Bad Ronald (1974) - full transcript

A shy teenager accidentally kills a mocking peer's equally mocking younger sibling, and his mother helps him hide in a spare room in their house. Problems arise when the mother goes for an operation and dies, and the house is sold to a new family, with the teen still living inside.

[instrumental music]

It's my favorite, mother.

I baked it myself.

I want today to be..

...very special.

Fine young man.

I'm very proud of you.


One day
you'll be a famous doctor.

But that's ten years away.

You keep delaying any treatment.
Mother, you should...

There are so
many incompetents...

Of course when you
are away at college..

...I'll be very lonely.

You know, dinner was delicious

and you know how much
I love chocolate cake.

It's hard to believe that..

...this will be
your last year of high school.

Hm. Well, we both must enjoy it.

Well, I'm, I'm lucky to have you
to worry about me.

We're both very fortunate.. have each other.

Eh, you know besides

this being your birthday today..

...well, um..

...tomorrow is another
anniversary of sorts.

Ten years ago tomorrow

your father and I were divorced.

Never could understand
why he hasn't come to see me.

Oh, uh..

Well, I-I was entitled
to alimony..

...for all the trouble
I was subjected to.

But I waived it..

...on the condition
your father give up custody

and visiting rights.

Armand was very excited
saving all that money.

I don't think he ever
cared about me at all.

It's incredible.
It has everything.

Oh, but the salesman
assured me it was the finest.

But you shouldn't have
spent so much money.

Wow! Now I can
illustrate my story.

I don't want you
occupying all your time

with those extraordinary
visions of fantasy.

Atranta is not fantasy,
it's real.

You'll see.

[door closes]

- Where are you off to?
- Oh, I won't be long.

I'm going over
to Laurie Matthews.

You shouldn't waste your time
with someone who doesn't care.

Laurie, uh, there's
someone here to see you.


It's only water.

Some people even wash with it,


- Hi.
- Ronald, what do you want?

Well, I was just wandering
around and I thought

I'd come by and see
what you were doing?


[water splashing]

Come on in, Ronald.
If you can swim, I mean.

Or if you can't.


Would you like
to go to the movies?

There's a good
double feature playing.

I can't.
I'm doing something else.

- Good joke.
- We'll see you later, Ronald.

Yeah, bye, Ronald. Too bad
that you can't stay so long.

Take care. Stay dry.

Don't forget to shut the, uh,

From the outside, Ronald.


(female #1)

[instrumental music]

- Don't touch me.
- I was only gonna help you up.

Now look what you did,
it's brand new, I'm a mess.

Why didn't you
get out of my way?

Well, I didn't see you.

You should watch
where you're going, Carol.

You sure are dressed up.

Still trying to impress Laurie?

Well, you should know
she only likes football players

and besides
you're weird, Ronald.

I am not weird.

Yes, you are,
and so is your mother.

I want you to say
you're sorry.

I want you to say
you're sorry.

Let go of me.

Say you're sorry.

Let go of me, Frank's
gonna get you for this.

Say you're sorry.

[intense music]

Wake up.

Why aren't you fooling?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.



Where have you
been all this time?

Matthews, I told you
I was going there.

What happened to your jacket?

- I tore it on a fence.
- What has happened? Ronald?

Tell me.

Now, it can't be that bad.

It's worse.

Much worse.

I don't even know
how to tell you.

Tell me, try.

I killed Carol Matthews.

She said terrible things
about me.

I couldn't believe
she was dead.

It was an accident.


I found a shovel..

...and I buried her.

If it was an accident

why did you bury her?

That's what
the police will ask.

Ronald, you've
made a terrible mistake.

I was scared.

I don't wanna go to jail.

If only you
hadn't buried her

we probably could've
proven your innocence.

But now we, we can't
afford the chance.

Well, if only
you listened to me.

None of this
would have happened.

So many times
I have warned you

about those girls.

And now..

What are they gonna do to me?

If you are convicted

there'd be no mercy for you.

You could spend
the rest of your life

with de-degenerates in jail.

And even if you're acquitted

the publicity would ruin your
chances for a medical career.

O-okay, i-if you run away..



They'd catch you.
I-it's a terrible mess.

I wish it never happened.

I don't wanna go away alone.

Oh, I know, dear.

Well, I don't want you
to leave.

We'll have to hide you..

...until things quiet down.

By then, I should
have enough money saved.

Uh, it would be
a matter of moving.

Of starting life again.

Maybe I should
turn myself in.


Just listen to me.

