Bad City (2022) - full transcript

Kaiko City is plagued with poverty and crime. When a corrupt businessman decides to run for mayor and starts eliminating opponents from the rival mafia, a former police captain serving time for murder is secretly released and put ...

The chairman of the Gojo conglomerate,
Wataru Gojo

was acquitted of bribery and collution.

It remains to be seen if the prosecution
will appeal against the verdict.

Gojo will appear soon, with the press
eagerly anticipating his speech.

Congratulations on your acquittal.

Strange words for the Prosecutor-General.

Not at all.

I regret having caused you
so much trouble.

I don't want any more trouble, OK?

Yes, I'm very aware of that.

Sir, your car's at the back.
The lobby is overrun with the press.

Mr. Gojo.

You know this isn't over, right?


I will expose your true character.


You can't lay a finger on me.

My skin is very thick, you know. question, please.

I'm Maeda...

I hear you have strong ties

to the Prosecutors Office, as well as to
political and economic circles.

And how do you feel after being declared
innocent thanks to such connections?


And you are?

Mori from Kaiko TV.

Please tell us...

Dear fellow citizens.

I apologize for any distress I have
caused, but I've been safely acquitted.

Although I was wrongly suspected,

I feel morally responsible
for everything that's transpired.

The Gojo conglomerate and I

have devoted ourselves to
the development of Kaiko city.

However, the city is

still disgracefully labeled
as a city of crime.

Therefore, I, Wataru Gojo,
have decided to step down from my position

as chairman of the Gojo conglomerate,

and run for the next city mayor!

I believe this city, plagued by poverty
and violence, can become prosperous

under my supervision.A place where
everyone can live safely and soundly!

My fellow citizens, please make me,

Wataru Gojo, the savior of Kaiko city!

Wataru Gojo running for Kaiko City Mayor

Captain Ikeda.This isn't
the First Investigation Division's job.

Well, yes.This should be us,
the Fourth Division's job.

So, what are the Violent Crimes
Division doing here?

Hey, don't ransack the crime scene!

We've been ordered to come, you know.

Hey, watch your mouth!

This should be the Fourth Investigation
Division's job, right?

Yakuza warfare, huh?

You should see this.

As you know, this is the boss
of the Sakurada gang.

Now look at this.

They wouldn't go this far.

It's Violent Crimes' responsibility
to solve this.

Isn't it First Division's?


So, what about the Sakurada gang's office?

Yabuki's checking it out.

What're you screaming about?

Got the wrong job?

Excuse me.

Newbie, you're late!

I'm sorry!

Found anything at the office?

I told you to wear sneakers!

I'm sorry.

Are you wearing those cuz you wanna
look like you can do your job?

That's the definition of a useless person
in our world.

Hey Nishizaki,
be a little nicer, will you?

Newbies quit right away
if you're too hard on them.


I won't quit...

Enough chitchat!

So, what'd they say?

Ah, it's clear why his hand was cut off.

The Sakurada gang's safe opens with
a hand authentication.

Yup, just as I thought.

Shit! This is gonna be a pain in the ass.

Um, what's going on?


Look at this.

Hey, newbie!

Learn the three principles
of being a detective.

Number one, don't throw up
on duty.


Number two.

Don't cry in public.

Number three...

Emergency.The family of the Sakurada gang
leader has reportedly been massacred.

Patrol cars in the vicinity...

I need an explanation.

I was told that Sakurada had it.


someone beat you to it,
or they may have hidden it.

Or your information was incorrect.

His family members didn't know.

You killed them?

To be more precise,

I had them killed.

You Koreans have a bad habit
of taking it too far.

Says a speech-loving Japanese.

For God's sake, you're complicating things
by causing a ruckus!

You know how big of a deal it'd be
if it were to go public.


Kim Seung-gi!

This is your mistake,
caused by your doubts about me.

Your boss doesn't know about this, huh?

You mean Madam?

Her head's wrapped around her son,
Tae-kyun now.

You don't want her as an enemy.

When that happens,

I'll see Tae-kyun in the afterlife.

Don't disappoint me anymore, OK?

You want this?

