Bad Film (2012) - full transcript

"BAD FILM" is a legendary production that was shot in 1995 over the course of the year, but went unfinished due to funding difficulties. This year, over 150 hours of footage captured on the now obsolete format Hi-8 (8-millimeter high resolution video), was re-edited to create a stunning work of cinema. Its concept: "Near the end of the 20th century on Tokyo's Chuo train line, just before Hong Kong's return to Chinese control, masses of people go on a rampage, and love runs wild." Its premise sees Koenji being taken over by Chinese, and running battles erupting on a tremendous scale between Japanese vigilantes and foreigners on the Chuo Line, Shinjuku, and elsewhere. Most of the cast are members of Tokyo GAGAGA, a performance collective formed by director SONO Sion in 1993.

It's 1996.

Japanese vigilante gangs targeting
foreigners have emerged.

There's not much behind their fascism.

They're just small-time criminals
who started out

with shoplifting and traffic violations.

The target of these vigilantes

is foreign residents of Japan:

whites, blacks and other Asians.

Here in Koenji,
where many Chinese live,

a Japanese gang targets them
for no reason.

In response, the Chinese organize
their own group

dead-set against the Japanese.

In Ikebukuro, Shinjuku,
and all across Tokyo,

white, black and brown gangs
start cropping up too.

One Year Later: 1997

Mobsters of every colour begin
funding the gangs.

Some of them start to forget
their original purpose,

and just fight aimlessly
with other groups.

The Kamikaze

is just one example.

PART 1: Introduction

Chuo-Line, 1997

We're getting off at the next stop.

This is where it all started.

A chance meeting on the Chuo-Line.

Members of the Chinese gang Baihubang

were minding their own business
when the Kamikaze came in.

Here come the Japs.


Check it out. Some punk-ass Japs.

Beat it. Scram.

Ask what they're doing here.

What'd you come here for.


It starts to stink
when Chinese get on the train.

You Chinese shouldn't ride trains.

Then, what should we ride?


I'll bring a bicycle tomorrow
and ride it around in here.

Your bald head is so shiny.

Bowling-ball head.

What's with you, baldy?

It's our stop!

Where do you think you're going?

We come and go as we please.
What's it to you?

What did you say?

Where is this? Where are we?



From now on, this is China.

Fuck you!

I don't see China anywhere.

You've been warned.

We're blasting every last one of you
out of Koenji.

Let's get rid of 'em.

That night, Baihubang...

Boss, you're amazing!

Yeah, he's in a different league
than you.

What the fuck?

Just try and hit me!

You're a piece-of-shit pussy
that can't get it up.

I can't get it up?

Am I impotent, guys?

No, no.

You hear that?

You're not.

He's like this.

Koenji Underpass


Hey, Maggie, it's Maggie.


What's Maggie gonna do
with this refrigerator?

It's just trash.

Maggie's a bag lady.

Hang on a sec.

She's the hooker from the corner.

Carry it for her.

The areas around the Chuo-Line
are turning into slums.

They are overflowing
with people like Maggie...

...foreigners who engage
in shady dealings.

Maggie's signs read:

"Light the fuse and blow up the planet"

And on her charity box:

"Support the Destroy-the-Earth Fund"

This tragic, violent story
takes place in Koenji,

in the near future.



Sono Sion
Keiko Suzuki

Directed by SONO SION


Hurry up, man. I'm starving.



What about you, Kana?

Ramen for me too!

Ramen for everyone.

Outside Nakano Station

Where's Fahlong?


He's with a girl.


You okay?

Did you catch cold?


Sex with me is the best, isn't it.

Yeah it is.

He's probably watching the girl's mood.

Like this and like that...

Of course.

And then?


Long time no see.


Who's that?

Wrong number.



Wrong number.

And then?

Who the fuck is that!

He's in big trouble.

He's gonna get bitch slapped.

"It's not what you think.
Please forgive me."

Yeah, totally.

Men are hopeless.

Women are okay.

You get it?

I'm talking about the queer way...

Here comes the ramen.

Over here!


Smells good.

Thank you.

Looks tasty.

Hey man, it's amazing.

It's the best.

Kana, do you like it?

Yeah... oh, a fly.

Kana, get him!

He got away.

Do it!

Watch this.

No way, man...

I'm impressed.

Gimme that.

It'll make the soup even better.

Hey, Kana, wake up.

Stand up, Kana.

You really know how to push my buttons.

Shut up! This is Japan.

You Chinks are worthless.

As long as the Kamikaze are around,

we won't let you run free.

Who do you think you are?

