this is a very good idea.

You're right. Let's go in.

Shouldn't we knock first?
Somebody could be inside.

I always
found it a better policy...

Not to knock while
you're committing a burglary.



I've only got one pair,

so don't touch anything
with your left hand.

I told you to mind your own
business. Put your hands up.

Put your hands up.

We're leaving.
He's not going anywhere.

Shut up!

going on? Come in!

Shut your mouth!
Come in!

Come in! Come in!
Come in!

- Where's the tape?
- Why would I tell you that?

- Where is it?
- Fine. Shoot me. You'll never get the tape that way.

No, no. Don't shoot, Preston.
Don't shoot him.

- Where's the fucking tape?
- Shoot me already!

No! Don't! Don't do
anything stupid, Preston!

Don't listen to him!
All you want is the tape.

I don't doubt you're crazy
enough to pull the trigger.

But think about it first.

The cops are on their way up.
You two broke into my place.

You're spilling blood all over my
floor. My employee saw both your faces.

Have fun explaining this.

Pull it out.
Oh, Jesus Christ.

Pull it out.
Dick, hold on.

I'll do it.
Hold on a second!

Come on.
We got to move.

Come on. We gotta get out of here.
We gotta move. Put this under your arm.

Move! Move!
Go! Go!

Take point. Take point.
Let's go. Move!

This is a bad idea! There's nothing
much we can do about it now, is there?

That guy saw our faces!

Will you calm down? I said
there's nothing we can do about it!

Let me drive the car. I
gotta think! Goddamn.

- Did you get the tapes?
- Yeah.

Let me just think.
I'll get US some help.

- Dick.
- Hello, Dillon.

You can't be in my room!
You owe me money, you shit!

I mailed it yesterday. Bullshit
you mailed it yesterday! Don't lie.

What happened to your hand?
Who's this?

He's my friend.
He needs your help.

Sorry to hear that.
Get out of my apartment.

We need your expertise. No,
no, no. No way, dick!

You do this for me,
I'll wipe out your debt.

- I wouldn't know where to start.
- Start what? Who is this?

He's a medical student.
Premed, dick.

The kid is a genius.
He's gonna fix your arm.

He's just a kid.
I said no!

How old are you?

- Come on.
- I haven't passed anatomy yet.

I'm in a spot here. Unless you can
cough up with the money you owe me,

you better find some ointments
and tools and start fixing his arm.

We're bleeding all over! You
make it sound like fixing a car.

Just do it, okay?
I'm sorry!

Do it now.
Come on.

You're getting carried
away. Get your hands off me!

Jesus Christ! Are you
going to fix his arm?

You're lucky there's an exit wound.
The bullet's not still in your arm.

Yeah, it is great.

All right, man.

Sorry. This is going
to burn a little.


Would you quit eating those?
They're expensive.

How's your fiancee? huh?

The girl, the one
I was following. How is she?

- We broke up.
- You broke up?

Why? She wasn't seeing
that other guy. I told you.

She found out I hired you to
follow her. She broke up with me.

- Said I broke her trust.
- She dumped you, huh?

Hmph. I really
feel bad about that.

Don't lose
too much sleep over it.

Affairs of the heart
are always tricky, always tricky.

Don't make it too tight.
All right.

You'll cut off my circulation.

I won't cut off
your circulation.

and I are getting more serious.

At least I am.
I think about her every day now.

Never been this
consumed by anyone.

Emily came over today and
met art. They really hit it off.

I think he trusted her smile. I sometimes
envy the way he sees the world.

Everything is so simple
and pure. It's refreshing.

She talked about Preston today.

He still doesn't have any idea
what's happening.

He's so consumed with himself that
he doesn't even realize she's gone.

- Guys?
- What is it?

They followed US here.

What the fuck?
Shut up, Dillon.

Got a car? No. I mean,
yeah, but you can't use it.

Give me the keys. I
already helped you guys out.

Give me the keys!
I fixed you up.

