Bad Family (2006) - full transcript

Na Rim , who came from a wealthy household, lost her family in a car accident when she was nine. After the accident, she suffered from amnesia so her uncle hired Oh Dal Gun, an ex-ganster,to recreate a similar household with parents, sister, brother, grandparents and uncle in hopes that she would regain her memory. In a hurry, Oh Dal Gun ended up hiring all sorts of odd ball characters to act as members of Na Rim's family. None got along at the start and hilarious situation arose when all members tried to cope in front of the little girl and also to protect her from the one who caused her family's accident. Eventually they started to behave like a real family and cared for each other, proving that blood relation is not as important as a caring heart.

Episode 9

You didn't cook any of the meat right?

Uncle said he was coming back in a week.

Uncle didn't say where he was going?

Nope. He said he was going on a business trip.

Na Rim, it's bedtime.

Unni will be up in a second. You go up first.

Okay. Good night!

Alright. Good night to Na Rim as well.

I knew he was going to leave.

He said Grandmother was pretty good in the morning.

He also said Mother wasn't annoying.

Very strange indeed.

I knew he was going to leave.

Then why didn't you say that earlier?

I didn't think he'd really leave.

What's going on?
Where did Dal Gun go?

When is he going to come back?

Didn't Na Rim tell us?

He's coming back about a week afterwards.

If it was really that, why didn't he tell us?

He must have done something really bad.

Then ran away.

He's not coming back.

What if Dal Gun really doesn't come back?

Does that mean we don't have to pay him back?

Should we continue to stay here?

Exercise your elbows.
One, Two, Three, Four,

Five, Six, Seven, Eight.

Two, Two, Three, Four,

Five, Six, Seven, Eight.

Again. At a faster speed.

Are we going to be exercising the whole day?

I need to go to the bathroom. I can't hold it in for long.

Na Rim, you're tired too, right?

It's fun.

Why are we exercising when Dal Gun never did it?

Mom, harmony within the family is based on good health.

Then we'll stop the exercises.

Now we'll start the real workout.

Do you know what day it is today?

Today is the day you get your paycheck.

Men spin one thousand times.
Women spin two thousand times.


Don't slack off! Be more serious!

This guy is even worse than Dal Gun.

That's how life is.

The guy who only talks tough left, and now we're
stuck with the guy who actually takes action.

We avoided the dog poop, but
instead we stepped on cow dung.

What else can we do? He pays us,
so we have to listen to him.

Do that to me too.

Here. Now, I'll be representing Oh Dal Gun
and will be distributing your paychecks.

Teacher Jang.

Mrs. Park Bok Nyuh.

Our Hang Bok's mom, Uhm Ji Sook.

Gong Min.

Yang Ah.

And me.

Everybody's done a great job.

Before, we only got a sniff of the
money before it was snatched away.

But now we can put it in our pockets....

That's what you think.

You still owe Dal Gun money.
I'll take care of it for now.

Mrs. Park Bok Nyuh, I'll have
to take it back with force.

Uhm Ji Sook sshi, give it to me.

Thank you.

I don't need money.

He doesn't seem like he's part of our family.

You don't like money?

Let's create a happy and harmonious family this week.

Finished. Dismissed.

And you said it was harmonious.

Does this count as a harmonious family?

Seems like she can't get in contact with
Dal Gun so she came to his house.

I'll go out to check things out.

If I were him, I would've gone out with her a long time ago.


Pretty miss, are you living well?


The wind outside is making me dizzy. Come inside.

There's no need for that.

Please accept this.

This is ginseng chicken soup. It's good for your body.

It's packaged in vacuum packages. You just have to heat it.

You always come when Dal Gun isn't here,

to give us ginseng chicken soup.

We're very thankful.

You couldn't find Dal Gun so you came here, right?

Yes. His cell phone is off.

Did something happen to Dal Gun?

Are you okay?


I told you to get away from Dal Gun, right?

Even if it means escaping on a plane at midnight,
you have to run as far away as possible.

Yes. I remember.

Now miss, you don't have to worry about that.

You can just stay here.

Does that mean you'll try to get Dal Gun and me together?

Thanks a lot, uncle.