I said shut up.

Just get the fuck out of Koenji,
you dirty Chinks.

We'll kill you!

Wake up. Get up.

Kana, wake up.

I'm a Kamikaze. I'll do it.

Go for it, Shiro.

I'm scared.

You fucker!

Look what you did, you hurt my sister!

Look at her, asshole!


I don't give a shit about
your moron sister.

What did you say?

What did you just say, bitch?

What did you call me?

If you can't do it today,
you won't tomorrow.


We'll sweep all you piece-of-shit
foreigners out of Koenji.

You hear me?

I'll make you pay for this.

Get out! Get the fuck out!

Call an ambulance!

Shut up!


Shut up!

What the fuck!

It never occurred to Shiro

that his sister Kana

would be at a food stall
with the Chinese gang.

Narita Airport

Kamikaze boss Sugiyama and
the gang's leaders

decide to leave the country for a while.

Shiro asks Kota, a member
who came to see them off,

to take care of Kana while he's away.

Please take care of Kana while I'm away.

No problem, man.

Their destination is Bangkok.

The ones fleeing are:
Kamikaze Boss, Sugiyama




Seeing them off is
the interpreter, Mitsudome


and Kota,

who sees the boss and leaders
as total cowards,

leaving them at a time like this.

Meanwhile, members of Baihubang

seize the chance to take down
the leader-less Kamikaze.

Koenji will be ours!

Koenji is ours!




The Burning Intent to Kill.

What are you doing.

It's over there.

3-2 #15, North Koenji

Don't let him get away!

Grab him!

They call me Kin.

I'm Koh, you got it? Koh.

I, Chow, won't let you go free.

I'm Auyang. Don't you forget it.

I'm the Boss. The name's Wong.

Baihubang's take-over of Koenji
is imminent.

That's when Wong meets Maggie.

Wong ignores her and Maggie ignores him.

Even Fahlong, the interpreter,
didn't know about Maggie.

The charge ahead continues.

4-45 #10, South Koenji

On this day, 18 Kamikaze are injured.

And just one Baihubang.

It goes on and on.

4-6 #7, South Kenji

Later on, Wong sees Maggie again.

Wong suggests Maggie quit
what she's doing and join them.

But they still have no idea
that Maggie is different.

The Boss says you don't have to
pick through trash.

Think it over.
We'll let you do what you like.

Tonight we celebrate.


Meanwhile, the Japanese leaders

are lazing around in Bangkok.

It's fucking hot.

Where's Yoshida?

I guess he's out.

He's always getting with girls.

The place is full of women.

Let's not do that.

It's a bad idea.



No one will know.

Boss is coming.

Stick out your tongue.


Tease me.

The truth is, they're both closeted gays.

Call me Master Shiro.

Master Shiro...


Master Shiro...

Say "Fuck me harder."

Fuck me harder...


Is that his girlfriend?

He hates gays, but loves pigs.


I'm going to be sick.


Yuya, start the presentation.

Okay, here we go.

This is the Boss, Wong.

He's Hong Kong elite,
university educated.

This is Auyang, Wong's right hand man.

Auyang has a kid sister, Yi.
She's the apple of his eye.

Yi has a boyfriend, Ko,
and he's Auyang-approved.

This is Kin. He's a troublemaker.

He's ambitious but can't live
without women and booze.

This is Shong, who has a thing for Kin.
Don't underestimate her.

She's stronger than any man.

This is Koh. He's gay.

After stints in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro,
he's now settled on a North Koenji gay bar.

He joined the Baihubang leadership
about a year ago.

This is Chow.

The Boss has him running him
a mahjong parlor.

He also manages a chain of
Chinese restaurants in Koenji.

Chow has a girlfriend and they're rumored
to be engaged, but we don't know for sure.

The Boss is Wong and the leaders are
Auyang, Kin, Koh and Chow.

They say their interpreter, Fahlong,
can speak ten languages.

What I don't like is that this broad Shu
is fucking a Japanese yakuza,

and that's why I think Baihubang is
getting more comfortable. That's all.

Hey, let's get going.

It's a shitstorm back there.

Japan is finished without the Kamikaze.
Let's go back.

Later, baby.

Did he pick up?


I wonder why.

Why aren't they here?
Did you call like I said?

Yes, of course.

We're losing face, man.

We go to Bangkok for one second,

And now look at you.
Where do you think you're going?

You're on your way to fuck foreigners
on some tropical island, aren't you?

I got a bad feeling about this.

Don't expect us Kamikaze to
issue you visas.

You're not the one issuing our visas.


