Bad Company (2002) - full transcript

When a CIA agent is killed during a nuclear arms purchase, his partner Oakes, recruits his twin brother, Jake Hayes. Jake had no idea he had a twin brother, let alone that he worked for the CIA. Jake, a.k.a. Michael Turner, has nine days to fill his brother's place. However, the enemy terrorists learn of his secret identity and kidnap his girlfriend/fiancee. He has to rescue them and save New York city from an imminent nuclear terrorist act.

Your friend is late.

He'll be here.

I do have other bidders.

I personally vouch for this man.

Well, I trust you, Michael, but...

you see, with each degree
of separation...

comes a degree of uncertainty.

Mr. Turner.

Mr. Vas.

The KGB once tried to set me up...

so I had to kill three of their agents...

and then I hunted down their families.

The point is, if I sense
anything out of the ordinary...

No, the point is, I haven't seen
anything from you yet...

to justify a payment of $20 million.

So, before I hand over a small fortune...

and risk my life, I want to know 100%...

that you can, in fact,
deliver the device.

That's the point.

Very well.

Michelle... owner's manual.

This is your show of good faith?

Well, you're still alive.

You consider that a show of good faith.

- What do you have for me?
- Down payment... $ 1 million.

So, when do I get the device?

Let's say ten days.

Michael, You take that telephone...

and I will call you
and tell you how to proceed.

You keep it on you all the time.

As for you, sir, the next time we meet...

I suggest you be on time.

Nice coat.

Well done.

See ya round.

- So far, so good?
- Yeah, so far.

- Kevin's got a tail.
- Is it Vas?

They don't look Russian,
but they don't look friendly.

We'd better go back for him.

You ordered us not
to jeopardize our cover, sir.

Hey, turn left.

Turn left!

Kill him!

- Ambush on the castle steps.
- Come on, faster...

Let's go!

Get down! Get down!

There he is! Pull over!

You're jeopardizing the mission.

You are the mission.

God, that was close.
Did you see who they were?


Doesn't this all smack
of extreme desperation?

A nuclear bomb that fits neatly
into a carry-on suitcase?

Kevin spends two years
getting close to these people...

in order to position you as the buyer.

Vas won't deal with anyone else...

and we have nine days to make this work.

I'd say desperation
was the order of the day.

Maybe Vas set Kevin up.

My guess is, it's a rival buyer.

Could be Pakistanis,
Chechnyans, North Koreans.

- Libyans.
- Try the entire Middle East.

Adrik Vas is a businessman.
He'll take anyone's money.

Why kill Kevin
if they could just outbid him?

We have deeper pockets.
He priced them out of the game.

- Who do you think it is?
- Well, the cold war is over.

These guys don't wave flags anymore...

and fanaticism, terrorism is global.

Whoever it is decided
to eliminate the competition...

and force Vas to deal with them.

So, the future
of the so-called free world...

may rest in this young man's hands.

Jake Hayes here... Big-time Tickets.

Whatever you want, I'll get you.
Yankees, third base line.

Knicks, courtside.
Rangers, on the ice.

Masters, I'll put you
on Tiger's tee, a'right?

No matter what you want,
I got it for you.

Big-time Tickets.
What you need?

Come on, man. You call me
three hours before tipoff...

against the Lakers?
The Knicks sell out every game.

Since I like you, for 850,
I'll get you section 24, row 9.

Twelve back from the bench.

Right behind Woody
with a good view of Spike...

unless he's got that
turban thing on his head...

looking like Yasser Araneck.


Hold on a second.

What's up? Big-time Tickets.
Jake Hayes. What you want?


"Lion King"? I can't do that.

Jake Hayes here.
Big-time Tickets.

Mr. Johnson, you gonna
go to the game tonight...

or you want to do some business?

Shit, he's kicking' your ass!

Don't look at me.
You need to watch that castle...

'bout to bitch-slap your bishop.

Ehhhh! You lose, Opie.


OK, so I'll give you
four hundred for the two.

- Yo, Jake, let's get a slice.
- Hold on one second.

Hello? Big-time Tickets.

Hey, man. I can't.

You always working.

Hey, honey. What's up?

OK, I'm gonna pick you up from work.

Then we'll talk all about it.
Love you, too. Bye.

I gotta pick up my girl, man.

So check this out...
You're gonna do this, right?

I'm gonna do this.
You're gonna do this.

I'm gonna do this.
Then you're gonna do this.

But I'm gonna do this...

and when you're thinking about this...

I'm gonna do this.
Then the game's over.

So why don't you give me $20 right now...

- and we'll save twenty minutes?
- Screw you.

You didn't know chess
was a contact sport, did you?

Hey, honey.

Julia Benson.
She's a nurse's aide.

They've been together three years.

She lives with her sister
and brother-in-law...

in Jersey City.

Amazing resemblance to Kevin, sir.


Like seeing a ghost.

I don't know how you're gonna react.


Come on. Wait a minute.

I should've known.

The mood swings, the weight gain.

What weight gain?

You're pregnant.

I want everybody to know.
Hey, everybody!

My woman's having a baby,
and we're getting married!

I'm not pregnant.

We don't have to get married.

Marriage is a big step.
We should wait a while.

We're young.

I'm moving to Seattle.

Seattle, like,
Seattle Supersonics, Seattle?

Wait a minute.
That's pretty far.

I got offered a job there.

What kind of job
are you gonna get in Seattle...

that you can't get in New York?

A friend of mine
from junior college called.

- Who?
- Kenneth.

Your ex-man Ken?

He's managing a company
out there, and he offered.

So, you're leaving me
and going back to Ken.


- Are you leaving me?
- Sort of, but it's not...

So, you're leaving me
and going back to Kenneth?

- That's what I asked you.
- The Ken part is just business.

And what's the leaving me part?


Your sister put you up to this.
She never liked me.

- It's been three years, Jake.
- I know it's been three years.

We're in the same situation
that we were in when we met.

Meaning, we're not married.

We're not married,
we can't afford to get married.

And it doesn't look like
it's ever gonna change.

You know, poor people do get married.

I know, but I don't feel
like fighting with you...

every day because we're broke.

Marriage is hard enough
without being poor.

Hey, what happened to the love?

What happened to all that romance?

You know I love you.

But you are living in this fantasy.

It's like you're waiting
for some kind of miracle.

I gotta live in reality.
I am not gonna be young forever.

So you gotta put yourself
back on the market...

while the merchandise is still fresh.

You act like there's
a damn expiration date...

on your forehead!

Come on, come on.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

You think I like living like this?

Moving tickets, hustling chess,
DJing at these little clubs?

I should've stayed in college.
I messed up.

I messed up.
I'll go back to college.

I love you, Jake.

I love you, too.

But I...

So, when are you leaving?

Couple weeks. But I...
We'll talk before then.



- What's up, man?
- Hey, what's up?

- What's wrong?
- Julie left me.

Sorry. I gotta go.
But I'll catch you tomorrow.

"I'm all out of love "...

"I'm so lost without you"...

"I know you we're right "...

"Believing for so long "...

"I'm all out of love "...

"What I'am without you? "...

"I can't be too late... "...

Hey, you get your shit together...

or I'm gonna have to fire your ass!

That's right!

"I want you to come back
and carry me home "...

"Away from these long.
Lonely nights "...

"There's no easy way "...

"It gets harder each day "...

"Please love me or I'll be gone "...

"I'll be gone "... "I'm
all out of love "...

"I'm so lost whiteout you"...

"I know you were right "...

"Believing for so long "...

"I'm all out of love "...

"What am without you? "...

"It can't be too late "...

"To say that I was so wrong "...

Julie, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.
Big-time Tickets.

Yeah, for what game?

How much you want to spend?

Yeah, I can get it.

So. where you at?

Where the hell's that?

Thank you very much.
Now, take off.


- Hop out.
- Hey, what's up?