Maybe I'll feed it to the fish.

Come in.

Excuse me.

It's been a while.

Yes, it has.

How're things lately?

Were we that close?

You're as harsh as ever.

Are you mad you didn't get
a guilty verdict for Gojo?

I see that your appeal
was also terminated.

I got a warning from
the Prosecutor-General.

I guess the Prosecutor-General
is really connected to Gojo.

There may be more involved.

Well, that sucks.

I have a favor to ask of you.

Sure, if it's not a hassle.

I want you to form

a special investigation division.


I've picked out the members.

Special Investigation Division Zero
won't belong to the

prosecution or the police.

I take full responsibility, of course.

Lieutenant Satoshi Kumamoto
from Violent Crimes.

Lieutenant Ryota Nishizaki
also from Violent Crimes.

And Lieutenant Megumi Nohara,
again from Violent Crimes.

Why only from Violent Crimes?

That's because they all cleared

a background check.

Is this some kind of joke?

Captain Makoto Torada
from Violent Crimes.

What's he like?

How should I know?

He's your ex-boss.

He's foul-mouthed, violent, with no sense
of propriety and likes to intimidate.

The typical fieldwork-kind.

He's just a brute.

A brute?

Good to hear.

Why did he leave
the Public Prosecutor's Office?

No clue.

Me neither.
Ex-prosecutors usually become lawyers.

But he joined the police, starting
at the bottom, and rising to Chief.

You never hear such stories.

He's just the perfect guy.


Hey, Chief.

What? Yes, right away.

Hey, Kuma!


You fucked up, huh?

I don't think so.What's wrong?

The chief wants you.Now.

It could be good news.

Good news? Idiot!When was the last
time we had good news?

Oh no, this is bad.

I don't like this.

Get out!

For a meeting.

The Superintendent Prosecutor
wants to see you.

You aren't released, you know?

It doesn't matter whether you're the
perpetrator or not.


What do you mean?

You know what, I can't agree
with this selection.

You need a thief to catch a thief, huh?

But anything could happen.

Like I said,
I'll take full responsibility.

I'm Hirayama.

And she's...

Well, you know her already.

Have a seat.

Suspected for murder, huh?

I've been going over your case again,
and a lot of things just don't add up.

No witnesses, no testimonies.

And the security cameras in the station
parking lot were out of order that day.

More importantly, who would go to work
with a dead body in their car trunk?

What do you want?

I'll help clear your false charges.
In exchange,

I want you to help me arrest Wataru Gojo,
the chairman of the Gojo conglomerate.

Why do you think I'm innocent?

Before your arrest, you were investigating
his collusion with the Korean mafia.

I guess they saw you...

as a real threat.

You want to arrest Gojo?

That's a joke.

It's not.

What can someone like you
who rests comfortably above the law do?

Listen, Gojo and Kim Seung-gi are animals.

They'll eat you alive
if you treat them as people.

And if you treat them as animals,
as I did, this happens.

I see.

Beating up a good guy is violence,
but beating up a bad guy is justice.


Let's make the world that way.

Are you sure?

I killed a man in self-defense once.

And Tae-kyun?

I might have killed him.



Is this the right place?

This is the address.

But there's no one here.

Come here, quickly!


Holy shit!

What's up?

Not much.

What's going on?

I'm on parole for a limited period.

A limited period?

And you guys?


Sent out on loan?

To where?

How should I know?!

Just go to the fucking address!

Damn it!

Why'd they take three of my staff

right when we're short on people?

Who're you?

Come on, introduce yourself.


Megumi Nohara from Violent Crimes.

She's a newbie.

Is she useful?


Can we cut to the chase?

Captain, who's she?

I'm Koizumi from Public Safety.


You're all assigned to
Special Investigation Division Zero,

under my supervision from today.

Enough of that.

Get to the point.

I have a bad feeling about this.

It could be worse.

It all started three years ago.

Gojo pushed the mayor of Sakai into
redeveloping the West District.

But isn't it odd?


This man won the mayoral election

four years ago, by opposing redevelopment
and winning the votes of the poor.