What are you talking about?

You know who we are...

Hey, sister. Sis.

You're Japanese, aren't you?

Are you Japanese?

How can you be with this guy?

You know dating this black fucker's

is going to ruin your life.

You better watch yourself.

I just got back to Japan.
Seeing this is really pissing me off.

I'm talking to her.

Hey, how many times did you ride
his big black dick?

Why would I answer you?

He's gonna stretch out your cunt
with his monster dick.

Stop that.

You will dump his ass

and join the Kamikaze
if you know what's good for you.

Where's your country?

Go back to Africa right now.

Go back to Africa.

Stay the hell away from Koenji.

I'm really sad, you know, really sad.

You, have you ever seriously
thought about the future of Japan?

Let's just kill them.

Why didn't you come?
That's no excuse.

You're making fools of us, asshole!

We're all are here with Boss.

And you call yourself Kamikaze?

You brought it with you?

It's a pig...

You think this is funny?

What did you say?

Get with the program, shithead!


Yuya, Yuya.


Shiro and Yuya goes looking for Ito,
who was supposed to meet them at the airport.

They see him having fun
with his family.

He tells them that Kamikaze is
going downhill.

The Chinese have rolled in
and conquered Koenji, he says.

Ito doesn't seem very bothered by it.

Afterwards, Shiro and Yuya

go to Kota's gay bar to pick Kana up.

Kamikaze members, Harabo
and Sasahara are there

and so is the interpreter, Mitsudome.

Where have you been?

I just got back today.

From Bangkok.

How the hell are you?

I've missed you, man.


It's good to see you're alive.

How's Kana doing?



Thanks for everything,

over the last 3 months.

Let's get going.

Come on.

Let's go.

We'll come again.

Sasahara, Harabo, see you later.

Hey, keeping well? It's been a while.

Yes, thanks.


We're out.


I'll be back maybe tomorrow.

Let's go.

It's been a long time...


What's with you.

Let's go.

What is it?

Okay, catch you later!

We're going.

Let's go, what's wrong?

Kana, sweetie.



What is it?

You should go home.
It's been a while.

Thanks for working so hard for us.

Why are you looking at me like that.

Don't look at me like that.

Shiro, it's been a while,
give her a break.

You think this is funny?
Don't look at me like that.

Let's go home.

You should smile a bit. You haven't
seen your brother in a long time.

Is business that bad?

No way, man! Let's play some beats!

Let's go home.

Thanks for your help, Kana.

I said we're going home.

Shiro, stop it.

Let's go.

What's with that look?

Little idiot.

We're going.

I said we're going.

Kana, sweetie.

Okay, keep her for another day, will you?

I'll come by tomorrow.

What's wrong?

Sorry, sorry.

Good morning.

Where's Kana?

Kana, sweetie.

4-44 #8, South Koenji

Shiro and Kana lived together
since they were children.

She was the only person
he could count on.

Shiro swears he will never
hurt her again.

But despite her brother's promise,

Kana's heart has frozen over.

The lesbian community was quickly,
quietly growing

around the Chuo-Line neighbourhood.

And the queers community
had opened up

all kinds of smuggling routes
right under hetero noses.

I'd like to buy a gun.

I'd like to buy a gun.

Code word: Abra...cadabra

Code word: Abra...cadabra

Please soak this money with blood.

Please soak this money with blood.


I'll wait till your classes are finished.

You need a new pencil case.


I'll buy you one.

Take good care of it.

Come on out.

Is that Ming-ming's sister?

They say she's in Baihubang.

She's dangerous.

Your friends are pretty serious kids.

I'm sorry.

It's much better to have
friends like that

than be surrounded
by hopeless people.

June 25th.

6 days before the handover of Hong Kong.

Something will happen within Baihubang.

I don't know what yet.

But one thing's for sure:

"Life is like a scrap of paper
blown around by the wind.

When the wind stops,
it becomes still.

I'm not being pessimistic about it.

I'm actively participating."

PART 2: Development

The Kamikaze gang gets an overhaul.

Sugiyama waits. The Boss waits.

He waits with Yoshida.

They wait at the Kamikaze hideout.

Then finally, they come.

Sugiyama ordered all Kamikaze members,

the ones who went soft, to convene here.

But, to his dismay, they all look like
they've shown up for a party.

Once the senseless fighting breaks out,

Sugiyama can't take it anymore.

What do you think you're doing?

Shut the fuck up!


I'm sorry...

Look at Sugiyama's eyes.

Sugiyama is furious.

No one realizes just how angry
the Boss is.