- Give me your phone.
- What's up?

Hey! Come on, now!
What y'all want?

- Hey, come on!
- Relax.

You know how hard it was for me
to get a cab to come up here?

I hope y'all giving me a ride back.

I know you're cops, man.

What do you want, money?
I understand.

Y'all shot somebody,
and now y'all need a suspect.

Mr. Hayes? Jacob Hayes?

I'm Officer Oakes,
that's Officer Seale...

Officer Swanson, Officer Carew.

CIA? What's that for?
"Crackers In my Ass?"

You're gonna arrest me
for scalping tickets?

We just want to talk to you
about something.

- About what?
- About your brother.

You got the wrong guy.
I don't even have a brother.

That's just a picture of me in a suit.

You could've got that off the internet.

I saw a picture of Bill Gates
with three titties on the net.

OK, September 8, 1970...

Bellevue Hospital, New York City...

a woman registered as Mary Jeffries...

gives birth to identical twins...

but suffers complications
and dies the next day.

- What about the father?
- Thomas B. Jeffries.

Presumed alive.
Whereabouts unknown.

The state rarely separates twins...

but one of the infants...
Jacob... that's you...

was diagnosed with severe lung infection.

You still have the scar
from the chest tube...

the incision mark.

An administrator at the hospital
altered the birth record...

to give the healthy child
a better chance at adoption.

A week later, Roger and Glenda Pope...

took in Kevin Jeffries.

The Popes never knew.
Kevin never knew.

So, I have a twin brother.
Big deal.

What's the CIA have to do with this?

He couldn't send me a letter?

Your brother's dead.


A helicopter crash.

We need your help, Mr. Hayes.

Your brother was working
on something with us.

My twin brother was CIA?

Yeah, a clandestine operative.

And just before he was killed,
he set up a deal.

What kind of deal?

A very important one.

So, we need you to stand
in for him, just briefly.

- Pretend I'm him?
- Yeah.

- For how long?
- Nine days.

Nine days is not standing in.
Standing in is an hour.

Nine days is going on tour.

- Is this shit dangerous?
- There's some risk.

What kind of risk?
We talking bad credit risk...

or a bullet in the ass risk?

- You'd be well compensated.
- For a bullet in the ass risk?

I hope that's a lot
of compensation. How much?

Throw out a number.

- A billion dollars.
- You've overshot.

I don't know what kind of budget
you're working with.

We were thinking
somewhere in the region of...

let's say...$25,000.

Fifty. Yeah, fifty.

I figure you started with 25,
so I know you got more.

You ain't gonna give me
all your money. 50,000.

This is what I'm thinking,
Mr. Hayes.

With $25,000, your girlfriend
Julie could go to college.

She wouldn't have to go to Seattle.

Or work with Ken.

OK, here's what I'm thinking.

You're gonna give me $50,000 tax-free.

OK, 50,000 after taxes
after the job is done.

Half now, half after.

Ten now, forty after.

Unless my mother had triplets...

you're gonna give me ten now,
ninety after.

OK, you got a deal.

- So, when do we start?
- Now.

This is your brother's file.
Study it.

This is your brother's file.
Study it.

So there's homework.

- Preparation.
- OK.

Let's see, Dad sits on the board
of the New York Stock Exchange.

Mom, co-artistic director...

at Lincoln Center.
Must've been nice.

In my foster house, we were so poor...

we used to lick stamps for dinner.

Let's see.
Prep school at Exeter.

Then college at Dartmouth.
Served in the Naval Academy.

- That's right.
- What'd he serve, lunch?

Man. "Rhoades scholar."

- So my brother was real smart?
- Yeah.

Damn, the CIA is cheap.

Y'all could've got me a queen size.

What's this, jack size?

Hey, what's "Z?chod" mean?

It's Czech for "bathroom."

You'll find the room labeled
with phonetic translations.


Because the deal goes down
in the Czech Republic.

- Czech Republic?
- Here's a dictionary.

How do I get an outside line?

I need somebody to feed my cat.

You don't have an outside line or a cat.

So what am I supposed to be doing here?

There's a tape in the VCR.
It's a video of your brother.

Watch it. The way he talks
and the way he moves.

I know there's a lot to deal with here...

but we're all behind you.
We'll start in the morning.

You got any questions?

Yeah, if my brother was such a genius...

then how come he's dead?

- 5 A.M.
- Hey, I don't do 5 A.M.

So, bottom line, what are our chances?

I'd say anywhere between nil and zero.

Why do you say that?

I grant you, he's got potential.

He's pretty street-smart.

In 6 months, he could probably
fool his brother's parents.

But eight days?
You gotta be kidding.

Probably get himself
killed on this mission...

and anyone else who goes along with him.

Would you like to be replaced
on the mission?

Why? You're going ahead
with or without me?

That's precisely what I'm saying.

Well, sir, when do I tell him
what this mission involves?

If I were you, I would tell him
as little as possible.

Don't put anything
into his head he can't use...

and certainly nothing that
could pop out at the wrong time.

- OK.
- What's he doing now?

He's studying.
We told him to learn...

a few key phrases in Czech.

He seems dedicated.

What's he saying?

He said, "I haven't had
my period in three months."

Now what?

"Where's the hospital?
I have a vaginal infection."

This is gonna be really interesting.

Can't wait to get started.

Rise and shine, Mr. Hayes!
5 A.M., and all is well.

How about three more hours
of sleep and some breakfast?

How about a nice shower?

What's wrong with you?!

Good morning.

Today we'll be covering
basic operations protocol...

for the acquisition of foreign assets...

a procedure we like to call
"The Three I's"...

identifying the target,
initiating the contact...

and infiltrating the network...

Now you do it like him.

Man, this is bugging me out.
I feel like Michael Jackson...

looking at old album covers.
Look at this guy.

He looks like me, but it's not me.

- Yeah.
- So, what did he like to do?

What kind of sports was he into?

What kind of music did he listen to?

He liked music.
Jazz and classical.

- Classical, like Run-DMC?
- He didn't like rap.

What 29-year-old brother
don't like a little bit of rap?

He didn't listen to rap.

So, what kind of sports was he into?


OK, so you got skiing, the Navy, no rap.

We'd have had a lot in common.


What time?

OK. All right.


So, what's up with You and Swanson?

Come on, man.

I see there's something going on there.

You got a little something going on...

Look at you. You're blushing.

Do you mind if I say something
to you, Mr. Hayes?

My friends, Officer Seale,
Officer Swanson...

they have faith in you.
I don't.

And that creates a problem...

because you're in so deep with us now...

we can never let you go.

So you'd better learn this stuff...

stone-cold by 0500 hours
tomorrow morning.

Or what?

I'll kill you.

Can we start a few hours later tomorrow?


Get dressed.

It's 4:59!

"The new terrors innrock "...

"On every block "...

"Late for school.
Late for work "...

"But ahead of these cops "...

"My credit is shot.
End up dead in a box "...

"But so my life
ain't as pathetic as Pac's "...

"Right away blow your life away "...

"So light your haze.
Hold tight grenades "...

"So when it blows
I'm slightly grazed "...

"Kuiva might be crazed
unlashing unlikely rage "...

"Next time you hear a verse
From me I might be caged "...

Checking for sediment.

Sniff... And taste.

Morning, Mr. Hayes. 5 A.M.

No, 5:01.

"I believe ipeople trying "...

"I believe ipeople crying' "...

"I believe ipeople breathing "...

"I believe ipeople begin "...

Pope. Kevin Pope.

Look at this suit.
Man, I got initials on my cuffs.

The only thing I ever have
on my cuffs is steak sauce.

They say "M.T."
What's that for?

Michael Turner.

But I thought I was Kevin Pope.

Kevin Pope is Michael Turner.

Michael Turner
is Kevin Pope's cover identity.

