Bad Blood (2015) - full transcript

Lauren's life is on a positive trajectory, until she is falsely accused of murder. Discovering that an obsessive serial killer with her exact DNA match has been knowingly implicating her in all his crimes, she is forced to fight to prove her innocence and save her life.

Sorry to keep you
waiting, Mr. Marcus.

I have to say, whatever
you've been doing at home

has certainly had a stabilizing
effect on your immune system.

Frankly, it's got
several of us puzzled.

But based on the results
of your latest biopsy,

I'm afraid to say the counts
aren't very good.

It's never been this advanced.

What about my application
for another transplant?

As we discussed,
the risk of infection

and internal bleeding
are too great.

I'm sorry.

What am I gonna tell my wife?

I took the Orchard Road
to Dr. Goodman's this morning.

I just wanted to put something
beautiful in my head

before I got there.

The treatments didn't work.

There isn't much time.



Morning, Miss Theimer.

Your mail keeps coming
to the house.

Please, the guesthouse
is unit B.


And all this motorcycle
business is giving Mitsy fits.


Ohh. I'll keep it down.

I promise.

"The guesthouse is B."

No, you're the B.

Sorry, Deb finally got
her shamrock on the drunk wall

and I just got her home.

Sounds like I shouldn't
have left so early.

Hey, will you give me
a hand with this?

Trust me,

bigger mistakes were made,
ones involving, ow,

Jagerbombs and a trucker
named the Human Tripod.


Well, Mike's not in

so you can detox on his
couch, if you want.

Nope, I am going to punish
myself with paperwork.

Well, this is a surprise,

Actually, I'm looking for Mike.

Oh, Mike's not in.

There's a rattle in the thing
whenever I make a left.

Thought I'd have him
take a look at it.

Right. A rattle-
in-the-thing problem.


Maybe you could
take a look at it.


You're awfully quiet.

What's going on
in that head of yours?

Don't guys usually
fall asleep in this part?

Most guys.

Don't most girls like
this sort of thing?

Most girls.

I think this one looks new.

You sure there's not a little
Lauren I should know about?


Actually, I've been
hiding her in the closet

for the past six months.

Actually, his name is Martin.

Should I be jealous?

He's eight.

Or 10 now.

Guess you can call him
my pen pal.

See? You're already
learning more about me.

Oh, yeah.

Miss Theimer threatened
to kick me out again.

I don't blame her.
You are very loud.

You know, you have a gun.

You could get rid of her
for good.

I think I might have
a better solution.

Oh, you mean that bachelor
pad above Benny's?

I think I'll take my chances
with the Wicked Witch.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.


It doesn't have to be there.

We can get a place in town.

Church, I've barely
been here a year.

You know I'm still
getting settled in.


Oh, my God,
you are totally bleeding.

I'm meeting Church
at McKieron's tonight.

He says he has
a surprise for me.

You don't think...

Wait, you totally
should have told me!

I could have done your hair.

You can't get engaged
looking like that.

Come on, I'm not
getting engaged.

Come on, he is a good guy.

A great guy.

Hey, baby girl.


It's cocktail hour for Mama.

Here we go.
Let me take that.

Here we go.

Mitsy, what is going on
with you?


I got your treats.



911. What's your emergency?

I think someone is in my house.

Ma'am, would you like me to dispatch your call?

Ma'am, are you okay?


Oh, I'm fine. I'm sorry.
That was just my dog.

I'm sorry.





Any word from Lauren?

She'll turn up.

She probably crashed
with Frances.

Heard things got crazy
at the Boot last night.


So, looks like entry into the
main house from the back.


Can I help you? Forensics.

State sent me down
to give you a hand.

You their roadie?

That's funny.

Damn, I was just trying
to make conversation.

She's cute.

What do you think?

Could you stand back, please?

There's a dog.

Has anyone seen the dog?

Stop petting the dog.

What? Stop petting him.

Take it easy, it's just a dog.

And I'm pretty sure he's a she.

911. What's your emergency?

I think
someone is in my house.



Where have you been all night?

Out riding.

Trying to clear my head.

Does Church know where you are?

You haven't even slept, okay?

You can crash at my place.

You seriously just... Frances.


Babe, I just came
to say goodbye.

Where are you gonna go?



Are you sure
you want to do this?

Rich, look, I'm sorry I haven't
called back. I just...

Lauren, I wouldn't say
anything else.

Lauren Malone,
you're under arrest

for the murder of Tess Theimer.

You have the right
to remain silent...

You have the right to an attorney...

What the hell is going on?

Please have a seat.

Your counsel's on his way
up from Broward,

so he might be here
in an hour or two.

You don't have to say
anything until then.

I have nothing to hide.


Let's start with where
you've been since last night.


It's Sheriff Church.

Okay, well, as I was
telling Deputy Diaz,

I was out riding.