That's not what I meant.

This time Dal Gun ran away.

So now you don't need to go anywhere.

You can stay here without any worries.

Where did Dal Gun go?

None of the family members know where he went.

Dal Gun has always been a person
who disappears now and then.

When you're heating the ginseng chicken
soup, do you need to add water?


It's so messy.

A group of bastards. They messed up everything.

It's so messy. How could we possibly have customers?

You guys go home to rest first.

You can't rest when you're doing business.

Is my dance class business going to open or not?

Oh my God!

Why'd you guys come again?

I'm going to die with you!

Stop it!

Don't touch the dumpling stall.

How can you guys do that?

You've already made this place a mess!
Why are you coming today?!

You've gone too far!

Stop it!

Don't touch the Coffee Ahjumma either.

Let's go.

Why aren't they attacking us?

Yeah. They're belittling us. What a blow to my pride.

Uncle, you've gone too far.

I heard that Dok Goh's people went to
the market to mess things up again.

So what?

There's no need to go to these extremes just to build a mall.

My father and Na Rim's father both refused to close down the market.

Does closing down the market really bother you that much?

Yes. I can't just watch from the side.

Really? Then I don't think you, Bu Kyung, should see any of this anymore.

What does that mean?

If you leave, then you won't have to worry about the market's problems.

Prepare to be transferred to Sokcho.

Uncle, I can't do that. I can't go to Sokcho.

I told you to go, so you'll go!


I say... Seafood. Vegetable.

Are you going to leave the market?

Why are you going to leave the market?

I don't have a choice, Manduu Ahjumma.

The guy who just came, who seemed like the boss,

even knows what grade my child is in.

He said he was going to properly educate children.

Oh my God. Even the children...

I'm getting goosebumps already!

I'm only doing business for the sake of my children.

If anything happens to my children, what's the use of earning money?

They even found out about my sister
who works at a business in Choon Chun.

They warned us about not doing business anymore.

I can't continue this anymore.

These cruel rascals.

So we're just going to close down the market?

If only there was Dal Gun, we
could at least fight against them.

Where did Dal Gun run off to?

That bastard. We don't even have a clue about where he is.

This concerns the child's education. Don't say dirty words.

What are you doing?

Where are we going, Boss?

To the mall.

Yes, Boss.

I'm Dal Gun, Boss.

Yes, Dal Gun.

I've left Seoul for Sokcho according to your wishes.

Sokcho? Sokcho is good.

I plan on staying here, Boss.

If you don't believe me, you can send
some people to Sokcho to check.

I've done what I've promised, Boss.

Yes, Dal Gun.

I've also done what I've promised.

I will not harass your family members. Don't worry.

If Boss continues to keep his promise, I won't return.

Goodbye, Boss.

I can't believe I met you here.

I didn't think you worked at the mall.

I thought Dal Gun's family members
all worked at the market.

I didn't think there would be a mall employee.

That's hard to believe.

Dal Gun is an orphan.

I want to know why Dal Gun
considers all of you his family.

What I mean is, he left Seoul for his family.

What does that mean?
Why did Oh Dal Gun leave Seoul?

It seems like Dal Gun didn't tell you guys anything.

It seems like he really likes you and your family.

To make sure you guys didn't get hurt, he left secretly.

I told him if he didn't leave Seoul,
I would continue to harass you and your family.

See you next time, Miss.

I think I've cleaned up the market.

In one week, we'll begin taking down the market.

It seems that things have turned successfully
in our direction, Chairman Dok Goh.

From now on, I'll take care of these things personally.

I plan to do the same. It has only just started.

"You probably don't know..."

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Are you the one at the place with Dal Gun...

Yes, sister-in-law!

Hello, sister-in-law!

Yes, dongseng. Are you living well?

Have you had any contact with Dal Gun lately?

Sister-in-law, you can't get in contact with him either?

He isn't picking up his handphone.


Yes, dongseng.

Big bro is at Sokcho.


Sokcho? Why?

Don't tell this to anybody.

Dal Gun didn't even tell me. You must be careful.

Dal Gun won't be coming back
to Seoul. He'll be living in Sokcho.

