Back to the Goode Life (2019) - full transcript

Francesca Goode is a successful New York banker who goes from being a Boss to being Broke overnight after the feds freeze all her assets when she's wrongfully blamed for unethical banking ... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(energetic rap music)

- Ladies!

- All hail the Queen!

- The New Vice President
of Investments!

- Oh!

Stop, stop.

No, I was being modest.

Keep going.

- Girl, seriously,

This deserves a toast.

- Hi, what can I
get for you ladies?

- More champagne,
three kamikaze shots,

a long island, and ...

What do you all want?

- I'll just breathe
in her fumes.

- Actually, do you
guys still have

that Hawaiian Kona macchiato?

- Yes, we do.

- I'll take one of those.

- You and your coffee fetish.

- Obsession.

You're still planning
to pitch Glickman

that grand cafe idea?

- Absolutely.

All a part of my master plan.

And with this promotion--

- Uh!

This is not a power point party.

Which is why we didn't invite
any of your fake work friends.

We, your real friends,
are here to celebrate

your well-earned, and
much-sacrificed promotion.

- Oh, you guys!

You shouldn't have!



You guys.

You really, actually
shouldn't have.

- We just figured since
you've been working so hard,

and now you got the promotion,

that you should start looking
after your own interests.

- And what interest is this?

- Turning that desert back into

the tropical oasis
it used to be.

How long has it been?

- Eight months, two
weeks, four days.

But who's counting?

- Francesca!

Easy fix.

Swipe right.

- Really?

- You need to start
owning the strong,

successful goddess that you are.

Can't you see that
you have the pick

of the wealthy
litter right here?

What about hedge fund Henry?

- Sweet on the
eyes, but as shallow

as that bottle cap
he was holding.

- Trust fund Trevor.

- Ew!

He looks like he's
already had four wives.


- We're just trying to help.

I mean, all you're missing

is that good ole',
long, strong, vitamin D.

- But I don't just want the D.

I want more.

- More?

I don't get it.

What more?

- A friendship.

A connection.

Hell, an undeniable
electrifying spark.

- Oh, like ...

true love?


- [Jen] True love my ass!

- For real.

This New York!

- I know, I know.

Aim for the moon ...

- Settle for financial parity.

- [Jen And Ingrid]
Or a new vibrator!

- [Waitress] Here's
your Kona macchiato.

- Thank you.

- [Ingrid] Cheers, ladies.

- Cheers.

Coffee consumers can purchase
their coffee beans online,

but they cannot purchase
a coffee shop experience.

I am not a desert.

Mr. Glickman, as the Vice
President of Investments,

it's time we make our move
into the brick and mortar side

of the coffee industry
while the iron is hot.

While the iron is hot.

Last year alone, consumers spent

over $19 billion
at coffee shops.

A consumer's relationship with
coffee is deeply personal;

And the human interaction that
takes place in a coffee shop

enhances the emotional
connection and
overall experience.

This, in turn,
sustains the loyal,

repeat customers who
associate their coffee

with a special
social interaction.

They become addicted to
the sense of belonging.

(phone beeping)


- From what we know so far,

the FBI has issued
a search warrant

for high ranking,
financial executives

who allegedly masterminded
an account scam

resulting in major bonuses
and financial kickbacks.

Managing Director,
John Glickman,

and newly appointed Vice
President Francesca Goode,

at the Bank of Merit,
have been targeted

as prominent execs
first to be exposed.

- Glickman, can
you please tell us

why you did it?

Was Francesca Goode the
mastermind behind your scheme?

What do you have to
say for yourself?

- [Reporter] What do you
wanna say to your employees?

- Not to worry about this.

Just a misunderstanding.

You'll see.

Stay calm and don't say a word

without the presence
of your attorney.

- You've gotta be shitting me!

I'm freaking out!

What if they come to my door?

- Girl, relax.

What did your attorney say?

- Just to stay calm but I can't.

They're not letting
anyone into the office.

- You should've
called me sooner.

- Why, Anita?

What were you gonna do?

- Bury my foot in your
boss's narrow ass!

He set you up.

- No, okay, we don't know that.

- It's not your fault you
make the perfect fall guy.

Nice, likeable, unsuspecting.

- Really, Anita?

- Glickman's a dick!

Hope he gets tons of it,
too, where he's going.

- My promotion.

Was it even real?

- No ma'am!

Don't even start second
guessing yourself.

- No, okay, never that.

I'm just a bit blind-sided.

- Seriously, sis.

You need to just bring your
butt back home to Hazlehurst,

where it's safe, boring, slow.

Leave all that
madness in New York.

- Anita, no, absolutely not.

I am not tucking my
tail and running.

I'm gonna stay, clear
my name and fight this.

I'm sure my lawyer will
clear all of this up

and everything will be fine.

- Well, the good news
is you won't be arrested

and charged like Glickman.

- Why would I?

I'm the victim here.

- I know.

However, the bad news
is the government

has frozen all your
financial resources.

Bank accounts, credit
cards, IRA's, you name it.

- Hold up, they did what?

- It's standard protocol.

Just until they sort things out.

- So ...

I have no money.

I lost my job.

And I can't work in
the only field I know?

- This is the FDIC, IRS
and FBI we're dealing with.

They are, for lack of a
better term, 'bout they money.


- From the looks of it,

Glickman was in the process
of firing everyone above you

in order to keep them
out of any trouble;

which meant someone had
to take their place.

- Which was me.


So my promotion,
it was all a fake.

That asshole!

I want to file a
lawsuit right now!

- Well, stand in line.

There will be hundreds filed.

Civil, criminal--

- Wait, wait.

How am I suppose to live?

- Cash only.

- It's all in my bank account!


- Listen, this thing is
gonna take some time.

Everything is being seized.

My advice is that you take
whatever money you have--

- And what?

- Leave town.

Do you have anywhere that
you can go that's ...

- Safe?



You payin' for this, right?

(laid-back music)

- Whatcha drinkin'?

