Back to the Future Part II (1989) - full transcript

Marty McFly has only just gotten back from the past, when he is once again picked up by Dr. Emmett Brown and sent through time to the future. Marty's job in the future is to pose as his own son to prevent him from being thrown in prison. Unfortunately, things get worse when the future changes the present. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
How about a ride,


Oh, man, are you a sight
for sore eyes!

Let me look at you.

Marty, you're acting like
you haven't seen me in a week.

I haven't.

Are you okay?
Is everything all right?

Oh, yeah.

Everything's great.

Marty! You've got to come back with me!


Back to the future.

Wait a minute.
What are you doing, Doc?

I need fuel.

Go ahead. Quick!
Get in the car.

No, no, no. Look, Doc,
I just got here, okay?

Jennifer's here. We're gonna
take the new truck for a spin.

Well, bring her along.
This concerns her, too.

Wait a minute, Doc. What
are you talking about?

What happens to us
in the future?

What, do we become assholes
or something?

No, no, no. You and
Jennifer both turn out fine.

It's your kids, Marty.

Something has got to
be done about your kids.

Hey, Doc, we better back up. We don't
have enough road to get up to 88.

Roads? Where we're going,
we don't need roads.

Say, Marty!

Marty! Marty, I wanted to
show you these new matchbooks

for my auto detailing
I had printed up.

A flying DeLorean?

What the hell
is going on here?

What the hell
was that?


What do you mean a "taxicab"?
I thought we were flying.


All right, Doc.
What's going on, huh?

Where are we?
When are we?

We're descending toward
Hill Valley, California,

at 4:29 p. m. On Wednesday,
October 21, 2015.


You mean
we're in the future.

Marty, what do you mean?

How can we be
in the future?


I don't know how
to tell you this,

but you're
in a time machine.

And this is
the year 2015?

October 21, 2015.

God, so, like,
you weren't kidding.

Marty, we can
actually see our future.

Doc, now, you said
we were married, right?


Was it a big wedding?

Marty, we're gonna be able
to see our wedding.

Wow. I'm gonna be able
to see my wedding dress.


God, I wonder
where we live.

I bet it's a big house
with lots of kids.

How many kids...

Doc! What the hell
are you doing?

Relax, Marty.

It's just a sleep-inducing
alpha rhythm generator.

She was asking
too many questions,

and no one should know too
much about their future.

This way
when she wakes up,

she'll think it
was all a dream.

Then what did
you bring her for?

I had to do something.

She saw the time machine. I couldn't just
leave her there with that information.

Don't worry. She's not
essential to my plan.

Well, you're the doc,

Here's our exit.

First, you've gotta get
out and change clothes.

Right now?
It's pouring rain.

Wait five more seconds.

Right on the tick.

Absolutely amazing.

Too bad the post office isn't as
efficient as the weather service.

Excuse the disguise,

but I was afraid you
wouldn't recognize me.

I went to
a rejuvenation clinic

and got
an all-natural overhaul.

They took out some wrinkles, did
a hair repair, changed the blood,

added a good 30 or
40 years to my life.

They also replaced my spleen
and colon. What do you think?

You look great, Doc.

The future.


I gotta
check this out, Doc.

All in good time, Marty.

We're on a tight
schedule here.

Tell me about my future.
I mean, I know I make it big.

But what? Do I become,
like, a rich rock star?

Please, Marty, no one should know
too much about their own destiny.

Right. Right.

I am rich, though, right?

Marty, please,
take off your shirt.

Put on the jacket
and the shoes.

Got a mission
to accomplish.


Precisely on schedule.

Power laces.
All right.

This thing doesn't fit.

Size-adjusting fit.

Pull out
your pants pockets.

All kids in the future
wear their pants inside out.

Put on this cap.

Perfect. You're the spitting
image of your future son.


Help me move
Jennifer over here.

So what's the deal?

Grab her feet.

All right.
Okay, now what?

In exactly two minutes, you go
around the corner into the Cafe '80s.

Cafe '80s?

It's one of those nostalgia
places, but not done very well.

Go in and order a Pepsi.
Here's a 50.

Then wait for
a guy named Griff.

Right. Griff.

Griff's going to ask you about
tonight. Are you in or out?

Tell him you are out.

Whatever he says,
whatever happens,

say no,
you're not interested.


Then leave, come back
here and wait for me.

Don't talk to anyone, don't
touch anything, don't do anything,

don't interact
with anyone

and try not to
look at anything.

I don't get it.
I thought you said

this had something
to do with my kids.

Look what happens
to your son.

My son?

God, he looks
just like me.

"Within two hours of his
arrest, Martin McFly Jr.

"was tried,
convicted and sentenced

"to 15 years in
a state penitentiary."

Within two hours?

The justice system works
swiftly in the future

now that they've
abolished all lawyers.

Oh, this is heavy.

It gets worse.
Next week, your daughter

attempts to break him
out of jail,

and she gets sent up
for 20 years.

My daughter. Wait a
minute. I have a daughter?

You see? This one event
starts a chain reaction

that completely destroys
your entire family.

Hey, Doc, this date...
This is tomorrow's newspaper.

Precisely, I already went
further ahead into time

to see
what else happens.

I backtracked everything
to this one event.

That's why
we're here today,

to prevent this incident
from ever happening.

Damn! I'm late!

Wait a minute.
Where you going now?

To intercept
the real Marty Jr.

You're taking his place. Around
the corner at the Cafe '80s.

Guy named Griff.
Just say no!

Hey, what about Jennifer? We're
not just gonna leave her here.

Don't worry,
she'll be safe.

It'll just be
for a few minutes.

And, Marty, be careful
around that Griff character.

He's got a few short circuits
in his bionic implants.

The future.

Welcome to Texaco.

You can trust your car
to the system with the star.

Checking oil.
Checking landing gear.

The shark
still looks fake.

Hi, friends.
Goldie Wilson III

for Wilson Hover
Conversion Systems.

You know, when my grandpa
was mayor of Hill Valley,

he had to worry
about traffic problems.

But now, you don't have
to worry about traffic.

I'll hover-convert
your old road car

into a skyway flier
for only $39,999.95.

So come on down and see me,
Goldie Wilson III,

at any one of our 29
convenient locations.

keep 'em flying.

It's got a hot salsa,

cilantro mixed with
your choice of beans,

chicken, beef or pork.

