Back to the Future (1985) - full transcript

Marty McFly, a typical American teenager of the Eighties, is accidentally sent back to 1955 in a plutonium-powered DeLorean "time machine" invented by a slightly mad scientist. During his often hysterical, always amazing trip back in time, Marty must make certain his teenage parents-to-be meet and fall in love - so he can get back to the future. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

ANNOUNCER: October is
inventory time,

so right now,
Statler Toyota

is making the best
deals of the year

on all
1985-model Toyotas.

You won't find a better car

at a better price
with better service
anywhere in Hill Valley.

That's Statler Toyota
in downtown Hill Valley.

The Senate is expected
to vote on this today.

In other news,
officials at the Pacific
Nuclear research facility

have denied the rumor
that a case of
missing plutonium

was in fact stolen
from their vault
two weeks ago.

A Libyan terrorist group
had claimed responsibility

for the alleged theft.

officials now attribute

the discrepancy to
a simple clerical error.

The FBI, which is
investigating the matter,
had no comment.


MARTY: Hey, Doc?


Hello! Anybody home?

Einstein, come here, boy.


What's going on? Oh, God.

Oh, Jesus!

That is disgusting.
Where the hell is he?









Rock 'n' roll.


DOC: Marty, is that you?

Hey. Hey, Doc.
Where are you?

Thank God
I've found you.

Listen, can you meet me
at Twin Pines Mall
tonight at 1:15?

I made a major breakthrough,
and I'll need your assistance.

Wait a minute.
1:15 in the morning?


Doc, what's going on?

Where you been all week?

Where's Einstein?
Is he with you?

Yeah, he's right here.

You know, Doc,
you left your
equipment on all week.

My equipment.
That reminds me, Marty.

You better not hook up
to the amplifier.

There's a slight
possibility of overload.

Yeah. I'll keep that in mind.

Good. I'll see you tonight.
Don't forget now.

1:15 a.m.,
Twin Pines Mall.




Are those my clocks
I hear?

Yeah, it's 8:00.

My experiment worked!

They're all exactly
25 minutes slow!

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, Doc.

Are you telling
me that it's 8:25?


I'm late for school.


Marty, don't go
this way.

looking for you.

If you get caught,
it'll be four tardies
in a row.

All right, come on.
I think we're safe.

You know, this time
it wasn't my fault.

The doc set
all his clocks
25 minutes slow.


Am I to understand you're
still hanging around with
Dr. Emmett Brown, McFly?


Tardy slip for you,
Miss Parker.

And one for you, McFly.
I believe that makes
four in a row.

Let me give you
a nickel's worth of
free advice, young man.

This so-called
Dr. Brown is dangerous.
He's a real nutcase.

You hang around with him,
you're gonna end up
in big trouble.

Ooh. Yes, sir.

You got a real
attitude problem, McFly.
You're a slacker.

You remind me
of your father
when he went here.

He was a slacker, too.

Can I go now,
Mr. Strickland?

I noticed your band
is on the roster

for the dance auditions
after school today.

Why even bother, McFly?
You don't have a chance.

You're too much
like your old man.

No McFly ever amounted
to anything

in the history
of Hill Valley.

Yeah, well,
history is gonna change.

Next, please.


Okay, guys,
let's rock 'n roll.

All right.

We're the...
We're the Pinheads.

One, two, three.


Okay, that's enough.
Thank you, fellas.

Hold it, fellas.

I'm afraid you're
just too darn loud.

Next, please.

Bring up
the next group, please.

ANNOUNCER: Re-elect Mayor
"Goldie" Wilson.

Progress is
his middle name.

MARTY: "Too loud."
I can't believe it.

I'm never gonna
get a chance to play
in front of anybody.

one rejection isn't
the end of the world.

I just don't think
I'm cut out for music.

But you're good, Marty.
You're really good,

and this audition
tape of yours is great.

You've gotta send it in
to the record company.

It's like Doc's
always saying.
Yeah, I know. I know.

"If you put
your mind to it,

"you can
accomplish anything."

That's good advice, Marty.

All right,
okay, Jennifer.

What if I send in the tape
and they don't like it?

What if they say
I'm no good?

What if they say,
"Get out of here, kid.
You got no future"?

I mean, I just
don't think I can take
that kind of rejection.

Jesus, I'm starting to
sound like my old man.

Come on.
He's not that bad.
Save the clock tower.

At least he's letting
you borrow the car
tomorrow night.

Check out that 4x4.

That is hot.

Okay. Back her up.

Someday, Jennifer.

Wouldn't it be great
to take that truck
up to the lake?

Throw a couple of
sleeping bags
in the back.

Lie out
underneath the stars.

Stop it.

Does your mom know?
About tomorrow night?

No, get out of town.

My mom thinks
I'm going camping
with the guys.

Jennifer, my mother
would freak out

if she knew I was going
up there with you,

and I'd get the
standard lecture about

how she never
did that kind of stuff
when she was a kid.

I mean, look,
I think the woman
was born a nun.

She's just trying to
keep you respectable.

Well, she's not doing
a very good job.


Save the clock tower.
Save the clock tower.

Mayor Wilson is
sponsoring an initiative
to replace that clock.

Thirty years ago,
lightning struck
that clock tower

and the clock
hasn't run since.

We at the Hill Valley
Preservation Society

think it should be preserved
exactly the way it is

as part of our history
and heritage.

There you go, lady.
There's a quarter.

Thank you.

Don't forget
to take a flyer.


Save the clock tower!

Where were we?

Right about here.

MAN: Jennifer!

It's my dad.
I've got to go.

I'll call you tonight.

I'll be at my grandma's.

Here, let me
give you the number.


Bravo, Tango, Delta 6-2-9.

Tow for impoundment.
Any unit, please respond.

Just perfect.


I can't believe you'd
loan me your car

without telling me
it had a blind spot.

Blind spot?
I could've
been killed.

Now, Biff, now,
I never noticed

that the car had
any blind spot before
when I would drive it.

Hi, Son.

BIFF: What, are you blind,
McFly? It's there.

How else do you explain
that wreck out there?

GEORGE: Biff, can I assume

that your insurance
is going to pay
for the damage?

My insurance?
It's your car.

Your insurance
should pay for it.

I wanna know who's
going to pay for this?

I spilled beer
all over it when the
car smashed into me.

Who's gonna pay
my cleaning bill?


BIFF: And where's
my reports?

Well, I haven't
finished those up yet,

but I figured since
they weren't due till...

Hello? Hello?
Anybody home? Huh?

