Bad Comments (2020) - full transcript

An established actor decides to get back at the ones responsible for initiating a smear campaign against him in the digital space.

Who is that?

Who is that knocking...
knocking on your door.

It's me, the Landlord
The man that built the house.

Do you have a problem with that?

Sir, good day sir
uh uh, you wait there.

You wait there.
You are not supposed to be here.

Why are you here?
What have I done sir?

You can't record here no more.

You can't record here anymore.

Your voice is unusually high this morning.

My voice is unusually high but
my high blo.. my high.. My BP

is worse than that!

You can no longer drive this car.
Why is that...

But ever since I started driving sir,
I've been delivering the right amount.

What have I done wrong?

But I have a session this morning now.

Did you pay for it?
No, but you promised me that

that I could record.

The best thing you can do now
is just pack out and leave my house.

Water plus garri equals to eba.
The food for your eviction out of my house.

Oga Landlord, I thought
we have an understanding?

I pay by month end.

What kind of stupid understanding
are you talking about?

Which stupid understanding?

Okay let me tell you o

That understanding have nullified.

You know as they nullify election
I nullify it.

Listen, somebody has paid handsomely
for them I don't own them anymore.

Oh okay, so introduce me to the person sir.

So I can keep driving.
Other drivers are still driving.

Hey listen to me, that's the problem.

He specifically mentioned your name,
he doesn't want you around

In fact, he ordered you fired.

No, you can't do this to me sir.

I've got a family, please sir.

Well, that's the issue now,
I don't want you around.

Just give me this.
Give me this.

You know that other place we put dog.

Yes sir.
Put all her things there.

Anytime she's ready to
come and pick her things

Pack it out there!
Oga Landlord..

Oga Landlord please, I'm begging you sir.
Begging me for what?

I'm like a daughter to you.
You're not a daughter.

Get out of the way
Leave there now.

Bro get out mhen.

Come on now.

Wait, he has an information for you.

Baba, open the gate.

Good morning.

Who let her in?

Who let her in?!

Sandra, what are you doing here?

I'm really sorry I'm late sir.

The weirdest thing happened
to me this morning.

Get you bag, your belongings, your file
and get out of this office, right now.

Why is everyone...
Sir please,


You're firing me?


Where is Sunrise Boulevard?

And which car?

Are you Sandra Akeju?


Enter to where?
Who are you?

- Are you mad? Enter this car!
Enter, are you mad?

Am I google? They say I should bring you.
If you're not going, go and die.

I'm sorry.

Please the door is not opening.

What is happening sir?

- Text?
Yes I got the text, you did?

What's going on here?
I don't know, you got the text too?

I got the text also.

What am I doing here?
I don't know too.

I do not know.
Someone tell me what's going on.


You got the text?

I got it too.

What's happening?

What's happening?

The instruction says,
Sunrise Boulevard roundabout.

Who does that?

Then stand under the sign post.

We're here.

Father save us.

Blood of Matthew, Mark,
Luke and Bartholomew

Sacred hearts of Italian Saints.

Fight for me, keep me from what is coming.

What is coming?

Or what has arrived already.

Is your life not already messed up?

Not that.

I have pissed myself.

I lost my job.

What's happening?

This is where they said we should meet.
We have been standing here. What's..

You got the message too?
Yes, I did.

This is strange.

I swear. It's so strange like.. I don't know.
- Who is this person?

Why is he messing with us?

What did we do?

No! Come on!

Who is that?

Frank Orji.

Maybe he's the one behind this?

That's Frank Orji.

Oh my god!

Ah ha!

I see we're all here.

Ah boss, don't tell me
you got the message too.

Shut up!

You syphilis diseased spec of fecal waste

With the IQ. of a bleached
amoeba and the fashion sense..

Of a garbage scavenger.


What the fuck is with the
fake jewelries anyway?

Where do you come from?

The lot of you.

Forgive me.

Ladies and gentle men.

I'm a little emotional these days.

Let me take a proper bow.

My name is Frank

Orji, as you all well know

I sent the message that brought you here.

- You're kidding right?

You don't even know me.

Are you sure I don't know you sir?

Jaws of death.

Yes, I do.

Ah, who else do we have here?


Aha! Ninja Lomo

Your M.O is to fabricate lies and
destroy the lives of the rich and famous

I know.

Aha, I'm a fan of your work.


Aww great hair.

Goes witht the dress

Your M.O my dear, is that you get into the
DMs of the wives of the rich and famous

and send them fabricated pictures
of you in bed with their husbands.

That is pure evil.

That is true.
It is pure evil.

Tatafo Unlimited.

Do you know my dear,

how many relationships, how
many marriages you've broken.

Statistics does not lie.

Numbers don't lie. Again your MO
is to go after the rich and famous.

With all kinds of concocted
lies to destroy them. Yes.

I brought you all here.

Everyone of you.

I sent the messages

Because you took time,
to find me on twitter.

You took time to find me on Instagram.
You took time to find me on Facebook.

Your comments revived hate filled comments Chipped away
at the very foundation of all the things I've built.

The decades of career and
good name that I've built.

You kept on slinging, kept chipping at it
Until what was left is a shadow of myself.

You came after me, you designed lies.
You destroyed everything that I stood for.

So guess what!

I've found everyone of you.

So it's only fair

that I return the favor.

That I destroy everyone of you, that I
hey, I had to return the favor

so yes, as you must have guessed by now.

I am the architect of all your ruins.

Hehe, welcome.

I don't care, if you're a
freaking nollywood star.

If you don't...

Ahh you were saying?

Sorry for for interrupting.

That's what I thought.

Do you mind stepping back at this point?

You can carry on. Go back rejoin
the rest of the losers please?

I need my space, you're
in my space right now.

Stand the fuck back!

Okay at this very moment, you're
getting texts on your phone.

Check it!

Good, read.


Now what you have, is the
power I have over you.

This is to clearly state
that I own your life.

Yeah? Good.

Alright at this juncture, take your despicable
selves and get the fuck out of my sight.

- I know we said a lot of hateful
things against you on social media

but did we actually do all this to you?

Did you do this to me?

Did you do this to me?

I like to walk around with PJs.

In the broad afternoon.


I like my beards growing like this?
I've not shaved.

I've not had a haircut,
I've not even had a bath.

What do you think you're
smelling around here?

It's me!

The whole lot of you.

Everyone of you.

You did this to me.
You created this monster.

Ruined my life

We are officially late Mr Orji.

One second.



How do I look?

Like David Beckham can
take a note from you.

Let's go

- Good morning sir.
- Good morning Abigail.

- Good morning Miss Hilda.
- Indeed a fine morning.

Man: And cut!

♪ Nice one. You like it?

♪ Thank you.

Lady: It's such an honor to finally have the top
Nollywood Actor Frank, together with the top Chinese

Smart phone company, Xiaomi. All together.
So thank you.

So much.
It's absolutely a fantastic team to have.

Exactly what we did for
Clooney in Hollywood.

Or Sha Ru Khan in Asia.

We will absolutely do for you Frank.

So we are really looking forward to that.

Aside your endorsement fee, we are also willing to
give you product branding for all your projects.

And also if you are
going to produce a movie,

We will be supporting financially
with 1/2 a million dollars.

Hilda: Yes.

As a brand ambassador, we just expect you to
represent our company to the best of your ability.

And we will be there to support
any possible way we can.

Thank you.

My wife was right to suggest you.