Waiter. Waiter.

Welcome to the Cafe '80s,

where it's always morning in
America, even in the afternoon.

Our special today is
mesquite-grilled sushi.

You must have the hostage
special! Cajun style.

You must have
the hostage special!

Hey, hey, hey, guys!
Hey, hey, guys!

All I want is a Pepsi.

Hey, McFly!

I've seen you around.

You're Marty McFly's kid,
aren't you?


You're Marty Jr.

Tough break, kid.

Must be rough being named
after a complete butthead.

What's that
supposed to mean?

Hello? Hello?
Anybody home?

Hey. Hey.

Think, McFly, think!

Your old man?
Mr. Loser?


That's right.

Loser with a capital "L."

Look, I happen to know George
McFly is no longer a loser.

No, I'm not talking
about George McFly.

I'm talking
about his kid.

Your old man,
Marty McFly Sr.,

the man who
took his life

and flushed it
completely down the toilet.

I did?

I mean...
I mean, he did?

Hey, Gramps,

I told you two coats of
wax on my car, not just one!

Hey, hey, I just put the
second coat on last week.

With your eyes closed?

Are you two related?

Hello? Hello?
Anybody home?

What do you think, Griff just
calls me "Grandpa" for his health?

He's Griff?

What the hell
am I paying you for?

Hey, kid, say hello
to your grandma for me.

Get out here, Gramps.

Hey, take it easy!

And, McFly, don't go
anywhere! You're next!

This is a video game.

I got it working.

My dad taught me
about these.

It is Wild Gunman.

How do you play
this thing?

I'll show you, kid.

I'm a crack shot at this.

You mean you have
to use your hands?

That's like
a baby's toy.

Baby's toy?

Pepsi Perfect.


Hey, McFly!

I thought I told you
to stay in here!

Griff. Guys,
how's it going?



Your shoe's unvelked.

So, McFly, have you made a decision
about tonight's opportunity?

Yeah, Griff. You know, I was
thinking about it. I'm not sure,

because I just think,
you know,

it might be a little
bit dangerous, so...

What's wrong, McFly?

You got no scrote?

He's a complete wimp.

What's it gonna be, McFly?
Are you in or out?

I just... I'm not sure
that I should.

You know, because I think that I
should discuss it with my father.

Your father?
Your father?

Wrong answer, McFly!
You lose!

Okay, Griff, I'll do it. I'll
do it, buddy. Whatever you say.

Stay down and shut up.

Keep pedaling,
you two!

Now, let's hear
the right answer.


Since when did you become
the physical type?

The answer's no, Griff.


Yeah. What are you,
deaf and stupid?

I said no!

What's wrong, McFly?

What did you
call me, Griff?

Chicken, McFly!

Nobody calls me


All right, punk!
Hey, look!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.

Stop! Little girl,
little girl. Stop.


I need to borrow
your Hoverboard.

Where is he?



He's on a Hoverboard.

Get the boards!

Get McFly!

Get him!

Yeah, we got him!

There's something very
familiar about all this.

Hey, McFly, you bojo!

Those boards
don't work on water!

Unless you've
got power!

Hook on!

Batter up!

Holy shit!


Drying mode on.

Jacket drying.

Your jacket is now dry.

Hey, kid.
Hey, little girl, thanks.

Keep it.
I got a Pit Bull now.

Come on. Let's go.

Save the clock tower!

Hey, kid.
Throw in 100 bucks, will you,

and help save
the clock tower.

Sorry, no.
Come on, kid.

That's an important
historical landmark!

Look, some other time.

Lightning struck
that thing 60 years ago.

Wait a minute.
Cubs win World Series.

Against Miami?

Yeah, it's something, huh?

Who would've thought?
100-1 shot!

I wish I could go back to
the beginning of the season,

put some money
on the Cubs.

I just meant
that Miami...

What did you just say?

I said I wish I could go back
to the beginning of the season.

Put some money
on the Cubbies!

Now this has an interesting
feature. It has a dust jacket.

Books used to have these
to protect the covers.

Of course, that was before
they had dust-repellent paper.


And if you're
interested in dust,

we have a quaint little
piece from the 1980s.

It's called a DustBuster.

I can't lose.
Marty! Marty! Up here!

Hey, Doc,
what's going on?

Stand by.
I'll park over there.

Yeah, all right.

Hey, right on time.

Flying DeLorean.

I haven't seen one
of those in 30 years.

Sorry. Excuse me.

Hey, I'm walking here!
I'm walking here!

What the hell?

Don't drive, trank,
low-res scuzzball!

Two of them?

I left him in a suspended
animation kennel.

Einstein never
knew I was gone!

Marty! What in the name of Sir
Isaac H. Newton happened here?

Oh, yeah, Doc, listen, my kid
showed up. All hell broke loose.

Your kid?

Great Scott, the sleep
inducer. I was afraid of this.

Because I used it
on Jennifer,

there wasn't
enough power left

to knock your son out
for a full hour. Damn!

Doc, Doc, Doc,
look at this!

It's changing.

I was framed!

Yes! Yes, of course!

Because this Hoverboard
incident has now occurred,

Griff now goes to jail.

Therefore, your son
won't go with him tonight,

and that robbery
will never take place.

Thus, history,
future history,

has now been altered,
and this is the proof!

Marty, we've succeeded, not
exactly as I planned, but no matter.

Let's go get Jennifer
and go home!

Hi, Einie. Hi, buddy.

What's this?

It's a souvenir.

"50 years of
sports statistics."

Hardly recreational
reading material, Marty.

Well, hey, Doc,
what's the harm

in bringing back a
little info on the future?

You know, maybe we could
place a couple bets.

Marty, I didn't invent the
time machine for financial gain!

The intent here is to gain a
clearer perception of humanity.

Where we've been,
where we're going,

the pitfalls and the possibilities,
the perils and the promise.

Perhaps even an answer to
that universal question, "Why?"

Hey, Doc,
I'm all for that.

What's wrong with making
a few bucks on the side?

I am going to put
this in the trash.

Great Scott!

McFly, Jennifer Jane
Parker, 3793 Oakhurst Street,

Hilldale, age 47.

Forty-seven? That's a
hell of a good face-lift.

What the hell are
they doing, Doc?

They used her thumbprint
to assess her ID.