Think, McFly. Think!
All right.

I got to have time
to get them retyped.

Do you realize
what would happen

if I hand in my reports
in your handwriting?

I'll get fired.

You wouldn't want
that to happen,
would you?

Would you?
Of course not, Biff.

Now, I wouldn't
want that to happen.

Now, look.
I'll finish those
reports on up tonight,

and I'll run them on over
first thing tomorrow,
all right?

Not too early.
I sleep in Saturday.

McFly, your shoe's untied.


Don't be so gullible, McFly.

Got the place
fixed up nice,
though, McFly.

I have your car towed
all the way to your house

and all you got for me
is lite beer?


What are you
looking at, butthead?

Say hi to your mom
for me.

I know what you're
going to say, Son,

and you're right.
You're right.

But Biff just happens
to be my supervisor,


And I'm afraid I'm
just not very good
at confrontations.

But the car, Dad.

I mean, he wrecked it.
He totaled it.

I needed that car
tomorrow night, Dad.

Do you have any idea
how important
this was to me?

Do you have any clue?

I know, and all I can
say is, I'm...

I'm sorry.

Believe me, Marty,
you're better off

without having to worry
about all the aggravation

and headaches of
playing at that dance.

absolutely right, Marty.

The last thing you
need is headaches.



Kids, we're going to
have to eat this cake
by ourselves.

Your Uncle Joey didn't
make parole again.


I think it would
be nice if you all
dropped him a line.

MARTY: Uncle
"Jailbird" Joey?

He's your brother, Mom.

Yeah. I think it's
a major embarrassment,
having an uncle in prison.

We all make mistakes
in life, children.

God damn it.
I'm late.

watch your mouth!

You come here and
kiss your mother
before you go. Come here.

Come on, Mom.
Make it fast.
I'll miss my bus.

See you later, Pop.

(EXCLAIMS) Time to
change that oil.


Hey, Marty. I'm not
your answering service.

While you were outside
pouting over the car,

Jennifer Parker
called you twice.

I don't like her, Marty.

Any girl who calls up a boy
is just asking for trouble.

Oh, Mother,
there's nothing wrong
with calling a boy.

I think it's terrible.
Girls chasing boys.

When I was your age,
I never chased a boy
or called a boy

or sat in a parked car
with a boy.

Then how am I supposed
to ever meet anybody?

Well, it'll just happen.

Like the way
I met your father.

That was so stupid.
Grandpa hit him
with the car.

It was meant to be.

Anyway, if Grandpa
hadn't hit him,

then none of you
would have been born.

Yeah, well.

I still don't understand
what Dad was doing

in the middle
of the street.

What was it, George?

What, Lorraine? What?

Anyway, your Grandpa
hit him with the car

and brought him
into the house.

He seemed so helpless,

like a little lost puppy,
and my heart just
went out to him.

LINDA: Yeah, Mom, we know.
You've told us this
story a million times.

You felt sorry for him,

so you decided
to go with him

to the Fish Under
the Sea dance.

No. It was the Enchantment
Under the Sea dance.

Our first date.
I'll never forget it.

It was the night of that
terrible thunderstorm,
remember, George?


Your father kissed me
for the very first time
on that dance floor.

It was then
that I realized

that I was going to spend
the rest of my life with him.





DOC: Marty, you didn't
fall asleep, did you?


No. No, don't be silly.

this is very important.
I forgot my video camera.

Can you stop by my place
and pick it up on
your way to the mall?

Yeah. I'm on my way.

Einstein! Hey, Einstein,
where's the doc, boy? Huh?







Marty! You made it!


Welcome to
my latest experiment.
This is the big one,

the one I've been
waiting for all my life.

Well, it's a DeLorean...

Bear with me, Marty.
All your questions
will be answered.

Roll tape
and we'll proceed.


is that a DEVO suit?

Never mind that now.

Not now.

All right. I'm ready.

Good evening.
I'm Dr. Emmett Brown.

I'm standing on
the parking lot
at Twin Pines Mall.

It's Saturday morning,
October 26, 1985, 1:18 a.m.,

and this is temporal
experiment number one.

Come on, Einie.
Hey, hey, boy,
get in there.

That a boy!
In you go. Sit down.

Put your seat belt on.
That's it.


Whoa, whoa. Whoa.


Please note that
Einstein's clock

is in precise synchronization
with my control watch.

Got it?
Right. Check, Doc.


Have a good trip, Einstein.
Watch your head.

You got that thing
hooked up to the car?


Watch this.

Yeah. Okay. Got it.


Not me!
The car! The car!



If my calculations
are correct,

when this baby
hits 88 miles per hour

you're going to see
some serious shit.




Watch this.
Watch this.


What did I tell you?

88 miles per hour!

The temporal
displacement occurred

exactly 1:20 a.m.
And zero seconds!

Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ, Doc!
You disintegrated Einstein!

Calm down, Marty.
I didn't
disintegrate anything.

The molecular structure of
both Einstein and the car
are completely intact.

Then where the hell
are they?

The appropriate
question is,

"When the hell
are they?"

You see, Einstein has
just become the world's
first time traveler.

I sent him
into the future.

One minute
into the future,
to be exact.

At precisely 1:21 a.m.
And zero seconds,

we shall catch up with him
and the time machine.

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute, Doc.

Are you telling me that
you built a time machine

out of a DeLorean?

The way I see it,

if you're going to
build a time machine
into a car,

why not do it
with some style?

Besides, the stainless-steel
construction made the flux


Look out!





What? Is it hot?

It's cold. Damn cold.


you little devil!


Einstein's clock is
exactly one minute

behind mine
and still ticking!


He's all right.
He's fine.

And he's
completely unaware
that anything happened.

As far as he's concerned,
the trip was instantaneous.

That's why his watch
is exactly one minute
behind mine.

He skipped over
that minute

to instantly arrive
at this moment in time.

Come here.
I'll show you
how it works.

All right.

First, you turn
the time circuits on.



This readout tells you
where you're going.

This one tells you
where you are.

This one tells you
where you were.

You input your
destination time
on this keypad.

Say you want to
see the signing

of the Declaration
of Independence.


Or witness
the birth of Christ.

Here's a red-letter date
in the history of science.

November 5th, 1955.

Yes, of course.
November 5th, 1955.

What? I don't get it.
What happened?


That was the day I
invented time travel.
I remember it vividly.

I was standing on
the edge of my toilet,
hanging a clock.