Even though the Gojo conglomerate
pays 40% of the city's tax,

isn't it risky for the mayor
to approve the redevelopment?

There's a reason Gojo insists on
redeveloping despite public opposition.

Redevelopment sounds good,

but it turns out that Gojo is planning
to build an integrated resort,

with a casino, in the West District.

Kaiko city prohibits the sale of land
to foreign capital, right?

To smooth the way
for attracting the casino,

he’s running for mayor himself,

hoping to repeal the bill banning
foreign investment.

Song Hwan Construction is in charge
of land acquisition in the West District.

A decent company on the surface,
but it's run by Korean mafia.

The Sakurada gang occupies
the West District.

That means, the murder of the
Sakurada gang's boss...

Is the result of a conflict of interest
between the Yakuza and the Korean mafia.

How fucking nice.

Um, I have a question.


I understand the perimeters,
but what are we supposed to do?

We need to arrest Gojo.

Embezzlement, bribery, treason,
you name it.

We need evidence to crush him.

That's our mission, huh?

And one more thing.

All evidence and testimonies collected
must be kept confidential.

Those who fail to maintain confidentiality
will be punished accordingly.

Key Suspect

We're looking for the first lieutenant
of the Sakurada Kunio Yamazaki.

Guys! Leave no stone unturned
until you find him!

Yes, sir!

Let's go.

What's up?

What's going on?

We know the killer of
Sakurada gang's boss.

It's Yamazaki, the lieutenant.

A security camera at Sakurada's house
caught him running away, covered in blood.

But why would Yamazaki do it?

Who cares?

I don't know who I lent you to, but get
your arses back here if you're not busy.

How the fuck are we not busy?


It's terrible, isn't it? I just wanted
to get to the bottom of it.

I get you.

Looks like it's only me, all because
Gojo complained to the networ head.

Must be tough to work in this city
as a reporter.

I think I'm gonna cry myself to sleep...

but of course, I won't!

You don't change, do you Mika?

How's your work? Investigation?

Well, yeah.

Who knew we'd reunite like this.

With my own case and Gojo's arrest,
I'll do it my own way.

You can't do as you like.

You must report back to me.

You've not been reinstated,

so you can't carry firearms or use them.
That includes

Or kill in self-defense of course.


There's more?

I've been meaning to ask you
for a while now.


You left prosecution, why?

In your eyes...

are they evil and we're just?

Do you think that?

What do you mean?


I feel that we're all the same.

The only difference is whether
we're in the light…

or the shadow.




I'll get back right away.

An incident?

Um, yeah.

I wanna know if you get some news
about Gojo, OK?

No way, it's confidential.

Come on! My job is on the line!

OK, fine! Take care of the bill!

Should I have some work done here?

What is it?

He's out of prison.

I've sent my guys to take care of him.

He's back in this city?

The one who killed Tae-kyun?


I want him dead!

Stop the redevelopment!

Step down, mayor!

So, why the hell do
I always have to drive?

I'm not allowed to since
I always bash up the car.

Who the hell cares about
this worn out car?

Tell the Chief, then.

Shut up!

I'm tired of listening.

But still!

My wife gets mad too
when I say the same thing.

Anyway, you're going to be working
together with the Captain from now on.

Take care or you'll die.

When he was in charge, our nickname
was the Power Harrassment Division.

But no sexual harrassment.

Don't scare her.


Why go to the gang office if the Fourth
Division already searched it?

Why the hell would I know?

Um, I have a question.


Did the Captain really kill someone?

Just observe him.

You'll see the truth.

You're late!


Boss, aren't you gonna call for backup?

Where is it?

Hold on.

Thank you.

You wait here, newbie.

Let's go.

Radio us if something's up.

We're ready.

Let's go!

Go around.

Hey, Murata.

What's up with that outfit?

Having a match somewhere?

Shut up!

The fuck!

Where the fuck are you going?!
You bunch of goons!

Shut the fuck up!


Let's call for backup.

Hey! Stop that fucking sound!

Answer my questions.

I'm not talking to you!

You sure?

You'll regret it.

I knew it.

It always goes down like this, huh?

You piece of shit!

