Bad Boy (2020) - full transcript

The rise and fall of a soccer club owner, discovering the harsh reality of the sport, often connected with crime and fraud.



Gentlemen, be quiet. Quiet!


There's a traffic hazard!

- Want me to fuck you up?
- The police are waiting at the station.

- Fuck you pigs!
- I'm just warning you.

Knock it off!

- And?
- It's hell.

- They'll fuck the train up.
- We're close to the station.

Hey! Fuckers!




Fuck off!

Come on!

- We've got him!
- Fuck!

- Go!
- Unia!

Start the engine!

Fuck off!

Unia! Unia! Unia!

Only under this emblem,
only under this coat

will Unia be Unia
and a Pole will be a Pole.

What do you say?

- Power. Pride. Unia...
- Fucking louder!

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

- Why the fuck are you crying?
- A fine for six grand? Jesus.

Fuck it.

Fuck it? That's all you have to say?
Fuck it?

- Give that to me.
- Leave it!

- Lick it up!
- Let Mom go!

- Get down.
- Leave him alone.

Are you deaf, bitch?

Lick it up. Are you deaf?

- No!
- Are you deaf?

Are you deaf?

Are you deaf?

Hi, where is he?

She has to go to the hospital first.
It could be a concussion.

You don't know where your son is?

And you?

I think you know. And when we press you
a little, you will tell us everything.

I don't snitch to pigs.

You don't snitch to pigs?
Well, like father, like son.

Chill out, okay?

Is there a shop nearby?

- Can you show me?
- Yes.

- Adam, what the fuck are you doing?
- What do you mean?

I want some cola.

- Do you smoke?
- No.

I did when I was your age.

Maybe I will have a smoke.

I remember when...

I was 16...

this guy, Krzysiek, hit on my mom.

A real creep.

He had a car.

I borrowed it and fucked it up.

I knew that I'd screwed the pooch.

I didn't know where to hide.
We had a storage room in the attic.

I spent two days in there.

You got out?

I did. Everyone does in the end.

How old is your brother?



Just like my son.

What if Pawel comes forward himself?

It would do him no harm.

We also have a hiding place.


In order to ensure positive changes
in the minor's behavior,

the court rules that the supervision
of a probation officer

paired with counseling
will be sufficient for this case.

Your son suffers from post-traumatic
stress disorder. PTSD.

- Is it treatable?
- I'll prescribe some pills.

- What is it?
- Father's stuff.

Father's stuff?

- Leave it, Pawel!
- Where's the scarf?

What scarf? Leave it.

- You've got it.
- Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

Throw it away! Do you hear me? Do it!

I fucking killed him, right?



It's confirmed.
Twenty versus 20. No weapons.

Psych them up.

I can see Unia in front of me!

I can see you!



You're like a fucking army!

Who are you?


- Fucking louder!
- Unia!

- Is anyone here scared?
- No!

We fight without weapons.

They'll want to crush us.

You may end up bleeding like swine.

If you want to scram, do it now. Will you?


That's what I thought!

We're not here to fight them,
but to fucking finish them!

No mercy for the motherfuckers!

It's us or them!

We do what we agreed.

We go in like raging bulls
and kill them all! Right?


We strike the fuckers, and they're done.

It doesn't matter who you are
or who you were.

Now, you're one of us!

It's not you! Not me! It's fucking us!


We are strong together!

So we cover each other,
and we stick by each other!

- We strike to kill! Are we clear?
- Clear!

No shirts.

Take off your shirts.

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

Come on! Move it!

Good morning!

Yes, nice.

Get the motherfucker.
Punch him. Thrash the bitch. Good.

- You swine!
- Stop yapping, bitch.

Move it.

Oh, fuck.


Why are you so beat up?
You'll need stitches.

- Will there be a scar?
- You'll be fine. Hold that.

I want a fucking scar.

Ice cream, guys!

We were never here, okay?

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

What is it, you fucker?

My mom?


- Someone called Pawel.
- My brother. Reject it.

- I didn't know you had a brother.
- Focus. They're going to refuel.

We should refuel here too.

The chief won't allow it.

- But the fuel light is on.
- It costs more here.

We'll have to refuel off the highway.

- What are you doing?
- It's hot.

Air conditioning increases fuel use.

They just sped up to 130 kmph.
Do I tell them to slow down?

Turn off the radio. That also uses fuel.


Much fucking worse.

Sobriety testing.

The force provides us with tiny cars.
Crazy driving sends fuel consumption

- through the roof.
- You're right.

Let's finish this uneven fight.

We got a nice package.


Not too pure.
Two hundred or 300 per gram.

- Would you, please?
- What's the breathalyzer for?

The collision. You have to blow.

I got drugs. The white stuff.
Want some?

- We're on duty. Let us go.
- Blow.

0.5% blood alcohol?
Recalibrate the motherfucker.

What's up?


It's time.

We're waiting.

What for? The whole family is here.

This is my family.

Pray for us, O holy mother of God
O, holy mother of the people

Salve Regina

As long as our hearts beat
We'll go with Unia to the edge

Unia is our club
Unia our WKS

The white eagle will win
The Polish people will win

Unia will always reign
The best team ever

Unia is power
Unia is the best

- Get the fuck in here.
- Hey.