The porcelain was wet.
I slipped,

hit my head on
the edge of the sink,

and when I came to,
I had a revelation,

a vision,
a picture in my head,
a picture of this.

This is what makes
time travel possible.
The flux capacitor.

Flux capacitor?

It's taken me almost 30 years
and my entire family fortune

to realize the vision
of that day.

My God,
has it been that long?

Things have certainly
changed around here.

I remember when
this was all farmland

as far as the eye
could see.

Old man Peabody
owned all of this.

He had this crazy idea
about breeding pine trees.

This is heavy-duty, Doc.
This is great.

Does it run on regular
unleaded gasoline?

Unfortunately, no.
It requires something

with a little more kick.

Wait a minute.

Are you telling me
that this sucker
is nuclear?

Hey, hey, hey!
Keep rolling.
Keep rolling there.

No, no, no,
this sucker's electrical,

but I need
a nuclear reaction

to generate
the 1.21 gigawatts
of electricity I need.

Doc, you don't
just walk into a store
and buy plutonium.

Did you rip that off?

Of course.
From a group of
Libyan nationalists.

They wanted me to
build them a bomb,

so I took their plutonium
and, in turn, gave them
a shoddy bomb casing

full of used
pinball machine parts.

Come on. Let's get
you a radiation suit.

We must prepare
to reload.




It's safe now.
Everything's lead-lined.

Don't you lose
those tapes now.

I need that
as a record.

Let's put this back here.
There we go.


I almost forgot
my luggage.

Who knows if they've
got cotton underwear
in the future?

I'm allergic to
all synthetics.

The future?

That's where
you're going?

That's right,
25 years into the future.

I've always dreamed
of seeing the future,
looking beyond my years,

seeing the progress
of mankind.

Why not?

I'll also be able to
see who wins the next
25 World Series.



Look me up when
you get there.

Indeed, I will.
Roll 'em.



I, Dr. Emmett Brown,

am about to embark on
an historic journey.

(LAUGHING) What am
I thinking of?

I almost forgot to
bring extra plutonium.

How did I ever
expect to get back?
One pellet, one trip.

I must be
out of my mind.


What is it, Einie?

Oh, my God.

They found me.
I don't know how,
but they found me.

Run for it, Marty!

Who? Who?

Who do you think?
The Libyans!



Holy shit!


I'll draw their fire!

Doc, wait!



You bastard!






Go! Damn Soviet gun.







Come on!
Move, damn it!


Holy shit!

Let's see if you
bastards can do 90.








What is it?
What is it, Pa?

Looks like an airplane
without wings.

That ain't no airplane.





Listen... Whoa.



Excuse me.

Sorry about your barn.


It's already mutated
into human form!
Shoot it!

Take that, you mutated
son of a bitch!


BOY: Get away!

MAN: Hold it.

BOY: Shoot it, Pa!

My pine! Why you...

You space bastard!
You killed our pine!


All right. All right.
Okay, McFly.

Get a grip on yourself.
It's all a dream.

It's just
a very intense dream.



you got to help me.

Don't stop,
Wilbur! Don't!

It can't be.


This is nuts.


Come on.









Remember, fellow citizens,
the future is in your hands.

If you believe in progress,
re-elect Mayor Red Thomas.

Progress is
his middle name.

Mayor Red Thomas'
progress platform

means more jobs,
better education,

bigger civic improvements
and lower taxes.

On election day,
cast your vote
for a proven leader.

Re-elect Mayor Red Thomas.

This has got to
be a dream.


LOU: Hey, kid.
What'd you do? Jump ship?


What's with
the life preserver?

I just want to
use the phone.

Yeah, it's in the back.

MARTY: Brown.

Great. You're alive.




Come on.

Do you know where
1640 Riverside...

Are you going to
order something, kid?

Yeah. Give me a Tab.

Tab? I can't give you a tab
unless you order something.

Give me a Pepsi Free.

You want a Pepsi, pal,
you're going to pay for it.

Just give me something
without any sugar in it,

Something without sugar.


BIFF: Hey, McFly.

What do you think
you're doing?


I'm talking to you, McFly,
you Irish bug!

Hey, Biff. Hey, guys.
How are you doing?

You got my homework
finished, McFly?

Well, actually,
I figured since it
wasn't due till Monday...

Hello? Hello?
Anybody home?


Think, McFly. Think!

I got to have time
to recopy it.

You realize
what would happen

if I hand in my homework
in your handwriting?

I'll get kicked
out of school.

You wouldn't want that
to happen, would you?

Would you?

Now, of course not,

I wouldn't want
that to happen.

What are you
looking at, butthead?

Biff, get a load of
this guy's life preserver.

Dork thinks he's
going to drown.

How about
my homework, McFly?

Okay, Biff.
Well, I'll finish
that on up tonight

and then I'll bring it
over first thing
tomorrow morning.

Not too early.
I sleep in Sundays.

Oh, McFly,
your shoe's untied!


Don't be
so gullible, McFly.

I don't want to see
you in here again.

Okay. All right.


You're George McFly.

Yeah. Who are you?

Say! Why do you
let those boys

push you around
like that for?

Well, they're
bigger than me.

Stand tall, boy.
Have some respect
for yourself.

Don't you know,
if you let people
walk over you now,

they'll be walking over you
for the rest of your life.

Look at me.
You think I'm gonna

spend the rest of my life
in this slop house?

LOU: Watch it, Goldie.
No, sir!

I'm gonna make
something of myself.

I'm going
to night school,

and one day,
I'm going to be somebody.

That's right.
He's going to be mayor.

Yeah, I'm...


Now that's a good idea!
I could run for mayor.

A colored mayor.
That'll be the day.

You wait and see,
Mr. Caruthers.
I will be mayor.

I'll be the most
powerful man
in Hill Valley,

and I'm going to
clean up this town.

Good. You can start
by sweeping the floor.

Mayor Goldie Wilson.
I like the sound of that.


Hey, Dad! George!
Hey, you on the bike!

He's a peeping Tom.






Hey, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Who are you?

Stella! Another one
of these damn kids

jumped in front
of my car!

Come on out here!
Help me take him
in the house!


Mom? That you?

there, now. Just relax.

You've been asleep for
almost nine hours now.

I had a horrible nightmare.

I dreamed that
I went back in time.
It was terrible.


you're safe and sound now,
back in good old 1955.



You're my...
You're my...

My name is Lorraine.

Lorraine Baines.


But you're...
You're so...

You're so thin!

Just relax, Calvin.
You got a big bruise
on your head.


Where are my pants?

Over there,
on my hope chest.