Where in Sokcho can I find him?

I'll find out from one of my buddies
at Sokcho. I'll tell you if I find out.

Thank you, dongseng.

Thank you so much!

It's nothing.

Dal Gun's at Sokcho. I'm being transferred to Sokcho. Sokcho...


You scared me!

Have you been in contact with Dal Gun lately?


It's just that he hasn't returned home lately.
I think he went somewhere...

I'm not too clear on that either.

Yes. I understand.

Should I tell her about Sokcho?

No. The carrot dongseng told me to keep it a secret.

For Dal Gun.

I'm not too clear on the specifics either.

But I don't think the mafia boss would be lying.

Yang Ah's right.

That's why those gang members
didn't do anything to us in the morning.

Dal Gun promised to disappear because
he didn't want them to harass us.

That's so manly. Just so he could protect us.

What should we do? Does that mean we
won't owe Dal Gun any money anymore?

Only you could say something like that. You heartless wench.

Did I say something wrong?

You're all probably thinking the same thing too.

Do you think we were all like you, damn girl!

Ahjumma, this isn't good for the
baby. Don't say dirty words.

Then you can receive the insults, you bastard!

You're always protecting her!

If you say that again, I'll stuff dumplings into your mouth.

All of you shut up!

Be careful! Na Rim might hear it.

Is he an alien?

Why is he like that?

Dal Gun's not here. Every rascal's crabby.

What rascal?

What are you doing, Na Rim?

What's wrong, Na Rim?

I did the homework wrong.

What's wrong? The picture of the family's really good!

It doesn't look like our family members.

What's different?

There isn't an uncle?

Uncle's not here, but I drew him in.

I did it wrong again.

Oppa's hair color is wrong, too.

Is that me? The hair color is different.

I didn't have a yellow crayon, so I used an orange crayon.

Na Rim, you drew it right.

No, I drew it wrong.

I'm positive you drew it right.

- What should we do?
- I'm here.



You went out just to dye your hair?

What time is it for you to be doing that?

We're all worrying and you go to spray
your head with a layer of spray paint!

Is your hair a paintbrush? You're always changing colors.

Hurry upstairs. If you just stand here,
you're not going to hear any compliments.

I've never really considered you a family member.

Oppa! Oppa's hair color is just like in my drawing!

Na Rim's drawing isn't wrong.

Yes, Oppa.

I'll turn into what Na Rim drew me as.

Does that mean uncle will be coming back soon?

Should be.

Just like how oppa's hair color turned from yellow to orange.

Uncle will do the same. He'll be back soon.



Why are you destroying your business card, noona?

When I go to the Sokcho store, I'll get another business card.

Don't be like this. Just apologize to my dad. Stay in Seoul.

I only just started.

Continue to work hard like right now.

Don't steal food when you're inspecting.

Noona's getting punished. But why is it that
you seem like you're going on vacation?

Bu Kyung, if you apologize right now, then
you won't have to go to the store in Sokcho.

No. I don't want to change my ideas.

I don't like how you're building the mall.

Really? Then you should go to Sokcho to learn more.

Tae Kyung, you're now promoted to the marketing department.

You'll be taking charge of what Bu Kyung did.

Dad! Kim Yang Ah needs to go too!

Without her, I won't have the motivation!

Congratulations, Tae Kyung.

These are the documents for the
plans for the children's holiday.

Do a good job.

Congratulations on being promoted.
Please help Tae Kyung out.


If Oh Dal Gun calls, should I tell you?


If he calls you, then please tell me.

My neighbor's son is missing, so everybody's
been asking me about where he went.


Noona, I've put all of your luggage inside.

Are you really going to leave?

Get away from me. So immature.

Be good to Yang Ah, understood?

We'll go to Sokcho to find you.

You'd better visit me!

Yang Ah, we're now part of the marketing department.

The next goal is for you to be secretary and me to be director.

Let's work hard together!

From now on, the Mirinea Market will be closing
down temporarily after 50 years of business.

This is Mirinea Market's broadcaster, Noh Ah Na.

Mirinea Market forever!

"How can we forget our old friends?"

"How can we not be happy inside?"

"How can our old friends forget us?"