He is a very successful,
very knowledgeable...

very sophisticated
international dealer...

in fine antiquities.

Well, if I'm Jake Hayes
playing Kevin Pope...

playing Michael Turner,
then I should get two checks.


This is a very rare expensive cognac.

What do you think?

Dry. But never precocious.

I love your shirt.
Egyptian broadcloth?

Three days.
Pretty impressive.

Yeah, he's bright.

- I think he can do it.
- He's got my vote.

I said he was bright.

I didn't say he was capable
of saving the world.

- Let's run a real test.
- Like what?

Send him up to New York.
Put him in Kevin's apartment.

Let the neighbors, the doorman,
everybody get a look at him.

See if they buy him as Michael Turner.

Might even serve a double purpose.

Whoever tried to kill
Kevin as Michael Turner...

probably doesn't know he's dead.
Might still be looking for him.

So we dangle him as bait,
keep him in the dark.

- He'll be protected.
- What do we tell him?

You're giving him a chance
to practice being Kevin.

That's all you need to tell him.

You're the boss.

You see the van in front of us?

The one behind us?
Those are our guys.

Here's my cell phone number.

Use it if you get
into any kind of trouble.

- What kind of trouble?
- Any kind.

Shark attack?
Call you. All right.

Could you pop the trunk?

Take this.
Get yourself some shoes.

Little punk.

Mr. Turner, welcome back, sir.

Thanks, Jim.

How was Europe?

Like another country.

You could put this on MTV Cribs.

Man, this is dope!

God damn.

So if I paid taxes...

this is where the money would go?

Could have a Puffy party in here.

Let's get some music in here.

What's that music?

- Just hip-hop stuff.
- It's terrible.

Jake, it's your downstairs neighbor...

Mrs. Patterson.

Don't forget the radio.


Hi, Michael! Welcome back.

Mwah. Mwah.

- Vera, how are you?
- Fine, thank you.

Hi, Annabella.

We just came in and the doorman
said you were back.

- Annabella missed you.
- You're far too kind.

I've been waiting desperately
for you to come back.

- Why?
- I bought a little treasure.

Come on down and tell me
if I got a good buy.

- OK.
- Hold your baby.

- Yes, my baby.
- How was your trip?

This is gonna be a disaster.

Hello! Go see your nanny, baby.

What do you think?
Is it a good piece?

- It's exquisite.
- Do you think?

Go ahead, pick it up. Feel it.
Just see how delicate it is.

Pick it up, right?

Yes. Just grab it
and pick it up.


that's what we keep the doggy treats in.

Of course, I knew that.
I was just getting it...

out of the way so I could see the...

- The vase.
- Of course, the vase! Yes!

May I ask, how much did you pay for this?


Good lord! What you gonna
put in it, cocaine?!

He fooled the doorman,
he fooled the neighbor...

and the neighbor's dog.
What more do you want?

Oakes, we need to know
who's after that bomb.

You're willing
to sacrifice him to find out?

Don't be dramatic.
He's got plenty of protection.

I'll tell you when to pull him.

"Never safe.
You're nevermore "...

"Somethings' all wrong "...

Hope y'all not watching this.

I don't have to watch this, do I, sir?

- No. Holy shit.
- Code red. Code red.

Code red! Code red!

Parish, McCain, cover the exits!

Help! Help! Help!








Sir, he's headed for the roof.

- We need him alive.
- Yes, sir.

Drop the knife.

Hey, Elvis, if you drop
the knife and step down...

no one is gonna hurt you.

So... who's got Jake?

Well, these last
ten minutes will be used...

as a teaching aid on how
an operation can get totally...

- Screwed up, sir?
- Thank you.

We'll find him, sir.

Yeah? Where are you?

The corner of eat shit and fuck you!

I'm not gonna let you trace me!
Bye! I'll call you back!

I'm stuck in traffic.
I ask you to do...

Give me that!


Run fingerprints, DNA,
anything we can get...

on the guy who jumped off the roof.

- Yes, sir.
- He looks Afghani, sir.

Don't assume anything.
Just find Jake.

- Yes, sir.
- Jake...

Kevin was murdered!
And they're gonna murder me!

- Let's meet some place...
- No more bullshit!

We lost him because we lied to him.

No, you lost him because you lost him.

We treated him like an idiot.

He had a right to know
what we were doing with him.

We're wasting time!
Find him and bring him back...

and spare me your conscience.

Spare my conscience.

- Take it easy, buddy.
- Bye.

"It's called chilling' "...

"6 million ways to live "...

"6 million ways to live life "... Yeah?

Hello? Pam, it's Jake.
Can I talk to Julie?

- She don't want to talk to you.
- Who's on the phone?

I need to talk to Julie.
Please. This is serious.

It is Jake?
Wait, let me talk to him!

- She's moving on.
- Give me the phone.

We don't need no more trouble, Jake...

and you ain't nothing but trouble.

Two suits came around today
looking for you.

Give me the phone!

Hey, hey, hey.
Shit, your phone's tapped.

If Julie's there, tell her I love her...

and, Oakes, if you're listening,
kiss my ass!

- You get a trace?
- No.

Tch. He hung up.

"It's called chilling' "...

"6 million ways to live "...

"6 million ways
to live life... "...

Mr. Hayes, where are you?

Where in the hell are you?

"6 million ways to live lavish "...

"6 million ways to live "...

"6 million ways to live "...

"6 million ways to live lavish "...

"Beyond all the misery
and mathematics "...

"From the 6 million ways to live "...

"6 million ways to live "...


- Help! Help!
- Ma!

- Ma! Ma! Ma!
- Somebody help!

Ma, please! It's me!
Ma, it's me!


Yeah, yeah.
You gonna break my arm.

Well, what are you doing in the dark?

Some people are looking for me.

- What did you do?
- I didn't do nothing!

It's not what you think.
It's not the police.

It's way too hard to explain.

Look at this.

Eight foster kids I've taken
into my house over the years...

and all of them made something
of themselves...

and not one of them had your potential!

Come on, Ma!

Selling, scrambling and hustling.

Ma, did you know I had a brother?

Stop talking crazy.
You had lots of brothers.

How's that nice girl
I met last Christmas?

She left me.

Hand me that umbrella
so I can hit you again.

You know, Ma, maybe it wasn't my fault?

- You need money?
- No.

Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, I need money.

How much do you need?

I won $250 at bingo.

It's just for a little while.
I'll pay you back.

I know.

Want something to eat?

You know what?
I really gotta go.

I'm never giving up on you, Jakey.

You're going to do something
to make me very proud one day.

I know it.

I owe you an apology.

You hear me?

I was just wondering how many
of your people are listening in.

We're alone.
No cameras, no wires.

Just me.

You got the floor.

Your brother was assassinated.

By the same guys
who came after me, right?

I guess so.
Doing the same job as you.

Which is what?

Your brother, as Michael Turner...

was helping me buy something
off the black market.

What? Cuban cigars?
PlayStation 3? What?

I can't tell you if you're not
coming back in with us.

I'm not coming back in
if you ain't telling me.

Your brother died saving
my life. Did you know that?

Wish it had been otherwise,
but that's the way it is.

How are his parents taking it?

You didn't tell his parents?

No. That's the way we want it.

How would you feel if you died
and nobody told your wife?

I'm not married.

- There's no Mrs. Spy?
- Not anymore.

Relationships and attachments
are useless in this business.

So that's how this job is.

Even if they don't shoot you,
they take your life...

I know it sounds hokey,
but I honestly believe...

our lives are about something
bigger than ourselves...

and I'm offering you a chance
to commit yourself to something.

You ain't offering me nothing...

but a chance at a bullet in my ass.

I don't see the higher meaning in that.

Tell you what I'm gonna do.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

I'll go and sit in the car
and count to ten...

and if you want to join me,
fine, and if not...

I'll tell the agency I couldn't find you.