You should know I'm only
concerned for your safety.

Well, what if it doesn't work?

What if they catch me?

Now listen
and get a hold of yourself.

The police eventually
will come around to you.

A-a-and we don't have any time.

Now if we don't have
confidence in each other.. won't have a chance.

What about the shed?

That's the first place
they'll look.

I used to hide in the attic.

No, you're not thinking, Ronald.

The bath.

It's perfect!
Get your toolkit.

Look..'ll be able to live
in decency and cleanliness.

You'll have plenty of room

and no one will know.

We've got
some old plaster board

and some
extra wallpaper upstairs.

Now take off the door.

We'll have to work
through the night.

We must be careful
not to leave any track.

I think it's undetectable.


It's the perfect illusion.

How long will it be
before it's safe to leave?

I don't know. Probably
a couple of months at least.

We have no choice
but to be patient.

Well, I hope
it won't be that long.

As soon as it's possible,
we'll leave.

Until that time, your daily
activities will be quite normal.

Have you got everything inside?

You must learn to be quiet.

I must be the only one
who knows you're here.

Now, get back inside.

(Ronald) I hinged the door from inside.
The latch is in place.

Well, it's a fine job, Ronald.

Um, two knocks will mean danger

and uh, four, safe.

Close the door.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]

[music continues]


[doorbell ringing]

Mrs. Wilby?

Yes. What do you want?

Oh, uh, we're
from the police, Mrs. Wilby.

(Lynch) I'm Sergeant Lynch,
this is Sergeant Tyler.

Can we come in?

Thank you.

Is Ronald Wilby your son?

Of course he's my son.

He's a wonderful boy.

Can we sit down?

What is it about Ronald?

Well it's official business,
Mrs. Wilby

and not very pleasant.

I should advise you it'll be
wise to have a lawyer present

while we'll be
questioning Ronald.

Ronald isn't here.

Uh, he, he left,
night before last.

Uh, quite upset I guess

He really wasn't himself.

I've been waiting
for him to return.

- Where is he?
- I don't know where he is.

Has anything happened to him?

Um, ma'am, uh,
yesterday evening

a young girl,
Carol Matthews

was found dead
behind the Hastings place.

and she was buried
in a shallow grave

and we estimate she died

between 5:00 and 7 p.m.
the night before that.

Now we know Ronald
left the Matthews house

around 5 p.m. that night.

Did he come home
anytime around 7:00?

That's absurd.

What nerve you have..

...making such accusations.

Well, we're not accusing
Ronald of anything.

Ronald would never
do such a thing.

He's a gentle person.

Well, do you mind
if we could look around?

Of course I do.

But you're wrong.

Uh, look around
as much as you like.

But please
don't mess up the place.

My son is not a killer.

But he is missing, ma'am.

Teenagers are always
running away.

[door opens]

[door shuts]

[closet sliding]


Do you recognize this coat,

Obviously, you got it
from Ronald's room.

It does belong to him.

Yes, it belongs to him.

Well, we found a smutch
of clothing caught on a fence

in the Hastings house.

And it looks like
it'll match this tear.

That doesn't prove a thing.

This coat
fits the description

of what he was wearing
when he left.

There's also
some trace of blood.

(Sgt. Carter) Some soil in
the pad of his tennis shoe.

It looks pretty
much like the stuff

where we found the girl.

- And there was a note.
- Note?

"Dear mother,
I've done something awful.

"I'm very sorry
to cause you unhappiness.


We found it in his room.

Well, he ha-hasn't
confessed anything.

The young girl
was always teasing the boy.

Now, if Ronald killed
the Matthews girl..

...he should be caught.

My son is a decent human being.


Ma'am, you're divorced
from his father?

Yes, and how would
you know that?

Your neighbor,
Mrs. Schumacher, ma'am.

She was trying to be helpful.

Always got her nose
into everyone's business.

Is Ronald likely
to contact him?

Hardly. He has no affection
for his father.

Do you have any idea
where he might go?


You didn't have to knock.
I knew there wasn't anyone here.

Practice is important.

It's now a matter of survival.

that note was a brilliant idea.

They'll be sure
you've run away.

I'm sorry
I made all this trouble.

Everything will work out
as long as we're careful.

Look, you must stay
in the lair until we leave.

Mrs. Schumacher is watching
our house like a hawk.

Alright. Now close the door.

- Good morning, dear.
- Good morning.

Did you sleep well?


- Mother?
- Get back inside!

I'm alright.