Everywhere we mention
your name on the continent

People get crazy excited.

My people have got the sign that says

What does that mean?

That simply means, a bird doesn't
sing because it has an answer.

But sings because it's got a song.

And our company, together
with Xiaomi mobile

Is the bird.

And you Frank is the beautiful
song we are starting to sing.

So next week, we will be unveiling you
as our new International Brand Ambassador.

Wow, this is.. This is amazing.
Thank you so much Mr Vanvick

I don't know what to say, but trust
me you will not regret this. Ma'am...

- Thank you.
- This was you

You're the best manager.

Uche. Yes sir
You're welcome sir

Umm, wait
That doesn't sound okay.

Yeah I'm fine, just a little bit of fl..

Now that does not, That sounds bad.
- No no he's fine.

Yeah it's just a little fever.
I'm good please.

We need to touch down.

Wait, that doesn't sound like a little flu.

No I'm fine sir..

Sir he's fine. We need to
be in Lagos within the hour.

Yes but what's the point?
Wait he's the pilot.

And if he's not feeling good, I mean,
that's some risk of some sort isn't it?

Hold on.
Please come down

I am fine.
Uche you're my pilot. okay?

You're also my friend. I need you to
go and take proper care of yourself.

Call the doctor, matter of fact
I'll call him on my way out.

You're not fine.

You're sweating and that cough sounds really bad.
You know it migrates to something even worse.

Nancy my suitcase down please.
Call the agent.

Okay call the agent, two seats right away.



We fly commercial, you remember we used to
fly commercial earlier in my career?

So two business class, commercial.

Now fix yourself.
Nancy, day off.

Thank you very much.
Thank you sir.

Alright let's go.
Let's go my dear.

Chop chop, time is money.




Okay, you look very very tired.

And as soon as we land, press tour begins.

That's the photo shoots, the
interviews, the whole mines

We need you to be our bubbly Frank.

The bubbly Frank that everyone knows.

And you need to rest, take a nap.

Get some shut eye.

Rest up, and be ready when we touch down.

So put your phone away.

Take that cat nap.

It'll do you a lot of good.

So how about we do away
with the social media.

For a bit

Yeah, like now?

Okay you never listen to me, I am going to
get some chocolate. I will be right back.

Nollywood superstar!

Good evening.


Nollywood is getting better,
you're flying business class now.


Mhen in my next life, I just
want to be a Nollywood star.

Travel round the world.
Bang bastard babes mhen.

Make money.

That your eh..
That your co-star, Ini Edo

You've banged that babe right?

Are you banging?

How was it, tell me.

Tell me, how was it?

Em, do you mind?
Oh okay.


Things are happening.

So how was she? Tell me how was she?

This guy hook me up now,
I want to bang that babe.


I like her.

She's hot.

This guy hook me up.

Don't be acting like this.

Don't be acting cold bruh.

Listen I..
I don't mean to be rude.

But er, this is rather private space.

All these Nolloywoods,
just one or two hits.

We'll not hear the last of it.

Your father is a herbalist.


Everybody knows.

What did you say?

I said, your father is a herbalist.

And it's because of his juju, that's
why you are where you are today.

Everybody knows.

Sir did you just talk about my father?

A ha.

Yes, your father, herbalist.

What do you think you can do?

No talk. All this your chest is glass.
It will break.


Biscuit bone, my brother. Don't think that...
I'll take you out, I'll turn you inside out.

Biscuit bone, what can you do?

What do you want to do, no really?

Your father is a herbalist.
My father is late.

It's his money that you are,
that's why you are where you are.

Forget. Or what do you want to do, this one you're standing
up as in you're putting chest, what do you want to do?

You think it's by this one?

Forget, your mates, we beat them
and put them in a corner, Forget!

What do you want to do?
No where are you going?

Calm down, cool down.
What do you want to do?

Eh, small heat now, your body..


Did you just talk about my father?

- Get off me!
- Hey!

- I will kil...
- Come on!

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.
Daddy I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Please help me up.

This is not me. This is not me daddy,

This is not me. I'm sorry sir.

Is he okay. Is he alright?

It's okay
- Should we take him to the hospital.

Sorry sir.

This is not me, I'm so sorry sir.


♪ Bob daddy ♪

Hey Hilda. Thanks man.

Er we're upstairs, studio 4 upstairs.

Come up okay.

Alright my dear, see you.

As soon as you get here, we'll leave.

Okay, alright.

What was that?


What? Ini what's that face?
I am acting.

I know you. Whoa whoa.
Did I say anything?

What is going on? Can't you
guys ever mind your business?

Trust me my bro, are you gonna tell me you've
never done anything with that girl before?

Uh huh.


- you know that she's my PA.

This is a really awkward conversation.

I don't look at her like that.

Look, I had that girl for 6 months

I mean she used to work
for me, she was my PA.

Uh huh, And I tried everything in
the book to tap that ass, but my girl

she's always had something for you.
No no, nothing like that.

Well you could'nt tap that
ass because she likes men.

- Yes, she liked you.
- No no no.

No not me, she does not.. Look you want it
both ways, can't eat you cake and have it.

She can't like women and men at
the same time. Stick to a gender.

No no, you know your ways. Maya Maya wait I
don't want someone to come and be telling me

I'm a witness - I'm not saying
anything with water in my mouth.

- Frank
- Can I say something categorically

Okay, let's hear him out
Can I say something categorically?

I am not interested in Hilda like that
I don't see...

She's a proficient PA.
- Okay.

Who is that?

I'm coming, hold your horses, I'm coming.


Zero patience.


Have you been online?

This is preposterous.

This is a total introversion
of what really happened.

You know what?

Don't worry about it.

Truth hurts, that IG blogger posted this.

Should I be worried about this person?
- Trust me

Truth Hurts has nothing on you.


Truth Hurts just made the most popular
governor in this country lose an election.

Truth Hurts got the president to fire our
national coach The most liked coach ever.

Truth Hurts has been responsible for
the demise of more Nollywood careers

than old age.

And you're telling me
I shouldn't be worried.

Okay you know what? I'm going
to draft out a statement.

You finish up your business so that we can
get moving. We have a lot to take care of.


Alright my dear.

AHilda, what's going on?

Everything in order?

Are you untop of matters?

Yes sir, I am doing my best.
I have to stay back and handle things here.

What I need is for you to head
to the airport and get back home.

In one piece.
Do not worry, I will take care of it.

Okay um, what about.. We're supposed to
have a production meeting tomorrow right?

I'm sorry Boss, the
production has been canceled.

They canceled the production.

- No. they canceled your contract. You're no longer
on the project. Why would they cancel my contract?

Because of this?

Because of what happened?

Yes Boss, but I'm trying to see what I can do about it.
- Jesus.

- Hopefully they ..
You know what, don't worry about it.

Eh it's no big deal.

What about them sneeze production?

When are they starting?

Sneeze productions took you
of the franchise as well.

Sneeze production canceled the franchise?

But this is a franchise, they
can't shoot the movie without me.

I already did part one and two.

Yeah, I told them that.

But they weren't..
- Isn't there supposed to be some kind of legal immplications to this?

Yes Boss, I am looking into it.

Why don't you get our Lawyer to..
You know what, never mind.

Em, that's not the point.

Okay, a Mr Van Wick, we
need to speak to him.

I need you to call him, we
can't loose that endorsement.

Yes Boss, I will call him right away.