I've never seen
purple underwear before,

Calvin? Why do you
keep calling me Calvin?

Well, that is
your name, isn't it?
Calvin Klein?

It's written all over
your underwear.

Oh, I guess they
call you Cal, huh?

No, actually,
people call me Marty.


Pleased to
meet you, Calvin.




Do you mind
if I sit here?

No. Fine.

No. Good.
Fine. Good.

That's a big bruise
you have there.


STELLA: Lorraine,
are you up there?

Oh, my God!
It's my mother!

Put your pants back on!

STELLA: So, tell me, Marty,
how long have you
been in port?

MARTY: Excuse me?

I guessed
you're a sailor.

That's why you wear
that life preserver.

Coast Guard.

Sam, here's
the young man

you hit with your car
out there.

He's all right.
Thank God.

What were you doing in
the middle of the street,
a kid your age?

Don't pay attention to him.
He's in one of his moods.

Sam, you quit fiddling
with that thing.

Come in here
to dinner.

Now, let's see.
You already know Lorraine.

This is Milton,
this is Sally,
that's Toby,

and over there
in the playpen
is little baby Joey.

So, you're my uncle Joey.

Better get used
to these bars, kid.

Yes. Joey just loves
being in his playpen.

He cries whenever
we take him out,

so we just leave him
in there all the time.

Well, Marty, I hope
you like meatloaf.

I really ought to...

Sit here, Marty.

Sam, stop fiddling
with that thing

and come in here
and eat your dinner.


Look at it roll.

Now we can
watch Jackie Gleason
while we eat.



It's our first
television set.

Dad just
picked it up today.

Do you have
a television?

Well, yeah. You know
we have two of them.

Wow! You must be rich.

Oh, honey,
he's teasing you.

Nobody has two
television sets.


Hey. Hey,
I've seen this one.

I've seen this one!
This is a classic.

This is where
Ralph dresses up
as a man from space.

What do you mean,
you've seen this?
It's brand-new.

Yeah, well,
I saw it on a rerun.

What's a rerun?

You'll find out.

You know, Marty,
you look so familiar to me.
Do I know your mother?

Yeah, I think
maybe you do.

STELLA: Oh, then I want
to give her a call.

I don't want her
to worry about you.

You can't.

nobody's home.




Listen, do you know
where Riverside Drive is?

It's on the other
end of town.

A block past Maple.
East end of town.

Wait a minute,
a block past Maple.

That's John F.
Kennedy Drive.

Who the hell
is John F. Kennedy?


With Marty's parents
out of town,

don't you think he ought
to spend the night?

I mean, after all,
Dad almost killed him
with the car.

That's true, Marty.

I think maybe you
should spend the night.

I think you're
our responsibility.

Gee, I don't know.

And he can sleep
in my room.

I gotta go!
I gotta go!

Thanks very much.
It was wonderful.

You were all great.
See you all later.
Much later.

He's a very
strange young man.

He's an idiot.

Comes from upbringing.
His parents are
probably idiots, too.

you ever have a kid

who acts that way,
I'll disown you.


Don't say a word.


I don't wanna
know your name.

I don't want to know
anything about you.

Listen, Doc...

Doc, it's me, Marty.
Don't tell me anything.

Doc, you got to help...
Quiet. Quiet.


I'm going to
read your thoughts.

Let's see now.
You've come here
from a great distance?

Yeah. Exactly.

Don't tell me!

You want me to
buy a subscription

to the
Saturday Evening Post.


Not a word.
Not a word now!


Donations. You want me
to make a donation

to the Coast Guard
Youth Auxiliary.


I'm from the future.


I came here
in a time machine
that you invented.

Now, I need
your help to get back
to the year 1985.

My God.

Do you know
what this means?

It means
that this damn thing
doesn't work at all!

Doc, you got to help me.
You are the only one

who knows how your
time machine works.

Time machine?
I haven't invented
any time machine.

Okay. All right,
I'll prove it to you.

Look at
my driver's license.
Expires 1987.

Look at my birthday,
for crying out loud!

I haven't even
been born yet.

And look
at this picture.

It's my brother,
my sister and me.

Look at her sweatshirt, Doc.
"Class of 1984"?

Pretty mediocre
photographic fakery.

They cut off
your brother's hair.

I'm telling the truth, Doc.
You got to believe me.

Then tell me,
future boy,


Who's President of
the United States
in 1985?

Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan?
The actor?


Then who's vice president?
Jerry Lewis?

I suppose Jane Wyman
is the First Lady.

Whoa. Wait, Doc!

And Jack Benny is
secretary of the treasury.

Doc, you gotta
listen to me.

I've had enough
practical jokes
for one evening.

Good night,
future boy!

No, wait, Doc. Doc.

The bruise on your head,
I know how that happened.

You told me
the whole story.

You were standing
on your toilet

and you were
hanging a clock,

and you fell
and you hit your
head on the sink.

That's when you came up
with the idea for
the flux capacitor,

which is what makes
time travel possible.


There's something wrong
with the starter,
so I hid it here.

After I fell
off my toilet,
I drew this.

The flux capacitor.


It works!


It works!

I finally invent
something that works!

You bet your ass
it works.

Somehow we've got
to sneak this back
to my laboratory.

We've got to
get you home!

Okay, Doc, this is it.

Never mind that.
Never mind that now.

Why, that's me!
Look at me!
I'm an old man.

Good evening.
I'm Dr. Emmett Brown.

I'm standing on
the parking lot
at Twin Pines Mall.

Thank God,
I've still got my hair.

What's on Earth is
this thing I'm wearing?

This is a radiation suit.

Radiation suit?

Of course.
'Cause of all the fallout
from the atomic wars.


This is truly amazing.

A portable
television studio.

No wonder your president
has to be an actor.

He's gotta look good
on television.

Whoa. This is it.
This is the part
coming up, Doc.

No, no, no,
this sucker's electrical,

but I need
a nuclear reaction

to generate
the 1.21 gigawatts...

What did I just say?


This sucker's electrical,

but I need
a nuclear reaction

to generate
the 1.21 gigawatts...

1.21 gigawatts!

1.21 gigawatts.

Great Scott!

What the hell
is a gigawatt?

How could I have
been so careless?
1.21 gigawatts!

Tom, how am I
going to generate
that kind of power?

It can't be done,
can it?

Doc, look. All we need
is a little plutonium.


I'm sure that in 1985,

plutonium is available
in every corner drugstore,

but in 1955,
it's a little hard
to come by.