Wait. It's the dealer.

- Hey.
- Show me what you have.

- Ice, weed, mephedrone. Ecstasy.
- How much of that?

- A lot.
- Good.

Twardy, what the fuck is this?


My contractor.
He was supposed to fix my floor.

I needed company, so I handcuffed
the motherfucker to the radiator.

For three days, I've been testing
drugs on him.

Last night he froze like a fucking cunt
with that brush in his hand.

- Want some? They're awesome ribs.
- Thanks, I'm not hungry.

Build some muscle. Gromada got
into our territory on Rakowska St.

What about our guy there?

He got his ass kicked.
Went to hospital for seven days.

- Fucking hell.
- I didn't bother you, 'cause of your mom.

Do we answer back to them?

One step higher.
Serious injuries, okay?

- As you like it.
- Hire some young guns. We'll teach them.

Do you know why he's called Buttplug?
He smuggled a flare in his ass.

- Spermcell has spoken.
- Spermcell has a ring to it!

- Fast, agile, right on target.
- One in a million hits the target.

- I'll hit you!
- I'll do it first.

Quiet now!

And you, Karp?

Why are you Karp?

Karpinski is my surname.

There he is! Get out.

Fucking amateurs.


- Twardy is in the hospital.
- Which one?

Infectious Diseases.

- Twardy, what the fuck is going on?
- My shaker.

- What shaker?
- The one I drink protein from.

I cracked eggs in it and didn't wash it.

An ambulance came for the contractor
and they diagnosed me with salmonella.

So call me, man, or text me about things.
But it doesn't look good for me now.

- But I'll still come to the stadium.
- What is this fucking guard for?

I have an anxiety disorder.
He makes me feel safer.

Good. The job is done.

Hi, welcome home.

- I just came for the funeral.
- I know, I saw you.

- Were you there?
- In a way.

Can I have a minute with you?

I'd like some cola.

Do you still smoke?
We last did it when you were 14.

- I quit when I was 15.
- Good for you.

- What is it?
- Your mom's funeral. I've quit six times!

This is Twardy, the Cannibals' new leader.

This is Biedrona.

Smutny. Ajgor. Kozak.
Cannibal management.


And my brother?

Pablo. Recently promoted.

Unia is his life.

Unia is drugs, robberies, kidnappings,
extortion. This is Unia.

What's it got to do with me?

You are from here
but no longer from here.

You know the vibes. And most importantly,
you're fucked in Bydgoszcz.

He's my brother.

That's why you can still help him.


I can't.

You support Unia. Understand?

Power. Pride. Unia. Us.
Do you still remember it?

All too well.

Hi. We're sitting here.

Come on, guys. Let's go.


Pablo, you brought a pig with you?

Chill out, dude.

The Mill is our sacred place.
And you bring the pig, you fucker?

- He's my brother, Piotrek.
- Pigs and fags aren't allowed.

- He's with me.
- You must choose now.

Either you're with us
or you're with this fucker.

- I'll sit somewhere else.
- Look, a talking pig!

- Sit, pig!
- Leave him alone!

Shut up. Say sorry.

Say sorry!

I said down on your knees
and say sorry, motherfucker!

- Look at the fucking hero!
- What do we do with the pig?


Let's go, one-on-one!

Let's go one-on-one, bitch! One-on-one!

You're dead!

- I'll fucking kill you!
- One-on-one!

- Let me see it.
- Leave me alone.

Go to the ambulance outside.

- I didn't ask for help.
- They would've fucking killed you!

- You have no reason to go back there.
- It's my fucking seat!

- Listen to me!
- I'm listening to myself.

I protected mother, I'm protecting you.

So don't tell me
what the fuck I should do!

- You'll end up like Dad.
- I'm done with you.

Kill the motherfucker. You rule
the roost. Power and respect, Lion King.


My daughter loves that film.
There can only be one king.

Let's go one-on-one, bitch!

- Get up!
- Fuck all you bitches.

I want it one-on-one, you fucking bitch.

Tomorrow at six, bitch.

I'll fucking kill you, bitch!

- Your son?
- Yes.

- What does he do?
- Nothing.

Here's your tea.

Sit down.

Have you changed your mind?

Yes. I want to fuck them up.

Your brother?

I always lost to him.
Now I want to win.


- You don't support Unia.
- You asked about my son.

My son is dead.

Sorry, I didn't know.

I used to take him to matches.
He got interested.

Later, he was the one who took me.

He did various things for the Cannibals.

Small things.

Then more serious things.

I didn't realize what was going on.

But later on,
I couldn't even recognize my son.

In the morgue, they pulled open
a drawer and said it was Cezary Kos.

Have you ever seen a man
cut up by machetes?

- Who is it?
- Postman.



- Gentlemen, that's not fair.
- It's perfectly fair. Get down.

Get down!

- They forced me...
- Fuck off!

- Police, freeze!
- Get down!

Hands where I can see them!

- Fuck, okay!
- On your knees! Now!

Let me see you!


And now what, you fucking prick?
Now you're fucked.

What the fuck were you doing?
Are you a fucking ninja?

Or fucking Rambo? What was it?