I needed some time to think.


Yes, of course, I was alone.

How did you cut your hand?

Building a bike.

Before or after Friday night?

Let's talk about
Garfield Juvenile Corrections.

I was 16 and that's not
supposed to be on my record.

It's not.

But you might remember
a cotton swab

they ran inside your cheek,
standard check-in procedure.

Why would I remember that?

Your blood was found
all over Tess's house, Lauren.


it's not possible.

Can you give me a minute?

Church, please, it's me.

Who is that, exactly?

You lied to me about
your name, Lauren Baker?

I took my mother's.

And what about your father?

You told me you didn't know him.

May as well be true.

Let's see here.

Four counts of grand theft auto,

one aggravated assault, one

Nine years up in State.

That's him, not me.

Felony arrest 2004.

Unlisted accomplice, a minor.

That was one car.

One car, one teenage mistake.

And I never asked
for a laundry list of yours.

No, you didn't.

You never asked me anything.

But now I know why.

Do you really think
that I could do this?

They found your blood.

Then somebody put it there.

You tell me how that happened.

I don't know.

Tess called 911.

There's a tape, Lauren,
and she clearly says your name.

Church, please.

Your counsel will be here
in two hours.


Bail was denied
in the case of Lauren Baker

at Logan County Courthouse
this morning.

The state made its case
with what it calls

"overwhelming DNA evidence."

And while investigators uncover

the so-called Lady Killer's
record of criminal behavior,

she will have to await trial
at county corrections

for her day in court.




No, please! No! No!

No! No!

Who are you?

I'm the one who saved you.

You're free.

They're gonna come
looking for me.

I mean, that's insane.

How could they ever think

that you'd do
something like this?

How do you know I didn't?

You set me up.

You killed her.


I saved you.

Just like you saved me.

I've been waiting so long.

No! Please help me! No, no!

No! Show some gratitude.

You were on your way
to death row.

I set you free!


Please, please.

Shh, shh.




Where's her body?

Looks like he took it with him.

What about the tires?

Law enforcement
spike strip of some sort.

Buried it under the road
surface over there.

Suspect's vehicle
was parked there.

Probably set up
some sort of barricade.

Somebody really wanted
to spring this girl.

Blood relative maybe.

You reckon?

Get a couple of cars
out to Ray Baker's place.

Last report had him
in Maynard County.

I bet they'll find
he left in a hurry.

Will do, Sheriff.

Lauren's father?


He's got a record a mile long,

and this smells like
family business to me.

Thank you
for the observations, uh...?


Like the motel.

Thank you.

You knew her, right?

How's that?


Heard you two were engaged.

Let's get something
straight here.

Your role in this investigation
is to provide forensic analysis.

You are not a criminologist.
You are not an investigator.

Am I wrong?

No, Sheriff.


And, no, I didn't know her.

Not really.

The state line manhunt

has expanded for murder suspect Lauren Baker

and police now believe
her accomplice

to be her father Raymond Baker

of Maynard County.

Photos of both suspects
are being released...

Okay, okay.





You're still here.

Am I still a suspect?

Miss Theimer calls me
one more time,

I'm gonna have to arrest you.

What's this mean?

It's my mom's name.

She died when I was little.

I'm sorry.

What are these?

Battle wounds.

Well, I know
not to mess with you.

Don't worry, I'm not so tough.

I don't know about that.

I mean, the bikes
and the engines...

Your dad a fan
of that type of work?

I never knew him.

You goin' home?

Oh, in a bit.

Any news on Ray Baker?

We turned over his place.

Nothing to suggest
where he might have gone.

APBs out?

Media have the new photos?


You should get some sleep, boss.


Gonna drink me to death?

Why pick a fight
I know I can't win?

I don't figure you came here
looking for me.

Thought the old place might be
a good spot to crash in?

I figured no one's
been dumb enough

to run cars through here
for a while.

I guess I miscalculated.

From what I seen on TV,

you done a lot
of miscalculating lately.

I didn't do it.

I know.

How did you know
I'd end up here?

I just guessed.

Come on.

Nothing like the leg
you broke in Durham.

It was my arm,
and it was in Beloit.

You sucked it up.

You were always a tough kid.

Maybe that's how
Mom sold it to you

when you finally
decided to turn up.

You said he'd been waiting
a long time to meet you.

What does that mean?

I don't know.

You have a kid?

How the hell's that
any of your business?

He had to get your blood
from somewhere.

Have you been in a hospital?


I don't have a kid.

It doesn't matter either way.

I just need to disappear
for a while.

I'm thinking Mexico.

Oh, so that's it?
You're just gonna cut and run?

Well, I can't go to the cops.

You're a fighter
like your mother.

And look where that got her.

Hey, it got her
another good six months.

Don't you take that for granted.

