Back to Mom's (2016) - full transcript

Suddenly, the successful forty-year-old architect, Stéphanie, finds herself without a job after a botched business deal. As a result, caught between a rock and a hard place, the penniless and recently divorced single mother has no other choice but to move in with her widowed sexagenarian mother, Jacqueline, who, thankfully, welcomes her back with open arms. Now, as Stéphanie starts looking for a new job, in the meantime, both women have to become accustomed to the current conditions to make things work out. However, Jacqueline has to make an important announcement. What are her secret plans for the future? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Good morning.
- Hello.

- Decided to return it?
- Yes.


Come on Stéphanie,
wake up, it's the morning!

Look, I told you to keep
the windows closed,

Otherwise Princess will escape.

Mom, you got the heater
high, it's too hot.

No, it's okay.
Isn't it, Princess?

Honey, get up now.
If you want to be first, get up first.

- But what time is it?
- 6 o'clock.

- You have to buy newspapers.
- Newspapers?

For the ads! If you ring after 9
the good jobs will already be taken!

Newspapers are no longer used,
I seek jobs on the Internet.

Well then get up, so you'll
be first on Internet?

Oh my Princess...

But what does Stéphanie say ?
You're not to warm ay?

Hey? The cat!

Fetch! Go to my Mom.

Thank you Mum.

I like to have you here.

You know, Dad didn't like talking about it

But he has also been unemployed.

I was pregnant with your brother.
It was hard.

It was an month of anxiety.

Ah really, a month, oh wow.

So what would you like?

I have thea, Chicory coffee, I also
have Leo's Nesquik, then there is ..

Can I just have a coffee?

Ah... you want coffee.

No but... Don't you have real coffee?

It's real coffee!
It was Dad's Nescafé.

Well, then it's probably expired.

Expires on the 11.07.2016

No you see? It's still good.

Come on, take some
he would have appreciate it.

For Friday I decided to prepare us
your favourite desert.

Why Friday?

For dinner with your
brother and sister.

- Oh cabbage, I forgot about it.
- I told you!

Yeah, I imagine the picture. Nicolas
preachifying me for two hours

And Carole laughting
to know I'm in the shit.

Don't start.

For once, we will all be reunited.

And then I'll have to tell you
about Gravelle.

And then... also of other things.

What are you doing?

- Spreading on my slice.
- With that knife?

- Better with a fork?
- It's not the right knife honey,

Use the right knife!

Chill Mom, I'm just spreading butter?

You might just be spreading butter

But we don't eat however we want, isn't it?

You're right! Look at me taking
the spreading knife to spread on my slice

And now I use it to spread the butter
on my slice

- Yes, keep teasing me.
- But no...

What is your schedule today?

I have to prepare the
documents for the lawyer.

Then go to the job agency to send some CV


- Will you be home this afternoon?
- Mmh, why?

No, nothing, just... to organise myself.

I'm looking forward for the letter
from the court administrator,

To understand what can I recover.

But meanwhile I don't
have a job any more.

Do you think I'll be entitled
to compensation because...

I'm not very use to redundancy.

- Were you the administrator?
- Yes also the guarantor.

Then, as admininstrator you're
not entitled to much.

Great. Look, I have to find a
job as quickly as possible.

Well, you can forget
the architecture, there's no more hope.

I think you should change industry.

Well... why not?
I need to work.

I may already have something for you.

Let's see...

Mobile phone manager for events.

Well, sounds great!

In La Joliette area.


Oh good. Let's look closer.

Then... phone manager...


Here it is... La Joliette.

Here it is.

So. Let's see...

It's about distributing flyers...
In roller.

- Sorry?

For a telephone company...
At La Joliette.

- In roller?
- In roller.

No, no.

This morning, an archaeologist had
the exact reaction. "In roller?"

"In roller?
No, no. "

I tell you sincerely.
Without compromise

I won't go all around but
straight to the point.

You're no longer young.
You've graduated, so my dear.

You've got a small child,

so not flexible?

Stop believing what
your colleagues say to you:

"Don't worry,
and blabla...,

Everything will settle down, and so on."

Because it won't settle anywhere!

Unless you're 20, with a strong ambition

And business attitudes.

But honestly... I don't
feel like it's your profile.

Can we try looking with tongs?

More delicate?

Not everything is lost! Have faith!

Have you ever thought about coaching?
Am I convincing enough?

Today, all unemployed
people go to coaching.

They've failed everything, but they
teach others how to succeed.


Sonia! You've read my text?

I was offering you a drink
somewhere together. I finish at 6.

It'll be mojito time!

I'm sorry, I can't,
I have other commitments.

Enjoy your evening, Michel!

I have an advice for you?

She's 20 years younger than you
and you have 10 extra pounds.

That's the delicate version!

Because if I start talking about your
look, physique, and the earring...

You're a sinner Saint-Michel,
stop right here... Well, good day!

And have faith!

- Hello my little mouse!
- Mom!

How are you? Good.

- Dad, can I go play soccer?
- Of course my son, go on.

- Hi Sté.
- Hello.

But... Wasn't it tomorrow
your turn?

Yes, but I was just passing by and...
Just to see him.

Wanna... Have him for tonight?

Oh no, I cannot. I've got plans already.

Look, like we said, if you need anything...

If you want to sleep with us,
Muriel does not bother you.

Well, thank you... I don't know what to
say, you're so kind. But no, that's fine.

- I'm staying at my Mom for now.
- Ah I see.

Well goodbye my love.

I love you. See you tomorrow.

- Bye Philippe.
- Goodbye.

- Stéphanie? Is that you?
- Well yes, who else do you expect?

Well then? Tell me about your appointment?
Have you got a job?

Mom, I told you already if I get a job
you will be the first to know.

- You haven't received any mail for me?
- No, honey, nothing.

- By the way. I won't eat here tonight.
- Because?

I'm going an see a friend. She's architect.
I thought she could help me.

It's a good idea.

- So tonight you're not staying home?
- I just told you that.

- At what time will you be back?
- Well, I have no idea yet.

- Not the exact time but approximately?
- Midnight? Don't worry I'm a grown up.

Midnight is fine.

Remember your keys. And put the chain.
I'll be in bed.

Right now I'm at the end of it.

I don't have many perspectives,
I'm a bit...

Well use your contact network?

My network... you are.

- No thanks.
- Yes for me.

In my situation, alcohol
is a great help.

You're a true friend, my best.

- Can I have the bill, please.
- Right away.

What was I saying?

Yes... if you have a chance for a job...

I'll be right back...

Here it is.

You're asking for help, curious.

You remember, three years ago?
Over Christmas?

I've been summoned by HR
When they fired me. Remember?

I was in really shit.

I thought about my contact network.

Only you came to my mind.

I called you several times.
Leaving you messages.

But if it was Christmas,
I was probably on holiday?

Then they must have lasted very long,
and you never called me back.

Until, well, last week.

I am so sorry Catherine.
I don't know what to say.

You're right its appalling.