We can't pull this job off without you.

We need you.


Think about it.

That didn't work, did it?


"I'm gonna go outside and count to ten"?

Who the hell are you?

You'd have done better with
"Bitch, get in the car."

OK. Get in the car... bitch.

This is the man who tried to kill you.

We now know that he's a member
of a multi-national...

terrorist organization led by this man.

Meet the man who killed your brother...

Dragan Adjanic.

He's wanted by The Hague
for terrorist crimes...

against humanity, so he's a fugitive...

everywhere in the world,
including his own country.

He calls his movement
"The Black Hand."

His members take a death pledge...

becoming suicide soldiers
to further their cause.

Last year, the FBI
caught four of his men...

in a Washington, D.C. motel...

with enough urea nitrate
to level the Capitol building.

He doesn't like America
and he doesn't like you.

- Wait a minute. What did I do?
- He's your rival buyer.

For the item that this man has to sell.

Now, this is Adrik Vas.

He's a Russian ex-army colonel,
kingpin in the Russian mafia.

Up to his neck in prostitution,
drugs, and extortion.

Sounds like anybody
I went to high school with.

This is Vas's right-hand man.
His name is Michelle Petrov...

otherwise known as "The Hammer."
Remember these faces...

because you're going
to be seeing them soon.

Why do they call this guy The Hammer?

Wha... what?!

Good evening. Isn't this fun?

This is an exercise known as King's Game.

It's meant to test your awareness.

What can you tell me
about your attackers?

They woke me up. Look, man,
if you want me to spy...

- I'm gonna need my rest.
- How many were there?

Didn't I just say they woke me up?!

That's the weird thing about an ambush.

Next time we'll try and warn you.

Do you understand
what happened to you just now?

- Yeah. I was jacked!
- No, you panicked.

When you thought you were
in danger, your brain shut down.

So what's the point
of having a good brain...

if you can't keep it operating?

My brain didn't shut down.
I knew it was Swanson...

'cause I could feel her tits on my back.

I knew it was Carew 'cause
his breath smelled like shit.

Probably from kissing your ass so much.

I knew it was Seale
because I took his wallet.

Hey, Seale, why's a married man
need a condom? Your wife know?

You want to know how I knew it was you?

OK, thank you.
Game's over. Good night.

Where you going?
You gonna leave like that?

Come back!

Y'all got me up!
Let's do something!

Let's hit a club or something.

Based on our intelligence projections...

and the text manual
provided by Agent Pope...

this is a mock-up
of what you'll be buying.

Does it play DVDs?

It's a portable thermonuclear weapon.

- So that's a bomb?
- It's a reproduction.

Last year, a Russian suitcase bomb...

was stolen from a dismantling
facility in the Ural mountains.

Your brother tracked it down,
we need you to recover it.

Two things you're gonna have to do...

Would one of them
be shitting in my pants?

Welcome to Prague.

Looks like Newark.

Welcome back to the hotel,
Mr. Turner.

Thank you.

Mr. Turner. So glad
to have you back, sir.

Thank you, Lempenka.

Hope you haven't given out my room.

Certainly not, sir.

This is beautiful.

Her name is Lenka.

You just called her "Lempenka,"
which means "cardboard."

Ho ho ho!

Man, it's gonna be hard
to go back to Jersey.

We'll be in the suite across the hall...

with full video and audio
surveillance of this room.

All right, now,
when I go to the bathroom...

press the pause button.

Just stay in the room. You've
got nothing to worry about.

Except for my little date
with a nuclear bomb.

OK, this is our lifeline.
Our only link to Adrik Vas.

Nothing happens till he calls.
Don't let it out of your sight.

And remember, from now on,
there's no Jake...

there's no Kevin, only Michael Turner.


I think I'm gonna like
being Michael Turner.

"Pretty woman"...

Think maybe you want
to take a look at this.

"Pretty woman"...

OK, what the hell's he up to now?

"Pretty woman"...


Fish egg?

Beluga, sir.
It's 12,000 crowns an ounce.

Party's over.

Naw, the party just started.
Soon as y'all leave...

I'm gonna have my ass buffed.

Hey! This little piggy
go to market...

Make sure you put
my initials on the big toe.

People need to know whose feet this is.

That's Vas.
Where's the cell phone?

Phone, phone, phone.

Thank you.



Yeah, we'll be there.

It's Vas.
The deal's on in an hour.

Now your eye.

Now your eye.

Look right into the computer screen.

Blink for confirmation.
OK, that's it.

All right.
From this point on...

only you will be able
to access your computer.

It won't operate without
your retinal signature...

your eyes... so when they show you
the bomb, connect your laptop...

determine if the bomb
is the real thing...

and take enough time doing it...

so Wells can download
The unarming codes...

and hopefully Then disarming codes...

into our computer.

Good luck. Mr. Hayes.

We have visual.

You'll do fine.

Everyone's nervous
the first day of school.

I always cut the first day of school.

Don't worry. You're covered
from every angle.

I can't wait to meet
"The Hammer."

These guys
must be "The Toolbox."

Should we move in, sir?

No. Not until we're sure
they brought the bomb.

There's too much at stake.

Nice coat.

Gentlemen, are we going
to do business or aren't we?

Depends, Michael.

Where have you been
for the last nine days?

I don't believe that concerns you.

On the contrary.
It concerns me very much.

We make a deal, you disappear.
Doesn't look good, my friend.

Heads up, McCain.
Be advised, targets are armed.

Maintain your positions.
Everyone maintain your position.

Copy that, sir.

Do we have a problem?

I don't know. You tell me.
Do we have a problem?

Do we?

Give me the cell phone
I gave you earlier.

Don't worry.
I only made collect calls.

Look, I don't know what
this is about, but...

No, you don't, so shut up.
Neither does Mr. Turner.

You see, this cell phone
has a global positioning system.

In a moment, it'll tell me
exactly where you've been...

the last nine days.

Well, haven't you been busy?

You get around.

Berlin, Rome, Zurich. Heh.

And not one decent treasure
to show for it.

Now, where's the money?

Where's the product?


So, how do we do this?

I'm gonna call you on this cell phone...

then you have one hour
to get the money, Michael.

Then I'll call you again and tell you...

where to bring it to.
You understand?

I'm gonna have to run some tests...

so make sure you bring
authentic merchandise.

Fair enough.
I wouldn't buy a car...

without checking under the hood.!

Are we agreed?


No. We're not
bringing money anywhere.


I'll have someone transfer
the remaining 19 million...

when Mr. Turner tells us
we have a viable device.

It'll be done by computer.

One of my men will be
standing by at this address.

You will send one of your brain trusts...

to verify the money is in
your account, and that's it.

Give you a hostage?

And you get one. We'll call it
a security deposit...

which neither of us
will get back if we screw up...

or if we leave a mess.
It's that simple.

Now we have an agreement, I think.


Don't you go disappearing
on me again, Michael.

Hey, you did real well,
Mr. Hayes.

Hey, you did real well,
Mr. Hayes.

You knew they wouldn't bring it, right?

Standard procedure.
Guys like him won't risk...

getting screwed on the first date.

What if you hadn't changed
the chip in the phone?

It would have told him
that the phone had already...

traveled to CIA
headquarters in Langley...

and they would have shot
both of us in the heads.

- I'm hungry. How about you?
- I'm gonna pass.

Then good night.

"Even if I "... "Forget why "...

"You'll always give me "...

"Another reason"...

"This is no empty promise "...

"I can depend upon it "...

"You'll always love me like that "...



This place comes with everything?

Could you get me a towel?

Very funny. Ahem.

I knew you'd be surprised.
I didn't think you'd be shocked.

You want some room service?

No. I'd like a good stiff drink.

- Shit. It's Nicole.
- What?

This isn't exactly
the welcome I expected.


Honey, I made dinner reservations...

- at our favorite place.
- I love that place.