She's so annoying. Can't she shut up?

It's time you rest too.

When the world spun once, you spun thousands of times.

My eyes are so wet.

Ji Sook!

I'll help you carry this.

Jo Gi Dong.


[Mirinea Market. Temporarily shutting down.]

No matter what, we've been
with this market for thirty years.

It's such a pity.

Yeah. How are we supposed to survive if we leave this place?

What a worry.

"How can we forget our old friends..."

Shut up!

Squid, squid.

I'm Kim Yang Ah.

Stop slacking. Hurry up and start working.

What are you sitting on the ground for?

These are all products we need to get rid of.

Get rid of the bad skateboard that made you fall.

What popular product? I'm returning
all of them. I don't like them.

What the heck?

You're the only one who doesn't like it.

Besides, I wasn't playing around.

If you're selling skateboards, you need to know how
to skateboard. That's why I was skateboarding.

You're so energetic.

The squid always spits out black ink. I was
going to tell you good news, but nevermind.

You're so annoying!

What what what?! What is it?!

You're getting your paycheck.

It's my first paycheck.

How much is it?

How am I supposed to know?

I hope it's over a million.

If you really want to know so badly,
why don't you take a look yourself?


I'll put the products back later. I'll be back soon.

One hundred and twenty...

[Boat fee]

Dal Gun, that rascal...

He stole two thousand dollars from my bank account.

If I catch him, I'll...

Here here. Be careful.

You're sweating.

Why'd you do it yourself? Didn't I tell you I'd do it?

When sweat and cologne mix they give a seafood taste to it.

I like the smell of guys who sweat from work.

When you said you liked it, I also like it.

Let's go. We've done enough for today.

Go where?

You got your paycheck. You're
supposed to treat me to dinner.

Let's go. This is your boss' order.

Enough! We're not even done organizing these.

Let's go!

We haven't organized these!

They're already organized! What else is there?

There's nothing, nothing. You don't need to do it.

Enough! I can't hear you, I can't hear you!

Let's go together!

Then I'll go to work tomorrow, manager.

Alright. See you tomorrow.

Yes. Then I'll be leaving first.

Ahjumma, do you know where this is?

That way.

That way?

We've already found you a job.

It'll be summer vacation season soon.

I found you a job as manager of the largest
night club in Sokcho. It should be a good job.

That's alright.

You can start when you feel up to it.

You shouldn't worry about me.

If I don't worry about you, who would?

Guys, sun is too strong on my friend.

Spend this. You'll feel weak if you don't have money.

Should I leave my men with you?

I have money too.

I don't need the guys. Thanks anyways.

Are you uncomfortable around me, Dal Gun?

Treat me like how you treated me before, rascal.

I'll drop by again. Let's go.

Dal Gun!

Ha Bu Kyung.

Did you think that I couldn't find you if you went into hiding?

Are you crying?

I am crying because I am so happy that I found you.

I am hungry. Since we are by the ocean,
should we go get some sashimi?

I just had some sashimi.

What brings you down here?

My car.

I came to see you.

Don't joke around.

Really, I came to see you.

Mirinea Market is closed down.

Is the market closed?

Yes, I was demoted and reassigned down
here after opposing the shopping mall project.

It's alright. I am not capable of taking on such a
large project like the shopping mall construction.

My dream is to have a small family and live happily.

You were listening, weren't you?

Of course, eat.

That's how you achieve your dreams.

You must eat like you are fighting
in order to taste the true flavor.

Then will you fulfill my dream?

You really don't know how to eat lettuce wrap.

Lettuce wraps are supposed to be... watch, put on some
hot paste, meat, peppers, garlic, scallions, wrap it all up.

This is a lettuce wrap. Here, try it.

If I open my mouth that wide, you can see
my insides (true intentions or feelings).

I can't do things that show my insides.

Stop making your wraps so big, you might tear your mouth.

Large wraps that almost tear your mouth tastes best.

Right, if you eat wraps, you can't eat much meat, so just eat meat.

But, asking at least three times is normal manner in our country.

Affordable prices.

Mirinea Market which boasted best products,

Same prices, same taste,

Where you can dance, eat, and drink

Has just opened.