- Uh, something ...


- We got that.

- As much as I can get ...

with this.

- That somethin' got a name?

- Apple martini.

You know what, I'll let you
decide what that something is.



Was this distilled in BC or AD?



What was that, gasoline?

- Yeah, of course you
don't want to hear from me.

But I can't help it.

(energetic hip hop music)

Can I get another?

So, that iss how you burn
fat without even exercising.



Where you going?

Ah, come on, come back!

I won't talk about
exercising no more.

I'll buy you another shot!

Ooh, I got money in my sock.



- She's alive!

- Bobby!

- Yeah.

- Why am I in your apartment?

How did I get here?

And what happened last night?

Wait, wait, I'm sorry.

Before you start,
do you have coffee?

- No.

- [Francesca] Damnit!

- You really don't
remember anything?

Well ...

I was at work, swamped,

wrapped it up as quickly as
I could when I got your text.

Then I pulled up on
you, just in time.

- Just in time ...

for what?

(curious music)

- [Bobby] Francesca!

- Hey, I want her outta here.


- You don't have to be so mean.

I'm taking this.

This is mine.

Come on, you guys!

My life a shambles!

Oh, don't be stingy, bro!

I've been here entertaining
all your customers.

You can share with me.

I'ma be back for my money!

You're mean.

You're really nice though.

He gave me some good--

Oh, hi, you so kind.

How you doing'?

Oh wait, we gotta get my stuff.

- Um, let's just get
you to the car first.

- But wait, what if they
try to steal my purse?

There's a whole bunch
of money in my purse.

Not. (laughing)

- She's not normally like this.

- Yes I am!

Yes I am.



- Yeah, so um, this
isn't at all random.

- Hm, I see.

Well, I would, um,

like to offer an official
apology from the sober me.

- Stop.

It's fine.

I spoke to Anita.

And she asked if you could
sleep it off over here.

Figured you'd prefer your
family not to see you like that.

- Yeah, well, thank you.

Thank you both.

- I mean, it happens.

I left you some fresh
towels in the bathroom

if you, you know, wanna--

- Wash off the shame, sure.


Sure, I would like to.




My body hurts.

Did I fall?

- Yay.

Welcome home.

(energetic hip hop music)

- Bang.

- Thank you!


Uh ...


My taste buds told
me to do that.

- So, how are you holding up?

- That means you already know.

I see bad news travels fast.

- Well, I've been keeping tabs.

- Yeah, some friends
they turned about to be.

I can't believe they
dropped me like that,

thinking I did it.

My work friends did me the same.

(light music)

- Well, thanks for the Lyft.

Four stars.

- Nice pun.

Hey, do I at least get a tip?

- Ooh, well, I'm
tapped. (chuckles)

But would you settle for a hug?

- From the girl voted
prettiest late bloomer

in Hazlehurst High?

No question!

- What!

So I get to hug the guy voted
nicest smile and hottest nerd?

- Well, I gotta
get to the office.

- Yeah, and I should
probably stop stalling.

- Hit me up later if
you need anything.

- Okay.

Thank you.

(soft piano music)

- Okay, so remember
to lay off the sweets

and floss after eating, okay?

- Ah!

Dr. Brookshaw, can
I see you a moment?

(Anita oohing)

- I'm having Mr.
Collins come back

in a couple days
for the extraction.

I know his PPO won't cover it,

but I really feel
like we shouldn't--

- Okay.

It's fine, Dr. Brookshaw.

- Um, I thought that we
agreed that we wouldn't--

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Around the office.

- [Anita] Mm-hm.

- 'Cause you said no.



- Oh!

You need to talk
that monster down

before you come ova' here.

Y'all gotta stop that.

This is a professional
place of business.

- She call?

- Not yet.

How drunk was she?

- White girl wasted.

She's hurting.

- You didn't mention anything
about my dad, did you?

- Not a word.

- And you didn't tell
her everyone knows

about her work
situation, did you?

- That.

She suspects everyone knows.

- It's eventually gonna have
to be addressed head on.

Better it's out in the open now.

Unlike ...

Still up.

Just go outside and think
about baseball or something.

'Cause you're distracting
me from my work.

- Home run.

- [Anite] Mm-hm.

- What!


- Deon.

Look at you!

- Anita said you was
gonna be by yesterday.


- Oh, look at you! (giggling)

- Yeah, a lot done
changed since then, huh?

- Yeah.

And when did dad
decide to remodel?

And when did you
decide to stop being

such a lil Gerber baby?

- Yo, yo, yo, it's
DJ D'On, shawty.

What it do?

Hey, go get something to eat.

- Okay, DJ D'On.

It smells good up in here.

Last I remember, you
couldn't make a PBJ.

(uncanny ringing)

- The secret is the chocolate.

- I know, I know.

Okay, yeah, yeah, no,
we're about to go.

- No.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

What the hell?

- Okay, Kevin, Kevin, Kevin,

stop bouncing that ball
in the house, sweetness.

And Mimi, get back
in your chair, baby,

before you fall, okay?

- [Anite] What ...

- Ooh, girl, lemme
call you back.

- Kandi?

- Future bride?

- No, nope!

- [Kandi] Of--

- Don't say it.

- Frankenstein!

Girl, I haven't
seen you since ...

- Uh, grade school, when
you were my baby-sitter?

I know.

And that nickname has been
long-time been buried.

- Look at you!

You done grown up, grown into
your face, got new teeth.

I see and out them ortho shoes.

When did you get here?

- What are you doing here?

- Nobody told you?

I pretty much stay here.

- (chuckling) No, seriously,
what are you doing here?

- Oh, and those are my babies.

This is Kevin, and
that's Mimi over there.


- Ooh, damn, that hurt!

- Bad word!

- [Kandi] Mm-hm.

- That's one dollar that
goes to the cuss jar.

Pay up!

- Okay, I'm sorry.

It won't happen again.

- All right, Kevin, now come on.

I already told you.

Get your stuff, we're
already running late!