Honey, aren't you happy to see me?

- Yeah.
- Good.

I gotta get that.

I'll be right back.

How are you doing?

- You see how I'm doing.
- Yeah. We have a problem.

Where I'm from,
people pay a lot of money...

for problems like that.

That's Nicole.
That's Michael's girlfriend.

She works for CNN in Europe.

So how come didn't you tell me
Michael had a girlfriend?

Well, they broke up several weeks ago.

They had a fight, and she walked out.

Well, it looks like she forgave him.

What the hell did he fight
with her fine ass for?

Well, apparently
he had intimacy problems.

He was distant,
some kind of psychotherapy crap.

Anyway, she went off
to cover the Balkans.

OK, so what do you want me to do?

Take her to dinner. She's CNN.

If you handle this badly,
she could blow your cover. OK?

- OK.
- Good.

Just... don't cheat...

just... don't cheat... just...
don't cheat...

just say... That was Jehovah's Witnesses!

- Just...
- Michael...

I hope you're hungry, baby.

"She's willing to share.
We hopping' in the whip "...

"And we leaving' here. so
somebody turn the music up... "...

Yeah, I just gotta go brush my teeth.

"Everybody come on.
Knock it up tonight "...

"One of these ladies... "...

Hey! You've reached
the residence of Pam...

Mavin. Julie. and the kids.
Leave a message at the tone.

Julie, it's Jake.
Are you there?

OK, if you haven't left yet,
please wait for me.

Please, please. I got a new job.
It's totally legit.

And I've changed.

I've totally changed.
I'm a new man.

I'm the man who loves you.
I love you. I love you so much.

I didn't even know how much
I loved you till 2 minutes ago.

It's Jake.

- Julie!
- I love him!

No, you don't!

Honey, what's taking you so long?

Big sacrifices.

Please wait for me.
Please wait for me.

Jake, I heard you.
I heard every word, baby.

I'm not going anywhere.
I'll be right here.

- I love you so much!
- Jake?

If you'd like to make a call...

Jake? Hello! Jake!

If you'd like to make a call...

"I need to find a place "...

"A higher space "... Thank you.

"Where I can get over you"...

You were so faraway... "...

So are you gonna make me grovel?

No, not unless you want to.

Is this fish?

Yeah, of course. You love fish.

That's right. I love fish...

but that's before I became a vegetarian.

Waiter, waiter!

I can't eat this.
Can you get me something else?

How about a steak, medium well, please.

- Of course, sir.
- Thanks a lot.

I thought You were a vegetarian.

Vegetarian? I'll eat a pig's ass
if they cook it right.

But enough about me.
How about those Balkans?

I missed you, Michael.

I'm sorry I left.

"I feel alone "... "Gone.
Run from me "...

"I tried to tell myself... "...

What's the matter?

There's somebody else.

There is?
When did that happen?

- Right after you left.
- I left you two weeks ago.

I mean...
Did you meet her here in Prague?

No, in Jersey.

New Jersey?

Yeah, I was in New York...

and Jersey's right next to New York...

and I just took a little day trip.

Who is she? What does she do?

She's a nurse's aide
at Saint Sebastian's Hospital.

Her name's Julie.
She's got curly hair.

I get it.

You want me to jump
through a couple of hoops...

before you take me back.
OK. I have it coming.

But I'm willing to work for it.

"You're not there with me "...

"Oolh-oolh-oolh. so faraway "...
"Baby "...

"l-l-I "... Nicole!

You hurt me really bad.

And I can't just let you
yo-yo with my heart, OK?

You hurt me, and I'm never
gonna let it happen again!

Love don't live here anymore!

Michael, I've never seen you like this.

So... open.

So... so in touch
with your feelings.

Like you could really be in love
with a nurse from New Jersey.

You're just much more...

warm and vulnerable and funny!

You didn't used to be funny before.

That's funny "" funny...

or funny "this milk tastes funny" funny?

See? That's funny!

You're not Michael Turner.

Jake and Nicole are back.

Yeah, and they've got company.

OK, let's join the party.

I'm Michael.

I don't know who the hell
You think you are...

but you're not Michael Turner.

You gotta believe me.
I'm Michael.

- You're not Michael.
- I'm Michael!

Come on!

- Who's shooting at us?
- Rival antique dealers!

Come on!

Come on!

Down here.

I'm sorry I haven't been
totally honest with you.

- So you're not Michael!
- We have the same DNA...

which makes us kinda the same person.

Come on. In here!

- Come on, get down.
- What is this?

This a laundry chute?
Eww, it smells in here.

It's just dirty drawers.
Be quiet.

Don't you try to play footsie with me.

Will you shut that off?

With what? My ass?

- Reach in my pants.
- Hell, no.

You've reached in my
brother's pants... God.


Mr. Turner.

Vas. You caught me
at a real bad time.

What are you doing?
Just hang up.

- Would you shut the hell up?
- No, you shut up.

Don't start... Can I call you back?

Don't bother.
The Olsany Cemetery. Two hours.


There's people coming...

Quiet. Quiet.

I knew I couldn't trust Michael.

Always so secretive.
Just downright sneaky.

Never even told me that he had a brother.

Some investigative reporter I am?

This antique dealing stuff
is just a front, right?

You're drug dealers.

You're not even denying it.

I'm going back to the Balkans
where I'm safe.

- I told youl'd handle it.
- Very smooth.

Sir, those were
Dragan Adjanic's men. All dead.

Well, obviously
he thinks you're still alive.


By the way...

Vas called.
We're on in two hours.

Olsany Cemetery. As we speak,
our field operatives...

are staking out
their perimeter positions.

They'll be with you all the way.
So will we.

Officer Wells has installed...

a G4 satellite tracking device
to your vehicle.

that's all we can manage safely.

Vas'll be more worried
about wire taps than weapons.

You can expect him to check
both your car and you.

Seale is on his way
to the money transfer site.

We want you to connect
the bomb to the computer...

and begin the verification
process as soon as possible.

Most importantly, once
you've connected to the bomb...

a signal will be established
via satellite...

between your computer and Wells's here...

who'll try to steal the arming
codes while you check the bomb.

So if they don't have the codes,
they can't detonate the bomb.

Right, but you may have to stall.

You may need to buy them some time.

You'll hear three short tones
when the process is completed.

Once you've heard the tones...

you're satisfied the bomb is real...

Vas will give me the account number...

and I call Seale and authorize
the transfer of money.

As soon as I get the word from Seale...

I'll provide confirmation of
the transfer of $ 19 million...

from the Midlands National Bank
in Grand Cayman.

You're gonna give this guy $ 19 million?!

I thought you was my man!
19 million?!

Actually, it's all digital dollars.

Ones and zeros, man.
We issue a wire transfer...

the receiving bank syncs out
a GFX authorization sequence...

verifying the funds are available.

It'll take his bank 48 hours to
realize the money doesn't exist.

If the shit hits the fan,
You got that watch.

Then I'll know what time it is...

- when the shit hits the fan.
- What's this?

Hey, hey! Somebody just
walked out with a sweater!

That's a panic button.

You press that and the cavalry comes in.

There are a lot of people
counting on you, Mr. Hayes.

This is Olsany Cemetery.

Almost two million people
are buried here.

You think Vas is trying
to tell us something?


It's Vas.

Yes, he's with me.

Graffika Road East.

Graffika Road East, people.

- Is that one of ours?
- It's one of theirs.

Why does he have someone following us...

if he's the one who's telling us
where we're going?

He's following us to make sure
no one else is following us.

But someone is.

That's what makes it so much fun.

They're headed for open country.
Don't get too close.

Dog One, this is Carolina.

Be advised we're on a loose leash.

Roger that. Carolina.

Here's Mr. Smiley.

Get out of the car.
Your coats, please.

Thank you.

You must be very trusting people...

to come out here all alone, unarmed.