- Well it's my shot.
- Thank you.

Send me your CV,
I'll see what I can do.

- No promises tho, okay?
- Thank you.

- It was good.
- Yes very nice.

I was thinking...
You could at least tell Stéphanie?

Oh no, not her especially.

But she lives with you.

No I won't. Not one child at the time.

I'll tell them when we'll be all together.

The pill!

- What's wrong my love?
- I forgot it.

- But... do you still need it?
- Yes, my cholesterol pill.

You're silly!




Ah, finally!

But why did you put the chain?

You told me that!
Mom, I thought you were in bed?

Wasn't it suppose to be midnight?
It's only 11:30.

- Well we had a quick dinner.
- Could you open it for me?

- But, where were you?
- I was, was... I was gone for a walk.

A walk at 11:30?

Well, at night it relaxes me.

On the streets? Without a coat?

Yes no coat on. I've been scouting
in the past, you know?

And I knew how to light a fire.

- Mom, is everything alright?
- But of course!

Why do you ask me?
Very well, good night!


Nicole, are you there?

I've got 7 letters. I made a beetle
on the letter, triple worth.

And the R from your word.

3, then, for 10 more .. do 106.

No, it's no luck, Nicole.
Is that I'm good.

Shall we do it again tomorrow?
I have my groceries to do.

Nicole, I rubbed here.
When we play duplicate.

We get the same letters,
but played over the phone.

Keep up with time my dear.

Little Marie,
Talking about you...

Going to Franc Price supermarket,
do you need anything?

- Yes, a job.
- You want me to inform them?

But no, Mom I was joking.

Well look at you, you did yourself nicely,
who is the lucky one?

Stop it, don't overstate.

Looking pretty, lucky Mr Franc Price.
You'll be its most beautiful customer!

Don't be silly.

- Take the chain off the glasses tho.
- Why? It's useful, otherwise I'll loose them.

Yes, but it's ugly.
It ages you a bit, that's all.

By the way, you have to empty the garage.
I want to rent it.

Dad's car is gone, extra cash
would be more convenient.

Can you do it, please? Thank you.

I can not wait.

Where is she going?

You took a while?

Bit complexe, these days

What have you done?
You look different?

- Nothing, I swear.
- You look much younger.

Ah, it's just...

- Yes?
- Hey, Mom?

- Yup?
- Where are you?

Well, I'm doing the groceries, honey.

- You cannot, you've gone up.
- Really? Maybe.

- Franc Price is not on high floors?
- Come on, stop it. Not now.

I don't know...

- And you've forgotten your cart.
- Allo? I can't hear you. What is it?

I can not hear you. Allo? Allo?

Have you ever made a level mistake?

Allo? Allo?!

- Who's talking?
- It's me, Stéphanie. Hi, Carole.

- Hi Sté! Will see you on Friday?
- Hi Alain. I was about to call you.

If I send you things by mail,
can you print it out?

- Well, yes, if it's PDF in A4, right?
- Thanks, you're great.

What are you doing at Mom's house?

Well, you know, I have
work issues, money...

So I came to stay here.

Seriously?! My sister squatter at Mom.
I can't believe it.

Well, thanks for the
support but don't worry.

You know how it is, sooner or later,
I'll be back on my feet.

And then, as you just said,
my health is most important.

- I didn't say that.
- Of course. Isn't it rude?

She's loosing her mind.
Can I speak to Mom?

She's not here, she's gone out.
Call her on her cell phone?

I've tried, her voicemail is full.

Want me to transfer your message?

Look Alain, park us down there.

- No, it's for deliveries I can't.
- Then here, or there, think you're slow.

You're impossible.

- Here they are, they've taken our park.
- It's disabled park.

So, should I transfer
your message to her?

No thanks. If I want to
talk to Mom, I'll talk to Mom!

It is not for you to...okay?

- Tell her to call me back.
- So I'll transfer her your message?

Don't start, please.

How come?
Don't even thank me?

Or say please? No politeness?

See you on Friday.

It's me! It's me, it's Mommy!

Well in fact, yes it's you.

Tonight shall we play
scrabble together, huh?


Oh, it feels cold in here? Was it you?

You have a thermostat in your head?

Put it back, honey, please.

- No mail for me in the mailbox?
- No.

Are you waiting for something?

Well... yes. One thing for a
business but... doesn't matter.

No worries.

What have you bought?

No way, this is called... dessert!

And it's for dinner time.

Well, well, since when are you
interested in football players?

No it's a mistake.
I've ordered Marie-Claire.

Oh yes, totally wrong!

Will take it back to the newsstand,
it happens.

Use a glass please.

Oh no. They want me to do
my library card online.

Use the iPad we gave you for Christmas
and there's Wi-Fi from the new TV box.

- You've never used the iPad?
- No...

- Mom, I'm doing it for you!
- Yes thanks.

Well come here!

Can you turn off the music please?

So they're just asking your mail address.

Okay, you don't have one?
Okay, let's create you one.

Jacqueli... no, you can do this after.

Jacqueline Mazerin at gmail...

Jacqueline Mazerin
at Gmail, dot com.

You needs a password.

- Wait, this must be Chacha.
- Ah!

How's my girl?

I'm fine and you?

So how is it proceeding? You're okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Gosh it's so hot in here.

She heats it to the maxiMom.
And wake me up at 6 every morning.

- Listen to Cabrel all the time.
- Oh, Cabrel...

Yes but the "little Maria" from the song,
I want to punch her, you know...

- Good morning.
- Oh, hello Charlotte.

- I'm coming over Jacqueline.
- How are you?

I'm fine

- It's for you.
- Oh no, you didn't have to.

Oh, what a pretty box.
Maccarons yum!

You didn't think about my cholesterol, eh?

Try the salted caramel ones,
you'll fall in love with them.

Beautiful place here. It's nice.

- You've heard her?
- And that beautiful music...

- Francis Cabrel. I'll rewind it for you...
- No, please, that's enough.

Done. Excuse us 2 minutes? Just one thing

And then we go out.

I'm creating a mail address.

Here... that can go here.

So... Jacqueline Mazerin

at Gmail dot com.

So create a password. Easy to remember.


- Nice, it's Kronenbourg beer?
- It's my credit card PIN.

Well no, that's no good at all .
Give me figures and letters.

X 3 7 B 5 8 R 2.

- OK, awesome.
- B H 3.


- Confirm Password.
- Yup.

Come on, say it again?

How do you think I'll remember
all those numbers and letters?

Right. Let's put the good old 1 2 3 4.

Here, done, write it on your
agenda because it will serve you.

- So, Jacqueline Maz...
- Wait, hang on. Not so fast.

Jacqueline... it's your name.

That you remember, right?

Are you saying I'm stupid?

- No, I didn't.
- Actually it looked a little...

So now write Mazerin.
All together, no spaces.

@. It's a small "a", with a circle.

Good luck, Jacqueline.

I don't understand you.

Mom I can assure you, it's much
easier than your "bridge" rules game.