What're you gonna do?




Where am I?

Answer us first.

Where's the lieutenant, Yamazaki?

You know that Yamazaki is wanted
as a suspect in Sakurada's murder, right?

He'd never murder our boss.

That's what I want to fucking know.

They played us, for sure.


Kim Seung-gi.

Did you really murder Tae-kyun?


Tae-kyun adored you!

You've got it, huh?

What do you mean?

I don't know the details,

but Tae-kyun got ahold of some evidence
to turn the Gojo family upside down,

and our boss said that we could crush
Kim Seung-gi with it.

So Sakurada was killed because
he obtained the evidence?

I don't know.

Everything's in the dark
after Tae-kyun's death.

Um, who's Tae-kyun?

It's the guy Captain allegedly killed.

And he's the son of the don of
South Korea's mafia.


uncuff him.

Just do it.

What're you up to?

Shut it.

What does it matter whether
I killed Tae-kyun or not?

We're after Gojo and Kim Seung-gi.


Isn't it better for the Sakurada gang
if they're gone?

Where's Yamazaki?

He's not here.

No luck.

No sign of Yamazaki.

Maybe he changed his hideout, or
was abducted.There're signs of a fight.

Kim Seung-gi might've got here first.

Any news of Yamazaki?


Maybe Kim Seung-gi wasn't here first.

There's a chance Yamazaki was working
with them from the start.

This is a chance
to shake up Kim Seung-gi.

Get some evidence that he was
colluding with Yamazaki.



stop making shit up!

Hey, what're you doing?!

You said I could beat up bad guys.

You bastard!

Please calm down.

Let's not fight.

Something's bugging me.

Tae-kyun and Kim Seung-gi are comrades.

Why did he try to give the information
to the Sakurada gang?

That's probably because Tae-kyun
fell in love with the boss's daughter.

But isn't she still in middle school?

No, his ex-wife's daughter.

That's enough.

You can leave.

I'm releasing you.

Wait a minute.

You need to give me
some more information.

Like what?

About Sakurada's daughter, and also
your relationship with Tae-kyun.

What do you know?

I have no clue what you mean.

I saw someone.

Is it Yamazaki?

Come on!


Hurry up!

I know!

Please hurry up!

Shut your mouth!

Kuma, I can't see!


I'll pop into Hirayama's office.

I'll leave you to it.

What'll you do with me?

You can go too.

We'll keep in touch.

You sure?

Just go.

We might have found Yamazaki!
We're now in pursuit!

Where are you?

Going down Route 17.

The license plate shows that the car
belongs to Sanko Foods.

Send the address to my phone.

Come in.


You alright?


You don't look alright.

I know how you feel.

This case is huge for a newbie.

Even this dumbass was freaking out
on his first case, you know?

Was I, really?

So don't worry.

We've got you even if you mess up.
That's what a team does.


Agh! Watch it! Oh, God!


Here's the report on what we have so far.

By the way.


I need to share something with you.

Oh my God!

It's some evidence
I obtained from some PIs that I hired.

Why didn't you use this at the trial?

It'd be quashed.

But still...

The idea is to add damage bit by bit.

Even though it wouldn't matter?

I've got a plan.

And I can't just keep relying on you guys.

But it's worrisome.

Please be careful.

You don't have to worry.

And… even they wouldn't dare
to put their hands on a prosecutor.

You can leave.

We'll sneak inside now.

Do you copy?

Radio jamming, huh?

Now what?

We've gotta go.


It's Yamazaki.


Excuse me.

What's up?

Look at this.

Is this Sakurada's?

Most likely.

A body found by a river
in the West District,

was identified as the suspect Yamazaki.

Attention all patrol cars and officers.
The search has been lifted.

I repeat...

This is HQ! Do you read?

Hey! Do you read?

Don't move!


Put the knife down,
and turn around slowly.


Don't freeze or you'll die!

Don't chase too far!

You alright?


I'll leave you here!

Nohara! Don't lose consciousness.


Please don't die!


Wake up.

Wake the fuck up!

Wake up!

God, please!


Kuma! Kuma!