Don't forget your exercises
after breakfast.

If you don't keep fit,
your health will deteriorate.

All will be for nothing
if we don't heed the rules.

Today I begin drawing
Princess Fen Seta.

She's the ruler
of the Atranta.

She's very beautiful.

Your studies
are far more important

than fairy tales.

I know, mother.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]


[music continues]

[music continues]

[door creaking]

[door closes]



I'm starved.

Be sure to comb your hair
before dinner.

You'll have to store
these canned goods inside.

I heard some noises today.

There was someone snooping
around outside, I'm sure.

Mrs. Schumacher. She doesn't
take her eyes off the place.

I did two sets of exercises.

- It's a lot easier now.
- And your studies?

One chapter of chem and
two chapters of trigonometry.


[doorbell ringing]


Hi, may I come in?

- Have you heard from him?
- No.

It's like he vanished
into thin air.

Not even a trace.

Well, wherever he is, I..

I hope he lives a good life

to make up for what's happened.

Now, that's a noble sentiment,

But you know the, uh

legal involvement
for trying to help him.

(Elaine) Yes,
that would be an accessory.

Uh, have you been
in touch with his father?

Yes, we have.

He claims to have heard nothing.

Then we take
the assertions of a parent

with a grain of salt.

Well, what,
what was his reaction?

Oh, shocked. Same as you.

[door creaking]

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

I saw Carol Matthews' mother
at the market today.

She was very kind.

Her son was with her.

Duane was not
at all sympathetic.

He said some
very cruel things about you.

He's always said
those things about me.

I also saw Dr. Harris today.

He said I had to have
an operation on my gall bladder.


So, I'm going
into the hospital tomorrow.

I'll be gone just a week.

A week?



Your meals won't be exciting

but you'll be able to feed
yourself while I'm gone.

I'll be sure and study.

And exercise.

I know it'll be easy
for you to become careless

without my attention

but you must not
break the routine.

Now, close the door.

Mother, I'm afraid.

There is nothing
to be afraid of

as long as you listen to me.

Now, close the door.

And don't open it
until I return.

[dramatic music]

[music continues]

[telephone ringing]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[door creaks]


[dramatic music]


I hardly remember the house.

It's been such a long time.

Mr. Wilby wants to sell
the home as soon as possible.

Whatever you don't want
goes to charity.

I can't believe she's dead.

It was to have been
such a simple operation.

(Mr. Roscoe) Well,
why don't you take a look around?

Make a note
of what you want.

And it is very hard for me
to think of her

as the mother
of that terrible boy.

[intense music]

[door creaks]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[intense music]

[music continues]

[leaves rustling]

[door opens]

Oh, my!

They didn't stint on space
in those days.

Just look at those ceilings.

(Mrs. Wood)
Oh, it's wonderful.

[Mrs. Wood chuckles]

I've never seen a house
with such character before.


It's magnificent.

I-I'd like to see
the rest of it.

(Mr. Roscoe)

Right up the stairs.

- The kitchen's this way.
- Hm.

We need a new kitchen.

And the whole place is filthy.

Well, I admit it's a far cry
from being immaculate

but it is a bargain.

Yes, except for one thing
and I don't understand

why would a four-bedroom house
just have one bathroom?

Doesn't make sense.

I mean, I grant you it's,
it's a large bathroom

but, Mr. Roscoe,
with three doors.

Bathrooms just weren't
that important

when the house was built.

N-now, look at those moldings.

Yes, I suppose you're right.

I mean, it's the most wonderful
Victorian house I've ever seen.

But all the work..

Mrs. Wood,
with a little sprucing

you'll have it restored
to perfection.

We're gonna need
a new kitchen

and certainly a new bathroom.

What about the plumbing
in an old house like this?

(Mr. Roscoe) Mrs. Wood,
you'll have it restored to perfection.

[intense music]


(Mrs. Wood) It does have
great possibilities.

Yeah, it does.

Oh, we need
a new bathroom too

but I want the bedroom
right upstairs..

- No, I get the one..
- No!

Daddy has something to say.

(Mr. Wood) I don't know.
What do you think?

Well, I don't know either..

[indistinct chatter]

(Babs) I'll stay if you can
get rid of the dusty odor.

Musty, ha-ha.

We can, darling, we can.

I-it's interesting.

I guess I just don't like
sterile things.

Don't you think
it has a lot of character?

Has anybody seen
our new neighbor?

She wasn't very friendly
when I said hello.

(Ellen) Well,
your shyness probably startled her.