What makes you think we're alone?

Straight ahead.

- Parish, McCain, come in.
- OK. We're in position.

Sir. we're in place
outside Chotesov Monastery.

Here they are.
My good friend Michael.

Welcome to my church...

where we worship money.

OK, let's get started.

You wanted to look under the hood...

so look under the hood.

We're online.
Let's go to work, people.

Casing unit, apex mirror.

Detonating block.

This is insanity.

Just one electrical surge
and you'll blow us all to hell.

Chill, Michelle. I mean, relax.
Relax, Michelle.

Downloading new authentication code.

117 seconds to completion.

Now, as soon as I verify...

the uranium deflector
is of weapons-grade...

we can all be on our merry way.

Uranium deflector?

This is plutonium reflector.

That's what I meant.

60 seconds!

Michael, why is this taking so long time?

I'm running one last diagnostic test.

If you stayed on top of things,
you'd understand...

that the traditional checks
are not 100%fool-proof.

This last test was designed...

by the head of nuclear science
at Caltech, a... Dr. Dre.

30 seconds.

Dr. Dre, along with Dr. Irving
and Professor Griffin...

the rest of the WuTang Clan,
know that it is best...

when you have
a baseline screen situation...

to achieve a pulsopular
cataclysmic calibration...

or something we like
to call the Shaq Attack.

Shaq Attack?

Yes, named after Dr. O'Neal
of Los Angeles...

formerly of Orlando.

All we need are the arming
and disarming codes.

I know, but it's a mess.
I don't know what's what.

We'll have to dump it all
to get the two codes.

I hope he can stall, because
there's so much information.

What we're doing right now can help...

not only in nuclear energy,
but also medicine, food...

I believe everything is in order.

Sorry, sir.

Have the codes been moved
to Jake's computer?

- Yeah.
- Let's get him, the bomb...

and the computer back here on the double.

You got the bomb.
Now, where is my $ 19 million?

Yes, sir.

- Show them the money.
- Copy that.

Vas's account number received.

Initiating wire transfer...

from Midlands National Bank of bullshit.

Man, is Vas gonna be pissed
when he goes to an ATM.

It's working!

I love it. American and Russians
work together again...

with Swiss bank accounts.

Gentlemen, I hope to see you never again.

Heh. Dragan Adjanic.

Know any good prayers?

You got a lot of nerve
showing your face in my church.

That's the guy who
killed my brother, isn't it?

Michelle, what the hell is he doing here?

Michelle, I told you
not to deal with him!

What's happening?

Very interesting.

Vas has been double-crossed
by his own men.

Come on, shoot him!

What time is it, Mr. Hayes?

Code red. Code red.
Everybody move.

Kill him.

Here's the computer.

There's your bloody bomb.
Where's my money?

Triple-cross. Come on!

Having fun, Mr. Hayes?

Don't shoot the bomb, you fool!

Don't shoot me, either!

- Go! Go! Take the bomb!
- I'm going! I'm going!



You drive!

Go on!

Hey, wait for me!

Go on! Go!

- Faster.
- I'm going, I'm going!

It's a bloodbath, sir.
Vas and his men are dead.

Come on, man!
You're James Bond!

Shoot the tires out or something!

- Can't get close enough!
- Do something!

Throw out some tacks or something!

Well, you got your wish.

I wish for Jennifer Lopez naked!

We've looked everywhere.
They're just not here.

I have satellite position on them!

I can assure you they're there!

Wait a minute. Hold on, sir.

They lost their tracking device.

What the hell are you doing?

Not smooth enough for your ass?!

It's not my ass I'm worried about.

It's the bomb in the back seat.

There's a bomb in the back seat!

- Yeah.
- We're gonna die!

Have a little faith, Mr. Hayes.

I'll have a little faith
if you give me a little gun!



- You OK?
- Here they come!

- Pull back, pull back!
- Shoot 'em! Shoot the gun!

Don't have any bullets!
Pull back!

- Pull back!
- Pulling!

Hit it!

Hit the son of a bitch!


Get off! Off! Take a bus!

- No!
- Unh!

Whup his ass!



Get him!

No! Get him! Kill him!
Shoot him! Do something!

I got glass in my ass!

I want to go to Jersey!
I want to see my girl!

I want to watch "Oprah"!

Put your head in the car!
Put your head in the damn car!

He's whuppin' your ass!

No! No!

Take it!


Back up!

- Come on! Back up!
- OK, I'm backin' up!

Get the bomb! Get the bomb!

- Faster!
- Yeah!

No! No! Do something!
I want my money!

I hate you!

I hate you!


I don't know about you... but I'm hungry.

Someone give me some good news?

Someone give me some good news?

Yeah. He successfully

the arming codes into the computer.

They still have the computer.

True. But he's put
his retinal signature in.

"Welcome Michael Turner."

Try again.

So, obviously they can't
access it without Jake.

- And when they figure that out?
- What do we do now, sir?

Make sure Jake's eyes
don't meet that computer screen.


- Wrong.
- Wrong?

Sir, eventually someone
will break the lock...

and access the code with or without Jake.

So, basically...

We must find them before that happens.

Well, there is the obvious way
to flush them out.

- We dangle him?
- No. We give him a wire...

they pick him up, we seize the nuke.

If his eyes get anywhere
near that computer...

we take everyone out, including him.

I need an executive finding
from the president immediately.

So, he's expendable, is that it?

You need to get the subject on board.

- Tell him whatever you want.
- "Subject."

Oakes, we both know this is the only way.


No! No!
It ain't happening'! No!

You want me to be
your little worm on a hook!

They never heard of Jake Hayes!
They don't know I exist!

Just let me go back to Jersey,
get my girl, and disappear!

Hey, man, I'm sorry I'm not Kevin...

but even Kevin didn't make it
out of this alive.

Will you let me show you something?


That's Jersey. So what?

Let's look at where you live.

Where Julie lives, your foster mother.

These people have a nuclear bomb, Jake.

The blast alone will kill thousands.

Then comes the shock wave...

blowing away buildings,
tunnels, bridges...

and then comes
our old friend, radiation...

spread by wind and water...

infecting the living and the unborn.

I think we... just you and me...

might have a chance to stop it.
That's all I'm saying.

They've got us in check,
Mr. Hayes, and...

we can't let them get checkmate, can we?


The way I see it,
You only got three moves.

Attack... retreat... or block.

You can't attack 'cause
You don't know where they are.

Retreat? Boom.

Then we block.

You could block...

but you only got one piece left...

and that's a pawn.

Sir, these gentlemen wish to see
Mr. Turner's phone records.

Mr. Turner's phone records
are sealed.


Mr. Turner made one phone call
to the United States...

to Jersey City, New Jersey.

Hey! What? No! Help!

- Go, go, go!
- Help!

What do you want?
Just take whatever you want!

Shush, shush, shush.

What is your connection
to Michael Turner?

I don't know a Michael Turner!

I don't... Who?


That's my boyfriend.
That's Jake.

Did he sell you bad tickets?

Y'all still there, right?

Yes, we're still here,
Mr. Hayes.

- Y'all got guns, right?
- Yes, we have guns, Mr. Hayes.

OK. Make sure
You got bullets in 'em.

Lots of bullets.

Answer the phone, Mr. Hayes.

Michael Turner Antiques.


Julie! How'd you find me?

- Michael Turner?
- Who's this!

Or should I call you Jake,
Mr. Hayes?

You have one chance
of seeing this woman alive.

Take the next plane to New York.

Return to your apartment in New Jersey...

and wait till I call you.

If you are followed, she will die.

If you attempt to involve
any authorities, she will die.

Just let me talk to her!

Hello? Hello?!


You used Julie!
She was your pawn, right?

- No.
- So all this bullshit...

about being something bigger
than you and me...

meant something bigger
than me and Julie, right?

Will you let me explain?