They have no idea he is about to explode.

How many more are we expecting?

This is probably about it.

This is it, right?

Is anyone else coming?

What's going on?

The hell, how many are here?

Around 68.


Three months ago we were
squished in like sardines.

How many were we then?



What's 158 minus 68?

You made all the calls, right?

How many is 158 minus 68?

What happened to the other 90?

They're dead.

90 dead?


They all just died?

Not exactly.

Then what?

You knew? Why'd you keep your trap shut?


Stop it!

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

We're desperate!

What's are you so desperate about?

At least all of us are here...

Fucking scumbag.

What do you want! Shiro!

What have you done lately?

What the fuck were you doing?

Stop it. Both of you.

This is not the time to be
fighting each other!

Sine when are you in charge, Kota.


Don't you know your place?

Please stop!

Is reorganization possible?

The gang is in trouble!

Who else is left?

Good morning. We're the Kamikaze.

Good morning. We're the Kamikaze.

We're Kamikaze.

Parents die while we're on lunch.

Parents die while we're on break.

Let's expel the Chinese from Koenji

and take back our beautiful country.

We're the Kamikaze.
Our enemy is in Koenji.

Let's uproot the Chinese from Koenji.

We're visiting you all in Shibuya.

Japan is overflowing with Chinese people.

We need to get rid of these
criminal groups

that are threatening our streets.

Let's restore Japan to its former glory.

Pearls before swine.

Every dog has his day.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

All you sluts in Shibuya,

Hear my voice!

Listen up!

We're the Kamikaze!

We are real Japanese!

Our cocks may not be so big!

But we've got stamina!

Hey, you little slaves of fashion!

You, you and you!

Don't you realize riding
black and white dicks all the time is

loosening you up?

Don't you see that's a problem?


And you!

We're fighting hard for you,

but you keep chasing
white and black cocks!

They're trying to expand their territory.
Don't you get it?

You two, on a date?
Get the fuck out of Shibuya!

Break up! Now!

Don't hold his hand!

Why come to Shibuya for your date?

We'll burn Shibuya down!
We'll level it!

We'll run you over and kill you!

Three cheers for Kamikaze!

Ready? Banzai!



This stall is the best.
Nothing compares to it.

The dumplings are good,
but the Pork Noodle takes the cake.

Give me an order of Pork Noodle.

Let's buy some girls after dinner.

Don't get so excited.

Ni Hao!

Who's there?

You're Chinese, aren't you?

Eating ramen!

Don't think you can just
enjoy yourselves in our territory.

You dare to do business here?

This isn't China. You get it?

This is Japan.

It's time for a bonfire!

4-50 #1, South Koenji

Fucking Chink beggar!

Chinky cunt!

Ow... It hurts...

2-35 #24, North Koenji

We did it again.

Yeah, we did!

It was so easy!

It was perfect!

You're bleeding, man, are you okay?

I'm fine, sir!

You sure, man? We'll be home soon.

Hang in there!

We're home.

Are you okay?

That's my sister, Kana.

He says hello.

Make yourself at home.

Are you okay?

Watch it.

There's a hole in my cigarette.

It's her fault!

How is it my fault?

Isn't it?

Shut up!

He did it!

Isn't there any opium?


Where's Boss?

He's in Shinjuku.

Lucky guy.

He says he's going to New York
after the handover.

Looks like he's gonna fly the coop
and leave us behind.

You serious?

Shut him up!

Watch what you say, son.

Be cool.

We're the Kamikaze.

Let's protect our Koenji.

We're Kamikaze.

"Destroy the Earth Fund"

I can get behind that.

We're both loners wherever we are.

Thank you for having us!

The end is near!


Let's bounce.

The crows in the mountains go...

caw... caw...


Hey, man.

What're you up to?

Oh, just...

I'm on my way.

Come on up.

It's really awesome.

Get real, man.

What's awesome?

You wanna see?

It's Harabo. He finally did it!

Show us.

What's so interesting about Harabo?

His dick?

He's so serious.

What's that?

Holy shit, man!

I've never seen one before.

Let me touch it.

Be careful.

I think it's real.

Where did you buy this?

I asked him but he won't tell.

Tell us.

Shit, dude, it's amazing.

Give us a break, man.

Have it back. Run!

2-7 #13, North Koenji

Let's roll.

2-11 #5, North Koenji

Hey, look at that!

It's a sports match!

On your marks...

Get set... Go!

No matter what, Shiro goes to find Kana,

who wanders every night,

and takes her back home.

The Day of Destiny is fast approaching.

Kana doesn't know it yet.