- Yes, but you explain badly.
- It's true, you explain me badly.

OK, well, snail, the
little "a" like that.

- Perfect. Gmail.
- What's that? Your mail?

Not me look, Mom, Gmail. G M A I L.

Dot com.

- Dot written like a dot?
- Yes that's right.

With a T at the end, right?

D O T.

No, Mom, you wrote D O T.
It's not written.

- Okay.
- C O M!

- C O M?
- C O M.

- Mom, are you doing this on purpose?
- No! You said COM, what does that mean?

Nothing, just write it down.

Give it to me, I'll write it for you.

Me and Internet, it's the last time.

Okay, I need some air.
Let's go and have a real coffee.

So what's up? Tell me
about Carcassonne.

- How is your hostel proceeding?
- Many issues.

But where are you staying in Marseille?
I know you've sold your appartment.

If you want there's a folding bed
for you in the spare room?

Oh, thank you, you're very kind but
I'm a guest from a distant cousin.

Not the best but waiting to go
and settle in Carcassonne it helps.

- Right, I'm ready.
- Me too.

OK let's go.

- Bye Charlotte.
- See you.

I absolutely must find an
excuse to skip Friday's dinner.

It's bad to lie to your Mom.

Positive is that you spend time with her.

Cool? Excuse me? How much time
do you spend with your mother?

Me, I can't even stand her a weekend.

There you go, same for me.

I feel bitchy because she's adorable.

But 2 days it's too sticky, I can't cope.

She seems in great shape tho.

Yes, though sometimes
it's a bit strange.

Could you give me the number
of your father's neurologist.

You don't think she's got Alzheimer?

No, but she seems to me a little vanished.
So just for safety reasons.

Here, my dream is to have an
apartment in this square.

It's a big dream,
cause now it'll never be realized.

Yup, game over already.

Amazing the sunshine. And then, it's free.

It's all I can afford
at the Moment.

Walking on the street, counting
pigeons, just free snacks.

You have news?


And you? The Carcassonne house?

It's the delusion, seriously.
I've been well played.

The last one? My land? Well... It's clay.

The house is sinking.

And, since the misfortunes won't stop...

I have a budget of 60,000 €.

- Really?
- And I'm dry out.

What about all the money I gave
you for your quota?

I have nothing more.

Believe me, if I had any left,
of course I would've helped you?

- That's not what I mean.
- I'm not saying that either.

Yes, I have your football magazine,
I'll bring it to you.

No, I cannot dine with you.
She's at home every night.

I've made you a cake.

Very well then, I'll call you back.

Wrong number.

And you're going to call back?

- What are you saying?
- Wrong number, why are you recalling them?

You're talking non-sense.

Look, I met an old man down the street.
Isn't it Mr. Jean?

- Who?
- Jean Laborde, he still lives here, no?

I do not know, maybe yes, I do not know.

She was nice his daughter, Florence.
Who knows what she's doing now?

She's physiotherapist in Avignon.
Specialized in osteopathy.

She's really... , I mean I repeat what
I've heard. I have no idea...

Mom... by the way.

- You know dinner with Nico and Carole...
- Yes?

I forgotten to tell you that Friday
night I already have dinner plans

With a very important man who
could give me a job.

A real estate agent. I don't know exactly
about how much... You see?

And so...

So... I can't stay for dinner with you.
I'm sorry but it's important.

Do what you think is right.

Well, of course, on the other hand
I can see him before our dinner.

In fact, perhaps it's even better.

Yes, you are right, I will do so.
I'm calling him right away.

Because he put me in a bad
complicated situation

And inextri...cable.

Honey? I'm going to bridge game at Francoise.

Ah yes, no problem.

Did you know she's getting married again?

But her husband has just passed away?

Well, last year, more
than a year ago.

Congratulations for the express mourning!

She's not wasting time the old lady!

Well...Don't change the thermostat.

And don't open the windows for Princess.
Thank you.

Good day! See you tonight.

Forgive my number. You get it?

Is he stalking you?
- Yeah.

Can we change the channel?
It's boring.

- Because you don't know the story.
- Well, yes indeed.

Vincent, the one with the watch on
broke up with Rebecca

Wrongly because he thought she was a spy.

Instead it was another, a
gitan, who informed Hernandez,

Who, after robbing the jewelery Raspail,

- Was using Vincent...
- Okay.

... as an informer to protect himself.

Now Vincent has returned from Brazil,
where he had open a bar,

And reunite with Rebecca.

Rebecca is the girl talking, you see?

Try to quit smoking but it doesn't work.

- You're beautiful.
- I've missed you, Vincent.

Well, they're going all in, huh?

Well, it's normal.

They're happy to see each other again.

- Shall we change?
- No way.

If I lose only 5 minutes
then I miss the full story.

Oh, yes I'm coming, ohhh, yes.

Well, I'll go get some dessert.


Hold my hand.

No, Leo stop eating it. Is full of
palm oil and other crap.

Grandma gave it to me.

Yes, but Grandma does what she
wants at her place. But we are...

Only one slice, okay? Then enough.

Hi Chacha! You okay?

Yes, I've found the doctor's
number for your Mom

For her memory problems.

Oh yes. One Moment.

- Can you send it by TEXT?
- Sure.

You're very kind. Bye.

Okay, bye, kiss.

No, Mom, tonight he won't eat anything.

But that's for me!

I know where the woman of hearts is.

- Oh, no, eight of spades.
- Ohhh...

- It's your turn.
- So let's see...

Woman of paintings. And the woman of hearts...
let's see...

It's here. Pairing!

Well done Mom, good memory!

It's a simple game.

Yes, but I'm very happy.
Stimulates your memory this game.

- You should play it more often, huh?
- Yes, if you think so...

Good night.

Why are you sad?

I'm not. Good night, my love.

Wait Mom, I want to
ask you something.

Will we live here forever?

No, not forever. I switch off.

Do you know Muriel is expecting a child?

Yes, Daddy told me.
You'll have a little brother and sister.

- Don't want them.
- You'll have to do with it.

Muriel is pregnant and so it is.

- Wait wait...
- No, you're sleeping now.

Early start tomorrow.

Are you happy to have siblings?

- Well... yes. I'll see them tomorrow.

Lucky you.

Yeah. It's fantastic. Bed time now.

Quick, we're late!


What is it Mom?

- What is it Mom?
- Nothing, nothing.

I can't close it.

Let me see.

- Fucking shit!
- It's not nice Mom.

Right, sorry my love.

It won't zip up. Fucking shit who made it!

Sorry, it's...
the hinge it won't zip up, and...

Cabbage shit hinge.

Listen, go like that, the bell is ringing.

Okay? Daddy will pick you up tonight.
Now go...

Kiss you my love.

Welcome back. Could you help me?

Not too late for school?

- You're alright?
- I only had him for 1 day!

It use to be 1 week.

There you go.

My baby.

My love.

Come on, I have to prepare dinner.