Wake up! Please! Please, God!


Where… Where the fuck are you going?

You idiot!

Let me go!

The principles of a detective, number one!

Don't throw up on duty!

Number two!

Don't cry in public!

Number three.

Don't take life for granted.

Listen up.

What just happened,

is something you'll have to
live with from now on.

If you can't do that,

let me know.

I'll let you leave.

Hey, Nishi!

Bring me every person

who works at this company.


Captain.Why are you so heartless?

He's not coming back even if I cry.

What's up?

Lieutenant Kumamoto died on duty.


We're meeting up at the hospital now.

OK, I'm on my way.

It's done.

I see.

So Hirayama was the one
who dispatched those detectives.

They failed to get rid of
the other two detectives.

Well, they can't touch me without brains.

You'd better not underestimate
Detective Torada.

He's insignificant.

You know what to do now?

You're sure?

You said it'd be problematic
to make an enemy of her.

At this point, the wisest course
is to get rid of all nuisances.


Let's settle this.

You can kill me if you want.

But I need you to give me Kim Seung-gi.

You know Japanese, huh?

The headline of MBC News in the U.S.
early this morning has been shocking.

This photo showing close ties between Gojo
and the Korean mafia

may affect the West District
development project and Gojo's election.

I thought I told you to avoid
working with him.

You mean Gojo?

Did you see the news?

He's just a gold-digger.

Are you happy being a lapdog
for the Japanese?

I'm sick and tired of your hate
for the Japanese.

Kim Seung-gi.

Tae-kyun ended up losing his life

because of that hatred.


Oh, nothing.

You killed him?


What's going on?

Get in!


Are you OK?

I guess he was telling the truth.

What's wrong?

You won't kill me?

You know something.

I'll kill you after I hear it.


was passing on information
about you guys to me.

He said he wanted to protect you

from Kim Seung-gi's recklessness.

But why would Tae-kyun
work with you?

I arrested him back in the day.

Since then,

he got super attached to me.

Where's Kim Seung-gi?

You think I'd sell my own people?

Tae-kyun sent this letter to me.

The truth is in there.

You should pay a visit.

That old hag, she'll come for us again.

Get more people.

How do we move on from here?

Unfortunately, the police and prosecution
don't know about this division.

The Chief Prosecutor's gone,
and we'll be stripped of our powers.

That's it for us.

Don't kid me.

So Kuma died in vain, huh?

Still no word from Captain Torada?

Look, as long as his false accusation
isn't acknowledged, he's still a prisoner.

His parole will probably be revoked.

And if we don't hear from him soon,
he'll be a wanted man.

So make sure he turns himself in
after you get in touch with him.


You should be safe here.

Use this car if you'd like.

Excuse me, but who are you?

The Sakurada gang.

Good day, sir!

Good day, sir!

Director of the Gojo conglomerate and
suspected killer of Prosecutor Hirayama

has committed suicide.

Police and prosecutors have announced

they're looking into collusion between

the Gojo conglomerate
and the Korean mafia.

Wataru Gojo, ex-chairman
of the Gojo conglomerate,

will be holding
a press conference soon.

The reason

I'm here today, is to explain to you all,

the incident that involved

I must speak to you about
Tamura, Executive Director

As a matter of fact,

Tamura contacted me last night

and informed me
about his misconduct.

I was in shock.

And not only that,

the West District redevelopment plan

that I proposed for the benefit
of my fellow citizens has been abused.

It has become a source for mafia funding.

It saddens me greatly.

He's only good at speaking.

I will fully cooperate
with the prosecutors

and police, to ensure

that this will never happen again.

So he's planning to cut us off, huh?

How will you take responsibility for this?

Let me state my decision.

As of today, I, Wataru Gojo,

will give up my candidacy for mayor.

But in every shape and form,
we will wholeheartedly continue to

I will continue to do my best
to serve our citizens!

You're evading blame!

Please be more specific!

What do the citizens mean to you?

You've even lost your chance
to repent, huh?

Who the hell are you?

When I think of all the crimes
you've committed,

you deserve to die.

Fortunately for you, I'm a detective.

You're alive for now.