How the hell would you know?
You weren't there.

And, by the way,
this isn't cancer.

No, this is something
you can actually see and fight.

I have no idea who this guy is.

Well, if you're not
gonna find him, I will.

I don't want your help.

Last time I signed up
for one of your schemes,

I ended up in juvy
for six months.

I got nine years.

I'll be working out back.

Stick to what you're good at.

No, sir, I can't take
any more orders.

Well, quite frankly,
'cause she is a fugitive

so I'm guessing
she has more on her mind

than fixing your bike.

Please tell me you're not here
for a custom order.

No. It's my car.

Is that her work?


Are you and Lauren close?

Look, I'm busy.

Maybe you should come back
when Mike's here.

Judging by the footprints,

there were two additional
people in the room.

Don't let any of the
reporters near here.

Yes, sir.


I've looked at
Lauren Baker's file.

Double homicide is a big leap
from grand theft auto.

People are full of surprises.

You read her old man's record.

Explain the two others
in the room.

The victim shows no signs
of bruising on her wrists.

There was someone else
in the chair.

That's all theoretical.

What I know for a fact

is Lauren Baker escaped
with help from an accomplice

and her father,
a convicted felon,

is on the run.

What if she didn't escape?

Where are you going with this?

I pulled blood samples
from the broken glass

of prison transport.

They belong to Lauren. So?

Under your theory, that would
have been her father's blood.

Ray Baker's DNA is in our system

and I found no trace of him
at the crime scene.

Maybe she busted the window

and she cut herself
climbing out.

Or, maybe, she was taken
against her will

from the cruiser.

You ever see anything
like that, Sheriff?

We're talking about
a very disturbed pathology.


They just found Lauren's
prison jumper out by Route 14.

Call me when you have evidence
and not just theories.

Talk to Frances again.

Take her to the station
this time.

Scare her a little bit.

Yes, sir.


You look like trouble
on a stick.

Yeah, well, you're the one
with the drag kit.

I had my friend Crystal
drop a few things by.

She's a dancer.

Oh yeah?

I wouldn't have guessed.

Have some breakfast.

It's not mine.

I'm not one to judge.

He dropped it in the cabin.

This looks like something
they gave your mother...

I think, after they
stopped her chemo.

You want to take a field trip?

Your mother used to go to that
cancer clinic up in Jessup.

It's the only decent one
in this half of the state.

We only have a pill.
It's not a lot to go on.

You know what he looks like.

Just have to get his file.

Once we get his address,
I'll take care of the rest.

Whose is this?

They're gonna be
looking for my truck.

Borrowed it from a friend.

You don't have any friends.

I knew it.

...We're not stealing this car.

What the hell
are you worried about?

You're already
wanted for murder.

Go to hell, Ray.

We're running
just a little low on options,

wouldn't you say?

Come on.

Pop the hood.

Hit it.

When I was first diagnosed,

we found temporary remedies.

My wife was actually
the first one to suggest it.

She gave and gave,


she's gone now.

And now that I'm facing death...

I can finally be alive.

You're gonna bring her to me.

You remember that road trip
we took in my old Cadillac?

Out to your uncle's place.

I'm not here
for a family reunion.

A man can only apologize
so many times.

I never wanted an apology.

I wanted a father.

I made a lot of mistakes.

I never should have
involved you back then.

You know the sickest part?

I wanted to steal
that car with you.

The only time you ever
paid me any attention.

And the second you had
a chance to save your own ass,

you bailed.

New developments
in the cop killer case

from Logan County today.

While murder
suspect Lauren Baker

and her father Raymond
remain at large,

authorities are now reporting
the disappearance

of Baker's friend and co-worker

Miss Frances O'Connor,

who police suspect
could be aiding them.

Who is it?

My best friend.
He must have come back for her.

All the more reason to find him.

And then what?

Maybe you should just
turn me in.

I could try talking
to Church again.

You think all of a sudden
they're gonna listen to you?

One thing I know about cops,

they're not real big
on negotiation.

We better find this guy
and bring him in...

one way or the other.


It's Bates.

She says you're not
picking up your phone.

Yeah, there's a reason for that.

She says she's found
another victim.


I read about a body
a few days ago...

Nicole Thatcher, found way
up north in Wellington.

The case was above my pay
grade, but state CID

thought the profile matched
another five dead girls,

missing persons
going back years.

Bodies buried
all over the state.


And all of the victims
have needle marks

on their arms.

Okay, so drugs?

I don't think so.

I went back and checked and I...

Sheriff, I think
it's very possible

that Lauren Baker was abducted
by the actual killer.

I really don't
want you to waste your time.

This is a form
of oral chemotherapy.

Several brands on the market.

It's prescribed
to many of our patients.

But, again, there's not
much else I can tell you.

As I made clear,

we have a very stringent
privacy policy here.