Marty, I'm sorry,
but I'm afraid
you're stuck here.

Whoa, whoa.

Doc, stuck here?
I can't be stuck here.
I got a life in 1985.

I got a girl.

Is she pretty?

Doc, she's beautiful.
She's crazy about me.

Look at this. Look
what she wrote here, Doc.
I mean, that says it all.

Doc, you're my only hope.

Marty, I'm sorry,
but the only power source
capable of generating

1.21 gigawatts
of electricity
is a bolt of lightning.

What did you say?

A bolt of lightning.

you never know

when or where it's
ever going to strike.

We do now.

This is it!
This is the answer.

It says here that
a bolt of lightning

is going to
strike the clock tower

at precisely 10:04 p.m.
Next Saturday night!

If we could somehow
harness this lightning,

channel it into
the flux capacitor,

it just might work.

Next Saturday night,
we're sending you
back to the future!

Okay, all right.
Saturday's good. Saturday's good.

I can spend
a week in 1955.

I can hang out.
You can show me around.

Marty, that is completely
out of the question.

You must not
leave this house.

You must not see anybody
or talk to anybody.

Anything you do can have
serious repercussions
on future events.

Do you understand?

Yeah. Sure. Okay.


have you interacted
with anybody else today,
besides me?

Yeah, well,
I might've sort of
bumped into my parents.

Great Scott!

Let me see
that photograph again
of your brother.

Just as I thought.
This proves my theory.
Look at your brother.

MARTY: His head's gone.
It's like it's been erased.

Erased from existence.


They really
cleaned this place up.
Looks brand-new.

DOC: Now remember.

According to my theory,
you interfered

with your parents'
first meeting.

If they don't meet,
they won't fall in love,

they won't get married
and they won't have kids.

That's why your
older brother's

disappearing from
that photograph.

Your sister will follow,
and unless you repair
the damage,

you'll be next.

MARTY: Sounds pretty heavy.
Weight has nothing
to do with it.


Which one's your pop?

That's him.

Okay, you guys.


Very funny. You guys
are being real mature.

Maybe you were adopted.

Okay, real mature, guys.

Okay, pick up my books.


That's Strickland.

Jesus, didn't that guy
ever have hair?

Shape up, man.
You're a slacker.

Do you want to
be a slacker for
the rest of your life?


What did your mother
ever see in that kid?

I don't know, Doc.

I guess she felt
sorry for him

'cause her dad hit him
with the car.

Hit me with the car.

That's the Florence
Nightingale effect.

It happens in hospitals
when nurses fall in love
with their patients.

Go to it, kid.

Hey, George, buddy.

I have been looking
all over for you.

You remember me,
the guy who saved
your life the other day?



There's somebody
I'd like you to meet.



I'd like you to
meet my good friend
George McFly.

Hi. It's really
a pleasure to meet you.

How's your head?

Good. Fine.

Oh. I've been so
worried about you

ever since you ran off
the other night.

Are you okay?


I'm sorry.
I have to go.

Come on!

Isn't he a dreamboat?

Doc, she didn't
even look at him.

This is more serious
than I thought.

Apparently, your mother
is amorously infatuated
with you,

instead of your father.

Whoa. Wait a minute, Doc.

Are you trying to tell me
that my mother has
got the hots for me?


Whoa. This is heavy.

There's that word again.

Why are things so heavy
in the future?

Is there a problem
with the Earth's
gravitational pull?

The only way

we're going to
get those two to
successfully mate

is if they're
alone together,

so you've got to
get your father and
mother to interact

in some sort of social...


What? You mean
like a date?


What kind of date?
I don't know.

What do kids do
in the '50s?

They're your parents.
You must know them.

What are their
common interests?

What do they
like to do together?


Look! There's a rhythmic
ceremonial ritual coming up.

Of course! The Enchantment
Under the Sea dance!

They're supposed
to go to this.

That's where they kiss
for the first time.

All right, kid.

You stick to
your father like glue

and make sure
he takes her
to that dance.

George, buddy.

Remember that girl
I introduced you to,

What are you writing?

Uh... Stories.

Science fiction stories
about visitors

coming down to Earth
from other planets.

Get out of town!
I didn't know you
did anything creative.

Let me read some.

Oh. No, no, no, no.

I never let anybody
read my stories.

Why not?

Well, what if they
didn't like them?

What if they told me
I was no good?

I guess that would be
pretty hard for somebody
to understand.

No. No, not hard at all.

So, anyway, George.
About Lorraine.

She really likes you.

She told me to tell you
that she wants you
to ask her

to the Enchantment
Under the Sea dance.

Oh, yeah.

All you got to do
is go over there
and ask her.

Right here, right now,
in the cafeteria?

What if she said no?

I don't know if
I could take that
kind of a rejection.

I think she'd rather go
with somebody else.



Don't kid around.
Come on.

I'm gonna leave.

BIFF: You want it.
You know you want it.

You know you want me
to give it to you.

Shut your filthy mouth.
I'm not that kind of girl.


Maybe you are
and you just
don't know it yet.

Get your meat hooks
off of me.

MARTY: You heard her.

She said,
get your meat hooks off.


So what's it to you,

You know, you been
looking for a fight.


Since you're new here,
I'm going to cut you
a break, today.

So, why don't you
make like a tree
and get out of here.



Why do you keep
following me around?

Look, George...
I'm telling you, George,

if you do not
ask Lorraine
to that dance,

I'm gonna regret it
for the rest of my life.

But I can't go
to the dance.

I'll miss my favorite
television program,
Science Fiction Theatre.

Yeah, but, George,
Lorraine wants to
go with you.

Give her a break.

Look, I'm just not
ready to ask Lorraine
out to the dance,

and not you or
anybody else
on this planet

is going to make me
change my mind.

Science Fiction Theatre.




Who are you?



MARTY: Silence, Earthling.

My name is Darth Vader.

I am an extraterrestrial
from the planet Vulcan.



Marty! Marty!

Hey, George, buddy.

You weren't at school.
What have you
been doing all day?

I overslept.
Look, I need your help.

I have to
ask Lorraine out,

but I don't know
how to do it.

All right. Okay, listen,
keep your pants on.
She's over in the cafe.

God! How do you...

What made you change
your mind, George?

Last night,
Darth Vader came down
from Planet Vulcan

and told me that if I
didn't take Lorraine out,
that he'd melt my brain.

Let's just keep this
brain-melting stuff
to ourselves, okay?

Oh, yeah. Yeah.

All right, okay.
There she is, George.