Oh, look who's talkin'.

Althea, Ellen,
now, come on, ladies.

- It's awfully dreary.
- Mm-hm.

But it does have
great possibilities.

(Mr. Wood)
Alright... wait a minute.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, girls.

Wait a minute, hold it now,
h-hold, w-w-wait..

Wait a minute! Hold it!

What is it, darling?

Look, I would, I would like

to make a decision today.

Yes, so would I.

So, uh, what do you say?

Well, I'm for it.

- I love it!
- Me too!

- I think it's a crazy house.
- Ugh!

What does that mean?

Like the houses
you see in movies.

You watch too much television.

[imitates Ellen]
You watch too much television.

Look, most of those
old Victorian houses

had strange reputations,
but they weren't deserved.

Babs! Maybe there's even
a ghost or two.


Alright, that's enough,
that's enough of that now.

Cut that out.

Now, look,
are we for it or not?

I say yes.

- Yeah!
- Yeah.



[all cheering]

Leave me alone.

You're as beautiful
as a princess.

You must be the one.

Wait here on the porch
for one second..

- Don't throw it hard.
- B-behind the back.

- Can you get it?
- Alright. Yeah.

- Great!
- Hey!

And that was even far off..

- Well, that's good.
- Pretty good.


Hi, baby.

- How are you? Good.
- How's work?

Good, thank you.

Daddy, this is Duane Matthews.

It's a pleasure, Mr. Wood.

So, you are the mystery man,


Oh, everyday I come home
from work

I find half the garbage
has been towed away.

[both chuckle]

That's a big help, Duane.
Thank you.

- See you, dad.
- Thank you.

Well, it's, it's you daughters,

They're merciless
slave drivers.

Are they?
Are you a slave driver?

- No!
- You bet.

It's looking a lot better
inside now, huh?


You know, I'd never know
it's the same place.

(Mr. Wood)
Yeah, I'll see you later.

Hey, wait till
the outside's painted.

Come on!

You know, I think this house
is gonna bring us good luck.


Old house like this,
you feel like..

- It has its own memories.
- Yeah.

(Mr. Wood)
Sort of grows on you.

I must say, at the beginning

...I had my reservations.

So did I.

Especially when they accepted
our first offer.

[both chuckle]

My only complaint is that
long line at the bathroom.

(Mr. Wood)



I'll get an estimate
first of next week.

But I don't, uh,
I don't know

where we'll put it,
there's no room upstairs.


Everybody at the table,

I'll cut the lamb.

- Ellen, pass these on.
- Okay.

- Duane.
- Who wants what to drink now?

- What do you want to drink?
- I'd like some milk.

- I'll have milk.
- Uh..

(Ellen) Mom,
Duane would like a milk and I'd like

a milk too, please.

- I'm having a milk tonight.
- Pass these on, will you?

Let me, honey,
let me have a beer.

I put one in the freezer,
see if it's cold.

- Will you, please?
- Yep.

Thank you.

Well, what do you think
of our house, Wayne?

Duane, daddy.

Duane, that's what I said.

What do you think of the house,

I never thought
I'd be eating here.

Well, why'd you say that?

Oh, I like, I like the house.
It's really nice.

- Why did you say that?
- It's nothing.

You must've had a reason
for saying that.

Ronald Wilby..

...he lived here
before you moved in.

- So?
- And?

He murdered my sister.

[spoon clatters]

That's right, Ben,
I-I remember

reading about that.

This house is evil.

Just like Babs said.

Honey, please. Don't start
on that again, alright?

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Oh, my.

What happened to him?

I don't know.

The police never found him.

[intense music]

[music continues]

Okay. Do we have everything?

Everything but the food.

[music continues]

[engine revving]

[intense music]


They'll blame this on me too.

[music continues]

Mrs. Schumacher?

[music continues]

[music continues]


Althea, did you hear something
break a few moments ago?

Scared me to death.

I didn't hear anything.

Why am I the only one
who ever hears anything?

Because you're the only one
crazy enough

to believe in such things.

Evil spirits.. Babs, come on!

You don't believe
in anything supernatural?

I-I didn't say that.

I only think you're getting
worked up over nothing.

[intense music]

[music continues]

I hope you make reservations
for our trip.

You're always forgetting.

Yeah, I'll take care
of it today.

I'll, um,
I'll get those sprinklers too.

Did anybody hear anything
break last night?

Like glass?

- No.
- No.

Dad... we've have
been preoccupied

with ghosts and spirits
ever since we moved in here.