Everything will be decided tomorrow.

01:05:44,380 --> 01:05:47,550
Day of Destiny

Shinjuku Station

3-25 #1, Shinjuku

I'm Number 1.

I'm Number 1.

Fucking egomaniac!

I'm telling you I'm Number 1.

This is our territory.

I'm Number 1.

Get the fuck out!

Number 1, Number, 1, Number 1!

What are you on about?

Number 1, Number 1.
One, One, One!

Get lost.

I said this is our territory.

Number, Number, Number.
One, One, One!

I'm the Boss.

I'm Number 1.

Boss Number 1 in Japan.

One, One, One!

What the fuck are you talking about!

Fucking baldy.

Bowling-ball head.

What the hell are you saying, motormouth!

Bald bastard!

You look like a monkey.
Know what that is? A monkey?

Are you a monkey?

Fucking bald-ass.

What are you supposed to be?

A bald monkey?


Get in there and translate.

Boss, what are you doing?

You're the number 1 tough guy in Japan.
Pull yourself together.

I'm the Number 1 tough guy in Japan.

I'm the Number 1 tough guy in Asia.

I'm the Number 1 tough guy in Asia.

I'm the Number 1 tough guy on Earth.

I'm the Number 1 tough guy on Earth.

You can have the Earth.

But Koenji is ours.

We'll give you the Earth,
but Koenji is ours!

Koenji is ours!

I'm gonna fucking kill him!


If you know what love is,
you'll understand how I feel.

You need him too.

Please stop!

Fuck off, you stupid Chinks!
Your car's that way!

The Chinks are over there.

Crows... why do you caw...?

What do you want?

What are you on about?

I'm getting out.

Hurry up and get them out.

Why are you in here? Get away.

No Chinks allowed.

Get outta here!

You Chinks belong in
that car over there.

Okubo Love Hotel District

Hey, where'd you get that? How?

I bought it.

You bought it? From whom?

A girl.

A girl holding a box like this.

Wearing lingerie.

In the underpass.

With a box and long hair like this.

Money, money.

For 300,000 yen


Maggie, Maggie.


My friend.

Your friend?




Let's all get it on.

Good call.

How old are you, Maggie?

Have you lived here long?

How do you say this?



This is "Beizi".

This is "Beizi".









Beizi, Tangchi.

Beizi, Tangchi.

What's this?







Beizi, Tangchi, Wo.

Beizi, Tangchi, Wo.

Beizi, Tangchi, Wo.

Beizi, Tangchi, Wo.

The Boss of Koenji,
disgusted with the endless fighting

...finally intervenes.

Let's play ball!

Good, good.


Baihubang - 1



Go, go!

I'm gonna hit a home run.


Okay. A dead ball is fine too.

Hit it!


Baihubang - 4, Kamikaze - 0

Serves you right.

Boss, please.

Japanese power.

Give it your all!

Show us the Japanese spirit.

Oh... a pop fly...




Kamikaze suffers crushing defeat.

Are you sure about that girl?

Can we trust her?

She's safer than straight guys...

He says she's a safer bet than
straight guys.



We can trust Maggie.

She's cool.

I'll let you handle it.

I fucking hate you, man.

Well, I hate you too.

Looks like we're on the same page.

What do you want?

You know.

Well, the gist...

Do you agree?

It's up to the Boss.


That's what it means.

I'd love to bash your head in.

We wanna fight.

We're in the same boat.

You're dead!

You too.

Call me.

See ya.

Fuck you!

Call me.

Don't be like that...


Yeah, maybe.

Oh, yes.

Oh my God...


It hurts...




So, from now on...


...what are you gonna do?

Call the Japanese Kamikaze gays together.

Got it.

What did she say?



Can you stick out your tongue?

3-70 #1, South Koenji

It's the end of the hetero way.

It's the end of the hetero way.

What's that?

Called together by the mysterious Maggie,
of the lesbian way,

Kamikaze's closeted gays,
Shiro, Yuya and Kota

meet with Baihubang's Koh.

Maggie explains the hetero way needs
to be destroyed.

Heteros have been controlling
drug and gun prices,

keeping them high.

But if they establish another,
queer market,

they can trade at low prices.

Destroy the hetero way.

Mitsudome and Fahlong translate
Maggie's words.

But the interpreters have another motive.

They want to revive the conflict
between the Japanese and Chinese.

I'd like to ask Kana on a date tomorrow.

What do you mean?

Yeah, Maggie.

What did she say, Mitsudome?

Don't speak in a language
I can't understand.

