Bad Romeo (2022) - full transcript

A story of a lonely girl who falls in love with a man that claims to be from another time period.

If we could turn back time
and make one thing right between us,

what would you change?




Someone once said

that I'd find the right person
at the right time one day.

But you never know when that day is.

Most importantly, there's no way to know

that this person will always be the one.


Sorry. I'm so sorry.

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-Hey. Lita.

Khim, let's meet upstairs.
I'll run up there.

I'm sorry.


So sorry.


I've missed you.

So how are you?

Sorry, I didn't think
the flight would be so delayed.

It's okay. Look at me.

Do I look like a Londoner yet? Do I?


Have fun in your new life.

Here's a map and the keys. There.

Soon you'll see
how boring it is to be Lita.


Don't let anyone suspect us.

All right. I promise.

I won't let anyone wonder
where Miss Saikhim has disappeared to.



One. Two. Three.

Enjoy your new life.

You too, Lita.

This life swap

could improve both our lives, you know.

Absolutely, because I

will live these ten days

to the fullest as if I were a new person.


What shall we eat?

I don't know. Let's see what's there.

Why are you going for so long this time?

I just have so many flights to do.

You'd better be good.

Take good care of the baby.

You only care about the baby.
Aren't you worried I'll cheat?

You're welcome to try.

You'll be gone so long.
Who will I hold at night?

You don't get left behind.
You wouldn't understand.


I promise I'll be good.

When you get back,
I'll pay you back for this.

Of course you will.

Hello. Welcome home, sweetie.

How are you?

-Good to see you.
-Are you tired? Let's go.

I'm so tired.

Hey, could this
possibly make you feel better, Noey?

This is mine?

I'll customize it even more first,

then this car will be all yours, Noey.

Wow. Thank you so much.

-Come on. Let's get in.

In these ten days,

you'll live life to the fullest.

Step one is losing your rich girl image.

What? Does Lita have a cat?

Bombay, Daddy's home.

Bombay, baby?



Bombay, come to Daddy.

I got this phone for you
as a surprise present.

Hey, I signed you up to a dating service
and picked five local guys for you.


Don't say, "Ew."

I only picked guys
who aren't sleazy or creepy.

Stop acting so innocent.
Just try meeting the guys I picked.

If you want to live a full life,
you need to have a lover.

I hit on them for you.

You can do the rest.

We women never truly live
if we're too modest.

Get yourself a lover
to spice your life up a bit, okay?



I don't know what's wrong with me.
I miss you all the time.

I'm near you, but my heart is even closer.

If you're lonely, talk to me.


What did you do, Lita?

My sweet Khim.

Don't look at me like that.
You're making me blush.

Having fun? You lost my baby.

Stop flirting.

-Find my cat first.
-Hey! Bro!


Are you hurt, Khim?


You catfished women with my photo again?

Well, you have a welcoming face.

It gets lots of views.

Look at all the messages I got.

You shamelessly used me
to get women into bed?

If you abduct a minor,
will I go to jail for you?

Come on, bro. It's just harmless flirting.
There's no sex. Don't defame Khim.


Isn't this app for hookups?

There they are. Look at them all.

Khim isn't that kind of person.

Come on, bro. Give me my phone back.

-I'm talking to her.
-You seek true love from strangers.

How can you find the real deal?

You can't expect people who want hookups
to be sincere with you.

They just want notches on their bedposts.
Stop daydreaming, Khem.

If you still can't tell sex from love,

you won't find true love in this life.

Is it that bad, bro?

Of course.

Hey. Meow. Come over here, Bombay.

Come on, bro.

In real life,
everyone sees my face and runs away.

My face isn't as nice as yours.

So find someone
who loves you for who you are.

If you want to meet the real deal,

stop using these phony apps.

Find a good woman with a job like I did.

Here you go again.

You're always talking her up.

My phone… You're always dodging me.

Stop it, Khem.

If you look hard enough,

one day, you'll find
an honest woman like Yamsom.