A detective, huh?

What department?

I don't have a title
or a name to give you.

I see.

Well then, there's nothing more to say.

But you know what?

No matter how much evidence
you scrape together,

I'll never be found guilty in court.

There's no such thing

as justice in today's judicial system.

We'll see about that.

Thanks to you cutting off Kim Seung-gi,

we've got the upper hand now.

I have enough

juicy evidence to throw you
and your friends in jail.

So be prepared.

Thank you.That'll be 780 yen.

I believe it's that woman.

Sorry, mommy's busy right now.

Thank you! See you again!

See you.Thank you.

Sorry for the abrupt letter.

I couldn't talk to you face to face,
so I wrote to you.

There is someone I really want to
introduce to you, mother.

She's Japanese, who I know
you really dislike.

She's also the daughter
of the Sakurada gang's boss.

She is very nice and kind
to a Korean like me.

We have a child now.

So mother,
I know this might make you sad,

but I am going to take Kim Seung-gi
to court in order

in order to protect our home,
the West District.

And mother.Please come see me
someday, when the time comes.

When you can forgive me.

I'll always be waiting for you.

Your son, Tae-gyun.


So, what…

do you recommend?


Please try gimbap!

It's really good!


Good, right?

This recipe comes directly
from my mother-in-law.

Is everything alright?

What's...your name?


I'm Sakiko Sakurada.

Ah, and this is my son, Kizuna.



May I hug him?

I guess.

I'll tell you where to find Kim Seung-gi.

I'd kill him with my own hands if I could,

but you can have him.

Do I have to thank you?

Maybe I should be thanking you.

If anyone comes to visit us.

He asked me to give you this.


Torada said that person

would help us.


mother, right?

It's a waste for you to stay a detective.

Why don't you join us?

I thought you didn't like Japanese.

That's correct.

But you know,

if you remain alive,
make sure you come see me.



I have another favor.


What do we do?

Lending and borrowing is what we do
for a living, right?

What took you so long, you old hag?

I'm tired of waiting.

Or do you want me to come?

You bark so much now that your owner's
left you.

We'll go to you.

I've got what you're looking for.

I've brought them.

What're you up to now?

First, sit down.

For Kuma, right?

Time to say goodbye.


I'll do the rest.

That's reckless!

And you're now on the wanted list.

It's better if we reorganize...

There's no time.

He's waiting.


You mean, Kim Seung-gi?

You're not serious!

You'll be slaughtered!

I think it'd be faster to arrest Gojo
first instead of Kim Seung-gi.

Kuma and Tae-kyun.

Kim Seung-gi killed my comrades
like they were nothing.

And Gojo directed it.

Arresting those two isn't enough for me.

It's here.

See you.


I'm coming with you.

Me too.

I'm scared, but I'll fight.

So you're coming along for a shitty
beatdown without any warrant?

You guys are pretty dumb.

You're going too?

Of course!

I'll avenge my boss
and the first leutenant's death.

You know, I kind of like...

you dumbasses.

Let's go.


Excuse me.

Your cafe latte.

Thank you.

"This scoop will make you a hero.
Report it like crazy!"

Please get to the point.

Well, when things get this bad,

we can't find a common ground
to convince the public.

How can you be so timid about that?
What about the future of Kaiko city?

The only way for this city to survive
is to succeed in attracting casinos!


Don't worry too much.

I have a sacrifice in mind.


And who might that be?

A compromise for the case, of course.

I think we're doomed.

Stop whining,
it's time to fight for dear life.


Don't shoot them.

We've not enough bullets.

Yup, for sure.

Let's fucking go!

Fuck, yeah!

Get off of me.

You piece of shit!


Why're they here?

Ah, I see.

That's why.

And which side are you on?



This way!

Nohara! Come!

Get the fuck away!

Go quickly!

You OK?

Don't mess with a yakuza!

I won't let you go any further!

Fuck you!


Captain! You go ahead!

There, Nohara!


Gojo abandoned you,

yet you're still fighting for him?

You're trying to kill the wrong person.

Son of a bitch!

Do you know him?

He's the guy who killed Kuma.