I'll kick your fucking ass
and you'll shit your pants.

Can you fucking hear me?

I asked you a question!

I'll find a few more things on you,
and then you'll really shit your pants.

I'll fuck you like a young whore!

Ever danced with a big bear?

- I have.
- Mind your own fucking business!

- Oh, fuck! Prosecutor...
- Don't fuck with prosecutors.

- I...
- Fuck off.

You too, if you please.

The door!


How come eight policemen
couldn't take you down?

How come?

I surrounded them.

It's your brother's car.

Why do you think that?
There are hundreds of such cars.

Somebody made it easier for us
and ratted him out.

The damage to the car, the victim's blood.
There is no doubt.

- Who ratted him out?
- He used a prepaid phone,

but also had another phone which we tapped
with triangulation software.

There was another phone in
addition to the prepaid phone

at the same place, at the same time.

- Who was it?
- I think you know him.

Plonk, as you asked.

Adam, can I get a glass?
I want to taste this nectar of the gods.

Chief's Feast. A 2020 vintage.

This unique wine,
with its notes of almond and pear aroma.

A hint of peach.

An amazing, beautiful bouquet.

A shimmering, intense,
pale-red color. Look.

Perfect with cold cuts
and as an aperitif.

Chief's Feast.

Remember it. A special wine.
An outstanding wine.

A young wine. Very tannic, very acidic.

Thanks to the shortened fermentation time
from one month to just three days,

the wine is more bitter.

And it's wonderful,
because this wine,

the Chief's Feast...


Bon appetit. We have come because...

- They've locked up Pawel.
- Over that dealer in Rakowska.

You only live once. We all die.

Greetings to jail.
Will you give us permission?

Look, Pablo is Pablo.

The boy made a mistake,
but he's still our homie.

- Exactly.
- Write him to say we forgive him.

Hi, Justyna, dear. Two orders
of spinach dumplings. To take away.

- No cream.
- Of course.

- Will you introduce us?
- Piotr, Prosecutor.

- Anna.
- Piotr.

- Did he confess?
- No. Just "no" and "I don't know".

Very well. Don't push him.

- Don't pry. I know what I'm doing.
- Sorry, Winnetou.

We have three options. First, the charges
of participation in a criminal group

and assault with a dangerous weapon.
A car, in this case.

Second, the crime of hit and run.

- And the third?
- I'm waiting for suggestions.

- I need a lawyer for that.
- Miss Ania, your dumplings.


Get that lawyer to think of something.
But quickly. There's little time.

- There you go.
- Seriously.

- That's a prosecutor?
- One of the best.



She's so... direct.

Because she's my wife. My ex.

As long as our hearts beat
We'll go with Unia to the edge

Unia is our club

Unia is our WKS

The white eagle will win
The Polish people will win

Unia will always reign
The best team ever

- Turn the radio down.
- I'm listening to the catechism.

Turn it off and stop jerking off.

Greetings to the jail!

Pablo! Pablo! Pablo!

- What is this?
- You should read it.

Fucking old age.

- Did you dig into it?
- You're getting old behind that desk.

That's why we're leaving.
I want you to meet someone.

- Another ex-wife?
- Not mine. Yours.

Your future wife. Come on.

She has completed
her legal apprenticeship,

passed the bar exam, has a license.

And has became pig?

She didn't want to get old
behind a desk!


You'll see.

That's her.

Welcome to the city of sex and business!

- Hi!
- I've missed you so much.

A key to your new apartment.
Only the top lock works.

- Operational premises?
- Wishful thinking.

My friends' son went to England.
It's his apartment. You pay the rent.

I'll settle it later.
But I don't want any suspicion.

This is worse than living in Bydgoszcz.

You're a policeman. She's a lawyer.

You've been together for two years, okay?

Kiss me.

- What for?
- So I'm not surprised

when you kiss me
in the street for the first time.

Where did we meet?

Hammer out these details with each other.

- Where have you traveled?
- You mean abroad?


Who is this guy?
This is a bit of a mismatch.

How are things, Pawel? Everything okay?

- I won't talk.
- I'm worried about your health.

How are you? Any problems sleeping?
With your concentration?

Panic attacks? Nightmares?
Outbursts of anger?

- I'm pissed off.
- Why?

Because I'm innocent.

Here's your medical records
from your discharge from the hospital.

"The event caused
significant negative effects

on his psyche.
The patient also developed

psychosomatic symptoms,
such as skin allergies

and stomach and ear ailments.
He suffers from intense fears..."

I was twelve. I was a kid.

What do you take? You were prescribed
antidepressants then, and now?


- Interesting.
- Very.

If you're worried about me,
maybe I should fuck you?

- How about some flowers first?
- A wreath. If I fuck you to death.

I'm sorry.

Yes? I'm conducting an interrogation.


All right. I'll be there soon.

I'm sorry, Mr. Pawel.
You'll have to beat your own meat.

- Favorite color. Yours is black.
- Yours is blue.

Film. Star Wars.

Why do I love you?

Perhaps we're good in bed together?

Are you embarrassed?

- No.
- You are.

Favorite food?


Your favorite position?

And yours?

Sex is very important.
It connects people.

Will you tell your friends how we shag?

Will you tell your brother?