Hey, bro.

What? Hey.

Hey, bro. But how will I talk to her?

Noodles with dumplings.

It's the noodle vendor.

-Let's go.
-Let's go, everyone.

Noodles with dumplings.

-You all want veggies?
-Yes, please.

-All right.

-Like always.

-What are you having?

Noodles with dumplings.

-I'd like a bowl too, please.

Want more noodles with dumplings?

-I want some.
-Me too.

That's everyone.

Sir, five more bowls, please.

-Sure. One moment.

All right, who just said
that they wanted to show me something?

-We did.
-We did.

Yeah? Show me.

One. Two. Three.

Oppa Gangnam Style

Sexy lady

Oppa Gangnam Style

Sexy lady

Hey, the train's here. We should go.

What? Where are you going?

-We're going home.
-We're going home.

What? You didn't finish your food.

Come back.

These kids got here on the free train.

When another free train comes,
they run to get on it.


-Then I'll pay for all that.

Are they ready?


-Take these.

Thank you.

-Get on.
-Thank you.

-All right.
-Get on.


A biker's chick.

Sixteen baht.

I'm sorry.

-I… I changed my mind.
-It's okay.

She doesn't even have 16 baht?
Is she trying to fleece Khem?

Hey, watch out!

You should be careful.
The bikers here ride on the sidewalks.

Thank you.

-Miss, I'd like a sweet roti, please.
-Sure. Here you go.

Thank you.

-Hey, May.

-The usual, please.

You're so generous.

May I have one?

-Sure. Here you go.
-Thank you.

Get your sweet roti here.

Would you like a sweet roti?

Sharing Is Caring Roti.

They're free.


Take them.

Take two. They'll fill you up.

Someone paid for them
so that anyone can take them for free.

It was him.

He used to live hand to mouth.

He knows what it's like to have no food.

When we have enough,
we should think of other people.

This one just came in.
The client wants to customize everything.

He said he'd give it to his girl
as a wedding present.

-It's nice to be rich.
-Hey, Khem.

-Did he forget something?

It's his girl's luggage.

I'll call him.


It's just like Yamsom's.


I saw it this morning.

Hey, it is hers.

That's crazy.

How can it be your girlfriend's?

You said she just got on a flight.

Well, yeah. Shouldn't it be on the plane?

Let's wait for it to land,

then call her
and ask if there was a mix-up.

As a successful businessperson,

Mr. Songseen, do you have a message
for young people?

In my opinion,
there's no shortcut to success.

If you want something,
you have to work hard for it.

Mr. Songseen, you work so hard.
How do you make time for your family?

My daughter is an only child.

I give her my all.

I've heard that Saikhim is a good girl.

And she's good at everything too, right?

That's right.

No matter what I ask her to do,

she never ever lets me down.


Hi, Dad.

-What are you up to?

I just got home.

Are you sure you're okay on your own?

Of course I'm okay alone.

Don't worry about me, Dad.

I can handle it.

If you get scared, tell me.
I'll find someone to keep you company.

I'm a big girl now, Dad.

Of course I can look after myself.

Don't make Auntie Oon feel bad
for going home without me.

She doesn't ask for leave that often.

You're thinking of other people.
You really are a big girl now.


What did you say?

You paid me a huge compliment.
I'm blushing, of course.

See you at home in ten days.

Gla, have you seen this, bro?

She landed already?

She didn't answer.
She must be driving to her hotel.

What? No. Look closely, bro.

Look at what?

Come on, bro.

Your girlfriend didn't travel alone. Look.

See who she's with? Look at her glasses.

-Who's that?
-Come on, bro.

He's the rich guy who owns this Mini.

I bet you
that your girlfriend didn't fly anywhere.

That's why her luggage is here.

She only ran off with another guy.

She's cheating on you.

Don't you believe me?
We could go to her place.

They might be there now.

Thirty baht.

Will I survive these ten days?


Why are you here?

This is my girlfriend's place.
And who are you?


You… you're my friend's boyfriend?