I told your brother and sister
dinner at 7.

By the way, have you done the garage?

We need to empty it.
The truck for the tip comes tomorrow.

Yes, yes.

And bring one extra chair,
please, for dinner.

But there's no need.

There are 5 chairs and we're 5.

Count: Nicolas, Carole, Alain, you and me.

No need for an extra chair!

Unless Carole is big...

Don't start with your sister.

Listen, please, bring one extra chair.
You never know.

You never know?!

Look, I know what I'm saying, you never know.

Bring a 6th chair, please.

To put something on it
or to sit someone.

OK, however you want.

- Ah, you're here already?
- As you can see.

- You're okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

- First time you're in advance.
- Well, not really.

- You're in shape.
- Bah...

Life isn't a fairy tale,
I parked on the street.

Isn't it too hot here?

It's Mom.
Nico, I wanted to tell you something.

Why is my picture with Daddy down?

I don't know...

- Mom is here?
- Yes she is... I need to tell you...

- Mom?
- Nico?

- Hello Mom.
- My sweetheart.

- I'm glad to see you.
- Me too. Are you OK?

Yes, go, l'll join you soon.

Stéph? Who's things are in my room?

It's mine. I'm staying here
Have you read my mail?

I receive 500 per day.

Well, I wrote to you.

My employer has been liquidated,
no more rent, I've moved here.

- Holy shit. You're fucked.
- That's right, I'm broke.

Expected, tho?
You had only one big customer.

I told you. Diversify.

Never depend on a single customer. Never.

Yes, thank you.

If you want, we can
both sleep in the room.

Don't worry, I'll stay with
some friends on the Yacht.

Much easier.

- You have a Yacht?
- Yes, the Bandol's sails.

And financially, how are you doing?

- I'm broke, nothing, zero.


No, stop, I wasn't asking you that!

- Stop, it's normal.
- No but you don't have...


Fuck my car, I must move it.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

- Nicolas. How are you?
- Good, good.

- Leaving already?
- No, I'll be back soon.

- Where did you park?
- I took the bus.

Where's your car?


So, the CVs I've printed for you.

I've used light paper 120 grams.
Ligther to carry.

You're too kind, you're adorable.

If you want me to send them, let me know.
It's free of charge.

And, I also have a surprise for you.

But you didn't have to.

As a fashionista you'll love it.

You know the yellow and green highlighters

Those we call the "classics"

Well, now we're launching
a new colour range.

Ta-dam! Pistachio, ripe raspberry...

And now...

Fluffy mole!

The mole!

Yes, it's mole.

Monday I presenting them. It'll be awesome.

Watch me if you'd like,
broadcasted on YouTube.

Really. And how do people know you?

Just type in: Alain Bordier,
highlighters, Pilot brand presentation,

April 22, Marco Polo Room,
Mercure Hotel, Grenoble! They find me!

But until tomorrow, silence!
It's big stuff, still confidential.

Not even talking to some friends?
They could...


Got it. I'll play the coffin.

At what time should I come down?

- At what time?
- Yes.

- Wait... let's do a countdown.
- Okay

7:15, it's apertisers.
Salads, pistachios, olives.

Anyone wants a drink? I have Pastis.

I can make a Mauresque? Frontignan wine?

How are your kids? Alright?

Good. Dinner time, bring your glasses.

- Yes.
- 7:30, we're sitting at the table.

The Entrée will take 15 minutes.
Which take us to 7:45.

- Okay.
- Do you like it kids?

Oh Mom, delicious,
you've exceeded yourself.

Then I talk about the Gravelle thing

Leading us to 8:05.
Clearing the table.

2 minutes, you know I'm use to it.

And then it's 8:07.

8:07: cheese.
8:20: dessert.

They'll be happy, I made their favorite.

And here I start to
prepare the ground.

Dad's gone. Mom is always my Mom

But she's also a woman with her desires.

There's a man I want to present to you.

I mean you guys already know him...

And then it' 8:30.
At that point, you ring the door!

As you wish.

See you later darling.

You know, Stéphanie, you've
put a lot of stamps lately.

What stamps?

It has to do with psychology.

In us all there's an diary.

When a negative event
occurs, we remain silent.

We open a page of our diary and stamp it.

And when it's full, boom, we explode.

- Born-out.
- I see.


What's happening to you
is also positive.

Umm I doubt, don't exaggerate.

It is.

It's an opportunity to know someone better

Someone you don't know well...Yourself.

Let me tell you more.

You coming back here
at your Mom's isn't just random...

In life, we all have this instant
we seek to catch up with affection.

We seek shelter again, the uterus.

A bit like a child

In the womb of the mother
wrapped in seminal fluid.

Sorry, it's amniotic fluid.


No, it is not.

Seminal fluid is... different.

But hey, you never told me
that you like psychology?

Just a hobby. Carole finds it ridiculous
but I like it.

I've even subscribed to the Psychology Mag.


Well, I keep myself informed.

Why not diving into it?
Psychologist for businesses?

I thought about it, but then
I've got a good job...

And "careful about the smokescreen".

As Americans say
"beware of the..."

Your English... Hmm

I won't embarassed myself.
I have no idea how to say it in English.

So"Alouette", I see it coming.

Strange, I know "pigeon", pigeant,
"allouette", must be allu...ette

Don't think so.
Ah, this must be Carole!

- Allo?
- Allo, allo, my lover.

Stop calling me, they're here.

- What about champagne?
- Champagne?

- Yes.
- Yes! Good idea.

- Hi.
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Good.

Hi my love, did you go home first?
You've changed your clothes.

Yes... Why asking?

We could have come together?
Enjoying the drive together?

- By train I took an hour.
- And...?

Just saying...

You want us to debate on the subject?

It's Nicolas. You've found a park?

Hello Nico.

- How are you Caca?
- Don't call me that way.

Look, since you live here...
How is Mom doing?

Look, I'm a little worried.
I was going to call you guys.

She behaves strangely.

- Her memory starts to... a...
- What are you saying?

No she's fine.

Then don't ask me my opinion.

Yes, yes, kiss you. See you later.

- Hello Mom.
- Hi sweetheart.

Who was on the phone?

Um... No one, I forgot.

Forgotten? You said "see you later"?

Listen, I don't know, I've forgotten.

Stop confusing me.

- You're okay Mom?
- Of course I am!

I haven't finished.
Go over see your siblings, darling.

Come on, I'm coming soon.

- What other symptoms?
- I'm saying many, a party.

She's loosing her mind.
3 days ago she went shopping...

Hurry up kids, start the apertisers.
It's almost 7:20.

Eat. Eat! Oh, I forgot to prepare
the mayonnaise. Where is my head?

You see?

So, I was saying...

Going out to go
shopping, she makes a mistake

And go up to the 4th floor.

Forget her cart, forgets everything.

Oh yes and then, she goes for a walk
in middle of the night.

Well, fortunately, every
time, she finds her way back.

This is positive.

Well, yes, of course...

Okay, we'll take her see Vernier.