Wait, stop.

Stress relieving Ahbanggung dance hall,

True coffee taste, Eom madam coffee,

Original dumpling with 30 years of tradition, Bok Nyuh dumplings.

Please come, we also deliver.

It's here.

Isn't it neat?

[Mirinea Market Special Event Hall]

Dance teacher, customers are here.

Who is this? Welcome Mr. Nam!

This way please.

No, this is not right.

How can things go this awry
because Dal Gun isn't here?

Na Rim, customers are here.


Welcome. How many dumplings would you like?

Let me start with just one portion.

You should order according to the number in
your party. Please have at least 2 portions.

Please taste one on the house.


That cutie is my granddaughter. Have plenty
since the pretty girl is serving it to you.

Don't hang around here. Go outside and play.

She's doing fine here. Why did you chase her away?

You can't involve Na Rim in this.
What if Oh Dal Gun finds out?

Why did you mention Dal Gun?
I wonder if he's eating alright.

He doesn't have the personality
to even leech off anyone.

He liked my dumplings.


You are interrupting my business, get out. Leave.

How much do you want?

Don't, stop.

Don't follow them dancing.

It's crazy.

Turn once, twice, and three times and embrace.


Sir, I'm sorry, but...

What are you sorry about?

I don't think this is right.

This kind of behavior will really disappoint Oh Dal Gun.

That's right, we must remember Dal Gun.

How can we ever forget Dal Gun?

Anyways, he must return soon.


Mr. Jang, who can't you forget?

Who would it be? It's the dance that I love, and
the woman who love to dance, like you, Ms. Kim.

By that token, shall we have some coffee and
carry on a more meaningful conversation?

Gi Dong, 2 coffee, quick please.

Turn, turn, turn and embrace

Did you say order for 2 coffee?


Really, I don't know if we should be doing this.

What is Oh Dal Gun doing now?

You are right. We should be doing something for Oh Dal Gun.

If we are going to pay back Dal Gun,
we must keep busy earning money.

Of course.

Wait, but that's not it.

I shouldn't be sitting down. I need to go deliver these coffee.

Ji Sook ssi, Hang Bok's mom, give them to me.

It will be terrible should you fall down the stairs.

I will deliver them for you.

Then please get more orders on your return.

I will.

Coffee is here.

Here are dumplings to go. It will be 2000 Won.

Mr. Nam, come here. I need to use the restroom.

If you come tomorrow, there will be a 10% discount.

Dumplings, coffee, and dancing all
together for only 20,000 Won.

Alright, alright, I'll be back.

Please come again.

Na Rim, what are you doing?

Noona, what are you doing?

If we bring people, for each dumpling customers, 300 Won,

coffee customers, 200 Won, and dance customers, 1000 Won.

Isn't that great? Do you want us to cut you in?

Oppa, do you want to take a spin on the dance floor with me?

I can't understand why people are all acting this way.

Na Rim, let's go. Noona, you too, let's go.


What is it?

Hey you!

It's an emergency patient. The heart has stopped beating.

I'll begin artificial respiration.

Checking functions.

Starting oxygen.

Cardiac massage.

It's a miracle. It's alive.

Please don't keep this turned off.

When this is not on, I feel that I will
go crazy from frustration. Please?

It's Oh Dal Gun! Oh Dal Gun!!

This is a perfect miniature, a perfect miniature.

Do you want to smell dirt? Do you want to be buried?

Dal Gun ssi! Dal Gun ssi!

Alright, I understand. Give it back.

No, I want this. This is a present.

It's not a present.

It's a present. I'll give it back if you catch me.

If I catch you, you are dead.

What do you think you are doing?!

I told you not to do it!

I'm sorry. I was only pretending to
throw it when it slipped out of my hand.

That's alright, nothing is going to change
from me holding onto that. You did well.

Let's go.

Hey, Ha Bu Kyung!

What are you doing there? Come on out quick.

Isn't it important? I will find it for you.

That's alright, just come back.

Just put anything on and come on out.


It's cold.

I'm coming out.

How do I look?

Wear these for now and return
them when Yang il is bigger.