So you know Yamsom?

I don't know Yamsom.

But I know my friend.


-Who's she?
-She owns this place.

Why are her photos here?

Well, because she owns this place.


-Yam, are you here?


How did you get here?

Did you stalk me via that app?

I should ask you
what you're doing with my girlfriend.

Are you stalking me

by befriending my girlfriend, psycho?

No, I'm not.

I don't even know
how you and Lita know each other.

Whose is this?

-It's mine.

Leave me alone.

You're a trespasser,
and now you assault me too?

I'm not trespassing.

This is my friend's place.

A biker's chick is my girlfriend's friend?

A biker's what?

-Hey, mister.

-What are you doing?

Look at this.

Why is Yamsom's stuff here?

If it's not my house,
why are there photos of my girl?

Why are my photos here?

I paid for this house.

But I don't know
the woman in these photos.

It's not Lita's place?

I don't know. I don't know anything.

I just want to see my girlfriend.

Did she trick me?

I don't care.

Please leave my bride-to-be's home now.

I think you must have followed me
with bad intentions.

Get out.

Take all your stuff.

Leave the keys. Don't you dare come back.

Go home to your mom and dad.


That number can't be reached right now.



It's only been one day.

Why am I so weak?

I must survive.

Here we are, miss.

Thank you.


She must need money.

She's still trying to swindle men.


That number can't be reached right now.

She's still not picking up?

Oh my word.


That number can't be reached right now.


What room is this?

A personal sauna?


That number can't be reached right now.

I can't believe this.

Only ten days. It's so freaking worth it.

Who the hell is that?


Is that you, Khim? It's me, Tan.

Who's Tan?

Khim has never mentioned him.


Hello, Saikhim.

You called at the right time.
I've no idea who just rang your doorbell.

Lita, explain yourself right now.

Whose house did you put me in?

Well, Khim?

Can you hear me, Khim?

Some guy just showed up
and said it was his house.

Lita, I've been kicked out, you know that?

Tell me the whole truth right now.


I rented that house for you.


Oh no, Lita.
Didn't we say we'd swap houses?


Can I please come in?




I meant well, Saikhim.

A rich girl like you can't live
in my tiny place.

I already rented that guy's place,
so you should stay there.


Are you alone?


Whose voice is that?

Well, I was going to ask you that.
Who is Tantai or whatever his name is?

Who is he? He came to see you.


Don't go out there.

Don't let him know you're there.

Okay. I'll make him leave.

Miss Saikhim isn't here, sir.
She's not back from school yet.

And whom am I speaking to?

What now, dude?

Lita, don't say anything. Just be quiet.

Why am I in such deep trouble?

What? I think I'm in deeper trouble, Lita.

I'm the one who's been tricked.

Look, Tan is calling me now. I have to go.

Hello, Tan.

Khim, I came to see you at your place.

Aren't you at home?

Right. Well… you see…

I'm in the library at my university, Tan.

What's the matter?

Your dad said that you were alone,
and he asked me to check on you.

Shall we go for a drive?

And he also said
you don't have to go back to Thailand.


Maybe… next time, Tan?

You see, I want to go back to Thailand
to do a bit of research.

So shall we fly there together?

I… I still don't know

when I'd be able to go.

Tan, you don't have to wait for me, okay?

Well, all right.

If there's something urgent,
call me right away

for your dad's sake.

I will.

Thank you, Tan.

What if… he's Saikhim's secret boyfriend?

Why is he so handsome?


I'm sorry, Khim.

I need to think.


That number can't be reached right now.

She messed things up,
and now she's ditching me?

At 4:00 p.m. today, you have an interview
about the joint venture in Shanghai.

And dinner with the governor tonight, sir.

Wait, sir.

The bank says Miss Khim's credit cards
have been used in Thailand.


Does Khim know this?
Maybe she's still asleep.

I've canceled the cards.

She was probably hacked
by online fraudsters.

Have them issue her new cards.
I want Khim to stay in England this term.