- He doesn't want to talk to me.
- What's he like?

I must know something about him.
Let's talk about him.

His favorite film?

I don't know.

- What makes him happy? Sad?
- I don't know.

So either he's dead,
or you don't know him at all.

Do you love him?

Let me do it.

A mouse runs around the tree.

It goes into a hole.

Into another hole.

And tightens up.

Look how pretty we are together.


Zawrotny. Someone to see you.

- How are you?
- What do you want?

This is Ola, my girlfriend.

I didn't know you liked girls.

She's a lawyer. She'll get you out.

What a legal eagle.

Can you leave us?


You too.

This inmate can be dangerous.

After 14 days of pre-trial detention,
no one else may be present

when the lawyer is seeing their client.

Article 73,
The Code of Criminal Procedure.

As your lawyer,
I am obliged to keep confidential

everything I learn
when performing my professional duties.

Paragraph 17, item 1,
The Code of Bar Ethics.

- You can speak your mind.
- Really?

I'd like to...

make you sit on this table.

I'd come close to you.

Bend to meet your lips.
Feel your warm breath.

I'd like to put my hand on your thigh...

and move it higher and higher
until you shiver.

And then...

I'd fuck you.

I'm just speaking my mind.

- Anna Dabrowska. Yes?
- My client pleads guilty.

Guilty of what?

I hit that guy and ran. I was in shock.

Good. Thank you.

If it doesn't work, I will come for you.

- We never had a man with them.
- Pawel is not our man.

He is. He's a ticking time bomb.

He'll tear those motherfuckers apart.

- And then?
- And then we clean up.

Fuck it.

I wasn't talking to you, mister. Hey!


Look who it is!

Young man! Hey!

Water under the bridge?

- No grudge?
- No grudge.

And this is Marek. Marek Wilczak.


You're talking to the president of Unia.

- Bogdanski is the president.
- Fuck Bogdanski.

- Bogdanski could sell it.
- He will if Unia starts losing.

Our Unia?

Chill out and listen.

Fuck Bogdanski.
He lost enthusiasm and money for the team.

We didn't make the Champions League
last season. This season is even worse.

If Unia loses, he will sell.

I have one more.

- Do you have a baseball bat?
- What for? Use your trouser snake.

- You carry one in the trunk?
- Condoms too. Do you want one?

- I'm fucking serious!
- What's all this about?

- About honor.
- Honor is an important value.

And this?

Is this honor?

- I'll kill the fucker.
- Wait!

- I'll kill him!
- Chill! Don't rush! Be clever.

- We'll fuck up that snitch.
- Sure.

Bad Cain killed good Abel.

Now Abel will kill Cain.

Maybe fucking Abel...

But you won't kill him.

How do you know?

How do you know?

You're too good.

What the fuck, Pablo?

Wake up, bitch!

Read that.

Go fuck yourself.

Read it, bitch!

It wasn't me.

You sold me out.

Fuck it. Do you want one-on-one?

Do you know what we do
with lice like you?

I never liked you, bitch.


- Wait.
- Leave me alone.

- Relax.
- Quiet!

- Let me try.
- Stop it!

Don't I turn you on?

Shut the fuck up!

You can fuck yourself.

- Piotrek...
- Fuck off!

We are always there
Where our Gromada plays

We follow them, we trust in them
Because Gromada is us

We are always there
Where our Gromada play

We follow them, we trust in them.

Because Gromada is us

We are always there
Where our Gromada play.

We follow them, we trust in them

Because Gromada is us

We are always there
Where our Gromada play

Twardy is not here.

I'm taking over the leadership.

Who is opposed?

The king is dead?

Long live the king.

Okay. Enough.


I read something in prison.

I know how to win, and I have a plan.

What plan?

How to take over Unia and move to the top.

- Of the league?
- The Champions League.

Unia will be the best club in Europe.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fucking fuck.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, fuck.

I'll prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs,
but you should keep mobile.

It's recommended to be mobile
even after a heart attack

Hello. Could you show me
how to turn it on?

Sure. I'll help you.

It's simple.

This is start. And this is stop.

Here we set the speed. Here we see time.
Here's the amount of calories burned.

Here we set the distance
you want to cover.

I can set it for you. Twenty, thirty?

What? Kilometers?

Let's start with two-and-a-half.


- Two-and-a-half
- Okay.


Your brother was quick.

How do you know my brother did this?

He is your brother.

You want to take over Unia,
you'll do what I say.

- First, we go to Holland.
- What for?

To befriend Ajax.

Why do you want a relationship with Ajax?

They asked why you care about Ajax.

- I want to trade with them.
- In what?

I'll take coke and weed.

Cocaine. Marijuana.

They want to know how you'll pay.

What can Poland offer? Amphetamines!

We'll build a factory
and exchange goods.

Such factories are easy to discover.
The smell gives them away.

We have a mobile factory!

We'll produce speed in a truck and move it
around Poland. Easy, or what?

Then Russia and Romania.


I'll give you amphetamines,
you'll get me heroin and hash. Deal?


The drug money will buy the club,
the stadium, the surrounding land,

and the top players in Europe.

We'll become Polish
and European champions.

The president is waiting.

Listen to me.