Since her thumbprint never
changes over the years,

they simply assume she's
the Jennifer of the future.

Well, we gotta stop them.

What are we gonna say?
That we're time travelers?

They'd have us committed.

She's clean. That
means we take her home.

Home? To Hilldale?

It'll be dark by the
time we get out there.

That's it. They're taking
her home to your future home!

We'll arrive
shortly thereafter,

get her out of there
and go back to 1985.

You mean I'm gonna
see where I live?

I'm gonna see myself
as an old man?

No, no, no, Marty. That could
result in... Great Scott!

Jennifer could conceivably
encounter her future self!

The consequences of that
could be disastrous!

Doc, what do you mean?

I foresee
two possibilities.

One, coming face to face
with herself 30 years older

would put her into shock,
and she'd simply pass out,

or two, the encounter
could create a time paradox,

the results of which could cause
a chain reaction that would unravel

the very fabric of
the space-time continuum

and destroy
the entire universe!

Granted, that's
a worst-case scenario.

The destruction might,
in fact, be very localized,

limited to
merely our own galaxy.

Well, that's a relief.

Let's go. I sure hope we find
Jennifer before she finds herself.

The skyway's jammed. It's gonna
take us forever to get there.

And this stays here.

I didn't invent the time
machine to win at gambling.

I invented a time machine
to travel through time!

I know. I know.
I know, Doc.

So, Doc Brown
invented a time machine.


Nothing but a breeding ground
for tranks, lobos and zipheads.

Yeah, they ought to tear
this whole place down.

Welcome home, Jennifer.


You all right?

You got a little tranked,
but I think you can walk.

you should reprogram.

It's dangerous to
enter without lights on.

Lights on?

Yes. Now, look.

Just take it easy
and you'll be fine.

And be careful
in the future.

The future?

Have a nice day,
Mrs. McFly.

Broadcasting beautiful views
24 hours a day,

you're tuned to
the Scenery Channel.

I'm in the future.

I get married in
the Chapel O Love?

Mom, is that you?

I gotta get
out of here!


Mom? Mom, is that you?

Grandma Lorraine!



What happened
to Grandpa?

Oh, he threw
his back out again.

How's Granddad's
little pumpkin?

How did you do that?
How did he do that?

Oh, out on the
golf course.

Are your folks home yet?

I brought pizza
for everyone.

Oh, who's going
to eat all that?

Oh, I will.

Damn this traffic!

Jennifer, that is Old Jennifer,
usually gets home around now.

I hope we're
not too late.

What is it?
What's the matter, Doc?

For a moment, I thought I
saw a taxi in my rear display.

I thought it was
following us. Weird.

I can't believe this
window's still broken.

Well, when the scenescreen
repairman called Daddy a chicken,

Daddy threw him
out of the house.

Now, we can't get
anybody to fix it.

Oh, look how
worn out this is.

Your father's
biggest problem, Marlene,

is that he loses
all self-control

when someone
calls him chicken.

How many times have
we heard it, George?

"Mom, I can't let them
think I'm chicken."

"Can't let them
think I'm chicken."

You're right.
Well, you're right!

About 30 years ago,

your father tried to
prove he wasn't chicken,

and he ended up in
an automobile accident.

Oh, you mean with
the Rolls-Royce?

Automobile accident.

All right, Einie,
let's find Jennifer.

I don't believe it.
I live in Hilldale?

This is great!
Way to go, McFly.

Marty, stay here.
Just change clothes.

If I need you,
I'll holler.

Come on, Doc, I wanna
check out my house.

We can't risk you running
into your older self.

Come on, Einie,
let's go.

Where's Jennifer?
Where's Jennifer?


This is bitching.

One, seven,
four point five zero.

That will be $174.50.


I'd be careful, old timer.
This is a rough neighborhood.

Where's my receipt?
Right here. Here it is.

Hello. Hello.
How about a tip?

That accident caused
a chain reaction

that sent Marty's life
straight down the tubes.

If not for that accident,
your father's life

would have turned out
very differently.

The man in the Rolls-Royce
wouldn't have pressed charges,

Marty wouldn't
have broken his hand,

and he wouldn't have
given up on his music,

and he wouldn't have spent all those
years feeling sorry for himself.

Hey, Mom, nice pants.

I think the real reason your
mother married him was because

she felt sorry for him.

Such a sweet girl.

Art off. I think maybe she deserves...

Okay, I want channels 18, 24, 63,
109, 87 and the Weather Channel.

The Weather Channel,
bringing you

the world's weather
24 hours a day.

Weather conditions
remain the same...

All board-certified
implant surgeons...

With a minor warm front...

Welcome home, Marty.

Hey, hey, hey.
Dad's home.

That's right. He's home. Dad's home.

Lord of the manor.
Hello. Hello.

King of the castle.


What the hell is this?

Lithium mode on.

Yeah. That's better.
Damned kids.

The best...
Hey, Son.

Watching a little TV
for a change?

Son of a...

Hey, pizza.
I'm hungry.

All right.
Just wait your turn.

when it's ready,

could you just
shove it in my mouth?

Don't you be a smartass.

Oh, great!
The Atrocity Channel.

Hydrate level 4, please.


Is it ready?

Here you go.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Mom, you sure
can hydrate a pizza.

I'm sorry. I missed
that whole thing.

Well, I'm just worried about
Jennifer. Why isn't she home yet?

I'm not sure
where Jennifer is, Mom.

She should have
been home hours ago.

I'm having a hard time keeping
track of her these days.

Hey, fruit.
Fruit, please. Thank you.

She's in one of those
moods, I guess. I don't know.

Aren't you and Jennifer
getting along?

Oh, yeah.
Great, Mom.

We're more like a couple
of teenagers, you know.

Dad, telephone.
It's Needles.

Dad, it's for you.

All right. Well, I'll take
that in the den. Excuse me.


I'm in here, please.

Hey, the big M.
How's it hanging, McFly?

Hey, Needles.


So, did you take look at that
little business proposal of mine?

I don't know, Needles.

What are
you afraid of?

If this thing works, it'll solve
all your financial problems.

And if it doesn't work,
Needles, I could get fired.

It's illegal. I mean, what if
the Jits is monitoring, huh?

The Jits will
never find out.

Oh, God.

Come on. Stick your card in
the slot, and I'll handle it.