Not exactly in exchange, but she says
she'd like a date with Kana tomorrow.


Kana, go! You're free!

Shiro, what're you saying?

Freedom is important in this world.

She's free. Freedom.
Kana, have fun.

You're free.

Are you sure it's okay to
let Kana be with Maggie?

Yuya, let's love each other openly too.

These delinquents
who'd never touched guns before,

buy lots of them cheaply
on the queer black market.


they play with them like children,

as if their weapons could never be loaded.

What a cute little sausage.
I'll take it.

You're a homo, aren't you?

You're a fag, aren't you?

Sorry, but I hate faggots.

Mind going to another shop?

Gays are dirty.

You suck other men's dicks, right?

You're fucking creepy.

Get out.

I said get out.

There's no use crying.

I'm sorry, but I just don't like fags.

Something wrong with being gay,

Yuya, empty the register.

Yuya, gimme a kiss.

Kota, let's go.

Let's go.

Hey asshole,

You're being killed by a cocksucking
faggot. Joke's on you.

Let's go.

Kota, let's go.


The fact that
Yoshida witnessed the incident

will shake up the Kamikaze.

Everything is going
according to Maggie's plan.

But it's not only the Kamikaze
and their gays

who play happily with guns.

Baihubang is doing it too.

They carry unloaded guns with them,
everywhere they go.

How is it?


It really is the best toy, isn't it?

Did you get a gun?

I'll draw and win.

Hurry up.

What are you talking about?

If you go to Hong Kong,

make sure you go to Boss' uncle's shop.

As if we can go.

If you have time, I mean.

My tiles are bad.

Mine are good.

Get a move on.

That's a good gun.



Be careful. It's real.


Get on with it.

I had a good hand...

Koenji's calmed down.

Boss, please don't speak in Cantonese.


Show me the money.

Again? Take it, thief!

Where you going?

To take a wizz.

Well hurry up. And wash your hands.

Pissing is fine, but don't shit.

I'll win next time.

I feel so much better!

4th round.

You were taking a dump, weren't you?

Kota and Koh, who first met
that day in Shinjuku,

make passionate love in a hotel.

Sasahara, who is only allowed to watch,

is jealous that he can't join them.

Sasahara often complains
to gun-obsessed Harabo.

as he plays with his toys
on the riverbank.

Kota's been acting weird, lately, no?

Constantly throwing himself

at that Chinese guy, Koh.

I don't think he loves us anymore.

What's so good about Chinese dudes?

Meanwhile, Yoshida, who learned

Kota and the others are gay,
spills the news to the Boss.

The Boss has never been so angry.

4-31 #3, South Koenji

Boss, I never betrayed you.

It's true, I'm gay, but...

Don't hold it against me!

We've entered a discrimination-free era

now that Japan and China can get along.

From now on, it doesn't matter
where you're from

or whether you love a man or a woman!

Shut the fuck up.

Please don't do it.

I hate homos.

Good. Good crying.

Boss! Please stop!

Okay, good. Now zoom back.

It's no use. Boss doesn't like fags.

There's nothing I can do about it!

Good. Nice moaning.

Now look into the camera.

Here comes Kota out from Yuya's side.
Boss, I respect you!

What a great angle!

Here we go!

Shiro? Shiro!
Let's have a look at the gallery.

God, that's disgusting!

Is it really okay to shoot this, Boss?

Just because I'm gay...

Ready for your close-up, Boss?

By the way, gentle viewer,
did you notice?

Up until now, cameras have been visible
throughout the film.

The fact is, the Boss is
the ultimate narcissist.

He has been ordering his followers
to videotape his acts of violence.


And in this scene.


And here.

Yes, then too.

And here he is, enjoying the footage of
himself torturing the fag.

Brilliant. It's brilliant.

I'll rewind it for you.

PART 3: Turnaround

July 1st, 1997

Hong Kong
Handover Day

Eat and drink as much as you want.

July 1st. Hong Kong is returned to China.

To celebrate this happy occasion,
Sugiyama, the Kamikaze Boss,

organizes a party
for Baihubang and Kamikaze.

It is held at a Baihubang-run
Chinese restaurant.

Sugiyama will treat everyone.

All Kamikaze and Baihubang members

gather together.

Maggie and Kana are among them.

Everyone looks well-integrated.

Caterpillar fungus...

Boss, let's take this opportunity
to learn about real Chinese cuisine.

What'll you have, Boss?

Love & Peace.

I don't see that on the menu.

I would like to treat you all because
we're together on this momentous occasion.

Here's to coexistence and
prosperity for us all.