- Girl, he got a callback
to be on that reality show.

He 'finna be a star. (laughing)

Well, welcome back.

It is so good to see
ya after all this time,


- No one calls me

Franceskenstein anymore.
- Franceskenstein!

- [Francesca] No, it's not.

No one calls me that.

- It just fit.

- I don't even
know you, lil baby.

- Francescastein!

- Okay.
- Ya, that's right.

Say goodbye to Miss

Okay, bye, baby.
- Oh, bye.


- Lettin' out all
that cold air, girl.


- Cordell?

Man, you can't be running
up on people like that!

- Running up on people is
how I'm literally out here

securing this bags and cashing
these fat checks, ya feel me?


What up witcha, sis?

- What are you doing?

You out here selling
mixtapes or something?

- Naw, naw, naw, naw, it
ain't nothing like that, man.

The Deacon got me out here
hunting thise skips, right?

So I was going at this
little young fella, man,

and so I had to blend in.

- Well, your costume
devotion is admirable.

- Come on, this how young boys
out here dressing today, man.

You know, with the purses,
dresses, skinny jeans, leggings.

I'mma have to get 'em
any way I can, you know?

- So did you catch him?

- Oh, hell yeah.

That boy had 10
racks on that head.

You know I had to
get them bands.


- Oh, hey, Junebug.

You home.

- (chuckling) Yo,
he's special ops,

so he's been training to be
a man of few words, right?

'Cause, you know, it's
an irrational fear

of being caught by ISIS.

Leave him alone.

- In Hazlehurst?


- Wars never over.

They're everywhere.

- Oh, and I see you finally
landed yo childhood crush,

Kandi, after all these years.

I met her kids.

They bad, but.

You playing surrogate?

- Whatchu' talking 'bout?

We ain't together.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

I just thought.

So, Junebug?

You and Kandi are ...

- Pssh!

- Don't tell me y'all let Deon
get with Kandi of all people?

- Ah, hell nah.

He into college girls and music.

He ain't thinking about
getting with no late-30s MILF.

- Stop playing.

- Yo, pops, he got game, man.

He out here living
his best life.

- [Francesca] I was just here!

- Yeah, a year ago.

When we come to find
out they been rockin'

on the low for a
year and a half.

- So, no one bothered to
inform me that our dad

is dating the poster child
for bundles and tummy tea?

- Aye, Frankie, your service

has been requested
upstairs by the man.

- Ah!

So, if you got a
problem with it,

it's the perfect time to
go discuss it with him.

- Hey!

Confront The Deacon!

- Yeah, go talk to daddy!

- I don't care what you do.

Just find him.


Girl, let me look at you.


Looking more and more like
your mama. (chuckling)

Come here.

So how's everything?


New York?


- Everything is great.

It's really, really great.

How are you?

- I seen better days.

I'm doing all right considering
I'm laying eyes on you.

You know, when Anita
said you were coming,

I thought she was
selling me wolf tickets.

And I was willing
to pay full price.


One year.

That's precious time.

I know dad.

I just got a earful
from Cordell.

I'm here now, that's
all that matters.

So, I see you made some
changes to the place.

- I did.

A while ago.

- So, where is mom's vanity?

And all her stuff?


- Downstairs.

- Downstairs?

Like the basement?

- And the shed.

I made some changes.

- Well, that's an

Up here.

The kitchen.

And why is everyone
calling you Deacon?

- Because I like--

- Does it have something
to do with the baby-sitter

from hell being back here?

'Cause right now I
just really feel like

nothing is making sense, and
I think it has something,

or everything to do with her.

- So you think that every--

- Yes, I think.

Were you even gonna tell me?

- Listen, baby girl, I just ...

I wanted to have a face
to face conversation

when it came to
me and Kandi Pop.

- Never mind.

It's too much to process.

Let's have this conversation
when my shock wears off.

- All right, fair enough.

So where you staying?

You staying at one
of them fancy hotels?

Or you got your real estate
agent to find you one of them,

what they call them, Airb--

- Airbnb, daddy.

- Yeah, that's it.

- Well ...

- Ah, go on and spend
up all ya' money.

You know, you'd think
you'd wanna stay here.

But I get it.

Bit crowded.

(phone ringing)

- Yeah, go ahead
and answer that.

I'll be around daddy.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I mean Deacon.

(soft music)

- You still here?

Deacon said you had an Airbnb.

- [Deon] Hey sis,
you sure you don't

wanna crash in your old room?

- No, Deon, it's your room now.

- I just put fresh linen out.

Otherwise, you gonna
be bunking down here

with those two in the dungeon.

- Uh-uh, that is
definitely not happening.


Where you off to?

- Oh, I got me a little
reception over in Denton,

you know what I meam?

They tryna' turn
up a little bit,

slid up in my DMs requesting
my A1 services, you feel me?

- [Francesca] Okay!

- DJ D'On!
(doorbell ringing)

- Right.
- Yeah yeah!

- Hey, get that door though.

- But I was watching
TV, though so I can't--

- I don't care.

- Hey, where she
at, where she at?

Look at you!

Girl, looking like
a whole snack!


- But I see somebody has been
doing their lunges and squats.

- Listen, that squat
challenge is everything.

- Hey!
- Hey!


- Bye!

- Bye.
- Bye.

- So, where's Deacon?

- Oh, I don't know, I wanna
say him and that troll--

- Shh!

- Rude.

- Well I guess we're--
- Come on.

You act like you
don't see nobody else.

So, what happened?

I been waiting all
day for the real tea.

- What tea?

- The

- Oh my god, he didn't
tell me he took pictures!

He better not post that.

- Look, I just need
to know what happened.

- Girl, nothing happened!

It's not even like that.

He's not even checking
for me like that.

- [Kandi] What up, fellas?


- Ah, yass!

Come through, hair!

Flip it, flip it,
flip it, flip it!

- Bae who?

- Okay, you better work.

All right, when did
you get this done?

I like this!