Unless you want everyone in the
division to think you're chicken.

Nobody calls me chicken,


All right.

Prove it.

All right.

All right, Needles.

Here's my card.
Scan it. I'm in.

Thanks, McFly. I'll see
you at the plant tomorrow.



McFly, I was monitoring that
scan you just interfaced.

You are terminated!

Terminated. No!

No! It wasn't my fault,
sir. It was Needles.

Needles was
behind the whole thing.

And you cooperated.

No, I didn't. It was a sting
operation. It was illegal.

I was setting him up.

And you knew.
McFly, read my fax!

No! Please, no. I cannot
be fired. I'm fired.

Oh, this is heavy.

What am I going
to tell Jennifer?

Jennifer. Jennifer.

Oh, Doc, am I glad
to see you.

Go out the front door.
I'll meet you there.

But it doesn't open.
There's no doorknob.

Press your thumb
to the plate.

What plate?

Marty, what does
this fax mean?

Oh, Mom, it's a joke, an
office joke. Kind of a joke fax.

Marty, I heard you yelling.

Mom, Mom, Mom,
calm down.

I wasn't yelling. Needles and
I were just kind of joking.

Welcome home, Jennifer.

have you lost your job?

Lost my job, Mom? Get out
of town. Look, you know...

I'm young!
I'm old!

Marty! Marty!

Marty, come quick!

She encountered
her older self

and went into shock,
just as I predicted.

She'll be fine.

Let's get her back
to 1985,

and then I'm gonna destroy
the time machine.

Destroy it?

What about that
stuff about humanity,

where we're going
and why?

The risks are just too great,
as this incident proves.

And I was
behaving responsibly.

You can imagine
the danger

if the time machine were to
fall into the wrong hands.

My only regret is that
I'll never get a chance

to visit my favorite
historical era,

the Old West.

But time traveling
is just too dangerous.

Better that I devote
myself to studying

the other great mystery
of the universe,


Marty, Einie, brace yourselves
for temporal displacement.

Did we make it?

Are we back?

We're back.

Let's put her
in the swing.

Then I'll take you home,
and you can come back

in your truck
and wake her.

When she awakens here in
her own house and it's dark,

you should be able to convince
her that it was all a dream.

Wait a minute.
We're just gonna

leave her here
on the porch?

The disorientation will help
convince her that it was all a dream.

How long do you think
she's gonna be out?

I'm not quite sure. She
received quite a shock.

Could be for
a few minutes.

Most probably,
a couple of hours.

You better bring smelling
salts back with you.

You're the doc, Doc.

All right. Come on.
Let's go, Einie.

Don't worry.
She'll be fine.

I don't remember bars
being on these windows.

If you need me, I'll be back at
my lab dismantling this thing.


What the hell?

Hey. Hey, wait.
Wait a minute.

What are
you doing in my room?

Help! Rape! Mom!

Okay. Okay.

Dad, help!

Freeze, sucker!

He jumped me! Hey, it's okay.
I don't want any trouble.

He came through
the window!

You got trouble now,
you piece of trash.

What are you doing in here
with my daughter?

Hey, listen, I'm just
in the wrong house.

You got that right,
you little son of a...

Hey, look,
I made a mistake.

Damn right you
made a mistake!

Kill him!

I'm gonna tear
your ass up!

That's right.
You keep running, sucker!

And you tell
that realty company

that I ain't selling!
You hear?

We ain't gonna
be terrorized!

This has gotta
be the wrong year.


It can't be.

Drop it.

So you're the son of a bitch
who's been stealing my newspapers.

Mr. Strickland.

Mr. Strickland. It's
me, sir. It's Marty.


It's Marty McFly.
Marty McFly.

Don't you know me, sir?
From school, sir.

I've never seen you
before in my life,

but you look to
me like a slacker.

Yeah, that's right. That's
right. I am a slacker.

Don't you remember? You
gave me detention last week.

Last week? The school
burned down six years ago.

Now, you got
exactly three seconds

to get off my porch
with your nuts intact.

Please, Mr. Strickland,

I just want to know what
the hell's going on here.


Hey, Strickland!


Eat lead, slackers!

Watch where you're going,
crazy drunk pedestrian.


Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to
the Biff Tannen Museum.

Dedicated to Hill Valley's
number one citizen

and America's
greatest living folk hero,

the one and only
Biff Tannen.

Of course, we've all heard
the legend, but who is the man?

Inside, you will learn

how Biff Tannen became
one of the richest

and most powerful men
in America.

Learn the amazing history
of the Tannen family,

starting with his great-grandfather,
Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen,

fastest gun in the West.

See Biff's
humble beginnings

and how a trip
to the racetrack

on his 21 st birthday made
him a millionaire overnight.

Share in the excitement
of a fabulous winning streak

that earned him the nickname
"The Luckiest Man on Earth."

Learn how Biff parlayed
that lucky winning streak

into the vast empire
called Biffco.

Discover how in 1979, Biff successfully
lobbied to legalize gambling

and turned Hill Valley's
dilapidated courthouse

into a beautiful
casino hotel.

I just want to say one
thing. God bless America!

Meet the women
who shared in his passion

as he searched
for true love,

and relive
Biff's happiest moment

as, in 1973, he realized
his life-long romantic dream

by marrying his high school
sweetheart, Lorraine Baines McFly.

How's it feel,
Mr. Tannen?

Third time's
the charm.

No! No!

Hey, you're coming
with us upstairs.

Let me go.

Look, sonny, we can do this
the easy way or the hard way.

The easy way.

Mom? Mom, is that you?

Just relax, Marty.

You've been asleep
for almost two hours.

I had a horrible nightmare.
It was terrible.

Well, you're safe
and sound now,

back on the good
old 27th floor.

Twenty-seventh floor!

Mom, that can't be you.

Well, yes, it's me,
Marty. Are you all right?

I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just
that you're so... You're so


Oh. Everything's gonna be
fine, Marty. Are you hungry?

I can call room service.

Room service?


Oh, my God.
It's your father.

My father?

You're supposed to be in Switzerland,
you little son of a bitch!

My father!

Did you get kicked out
of another boarding school?

Damn it, Lorraine. Do you know
how much perfectly good dough

I've blown on this
no-good kid of yours, huh?

On all three of them?

What the hell do you
care? We can afford it.