Why should I wear your brother's clothes?

Wear them carefully. I'm going back now.

Hey, hey! We don't wear these clothes with bear things!

With all the clothes, why did you have to wear those?


Did I do something wrong again?

I thought you said to put anything on.

What, should I take them off?

Should I take them off?

No, keep them on.

Ha Tae Kyung has really gotten into work.

He is doing a great job with the children's day promotion.

My only son was causing me nothing but grief,
but I guess he's finally coming around to it.

Now that children's day is coming, I am reminded of Na Rim.

How is Na Rim?

Na Rim is doing well with her treatment in America.

How is her progress?

Has she started speaking again?

There has been no progress.

She still cannot speak,

Nor remember anything.

I spoke to the person at the hospital in America this morning.

You must be worried a lot.

Take some time off and go visit her in America.

Senara Department Store is holding a
special promotion to celebrate children's day.

Please ride carefully.

Please try it, it's good exercise and lots of fun.

Please explain this to him.

Kids, do you want to try it?

This is really good exercise.

Please explain it to the children.

Let's play hooky.

They aren't going to fire us for playing hooky.

Leech, why do you keep hanging around me?

Hey, you.

What are you doing here?

Hey girl, you look fantastic.

Don't I look like a body guard?

Na Rim, hi.

Na Rim, why don't you go over there
and get a board under my name.

Gong Min, let's go and get boards too
with his... Ha Tae Kyung's name.

Hey, stop it.

Na Rim, Unni will get you something cold to drink inside.

Let's go.

Let's go, hurry. Hurry.

Na Rim, Na Rim.

Hey kid, are you alright?

How are you, Mr. Toad?

Have you been good, Na Rim?

Yes, did you catch lots of flies, Mr. Toad?

Are you alright?

Yes, I am alright, Mister.

Don't you recognize me?

Your name is...?

Na Rim, Na Rim!

Yang Ah Unni,

Did you wait long?

I bumped into him and fell.

Sajangnim. I'm sorry.

I was wondering who it was.

Is she your sister?

Yes, she came to see the special promotion display.

Then, please excuse us. Let's go.

How is Na Rim?

Na Rim is doing well with her treatment in America.

How is her progress?

There has been no progress.

She still cannot speak,

Nor remember anything.

Are you alright?

Yes, I am alright, mister.

Byun Cha Jang has been lying to me all this time.

What does he know?

What does he want from me?

Kim Yang Ah.

How did she become Na Rim's sister?

[Kim Yang Ah's personal record lists relatives Kim Yang-il,
Kim Yang-Ee, and Kim Yang-sam, and her address.]

Didn't you say we were going to go eat?

Of course, we are going to eat.

But if you go dressed like that,
we will get thrown out the door.

You have to dress formally.

Can you not wear that T-shirt?

What is this?

Uhh, I got some clothes for Na Rim.

Uhh, why is it so big?

Did the clothes grow on the way?

Wear this for now and return it to
Na Rim in 10 years when she is older.

This is my favorite shirt.

Since you got your first paycheck, let's buy a new outfit.

No that's alright.

Alright, I won't ask you to buy it with your paycheck.

I will buy it for you.

Take it.

Ha Daerinim (supervisor), I think I have to go home now.

Hey, I called the restaurant and even reserved a prime table.

Why are you acting so boorish?

Alright, if you don't want to buy a new outfit, let's just go.

No, since I got my first paycheck, I
should at least buy presents for the family.

I'm sorry.

Why are you acting this way when I'm using all sorts
of dalliance to help you celebrate your first paycheck?

Have you ever tried to follow my lead?

I'm sorry.

Hey, Kim Yang Ah.

Pair of socks for grandfather.

This socks for grandmother.

Toe socks for dad.

Panty hose for mom. Panty hose.

And for Na Rim, white stockings.

Sports socks for Gong Min.

Thank you.

For uncle... For uncle...

Is this your only clothes?

Day and night, from the first
time I saw you, it never changes.

I haven't said anything until now, but tonight
at the market and also at the playland?

I can't tell you how embarrassing it is.

You have to dress like this so people don't look down on you.

Please also give me a pair of men's dress socks.