Bring us 20,000 preserved eggs.

Serves you right, motherfuck...

Auyang had written:

"Life is like a scrap of
paper blown around by the wind.

When the wind stops,
it becomes still.

I'm not being pessimistic about it.

I'm actively participating."

And just as he'd written,

Auyang's soul is carried off
by the wind.

First up, we have news about
Hong Kong's handover.

After 150 years of colonial rule
by the UK,

Hong Kong was finally returned to China.

At Victoria Harbour,
where the countdown event was held,

tourists and media
from all over the world...

Cheers to the Hong Kong handover!

It's the 21st century.
Bet it's time for a parade over there.

The girls in your country
have baggy cunts!

They boned too many Yanks!

Because Muscle Mouse has a big dick!

Guess that means your country's girls
wanna fuck Yanks too!

Beautiful Hong Kong, known for
its 100 million-dollar night view...

The world is watching to see whether
it will stay just as brilliant...

People of Shibuya.

My name is Yoshida and
I have some very sad news

to report to you today.

Sugiyama, leader of our Kamikaze,

who led us both underground
and out in the open,

has suddenly passed away.


What do we do with the pig?

God, it's fucking bleeding.

Shit! Look at it.

Yoshida, there's so much blood.

It looks like Boss.

Maybe he's satisfied now that
he can be like Piggy here.

This one's dead too, so they're probably
happy together in the next world.

Looks just like Boss.

Get it outta my face.

Your shop was recommended to me...

Can you do anything with this?

You want me to buy that?

We don't deal with that sort of thing.

I see.

These are underpants, aren't they.

The Boss's.

Did he make the pig wear 'em?

Underpants, briefs, briefs.

Wanna take this?


I'll give you a good price! Take it!

Care for some pork?

Pork for sale. We're selling it cheap.

Anyone want to buy some pork?

It's fresh from the butcher!

Sumitomo Bank

Yuya will go.

Let Yuya handle it.

They said I couldn't deposit it.

Fucking shithead.

Can't be deposited?

Think you can get interest
on a pig's head, asshole?

It reeks, man.

Put it away or something.

Shiro, why don't you buy one
for your sister?

Her T-shirt is starting to stink.

I'll buy her one
and you can let me feel her up.


She's a dyke because
she's never tasted a man before.

I don't mind that she's a cripple...

She's already experienced with the ladies
so it's no problem, man.

Don't you think?

I don't understand lezzies and fags.

I'm joking about your sister, man.
Don't be such a pussy.

Hang on a sec.

Drink up, Shiro.

Let's kick their asses
in the game tomorrow.

I'll do my best.
Last time was embarrassing.

I kid you not, man, I've been practicing
every day at the batting cage.

Ready, here we go!

We'll turn the tables on you!

We're striking back!

Brace yourselves!


Strike? It's ball, no?

It's a strike.

Here I go!


One more pitch. One more.

Why not just give it up?

Shut up.

Fahlong, make a good pitch!


Fucking squealer.

Nice job betraying us.

You outed us to the boss.

And with that, the Kamikaze
now belongs to Shiro.

That means it's a gay-led team.

Kamikaze now supports the coexistence and
prosperity of queers in Koenji.

Listen up, all you Shibuya idiots!

We are the Kamikaze.

Listen up! We're Kamikaze.


We were born on this planet as men.

Am I right, Yuya?

Kana, Kana, Kana... Shiro thinks.

You must be in Ueno with Maggie by now.

Shiro was always thinking

about Kana's wellbeing.

But Kana's heart belongs to Maggie.

The two are so happy together.

Now, at the center of Koenji,

the queer way led by
Shiro and Koh is growing.

The two gangs have finally settled down.

But Mitsudome and Fahlong
aren't satisfied.

They are secretly nursing
their grievances.

Everybody, listen to me.

The Earth is almost finished.

The end is nigh.

Fasten your seat belts.

The world is going to end.

This planet will soon fall.

Fasten your seat belts.

The world is going to end.

This planet will soon fall.

Fasten your seat belts.

The Earth is almost finished.

The end is nigh.

Fasten your seat belts.

What comes next?

Answer me.

Don't worry.

We always speak in Chinese, don't we?

Let's switch to Japanese every 3 minutes.

Got it?

What's your problem?

Gas is just gas.

You're disgusting.

I hate you Chinese people.

Okay, okay.

That's because you lost the war
52 years ago, right?

You're the underdog.

Come on, bark.
Bow-wow. Bow-wow.

What are you on about?

I said 52 years ago.

52 years ago?