The least we can do
with all that money

is provide a better life
for our children.

Hold on one second.

Let's get this straight.
Marty is your kid, not mine.

And all the money
in the world

wouldn't do jack shit
for that lazy bum.

Stop it, Biff.
Just stop it.

Look at him. He's a butthead,
just like his old man was.

Don't you dare speak
that way about George.

You're not even
half the man he was.

You son of a bitch!

the little hothead, huh?

You wanna
take a poke at me?

Damn it, Biff.
That's it. I'm leaving.

So go ahead. But think
about this, Lorraine!

Who's gonna pay for
all your clothes, huh?

And your jewelry
and your liquor?

Who's gonna pay for your
cosmetic surgery, Lorraine?

You were the one who wanted
me to get these things.

If you want them back,
you can have them.

Look, Lorraine.
You walk out that door,

and I won't only cut off
you. I'll cut off your kids.

You wouldn't.

Wouldn't I?

First your daughter,

I'll cancel all
her credit cards.

She can settle her debts
with the bank all by herself.

Your idiot son, Dave. I'll
get his probation revoked.

And as for Marty.

Well, maybe you'd like to have
all three of your kids behind bars,

just like
your brother Joey.

One big, happy,
jailbird family.

All right, Biff.
You win. I'll stay.

As for you, I'll be back up here
in an hour, so you better not be.

He was right,
and I was wrong.


what are you saying?

You're actually
defending him.

I had it coming.
He's my husband,

and he takes care
of all of us,

and he deserves
our respect.


Your husband! How could
he be your husband?

How could you
leave Dad for him?

Leave Dad?

Marty, are you
feeling all right?

No. No, I'm not
feeling all right!

I don't understand one damn
thing that's going on around here,

and why nobody can give me
a simple, straight answer.

Oh, they must have hit you
over the head hard this time.

Mom, I just want
to know one thing.

Where's my father?
Where's George McFly?

Marty, George,
your father

is in the same place he's
been for the past 12 years.

Oak Park Cemetery.


No! This can't
be happening!

"March 15, 1973."

No! Please, God, no!

No, please, God.
Please, God, no.

This can't be happening.

This can't be...

I'm afraid it is
happening, Marty. All of it.


When I learned
about your father,

I figured
you'd come here.

Then you know
what happened to him?

Do you know what
happened March 15, 1973?

Yes, Marty. I know.

I went
to the public library

to try to make sense
out of all the madness.

The place was
boarded up, shut down,

so I broke in and
borrowed some newspapers.

I don't get it, Doc.

I mean, how can all
this be happening?

It's like we're in
hell or something.

No, it's Hill Valley. Although, I
can't imagine hell being much worse.

Oh, Einie.
I'm sorry, boy.

The lab is an awful,
awful, awful, awful mess.


Obviously, the time
continuum has been disrupted,

creating this new
temporal event sequence

resulting in this
alternate reality.

English, Doc.

Here, here, here.
Let me illustrate.

Imagine that this line
represents time.

Here's the present, 1985,
the future and the past.

Prior to this point in
time, somewhere in the past,

the timeline skewed
into this tangent

an alternate 1985.

Alternate to you,
me and Einstein,

but reality for
everyone else.

Recognize this?

It's the bag
the sports book came in.

I know, because the
receipt was still inside.

I found them in the time
machine along with this.

It's the top
of Biff's cane.

I mean,
Old Biff from the future.

Correct. It was
in the time machine

because Biff was in the time
machine with the sports almanac.

Holy shit.

You see, while we were in the future,

Biff got
the sports book,

stole the time machine,
went back in time,

and gave the book to himself
at some point in the past.

Look. It says right here

that Biff made
his first million

betting on a horse race
in 1958.

He wasn't just lucky.

He knew because he had all the
race results in the sports almanac.

That's how he made
his entire fortune.

Look at his pocket
with a magnifying glass.

The almanac.

Son of a bitch
stole my idea.

He must have been
listening when I...

It's my fault. The
whole thing is my fault.

If I hadn't bought
that damn book,

none of this would
have ever happened.

Well, it's all
in the past.

You mean the future?

It demonstrates precisely

how time travel
can be misused

and why the time machine
must be destroyed

after we straighten
all of this out.

Right. So we go
back to the future,

and we stop Biff from
stealing the time machine.

We can't,
because if we travel

into the future from
this point in time,

it will be the future
of this reality,

in which Biff is
corrupt and powerful

and married
to your mother

and in which this
has happened to me.

No. Our only chance to repair
the present is in the past

at the point where the timeline
skewed into this tangent.

In order to put the universe
back as we remember it

and get back
to our reality,

we have to find
out the exact date

and the specific

of how, where
and when Young Biff

got his hands on
that sports almanac.

I'll ask him.

Bulletproof vest! Great
flick! Great frigging flick!

The guy is brilliant.

Hey, what the hell's

Hey! What the hell
are you doing in here?

Party's over, Biff.

Sorry, ladies.

How did you get past
my security downstairs?

There's a little matter
we need to talk about.

Yeah. Money, right?
Well, forget it.

No. Not money.

Gray's Sports Almanac.

You heard him, girls.

Party's over.

Start talking, kid. What
else you know about that book?

First, you tell me
how you got it.

How, where and when.

All right.
Take a seat.

Sit down!

November 12, 1955.
That was when.

November 12, 1955. That
was the date I went back...

That was the date of the famous
Hill Valley lightning storm.

You know your history.
Very good.

I'll never forget
that Saturday.

I'd just picked
my car up from the shop,

'cause I'd rolled it in a
drag race a few days earlier.

I thought you crashed
into a manure truck.

How do you know
about that?

My father told me
about it.

Your father?

Before he died.

Yeah. Right.

So there I was,
minding my own business.

This crazy old codger
with a cane shows up.

He says he's my
distant relative.

I don't see
any resemblance.

So he says, "How would
you like to be rich?"

So I said, "Sure."

So he lays
this book on me.

He says this book
will tell me the outcome

of every sporting event
till the end of the century.

All I have to do is bet on the
winner, and I'll never lose.

So I said,
"What's the catch?"

He says, "No catch.
Just keep it a secret."

After that,
he disappeared.

I never saw him again.

Oh, and he told me
one more thing.

He said, "Someday a
crazy, wild-eyed scientist,

"or a kid may show up
asking about that book.