Yes, sir.

It's a pity
that Khim couldn't make it here in time.

Uncle, I've heard that you let Tantai

take Khim on holiday in Scotland.

What about it?

I'm just curious about Auntie Oon
asking for leave to go home.

Is it a coincidence?
Or is she making way for someone?

Mind your own business.

Yes, sir.

You can even bring it
if you go out to dinner later too.

-See? Like this.
-What are you doing?

A big brand sent me a bag
for a review, Uncle Seen.

Prim is the first person
to carry this bag.

The brand sent it to her first.

No matter which bag Prim carries,
everyone wants to buy it too.

Do something that earns money.
Don't just do it for recognition.


Have you annoyed your uncle?
Is that why he took it out on your sister?

I only figured out what he's doing.

Mom, don't you think it's odd
that suddenly, he wants Khim to date men?

Men? Men like whom, Prom?

Uncle Seen is usually overprotective.

Tantai, the son of the bank owner.

Tantai and Saikhim?

So, for some reason,
Uncle Seen is accumulating capital.

What do you think, Mom?

If he's using his daughter as bait,
this project must be very special.

An immature girl like Khim?
She's not Tan's type.

Uncle Seen thinks too highly of her.

That's right.

If it were you, Prim, it would make sense.

Seen has made the wrong move this time.

I don't understand.

Why does Uncle Seen always criticize me
and compare me to Saikhim?

She's such a nerd.
Who would want to be her?

I think you should show Uncle Seen
just what a loser his daughter is.

She looks innocent,

but brazenly takes everything from us.

If your father hadn't died,

that girl would never have inherited.

I will show everyone.

I have something good of my own to offer.

Uncle Seen underestimates me
as much as he overestimates Khim.

Saikhim is a good student,
but she's no more than that.

If she weren't a VIP's daughter,
she would leave no mark on this world.

You're right.

Where's my sketchbook?

I must have left it at that guy's house.

I bet you
that your girlfriend didn't fly anywhere.

That's why her luggage is here.
She only ran off with another guy.

She's cheating on you.

Damn it.


I'm here to see Saikhim.

I'm not sure if Khim has left yet.


She must have gone to see her instructor
about her presentation.

So, what now? Sir…

would you like to wait here?

Or should I give her your message?

Who are you, miss?

Yeah… sorry. I forgot to introduce myself.

Would you like to sit down first?

I'm a friend of Saikhim's from Thailand.

My name is…

I'm Manta.

I just wanted to have a holiday here,
so I asked Khim if I could stay here.

And your name is…

I'm Tantai.

I'm a postgraduate student,
and I'm a bit older than Saikhim.

Right. You're Tantai, of course.

That makes sense.

You've heard of me?

Of course I have.

I mean, Saikhim told me herself

that the two of you study here together.

Would you like a drink? I'll get you one.

What should I do now?



They're getting married today.

Yamsom left you to get married.

When she's with you, she's Yamsom.

When she's with this rich guy,
she's known as Noeysod.

That means she has a secret account.

She pretends to get on flights
to live as someone you don't know.

She's not just two-faced.

It's like she has two bodies
that swap lives.

What is this crazy nonsense?

Life is so hard.

Should we crash their wedding?

We have a little problem.

The bank said Miss Khim's credit cards
may not have been hacked.

They were physically used
to buy things in Thailand.

But how? Khim hasn't come back here yet.

It's possible

that Miss Khim is here now, sir.

While Auntie Oonruean was away,
Miss Khim may have seized her chance

to come to Thailand ahead of schedule.

I'll have our people find her.

Call Tantai right now.

Isn't Auntie Oon here?

Auntie Oon went home.

-Her nephew's getting ordained.
-How do you know Saikhim?

And since when?

High school.

Are you a student?

Yes, at Silpakorn.

Have you spent much time with Khim?

We've known each other
since the tenth grade.

Is it possible?

She doesn't have a friend called Manta.

I'll get the police to go there now.

So where is Saikhim now?