Just get me on the goddamn plane.

Go! Let's go!
Set up in that corner!

It's gotta come up now. Now!

- Notify all units...
- All right.


I'm injecting a spread-spectrum
transceiver behind your ear.

So we'll hear what you hear...

and if they take you
to the bomb, we'll know it.

Hold still, please.

Come on, man!
You can't put that in a flower?

It'd be too obvious.

Now, I'll be linked
to you the whole time.

That's it. Good luck.

There's something I ought to tell you.

I know. If the situation
gets out of hand...

they can take me and Julie out.

Don't worry, son.

There'll be extra money in this mission.

Now, first of all, I'm not your son.

Second of all, did it occur
to you that I might want...

to do something
'cause it's the right thing?

Hey, I'm the one with the dead brother...

I'm the one who misses his girl...

and I'm supposed to put up with
your shit 'cause you're a spy?

Big deal! Every woman
on the planet's a spy!

Man, you guys can't even
find Saddam Hussein.

If you told a woman, right now
at 8:00 in the morning...

that her husband was sleeping
with Saddam Hussein...

she'd be able to find Saddam
by 8:00 that night, and say...

"Saddam, don't you ever come
around my house no more!"

I did you a favor, OK?
You called me!

If you talk down to me again,
I will beat your ass so bad...

you'll be the only guy in heaven
with a wheelchair.

Better act right before
You get smacked right, bitch.

The show's over.
Go back to work.

Bomb on American soil.

That's a nightmare
we've always talked about.

How do you think they got it here?

You'd be surprised what
You can send by air freight.

Did we? Did we use
his girlfriend?

No, but I'm sure Yates would
if he thought of it.


Listen closely.

No, you listen closely.
I gotta hear her voice.

I want to hear her voice right now!

You are in no position
to make demands, Mr. Hayes.

But if it gives you pleasure...

No, no! Don't hurt her!
Tell me what you want!

They want him to wait
outside his apartment...

for a car to pick him up.

We've initiated positions
here, here, and here...

to set up a tail.
How do they shake us?

We can assume that
they think we're shadowing him.

Right. So they may move him
10, 20 times...

before they think they've lost us.

OK, we got the grey Ford van.

Grey Ford van.

I wish we didn't have to do it this way.

I'm sorry if my plan lacks
the perfect precision...

with which you've handled
the case so far.

Radiation detection units
are scouring the city...

and we've issued portable
A.V.G. spectrometers...

to all surveillance teams.

We need to talk worst-case scenario.

Evacuation readiness. Have
the National Guard stand by.

National Guard, this is Com Center 4.

Stand by for instruction.

Roger that, Com Center 4.
Standing by.

They're pulling into the abandoned...

St. Francis Hospital, sir.

Take positions.

We have six viable entry points.


- Where's Julie?
- Quiet.

Do as you're told.

Where's Julie?

I hope you're going to play ball with us.

That's Dragan.

Hey, man, I ain't doing shit
till I find Julie.

What the hell was that?


We've lost the audio with Hayes, sir.

All right, we move
to the contingency plan.

Yes, sir.

We can't afford to take any chances here.

Hit your entry points hard on my command.

If it breathes, it dies.

Hold it!
I think we've got something.

Entry teams, pull back.

Entry teams, pull back.
Here he comes.

Get in.

OK, they're moving him.

Everything's going according to plan.

Back on plan, people!

Keep your distance, folks.

They may do this dance all day long.

Get up!

You're on your own now,
Mr. Hayes.

Sir, I'm getting a signal
back with Hayes.

- See if you can clean it up.
- Will do, sir.

I'm heading down
to communications central.

Looks like they're heading
back to Jersey.

Wonder what the hell they're doing.

Sir, what are you doing?

Your eyes are going
to activate this computer.

The only question is,
will they still be in your head?

Where's Julie?

She's lovely.

And she will stay that way
if you cooperate.

Open your eyes, Mr. Hayes,
and look into the computer.

Open your damn eyes!


They're trying to scan his eyes.

Jesus Christ, the bomb is in the van.

Entry teams,
the van is hot. Move now!

Cut away his eyelids.


Sir, they're gonna take out Jake.

- What are we doing?
- It isn't Jake.

- How do you know?
- They had to have a decoy.

Bring the subject out with a bag
over his head, you do the math.

Faster! Go!

Hold your fire!

Subject is down.

Repeat... Jake Hayes is down.

It's not him.

The bomb's not there.

It's done.

Thank you.

I'll see you on the other side.

Did you use the password?


Hey, I don't speak terrorist.

But I only counted
eight numbered sequences...

and you're gonna need
the seven-letter password...

to activate the mechanism.


No, see, that's eight letters.

There's no password.
The bomb is already armed.


What took you so long?
I almost killed somebody.

Did they arm the bomb?

Yeah. This one just called
in the enabling codes.

I gotta find Julie.

OK, the bomb is hot.

There's a fail-safe master
built into the detonator.

Should give us a short countdown period.

- How short?
- On the outside, twenty minutes.

- What's the inside?
- Five to ten.

Did they say where the bomb was?

No. She's not here.

When we find the bomb, we'll find her.

Did they say anything?
Just think.

Try and remember. Come on.

- Think.
- Redial.

They called in the codes!

OK, hold on. Gimme the address
to this number... 431974.

I need this address.
Listen, listen.

Take me that address.
I need it now, not later!

OK, it's coming up.
It's coming, yeah.

Listen up, folks.
89 East 42nd Street.

89 East 42nd.

Wait a minute.
That's Grand Central Station!

That's three blocks from here.
Come on.

Support can move out
and be there in twenty minutes.

- Get out of the way!
- CIA. Coming through.

- Out of the way.
- Move, move.

Get out of the way!
Go! Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Move it! Move it!
Get out of the way!

Move it, move it!
Out of the way! Move it!

Move it! Out of the way!

All right, the call originated
from over there.

Could be anywhere. This is
one hell of a place to blow up.

Times Square is
a few blocks away. Power grids...

The whole infrastructure
of the city could collapse.

- I'm getting something here.
- What's that?

This is a low-energy
gamma scintillation probe.

- I left mines at home.
- The case is lined with lead.

We'd only get a hit if we were
within 100 square yards.

But we got a hit, right?

Yeah, the autorange indicates it's here.

In here? Here where?

It's right here.
The signal is constant.

It's under us!
Come on, let's go!

Please evacuate the building.

Get out of the way! Move!

Signal's getting stronger.

CIA. Need your help.

Out of the way! Out of the way!

Out of the way!

Move, move, move!
This way! This way!

- Out of the way!
- Come on!

- We're real close!
- What's in there?

- Lost luggage.
- Open it.

- This lock's been tampered with.
- Get away from the door!

Jake, get the bomb.
I'll cover you.

Why don't you get the bomb,
and I'll cover you?

OK, I'll get the bomb.

Jake, go, go!


No, no, hold on.


Jake, where are you?

- I'm coming!
- It's in the final phase.

Three minutes, then it's
good-bye to half of Manhattan.

I need you here for the enabling codes.

You said if we found the bomb,
we'd find Julie.

- I need you here now! Come on!
- Jake, I'll find her.

You're bleeding, man!

- You're bleeding!
- Now listen to me.

When they scanned your eyes,
You saw the codes.

Try and remember them.

Whenever I hear numbers,
my head converts them...

into chess moves or seats at the Garden.

That's the only way I can remember.

Take your time. Just relax.

You know the codes.
You can do it. I know you can.

OK, queen's bishop 3.

Across from mezzanine section...
3... 0... 4!

OK, let's see.
I saw a queen's bishop 3...

aisle seat in section... 142. 142.

2 more to go.

OK, I think I got it.

Did you find her?

Touch that bomb, she dies.

Keep going, Jake.

The bomb goes off, everybody dies.

Two more numbers.

He'll learn what death is.