- Who?
- Professor Vernier.

He's a famous neurologist,
specialised in Alzheimer's.

- He's in the neighborhood.
- Can you make an appointment?

Careful here, she doesn't
want to hear about "old age"

If you say "alzheimer"
She would kill.

- Thanks I'm not stupid.
- Come on, it's just the age.

You never forget anything?
Alzheimer?... Straight away...

Don't worry then,
you won't have to deal with it.

- Easy you, I remember...
- What are you waiting for?

Start the apertisers. It's 7:25.

I've got salads, pistachios, olives.

I have a lot of things to drink,
let's see, no more Pastis.

Okay, Frantignon wine for all of us.


- Thanks Mom.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

- Well, then...
- Health!

- To health.
- And... also...


- So, guys, is everything alright?
- Yes.

Remember Valentine? She's finally a...

Fantastic! Because we start dinner at 7:30.

- Mom... there's no fire?
- Yes, Mom, we have time.

For once in this family,
I'd like to respect the times.

We're not start dinning at 8, right now?

What's the problem if we eat at 8:30, huh?

Look my darling, in life, there
is time for everything.

One for the apertisers. One for dinner.

Time to talk about some things.

And maybe even about... other things.

What's the time? I've got... Show me.

Okay we're still on time.

Come on, drink faster so we can start...

Mom, calm down.

Don't worry, we'll respect times.

You remember my neighbor,
Professor Vernier.

We crossed him once in the elevator.

But how could I remember that?

- Yes, you're right.
- True...

Anyway, this professor is very kind.

- Nice person.
- Very professional.


He's very famous. He writes books.

- And...?
- Well...

He deals with little problems
ocurring overtime.

Over years. With the mind...

I thought we could go and see him together?

Yes, it's a good idea.

- He's nice, huh?
- Adorable.

Really? But in the car park.

He never remember his park
always uses my place.

So Alzheimer specialist? Oh dear?

Him and I, we both have place 18

Only that I'm basement floor 2 and him 3.

He uses my park at level 2
and I'm forced to go to level 3.

To be an expert of Al...

But he's kind, very kind.

A great professional.

You want to send me to
an Alzheimer specialist?

Are you crazy?
I have no problem,

Neither memory nor anything else.

I'm perfectly well.
Nicolas, honey, do you think I'm demented?

Not at all, Mom.
I find you in great shape.

You've heard it? Now, dinner time!

I'm going to prepare the mayo.
I'll be right back. Keep your glasses.

A genius with your story of car park.

I wonder sometimes why I'm with you.

Taking Dad's Place?

Why not. I didn't realised.

- Can you bring my booklet please?
- No, I'm embarrassed.

Stop it, you told me you're broke.
That's what family do?

At this time I can.
You can pay me back when you can.

What should I put... 2000 is good?

That's more than enough. Don't fill the
"order to pay", they've locked my account.

Any work perspectives?

Well, no... Well, yes.

An offer to distribute
flyers in roller.

Fantastic. What's wrong?

- In your opinion?
- It's a job like another.

Every job is dignified, you know?

Please stop.
It's not a job like another.

And it isn't decent.

Enough saying
that "every job is dignified".

Work for road toll isn't decent.
Chicken breeder worker isn't dignified.

Then they say "unemployment".

I was in Toulon 15 days ago.
A guy was struggling to find workers.

Why? Because people rather
keep the welfare support.


In Toulon? So you were around here?

There was a nautical rally.
It was great.

Have you picked up the new curtains?

You've had the car?
I couldn't make it by train!

Excuses, excuses.
Look at what you're doing to me!

- Done. Here.
- Thank you.

No, no "order to pay",
I've told you they've locked my account.

Oh, the usual tricks...
I'll write you another one.

What tricks? You know what? Leave it.

And when you talk about people
who don't want to work,

Be straight forward,
you're talking about me.

Thanks for your encouragement,
it's very useful.

I didn't mean it.

I want to work! I just want it.

I'm an urban architect. 10 years studies.

Not to get a roller job.

Your old rollers are still in the garage,

I didn't see it.
I thrown everything in the dump.

What's in the dump?

Dad's things. A big mess.

Mom wanted me to empty it,
so she can rent the garage.

You thrown all dad's stuffs?
And you decided that by yourself?

But decided what?

Apart 2 or 3 drawings from
when we were kids

In old red carton posters,

With bills, old rental receipts...
in francs.

Ah, wait.

Fantastic TV Guides!

That isn't the question.

No, dad's stuffs are also mine. I mean us.

We decide whether to hold on to it or not.

You would have done the same.
It wasn't antiques.

What do you want to do with old TV guides?

Knowing the TV shows of April 25, 1983?

Yes, well it was dad's.

you must be brave and throw it.

Dad is in our minds, not in a TV guide

Stop it with TV guides, okay?
This isn't about it.

You don't decide on your own what
to do with dad's things, you ask me too.

Since when do you care
about the family?

Next time you do 500 km for a
who-knows-what yacht race nearby

Could you do 10 km extra
to see your mother?

And you can tidy the place yourself.

But no! You can't, you live far up north!

That doesn't help.

But practical for you ay?

I would go that far, if I was you.

Yeah, forget it.

Did you really throw everything?

Stop asking me!
There was only shit, I threw everything.

Ok. And the indoor bike that's over there?

Ah, it's Mom's old bike.

- I was checking if it still works.
- It's from the garage?

- Yes, it use to be, and it was heavy.
- Okay.

So you did not throw it all out?

I just told you.
I was just checking if it still works.

A free bike, right?

- What do you mean?
- Simply that...

- Please, stop it.
- I'm talking to my sister.

I mean for you the inheritance
is this: I take what I want.

Do you know what? Take that fucking bike.
Carry it on your shoulder.

So I wouldn't look like
I've been stealing someone?

I'm not accusing you of anything.

Seems to me you're
playing hard the innocent.

And if it does work, use it immediately.
You really need it.

Fuck you.

Why do you have to argue like this?

Do not spoil the evening.

My swirling seafood will have no mayo.
That's it, done!

Nicolas, can you open the bottle?

- Wow.
- I bought the expensive one.

When you drink, better to do it well.

I brought a little thing.
I left it decanting.

Chateau Angèlus.
Wine of "Huben de Bouard",

A famous oenologist, one of
Bordeaux's most renowned.

With her cousin, Jean Bernard Grenier
is head of the family holding.

Last year they made
15 million sales.

Mh, you speak well of them, I envy you...
Do you have their fax?

Today, faxes are no longer used.

Okay, hurry up, eat fast, please.

Thank you.

I warn you. Is my Picard pie.

Start now,
will get the salad and be right back.

Really? 500 km for a pre-cooked
Picard food family dinner?

Well, she didn't bother.

That brand is not that bad!

It's one of the best, you know?
They do good dishes.

In my opinion, after a mourning,
time to turn the page.

As life goes on and new horizons appears.

Because life is made
of so many chapters.