- Excuse us.

- Oh!


Didn't mean to bust up
the sibling reunion.

- We were just talking.

Where you two coming from?

- The gym.

- You know, you gotta watch him.

He's always trying to cheat
when it's not his cheat day.

- I was just testing.

- Mm-hm, no you wasn't, daddy.

- Oh hell no!

This is some bullshit.

- Dollar in the cuss jar.

- Why does she get
to call you daddy?

- Oh, I get to call him daddy

for all sorts of
reasons he just loves.

- Don't start this, Frankie.

You know the rules.

You know how I feel about that
kinda language under my roof.

Pay up.

- You know what?

I could fill this entire house
full of cuss jars for her.


For the near future.

- Frankie.

(soft guitar music)



- Hey!

- [Francesca] Hey, Bobby.

- Francesca, hey.

What are you doing around here?

You got a Airbnb around here?

- Yeah, maybe.

- Uh, let me get
your bag for you.

- Wait, um ...

Do you have plans?

Like a hot date?

Booty call?

- Yeah, but they canceled.

You hungry?

- Um ...

Yeah, I could eat.

- So, um ...

So, what are you gonna do?

- I don't know.

I just need some time
to figure things out.

Hopefully, once all
the drama clears,

I'll be back in New York,
with an even better job.

- Hope is not a strategy.

Maybe this is the universe
telling you something.

These are for you.

Why don't you just
get in my bed?

- I'm not gonna put
you out your couch.

- I mean, you sleep
in the bed with me.

- I'm sure all of your
females would not approve.

So, this is fine. (chuckling)

- Like, I sleep on the
outside, you on the inside.

Kick it old school.

- I'll cuddle up
with Boomer instead.

- Fair warning, he
snores pretty bad.

(light music)

- Move over.

Um ...

Go buy your dog
some nasal strips.

- I know you can't wait to
get back to your old life,

but maybe this is all happening
so you can start a new one.

Good night, Frankenstein.

- Good night, Bobby Boogershaw.

- Don't play with it.

If you gonna eat it, then do it.



- (chuckling) Fun dream?

- Huh?

Uh ...

Yeah, I, uh ...

I was having this crazy dream.

And um ...

I had baked you cake and ...

you just wanted to play with it.

You didn't wanna...

eat it.

- That's odd.

I love eating ...


- Fresh towels in
the bathroom for ya,

and gourmet coffee on the stove.

- Oh my god, you drove that far?

- Lock the bottom
lock before you leave.

- Bobby, I just ...

wanna thank you for last night.

Letting me star, and the
much-needed pep talk.

Felt like old times.

- I'm here for you,
whenever you need me.

- Did Bobby put you up to that?

Vince, this is Francesca
Goode, once again.

Please call me back.

I'm just checking in to
see if there's anything new

with the case or my money.

Call me!

- Look who's slummin' today.

- I was hoping to
catch daddy here.

- Please, the Deacon, he
don't do no heavy lifting.

What you think we do?

- Play dress up
and make believe.

- You know you're a hater.

- Take that perp in, man.

Hey, you know we need
us a female employee.

You more than
welcome to help out.

- Pass.

Do you know where he is?

'Cause he's not home.

- Old timer's constantly
on the move with your BFF.

Speaking of, why you
go postal like that?

- I have my reasons, Friedo.

- Hey, do you think
Jade knows Francesca

stayed at my place last night?

- Uh, first of all,
I didn't even know

she stayed at your
place last night ...


That's twice.

Second of all, I ain't said
jack to nobody 'bout nothing.

You think I'm a
snitch on my sister?

- DoYyou think I
should tell her?

- Oh, Father, they don't
make 'em like you anymore,

and your ass would
be an only child.

- Shouldn't just
keep it one hun'ned?

- Boy, no!

You can't be this
handsome and that stupid.

Who taught you bro code?

Jade would flip all
the way out if she knew

some random was laying
on her side of your bed.

Trust and believe,
I've been there.

- But we just friends.

- Let's play the
perspective game, 'kay?

I'ma be Jade, you be you, okay?

Hey, Bobby,

I didn't mention, Tank,
my very attractive,

very single homie
from high school,

sorry I didn't mention
it, he's been in town

and he's been staying at
my place for two days.

It's no big deal,
we're just friends.


That part.

And you had a
father in your life.

You can't be this stupid.

See you next Tuesday.

- Ugh, what's that look for?

- Yesterday.

You and Kandi the Crud.

- Do you know where you are?

- Yes, is Bobby in?

I wanted to thank
him for last night.

- Uh-uh, don't go
bringing that up in here.

I like my job.

- Hey!
- Hey!

- Hi! (chuckling)

- So, I was thinking about what
you said in bed last night-

- Girl, if Dr.
Montgomery catches y'all,

she gon' fire me for sure.

- Anita, nobody's getting fired.

- Who's Dr. Montgomery?

- It's complicated.

- Bobby, I like you,
but dolls before balls.

Francesca she's his boo thang.
- Business partner.

- What are you talking about?

- I thought I mentioned ...

- No.

I'm sure you didn't.

- I haven't had the
time to talk about it.

- Don't go sugarcoatin' it now.

His bae is trying to make them

the Michelle and
Barack of teeth.

- Oh.

It's cool.

I also wanted to
tell the both of you

that I have decided to extend
my stay a little longer.

- Yes!

- So, uh, see you guys later.

- Bye, boo.

Nothing happened, huh?

(soft music)

(phone beeping)

- What!

Oh, hell no!

- I'm assuming you just heard.

- Yes.

How much longer are we talking?

- Weeks, months,
years, no telling.

- Well, what am I
supposed to do now?

- You can start all over.

- How Vince?

I'm stuck!

- I know, but you're
gonna have to.

This is going to take a while.

- I'm sorry.

You're right.

- I'll call you if
I hear anything.

- [Deon] Frankie?

- Hey, DJ D'on!

What's up? (laughing)

- Thought you were
Junebug up in here

scavenging for munchies.