Your country grows fat...

while people all over the world starve.

You stay at home, you watch
our blood spill on television.

War reduced to video games.

He's stalling, Jake.
Enter the codes. Now!

You take sides in conflicts
You know nothing about...

dictating to other people
how they should live.

You're so keen on playing God...

well, now's your chance to meet him.

I'll give you three seconds,
then I'll kill her.

Go ahead.

One... Two... No. I'll kill you.


Move, move, move!

- Jake...
- Honey, honey, honey...

I love you. Let me do this.

Rook 643.

OK, OK. One more, one more!

A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

Move, move!

Well, that's done.

That's it?

That's all it does:
beep beep beep?

That's all we wanted it to do.

It's all good. It's OK.

Clear, sir. Go ahead. Go! Go!

Officer Seale is down,
we'll need a medic.

It's OK. It's OK.

- Where's the bomb?
- Right here.

- How much time do we got?
- Mr. Hayes defused the bomb.

Don't worry. I've got you.

Oakes has been hit.

Stay with me. I love you.

- I missed you.
- I missed you, too.

People, we did it.

But which star is your brother's?

There are no names, Ma.

Agent identities are never
revealed, even after they die.

But they're all honored right here.

Their names are written in this book...

their families sign it, and then
the pages are sealed forever.

It's a book of forgotten heroes.

Nah, they're not forgotten.



Thanks for keeping me off that wall.

- Well, stay off of it.
- All right.

Ma, this is from me and Julie.

I just hope it brings
a little joy in your life.

I knew you'd make me proud.

This is just such... Good Lord!

No, that's the wrong one, Ma.
Here, this is yours.

This is for when we get married.

10,000 is much more than I need.

Then give some back.

Hey, honey, can you walk Ma to the car?

- I gotta talk to Oakes.
- Yeah.

Congratulations on your engagement.

So I'll see you at the wedding, right?

Good-bye, Mr. Hayes.

I see.

No personal attachments.

- Jake, get this.
- I got it.

Ho ho ho.

Hey! What's up?
What's up, man?

Congratulations, Mr. Hayes.

Oakes, you didn't RSVP.

I figured weddings weren't your thing.

I'm on a new assignment.

If you're supposed to be
undercover at a black wedding...

I think you the wrong guy for the job.

An old friend of Kevin's
escaped from Riker's island.

I don't care if he escaped
from Temptation Island...

I'm not going nowhere.
I just got married.

Can't a brother get a piece of cake?

The guy who escaped is Carlos Palmeros...

the world's foremost assassin.

I don't care if it's Carlos Santana...

the world's foremost guitarist.
The world's foremost assassin...

that's like the Tiger Woods of murder.

Well, Kevin was responsible
for putting him away.

The problem is, he thinks you're Kevin...

so he's coming after you to kill you.

No, no, that's not happening...

I just got married, I'm gonna
go off with my wife...

I'm gonna be happy for two years...

and I'm gonna be miserable for ninety...

just like everybody else.

I got you. I got you!

So there's no killer?

No. Not yet.

So you just came here for my wedding?

I wouldn't have missed it,
not for the world.

I get it.
So you and Swanson are next.

Me, no. I'm never gonna
get married, not again.

Never gonna get married again.
First thing you gotta learn...

is don't take your girlfriend
to a wedding.

We may need to call on you in the future.

It's your wedding present.
From us at the Agency.

Two tickets to Hawaii.

I can't take this, Oakes.

Jake, sweetie, come on.

Your wife is calling you,
Mr. Hayes.


Get in the car... bitch.

Hey, Oakes!

Never say never.

"I'm all out of love "...

"I'm so lost without you"...

"I know you were right "...

"Believing for so long "...

"I'm all out of love.
What am without you? "...

"I can't be too late to say
that I was so wrong "...

"Yo. yo "... "Breathe in. Breathe in"...

"Breathe out Breathe out "...

"Do the chicken head.
Go on. let it out "...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Put your back in
and let your knees bend "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Do the monastery.
Go on. let it out "...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Put your back in
and let your knees bend "...

"Somebody move.
Nobody get hunt "...

"This is official. man.
Only for dance floor extents "...

"And panty animals
and me being a rhyme cannibal "...

"Flammable Hannibal while it's
banging. it's understandable "...

"Now. back to somebody moving'.
Nobody get hunt "...

"My intentions on this one
is the panty wait up fa'shon"...

"Now go to work
and do the chicken. bulh kalh "...

"Do the chicken.
And once you do. it's cooking' "...

"Believe me. dinty.
It's kicking' through the door"...

"Throwback Vocal velour"...

"I see me a-do it.
Fresh off tour"...

"Head to the floor"...

"Take it 'round. 'round.
Chicken head breaking it down"...

"Created by my town.
The monastery is found "...

"There won't be no extra space
to waste. pick up the pace "...

"See your leant rate "...

"And if you stand to hyperventilate "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Do the chicken head.
Go on. let it out "...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Put your back in
and let your knees bend "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Do the monastery.
Go on. let it out "...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Put your back in
and let your knees bend "...

"First. ladies. put your drink
by your purse "...

"Fellas. tuck in your shit
and put umbilical words "...

"Say. ladies. get your dip
right and your lip right "...

"Fellas. ya better find that
and get behind that "...

"Third. You can do it.
Shaken on stirred "...

"Slow up per word
and flap like a bird "...

"Fo'. do it some mo'.
Five. make sure it's live "...

"Six. ladies and fellas.
Here we go now. swing "...

"Seven. laid back like you
looking' for heaven"...

"Let your body preach
like we in church "...

"And you the reverend "...

"Eight. if you made it this
far. ditty. You straight "...

"If not. You better practice
and get it fo' it's too late "...

"Nine. is this the time
to prepare for the dime? "...

"Ten... start all over again! "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Do the chicken head.
Go on. let it out "...

"Breathe out.
Breathe out "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Put your back in
and let your knees bend "...

"Breathe in.
Breathe in"...

"Breathe out Breathe out "...

"Do the monastery.
Go on. let it out "...

"Breathe out Breathe out "...

"Breathe in Breathe in"...

"Put your back in
and let your knees bend "...

"6 million ways to live.
We live lavish "...

Deluxe. rap status "...

"Cannery a wrapped mattress with
no bounce. a sharp cactus "...

"Blanket leaving scratches
across the atlas "...

"Built in up on civilians "...

"Takes two looks
to recognize the villain"...

"Two blinks to make your heart sink "...

"360 degrees like a roller brink "...

"That's how my life moves.
Upon solar ring "...

"My shoulders' asleep "...

"And still. my removes
onto bolder things "...

"Can't hang like a soldier
around the heat "...

"You can't compete against
the flowing thing "...

"Blood is the life
through the mainframe "...

"How you living.
Power-tripping' to the max "...

"And it's passionate. innocent
to where the action is "...

"A small fraction-ate
of the population"...

"Holding down this occupation"...

"It's rhyme concentration.
A simple conversation"...

"I listen to the rhythm.
Sometimes we don't agree "...

"But not afraid
to talk about it openly "...

"I took it overseas.
To lock it down totally "...

"Package it like groceries.
We take it to the apex "...

"Evens straight brothers golden"...

"To my peeps across the ocean"...

"Whether you sober On stay smoking' "...

"D-d-down to earth and stay flowing' "...

"He's about to break "...

"6 million ways to live "...

"6 million ways to live life "...

"Boy. there's 6 million ways
to live life "...

"Whole lot to give. yo "...

"So we grab mikes "...

"'Cause there's 6 million
ways to live lavish "...

"Beyond all the misery
and mathematics "...

"Theresa's 6 million ways to live "...

"6 million ways to live "...

"'Cause there'd's 6 million ways
to live lavish "...

"Beyond all the misery
and mathematics "...

"Theresa's 6 million ways to live "...

"6 million ways to live "...