Now just go in there
and invite her.

Okay. But I don't
know what to say.

Just say anything,

Say whatever's natural,
the first thing that
comes into your mind.

Nothing's coming
to my mind.

Jesus, George,
it's a wonder
I was even born.

What? What?

Nothing. Nothing.

Look, tell her destiny
brought you together.

Tell her that she is
the most beautiful girl

you have ever seen
in the world.

Girls like that stuff.

What are you doing,

I'm writing this down.
This is good stuff.

Yeah. Okay, let's go.

Can you
take care of that?



Lou, give me a milk.


Lorraine. My density
has popped me to you.



What I meant
to say was...

Wait a minute.
Don't I know you
from somewhere?


Yes. I'm George.
George McFly.

I'm your density.

I mean,

your destiny.


Hey, McFly.



I thought I told you
never to come in here.

Well, it's going
to cost you.

How much money
you got on you?

How much do
you want, Biff?


All right, punk.

Now I'm going to...

Whoa, whoa, Biff.
What's that?


That's Calvin Klein.
Oh, my God, he's a dream.

Whoa, whoa.

Kid! Kid, stop! Stop!


MARTY: I'll get it
back to you, all right?

BOY: You broke it!

Come back here!


Wow. Look at him go!

Get him!

To the car!
Go! Go!

GIRL: What's that
thing he's on?

BOY: It's a board
with wheels.

He's an absolute dream.

THUG 1: Come on, come on!

THUG 2: Look out for the car!








BIFF: I'm going
to ram him.

ALL: Shit!




Thanks a lot, kid.

I'm going to get
that son of a bitch.

Where does
he come from?

where does he live?

I don't know,
but I'm going to find out.


DOC ON TV: Oh, my God.

They found me.
I don't know how,
but they found me.

Run for it, Marty!


Oh, my God.

They found me.
I don't know how,
but they found me.

Run for it, Marty!


Hi, Marty. I didn't
hear you come in.

Fascinating device,
this video unit.

Listen, Doc.

You know,
there's something

I haven't told you
about the night

we made that tape.
Please, Marty,
don't tell me.

No man should know
too much about
his own destiny.

You don't understand.
I do understand.

If I know too much
about my own future,

I can endanger
my own existence.

Just as you've
endangered yours.

You're right.

Let me show you my plan
for sending you home.

Please excuse the crudity
of this model.

I didn't have time
to build it to scale
or paint it.

It's good.
Thank you. Thank you.

Okay, now.

We run some
electrical cable

from the top of
the clock tower

down, suspending it
over the street

between these
two lamp posts.

we've outfitted
the time vehicle

with this big pole
and hook,

which runs directly
into the flux capacitor.

At the calculated moment,
you start off
from down the street,

driving directly
toward the cable,

accelerating to
88 miles per hour.

According to the flyer,
at precisely 10:04 p.m.
This Saturday night,

lightning will
strike the clock tower,
electrifying the cable

just as the connecting
hook makes contact

thereby sending
1.21 gigawatts
into the flux capacitor

and sending you
back to 1985.

All right, now.
Watch this.

You wind up the car
and release it.

I'll simulate
the lightning.









You're instilling me
with a lot of confidence,

Don't worry.
I'll take care
of the lightning.

You take care
of your pop.

By the way,
what happened today?
Did he ask her out?

I think so.

What did she say?


It's your mom!
She's tracked you down!

Quick! Let's cover
the time machine.

Hi, Cal... Marty.

Mom. Lorraine.

How did you know
I was here?

I followed you.

Oh. This is my doc...

(STUTTERS) My uncle,
Doc Brown.


Marty, this may
seem a little forward,

but I was
kind of wondering
if you'd ask me

to the Enchantment
Under the Sea dance
on Saturday.

Wow, you mean...
You mean nobody's
asked you?

No. Not yet.

What about George?

George McFly?

He's kind of cute
and all, but not...

Well, I think
a man should be strong,

so he can stand up
for himself

and protect
the woman he loves.

Don't you?


I still
don't understand.

How am I supposed to
go to the dance with her

if she's already going
to the dance with you?

Well, because, George,
she wants to go with you.

She just doesn't
know it yet.

That's why
we got to show her

that you, George McFly,
are a fighter.

You're somebody
who's gonna stand up
for yourself,

somebody who's
gonna protect her.

Yeah, but I've never
picked a fight
in my entire life.

Look, you're not going
to be picking a fight,

(STUTTERS) Daddy-o.

You're coming to
her rescue, right?

Okay, let's go over
the plan again.

8:55, where are
you going to be?

I'm going to be
at the dance.

Right. And where
am I going to be?

You're gonna be
in the car with her.

Right, okay.
So, right around 9:00,

she's going to get
very angry with me.

Why is she going to
get angry with you?

Well, because, George,
nice girls get angry

when guys take
advantage of them.


You mean
you're going to go
touch her on her...

No. No, George, look.

It's just an act, right?

Okay. So, 9:00,
you're strolling through
the parking lot.

You see us struggling
in the car.

You walk up,
you open the door,
and you say...

Your line, George.


Hey, you, get your
damn hands off her!

You really think
I ought to swear?

Yes, definitely.

God damn it,
George, swear.

So, now you come up.

You punch me
in the stomach.

I'm out for
the count, right?

And you and Lorraine
live happily ever after.

You make it
sound so easy.

I just... I wish
I wasn't so scared.

George, there's nothing
to be scared of.

All it takes is
a little self-confidence.

You know, if you
put your mind to it,

you can
accomplish anything.

...Hill Valley area weather
this Saturday night.

Mostly clear,
with some scattered clouds.

Lows tonight in
the upper 40s.

Are you sure
about this storm?

Since when can weathermen
predict the weather,
let alone the future?

You know, Marty,
I'm going to be very sad
to see you go.

You've really made
a difference in my life.

You've given me
something to shoot for.

Just knowing that
I'm going to be around
to see 1985.

That I'm going to
succeed in this!

That I'm going
to have a chance
to travel through time!

It's going to be
really hard waiting 30 years
before I can talk to you

about everything
that's happened
in the past few days.

I'm really going
to miss you, Marty.

I'm really going
to miss you.

Doc, about the future...


We've already agreed

that having information
about the future

can be
extremely dangerous.

Even if your
intentions are good,

it can backfire

Whatever you've
got to tell me,

I'll find out through
the natural course of time.

"Dear Dr. Brown.

"On the night that
I go back in time,

"you will be

"shot by terrorists.