And there are so many ways to take.

What are you talking about Mom?

What's the time?

Nearly 8 o'clock.

Well, let's talk about it later.

Eat before it gets cold.

Yummy! Congratulations, very good pie.

It's Picard, I cooked it all day.

Cooked? They did it for you...

Who's they? I made it myself!

No, Mom. It's either made or cooked

- You've just warmed it in the microwave.
- Or in the oven.

- But what's going on with you?
- Mom, it's delicious.

It's just "Picard".

Yes, it's Picard. Delicious and I made it.

Mom, you bought it in
store, paid it and open the package.

And warmed it up. You remember it?

But what have you been drinking today?
You're not alright?

I didn't spend all day in the kitchen

To hear that I warmed
it in the microwave.

That's a first! You don't like it, Picard?

I like. I like their Mousaka, it's good.

No, no Alain!
Mousaka is Greek, not Picard at all!

Yes, it's Greek, but not pre-made.

Like Gaspacho Mom, you believe its Spanish

But no it's Picard.

You guys really need to go and see
that who-knows-what professor.

You're all out of your mind.

It's a Flamiche Picardy, an original pie.

After all the time spent,
I know what I'm saying.

Ah, Picard pie from the Picardy region?


Not "Picard" the frozen brand?

You really thought I would
get frozen food for tonight?

- Sorry, Mom, big misunderstanding.
- Sorry.

- It's really good.
- it's really good.

It's a Northern dish.
A recipe for my cousin from Amiens.

- A woman named Damien.

- The city of Amiens, Picardy.
- Oh, right.

You know her too, she lives behind
the cathedral, via Hue.

- Via?
- Hue.

- Yes, but which street?
- I told you, Hue!

But, Mom, you don't finish your sentences?

It's a nightmare? Hue Street.

Via Hue as the last name of Robert Hue,
the politician H-U-E.

- Ahhh.
- Ah OK.

But of course, via Hue.

What did I say?
Jesus, you've worn me out, next dish

It's crazy how much you look like Daddy.

- You think?
- Like him, you never move your ass.

She's right.

Excuse me if I spent 6 hours on boat.

Oh, thank you, Alain.

It was good, I really enjoyed.

You're not in good position to
criticise Mom.

Sorry why?

Because I live here?

Let's be clear.

Because I'm not over the bike story yet.

So, since you never care about
how I am,

Know that I've lost everything.
No joke, everything.

My accounts are frozen,
they took everything

- My house, my car, my country flat.
- Yes, we get it...

There's no need to blow your money
in our faces.

Me, showing off? Tell me.

Showing off to your face?

Remember when I hosted you in my place
in the mountains?

Yes, we know your
infinite generosity.

How many times have you invited us?

It was every Christmas, over 15 years
15 times.

You still count? Generous people don't.

- Besides, it wasn't sunny.
- It's not true last year was nice.

- We ate on her deck.
- Don't interrupt.

Try to be more discrete please.

Don't start arguing again. Please!

Just talking Mom.
If you really want to count

Remember, we host you for free here.

What do you mean?

It's in Mom's will.

All three, we own this place now.

You have 1/3, I and Nico 2/3.

You're at home, but also in ours.

Excuse me! But be more kind to her.

No worries, I'm used to.

Do you realise she has nothing left?

She's divorced, almost never sees her son
and has lost her job.

- OK Mom.
- And after 40, a husband or a job

Your sister won't find it again.
She only has us.

Thanks Mom.

So, please, be kind to her.

She's the favourite anyway.

You've seen the cat saving a baby
on Facebook?

Listen, I have to tell you
two important things.

One: the Gravelle.

Right, why don't you go and live there?

Yeah right, I should move my
ass in the dampest place of France.

I could hunt wild boars. Maybe even
learn how to shoot one you never know?

Can I finish? Thank you.

Mr. Mourrier called me.

The roof is leaking so it needs
to be restored.

I will get the quote.

But since no one visit it,

I say we could put it on sale?

The Gravelle is not for sale!

Why not? None of us go there.

- Still wanting to decide everything?
- No, it's the family legacy!

It hasn't been for long!

Dad bought it in 95,
it wasn't from our ancestors.

Dad loved that place.

Me too, when Dad was here.
Have you been there since?

We have memories there.

Excuse me but memories of wet
sheets and nasopharyngitis.

Rebuilding the roof
means rebuilding the walls.

Would cost us more than
the house.

Why don't you work on it then?

Sure, I have nothing else to do.

Well... yes.

I'm an architect, not a mason.

Don't start over again!

I'm going. It's 8:30.

An architect is a
bricklayer who made it?

Just on time!

That's not the time.

What is it? Butter?
I don't have any sorry.

Listen, did you see the time?

- It's 8:30.
- You told me 8:30?

It's not okay to play at this time!

It's not the right time.

No, I'm so sorry, I have no butter.

I have no butter.

Good night!

But who was it?

Ms. Cabanis, the one downstairs.

The one with a few hair.
That intrusive, she wanted butter.

Mom, but we have some butter.

That's not the point.
We're not a dairy!

I can be nice but... It's over now.
Let's have some desert.

For the Gravelle.

I didn't want to tell you but...
Since we're open.

For the boiler work,
I lent to Dad 4000 euros.

Now I need it.

I don't want to ask
Mom, it's a lot of work.

Ok. Do you have a receipt?

Seriously? Why would have had ask Daddy
for a receipt?

I guess we can trust your words?

Wait? You don't believe me?

- You don't believe me?
- Yes, we do.

No matter what,
we are always forced to believe you.

Oh, yes, there's a big one.

You say you believe me, but
you look at me like I'm a liar.

You think I've invented
this story of Dad's loan

To take away your money?

That's not what I'm saying,
if you want money?

We'll give you money.
What else do you want?

Leave it, keep your money.

Let's pretend I made
a gift to Daddy.

I don't know what to think,
you said you've thrown all Dad's stuff

And I find you held the
bike without telling us.

Now you talk about a loan and
you don't have proof.

- Leave her alone.
- I didn't ask your opinion.

Mind your business. Unique son, no sisters,
how could you understand?

Don't start with me.

I don't touch your post-it
and your markers?

Don't talk to me like that.

- You can't treat people like that.
- Where are you going?

I have the car key's.

I think his diary is full now.

This morning,
I was looking forward to dinner with you.

I had some things to tell you.

I spent the day cooking for you.

I dressed nicely.
I've been to the hairdresser.

And you, all you've managed to do
is accusing me of using frozen foods,

Treating me like I'm senile,

Saying things not meant to be said
among brothers and sisters

Which is not even said in any family.

Very lucky Daddy, not to be here
anymore, to see you like that.

Thank you, for the worst
night of my life.

I'm going to bed.

Leave everything. I'll clean tomorrow.

I've made your favourite,
it's in the fridge.

I might go now.

I'll come tomorrow to kiss her.

- Do you need help?
- Leave it.

See you tomorrow.

Hey? Hi Chacha,
it's me, Stéphanie.