If you don't sell the club,
Unia will be relegated.

After losing to Gromada,
they will drop in the table.

When Ruch loses to Silesia,
Unia will drop even lower.

And the price of fuel will rise.

Are you a fucking prophet?

I warned you.

Spermcell! Buttplug!

Hi, Pablo.

I want Armageddon at the stadium.
Bring flares and firecrackers.

But the president increased security.
There's no way to bring them in.

- Think.
- Shove it up our asses?

- Is that Marcinek on the wheelchair?
- Yes.

- What's wrong with him?
- Cerebral palsy and paresis

- of his legs. He babbles.
- And pees into a bag.

Pees into a bag? Fuck!
Only a dick would search Marcinek.

- A heartless dick.
- He's the only one.

We need more guys like that.

A load of them.

Sport is for everyone.

Light the candles, then the flares.
Next, the fireworks.

Aim them towards the VIP lounge.

Fucking hell!
When did you get here?

- I feel relieved.
- Have you been here long?

Long enough to learn
you never get a hard-on.

- Fuck off!
- Relax, it can be cured.

How long have you been impotent?

- And why?
- Because of my brother.

- Your brother?
- Yes. Our mother loved him more, okay?

Do you know how that was? You don't!

The worse he behaved,
the better I had to be.

I cleaned the house,
got straight As, went to church,

but he was always better than me.

Are we going out?

I'm going out.
You, Cinderella, can wash the dishes.

Get lost.

- Where is the party?
- 6/8 Partyzantow Street.

- You're going to my brother's?
- He's my client. Give me the keys.

Can't you see him in town?


- Evening.
- Why are you here?

- Pardon my intrusion, but we're family.
- Have you lost your mind?

- Will you introduce me to your fiancée?
- This is... Well...

- Roxi.
- Yes, Roxi.

- Pay her and tell her to fuck off.
- Fuck you, bitch!

Roxi, fuck off.

- Tell me the truth.
- Why do you need it?

- I'm your lawyer.
- Not anymore.

You're fired. That's that.

- So pay me.
- Can I pay in kind?

You want to fuck?


But not with my bro's chick.

I don't charge my family.

Take me to the match tomorrow.

- Let's go, Marcinek.
- Come on.

Welcome, Mr. President.

Your Excellence.

Hi, chief.

Pardon me. Good afternoon.

- Hey, Mr. President.
- What are you doing in my lounge?

Just looking. When it's mine,
you won't be allowed in here.

See ya.

Just look at that.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Guys... Make sure everything goes
according to plan, okay?


- Move it forward.
- All the way.

- Pass them on.
- What's going on?

You'll see.


May I?

As long as out hearts are beating

We'll go with Unia to the edge

Because Unia is our club

Unia, our WKS

The white eagle shall win

The Polish people will win

Unia will be the rulers...

- Pablo?
- Now!

What is it?



- Waldek!
- What?

We need your people.

Are you giving us permission?

Sort it out.


Unia is the power
Unia is the best

Unia is the master of Poland
Unia, our WKS

Throw it!

"People should either be caressed
or crushed.

They'll get revenge for minor damage.

But if you cripple them,
they can't do anything."

Where did you get that from?


- We're leaving.
- Now?

- What? Did you like it?
- It was fucking awesome!


This one is for you.


Let us through.

Who is it?


Is he of age?

He's about twenty now.

Father bought him for us.

Bought or stole.

So it's yours and Piotr's.


He made us fight for the fucker.

And I won.

Good for you.

It was walkover.

He called Piotr a fucking coward.

I was only five.

Now you've stolen his girlfriend.

She was too easy.

Where were you?

At the match.

It ended ages ago.

Were you worried?

For fuck's sake. We work together.
I have the right to know.

What right?

You're my fiancée.

Piotr, we're only pretending.

Did you fuck him?

Thank you for coming.

- I've decided to give Unia away.
- For two million?

No, I won't sell Unia.
I'll give it away.

- What do you mean?
- I'll place Unia in good hands.

Of course, I don't mean you.

- What's your fucking problem?
- Unia will become

- a part of the Sports Society once again.
- How is that?

I'm being rational.

I get the land, Society takes Unia.
A square deal. Thanks to you.

Fireworks in the VIP lounge? Great idea.

You pissed off the mayor
and the city council.

You pissed off the whole city.
You pissed me off.

So why am I here?

I wanted to see your reaction.

Ela, call security, please.

He's leaving.

- What is this chocolate drink?
- It's protein.

A supplement for regenerating
the body after training.

I want some too.


What are you doing here, boys?

Taking T.

- T? What's that?
- Testosterone.

Does it work?

Sure. But be careful.

If you find your own mom attractive,
you need to lower the dose.

Come on...


You know what?


I prefer making love to fucking.

One hundred percent of the club's shares

are owned by the Sports Society
of Unia Warszawa.

We understand the great responsibility

that has been placed
on the Sports Society and its board.

You've overestimated my brother.
He didn't take over the club.

- Not yet.
- Let's trap them.

We hunt gangsters not hooligans.

We need someone on the inside.

Ola, I'm talking to you.
You were to get closer to him.

And she did.

She's fucking him.

And it was awesome,
because he fucks really well,

- unlike you.
- Chill.