Bro, people are sleeping.

You want me to take
you to your room?

- No, no no no.

I'm sorry, though.

I'm just drunk and
hungry. (giggling)

Oh, wait, um, Deon, don't leave.

I want to tell you something,

but it has to be
just between us.

- What, that you gay?

I knew it already.

- What!

Is there something about
me that screams lesbian?

- You got mad pant suits on

and not one picture on the
internet with a dude, so--

- I'm not gay, boy!

I'm broke.


I got nothing.

The Feds took everything
I had back in New York,

and that's why I'm really here.

Only people that know
are Anita and Bobby.

- And me, The Deacon,

Cordell, Junebug,
Kandi, her kids,

the mayou, the
people at church ...

- What?

I told Anita not
to say anything!

- Look shawty, this is
Hazlehurst, all right?

Not the damn stone ages.

Look, the Deacon must've
knew before you called Anita

because he told us not
to say shit 'til you did.

- Are you serious?

Everybody knows?


- Chill, chill, all right?

Look, we know you didn't
cheat those people out

the way the news is
saying you did, all right?

Trust me, we all know.

(soft music)

Come on.

- But I'm hungry!

- Man, get this
drunk ass to bed.

Hey, I could hook
you up with a job

over at a cell phone store.

- No, I'm not working
for any more crooks.

- Hey, I got me a lil thang
over at Hazlehurst Insurance.

- No, Deon!

I cannot do simple,
mindless work.

I need to make money
and be stimulated

or my brain is going to rot.

- Hey, you love
coffee, don't you?

- Yeah.

In some strange way,
I feel as though

I brought this on myself.

- Hey, didn't I tell you,
I'm the local plug out here

making differences
in folks' lives?

Girl, come on.

- I see the hat fits.

- It's a cheap marketing
gimmick gone bad.

- Oh! (laughing)

Oh, man, where'd you find her?

- Hey, look, I should
be able to get you

to and from work on most days.

But look, if I can't, just
take the whip, feel me?

- Cool.

Thank you.

- Let me show you around.

Right after you.

- Crystal, Lisa?

- [Crystal And Lisa] What?

- This is Francesca.

She'll be working here now.

Can you please show her around?

- No, no no no, she
does not work here!

- I am so tired of
these old ass people

comin' in here takin' our jobs.

This is for the teens.

- I'm not even 30 yet!

- And neither is my mama!


(phone ringing)

- I gotta take this.

- This where we
keep the push broom,

the mop, and the bucket.

Get used to it.

Tour's over.

- I appreciate you helping
build up our clientele.

- Uh-huh.

That's the strategy
we discussed.

- Our plan was to
mainly target families,

which is basically ...

what I do.

- And I haven't?

- Ever since you gotten
written up in that article and

you gone viral, it seems
like you're more concerned

about being this public
figure who's getting likes

than our practice.

Hell, us.

- I'm the reason
that lobby is full.

- Full of random, thirsty
dudes who don't want shit

but a picture from
you and a follow back.

Makes me wonder if they're
there solely for you

and not their teeth.

- (scoffs) You jealous?

- No, I'm a dentist.

What are you>

I mean, you've been upping
our prices like crazy,

our old customers
can't even afford us.

I mean--
- Wow!

You know what?

I'm still a dentist.

But I'm also a business woman.

This thing is gonna
put me in a position

where I don't have
to worry about

who can't afford to pay what
and how I choose to charge.

- Is there even a grain
of passion for your work,

or is it just about
the money for you?

- Yes!

It's both.

(phone ringing)

- Oh, hold on, it's my manager.

I am so ready for Houston.

Oh wait, did the
photographer confirm?

Okay, yeah.

Awesome, all right, cool.

No, I'm gonna look now,
I'm gonna look right now.

Here I go.

- Everything okay?

- I mean, you know, I was
thinking about getting

maybe like an espresso or ...


You really work here?

- So this is where you've been
hiding for the last few days.

- Wait, you guys biked
all the way over here?

- Oh yeah!

Cycling promotes a healthy
circulatory system,

and a more efficient metabolism,

and it enhances endurance.

- Okay, ew, thank you for that.

- K-Pop.

You mind giving us
a moment please?

- Oh yeah, yeah.

Oh, but first let me
just get a real quick ...

Huh, okay.

Yeah, you look real
cute in our uniform.

- Thank you.


Okay, it's a long story.

This is just temporary.

It's not a career change.

- What's going on?

I mean, how long
were you planning on

keeping up this charade?

- It wasn't my intentions.

- Not telling me about New York?

I don't know how you feel
about us down here, but ...

we are your family.

We're here to help.

- I don't need help.

I'm fine.

- Well, I'm here
when you're ready.

- Are you?

'Cause you're never around.

Or just alone enough
for us to talk.

- Yeah, I'm always on the go.

Baby girl.

You, uh ...

really call this coffee?


- I know, right?

I'm secretly here
to help improve it.

That's why I'm really here.

- Of course.

You know, I figured it
was something like that.

We'll see ya.

- Lata'.

- Allagata',


(soft piano music)

- Hey, where you going?

- To Savannah.

- Oh, this is dope!

I see you.

- Yeah, you should
slide through later.

Blow some steam off.

- Who's gonna watch them if
I decide to go somewhere?

- I don't know, shawty.


Duty calling.

- Mimi, I don't think you
should have that vase, okay?

Wait, and Kevin, don't
skateboard in the house.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

- [Kevin] Yes I can!

- Okay.

How about we clean up the toys

before mommy and
Deacon gets back?

Good idea?

Ooh, come blow your nose,

'cause you have a lot going on.

Just stand still for
one second, okay?

Boy, are you--

What are you doing?

Get off of my back!

- Mimi, tag in!

- Tag in?

What is happening?

Okay, okay.

- Hey, are you okay?

The door's open.

I heard you screaming.

- Help!

Get off of me.



- We won!

- Whatever!

- I wanted to, um ...