Now I'll owe you. That's how it
works. Give me the fuckin' keys.

You can't use my car.
Come here. Look out there.

See that blue dodge diplomat
without the hood?

See the police?
Listen carefully.

You have just
harbored a fugitive.

You gave care and refuge to two
men who are wanted by the police.

If I go out there
and get arrested,

I'm going to tell the police you
are the one guy we could turn to.

On the other hand, if you help US get
out of here, I won't remember your name.

Remember this.

Where's your car? The blue
Volkswagen. That one's mine.

Jesus Christ.

That's only two stalls away from
our car. Why don't we take that?

Where the fuck did you...
Watch how you talk to me!

Is there another way out?
The north door.

I like the north door. That's
where you're going to pick US up.

Pick you up? In
what? In your car.

There's cops all over it.

If you can't get your own car away
from a policeman, then I'm up shit creek.

We all know what
that means, don't we?

That's what builds a man.

Use your bean.
Get that car.

Two guys we've been
looking for. One's a white male.

What's up, man?

This is a crime scene. What
do you need? Uh, nothing.

This is my car. I was trying to
get it out. What happened here?

Shit. Just keep walking.
Keep walking.

We got a tip about a couple of guys
we're looking for. Maybe you can help US.

One's a white male... no,
there's just college kids around here.

And girls. Lots of girls.

If I see anything, I'll be
sure to call campus police.

Or should I call you directly?
I don't know how it works.

Avery! Avery!

Avery! Look, man,
just turn around!

Let me talk to you! Get
his other hand. Bring it back.

Don't fight US, buddy.

Head down.


How's it going?
All right.

Everything all right?


Get out of my car.
Shh. Be quiet.

What's going on?
Watch the arm, please.

Yeah, watch his arm, will you,
please? Who are you?

We're the police,
and we need your car for police purposes.

The police are over there.
We're special police.

Okay, wait one
second. All right. Tell me something.

- I don't know what to say.
- Tell me why you like me.

You flatter me. How?

I feel beautiful
when I'm with you. Pretty.

I like that.

It's not my charming
disposition that drives you mad?

Yeah, I mean all that too.

But you know what it is?

It's just always
really new with US. We laugh.

What about Preston?

Jonathan... Jonathan,
don't do that.

I'm just asking

I love Preston.

He's just really
absorbed in his work.

Which is fine.

He loves his work.

We've changed.

That newness...

Just wore off.

It never came back. I don't
want to talk about it anymore.

I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to bring up anything.

That's fine. That's
fine. I just... turn it off. Come on.


All right.

You sure?
Yeah, it's off.

Don't worry about it.

I don't think so. Why not?

I'd do
anything for another chance.

What really happened, Preston?

I didn't even know she was gone.

Well, if she was so important...

If she was so important to you,

and he killed her, why haven't
you gone to the police?

I killed Jonathan's brother.

I didn't mean to.

It was a mistake.

He killed my wife.

I understand
if you tell the police.




Preston, open the door.


Preston, open the door!

Come on, Preston!
Open the door!

Oh, Jesus Christ!

Open the goddamn door.
Open the door, Preston.

Jesus Christ, Preston!
Open the door!

Preston! Preston!

I was married for 12 years.

Then one day my wife decided
that it just wasn't working anymore.

Before she took my daughter
and moved to Florida,

I'd see her every once in a
while at a movie, at a restaurant.

I remember...

Seeing her with a guy...

Or a couple of guys
over the years.

Who they were
really didn't matter.

Just that it wasn't me,
you know?

I saw her in a grocery
store one sunday morning.

She was with this guy,

and they were buying
bacon and eggs,

just like we used to do.

I felt...

That that should be me,

that no matter what...

He wouldn't know her
as good as I did,

even though
he was taking my place.

What I'm saying is, I...

Know how you feel.

What happened
to your daughter? hmm?

Your daughter.
You said she took her.

Yeah, she did.