You must be in Carcassonne by now.

Nothing special...

I just need someone to talk to.

Well, well, I hug you. Bye.

Mom? What are you doing?
Where are you going?

I'm going to... Avignon, at Anne-Marie.

I need fresh air.
Thanks for cleaning.

But at this time?

I take the train at 9:52.
Anne-Marie will be waiting for me.

I really need fresh air.

Let me accompany you?

No need. The bus stops at the railway.

And I want to go by myself.

Mom, it's getting late,
you can't take the bus alone?

Hey, you won't miss it Mom!

Look, you didn't have to come.
I can managed myself?

I'm not leaving you alone.

- Here it is.
- Thank you. Is it refundable?

- Sorry?
- Is it refundable?

Changing and refundable,
as long as it's not stamped.

As long as I do not stamp it!

- All good?
- Yes.

Okay, well then, perfect, now leave.

Wait, you have to stamp it.

Yes, yes, I'll do it.
Hi, dear.

- Want me to help you?
- No, I can do it alone.

I can do it.

- Hop, done!
- It's not, it didn't do the "crrrr".

When you stamp it, you can hear the noise.

Look. Listen. See?
It is now stamped.

- Okay?
- Thanks, my love. Well, bye now.

I don't like much to be
accompany to the wagon.

It's like a old woman...
accompanied to the wheels.

Don't worry, I can help.

But what's with all of you tonight?

I didn't ask for anything? God sake!

Hey, you okay? Are you sure Mom?

Yes, yes. It's OK.
Now go away.

- Bye, sweetheart.
- All right?

Yes, darling, thank you.
But leave me alone!

Go, I'll call you. Bye.

- Have a good trip.
- Thanks, go away. Bye-bye.

The train 14838 to Avignon is leaving now.

The doors will close automatically.
Beware, we're leaving.

You could have helped me. Rude.

In the trash.

Can you give me some change? Thank you.

Ah, I'm dying.

Stéphanie escorted me to the station.

I've jumped out of a train.
I had to hide.

What happened?
Why didn't you say anything before?

It was a dinner in hell.

And then, I've forgot.

I do not think it's a good
idea to tell you two of us.


Suits you well that suit.

My hair must be all over the place.

I love it when you're like that.

I brought you some pie.

- Who is it?
- Carole.

It's late? And what are you doing here?

Why am I here?

Mom's place is mine too.

I don't understand. He didn't come home.

He's not answering his phone,
Texted him, I don't know where he is?

- Are you talking about Alain?
- Yes, I'm worried.

Are you worried about him or you?

"Thanks to you I walked all night,
I've been thinking,

I saw a fox. I'm breaking up with you."

What does he mean?

He means...

He been walking all night,
and he's been thinking

He saw a fox, he leaves you.

Without warnings?
Just like that thrown 20 years in the air?

Now I'm a 46 years old single woman.
Men are assholes.

Do you mind?

No but SMS are very instructive.

Look. The other day, from Alain.

"Sorry my love, the tram is stationary.

Will continue on foot. I'll be late.
Kisses. "

- You've replied.
- As usual he does what he wants.

But it wasn't his fault, the tram
was stopped. He was probably angry.

And I replied:

"Okay, you'll heat up your dinner.
Blablabla... soon my love "

No, you didn't reply that.

You said, "Okay, you'll heat up
your dinner." You didn't put "my love".

- You're playing with words?
- No that's what I read.

"Don't forget to pick up the
new curtains...

You've forgot to take the car
for it's maintenance...

Don't forget the groceries...
You've forgot my dress at the laundry...

Yes I know. I'm a monster.

For a year, Carole, you text him with:

"You have to, you've forgot, you did not."

One text message, one duty. That sucks...

I'm not surprised he's leaving you?

You know apart SMS,
there's an interesting feature. The agenda.

Look here, you see? Every Wednesday at 3pm.
See what was on?

There's Daddy" written.

For 2 years, I took Daddy to the hospital

Because, as usual, Nicolas lives too far

And you had such an important job that...
obviously you were never free.

And I, for 2 years, kept myself
free on Wednesday for Dad.

And I don't regret it.

Don't think you have this on your agenda...

How many times have you brought him?

- Do you know where the hospital is?
- Yes, I know where it is.

I've financed the re-education.

Ah, it's okay then?

You've paid to support Daddy's health.
It's all OK.

Well, yes, I'm not like you.

I couldn't see him like that. I was scared.

Do you think I liked it instead?

Anyway, let it go.

I'm the moron, the bark,
when I do something no one cares.

I find myself single at 46,
you must be laughing?

Don't be stupid? You are my sister.

I like your man. Things will settle down.

- I'm not convinced.
- It happens in all pairs.

Can I have a shower here?

It's you home.You have 1/3 of the shower.

Even 1/3 of the boiler.
Careful, no more, no less. One third.

"My love, I know sometimes I'm...

I'm unfair. I'm wasn't kind to you,

You have all the reasons of the world

But I love you. Give me another chance...

I wanted to apologise about dinner earlier.

I was a bit...

- You know.
- Me too I was a bit... you know.

It's because I'm jealous.

It's not true, I'm very jealous.

- I've always been.
- But come on, stop it.

I know I have a problem.

I wasn't loved like you, me...

Give me an example.


You've always been messy
and Daddy was amused.

Me, I leave something on the floor,
Dad was angry.

I'm not messy, it's a creative concept,

Personal, more artistic.

No, it was so since my birth.
It's my name?

We were treated differently.

Mom and Dad must have known,
Carole is an ugly name!

They did it on purpose.

Because, Nicolas sounds nice and
Stéphanie, sounds... prestigious.

Stéphanie? Prestigious?
Tell me one prestigious Stéphanie.

Apart from Monaco.

Well, there's a lot,
there's Stéphanie and...

Stéphanie... Look,
I can't remember.

But it's a famous name.

While Carole, try looking for them,
they're unknown.

Wait, there must be some fanatics.
But where?

And then your short names.
Stéph, Nico, sounds good.

Mine sounds shit.

Come on... let's go to bed?

- I don't know if I'll be able too.
- I'll get you a T-shirt.

Here, it's for you.
Look what I found in the garage.

Our drawings.

Look: Carole, Carole,
Carole, Carole...

And I'm the favourite?
There's only your drawings!

Yeah, that's weird.

Look. Nico.

- A bit ugly.
- A bit ugly.

And what was that?
Mom with us, right?

Oh yes. Is it me with the
big glasses?


- You didn't miss.
- You had big glasses.

- You sleep there, I sleep here.
- All right.

Look, I don't understand your job issues.

Ah, it's a real mess.

I'm not surprised.

I don't want you to worry about
my stuff now.

Explain them to me, I want to know.

You know my administrative side...

Good sleep?

Hell, that cat didn't stop rasping.

Yes, I can't stand it. What are you doing?

Hope you don't mind.
There's one thing that I don't understand.

Could you make me a coffee?

Sure, no high expectations though.