- We can play big.
- How?

I'll help him take over Unia.

- How?
- I'll show you. Look here.

What is that?

The Sports Society's website and charter.

Is this a show of strength?

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

Power, pride, Unia, us.

- Those barking dogs.
- Did you see the last game?

- Is this blackmail?
- Let's cut a deal.

And who are you?

Think of me as a sponsor.

Nice. In exchange for what?
A logo on the jerseys?

The sponsor joins the board, of course.

What would you like to oversee?

The heart of the club. Unia fans.

Can you be specific?

The official shop is mine.

My catering. My security.

Plus, I want to oversee away games
and have a share in ticket sales.

- In return for what?
- Piece of mind.

- So it is blackmail?
- Just business.

Shut up and listen.

One more brawl,
and I'm shutting you out.

If you move, I'll shut you out there too.
I can close the whole stadium if needed.

You don't exist without me.

Because you're the heart of the club?

To me, you are shit.

And that's that.

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!


Do we own the club?

- Is that the dick's car?
- Yes.

- That's not a good idea.
- It's a fucking great idea.


You can take the club over peacefully.

Trust me.

You did once before.

If your fucking plan bombs,
I'll bury you in the garden.

That's a line I've never heard.

The Sports Society
of WKS Unia Warszawa charter.

- I've never read that much in my life.
- Page six, article 12, item one.

Ordinary members can elect
and be elected to the board.

- It's about you.
- I have to be a fucking member?

- "Ordinary"?
- We need 500.

This is the Sports Society's
organizational structure.

- Is something funny?
- Sorry.

Here are the different sports programs,
and here is the soccer partnership.

The board is elected
at the general meeting of delegates.

Delegates are appointed
by the affiliated programs.

20 members allow for one delegate.

We need at least 24 delegates to have
a majority at the general meeting.

20 times 24, does anyone know the answer?

480 members of affiliated programs.

We'll just take a few ultras.
That would do.

- I'll take up boxing.
- I prefer gymnastics.

- Some nice peaches are there.
- We'll take up chess.

- Fucking chess?
- Because Mr. Waldek is there.

New member forms. Filled out, signed.

- Registration fees.
- They must be chess players.

Have you seen them, Mr. Waldek?

The Cannibals, playing chess?

Send me your worst.

Chess is like a boxing match.
The chessboard, a ring.

- Or a fight between hooligans, right?
- Right.

In both cases, strategy, preparation,
and the opening moves are decisive.

Here we go. The first line,

move the pawn, and you're fucked
by a knight or bishop.

You need to plan each move.

You need to take advantage
of your opponents' weaknesses.

One piece covers another.
Eyes in the back of your head.

- Yes!
- Yes!

Most importantly, protect the king!

White moves first.

Okay, fuckers.
Blacks take off their jerseys.

I must go.

I'm not done with you yet.

I can't.

Because of your fucking fiancé?

Don't make trouble.

I won't. But can you handle all this?

One in your pussy, one in your ass
and a third in your mouth?

What do you want from me?


I don't want to share you.

Where have you been?

- And you?
- What were you doing?

None of your business.

- What about you?
- You want to blow your cover?

- The situation is dynamic.
- Your cunt is dynamic.

You said you needed time.

That time is over.

And I...

I'm not done with you yet.

I'm leaving in three days.

- Where?
- Some law gig, just to make a living.

- Live with me.
- And what would we live off?

I'm a millionaire.
My business is doing well.

What business?

Don't you worry your smart little head.

- Either we're together or we're not.
- I'll make you president.

- In six months.
- How about in a few days?

You can't make that decision.

You underestimate me.

The charter.

There are two general meetings.
Ordinary and extraordinary.

Twenty percent of ordinary members
can call an extraordinary meeting.

- When?
- If the president is a criminal.

- Is he?
- Yes, but he doesn't know it yet.


- Police! On the ground!
- What the fuck?

- What is it?
- It's not mine.

I've been framed!

- He was released on bail.
- Pawel framed him.

- There's no evidence.
- We should have it.

We have someone near him.

I blow him, he gives me evidence.
You think it works like that?

Maybe the other way round?

- What are you saying?
- You're sleeping with the enemy.

- Your brother.
- We're all on the same side.

Are you sure?

I know you and trust you.

But you two...

I need results. At any cost.

- Did you really fuck him?
- Is that a problem?

- Isn't it?
- I can stop.

- Are you in love?
- Should I stop?

Do you want to win?

At what price?

- I've paid mine.
- What about the law?

- What about justice?
- Isn't that the same thing?

The law is no substitute for justice.
Do you know why?

Because law books are totally insensitive.

Have you ever lost a child?

So you know nothing, Jon Snow.

Are you guilty?

I'm not. I'm the president
of the Sports Society of Unia Warszawa.

I'm Bednarek. Jan Bednarek.

Will you continue acting as president?

I believe in delegation.

Are Unia fans drug dealers?

Ask that gentleman.

- Can you introduce yourself?
- Pawel Zawrotny.

- Who are you to Unia?
- Me?

I just play chess.

Actions taken by the prosecutor's office
will not cause any disturbance

and are irrelevant to the activities

of the Sports Society of Unia Warszawa.