I wanted to apologize

for the miscommunication
at the office.

- Miscommunication
or flagrant omission?

Hm, wuestion of the day.

- Don't be difficult.

- Difficult or honest?

Second question of the day.

- If you accept my apology,
I'd like to make it up.

I'll take you to a movie
in the park like old times.

- What movie?

- It'll spoil the surprise.

But it's a classic.

- Hood or mainstream?

- Both.

- Okay, I'm intrigued.

Let's go!

- [Kevin] Mimi, stop!

- I mean, they'll be all right.

Somebody'll hear their
tiny cries for help

if they try to kill each other.

I'm kidding.

Junebug is downstairs.


Come on.


- Sorry, sorry.

Mister man wanted to take
another lap around the park.

So how were the kids?

- Oh, they were a joy.

- Bobby!

Good to see you.

How are your parents
doing down in Florida?

- Deacon Goode,
they're loving it.

- They're loving it.

And we don't have time for this.

See you guys later.

Don't wait up, bye!

- [Kandi] These
kids and these toys.

Hey Mimi, Kevin.

What y'all wanna eat for lunch?

(relaxed R&B music)

- [Francesca] Marcus, darling,
I'm not wearing any panties.


- [Bobby] You gotta
coordinate, coordinate.

- Bang, bang, bang, bang!
- Bang, bang.

- My favorite movie ever.

A classic for sure.

- Oh, looks like I
gotta get you back home.

- Are your trying to
get rid of me already?

Just say you have to
get home to the wifey

so you don't get in trouble.

- I'm allowed to have
female friends, thank you!

- Okay.

Well she must trust you then.

- She's in Houston at
a Dentistry conference

or a photo shoot.

In ATL with her
sorors next week.

I don't even know anymore.

I just assumed that
you'd like to get home.

- Well how about you
stop assuming and tell me

what's next in Bobby and
Francesca's wild night out?

- Um ...

Let me think ...

- Oh, come on!

Your wild date night in the
GA is in need of some repair.

There's no spontaneity.

There's no wine,

no blanket.
- Date night, huh?

Was this a date?

- What?

No, you know what I mean.

Not date like ...

An apology date,
that's what it was.

- Let me just call
Jade real quick.

- All right, go right ahead.

Check in.

Make sure you can stay out.


- Straight to voice mail.

Okay, well, show me your
spontaneous date night plan.

- How about this?


Stop acting old!

Come on.

(energetic rap music)

- You got me two hours
away from home in the club.

Yo, you definitely,
you win for sure.

- Win what?

- Date night ...


- [Francesca] Hey!

- Hey, hold on!

What y'all doing way down here?

- Hey, watching the big fish

in even bigger waters
gettin' it turnt!

- Hey, what up, young Bobby?

- Hey, you got it rocking.

- I got a table back there.

Y'all tryna' turn up?

- [Francesca] Yeah!

- [Bobby] Yeah.

- Hey, let 'em in.

- [Bobbie] Hey thanks, homie.

- [Deon] Hey look, I
got bottles all night,

you know what I'm saying?

So whatever y'all want,
it's on me, ya heard?

- Hi!

- What you sipping on?

- I'm drinking whatever
you're drinking.

- Two Double Hennessy XO, neat.

That's how us southern
boys get down.

No cosmos allowed.

- Whatever!


- [Cordell] Frankie!

- What up? (laughing)

- [Cordell] Okay.


- What's good, Cord?

- What's up, you?

Who's this guy?

- So what y'all doing?


Ain't you with ole'
girl, that model chick?

The one with all the
followers, right?

- Dentist with
all the followers.

Yeah but, Francesca and
I, you know, we're just--

- Nah, man, it
ain't no judgment.

You know, you a solid dude.

Plus, lil' sis, she need a
good guy like you around.

- Well, it's cool
that you guys came.

That's cool.

- Yeah, listen, we always
try to make it down

to support his events.

- Gotta support.

And protect.

- Yo, Junebug,
Junebu, c'mon, man.

Let's make a lap, see
what's poppin' up in here.

- [Junebug] Watchin' you.

- Sorry, he means well.


This is a lot.




- It's your boy, Dj D-On!

And we gonna do
it just like dis!

- That's my shit!

- No.

No, thank you.

- Girl, come on.

Come on.

(upbeat hip hop music)

- Aight, aight, aight.

Now, normally I
don't do this, aight,

but tonight is a special night.

It's about doing what
you feel, ya dig?

(relaxed R&B music)

- What's wrong?

Hold on.

Give me a minute,
I'll be right back.

- Hey.

(phone ringing)

- Oh, god.

- Jade?

- Oh, shit.


- Nah, nah.

That's all you, bruh.

Have fun with that.

I insist.

- Bobby.



Hold on a second!

Hold on!

Where you going?

- Baby, wait up!

- [Jade] Baby, would
you just calm down?

- Take your damn
hand off me, Jade.

Francesca, I just ...

I just need a minute to think.

Can you get a ride
home with your brother?

Isn't someone waiting on you?

- Oh, so, you two came together?

Like on a date?

- I know you think I'm
some kind of horrible bitch

but I wouldn't worry about
what doesn't concern you.

- What, like that
hickey on your neck?

I am just going
to keep saying it.

You were so good
the other night.

- [Deon] Appreciate it.

- I could see you with like

a residency in
Vegas someday soon.

- One day.

But I like your vision.

But how 'bout you, though?

You out here serving
coffee and bussing tables.

Shawty, you supposed to be
giving orders, not taking 'em.

- I know, you're right.

But I am implementing
a new plan,

and phase one starts today.

- Okay!


(phone beeping)

That crook!

Glickman lied and cut a
deal so he can get off!

- It's crazy how
they always fall

but land on they feet, huh?

No, come on, come on, come on.

Look, come on.

- Robert.

Would you talk to me?

Will you just come
and talk to me?

Enough already.

Say something.

- You're right, enough already.

We're done.

Whatever you need from
me, send it through Anita;

there's no reason for us
to speak, Dr. Montgomery.