She was with her mother
in Florida for quite a while,

and then she went away
to school to study art design...

In London, england.

We never really kept in touch.

She always heard Jackie's side
of the story.

Thought I never
wanted to visit her.

That wasn't the case.

I just never had the dough.

So it's been a long time?

Goin' on eight years.

Take a look at this.

- She's getting married.
- Yeah. Yeah.

Oh, I would never
give her away or anything.

No, no, no.
That's her stepfather's job now.

But she did invite me.

When is it?
The 28th.

Gee, you know, dick, that...

Congratulations. I'm...
Is it in town here?

Oh, no. She lives
in London now, you know.

When do you go over there?

I don't know that I am.

But, I mean... wait.

What are you saying? It
seems like you gotta go, right?

No, see, you don't
understand. It's...

It's like I'm not
her father anymore.

You see, uh...

I would feel strange, awkward.

It wouldn't be right.


I'm sitting here, and I can't think
of anyone I loathe more than you.

But I want to be
humane about this.

I want to be fair to anyone
who actually cares about you...

Because I wish somebody
would have been fair with me.

You call any friends,
any family you may have.

You tell them whatever you like,

but you say good-bye.

You're gonna die tonight.

Call him back.

Hang up the phone.
There's no answer.

Hang up the damn phone!

Call again.

Jesus Christ,
he's in the next room.

Dick, it's locked!
Look out!


I'll get the car!

Hold him, Preston!
I'm coming, Preston!

Get him, Preston.
Get this bastard.

Where is it?
Where's the tape?

Where's the... where's the tape?

I got it. I got it. Fuck.

That's for my hand, you asshole!

You want to put that thing away?

So where we going?
Be quiet.

Maybe I know a better route.
This is a fine route. Just keep going.

Preston, could you
turn down the heater?

I'm starting to sweat. I
like it hot. Make it hotter.

It's giving me a headache.

If I got to take away every thing that
matters to you, I swear I'm gonna break you.


I'm gonna kill you.
Shut up.

Do you condone what he did?

The guy's a murderer.

You know what he did, and you're gonna
help him get away. How does that feel?

It makes me feel real good. Now just
shut up. Do you know how he did it?

While my little brother
was asleep. You better stop.

He was sleeping,
and Preston broke in...

And smashed his skull with a
bookend until he stopped moving.

He buried the body, drove back
home and forgot that it ever happened.

And you know about it.

You're sick. Maybe if I was Preston,
I'd do the same thing.

That makes it okay?
I know what you're capable of.

You don't know shit. I know what
jealousy does to a man. Shut up!

You're a fucking
prostitute anyway.

You get paid for your services,

and you do any
fucking thing he says.

What about the truth?
Does it mean anything?

That's not why you get paid,
is it? No, it's not.

But I do get paid to check into
the background of assholes like you,

to see if I can't dig up
any dirt, which I did.

So be careful. I might know
more than you think I know.

You don't know anything.
I know about your brother.

I know you hit your
seven-year-old brother so hard...

That you made him
a fucking vegetable.

I know that you felt so bad that you
spent the next 14 years looking after him.

So don't sit there and spit morality
tales out to me because I know better.

Now keep
your fucking mouth shut!


Hey! He took our car!

He had a gun.
Wait here. I'll go get help.

We can't move. Hey!

We've had an accident out here on
highway 18, a couple miles out of town.

We've got a station wagon upside
down in the middle of the road.

The passenger's with me,
says he's all right.

In local news,
police continue their search...

For suspected felons
Preston tylk and Jonathan Casey.

Both men are considered prime
suspects and are wanted for questioning...

In the murder
of tylk's wife Emily.

Although witnesses confirm Casey was at his
sugar bee bakery the night of the murder,

his sudden disappearance has since
made him a key suspect in the killing.

Anyone with knowledge of the case should
contact the Tacoma police department...

Or your local law enforcement
agency with information.

pick up the phone, all right?