You know what, nevermind.
Let me call him myself. I'll call him.

Mr Vanwick - Hello my great friend
Hi Mr Vanwick.

How are you, how are
you doing this fine day?

I wanted to call and see how you're doing.

Quick one, I know you must have heard or seen this
really doctored video making the rounds about me

about some troubles with an old man

That's not me, okay

Um, I met this troll, you know this guy
and he wouldn't stop pushing my buttons.

Yes there was a slight altercation.

But he wouldn't stop. He
kept pushing my button.

Until I snapped, just for a moment but...

I did not hit the old man.

That's not me. I respect my elders

I take fathers like, you know.

Um, that's not me sir,
I just wanted to assure you.

All is well Frank, I understand.
Okay great, you do?

Yeah yeah.

The media loves a celebrity scandal.
You are the biggest celebrity around.

They have to make you look bad
so that they can sell more.

We've seen it all, I understand this.

Okay listen, you just made me a
really happy man. I'm so happy.

You understand what is going on.
Everybody needs to eat off this big table.

And um, unfortunately

bloggers are the worst house guests right

Having said that, um my PR team

are on top of it, everything
is going to be fine.

In no time, we're planning
a big press release.

To refute everything and then we're good.

Um I suppose we're fine
with the endorsement right?

Young Master Frank, you are the best
there is, we will go with no one else.

Alright thank you sir, thank you.
Have a fine day.

Man-He is your good friend. How do you feel about
taking up the role that was meant for Frank?

- Wait, wait um friend.
Friend how? Listen um..

Let's get this whole thing straight here. This
role was given to me by the producer directly.

You know, it had nothing to
do with Frank or friendship.

Or anything.
I got this role from the producer.

So you need to get your
information straight.

Interviewer-we all know the
role was meant for Frank Orji.

- Well that doesn't concern me.

- Let's talk about this video
of Frank, circulating the net.

- He is your very good friend.
- Good is a very, too strong a word to use.

- You know we, yeah we're like acquaintances,
but not as tight as you're saying.

- But you're together a lot.

- I see tons of instagram
photos with you and Frank Orji.

- Wait up a bit.
We work, often okay.

And then, um yeah of course, because when you're on
the job People tend to think y'all are close friends

but hey, we're just mere colleagues.

- You mean you're not
friends with Frank Orji.


I stayed with them long after my flight.

It was announced to ensure he was fine. To ensure he was
comfortable before we went ahead to catch our flight.

That day.

The fact that the video was doctored to a
point clearly reveals the malicious intent

of its author.

Truth Hurts, the online troll.
We know how he or she operates.

They target people like myself.

I'm totally innocent.

I rose through the ranks.

My early twenties, in this noble profession
and most of you know me

I've never lifted a finger to hurt anyone.

- I've always been respectful of everyone.

Look into it and understand
purely what this is.

That I'm a target.

Of online trolls.

Thank you for coming
out to hear my version.

Are there any questions for our Mr Orji?

- Yes

Er, lady in the back.

- Some people will say
this is PR damage control

Or have you actually gone to see
the man, to ensure he's still fine?

Mr Frank,. Mr Frank please,
You can't do this.

You can't do this. You're wicked!

You're wicked. You're too wicked.

No comments.

Mr Frank.

- We need this old man to speak.

To clear you and say the truth.


Let me try and find his number.

No comment please!

- Yes that is, that is fine.
I assure that, that would be just fine.

Thank you.

Okay he has agreed to tell
his side of the story.

He went to the airport to see his
son, who works in a private lounge.

He bumped into you accidentally.


Okay pay him whatever he wants. Okay.

This nightmare has to be over with.

On it Boss.
- Then he has to release the testimony video on time.



Well this is where the magic happens.

Hold that thought.

I don't want distractions over here.

Yeah I knew it was you, what do you want?


When the slap of Frank Orji
landed me on the floor.

I was looking for a pastor to confess
my sins before my iminent death.

Then he started kicking me.

Marching me on the ground.

No mercy at all.



Please fellow Nigerians, anyday you
see snake on one side of the road

coming towards you, then
Frank Orji on the other end

please rush to the side of snake because

Frank Orji is a Devil.

Frank, are you mad? Did nepa take
light in your head you dingbat?

You beat an old man.

Is your entire generation cursed?

Why are you lending yourself to
the propagation of stupidity?

And surrendering your
soul to idiocy for life.

Babe, did you really do that?

That's not me. Why are
you giving me that look?

That's not me.
- Don't even touch me.

That's so mean, how could you be..
No, no, no

No, no, no I'm not that guy.

This is nothing, this is not me.

I'm being set up, babe.
- Don't babe me.

Babe wait, hey, hey, eh

Come back.

Bring this thing back.

What is going on with my life?

Hilda, what is going on?

Frank I need you to calm down.

- I'm working on it.
- What did I just watch?

Gentle men of the press.

With immediate effect, Frank Orji is hereby
expelled from the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

No Producer or any Production Company is
allowed to work or do business with him.

Hey everyone, what's going on?

This is your girl, The Real Warri Pikin

There is a matter that has gotten my
attention. Hearing it made me weak.

It's that video that has Frank Orji beating
on a man old enough to be his father.

Frank Orji, let me tell you.
You're messing up.

You beat a man old enough to birth you.

You see, you meet your waterloo.

Yes I understand that they're painting
it out to be something different.

But that is honestly not the case. Once again.
I assure you that he is an amazing client.

Yes I... really?

Hello ma'am.

Really? Thast...


Don't sir, with all due respect, the
information that you have is not accurate.

My client is very respectful.

Sir I need you to
understand what I'm saying.

- Hello.

Um, this is Frank Orji.

Do you have a minute sir?

Okay, it's in view of what is going on.
Listen sir, it's nothing like me.

I know I can prove it.

But it's obvious that I'm being set up

I'm being set up, trust me.

Everything is an indication

- Listen Frank, I'm only
going to say this once.

So listen carefully.

Listen em, sir, I don't mean
to be disrespectful but please

You think maybe you can speak English?

Erm, I can't understand what...

There, I hope we have an understanding.

Understanding about what?

- Have a great day.

- Sir, hello?


Boss please do not tell me that we
just lost the Xiaomi mobile deal.


Come come

Thank you.

I hope you are ready to be the first
African Brand Ambassador of Xiaomi Mobile.

Warri Never Comes Last mhen.

No, that simply means I'm
%100 in love with your brand.

Hahaha, thank you my brother, thank you.

What is going on in my life?

Who is after me? Who wants to destroy me?

What did I do?
I've treated everybody fairly.

Have I not?
Boss I need you to calm down.

- Please sit down and calm down.
- No you calm down.

You calm down.

What are they doing here?
- You beat that baba now?

That old man that has cancer.

You beat him?



Heavy abomination

That's a curse.

And that curse will follow
you everywhere you go

like stinky beans.

Anything you touch will die
like it was doused in acid.

But sir, even as you're sitting
down, do you have any idea

Do you have the slightest idea of how
many demons are playing house with you.

Come on shut up. Will you shut up?

You have demons in your mouth.

Oh oh, you've ganged up against me too.

I told you there's a conspiracy, you
don't believe me, look at this nincompoop.

Everyone is after my life.

I'm a monster now.

I'm a monster right?

You've worked for me for years


I've treated you with
nothing but love and respect.

You Kingsley, when your mother
was lying down in the hospital.