We'll take care of him.

Go to Kim Seung-gi, Captain.


Be careful!

He's tough.

Who would have thought
you had Tae-kyun's data.

Where's the data?

Hand it over, and no one gets hurt.

You killed Tae-kyun, huh?


With my own two hands.

He betrayed me.

The citizens don't give a damn
who the mayor is.

Get the shot.


Nice to meet you.I'm Kim Seung-gi.

I've put this man in charge
of land sharking.

It was supposed to be insurance
in case Gojo betrayed us,

but he turned it into a bomb.

Hey, why don't we team up and crush Gojo?

You're as funny as hell.

You know,

I'm gonna crush both of you.

I knew you'd say that.



Get up!







Let's go!

I knew you'd be here.

Hope is a drug.

That's what we dealers sell.

But I don't think it'll be that easy
to raise the land prices in the west area.

Nice to meet you.I'm Kim Seung-gi.

When did you see it?

When Tae-kyun sent the letter.

To me.


There's a letter for you.

What is it?


You're suspected of Tae-kyun's murder.


We got a tip-off.

A tip-off?


Hey, wait.

Move over!

See what's inside.

Hey, take him away!

Hey, what the fuck!

Move over!

I see.

You didn't look bothered when Kuma
and Hirayama were killed.

You've lost yourself…

to greed, huh?


But I can't turn back.

If you shoot,

how will you get away with it?

This is self-defense.

You, a wanted man, killed Kim Seung-gi
and then tried to kill me.

Is that Gojo's plan?

So what if it is?

Arrest this man.


He's committed murder and assualt.


He's still alive,

thanks to the bulletproof vest.

What are you doing here?

Detective Kumamoto told me

that if I observe the Captain,
I'll see the truth.

I believe him.

"She can't be trusted…"

Those are the last words Kuma uttered.



He's wanted!

Lower the guns!

Why should we?

Did you think I was blind
to your connections with the Gojo family?

Either you're arrested,
or I let you off the hook.

You choose.

Come on! Take him away!

Let's go.

It's over.

I'm arresting you.

On what charge?

We'll figure that out.

Oh, come on!

You know,

I have a question.


If you knew of my link with Gojo,

why did you agree to join the unit?

Who cares?

I just wanted to know.

I left prosecution because...

I thought that one day,

I may not be able to resist my desires,

just like you.

It's so clear to me now,

that you and I aren't that much different.

That's what it means

to survive in this city.

Guys! Take her away!

I get the circumstances,

but you're a wanted man.

You guys, take care of it!

Don't be shy.

I'm sorry.

You guys OK?

Yeah, kind of.

You got rid of him?


One more left.


A video released on the Internet
early last night

sent tremors throughout Kaiko city.

Allegations against the conglomerate
go beyond the murder

of the Chief Prosecutor
and its ties

to the Korean mafia.

and the wave of corruption goes to

the Prosecutor-General, the Chief of Police,
and the judiciary head.

Gojo is being taken away
right as we speak!

Get back!

Make way!

Please back up for your safety.

What do you mean by attracting casinos?

I was doing it for the city's prosperity.

Aren't you ignoring
the will of the people?

The fuck?! Then what the hell is
the will of the people?!

It means to prosper, huh?!
You idiot!You all know that...

Gojo, please explain properly!

Hey, what's wrong?

Gojo, you OK?

Find the culprit!


Get back!

That son of a...!

Turn the camera!

Just now, Wataru Gojo was assasinated
in front of our eyes!

Stop him!

He's the culprit!

It's over.

Good job.

I guess in the end, we were made
to dance to the plot he drew up.

So what's happened to him?

He's back in jail.

I see.

Where to?

The shopping mall.

I need to get a toy for my grandson.

What on earth are you doing?

Can't you see?

Anyway, what's with those outfits?

We've been promoted.

Thanks to you.

Why're you here?

You're not guilty anymore!


Why don't you cheer up a bit more?

There's something else, huh?


The special unit's back.

Even though Gojo's gone,
there'll always be another.

That's the city we live in.

Please return to work now.

You don't have time to do headstands,
you know.