Honey, look,
all old houses make noises.

Settling, plumbing,
wind going through the shingles

and all kinds of noises,
you understand?

I heard glass breaking.
I know something broke.

(Mrs. Wood) But I didn't see any
glass on the floor this morning.

(Ellen) Mm,
glad our ghost keeps a tidy house.

Babs, are you possessed?

[Althea laughs]

Hey, look, will you two please
stop teasing her?

Dad, she's becoming very funny.

I mean, she keeps hearing noises
that nobody else hears.

I don't care about that.

Just take it easy with her,
do you understand?

(Mrs. Wood)
Two eggs?

Ben, you must stop making
these nightly raids

on the ice-box.

- What?
- Well..

Yesterday, I hard boiled

half a dozen eggs
for the girl's lunches

and now there are only two left,
you ate four.

I haven't touched the eggs.

Oh, uh, Duane must've been here
last night, huh?

he didn't eat those eggs.

You're always blaming
the missing food on Duane.

It's not that, I mean..
I mean...

(Althea) I just don't
think daddy will..

i-it's a matter of planning.

I just don't think
daddy will admit it.

Look, what is with the boil..

I haven't seen a boiled egg
in this house.

What're you talking about?

We've all seen Duane eat.

Look, I must have miscounted.

You know, Duane's in and out
of here so often

sometimes I wonder,
if it's love

or hunger
that brings him around.

Well, it's certainly not you.

Duane's a very nice young man.

I like him very much.

He's not so nice when he talks
about that Wilby boy.

Gives me the shakes.


[intense music]

[engine revving]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[car door shuts]

- Mother!
- Mm-hm.

- Mother?
- I'm here.

Somebody tried
to open my diary.


Somebody tried
to open my diary.

Don't get me involved.

You think I tried
to get into your diary?

I didn't say that.
I said "Somebody."

- That's all I said. Well..
- But you mean me.

Well, Ellen, I'm not interested
in your damn diary!

[indistinct chatter]

(Mrs. Wood)
That's enough!

A little less tantrum

and a little more fact.

There has to be an explanation.

Well, I wouldn't touch it.

Well, if you didn't touch it,
who did? Mom...

I said no more screaming!

Maybe we do have a ghost.

What was that?

- What?
- Did you hear something?


[clears throat]

Maybe this house is getting
to me too.

Do you suppose all children
Bab's age are that emotional?

Well, Babs is famous
for her pranks.

Mm, maybe this wasn't a prank

it was much too sly for that.

I mean, if Babs wanted
to know something

all she would've had
done was ask Ellen.

That's what I don't understand,
it's all so...

Honey, look,
we've had more than our share

of these sibling calamities,

They always seem to work
themselves out.

I'm sure by the time
we get back from the trip

we'll have nothing
but everlasting peace.

Well, I hope so.

Well, don't worry about a thing,
we'll take care of everything.

I'll call you when I know
where we're staying.

I hate not having
a reservation.

Have a great weekend.

We'll be back late Sunday night.

[car honking]
Oh! Your restless father.

See you later, Babs,
I'll be at Judy's till 6:00.

Okay, bye!

[intense music]


Anyone home? Hello!

[telephone ringing]


- Hi, darling, it's me.
- Oh, hi, mom.

Just checking in before dark

we got another 100 miles to go.

Just enjoy yourself
and quit worrying about us.

We're gonna be staying
at the Sea Side Inn

and I won't call again.

We'll be back tomorrow night,

Okay, have a good trip,
and don't worry.

- Bye darling. Love you.
- Goodbye, mom.

[intense music]


No, don't yell!


Promise me you won't yell.

- Not one more sound or I'll...
- You'll kill me?

No, I never killed anyone.

I'm not that kind of person.

If my father catches you,

(Ronald) He won't be
home till Sunday night.

How did you know?

I'm Prince Norbert,
ruler of Atranta.

I know everything.


You did that?


To please the princess.

Atranta's a beautiful place.

You see, Princess Fenseta..

...falls in love
with Prince Norbert.

Norbert's a fugitive
from the land of tyrants.


You're Ronald Wilby.
Aren't you?

I said my name is Norbert.

Now, your family has been
spending too much time

with the evil duke.

I want you to come with me.


To Atranta.

Oh, please..


[intense music]

Mrs. Schumacher!

Mrs. Schumacher!

[music continues]




[doorknob rattles]

[intense music]




Mama. Mama. Mama.

Mama. Mama. Mama.