"And if that
ever happens..."

Funny. I never
thought it would be you.

Yeah, well, Biff, you're
forgetting one thing.

What the hell is that?

You're dead,
you little son of a bitch!

Hey, there he is!

Hey, hey!

Oh, yeah!

Go ahead, kid. Jump.

A suicide will
be nice and neat.

What if I don't?

Lead poisoning.

What about
the police, Biff?

They're gonna match up
the bullet with that gun.

Kid, I own the police.

they couldn't match up

the bullet that
killed your old man.

You son of a...

I suppose it's
poetic justice.

Two McFlys
with the same gun.


What the hell?

Nice shot, Doc!

You're not
gonna believe this.

We gotta
go back to 1955.

I don't believe it.

That's right, Doc.
November 12, 1955.

Unbelievable that Old Biff could've
chosen that particular date.

It could mean that
that point in time

inherently contains some
sort of cosmic significance,

almost as if it were
the temporal junction point

for the entire
space-time continuum.

On the other hand, it could
just be an amazing coincidence.

Got to fix that thing.

All right.
Time circuits on.

What do you mean,
time circuits on?

Doc, we're not
going back now.


Doc, what about Jennifer?
What about Einstein?

We can't just
leave them here.

Don't worry, Marty. Assuming
we succeed in our mission,

this alternate 1985 will be
changed back into the real 1985,

instantaneously transforming
around Jennifer and Einie.

Jennifer and Einie
will be fine,

and they will have absolutely
no memory of this horrible place.


What if we don't succeed?

We must succeed.

This is heavy, Doc. I mean, it's
like I was just here yesterday.

You were here yesterday,
Marty. You were.

Amazing, isn't it?

All right, sunrise should
be in about 22 minutes.

You go into town. Track
down Young Biff and tail him.

Sometime today,
Old Biff will show up

to give Young Biff
the almanac.

Above all you, must not
interfere with that event.

We must let Old Biff believe he's
succeeded, so that he'll leave 1955

and bring the DeLorean
back to the future.


Once Old Biff is gone, grab the
almanac any way that you can.

Remember, both of our
futures depend on this.

You don't have to
remind me of that, Doc.

Here's some binoculars and a
walkie-talkie so we can keep in contact.

I'll stay here and try to repair
the short in the time circuit.

That way, we don't risk anyone
else stealing the time machine,

and I won't risk accidentally
running into my other self.

Other self?

Yes. There are now
two of me here,

and there are
two of you here.

The other me is the Dr.
Emmett Brown from 1955,

the younger me that helps the
other you get back to 1985.

Remember the lightning bolt
at the clock tower?

Yeah. That event doesn't
happen until tonight,

so you must be very careful
not to run into your other self.

Let me give you
some money.

I have to be prepared for
all monetary possibilities.

Get yourself
some '50s clothes.

Check, Doc.

Something inconspicuous.

Doc. Come in, Doc.
This is Marty. Over.

Roger, Marty. This is Doc.
Are you there?

Yeah, Doc.
I'm at the address.

It's the only Tannen
in the book,

but I don't think
this is Biff's house.

It looks like some
old lady lives here.


Where are you
going, Biff?

I'm going to get
my car, Grandma.

When are you
coming back?

My feet hurt, and I want
you to rub my toes some more.

Shut up,
you old bag.

Give us
our ball back.

What ball?
That ball!

What ball are
you talking about?

Give us our ball!

What ball?

Is this your ball?

Is it your ball?
You want it back?


Go get it.

Doc, it is Biff's house.
I'm on him. Over.


Looking good, Terry.

Hey, Biff, she's all
fixed up just like new,

but I couldn't
get her started.

You got some kind of
kill switch on this thing?

No, you just gotta
have the right touch.

Nobody can start
this car but me.

Yeah, the bill
comes to $302.57.

300 bucks?

300 bucks for
a couple of dents?

No, hey,
that's bullshit, Terry.

No, Biff,
it was horse shit.

The whole car
was full of it.

We had to pay Old Man Jones
80 bucks to haul it away.

Old Man Jones
probably resold it, too.

Now I ought to get
something for that.

You want
something for it?

We'll go inside. You
can call Old Man Jones.

If he wants to
give you a refund...

It's 300 bucks, Terry.

If I catch the guy that caused
this, I'll break his neck.

The manure.
I remember that.

Four cans of Valvoline
is fair, Biff.

Four cans
for a $300 job?

I couldn't even
have lunch in the shop.

Makes me nauseous. I
should get a case of oil

out of you for a 300 buck
job. You've been inside.

It smells worse than the
bathroom at a gas station.

You robbed me again,
Terry. Yeah, yeah.

The smell's never
gonna go away, Biff.

Never gonna go away.

Last time I do you a favor.
Last time. Thanks a lot.

Let me see.

It's perfect,

Oh, look at it!

You're going to
look so good!

You're going
to look...

Well, lookey
what we have here.

Hey, nice dress,

Although, I think you'd look
better wearing nothing at all.

Biff, why don't you take a
long walk off a short pier?

Hey, listen, Lorraine.

There's that dance at
school tonight, right.

Now that
my car's all fixed,

I figure
I'd cut you a break

and give you
the honor of going

with the best-looking
guy in school.

Yeah, well, I'm busy.

Yeah, doing what?
Washing my hair.

That's about as funny as a
screen door on a battleship.

Screen door on
a submarine, you dork.

Look, Biff, somebody already
asked me to the dance.

Who? That bug
George McFly?

I'm going with
Calvin Klein, okay?

Calvin Klein?
No, it's not okay.

You're going
with me, understand?

Get your cooties
off me!

When are you gonna get it through
your thick skull, Lorraine?

You're my girl.

Biff Tannen,
I wouldn't be your girl

even if you had
a million dollars!

Yes, you will! It's
you and me, Lorraine.

Watch it!

It's meant to be.

I'm going to marry
you someday, Lorraine.

Someday you'll
be my wife!

You always did
have a way with women.

Get the hell out
of my car, old man.

You want to marry
that girl, Biff?

I can help
make it happen.

Oh, yeah? Who are you,
Miss Lonely-Hearts?

Just get in the car,

Who are you calling
butthead, butthead?

How do you know
how to do that?

Nobody can start
this car but me.

Just get in the car, Tannen.
Today's your lucky day.