- Dr. Brookshaw--
- Send in my next patient.

- Mm-hm, sure thing, Doctor.

- Somebody's late.

Maynerd said you on counter.

- And to dump the trash.

- Oh, well Maynard sounds a
lot like Crystal and Lisa.

I wonder why.

Maynard, can I speak
with you for a moment?

Do you enjoy long lines,
complaining customers,

and bickering thots?

'Cause I'm pretty
sure the owners don't.

- Francesca, I have to fire you.

- (chuckles) Me?

And not the twerking barbies?

Come on, get serious.

(chuckling nervously)

- I am serious.

- Maynard, do you enjoy
being a lil' wuss,

bossed around by kids?

Running a below average coffee
shop with terrible reviews?

Now come on.

I know that couldn't possibly be

what you dreamt for yourself.

- Um, well, you see--

- Give me two weeks to
help you run this place.

I will assist you in becoming
the professional leader

that you don't see but I know
you've always yearned to be.

- I'm in.

- For real?

- That was a very
inspiring pitch.

You sound a lot
like my therapist.

- Great!

I'm gonna show you
everything you need to know

about how to actually
run a business.

- Okay.

Let's do it!

- [Francesca] Let's do it!




Thank you.

- [Maynard] Of course.

All right.


- What's so funny?

If you got something
to say, just say it.

- Okay.

Your shirt's inside out.

- Well, you coulda
just said something.


- Cuss jar.

Pay up.

- Pay up?

Girl, my mama made that
up, not The Deacon.

I bet you didn't know that.

- Actually, I did.

I mean,hHe talks about
her all the time.

- And tou can't fill her
shoes, so don't even try.

- You might think I'm outta line

but I would not be that
disrespectful to even try.

And contrary to what you
believe, I love your father.

- So why you got him doing
all this crazy stuff?

You trying to send my
daddy to an early grave.

- Me, got him?

News flash, he the one got me

doing all this adventure stuff.

I mean, I'm tryna'
keep up with him,

and raise kids, and work.

But if it wasn't
for your father,

I'd probably still
be a punching bag

for my abusive babies' father.

Your dad saw something
in me that ...

that I didn't even
see in myself.


- You 'bout done in here?

- Yeah, yeah, just
packing up here.

You know, I'm gonna
bring this to the car.

- All right.

- So, where you goin' now?

Hot air ballooning?

- Oh, I already bungee
jumped outta one of them.

She won't go back up it
it again. (chuckling)

We're going to a
movie in the park.

Going to see Purple Rain.

- Why are you doing
all this stuff now?

You wasn't doing anything
like this when mama was alive!

- What?

You think I'm doing it
all 'cause Verdee's gone?

Is that what you think?

- Well it sure as
hell look like it.

- When your momma found
out she had cancer,

it was like ...

It was like we both were dying.

You may have lost your mama,

but I lost my better half.

And for that ...

I'll never be whole.

We had plans.

We had plans to do so many
things when we retired.

But God had other plans.

He called my Verdee home
before her 60th birthday.

That was just too
young in my book.

So I cursed him.

But you mama wasn't having that.

She ...

made me promise that
I'd find someone

to do all the things
that we planned.

She made me promise I
wouldn't work too hard

or I wouldn't work
myself to death.

So, that's what I'm doing.

Fulfilling my dying
wife's last wish.

- Look, I get it, daddy, but--

- I mourned your mother!

For five long years!

I was and lonely.


And then one day, I realized.

My wife was gone from this life.

It's time for me to move on.

It's time for me to be happy.

She makes me happy.

- Yeah, daddy, but with her?


C'mon, daddy.

- The thing is ...

Kandi likes me.

Now, everybody else may
not understand that,

but she likes ...


Now, they talk.

Call her a gold
digger, me a wallet.

But nobody actually calls
us what we really are.

Baby girl.

That is truly happy.

I mean, we just fit.


Love is funny like that.

It truly is.

(car horn honking)

- Well, I guess you
shuold get going.

- Yeah.

- Why don't you go and
check out the kitchen.

Kandi left something
in there just for you.

(emotional R&B music)

- Hey baby.

Red velvet cake holds
the power of love.

That's why I made it on the
third date with The Deacon.

You see, I knew he was the one,

but I needed him to know it too.

And it works. (chuckling)

That's why I make it
for our anniversary,

his birthday, and Valentine's

The secret is in the chocolate.





- [Bobby] All right, all right.

- Hey.

- Hey, Francesca.

I know we left on a weird note.

I've been here,
doing my own thing.

- Yeah, looks like a
full on pity party.

- What is it?

- Hopefully a smile.

You know, my mom's
desserts were legendary.

- I remember.

This is my favorite.

- You say it like I forgot.

A lotta beers here.

Thank you.

All right.


- [Bobby] Bon apetit.



Did you mistake the
salt for the sugar?

- I know, right?

It tastes like I used
dirt instead of chocolate.

I remember people
used to beg my mom

to make them her
homemade red velvet cake.

- Something you won't ever
have to worry about obviously.

- That's so wrong! (laughing)

- How come she never sold them?

- Well, my mom always
used to say that

you can't buy or sell
love, you can only make it.

And the only person she made
the cakes for was my dad.

- You have ...

You have a little
something on your cheek.

- Ow!

(giggling) You shocked me!

- My bad.

- Got it?

- No, it's--
- It's still on?

- At the little tippy top.

- Where?

- A little more at the ...

- Get it!
- Okay, you got it.

- Okay. (laughing)

- Boom.

Can I tell you
something that's ...

It sounds corny,
but it's 100% true?

- Go right ahead.

- When you smile,
it lights up a room.

(emotional R&B music)

- Well, since we're
being truthful.

When you smile, you
make me gasp for air.

Is this the alcohol?

- No.

It's something I've
been wanting to do for

a very long time.

(upbeat hip hop music)

- You're doing great.

Your shoulders are
back, you have voice.