Almost dead, then they wanted to throw her out
of the hospital. I gave you one month leave.

I gave you one month leave, with full pay.

And I paid your mother's hospital bills.
I paid everything.

And it totaled millions, I did.

Did I take the money back?

What about you?

Eh Mike.

Your brother, your twin brother drives
the richest man in Africa, My Friend.

Who got him the job ehn?

You came to me with your family problem.
And I fixed everybody in different places.

Did I not? Eh?
The monster did it right?

You Abigail.

Your child, have I not been
paying your child's school fees?

This is the third time
in a row now, third time.

In a row. Eh.
You don't remember right?

Everybody, everybody has convenient
amnesia. Isn't that right?

Heh. I told you, I told you.
This people cannot be trusted.

So this is it?
I'm now a monster eh?

I'm the one now, I'm the bad guy.

- You should just calm down.
- No, calm down

- Please.
- I'll calm down, you know what?

This house cannot contain all of us.
Somebody has to leave.

Since this is my house,
guess you're gonna leave.


I can play this game too.
I can play this game.

I'm giving all of you your salary.

Everyone of you, I'm
giving you your salary.

With one month bonus, I don't
want you in this house anymore.

Go and meet them outside.

Join them outside and destroy me.

You need to calm down. No, I know what I'm
doing. I don't need... they are the ones.

They are the ones, shh, shh

Ah, I've received the alert.

Okay, I've paid all of you your money.

I can't believe what's going on.
I can't believe my own people

It will not end like that.

It will not end.
By the time I'm done with everyone of them.

They will know.
You see you people, you people.

After everything I've do..

You need to calm down.

They left, why did they leave?

They've gone, you told them to go.

You know I didn't mean it.


They took off So they didn't
care about me all this while.

So it's just about my money.
Is that the way it is?

Is that how you are too?
You're after my money too eh?

You don't.. okay join them

Join them
Go and join them and destroy me.

Leave my house. Frank!

Leave my house!

I want you to go. I don't want you here.

- Frank I need you to get up and..
- Take your bag


I'm giving you, 3 months
bonus on top of your salary.

Is it money you people want?

Is it money you people want?
You'll get money.

You'll get...






Oh thank you Jesus.


Oh thank you Lord.

Thank you.

When Herod threatened to kill Jesus,

God told Mary and Joseph.

To run with their child.

God knows

that there are some
battles you cannot fight.


your son's case, is a battle

I cannot fight.

I should have known that, to
come here is a waste a time.


What is all this I'm seeing
all over social media?

Don't worry, I'm coming by
first flight tomorrow morning.

We are going to engage them
on a spiritual warfare.


Okay I'm having breakfast
mummy, let me call you back.


Hi Frank Orji.

The superstar

Ahmed Lawani here.

Ahmed Lawa?

Who is Ahmed Lawa

Yes erm, the actor.

Wait I know you.

Ahmed Lawal, Jezebel's husband?

Erm, The Dangerous Grove?

The same.

Um, something Cross Yeah.

That was you.

You were number 1 for a long time.

[I grew up on your movies]

I actually wanted to be like
you when I was starting out.

Guess you called me to

lambast me like everyone else online.

I shouldn't get excited.

Ahh nah.
See on the contrary, you know life is a

is a journey of peaks and valleys and when you are
down, you need somebody to stoop low and pick you up.


I'm so sorry, I..

I'm just so emotional right now.

Well that's why I called,
you know on behalf of NOTA.

NOTA's arms are open and
wide enough to receive you.

Yes, we used to be stars.

Until online trolls
destroyed, ruined our careers.


What is NOTA?

Ah, you don't know NOTA?

Nolly Old Timers Association.

Come, let's help you.

We will stoop to pull you up my guy.

I don't understand.

How can you help me when
you are all failed actors?

You're saying you'll stoop to pull me up.

What does that even mean?

You failed.
Frank Orji.

The superstar.

Ah! My son.


- Mummy,
- My son.

- Mum
- Son.

- Mummy I have suffered a lot

- God!
- I've suffered a lot.

- God will not let that happen!

- Evil has happened

- it's okay. I've come.

Who are these people?


Who are all these people, what
are they doing in my house?

They are pastors from the celestial
avenue of the channels of fire.

I told them about your condition and
they decided to come and pray for you.

No no. Leave my house, I'll call security.

I'll call security, where is my phone?
I'll call security.

- No, no

I'm going to call security, where is my phone?
- Jah!

Leave my hands

- Mummy
- Take it easy

Hallelujah! Amen!

- In the name of Jesus
Everyone - Amen!

- In the power of the blood of Jesus!
Everyone - Amen!

- Pray!

Hilda - Stop!
- Get out of here -Would you stop it! Stop!

- The power of the blood of Jesus
- Mama stop!

- Try and get some good food in.

Sort yourself out.

Get cleaned up.

Frank this place is a mess.

You are a mess.

Because I'm dead.

Frank don't say that.

Nobody loves me.

Frank I love you.

I'm a national joke.

Have you heard of NOTA?


Nolly Old Timers Association.

What about them?

They offered me a membership.

Those losers offered me
a seat at their table.

That's what has become of my life.

Frank you know as crazy as it sounds,

maybe it's not a bad idea.

It's better than you being in this
big 'ol house all by yourself.

Someone actually wants
to hang out with you.

You should think about it.

This place is a mess.

♪ Dry bones shall rise again ♪

♪ Dry bones shall rise again ♪

♪ Whatever goes up must surely come down whatever
comes down, dry bones shall rise again ♪

♪ Who shall rise again
dry bones shall rise again ♪

♪ Whatever goes up must surely come down whatever
comes down, dry bones shall rise again ♪

♪ Uh uh uh uh, dry bones shall rise again ♪

♪ Whatever goes up must surely come down whatever
comes down, dry bones shall rise again ♪

Man - It was after the Frankfurt trip.
As things started going bad.

But Germany, ahh!

Germany is my favourite place. Of all time.

- Well mine was Atlanta 2009

I did 7 movies back to back.

15,000 dollars each movie.
Well those good old days.

- What about you Mr Lawani,
what brought you down?

- Same as you, bad comments

- my own case, after my
cheating and divorce scandal

bad comments from thousands
of people, I don't even know

On facebook, twitter, I saw my
career going down the drain.

- Me too oo

Just because of a little scandal, my
career ended even before it started.

Bros, hmm?
Drink oo, drink and forget your sorrows.

Cheer up.

- Most stars will fall.

We pray that,

And then we have men like
you, who have money you know.


People who can bring value to the table

- exactly.
- Not all these wish washing people you know.

Hm barman

Do you know what is easy to forget?

People have power.

The most powerful is the mouth.
Social media represents our mouth.

Hence it is as powerful as the
words that leave our mouths.

But the words and deeds being projected
on social media these days are disturbing.

One word typed can break a heart.

And depress a soul.

One picture being shared
can break a marriage.

Some even use it to broadcast the
false representation of their lives.

To their followers.

Flaunting things they
don't own in real life.

Fake life makes a huge
part of social media today.

Today's social media, everyone
wants to be a reporter,

so they'll rather whip out their phones
to record am incident or accident.

Rather than render a
helping hand to the victim.

Many have lost jobs, relationships and families
because of their treacherous social media activities

Because of their bad comments.

Something good came out of it.

Like what?

God used it to bring you to us now.

So this is it?

This is forever?

Nothing, there's no recourse?

We're down and out for good?