Hey! Hey! Hey, watch where
you're driving, old man.

If you dent this car,
I'll kill you.

This cost me
300 bucks!

Would you shut up
about the car?

Hey, and another thing. How
do you know where I live?

Let's just say
we're related, Biff.

And that being the case, I
got a little present for you.

Something that'll
make you rich.

You want to be rich,
don't you?

Oh, yeah. Sure. Right.
That's rich.

You're going
to make me rich?

You see this book? This
book tells the future.

Tells the results of
every major sports event

till the end
of the century.

Football, baseball,
horse races, boxing.

The information in here is worth
millions, and I'm giving it to you.

Well, that's very nice.
Thank you very much.

Now, why don't you make like
a tree and get out of here?

It's leave, you idiot.
Make like a tree and leave.

You sound like a damn fool
when you say it wrong.

All right, then, leave and
take your book with you.

Don't you get it? You could
make a fortune with this book.

Let me show you.

UCLA trails 17-16.

It's 4th and 11 with only
18 seconds left of this game.

I'd say it's
all over for UCLA.

Bet you a million bucks
UCLA wins it 19-17.

What are you,
deaf, old man?

He just said it was over.
You lost.

Oh, yeah?

Here comes Decker
with the kick.

It's up.
It looks good, folks!

It looks very good. Field
goal! UCLA wins 19-17.

Listen to that Coliseum
crowd go wild. Jim Decker...

All right, pops.
What's the gag?

How did you know what
the score was gonna be?

I told you.
It's in this book.

All you gotta do is bet on the
winner, and you'll never lose.

All right.
I'll take a look at it.

You damn fool!

Never, never leave
this book laying around.

Don't you have a safe?
No, you don't have a safe.

Get a safe.
Keep it locked up.

And until then, keep
it on you like this.

Hey, what are you doing?

And don't tell anybody about it, either.

And there's
one more thing.

One day, a kid or a
crazy, wild-eyed old man

who claims to
be a scientist

is going to come around
asking about this...

If that ever happens...

I'm trapped. Doc.

Doc, come in, Doc.

Marty, what's the report?
Biff's gone.

He's got the book.

The old man's gone, too.
I'm locked in Biff's garage.

You gotta fly
the DeLorean over here

and get me
the hell out of here.

The address is
1809 Mason Street.

I can't take the DeLorean
out in the daylight,

but don't worry, Marty.
Somehow I'll get over there.

Doc, wait a minute.
Doc. Hey, Doc. Doc.


I told you, Grandma.
I'm going to the dance.

When you coming home?
The dance.

I'll get home
when I get home.

Don't forget to turn
off the garage light.

Marty. Marty!


Marty, Marty. Damn!

Where is that kid?

Doc. Doc, come in.

Come in, Doc.

Marty! Marty, come in.



Oh, my...

Great Scott.

Oh, my God.

Doc, Doc, come in.

what happened to you?

I went to Biff's house,
and you weren't there.

You must have
just missed me.

I'm in the back
of Biff's car.

He's on his way to the
Enchantment Under the Sea dance.

Marty, listen, we may have
to abort this entire plan.

It's getting
much too dangerous.

Don't worry. The book
is on Biff's dashboard.

I'll grab it as soon
as we get to the school.

Marty, you must
be extremely careful

not to run into
your other self.

My other self?

Remember, your mother is at that
exact same dance with you. Yeah.

Right. This could
get heavy, Doc.

Heavy, heavy.

Marty, whatever happens, you must
not let your other self see you!

The consequences
could be disastrous.

Excuse me, sir.

Yes, you with the hat.

Who, me?


Be a pal and hand me a five-eighths
inch wrench out of that toolbox.


Don't you mean

Why, you're right.

I presume you're conducting
some sort of weather experiment.

That's right.
How did you know that?

I happen to have had a little
experience in this area.

Yes, well, I'm hoping to
see some lightning tonight.

Although, the weatherman says
there's not gonna be any rain.

There's going to be
plenty of rain, all right.

Wind, thunder,

It's gonna be one
hell of a storm.

Well, thanks.
Nice talking to you.

Maybe we'll bump into each other
some time again in the future.

Or in the past.

Doc, Doc! Come in!

Where's that punk
Calvin Klein, anyway?

How am I
supposed to know, Biff?

I ain't his secretary.

Well, go find him. He caused
300 bucks damage to my car,

and I owe him a knuckle
sandwich. Get going!

Drink up, Biff.
Yeah, thanks.

Ain't you coming?

I'm reading.

Well, well, well,
Mr. Tannen.

How nice
to see you here.

Why, Mr. Strickland,
it's nice to see you, sir.

Is that liquor
I smell, Tannen?

I wouldn't know.

I don't know what
liquor smells like,

'cause I'm too
young to drink it.

I see.

And what have we here?

Sports statistics, interesting
subject. Homework, Tannen?

No, it ain't homework,
'cause I ain't at home.

You've got a real
attitude problem.

You know that, Tannen?
Just watch it.

Because one day,
I'll have you

right where I want you
in detention.


you smoke, too?

Marty, you're beginning to
sound just like my mother.

Yeah, right.

When I have kids, I'm going to
let them do anything they want.

Anything at all.

Yeah, I'd like to
have that in writing.

Yeah, me, too.

why are you so nervous?



"Oh Là Là?"

Doc! Doc!

Hey, you.

Doc, come in!

Marty, what's up?

Doc! I'm in trouble.
I blew it.

Where's the book?

Biff must still
have it with him.

All I got is
the damn cover.

And where's Biff?

You're asking for it.
I don't know.

Don't you have any
idea where he is?

No! I mean, he could
be anywhere by now.

Marty, the entire
future depends on you

finding Biff and
getting that book back!

I know.
I just don't know where...

Stop it!

Stop it, Biff. You'll
break his arm. Stop it!

Of course!

I gotta go.
I got one chance!

My old man is
about to deck Biff!


Talk about déjà vu.

Are you okay?

Okay, everybody,
let's back up now.

Let's back up. Let's
everybody just back up

and give him a little bit of room, okay.

A little bit of air.

It's okay.
I know CPR. I know CPR.


What's CPR?


He's fine.

Hey, did you
just take his wallet?

He just took
that guy's wallet.

Doc, success.
I got it.

Thank goodness.

Great, Marty.