Therefore, in anticipation
of a fair verdict

and the exoneration
of President Jan Bednarek of all charges,

the general meeting
offers him full support.

- On whose behalf?
- Pardon?

On whose behalf do you support him?

The general meeting.
Weren't you listening?

But we are the general meeting.
Me. Him. Them.

- Has anyone asked you? You? And you?
- No.

Is this not a democracy?
This is against the charter.

- I overrule you!
- You have no authority!

I am the general meeting!

I am the general meeting!
I am the general meeting!

I am the general meeting!

- Silence!
- I am the general meeting!

I am the general meeting!

Get the fuck out of here!

Get the fuck out of here!

- To Unia!
- To Unia!

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

The new president said...

I want to build a great Unia.

There won't be mention of the Sports
Society or the soccer partnership,

but we'll act together,
as one great Unia.

Spermcell, work with the fans.
Ajgor, security.

Biedrona, catering. Smutny, gadgets.
Kozak, away games.

All legal issues, Ola.

How about you, Pablo?

I'll be fucking Kaczynski.

One shot, and goal!

With a woman like you,
I could reach the top.

Do you want to be my wag?

Fucking Miss Soccer.

This club will soon become
one big money laundering scheme.

And all the deals
will pass through her hands.

It's only a matter of time.

- They won't let her in on the drugs.
- Maybe no, maybe yes.

Meet our new president.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Aleksandra Fogiel. I've seen you all.
On the pitch, of course.

- Not Kowalewski. He warms the bench.
- Shut up.

You're in a great mood.
So, we'll win tomorrow?

- Is there any bonus?
- 100 grand.

Or you go into hiding.

She's the carrot, I'm the stick.
Okay, get to work!

What the fuck is that?

Twardy's skeleton. We dug him out
for you as a gift.

Are you out of your fucking mind?
How do you think this looks?

- Ola?
- All right?

- What do you think?
- Kids, come here.

- Fight for the client.
- Yes.

- Bury the fucker, now!
- Okay.

What is it?

I'll take care of it.

There's a problem with Ruch fans.

- They were to use the VIP entrance.
- Get it done.


- Have you met everyone?
- I did my homework.

Get up for the anthem!

Get up, it's not a church!

Slow down.

Not today. This is the most important day
in their lives.

The first half is over. It's hard to say
which team is doing better.

Both teams are playing badly,
and the score stands at nil-nil.

You can't bring your private affairs
onto the pitch.

I'm talking to you, Szymon.
I must see the will to fight!

What the fuck is this?

You! Can't you pass the ball?

- What are you doing?
- Shut your mouth, coach!

You're too soft! They need a firm hand.


I'm the boss, and this is what I demand.
Have a nice game.

You demand something, so pay up.

Not enough dough, bitch?

- We've had four months with no pay!
- What?

- That's right!
- Four months!

- Are you playing for free?
- That's right!

Ask the president.

No need to get all tense, guys.
You'll get your money.

From now on, we play together.
High five!

Power! Pride! Unia! Us!

- Who the fuck was that?
- The accountant.

- You gave her the sack?
- She sucks at math.

Pawel, it's a real drama.

- What drama?
- Just look.

Net losses for the financial year 2019

were over three million zlotys,

- excluding debts.
- What debts?

- The players didn't get money.
- They will if they deserve it.

- If they don't, they'll sue us and win.
- What do you need?

About three million for six months.

- Okay.
- Okay?

I must know the origin
of the money I'll be using.

I'm the one vouching for it.

I don't want it coming back to bite me
without knowing why.

We're in this together or not at all.

All right. I'll put you on the board.

I'm already its chair.

Now you'll be on the real board.
Of the Cannibals.

What fucking vote?
Don't you support Unia?

- You know I do.
- But this chick? Nowhere in Poland...

The club is ours, and we decide.

- What if she sells us?
- I trust her.

'Cause you're fucking her.

Want me to fuck you all too?

Are you against Unia? Against me?

Power. Pride. Unia. Us.

I can launder money
and pump it into the club.

We'll earn money on the spread,
the difference between two prices.

There are cash operations
that can't be questioned.

Nobody can prove that the money
wasn't earned from exchange rates.

Tell me more about the spread.

You might not understand.

If I don't, you're fucked.


High five.


Fucking hell!

Tell me, fucker, who paid you
for the own goal?

All right, I'll fucking tell you.

Heniek from Gromada.

You failed to pay us for too long.

I sent my kids to an American school.

- Fucking Heniek from Gromada.
- The bastard.

What the fuck?

This will teach you
not to bribe my players, bitch.

Stop it!

- Stop it, bitch!
- Hold him!

Tell the prosecutor I'll testify.

He told cops he'd testify.

What? I want to talk to that bitch.

It's for you.

Heniek? Hey! Listen.

We may hate each other,
but we don't grass each other.

You're right.

So go and cancel your testimony.

Who are these people? No class.

They chopped off your fucking leg, son.

That's right,
but you don't talk to the cops.

You should go now.

- Are you keeping secrets?
- It's man stuff.

Were gonna get drunk as skunks.
You'd be better off not seeing it.

You can deal with your own hangover.

- And no cunt pass for you.
- Shut up.