Look, if you're there,
pick up the phone, okay?

I want you to go to bed.
Try to get some sleep.

You can't be mad at Emily.
She didn't mean what she said.

She was just mad.
It was like a mistake.

I don't want to hurt her.
I just got angry too.

Just go to sleep. We'll have
birthday cake tomorrow, all right?

Art, why aren't you
picking up the phone?

I'm gonna come home and check on you soon,
all right?

I'll be there soon.

7:26 P.M.

We're closing in on 7:30, folks.

pick up the phone. I'm at the bakery now.

I'm gonna come home and check
on you soon. I'll be there soon.

7:26 P.M.

You can't be mad at
Emily. She didn't mean what she said.

Art, why aren't you
picking up the phone?

7:26 P.M.

You're late.
I'm here.

Where's dick?
You sound upset.

Where's dick?
He's not dead.

Where are we?

That's the point.

Jesus Christ.

You're gonna light me on fire?

Is that it?

I know about your brother. You
don't know shit about my brother.

I know he killed my wife.
What did you just fucking say?

I said I know about your
brother. I know that he did it.

Don't try to blame this
on my brother.

What are you talking about?
He killed Emily.

No, you got mad when she told you about US,
and you killed her.

That's not true. I got angry,
but I left the house.

Art broke in while I was gone.

You're bullshitting me. I'm not.
Art broke in while I was gone.

You called him at home. He wasn't
there. I heard the answering machine.

He was asleep. He
wasn't asleep. It was 7:30.

He was at my house,
strangling my wife...

Because she said she was
leaving you for me.

Shut your fucking mouth!

Is that why you're doing this?

You think I killed
Emily? Shut your mouth!





Guess this is it here,
huh? Yeah.

I suppose you're
free and clear now.

Yeah, I know.

You get that money?

I did. I did, yeah.
Listen, I appreciate that.

Because sometimes it's very
difficult to collect. I'm sure. Yeah.

All right.

Take care of yourself.

Tacoma police.
My name's Preston tylk.

I've killed a man.

Hi, Preston.

How are you holding up?
I'm all right.


Did you tell these people I
talked you into giving yourself up?

Yeah, I did.

But we both know that I didn't.

They don't know that, though.

I mean, dick, you didn't
do anything wrong.

Look, I, uh...

This is what I deserve.

I got you something.

- Write this down, okay?
- Yeah, hold on.


Okay, I got it.
What is it?

- Reservation number.
- Reservation number for what?

Your daughter's
getting married, dick.

She invited you to her wedding.

You bought me an airline ticket?

Dillon made the call.

Dick, you know,
don't mess this up.

She's too important to you.


I just don't believe
that you did this, Preston.

You wouldn't have bought it for
yourself. You wouldn't even have gone.

I probably won't be able
to go anyway. You know me.

Find a way.

Thank you, Preston.
Thank you very much. I...


I better get going.

Yeah. Yeah.

Hey, dick,


Find Jonathan?

No. No, they...

They don't know where
to look for him.


Do you remember how you wouldn't eat
the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...

If I cut them in half...

Because you said
they were "broken"?

Do you remember how we used
to watch TV on mom's old couch?

Did you really think that I was
gonna be happier without her?

I tried to fix it. I tried to make
him realize what he did to you,

but, art,
I can't make him sorry.

I drove by the house,
and there's police everywhere...

Going through all of our stuff.

I can't go home.
I don't know what to tell them.

What, that I love my brother?

So many questions.

I just thought maybe I could
make things different somehow...

But I can't bring you back.

Without you and Emily...

I feel like I'm the only one
left here.

They all want answers,
and I hate that. I hate that feeling.

I've never known what it's like
to not take care of you, art.

I don't know if you're waiting
or if you need help...

Or maybe everything's okay
where you are now.

Move away from the car now!

I can't face this by myself,

I don't want to stay here alone.

Put it down
and put your hands up now!

Closed-captioned by
captions, inc. Los Angeles