"Please take
whatever precautions
are necessary

"to prevent
this terrible disaster.

"Your friend,


'Evening, Dr. Brown.
What's with the wire?

Oh, just a little
weather experiment.

What you got
under here?

No! Don't touch that!

Some new, specialized
weather-sensing equipment.

You got a permit
for that?

Of course I do.

Just a second.
Let me see if
I can find it here.



Do you mind if we
park for a while?

That's a great idea.
I'd love to park.


Marty, I'm almost
18 years old.

It's not like I've
never parked before.


Marty, you seem so nervous.
Is something wrong?


Lorraine! Lorraine,
what are you doing?

I swiped it from
the old lady's
liquor cabinet.

Yeah, well,
you shouldn't drink.

Why not?

Because you...

You might regret it
later in life.

Marty, don't be
such a square.

Everybody who's
anybody drinks.

Jeez, you smoke, too?

Marty, you're
beginning to sound
just like my mother.



We're going to
take a little break,

but we'll be back
in a while,

so don't nobody
go nowhere.

Why are you so nervous?


Have you ever
been in a situation

where you knew
you had to act
a certain way,

but when you got there,
you didn't know

if you could go
through with it?

You mean like
how you're supposed
to act on a first date?

Sort of.

I think I know
exactly what you mean.

You do?

You know what I do
in those situations?


I don't worry.


This is all wrong.
I don't know what it is.

But when I kiss you,
it's like I'm kissing

my brother.

I guess that doesn't
make any sense, does it?

Believe me,
it makes perfect sense.


Somebody's coming.

You caused 300 bucks
damage to my car,
you son of a bitch.

And I'm going to
take it out of your ass.
Hold him.

Let him go, Biff.
You're drunk.

Well, look-ey
what we have here.

No, no! You're staying
right here with me.
Come on, Lorraine.

LORRAINE: Let me go!

Leave her alone,
you bastard!

Take him in back,
all right?
I'll be right there.

BIFF: Just admit
that you want it.
Come on.

Well, go on.
This ain't no peep show.



Hey, let's put him
in there.

Yeah! (LAUGHS)

That's for
messing up my hair.

What the hell are
you doing to my car?

Hey, beat it, spook.
This don't concern you.

Who you calling "spook,"

Hey, hey,
listen, guys...

Look, I don't want
to mess with no
reefer addicts, okay?

Get home to
your mama, boy.

THUG 1: Biff!

THUG 2: Hurry, Biff!

Let me out of here!

where are your keys?

MARTY: The keys
are in the trunk.

Say that again?

MARTY: I said,
the keys are in here.


BIFF: Come on!

Hey, you,
get your damn hands off...


I think you got
the wrong car, McFly.

George, help me!

Just turn around, McFly,
and walk away.

LORRAINE: Please, George.

Are you deaf, McFly?

Close the door
and beat it.


No, Biff.
You leave her alone.

All right, McFly.

You're asking for it,
and now you're
going to get it.

Biff, stop it!

Biff, you'll
break his arm!


Biff, no!

MARVIN: Give me
a hand here, Reginald.


Damn it, man!
I sliced my hand!

Whose are these?

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

You're going to
break his arm!

Biff! Biff,
leave him alone!

Let him go!
Let him go!





Are you okay?

Who is that guy?

That's George McFly.

That's George McFly?

Excuse me.



The storm.

Hey, guys, you gotta
get back in there
and finish the dance.

Hey, man.
Look at Marvin's hand.

He can't play with
his hand like that,

and we can't
play without him.

Yeah, well.
Look, Marvin,
you got to play.

See, that's where they
kiss for the first time
on the dance floor.

And if there's no music,
they can't dance.

If they can't dance,
they can't kiss.

If they can't kiss,
they can't fall in love
and I'm history.

Hey, man,
the dance is over

unless you know
somebody else that
can play the guitar.

This is for all
you lovers out there.

Earth angel, Earth angel

Will you be mine?

My darling dear

George, aren't you
going to kiss me?

I don't know.

Scram, McFly.
I'm cutting in.



Earth angel, Earth angel

The one I adore

Hey, boy,
you all right?

I can't play.





Excuse me.


The vision of your happiness

Earth angel, Earth angel

Please be mine

My darling dear

Love you for all time

I'm just a fool

A fool in love

with you


Yeah, man, that was good.
Let's do another one.

No. I got to go.

Come on, man.
Let's do something
that really cooks.

Something that cooks.


All right.

MARVIN: All right!

All right.

All right,
this is an oldie, but...

Well, it's an oldie
where I come from.

All right, guys, listen,
this is a blues riff in B.

Watch me for the changes,
and try and keep up, okay?


Way down in Louisiana
Down in New Orleans

Way back up in the woods
among the evergreens

There stood a log cabin
made of earth and wood

Where lived a country boy
name of Johnny B. Goode

He never ever learned
to read or write so well

He could play the guitar
just like he's ringing a bell

Go, go
Go, Johnny, go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go

Hey, George, I heard
you laid out Biff.
Nice going.

George, you ever
think of running
for class president?

Johnny B. Goode

Go, Johnny, go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go

Go, Johnny, go, go, go

Johnny B. Goode

Chuck, it's Marvin.

Your cousin,
Marvin Berry.

You know that new sound
you're looking for?

Well, listen to this.





I guess you guys aren't
ready for that yet.

But your kids are
going to love it.



Marty, that was
very interesting music.


I hope you don't mind,

but George asked if
he could take me home.

Great! Good.
Good, Lorraine.

I had a feeling
about you two.

I have a feeling, too.

Listen, I got to go,

but I wanted to tell you
that it's been educational.

Marty, will we ever
see you again?

I guarantee it.

Well, Marty,
I want to thank you for
all your good advice.

I'll never forget it.

Right, George.

Well, good luck,
you guys.


One other thing.
If you guys
ever have kids,

and one of them,
when he's eight years old,

accidentally sets fire
to the living room rug,

go easy on him.


Such a nice name.


Where is that kid?


Damn! Damn!


You're late!
Do you have no
concept of time?

Hey, come on.
I had to change.

Do you think
I'm going back
in that zoot suit?

The old man really
came through. It worked.

He laid out Biff
in one punch.

I didn't know
he had it in him.

He's never stood up
to Biff in his life.


No. Why?
What's the matter?

All right! Let's set
your destination time.


This is the exact time
you left.

Let's send you back at
exactly the same time.

It'll be like
you never left.

Now, I painted a white line
on the street way over there.

That's where
you'll start from.