Okay, I understand
your policy, I do.

But it is very important
that I find him.

That's really
all I can tell you.

I'm sorry.
Now, if you'll excuse me.


Where did you get this?

As I said before,

we do not divulge
patient information.

I was a bone marrow donor
five years ago.

This was the recipient...


It's him, isn't it?

He's Martin.

I'm sorry, I can't...

Tell me who made this.

All right, that's it.

You need to leave right now.

You want to tell me
what's going on?

Bone marrow?

He's been sending 'em
to me for years.

I had his address
the whole time.

Where is it?

Oh, great.

So your plan is to return
to the crime scene

and pray we don't get caught?

You got your daddy's
poor judgment.

All units,

Jessup County Medical
reporting a possible 21 fax.

Possible sighting of suspects
matching the description

of Lauren Baker
and Raymond Baker

inside Jessup County
Medical Center.

That address is 1225...

Why don't you let me do this?

'Cause it's my house.

Just try and watch out
for me this time.

Come on, come on, come on.


Is anybody in the house?


Take the keys
out of the ignition.

Put your hands
where I can see 'em.

Step out of the vehicle.

Raymond Baker,
get down on your knees.

Put your hands on your head.

Put your hands on your head.

Where is she, huh?

Where's Lauren?

Get in the back.

If you didn't stop
that squad car,

then how'd you find her?

She found me, I told you.

Where's she at, Ray?
You got her tied up somewhere?

If you're not gonna
listen to me...

You killed this deputy!

You pulled Lauren
out of the car.

Now where did you take her?

Is there anyone
smarter than you here?

Come on, send me
someone to talk to!


Now you listen to me.

Lauren told me she didn't
even have a father.

She told me you were dead.

Now, there's nobody else
coming for you,

so you had better start
working with me

and you tell me where she is.


I really need to make a statement.

I don't have
a whole lot of time.

Thank you.

Is someone coming right away?

Can I help you?

Oh, yeah, I was trying
to tell that deputy

I was accosted
at the hospital today.

I can take your statement.

No one has the right

to know the identities
of donors.

The system is encrypted
for a reason.

That's why I missed it
the first time.

Lauren was a bone marrow match

for Oscar Marcus five years ago.

Your patient...

he's got her DNA, doesn't he?

Thank you, Ray.

I've been treating him
for 10 years.

A recipient's immune system
is completely destroyed

before a transplant.

Once the patient gets
that marrow donation,

it creates new, healthy blood
that would match the donor's.

It's called a chimera,

when a person has
two kinds of DNA.

His hair and tissue
will always be the same,

but his blood will
effectively be Lauren's.

The chances of a bone marrow
match are 1 in 20,000.

Genetically speaking, she's his soul mate.

And these?

I assumed his kid made them.


Surveillance cameras at that
hospital clinic in Jessup

confirmed both Lauren
and Ray Baker were back there.

Also, the ID of the car
she was driving...

someone just called it in, parked
on the side of the road upstate.

Who lives there?

An Oscar Marcus.

Okay, Ray, tell me again

what you were doing
at the clinic.

Finally ready to listen? Let's go.

You can tell me in the car.
Where the hell is Bates?

Come on, come on.

Wake up.


Okay, all right.

Come on.

Come on, it's me.

Wake up.

I know.

I know.
All right?

This should be much easier
the second time around.

I'm gonna make two incisions
on either side of your spine.

And then...

I'll use a hollow needle...

to remove the liquid marrow.


We've both been waiting
a long time.

You and I...

are finally gonna be together.

No one...

will be able to break us apart.

Put it down.


I knew it wasn't you.

I'm sorry.

Put it down.

Watch him.

Turn around.

Fill it.


Fill it!

I already have your blood.

You don't need mine.

I'm here to take it back.

You want to watch me bleed,
don't you?

That's why we were matched.

Because inside,

we're the same.

You're right.

I do want to see you bleed.


Go back to the house, Martin.

Martin, go back to the house.

You know you're not
allowed out here.

You son of a...


are you the one that drew
all those pretty pictures?

Okay, well, I want you
to go back to the house

and make me something pretty.

Can you do that for me?

Do what your mother says!

You truly are my angel.

Stay with Bates.

It's okay...

I'm not gonna say,
"I told you so."

Yes, ma'am.


Hi, baby.
Are you okay?

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay, okay?


You didn't deserve this,


Thank you.


You came back.

You mind if maybe
I stick around this time?

Good afternoon, ma'am.

Slow day?

Should you be stopping
law-abiding women on the road?

Just want to make sure
you stay on the far shoulder.

You know, keep safe.

Yeah, well, I'm pretty good
at taking care of myself.

Thank you.

Let's just call it
a clean slate.

I'm ready to talk
whenever you are.

I'll keep you posted.