I hope this is not an abduction.

This woman's name is Lita.

She just got a visitor visa.

She's been here a couple of days.

Where is Saikhim now?

She's in Thailand.

She said she's going home.

So Saikhim was at your place last night?

The two of us just wanted to travel,

just for a change of scenery.

We didn't do anything untoward.

If she just wanted to travel,
why did she lie to her family?

Sir, if Saikhim asked for your permission,
you would not have given it.

It's true, isn't it?

Hey. Lita.

It's about time you called.

Khim, your whole family knows

that you're in Thailand.

You lost your credit cards, right?

Come home right now. It's all over.

You know you can't be calm anymore, right?

-I know.
-I care about you so much, Gla.

Think about it. I investigated it for you.

Which way, bro?

This way.


There, bro.

Do you believe me now?

Their pre-wedding photos are everywhere.

This is a huge wedding.

Your girlfriend is clearly a gold digger.

She's totally disrespected you.

She must think you're stupid,
so she cheated on you like this

while you were blinded by love.

Hey. Look, bro.


That's too damn much.

It's like she thinks you're worthless.

Don't just stay calm.


May I get my stuff
from your girlfriend's place?

I left some stuff
at your bride-to-be's place.

Can I go and get it?

There's nothing there.

What do you mean? Of course it's there.

The bride-to-be and the home,
they're gone now.

Nothing is real anymore.

Who is my girlfriend, then?

I don't even know her real name.

Hey, Gla.

I only know she is awful.




-Where is she? Find her.
-Hey, Gla.

-Sir, what's wrong?

-Just calm down first.

Calm down?

Try having a rude awakening too.

I said, fetch the bride.

Fetch the bride if you don't want me
to trash this place any more.

Didn't you hear me? Go on.

Is that your girlfriend?


She ran off to marry him.

Are you happy now?

-I'm an idiot.

-I didn't see through her.

-Come on, Gla.
-That's how she fooled me. Let go.

Go on. Tell me I deserve it.



Hey, mister.

-That's enough.

Please stop.

Hey, mister!

Don't hurt him.

He just came to take back what's his.


Please just leave.

Don't stir up trouble here.

I know…

that you're a good person.

Hey, watch out!

You're just very upset, that's all.



There have been worse days,

and you've gotten through them.

You didn't survive just to hurt someone.

What doesn't kill us…

will make us stronger, you know?

Believe me.

Let's go.

Here I am.
Is bridal makeup on the fourth floor?

I'm on my way there.

Who the hell is that?

Here I am.
Is bridal makeup on the fourth floor?

I'm on my way there.

I think I know

why Saikhim is back here.

Saikhim is using dating apps

and planning to meet men she talks to.

I contacted the app.

They agreed to send us
a list of men she's talked to.

Here it is.

These are the men
Saikhim came back to meet.

Isn't it strange

that Mr. Sansern didn't know of this?

That's him.

Is my dad still here?

He's going to be so mad at you.

-Where have you been?

I've just been staying
at a friend's house, Dad.

Since when did you lie to me?

I just wanted to try living
in a way I haven't done before.

By sleeping around with men?

I didn't do that.

I didn't come back
to meet anyone, I swear.

Can you swear
that you don't know these men?

Can you swear it?

Why have you been so irresponsible?

Dad, you don't understand.

Just look at yourself.

You stink of alcohol.

How dare you bring a man here
to cause trouble?

How could you?

You didn't even ask me
what I've been through.

What did I do that was so wrong

that you think
I'm some sort of delinquent?

If you weren't skanky like your mom…

you would never dare disobey me like this.

You know very well

that I hate women like your mom the most.

But I'm not Mom.

Don't you dare talk back.

Don't you love me anymore, Dad?

Act like someone I can love.

I have to do everything
the way you want me to.

That's why I feel smothered.

When I want to do something just for me,

you can't stand it.

I've never crossed
the boundaries you created.

I've tried to do everything
to put you at ease.

But you still don't trust me.

I guess I can't always be
your good little girl.