My brother, you have enjoyed life to
the fullest. What else do you want?

What about the person that did this to me?

That did this to all of us.

The people that are doing it.

What are you going to do?

Track them down and punish them?


the reason why this people flourish
is because no one is challenging them.

- Think.
Is because no one is challenging them

is because no one is challenging them

Do you even know what that sounds like?

It's ill informed, unrealistic and dumb.

You know what Boss, I.. I'm not even
gonna let you do it, you're not doing it.


Listen to me arrgh.

You're the only one who stood
by me throughout this ordeal.

I was loosing my mind.

Now scratch that, I
lost my mind completely.

I lost everything but money.


Everybody abandoned me.

I.. I don't know where this is leading

I just know that if I never
get back up, it doesn't matter.

But I must get even.

Boss what exactly does this accomplish now?


I don't know Hilda.

Maybe I'll be saving the next guy.



Where do we start?

- The name is Roma and I've always wanted
to be a blackhat hacker since I was 13.


- Welcome to the interview,
Mr Tunde Tornado.

Now tell me a little about yourself.

Tunde Tornado

Tunde Tornado.

Oh okay, do you think that you
can speak just a little louder?

I'm already shouting.

What is he saying?

This is the loudest I can do.

Tunde Tornado.

Do you want me or not?


You're our point woman.

I want you to make a list of the
top trolls in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Everyone of them.

I want you to design the
strategy of approach.

And attack.


Got it Boss, on it.

Roma, take that list

Find them.

I want to know where they live.

I want to know who their friends are.

Who their families are.

Where they work, who they work for.

Their strengths, their weaknesses.

What makes them tick.

I want to understand their
motives for doing this.

If they take a piss, I want to hear live.

On camera, understood?

Yes boss, I'm already on it.

Tornado, I want you to
understand your unique position,

You are my weapon of choice.

You're the street general.
I want you to pick your top lieutenants

out in the streets and
place them strategically.

We're going to take pain to them.

I want you to make it hurt.


They'll pay for it.

Several trolls occupy
the social media world,

but none as worse as this three.
First up,


Next we have busy body 2000

Now this troll paints famous
people in silly lights

provoking tons of millions of bad comments.

Which of course make the celebrities upset.

And worst of them all, \

Truth Hurts.

Now his specialty is having false accusations
with audio, video and photo proof.

This one started it

I want this one first.

Go away, get out of my way, I'll...

Handle @obinnafashionista

Always claiming to have slept
with Nollywood guys apparently.

So what is he, gay?

Arrrgh, apparently not. He just likes
breaking homes of male celebrities.

Real name, Maruf Okanle.
A tailor from Ikorodu.

See his head like a coconut.

- What?
- I said his head looks like a coconut.


Yes, his head is a coconut.

I'm shouting, can't you guys hear me?

Can't you guys hear me?
No no, we can hear you.

All of you are crazy here.
- We can hear you chairman.

- Calm down. The guy is very ugly.

We know

Roma - I DM'd him after we trolled Tiwa
Savage, to meet me for a job. Isent him 50k

and said I had to see him in
person to balance him another 50k.

Come in.

The biggest celebrity blogger.

- How are you?
I'm good bro.

Got the balance?

Here's your balance.

How would you be killing the story.
Come on.

The story will be dead in a few minutes.

This is what we do guy, come on.
I'm good at this, you know this.

But how will you now convince the
people that the guy isn't really gay?

And that he didn't really sleep with you.

I'll come up with the narrative that
I mistook his name for someone else.

Than the culprit right?

Then the story will be dead.

Very good, so you're really not gay.

Here you go.


Who is next?
- Cletus Mbanefo.

Loves to troll actresses
and female dignitaries.

Asking if they enjoyed their
night of bliss with him.

Common wake up.


What is it?

A ha.

Who are these guys?

What is it?


Oh my god.



Oh my god.

Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?

Why did you do thjs?


Who propose go fear. God dey.
You stupid bitch.


Just look. Look...

Look at her.

And the best for the last.

I caught one of the big 3.

Natasha Adebayor

There's something different about this one.


She doesn't fit the mod
of your regular troll.

Uh huh.

None of them look like online trolls.

They're lions online and
then pussycats in real life.

She's too fine.


She's a goddess of beauty.


Every time, you guys pretend
like you can't hear me.

Please leave me.

Okay, what's her story?

Her story is

um, teacher of the year,
two times in a row.

Volunteers with the red cross at her free
time and advocates against child abuse.

My point exactly, that
is not the MO of a troll.

Let alone Ojuju

uh, maybe her phone was hacked?

Not likely, except her
device is being shared.

But I don't think her
accounts is the problem.

It has to be her device.

Listen erm, as much as I want
to get back at these bastards

It will really kill me to
hurt an innocent person.

Okay then how do we ascertain that?

Hey is that not Frank?

Oh shit!
Frank! It's Frank.

Go back guys, whoa!


- Hey, children stop. oh guys!
Stop that, please go into the bus.

Go into the bus quickly.
Let me get a minute.

To the bus, into the bus.

Nice to meet you guys.

Trust me the love is reciprocal.

You wanna help me up please?
- Frank Orji.


What brings you here?

Eh well, I hope you're not gonna
kick me down and spit on me

- No why would I do that?

I'm a huge fan.

Oh you are? Well that didn. t stop
the others doing the same thing.

So um, what brings you here?

Just you know coming out here to,

Look around and see em,

Erm, Oh, I know

You're doing research

for a movie and you want to use
our school as your case study.

Oh aren't you quite the genius.

That was very quick of the optic

Actually I was um,

yes, new movie role.

Um playing a teacher,

thought somebody said come check
out this school, and you know

see if I can understudy
a proper teacher and em,

and go from there.

Well Mrs Isaac would be
glad to do it because she

absolutely loves Nollywood movies.


I think having you in my class
will be quite distracting.

Looking at what you did to my kids.

Hmm uh.

Um I think I might have
a solution to that one.

- Good morning class.
- Good morning Miss Tasha.

Today we're going to be discussing
the addition of decimal fractions

and we have an example on
the board as you can see.

So 0.914

plus 0.035, who can give me the answer?


9th question.
Calp for her everyone.

So here we have that.

No no no, it is not a laughing matter.
Lady, I am a very rich man.

Take a 100 dollar, Lady put
your name and phone number.

Lady put your name and
number, let me take it up.

You're going to make my
ribs hurt with this..

I could keep this up all day.

I like to see you very happy.

It's no wonder these kids just adore you.

But you know, I wonder what
your other face is like.

With me, what you see is what you get.
Hmm, I beg to differ.

I think people have two faces.

One they show to the world
and the other in the shadows.

Frank, that sounds like
a line from a movie.

Nah this is a line from life.

Um well... Tasha is a very happy person.

Tasha is happy.

And my guilty pleasures are apple martinis

the occasional shisha.

And sometimes, I google
Chaning Tatum's pictures.

Oh Jesus, that's dirty.

But other than that, there are
no skeletons in my cupboard.

But yeah, this has been
really good but I have to go.

It doesn't have to end. I mean for all
the research gold you gave me today,

Yeah I think I should take you out, I know
this good place. I would love to but my mother

and younger brother are always at it and
I'm the peace maker

So I actually have to go, but thank you.

Okay so em, by tomorrow, I'm certain you
would have been done playing united nation.

[{giggles] You crack me up.