I've calculated
the precise distance,

taking into account
the acceleration speed

and wind resistance

from the moment
the lightning strikes,

which will be in exactly
7 minutes and 22 seconds.

When this alarm goes off,
you hit the gas.


Well, I guess
that's everything.


Thank you.

See you
in about 30 years.

I hope so.

Don't worry!

As long as you
hit that wire

with the connecting hook
at precisely 88 miles
an hour,

the instant the lightning
strikes the tower

everything will be fine.



What's the meaning
of this?

You'll find out
in 30 years.

It's about the future,
isn't it?

It's information
about the future.

Wait a minute.

I warned you
about this, kid.

The consequences
could be disastrous!

Doc, that's a risk
you're going to
have to take.

Your life depends on it!


I refuse to accept
the responsibility.

In that case,
I'll tell you
straight out.


Great Scott!


You get the cable,
I'll throw the rope
down to you.

Right! I got it!





Come on, come on.
Let's go!

All right!
Take it up!




I have to tell you
about the future.


I have to tell you
about the future!


On the night I go
back in time, you get...





No, Doc!

Look at the time!

You've got less
than four minutes.
Please, hurry!



Damn it, Doc!
Why did you have to
tear up that letter?

If I only had more time.

Wait a minute.
I got all the time I want.

I got a time machine.
I can just go back early
and warn him.

Okay. Ten minutes
ought to do it.


Okay. Time circuit's on.
Flux capacitor, fluxing.

Engine running.
All right.


No. No, no.


Come on. Not this time.
Come on. Come on.







MARTY: Come on.

Here we go. Here we go.
This time. Come on.

Please. Please.
Come on!















Crazy drunk driver.


All right. Fred.

You look great.
Everything looks great.

1:24. I still got time.
I'm coming, Doc!


No! No, not again!
Come on! Come on!





You bastard!




Doc! Doc!


No! No!

You're alive.

Bulletproof vest?

How did you know?

I never got a chance
to tell you.

What about all that talk
about screwing up
future events?

The space-time continuum?

Well, I figured,
what the hell?

So, how far ahead
are you going?

About 30 years.
It's a nice, round number.

Look me up when you
get there, all right?
Guess I'll be about 47.

I will.

Take care.

You, too.

Right. Bye-bye, Einie.

Oh. And watch that re-entry.
It's a little bumpy.

You bet.



What a nightmare.

LINDA: If Paul calls me,
tell him I'm working at
the boutique late tonight.

DAVID: Linda, first of all,
I'm not your
answering service,

second of all,
somebody named Greg

or Craig called you
just a little while ago.

Well, which one was it,
Greg or Craig?

I don't know!
I can't keep up with
all of your boyfriends.


What the hell is this?


DAVID: Did you sleep
in your clothes
again last night?

Yeah. I...

Yeah. What are
you wearing, Dave?

Marty, I always wear
a suit to the office.

You all right?

LORRAINE: I think we
need a rematch, George.

A rematch?

Why? Were you cheating?


Good morning.

Mom! Dad!

Did you hit your head?
Marty, are you all right?

You guys look great.
Mom, you look so thin.

Why, thank you, Marty.


Good morning,

Good morning, Dave.

DAVID: Good morning, Mom.

Marty, I almost forgot.
Jennifer Parker called.

I sure like her, Marty.
She is such a sweet girl.

Isn't tonight the night
of the big date?

What? What, Ma?

Aren't you going up
to the lake tonight?

You've been planning it
for two weeks.

Mom, we talked about this.
How can I go to the lake?

The car's wrecked.


When did this happen?
Why wasn't I told?

Quiet down.

I'm sure the car is fine.

DAVID: Why am I always
the last one to know
about these things?

See? There's Biff
out there waxing
it right now.

Now, Biff, I want
to make sure that

we get two coats
of wax this time,
not just one.

I'm just finishing up
the second coat now.

Now, Biff,
don't con me.

I'm sorry, Mr. McFly.

I meant
I was just starting
on the second coat.

Biff. What a character.
Always trying to get
away with something.

I've had to stay
on top of Biff ever
since high school.

if it wasn't for him...

We never would
have fallen in love.

That's right.

Mr. McFly! Mr. McFly,
this just arrived.

Oh, hi, Marty.
I think it's your
new book.

Your first novel.

GEORGE: Like I've
always told you,

you put your mind to it,
you can accomplish anything.

Oh, Marty,
here's your keys.

You're all waxed up,
ready for tonight.


How about a ride,


Oh, are you a sight
for sore eyes!
Let me look at you.

Marty, you're acting
like you haven't
seen me in a week.

I haven't.

You okay?
Is everything all right?

MARTY: Oh, yeah.

Everything is great.



You've got to come
back with me!


Back to the future.

Wait a minute.
What are you doing, Doc?

I need fuel.

Go ahead. Quick!
Get in the car.

No, no. Doc,
I just got here, okay?

Jennifer's here.
We're gonna take
the new truck for a spin.

Well, bring her along.
This concerns her, too.

Wait a minute, Doc.
What are you
talking about?

What happens to us
in the future?

Do we become assholes
or something?

No, no, no,
no, Marty.

Both you and Jennifer
turn out fine.

It's your kids, Marty.

Something has
got to be done
about your kids.


Hey, Doc, we better back up.
We don't have enough
road to get up to 88.

Roads? Where we're going,
we don't need roads.


Δε σε είδα.

Είσαι καλά;

Είναι όλα εντάξει;

Όλα είναι τέλεια.

Πρέπει να έρθεις μαζί μου!

- Πού;
- Πίσω στο μέλλον.

Τι κάνεις, δόκτωρ;

Χρειάζομαι καύσιμα.

Έλα. Γρήγορα! Μπες στο αμάξι.

Όχι, όχι. Μόλις έφτασα. Η Τζένιφερ είναι εδώ.
Θα πάμε βόλτα με το καινούργιο αμάξι.

Πες της να έρθει. Την αφορά κι εκείνη.

Για ποιο πράγμα μιλάς;
Τι θα μας συμβεί στο μέλλον;

- Θα γίνουμε αλήτες μήπως;
- Όχι, Μάρτυ.

Κι οι δυο σας θα είστε μια χαρά.
Πρόκειται για τα παιδιά σας.

Πρέπει να κάνουμε κάτι για τα παιδιά σας.

Κάνε όπισθεν.
Δε φτάνει ο δρόμος για να πιάσουμε τα 140.

Δρόμοι; Εκεί που πάμε
δε χρειαζόμαστε δρόμους.