You said you had to get on a flight,
but you're really here.

Clever, aren't you?

Why are you so scared now?

Hey. Who the hell are you?

I'm your bride's boyfriend.

It's not true.

The last time she got on a flight,
she spent time as my girlfriend.

This time, she got on a flight,

and she swapped shifts
to become your bride.

What the hell do you mean?

She intentionally cheated on us both.

-Why did you make me wait?
-Who waited for whom?

I was the one
who had to wait for you to have a future.

I stayed with you

because I pitied you.

Without me, you would still be in hell.



Don't say you've been seeing him, Noey.

I wanted to dump him every day.

But I didn't do it

because I couldn't do another bad deed.

Just say you love his money.

Can you look after me like he can?

Go. Get out.

All right. I'll go.

Here's a parting gift.

-Never forget that you stole her from me.

Damn you.

Hey, Gla, watch out!

Don't hurt my bro.

-Gla, let's go now.

-Bro, hurry.


Gla, that way.



-Let me come with you.

That's my blazer.

Miss Khim!

Can you really drive?

I just wanted to try living
in a way I haven't done before.

By sleeping around with men?

Why have you been so irresponsible?

Why are you going so fast?


If you weren't skanky like your mom,

you would never dare disobey me like this.


There's a motorcycle.

Be careful!

You could kill someone.

Can you swear it?

-Are you okay?
-Don't you dare talk back.


The sidewalk!

That's enough. Stop right there.

I'm sorry.

You can't drive. Why did you?


I just wanted to get away.

Get away or kill us both?

Mister… are you hurt at all?

Just in my heart.

I shouldn't have trusted
such a brat with my life.

I'm sorry.

I can pay for the repairs, okay?

Can you afford it?
Do you know how much these cost?

I'll pay for the repairs.

Easy to say.

How can you afford it? Huh?

I can manage it.

Can you give me some time?

See you at the garage.


Give me time to find the money.

I won't accept any.

Don't bother finding the money.

Get your stuff from my place.

Just go. I don't care where.

Wake up, Saikhim.

Time to review your lessons.

You haven't finished these exercises.

I said, don't make the same error.

Is it really correct?

Give me your hand.
This way, you'll remember.

Miss Khim, tomorrow's a holiday.

-Do you want to go somewhere?
-I want to go to the amusement park.

Say hello to your father.

Do it again, honey.
And bend your knees nicely.

I got an art tutor to come tomorrow.

Your ballet class is in the evening.

Horseback riding is in the morning,
as usual, and piano is in the evening.

After your English tutoring session today,
I want you to start French.

You're too talented
to let something like this slide.

I don't want you
to go to school with boys.

I'm moving you
to a girls' school next term.

Get ready to go study in England.

I've picked a school for you.
I'm sure you'll love it.

Fill in these forms.

It's Miss Saikhim.

-What is it?

Could you please just trust me for once?

If you help me out this time,

I'll come home to you right away.

Help you with what?

Prove to me

that you still care about me.

If you really love me,

can you send me, say, a million baht?

Did a con man make you do this?

Investigate this.

Find out who he is.

I don't want
a single picture of her in this house.

Hey, sweetheart.

Wanna come with me?

Where to?

Hey, mister!

Don't hurt him.

He just came to take back what's his.

How much?

How much? What do you mean?

Is this enough for you?

-Come here right now.

We're making a deal. What's your problem?

How much are you paying?

You think you can just buy anyone?

Who the hell do you think you are?

Take this!

Don't hurt him, please. He's with me.

I see.

You really are just a prostitute.

You work to feed this man.

As for you,

you're just a good-for-nothing pimp.

Two pieces of filthy trash.

A perfect pair.


I told you not to find the money.
Why would you debase yourself for me?

Tens, or hundreds,
or millions of baht aren't worth that.

Don't wait for him to come back. Come on.

Dad, please trust me.

And I promise you,

I'll come back to you right away.

You messed up.

You don't get to negotiate.