So maybe we can go get
a bite to eat somewhere.

Okay, sounds good.

I know this good place.
Let's get going.

Ladies first.

So any word on Truth Hurts?

Boss Truth Hurts has one of the baddest
firewalls I ahve tried and tried and tried.

But I'm not gonna give up, I'll keep hacking at it till I get it.
- Busybody 2000?

Same thing as Truth Hurts, but
not as bad or not as complicated.

In fact I have a guy that can
come up with an algorithm for it.

Hm, listen bring in whoever you need
to bring in, at whatever cost, okay?

I want this cracked.

Were you able to link Tasha to Ojuju?

Well, no such luck yesterday,

I will give it another shot tomorrow.

Boss if you ask me, I think Tasha is Ojuju.
She might not look it, but she is.

Look at this guy, Man With No Name. Nice guy
in real life, baddest com mentor online.

These guys, these trolls, they are chameleons.
I You can't let her deceive you Boss.

Very perky.

I think there's something
different about her.

Why? Because she has great
lips, hips and curves?


I think there's something
beautiful about her inside.

So you've been inside her.


Let's just say that if
Ojuju happens to be Tasha

She'll get served.

Like the rest.

Madam, whosoever she is, I want her.
- Noted.

Think I'm in love.

Why did I become a teacher? uh huh. To be
honest, I don't have a noble answer for that.

I didn't have any plans of saving the world,
or giving the children a better tomorrow.

After school, I got this job
and I fell in love with it.


Hm, fair enough.

I bet you always wanted to be an actor.


You know, I've always wanted this since I was little.
I wanted to be famous, I loved the attention.

I knew it was my greatest asset, my gift.

And so I pushed for it,
spoke it into existence

you know, strived for it
and positioned for it.

Hmm, In no time, I think it was my forth
year. A production company came to school

And then do the film. Yeah.
The rest is history.

Do you know, uh huh.

I mean what do I do really?

I came from humble beginnings, I understand
what these people are talking about.

It's not like I'm some rich
kid or some trust fund baby.

I worked my butt off for every dime I got.

I had to look after my mom.

So I just didn't wanna be
pulled down by my circumstances.

So I strived and used my gift audaciously.

Where am I supposed to be blamed for it.

So I take the odd picture of my toils, of
my achievement and I just wanna look good.

To let people understand that you can be anything
you want to be, if you strive for it. Uh huh.

Believe enough in it.

- So true.
- And then somebody decides

that I'm doing something so wrong, he makes a
career of making people like me miserable.

How does that play?

It's crazy.

Are you on social media?

Uh huh, twitter and instagram.

I see.

I suppose then that you know
some of the top bloggers.

Truth Hurts for instance.
Who doesn't know?

Everyone does know Truth Hurts.

Alright then, I also suppose
that you know a masquerade

Um if I catch you on the mainland, Ojuju.

- Yes we know all of them.
- You know Ojuju.


It's crazy.

So my question to you is what kind
of low life despicable creature

- hm,
- will make a career

of making other people,
I mean wake up in the morning

literally dreaming about how to
destroy other people's lives.

You have to be the lowest of lows

Frank, people are angry.

They want your life.

They study, they work hard, you know...

they go out of their way to be everything
and still they settle for less.

And then some actor goes and
buys a whip of 50 million.

A footballer throws a wedding of 100 million,
and you expect them to say congratulations?

They'll say burn in hell.

You know. So just before you put
out that new endorsement deal.

Or that new whip that you bought,

Just know that half of your social
media followers, are not your fans.

They are frustrated people looking for how to
vent, and you are just their outlet, trust me.

I see.



Back to earth, I'm here.

Message received loud and clear, I'm here.

- Um, I have to go.
- You haven't even touched your food.

Hakeem is outside and I'm with
the key, so I need to go home now.

Hakeem the boyfriend?

Hakeem is my brother.

And him and my mother had a fight.

So he's staying with me for a few days.

- Okay so, I'll..
- I just called my, I already called a cab.

Don't do that, cancel.

- No cancel seriously.
- It's off your route.

You are my route.


Aunty Kaffy, I swear to god I tried.

If mum is telling the
truth, she'll say I tried.

I went to those interviews
mhen, jobs are useless.

Okay so what about the
toyota we bought for you?

No Uber is beneath you.

Uncle Jemide's company, you
said he's too hard to work with.

Okay we said, look for an idea,
so we can add money for capital.

Hakeem till now, nothing.

Three months, that's all you have
in my house and I am not joking.

Frank please let me quickly go and change.

I'll be back.

- Where am I going to sleep?
- On my head.

So um, 6 months in kirikiri yh?

What was it like?

She told you I was in prison?

There's nothing to be ashamed of.

It's a private family matter now.

Why does aunty Kaffy like to expose me?

She didn't mean it that way.

She said you were one of the 26 year olds
that were caught on Odolume street for fraud.

Mhen that's on TV, that's casting.

- Boss, you won't understand.
- Come on I do understand.

I really do.

See, this is not my real face.

And forget the professor look
and everything, we're both men.

Why don't we talk man to man or like men.

- Growing up, you want to
get shit like that in Unilag.

I used to just find
something to push to school.

Making clothes, making shoes.

You know I started this yahoo
thing last year, after I graduated.

And under a few month,
I became Hakeem the hacker.

The don, the baddest.

My maga success ratio was 90%

you know bro, after a
few months, I bought benz

I bought prado, I rented a flat at Oniru.

I used to dash mum and dad money, even
Aunty Kaffy, I used to dash her money.

Although I lied that it was a contract job.

But then I got busted.

They took me to Kirikiri.

Then since I came out, but..
- Well I can understand.

One minute you're in the
Prados and Benzos, and then..

Hey that's actually a rhyme you know?

But you know..

When they started talking about Uber,
it didn't obviously sit well with you.

I swear to God bro, you get it.

This guy bam.

But you know Hakeem, being
on the straight and narrow

has it's rewards, you'll be
able to sleep well at night.

With you eyes closed.

It may not make as much
money as yahoo, but you know

A kid as smart as you,
can be anything they want.

I swear to god bro, you're old.

This generation, it's either music or maga.

Nah but it doesn't work that way.

You spent 4 years paying your
way through school Hakeem.

That means you understand
what hard work is.

I'm telling you all you need to do is
get a proper job, stay on the street,

A kid as smart as you
will make it, eventually.

Bro let me tell you something,
this regular job vibes

My family would be happy, but me,
I'll be depressed.

Trust me Hakeem, we're
both in the same boat.

And I think I'll make you understand that.

- Boss! Frank Orji.
- Right.

- Mad oo
- I told you.

Aunty Kaffy, please come.

- What is it? What's going on?

Your new ugly boyfriend is actually Frank.

Frank Orji.

I told you.

- Mad oo
- Is that why you were calling me?

Wow, you look gorgeous.

Hey, look at you.

How are you, you just having fun?
- Come here. Hey.

He's just a kid.

Jezebel mom.

Nice one, I will holla at you alright.
Nice one boss.

- You got it?
- I got it.

Okay, wow.

So what's next?

I mean Boss, ever since you started talking
to Tasha, Ojuju has stopped posting.

I mean, doesn't that ring a bell?

I need a few days with her till I figure
this out. Everything will pan out.

Eventually, alright.

Few days.

Oh my god. Sorry.
Somebody help

please, somebody help.
Sorry, sorry

To the best team.