No, that's alright. I changed my mind.

Please give me.

All day and night, asking men and
women to come for special service?

It's too noisy to bare.

Yes, I understand.

Let's go in.

Please come out here instead of hiding.

Please look the other way this once. Try some of these.

They closed the market, we have to make a living somehow.

I have a son your age. Try this instead.

If you continue like this, I'll also charge you with bribery.

How can you call tasting some dumplings bribery?

Neighbors have complained about you operating a business
without a license, indecent conduct, and excessive noise.

You will have to accompany us to the police station. Let's go.

Mommy, daddy.

Na Rim, let's go upstairs with oppa. Na Rim.

Mommy, daddy, where are you going?

Na Rim!

Grandma, grandpa, are you getting arrested?

Mr. Policeman, please let my mommy and daddy go.

Let's go now.

Na Rim, it's alright, stop crying.

What happened?

We are sorry, thank you.


Thank you.

Aren't you over doing things?

Even though uncle is no longer here, this is not right.

Na Rim is crying her heart out.

Yang Ah ssi, it's all my fault.

As head of the family, I didn't fulfill my responsibility.

Uncle had to leave to protect our family.

We know that too.

We know.

It's not that we don't know, but it's for us to make a living.

How can you know what we are going through?

If you were my real daughter, you couldn't say those things.

You said it.

If we were a real family, we are about
to all get thrown out into the streets.

Yang Ah, you are the only one who is employed
making money at the department store.

We have to make a living, all seven of us.

Can you share your paycheck from
the department store? You can't.

If uncle was still here, you couldn't have
run your business from the house.

You started this mess because uncle is not here.

I wish you wouldn't do things you
wouldn't do if uncle was still here.

I'm leaving now.

Let's go too.

Dal Gun ssi! Dal Gun ssi! please just wait.

Please listen to me.

Why are you so mean to me?

Do you think I can just sit and tolerate everything?

Do I look like someone without
any self-esteem or common sense?

Ever since I came down to Sokcho, searching for you,
spending time with you, do you know how you treated me?

You haven't genuinely answered any of my questions.

Your mind is somewhere else.

Just giving cursory answers.

Have I done you any wrong since coming down to Sokcho?

Why do you make me self conscious about my actions?

If I hurt your feelings, I'm sorry.

If you don't like being with me, just say so.

I can disappear from your eyes anytime.

Hey, Ha Bu Kyung! It's not like that.

Should I leave?

I said no.

Then why are you like this?

I am also very upset about coming down to Sokcho.

I followed you around all day because I wanted
some warm words of comfort from you.

How come you don't know how I feel?

Dang, what am I going to do?

I really am feeling sorry about all this.

Oh no, I soiled your jacket.

I'm such a klutz, what am I going to do? I'm sorry.

It's alright, so wipe your nose.





Na Rim.

These are presents from Yang Ah from her first paycheck.

The reason I am handing them out instead of
Yang Ah is because she had a fight with the family.


In the midst of shining sunlight,

I look at you.

The gentle wind

Slowly blows through your hair.

I love you. I really love you.

That is one thing

That I am certain of

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You are smiling. You are smiling again.

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That alone is enough to keep me in heaven.

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Among all the things my feelings made me do

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Loving you is what I thank most of all.

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If my memory is not big enough

To contain all your memory, I would rather erase myself.

Oh Dal Gun arranged the substitute family.

Oh Dal Gun?

Memory should return.

Memory will return?

Your husband has pancreatic cancer.

What is this?

This is Jang Hang Gu from Ahbanggung.

How can you introduce me to such an old man?

You won't find anyone like him anywhere.

Did you say Na Rim was in America?

Na Rim can't be seen in the department store.

We need to have a family meeting.

Na Rim's uncle wants to disband the substitute family.

Where is Oh Dal Gun?

You know.

Did you by any chance meet Oh Dal Gun down in Sokcho?

How many times have I told you not to see Oh Dal Gun?

What is your intention?

Things won't go as you want

Don't see Bu Kyung.

Let's go up to Seoul. Na Rim is in danger.

I have to keep my promise

Thug boss has wrecked Na Rim's house. Even the family is injured.