And no cunt pass for you.

- May I?
- Yes.

Thank you.

How much did they take?

140 kilos of coke worth 3.5 million.

And three homies.

Won't they sing?

No, they're too savvy.

I want to bring a ton of coke to Poland.

No more retail.

We're going out.

You're drunk. You can sleep on the couch.

I wanted to apologize.


But I can't do it here.

So where?

If you want me to trust you,
you should trust me first.

If someone had told me...

I'd be here now,
I wouldn't have believed it.

Now I do.

I can do anything.

I can even change night to a day.

Tremble, all nations!

- Fucking awesome?
- Fucking awesome.

What do you feel now?


You're married to Unia.

Should I be jealous?

It's like loving your mother. That's it.

My mother was a whore.

- Really?
- And I'm a whore.


Every lawyer is a whore.

You're no longer a lawyer.
You're my president.

You don't know who I am.

- Do you want to fuck?
- And the cunt pass?

You have free admission.



Tadzio, turn off the fucking lights!


Come on.


- No, fuck!
- Be quiet.

He got pissed yesterday,
and now we have results.

Get him!


- Put his leg on the chair.
- Come on.

- What the fuck?
- Quiet!

Did you enjoy the party?

Now you'll see what happens
when you get pissed during the season.

Is everything clear?

Look, this is all ours.

I bought the land.
We'll build a housing estate.

We'll have a fucking penthouse
overlooking the stadium...

and live together in our nest.

Come on!


Guys, tell me, what was that?

Gaska broke down because his wife
is fucking his best friend.

Where is your friend?

Sandra, you whore!

You fucker!

Give me a break.

What? It's a compliment. A big one.

Come on...

I need to pee.

You can't call me.

You've got the recordings. You've got
laundered money. You've got everything.

- They'll get ten to fifteen years.
- And the violence?

Leave that to me.
I'll give them a little something.

- A crown witness?
- Article 60. Enough to start singing.

- I just have to pick who.
Pawel won't sing.

- How do you know?
- I just know.

- Let's finish this.
- Don't.

They're bringing a ton of coke to Poland.

Bust them then.

Hello, honey. How much have we earned
on that spread?

- FBI!
- What the fuck is this?

- On your knees!
- Yeah, right, just like Michael Jackson!

You're under arrest
on suspicion of money laundering.

How could the FBI bust him in Poland?

Your brother launders lots of money
and triggered an alert.

There's a problem with arresting this guy.

- A real doozy.
- What doozy?

There's a ton of coke on its way.

You need to release him so I can bust him.

- We'll release him, so you can bust him?
- Exactly.

Fucking FBI stole my 30 million.

Fuck it. Easy come, easy go.

How will we provide for the club?

I'll make another 30 million soon.

You look fucking awesome.

A big day today. We play Spaniards.

Our road to the European Cup.




Come on!

Fucking now!






Fucking shit!

Pawel, are you okay?


What have you done?


I killed her.

I killed my child.

I did.

What is this sentimental gesture?

After intercepting that coke tomorrow,

I'm quitting this job.

Any regrets?

How about dinner together?

It won't work.

When I quit this job, it will.

Jesus, look...

Maybe... Just a moment.

Will you really give me that million?

I'll give it to you mother.
When you get out, you'll be rich.

All right. I'm going.

Thank you, Maniek.

- What's that?
- I want to confess.

- To what?
- I threw the knife during the game.

I have to vanish.

They'll find out I threw the knife
and bust me.

- And?
- I want you to come with me.

I've lost my money and my club,
but I haven't lost my mind.

If you give me a chance...

I can rise again, even bigger.

I could live with you in a box.

You won't have to.

I'm cutting a deal.
You'll get your pocket money.

When I'm done, I'll go home. Can you wait
for me there with the suitcases packed?

Don't go.


Don't go there.

If you do, they'll bust you.

Why are you so fatalistic?

They'll bust you with a ton of coke.

How do you know?

Your brother knows too.

They are waiting for you...

and I'm the one who'll expose you.


But I can't.

I can't. You hear me?

I didn't want to fall in love,
but I love you.

So I'm begging you, don't go.

Don't go, stay with me.
Let's get the fuck out of here.

You hear me?

Let's get the fuck out of here.

I'm sorry.

Forgive me.

Remember, we catch them red-handed

as soon as we see the coke.

Fuck, I can't see Pablo.

Pablo, where are you?
They'll be here any moment.

Where is Pablo?
Piotrek, where is Pablo?


Pablo will be here any moment.

Open it.

- Let's bust them.
- We're going in.

Police! On the ground!

Turn around!

On the ground!

Get down!

- Get down!
- Okay!

Turn around! Take him!

Where is Pawel?

Who's Pawel?

Pablo, fucker.

- Fuck you, bitch.
- Okay, bitch.

You have to lend me some money.
I'm broke. There's no money for gas.

Where's your passport?

- Brother?
- Police.

What is it, then? "Freeze, or I'll shoot"?

Get down.

Relax. He won't shoot.

He hasn't the balls.

He's impotent.

And besides, you're too good.

It always felt shitty.



The bullet passed through.
The patient will live.

But let's get him to a vet, okay?

Slide down.