- We did it.
- Yes

- I told you we will do it.
I know we could.

Boss, it's you.

You've all done a good job. Yeah yeah.
Thank you.

Roma could you get the door?

It's very true.


Sorry to have barged in on your house.

It's fine. Mi casa Su casa.

You're welcome.

Come anytime honey.
Thank you.

May I introduce my people uh

Left is Roma, he's got it all

On the right is big striking guy is uh, well, Tornado.
- You're too fine.

- I beg your pardon?

- You don't hear like them.

I honestly didn't get that.

Leave me alone.
- It's okay, don't go there.


Okay, on the left is the
lady of the house okay,

she pieces it together trust me.

My manager per excellence.

- Oh hi, I've heard so much about you.

Hi, and so have we.

So much about you.


That's fine, thank you very much.

Oh, oh!

Argh. hey.

Thank you.
Hey. Wow.


I'm so sorry about that.

I'll have a word with
his manager or somebody.

This... like, wow.

Wow, well

That's my world in black and white.

Now you understand why I pay top dollar for private spaces like this.
- Yes.

Yeah you become invisible to hostiles
but now the hostiles are insiders

You're accepting this
instead of fighting it.

Who do I fight?

Where do I start from?

I'm spiritually drained.

The world, I mean life is life.

People will be people.

I am who I am regardless.

No, I just decided to focus my
energy on something a lot better.

Makes sense.
Hey listen, here, put it here.

To the good life and love.

What's the problem?

There's trouble.


Tasha Kafilat Adebayor, celebrated Basic 3
teacher, Is also the famed notorious troll, Ojuju.

Is also the secret lover of the disgraced,
violent, fallen Nollywood star, Frank Orji.

Boss, they even tagged
a video to this thing.

Truth Hurts

Boss what do we do?

Did you

by any chance, link Ojuju's
account to Tasha's IP address?


All evidence points

that she is not Ojuju.

She can't be, it's not possible.

Then find him!

I will.

But boss you know I have tried, this thing
is not easy, it's not a small matter.

- I've tried.
- I want this bastard.

This bastard is drowning me.

This person is drowning me.

- You have to find him.
- Boss, I have tried. This person's skill is mad.

This person is a hacker, it's not something I can
just hack This person knows what he's doing.

So what you're telling me, is that in this whole
universe, there's no hacker badder than this person?

Never, too many bad boys all over the net.

Fine let me speak a
language you understand.

2 million. Get me a hacker for 2 million

that will find Truth Hurts,
I want this person found in 24 hours.


Boss now.

You need

That's your 2 million, I want that hacker.

Go. Get to it.

Alright boss.

Hey guys.

Oh God!

You should have kept this indoors.

I mean going out, going out to
eat, that's what caused this.

So she is Ojuju.

Yeah, bad guy, did you get my message?

Frank, why are they doing this to me?

They almost cost me my job.

Because of my history, they suspended
me for 2 weeks but with pay.

Atleast they don't want to loose me.

But what I don't understand is why anyone
would think I'm a social media troll.

Like I don't even see the connection.

Um, what device do you
use for social media?

My phone.

Yeah, but what way did you get the phone?

My cousin in England gave it to me.


It's no big deal, it's nothing.

I think you should come
over to mine for a few days.

Or at least till this blows over.

Just to look after you.

Protect you, make sure you're okay.

Everything is going to be fine.

Hello Hilda.


Is he gonna be okay?




What's going on?

I don't know..

What happened to him? I don't know.

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

He just... he just collapsed.

Sir I don't know what happened

I don't know.

Tasha is outed.

The old man saga is dredged

and Roma falls ill.

No, no no honestly, all of these,
all these feels very very connected.

I don't care.

I'm just really concerned
about everyone around me.

Obviously, we're being targeted.

I need you guys to be really careful.

I want you guys to give me some room.

I need at least a 40 foot
distance away from me

Who is next?

Everybody around me is getting destroyed.

Okay you know what?

I'm gonna run you a hot bath

to get you out of this funky mood.


- Boss I did it. 200k. I did it bro.

Did what?

You said if I can get a job and make up to
200k, you'll double it for me to invest.

What did you do?

It's Uber.

You know I figured if I stay level headed, I
should be able to make something big out of it.

I'm proud of you.

Send your account details,
I'll do the rest yeah.

Boss don't worry, if I can do 200k,
I'm sure I can do better than this.

In fact, I heard of this HWO
foundation, let me see how it goes.

Sounds good, I've heard good things about it. I
hear they're really empowering young entrepreneurs.

I think you should take it up.

Proud of you mhen.

Yes Boss, with this slow and steady process, I can
sleep with both eyes closed and that's the main thing.

This is amazing, You're
a great guy you know.

You just needed perspective.

Atleast something good came out of me.

I don't understand Boss.

Well you heard what happened
to your sister because of me.

Are you Truth Hurts?

No man.

That guy has been attacking
me and everything I do.

Trying to destroy me

at every turn.

He somehow dragged Tasha into this.
He's trying to bring her down.

Mad people have done everything
to break his firewall but

He just didn't bend to... I just

Boss why didn't you tell me
you're looking for Truth Hurts?

Listen, Hakeem I really appreciate
your offering to help but

My brother this is not the regular yahoo
yahoo thing. This is deep stuff mhen

Security cyber stuff mhen.

It's way beyond your skill set.

You've forgotten it's
me, Hakeem the baddest.

Boss I graduated from Unilag
with a 2.1 in computer science.

And all these yahooing was because I was
a commander in Supreme Blackhat Hacking.

Boss, I'm good.

- That one is small, I will find him.
- You can find him?

Common social media troll, I will find him.

- You sure?
- Smallest, Boss

I will do it, in fact I have a request right now Boss. Let me call you back.
- Okay.

Okay Hakeem

- No way, you have to be kidding me.

You're the one that has been outing trolls?


So what, you came after me
because you thought I was Ojuju.


Listen, I understand your frustration.

But given the situation then,
I had to take drastic measures.

So I brought on board some of
the best minds in the game.

And we did what they do

We traced the IP Address of every
troll, linked it to their email

subsequently, their address.

And then of course we ended
up at a certain device.

Now the device in question that you posses

was the device Ojuju uses to
troll people, especially me.

But I told you that it was
my cousin that gave it to me.

And I believe you.

Okay so what are you going
to do to my cousin now?


If for anything,

the fight

has been drained out of me since I met you.

And that's why I decided to end it.

I've decided to end this operation


I found you.

No really.

What was that for?

Because now I'm in love with you.

Come here.

Come on, please.


I love you too.

Get a room guys, there's 7 of us here.

One second Hilda.

- You know what we need?
- Yes Boss.


You got Boss.
With extra cheese for the lovely lady.

Okay, so please, pepperoni for me
as usual and anything really good.

- Alright, let's go. Chop chop.
- Alright.

Me Hakeem.


Oh shit!

The customer you're dialing is busy
- Boss pick now

fucking hell.


pizza's here.

- Oou
- set it up

- okay
- hmm, smells nice already.

Oh I know.

- Dig in baby
- uh huh.

Hol up.

Just a second, I have
something to tell you.

Now something amazing
happened while you were away.

- No, Frank!
- Yes.

I popped the big question.

Look at that, got bling in it.
Look at this one, haha it will blind you.

- I love it babe.
- You deserve more. Aw

Now listen, I know I've not
known her for that long.

But, this one is for me.

Babe stop.


We should celebrate.