We, the superior Japanese,

have the power to recover from
anything in 50 years.

Get it?

And how about you Chinese?

4,000 years of stagnation.

Sleeping lion my ass!

I'll say it again.

The Japanese are chosen by God, you know.

Is your God America?

Mickey Mouse, Disney Land,
Coca Cola, Rock'n Roll...

Why Rock'n Roll?

It's all American culture.

What is Japanese culture, anyway?

I've always liked history,
ever since I was a kid.

5,000 years ago, while your ancestors
were swinging from trees

and living in caves,

we were already navigating.

Your ancestors must've
come from the continent.

Think you're some kind of...

original tribe?

No, no, no.

You're a second-rate version of us.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, you are.


Then, why don't you just go home?
You ought to go home.

It'll be better for you to go back.

If your country is so rich with
history and culture,

why did you come all the way to Japan?

That's a good question.

Gather up all your little friends,

and go home.

Things will be better for you.

Yeah, good point.

Why did we come in the first place?

It's a mystery.

A real mystery, isn't it?

A really good question.

Well, in my opinion,

we Chinese see Japan as part of China.

That's it.

See ya.

Hey, it's me.

Kana's not here. Is she with you?

Okay. Got it.

Is Kana at your place?

She isn't...

Kana's gone missing.
Call me if you see her.

Shut up. I didn't need to know that.


Why aren't you home, you little punk!

Hurry up and look for her, shithead!

Stop messing around.
This is serious, asshole!

Hey, Yuya? It's me.

Have you seen Kana?
Yeah, she's missing.

Anyway, can you come over?
I'm alone here.

Call Mitsudome.

Let's get drunk or something.



Hey, translate. It's Maggie.

Hello? What?

I'm the interpreter.

Were you fucking?

You were fucking, weren't you.

No, man, speak in Chinese.

Were you doing it?

Were you fucking?

How was it?

Was it tasty?

Not good?

Did Kana taste good?

How was Kana?

Answer me.

Wait. I can't understand
what you're saying.

She's not responding.

Get through to her.

I said she's not responding.

She's hung up.

What's the difference
between these wall stains?

Stain from the Showa Era.

Stain from the Taisho Era.

Stain from the Meiji Era.

The stains on the wall are...

Why are you the only one drinking?

Chug! Chug!

Missy. Hey missy.

You haven't even said a word to me.

And you invited me.

The man who sleeps with his eyes open.

Gross! That's disgusting!

Road trip!

Let's go.

Come on!

Don't mess around.

Do it properly, man.

More! Keep calling!

Don't piss me off, asshole.
Or I'll make you regret it!


Hurry up.

Come on.

That's Ito's house, man.


He lives in a nice place, man.



Let's go.

What the fuck?!

You shitheads!

So, having looked at this video,
what do you think of the life he lived?

It's hard to put into words...
He's led such an extraordinary life...

Yes, I guess it's part of the reality
in present-day Korea.

Kana, is it good?


She's meeting Maggie
at the Baihubang hideout.

Hey, sister,
how about some watermelon?

It's sweet, really sweet.

We have cut ones and whole ones.

I'll give you a deal.

Just a minute, here's your change.

Hey, man, want some watermelon?

PART 4: Conclusion




Let me go!

What are you afraid of?

We killed them together.

Be tough. Get a grip.

We're not babies.

Maggie's been murdered!



I can't take it anymore.

This is so typically Chinese.

I'm leaving Baihubang.

It's too harsh. I can't believe it.

Get a move on!

Lets go!

Roll out!


Hey, you!

I don't know anything!

That's not a red light.

Let them go.

Come here for a sec.

Where are your little friends?

He's one of 'em.

Where'd they go?

What's wrong with you?


Kota, I love you.


Love has lots of different shades.

It can't be explained by just one colour.


Love shines like a rainbow
with lots of different colours.

That's not what I mean.

This nipple, that nipple, this heart,
there's just one of everything.

There's just one of me,
and just one of you.

That's why....



look at you, you're all matching.

If you'd called,
I would've brought more booze.

Why didn't you tell me you were coming?

Come on in.


Why are you staring like that?

Let's have a good time.

Come in.

Come on in.

I said come in.

Everybody, shoot!

Shoot! Shoot!

What are you rambling about?



Stand up! Get up!

Be strong!

Shiro and them were shot upstairs!

Take the lift. You take the stairs.

Let's move!

Get your act together!

You fucking bitch!

They died because of you!

Fucking bag lady.

Dirty whore! Fuck you!

Fucking cunt!


This film was made
with the cooperation of 2,000 people

who were members of