As soon as I reload
the fusion generator,

I'll meet you on the roof
of the high school gym.

On the roof. 10-4.

Hey, it's him!

Hey, he's in disguise.

Guys, what's that?

Come on!
Let's get him!


Earth angel

Please be mine

My darling dear

Love you for all time

I'm just a fool

A fool in love

with you

All right!
Let's do another one.

Where did he go?
He just came in here!

that really cooks.

Look! How did he
get up on stage?

I don't know, but when he gets
down, we're gonna nail him.

How the hell did he
change his clothes so fast?

All right, it's an
oldie where I come from.

All right, guys, listen,
this is a blues riff in B.

Watch me for the changes,
and try and keep up, okay?

Doc. Doc, come in!

Marty, come in.

Listen, Biff's guys chased me into
the gym, and they're going to jump me.

Then get out of there!

No, Doc, not me.
The other me.

The one that's up on stage
playing Johnny B. Goode.

Great Scott!
Your other self will miss

the lightning bolt
at the clock tower,

you won't get back to the future,
and we'll have a major paradox!

Wait, wait, wait.
A paradox?

You mean one of those things
that can destroy the universe?

Precisely. Marty, you have to
stop those guys at all costs,

but without being seen by your
other self or your parents.


What the hell?

Where is he?

Calvin Klein.

The guy with the hat,
where is he?

Oh. He went that way.

I think he took your wallet.
I think he took his wallet.

Go, Johnny, go, go, go

Johnny B. Goode

Go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go, go

Johnny B. Goode

I guess you guys aren't
ready for that yet.

But your kids are
going to love it.

Hey, Doc, success.
Everything's cool.

Great. I'll be landing at the
school roof in about one minute.

I'll be there.


Marty, that was
very interesting music.

I hope you don't mind,

but George asked if
he could take me home.

Great. Lorraine, I had
a feeling about you two.

I have a feeling, too.

Hey, butthead!

You think that stupid
disguise would get by me?

Let's have it out.
You and me, right now.

No, thanks.

What's the matter?

Where are you going?

Are you chicken?

That's it, isn't it?
Nothing but a little chicken.

calls me chicken.

What the hell?

You steal my stuff?

And this one's
for my car!


Doc! I blew it.

Biff nailed me.
He took the book.

He drove away
with it in his car.

It's my fault, Doc. I should
have got out of there sooner.

No time for that now.
Which way did he go?

East towards
the River Road Tunnel.

Get in!


There he is, Doc!

Let's land on him.
We'll cripple his car.

Marty, he's in a '46 Ford.
We're a DeLorean.

He'd rip through us
like we were tin foil.

So what do we do?
I have a plan.

Repeating tonight's
earlier weather bulletin,

a severe thunderstorm is
heading for Hill Valley.

Serving Hill Valley
and all of Hill County,

you're tuned to KKHV,
the voice of Hill Valley.

Turning to
community calendar,

the Hill Valley
Women's Club bake sale

will be held
tomorrow afternoon

from 2:00 to 5:00 at the
community center on Forest Road.

For you sports fans
out there,

there was a lot of action
today in college football.

Here's what happened
to the top 10.

UCLA narrowly
defeated Washington 19-17.

Michigan State
crushed Minnesota 42-14.

Ohio State
beat Iowa 20-10.

blanked Indiana 30-0.


It was Notre Dame over
North Carolina, 27-7.

Son of a bitch.

Oklahoma ripped
Iowa State 52-0.

West Virginia lost
to Pittsburgh 26-7.

Texas A&M over Rice 20-10.

defeated Clemson 25-12,

and it was Texas
Christian over Texas 47-20.

Repeating tonight's earlier
weather bulletin, a severe...

You again?
Give me that book.

Let it go!


Let go of the car!

That'll teach him.


Go, Doc!

Hold on, Marty!



I hate manure!

Doc, is everything
all right? Over.

10-4, Marty, but it's pretty
miserable flying weather.

Much too turbulent to make a
landing from this direction.

I'll have to circle around and
make a long approach from the south.

Have you got the book?

In my hand, Doc!
I got it in my hand!

Burn it!


Doc! Doc!
That newspaper changed.

Doc, my father's alive!

That means everything's
back to normal, right?

Mission accomplished.

That means Jennifer's okay
and Einie's okay, right?

That's right, Marty.
It's the ripple effect.

The future is back,
so let's go home.

Right. Let's get our
asses back to the...

Doc, Doc,
are you okay?

That was a close one, Marty.
I almost bought the farm.

Well, be careful. You don't
want to get struck by lightning.



Doc, come in, Doc.

Doc, do you read me?

Do you read me, Doc?
Come in. Doc.

Oh, no.

He's gone.

The doc's gone.

Mr. McFly!


Is your name
Marty McFly?


I've got something for you.

A letter.

A letter for me?

That's impossible.

Who the hell are you?

Western Union.

Actually, a bunch of us at
the office were kind of hoping

maybe you could shed
some light on the subject.

See, we've had that envelope in our
possession for the past 70 years.

It was given to us with
the explicit instructions

that it be delivered to a
young man with your description

answering to the name of
Marty at this exact location

at this exact minute,
November 12, 1955.

We have a little bet
going as to whether

this Marty would
actually be here.

Looks like I lost.

Did you say 70 years?

Yeah, 70 years, 2 months,
12 days to be exact.

Here sign on line 6,

Here you are.

It's from the doc!

"Dear Marty, if my
calculations are correct,

"you will receive this
letter immediately after

"you saw the DeLorean
struck by lightning.

"First, let me assure you
that I'm alive and well.

"I've been living happily these
past eight months in the year 1885.

"The lightning bolt..."

"September, 1885."

Wait, wait, kid! Wait a
minute. What's this all about?

He's alive!
The doc's alive!

He's in the Old West,
but he's alive.

Yeah, but, kid,
you all right?

Do you need any help?

There's only one man
who can help me.

Doc! Doc! Doc!

Doc! Doc!

Okay, relax, Doc. It's
me. It's me! It's Marty.

No, it can't be. I just
sent you back to the future.

Yeah. No, I know.
You did send me

back to the future,
but I'm back.

I'm back
from the future.

Great Scott!

Doc! Doc. Doc.


Hey, McFly.

Just try it, Tannen!

Come on, runt! You can
dance better than that!