- I know right.

- Don't I have the best PA in the whole world?
- Yes!

Okay you grab the crystal,
I'll grab the glasses.

Quite right.




- Yeah
- Babe you need to taste this.

Oh for real, uh huh.

- Uh, it's so good. It's amazing.
- Open that you mouth, it's amazing right?

This is amazing babe.

- It's incomparable The best

You need to grab a piece of this.

Grab a piece.
Trust me on this one

It is to die for.

Interesting choice of words, Frank Orji.

What's going on


Frank Orji and his
beautiful, pretty, lovely


Are having a last supper.

Arrrrgh, oh!

I forgot to tell you.

The pizza

The pizza came with a generous portion

of arsenic

thickly marinated and seasoned

in some cheese please.

Oh guys stop, stop.

Don't worry

you still have a few minutes
to say your last prayers.


Well because you are a
pathologically ignoramus bastard!

Frank Orji.


Do these, look like movie props?

Does this look like a film costume?

For 2 years.

2 long years

I invested in makeup

and hair dos, and dresses,
and facials, and fragrances.

Only for me to be rewarded with words

How do you repay my efforts?

You fall in love with Trasha

Frank Orji.

[sighs deeply

Frank Orji.

Arrrgh, the flings!

And the dates, the one
night stands, the sex!

The flings, the dates, the one night stands

the flings, the dates, the sex!

The one night stands, all very


And understandable.

Because you're a man.

And every man has that gene, that gene

That fuck boy gene!

Frank Orji

I was supposed to be your queen.

I was supposed to be the one on top

but you know what you did?

You find some nobody, from God knows where

who has the online Monica of Ojuju

oh Frank Orji how, how
could you stoop so low?

Frank Orji

It was you.







Roma almost discovered who I was.

He was this close

so he had to go.


Truth Hurts

Truth hurts

Yes Frank Orji

Truth Hurts

It does doesn't it?

Frank Orji, the truth hurts

and the truth always wins

Well, Frank Orji.

Oh why?
Questions of life why

Frank Orji. I came into this
entertainment industry for a career.

And all I kept getting
offered were times in bed

So up close and personal I
realized and I discovered

that it was all a facade

it was all bullshit.

Frank Orji

You were good.

- Fix yourself
- and different

and you took my opinions on board.

And I was falling in love with you.
And we would have been perfect together.

Frank Orji, did you know how many hours
of video footage I have of you Frank Orji?


I am not interested in Hilda
like that, she's a proficient PA.

You needed to be punished.

Humbled, Frank Orji.

You were supposed to hit
rock bottom, loose everything

Your friends, your career,
your love, everything.

And then someone was supposed to bring
you right out of all that mess, not her!


The glory would have been all mine.


- Victory is mine, Victory is mine
- What happened to them?

Oh my gosh! yes,

I came in and I found them on the floor.

You know what I think happened
I think she poisoned him

and then she poisoned herself.

Wait, who are you?

- My friend
And my brother. Boss.

Yes. We got everything
Good job.

Baddest guy!

Wait, what is going on?

- What is going on is that
we've been on to you from day 1.

You see, when Roma slumped
I knew something was happening.

And of course, the hospital chalked
his condition to high blood pressure.

I mean he had no pre condition like that, neither
did he have any family history in that state.

I thought something was really
amiss, so we dug deeper.

I took the pack of juice Roma had and
sent it to the lab and had it checked out.

And it was laced with a
high dose of adrenaline


So I decided to dig even deeper.
At first I suspected my friend here

After that, Hakeem and my
girlfriend came into the picture.

Hilda Wakama, your manager,
Boss I assessed her video files

This babe is the girlfriend of the devil.

Wild stuff that you've done in the past

I couldn't believe that is the same
person I've been with all this years.

Hakeem the baddest, no
1 cyber guy, trust me.

And that's where the die was cast

So, we took it a step further

Get a room guys, there's 7 of us here

You know what we need? Yes boss

How long will she take? I'm on my way.

And my dear your performance
this afternoon was stellar.

And yours was oscar worthy.

Ah, you still have a few minutes.

To say your last prayers.

Honestly we didn't
expect that speech drama.

We were really amazed at how much drama
and how much confession you gave us today.

We switched it, you see that whole
moment where I asked to get the crystal.

Yes we switched it.

And then before then, she toasted some
bread to disguise the aroma of the pizza

walking in, you would not suspect

Baby, Pizza is here... oou. And you
know how we know you poisoned the pizza?

We had Tornado follow you all through,
that is how we found out who you truly are.

You know what, You know what the
difference between you and me

Is that I'm not well.
I'm not well.

I have experience doing
really bad things, okay

So what's going to happen is you're going
to give me everything that you have on me.


And then I'm going to walk out of here.
And it'll be my word against yours.

Well it's not exactly that easy.

Because you're on live cam,
to start with my friend

recording her was brilliant,

but having her on live is the grand feed.
Instagram live.

Was absolutely spectacular,

Move to the left

Right, small small

Yeah yeah, chill now.
Yeah it's alright.

Move yeah it's alright.

Yeah say hi to the world bitch.

On live cam? ehen.


Yeah get her Tornado, get her!

It was on this seat

5 months ago

that I lied and slandered my fellow man.

His name is Frank


It was the devil's work.

I needed money.

A lady, Hilda, gave me money.

The devil pushed her

and she pushed me.

And we'll pay double for all the trouble.

Well, double sounds good.

Thank you, Mr onevick

Frank that we know, heh

To think that Frank will
do such a thing to that man

or even anybody else, no we stood
by him all the way, we had his back.

You see this life is just somehow, you know
People misunderstand people.

I always knew you know, Frank.
I always knew he was innocent, maybe I..

For everyone of you

that have lost something.

Either a job,

a relationship,

a house,

I've arranged a bailout.

I'll give each one of you a better job,

a better home,

the companies that I took,

underneath your feet will reabsorb you.

We'll move you into better homes.

I have done this for posterity.

Now you replicate,

by going out there helping people
with the power and skill you have.

Your mind and your device is for
lifting and for pulling down.

- Thank you very much for your time sirs.

Bio medical waste
management is big business.

One that a lot of people
have not taken time to study.

Fortunately I have, and my
findings are quite interesting.

In a few seconds, I will use
this chat to juxtapose the ratio

in demand with..

Ah good day sir, here is the presentation for
the bio medical waste management project.

Sorry this is..
- and erm, this is the introduction.

Leave introduction first,
scroll down to the budget

Oh, the budget, okay

Here is the budget.

- How much is this?
- 55 million sir.

What do I want to do with 55 million?

Sir 55 million is the exact amount
you need to execute this project.

Sharp, put 200 million.
Once I collect my 200 million cash

I will give you 10 million. And me I'm off.

Canada. I'm off! my whole family,
everybody has passed the exam.

Even my sidechic.

You think I want to be an entrepreneur?

Eh? Please carry this thing. 200million
If I wanted to do entrepreneurship..

Please please carry this thing.


Em, I'm sorry, I can explain.

I'm sorry, it's a mistake
I can explain.

Please sir.

- Out, I can explain
My friend, leave.

I can explain.
Leave now!

Bros, are you hearing me?
- please get your bag.

Mhen get out.

Thank you very much
Please leave.

Good afternoon sirs, I'm Hakeem Adebayor.

I'm here to share my
revolutionary new software.

For heightened cyber security.
- Sounds interesting.