Now I remember!

The green car, when we slept
at night with Mom.

Yum, French toast, it's been ages.

Mom's recipe.

Hey, I'm sorry but
there's something wrong in your case.

When did you know that
your client wouldn't balance?

Well in the spring.

The letter from 12 April
saying SOFRADIP will fail.

Yes, that was Easter.
- I've looked the original in your mess.

I couldn't find it. There's only the copy.

But I found the envelope
with the return stamp.

But the return stamp is dated January.
You're following?

Did you receive the letter in January?

And the copy of this letter is dated April.

Someone has tampered
with it, changed it.

1st January to 4th April.

I don't know...

I don't understand.

Have you ever looked?

You know me.
I'm allergic to scaffolding.

Too bad it means that

That 3 months ago someone knew
that you would be bankrupt.

These shares,
when did you get them from Charlotte?

It was... February.

Strange, it's just after January.

Charlotte knew you would be liquidated.

And she sold you her shares

Knowing that your business is a dead end.

It's not possible! Not Charlotte.

She's my best friend, a sister.

Are you sure of what you're saying?

She wouldn't Charlotte.
She wouldn't

The positive side,
you will recover something.

By the way, I made your cheque.
Not headed.

Thank you.

Charlotte Murat, bought this
box 3 days ago. A brunette.

Ah, yes, she lives nearby,
her house is...

It's Alain. He said see you later on.

Not sure if it's a good idea.

We'll see.


It wasn't easy to find you.
Oh, but it's beautiful here.

Why are you here?

And what a wonderful pool!

And the view, stunning, it's magnificent!

Excuse me, Jacqueline, but...

And these beautiful sliding
doors, great idea.

Good architect.

Jacqueline? I was about to leave.

American kitchen, oh, looks good!

And two ovens! Nice...

What's this? Large frigde?
Always been my dream

But my kitchen is too small.
Ah, I also love champagne.

Mmh, delicious French toast, well done!

- Taste like Mom's ones?
- I made them.

Needs just a bit more sugar.

You're welcome...

- Where are you going?
- Up.

The tub in the bedroom!
Oh, magnificent, and large even.

Must be consuming lot of hot water.
Boiler or water heater?

Jacqueline, now I have to go out.

Your Dad's cousin, he lives here now?...

Cause you said he hosted you in
a small place.

He's very generous, and discreet because
there's your full name on the letter box.

No, it's...

He's a tidy man, leaves nothing around.

If only my husband had been this way.

But tell me, your project

In Carcassonne, your hostel, and all that?

I see you've preferred the waterfront
in the end.

But Stéphanie believes you've lost
all your money

With Carcassonne...

So she worries about you,

My sweetheart.

Now I'll ask you a question 3 times.

I want the truth.

When you sold your shares to Stéphanie

Did you know your customer would failed?

Eh? Are you crazy? What a nonsense.

Charlotte, I'll ask
you a second time.

When you sold your shares to Stéphanie

Did you know your customer would failed?

You're tease me?
How would I knew?

It was bad luck.That's all...

I'm asking you again.
Third and last time.

When you sold your shares to Stéphanie

Did you know your customer would failed?

You're pissing me off?
What is done is done!

It's been done!

You had lunch in our house.

Came on holiday with us in Gravelle.

You've always been her best friend.

So why?

For money?

Have you ever been afraid of poverty?

I can't be poor.

We were about to lose everything.
I've panicked.

I don't know what to say.
I'm sorry, Jacqueline.


What are your intentions?

Accept your proposal, you're very kind.

But what proposal?

You're packing up and
go to Carcassonne.

You got a hostel there, right?

And leave your "flat" to Stéphanie.

While you find an agreement
between good friends.

Lawyers are expensive.

It's not the time to waste
money unnecessarily.

Sorry if I do not kiss you good-bye.

What did you want her to say?
You will find an agreement.

Yes, but Mom,
I should have talked to her first.

Honey, you were not
in good shape

And in life, if you wait too long...

Look, Mom. Remember? When we
went blew a tyre on our way to grandpa.

- You don't remember?
- Oh, vaguely.

I remember. It was July holidays.
Dad wasn't there.

I was happy because no one
would smoke in the car.

When you were swearing
trying to change the tyre!

Wasn't it Mr. Jean who helped us?

- Really?
- Yes.

And what was he doing there?

Helping us with the tyre?

Yes okay, but...

We blew a tyre at 2 am
somewhere in Bretagne,

And who comes to the rescue
the neighbor of the 4th floor?

Lucky us!

He's would be the only guy

Who lives here in the South,
looking for the sunshine up North.

Yes, it's true, we crossed him often there?

He lives here still.

- I crossed him. Right Mom?

- You have the last one, Mom?
- I love another man.

I was trying to tell you over dinner,
but given the atmosphere...

It's Mr. Jean?

Yes, it's him.

Oh shit.
But when you were going on the 4th floor?

And the chair, the extra
chair, was for him, right?

How long?

But please spare me the
"When you love you don't count..."

You don't have Alzheimer.
Good news at least.

Between me and your Dad
it was very nice to the end. I loved him.


I also loved Jean.

Yes sure.

- Stéph...
- You've heard it?

She cheated on Daddy!

So? I've never betrayed you.
Dad never knew.

You don't hurt the people you love.

Oh, cabbage, it's easy.

No, it's not easy,
but I feel better tell you now.

Sorry, it's harder for me to hear it.

You're not saying anything?


And you?

Do you love me, darling?

What are you saying? That's not the point.
But yes, because I love you.

And I want you to be happy
just because I love you.

And now, with Jean, I'm happy.

It is clear that
we also love you.

The point is, I'm
glad you're happy.

It's just that Dad passed away a year ago,

And you blow this thing in my face.

I was wrong. I should have tried
to introduce you to Jean.

You know what?
Let's never talk about it again.

It's what's called
a family secret.

It's fine this way. Done.

What are you doing tonight?

Because you owe me a dinner, huh?

We could dine by the waterfront?

Why not? All right.

Well, I have the yacht...

I'll see what I can do.

And you, Stéphanie?

I don't know, I have to pick up Leo.

Mom, easy with the butter.

I'm glad you've made it here.

I would say that Mom is more important,
isn't it?

- Have they canceled it?
- Yeah, not enough wind.

- Is Stéphanie, coming?
- I don't know.

Ah, look...

Wow it's great here!
You brought my swimsuit?

- Jump like that.
- Haha.

- Hi Leo! You've grown up!

- You are all timely, today!
- Hi Leo.

- Good evening Carole.
- Hello grandma.

Mom, I brought a guest.

Thanks, honey. Thank you guys.

It's Jean. It's him.

They seem to love each other.
- Yeah.

So what do you say?
Champagne, shall we open it?

Right, Nico, go get it?

Right, yes, let's get some champagne.

Mom, there's champagne!


Thank you.

- Done.
- Good eh?

- Not bad, huh?
- Where's your room?

Let's see, um, I'll take that one.