Just follow through.

Don't leave until
they listen to you.

You're the boss.

You's a business man.

Be a business man.

You got it, go, go.

- Look, I told you before,
and now I'm sick of it.

Put the phones down,
or you're fired.

Go clean something!

Put the phone down!

Right now!

- Okay!

- I just wanted
to share with you

what's happening
with your business.

You see this?

See that spike?

- So it's been increasing--
- Profits are going up.

- Gosh, thank you so much!

- You did it.

- No, you did this.

- I'm just a coach.

You did it.

- Hi, I'm looking
for Francesca Goode.

She works here, right?

- Yeah, she's doing some
work in the back office.

- I really like this red shirt.

It screams powerful, strong,

so we're gonna keep
this one for you.

This one has red in it as
well, but it's checkered,

so we're just gonna
steer clear of that.

And I'm still not
sure about this one,

so we're gonna keep
this in the maybe pile.

So, keep,

take back,



- Thank you, Francesca.

- No, no problem.

You caught a good sale.

- No, for everything.

Everyone is happy.

In two weeks you've really
turned this place around.

Shit, you turned me around.

- Can you tell her
Bobby's here to see her?

- [Lisa] Oh, you Bobby.

I'll take you back there.

- Thank you for seeing what
I couldn't see in this place,

the staff, and myself.

Put it there.

- Oh, sorry, I got it.

Well, I am not a life coach,

so no one needs to
know about this.

- Oh, word?

Nobody needs to know?

- [Francesca] Bobby!

- What's happening?

- [Maynard] Look man, I
don't want any problems

- No, there won't
be any problems.

Bobby, you need to calm down

and lower your voice in
my place of business.

Really, it's not
what it looks like.

- Then get to telling
me what it is.

- Excuse me?

Or what?

- I shoulda known you
not the same Francesca

I knew before you
went to New York.

- That is not true,
and you know it.

You know me.

- I did.

Have fun until she
leaves you hanging

like she does everyone
else in her life.

- Bobby!

- Hey, I'm sorry Francesca.

But is this gonna affect my
incentives pay for the month?

- Oh man, my heart is beating.

- Hello, hi, yes,
I'm calling about

the vacant building
over on Adams.

I was ...

Oh, you already have an offer?

Well, are you taking any others?

If I could beat that offer.

Would you mind telling
me what that offer is?

You said the best cash offer?

Okay, thank you.

- Yeah, I'm out of
this place today.

I'm tired of giving
everything I have

to people who don't deserve it.

Yeah, I have movers
coming tomorrow.

- Hey, Cordell!

I was thinking.

How would you like to
invest some of that money

you've been saving
since the fourth grade?

It's a rainy day fund.

Why you over here
counting my chips?

- Well, you know my situation.

So, I was thinking
maybe you can invest

in this idea that I--
- Pass.

People out here getting
robbed left and right.

- Come on, Cordell!

You can't be a cheapskate
for the rest of your life.

Forget it.

I just needed your help.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!

You hear what little Miss
Independent just asked?

Now that's a
miracle right there.

- Excuse me?

- When have I ever had a problem
helping, especially family?

Ain't the same as an investment.

It's all in how you ask.

- It's reciprocity.

- But how, when
you're helping me?

I don't have a lot to
give at the moment.

- That ain't true.

That ain't true.


- Do y'all got me
out here as bait?

- Listen.

This our skip.

He likes the over the top type.

- I look like a busted
version of Tina Turner.

Why I gotta wear this wig?

- Hey, hey, focus!

All you gotta do is stand
out front and look pretty.

All right?

That's simple.

Hey, Junebug.

Right out front.

- Oh yeah.

- Look alive.

There go our guy
right out front.

- Wait, wait, I don't
know if I can do it.

- Frankie!

Ole' boy is worth 50k cash!

It's all yours.

- Oh, you ain't say that.
- Come on, yeah.

That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

Show me your black girl magic.

- All right.
- Nicki!

(upbeat hip hop music)

- [Francesca] How are you?

I'm doing great, better now.

Uh, sure, where you going?

Oh really?
- Yeah, wassup witchu, boy?

You ain't think
this was going down?

- [Junebug] Yeah, get him.

I got him, I got him, I got.

Make sure she good.

- 50K!
- 50K!

- [Francesca] Hey, 50K!

Hey, 50K!



Is Bobby here?

- Who's asking, Tina Turner?

- Francesca.

- Oh!

The childhood crush.

No, Bobby's really
busy right now.

- Bobby.

We need to talk.

Can I come in?

- No.
- Yeah.

You Nicki?

- See, only a real
one would get it.

You mind stepping
out of the way?

- Jade, please.

- So why did you come to my job?

- Oh, you went to her job?



- Yes, I came.

I came to tell you that,

because of you, I dissolved
my partnership with Jade.

That watching you has inspired
me to take a risk on myself.

But then--

- I know that we're friends,

but we're so much
more than that.

- Oh, so this is a whole ...

This is a whole
emotional relationship.

- And I'm just now realized it.

I believe in monogamy.

And you are the only
man I want to be with.

- I knew it.

Bobby, me and you,

we're the dynamic duo.

- Girl, please!

He just caught you in
the club with some dude.

- And I apologized, and
we're working through that.

- Do you love her?
- Do you love her?

- Yes.


I mean, yes.

Shit, I don't know!

- Well does she truly love you?

- Does she truly love you?

- Look, you damn parrot,
find your own question!

- [Jade] This is ridiculous.



- Boomer, down!

Boomer, down!

Francesca, wait!


- Whatever you do, don't
you dare run after her!

That's just your
childhood sweetheart.

I'm the best thing you ever had.

(emotional hip hop music)

(upbeat hip hop music)

- The sales reports
are on your desk.

You also have to sign
off on the prints

and ads artwork by 2:00 pm.

They're expecting your call.

So, you might wanna say
something to everyone now.

- Okay.

Thanks, Maynard.

That's a nice shirt.

- Thank you.