[breathing heavily]

[doorknob rattling]

Let me out!

[music continues]



Excuse me a second.

Babs, I'm home!



Duane, she's gone.


Babs, she ran away.

I found this note
in her type-writer.

"Dear, everybody,
nobody trusts me

"and I can't stand it anymore.

"I'm going away for a while.

Don't worry. Babs."

Well, I guess she did break
into your diary.

Why would she run away?

Duane, she didn't run away.

She was probably just
too embarrassed to admit it.

She's never that embarrassed.

She's always the first one
to talk about anything.

Even if she's wrong.

Well, then I think
we should call the police.

[intense music]

The evil duke
is spoiling everything.

[intense music]

[music continues]

Let me out. Someone.

Please, let me out.


Well, the place sure looks nice.

Real dreary it was when
Mrs. Wilby lived here.

I get the feeling
you're gonna tell us

there's nothing
to worry about.

Look, she stood up a date
with Jimmy Carter.

Not even a call.

Well, you all agree she was
upset about the diary.

I think someone forced her
to write that note.

And then they took her away.

I have chased, maybe 200 girls

who left home
on their own free will.

Well, then, why didn't she take
any clothes or money?

There's no rhyme or reason.

Usually you'll find out
when they return.

Or it's something
as ridiculous as the diary.

When are your parents returning?

Tomorrow night.

They went up to the coast.

They said they'd call
and let us know

when they're coming home.

Okay, just have them
give me a call, will you?

- Aren't you gonna...
- I think..

That a good night's rest
will settle everyone's mind.

And she'll probably be back
before morning...

What if she has been kidnapped?

We're talkin'
about a capital offence.

We can't search every house
on [indistinct] County

without something to go on.

That letter is not gonna do it.

[intense music]



[intense music]

[indistinct chatter on TV]

- Who's hungry?
- I am.

Do you wanna go
get some hamburgers?

- I'll go get 'em.
- Uh, no, that's okay.

Um, you stay here.

- I'll go.
- No, Duane.

You wanna watch the game.

Althea and I'll go.

Are you sure?

May I please have the car keys?

I like mine rare
with onion rings.

- We'll be back in a while.
- Thanks.

[indistinct chatter on TV]

(man on TV) Brock.
Brock at the right side of the key.

Brock looking for a shot..

...and a 20-foot
jumper and he hit..


And here is the shot..

And it is good! It's a free..
Oh, it's a foul on the play..

Here comes Tex.

Hopkins to Kelly.

Feeding it into McBride.
McBride on the right side.

The big guy Mark right at
the center on top of the key.

Passed over to Ray,
Ray sending a pick now

as he gives off
on the give and go to Kelly.

Kelly shoots
and hits the 15-footer!

Ray to Helms, Helms to Gros

And they're looking
for a shot now.

They wanna get the good
percentage shot.

That's what they're looking
for, the coaches are set to see

Tex Tags have
a very tough defense

so don't take any cheap shots

making sure
he's got a good one.


[engine revving]

Duane, we're back.

(man on TV)
Forty. Very close ball game..


Brock to McBride,
McBride passing it

into the middle to Ray, Ray
trying to work in for a shot

and he slam dunks it!

And so,
the margin is five points..

He's disappeared,
just like Babs.

Now, tell us
what you're gonna do.

No calls?

Not unless someone called
while we were out.

Well, we have a few prints.

We'll have a confirmation
by morning.

What if it is Ronald Wilby?

There's no reason for him
to come back here

with his mother dead.

Maybe he never left.

Ronald Wilby?

He'd be picked up in an hour
if anyone saw him.

Wouldn't you be more

if you spent the night
at a hotel?


Althea, he'll get in
like the last time.

Not if you don't open the door.

- We'll stay.
- Look..

We'll lock every door
and window in the house.

You'll be absolutely safe
as long as you stay inside.

We won't take our eyes off
the place.

you don't have to stay.

If anyone is watching,
I want him to think

that he can get
right back into the house.

Like he did before.

[intense music]

You're an intruder in Atranta.

Soon, I will banish you.

[muffled screaming]

What was that?

I don't know.

Althea, wait.

[intense music]

[no audio]

[intense music]

[both screaming]


[both screaming]

[siren blaring]


[intense music]


[indistinct radio chatter]

[door shuts]

[engine revving]

- Oh! Oh, my God!
- Babs!

Oh, God!

- I was so worried about you.
- Are you okay?

[indistinct chatter]

[intense music]

I know.

[instrumental music]

[music continues]