So you're really giving up on me.

In the end,

I'm worth less than that money, aren't I?

If you still care about me,

please prove it
by sending me that money tonight, okay?



That's enough for today.
I'm taking her home.

Of course, sir.

Hey, mister!


I found out that man's name.
It's Gaogla Chayodom, sir.

I have his address.

Shall I go and get Miss Saikhim, Mr. Seen?

Don't bother.

I want to test her.

Between me

and that man,

whom will Saikhim choose?

Leave the keys and just get out of here.

I don't have the money
for your repairs yet.

Can I owe you for now?

-But I promise--
-I told you not to pay.

How could you afford it?

Look, I know I'm worthless.

Even your car is worth more than me now.

Who'd value you when you're like this?

If you keep seeking casual encounters,

you'll never be truly happy.

Even people who have had
relationships for years like me

don't truly know each other.

Strangers are even worse.

No one is sincere. Just stop looking.

I don't expect others to love me.

Even my own father can't love me.

They say your parents love you

without you asking them to.

Maybe it's not always true.

What do you mean?

If we love somebody,

and we have to try this hard,

it's too unfair, right?

If we try to do good deeds all our lives,

and we fail just one time,

why can't we forgive each other?

Maybe this is not what love is.

He cares more about money
than he does about me.

I guess I really am worthless.


Do you like that?

I've seen you do it.

Do you feel better?

I'm sorry that I'm being dramatic.

It's okay.

If it makes you feel better, do it.

The kindness of strangers, eh?

It does feel nice.

Since doing good deeds got us nowhere,
let's just drink to forget this madness.

If we drink,

will we really forget all about it?

At least it'll make
this awful day go faster.

Take it easy. Take small sips.

Take small sips.

I'm sorry.

When I have the money, I'll fix you.

Get well soon.


forgive me.

I'm sorry.


What are you doing?

Are you hurt?

You… Here.

Wait. I'll… I'll stick a bandage on you.

I'll put it where it hurts.


I've put the bandage on you.

Leave it there.

It will heal your broken heart soon.

Does it still hurt?

No. But I'm hungry.

There's nothing left.

We're going to starve.

We won't starve.

-We are not going to starve.

We can survive on this for now.

It's the sweet roti you paid for.

Take it.

The kindness we show to others

will one day

be shown to us too.

You're a good person.

You'll never starve.

I'm a good person?

How do you know I am?

Come here.

Come on.

The roti vendor told me

that you lived hand to mouth
through hard times.

When you made money,
you wanted to share it with others,

so you paid for the sweet roti upfront

in case there were people who needed them.

And they'd know that there was someone
who cared about their hardship.

When I heard that,

I was so impressed.

You have a heart of gold.

What? Heart of gold?
I barely did anything.

That's not all.

There's more?

You've saved my life twice.

So you're saving mine?


I know

that when someone you love hurts you,

it hurts so much.

Don't stir up trouble here.

I know

that you're a good person.

You're just very upset, that's all.

There have been worse days,

and you've gotten through them.

You didn't survive just to hurt someone.

What doesn't kill us

will make us stronger.

One day, your ex will realize

that she had a good thing
in her life but lost it.

You only lost someone you loved.

But she… she lost someone who loved her.

She's the one who will be sorry.

So delicious.

So finish it.

Let's split it.

We starved together,
so we should feast together.

You eat it. Don't go hungry.

Your life is worth more than that car.

You can't compare that stuff to your life.

Don't sacrifice yourself
for worthless stuff again.

Got it?

Don't let anyone make you feel worthless.

Don't cry.

Whoever dares to make you cry

is very cruel.

Watch out!

If he's such a good person,

why was he in juvenile detention?

Who are you talking about?


The cops accused me
of luring and assaulting you.

So you came here to harass me?


What's so good about him
that you can't resist?

What did I do wrong
to make you turn out like this?

Saikhim didn't know I followed her.

You're letting Prom kill him?

Dad, tell him to stop!

When he humiliated me, you didn't care.